Showing logs for date: 2013-04-22
22:19:29 <glennon> Just returning from a trip and see the GT / GNet is awry (Thanks to you who sent notes). Until I get the sync up and running properly, GNet will grab GT data every 15 minutes.
22:23:45 <glennon> the GNet to GT sync will remain every 3 minutes or so.
23:58:31 <Dave from B> Nice "artwork" today
23:58:50 <Dave from B> Ground is also white in Blgs
00:00:57 <Kitt> morning
00:01:11 <Kitt> Worland has been getting snow all night
00:01:18 <Kitt> and it is still snowing
00:01:36 <Kitt> looks like we have at least 3 or 4 inches so far
00:01:57 <Dave from B> Morning, Kitt
00:02:07 <Kitt> hello
00:02:14 <Dave from B> And they its supposed to be 70 on Saturday
00:02:48 <Kitt> the Kaleidoscope cam needs a wiper or turned
00:03:35 <Kitt> now I know why so many were mowing even though it had started to rain again yesterday
00:04:50 <Kitt> I see the wiper is doing nothing
00:05:17 <Kitt> well, breakfast and get ready for a long day at preschool
00:05:20 <CC> not much I can do with the wiper this morning..frozen snow
00:05:22 <Kitt> morning cc
00:05:35 <Kitt> thanks for trying
00:05:38 <CC> hey Kit and Dave and others
00:05:46 <Kitt> hopefully it gets better
00:05:59 <Kitt> it sounds like we wil be getting snow all day
00:06:04 <Kitt> here
00:06:12 <Kitt> take care
00:06:14 <Kitt> bye
00:06:46 <Dave from B> bye CC and Kitt
00:47:23 <Dave from B> Morning, Diane
00:47:32 <Diane> Morning. Snowed, huh?
00:48:14 <Diane> Is this kind of like watching paint dry?
00:48:44 <Dave from B> Praying that it warms up enough to clean the windshield
00:48:57 <Diane> :)
00:49:10 <Dave from B> Tree static was also splashed last night
00:57:02 <ynpvisitor88> Yeah, I see that. Well, I think I will go take a shower.
01:12:08 <Dave from B> Morning, Jenna
01:13:02 <Jenna> morning
01:32:59 <Will B> hmmmmm
01:34:22 <Jenna> it's not even sliding down
01:35:22 <Dave from B> Temp is 20F at OF
01:35:53 <Jenna> and it probably won't be sliding down any time soon
01:37:15 <Dave from B> Predicted high of 31 so view should improve later today
01:37:44 <Jenna> that's good
01:40:26 <Dave from B> Has anyone caught OF from the VEC cam today?
01:41:47 <Dave from B> Mornin', kc
01:43:00 <kc (working)> hi Dave
01:44:24 <Jenna> I haven't been watching close enough
01:45:09 <Jenna>
01:45:20 <Jenna> that's from a restaurant, they're still open but you have to use the back door
01:47:32 <Dave from B> Wow! Levels have really risen since Friday
01:50:20 <Jenna> yeah it was supposed to crest yesterday
01:50:44 <Jenna> chance of rain tomorrow so we'll see what happens
01:52:06 <Jenna> I'll probably go down after work and show Conor. To answer your question from Friday, we're about 2 miles away.
01:56:44 <Dave from B> Hope levels drop quickly before snow melt begins up north
02:00:10 <Jenna> definitely
02:07:52 <Jenna> OF?
02:08:18 <Jenna> nope
02:08:23 <Jenna> just a big puff of steam
02:11:32 <Jenna> do we have any kind of idea when it's supposed to happen?
02:11:53 <ynpvisitor74> lol
02:13:09 <Dave from B> Every 92 minutes, Jenna!:)
02:14:12 <Jenna> haha thanks Dave
02:16:01 <Jenna> anyone in the basin this morning?
02:16:44 <Dave from B> I thought michael was getting to OF on Tuesday. Not sure of anyone else
02:19:31 <Dave from B> Good morning, Will and alex
02:19:57 <Dave from B> Will, do you know who will be in the basin today?
02:27:38 <Will B> Polly should be for a bit I think.
02:34:32 <Dave from B> Both Tree cams seem worse...we may have just had an OF in the past 15 minutes or so
02:34:51 <Will B> why are there all these entries from g net that have me as the entrant?
02:35:04 <Will B> from yesterday
02:37:15 <Jenna> I've been trying to watch, and didn't see anything but I agree that the cams look worse
02:40:14 <Jenna> everytime it refreshes it looks EXACTLY the same lol
02:52:11 <vw> Good morning.
02:52:19 <Dave from B> Mroning, vw
02:52:35 <Dave from B> How was your weekend?
02:52:56 <vw> Just received a text from Polly: Grand pool empty. T&V [Turban and Vent] off. Think Castle majored at its normal time.
02:53:03 <vw> Chilly Dave! Yours?
02:53:47 <Dave from B> Getting sick of winter weather in Blgs. Could we move on to Spring, please!
02:53:51 <vw> I told Polly to stay warm and dry. Her response: Not as bad as I expected out here!
02:54:22 <Dave from B> So, Grand must have went 2-3 hours ago?
02:55:22 <vw> Certainly sounds like it isn't due any time soon.
02:56:21 <vw> Flowers in the garden suggest it IS spring Dave. Of course the fact that the heads on the daf's are bowing under a couple of inches of snow suggest otherwise.
02:57:44 <vw> I will be back later if Polly sends eruption/basin info. Any times will be posted.
02:58:10 <vw> Take care and be safe from precip for all in its path...
03:00:49 <Dave from B> bye, vw
03:07:24 <Will B> .
03:09:37 <Micah> oh....that's why there's only one eruption on GT, lol
03:12:18 <Dave from B> Morning, Micah
03:13:36 <Micah> morning. It's finally looking like spring in Kitsap, 70 degrees for the next few days. yay.
03:15:05 <Jenna> OF
03:15:24 <Dave from B> 1015ie
03:15:56 <Jenna> yay! now I can stop watching for 92 minutes or so :)
03:16:24 <ynpvisitor73> hi
03:17:19 <Dave from B> Temp is stuck at 20 at OF
03:17:43 <Micah> yeah, I'll stick with our 70 for now.
04:00:15 <ynpvisitor29> static almost clear enough to see
04:01:53 <Dave from B> Next wipe from CC may do the trick for streaming
04:09:14 <Dave from B> BSOD for me on streaming
04:11:05 <Jenna-busy> me too
04:11:12 <Jenna> I'd rather have the snow
04:34:38 <Derek> Hi everyone
04:38:02 <Dave from B> ..
04:38:06 <Dave from B> Hi, Derek
04:40:11 <Dave from B> OF 1139ie
04:48:01 <Dave from B> wb, vw
04:48:09 <Dave from B> I see Polly was at Riverside
04:48:14 <vw> Well.... CC was able to get the stream working again, but still not much can be done with the ice.
04:48:34 <Dave from B> Just shake the camera real hard!!
04:48:41 <vw> Yes, re Polly. I am so glad she is having a good day, and isn't freezing!
04:49:08 <vw> I will continue to check back as the day progresses, and hopefully we will be able to see the basin sometime today.
04:49:12 <vw> funny dave!
04:49:30 <vw> back later.
04:49:33 <Dave from B> Good day to get work done
05:02:38 <Dave from B> Has anyone else been experimenting with GT geysers "Time since last entry" liist?
05:11:05 <Jenna> not really Dave
05:11:57 <Dave from B> You can select up to any 12 geysers that are listed in GT
05:12:27 <Dave from B> I added Depression, Aurum and Oblong to my list
05:18:59 <Kitt> I see the basin view is the same
05:19:22 <Kitt> it took 30 minutes to clean my car off before going to work
05:19:31 <Kitt> this snow is very wet and heavy
05:20:07 <Kitt> but the snow has melted from our streets and sidewalks
05:20:21 <Kitt> well, time for lunch
05:20:29 <Kitt> will check back in after work
05:28:39 <Jenna> I didn't know you could change the list
05:28:58 <Jenna> maybe we could see BH if we move the cam down and to the left? :)
05:31:02 <Maureen> Winter returns...
05:31:20 <Jenna> it's better than before if you can believe that
05:33:12 <Maureen> Hey Jenna, I meant at Fountain, winter returned.
05:33:21 <Dave from B> Jenna, GT update last week allows you to customize the list
05:33:28 <Maureen> 3 new inches of snow,
05:33:36 <Maureen> hey Dave. 40 minute Fountain today.
05:33:46 <Maureen> Was hoping to catch Kitt.
05:33:48 <Dave from B> Hi, Maureen. How many Fountains have you caught since opening?
05:33:57 <Maureen> 3
05:34:09 <Dave from B> Does that mean Morning if you have long duration?
05:34:18 <Maureen> 31 minutes, 32 minutes, 41 minutes...oops, I wrote 40 above, it was 41
05:34:21 <Jenna> ah
05:34:26 <Jenna> I forgot you were there :)
05:34:33 <Maureen> well, with the limited data we have, it is more likely
05:34:33 <Dave from B> Kitt checked in briefly for lunch but left after seeing the view
05:34:44 <Maureen> yes, i see that now, about Kitt.
05:35:06 <Maureen> It was windy, Fountain at 9 would have been pretty darn cold, yet FTN at 1050 was not so terrible.
05:35:31 <Maureen> A whole van of ill dressed (for the weather) Mormon missionaries came by.
05:35:46 <Maureen> my amusement, some of them only had a sweater on.
05:36:01 <Maureen> 22 degrees, with 20 mph gusts...brrr
05:36:13 <Maureen> so many women with hoods, yet the will not wear them, funny.
05:36:26 <Maureen> snow on road this morning, witnessed 2 near accidents.
05:36:52 <Maureen> I do not think they check tires...those rent a motor homes were being allowed in.
05:37:19 <Maureen> u hauls, folks from Missouri...that is the guy that almost spun out ahead of me, scary, as you do not where the car will go.
05:39:28 <Jenna> why are they in the park with a uhaul?
05:39:54 <Maureen> towing a car no less, it was crazy
05:40:00 <Jenna> moving cross country and decided to day trip in to a national park in the winter?
05:40:01 <Jenna> scary!
05:40:01 <Maureen> they were going 18...hazard
05:40:12 <Maureen> that is what I think they were doing Jenna.
05:40:51 <Jenna> crazy people!
05:42:20 <vw> As good as I can do. Not much of a view. but better than just a block of ice.
05:43:10 <Jenna> static cam is looking better
05:43:12 <Maureen> hey vw
05:43:23 <vw> Hi Maureen!
05:43:29 <Will B> M I love your radio call at the beginning
05:43:30 <vw> Good weekend in the Park?
05:43:40 <vw> and... Happy Bday to Claire!
05:44:00 <Maureen> except for Will's videoing the entire experience, was fun.
05:44:10 <vw> :D
05:44:19 <Maureen> Not sure I want my voice all over You Tube Will. Oh well.
05:44:34 <Maureen> Being on the other side of the trees is magic.
05:44:37 <Maureen> I LOVE IT
05:44:52 <Maureen> Today was all about Fountain, and I got a nice 41 minute eruption.
05:45:17 <Maureen> I read the cam chat, thanks for adding that link to GT Will.
05:45:18 <vw> Sweet. That is what you have been waiting months for!!!
05:45:27 <Maureen> Jenna, sorry to hear about the flooding.
05:45:42 <Maureen> Your taking Conor reminds me of when we took Clare in 88 to watch the fires in Yellowstone
05:45:51 <vw> With this view, I am not going to hang around. I will check back in a bit and try to keep some minor view available on the cam.
05:45:53 <vw> bbl.
05:45:59 <Maureen> bye vw
05:46:12 <Jenna> I'm curious to see his reaction, if he'll even understand it
05:46:31 <Maureen> He will think it is a lot of water...that is not usually there..
05:46:48 <Maureen> Doubt he could understand it. Isn't he a youngun?
05:47:25 <Dave from B> Maureen, he's a SMART 2!!:)
05:47:31 <Maureen> she is 26 today, does not seem possible.
05:49:49 <Maureen> well, I hope the flooding does not get too bad Jenna, and you are going to LOVE Fountain.
05:58:24 <Jenna> me too and yes I will!
05:58:36 <Jenna> yes he is a smart 2 yr old
05:59:05 <Jenna> he'll just know there's a lot of water. maybe get some "oh wow's" out of him?
06:06:10 <Dave from B> Grand should be at the front of its window soon
06:07:45 <Jenna-busy> OF
06:07:55 <Jenna-busy> strong winds
06:09:37 <Maureen> Dave, did you see that long interval yesterday? Over 8 hours.
06:09:51 <Maureen> I wonder if Polly will stay trying to see it, she drives home today.
06:11:04 <Maureen> still only 29 here. I am hoping this is the end of this.
06:14:11 <Dave from B> Sorry, Maureen just saw your comment. Yeah, that was a long sit for a few people.
06:26:33 <Will B> entered my F&M notes from yesterday
06:32:30 <Will B> .
06:52:54 <Dave from B> It's a quitfest
06:53:39 <Jenna-busy> can't blame them :)
06:54:12 <Dave from B> Jenna, you don't like ice sculptures?:)
06:54:19 <ynpvisitor74> hey what's with all this beeping, you woke me up
06:54:41 <Dave from B> Sorry, didn't know this was a soundproof room
06:54:46 <Jenna-busy> I do at a wedding reception :)
06:55:25 <Andrew> Hi all, nice ice block
06:58:20 <Jenna> it's getting better
07:14:43 <Dave from B> Figure we are safe for another 60-90...then BH window starts
07:15:12 <Dave from B> Temp is uo to 25F as of 1315
07:15:21 <Andrew> itll proabaly go soon
07:15:39 <Andrew> ice wont melt
07:16:13 <Dave from B> I think we're going to lose the ice in that same 60-90 period
07:17:24 <Jenna> that'd be great
07:17:34 <Jenna> although it has helped me get my work done faster :)
07:19:56 <Andrew> not too muxh energy is needed I guess. maybe like maybe 700 joules
07:31:03 <Dave from B> Is that Daisy in the background?
07:31:36 <Andrew> I think so
07:31:55 <Dave from B> Or is it Grand...its like looking through a keyhole!
07:32:20 <Andrew> or looking without glasses
07:34:47 <Dave from B> Tree static is continuing to improve
07:35:02 <Dave from B> We could probably recognize BH now
07:35:51 <Andrew> How did this happen
07:41:38 <Jenna> it was like this when I first got on this morning so I'm assuming OF got it
07:45:08 <Andrew> i have to go
07:45:25 <Dave from B> Bye, Andrew
07:58:17 <Dave from B> You know you're a gazer when you stare at ice for 8 hours
08:00:37 <Jenna> even when you should be working
08:00:47 <Dave from B> exactly
08:01:49 <Jenna> I did get all my stuff done though so I can relax on my day off tomorrow
08:06:25 <Dave from B> wb, vw
08:06:27 <vw> On to leave a note for Graham, or whoever comes on for the evening shift in a while...
08:06:33 <vw> Thanks Dave!
08:06:58 <vw> Sure wish I could get you guys a better view, but several attempts at wiping the lens by CC, have done nothing.
08:07:17 <vw> Once, the wiper kind of got stuck, and we really don't want that to happen.
08:07:38 <Dave from B> Once in awhile, we have to work instead of play
08:08:11 <vw> This far away and limited view is about the best I have been able to do all day. Had hoped it might melt more, but little likelihood of that now as the day cools off.
08:10:10 <Dave from B> Hi, Kent
08:10:26 <vw> Hi Kent!
08:10:33 <Kent> Hey Dave
08:10:38 <Kent> vw
08:10:55 <vw> Did you head north Kent?
08:11:28 <Kent> I see Fountain is a ways off. Nothing on Grand? I am in West vw
08:11:37 <vw> Nice!
08:12:04 <vw> Despite how it looks from the cam, Polly said she was fairly comfortable in the basin today. She left a couple of hours ago.
08:13:22 <Kent> Cold wind here in West.
08:14:07 <vw> Do you know how the conditions are in the North?
08:14:46 <vw> You know of course that it is supposed to be in the 50-60's by weeks end? But you are only staying for a few days?
08:15:26 <Kent> No idea about up north.
08:15:50 <Kent> Off to chat with a ranger.
08:16:32 <vw> Have a great trip!
08:18:07 <vw> I am out of here for now. I will leave the cam in its current position. I think Graham will be on soon.
08:18:20 <ynpvisitor98> i just got here
08:18:32 <vw> Hi Graham!
08:18:35 <Graham> no wiper today?
08:18:41 <Dave from B> Good evening, Graham
08:18:53 <Graham> hi there
08:19:06 <vw> Wiper didn't do much good. CC has tried several times.
08:19:27 <vw> Wiper got hung up on one attempt.
08:19:27 <Graham> k. hard day for viewing
08:19:33 <Graham> glad Maureen got Ftn again
08:20:17 <Graham> no OF time?
08:20:45 <vw> Polly was in until about 1300 and got some times.
08:20:56 <vw> I haven't been paying close enough attention. Sorry G.
08:21:07 <Graham> I see a 1307 in the log
08:27:34 <vw> Have a great evening all!
08:28:49 <Graham> Grand 1527ie ?
08:29:26 <Dave from B> Should be about 25-30 from OF
08:29:47 <Jenna> looks like grand to me
08:30:05 <Graham> can't go in closder as it gets too blurred
08:30:07 <Dave from B> Pretty safe bet
08:32:26 <Graham> that should help with tomorrows guesses on Grand, not goosd time tho because it will go before daylight twice probably
08:33:08 <Dave from B> About 1300 tomorrow for Grand
08:34:44 <Graham> maybe as early as 1130
08:34:52 <Graham> some 3-4 hours earlier the next day
08:36:17 <Dave from B> Hard to get 3 daylight eruptions in 1 day
08:41:50 <kc (working)> is this what life with cataracts is like?
08:42:01 <Graham> a little clearer at the top now
08:56:07 <Maureen> Poor cam...glad you could make out the Grand eruption.
08:56:26 <Maureen> I would guess Polly would have been gone by then.
08:57:34 <Graham> yeah she left early
08:57:52 <Graham> view is better than we had for Grand, slowly evaporating
08:58:06 <Graham> glad you got another Ftn, a long one!
08:58:08 <Graham> no MT again?
08:58:30 <Maureen> no MT, pool was there today though, had not seen water before.
08:58:37 <Maureen> Morning nice and full too.
08:58:47 <Graham> so no MT seen since opening?
08:58:57 <Graham> good, maybe you can make it erupt
09:01:17 <Maureen> I want to get a handle on Fountain. I am guessing at least 10 for this next interval
09:07:48 <Graham> may have missed Daisy at 1607ie?
09:14:11 <Graham> OF 1613
09:42:06 <Graham> Lion 1641ie
09:42:39 <Maureen> hey Lion
09:42:55 <Maureen> sunny outside now
09:44:19 <Graham> nice that the ice is going
09:45:07 <Maureen> I was talking about West, yet it is trying to be sunny in the basin too. Come on sun.
09:47:22 <Andrew> hello, looks like the ice remains
09:48:16 <Graham> its going slowly
09:48:31 <Graham> I am hoping i can focus past it soon
09:52:51 <Andrew> anyone at OF that can do anything?
09:56:25 <Graham> yes, Mr Sunshine
09:56:47 <Maureen> here Mr. Sunshine.
09:59:13 <Graham> yeah i can focus now
09:59:46 <Maureen> Jenna, did you take Conor to see the flood?
10:00:12 <Jenna> not yet, I decided to wait until Scott gets of work at 7
10:00:38 <Maureen> what time is it dark there now?
10:01:08 <Jenna> about 9
10:01:48 <Maureen> Is it supposed to get warm next?
10:01:58 <Andrew> i thought these were cool
10:04:14 <Maureen> the Temple of Sky from Ireland is amazing, thanks Andrew
10:05:15 <Ryan> Hi everyone
10:05:36 <Andrew> hi ryan
10:05:54 <Andrew> there is one of yellowstone/Grand tetons in there
10:06:51 <Andrew> yw maureen
10:07:01 <Jenna> no Maureen it's supposed to cool down a little, today was nice, 65ish
10:10:41 <Maureen> Temple of sky is in Iceland, so cool. The Milky Way one with Jackson Lake, wow.
10:11:24 <Maureen> good Jenna, that will help with easing flood. 65 is probably melting things rapidly.
10:11:45 <Maureen> the rain has stopped, right?
10:12:03 <Jenna> right now yes but they're talking about more tomorrow
10:12:13 <Jenna> did you see the picture I posted of the view out the restaurant window?
10:12:18 <Graham> still got time to get to Ftn now Maureen.....
10:12:22 <Maureen> no can you repost it.
10:12:55 <Maureen> my best guess for FTN is 2100...too cold.
10:12:58 <Jenna>
10:13:08 <Graham> sure, what time would you like me to repost?
10:13:50 <Maureen> talking to Jenna, G.
10:14:02 <Maureen> ty Jenna, is that a parking lot under water then?
10:14:12 <Jenna> a road and then a parking lot
10:14:23 <Maureen> are they getting water inside?
10:14:27 <Jenna> not yet
10:14:33 <Jenna> they're still open, have to use the back door
10:15:45 <Maureen> glad it does not flood here, winter until July, yes, floods, no.
10:16:40 <Will B> was someone double entering my times that i had posted into Gnet this last weekend?
10:16:45 <Jenna> almost getting inside
10:17:04 <Jenna> it seems like we're almost having both maureen lol
10:17:22 <Maureen> Graham might of, Will, I know he reposted some of mine.
10:18:07 <Graham> yes, GNet isn't getting times from GT
10:18:19 <Will B> Im just trying to figure out whay some of these entries came from Gnet if they are alreay in GT
10:18:32 <Maureen> see G's comment
10:18:49 <Will B> G if you do that can you try using the same username as in GT
10:18:51 <Maureen> Jenna, is that where you live?
10:18:56 <Jenna> yes
10:19:01 <Jenna> well I mean
10:19:03 <Jenna> that's not my house
10:19:05 <Jenna> lol
10:19:17 <Maureen> thanks Jenna, for that laugh
10:19:28 <Maureen> Burlington?
10:19:32 <Jenna> yes
10:19:44 <Graham> i try too but its easy to forget to enter it. others entered them too to help with predictions
10:19:46 <Maureen> is the river predicted to rise more?
10:19:55 <Will B> Im courious if that would create a second account or not like it did with the times this weekend
10:20:11 <Jenna> someone commented on a photo if the river had ever flooded before they decided to build the port and the auditorium practically on the river
10:20:19 <Jenna> no it crested today
10:20:32 <Maureen> glad the worst is over.
10:20:56 <Will B> ah right because the sync was down
10:20:56 <Jenna> well the port had to be there but not the auditorium
10:21:18 <Jenna> yeah, a levee broke in a town across the river and 3 houses are flooded...not fun
10:21:36 <Will B> pretty soon we wont have to worry about that. Jake is working on doing predictions through GT
10:22:52 <Graham> still a problem for ppl that use Allans app
10:23:18 <Maureen> Glad your home is nice and high Jenna.
10:23:24 <Jenna> me too
10:23:26 <Will B> well also GT in the future will have a moile site/app.
10:23:32 <Will B> mobile*
10:26:39 <Graham> Daisy 1726
10:31:21 <Andrew> have we been able tro watch the bug?
10:31:52 <Graham> not much
10:32:01 <Graham> view is slowly getting better
10:35:49 <Graham> OF 1734
10:43:59 <Graham> LC
10:50:09 <Ryan> Lion
10:50:11 <Ryan> ?
10:50:42 <Graham> no but someone woke bee up
10:50:55 <Graham> Lion 1750
10:51:15 <Graham> minor
10:51:38 <Graham> Riverside 1750ie
10:58:30 <Jake> rough viewing day, huh?
10:58:57 <Graham> its a lot better now, so yeah rough day
11:04:09 <Kent> Maureen, do you figure the Fountain window is between 7 and 9 tonight?
11:05:54 <Jake> I'll speculate for you Kent....yes
11:06:01 <Jake> are you in West Y right now?
11:06:16 <Kent> Yes
11:06:45 <Graham> no, maybe longer, 41min duration
11:06:59 <Jake> I am jealous, get packed and go!
11:07:06 <Jake> true about the duration
11:07:18 <Jake> Morning is probably erupting right now!
11:07:40 <Jake> Maureen's "no Jets" comment was interesting, too
11:08:12 <Kent> OK. I figure I will be frozen by 9 p.m.. I'd take Morning :)
11:08:24 <Graham> and no MT this season
11:08:51 <Kent> Later all
11:08:59 <Jake> good luck!
11:10:19 <Maureen> oh drat, I missed Kent. I would guess 10 1/2 hours for this next interval.
11:11:45 <Maureen> that would be awesome if Kent got a Fountain, yet I bet he is back to town by dark.
11:13:21 <Jake> just keep doing laps until it erupts...1,200 calories later, BOOM!
11:13:47 <Maureen> wow Bozeman was 80 last year, 33 this year...
11:15:24 <Maureen> it would take a lot of Fountain laps to get to 1200 calories...
11:16:11 <Maureen> predicted low is 4 tonight...glad Fountain will be later...
11:20:44 <Maureen> that means ice on cam may stay around for a while tomorrow morning.
11:21:05 <Graham> is it going to snow tonight?
11:21:32 <Maureen> no 4 means clear...
11:21:46 <Graham> so the ice may evaporate
11:21:49 <Maureen> will most likely dip below zero, they are always on the high side
11:21:58 <Graham> its going faster now
11:22:24 <Maureen> maybe a quick storm or two later tomorrow and then very little chance of precip for a change!
11:22:46 <Graham> does that mean less wind?
11:22:52 <Maureen> Depression
11:23:28 <Maureen> or maybe not, looked like a boil, yet might have been dwarf
11:23:37 <Maureen> not sure about the wind.
11:23:48 <Maureen> as you know, it is almost always windy at Fountain.
11:24:08 <Graham> i have not been trying hard enough, sorry Maureen
11:24:16 <Graham> steppingaway, bbs
11:40:23 <Graham> doesn't look like I missed bee
11:42:25 <Graham> Fountain at 7h51 .... brightening up ... Maureen?
11:47:08 <Maureen> ???
11:47:20 <Maureen> did someone report Fountain?
11:47:24 <Graham> ok, its not brightening up
11:47:44 <Graham> no, was wondering why you were still here when it got brighter
11:48:09 <Maureen> as I have told you, I think FTN will be at dark or very near dark
11:48:25 <Graham> warmed up to 27 at OF
11:49:44 <Maureen> ick
11:50:00 <Maureen> careful
11:50:16 <Jenna> we're losing our clear spot again
11:50:33 <Maureen> why not look at the logs?
12:04:01 <Graham> OF 1903ns
12:39:08 <Graham> LC
12:39:58 <Graham> you had a long day kc
12:58:37 <Jenna> ..
13:02:20 <kcmule> very long
13:02:27 <kcmule> still not done apparently
13:02:34 <kcmule!> .
13:03:18 <Graham> haha i am glad i am not you
13:04:01 <kcmule> i hear that too often..
13:04:01 <Graham> i am giving up now, cam is yours if you want it kc
13:04:07 <Graham> still left bh for you
13:04:17 <kcmule> nice ice sunset
13:05:13 <Jenna> maybe the ice scraper elves will show up in the night
13:06:16 <kcmule> wouldnt be so bad if we could zoom in and see the crystals
13:19:58 <ynpvisitor34> .
13:32:36 <kcmule> OF 20:32
13:36:01 <kcmule> daisy 20:35ie
13:37:08 <Will B> Polly if you are on here can you check the turban times from last night
13:38:00 <Kevin L> I leave for a day and you guys screwed up the lens like this?
13:38:13 <Will B> was like this all day
13:38:21 <Will B> started out all iced
13:38:28 <kcmule> this is improvement
13:38:37 <Kevin L> Gee, I can't trust you with anything!
13:39:24 <kcmule> that should have been evident before tody
13:39:28 <Jenna> we wanted to make sure you wouldn't miss much
13:39:28 <kcmule> today
13:41:24 <Kevin L> Looks like I didn't miss too much.
14:04:03 <kcmule> got to 2100 at least
14:04:06 <kcmule> nite
14:04:22 <Will B> yeah!!