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18:23:49 <glennon> Sync from Geysertimes to is now fixed (at least I think it is). Please send me an email if you notice problems: geysers at . Thanks, Alan
19:49:05 <ynpvisitor76> hi
23:40:22 <ynpvisitor51> good morning- I haven't been watching close, but haven't seen OF yet .
23:41:16 <ynpvisitor82> same here
23:42:11 <ynpvisitor82> supposed to get warm enough to melt the ice today?
23:49:16 <vw> Good morning!
23:49:28 <ynpvisitor51> haven't looked at a forecast, hope so. focus on ice makes it freeky at times
23:49:29 <ynpvisitor82> good morning vw
23:49:34 <ynpvisitor82> OF
23:49:36 <vw> OF 0649
23:49:41 <ynpvisitor51> thanks for of vw :)
23:49:51 <vw> Much improved picture over yesterday.
23:49:59 <ynpvisitor51> pretty sun on the top!
23:50:00 <Dave from B> Supposed to be 35F at OF today
23:50:09 <Dave from B> Good morning, vw and Diane
23:50:33 <Diane> Good morning. 35F should be warm enough to finish melting the lens ice.
23:50:35 <vw> cc just took the cam to give it a wipe. See if that will knock off any ice!
23:51:39 <Dave from B> YNP planning?
23:51:47 <Dave from B> Morning, Jenna and Lori
23:51:48 <Lori- planning> working on my Texas trip. anyone familiar with Oklahoma City hotels?
23:52:22 <Lori- planning> too early for Todd to plan a YNP trip ya know, lol
23:54:56 <Kitt> Nice Castle
23:55:54 <Kitt> it is 12 degrees here
23:55:57 <Kitt> brrr
23:56:01 <Diane> Where in OKC?
23:58:41 <Lori- planning> we are passing through- one night, gonna see some sights. doesn't matter where really- we will be coming from Illinois and want to hit some Rt 66 on the way to Texas. Driving route not firmly determined.
23:59:02 <Lori- planning> I just keep reading high prices and bad reviews.
00:00:23 <Diane> We really like the BW Edmond Inn and Suites and have stayed there several times.
00:00:58 <Diane> Its not far off I-35
00:01:43 <Diane>
00:02:04 <Kitt> Hmm, nice steamcloud down basin also
00:02:21 <Diane> Great breakfast there too.
00:02:51 <Dave from B> Oblong
00:03:23 <Dave from B> With a ?
00:03:50 <Diane> Ethereal view
00:04:26 <Diane> Its also about the best price we could find in the OKC area.
00:04:46 <Kitt> breakfast time
00:04:48 <Kitt> bbl
00:05:49 <Kent> Grand relatively early this morning and Beehive anybodies guess??
00:06:18 <vw> Hi Kent!
00:06:35 <vw> Without reference points from yesterday, hard to guess what will happen today.
00:07:00 <Kent> Hey vw. You're no help :)
00:07:08 <vw> :)
00:07:20 <vw> Same ol', same ol', Kent!
00:07:24 <Dave from B> I think BH is in the next couple of hours unless we missed it this morning already
00:07:34 <Diane> .
00:08:14 <vw> At least you got a sunny day Kent! Should be much nicer than yesterday!
00:08:15 <Dave from B> We may have missed Grand already
00:08:54 <Kent> I am off to Norris so will just have to take my chances. I am expecting Fountain possibly early afternoon.
00:09:34 <vw> That would be nice to catch Fountain.
00:09:52 <vw> Have a great day in the Park! Check back in when you can?
00:10:24 <Kent> Fountain was very nice last night. Cold wind!
00:10:34 <Kent> Later all.
00:10:38 <ynpvisitor61> .
00:10:43 <Dave from B> Bye, Kent
00:10:52 <vw> Did you catch all of Fountain eruption last night?
00:11:22 <vw> Bummer.... missed him.
00:11:31 <ynpvisitor61> it's in GT
00:11:36 <Dave from B> Who entered last nights Fountain?
00:12:03 <vw> Looks like Kent did.
00:12:12 <Dave from B> You beat me to it
00:12:29 <Lori- planning> thanks Diane! That looks excellent!!!!
00:12:50 <Diane> We haven't stayed there in about 18 months, so hope it is still as nice as it has been in the past.
00:13:34 <Diane> The price was right!
00:14:03 <Dave from B> Sounds like he caught the whole 40 minute eruption
00:15:35 <Lori- planning> we need a fountain cam
00:16:02 <ynpvisitor61> maureen will like that information- she thought it would be later after dark
00:16:02 <Dave from B> Yeah, right at the lookout
00:17:12 <vw> With the direction and wide open spaces, can you imagine how dirty a cam in that area would get? Would make the tree cam look pristine!
00:20:12 <Dave from B> Do you think the streaming cam at OF is the coldest streaming in the world?
00:20:14 <vw> Anemone 0719 ie
00:20:40 <vw> Easy to spot water this morning.
00:21:18 <vw> Big? Little? I really don't know the difference.
00:24:15 <Dave from B> Micah is going to give me a lesson this summer
00:27:35 <vw> Now that GT differentiates them, I guess I had better figure them out.
00:29:25 <Dave from B> Time to get the Bible out!:)
00:31:13 <ynpvisitor61> .
00:31:30 <vw> -5 at OF Ranger Station this morning. Brrr.
00:32:02 <Lori- planning> If they allowed it, I bet we could get gazers to keep them clean :) -5 = Spring in YNP :)
00:33:16 <vw> Yes, we have never lacked for people willing to climb a ladder at the tree cam locations, Lori!
00:33:32 <Dave from B> ..
00:33:52 <Dave from B> We just need an ice scraper with a real long handle!
00:34:09 <Lori- planning> I could have sent Todd up this winter, g
00:34:45 <vw> How about some anti-freeze in one of those play guns that squirts water really far?
00:35:53 <Lori- planning> extendable ice scraper/squirter/towel. some kid could invent that.......
00:46:58 <Dave from B> Morning, Will
01:12:01 <vw> OF 0811
01:12:22 <vw> Not the best shot of what is a pretty OF. :(
01:13:38 <vw> Can't find a good setting. Sorry.
01:14:40 <Dave from B> Just turn the defrost on, vw
01:15:23 <vw> crud on the lens is causing focus issues too. :P
01:18:20 <Dave from B> Haynes Photo Shop is opening in June
01:18:56 <vw> That will be pretty cool. I wonder what historical artifacts they will put in there.
01:19:41 <Kevin L> Geez, I leave for a day and look what you did to the cam!
01:19:44 <vw> WB Kevin.
01:19:55 <vw> Yeah, I did it just for you K. hehe
01:20:26 <Dave from B> Morning, Kevin
01:20:36 <Dave from B> Lots of snow in Utah?
01:20:50 <Kevin L> Not any at all
01:21:03 <Dave from B> vw, I'm very excited to see the Photo Shop
01:21:40 <vw> Lots of steam on the VEC static cam that seems to be coming from the Giantess area. Trying to see what it is now.
01:22:06 <vw> Will you be in the park near the opening of the Photo Shop Dave?
01:22:31 <Dave from B> Not sure what date it opens but I should be there June 27
01:24:06 <vw> If it is like any other gov't "opening" the doors will be open to the public before the 'grand' opening. But that late in the month, you should be good either way?
01:24:52 <ynpvisitor61> VEC was only open for Foundation bigwigs prior to it's grand opening
01:26:10 <vw> Hmmm. I thought the public was able to go in a couple of days prior to that. Very interesting.
01:26:44 <ynpvisitor61> we all would have been in there, g
01:29:31 <Kristine> Morning all
01:29:42 <vw> Hi Kristine!
01:30:01 <Dave from B> Morning, Kristine
01:30:07 <Kristine> Everyone keeping warm this morning :)
01:30:17 <vw> Quick break while I feed my dogs. brb.
01:30:27 <vw> It is cold where you are Kristine!
01:31:17 <Kristine> Yep. Beautiful, but cold.
01:40:11 <vw> Daisy 0839 ie ?
01:40:27 <vw> I can't tell if water or just heavy steam due to cold.
01:40:46 <Kevin L> I would vote for Daisy.
01:40:56 <vw> Yeah, me too now.
01:41:07 <Kevin L> Steam cloud is too high not to be an eruption.
01:43:16 <ynpvisitor23> anyone there today?
01:43:56 <Dave from B> Kent is in Norris, not sure about anyone else
01:44:24 <vw> Kristine. :)
01:44:28 <Kristine> I'm here, but not in the basin. I think I will try and catch Beehive today.
01:44:44 <Dave from B> Kristine is a given!!:)
01:44:48 <ynpvisitor23> you can eavesdrop on radio if anyone is out there Kristine
01:44:52 <Kristine> :)
01:45:17 <Kristine> True.
01:47:07 <ynpvisitor23> not from Norris though!
01:47:09 <Dave from B> When does Jim S arrive for the season?
01:47:39 <Kristine> I would guess sometime next month, but I don't know for sure.
01:51:01 <Kristine> Well, if I'm going to try and catch Beehive, I had better bring a good book with me...
01:53:32 <Dave from B> Hard to get a read on BH now. Interval since last is at 41.5 hours.
01:53:49 <Dave from B> Good luck, Kristine!!!
01:54:37 <Kristine> Yeah. I think I will head out there at around 45 hours.
01:56:08 <Dave from B> Can you get there in time if we ding for BHI?
01:56:31 <vw> Steam from Aurum area.
01:56:41 <Kristine> Yes. As long as it's a long Indicator.
02:06:11 <Dave from B> Mornin', kc
02:06:19 <vw> Steam machine has racheted down. Temp at OF 8 at 0815
02:06:42 <Kristine> Hi kc
02:11:41 <vw> Turban 0911 ie ?
02:11:51 <kc (working)> mornin
02:11:58 <vw> Hi kc!
02:12:12 <vw> You work too hard!
02:18:19 <vw> Lion today would be a welcome diversion.
02:22:41 <vw> Aurum 0922 ie ?
02:23:10 <vw> I can't tell!?!?!?!
02:33:31 <Kevin L> If you couldn't tell, it probably wasn't Aurum.
02:34:14 <vw> There was a definite column, but surrounded by heavy steam.
02:34:28 <vw> Lots of steam around Giantess this morning.
02:37:52 <Dave from B> 15F as of 0915 at OF
02:39:14 <ynpvisitor23> .
02:42:47 <vw> OF 0942
02:43:26 <Kristine> Nice
02:45:19 <Dave from B> ..
02:49:53 <ynpvisitor38> Turban?
02:49:58 <vw> Turban 0949 ie ?
02:51:01 <Dave from B> Sounds reasonable
02:51:03 <ynpvisitor38> only 18 hrs on interval...could be a bit before next Grand.
02:52:09 <vw> Lion sending out some interesting smoke signals this morning, as is Giantess. Could be a fun day.
02:57:04 <Dave from B> Will, when is your next trip to OF?
02:57:22 <Will B> May 4 when I start work
02:57:41 <vw> Time to focus on preparing for finals?
02:57:43 <Dave from B> Not far away at all
02:57:57 <Will B> unfortunately yes vw
02:58:34 <vw> You will do fine Will. Just prepare and try to get as much rest as possible. Maybe more important that cramming.
02:58:43 <Will B> luckily most of my finals dont require much studying because the HW is basically your studying
03:01:09 <vw> Will you have to empty out your dorm room? Take everything to YNP with you, or store it somewhere?
03:01:29 <Will B> I surprised that only 5 people have set custom selected geyser interval selections
03:02:12 <Will B> I am getting an appartment here in bozeman or putting stuff in my storage room.
03:02:13 <vw> I haven't even taken the time to check them out Will. Always afraid to mess with settings.
03:02:45 <vw> Good plan on
03:03:10 <vw> oops.. Good plan on stuff. Don't want to take it all to YNP to sit in your car over the summer!
03:03:46 <Will B> It is a bit harder though this time because its not like i am just going home where i basically have a second set of everything, I have to split everything up into what is staying here in Bozeman and what is coming with me
03:04:11 <Will B> I have way too much stuff to do that
03:04:19 <vw> Mostly, you should just need clothing and toiletries at YNP?
03:04:35 <Will B> and my geyser library
03:04:40 <vw> and hiking/camping gear.
03:05:11 <vw> Limit your library to one banker's box. Force yourself!
03:05:30 <Will B> my library is not even that big yet
03:05:52 <vw> Piece of cake then!
03:06:27 <Jenna> I liked having my own bedding if you have room
03:06:52 <Will B> you have to bring your own bedding
03:07:14 <Jenna> they don't supply sheets and blankets anymore?
03:07:28 <Will B> or at least i am bring mine nomatter what
03:07:33 <Jenna> that's good
03:07:55 <vw> A good idea. Probably softer, and most likely newer too.
03:08:30 <Jenna> for sure
03:08:39 <Kevin L> Looks like Grotto is going.
03:08:45 <vw> I need to head out. Be back later!
03:08:52 <Will B> the only good thing is that if i forgot something i could always drive to bozeman if i really had to to get it
03:09:31 <Dave from B> Are you sure Kevin remebers how to drive?
03:09:40 <Kevin L> Turban?
03:09:44 <Dave from B> I know I can't spell
03:10:05 <Dave from B> About time for Turban
03:15:04 <Derek> Hi everyone
03:15:17 <Kristine> Xanterra does supply bedding, but I always prefered my own.
03:15:21 <Dave from B> Hi, Derek
03:20:28 <Kevin L> Getting some action out of bh
03:20:58 <Dave from B> LC 1020ie
03:23:54 <Jenna> it's been raining all morning...
03:25:06 <Kevin L> Looks like another Turban.
03:25:32 <kc (working)> 3rd week in a row i have a foot of snow on my deck
03:25:33 <Kristine> I wouldn't mind seeing rain instead of snow.
03:26:08 <Kevin L> It was over 90 here yesterday.
03:26:24 <ynpvisitor39> wow Kevin
03:26:29 <Dave from B> FINALLY blue sky in Blgs
03:26:29 <Jenna> I love the range of weather we have on here :)
03:26:57 <Kristine> :)
03:27:00 <Dave from B> Serious cabin fever for everyone in MT right now
03:28:12 <kc (working)> our forecast is 70 tomorrow, thats colorado for ya
03:29:17 <Dave from B> Hopefully that Colorado snow is gone before Memorial Day weekend...Becca has a soccer tournament in Denver
03:30:42 <kc (working)> most will be gone in less than 48 hours
03:31:17 <ynpvisitor39> how much snow kc?
03:32:42 <kc (working)> i have about 10" where i am at
03:33:02 <kc (working)> and falling (or rising depending on how u look at it)
03:33:04 <ynpvisitor39> more snow this spring than you got all winter.
03:33:36 <kc (working)> yep over 40" since 3/1
03:34:59 <ynpvisitor39> guess that is good for the drought situation.
03:35:19 <ynpvisitor39> Dave, do you go to Denver for the tourney?
03:35:58 <kc (working)> over 100% snowpack levels in much of northern CO now
03:37:03 <ynpvisitor39> that is good news kc, and where you are, it only stays a day and then is gone.
03:39:38 <Maureen> so glad to hear Kent caught Fountain last evening.
03:39:47 <kc (working)> no complaints here, esp since i work from home. feel sorry for the commuters tho
03:41:11 <Maureen> Jenna, sorry to hear it is raining again. Those pictures were crazy
03:41:24 <Maureen> and the photo you posted of Conor was adorable...
03:43:03 <Dave from B> Hi, Maureen. Yes, I will be going to Denver
03:43:13 <Jenna> I know, I'm curious to see what the river does
03:43:24 <Will B> off to class
03:43:27 <Jenna> and thanks, he really wanted a picture with his puzzle lol
03:44:11 <Maureen> A Thomas puzzle?
03:44:14 <Dave from B> I have a stretch of Sheridan, Missoula, Denver, Great Falls, Park City Utah, Great Falls. The 2 of us may actually fly to Utah or Coloardo; especially since I'm not sure my back wants to do both those long dirves.
03:44:18 <Jenna> yes
03:44:35 <Jenna> wow that's all over the place
03:44:38 <Maureen> wow Dave, how is your back these days?
03:47:01 <Dave from B> Yes, it is all over the place. Brace works great
03:47:30 <Maureen> glad it helps.
03:47:41 <Dave from B> Back is just going to take time
03:48:07 <Dave from B> The hard part is not putting on 10-15 pounds with not being able to exercise
03:48:13 <Maureen> was Kent on chat before he left for Norris?
03:48:22 <Dave from B> Just briefly
03:48:32 <Dave from B> Headed to Fountain this afternoon
03:48:32 <Maureen> did he mention Fountain?
03:49:26 <Dave from B> He saw it last night
03:49:48 <Dave from B> 1956. 40 minute duration
03:50:42 <Maureen> I saw that on GT, thanks
03:50:56 <Maureen> was surprised by the short interval.
03:55:31 <ynpvisitor23> .
03:57:58 <Dave from B> 1300-1430 window for Fountain?
03:59:20 <Maureen> i am going to try to be there for 1300
03:59:38 <ynpvisitor23> .
03:59:40 <Maureen> beautiful day, just a bit cold, the nice days are coming though.
04:00:17 <Maureen> compared to yesterday morning....that was cold with the wind. 3 inches of new snow at Fountain.
04:00:55 <Maureen> only a skiff in West
04:01:04 <Maureen> and NO snow today, yippee
04:01:30 <Dave from B> Headed to OF after Fountain?
04:02:06 <Maureen> depends...was hoping for an early Grand time...yet looks like it will be the same as FTN
04:02:08 <Diane> Maureen, or anyone, is that Fountain window pretty typical?
04:02:21 <Maureen> there is no typical yet Diane
04:02:44 <Maureen> just trying to figure it out. For a 40 minute eruption, I would have guessed longer than 9 hours
04:02:48 <Diane> Okay, I'm really wanting to see it this year if I can, but I hadn't known that much about it.
04:02:56 <Maureen> I was so happy to see another data point.
04:03:03 <Maureen> when do you come Diane?
04:03:09 <Diane> I thought maybe it was just my ignorance, but it sounds like everyone is still learning.
04:03:27 <Maureen> well, until we have data, it is hard to know what happened all winter...
04:03:59 <Maureen> I use 8 hours as what I believe is the shortest interval happening, and go from there.
04:04:05 <Diane> We plan to be there the first week of September, but we might make a very short visit in June as well. I had know idea until I started lurking here that Fountain was one with some predictability.
04:04:15 <Diane> *no*
04:04:22 <Maureen> it used to be one of the best
04:04:30 <Maureen> every 6 hours, almost like clockwork
04:04:42 <Maureen> last year with Morning starting up there was a huge shitft
04:04:50 <Maureen> intervals changed to 10-12 hours
04:05:07 <Maureen> now it seems we are in the 8-9:30 range, yet time will tell...
04:05:07 <Diane> How did I fail to know that? Of course I've just gotten more interested in the geysers in the past 5 years or so.
04:05:22 <Maureen> There are a lot of geysers.
04:05:48 <Maureen> All times we observe will be on GT, so that will give you some good idea by June of what is happening.
04:05:59 <Diane> We so often have friends/family traveling with us too and they don't want to spend all their time in the basins.
04:06:09 <Maureen> No Morning activity so far since opening.
04:06:23 <Maureen> I hear you Diane.
04:06:32 <Diane> That would be so spectacular to see Morning.
04:06:44 <Maureen> You should be able to see a Fountain this year though.
04:06:50 <Diane> :)
04:07:00 <Maureen> There was finally water in MT yesterday.
04:07:10 <Maureen> Still have not observed an eruption yet.
04:07:52 <Maureen> Twig is acting differently too.
04:07:52 <Diane> Your snow must have moved this way. We have an inch or more and still snowing to beat the band.
04:07:52 <Dave from B> Maureen, I have a personal question
04:08:29 <Dave from B> Are you related to the first territorial Governor of Montana: Sidney E...?
04:10:23 <Maureen> yes, well by marriage
04:10:40 <Maureen> did you see that Baucus is not running Dave?
04:11:07 <Dave from B> I noticed that. Thought he might run at least 1 more time
04:11:47 <Maureen> Diane, Will and I had a 3 burst Grand for our first Grand of the season on opening day. So fun.
04:11:58 <Kevin L> of 1111
04:16:58 <Dave from B> ..
04:17:06 <ynpvisitor23> .
04:20:51 <Jenna> ..
04:21:01 <Diane> I'm trying to remember if I've seen a three-burst more than once.
04:24:43 <Kevin L> Daisy 1124
04:28:42 <Kevin L> Think BH is waiting for bus duty.
04:37:00 <ynpvisitor23> .
04:47:58 <Kevin L> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
04:48:11 <Kevin L> Turban?
04:48:20 <Dave from B> Make something erupt!
04:48:24 <Jenna> I literally just laid my head back and closed my eyes...a nap would be great
04:50:36 <Kevin L> I am really tired right now.
04:50:59 <Dave from B> How far a drive for you this past weekend?
04:52:29 <Kevin L> I think about 300 miles.
04:53:01 <Kevin L> Elevation change killed my ear.
04:53:59 <Dave from B> What was the diagnosis..ear infection?
04:55:09 <Kevin L> I had a sinus infection, but they fixed that, but I still haven't got the hearing back in my right ear. They keep giving me some awful stuff but nothing has worked so far. I go back Friday for another round.
04:55:53 <Dave from B> That is the issue I had. I never did get the hearing back in my left ear. How is your balance? vertigo?
04:57:35 <Kevin L> Balance is a bit off but not too bad. The pressure really did affect it though. We went up about 3000 feet in elevation.
04:57:58 <Dave from B> That sounds painful
04:59:01 <Kevin L> Mosty annoying.
04:59:22 <Lori- on lunch> ok- I am here for my lunch break, so lets push the button :)
04:59:38 <ynpvisitor75> there is a button?
04:59:46 <Lori- on lunch> then I must work in the basement. I haven't looked at how wet it is today :(
05:00:19 <Lori- on lunch> well, depending on who is in charge, my wishes are sometimes granted, lol
05:00:26 <ynpvisitor75> lol
05:00:35 <Kevin L> That doesn't sound good Lori.
05:00:35 <Dave from B> :D
05:01:13 <Lori- on lunch> at least it is just wet, not actually flooded. and I did get some of Jenna's stuff out of there last week.
05:01:21 <Kevin L> I think I will Hazardous Duty pay today. I am about bored to death.
05:01:46 <Lori- on lunch> I am sure they will double your pay Kevin :D
05:02:20 <Dave from B> You beat me too it, Lori!:)
05:02:49 <Dave from B> You would think you would at least get a free Park Pass
05:02:49 <Kevin L> Either that or cut it in half.
05:03:47 <Kevin L> I do get a free park pass for 250 hours. It works at all National parks and fee areas so I can even go to Lake Mead without paying now!
05:04:15 <Dave from B> That's great!
05:04:43 <Kevin L> Hot water in the air!
05:04:47 <Kevin L> Lion 1204
05:04:59 <Dave from B> Yippee!!
05:04:59 <Lori- on lunch> thanks Kevin- I'll put that check in the mail!
05:05:06 <Kevin L> Assuming an Initial
05:05:39 <Dave from B> Long response time on that button!
05:05:52 <Lori- on lunch> you're welcome 75, lol
05:06:05 <Lori- on lunch> I had to promise douible pay first :)
05:06:38 <Kevin L> This should break the monotony somewhat.
05:07:23 <Lori- on lunch> if you just post the schedule, I can work my breaks around it. I could triple that pay (wink, wink)
05:07:50 <ynpvisitor75> hey Lion...
05:07:54 <Dave from B> My predictions tend to delay geysers
05:08:06 <ynpvisitor75> see Kevin, the geysers do not want you to be bored to DEATH
05:08:35 <ynpvisitor75> Hey Lori, this is Maureen, now I am off to find Fountain.
05:08:48 <Kevin L> Good luck Maureen.
05:08:48 <ynpvisitor75> Have good days all, and I hope you catch Grand.
05:09:00 <ynpvisitor75> should be beautiful in this weather.
05:09:18 <Kevin L> At least the ice is almost gone.
05:09:18 <ynpvisitor75> I will say hello for you Lori.
05:09:23 <Dave from B> Good luck, Maureen
05:09:47 <ynpvisitor75> 3 inches of new snow yesterday, so it will be interesting to see what the Fountain bw looks like today.
05:09:52 <Kevin L> Temp is up to 29!
05:09:54 <ynpvisitor75> thanks all.
05:10:08 <ynpvisitor75> it is 33 here in West, a HEAT WAVE!
05:10:10 <ynpvisitor75> bye
05:10:50 <Kevin L> It was 93 when I got home yesterday. Ugh. Not ready for that.
05:11:09 <Lori- on lunch> thanks Maureen- have a GREAT fountain day :D
05:11:41 <Dave from B> ha ha
05:12:59 <Lori- on lunch> yesterday here- sunny, 70. today, raining/snowing and thirties. Feels like one day in the park!
05:14:27 <Dave from B> 19 last night in Blgs...........72 on FRiday!!!!!! Can't wait
05:16:18 <Jenna> such a roller coaster
05:18:46 <Kevin L> I was hoping we would get something out of BH. I know what it is waiting for.
05:19:21 <Lori- on lunch> what time is bus duty?
05:20:07 <Kevin L> 1330
05:20:24 <Kevin L> You may want to be sure to be here about then.
05:21:41 <Lori- on lunch> I will, thanks
05:22:33 <Dave from B> Kevin, I think you are more likely to miss Grand today
05:22:40 <Dave from B> and Fountain
05:25:39 <Kevin L> It knows Dave. It is evil.
05:26:00 <Kevin L> It knows Dave.
05:27:35 <Dave from B> It's hard to argue with that, Kevin
05:28:04 <ynpvisitor23> .
05:29:28 <Lori- on lunch> Kevin must not have had bus duty my winter afternoon sitting vigil :(
05:30:21 <Jenna> I don't remember...
05:30:34 <Dave from B> I do remember that day...we felt so bad that you sat there for so long and nothing
05:34:06 <Kevin L> I was there the whole time.
05:34:23 <ynpvisitor23> .
05:36:12 <Dave from B> So, how can we break this spell?
05:36:53 <Kevin L> I sure wish I knew.
05:37:35 <Kevin L> Oops. That was quicker than I expected.
05:37:47 <Kevin L> OF 1237 ie
05:53:46 <Kevin L> .
06:02:15 <ynpvisitor67> Good sized smoke signal from Beehive on still cam.
06:02:26 <Dave from B> Thanks, 67
06:02:33 <ynpvisitor67> Might be Indicator.
06:02:58 <ynpvisitor52> Still there after 3 frames on static
06:03:19 <kc (working)> yep
06:03:21 <ynpvisitor52> :)
06:03:27 <Kevin L> It is indy.
06:03:48 <Dave from B> and LC
06:04:10 <Jenna> hopefully you'll catch it Kevin
06:05:03 <Kitt> Hello
06:05:10 <Kitt> thanks for all of the texts
06:05:23 <Kitt> I heard my phone and came straight to the computer
06:05:32 <ynpvisitor46> hi Kitt. good timing to be around now. Lunch break?
06:05:34 <Kevin L> Should be able to get this one.
06:06:58 <Kitt> Yes, I cleaned all our the classroom toys this morning so late lunch
06:08:33 <Kitt> I called lc
06:08:45 <Kitt> it is melting here
06:09:11 <Kitt> I hit the brakes and all of the snow on the roof of my suburban fell onto my front window
06:09:15 <ge (working)> thanks for the text. Good way to start the lunch hour
06:09:58 <Kitt> now all we need is for the breeze to change direction
06:10:05 <Kitt> that's better
06:10:12 <Dave from B> Has to be a trple interval. Seems too short for quad interval
06:10:31 <Kitt> wait for Kristine bee
06:10:54 <ynpvisitor46> Who is there?
06:10:57 <Kevin L> A customer!
06:11:06 <lc> hey everyone
06:11:06 <Kitt> Lion
06:11:20 <Kitt> 1311
06:11:23 <lc> thanks Kitt
06:11:23 <Dave from B> Hi, lc
06:11:29 <Kitt> welcome
06:11:49 <lc> I need a break.
06:14:06 <Kitt> what didn't you put enough snow on your lawn lc?
06:14:27 <lc> no snow here.
06:14:38 <Lori> thanks Kevin- almost bus time :)
06:14:43 <Kitt> our sidewalks are bare, but I still have a good 4 or more inches on the grass
06:14:55 <lc> been really nice the last few days.
06:15:14 <Kitt> here come two more customers
06:15:24 <Dave from B> Almost time to go fishing, lc?
06:15:34 <Kitt> breeze please change direction
06:15:45 <ynpvisitor46> Blow Kitt
06:15:53 <Kitt> that's better
06:16:12 <Kitt> yippee!
06:16:20 <Kitt> BEEHIVE!
06:16:21 <lc> we leave for the park two months from today.
06:16:48 <Kevin L> Loose nut behind the keyboard.
06:17:06 <Dave from B> At least you are here, Kevin!
06:17:40 <Kevin L> And you can see it. Well most of the time anyway.
06:17:53 <lc> hey Kevin I have a non geyser question.
06:17:55 <Kitt> lovely
06:18:17 <Kevin L> Go ahead lc
06:18:34 <Lori> is there a prize lc?
06:18:37 <Will B> Kitt when do we get to take our first BH shower of the season together?
06:18:43 <lc> when was the bridge below Hoover dam built?
06:18:53 <Kitt> you already had yours
06:18:54 <Dave from B> About 2-3 years ago
06:19:02 <Dave from B> Kevin will know for sure
06:19:12 <Will B> together Kitt
06:19:35 <lc> I didn't know it was there untill a couple of weeks ago.
06:19:40 <Kitt> my first Beehive's of the year, I stay out of them and watch the geyser for the entire eruption
06:19:45 <Lori> dang- they just told me last week!
06:19:48 <Kevin L> It was under construction along with the roads for about 10 years. It opend about 1 1/2 years ago.
06:20:04 <Will B> lc I worked on some of the as builts for that project during an internship
06:20:35 <Lori> thanks for the BH break :)
06:20:35 <Kitt> I hope Kristine got there
06:20:52 <lc> looks really neat on google maps
06:21:19 <Kitt> that was great and now lunch
06:21:24 <Kitt> bbl
06:21:30 <Kitt> thanks again for the texts
06:21:32 <Kitt> bye
06:21:36 <lc> thanks again KItt
06:21:36 <Kevin L> It got delayed when the tower for the cranes to build it fell over.
06:21:44 <Kevin L> Bye Kitt.
06:21:44 <lc> have a good day
06:22:03 <Kevin L> Believe it or not, I have never been over it yet!
06:22:06 <Will B> Im off to go submit a housing application,bbl
06:23:04 <lc> how far are you from it Keven?
06:23:52 <Kevin L> Probably about 15 miles.
06:24:34 <lc> I would have to take a Sunday afternoon trip. g.
06:24:44 <Kevin L> I ws out there quite a bit when they were building it, but have never driven across it.
06:25:15 <lc> the dam look real neat from it.
06:26:32 <lc> my first time there was at night, in 1965. I was really impressed.
06:26:54 <Kevin L> The bridge is a totally awesome structure.
06:27:52 <ynpvisitor23> .
06:28:01 <lc> probably the most impressive man built thing I have ever seen.
06:28:14 <Kevin L> I lucked out and and was asked to help chaperone a group of boy scouts on a big time tour of Hoover Dam once. We we taken by an engineer and went everywhere including below the generators.
06:28:49 <ynpvisitor23> .
06:28:56 <lc> wow, I would like to do that.
06:29:22 <Kevin L> We climbed up through tunnels and were able to look out a vent on the front. Got to walk on the catwalk for the big pipe that carries the water.
06:29:54 <Kevin L> Turban?
06:30:33 <vw> Busy morning for you Kevin!
06:31:07 <Kevin L> Lucked out today. Notice I cleaned the lens for you.
06:31:31 <vw> Sweet!
06:31:52 <vw> So just waiting for Grand now?
06:32:05 <Kevin L> Made it above freezing. Finally!
06:32:26 <Kevin L> Looks like it. We just got Lion, BH, and some of OF.
06:32:49 <vw> k.
06:33:04 <vw> I can sit and stare at Grand.
06:34:39 <Kevin L> Time to head out. brb
06:35:01 <vw> Drive safe!
06:35:37 <Dave from B> wb, vw
06:35:51 <vw> Thanks Dave.
06:36:22 <vw> Kevin probably didn't need any relief. Seems like he is doing pretty good covering eruptions on his own today!
06:41:55 <vw> Too soon for Turban if that 1329 times is correct. Hmmmm.
06:43:16 <vw> But, it certainly looks like something int he Grand area is ie at 1343.
06:43:43 <vw> Could be Oblong.
06:43:47 <lc> something dow there
06:43:54 <lc> down there
06:43:56 <vw> Last possibly noted at 0702.
06:44:50 <vw> Lots of steam. I am guessing Oblong 1343 ie.
06:45:03 <Dave from B> Definitely too big for Turban
06:45:15 <Dave from B> Hi, Kristine
06:45:28 <vw> Hey Kristine! Got your radio on? :)
06:45:43 <Kristine> It's Oblong.
06:45:50 <vw> Thank you!
06:45:57 <Dave from B> Nice to have confirmation...Thanks, Kristine
06:46:10 <Kristine> No, I forgot it at home.
06:46:28 <Kristine> Oblong 1342ie
06:46:54 <Dave from B> Did you get to see BH, Kristine?
06:47:01 <ynpvisitor65> Kristine is sawmill active today?
06:48:19 <Kristine> I have not seen it. I'm pretty sure Tardy is erupting. I am in the Inn parking lot waiting on Grand.
06:48:49 <ynpvisitor65> Thanks kristine
06:49:44 <vw> Turban should be soon.
06:49:54 <Kristine> Welcome. I haven't been out here very long. I think I waited maybe 10 minutes for Indicator.
06:50:10 <ynpvisitor65> I want to see another penta
06:50:46 <Kristine> I could go for a Penta or Churn :-)
06:53:21 <Kristine> Well, back to my book. I'll enter my times when I get home. Later.
06:53:42 <vw> Kristine, I entered that Oblong time for you.
06:54:37 <Kristine> Thanks. I've got a few that I'll enter when I get home.
06:54:53 <vw> Cool. Thank you very much for confirmation on Oblong!
06:55:11 <Kristine> Welcome.
07:01:58 <Kevin L> I am back
07:02:18 <vw> Welcome back Kevin.
07:02:30 <vw> Just waiting for OF while watching for Grand.
07:02:42 <vw> Only thing you missed as Oblong, confirmed by Kristine.
07:04:21 <Kevin L> I have the cam.
07:05:15 <Kevin L> OF 1405
07:06:14 <Kevin L> That was a tall burst, but it sure dropped fast.
07:06:33 <vw> .
07:07:35 <Kevin L> So we still have Grand to look for.
07:08:14 <vw> Almost time for Daisy too isn't it?
07:08:27 <Kevin L> Probably.
07:09:15 <Kevin L> Great call vw. Daisy 1409 ie
07:09:17 <ynpvisitor67> I'll keep an eye out for Lion on static in the meantime.
07:13:51 <vw> Back in a bit. Enjoy!
07:14:09 <Dave from B> Bye, vw
07:16:09 <Will B> Kevin you need a wc on that Daisy
07:16:57 <Will B> Lion staticv
07:17:03 <lc> Lion 1516ie
07:17:45 <ynpvisitor67> Guess I'm a little lagged. Or sleeping on the job.
07:18:27 <Will B> 1416ie*
07:19:13 <lc> thanks Will, central time here.
07:20:37 <Dave from B> Will, when do you strart school in the fall?
07:21:33 <Will B> its always the last week in august
07:22:13 <Kevin L> Grand 1422 ie
07:22:14 <Dave from B> Thanks
07:25:11 <Kevin L> Nicee tall spikes.
07:30:30 <Kevin L> No 2nd
07:36:15 <Dave from B> ..
07:42:59 <Dave from B> Anybody seen Sawmill today?
07:43:27 <Kevin L> I haven't.
07:44:07 <Dave from B> I think Kristine said she heard a Tardy called today
07:44:08 <ynpvisitor67> No reports on GT, and it looked like Tardy was going last time the camera was pointed downbasin.
07:44:17 <Dave from B> Thanks, 67
07:45:00 <Dave from B> How long have we been out of Sawmill mode?
07:46:02 <ynpvisitor85> anyone want ***game ?
07:46:19 <ynpvisitor85> anyone want see my d i c k
07:46:22 <ynpvisitor85> ?
07:46:29 <Will B> not that kind of room
07:47:24 <Kevin L> Kindergarten must be out.
07:47:36 <Will B> i guess
07:48:05 <Will B> thanks for fixing that entry Kevin
07:48:12 <Kevin L> yw
07:48:46 <Will B> shall we chat a bit to get that off the screen?
07:49:14 <Dave from B> Sounds like a plan
07:49:24 <Kevin L> could do that
07:49:24 <Jenna> still raining here...
07:49:31 <Will B> sunny here
07:49:40 <Kevin L> hot here
07:49:41 <Dave from B> Sunny here
07:49:42 <ynpvisitor67> Looks like Penta and Churn have been see a lot since Opening Day.
07:50:00 <ynpvisitor67> This is their favorite time of year, I think.
07:50:04 <Will B> so what do you think the new BW at Black sand is going to be
07:51:33 <Kevin L> When are they going to do it?
07:51:52 <Will B> its closed right now
07:52:18 <Dave from B> Where are the problem points on the Black Sand bw?
07:52:42 <Will B> that was my thought on the "rerouting"
07:53:00 <Dave from B> 67, any Transaction articles on Sawmill/Penta/Churn?
07:53:14 <Will B> not that i know of
07:53:38 <Will B>
07:53:58 <ynpvisitor67> I'd be surprised if MB Schwarz doesn't have an article somewhere. No idea what volume, though.
07:54:06 <Kevin L> I wish they would put a wide spot and bench near Aurum.
07:54:41 <Dave from B> I look one of these evenings at home
07:54:58 <Dave from B> You already have a bench, Kevin
07:55:37 <ynpvisitor67> Apparently the word "sawmill" doesn't show up in the index page that Will just linked to.
07:55:42 <ynpvisitor67> So maybe I'm wrong.
07:56:31 <Dave from B> That seems really strange
07:57:37 <ynpvisitor67> It's a big complex with a lot of modes of behavior. Which makes it too big and time-consuming a study project for most people.
07:58:43 <Dave from B> I agree, it is a very complex area. Who would you consider to be the experts for that group?
07:58:51 <ynpvisitor67> I'm happy to attempt to answer questions with out-of-date recollections, if that's any help.
07:58:53 <Will B> MBS
07:59:18 <Will B> steve has also taught me a lot about that area
08:00:22 <Dave from B> I would love to bump into someone at OF on one of my trips and get a tour of the group
08:02:32 <ynpvisitor67> I imagine Graham to be knowledgable about most everything...
08:04:04 <Dave from B> Thanks, 67
08:05:43 <Michael> I was only planning to stop in for Lion, forgot to change my screen name.
08:07:16 <Michael> In any case, I used to know a lot about the Sawmill group,15-20 years ago.
08:07:34 <Dave from B> Hi, Michael
08:08:03 <Michael> (is it posting under my name now? or am I still 67?)
08:08:25 <Dave from B> Had an idea (for Will?). How about video documentaries on the history of certain geyser groups?
08:08:32 <Kevin L> you are still 67
08:08:37 <Dave from B> Sorry, Michael it doesn't want you to change your name
08:08:58 <Michael> Let navigate away and come back.
08:09:03 <Dave from B> You could gather 3 or 4 experts together and talk about the group
08:09:29 <kc (working)> gotta clear cookies
08:09:47 <kc (working)> or at least the one from this page
08:09:51 <Michael> Testing.
08:10:03 <kc (working)> shows up correct in the logs but not here
08:11:44 <Will B> Michael close your browser and come back in
08:12:01 <Michael> Testing again.
08:12:08 <Dave from B> Prefect!
08:12:15 <Dave from B> Perfect
08:12:22 <Michael> Hi everyone!
08:14:07 <Dave from B> I think it is so important to make sure geyser info is passed on to the next generations
08:14:39 <Dave from B> Whether that be in words, photos, videos
08:15:26 <Michael> Agreed. Even if everything we know about F&M becomes obsolete within 3 years...
08:16:52 <Dave from B> The main reason I like GT is for short term info...Great for knowing how the geysers are acting right now.
08:17:20 <Dave from B> Even though it is a great database for history, short term info is great to have while you are in the basin
08:17:51 <Dave from B> You can know if Daisy is acting like 245 or 300 or 315, etc
08:19:36 <Michael> Or, to use a recent example, sometimes GT can answer the question of whether Sawmill has been seen today.
08:20:29 <Dave from B> ..
08:23:42 <Kevin L> Lion 1523
08:24:12 <Dave from B> I'm anxious to hear Maureen's report on Fountain
08:27:49 <Dave from B> wb, Kristine
08:29:56 <vw> Going defensive Kevin?
08:31:02 <Michael> Maybe just nodding off for a moment.
08:31:34 <vw> Operating the cam can have that effect Michael.
08:31:37 <Kevin L> Looked like it may hit it
08:32:07 <vw> As yucky as it is would we notice it?
08:32:39 <vw> .
08:33:02 <Kevin L> This one has me nervous
08:34:20 <Dave from B> Time for me to head home. Michael, I saw your pm...I will catch up to you the next time and we can discuss Sawmill Group. Have ag reta evening, everyone!
08:34:39 <Kevin L> of 1534
08:34:46 <Kevin L> bye Dave
08:35:03 <vw> Good night Dave!
08:35:38 <Michael> bye Dave.
08:35:59 <vw> Kevin, stupid pm isn't working again. :P I can take the cam whenever you are ready.
08:36:02 <Michael> Bye Dave!
08:36:58 <Kevin L> Go ahead.
08:37:06 <vw> I have the cam.
08:37:31 <vw> Did you start an entry for OF, Kevin?
08:37:44 <Kevin L> yes
08:37:52 <Kristine> If ya'll are looking for something to watch, Churn is active. Not sure how well you can see it on the cam.
08:38:08 <vw> k. I am timing it, but won't double up on yours!
08:38:30 <vw> Thank you Kristine! Will check it out as soon as OF is done.
08:38:41 <vw> OF is a long.
08:47:20 <vw> Not much in the way of eruptions to watch for in the next hour or so. Might as well keep an eye on GH and hope we see an Aurum or Depression.
08:47:38 <vw> Never can tell what will pop up!
08:48:31 <vw> I guess Kevin did get Lion going for us, so that may be the next water we see.
09:07:10 <vw> .
09:17:02 <Jenna> I can't get my streaming to come up...hmm
09:17:36 <vw> Hi Jenna. Looks like it is working now?
09:18:06 <Jenna> no...still black
09:19:00 <vw> Showing up on my computer with your name.
09:19:19 <vw> Oh!!!! you mean the stream! Duh.
09:19:21 <Will B> just refresh jenna i get that some times
09:19:23 <Jenna> lol yes
09:19:30 <Jenna> I have freshed about 10 times
09:19:32 <vw> try a different setting. Like bison or elk or whatever.
09:19:35 <Jenna> refreshed*
09:19:44 <vw> I am having trouble with getting stream on one of the settings too.
09:19:48 <Will B> then close out and come back in
09:19:57 <Jenna> Did that too
09:20:13 <Will B> then the page just hates you right now
09:20:19 <vw> "Layout" box. I can get stream on 'Elk'
09:20:40 <Jenna> I'm on elk
09:20:44 <Jenna> lol thanks Will
09:20:53 <vw> then what Will said...
09:21:00 <Jenna> it did it earlier today but it came on eventually
09:21:13 <Jenna> there it is
09:21:23 <vw> I know kc sent a message to Paul about some of the problems we have been having on this page, but I think this one is fairly new.
09:21:43 <ynpvisitor11> Lion
09:21:48 <vw> Lion 1621
09:21:53 <ynpvisitor11> roar
09:22:16 <vw> Hi Kitt.
09:22:16 <Kitt> I've been around the preschoolers too much
09:22:26 <Jenna> it might be my internet too
09:22:48 <Kitt> Hello
09:23:05 <Kevin L> Nice Lion.
09:23:47 <Kitt> I see you guys found Grand also
09:24:11 <vw> Kevin had a great day finding eruptions!
09:24:17 <Kevin L> It was hiding behind Lion.
09:24:36 <Graham> hello
09:24:46 <Kevin L> hi
09:24:47 <Michael> I've got to sign off after this Lion. Housework isn't getting done while I sit at the computer.
09:24:48 <vw> Hi Graham!
09:25:22 <Kitt> happy chores to you
09:25:45 <Michael> Thanks Kitt.
09:27:01 <Graham> out for a walk, good luck making something erupt while I am out
09:27:07 <Kitt> so have you seen any clawed, furry critters today?
09:27:08 <vw> Wow. That bounce isn't exactly sailors delight! :P
09:27:21 <vw> No critters. Looked a couple of times.
09:27:55 <Kitt> oh, did Kristine make it to Beehive?
09:29:19 <vw> I am not sure Kitt. I know she was out in the basin today though.
09:29:43 <Kitt> maybe she is still out there
09:30:26 <vw> When she was here last, she said she had some times she would post when she got home.
09:30:39 <Kitt> well, take care, need to get busy with photos
09:30:51 <vw> What year aer you up to?
09:30:55 <Kitt> I haven't done anything with them for a few days
09:30:56 <vw> *are*
09:31:09 <Kitt> still in 2001
09:31:20 <vw> Getting right along!
09:31:25 <Will B> good news or bad news first
09:31:39 <Kitt> huh
09:31:45 <vw> hmmmm.... just spill Will.
09:31:55 <vw> You have data, but a lot was lost...
09:32:26 <Will B> still no data but i shoud get it this week he said...
09:32:27 <Kitt> bye
09:32:50 <Will B> "The logger on Lion failed due to water. The thermistors on Artemisia, Fountain, and Grotto were failing and were replaced last Friday. Spouter and Plume had battery failures"
09:33:08 <vw> Wow. A lot of failures there.
09:33:32 <vw> Hi glennon! Belated congratulations on your PhD!
09:33:47 <glennon> Thanks, vw.
09:33:56 <vw> so shouldn't your name here be Dr. glennon? :)
09:34:46 <glennon> lol. i think half of the gazers have phds.
09:35:14 <vw> So true, glennon!
09:35:33 <vw> But nonetheless, a very nice achievement for you.
09:35:54 <Andrew> congrats
09:35:55 <Will B> .
09:36:12 <glennon> :)
09:36:30 <glennon> so --- datalogger problems. lame.
09:38:24 <vw> Yeah, kind of weird that a piece of equipment to measure hot water flow would have a water failure?!?!?!?
09:39:03 <Will B> that means water got into the capsule that part is not 100% waterproof
09:39:42 <vw> So is there at least partial data for those geysers Will, or is all data lost/missing?
09:40:52 <Will B> like i said i dont have data but it looks like the battery failure ones will have missing data and we will have to wait and see how badly the thermistors failed
09:41:44 <vw> Well, I guess equipment failures are to be expected in the conditions under which they have to work. Still sad.
09:42:49 <ynpvisitor33> KK
09:44:03 <Will B> second kindergatener today
09:44:18 <vw> Sorry, can't do close ups. :P
09:44:19 <Will B> kindergartner*
09:44:38 <vw> Daisy 1644
09:44:49 <Andrew> windy?
09:45:08 <vw> Yeap.
09:46:48 <Maureen> Fountain was awesome, as always.
09:46:56 <vw> Hi Maureen!
09:46:59 <Maureen> he vw
09:47:10 <Maureen> hey vw :P
09:47:16 <vw> Glad you got to see Fountain! Was Kent there?
09:47:30 <Maureen> no, not that I know of anyway.
09:48:17 <Maureen> met someone there that used to guide in the park for YA and now is guiding in Banff this summer. We enjoyed Fountain together.
09:48:18 <vw> He was going to Norris, but it sounded like he enjoyed last evening's eruption enough that I thought he might try to catch it again.
09:48:42 <Maureen> well, he is here a few days I think. I think I have met Kent. and he was not there.
09:49:00 <Maureen> Bill W was there, yet chose not to go out to see it.
09:49:14 <Maureen> It was nice blue sky too, maybe too windy for Bill, not sure.
09:49:31 <Maureen> I was happy to see Great Fountain for a moment too, if only from the road.
09:49:39 <vw> :)
09:49:52 <Maureen> yes, that is me right now.
09:50:08 <Maureen> And I was correct that Grand and Fountain would be the same time.
09:50:12 <vw> Any word on when the loop will be opened?
09:50:27 <Maureen> Loop as in to West Thumb, that loop?
09:50:32 <vw> I wasn't watching during Grand, so can't report how it was.
09:50:58 <vw> No, Firehole Lake road around Grt. Ftn.
09:51:20 <Maureen> oh, I know when that opens, it is always the same, the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend.
09:51:48 <vw> I kind of figured, but can't figure out why they don't open it sooner.
09:51:50 <Maureen> Hopefully they will get to it first thing, last year it was nice and early I think.
09:52:12 <Maureen> I miss Pink Cone a lot too.
09:52:34 <Maureen> vw, are you driving?
09:52:47 <Will B> vw it is because it is for a bear closure
09:52:54 <vw> For a little bit longer, yes.
09:53:04 <vw> aaahh. gotcha.
09:53:36 <Maureen> oh, Sorry vw, I thought you knew about that closure, it has been in effect for a while now.
09:54:04 <Maureen> There does not look to be much snow on the road now, though I am sure some shady spots have snow still.
09:54:07 <vw> I know when I was going regularly they used that area to dump carcasses.
09:54:31 <vw> Didn't want people back there and risk encounters.
09:54:56 <Maureen> They do not let you onto Fountain Freight Road until then too.
09:55:55 <Maureen> All around Flood and off boardwalk at Midway is bear closure too.
09:56:03 <Maureen> Oh, I saw Flood today...
09:56:06 <Maureen> that was fun.
09:56:46 <vw> Overall, how are the roads in the Park?
09:57:16 <Maureen> good, do you mean potholes and such?
09:57:35 <Maureen> I have only been to upper basin, I have not driven to Norris.
09:57:42 <vw> and snow/ice...
09:58:06 <vw> Maybe Kent will stop into chat and give us information about Madison to Norris road.
10:02:05 <Jenna> hopefully OF is due?
10:02:15 <vw> OF 1702
10:02:51 <Maureen> yes, or MA would chime in, not sure she has been to upper basin yet.
10:03:08 <Maureen> She has to drive that whole segment, Gardiner to OF.
10:04:13 <vw> It can be a long drive, but still beautiful!
10:05:59 <Maureen> bears, geysers, and wolves, oh my...
10:07:11 <Maureen> I never get tired of the 22 miles between my home and Fountain.
10:13:34 <vw> Lion 1713
10:14:20 <Maureen> nice
10:14:51 <vw> Eruptions are being kind this afternoon and spreading themselves out a bit.
10:15:14 <Maureen> that makes it nice.
10:18:03 <Graham> back from a nice walk
10:18:15 <Graham> hi Maureen, another nice Fountain today?
10:19:19 <vw> I am going to head out. Hope everybody has a great evening!
10:19:29 <Graham> bye vw
10:20:19 <Maureen> hey Graham, it was so nice.
10:20:39 <Maureen> wish it could have been a different time than Grand, yet oh well.
10:21:06 <Graham> so looks like 8-9h?
10:21:30 <Maureen> yes
10:21:39 <Maureen> this one was only 33 minutes
10:22:00 <Maureen> Kent's was also 40
10:23:02 <alex> is that sprinkler
10:23:35 <Graham> I think so
10:24:28 <Will B> left of the tree, yes
10:27:23 <alex> thanks
10:27:58 <alex> sprinkler 17:23 ie
10:28:01 <alex> ?
10:31:37 <LetsGoCAPS> need a win and in the playoffs
10:36:48 <LetsGoCAPS> CHurn 1736ie
10:37:40 <Andrew> behind the BW?
10:38:01 <LetsGoCAPS> yes, to the left of the steady steam from Tardy
10:38:24 <Andrew> k
10:38:24 <LetsGoCAPS> will probably erupt again
10:40:08 <LetsGoCAPS> looks like Alland sync is working to GNet
10:40:54 <glennon> yep
10:41:05 <LetsGoCAPS> oh, hello there
10:41:50 <LetsGoCAPS> time to check in?
10:42:22 <Andrew> I am checking in across the parking lots
10:45:28 <Will B> .
11:06:16 <LetsGoCAPS> anyone feel seasick yet?
11:06:28 <Andrew> bleah :P yes
11:07:34 <Maureen> time for Lion soon, that will be less bouncy
11:09:10 <LetsGoCAPS> if it can manage another
11:09:40 <Maureen> oh yeah, Lion may be done, time will tell.
11:10:00 <Jake> Maureen, any Jets during your Fountain today?
11:10:10 <Maureen> yes
11:10:18 <Jake> I'm wondering if Jets happen every other Fountain like Twig last year
11:10:21 <Maureen> oops, did I not mention that, sorry
11:10:25 <Maureen> hmmm
11:10:53 <Maureen> I will keep watch for that.
11:10:57 <Maureen> Today made 3 days in a row that Spasm started first
11:11:01 <LetsGoCAPS> SPrinkler 1810
11:11:04 <Maureen> I should put in Spasm
11:11:21 <LetsGoCAPS> did Morning erupt too?
11:11:23 <Jake> Steve E will like that
11:11:48 <Jake> Maurrreeeeeeennnnn, did you forget to enter Morning? ;)
11:11:50 <Maureen> Morning was not even full.
11:12:00 <Will B> hey we have all 3 programmers on at the same time . that doesnt happen often
11:12:03 <Maureen> and emptied almost as quick as FTN today
11:12:21 <Jake> does "full" mean level with MT pool? up to it's rim?
11:12:47 <Maureen> I call full before it flows into Fountain, or even right below the rim.
11:12:48 <Jake> no boils out of MT, either?
11:13:02 <Maureen> MT waterfalls into Morning, not sure it can flow into MT
11:13:30 <Maureen> nothing out of MT, though once I am half in, I stop looking, have to concentrate on FTN
11:13:45 <Maureen> none before.
11:14:01 <Maureen> first time I saw water in the slit, was yesterday.
11:14:12 <Maureen> and then Morning was full too.
11:14:25 <Will B> slit?
11:14:47 <Jake> interesting changes all around FTN then
11:14:58 <Maureen> Morning's Thief is really a small slit, or hole, not sure what a better word would be, that the water comes from.
11:15:08 <Jake> but not FTN itself...unless durations don't affect interval anymore
11:15:23 <Maureen> the new breakout has to be throwing rock at some point, as there is new rock everywhere
11:15:48 <Maureen> maybe the week Steve E is here we can figure out if duration affects interval still.
11:16:06 <Maureen> Or I will be lucky and catch 2 in a day soon, all data will help
11:16:27 <Maureen> there are some good sized pebbles about too, I will take more photos soon.
11:17:17 <LetsGoCAPS> Lion 1617
11:17:21 <LetsGoCAPS> long series
11:17:25 <Maureen> nice
11:17:29 <LetsGoCAPS> minor
11:17:30 <LetsGoCAPS> 1817
11:17:39 <Maureen> do you think you caught it all?
11:17:56 <ynpvisitor3> fff
11:17:59 <LetsGoCAPS> was watching on static
11:18:02 <ynpvisitor3> hi
11:19:05 <LetsGoCAPS> Churn 1818
11:19:30 <Andrew> fun!
11:20:05 <Andrew> haven't seen churn in a little while
11:20:23 <LetsGoCAPS> Will has :)
11:20:45 <Maureen> ick, the lens is icky
11:20:51 <LetsGoCAPS> did you see it too Maureen?
11:34:34 <LetsGoCAPS> Lion 1834
11:40:48 <Maureen> yes, to your question
11:46:02 <LetsGoCAPS> OF 1845
11:52:14 <LetsGoCAPS> stepping away, enjoy Churn
11:55:28 <Maureen> Hey Kent
11:55:58 <Kent> Hey Maureen. I see you caught the afternoon Fountain
11:56:14 <Maureen> so nice. So glad you caught it last evening.
11:56:25 <Maureen> that was a huge help.
11:56:43 <Maureen> to know it could do only 9 hours after 40 minutes
11:56:54 <Maureen> today's average was a little bit longer
11:57:13 <Maureen> did you have a nice day at Norris?
11:57:40 <Kent> Yes. Not much erupting, but that in itself was interesting.
11:57:57 <Maureen> good, many folk about?
11:58:42 <Kent> No. For several hours I had the place to myself.
12:03:40 <LetsGoCAPS> Riverside 1903ie
12:05:09 <LetsGoCAPS> so Kent - did anything erupt?
12:05:17 <Maureen> Kent left
12:05:26 <LetsGoCAPS> oh well
12:05:33 <LetsGoCAPS> for Norris, not much might be nothing
12:05:35 <Maureen> he said not much erupting. Had Norris to himself though, that is always fun.
12:05:51 <Maureen> read his 1857 comment
12:06:29 <LetsGoCAPS> yeah, i was wondering if anything erupted at all
12:06:59 <Maureen> maybe he will be back.
12:07:14 <Maureen> did you look on GT?
12:07:36 <LetsGoCAPS> spasm, nice
12:08:12 <Maureen> I meant about Kent reporting from Norris.
12:08:40 <LetsGoCAPS> i looked, nothing there
12:15:53 <LetsGoCAPS> bulger
12:31:09 <LetsGoCAPS> Daisy 1930
12:31:46 <ynpvisitor30> good prediction, glennon!
12:32:12 <LetsGoCAPS> off by 1 min?
12:32:36 <Maureen> steamy
12:32:52 <LetsGoCAPS> Riverside wasn't bed either
12:34:33 <LetsGoCAPS> Churn trying
12:38:21 <LetsGoCAPS> steamy
12:39:16 <glennon (away(> i think daisy's been pretty well behaved since opening... the riverside prediction was luck
12:41:06 <Maureen> record low temp in Bozeman this morning.
12:42:35 <LetsGoCAPS> what was it?
12:43:41 <Maureen> 14 was for Bozeman, 12 for Livingston
12:44:20 <Maureen> how do they have playoffs when they hardly had a season?
12:44:21 <LetsGoCAPS> nice
12:44:44 <LetsGoCAPS> they had to win the division
12:46:19 <LetsGoCAPS> I guess Lion finally quit
12:50:19 <LetsGoCAPS> thanks for wearing the Jets out last night kc
12:55:24 <kc (game)> they are good for something i suppose
13:10:21 <LetsGoCAPS> OF 2009
13:18:26 <Maureen> what time is dark on cam?
13:19:43 <kcmule> 2100 was last night
13:20:03 <Maureen> would be fun to get Grand before that.
13:20:47 <LetsGoCAPS> is the chat room dead?
13:21:00 <LetsGoCAPS> nope, there are peeps
13:21:15 <LetsGoCAPS> kc if you want to close out with Aurum and Grand its yours
13:23:18 <kcmule> got it
13:23:29 <kcmule> my last pm must not have gone thru
13:23:37 <LetsGoCAPS> k, thanks. hope you get one or both of them
13:24:08 <Maureen> hope Grand shows...
13:24:30 <LetsGoCAPS> yeah something odd with the roon mow
13:24:37 <LetsGoCAPS> goodnight
13:24:48 <kcmule> nite
13:24:50 <Maureen> bye G
13:24:53 <LetsGoCAPS> good luck with Grand BH AND Ftn tomorrow Maureen
13:25:00 <Maureen> thanks
13:40:13 <Maureen> Turban?
13:40:16 <Maureen> or Grand?
13:40:17 <kcmule> grand? 20:39
13:40:25 <Maureen> wow
13:40:30 <kcmule> looks like grand
13:40:34 <Maureen> i think it is
13:40:40 <ynpvisitor30> .
13:40:48 <Maureen> yep, I see spikes
13:40:48 <Kevin L> Yea
13:45:54 <Maureen> so glad it happened when it did
13:47:17 <Maureen> thanks kc...did the snow all melt?
13:48:04 <kcmule> 2/3 gone
13:48:26 <Maureen> the rest will go tomorrow
13:48:35 <Maureen> no pause here..
13:51:24 <Maureen> thanks again kc, nite.
13:51:57 <kcmule> adios
15:28:17 <ynpvisitor100> For tomorrow: BH 1600 Grand 1100