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23:40:15 <Dave from B> OF 0640ie
23:40:29 <Dave from B> Morning 50, 82 and 3
23:40:43 <ynpvisitor50> Got here just in time.
23:41:27 <Dave from B> My streaming frooze and I thought I had missed OF
23:41:34 <Dave from B> froze
23:41:53 <ynpvisitor50> Frooze is close enough :)
23:42:13 <ynpvisitor50> Morning Dave (Kent)
23:43:04 <Dave from B> I noticed you picked the same number as yesterday....Just like the number 50?
23:43:51 <ynpvisitor50> Just being consistent
23:44:09 <ynpvisitor50> I usually stay a number if I just intend to lurk
23:46:36 <Dave from B> I have a disdain for that least for a few days. I turned 50 last Saturday.
23:47:11 <Dave from B> Have you been on GT this morning?
23:47:43 <ynpvisitor50> 50 isn't a bad number, especially looking back from 65. I haven't been on GT. I did see Will's fun video though.
23:48:38 <ynpvisitor50> I see CC had OF at 0638
23:48:47 <Dave from B> A bunch of great updates this morning. If you go to a specific geyser, you have links to matching pages in GOSA, RCN and Geyser Watch. Great idea, Will and Jake!
23:49:04 <ynpvisitor50> I'll go look
23:53:27 <Dave from B> Also, for those of you just waking up....big news in Boston regarding hunt for bombers. Check your favorite news sites for more info.
23:53:30 <ynpvisitor50> OK, this is Cool! For an amateur like me it will be a great resource
23:53:47 <Dave from B> I love it, Kent. Lots of info at your fingertips!
23:56:32 <Dave from B> For those of us that have a smartphone, all this info is available when we are in the basin
23:59:28 <ynpvisitor50> Thanks for the heads-up Dave. The entire affair is incredibly sad.
00:00:38 <Dave from B> It sure is. Life would be a lot different if everyone could just get along....but we know that will never happen.
00:14:55 <ynpvisitor71> .
00:15:04 <Dave from B> .
00:15:31 <Dave from B> LC 0715ie
00:18:20 <Dave from B> Grand 0718ie
00:19:50 <ynpvisitor24> happy Opening Day
00:20:51 <Dave from B> Same to you. Great to have people in the field!
00:22:11 <ynpvisitor71> Beautiful eruption
00:23:10 <ynpvisitor62> Grand
00:23:26 <ynpvisitor62> How nice
00:24:37 <Dave from B> Morning, Maureen!
00:24:49 <Dave from B> Almost time to head to the gate!
00:24:53 <Maureen> hey, saw Grand was erupting and thought I would check in.
00:25:06 <Maureen> I am ready
00:25:17 <Maureen> this puts Grand earlier than I had hoped for though.
00:25:34 <Maureen> will most likely still be at Fountain, yet one never knows!
00:26:26 <Dave from B> Hope you can get your Fountain in quickly so you can get to Grand
00:26:52 <Maureen> that would be great. No predictions today, right Dave?
00:26:58 <Maureen> he he
00:27:10 <Maureen> got any feeling about BH?
00:27:22 <Maureen> I love the new search option on GT.
00:27:31 <Maureen> so much easier to enter times.
00:27:48 <Maureen> or it will be!
00:27:50 <Dave from B> predictions today
00:28:06 <Maureen> so that was 11 minutes...
00:28:18 <Dave from B> Long single
00:28:35 <Maureen> I think CC logged it at 717
00:29:23 <Dave from B> BH should go late morning
00:29:30 <Maureen> back to getting ready, have a good day Dave. Hope for it stay nice.
00:29:44 <Dave from B> Have fun!
00:29:50 <Maureen> if Fountain looks like it has just erupted, I will head to upper to see BEE
00:29:56 <Maureen> I will.
00:45:02 <Dave from B> ..
00:53:55 <Dave from B> ..
00:55:13 <ynpvisitor24> ..
01:01:44 <Dave from B> LC 0801ie
01:03:01 <ynpvisitor71> .
01:07:07 <Kevin L> It is going to be fun to see times withou a wc behind them.
01:07:26 <Kevin L> OF 0807
01:07:31 <Dave from B> Morning, Kevin. Yes it is!
01:07:35 <Dave from B> OF 0807
01:07:54 <Dave from B> Didn't expect to see you today
01:07:57 <Kevin L> First geyser after the park opened.
01:08:42 <Dave from B> Last lonely daylight OF for 7 months
01:09:29 <Kevin L> Change of plans. Wife has to be here Saturday morning, so we are headed up after that and will be gone Monday. Will also leave the middle daughter to help out.
01:11:17 <Dave from B> Just realized yesterday that I asked you if you were going to Rainbow. What a ding dong; especially after our conversation the day before.
01:12:22 <Dave from B> GT has 33 days since the last fountain...Hope maureen gets a chance to fix that today.
01:13:32 <Dave from B> Morning, Jenna
01:16:30 <Kevin L> I would love to go to Rainbow but the snakes are out so we probably won't be going until October. :(
01:17:31 <Kevin L> That canyon is fun at Spring and fall. The elevation changes enough that at the base you have leaves on trees but at the top the trees are bare.
01:17:52 <Dave from B> What kind of snakes?
01:18:53 <Kevin L> Rattlesnakes. We don't mind the others, but the dogs would not know the difference between a rattlesnake and a lizard.
01:19:39 <Dave from B> Yeah, a definite danger for dogs
01:20:26 <Jenna> morning Dave
01:20:27 <Kevin L> When they first come out, they are aggresive and you don't always get a rattle either. My son already did battle with one down by where he works.
01:24:15 <Kevin L> Wonder how long before we see our first two legs.
01:24:47 <Dave from B> Just before 9 would be my guess
01:25:55 <Kevin L> I wonder how thick the ice on the bw at BH is.
01:26:49 <Dave from B> Does NPS let it melt on its own or will they chip away at it?
01:31:50 <Kevin L> I think it melts on its own. I was going to zoom in on it yesterday but forgot.
01:36:07 <ynpvisitor24> .
01:36:09 <ynpvisitor24> .
01:39:47 <Dave from B> Morning, Micah
01:40:15 <Micah> mornin' Dave.
01:48:09 <Dave from B> LC 0848ie
01:49:13 <Dave from B> Maureen should be to Fountain by now
02:01:00 <Dave from B> ..
02:01:18 <Dave from B> Jenna, did it stop raining?
02:01:27 <Jenna> yes
02:01:35 <Dave from B> Hurray!
02:01:39 <Jenna> I was just getting ready to post a link with some flooding pictures
02:01:41 <Jenna>
02:01:44 <Jenna> I know!
02:01:54 <Jenna> but today is windy, cold and a chance of flurries
02:03:05 <Dave from B> Railroad tracks are awful close to the water
02:03:48 <ynpvisitor18> two-leggeds on static
02:04:16 <Dave from B> Let the season begin!
02:07:27 <Jenna> yes they are
02:07:34 <Jenna> there is an amtrak station down the street
02:07:48 <Dave from B> First from the field report to GT will be ___________________
02:07:57 <Jenna> hmm...
02:09:26 <Dave from B> Hi, must be at OF
02:09:29 <Jenna> hey!
02:09:35 <Maureen> Hey! Will is already here
02:09:48 <Dave from B> Was it a surprise?
02:10:03 <Maureen> He was out at Fountain and pool was empty
02:10:41 <Maureen> Yes. I had no idea who was on the radio
02:11:13 <Dave from B> That's funny!
02:11:18 <Maureen> So time for OF and Beehive?
02:11:54 <Maureen> I am off to find the rest room first!
02:12:05 <Dave from B> Should have 20 before OF
02:12:19 <Maureen> Will is going to F & M
02:12:46 <Dave from B> His frist sighting of F&M last fall has him "hooked"!
02:12:48 <Maureen> Glad it stopped raining Jenna
02:13:08 <Maureen> More later....
02:27:10 <Dave from B> Good morning, Alex
02:27:30 <ynpvisitor24> ..
02:31:44 <ynpvisitor18> LC 0931 ns
02:35:02 <ynpvisitor18> OF
02:35:53 <Dave from B> Morning, kc
02:36:02 <Dave from B> And, Will has lots of entires in GT
02:36:04 <Dave from B> Churn
02:36:18 <Dave from B> Jet, Tardy
02:39:51 <ynpvisitor18> that was a long?
02:40:22 <Dave from B> Sorry, have been on the phone
02:40:27 <Maureen> How do you make long show up? Major?
02:40:45 <Dave from B> Yes, that is correct, Maureen
02:40:52 <Maureen> Any advice?
02:41:17 <Maureen> OK. Will called Churn!
02:41:21 <Dave from B> I would go to GH and try for BH
02:41:46 <Dave from B> He had Churn at 933
02:42:17 <Dave from B> Tilts Baby was full at 0929
02:43:46 <ynpvisitor18> Riverside is due
02:43:56 <Maureen> Sheesh. Could not even get my first entry right!
02:44:15 <Maureen> It is right now
02:44:38 <Dave from B> Out of practice, Maureen!
03:01:42 <ynpvisitor50> .
03:01:52 <Dave from B> wb, 50
03:02:05 <ynpvisitor50> Time for Beehive?
03:02:16 <Dave from B> We have a watcher
03:02:23 <ynpvisitor50> Will?
03:02:44 <Dave from B> No, he has been at Churn and Bulger on his way to F&M
03:03:05 <ynpvisitor18> Depression looked hot, too
03:03:36 <Dave from B> Daisy 1003ie
03:03:36 <Maureen> Not sure he is going to F&M now. Daisy
03:04:05 <Dave from B> How's Penat looking?
03:04:10 <Dave from B> Penta
03:04:11 <Maureen> 1003 ns
03:04:53 <Maureen> Not sure who is on the hill
03:09:53 <Jenna> so jealous....
03:09:58 <Jenna> but it is nice to see people again
03:11:25 <ynpvisitor18> if last night's Castle was a major, itt's coming up on due, too
03:16:23 <Dave from B> ..
03:19:29 <ynpvisitor24> ..
03:21:18 <Dave from B> Some splashing at BH
03:21:21 <Alex (Busy)> Good Morning Dave....
03:23:20 <ynpvisitor24> ..
03:23:32 <Alex (Busy)> Sorry I have been so aloof on line, but work has been busy!
03:23:53 <ynpvisitor21> Castle 1023 ns
03:31:34 <Dave from B> ..
03:32:28 <Jenna> Grandpa Al with the hip replacement is going home today
03:32:33 <Jenna> hopefully that's a smooth transition
03:34:28 <Kevin L> Sounds Great
03:46:29 <Dave from B> Great news, Jenna
03:46:52 <Dave from B> '4 Churns so far this morning
03:48:15 <ynpvisitor2> Cool
03:57:15 <Jenna-lunch> time for OF?
03:58:41 <Dave from B> Yes, it is
03:58:59 <Dave from B> BHI should also be starting soon
03:59:41 <Kevin L> Is it bus duty time already?
04:00:25 <Dave from B> Must be
04:07:08 <Maureen> So Castle was soooo fun
04:07:27 <Kevin L> Make BH go!
04:07:40 <Maureen> Great splashes
04:08:09 <Maureen> Might as well wait until OF is done now!
04:08:33 <Kevin L> Sounds good to me
04:09:00 <Maureen> Jim from YTG is here with some folks
04:09:22 <Maureen> And Bill W is here now in basin
04:10:01 <Maureen> I think Will was headed for the hill. Have you seen him?
04:10:23 <Maureen> Depression
04:10:29 <Dave from B> Somebody is up there
04:10:34 <Kevin L> I haven't seen anyone up there yet
04:11:00 <Maureen> Will just called Depression
04:11:07 <Kevin L> There is. I have to get a better monitor.
04:11:27 <Kevin L> bh making noise
04:11:39 <Maureen> Folks are confused
04:12:23 <Maureen> Not VC restrooms open, instead ones near where temp VC was
04:12:25 <Dave from B> :)
04:12:33 <Maureen> OF
04:12:43 <Dave from B> 1112
04:12:43 <Maureen> 1111
04:12:49 <Dave from B> ie
04:13:01 <Maureen> We had 1111 here
04:13:16 <Dave from B> You're a little closer!
04:13:25 <Maureen> He he
04:14:56 <Dave from B> When you're on the hill could you give us a report on Plume and "Mouth", Maureen?
04:15:02 <Maureen> Finally
04:15:24 <Dave from B> 97 minute interval on OF
04:15:24 <Maureen> Will is there, he will report
04:15:32 <Dave from B> Thanks
04:16:49 <Maureen> I just asked him for an update. You should be able to see him now
04:21:23 <Kevin L> I like that!
04:24:49 <Maureen> It is not time for bus duy
04:25:07 <Maureen> duty for a bit, right
04:25:22 <Maureen> Artemisia 1124ie
04:25:47 <ynpvisitor24> I feel lik a split personality with live coverage in Boston versus opening day coverage of geysers!
04:25:49 <Maureen> I want BH to erupt so I can go check Fountain
04:27:21 <Maureen> Aurum!
04:27:30 <Maureen> Aurum
04:27:43 <Maureen> Aurum 1126
04:28:02 <Maureen> Did you guys catch that?
04:28:19 <Maureen> Sorry my text was being weird
04:28:38 <Dave from B> Not sure, I was on the phone. Kevin?
04:29:10 <Kevin L> Didn't see it on static
04:29:18 <Dave from B> My brain is on information overload. Too many things in GT today!:)
04:29:39 <Kevin L> Looks like streaming missed it too.
04:29:47 <Kevin L> But we have a time on it now.
04:38:37 <Dave from B> ..
04:39:30 <Maureen> Water in BH indicator!
04:39:44 <Kevin L> YEA!!!
04:40:12 <Jenna> where's the like button?
04:40:19 <ynpvisitor97> Bee
04:40:26 <Maureen> BHI 1140
04:40:39 <Maureen> Time to go
04:41:06 <Kevin L> Run!
04:41:21 <Jenna> who's on cam? someone not on chat I'm assuming?
04:41:29 <Kevin L> yep
04:42:00 <ynpvisitor50> Good we have Maureen & Will today
04:43:00 <ynpvisitor23> Cuold we please look at BH?
04:43:20 <ynpvisitor18> cam op is not in this chat room
04:43:22 <ynpvisitor41> may have indicator
04:43:35 <Ryan> ???
04:43:52 <ynpvisitor18> BHI started 1140
04:44:09 <ynpvisitor50> Kevin, may I have the link to Rainout please
04:44:09 <ynpvisitor23> ty
04:44:37 <Kevin L>
04:44:42 <ynpvisitor50> ty
04:44:54 <Kevin L> Sent cam op an email
04:45:03 <ynpvisitor50> :)
04:45:20 <ynpvisitor95> Maureen or Will?
04:45:51 <Rich> Cap is started
04:46:02 <ynpvisitor18> LC ie
04:46:11 <Rich> I got cap started
04:46:43 <Dave from B> Yippee!!
04:47:03 <Dave from B> Welcome, lc and Ryan!
04:47:26 <Kevin L> I think that is Will. Maureen was headed that way.
04:47:53 <Rich> G'Day Everyone
04:48:00 <Kevin L> Hoping Kitt can make it for lunch.
04:48:03 <Dave from B> Hi, Rich
04:48:23 <Rich> hi Dave from N
04:48:46 <Rich> I moved you it seems g
04:48:49 <Dave from B> Where did I move to?:)
04:49:02 <Dave from B> Hopefully it is somewhere warm
04:49:03 <ynpvisitor95> NB
04:49:25 <Rich> 80's here today
04:49:54 <lc> 85 here yesterday, 50 today.
04:50:05 <Dave from B> warmest day all week.only 49
04:50:42 <Rich> 2 people on the bw
04:51:45 <ynpvisitor18> BH 1151
04:51:51 <ynpvisitor23> BH 1151
04:51:58 <Kevin L> Probably Will & Maureen.
04:52:11 <Rich> ah, ty
04:53:08 <Kevin L> Nice prediction Dave.
04:53:19 <ynpvisitor50> Yes!
04:54:49 <Dave from B> Thanks
04:55:23 <Dave from B> The bad news is bus duty may get Grand today
04:56:45 <ynpvisitor18> well, even if nothing else erupts, it was a fine opening day
04:56:52 <Kevin L> I can live with that.
04:57:27 <Kevin L> May be a bit before I see BH again.
05:00:41 <Karen> Can Churn be seen with the webcam? Will posted a nice little series of Churn eruptions on GT
05:01:25 <Karen> nevermind, answered my own question by looking at the data.
05:01:57 <ynpvisitor97> Yes you can spot churn on streaming
05:02:42 <Maureen> Too fun! BH sounds awesome! Off to check on Fountain before Grand
05:03:25 <Maureen> That was a local, Tom, out with Will. Bill and I watched from the or
05:03:32 <Maureen> other side
05:03:47 <Maureen> WOO HOO that was fun.
05:05:26 <Micah> wow, Will's having a hey day out there. glad the park is cooperating.
05:13:20 <Rich2> BHI/BH vid cap
05:13:36 <Rich2> I can't get GT to take an attachment
05:14:08 <Micah> can you do the embed?
05:14:16 <Dave from B> Many updates overnight. May be a bug
05:15:27 <Rich2> I k
05:15:51 <Rich2> There will probably be about 3 attachments to BHI
05:18:02 <Rich2> I'll post link to FB Yellowstone CamChat
05:24:02 <Karen> yellowstone tour guides just put up a picture of Castle ns
05:31:25 <ynpvisitor24> .
05:34:47 <lc> .
05:36:12 <Dave from B> ..
05:39:22 <ynpvisitor18> OF
05:40:51 <Micah> Will might be waiting at Grand, he just posted WT
05:40:51 <ynpvisitor97> 1239
05:40:57 <Rich> I'm on delay but I got start at 1239
05:47:04 <Micah> Split cone 1245 ie!!!!
05:47:09 <Micah> yay yay yay!
05:50:21 <Rich2> Old Faithful 1239 wc 2013 04 19 long vid
05:59:44 <ynpvisitor97> Old tardy or penta
06:04:56 <Rich> Has Gt
06:05:20 <Dave from B> Bulger 1258 per GT
06:06:17 <Rich> GeserTime deleted one of the tables?
06:14:26 <Dave from B> What table, Rich
06:15:56 <Rich> there were 2 entry tables and the last eruption table
06:16:21 <ynpvisitor18> Hi Rich, it's Jake
06:16:27 <Rich> I'm only seeing one eruption table
06:16:31 <ynpvisitor18> the second table is on temporary hiatus
06:16:33 <ynpvisitor18> sorry about that
06:16:37 <Rich> hi Jake
06:16:56 <ynpvisitor18> it'll be back soon, one table to rule them all
06:17:16 <Rich> np,just like to check to see if it is on my end ornot
06:17:21 <ynpvisitor18> I see you're having problems with attachmens...I'll look into that tonight
06:17:44 <ynpvisitor18> we put out a bunch of updates last night, most work, some not so much
06:18:03 <Rich> I'on Samsung Note tablet
06:19:12 <ynpvisitor18> that's useful info...the GT table using population is growing!
06:20:00 <Dave from B> Jake, I love the links for GOSA, RCN, Geyser Watch.
06:20:56 <Rich> also eruption table drops down below the last eruption table when I have tablet in portate potion
06:21:43 <Rich> i dislike one finger typing g
06:22:15 <ynpvisitor18> yes, I'm disliking that too
06:24:07 <Rich> g
06:29:28 <Kevin L> We have an Artemisia time!
06:30:20 <kc (working)> cool
06:31:03 <kc (working)> bummer it was ie, if they missed the thumps
06:32:31 <Jenna> do we know what kind of car Maureen drives? wonder if she's in this picture?
06:33:57 <Dave from B> I know she has a bike
06:34:45 <Kevin L> Lion 1334 ie
06:35:39 <ynpvisitor18> ini?
06:35:52 <Dave from B> Should be
06:38:21 <Dave from B> 2 more Churns
06:42:26 <ynpvisitor24> she has a car sorta like that last one in line, hard to be sure though
06:43:33 <ynpvisitor24> Someone's dog got into the photo too!
06:45:20 <Jenna> I saw that
06:47:10 <Micah> The car with the bike is Will, he was second in line.
06:47:32 <Micah> you can even see his face popping out the window haha
06:48:06 <Jenna> lol fun
06:53:59 <ynpvisitor18> we're in the Grand window
06:56:17 <Dave from B> Afternoon, Andrew
06:56:24 <Andrew> people in the basin, seems like wills there?
06:56:44 <Dave from B> Will is at Grand, Maureen should be at Fountain
06:57:12 <Andrew> summer season has started! yay, but not the weather
06:59:52 <Andrew> kind of slow in here without maureen
06:59:59 <Dave from B> 35F but gusting to 20
07:01:01 <Dave from B> Quick zooms to Plume always jumps up the heartrate
07:07:43 <Kevin L> .
07:10:20 <ynpvisitor18> OF 1410
07:15:13 <Dave from B> Grand should be soon...almost at the 7 hour mark
07:24:54 <Kevin L> Too late Dave. Past bus duty time.
07:25:41 <Andrew> now its not going to go
07:27:03 <Dave from B> Couldn't you have justed lurked for awhile?:)
07:27:31 <Kevin L> I could say I am in the workshop with out my cell phone.
07:27:36 <Dave from B> Last GT Turban 1404
07:28:55 <Dave from B> That might work
07:29:18 <Kevin L> Looks like the weather is getting lousy again.
07:33:51 <ynpvisitor95> Yes, but it means more moisture.
07:36:48 <Dave from B> Will didn't record last Turban...must be getting cold
07:37:28 <Dave from B> 46 entries in GT today
07:38:45 <Andrew> before I remembered the park opened I thought something was going on in the basin that was pretty miraculous
07:39:17 <ynpvisitor95> oh
07:45:35 <Andrew> gotta go
07:46:51 <ynpvisitor18> last Turban 1442
07:49:01 <ynpvisitor95> Lion
07:49:01 <ynpvisitor18> Lion 1448
07:49:20 <ynpvisitor95> Hooray someone caught the time.
07:51:33 <Dave from B> Will has sat thru 6 Turbans
07:51:53 <ynpvisitor18> I don't think Will actually sits
07:52:04 <ynpvisitor95> That is unpleasant
07:53:06 <Dave from B> True, 18. He's a stander
07:53:49 <ynpvisitor18> standing for 6 Turbans isn't pleasant either, but I'll bet he's watching Churn & Penta, too
07:54:48 <ynpvisitor54> Maureen here. At Grand too. Ran out my battery too much. FUN day.
07:55:01 <Dave from B> Did you see Fountain?
07:55:03 <ynpvisitor54> Riverside
07:55:15 <ynpvisitor54> No
07:55:35 <Dave from B> GComing back tomorrow or headed to the Garden City?
07:55:51 <ynpvisitor54> Thought I could have them all yet may miss Fountain with Grand running late.
07:56:21 <ynpvisitor54> Needed to see Spasmodic and the other side of those trees!
07:56:41 <ynpvisitor54> Bugler has been fun and lots of Churns
07:56:44 <ynpvisitor18> hehe
07:56:58 <ynpvisitor54> And Will is sitting now
07:57:53 <ynpvisitor54> Got to go. Go Grand!
08:04:42 <ynpvisitor18> steam from Grand area
08:05:32 <ynpvisitor18> pretty sure Grand is erupting
08:05:50 <ynpvisitor18> just a nudge to the left on the cam. . .and. . .
08:06:16 <ynpvisitor18> ya know, just a little to the left and....
08:07:14 <ynpvisitor18> this view of OF is great, but if we could look to the left just a bit, that'd be great
08:07:34 <Jenna> the cam operator is not on chat on Fridays
08:08:00 <ynpvisitor18> I'm amusing myself then
08:08:14 <Jenna> yup lol
08:08:18 <ynpvisitor18> we are juuuuuuuussstt a bit outside of the Grand viewing area
08:08:35 <Jenna> someone sent an email to them earlier when indy was going
08:09:54 <ynpvisitor18> ok, still time to catch a 2nd burst
08:10:03 <ynpvisitor18> think LEFT
08:11:14 <ynpvisitor18> oh well, viewing conditions aren't great anyway
08:13:33 <ynpvisitor18> Grand was 1459 T3Q
08:13:36 <ynpvisitor18> per Will
08:13:46 <ynpvisitor18> 3 bursts! good for them!
08:14:43 <Jenna> very excitin
08:14:44 <Jenna> g
08:19:50 <Dave from B> Darn, I missed it
08:20:13 <ynpvisitor18> we didn't see it
08:20:30 <ynpvisitor18> cam was on preset the whole time
08:21:06 <Dave from B> Just read log..bummer
08:21:11 <ynpvisitor18> in the spirit of media-jump-to-conclusions day, I blame Kevin
08:21:33 <Dave from B> :)
08:22:02 <Dave from B> Yeah, each news agaency has to be the first one to break the story, even if its wrong
08:24:48 <Jenna> hopefully this picture is set to public, the water is getting higher
08:25:27 <ynpvisitor99> I turned off the news, for now. Is there anything true that is new?
08:25:47 <Dave from B> Not in the last 2-3 hours
08:26:39 <Dave from B> Getting higher, Jenna:(
08:27:14 <Jenna> yup...they built a berm around the auditorium that's right behind the port
08:29:58 <ynpvisitor99> amazing that such flooding and the blast in TX isn't the lead story. Any other day either would be top priority news
08:30:13 <Jenna> yup
08:30:26 <Jenna> it got to the point where they were just repeating the same things so I stopped watching
08:30:45 <Jenna> they said it's going to be the 3rd highest crest we've ever had
08:30:53 <Dave from B> Ouch!
08:31:06 <Dave from B> How far do live from river Jenna?
08:31:49 <Dave from B> Time for me to head out. Have a great weekend, everyone. Hope to be back inthe room on Sunday
08:32:48 <Jenna> from my house to the port it's 2 miles
08:32:52 <Jenna> oops missed him
08:38:44 <Jenna> OF
08:40:08 <ynpvisitor18> Aurum ?
08:40:20 <ynpvisitor18> some steam puff back there
08:47:28 <ynpvisitor38> Lion 1547ie wc
08:47:29 <ynpvisitor18> Lion 1547
08:47:45 <ynpvisitor18> start time
08:58:59 <Graham> hello ... yeah lots of times posted but no Fountain?
08:59:31 <ynpvisitor16> Will is at depression.
08:59:37 <Graham> and a 3b Grand .. wow
09:00:04 <Graham> ok, rough place to hang out if its windy
09:00:14 <Graham> glad I was able to make it nice for them today
09:00:30 <Micah> I can hear the wind. Were talking
09:00:43 <Graham> no Mouth or Anemone reports :(
09:00:58 <Micah> Mouth picture coming up.
09:01:00 <Graham> ah, hi Will
09:02:46 <Micah> He says the boardwalks are terrifying.
09:03:27 <Graham> forgot his yacktracks?
09:03:41 <Micah> He says there's no water in plume.
09:04:08 <Graham> nice to see two Churn series
09:04:31 <Micah> Big
09:05:17 <Micah> Will reports that either Nifty or OT-O is perpetually spouting.
09:05:29 <ynpvisitor18> Anemone now
09:06:16 <ynpvisitor18> it was fairly nice weather early, progressively worsening
09:06:17 <Graham> 6' high?
09:06:34 <Micah> he said 3.
09:06:38 <Micah> inches. :)
09:06:41 <Graham> nice
09:06:55 <Graham> probably nifty, its the thin slit in the ground
09:08:40 <Micah> 18=Maureen?
09:09:31 <ynpvisitor18> no, Jake
09:10:51 <Graham> still no Ftn report
09:16:03 <Will B> .
09:16:23 <Graham> GT asking for bug reports ... wow thats a new policy :)
09:16:32 <Will B> I am guessing we missed it
09:16:34 <Graham> hi Will
09:16:52 <Graham> Maureen didnt stay there all day?
09:17:09 <Will B> No empty on way in
09:17:10 <Andrew> hi will hows the basin
09:17:43 <Will B> Then water was visible but low after bh
09:18:47 <Will B> And then before grand jim from ytg sent her a txt saying he thought it went an hour ago
09:19:52 <Will B> Reading above it was nifty then
09:21:39 <Graham> k. it usually spits for long periods when its active
09:26:53 <Graham> out for a walk, bbl
09:50:59 <ynpvisitor67> .
09:51:17 <Micah> lion 1651
09:51:20 <Micah> ie
09:51:21 <ynpvisitor67> Lion 1650 ie
09:52:06 <lc> thought I lost connection
09:53:26 <Kitt> hello
09:53:32 <Kitt> tired
09:53:34 <lc> afternoon Kitt
09:53:42 <Kitt> we had both classes come this morning
09:53:43 <lc> tgif
09:54:10 <Kitt> then our center served a picnic in the park to celebrate week of the young child
09:54:25 <Kitt> we probably had about 60 kids there
09:54:39 <Kitt> then I did prep. for next week
09:54:47 <Kitt> weather was nice today
09:54:56 <Kitt> had to take my jacket off
09:55:07 <lc> sounds like you are ready for a weekend.
09:55:32 <Kitt> yes, but it sounds like the weather will change for the worse this weekend
09:56:00 <Kitt> Casper got about 8 " of snow early this week and we got a skiff
09:56:10 <Graham> did Will get his BH shower today?
09:56:30 <lc> 85 here yesterday about 54 today.
09:56:41 <Kitt> wow
09:56:58 <lc> he was there, don't think he got a shower.
09:59:54 <Kitt> lc does it look like another canoe year to get to Yellowstone?
10:00:19 <lc> I sure hope not.
10:00:20 <Micah> lc, he did get a shower
10:00:41 <Kitt> I remember 2 or 3 years ago you had to make major route adjustments to get here
10:00:51 <lc> hee did?
10:01:06 <Micah> yep, and he sounded like he had a blast too.
10:01:30 <Micah> He said tomorrow he's heading down basin to watch F&M for a bit.
10:01:32 <lc> only one other person there.
10:01:43 <Kitt> fluffy
10:02:55 <lc> KItt, I hope the flooding will be over by late June.
10:03:45 <lc> that was two years ago.
10:03:51 <Kitt> me too
10:07:36 <Kitt> looks like weather is moving into the basin
10:09:25 <Kitt> enjoy the rest of the day
10:09:34 <Kitt> I'm putting my feet up
10:09:34 <Kevin L> Well they had a good first day anyway.
10:09:43 <Kitt> bye
10:09:49 <Micah> bye kitt
10:09:55 <lc> later Kitt
10:10:41 <lc> have a good night everyone.
10:12:35 <Graham> one Norris geyser
10:13:01 <Micah> yay
10:37:44 <Graham> Lion 1737
10:39:06 <Kevin L> Nice Lion series
11:13:36 <Graham> just finished chatting with Will. Penta just dropped so he is going to Daisy
11:13:50 <Graham> he did get the Churn while on the phone, and Lion, and Bulger
11:15:22 <Jenna> is OF due?
11:16:29 <Graham> 1829 is trhe prediction
11:17:12 <Graham> assuming the last was a long eruption, so its almost in its window from 1819 - 1839
11:17:18 <Jenna> wish there was a way to let the visitors know, I saw YTG mentioned people waiting for it
11:17:44 <Jenna> is the visitor center opening on the 26th?
11:17:59 <Graham> yes
11:18:16 <Graham> i feel so sorry for them having to wait over an hour :)
11:18:53 <Jenna> me too
11:19:05 <Jenna> we need a speaker on the cam lol
11:20:26 <Jenna> although I don't feel as bad for them considering how long my parents waited for BH lol
11:29:19 <Graham> yep and its quite a bit warmer
11:29:40 <Graham> OF 1829
11:29:49 <Jenna> definitely
11:29:53 <Graham> its being well behaved
11:31:15 <Jenna> yeah it is, very short
11:45:43 <Kevin L> 2nd bomber is in custody.
11:46:03 <Graham> yeah .. i bet all 100 channels are covering it
11:46:09 <Graham> i turned my tv off
11:46:21 <Kevin L> I think so.
11:46:50 <Jenna> apparently abc news is behind
11:47:30 <Graham> thats ok, they will all be posting it as breaking news for the next day
11:47:41 <Jenna> true
11:48:36 <Graham> Daisy was 1842, we saw the last gasps as the cam panned over
11:51:51 <Kevin L> abc = Always Bad Coverage.
11:53:04 <Jenna> lol definitely
11:53:13 <Jenna> they finally told us
11:54:45 <Kristine> Evening everyone
11:55:10 <Kevin L> hi
11:56:26 <Kristine> Just stopping in briefly before I go walk the neighbor's dog, the tug-of-war king.
11:57:52 <Kevin L> Workout for the night?
11:58:54 <Kristine> Yeah. Hubby and I will go play ball with the dog to wear him out. He'd be great at tug-of-war if he ever figured out how to play.
11:59:21 <Kristine> The only thing he tugs around is whoever it walking him. He took me ice skaing this morning :)
11:59:47 <Kristine> Until I fell on the ice. Totally going to leave a mark!
12:00:48 <Kevin L> That is why I like chihuahuas (and chickens).
12:00:57 <Graham> have fun
12:01:30 <Kristine> Haha. If we ever get a dog, I definitely want something small that can't pull me around.
12:02:13 <Kristine> The dog plays a really good game of keep-away and he is totally nuts!
12:03:08 <Kristine> Anyway, time to be walked around the government area...haha
12:03:23 <Kristine> Have a great evening all!
12:03:56 <Graham> enjoy the snow
12:11:10 <Will B> Headed to morning till dark
12:11:42 <Will B> Kristine do you drive a yellow xterra?
12:11:43 <Graham> ok, have fun
12:11:55 <Graham> drive safe
12:12:17 <Graham> and thanks for all the reports
12:12:27 <Will B> Np
12:13:15 <Will B> Ok off to morning. And maueen when was right on the fountain time
12:13:35 <Will B> Thinks jim was*
12:15:27 <Graham> Lion 1915
12:30:57 <Kevin L> .
12:31:31 <Maureen> trying to snow.
12:31:53 <Maureen> that was such a fun day, even with the wind.
12:33:58 <Graham> Maureen, welcome home
12:34:10 <Graham> sorry about the wind, i got distracted at work
12:34:36 <Graham> Will is at Morning
12:34:43 <Graham> till dark
12:37:17 <Kevin L> Nice 3 burst Grand.
12:38:50 <Graham> did you wave to Fountain?
12:38:56 <Graham> i think she is ignoring us
12:39:19 <Maureen> I am back
12:39:30 <Maureen> Hey Kevin....Grand is so nice from the other side!!
12:39:37 <Maureen> I just knew I had to be there.
12:39:45 <Maureen> I missed Fountain, yet Grand was calling to me.
12:40:09 <Maureen> First Castle, then BH, then back to lower basin, then back for Grand.
12:40:17 <Maureen> SOOO Fun.
12:40:32 <Graham> so you went out to Ftn twice?
12:40:34 <Maureen> Only Will and I for Grand, lots of people left before it happened.
12:40:52 <Graham> interval was a little longer this time
12:40:58 <Maureen> some folks came upon it and did not even stay, that blew Will's mind, yet I see it all the time.
12:41:21 <Maureen> yes, longer. Think I will use 7 hr 15 for my median
12:41:29 <Graham> yeah i just don't worry about it, same at BH if BHI is going
12:41:53 <Maureen> and Jim thinks Fountain near 11, yet I was there at 1240 and it had NOT erupted yet, so it was after that.
12:42:35 <Graham> maybe Will is watching it now
12:42:56 <Graham> was there any water then?
12:44:33 <Maureen> so now Jim thinks it went off at 11
12:44:53 <Maureen> yet at 1240 there was water in the pool, low water, yet good water, blue already
12:45:17 <Graham> and you didn't stay?
12:45:22 <Maureen> and then when Bill W went by at 1500, there was no water in the pool
12:45:46 <Maureen> at 1240 I thought I had time...and like I mentioned, I needed to be at Grand.
12:45:51 <Maureen> I just do what feels right.
12:45:57 <Graham> did Bill stay long? not his kind of weather
12:46:16 <Maureen> Bill did not come out to Grand, it is kind of intense out there, the slip sliding.
12:46:17 <Graham> did anything else erupt while you were there?
12:46:23 <Maureen> where?
12:46:35 <Graham> anything erupt at Ftn area
12:46:48 <Maureen> Fountain? Super Frying pan, around 4 something.
12:47:00 <Graham> i can mail you a notebook :)
12:47:02 <Maureen> Spasm was ie yet low pool at 1240
12:47:12 <Maureen> he he would not use it most likely
12:47:28 <Maureen> Steve will be here soon, he will do that.
12:47:32 <Graham> how will you remember to enter all the times in GT?
12:47:47 <Maureen> Morning's Thief was dry at what is that about?
12:47:55 <Maureen> Usually there are pools around it.
12:48:04 <Maureen> not sure what is up, time will tell.
12:48:44 <Graham> tomorrow morning ........before it gets windy
12:48:52 <Maureen> Kevin, before the 2nd burst of Grand, the whole pool just went dead calm, thwump
12:49:25 <Maureen> and then it shot up. So fun. And then it was still not a very long eruption, so I felt a third was coming...I was a bit hoarse after it all.
12:49:29 <Maureen> SOOO FUN.
12:50:01 <Graham> Grand should be before daylight so no prediction
12:50:06 <Maureen> I screwed up my phone by being on chat, takes too much battery, so I had to turn my phone off while at Grand.
12:50:16 <Kevin L> That was great the get a 3b for the opening Grand!
12:50:27 <Maureen> Will and I were very happy.
12:50:45 <Graham> i am sure you were both quiet too
12:50:48 <Maureen> We thought we might get a 4th for a bit, yet then it drained
12:51:01 <Maureen> Percolator is going, and makes a lot of steam
12:51:10 <Maureen> Churns were very fun
12:51:12 <Kevin L> Have you seen the solar chargers for cell phones and other devices? I saw one at Harbor Freight Tools.
12:51:22 <Maureen> and I was kind of happy that Sawmill was off, as it can be treacherous there.
12:51:36 <Maureen> I was thinking of that today...
12:53:27 <Graham> i bought a battery pack charger for my phone since it only lasts about 2 hours if i have it turned on
12:53:42 <Graham> OF 1953ns
12:54:19 <Graham> 12 Churns, thats a lot
12:54:43 <Maureen> Churn was cool, Bulger was hugely active too
12:54:52 <Maureen> Spasmodic was awesome
12:55:13 <Maureen> all good. the boardwalk was tough near Grand, yet overall was good.
12:55:27 <Kevin L> Here is the solar charger:
12:55:28 <Kevin L>
12:55:49 <ynpvisitor38> Maureen, is the bike path iced over?
12:55:50 <Maureen> It was fun to see so many Churns. That is the most I have seen. Think I saw 5.
12:56:37 <Maureen> thanks Kevin. it only gets 1 1/2 stars...will have to look at it.
12:57:04 <Maureen> right now I need to repack for tomorrow. Polly is almost to town, or may be here by now.
12:57:24 <Maureen> I think I am going to go with 1300 for Fountain and just figure from there.
12:57:39 <Maureen> I hope Will has data soon, so I can get clued into behavior.
12:58:06 <Graham> 2 10h intervals put it at 0900
12:58:25 <Maureen> yes
12:58:49 <Maureen> do better on calm tomorrow, OK Graham.
12:58:51 <Maureen> ?
12:58:57 <Maureen> it was pretty windy
12:59:05 <Graham> i will try harder
12:59:07 <Maureen> not too cold a wind thankfully, not like last week.
12:59:13 <Graham> go repack
12:59:20 <Maureen> good, thanks, I appreciate it.
12:59:31 <Maureen> Clare called, got sidetracked.
12:59:37 <Graham> i dont think Will made it to F&M unless he biked down from Daisy
13:00:00 <Maureen> some town folks, were down there. NO action.
13:00:15 <Maureen> And a nice foreign tourist, alone, caught Riverside, yet was sad she missed Grand.
13:01:08 <Maureen> I think Will only called Daisy from Grand. And Oblong.
13:01:13 <Kevin L> I looked at the reviews. Looks like you have to charge the internal battery before it will work and that takes a while. Problem was they didn't have directions that said that. Hmmmmm.
13:01:15 <Maureen> nice to see all those times.
13:01:24 <Graham> tell Will he needs to work harder at Churn, I had 13 in one day in Jan :)
13:01:41 <Graham> woah what happened to the view
13:01:52 <Maureen> I think we missed some today, Will went up on the hill, and I left Castle for BH area
13:01:59 <Maureen> yeah, trying to snow.
13:02:01 <Kevin L> Nasty weather moving in.
13:02:16 <Maureen> so, thanks again Kevin, for looking that up, and have a good night all.
13:02:40 <Maureen> I hope you make it to the other side of Grand trees Kevin, and can hear BH in person!
13:03:11 <Maureen> I told Will to be careful about bison, 2 big boys sauntering in the road.
13:03:17 <Maureen> and elk all over.
13:03:47 <Graham> good luck with Grand Kevin
13:06:16 <Graham> good luck with Fountain and Morning duals tomorrow Maureen, see you tomorrow