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22:59:15 <ynpvisitor62> selam
23:55:56 <Graham> Dome
00:00:57 <Graham> LC
00:02:54 <Graham> no fresh snow, that's good
00:03:07 <ynpvisitor50> & OF!
00:03:10 <Graham> OF 0702
00:04:39 <Graham> only got down to 25, thats nice
00:04:44 <Kent> Graham, you ding a spring trip this year?
00:04:49 <Kent> doing
00:04:49 <Graham> morning Kent
00:04:58 <Kent> Morning Graham
00:05:05 <Graham> not sure. Labor Day for sure
00:05:20 <Graham> when r u going?
00:05:35 <Kent> Tomorrow for a couple of days
00:06:15 <Kent> I am hoping Tuesday and Wednesday are OK for weather
00:06:19 <Graham> thats nice, hope it clears up a bit for you
00:07:21 <Kent> I don't have your fortitude when it comes to being out in miserable weather. Takes a lot of the fun out of a visit.
00:08:11 <Graham> well i dont have much choice in when i go really, once i am booked i get the most out of it
00:08:26 <Kent> :)
00:08:40 <Graham> if you have the right gear then winter is not bad at all
00:08:52 <Graham> rain is the worst
00:08:59 <Kent> My least favorite is wind
00:09:30 <Graham> yeah wind isn't good either but I can deal with that better
00:09:51 <Kent> I was hoping we would have the Fountain interveral locked down by Tuesday morning
00:10:06 <Graham> when there in winter you don't get rain so its better that way :)
00:10:31 <Graham> Maureen will be there again today and Will was planning on checking the water levels before dark to get a data point
00:10:45 <Kent> I really enjoy mid-winter trips also
00:11:21 <Graham> its good if you can pick the sunny winter days to come in, white-out makes it a long trip in and out
00:11:31 <Graham> going for a week i usually get half and half
00:12:06 <Kent> I try and dake the express coach. You cant see much from the back of a Bombardier
00:12:11 <Kent> take
00:18:19 <Kent> Beehive should be late afternoon?
00:20:21 <Graham> looks quiet this morning, so yes late afternoon
00:20:46 <Kent> Thanks
00:21:23 <Graham> i always wait to book any tours until I know the weather, i pitty the 2 day visitors who do the Canyon trip in a blizzard
00:22:39 <Graham> bee could go any time after 1300 but more likely 16-1800
00:22:53 <Graham> or it could go whenever it wants (or not)
00:23:58 <Kent> I will make a point of being around. Also hoping for reports from the LGB. It is good having gazers back in the park.
00:25:29 <Kent> Thanks for the info Graham. I am back to lurking
00:26:44 <Graham> you dont have to switch to lurker mode 50
00:27:10 <ynpvisitor50> I don't like having my name up when I am not around my computer
00:29:24 <Graham> Lion 0728ie
00:44:59 <Graham> Dome
00:48:26 <ynpvisitor47> .
00:54:34 <Graham> Daisy 1954
00:54:37 <Graham> doh
00:54:39 <Graham> 0754
00:55:04 <Graham> maybe DOme steam now? having trouble figuring it out
00:55:30 <Graham> that looks like the real DOme this time
00:56:18 <Graham> hour interval for DOme
01:17:48 <Graham> headed out, bbl
01:18:45 <ynpvisitor50> *
01:45:35 <ynpvisitor75> vw here. Getting field reports from Polly. Will update to GT or so we have times/predictions.
01:45:47 <ynpvisitor75> Polly reports Turban 0831.
01:48:00 <ynpvisitor75> She hadn't had time to check Grand pool yet, but didn't think it has erupted.
01:48:29 <ynpvisitor75> All times received from her have been posted. Back later.
01:52:30 <ynpvisitor75> Polly: Oblong 0851 ie
01:53:30 <ynpvisitor75> I have a feeling I am not going to get very far away...
02:32:28 <Derek> Hi Graham
02:34:15 <ynpvisitor74> Sorry if this question has already been asked but has anyone had a good look at F & M since they got into the park please?
02:34:47 <Jake> it's been looked at. no evidence of an eruption over the winter
02:34:59 <ynpvisitor74> ty
02:37:51 <Graham> hello again, love;ly day out there, just back from a walk
02:37:58 <Graham> did I miss anything?
02:38:15 <Graham> hi Derek, long time no see
02:39:15 <Graham> nice to see they caught Ftn even if it was ie, we thought it would go this morning. Will must have slept in
02:39:52 <Todd> HI Graham, you must have taken our sun away from us
02:40:14 <Jake> Lion...was starting
02:40:46 <Graham> or not
02:41:06 <Jake> patiently awaiting its arrival on static
02:41:08 <Graham> its bright sun here but was in the 40s so jacket done up and gloves to start
02:41:20 <Jake> or not was right
02:42:42 <Graham> i see you al lmissed the last Dome :(
02:43:02 <Graham> YTG posted one we missed yestarday, so onyl 3 were missing
02:45:19 <Jake> looks like I need to change the GT parameter on Dome so it will group eruptions
02:45:29 <Jake> what's a good duration to use? 5 minutes?
02:45:42 <Jake> to group all entries within 5 minutes of each other?
02:46:15 <Graham> I would say that is good enough. I deleted my later one
02:46:24 <Graham> durations are usually about 5 min
02:46:35 <Jake> OK
02:46:55 <Jake> some people aren't as fond of deleting their entries because it hurts their stats
02:47:29 <Graham> do they still count as entries even if you tlater delete them?
02:47:35 <Graham> yeah
02:47:36 <ynpvisitor75> Grand
02:47:37 <ynpvisitor50> That Grand
02:47:42 <Graham> Grand 0947?
02:47:47 <ynpvisitor75> I didn't catch start time.
02:48:05 <Jake> nice viewing
02:48:10 <Graham> i am sure Will is going to post it
02:48:12 <Jake> appropriate wind direction
02:48:18 <Jake> all is back to normal
02:48:37 <Graham> and its not snowing
02:49:17 <ynpvisitor75> that won't last. Winter weather advisory in effect in Billings. After reaching 60 yesterday.
02:49:29 <Graham> Dome may be going but not much steam
02:49:40 <ynpvisitor50> I didn't need to hear that vw
02:49:48 <Graham> nice
02:49:49 <Jake> snow squalls should hit the basin for the next BH
02:49:49 <ynpvisitor75> Sorry 50.
02:49:56 <ynpvisitor50> :)
02:50:35 <ynpvisitor75> Advisory in effect in Blgs until MOnday evening. Not sure if it will reach down into the park.
02:53:53 <Graham> Dep 0953ie
02:54:32 <Graham> maybe Dome now, more steam ....
03:00:25 <vw> Guess its time to be me...
03:01:04 <Graham> wb
03:03:43 <Todd> hi vw, glad to see you came out of hiding :)
03:03:59 <vw> Hi Todd!!!
03:04:06 <vw> Just hate to be out in public in my pj's.
03:04:55 <Todd> :)
03:05:01 <Graham> LC?
03:05:21 <vw> Sure looks like it G.
03:05:44 <vw> Has been very active the last couple of days. At least when I have been on anyway.
03:06:03 <Graham> there is DOme
03:06:22 <Graham> at least bigger steam on static
03:08:23 <Graham> where to now? Daisy, Aurum, BH?
03:08:44 <vw> OF?
03:08:57 <vw> hehe
03:09:12 <Graham> always nice when its quiet
03:09:13 <vw> OF 1008
03:13:28 <Todd> .
03:36:07 <Andrew> good morning
03:36:30 <Graham> afternoon
03:36:55 <Andrew> :P
03:38:32 <vw> Hi Andrew.
03:42:33 <Todd> vw, did I see where you said winter was back in your neighborhood?
03:42:46 <vw> Yes Todd.
03:43:07 <Todd> That's too bad, So I guess we can expect that here in a few days
03:43:41 <vw> We are under a winter weather advisory for a couple of days. Minor accumulations of snow expected here east of the mtns, but higher elevations may get more.
03:43:57 <Todd> bummer
03:44:04 <vw> We aren't complaining about more precip here. I understand it would be a problem for you.
03:44:29 <Todd> The drought has officially ended for us
03:44:36 <Todd> We are flooding here now
03:45:06 <vw> Most of the northern Rockies area are still a bit below everage snowpack, so we could still use some. Downstream users will be hurting if we don't get a bit more.
03:45:19 <Todd> Mississippi expected to hit 3rd highest crest ever at Burlington,IA
03:45:29 <vw> Ouch.
03:46:04 <Todd> Crazy how it just 6 months ago they didn't have enough water in it to run barges south of us
03:46:37 <Todd> Now they have closed the locks and dams to barge traffic due to high water
03:46:42 <vw> Vagaries of the western US weather.
03:47:21 <Todd> Good to hear your snowpack will be increasing
03:47:38 <vw> If our snowpack doesn't improve, lower Mississippi will be affected later in the summer.
03:48:07 <Todd> That is true
03:49:07 <Todd> Although Minn and Wisconsin have a lot of snowpack to come our way, but that only last for so long
03:49:38 <vw> Yeah, their snowpack represents early water needs. No mtn storage there!
03:49:53 <vw> Daisy 1049
03:50:09 <Todd> Yes, usually means flooding along the Mississippi
03:51:17 <Todd> The flooding going on right now is from all the rain, not the snowmelt. It has been too cold for much melting up north
03:51:36 <vw> I am not surprised: their snow all melts within a few weeks. That is why mountain snowpack is so critical.
03:53:21 <vw> .
03:54:12 <Todd> The only fieldwork that has gotten done around here is some anhydrous being applied
03:54:31 <vw> Dome 1054 ie
03:54:41 <Graham> :)
03:55:26 <Todd> Didn't realize you were such a Dome fan, Graham
03:55:31 <Todd> :)
03:55:56 <Graham> always interesting to watch the intervals lengthen over the 2-3 day series
03:56:17 <Graham> went from 20s to 30s yesterday
03:56:21 <Graham> now in the 50-60 range
03:56:22 <Todd> It is a great geyser
03:57:10 <Todd> Wish they had a boardwalk closer to the vent
03:58:10 <vw> I don't think we missed a Lion, so it must be done for now? Some mention of it trying to start right around 0940, but don't think it ever did.
03:58:23 <Graham> like the one to Punchbowl? nice
03:58:45 <Graham> i think its done vw, may have another 5-7 hours after the last?
03:59:06 <vw> Darn. Was hoping it would be with us through more of the day. :(
04:00:15 <Graham> Will posted Riverside start, I bet he is watching F&M
04:01:17 <vw> Just posted it G.
04:01:17 <Graham> he will learn quickly that you spend way too much time watching the rockpile when its active, so don't waste time there when its inactive
04:01:56 <vw> I think he was hoping to see what the springtime behavior was. I warned him there wouldn't be much to see, but he seemed fine with that!
04:02:03 <Todd> Or Beehive
04:02:29 <Todd> Conceerning wasting too much time
04:03:17 <Todd> Still sour. :-)
04:03:17 <vw> Graham: you doing something on on that Riverside entry? I just gave mine 2 (-) but then it showed 2 on Will's entry also. Neither will show!
04:03:35 <Graham> yeah BH is another good time-waster too although I have avoided getting drawn to it, I don't mind missing the start of the indicator
04:03:44 <vw> Yeah Todd, but at least you had a CHANCE of BH erupting!!!
04:03:57 <Graham> oh, i checked GNet and didnt see it
04:04:01 <Graham> so i entered it
04:04:10 <vw> Yeah, I was just doing it.
04:04:14 <Jake> if F&M erupts today, Will will look like a genious
04:04:17 <vw> Not sure what we have now.
04:04:20 <Jake> but check his pockets
04:04:29 <vw> hehe jake!!!
04:04:53 <Todd> I have been thinking about our winter trip a lot this week, and still can't get over how great it was
04:05:22 <vw> A beautiful time to be in the park, isn't it Todd!
04:07:06 <Todd> Especially when the sun would come out, it just changes everything
04:07:39 <vw> Providing you have sunglasses... Otherwise you can't see a damn thing!
04:08:03 <Todd> :)
04:13:57 <Graham> opera time, bbl
04:14:22 <vw> Bye Graham. Have a wonderful afternoon!
04:15:07 <Todd> see ya
04:33:13 <vw> OF 1132
04:41:43 <vw> lull... lulll....lull... yawn.
04:43:45 <Todd> updated video driver so Google Earth would work better for me
04:44:20 <Todd> reboot was required
04:44:37 <vw> Love Google Earth.
04:45:06 <vw> Really like that Jake has imbedded it on GT.
04:45:14 <Todd> desktop all changed now. About to see if Google Earth will work now
04:46:15 <vw> Hmmmm. Not sure that updating video driver should have changed your desktop.
04:48:29 <Jake> Sawmill 1148 ns
04:48:35 <Todd> Was surprised, too. But it did.
04:48:50 <Todd> Google Earth still not right
04:54:18 <vw> Seems to me like the wind is picking up?
04:54:35 <Todd> heading out to work on GE issues. Bye all
04:54:52 <vw> Bye Todd! Have a great day!
05:15:23 <vw> Dome 1215
05:15:26 <vw> ie
05:16:22 <vw> Odd that it isn't visible on VEC static cam.
05:31:42 <vw> Looks like Sawmill is off now.
05:37:26 <Diane> Looks like EVERYTHING is off now. :)
05:37:54 <vw> Couldn't agree more Diane!
05:38:08 <Jake> even The Dwarf
05:38:13 <Jake> eerie
05:38:59 <ynpvisitor50> .
05:41:42 <ynpvisitor50> Static cam could use a visit.
05:55:18 <vw> No new times reported from the basin since Grotto 1101 ie. Quiet may be an understatement.
05:55:39 <Jake> might have left for the LGB
05:55:42 <ynpvisitor66> No aurum too
05:55:47 <Jake> or left to go home
05:56:42 <vw> Guessing Polly might have left for home. Not sure about others.
05:56:58 <vw> Will probably has some homework he might need to get back for.
05:58:43 <vw> OF 1258
06:06:05 <vw> LC 1305 ie
06:07:45 <Jake> time to spot a bear
06:07:59 <vw> Anything would be nice!
06:08:20 <vw> Not sure how visitors in the basin would feel about a bear though.
06:14:33 <vw> Not a four legged creature stirring.
06:29:52 <vw> I need to take a quick break. Daisy should be soon.
06:44:58 <vw> Daisy 1344
06:48:27 <vw> Will is still in the basin. He just posted the Daisy time.
06:57:59 <kcmule> im avail to start early if needed vw
06:58:17 <kcmule> my username isnt apparently
06:58:29 <vw> Must be kc!
06:58:47 <vw> You are welcome to take the cam whenever you are ready kc!
06:59:11 <vw> Very quiet for me, so maybe you can add some juice to the geyser eruptions!
07:00:17 <vw> All I have been doing is waiting for the next prediction window and hoping for some excitement in between times.
07:01:27 <kcmule> visitors look enthralled too
07:01:31 <vw> It looks like there is a watcher out in the BH area. I have not tried to see who that is.
07:02:03 <vw> As long as the cam is in such capable hands, I am going to head out and get some chores done.
07:02:11 <vw> Hope everybody has a great day!
07:02:24 <kcmule> bye vw ty
07:03:10 <kcmule> not much help from the sawmill group
07:17:54 <Graham> did i miss anything?
07:18:28 <kcmule> if you did its still going on now
07:19:41 <Graham> yeah looks like i didnt miss anything at all
07:19:56 <Graham> its about time you made something erupt kc
07:21:00 <kcmule> perhaps someone's temper if i tried
07:23:56 <ynpvisitor65> It may start snowing
07:25:19 <Graham> at least its not as bad as yesterday
07:26:35 <Graham> looks like Will may be camping down basin? Maureen at Ftn maybe?
07:31:14 <ynpvisitor65> Aurum /giantess steamy
07:36:44 <kcmule> OF 14:36
07:43:23 <ynpvisitor49> .
07:46:13 <ynpvisitor49> .
07:49:15 <ynpvisitor49> .
07:50:09 <ynpvisitor17> Looks to be snowing hard at Mammoth
07:50:43 <Jake> getting into the BH window...means the snow's acomin'
07:52:04 <Graham> that is a good snow blast at Mammoth, hope it holds out ok at Fountain
07:53:12 <ynpvisitor65> No rocket today then ?
07:54:01 <Graham> launch scrubbed again?
07:55:55 <Jake> Oblong got ie'd
07:56:11 <ynpvisitor49> .
08:03:02 <kcmule> dome 15:02ie
08:03:36 <Graham> yeah, some excitement
08:04:48 <kcmule> din
08:04:49 <kcmule> g
08:04:51 <kcmule> .
08:04:52 <kcmule> .
08:04:54 <kcmule> .
08:04:55 <kcmule> .
08:04:56 <Graham> more excitement
08:04:56 <Andrew> ding
08:04:58 <Andrew> ding
08:05:00 <Andrew> ding
08:05:00 <kcmule> bhi 15:04ie
08:05:03 <Graham> 1504ie
08:05:24 <Graham> big crowd there
08:05:40 <Jake> and sunshine!?
08:06:37 <Dave from B> Yippee!!
08:06:50 <Graham> guess its not waiting for my 16-1800 window unless its a really long indicator
08:06:51 <Karen> hi everybody. Thansk for the text
08:06:51 <Dave from B> Afternoon, everyone
08:07:19 <Kitt> I'm here
08:07:20 <Graham> LC
08:07:23 <Kitt> Polly called me
08:07:46 <Jake> where did all those people materialize from?
08:07:51 <Graham> is she having fun?
08:08:06 <Jake> one of the faster BHI convergences I have seen!
08:08:08 <yn> ge
08:08:29 <Kitt> thanks for the call lc
08:08:46 <Graham> was that the start time Kitt?
08:09:17 <Kitt> don't know, Polly was navigating Sawmill area and I didn't want to delay her
08:09:32 <Graham> k. bet its still icy there
08:09:47 <Kitt> that would be my guess
08:10:08 <Derek> Hi Graham
08:10:14 <Graham> hi Derek
08:10:30 <Graham> get BH done and then time to get over to Grand
08:10:34 <Derek> I'm glad you liked my picture
08:10:51 <Graham> where was that,Riverside Park?
08:11:06 <Derek> Yep, not far from here
08:12:06 <Graham> k. looks a bit warmer there then Yellowstone
08:12:18 <Derek> While I was there I had a nice skype video chat with my friend in Bulgaria
08:12:39 <Kitt> here comes Polly I think
08:13:21 <Kitt> wait for Polly bee
08:13:24 <Derek> It's a nice place but I'm afraid no geysers :)
08:13:26 <Graham> 11 peeps
08:16:56 <Graham> maybe 15 now?
08:17:08 <Dave from B> 2 eruptions in last Lion series?
08:17:24 <Graham> yep, short one. maybe get another series soon
08:17:38 <Kitt> Bee is going to blast off today
08:17:48 <Micah> wow, that's more people out there than in the past few months.
08:17:51 <Graham> and we will be able to see it :)
08:21:36 <Dave from B> Anybody for a shoer?
08:21:40 <Dave from B> shower
08:22:00 <Kitt> Go!
08:22:15 <Kitt> I think will went in for one
08:22:37 <Dave from B> Long indicator
08:22:53 <Micah> it's been doing that lately....
08:23:05 <kcmule> BH 15:23
08:23:06 <Kitt> 3,2,1,blast off!
08:23:14 <Andrew> windy
08:23:22 <Kitt> Cimb, baby, climb
08:23:41 <Micah> yeah!
08:23:51 <Kitt> Nice
08:24:05 <Graham> someone didnt want a shower
08:24:17 <Andrew> I want a bee shower!
08:24:23 <Graham> someone is getting one tho
08:24:41 <Kitt> 2 people in there
08:24:57 <Graham> back for more
08:25:17 <Graham> nicer than yesterdays
08:25:31 <Andrew> clouds moving in?
08:25:36 <Micah> Wind knocking it down.
08:25:37 <Dave from B> That has to be Will taking a shower
08:26:08 <Kitt> it is doing great considering the wind they have
08:26:50 <Kitt> uh oh, wind shift
08:27:09 <Kitt> and back again
08:27:53 <Kitt> that was very satisfying
08:28:01 <Andrew> indeed
08:28:12 <Kitt> hope will actually watched part of bee's eruption
08:28:31 <Kitt> and now they will head to Grand
08:28:42 <Graham> he may be at Ftn
08:28:46 <Graham> then heading home
08:29:20 <Kitt> who is at Fountain?
08:29:41 <ynpvisitor65> That's not hard?
08:29:43 <Graham> Will might be there, he hasn't posted times
08:30:04 <Kitt> Probably because he is still drying off
08:30:12 <Graham> Ftn may have done 2 8h intervals overnight. at 7.5 now
08:30:27 <Graham> Tardy
08:30:56 <ynpvisitor69> .
08:32:50 <Kitt> Will was at Beehive, just talked to Polly
08:33:10 <Kitt> He's going back to Aurum and she is headed to Grand
08:33:15 <Graham> k
08:33:23 <Graham> cell phone dead?
08:33:39 <Kitt> They were down at F & M watching cycles before bee
08:33:47 <Graham> zz
08:33:47 <Graham> zzz
08:34:26 <Graham> thanks for the update Kitt
08:34:50 <Kitt> That is the nice thing about Yellowstone, each person can pick what they want to watch
08:35:23 <Kitt> Aurum
08:35:27 <kcmule> aurum? 15:35ie
08:35:33 <Andrew> ooh
08:35:36 <kcmule> scratch the ?
08:35:38 <Graham> 1534 on static
08:35:56 <Graham> hope will got there quick enough
08:36:12 <Kitt> me too
08:36:46 <Graham> Grands window opens nicely now
08:38:38 <Graham> i guess Rocket lifted off
08:38:55 <Kitt> huh?
08:39:27 <Dave from B> Graham can see downbasin?
08:40:05 <Graham> Turban?
08:40:20 <Graham> the ANtares rocket from Wallops Island Va
08:40:47 <Dave from B> Wind makes it harder to catch Turban
08:41:26 <ynpvisitor69> .
08:44:10 <Kitt> have a nice day
08:44:12 <Kitt> bye
08:44:31 <kcmule> bye
08:47:28 <Dave from B> Darn, Graham...Grand is late again
08:47:40 <Wull B> Hola
08:47:52 <Graham> hi Wull
08:48:00 <kcmule> whats up Wull
08:48:23 <Graham> we figured you were asleep with no posting
08:48:38 <Will B> No watching F and M
08:48:59 <Graham> zzzzzzz
08:49:17 <Will B> Definiately not in spring mode
08:49:31 <Andrew> not doing anything?
08:50:07 <Graham> not i spring mode means they erupted?
08:50:10 <Will B> Long cycles but its not the same thing over and over again
08:50:33 <Will B> No eruption though or splashes in main
08:51:09 <Graham> was Maureen at BH or Ftn?
08:53:22 <Will B> No
08:53:48 <Will B> Tardy 1552ie please enter for me G
08:54:14 <Graham> i had it 1530ie
08:55:59 <Will B> Ok use yours
08:56:20 <Graham> both are there now
09:03:35 <Graham> we were lucky with the bee weather
09:05:41 <kcmule> OF 16:05
09:09:58 <ynpvisitor69> .
09:16:08 <Graham> must be time for Grand
09:17:09 <Andrew> what happened?
09:17:32 <Graham> this is what it was like for BH yesterday
09:19:44 <Graham> looks like the snow on the BW melted back a lot today
09:20:10 <Andrew> warming up! Maureen at fountain today?
09:20:58 <Graham> Turban 1613 per Will, keep an eye out for Grand
09:21:21 <Graham> Will didn't say but she may be. Seemed reluctant to go when i texted her
09:29:29 <ynpvisitor69> .
09:30:12 <kcmule> dome 16:29ie
09:35:12 <ynpvisitor46> baby
09:36:35 <kcmule> daisy 16:36ns
09:36:35 <kcmule> .
09:47:49 <Jake> Uncertain ?
09:48:01 <Graham> nope
09:48:08 <Andrew> no doesn't look like it
09:48:10 <Jake> oh, it's Tardy
09:48:17 <Jake> got my trees confused
09:48:22 <Graham> yep
09:50:01 <Graham> haven't got the GT option where you upload a pic and it figures out the geyser?
09:50:34 <Graham> Turban?
09:50:37 <Jake> like Facebook face recognition?
09:56:05 <Graham> yes
09:56:31 <Graham> i am sure it would be a big hit on FB, they can make another billion
09:57:39 <Jake> I made a joke yesterday about GT investors liking opening weekend entry results making for a strong Q2
09:57:51 <Jake> Maureen wondered if there really were GT investors
09:58:13 <Graham> :)
09:58:58 <Graham> a lot of us spend more on geyser gazing than anything else
09:59:25 <Graham> could get some objection when you start ,aking us use facebook cash
10:03:12 <Graham> is that a snowman on VEC cam?
10:05:54 <Graham> Grand over 7h!
10:09:54 <Jake> Grand over 7h isn't surprising is it?
10:10:35 <Graham> we have had several under 7.
10:11:01 <Jake> most recent intervals imply a 7+ hr average interval
10:11:15 <Jake> so probably half of recent intervals have been 7+
10:11:36 <Graham> i know. just want to seeit under 6 again
10:11:53 <Jake> under 6?? you're living in the past again, man
10:12:08 <Graham> not that long ago
10:12:21 <kcmule> dome 17:12ie
10:12:29 <Jake> geologically speaking, it was yesterday
10:15:46 <Graham> are you calling me a dinasaur?
10:23:57 <ynpvisitor40> There's a penta
10:25:41 <kcmule> nice to see
10:33:40 <Graham> at least they have something to watch other than Turban
10:38:15 <kcmule> OF 17:"37
10:40:07 <Graham> Lion is taking its time after the series of 2 this morning
10:40:24 <Dave from B> Grand over 8 hours:(
10:40:50 <Graham> let the death watch begin
10:41:33 <Will B> Yeah first penta
10:42:05 <Jake> nice, first Penta is best Penta
10:42:26 <Graham> so what did it do before it erupted?
10:42:43 <Will B> 1723 turban
10:43:20 <Jake> kid just nailed his dad in the back of the head with a snowball/ice chunk at OF
10:43:40 <Will B> 4&5 boiled then main vent took off
10:43:50 <Graham> nice view of SC and nothing else beyond :(
10:44:06 <Graham> were they bubbling before?
10:44:06 <Will B> Turban 1704 some one please enter those
10:44:13 <Graham> k
10:45:17 <Graham> what happened between 1613 and 1704?
10:45:31 <Graham> 51 min, must have been a delay
10:45:40 <Will B> Ok back to enjoying it
10:46:51 <Will B> 1648 turban
10:47:04 <Graham> 1613 Turban was a 27min interval, something is up
10:48:11 <Will B> And we were not paying attention for the other one
10:48:26 <Will B> Turban 1742
10:48:38 <Will B> Please enter them
10:49:12 <Graham> got them, the series loks odd tho, 27min and then 51 min intervals?
10:49:57 <Dave from B> They missed one
10:50:04 <Jake> 1648 should fix that
10:50:09 <Graham> that would mean 2 delays tho
10:50:35 <Jake> and then missing only 1
10:51:26 <Graham> why 1648?
10:52:00 <Jake> oh, I don't really know anymore
10:52:11 <Graham> hehe
10:52:23 <Graham> hopefully Will can check his notes
10:52:30 <Jake> my head feels like the streaming cam looks
10:52:38 <Graham> looks like 1613 may be wrong
10:57:18 <Will> Castle 1756
10:57:32 <Will> Churn 1756
10:57:43 <Graham> busy
10:58:06 <Will> D of churn 1:20
10:58:15 <Graham> k
10:58:52 <Graham> tell us the Penta duration too :)
10:59:17 <Will> Still sort of going
10:59:37 <Graham> it was still going after 1h45 min this winter but in roaring steam
11:01:26 <Will> Grand
11:01:32 <Graham> yerah
11:01:53 <Graham> 1801
11:02:14 <Graham> Dome?
11:07:21 <Graham> last OF is missing on GT/GNet
11:07:32 <Graham> long or short?
11:08:17 <Graham> glad the view improved, quite nice now
11:09:22 <kcmule> up now
11:09:30 <Graham> ty
11:10:34 <Graham> those ppl have a long wait
11:12:36 <Will> Castle is a maj
11:12:54 <Graham> ty and Grand is a 1b
11:13:16 <Kent> A very nice 1 burst though!
11:13:26 <Graham> where to now Will?
11:13:43 <Kent> Is there anyone in the LGB?
11:13:49 <Graham> stay for Penta duration?
11:14:57 <Will> Grand 0801 D6/T1Q
11:15:18 <Will> 1801*
11:15:28 <Graham> k
11:15:28 <Will> 1800 turbam
11:15:36 <Will> Turban
11:16:18 <Will> 1811 bulger maj
11:32:01 <Graham> Maureen texted me, says Fountain was awesome but didnt give me a time
11:33:13 <Kent> It will be very good to know the interval. I had my hopes that Maureen was standing by.
11:33:55 <Graham> she sounded like she wasn't sure she would go, but we know her better than she does!
11:34:04 <Kent> :)
11:36:35 <Graham> is penta done?
11:37:47 <Graham> Lion
11:38:11 <Graham> hey Maureen
11:38:17 <Maureen> 1655 for Fountain, 32 minutes
11:38:32 <Maureen> about 9 hours, that particular interval.
11:38:38 <Maureen> NICE LION
11:38:43 <Maureen> Glad I signed on.
11:38:55 <Kent> Excellent. Thank you Maureen.
11:38:57 <Maureen> is this the initial?
11:39:04 <Maureen> you are welcome Kent.
11:39:10 <Maureen> I hope to be out tomorrow too.
11:39:19 <Maureen> Maybe a 2 Fountain day...
11:39:54 <Maureen> crazy weather, has the basin been full of squalls?
11:40:05 <Maureen> I could have made it to Grand...
11:40:24 <Maureen> glad I am home though, drove through some really heavy snow.
11:40:59 <Maureen> Kent are you coming Tuesday?
11:41:16 <Kent> I hope to be in West by dark tomorrow.
11:41:34 <Maureen> and where are you going in park?
11:42:02 <Kent> Norris and along the Firehole
11:42:11 <Maureen> hail conditions at one point on the drive in.
11:42:27 <Maureen> home rather, drive home. Well, have fun at Norris.
11:42:56 <Kent> I expect our paths will cross.
11:43:03 <Maureen> perhaps.
11:45:28 <Graham> so 8-9h on Ftn?
11:55:45 <kcmule> dome 18:55ie
11:56:27 <Graham> Will put Penta duration of 37
11:56:58 <Graham> Little
12:00:39 <Will> Thunder snow in basin
12:01:38 <Will> And i am pleased with what my weekend has been so i am headed out
12:01:41 <Graham> so not a very long Penta
12:01:52 <Graham> ok, have a safe drive home
12:01:53 <Will> Enjoy lion
12:01:55 <ynpvisitor14> .
12:02:02 <Kent> Thaks Will.
12:02:10 <Graham> Dep?
12:02:35 <Graham> or just wind shift for Dwarf steam
12:02:48 <Will> No dep
12:03:00 <Kent> Not good wind direction
12:05:40 <Will> Aurum 1905
12:08:06 <Graham> Aurum 3h28 - 3h46 in 3 closed intervals
12:11:01 <kcmule> OF 19:10
12:12:50 <Graham> Hum, D6 looks odd for Will's Grand report, I only count 5 intervals but it looks odd
12:22:25 <kcmule> welcome to log cam
12:23:18 <Maureen> funny kc
12:23:28 <Maureen> I was thinking of putting something down there...
12:34:52 <Graham> did you do that to the cam kc?
12:35:22 <kcmule> it said 'camera is switched off or faulty' momentarily
12:40:16 <kcmule> daisy waited
12:40:19 <kcmule> 19:40ns
12:41:17 <Graham> lovely view
12:42:29 <Graham> see you all tomorrow
12:42:51 <kcmule> nite
12:48:43 <ynpvisitor44> Maureen, I think you'll get a kick out of this
12:48:44 <ynpvisitor44>
12:48:55 <ynpvisitor44> Motor firing I did today... scared a few four-leggers
12:49:01 <kcmule> Lion 19:48
12:49:04 <Ryan> Lion 1948
12:50:59 <kcmule> linky no worky
13:39:22 <kcmule> OF 20:39
13:47:49 <kcmule> lion 20:47ns
13:50:49 <kcmule> nite