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22:52:58 <Dave from B> 31F at OF this morning
23:09:16 <Dave from B> Good morning, 52
23:09:29 <52> morning
23:09:42 <Dave from B> and, 91
23:09:49 <52> I was hoping bee would give me a nice sign
23:11:15 <Dave from B> I've been here since 0545..nothing from BH
23:11:48 <52> maybe it shortened its interval
23:12:50 <52> Fluffy
23:12:57 <Dave from B> OF 0612
23:13:04 <Dave from B> Very possible, 52
23:13:37 <52> an after work bee would be good
23:14:08 <Dave from B> I was hoping for a BH double today
23:18:06 <52> wow, I was going to be happy with just one bee for my birthday
23:18:45 <52> I'll check back later, since I haven't even seen a puff of steam from bee
23:18:52 <52> bye
23:19:20 <Dave from B> I was going to ask you if today was your b-day (becasue of your short nickname). Happy Birthday, you're only 2 years ahead of me
23:26:10 <52> I'm back
23:26:22 <52> Yes, I turn 52 tonight
23:27:29 <52> I noticed a couple puffs of steam from bee so it may just be in a quiet time
23:28:32 <Dave from B> Congrats...I also have an April B-day (13th)
23:28:40 <Dave from B> Any special plans for tonight?
23:28:54 <52> not that I know of
23:29:14 <52> My son, Kevin's, birthday was the 13th
23:29:40 <52> Thomas' is the 29th
23:29:51 <Dave from B> Busy month!
23:30:29 <52> Yes
23:43:55 <52> well, time to wake up (haha) and have breakfast
23:43:59 <52> bbl
00:23:23 <Dave from B> ..
00:23:26 <Dave from B> Lion 0723ie
00:25:40 <lc> morning Dave
00:26:08 <lc> bad timing on BH yesterday.
00:26:08 <Dave from B> Morning, lc
00:26:34 <lc> indicator started 5 min after you left.
00:27:19 <lc> this don't look like initial.
00:27:27 <Dave from B> Yeah, I got the text. Didn't get home in time
00:28:05 <Dave from B> Not sure I caught the start of Lion. 4-5 minutes in length?
00:28:13 <lc> how far you live from work?
00:28:52 <Dave from B> It takes me about 15 minutes but I stopped to drop something off at my mom's on the way home.
00:29:47 <lc> I think I got the start on static, good 5 min but didn't look big enough for initial.
00:32:05 <Dave from B> If initial was one eruption prior it would have been during the last OF
00:33:27 <Dave from B> I saw water from one of the Anenome's
00:36:11 <lc> good point about Lion, maybe this was initial.
00:36:17 <Dave from B> Daisy and Grand are due after OF
00:36:41 <Dave from B> We'll know in about an hour
00:40:27 <Dave from B> lc, are you going to be dodging storms again today?
00:50:10 <ynpvisitor16> .
00:51:36 <lc> sorry Dave, walked outsid a min.
00:52:00 <lc> no, it is nice today.
00:52:38 <ynpvisitor17> Grand
00:52:43 <ynpvisitor17> Yippee
00:52:43 <lc> got to mow this afternoon.
00:52:49 <Dave from B> 752ie
00:52:54 <ynpvisitor17> 0752
00:53:02 <Dave from B> lc, sounds like a nice day for a walk then
00:53:48 <lc> I walk enough when I mow. g
00:54:00 <Kitt> morning lc
00:54:13 <lc> morning Kitt
00:54:33 <lc> good timing Kitt.
00:54:44 <Kitt> I'm hoping bee will wait until after work
00:56:09 <Dave from B> Hi, Kitt..sorry I missed your pm's earlier
00:56:26 <Kitt> that's ok
00:57:17 <Dave from B> I'm thinking bee will be near 1800
01:00:59 <Kitt> time to get to work
01:01:11 <Kitt> enjoy the day everyone and hold bee until after 4 pm
01:01:19 <lc> have a good day Kitt.
01:01:23 <Kitt> bye
01:01:30 <Kitt> you too lc
01:01:45 <Dave from B> It seems Grand has settled into 7 hour average the past few days
01:02:07 <Dave from B> CC had Aurum at 0743
01:02:54 <Dave from B> Is West Triplet going?
01:11:46 <Dave from B> Lens has really gotten dirty since last ice over
01:16:39 <Dave from B> Good morning, Kevin
01:17:56 <Kevin L> Hi
01:24:08 <vw> Good morning all.
01:24:31 <vw> A little change up in the schedule today. You are stuck with me for a few hours this morning.
01:25:02 <vw> It seems CC already got several eruptions. Nice!
01:25:40 <Dave from B> Morning, vw
01:25:54 <vw> Hi Dave!
01:26:13 <Dave from B> How's my favorite "relief" driver doing today?
01:26:24 <vw> :)
01:26:36 <vw> Good! Looking forward to some warm weather.
01:27:01 <Dave from B> We can finally get out of our "cabins"!
01:27:36 <vw> I am trusting they got it right this time. I didn't put on an extra layer of clothing this morning. Tired of wearing so many layers!
01:29:32 <Dave from B> First day of 70+ this year should be very soon
01:30:27 <vw> I think we are supposed to come close today. We might in the valley even if the official temp is just shy of it. Woohoo!
01:31:02 <Dave from B> This is the latest time for our first 70 of the year since 1975
01:31:37 <vw> You saw that so far we have had the coldest April on record?
01:32:37 <vw> Consistent for all of eastern MT and northern WY.
01:33:15 <Dave from B> April has not been fun, but it did slow down melting of the snowpack.
01:34:19 <vw> As long as we don't now get a long period of above average heat that melts all of that snow pack, we might actually be okay for water in streams and rivers for a while.
01:35:15 <vw> We will need to switch our focus to river levels now. Always something to watch and worry about!
01:35:49 <Kevin L> That could delay F&M.
01:36:12 <Dave from B> I sure hope it wakes up soon
01:36:26 <vw> Lion 0835
01:36:29 <Dave from B> Lion 0836ie
01:36:56 <Dave from B> That would seem to suggest that the last Lion was the initial
01:37:41 <Dave from B> Dave M had BH at 0408 this morning
01:38:00 <Dave from B> Short 12:14 interval
01:38:31 <vw> Thank you Dave. I hadn't noticed that. We should get another closed interval on it today.
01:38:53 <Dave from B> So, it should go between 1620 and 1750
01:39:14 <Dave from B> Kitt is hoping for an after 1600 Bee
01:39:27 <vw> Lets hope that works out.
01:39:28 <ynpvisitor16> I see he also confirmed yesterday's Aurum
01:43:03 <Dave from B> Aurum looks like it could be around 1130-1230
01:43:23 <Dave from B> more like 115-1215
01:43:59 <vw> It seems Aurum has been consistently around the 4 hour mark. Warmer weather may affect it though.
01:44:51 <Dave from B> Kevin, you need to visit Aurum earlier in the season before it gets ornery!
01:46:37 <ynpvisitor16> so whoever caught it and posted it on Gnet was correct, good job
01:47:50 <Dave from B> Yes, thanks mystery entrant
01:57:41 <vw> Daisy 0857
02:02:46 <Dave from B> Mornin', kc
02:05:59 <Dave from B> Hi, Jenna
02:06:44 <Jenna> morning
02:07:26 <vw> Good morning Jenna! kc and alex too!
02:08:10 <Dave from B> alex, you missed Aurum again!
02:13:22 <alex (working)> good morning VW, Dave
02:13:27 <alex (working)> I always miss Auraum
02:14:18 <Kevin L> Aurum is more evil than BH
02:14:51 <kc (working)> mornin
02:21:32 <Jenna> OF
02:21:49 <vw> OF 0921
02:22:30 <Jenna> morning vw
02:32:15 <vw> OF Lake? Seems almost big enough...
02:33:18 <vw> Wildlife and snow tour didn't show much of either. Back to geysers.
02:36:28 <Dave from B> Hi, Kristine
02:37:16 <Kristine> Morning Dave.
02:37:49 <vw> Lion 0937
02:37:54 <vw> Good morning Kristine!
02:38:06 <Kristine> Hi vw.
02:41:03 <vw> Now what folks? I don't know what is left to erupt for a while!
02:41:45 <Kevin L> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
02:42:03 <vw> Kind of thinking along the same lines Kevin.
02:42:35 <vw> It would be nice if we could get a track on Castle, but I am not sure that is going to happen this morning.
02:45:12 <Kristine> I could share what I've been doing this morning :) Though it's not really exciting. I will kill my computer here in a couple of minutes because it won't stop making noise.
02:46:18 <Kevin L> Interesting sun picture:
02:46:19 <Kevin L>
02:46:45 <Jenna> very neat
02:47:01 <Jenna> do we have a guess on BH? afternoon I'm assuming?
02:47:35 <Kristine> Wow, that's awsome, Kevin!
02:47:41 <vw> Yes, late afternoon on BH. DaveM got it on static cam this morning so we have a good time on it.
02:48:08 <Kristine> 12 hour interval so I think I will be out there at 1600
02:48:45 <Jenna> ok, have to take a road trip to missouri so hopefully I'll be back
02:49:08 <vw> Drive safe Jenna.
02:49:22 <Kristine> Drive safe, Jenna.
02:49:24 <Jenna> I'm not leaving until 12:30 but I will
02:50:41 <vw> All of the roads on your route are above the water levels?
02:51:42 <Dave from B> ..
02:52:36 <Jenna> yes
02:52:54 <Jenna> yesterday I had to take a detour in Illinois because of a flooded road though, took forever!
02:53:23 <Dave from B> 3 states in 2 days?
02:53:28 <vw> I bet. I am glad to hear today's travels take you on drier roads.
02:53:32 <Dave from B> Morning, Will
02:53:37 <vw> Good morning Will.
02:53:40 <Will B> morning
02:53:49 <Jenna> yup Dave
02:53:59 <Kristine> I've seen the photos from that area, that is crazy.
02:54:22 <Jenna> I go to Illinois all the time so it doesn't seem odd to me but Missouri is a little bit of a trip down
02:54:41 <Jenna> yeah thankfully a lot of the rivers are going down, so hopefully all the roads can get opened back up
02:55:04 <Kristine> It sounds funny to take a day trip to another state even though I do it to go shopping.
02:55:31 <Jenna> yeah it does sound funny
02:55:33 <Will B> well its a bit different when you live on the border
02:56:00 <Jenna> Maureen goes to 3 different states quite a bit I'm sure
02:56:54 <Dave from B> I'm just used to going 200-350 miles and still being in Montana!
02:56:56 <vw> .
02:57:11 <Kristine> heehee
02:59:45 <Kevin L> What is fun is in Europe you go through countries instead of states.
03:00:42 <Kristine> brb. Must have serious chat with computer about this fan noise...
03:03:39 <Will B> I see Lynn has found the comment function and is having fun with that new feature. :)
03:04:23 <vw> CC has the cam for now. I will be back later.
03:04:33 <Dave from B> Thanks, Kristine for Artemesia and Oblong times
03:04:40 <Dave from B> Bye, vw
03:04:43 <Jenna> bye vw
03:04:57 <Jenna> I can go that many miles in Iowa I just have to go north or west
03:05:10 <Dave from B> Will, can you show me an example of how Lynn is using comments?
03:05:50 <Will B>
03:20:09 <Kristine> Welcome Dave
03:26:01 <Dave from B> Kristine, do you have a fan going out on your computer?
03:26:51 <Kristine> Probably. It makes noise rarely.
03:28:43 <Jenna> change of plans, don't have to go to missouri now :)
03:29:20 <Kristine> It's quiet now. I used my rocket blower for my camera.
03:29:30 <Kristine> Cool
03:29:48 <Jenna> I was going to have to drive 3 hours round trip to drop off one cabinet
03:29:59 <Dave from B> Lots of dust flying?
03:30:04 <Will B> Lion
03:30:19 <Dave from B> Jenna, are they coming to get it instead?
03:30:28 <Kristine> That's a lot for one cabinet.
03:30:48 <Jenna> no my coworker is going to drop it off in a town a little closer on her way to her daughters track meet
03:31:00 <Kristine> This is a dusty area. Plus I have a cat so that adds to it.
03:31:01 <Jenna> yes it would have been a lot
03:31:31 <Jenna> one of the downsides of ordering things from people 1 1/2 hrs away from you
03:42:20 <Kevin L> Yea!
03:42:30 <Kevin L> Clap Cheer!
03:42:51 <Kevin L> I hope they get the static.
03:44:10 <Kristine> Well, that started out as an interesting view of OF.
03:44:11 <Kevin L> Of 1043 VEC
03:44:24 <Kevin L> They wiped the lens!
03:44:40 <Kristine> Good. I'm sure it needed it.
03:44:44 <ynpvisitor9> do the static do the static
03:45:23 <Kevin L> I saw it get wet, then there was a rag.
03:46:12 <Dave from B> That looks terrific
03:46:36 <Kristine> Can't see anything on static right now. :)
03:46:48 <ynpvisitor9> :D
03:47:19 <Kevin L> Probably the cleaning rag!
03:47:27 <Kristine> Yep :)
03:47:43 <ynpvisitor9> who's running Livescope? push the send pizza & beer button for them
03:47:55 <Kevin L> For sure!
03:48:17 <Kristine> Focus button, where's the focus button for static...
03:48:35 <ynpvisitor9> looks a little better now....still lots of spots though :(
03:48:47 <Kristine> Yeah, that's what I just thinking.
03:49:14 <Kristine> I was just thinking. Mind goes faster than the fingers.
03:50:42 <Dave from B> Getting everything spruced up for Opening of VEC
03:51:14 <Kevin L> I don't think just Windex will fix it.
03:51:22 <ynpvisitor9> they're getting streaming again
03:51:35 <Kristine> Well, when static isn't in focus, you can't see the stuff on the glass :)
03:51:48 <Kristine> I've got some vinegar :)
03:52:02 <ynpvisitor9> Windex, Rain-x
03:52:23 <Kevin L> Install tear offs.
03:52:25 <ynpvisitor9> static looking better, but out of focus
03:52:38 <Kristine> Yeah.
03:52:42 <ynpvisitor9> tear offs..brilliant
03:52:54 <Kevin L> It could be still a bit wet.
03:55:54 <Kevin L> Better focus but still rough.
03:56:57 <Kristine> Yeah
04:13:30 <Kevin L> Oh no!
04:18:11 <Kristine> What?
04:19:25 <Kevin L> Had BSOD for a minute.
04:19:45 <Kristine> Oh.
04:20:08 <Kristine> I'm not watching the LiveCam right now.
04:20:41 <Kevin L> Looks like an earthquake. It shakes for a bit then settles down.
04:20:56 <Kevin L> Lion 1120 ie static.
04:21:38 <Kristine> It is windy here today.
04:21:44 <ynpvisitor9> nice shot on static
04:21:49 <Kristine> It would be a wonderful warm day if it wern't for the wind.
04:22:04 <ynpvisitor9> NPS peering into our souls
04:22:24 <Kevin L> That is a new one.
04:22:45 <Kevin L> Looks a bit sunburnt
04:23:45 <Kristine> I'm missing something.
04:26:34 <ynpvisitor9> NPS guy cleaning the static cam, or at least staring into it
04:26:40 <Kevin L> Had a portrait of a worker on there for a few frames.
04:26:54 <Kristine> Ah, haha
04:27:44 <Kristine> Well, I'm going to get going. Later all.
04:32:23 <Dave from B> How many guys does it take to clean a streaming cam?
04:32:51 <Dave from B> So, it seems the streaming sits higher than the static tree cam
04:41:51 <Dave from B> ..
04:45:56 <ynpvisitor78> Aurum
04:46:18 <ynpvisitor78> 1146
04:46:21 <Dave from B> Thanks, 78
04:46:32 <Dave from B> 4:03 interval
04:48:00 <ynpvisitor78> There giving the camera a good old cleaning
05:11:26 <ynpvisitor78> What about daisy
05:19:51 <kc (working)> OF ie
05:19:55 <Dave from B> ..
05:58:03 <Dave from B> Lion 1257ie
06:01:57 <Dave from B> ..
06:02:46 <ynpvisitor66> Possible penta going
06:03:01 <Dave from B> We should be hearing from Maureen soon....If Fountain went when it should have.
06:04:42 <ynpvisitor1> That is a hard number to give up....
06:05:03 <vw> Looks like we are back in business. And we have a great view!
06:05:06 <vw> :)
06:05:21 <Dave from B> It's your lucky day
06:05:50 <vw> Huge thanks to the YNP staff for getting the lens cleaned off!
06:07:11 <vw> either Penta or Old Tardy behind those trees. 1307 ie. I can't tell which though.
06:07:39 <Dave from B> Windy
06:07:53 <ynpvisitor66> Old tardy only lasts afew minutes
06:07:54 <vw> Very.
06:08:03 <vw> Glad it wasn't me up that ladder in this wind!
06:08:58 <Dave from B> How far from the ground is the streaming?
06:09:11 <vw> Just moved the cam over to that area, so no way to tell how long anything over there has been steaming.
06:09:31 <vw> I think they use a 16' ladder, so more than 16 feet!
06:09:48 <Dave from B> No, thanks! Not even on a calm day
06:10:26 <vw> When you consider the ladder has to lean against the tree, and we KNOW the tree sways... :P
06:11:27 <vw> Looks like there may have just been a Turban. I didn't have the cam pulled back far enough to be sure though.
06:15:25 <Kevin L> Gee BH, it is almost bus duty time.....
06:16:34 <vw> :(
06:16:54 <Dave from B> Have no fear, BH is not near!:)
06:19:33 <Kevin L> If it knows I am going, it may be.
06:27:40 <Dave from B> Maureen had Ftn at 1137
06:28:48 <Maureen> Hey there
06:29:06 <Dave from B> Hi, Maureen...are you home or at UGB?
06:29:17 <Maureen> Just came to UGB for Grand and maybe BH
06:29:49 <Maureen> Nice day. Breezy. Did they work on the cam today?
06:30:15 <Kevin L> Nice and clean again!
06:30:17 <Maureen> Hey vw
06:30:22 <vw> Lens covers are all clean.
06:30:27 <vw> Hey Maureen!
06:30:39 <Maureen> Far out. I cannot see it on my iPad
06:30:56 <vw> Trying to get a read on Turban cycles now. Don't have enough info to help you.
06:31:20 <Maureen> Another awesome Fountain. Now time for Grand, well in an hour or so.
06:31:27 <vw> You will be amazed when you get home and pull the pictures up on your monitor. both static and stream very clear.
06:32:00 <Maureen> I hope to be out there by 6 hours so I will check in and let you know what is up.
06:32:22 <vw> We look forward to any information you can get!
06:32:41 <Maureen> Wow I can do upper basin static. That is so much better
06:33:04 <vw> Yes! Pretty good, huh?
06:33:04 <Maureen> Get the wind to back off!
06:33:47 <vw> Wish I could help there. Does seem it has been very windy in the basin most of the day.
06:34:05 <Maureen> Very nice day. I will check in from Grand. Vw you could text me Turban if you see it. I am at Bisqiut.
06:34:28 <vw> K. Will do!
06:34:30 <Maureen> Easier to get text on phone than chat
06:34:40 <Maureen> Ty
06:37:22 <Dave from B> Snpw piles are shrinking fast
06:38:42 <Kevin L> I hate those snpw piles. They are so annoying.
06:38:54 <Dave from B> Very funny, Kevin
06:44:56 <vw> time to pay attention? Isn't something due to erupt soon?
06:45:19 <Dave from B> Grand could be soon
06:45:20 <vw> OF 1345
06:45:37 <Dave from B> Lion, Daisy
06:46:07 <vw> IF that spray even threatens to come towards the cam, we are watching dirt....
06:50:18 <Dave from B> Just looked at tree clean it looks like a different camera!
06:50:20 <vw> LC 1350 ie
06:52:58 <vw> Pretty amazing, isn't it Dave?
06:55:35 <Dave from B> How it looks that way for awhile
06:56:22 <Dave from B> How = Hope...:P
06:57:54 <vw> I do wonder what other outdoor cams around the world are subjected to harsher conditions. I am sure there are some, but not too many!
06:58:30 <vw> None that get geyser spray anyway...
06:59:29 <Dave from B> As always, Yellowstone is the testing ground for extreme conditions.
06:59:51 <Dave from B> From thermophiles to cameras
07:00:21 <vw> rather extreme number of unusual conditions...
07:00:33 <vw> Lion trying...
07:00:42 <vw> Lion 1400
07:03:58 <vw> brb
07:10:02 <vw> Turban 1409 ie ?
07:10:26 <vw> Confirmed by Maureen.
07:14:32 <Dave from B> It ould be nice to see an under7 Grand
07:14:58 <Dave from B> Is Kevin taking out the garbage?
07:20:03 <vw> Not sure. Haven't heard from him in a while now! Not on cam today, so maybe he is running some errands.
07:24:10 <Kevin L> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
07:24:11 <vw> Churn 1424 ns
07:25:06 <Dave from B> How was your nap, Kevin
07:27:19 <vw> churn is done? Seems like a short eruption, but we did see water.
07:27:59 <Kevin L> I wish. Bus duty.
07:29:05 <vw> Maureen: Turban 1428
07:29:18 <vw> Daisy heating up though.
07:29:57 <vw> Daisy 1429
07:33:36 <vw> I look forward to actually SEEING BHI and Aurum on static now.
07:38:19 <ynpvisitor78> Churn
07:38:37 <ynpvisitor78> 1438
07:39:15 <vw> Confirmed by Maureen, but without time. Unless that is you M here as 78?
07:41:56 <Dave from B> 42 is a quitter
07:42:09 <vw> page sure doesn't like them!
07:45:26 <vw> Maureen: pool looks good.
07:49:26 <vw> Maureen: too long.
07:49:39 <vw> Looks like Turban now maybe.
07:50:02 <vw> 1449 ie ? No confirmation from Maureen yet.
07:50:14 <ynpvisitor78> Churn soon
07:50:34 <vw> Maureen: Turban 1450
07:51:01 <vw> So we see steam a bit before an actual eruption of Turban.
07:51:38 <vw> What could be expected, but good to know.
07:52:59 <Maureen> Hey
07:53:23 <Maureen> It is the overflow steam you see early
07:53:25 <Jenna> hi maureen
07:54:12 <Maureen> Fountain is calling for you Jenna
07:54:39 <Jenna> I bet it is
07:54:59 <Maureen> That was 22 minutes. BH could erupt before Grand
07:55:20 <ynpvisitor78> Churn
07:55:25 <vw> OF watch will likely be a problem too.
07:55:31 <Maureen> Says you have to see it this summer, no excuses
07:55:39 <vw> Time on Churn 78?
07:55:51 <ynpvisitor78> 1455
07:56:02 <vw> I always ask for time, because chat timestamp may not always represent when a person first sees something.
07:56:18 <Maureen> Churn is so nice from Grand.
07:57:41 <Jenna> I am trying very hard to make it happen Maureen
07:57:51 <Maureen> 2 coyotes cruising the flats road keep me company waiting for Fountain.
07:57:53 <Jenna> even asking a friend for help with free lodging lol
07:59:02 <Maureen> I know Jenna, I will hope for the best. Today I am glad you did not have to take that long drive!
07:59:21 <Jenna> me too! it would have been a drag
07:59:47 <Maureen> I just missed Oblong.
08:00:49 <Maureen> Does Dave have a BH prediction.
08:01:24 <vw> I think Dave was thinking around 1600 to start watching for BH.
08:01:41 <Maureen> So it is Kitt's birthday today?
08:02:28 <Maureen> Kitt will be home by then. I know she would like BH for her birthday.
08:02:31 <vw> Or tomorrow? She said she turned 'tonight'
08:02:53 <vw> Tardy 1502 ie ?
08:03:05 <vw> Maureen, can you tell if that is Tardy?
08:03:11 <Maureen> I wondered about that. She talked about Bee today for her BD though
08:03:53 <vw> Maybe Kitt celebrates her birth hour? :)
08:03:55 <Maureen> Will go look
08:04:23 <vw> I can't stay zoomed in: too bouncy.
08:05:36 <Dave from B> Hi, Maureen
08:06:31 <Dave from B> I would expect BH between 1620 and 1750. Then you can go home for dinner!
08:06:57 <Dave from B> You have about 2 or 3 more Turbans before you have a decision to make
08:07:02 <Maureen> OK Dave. So tardy is near sawmill right?
08:07:10 <vw> Yes Maureen.
08:07:17 <vw> Lion 1507
08:07:21 <Maureen> My decision is Grand Dave
08:07:38 <Maureen> Nice. Wow good series
08:08:15 <Maureen> Time to hope...
08:08:57 <vw> Stop and start Lion eruption.
08:09:13 <Kevin L> Multi burst.
08:09:24 <vw> Maureen: Turban 1508.
08:09:50 <vw> Maureen: dropped.
08:10:34 <lc> Kitt's BD is today.
08:10:48 <Maureen> 18 minute interval and no delay so maybe next one.
08:11:03 <Maureen> Thanks lc
08:11:11 <vw> Thank you lc! we will have to sing a Bday song for her when she pops in!
08:11:14 <lc> yw
08:12:20 <lc> wonder if Lion had a minor between the 1120 and the 1257.
08:13:12 <vw> Cam's were getting cleaned during that time and I think there were probably times when there wasn't a view into the basin.
08:13:49 <vw> I know a few times I looked, and all I saw were head shots (bad) and jackets (blurry!).
08:14:17 <lc> ok, thanks vw
08:17:27 <Dave from B> Looks like I'm going to be the sacrifice again today!
08:17:34 <Dave from B> For BH and Grand
08:17:37 <vw> NOooooooo!
08:17:54 <Maureen> Hey my first marmot!
08:18:06 <vw> Sweet! :)
08:18:11 <Maureen> Do you have to go Dave?
08:18:20 <Dave from B> I love the yellow bellies
08:18:33 <vw> But I don't think there is a category for marmots in GT, Maureen.
08:18:38 <Dave from B> I'm actually busy at work, so I'm going to try to stick around a bit
08:19:39 <vw> OF 1519
08:20:43 <Maureen> Nice OF
08:21:12 <vw> Nice on BOTH static cams too!
08:21:13 <Maureen> Now you can concentrate on Grand
08:21:40 <vw> Aurum should be soon, but that is about all.
08:23:01 <cc> hi everyone
08:23:03 <vw> Hi Michael!
08:23:06 <vw> Hi CC!
08:23:30 <cc> how is everyone enjoying the clear view?
08:23:34 <Dave from B> Hi, CC and Michael
08:23:35 <Kevin L> Hi CC
08:23:41 <cc> Hurting your eyes?
08:23:44 <Michael> Hello.
08:23:54 <Dave from B> Now my glasses are dirty!
08:24:01 <cc> lol
08:24:15 <Dave from B> LC 1524ie
08:24:43 <Maureen> Pool looks good.
08:25:05 <vw> We are watching Grand area now Maureen!
08:25:26 <vw> CC, the views are wonderful. I forgot how nice the static picture could be!
08:25:49 <Dave from B> Please thank those responsible for cleaning it!
08:25:55 <cc> thye worked hard to clean everything
08:26:07 <cc> would be nice ofr all to send notes to the webmaster
08:26:13 <cc> for all
08:26:28 <cc> I am sure they would appreciate it
08:26:35 <Dave from B> How do we do that, CC?
08:26:46 <Kevin L> I forgot how much you could see on static.
08:27:00 <cc> there is a link on the National park page I think
08:27:09 <cc> if not I will check
08:27:39 <cc> thought I would wait for Grand...just like Maureen
08:27:52 <vw> Maureen: Turban 1527
08:28:24 <Dave from B> Looks like Maureen better start stretching for the Grand to BH Dash!!
08:29:03 <vw> 19 minutes on that last one.
08:29:12 <Kevin L> And hope for no bison.
08:29:48 <vw> Bison are all out birthing their red dawgs in her back yard. hehe
08:30:18 <Maureen> Hardly any bison
08:30:38 <Maureen> Not a great pool.
08:31:18 <Maureen> There are more elk in the West to Madison corridor than bison.
08:31:42 <vw> Tardy 1531 ie
08:31:50 <Kevin L> Could get a Giantess. Been 1y244d23h59m since the last one.
08:32:01 <vw> Hi Kitt!
08:32:02 <Kitt> Hello
08:32:07 <Maureen> Part of the herd is out of the park
08:32:07 <Kevin L> The birtday girl.
08:32:16 <cc> Dave: I would try webmast@yellowstone
08:32:18 <Kitt> bless whomever it was that saw Beehive early this am
08:32:22 <Maureen> Happy Birthday Kitt!
08:32:33 <Kitt> thnka
08:32:34 <Maureen> Dave M
08:32:39 <Kitt> thanks
08:32:43 <vw> hb2y,hb2y,hadKitt,hb2y!!!
08:32:49 <cc> make that
08:32:57 <Maureen> Saw BH of posted it
08:33:03 <vw> Thank you CC.
08:33:25 <Dave from B> Thanks, cc.
08:33:40 <cc> is BH due?
08:33:43 <Kitt> staff took me to lunch and we had strawberries, whipped cream, and angel food cake for snack at preschool
08:33:55 <Kitt> the kids sang happy birthday to me
08:34:03 <Kevin L> Should be soon cc
08:34:10 <cc> Happy birthday Kitt
08:34:20 <vw> CC, we are expecting BH to show soon. Maybe even within the hour. A special gift for Kitt.
08:34:28 <Kitt> I'm still 51 until this evening
08:34:29 <Kitt> hehe
08:34:31 <cc> thanks Kevin and vw
08:34:41 <Michael> Grand probably before Beehive, but both are in their respective windows.
08:34:55 <Kitt> did someone polish the cam
08:34:59 <Kitt> ?
08:35:04 <Kevin L> Big time.
08:35:04 <Dave from B> And, Aurum is due within the next 60 minutes or so
08:35:06 <cc>
08:35:06 <vw> So you DO celebrate your birth hour Kitt! Cool! :)
08:35:19 <vw> Yes Kitt. We got scrubbed today!
08:35:27 <Michael> Yes. I saw someone's forehead on the still camera earlier today.
08:35:39 <Kevin L> You are getting close to that Grandma stage Kitt.
08:35:51 <Kitt> no
08:36:00 <cc> they worked bery hard to get thinkg nice and clean!
08:36:05 <Kitt> the boys aren't even dating
08:36:06 <cc> very
08:36:15 <vw> From the man who just crossed the generational line... and has an adorable g-baby!
08:36:18 <Kitt> I want them to get out there and see the world
08:36:29 <Michael> .
08:37:23 <Kevin L> BH has a customer.
08:38:39 <vw> BHI 1538
08:38:40 <vw> ding
08:38:41 <vw> ding
08:38:42 <vw> ding
08:38:56 <Kitt> Yippee!!!
08:38:58 <Kevin L> That poor guy.
08:39:07 <Dave from B> Poor, Maureen
08:39:08 <cc> nice catch on BHI vw
08:39:23 <Maureen> Kitt so glad you came on before 1600
08:39:27 <Dave from B> Sub 12 hour interval....Wahoo!!!!!!!!
08:39:59 <Kitt> Had a feeling, especially when I saw the morning bee time
08:40:00 <Dave from B> This means we'll miss another one overnight
08:40:01 <Maureen> I will watch from Spasmodic or Sawmill
08:40:09 <Kevin L> I can send alert.
08:40:18 <Maureen> Depending on grand
08:40:21 <Kevin L> Or not.
08:40:27 <vw> Maureen, you will keep us informed on Grand action?
08:40:50 <lc> can't have everything Dave. g
08:41:37 <vw> Maureen: Turban 1541
08:42:05 <vw> Grand 1542 ie
08:42:07 <Dave from B> I even got up early to try to catch this mornings BH.
08:42:15 <Kevin L> She may get both!
08:42:21 <vw> Maureen had Grand start at 1541
08:42:37 <Kitt> Yeah
08:42:44 <Kitt> Grand too!
08:42:49 <Kitt> Life is good
08:43:12 <Kevin L> Nice Grand.
08:43:19 <Kitt> now all we need is about a 20 minute indicator
08:43:27 <vw> Hope for a long BHI!
08:43:42 <vw> And watch for Aurum on new and improved static cam.
08:44:24 <Micah> Wow, I had to go check, that cam looks wonderful now.
08:44:25 <Kitt> if the cam is clean will Aurum last longer? hehe
08:44:49 <vw> hehe
08:44:55 <vw> If ONLY, Kitt!
08:46:15 <vw> Maureen: beautiful Grand.
08:46:21 <Ryan> someone is sleeping on the bw at OF
08:46:42 <vw> yeah... nothing going on from that perspective...
08:47:22 <Kitt> all those poor souls milling around oblivious that Grand is erupting and Beehive will be
08:47:57 <Micah> Soon there will be more gazers there to help them out :)
08:47:59 <Jenna> one more day
08:49:20 <vw> Maureen is getting a smoother ride being out in this wind than we are watching from behind the lens.
08:49:43 <lc> BH
08:50:04 <vw> thanks lc
08:50:04 <lc> 1549
08:50:09 <Kitt> Yippee
08:50:11 <Kitt> Bee
08:50:14 <Kitt> thanks lc
08:50:29 <lc> very nice on static
08:51:31 <vw> Pause at Grand?
08:51:45 <Dave from B> 10 minutes in
08:52:16 <vw> yeah, pretty late for a multiple.
08:52:19 <Dave from B> I'm headed out right after BH. Have a greta evening, everyone!! And, Happy B-Day again, Kitt!
08:52:35 <vw> Hope you have a great evening too Dave!
08:52:35 <Kevin L> bye Dave
08:52:52 <lc> have a good night Dave
08:53:10 <lc> I'm back to work after Bee.
08:53:17 <Dave from B> I'll sleep better knowing I saw BH (and Grand)!:)
08:53:42 <lc> makes a pretty good day. g
08:53:48 <Michael> I'll wait around and see whether Lion has another eruption in it.
08:54:22 <lc> last one was interesting Michael.
08:54:25 <vw> Have a great evening lc!
08:54:45 <cc> night everyone
08:54:55 <Kitt> well that was just wonderful
08:54:57 <vw> Bye cc! Have a great evening!
08:55:10 <lc> later everyone.
08:55:16 <Kitt> enjoy your day or night
08:55:45 <Kitt> will look for bee early tomorrow morning
08:55:53 <Kitt> bye
08:56:16 <vw> Bye Kitt! Have a great B-hour!
08:56:26 <vw> :)
08:57:10 <vw> Nice to have BH and Grand, but hate having them at the same time!
08:58:06 <vw> .
09:00:37 <vw> Maureen posted Grand with more info: T1C. I deleted my entry.
09:03:25 <vw> Tardy 1603 ie
09:06:29 <vw> I haven't been able to track if Tardy has turned off or not in the last hour.
09:06:59 <Michael> If it's going now, it's probably been going the whole time.
09:07:26 <vw> I think so too Michael: have noted it several times over the last hour.
09:07:53 <vw> We had Churn several times earlier, but just steam there now.
09:08:26 <vw> Hi Kristine! WB.
09:09:06 <vw> I only logged the time when I initially saw Tardy.
09:09:16 <Kristine> Hi. Tardy has been going since I first saw it over an hour ago.
09:09:35 <vw> Thank you Kristine!
09:11:45 <Kristine> Welcome.
09:13:29 <Maureen> That was a nice Grand, as they all are.
09:13:43 <vw> Glad you got to see it M!
09:14:05 <Maureen> thanks for text about BH
09:14:17 <Maureen> Was Kitt happy?
09:14:49 <vw> I think so. She probably would have preferred I focused on BH, but I hate to miss Grand!
09:15:21 <Maureen> You had the cam on Grand instead of Bee?
09:15:30 <vw> Had the cam on both.
09:15:56 <vw> Its so windy that a zoomed back view probably better today anyway.
09:16:35 <Maureen> Nice dual.
09:16:49 <vw> You heading home now?
09:17:02 <vw> I know I need a break after the last hour!
09:23:56 <vw> Aurum 1623
09:24:10 <vw> great on static!!!
09:24:55 <Kevin L> Very nice.
09:26:43 <vw> Lion due, but I seriously need a break!
09:26:46 <vw> Back in a bit.
09:26:58 <Maureen> Nice Aurum. A guy was here wanting to see it so he will be happy
09:27:08 <Maureen> Bye
09:40:09 <vw> Guess I didn't miss anything?
09:40:40 <vw> except my coordination?
09:41:02 <vw> Looks like Sawmill now. 1640 ie
09:41:32 <Michael> Yup.
09:48:59 <Michael> Time for OF already? Time flies!
09:50:52 <vw> OF 1650
09:51:19 <vw> Unless Lion erupted when I was afk, I guess that series is over.
09:51:59 <Michael> I wasn't watching at all times, but I think it just didn't go.
09:53:04 <vw> That wouldn't surprise me. We had a nice long series, and the last Lion recorded had a pretty erratic go of it.
09:57:23 <vw> Looked like Tardy and Sawmill both active at 1656 ie
09:58:04 <vw> I believe Maureen has left the basin. Wonder if maybe Kristine is out and might have more info.
09:58:38 <vw> Just Sawmill now.
09:59:49 <Michael> I agree that Sawmill and Tardy were both going. Tardy often has brief eruptions during Sawmill. They come out of an empty crater and are taller than the usual splashing.
10:00:53 <vw> I wish we could stay zoomed in. Afraid everybody would be at risk of losing their appetite if I did though.
10:01:18 <Graham> hello, a bit late today, did I miss anything?
10:01:40 <vw> We only had one hour of excitement today Graham.
10:01:55 <vw> The cams got cleaned up then! Lots of head and hand shots!!!
10:02:23 <Graham> I see that, Grand and BH conspired against each other
10:03:24 <vw> Yes, but cam was/is bouncy, so a far view was 'okay.' Kind of...
10:05:29 <Graham> 3 Aurums, wow
10:05:48 <vw> :)
10:06:02 <vw> Very reliable intervals helps!
10:06:52 <Graham> Castle at 4 days, that is odd
10:06:57 <vw> Maybe you can catch up on Castle.
10:06:59 <vw> Too long!
10:07:56 <Graham> another long Lion series, busy day
10:08:18 <vw> It has been a good day. Fun.
10:11:25 <vw> This should be pretty, with the lighting.
10:11:27 <Graham> Daisy 1711
10:23:19 <Graham> zzzzzzz
10:23:41 <vw> I am heading out for the evening.
10:23:51 <vw> Hope everybody has a wonderful night!
10:26:29 <Graham> Sawmill quit
10:26:34 <Graham> zzzzzzz
10:32:04 <alex (working)> full moon tonight. Is the webcam sensitive enough to catch eruptions at night?
10:32:12 <Kristine> Evening
10:32:37 <Graham> after midnight it resets and you can see better, the gain adjusts
10:32:43 <Graham> hi K. good day?
10:33:03 <Graham> sorry, Kristine .... been typing too much today
10:33:04 <alex (working)> thanks Graham, and hi K
10:33:36 <alex (working)> Sorry Kristine, just following Graham's lead. I blame him
10:33:38 <Kristine> Hi Graham. Beehive was great!
10:34:18 <Kristine> Hi Alex.
10:35:05 <Kristine> Was going to add some stuff into GeyserTimes, but it's not working good for me so I'm just going to forget it and put my info in the logbook tomorrow.
10:35:51 <Graham> if you have them in an email i can enter then easily with the bulk page
10:36:57 <Kristine> I just have them in my personal logbook. I gave up trying to use my smartphone to enter anything, it's too unweildy.
10:41:37 <Graham> shame that Grand went at the same time
10:43:31 <Kristine> I got to see it spiking over the trees.
10:44:36 <Graham> short bee interval 11h41
10:45:15 <Kristine> Yep. I want it to push into evening so I can a rainbow before the crowds show up.
10:45:31 <Graham> and a 51F day, wow is that the warmest this year?
10:45:45 <Kristine> Anyway, hubby is home so I think I am going to help with dinner.
10:45:52 <Graham> k, see ya
10:46:03 <Kristine> I don't know, Graham. It would have felt much warmer without the wind.
10:46:08 <Kristine> Have a good evening.
10:52:08 <Maureen> hey...when the wind quit today, it was very nice out. It would come and go.
10:52:18 <Andrew> hello
10:52:22 <Maureen> Grand was very nice, on the other side of the trees.
10:52:26 <Maureen> hey.
10:52:52 <Graham> i am sure it was. i missed both of them and Bee and Ftn and Churn
10:53:03 <Maureen> Churn was nice too.
10:53:32 <Graham> and Ftn?
10:56:10 <Maureen> FTN was awesome as always, too short though, if we are going to have 32 min eruptions let's have 6 hour intervals, not 9
10:56:31 <Graham> so no signs of Morning?
10:59:37 <Maureen> no signs of Morning
10:59:44 <Maureen> or Morning's Thief
11:00:02 <Maureen> And Twig only erupted about an hour.
11:00:08 <Maureen> so different than last year.
11:00:19 <Maureen> Plus is 32 minute eruptions make 9 hour intervals...
11:00:22 <Maureen> hmmm
11:00:34 <Maureen> I am looking forward to a closed interval day
11:00:45 <Maureen> Steve is delayed again, as I knew he would be
11:02:49 <Graham> uhoh what is his new eta?
11:06:15 <Maureen> Saturday
11:07:14 <Graham> thats not too bad
11:09:08 <Graham> Swmill
11:10:03 <Graham> snow has almost vanished from UGB cam view
11:11:26 <Graham> just saw the last Turban was just 14min, thats one of the shortest
11:12:04 <Graham> just realized, 1mo till GF opens
11:13:54 <Maureen> that was a short Turban. I think on my timer it was almost 16 minutes, just an end of minute and then another end...
11:14:12 <Maureen> yes, one month until Great Fountain and Pink Cone.
11:14:43 <Maureen> Grand started almost immediately after Turban.
11:24:42 <Graham> OF 1824
11:29:45 <Will B(packing)> .
11:30:18 <Graham> where you going Will?
11:32:04 <Will B(packing)> Work
11:34:21 <Graham> its not really hwork in the park
11:56:19 <Will B(running)> bye
11:59:35 <Graham> really slow evening
12:00:15 <Kevin L> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
12:00:40 <Graham> the good news is that nobody is watching
12:02:02 <LETSGOWINGS> clean lens is reallllly nice
12:02:52 <LETSGOWINGS> Castle still dormant?
12:03:07 <Graham> yep, no Castle
12:04:23 <LETSGOWINGS> Lynn's recent listserv discussion on Giantess intervals has lead me into thinking of geysers in terms of decades and centuries
12:04:50 <LETSGOWINGS> most of the big geysers have extended dormancies
12:05:08 <LETSGOWINGS> and I started wondering what geysers we might be taking for granted today
12:05:18 <Graham> yep, and early park history wwe have no idea what was happening most of the time
12:05:31 <LETSGOWINGS> I came up with Beehive, since it's basically predictable
12:05:47 <LETSGOWINGS> would be crying if it was dormant or days between eruptions
12:05:53 <Graham> Grand
12:06:04 <Graham> been there, done that
12:06:05 <LETSGOWINGS> I'm kicking myself for not trying to see more Giants in the 2000's
12:06:09 <Maureen> ?
12:06:12 <LETSGOWINGS> I didn't know it was THAT special
12:06:18 <Graham> wasn't that long ago it had an 80h interval
12:06:33 <LETSGOWINGS> which had an 80h? BH?
12:06:49 <Graham> yep, few years ago when it was having false indicators
12:06:59 <Graham> only 1 tho
12:07:13 <LETSGOWINGS> yeah, but that was still FUN because it didn't last very long
12:07:42 <Graham> you just had to go out for 20min every 3 hours for the false indicator just in case bee decided to erupt
12:08:31 <LETSGOWINGS> now I'm wondering if there's been a time in the last 100 years with fewer active big geysers than right now
12:10:15 <Graham> there just aren't many big geysers anyway
12:12:03 <LETSGOWINGS> Giant, Giantess, Grand, BH, Castle, Daisy, Riverside, Splendid, Great Fountain, Morning, Fountain, Union, Steamboat, Fan & Mortar
12:12:24 <LETSGOWINGS> 14, oh and Excelsior
12:12:43 <LETSGOWINGS> and Old Faithful
12:13:02 <LETSGOWINGS> and and and and
12:15:24 <LETSGOWINGS> your goals don't matter
12:18:12 <Graham> they are still nice
12:18:27 <Graham> dont you want Ottowa to lose?
12:18:41 <LETSGOWINGS> I'd like to see the Caps do something this year
12:19:00 <Graham> LETSGOCAPS
12:19:03 <LETSGOWINGS> I don't have a distaste of East teams yet, that starts next season--will take some getting used to
12:19:27 <Graham> yeah gonna be a shakeup
12:19:44 <LETSGOWINGS> I grew up disliking Colorado and San Jose
12:19:51 <Graham> Sawmill off again
12:26:48 <Graham> CASTLE
12:26:54 <Graham> 1928ie
12:26:56 <LETSGOWINGS> yay
12:27:04 <Maureen> nice
12:27:46 <Graham> 1926ie i guess
12:28:16 <Maureen> some nice spikes
12:28:36 <Graham> thats good, VEC will have a prediction time
12:29:03 <Graham> unless it minors, looks like it could
12:29:08 <kc (draft)> nice
12:29:40 <Graham> and we can see
12:29:52 <Graham> nice spike
12:30:11 <Maureen> does not look like it wants to minor to me...
12:30:34 <Graham> yeah it was dying down a bit earlier
12:31:09 <Maureen> so how long after a major? 15 hrs
12:31:09 <Maureen> so 15 hrs after a major?
12:31:30 <Graham> maybe 14.5
12:31:39 <Graham> of course we dont know if it minored last night
12:31:56 <Maureen> it could take a few days before they get to loggers
12:32:13 <Maureen> I will have to bring my radio to Grand tomorrow
12:32:42 <Graham> you have not taken a radio?
12:32:58 <Maureen> today I had it but it was off. No gazers in basin, and no VC
12:33:29 <Maureen> wow Castle seems happy
12:33:57 <Graham> you will miss it tomorrow
12:34:10 <Maureen> yep, too early for my plans
12:34:39 <Maureen> hopefully the VEC will look on GT and predict a time
12:35:07 <Graham> CC will probably call them
12:35:37 <Maureen> cam looks so much better
12:36:37 <Maureen> well this is looking like a major
12:38:11 <Graham> looks steamy
12:38:26 <Maureen> still a lot of water in there too
12:48:41 <Graham> OF 1948
12:48:48 <Graham> oh well, Caps get another point
12:54:12 <Graham> Daisy 1953
13:09:06 <Graham> i am done for today, not much else going to happen now anyway
13:09:20 <Graham> good luck with Grand and Fountain tomorrow Maureen
13:09:23 <LETSGOWINGS> thanks for driving
13:09:25 <Graham> goodnight
13:09:31 <Maureen> nite
13:09:35 <Graham> still winning?
13:09:46 <LETSGOWINGS> won.
13:10:18 <Maureen> don't work too hard G
13:11:01 <Graham> should be easier day tomorrow
13:11:03 <Graham> goodnight