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22:31:31 <ynpvisitor30> hi
23:12:28 <Graham> OF 0607ie - probably a long based on it not quitting right away
23:17:02 <Graham> I see they got some more snow overnight
23:26:43 <ynpvisitor96> Does that look like Aurum?
23:27:16 <ynpvisitor96> .
23:28:00 <Graham> i i was afk
23:28:07 <Graham> i could see steam from the right place
23:28:43 <Graham> Little
23:29:04 <Graham> how heavy was the steam? I was looking across the room at it
23:29:19 <ynpvisitor50> Not very vigorous when I saw it.
23:29:52 <Graham> ok, may just have been humid steam then, it would have been very thick. i was thinking just steam before you commented
23:30:52 <ynpvisitor99> 26F with 93%H as of 0615 at OF
23:31:06 <ynpvisitor99> Warmest morning this week
23:34:36 <Graham> cloud cover kept it steady all night
23:41:20 <cc> Just to let you all know, something crazy has been happening with the control of the livestream and cam is moving by itself
23:41:34 <cc> weird
23:43:09 <ynpvisitor50> I'm always grateful when we at least have a picture
23:43:27 <Graham> oh nice
23:43:56 <Graham> is it moving much further than you tell it to?
23:44:12 <Graham> lovely view
23:44:45 <Graham> I see Will posted pictures of the thermal breakout at Fountain, big hole
23:44:46 <ynpvisitor50> Looks cold
23:45:04 <ynpvisitor50> Hole is growing at a good rate
23:45:05 <Graham> its above zero :)
23:45:13 <ynpvisitor50> :)
23:46:15 <Graham> and Maureen posted
23:47:05 <ynpvisitor50> We received good reports yesterday.
23:50:43 <cc> Controls seem to be better!
23:50:44 <Graham> Dome 0634ie per Lois on static
23:50:58 <Graham> she posted the shot to FB too
23:51:08 <Graham> ok, glad you have "fixed it "
23:51:22 <Graham> nice to see all the park reports
23:58:43 <Graham> Dome 0658ie
23:58:51 <ynpvisitor49> .
23:59:30 <Graham> bets on the first time entered from YNP?
23:59:58 <Graham> they may all be at Ftn this morning tho
00:00:46 <ynpvisitor50> I wish that there was cell coverage in the LGB.
00:01:29 <Graham> yeah but on the other hand its nice to be away from it sometimes
00:01:42 <Graham> and we don't want too many towers
00:10:31 <ynpvisitor99> When does lodging at OF open?
00:11:54 <ynpvisitor50> Looks like May 3rd
00:12:14 <ynpvisitor99> Thanks, K***
00:12:22 <Graham> probably some vacancies ...
00:12:24 <ynpvisitor50> yw
00:12:47 <ynpvisitor50>
00:13:58 <ynpvisitor99> I thought we would have heard of some bear sightings yesterday
00:18:39 <Graham> Lion 0718ie
00:23:54 <Graham> Dome 0723ie
00:24:47 <Graham> Lion may have been an initial, good long one
00:39:14 <Kitt> morning
00:39:27 <Diane> Good morning.
00:39:45 <Kitt> where is the hole that broke out at Fountain area?
00:39:47 <Graham> morning names
00:40:00 <Graham> nice to have someone other than a number here :)
00:41:25 <Diane> This name has to leave. bbl.
00:41:49 <Graham> bye :(
00:47:45 <Graham> looks like when you were there Todd
00:48:11 <Kitt> I thought you left Graham?
00:48:17 <Todd> :)
00:48:27 <Kitt> oh, it was Diane
00:48:36 <Kitt> eyes need to wake up
00:48:54 <Todd> Winter is hanging on in our part of the world also.
00:49:24 <Graham> Dome
00:49:28 <Kitt> It is sunny in Worland at the moment
00:49:40 <Todd> sunny in Iowa
00:49:57 <Todd> We ended up with 4" of rain out of this last front
00:50:01 <Kitt> Fluffy
00:50:08 <Graham> 0749
00:51:02 <Graham> fluffy was late
00:51:30 <Kitt> no, just on geyser time
00:52:08 <Graham> still no park reports - what are they doing, all sleeping in?
00:52:49 <Kitt> maybe animials bedded on the road
00:53:27 <Kitt> Todd I pm'd you
00:53:39 <Graham> or hopefully they are enjoying Fountain first
00:54:16 <Graham> expecting bee and Grand to be later
01:05:07 <Kitt> Maybe they are watching Morning
01:05:43 <Kitt> It is sunny and 44 degrees here
01:06:28 <Kitt> wow, we lost a lot of numbers
01:08:33 <Graham> at least the wind is lighter
01:08:49 <Graham> only going into the 50s here this weekend, unusual for this time of year
01:12:04 <ynpvisitor49> ..
01:13:51 <Kitt> when do you figure bee for?
01:14:35 <Kitt> I was debating running to Cody
01:14:45 <Kitt> well driving
01:16:00 <Graham> 600?
01:16:02 <Kitt> are you waiting for a Lion?
01:16:05 <Graham> 1600
01:16:14 <Graham> DOme
01:16:15 <Kitt> oh
01:16:24 <Kitt> that would fit perfectly
01:16:39 <Kitt> since I have been missing a lot this month
01:16:48 <Graham> just doing the 1d4h double
01:16:59 <Graham> it could be 1200 tho
01:17:06 <Graham> or after dark
01:17:14 <Kitt> yup
01:17:35 <Graham> how long to get to COdy?
01:17:55 <Kitt> yes, if we went to Cody, we wouldn't get home until about 5ish
01:17:56 <Graham> WIll is there, just posted Tardy
01:18:07 <Kitt> 1 1/2 hours
01:18:20 <Kitt> but we would be shopping
01:18:37 <Graham> you better go then
01:18:43 <Todd> where is Will staying, that he can get in so early?
01:18:54 <Graham> West
01:19:06 <Kitt> it is callled getting up early
01:19:16 <Graham> I think it was $55 a night if i remember what he said
01:19:21 <Kitt> Bill is still sleeping
01:19:39 <Todd> early season rates
01:19:46 <Graham> bet he went round Ftn this morning too
01:20:31 <Graham> bet he does the GH round soon unless Churn looks good
01:20:53 <Graham> could be over for Lion soon?
01:21:03 <Todd> can't drive by without stopping
01:21:31 <Graham> hope Maureen sees Ftn today
01:21:38 <Todd> bet she does
01:21:51 <Kitt> I hope she sees morning
01:22:01 <ynpvisitor50> I hope she sees it twice.
01:22:32 <ynpvisitor50> Closed intervals are a good thing
01:22:40 <Todd> she would really be wound up-more than normal
01:24:33 <Graham> out for a walk, someone else is in charge of Dome watch if Will doesn't take over :)
01:24:35 <Graham> bbl
01:25:33 <Kitt> bye
01:25:39 <Todd> sse ya
01:25:42 <Todd> see
01:25:50 <Kitt> hey Will
01:26:00 <Will B> Ftn empty at 730the and twig was wet
01:26:03 <Kitt> did yo see anything exciting coming into park
01:26:20 <Will B> An owl today
01:26:30 <Kitt> how are the roads?
01:26:38 <Graham> hi Will ... almost left for my walk
01:26:40 <Will B> Clear
01:26:51 <Graham> Lion could be soon
01:26:56 <Will B> Sawmill erupted lsat night
01:27:01 <Graham> last looked like an initial
01:27:25 <Will B> I saw that time. Im at grand
01:27:38 <Kitt> how does it look?
01:27:56 <Will B> Turban ie low pool
01:28:18 <Will B> Kitt i took a bh shower yesterday!
01:28:25 <Graham> but Grand is overflowing, so may have had short intervals overnight?
01:28:31 <Kitt> with or without rain gear?
01:28:39 <Will B> With
01:28:52 <Kitt> hmm
01:29:06 <Kitt> Lion
01:29:24 <Graham> 0829
01:29:54 <Will B> Sawmill 0830ns
01:30:06 <Will B> Old tardy 0830ie
01:30:28 <Graham> want me to enter themn?
01:30:29 <Kitt> hello
01:30:36 <Will B> Lets see if the drain hole erupts
01:31:55 <Graham> entered them
01:32:02 <Graham> so you can watch the geysers
01:32:02 <Will B> Bulger 0832
01:32:23 <Graham> LC
01:32:56 <Will B> Bulger was a minor
01:33:14 <Will B> OT just quit
01:34:12 <Kitt> Time for breakfast
01:34:17 <Kitt> bye
01:34:34 <Graham> Dome intervals 24 25 26 27 min
01:34:47 <Will B> Polly just arrived in basin
01:34:48 <Graham> bye kitt, be back before bee
01:34:59 <Graham> yeah more eyes
01:35:04 <Graham> hi Polly
01:35:19 <ynpvisitor49> lengthening trend
01:35:28 <Graham> got to go for my non-geyser walk .. bbl
01:35:44 <Will B> WT0835ie within 3min of start
01:51:11 <ynpvisitor49> ..
02:01:12 <vw> Good morning!
02:01:17 <vw> Kind of quiet here.
02:01:23 <Jenna> morning vw
02:01:41 <vw> Hey Jenna! Did it stop raining yet?
02:01:58 <Jenna> yes sunny and mid 50's for the high today
02:02:13 <vw> Nice. :)
02:02:36 <Jenna> yes, even though I'm at work until 4
02:02:45 <Jenna> Conor is getting a nice day on the farm at least
02:02:56 <Jenna> flooding is still an issue downtown though
02:03:00 <vw> Hopefully the nice day will continue so you can enjoy it.
02:03:07 <Jenna> I hope so
02:03:36 <Jenna> 65 tomorrow so that's exciting
02:04:55 <vw> Looks like Daisy steam back there, but I can't be sure. Hoping someone in the basin will report it. (I love being able to say that!!!)
02:05:36 <Jenna>
02:05:42 <Jenna> I love the tree in the parking lot :)
02:06:47 <vw> Mostly lowland flooding? Pervasive?
02:07:09 <vw> What am I saying... All of Iowa is lowland, isn't it?!?!?!
02:08:17 <vw> I saw another picture you posted a few days ago of a roadway being washed out. Looked nasty.
02:08:30 <Jenna> lol yeah it's all pretty flat
02:08:38 <Jenna> streams, rivers and fields mostly
02:09:02 <ynpvisitor61> Did you post that picture on FB?
02:09:14 <vw> Is there an extensive system of dikes and levies? I know there is in Missouri and Kansas. Sadly, I am not very familiar with Iowa.
02:09:17 <Jenna> it's not my photo
02:09:22 <Jenna> yeah there are levies
02:09:38 <Jenna> some of them will be close to being covered so some sandbagging has been going on
02:09:59 <vw> Time to call in the Engineer Corp. They need to up the height of those levies.
02:10:10 <Jenna> that has been discussed after the major flood in 08
02:10:16 <Jenna> I don't think much got done though
02:10:41 <vw> Hate to say it but discussion doesn't do much! Have to actually DO IT.
02:10:51 <Jenna> I know
02:11:09 <Jenna> there's a town across the river that was completely covered and hasn't recovered well
02:11:20 <vw> Mostly federal moneys go into building levies. Time to put pressure on Washington. Good luck with that!
02:11:45 <Jenna> most of the flooding in town will just be downtown. there is the port and the auditorium, those are the parking lots that are covered. I don't think it's made it to main st yet.
02:11:59 <Jenna> thankfully I live on top of the bluff so my basement is all I have to worry about.
02:12:18 <vw> Parking lots: good. Storefronts not so much.
02:12:25 <vw> Will your work be affected?
02:13:12 <Jenna> no
02:13:22 <Jenna> we're on top of the bluff also but my sisters work might be. she's downtown
02:13:42 <Jenna> they put up a berm around the auditorium so hopefully it's just the parking lots
02:13:59 <Jenna> it's just crazy to see the water so high
02:14:14 <vw> You may come to rue the higher temps: all those mosquito larvae hiding in the soil...
02:14:18 <ynpvisitor59> dome ie
02:14:19 <Jenna> it's usually a good ten feet below the railing overlooking the river
02:14:22 <vw> OF 0913
02:14:40 <Jenna> yeah, wet spring = more bugs
02:14:53 <vw> Dome 0914 ie
02:16:36 <vw> Uh oh. Might take me some time to figure out the new and improved :(
02:17:03 <vw> And times aren't syncing to, so no predictions. :'(
02:18:05 <vw> for most the changes are two steps forward, one step back. For me as I drive the cam, loss of predictions are one step forward, two steps back!
02:18:26 <vw> I know: whine, whine, whine.
02:19:13 <Jake> I'm looking into that for you, vw
02:19:17 <vw> Will put Daisy in as 0905 ie with a ?. Isn't he in the basin????
02:19:31 <vw> Thank you Jake!
02:19:32 <Jenna> you're fine :) I'm sure it's a little frustrating
02:19:52 <Jake> he is, but maybe he just saw a steam cloud from a long ways away?
02:20:27 <ynpvisitor97> yes, will is in, but just real steamy so couldn't be positive
02:20:28 <vw> We used to keep track of all of the eruptions and base our own predictions on intervals provided by the Park. I am just out of practice!
02:20:48 <vw> I thought I saw Daisy about that time too, but too steamy to be certain.
02:20:56 <ynpvisitor97> they think it was Daisy
02:21:12 <Jake> would you believe that kids today don't actually add, they just use a calculator?!
02:21:17 <vw> Certainly looks like residual steam from Daisy now.
02:21:42 <vw> we didn't even have calculators when I was in school! :D
02:23:07 <Andrew> vw, are you the cam operator?
02:23:13 <vw> LC 0923 ie
02:23:33 <vw> Yes Andrew, I am on the cam now. Short shift for me today though.
02:23:41 <ynpvisitor97> Turban 0923
02:23:46 <ynpvisitor97> per Polly
02:24:15 <vw> Thank you 97. Can almost kind of see it.
02:24:33 <Andrew> i have a request, can you look at sawmill please my dad is curious about something there?
02:24:53 <vw> Quiet there now.
02:25:10 <Jake> very little steam from Sawmill even
02:25:37 <Jake> like Graham said in January, Churn is the new Sawmill
02:25:40 <Andrew> can you zoom out please? no nothing is erupting he just wanted to know where sprinkler is
02:26:06 <Kitt> it is below Castle
02:26:08 <vw> Churn is fun to watch.
02:26:12 <vw> Hi Kitt!
02:26:13 <Jake> Sprinkler is the one by the river?
02:26:19 <Andrew> I see
02:26:22 <Jake> downslope from Castle?
02:26:26 <vw> Yes. Sprinkler is by the river.
02:26:40 <Kitt> yes, by a lone pine tree viewed on Cam
02:27:00 <Andrew> thank you vw
02:27:03 <vw> just gonna say that kitt! TY!
02:27:21 <vw> Lion 0927 ie
02:28:41 <vw> Afraid I missed most of Lion. Hopefully a better time from the basin.
02:30:04 <vw> Several reports of Bulger. Too steamy for us to see it.
02:30:15 <Kitt> They are still over waiting for Grand
02:30:48 <vw> Kitt, do you know who all is there?
02:30:53 <Kitt> Polly said she saw a swan , 3 bison, some coyotes, and Canadian Geese on the way in
02:31:00 <Kitt> Polly and Will
02:31:13 <vw> I see no Fountain report. Hoping Maureen is there and we will hear later.
02:31:14 <Kitt> and a visitor
02:31:40 <vw> Or is Maureen on her way to Missoula today?
02:33:23 <ynpvisitor49> ..
02:36:30 <vw> Coffee refill needed. brb.
02:40:35 <ynpvisitor49> .
02:41:33 <Kitt> Turban
02:41:57 <Jake> Turban and. .. , Turban AND .. . .
02:42:15 <vw> another wait...
02:42:56 <Jake> Turban and Spasmodic
02:51:27 <vw> Note/Question: Time piece or steam issue? Turban first noted here approx 0941. Recorded in the basin as 0944.
02:52:40 <Kitt> I just saw steamcloud and thought it was turban
02:52:55 <Kitt> Basin time should be correct
02:53:13 <Jake> yeah, we probably saw overflow steam
02:53:16 <Jake> looks cold!
02:53:34 <Kitt> anyway, have a nice day
02:53:45 <Jake> bye, back for BH?
02:53:50 <Kitt> time to accomplish something besides staring at a screen
02:53:53 <Kitt> maybe
02:54:16 <vw> Bye Kitt.... maybe?
02:54:56 <Jake> (o.O)
02:55:22 <Jake> looks like Bulger again
02:56:00 <vw> Getting good times on that this morning during the Grand wait.
02:56:38 <vw> No Grotto time reported, but something in that area is active.
02:57:57 <vw> Steam at Dome, but I am not seeing water.
02:58:01 <vw> Hi kc!
02:58:15 <kcmule> mornin
02:58:49 <Graham> I am thinking we missed a DOme
02:58:59 <vw> Hi Graham!
02:59:11 <vw> Yes, I think so too.
02:59:28 <Graham> lovely day out there, little chill but sunny with a few puffy clouds. wish the basin was like that
03:00:13 <vw> so you already have your walk done? Time for chores?
03:00:28 <Graham> walk done, time for more coffee
03:00:41 <Graham> chores - not on the schedule
03:00:41 <vw> :)
03:02:14 <Graham> looks like the data transfer from GT to GNet broke yesterday afternoon
03:02:46 <Graham> hope the guides look at GT instead of GN
03:02:46 <vw> I was whining about that earlier. Jake said he would check into it. :)
03:04:13 <Graham> LC, yeah
03:04:48 <vw> About the only thing on GH to watch right now.
03:05:17 <vw> Well, except there is always Pump.
03:05:18 <Graham> aurum, dep, Anemone?
03:05:42 <Jake> I think the issue is on the side
03:05:55 <vw> Aurum and Anemone might be tough with wind direction this morning.
03:06:12 <vw> I had thought I saw steam from Depression, but nothing when I got there.
03:06:24 <vw> Has anybody heard from Alan lately?
03:06:37 <vw> Wonder how his defense of this thesis went.
03:06:51 <vw> Turban 1006 ie ?
03:07:28 <Jake> Turban 1004 per Will
03:07:31 <Graham> he got his PhD
03:07:39 <Graham> so I guess it went well
03:07:41 <vw> ahhh. Cool!
03:07:49 <Graham> Dome?
03:08:00 <vw> I knew he had completed his thesis, but hadn't heard how it went afterwards.
03:08:23 <Graham> yep
03:08:49 <vw> .
03:09:15 <Graham> about 27 min assuming we missed one
03:11:15 <vw> Bulger again. ?
03:12:21 <Jake> is Churn R or L of Sawmill or "above" it?
03:12:38 <vw> Churn is left and 'above'
03:12:43 <vw> On the other side of the bw.
03:12:56 <Jake> to the L of the tree, too?
03:13:06 <vw> zooming in now..
03:13:29 <vw> Would be seen left of the tree and other side of bw
03:13:38 <Jake> I'm seeing some steam from there now
03:13:41 <vw> Steam there now.
03:13:54 <vw> Uncertain in the same line, but this side of the bw.
03:14:22 <Jake> yes, Uncertain is L of the tree
03:14:30 <Jake> nice of the NPS to put that tree there
03:15:05 <vw> Some day those trees will be like the ones that hide Castle from the cam view.
03:15:37 <vw> Lucky for us things grow slow in the basin.
03:15:51 <Jake> SOME day, but I'm guessing their growth rate is very slow
03:15:54 <Jake> hard life as a tree pioneering on the sinter edge
03:16:01 <Jake> Split cCone ie
03:16:04 <Graham> we will have to train the beavers to come up and knaw through the trees we don't like
03:16:14 <vw> hehe
03:16:20 <Graham> hehe interesting spelling there
03:16:42 <Graham> hi Jake, so is the GT/GN link down?
03:16:54 <Graham> nothing was showing up on GN
03:17:05 <Jake> Spl it Cone
03:17:10 <vw> Oblong?
03:17:23 <Jake> Oblong
03:17:25 <Graham> i was gonna say thats bigger than SC
03:18:09 <vw> That would be a substantial burst from SC!
03:18:28 <Jake> I'm seeing more water from SC than Oblong, though
03:18:40 <vw> :D
03:19:19 <Jake> GT is receiving from, but is not receiving from GT
03:19:53 <Jake> GT serves up a webpage that reads from and it is functioning properly
03:20:20 <Jake> which leads me to believe that something is wrong with
03:20:28 <Jake> or maybe I just like to place blame
03:20:35 <Graham> yeah blame it on the other guy
03:24:00 <vw> Turban and Lion could coincide
03:24:20 <Jake> trying to do math, vw?
03:24:34 <vw> yeap. poorly mind you, but yeap...
03:25:13 <vw> Looks like Turban heating up now.
03:25:24 <vw> Ditto on Lion. :P
03:25:28 <Graham> good job the cam has auto-pan linked into GN predictions
03:25:48 <vw> Funny G!
03:26:25 <vw> Might be able to automate the cam, then they wouldn't need us.
03:27:10 <Jake> ha, I don't think so
03:27:43 <Graham> then what would we do, just watch it?
03:27:50 <Graham> Turban
03:27:53 <vw> OH NO!!!!!
03:28:06 <vw> Kind of hoping we don't get Grand now. Lion and OF both due.
03:29:59 <Jake> looks like you got your wish
03:30:04 <Kristine> Morning
03:30:14 <vw> Hi Kristine!
03:32:24 <Kristine> How is everyone this morning?
03:33:11 <Graham> nice afternoon here
03:34:20 <Jake> Hi Kristine, just staring at some steamy pixels
03:35:09 <Kristine> :)
03:37:13 <Kristine> The sun is trying to come out.
03:38:33 <Kristine> Hi Micah.
03:38:58 <Micah> Hi, not sure how much of Mr. Boekel we'll see today, he's been itching to watch his geysers down basin.
03:39:00 <vw> OF 1038
03:39:02 <Micah> OF 1038
03:39:18 <vw> Hi Micah!
03:39:26 <Micah> hi vw
03:40:18 <vw> He did mention wanting to watch hi water behavior of F&M. I suggested he take a book to read.
03:40:49 <Kristine> He missed a great animal sighting this morning (he didn't stop).
03:40:57 <Micah> yeah, I told him not to freeze himself to death out there, he's almost as passionate about that Geyser as I am with Anemone.
03:41:31 <Graham> i wonder if theres still a snowbank over East vent
03:41:31 <vw> Did he even see the animal Kristine? I am curious as to species...
03:42:21 <Kristine> He barely slowed down long enough to look. It was a Great Grey Owl sitting in a tree about 100 feet off the road. I sat there for almost an hour watching it hunt.
03:42:44 <Graham> where abouts was it?
03:42:53 <vw> very nice.
03:42:54 <Kristine> Sadly, in the time I was there only two cars stopped.
03:43:04 <Kristine> Between OF and Paint Pots
03:43:04 <Graham> Turban is due again...
03:43:31 <vw> Raptor behavior is so amazing.
03:43:35 <Graham> last interval was 19min so slightly shorter
03:43:35 <Micah> I have yet to see those paint pots Kristine. it's a goal of mine this summer.
03:44:01 <Micah> and I agree vw, I have sharp shinned hawks around my bird feeders, man are they fast!
03:44:04 <Kristine> Well, Micah, you'll be close enough to hop up there anytime. :)
03:44:11 <Graham> huh? which Paint Pots?
03:44:21 <Micah> Pink Cistern Graham.
03:44:23 <Kristine> Fountain, sorry Graham.
03:44:38 <Graham> ok, i am sure you have seen them Micah ... right?
03:44:55 <Micah> nope.
03:45:06 <Graham> never been to Ftn BW ... wow
03:45:20 <Micah> oh, yeah I saw those.
03:45:30 <Micah> I thought she was referring to the one behind OF.
03:45:37 <Graham> well them is the Paint Pots
03:45:41 <Micah> I saw Fountain 3 or 4 times while I was there.
03:46:08 <Kristine> Paint Pot behind OF?
03:46:23 <Micah> In the Myriad group? next to the service road?
03:46:27 <Graham> theres the one on GH near Aurum
03:46:39 <Micah> TSB mentions it?
03:46:43 <Jake> must be early in the season Kristine, you're upset more people didn't stop
03:46:53 <Graham> Artist Paint Pots is a good place to visit too
03:47:04 <Kristine> Very few people notice the ones up by Laurel.
03:47:15 <Micah> Laurel?
03:47:19 <Kristine> Not upset, Jake, just surprised
03:47:25 <Kristine> Laurel Dorm behind the Inn.
03:47:43 <Kristine> Artist Paint Pots is really neat.
03:47:43 <Micah> ah, yeah, I want to see those. I also want to watch White from there.
03:47:57 <Jake> Sawmill heating up
03:48:04 <Jake> or Tardy
03:48:09 <Jake> or Churn or something
03:48:20 <Micah> a geyser somewhere is putting off steam ;)
03:48:32 <Graham> Tardy is the main steam
03:48:38 <Graham> little from Churn too
03:49:05 <Micah> I think Sawmill's on.
03:49:05 <Graham> another 19m Turban at 1042
03:50:06 <Micah> Will Mentioned that bulger was doing interesting stuff.
03:50:15 <Micah> kind of curious now.
03:50:24 <vw> Multiple times for Bulger this morning.
03:50:51 <Jake> Tardy, behind the tree; Uncertain and Churn, L of tree; Sawmill, R of tree
03:51:02 <Jake> I'm learning!!!!!!
03:51:32 <Graham> Sawmill and Tardy are almost in line tho
03:51:56 <Micah> I see a gazer!
03:51:59 <Graham> Sawmill is just bigger and puts lots of steam in the runoff channel
03:52:15 <Micah> Will might be standing at Sawmill now.
03:52:33 <Graham> he posted Tardy
03:54:27 <vw> Not Will. Just texted him.
03:54:56 <vw> oops... Meant not Will @ Tardy/Sawmill
03:55:25 <Micah> do we know anyone else who's in the basin?
03:55:51 <vw> Will and Polly that we know.
03:55:58 <Jake> TardyGuy420
03:56:05 <Micah> lol.
03:56:07 <vw> Kitt posted earlier that they and one other visitor were at Grand.
03:56:51 <Micah> Spasmo putting off some nice steam.
03:57:01 <Jake> xX!TaRdYgUy420!Xx, more officially
03:57:33 <Micah> I'm trying to convince my folks to get me on a temporary smart phone plan this summer so I can post while in the basin. not sure if it's going to happen though.
03:58:22 <Jake> it's the data plan piece that gets costly
03:58:29 <vw> Have to be careful Micah. Not all carriers work in the Park. Verizon is the most reliable.
03:58:34 <Jake> family plans can help the cost though
03:58:49 <Jake> looks like Sawmill now
03:59:23 <ynpvisitor49> you are going to meet *everyone* this summer, Micah
04:00:03 <Micah> yeah, I just wish I was better at names :p I barely learned the people's that I met on labor day week and then I had to go.
04:00:24 <Micah> but i guess it worked out since I all consider them close friends now. :)
04:00:32 <Jake> Micah, will you have a laptop? you could just use the dorm WiFi
04:00:43 <Jake> could use WiFi from a smart phone without data plan, too
04:00:48 <Jake> just not "in basin"
04:01:43 <Micah> I have an ipod touch, I just don't know what it's going to be like with the wifi that DNC provides.
04:01:54 <Micah> and I'm currently in negotiations about a laptop.
04:02:04 <Kristine> Most of the time when I'm out in the basin, I don't even worry about posting times. I'd rather enjoy the moment. There are plenty of gazers who seem to enjoy posting geyser times while the geyser is erupting.
04:02:33 <Micah> that is a good point kristine.
04:03:23 <Micah> I can't wait.....7 weeks
04:03:26 <Jake> you MUST post times as soon as possible! If you are just enjoying the geyser, that is selfish!
04:03:36 <Kristine> I have a smartphone and I do use it out in the basin, but I'd rather enjoy the moment.
04:03:56 <Jake> good for you Kristine, that is sooooo 1995
04:03:59 <Kristine> Oh :-P Isn't that what the LiveCam is for.
04:04:12 <Kristine> Yeah, I'm old school! :)
04:04:19 <Jake> you're supposed to live your life through viewfinders and phone videos
04:04:24 <Jake> Instagram everything
04:04:29 <Kristine> LOL
04:04:31 <Jake> post every thought you ever have
04:05:06 <Kristine> I wonder if some people that I see out there are really enjoying their time.
04:05:48 <Jake> kids and spouses getting dragged along out to Morning Glory...not enjoying their time
04:06:09 <Kristine> True.
04:06:19 <vw> .
04:06:34 <Jake> most of the time, I'll be one to post times from the basin, but sometimes I'll pretend to enjoy being there, too ;)
04:06:47 <Graham> thats whats being a family is all about
04:07:22 <Kristine> I was more talking about the people who seem to have some bit of technology permenantly adhered to their head or hands.
04:07:34 <Kristine> :)
04:07:43 <Micah> Is it bad that I honestly somewhat believe Morning Glory isn't worth it for the walk up there now? I mean heck, square spring is prettier than it now.
04:07:44 <Graham> i am just glad my company pays my phone bill, i never see it
04:08:31 <Kristine> I think Morning Glory is beautiful. Sure it's not the blue blue that we've seen on old postcards, but it's still a beautiful spring.
04:08:33 <Jake> my dad went to Arkansas to see what the trout fishing was like there. There's a small stream that is kids only/catch and release fishing with HUGE trout in it. He watched a young dad fishing for them, hook one, hand the pole to his son who was playing games on an iPhone. Land the fish, kid goes back to iPhone.
04:08:37 <vw> reports are that there were waves on Grand at last Turban.
04:08:43 <Jake> He hopes that's not the real future...
04:09:05 <Graham> thought we had Sawmill now, bigger and lots of runoff steam
04:09:08 <Kristine> Me too, Jake.
04:09:36 <Micah> My dad is personally fond of the quote, "why are teens afraid of the zombie apocolypse now? when they themselves have become the zombies?" lol
04:09:52 <Kristine> Love it, Micah.
04:10:20 <Jake> ALL HAIL THE HYPNOPHONE,d.aWM&psig=AFQjCNHyvyiR-dIbPdG8r3R4f2NDD-gQpg&ust=1366564195816722
04:10:24 <Graham> down to 18min, its going to be soon
04:10:42 <Jake> ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOPHONE....blew the reference
04:10:49 <Kristine> I am always amazed at people's reactions when I tell them I haven't watched TV in over 2 years, and that I spent two summers living where I didn't have cell service.
04:11:00 <Micah> haha Jake.
04:11:05 <Jake> how are you, like, still alive?
04:12:15 <Kristine> *shakes head* Oh, goodness.
04:12:57 <Micah> My brothers and sisters have affectionately dubbed my moments when I'm sucked into technology, "Micah's journey's into Pod Land"
04:13:19 <Kristine> Pod Land... :)
04:18:26 <Kristine> Well all, I think I am going to go see what I can find for lunch. I may or may not wander out towards Beehive this afternoon.
04:18:47 <Micah> bye Kristine!
04:19:01 <Kristine> Later all.
04:19:35 <vw> Bye Kristine!
04:21:38 <Micah> looks like Grand's going to make us wait another turban.
04:22:32 <Micah> alright all I'm off, I need to go do some schoolwork before heading out to the movies this afternoon. bbl!
04:22:45 <vw> Bye Micah. Have a great day.
04:23:06 <Graham> 17min interval, its got to be close
04:25:43 <vw> Heading out for now. Hope everybody has a great day! GO Grand!!!
04:26:03 <Jake> bye, thanks, vw
04:26:07 <Graham> see ya vw
04:29:46 <Jake> Daisy before heard it here first
04:30:05 <Graham> both together?
04:31:03 <Jake> not even that
04:31:26 <Graham> odd seeing peeps walking around
04:31:51 <Graham> looks like WT going?
04:31:56 <Jake> saw someone yesterday fall flat on their back on the bw at OF
04:32:06 <Graham> ouch
04:32:23 <Jake> WT 1131, very good
04:33:50 <Graham> Aurum
04:34:29 <Jake> I missed it
04:35:05 <Graham> saw it on static, missed most on streaming
04:35:24 <Graham> hipefully we will get a closed interval today
04:36:13 <Graham> Turban?
04:38:23 <Graham> not seeing much steam tho
04:38:45 <Graham> 1136 per Will
04:39:14 <Jake> either temps are getting warmer or Turban's getting weaker
04:39:28 <Graham> Dome
04:40:05 <Jake> isn't this the time of year that something new and interesting should be happening on Geyser Hill
04:40:18 <Jake> Butterfly or NG or
04:40:37 <Graham> i would like that
04:40:45 <Jake> Cascade
04:40:52 <Graham> Lioness?
04:41:03 <Jake> even Plume coming out of dormancy would be something
04:41:25 <Graham> Plumei s always nice for those long BH waits
04:42:09 <Jake> I was investigating BH E data from 2011/2012 and calculated a 38hr interval that seemed to be real
04:42:18 <Jake> a major outlier from that time period
04:42:41 <Graham> nice
04:42:58 <Jake> Dome series happened during the long interval so based on 1 data point, I conclude that Dome delays BH
04:42:59 <Graham> what was the shortest?
04:43:16 <Jake> 8 something
04:45:14 <Graham> k, thanks
04:47:26 <Graham> going to get Daisy, Grand, OF trio?
04:48:14 <Graham> Daisy 1148
04:48:38 <Graham> you were right Will
04:48:42 <Graham> i mean Jake
04:49:18 <Jake> sweet, perfect time to start advertising my stock picking schemes, too
04:51:00 <Graham> Sawmill is off
04:51:59 <Graham> Maureen says this Turban fill looks better
04:53:55 <Graham> watching the pool
04:56:04 <Graham> dropped
04:57:01 <Graham> Turban going
04:57:22 <Jake> just looking at recent Grand intervals...been doing more 7's than 6's
04:57:32 <Jake> and it's just now at 7hrs based on triple interval
05:00:22 <Graham> Maureen, Polly, Will, and the bowers at Grand
05:06:14 <Graham> BLUE SKY
05:06:59 <Graham> OF 1206
05:07:08 <Jake> lovely
05:07:55 <Graham> Dome
05:10:08 <Graham> pool looks good now
05:10:38 <Graham> still good
05:11:23 <Graham> Waves
05:11:46 <Jake> boy, that livescope must have great resolution
05:12:17 <Graham> Turban?
05:13:52 <Jake> is it Grotto to the right?
05:14:05 <Graham> dropped again
05:14:22 <Graham> BH before Grand?
05:14:41 <Graham> doesn't look like Grotto
05:14:58 <Jake> I won't go out on a limb with that one
05:15:07 <Graham> 2 lots of false waves ... maybe its wind waves
05:28:02 <Graham> iffy pool and cold wind
05:30:14 <Graham> now terrible pool
05:30:41 <Graham> Turban
05:31:13 <Graham> btw - Grotto is going
05:31:31 <ynpvisitor82> They're probably a little peeved right now haha.
05:31:52 <Graham> thats for sure
05:32:02 <Graham> my weather control powers are being questioned
05:32:35 <Graham> i was supposed to stop the wind
05:32:45 <Graham> but I brought out the sun instead
05:32:50 <Graham> they are hard to please!
05:35:11 <Graham> Grand should be over 8h assuming it was overflowing before the first Turban report and took 4h to refill
05:35:37 <ynpvisitor82> :(
05:35:55 <Graham> hopethey dont miss Ftn waiting for Grand
05:36:16 <Jake> 8minute, 1 burst eruption, coming up!
05:36:32 <Graham> you are bad
05:36:45 <Jake> followed by false indicator?
05:36:50 <Graham> may get more people reading the log now theres a link on GT
05:38:00 <Graham> i am succeding in changing the weather
05:38:13 <Graham> just not sure i am stopping the wind
05:39:01 <Graham> Turban intervals are all nice and short
05:40:55 <Graham> Dome
05:41:49 <Graham> lots of ppl waiting in the sun
05:42:55 <Graham> would be interesting study on people behavior without VEC predictions
05:43:17 <Graham> milling around. where is OF?
05:43:55 <Jake> new Grand & Vent?
05:44:16 <ynpvisitor82> I feel like someone on the hill would have a good vantage point for that study Graham. :)
05:44:25 <Graham> pool looking GOOD per Maureen
05:44:48 <Graham> certainly different crowd behavior
05:44:50 <Jake> pool looking GOOD, sky looking BAD
05:45:24 <ynpvisitor7> Looks like snow coming in
05:47:08 <Graham> steam, 17m Turban?
05:47:20 <Graham> M has gone silent
05:47:31 <Jake> if it doesn't go on this one, we might not be able to see it!
05:47:33 <Graham> nope, Awesome pool
05:48:21 <Graham> Turban
05:48:23 <Jake> Grand!
05:48:24 <Graham> Grand
05:48:33 <ynpvisitor82> Yay.
05:48:39 <Graham> 1248
05:49:17 <kcmule> cool
05:53:52 <Graham> nice view now
05:53:59 <Graham> good spikes
05:58:40 <Graham> 10m
05:58:51 <Graham> unlikely to get s 2nd
05:59:15 <ynpvisitor82> it hasn't been posted n GT yet.
05:59:32 <Graham> Will should post it when they know the stats
06:12:15 <Graham> Dome
06:12:17 <ynpvisitor82> dome again?
06:13:02 <Graham> hard to watch it thru OF steam
06:14:50 <Jake> good job changing the weather, Graham
06:14:52 <Jake> very effective
06:15:45 <Graham> thank you :)
06:15:51 <ynpvisitor82> It needs to be a group effort, maybe you should help us and get off your smartphone Jake :p
06:15:55 <Graham> good job the full effect waited till after Grand
06:16:02 <Graham> maybe I should change it again before BH
06:17:08 <Graham> ~~~~
06:17:55 <Jake> poor folks waited so long for OF, now leaving 10minutes early
06:18:06 <Graham> at least this is clean water :)
06:18:24 <Graham> i dont blame them tho
06:18:31 <Graham> probably not winterized
06:18:39 <Jake> looks nasty wet
06:19:58 <Graham> temp says its 40
06:20:05 <Graham> cam says its not
06:21:08 <ynpvisitor82> lol.
06:24:23 <ynpvisitor26> Maybe if we get an even layer of ice on the lens we can see really far?
06:24:58 <ynpvisitor82> Man we're getting plastered.
06:25:45 <Graham> not sure we will know when OF erupts, especially given the new peep patterns
06:28:17 <Graham> maybe it will slide off now
06:34:04 <Graham> OF 1333ie
06:35:21 <ynpvisitor20> Blue sky now
06:35:46 <Jake> could the camera create enough heat to defrost the cover?
06:35:49 <ynpvisitor82> just noticed that Grotto was a marathon, cool
06:38:28 <Graham> i would have thought it would have been ie when he got there then
06:38:59 <ynpvisitor82> Now for Giant to take the hint.
06:39:07 <Jake> BHI 1338 per will
06:39:43 <Jake> um, ding
06:39:59 <kcmule> ding
06:40:34 <ynpvisitor20> How about a wipe
06:40:39 <ynpvisitor41> have you seen static cam?
06:41:46 <Jake> not much hope of seeing this BH via the internet :(
06:42:59 <Jake> I'm not fully up on the wiping protocol, but I think only a select few have that power and they're not here
06:43:19 <ynpvisitor20> Ok
06:44:12 <ynpvisitor82> Doesn't someone have CC's number?
06:44:37 <ynpvisitor41> Elk #10 has died at the age of 16+
06:44:43 <Jake> I know enough not to give out my CC number over the internet
06:44:59 <Graham> i am calling her
06:45:34 <Graham> she is going to logon and wipe
06:45:44 <ynpvisitor82> I wasn't asking for it Jake, I was just asking if someone should call or text. that's all.
06:46:05 <ynpvisitor20> Marvellous
06:46:06 <Jake> haha, I was making a clever joke! CC = credit card
06:46:08 <kcmule> nice ty
06:46:20 <Jake> that wipe is amazing!
06:46:52 <Graham> Jake can you update your OF as a long
06:47:00 <ynpvisitor82> There's a lot of steam in the depression area.
06:48:15 <Graham> could just be steam tho given the dew point
06:48:40 <Graham> where
06:48:40 <Graham> is
06:48:42 <Graham> kevin
06:48:44 <Graham> didnt
06:48:44 <Graham> he
06:48:45 <Graham> hear
06:48:46 <Graham> the
06:48:47 <Graham> dings
06:48:55 <Graham> we
06:48:55 <Graham> dont
06:48:56 <Andrew> hello got the text
06:48:56 <Graham> have
06:48:58 <Graham> the
06:49:00 <Graham> Will
06:49:01 <Graham> ding
06:49:02 <Graham> flood
06:49:10 <ynpvisitor26> :!:?
06:49:27 <ynpvisitor26> :!:
06:49:27 <ynpvisitor26> :!:
06:49:27 <ynpvisitor26> :!:
06:49:28 <ynpvisitor26> :!:
06:49:28 <ynpvisitor26> :!:
06:49:28 <ynpvisitor26> :!:
06:49:28 <ynpvisitor26> :!:
06:49:28 <ynpvisitor26> :!:
06:49:29 <ynpvisitor26> :!:
06:49:29 <ynpvisitor26> :!:
06:49:29 <ynpvisitor26> :!:
06:49:30 <Andrew> I would like to be in the basin but it looks miserable
06:49:32 <Graham> going to be a lovely eruption :)
06:49:48 <Graham> still better than being anywhere else
06:49:57 <Graham> i wonder if Maureen and Polly are at the overlook
06:49:59 <ynpvisitor26> like that?
06:50:30 <Andrew> can't wait to get back into the basin again after 2 years
06:50:47 <ynpvisitor82> I briefely saw two people to the right, hidden behind Indy Steam, i'm guessing Will and maybe Polly.
06:51:51 <Jake> I spy with my little eye something....gray
06:52:05 <Andrew> might not be able to see it from overlook
06:52:55 <Andrew> CC on wiper?
06:53:01 <ynpvisitor26> Jake, is it that inconspicuous wall of rocks at Little Squirt?
06:53:23 <Jake> :)
06:54:26 <Andrew> is it the entire camera image?
06:54:41 <Jake> If a major geyser erupts in the storm and no one is around to see it, does it make a sound?
06:55:06 <Andrew> yes becasue there is alogger on it
06:55:25 <ynpvisitor26> I'm now imagining being at a geyser while it erupts and it being silent, creepy.
06:55:30 <Andrew> if there is no one and nothing then what happens
06:55:57 <Andrew> looks like sleet
06:56:05 <Graham> BH?
06:56:27 <Andrew> haha, we will get the time from will if it is
06:56:39 <Jake> climb bee climb
06:56:55 <Kevin L> What a view!
06:57:11 <Jake> incredible
06:57:17 <Jake> Wonderland is a special place indeed
06:57:19 <Andrew> water and two shades of gray
06:57:24 <Graham> nothing to focus on
06:57:29 <Jake> I feel blessed to be indoors
06:57:43 <Andrew> no graham there is, we can focus on focussing
06:58:13 <Jake> I think maybe I can't almost really not see it
06:58:53 <Jake> was a good effort with the almost worked out
06:59:02 <Graham> biggest bee ever
06:59:20 <ynpvisitor26> It's like after an entire day of staring at Main, you swear you can see splashes
06:59:23 <Graham> Will hasn't posted it, maybe he cant see either
06:59:27 <Andrew> my sarcasm detector just exploded
06:59:28 <Jake> 300 feet if it was an inch
06:59:28 <ynpvisitor26> You swear you can see BH through the grey
06:59:46 <Kevin L> Looks like someone let the whole hive loose.
06:59:49 <Graham> there is BH
07:01:02 <Jake> I will take your word for it
07:01:02 <Andrew> well wonderful, BBL
07:01:17 <Graham> I am going to leave it llike this. if it brightens up I will ask for another wipe
07:01:38 <Graham> not much point now since its fogged in and still snowing
07:01:59 <Jake> this is just a mini-squall...this was the view from the BW:
07:02:23 <Graham> still no BH posted
07:04:17 <ynpvisitor20> Your very funny jake
07:04:22 <ynpvisitor42> start time for Beehive was 1357
07:04:30 <ynpvisitor42> per will and Polly
07:06:04 <Kitt> I saw the posts, so I called Polly
07:06:17 <Kitt> she said they are having a pretty good snowstorm
07:06:42 <Kitt> They thought maybe we got to see bee, since the wiper was used
07:07:11 <Kitt> I told her that I just got on the computer and saw Graham's post
07:08:04 <Kitt> anyway, Worland went from sunshine to rain
07:08:17 <Kitt> so hope your view clears up
07:08:19 <Kitt> bye
07:15:03 <Graham> Castle
07:16:09 <Graham> loks like its erupting?
07:16:30 <Diane> I think so.
07:16:58 <Graham> Dome
07:17:55 <ynpvisitor20> Wills probably at aurum
07:18:46 <Graham> some blue sky where the snow is coming from
07:19:18 <Graham> just an odd view
07:19:32 <ynpvisitor20> Weathers really moving fast
07:19:45 <Graham> or headed to Fountain
07:20:43 <Graham> Will hasn't posted anything since BH tho
07:21:44 <ynpvisitor20> Aurums still under 3 hours at mow
07:23:41 <Jake> nice Castle
07:26:11 <Jake> Sawmill 1425ie
07:26:58 <Graham> and Castle is a Major
07:29:07 <Graham> cleared out nicely
07:41:27 <Micah> Just chatted with Will, he says it's gorgeous. He said yesterday the only water he saw in F&M was a small sputter or two from Angle. He says Penta and Churn do not look like they're trying to regain hold.
07:42:01 <Graham> 3 Sawmill eruptions today, you can forget them
07:42:10 <Graham> Daisy 1442
07:42:13 <Graham> wehere is he?
07:42:24 <Micah> Lower Hams, he's about to go on a run.
07:42:46 <Graham> practice run to Giant?
07:42:49 <Micah> He says he doesn't feel too comfortable going down basin if he's the only one out there due to the bear being around.
07:43:09 <Graham> not going down to Ftmn?
07:44:22 <ynpvisitor20> Hopefully penta tomorrow
07:44:48 <Micah> He says he's considering Fountain, but Maureen and him haven't been able to get it yet, he said both times they went it was either empty or very low water.
07:45:39 <ynpvisitor20> Stick with tilts baby
07:45:48 <Jake> new look to the GT timeline-style table
07:45:59 <Jake> totally stealing layout
07:47:17 <Graham> we can use that to see that WIll is taking a nap Jake
07:47:54 <Micah> I like the timeline better than the normal overview.
07:47:56 <Jake> either Will or the geysers or his cell phone battery
07:48:11 <Graham> the individual geyser list has a lot of white space at the top before you get to the times
07:48:35 <Jake> when looking at a specific geyser?
07:48:38 <Graham> or hes napping
07:49:34 <Graham> UGB cam is finally clearing
07:49:49 <Graham> can't believe how quickly the fog and snow lifted
07:50:11 <Jake> isn't this the kind of weather that makes Link and Splendid erupt?
07:50:27 <Graham> No
07:50:43 <Graham> Nothing makes them erupt
07:51:01 <Graham> they are extinct
07:51:02 <Micah> We need a storm front to give them a defibulation.
07:51:10 <Jake> 1997 made them erupt
07:51:16 <Graham> here goes Dome
07:51:34 <Micah> hey it's only been 15 years for Spendid Graham.
07:52:00 <Graham> were there any in 98?
07:52:29 <Jake> I really don't know
07:52:36 <Jake> that info isn't in GT yet
07:52:45 <Graham> otherwise its 16 years
07:54:24 <Graham> Dome just tied with Turban
07:55:09 <Jake> Grand supporters will be accusing you of bias
07:56:16 <Graham> I am sure WIll is going to be back for more Turbans later
07:56:45 <Jake> Dome will have to boost its stats while it can
07:58:10 <Andrew> Graham! What did you do to the weather?
07:58:57 <Graham> it got confused by all my requests and decided to be nice
07:59:10 <Graham> still too windy for Maureens liking i bet out at Ftn
08:01:05 <Jake> now would be a good time for Aurum
08:05:02 <Kevin L> Where was this sky during BH?
08:05:31 <Kevin L> Where was this sky during BH?
08:06:00 <Graham> hi Kevin, where were you?
08:06:34 <Graham> CC wiped the cam but then it fogged in
08:07:04 <Graham> it was snowed over again so I waited until it cleared for the last wipe
08:07:07 <Kevin L> Well I was watching grown men crash expensive truck but I came in, but you could not see much.
08:07:24 <Graham> pretty snowflakes :)
08:07:34 <Kevin L> At least the lens is clean now.
08:07:51 <Graham> the wipes may have helped it a bit
08:09:29 <Graham> OF 1509
08:10:13 <Graham> its trying to get Wills office wet
08:15:22 <Graham> blue sky is ending again
08:18:08 <Graham> stepping away, you all are on Aurum and Dome watch
08:18:21 <Graham> oh, watch out for Giantess too, I hear its quite exciting
08:20:53 <ynpvisitor20> Meaning what
08:22:18 <Kevin L> I see the Redskins are going to lose the second week this year Graham.
08:24:31 <ynpvisitor20> Just missed aurum1518
08:26:33 <Graham> just as i left and told you to watch for it
08:26:50 <Graham> Dome
08:28:17 <Graham> haha , Sept in GB is better than Dec, Redskins will win that one
08:28:50 <ynpvisitor20> What's with giantess then graham ? Or is that just a joke
08:29:55 <Graham> it hasn't done anything for years now
08:30:13 <ynpvisitor20> I thought so
08:30:14 <Graham> got to keep hoping it breaks its long run
08:30:18 <Jake> time for RS
08:30:41 <Graham> which geyser is that?
08:30:52 <Graham> Red SPouter?
08:31:15 <Jake> ok, just R then, for Riverside
08:31:27 <Graham> oh, that RS
08:31:36 <ynpvisitor41> I thought you meant Redskins
08:31:38 <Graham> yeah I was thinking that too, not making the association
08:31:52 <Graham> Maybe WIll is there if he ran slowly
08:31:56 <Andrew> Giantess is an interesting geyser. Its rare because it goes every several months or so but anything more and its actually considered odd
08:32:36 <Graham> unless it doesn't erupt for over a year, then its rare
08:33:17 <Graham> I would say its Rare and Odd
08:33:55 <Andrew> well I can't explain it very well
08:34:03 <Jake> unusual
08:34:14 <Jake> no one can explain it, that's what makes it fun
08:34:29 <Andrew> its rare, but its not random
08:35:19 <Graham> with all these Churn eruptions Giantess should be erupting, right Jake?
08:35:45 <Jake> that's my brain's association
08:36:07 <Graham> when waiting for Churn, keep checking for Giantess
08:36:18 <Jake> I saw Giantess before Churn
08:36:31 <Jake> I think just Churn slowly filling with water caused Giantess to erupt
08:36:36 <Andrew> I remember that story graham
08:36:43 <Jake> it's the only logical connection
08:36:56 <Graham> and then they made F&M erupt
08:37:21 <Graham> that was a good day Andrew, as was the 5 Grand day
08:37:31 <Graham> wonder what it will be this year?
08:37:52 <Graham> I have already had the "bunch-of-churns"
08:38:09 <Jake> going out, bbl
08:38:15 <Graham> see ya
08:39:23 <Andrew> and you had frustration and mortification
08:41:01 <Graham> not really, didnt waste any time there this winter, and in Sept it erupted in daylight for a change, the only frustration was the first eruption that was way earlier than anyone expected'
08:41:26 <Graham> Lion 1340 ie Ini
08:41:39 <Graham> i was just thinking we would get Lion later but its sooner instead
08:41:47 <Graham> LC
08:41:49 <Andrew> 1340?
08:41:54 <Graham> oops
08:41:58 <Graham> 1540ie
08:49:32 <Graham> Riverside 1549ie
08:51:27 <Graham> Sawmill off, now Tardy?
08:51:44 <Graham> no, still Sawmill
08:58:10 <Graham> Dome
09:01:54 <Graham> snow melting off the rooves
09:02:32 <Andrew> you can see the puddle it left
09:03:04 <Graham> the slop today was pretty wet
09:03:21 <Graham> look at that nice sky
09:03:51 <Andrew> what happened? during bee the weather was horibble and now its buetiful
09:03:58 <Graham> maybe it will be like this for the next Grand
09:04:47 <Andrew> hopefully, that would be nice for us and gazers
09:12:00 <Graham> Kevin - I will likely miss that game, its on the day I come back from Yellowstone. May catch some in an airport lounge but I won't be here to spar with you
09:13:25 <Graham> 2 Monday night and 3 primetime games, they must be expecting big things from the Redskins next season banking on a fully recovered RG III
09:15:27 <Graham> WHy is the Sabres game postponed kc?
09:15:41 <Andrew> they're all sleeping
09:15:55 <Graham> niow Sawmill is off
09:16:37 <Andrew> at least we have lion
09:17:02 <Graham> Lion, Dome, Grand, Daisy
09:17:24 <Graham> fluffy, and still waiting on the Ftn report
09:17:42 <kcmule> b/c bruins pens was moved to today
09:18:17 <Graham> so they bumped another game ...... thats stupid
09:19:11 <Graham> at least the Jets lost, that helps the Caps
09:19:49 <Graham> i wish they didnt go to OT tho
09:20:42 <Kevin L> Wierd weather today.
09:21:05 <Graham> yep, wait 5min and it will be different
09:23:09 <Kevin L> Kind of like Grafenwohr Germany. Only place I have ever seen a dust cloud during a snow storm.
09:24:41 <Graham> 'at least the temp is back up 10 degrees after the snowstorm
09:25:20 <Kevin L> I like September up there better.
09:25:51 <Graham> will you be back in Sept or earlier?
09:28:10 <Kevin L> I am looking for cabin dates before the kid goes back to school. She has to be there on the 12th. I do have some dates in July but I don't think I will be able to make them.
09:28:47 <ynpvisitor24> .
09:29:04 <Graham> k. i think its pretty much sold out now
09:31:48 <Graham> Dome
09:32:11 <Kevin L> You just have to keep an eye on it and hope something opens up.
09:33:21 <Graham> OF 1632
09:39:49 <Graham> single file path past the ice mound
09:40:56 <Kevin L> How does the ice pack look at BH?
09:47:39 <Graham> looks like they wlk by on this side
09:47:54 <Graham> Dep looks steamy
09:49:52 <Graham> LIon 1649
09:54:48 <Graham> looks like a short ice cube
09:55:24 <Graham> pretty clear at Plume
09:56:52 <Kevin L> Thought it would be a lot thicker.
09:57:42 <Graham> WT
09:57:55 <Graham> and OT?
09:59:35 <Graham> still no Ftn report :(
10:07:34 <Graham> Dome
10:08:42 <Graham> stepping away, bbs
10:23:49 <LetsGoCAPS> Daist 1723ns
10:25:45 <LetsGoCAPS> Fountain 1529 yeah i hope Maureen was there
10:27:16 <Andrew> whatttt? no entrant
10:27:36 <LetsGoCAPS> i see that, odd
10:27:52 <LetsGoCAPS> maybe it was a bulk entry
10:41:31 <LetsGoCAPS> Maureen did get Ftn
10:41:41 <LetsGoCAPS> Dome
10:42:14 <LetsGoCAPS> Will may come for Lion and then Grand
10:42:56 <LetsGoCAPS> he may have been too slow
10:42:59 <LetsGoCAPS> Lion 1742
10:47:29 <Will B> Saw it from lower hams
10:47:42 <Micah> hi Will.
10:47:43 <LetsGoCAPS> looks like Churn is hot
10:47:48 <LetsGoCAPS> I figured you saw it
10:48:05 <Will B> Sawmill has a pretty strong grip today
10:48:08 <Micah> Nay, Churn 1748 ie.
10:48:29 <Micah> It's getting knocked down byt I can see splashes.
10:48:35 <LetsGoCAPS> may just have splashed
10:48:46 <Micah> It's been splashing.
10:48:57 <LetsGoCAPS> it did some weak splashes in Jan
10:49:03 <LetsGoCAPS> not full eruptions
10:49:22 <Micah> I'm seeing bursts, but maybe I'm just blind, but I think it's in eruption.
10:49:23 <Will B> Dep is pushing
10:51:26 <Will B> Ok headed out
10:51:32 <Micah> bye Will.
10:53:37 <Micah> Sorry for sounding snobbish about that churn earlier. I take back the eruption, based on KC's capture on youtube.
10:54:24 <LetsGoCAPS> it does some small splashes but not the same as full eruptions, quite distinct
10:54:41 <Micah> yeah, I think we were seeing the small splashes, sorry again.
10:56:28 <LetsGoCAPS> just a team swirl i think
10:57:13 <LetsGoCAPS> OF 1756
11:01:30 <LetsGoCAPS> might get Uncertain too
11:06:15 <Maureen> that should read Maureen and then a smiley face.
11:07:07 <LetsGoCAPS :)> wb Maureen
11:07:31 <LetsGoCAPS :)> It will let you have a smiley face
11:08:19 <LetsGoCAPS :)> OT
11:08:22 <LetsGoCAPS :)> OT
11:08:27 <Maureen> oh fun
11:08:34 <Maureen> well, imagine mine!
11:08:42 <Maureen> OT...suspenseful
11:08:53 <Maureen> nice sun in basin now
11:09:24 <LetsGoCAPS :)> yeah we had no view of BH
11:09:35 <Maureen> sorry, good thing Will was on the scene
11:09:44 <Maureen> I felt better about missing it, that and Castle.
11:09:51 <LetsGoCAPS :)> almost lost Grand but then it cleared
11:09:53 <Maureen> just needed to focus on Fountain.
11:10:09 <Maureen> during grand it was pretty nice, we were happy.
11:10:14 <LetsGoCAPS :)> yeah. BH wasn't very pretty
11:10:23 <Maureen> sun was shining right on the eruption.
11:10:25 <LetsGoCAPS :)> what else did you see erupt at Ftn?
11:10:34 <Maureen> only 1 burst yet 10 1/2 minutes.
11:10:41 <Maureen> a weak SFP
11:10:44 <Maureen> Twig
11:10:48 <LetsGoCAPS :)> long wait tho
11:10:50 <Maureen> Clepsydra
11:10:55 <Maureen> things out in the field.
11:11:02 <Maureen> long wait?
11:11:08 <LetsGoCAPS :)> for Grand
11:11:47 <Maureen> yes, all because I did incorrect math last evening. I was guessing 7 hr. 15 for the interval, yet had not refreshed my page on GT
11:12:00 <Maureen> it actually went very close to 7 15 for the triple average.
11:12:30 <Maureen> It was fun to watch though, I think we called waves 3 times, and Will had called them once before I got there.
11:12:41 <LetsGoCAPS :)> yeah but if Will saw Turban with Grand in OF at 0822 it was a long wait
11:12:52 <Maureen> at 1100, that Turban was so strong, and the surf was UP, and I pretty much knew the wait was on.
11:13:03 <Maureen> well for him. yes.
11:13:16 <Maureen> I did not get there until 1100 Turban
11:13:34 <Maureen> and I thought, cool, Grand...yet then it was V5 delay.
11:13:43 <Maureen> with waves on V3
11:14:18 <Maureen> and then the final waves, when Grand happen, none of us would call waves, we just watched and hoped for it to happen. It was a nice start, not too tall today though.
11:14:31 <LetsGoCAPS :)> nicve
11:14:37 <LetsGoCAPS :)> it was V6 from 1100
11:14:43 <Maureen> I am very happy on the other side of the trees.
11:14:47 <Maureen> Thanks for that G
11:14:58 <Maureen> I said that to Polly and she said it was only 5
11:15:10 <Maureen> the one at 1100 is V zero, right?
11:15:19 <LetsGoCAPS :)> yes
11:15:24 <Maureen> it starts on the next Turban...the count?
11:15:30 <LetsGoCAPS :)> yes
11:15:38 <LetsGoCAPS :)> there were 6 turbans before Grand
11:15:43 <Maureen> So for some reason they both thought 5, I said 6 yet I did not have a notebook.
11:15:48 <Maureen> ty
11:15:57 <LetsGoCAPS :)> Will wrote down 6 on GT
11:16:13 <Maureen> Oh good, he must have looked at things closer
11:16:31 <LetsGoCAPS :)> probably when he warmed up
11:16:42 <Maureen> he ran out to Fountain without a coat
11:16:48 <Maureen> oh to be 19
11:17:03 <LetsGoCAPS :)> not good in the wind, but at least it had just started
11:17:12 <Maureen> I was in town doing errands without one, yet different than Fountain platform
11:17:40 <LetsGoCAPS :)> i wore one here, high in the 50s and windy
11:17:43 <Maureen> if it had gone longer, he might have really chilled. We stayed out long after, looking at Morning, which was high, and the new hole
11:18:01 <Maureen> Jenna, FOUNTAIN!!
11:18:03 <LetsGoCAPS :)> Dome
11:18:30 <Maureen> the new hole had a lot more water in it today than yesterday
11:19:01 <Jenna> yay!
11:19:04 <LetsGoCAPS :)> thats a big hole
11:19:07 <Maureen> I hope this interval is 6+ instead of 7+
11:19:16 <Maureen> that hole is huge, I hope it does not travel toward the bw
11:19:31 <LetsGoCAPS :)> hope Will is not at Grand yet
11:19:58 <LetsGoCAPS :)> maybe he is at Aurum
11:19:59 <Maureen> so 31 minutes would mean 8 or 9 hours, last year. Years past, it would mean 6 hour interval.
11:20:23 <Maureen> I am a bit lost ,what to hope for next. No Morning's Thief, that is different.
11:20:28 <LetsGoCAPS :)> so 1130-1230
11:20:33 <Maureen> That Morning did not drain after Fountain right away, different
11:20:45 <LetsGoCAPS :)> then 0730-0930
11:20:53 <Maureen> yet if the next Fountain is 40+, the interval moves out...oh for some data.
11:21:11 <LetsGoCAPS :)> so you going out in the morning?
11:21:24 <Maureen> not sure...looks like the storm has skirted us
11:21:35 <Maureen> no accumulations
11:21:55 <LetsGoCAPS :)> Clare going to be waiting for you?
11:22:05 <Maureen> I think that is off, not going.
11:22:38 <Maureen> yet not sure I am in for keeping track of Fountain by myself this week.
11:23:05 <Maureen> Maybe I will get lucky and find it a full pool, or water in pool...the level is lower than last year
11:23:24 <Maureen> So I did not mean full pool.
11:23:34 <Maureen> Did your team win in hockey G?
11:24:39 <LetsGoCAPS :)> playing now, 3-0 and half way thru winning
11:24:52 <LetsGoCAPS :)> not goingto Clare - cancelled her birthday?
11:25:51 <LetsGoCAPS :)> Bulger
11:26:06 <LetsGoCAPS :)> maybe
11:26:24 <Maureen> oh, i thought overtime was sudden death
11:26:36 <Maureen> sent you the hole on FB message.
11:26:46 <LetsGoCAPS :)> they are in the second period
11:27:00 <LetsGoCAPS :)> rival Jets won in OT
11:27:17 <Maureen> can't keep up. Was it nice today Jenna?
11:27:29 <LetsGoCAPS :)> Caps only lead by 1 point, so need a win now to extend the lead
11:27:45 <Jenna> yes it was
11:27:52 <Jenna> 50ish and sunny
11:27:58 <Maureen> YIPPEE Jenna, so glad for you.
11:28:03 <Maureen> and Conor.
11:28:21 <Maureen> here it was 40 ish so that made the cold winds easier to take
11:28:41 <LetsGoCAPS :)> losing the view
11:29:19 <Jenna> good
11:29:26 <Jenna> yes, he loves being outside
11:29:50 <LetsGoCAPS :)> ug, nasty now
11:29:51 <Maureen> and Will is out there.
11:30:06 <LetsGoCAPS :)> SC
11:30:45 <Maureen> Will just texted that he met our friend out there...I asked where he is.
11:30:59 <LetsGoCAPS :)> he has not posted anything
11:31:09 <Maureen> Looked like Great Fountain was erupting today...
11:31:17 <Maureen> he is at Liberty Pool
11:31:26 <Maureen> headed to Geyser Hill
11:31:37 <Maureen> so maybe he will show up on cam soon
11:31:54 <LetsGoCAPS :)> going for Lion
11:32:28 <Maureen> do not see him
11:34:54 <LetsGoCAPS :)> Dep
11:46:47 <LetsGoCAPS :)> i think Lion is done
11:47:01 <ynpvisitor31> LC
11:47:39 <Maureen> drat, for Will.
11:47:53 <LetsGoCAPS :)> didnt see him there tho, may be at Aurum
11:48:10 <LetsGoCAPS :)> Dome?
11:48:15 <Maureen> I see Gordon saw Aurum.
11:48:38 <Maureen> he got to see Grand today, yesterday he left.
11:49:04 <Maureen> folks walked up on it today, and they left within 2 minutes.
11:49:21 <LetsGoCAPS :)> seen one geyser you have seen them all
11:49:25 <Maureen> You would think in a gesyer basin, you would watch a geyser...hmmm
11:49:42 <LetsGoCAPS :)> its a geyser bison .... need animals
11:49:49 <Maureen> it was odd, 2 days in a row now. Only a handful of people, yet they move on.
11:50:18 <LetsGoCAPS :)> no VEC prediction to make them believe
11:50:20 <Jenna> ..
11:50:39 <Maureen> yeah, Friday will come soon.
11:51:32 <LetsGoCAPS :)> wind eased up .. see
11:51:51 <Maureen> Jake, Will, Polly and I got to see Fountain!
11:53:59 <Jake> great! was it everything you wanted?
11:54:20 <Maureen> I forgot how truly awesome it is.
11:54:29 <Maureen> did not take long to remember
11:54:37 <Maureen> No MT at all...
11:54:57 <Jake> how long were you there before the eruption?
11:55:00 <LetsGoCAPS :)> Turban?
11:55:35 <Maureen> I was in the area from 1345 on...not out at the platform all that time though.
11:55:49 <Maureen> I was at Grand again today, having fun there...
11:56:06 <LetsGoCAPS :)> you left a few minutes before BHIU
11:56:52 <Jake> Grand
11:56:52 <Maureen> that must have been the garbled message I got at Biscuit.
11:56:54 <ynpvisitor10> Grand
11:57:00 <Maureen> wow, Grand
11:57:11 <ynpvisitor10> Nice and tall
11:57:15 <ynpvisitor20> woohoo
11:57:16 <LetsGoCAPS :)> 1856
11:57:24 <Maureen> wow, what is that interval?
11:57:25 <LetsGoCAPS :)> sorry i was zooming in to check WT'
11:57:27 <ynpvisitor20> beautiful
11:57:27 <LetsGoCAPS :)> when boom
11:57:33 <Maureen> very nice.
11:57:36 <Jake> 6h6m
11:57:40 <Maureen> Now I wished I would have stayed.
11:57:49 <Maureen> I do not think Will is there.
11:57:52 <Jake> -ish ;)
11:57:53 <Maureen> I just texted him
11:58:12 <Kitt> Hello
11:58:28 <LetsGoCAPS :)> he can run and only miss a minute
11:58:29 <Jake> good job Graham, zoomed in like that makes Grand look really big
11:58:33 <Maureen> hey Kitt...
11:58:40 <Kitt> at least I get to see Grand
11:58:47 <Maureen> yes, tough trail to run where he is though.
11:58:47 <LetsGoCAPS :)> yeah thanks Jake, was all part of my plan :)
11:58:49 <Kitt> No Bee for me again today
11:58:59 <Maureen> no Bee for anyone on cam kitt
11:59:01 <LetsGoCAPS :)> no bee for anyone on the cam
11:59:07 <Kitt> Just a crusty screen
11:59:22 <LetsGoCAPS :)> we had a slurpy view
11:59:26 <Maureen> Will just texted Thanks...not sure if he is there or not.
12:00:12 <Maureen> have we seen Will run by?
12:01:55 <LetsGoCAPS :)> part of the morning Grand loked like this Maureen
12:02:06 <Maureen> Kitt, we found Fountain today.
12:02:15 <LetsGoCAPS :)> then it cleared
12:02:17 <Maureen> oh it was nice on our side...
12:02:30 <Kitt> Hope it was in the same spot that it usually is (he he)
12:02:44 <Kitt> Did you get your wish for calm
12:03:32 <LetsGoCAPS :)> BH was worse than this
12:03:39 <Kitt> Snowing again
12:04:10 <Maureen> no Kitt, yet it was very nice, sun came out and snow stopped, so two out of three
12:04:35 <Maureen> so we are at 8 minutes...
12:04:44 <Kitt> was the wind at least blowing the correct direction
12:05:00 <Maureen> yes, partly, Clep kept visiting.
12:05:05 <Maureen> on the bw I mean
12:05:16 <Kitt> yuck
12:05:16 <Maureen> blowing toward road, so that part was good.
12:05:24 <Maureen> no MT, none at all.
12:05:34 <Jake> Maureen, what's your guess on Fountain intervals then?
12:05:49 <Maureen> Grand yesterday was spectacular Kitt, the 3 burst
12:06:01 <Maureen> I would guess this next one will be 8 to 10, not sure after that.
12:06:19 <Kitt> I was serving cookies in the park yesterday
12:06:26 <Kitt> and now I am in the paper
12:06:29 <Maureen> nice
12:06:31 <Maureen> a 2nd
12:06:34 <Kitt> 2nd?
12:06:35 <Maureen> up there too
12:06:38 <ynpvisitor20> very nice
12:06:57 <LetsGoCAPS :)> barely stopped
12:07:35 <Maureen> it did stop though
12:07:39 <Kitt> 3rd's please
12:07:54 <LetsGoCAPS :)> based on the height i would say it stopped
12:08:26 <LetsGoCAPS :)> couldn't tell for sure from here otherwise, need to be on other side of thetrees :)
12:08:28 <Maureen> nice, Polly will wish she had stayed
12:09:40 <LetsGoCAPS :)> will says it was a _2Q
12:09:50 <Kitt> enjoy your evening
12:09:57 <Kitt> bye
12:13:01 <LetsGoCAPS :)> Dome
12:13:29 <Maureen> Will was at Lion, made it to Grand in less than 5 minutes
12:13:36 <Maureen> someone in basin called start
12:14:01 <LetsGoCAPS :)> glad he got the 2nd
12:14:20 <LetsGoCAPS :)> what now for Will?
12:15:20 <LetsGoCAPS :)> Aurum 1846ns on GT
12:15:27 <Maureen> he did not say
12:15:33 <Maureen> who entered that?
12:15:41 <LetsGoCAPS :)> Will
12:15:51 <Maureen> our friend Louise is over there, so maybe she told him.
12:16:12 <Maureen> or Aurum started before he left for Grand
12:16:13 <LetsGoCAPS :)> that was befpre Grand so maybe he saw it from Lion
12:17:02 <Jenna> good to hear Louise is there :)
12:17:18 <Maureen> yep, I met her significant other today
12:17:24 <Maureen> that was fun, nice guy
12:17:52 <LetsGoCAPS :)> dont know her ... or i forgot
12:18:17 <Maureen> not sure if you two know one another G
12:18:28 <Maureen> she is my nighttime Fountain buddy
12:18:50 <Maureen> she is high enough up in her job that she can leave (usually) for F & M hot periods, just jumps on her bike
12:18:57 <LetsGoCAPS :)> does she live in West?
12:19:11 <Maureen> she lives right near where you stay. River cabin.
12:19:15 <LetsGoCAPS :)> oh, ok, she works for Xanterra?
12:19:22 <Maureen> Yes, HR
12:19:32 <Maureen> that was my in for Will, with getting him to OF
12:19:56 <LetsGoCAPS :)> OF 1919
12:20:02 <Maureen> though it turns out he got himself there, as Louise was gone when it happened.
12:20:16 <Maureen> sky looks nice now
12:20:19 <Will B> So now what???
12:20:26 <LetsGoCAPS :)> don't tell Will that so he owes you again
12:20:30 <Maureen> we were just asking that Will.
12:20:36 <Maureen> what next for Will?
12:20:46 <Will B> For what?
12:20:51 <Maureen> check on Morning?
12:21:27 <Maureen> otherwise Daisy in next 40 or so minutes.
12:21:30 <Will B> That was my thought
12:21:40 <Maureen> which? Morning or Daisy?
12:21:54 <Will B> Morning
12:22:14 <Will B> I had no idea about daisy window
12:22:54 <Will B> But like you said morning is unlikely with that duration
12:22:57 <LetsGoCAPS :)> Daisy around 2000
12:23:01 <Maureen> 2 hrs now for Daisy
12:23:26 <Maureen> yes, we have so little data though, so there never was a true pattern established
12:23:38 <Maureen> wow, pretty sky
12:23:46 <Maureen> and calmer
12:23:46 <Will B> Percolator 1923
12:23:54 <LetsGoCAPS :)> zzzzz
12:24:20 <Will B> How long does it take for the vent and turban restart?
12:24:21 <Maureen> lurking now...
12:25:28 <Will B> ??
12:26:06 <LetsGoCAPS :)> Sawmill?
12:26:19 <Will B> Tardy 1926ns
12:26:26 <LetsGoCAPS :)> k
12:26:41 <LetsGoCAPS :)> did Churn erupt, steam in runoff
12:26:57 <LetsGoCAPS :)> or loks like it
12:27:03 <Will B> Turban restart 1926
12:27:29 <Will B> No dont think so run off pretty dry
12:27:34 <LetsGoCAPS :)> i guess its just the light on Tardy runoff
12:27:59 <Will B> G can you enter those please
12:28:08 <LetsGoCAPS :)> Dome
12:28:12 <LetsGoCAPS :)> sure
12:28:39 <Will B> Vent restart 1928
12:31:59 <Will B> Wow just saw my first grand after play splash while being at grand. That was cool
12:33:27 <Will B> Sawmill 1933ns
12:35:31 <Will B> So on a scale of one to ten what would the chance that morning erupts?
12:36:44 <LetsGoCAPS :)> 0.01
12:37:16 <LetsGoCAPS :)> we have no clue it could be erupting every day
12:37:56 <Will B> Well it did not erupt last night
12:38:09 <LetsGoCAPS :)> how long did you wait?
12:38:36 <Will B> I think i will go check it out though nothing left in ugb
12:39:00 <LetsGoCAPS :)> yeah would be good to know how the refill is going anyway, what does it lok like 5h post Ftn
12:39:10 <Will B> Tardy quit
12:39:13 <LetsGoCAPS :)> Maureen will like that info
12:39:35 <LetsGoCAPS :)> loks nice out now, maybe not too windy at Ftn
12:39:40 <LetsGoCAPS :)> have a good evening
12:39:58 <Will B> Thanks same to you
12:40:48 <Maureen> yes, Maureen would like that info.
12:41:01 <LetsGoCAPS :)> :)
12:41:04 <Will B> Lol
12:41:30 <LetsGoCAPS :)> and i will like to know how big Mornings eruption was
12:41:35 <Maureen> maybe go walk Biscuit if you are still feeling like getting out.
12:41:45 <Maureen> Or Midway, nice time of day to visit Opal.
12:41:54 <Maureen> Go run Midway.
12:42:13 <Maureen> pretty sure it is all melted off, the bw
12:42:14 <LetsGoCAPS :)> wonder if theres snow/ice build up on the ramp?
12:42:22 <Will B> Hmm thats an idea
12:42:24 <Maureen> none, I looked
12:42:32 <Maureen> yes, I used to lap there...
12:42:38 <Maureen> fun place to lap
12:42:54 <Maureen> it is beautiful out here now in West
12:43:02 <Will B> Black diamond please
12:43:06 <Maureen> still 42
12:43:13 <Will B> Tilts baby is full
12:43:20 <LetsGoCAPS :)> and then theres food in West :)
12:43:24 <Maureen> well Black Diamond is at Biscuit, there may still be little snow there.
12:43:39 <Maureen> a little snow.
12:43:58 <Maureen> Will has food I think.
12:44:07 <Will B> I do
12:44:22 <Will B> Brought food for all weekend
12:44:59 <Will B> Ok getting on bike. Nite
12:45:03 <LetsGoCAPS :)> see if Jewel is doing 7-9 or 15-17 or something else
12:45:18 <LetsGoCAPS :)> bye
12:50:57 <Graham :)> Caps win
12:52:20 <Maureen> oh good
12:52:54 <Graham :)> good day for both of us :)
12:53:24 <Maureen> have fun tomorrow
12:54:25 <Graham :)> u2, need a closed Ftn interval
12:58:28 <Graham :)> may be the nost times reported in 1 day, I count 114
13:02:09 <Graham :)> goodnight all, good luck with Ftn in the morning Maureen
13:02:37 <Jake> thanks for driving, Graham
13:02:59 <Graham :)> yw
13:03:08 <Graham :)> DOme?
13:03:56 <Jake> prolly
13:04:10 <Graham :)> i entered it
13:05:12 <Jake> gotta boost those numbers
13:06:05 <Jake> 1st quarter just ended with mediocre GT entries, investors are getting nervous
13:06:20 <Jake> need to have a strong 2nd quarter to get their confidence up again
13:07:44 <Jenna> lol
13:13:58 <Jake> time for Daisy
13:15:10 <Jake> Daisy 2015
13:18:38 <Maureen> there are investors or is that a joke?
13:18:58 <Maureen> I am sure times will be up soon.
13:19:02 <Jake> a joke
13:19:16 <Maureen> I met a guy from yellowstone park foundation that was going to put it on their website, the link
13:19:51 <Jake> cool
13:19:54 <Maureen> I was going to put signs on the rest rooms for this week for people with smart phones.
13:20:18 <Maureen> YTG is all worried about folks not having times for OF
13:20:55 <Maureen> I showed someone how to use GT today in basin.
13:21:00 <Jake> I saw the post from YTG on Facebook
13:21:05 <Jake> they did seem a bit frantic
13:21:17 <Maureen> where would you even put a log book?
13:21:29 <Jake> Graham was mentioning how funny the people at OF looked today
13:21:36 <Jake> like they didn't know what to do or expect
13:21:48 <Jake> very different behavior than summer
13:22:52 <Maureen> folks wait 90 minutes sometimes in summer too...seems the same to me, just less folks
13:23:03 <Maureen> last year there was no snow for opening, so it was different
13:23:54 <Jenna> I didn't really put much thought in to the idea
13:23:57 <Maureen> I think advertising GT might help as much as most people do have smart phones anymore.
13:24:15 <Maureen> Jenna, it is a great idea, just where would we put it?
13:24:30 <Jenna> there would have to be a weather proof box?
13:24:33 <Maureen> and how would people know to look?
13:24:46 <Maureen> that would not blow away? Where would you put it?
13:24:47 <Jenna> I didn't continue my thought process so I have no idea lol
13:25:13 <Maureen> Too big an area...YTG sounded like they liked it, yet not sure how it would actually work.
13:25:24 <Jenna> yeah...not sure either
13:25:46 <Maureen> thankfully, Friday is soon, and during the week there will not be as many folk
13:25:57 <Jake> public logbooks are pretty hit and miss...ever read the one at Lone Star?
13:26:00 <Jenna> do most of the people walk by the old faithful sign we can see on the VEC cam?
13:26:11 <Jenna> oh's very hit or miss
13:26:19 <Maureen> no, not this time of year.
13:26:25 <Jenna> ok
13:26:28 <Jenna> then i have no idea
13:26:31 <Maureen> most folks come in by restrooms, where cam tree is, that path
13:26:31 <Jenna> they'll just have to wait
13:26:44 <Maureen> or from OF Inn parking lot area
13:26:58 <Jenna> ok
13:27:27 <Maureen> to get to that sign I had to walk around the side of the inn from the parking lot.
13:27:44 <Maureen> they should have a restroom sign attached to that sign, people have a hard time finding it.
13:29:03 <Jake> are there no NPS personnel annywhere?
13:29:10 <Maureen> well, good night everyone. May try for Fountain early tomorrow.
13:29:15 <Maureen> LE are out.
13:29:32 <Micah> night Maureen, and good luck.
13:29:32 <Maureen> I see them, and we think we saw one of the SUVs driving down to Riverside yesterday
13:29:37 <Jake> night!
13:29:43 <Maureen> hey has been a blast
13:29:59 <Maureen> yet no regular rangers, interp folks
13:30:08 <Maureen> bye.
13:30:12 <Maureen> night G.
13:30:23 <Micah> lol. yeah, I was out helping my dad for the past 2 hours sorry.
13:32:37 <Jenna> I'm out too, night everyone
13:40:35 <Jake> Dome ie
13:40:40 <kcmule> dome 20:40ie
13:50:37 <Jake> waiting out this last OF, kc?
13:51:16 <kcmule> still nice view on static
13:51:37 <Jake> ah yes
13:58:46 <kcmule> of course it has to go over 100 mins on this interval
13:59:59 <Jake> uh huh
14:00:22 <Jake> going now? I can't really tell on static anymore
14:00:44 <Jake> now I see sky again on static so not yet
14:01:50 <kcmule> maybe going now? could be an anticlimactic end to viewing day
14:02:06 <Jake> I think 2101ie
14:02:42 <Jake> very anticlimactic, nite
14:02:52 <kcmule> adios