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18:25:59 <ynpvisitor20> hi
18:25:59 <ynpvisitor20> hi
21:24:34 <ynpvisitor83>
21:24:40 <ynpvisitor83> ı male
22:41:10 <ynpvisitor66> 33
23:17:27 <ynpvisitor73> OF 0613 L
23:36:18 <ynpvisitor1> do we know who is on the boardwalk by BH this early morning?
23:40:00 <Dave from B> Good morning, Lori
23:40:17 <Dave from B> I wonder how long they have been at BH this morning
23:43:29 <Lori> standing there when I got on. Morning Dave.
23:44:03 <Lori> steamy day there
23:44:51 <Lori> is BH due? I have to leave for a dentist appt this morning
23:45:44 <Dave from B> Just over 14 hours since last BH. It is possible.
23:46:29 <Dave from B> Only 9F this morning at OF
23:47:55 <ynpvisitor22> Bob always patrolled the UGB last spring. Has he been seen this year?
23:50:34 <Dave from B> Not that I have heard. Probably a question for Maureen
23:52:27 <ynpvisitor21> I read someone ID'ing him in a pic on FB
00:00:54 <lc> good morning
00:06:48 <Dave from B> Morning, lc
00:08:23 <Diane> Pretty morning.
00:08:42 <Dave from B> Good morning, Diane
00:08:51 <Diane> Good morning.
00:08:56 <Dave from B> Chilly but beautiful
00:09:20 <lc> morning Diane
00:13:03 <Lori> I'm off- enjoy!
00:15:29 <Dave from B> Have fun, Lori
00:49:01 <Diane> .
00:51:08 <ynpvisitor28> Castle ie
01:02:04 <Dave from B> Good morning, Kevin and Jenna
01:02:38 <Jenna> morning Dave
01:05:22 <Kevin L> hi
01:06:26 <Jenna> hoping for a great geyser day! my coworker is off and I don't have much work to do.
01:06:52 <Kevin L> Should have a good shot at BH in the next hour.
01:07:11 <Jenna> good
01:07:18 <Jenna> I had just left work when I got the text yesterday
01:08:05 <Kevin L> It was pretty yesterday. Indy and Castle went just as I turned the cam over to Graham.
01:08:48 <Kevin L> I have to be at the dentist at 0830 so that you give you a good shot at it.
01:09:48 <Jenna> lol sounds good
01:10:17 <Jenna> I did get to see grand before dark, the lighting was beautiful
01:13:02 <Dave from B> Lion 0812
01:18:01 <ynpvisitor21> .
01:23:54 <ynpvisitor8> Who is watching Indy?
01:25:17 <Dave from B> Nice splash from BH
01:36:42 <Dave from B> Good morning, Kristine
01:36:59 <Jenna> .
01:37:09 <Kristine> Morning Dave
01:38:48 <Dave from B> BH watcher has been there a long time
01:39:24 <Kristine> I can tell you it's not me.
01:40:50 <Dave from B> :)
01:42:51 <Kristine> Well, I'm headed out there. Hopefully Beehive is more cooperative today.
01:43:05 <Diane> Good luck, Kristine.
01:43:53 <Kristine> Thanks. I must be crazy to do this :-)
01:44:08 <Kristine> Later
01:44:53 <Dave from B> ..
01:44:56 <Dave from B> Crazy?
01:45:22 <Dave from B> Already 25F as of 0815
01:45:52 <Jenna> what's the high supposed to be there today?
01:46:22 <Dave from B> 49F
01:47:07 <Jenna> won't feel too bad with the sun I'm sure
01:47:21 <Jenna> we're not much higher than that today and we've got clouds and storms
01:53:06 <Jenna> water?
01:53:18 <ynpvisitor21> .
01:53:47 <Dave from B> 0853ie BHI
01:53:50 <Dave from B> :!:
01:53:52 <Dave from B> :!:
01:53:55 <Dave from B> :!:
01:54:07 <Dave from B> I'll send alert
01:54:51 <Jenna> their wait paid off
01:56:17 <ynpvisitor8> Enjoy all. I have to go. Bad timing for me!
01:56:34 <Dave from B> Bye, 8.
01:56:44 <Dave from B> Bad timing for Kevin also
01:57:19 <Maureen> Hey, Steve is there!
01:57:44 <Maureen> wow, a board of visitors today
01:57:55 <Dave from B> Morning, Maureen
01:58:00 <Maureen> Morning Dave...a long interval here...
01:58:23 <Ryan-lunch> morning all
01:58:24 <Dave from B> Could be 3 long intervals in a row
01:58:28 <Maureen> Steve must have figured out it looked ready
01:58:30 <Dave from B> Morning, Ryan
01:58:58 <Dave from B> Somebody has been watching BH since at least 0630
01:59:01 <Maureen> where is Kevin?
01:59:14 <Dave from B> At the Dentist, I believe
01:59:21 <Maureen> drat
01:59:35 <Maureen> Fountain should be beautiful today.
01:59:43 <Dave from B> His appt was at 830...don't think he'll make it back in time
02:00:15 <Dave from B> Why aren't you at Fountain already?
02:00:19 <Maureen> Jenna, are you here?
02:00:33 <Maureen> we, steve and I, decided 10 was plenty early to be there.
02:00:50 <Maureen> I am thinking it will be 11 or later
02:01:21 <Maureen> Steve may change plans and decide to stay with Grand
02:01:49 <Maureen> nice of OF to erupt OF 0901
02:02:00 <Maureen> fluffy
02:02:51 <Maureen> hey ge
02:03:07 <Jenna> yes
02:03:12 <Jenna> I was on the phone
02:03:13 <ge> Looking forward to seeing you in about 3 weeks
02:03:37 <Maureen> me ge? HEY JENNA, glad you are here now
02:03:49 <Maureen> you are coming for Memorial Day?
02:04:09 <ge> at Fountain & great f
02:04:28 <Maureen> Saturday the 25th for GF!
02:04:42 <ge> bee there may 25
02:05:02 <Maureen> he he
02:05:11 <ge> for a week with my non-gazer family
02:05:52 <Maureen> do you get to gaze a little?
02:06:09 <ge> hopefully more than a little
02:06:30 <Maureen> great
02:06:40 <ge> they can always read at BH oir grand
02:06:45 <ge> or grand
02:07:38 <ge> got to run or will be late 4 work. bye all
02:07:43 <Maureen> please bring some nice weather with you.
02:07:49 <Maureen> bye
02:08:59 <Maureen> hopefully Steve got the Lion initial too
02:10:07 <Maureen> morning Alex at work
02:10:29 <Jenna> .
02:10:55 <Maureen> going to be steamy
02:11:29 <Maureen> climb puff ball
02:12:15 <Maureen> BH 0911
02:13:06 <Maureen> at least the VEC knew about it, with Steve there on radio
02:13:35 <alex (at work)> good morning maureen.....and Beehive
02:13:38 <ynpvisitor89> what freq?
02:13:46 <Will B> 4-5
02:13:50 <Maureen> 4.5 for the radios
02:13:55 <ynpvisitor89> thx
02:14:38 <ynpvisitor89> will be there mother's day wknd to watch the fun
02:14:53 <Maureen> that is soon 89
02:15:06 <ynpvisitor89> live in bozo
02:15:17 <Maureen> one more week!
02:15:32 <Maureen> do you come stay in the park?
02:16:00 <Maureen> pretty nice BEE for how steamy it is now.
02:16:25 <ynpvisitor89> we try to stay twice a year, mom's and weekend after labor day
02:16:40 <Maureen> at OF?
02:16:54 <ynpvisitor89> camp at madison, fam of 5 so i don't always get to do what I want
02:17:06 <Maureen> Oh right, Madison opens.
02:17:11 <Diane> That sounds familiar.
02:17:19 <Maureen> hey Diane...
02:17:30 <Maureen> Dave, did you get to watch BH?
02:18:04 <ynpvisitor89> just found this chat last night! really neat, hopefully will help with my limited time there
02:18:24 <Maureen> use
02:18:28 <Maureen> it has all the times
02:18:37 <Dave from B> No, I didn't..was stuck afk:(
02:18:38 <ynpvisitor89> yea been there before!
02:19:11 <Maureen> Lion?
02:19:28 <Maureen> nope
02:19:44 <Dave from B> Lion should be any minute
02:20:00 <Dave from B> Maureen, are you in contact with Steve?
02:20:06 <Maureen> sorry you missed Bee Dave
02:20:13 <Maureen> i can be
02:20:25 <Dave from B> That's ok. Have to work once in awhile
02:20:43 <Maureen> do you have a question for him?
02:20:50 <Maureen> and yes, work happens
02:20:54 <Dave from B> Are we sure Grand has not gone yet?
02:21:01 <Maureen> oh, I will ask
02:21:46 <Dave from B> Thanks
02:25:17 <Maureen> anyone see Lion start?
02:26:13 <Maureen> Steve did not answer, yet VEC line has 11:30 for Grand, and 11:50 for Daisy
02:27:03 <Maureen> I would guess that 1130 is a prediction based on Steve's observations
02:27:21 <Maureen> hope someone posts Lion
02:28:01 <Maureen> my guess is 0923 for start, yet I was calling Steve
02:28:21 <Maureen> off to Fountain, have a good day.
02:36:26 <Will B> oblong 0936ie
02:36:34 <Will B> ?
03:06:58 <Kevin L> I knew it.
03:07:32 <Dave from B> Kevin, you need to do a better job scheduling your appointments!:)
03:08:41 <Kevin L> Kind of hard to schedule 3 mos in advance. :p. Doesn't matter anyway. It would go when I was gone.
03:11:00 <Dave from B> You need to find doctors who work when its dark outside!
03:12:15 <Jenna> I was just thinking that Dave!
03:13:14 <Kevin L> I think they have them here.
03:22:16 <Dave from B> Grand 1022ie
03:22:28 <Dave from B> I did see water
03:22:52 <Kevin L> That is Grand.
03:22:56 <Dave from B> Had to be a ways in...not very tall
03:23:00 <Kevin L> It thought I was gone.
03:23:02 <Jenna> definitely spikes
03:23:34 <Kevin L> Poor camop will really nedd NoDoz now.
03:25:13 <Kevin L> Nice water.
03:26:38 <Dave from B> ..
03:27:12 <Kevin L> Looks like near end
03:27:21 <Kevin L> OF due anyway.
03:27:48 <Kristine> The radio call was 1014 for the start of Grand.
03:28:06 <Kristine> I think it knew I was getting ready to head out there :-P
03:28:28 <Kevin L> Beats going to the dentist. :(
03:28:29 <Dave from B> Thanks, Krisitne...figured we had missed the big start
03:28:45 <Kevin L> Well Aurum is left.
03:29:05 <Dave from B> Anyone been keeping an eye on Lion on static?
03:29:36 <Kristine> True, Kevin
03:29:40 <Dave from B> Is that Grotto?
03:49:41 <Dave from B> ..
03:55:57 <vw> Good morning/afternoon!
03:56:08 <Dave from B> Hi, vw!
03:56:09 <Kristine> Hi vw
03:56:30 <vw> Seems most anything worth seeing has already erupted. Time to read a book?
03:57:01 <Dave from B> cam op will not be an exciting job today
03:57:32 <vw> And too many people in the basin to be wishing for a bear sighting!
03:58:32 <Dave from B> Daisy, Aurum, Depression and Oblong still haven't been "found" today
03:58:52 <Dave from B> How's your dog doing?
03:59:26 <vw> Great Dave! Back to his old self. Fun too!
03:59:51 <vw> Paw sure looks funny missing that outside toe though!
03:59:59 <Dave from B> That's terrfic. That was a long month or so!
04:00:31 <Kristine> Oh, there was an Oblong seen at 0933. I think that's the right time, it was a radio call and I didn't write it down. Daisy was seen around 0900 (sorry was rushing to Beehive so I didn't get the time) and there was a Depression around 0700.
04:00:31 <vw> We tried very hard to keep it, but it just wouldn't heal.
04:00:37 <Dave from B> Missing a toe....Harder for him to get around?
04:01:01 <Dave from B> Thanks, Kristine for the updates
04:01:17 <vw> Thanks Kristine!
04:01:33 <Dave from B> So, I guess it is time for that book, vw!
04:01:52 <vw> Dingo just has some minor balance issues. Missing digit is a front outside one, so his foot sometimes tends to roll to the outside. Just takes time to adjust and learn.
04:02:09 <Dave from B> ..
04:02:11 <Kristine> All of that was either stuff Steve saw or stuff I heard called on the radio.
04:04:31 <vw> Having even 'close' times really helps. Without some baseline we are just shooting for a lucky break. Not a good strategy, and always good to avoid it!
04:05:26 <Kristine> Glad I could help. Steve was out early this morning.
04:05:29 <Kevin L> Yes! It really helps the camops to have even ballpark times.
04:05:42 <Diane> Was trying to tell my husband and having a senior moment - what feature did the touron throw the ice into the other day?
04:07:39 <vw> A spring across the bw from BH called Copper Kettle.
04:08:19 <vw> Depression 1108 ie
04:08:28 <vw> Woohoo! thanks Kristine, steve!
04:08:57 <Kristine> Depression has been having weak eruptions lately.
04:09:10 <Kristine> Welcome vw.
04:09:19 <vw> Has been very hard to catch on the cam. Having that time was huge!!!
04:09:26 <Kevin L> Haven't seen a good splash out of Depression for a long time.
04:10:09 <Kristine> Yeah. Even from the Inn parking lot, I have to pay close attention in order to catch Depression now.
04:13:30 <Diane> Thank you vw. Did anyone ever notice if there was any damage?
04:13:55 <vw> Kristine mentioned she didn't notice anything.
04:14:03 <Diane> That's good.
04:14:30 <Kristine> Yeah, I've not seen anything out of the ordinary up there.
04:15:54 <Dave from B> Kristine, what is happening with "Mouth"?
04:16:05 <vw> Stupid human tricks. Maybe we could talk David Letterman into doing special segments....
04:17:00 <Kristine> Every time I've been by I haven't seen any activity. It looks more like a giant shoe print than a mouth now.
04:17:25 <Dave from B> Thanks
04:19:10 <Diane> I missed seeing it by seconds, and I'm not certain I know which spring is copper kettle. But I'm glad its all right.
04:19:17 <Diane> Or appears to be.
04:22:29 <vw> Copper Kettle is one of those features that you notice but you don't? When you on the bw next time, you will see it and probably say "NOW I remember!" Nice feature.
04:23:51 <Diane> I can hardly wait. September seems a long time away and not sure we can work in a June trip, although we do have reservations just in case.
04:24:16 <vw> Lets hope you can go in June.
04:24:42 <vw> Bulger 1124 ie ?
04:24:57 <Dave from B> Hope you can also make it countdown is at 56 days:)
04:26:07 <vw> Whole family going on that trip Dave?
04:26:33 <Dave from B> So far the plan is just the gazer whackos (Becca and me)
04:26:41 <vw> :D
04:27:00 <Dave from B> Which means lots of reports for you and the chat page crew!
04:27:12 <vw> Need to connect Becca up with Will and/of Micah. Need more inductees in the under 20 GG's!
04:27:28 <vw> *and/oR*
04:27:50 <Dave from B> Becca met Will last year. Looking forward to meeting Micah this summer
04:28:02 <Diane> I love having family and friends go with us, but we had the BEST time the year we came alone and spent almost the entire time in UGB.
04:29:33 <Dave from B> We have had a lot of great family time in the basin...this will be the first time for just the two of us.
04:30:53 <vw> I hope you and Becca have a wonderful time. It is so cool you share something of interest with her Dave.
04:31:03 <Diane> We have had great family times in the basin too, don't get me wrong. My kids always liked days in the basin, but that wasn't all they wanted to do.
04:31:18 <ynpvisitor17> That looks like a weak penta
04:32:01 <vw> Hmmm. I thought the steam looked a little far back for Penta. I have such a problem id'ing things back there though.
04:33:16 <Kevin L> All my kids love the basin. I have had them at the park as young as 3.
04:33:20 <vw> Need someone on the ground to tell me!
04:33:24 <Dave from B> Diane, I understand completely what you're saying. My wife knows that I want to spend longer days in the basin so that is how the trip with Becca an me came about. I'm really looking forward to it. Plus, I have lots of people I want to meet.
04:34:48 <Kevin L> That should have read 3 month.
04:35:21 <vw> So hard to get a 3 month old excited about anything besides their next feeding!
04:35:44 <Diane> The year Ron and I came out hoping to see Giant was so much fun because we spent almost all of our time in the basin.
04:36:28 <Kevin L> I tell you what though, the next year we went about the same time and you could tell she remembered the geysers. As dsoon as she saw them on fountain flats she wents nuts.
04:36:38 <Dave from B> No doubt, we will set a family record for time in the basin....I also love going out in the dark, so I'm not sure when we are going to eat or sleep
04:36:48 <vw> Cute Kevin!
04:37:25 <vw> Take lots of trail mix and water Dave!
04:37:40 <Diane> Cheese and crackers.
04:38:14 <Dave from B> I'm trying to figure out if one extra battery is enough for my phone
04:39:03 <Dave from B> I hope Micah delivers!:)
04:39:36 <vw> Depends on what you will be doing Dave. One of those extended battery packs plus one regular would be ideal.
04:40:44 <Dave from B> That's what I have and it works great
04:40:55 <vw> Churn 1140 ie
04:41:11 <ynpvisitor26> Yeh churn
04:43:09 <vw> .
04:44:03 <Dave from B> ..
04:44:10 <Dave from B> Daisy?
04:44:14 <vw> .
04:44:18 <vw> Daisy 1142
04:44:25 <Dave from B> 1144ie
04:44:31 <Dave from B> Thanks, vw
04:44:44 <Dave from B> Too much steam! Show me the water:)
04:46:13 <vw> .
04:46:45 <vw> Can you see my posts now? feel like a mutant Verizon guy...
04:47:03 <Kevin L> This seems to be taking its time.
04:47:30 <vw> My Daisy time took almost 2 minutes to post here.
04:47:44 <Dave from B> I can "see" you now, vw!
04:48:08 <Dave from B> vw, chat page had to check your post before sending it!
04:48:22 <vw> Now people are being censored!
04:48:52 <Dave from B> Yeah, you are on the list, vw
04:49:10 <vw> hehe
04:50:15 <vw> OF 1149
04:50:27 <vw> Snuck up on me.
04:50:58 <kc (working)> .
04:56:50 <vw> Quiet time I guess now.
04:57:06 <Diane> .
04:58:24 <Dave from B> Sure looks like it. Riverside coming soon and who knows about Aurum
04:58:33 <Diane> Good time for Giantess.
04:58:39 <Dave from B> And Plume
04:58:57 <Dave from B> Except wind direction not good for Giantess or Aurum
05:03:09 <Diane> Yeah, well, if the wind direction is bad, I don't want to see Giantess. :)
05:03:55 <vw> At least with Giantess it gets tall enough and lasts long enough we get good glimpses of it no matter what OF is doing.
05:05:42 <vw> VEC is predicting OF at 1309, making that last one a medium duration eruption. We don't have that option on GT.
05:06:44 <Diane> I've only seen Giantess on the cam once and it was a later surge, but very cool.
05:08:38 <Dave from B> This is probably a day where Kevin doen't have bus duty...nothing expected
05:09:04 <vw> Maybe if we send K out on an errand something will erupt?
05:09:18 <Diane> :)
05:13:36 <Kevin L> Bus duty is coming up....
05:14:33 <vw> We love you K... :D
05:16:17 <Dave from B> :D
05:21:26 <kc (working)> penta i think
05:21:41 <vw> Hi kc! Thanks!
05:22:18 <kc (working)> im never 100% sure unless G is here, but those bursts look evenly spaced like penta
05:22:34 <kc (working)> and its behind that tree
05:22:39 <vw> I am exactly the same way.
05:24:19 <Will B> car is getting full!
05:24:29 <vw> :)
05:24:41 <Dave from B> Leave room for yourself!
05:24:59 <Will B> yeah no kidding
05:25:19 <Will B> fridge and microwave are space hoggers
05:25:54 <vw> Those are the kinds of things you want to try to find someone in Bozeman you can leave them with!!!
05:26:23 <vw> Or store your frequently used items in them: socks, underwear, toiletries...
05:26:26 <Will B> kristine said it would be a good idea to bring them, instead of putting them in my storage room
05:26:54 <vw> Interesting that they would let you have them in employee dorms. Nice.
05:29:16 <Will B> Im going to go hike the M after lunch today with a friend of mine so i cant fill that seat yet
05:30:14 <Dave from B> My last kid is a teenager today!:)
05:31:08 <vw> Congratz Dave. :D
05:32:55 <vw> Churn 1232 ie
05:33:02 <kc (working)> nice
05:33:17 <vw> sorry.. misclick.
05:33:17 <Dave from B> Thanks, vw...Now I just wish he acted like he was 13.
05:33:30 <vw> No you don't Dave.
05:33:49 <Kevin L> Just wait Dave, it gets worse....
05:33:56 <Dave from B> I sure he learns how to get motivated one of these days.
05:34:04 <Dave from B> sure hope he
05:34:32 <vw> youngest child... Good luck there!
05:35:18 <vw> All the doors have been opened and bridges crossed by his older siblings. He hasn't HAD to get motivated!
05:36:37 <Dave from B> Yeah, and he has big shoes to fill. The girls are extremely motivated and driven
05:38:14 <Jenna> I had a mini fridge my last year and I loved it. I was always hungry or thirsty when the EDR was closed.
05:38:28 <vw> That just makes it harder for him: Why try to compete with the stellar performers?
05:40:16 <Dave from B> I know. Trying to find ways to bond with him is difficult. I find it hard to understand all his computer game stuff.
05:40:40 <Dave from B> That is one reason we bought the ping pong table. That has helped a bit.
05:43:05 <vw> When you have figured out how to help him find a passion, let me know Dave. I have one just like him!
05:44:33 <ynpvisitor76> Could be another churn
05:44:34 <vw> Sweetest kid in the world though, so i don't push too hard.
05:45:05 <Dave from B> Churn from static?
05:45:11 <vw> Just had Churn 1232 ie. Same one?
05:45:35 <Dave from B> vw, how old is your son?
05:45:39 <ynpvisitor76> Every 14 minutes
05:45:40 <vw> No, Churn can't be seen on static cam.
05:45:52 <vw> 19 yo. Loves his vid games!!!
05:46:10 <Dave from B> That's all my son has done since age 2
05:46:26 <vw> Has finally committed to sticking with college next fall. Just wasn't into it this last year.
05:46:40 <Dave from B> Sits up there for hours..only comes downsstairs for popcorn
05:47:00 <Dave from B> I'm glad he has chosen to give college a try
05:47:07 <vw> Oh man... we need to either get them together or keep them far far apart Dave! :D
05:47:19 <Dave from B> I know...can't decide either:D
05:48:08 <vw> They could speak in that special language reserved just for vid freaks!
05:48:36 <Kevin L> It has all gone downhill since PacMan and Donkey Kong.
05:48:45 <vw> :D
05:49:08 <vw> I tried to explain Atari to Josh one time. It was a lost cause.
05:49:35 <vw> "Pong" really blew his mind.
05:49:49 <Dave from B> Pong was hypnotizing
05:50:02 <vw> :D
05:50:08 <Kevin L> I still have one of those old home games that does pong.
05:59:43 <vw> I keep checking for Churn, but it looks quiet over there.
06:01:03 <vw> Time for Riverside. OF soon. And of course Aurum is still on the unknown list.
06:04:17 <vw> Steam from Grotto area.
06:05:00 <kc (working)> u mean oblong maybe?
06:05:04 <vw> although depending on wind, could be from several locations. Who is in the basin?
06:05:59 <vw> I am think Oblong now kc. Not a very big steam plume though.
06:06:34 <kc (working)> turbottogroblong maybe
06:06:41 <vw> Looking better fro Oblong now.
06:06:46 <vw> funny!
06:07:37 <vw> Makes we wonder how windy it is down basin.
06:08:06 <vw> Could make seeing Riverside nearly impossible.
06:17:29 <vw> OF 1317
06:17:39 <Dave from B> A geyser!
06:18:17 <vw> Enjoy it while you can. Might not see another for a while.
06:22:59 <vw> Time for me to grab some lunch. Back in a bit.
06:51:11 <Dave from B> ..
06:51:54 <Dave from B> ..
07:22:59 <vw> zzzzzzzzz.
07:23:12 <vw> Daisy 1422
07:28:15 <vw> This should be a safe setting in case I fall asleep before OF.
07:34:27 <Dave from B> ..
07:35:03 <Dave from B> zzzzzzzzzzzz
07:36:05 <Dave from B> Looks like OF and Depression coming up
07:38:53 <vw> Not having much luck in the Aurum watch. Maybe K wasn't vocal enough about leaving for bus duty an hour ago.
07:39:42 <Dave from B> Maybe it's just a hoax and he is still here!
07:40:47 <vw> Kind of scary when the geysers are slier than the gazers.
07:43:50 <Dave from B> We have to blame inactivity on something
07:44:05 <Kevin L> Well I just got back about 10 ago so that didn't work.
07:44:21 <Kevin L> You would have thought I would get an Aurum.
07:44:35 <vw> Geyser gods aren't listening any more K.
07:45:44 <vw> Over an hour with nada. Not sure that will be significantly improved upon any time soon.
07:46:35 <Dave from B> Things were a lot better when we had Plume to keep us awake.
07:47:13 <Kevin L> You need a video game Dave.
07:47:42 <Dave from B> I know where to find a couple
07:48:19 <Jenna> I get caught up on my shows on hulu :)
07:48:43 <vw> Always a good option Jenna.
07:49:00 <Kevin L> You could listen to old radio shows on
07:49:28 <Dave from B> We could never survive without our DVR which allows us to watch shows when we are able.
07:49:36 <Jenna> same here
07:49:43 <vw> Radio just doesn't lend itself to close captioning though K.
07:49:45 <Jenna> hulu saves me when I forget to use my dvr
07:50:02 <Dave from B> Is there are charge for hulu?
07:50:13 <Jenna> not unless you get hulu plus
07:50:17 <Kevin L> True vw, but you can work while you listen to it.
07:50:28 <vw> There is a good free option Dave. that is all I use.
07:50:49 <Jenna> we got rid of cable for about a year so we have hulu plus and netflix
07:51:43 <Kevin L> Does hulu have things like ESPN and Speed?
07:52:06 <Jenna> no
07:52:13 <Dave from B> I'll have to do a little research on hulu.
07:52:14 <vw> Some of the programming on Speed might be on hulu, but not ESPN.
07:52:38 <vw> OF 1452
07:53:01 <Jenna> that was one of the reasons we got cable back. we found ourselves paying for shows on amazon that weren't on hulu. and scott had no sports.
07:53:05 <Kevin L> I am really ticked at my cable company. They dropped TCM from the standard lineup this month (but they didn't drop the price).
07:53:14 <vw> I am just not sure what Speed is K. A racing channel? Most sports channels not on hulu.
07:53:15 <Jenna> so we were saving a little but not getting to watch most of the shows we liked.
07:54:05 <vw> If you like classic movies, check out Hulu Plus. Might fill the bill. relatively inexpensive as I remember. Jenna, do you remember price
07:54:33 <Jenna> $8 a month
07:55:09 <Kevin L> I would dump it but the racing is mostly on Speed & ESPN. I wish you could just sel;ect and pay for the channels you want. I have to pay for a bunch of Spanish channels I don't want and will never use.
07:55:17 <vw> You can also watch some of the network shows on their network sites. Some are free (cbs), others require a cable or provider (TNT).
07:55:56 <Jenna> that is the only downside to cable, we only watch about 10 channels
07:56:15 <Jenna> we also needed to have internet and adding cable as a bundle was not much more.
07:56:32 <Jenna> I was having to pay $2 an episode for my favorite shows that were only on amazon
07:56:42 <Jenna> that adds up if you want to watch a whole season
07:56:42 <Kevin L> I like MeTV and Antenna TV which run on sub channels on broadcast stations. They have shows like Perry Mason, Rockford Files WKRP, Wild Wild West, Kojack, etc.
07:57:00 <vw> Sawmill 1456 ie
07:58:00 <CC> hi everyone
07:58:08 <Dave from B> Hi, CC
07:58:11 <vw> Hi CC!
07:58:40 <vw> West Triplet 1458 ie
07:59:21 <Dave from B> Good eye, vw
08:01:23 <vw> thanks Dave. As good a view of it as we have seen.
08:02:12 <Dave from B> It's a Micah day in the basin....mid and small geysers only
08:04:29 <Dave from B> Is cb coming all today?
08:05:02 <vw> cb is taking a break from cam ops for a while. Her RL is so busy!
08:05:53 <vw> .
08:06:43 <Micah> CAll my name and I magically appear.
08:06:53 <vw> Hi Micah.
08:07:01 <Micah> hi vw and all.
08:07:08 <Dave from B> Hi, Micah!
08:08:14 <Dave from B> I like your new profile pic in FB (nice hat!)
08:08:55 <Micah> haha, thanks, my dad actually got me that, saying "You're not a gazer till you get a floppy hat."
08:09:16 <Dave from B> I didn't realize you were a second generation gazer.
08:09:45 <Dave from B> I have a Tilley that I wear when I'm in the basin
08:09:55 <Micah> Oh I'm not. haha. my dad just figured I guess.
08:10:42 <Dave from B> It's nice that he supports your interests!
08:11:47 <Micah> It is, although I kinda feel bad since my Yellowstone job dashed our plans of Summiting Rainier this summer.
08:12:48 <Dave from B> How long does it take to do Rainier summit?
08:13:29 <Micah> at least 24.
08:13:37 <vw> Depression 1513
08:14:00 <Micah> great bursts! blue!
08:14:49 <Dave from B> II finally saw Depression water
08:14:52 <vw> I am taking a break for a while. CC has the cam.
08:15:14 <Dave from B> Can you do Rainier on a weekend when you return to Washington for school?
08:15:28 <Dave from B> bye, vw. Have a good evening
08:16:31 <Micah> I don't think so, since I'm planning to return just 24 hours before my classes start.
08:16:39 <Micah> and the season is not the best either.
08:17:08 <Micah> however, we are planning to Summit Mount Saint Helens, so that makes things a bit better. That can be done as a day trip no problem.
08:17:49 <Dave from B> When do you leave for OF?
08:21:19 <Micah> June 8 or 9
08:21:51 <Dave from B> Long time!:)
08:22:54 <Micah> only a month. I'm stoked. almost beyond words.
08:23:23 <Dave from B> Have you reassured your parents that you are coming back?
08:24:43 <Micah> I think they've come to grips with the fact that I might not ;)
08:26:00 <Micah> but nah, I have schoolwork to do, and Geology degree to get.
08:27:03 <Dave from B> Micah, it sounds like you have a good head on those shoulders...glad you have your priorities in order. And, it will a great summer to delve into your favorite hobby.
08:33:01 <Dave from B> What is that in front of the bw
08:33:36 <Dave from B> I see water
08:33:45 <Micah> Spasmodic 1533 ie
08:34:11 <Dave from B> For some reason, I was thinking it was beyond Spasmodic
08:34:56 <Dave from B> One of my favorite places to stand
08:36:03 <Micah> That'll be one of my sitting places this summer.
08:47:08 <Andrew> hello
08:47:21 <Micah> hi Andrew
08:49:09 <Dave from B> Hi, Andrew
09:00:33 <Dave from B> Time for me to head out. Have a great evening, everyone!
09:00:40 <Micah> bye Dave!
09:00:43 <Andrew> bye dave
09:01:04 <vw> Back.
09:01:07 <vw> Bye Dave!
09:01:13 <vw> Have a great evening!
09:07:55 <vw> About time to start seeing some action at Grand?
09:08:03 <vw> Will pay closer attention after OF.
09:08:12 <Kevin L> Probalby not if I am around.
09:09:43 <vw> The way eruptions have been today, I am not sure your absence is a requisite for activity Kevin.
09:29:16 <vw> OF 1628
09:29:43 <Micah> wow
09:31:37 <Kristine> Nice eruption
09:31:50 <Micah> hi Kristine
09:31:58 <Kristine> Hi Micah
09:32:18 <vw> Hi Kristine!
09:32:26 <Kristine> Hi vw
09:32:42 <Kristine> Looked great on both VEC and UGB cams
09:40:41 <vw> Turban 1640 ie ?
09:43:24 <vw> Could have been an Aurum on static cam at 1642 ie. Can't be sure though.
09:44:40 <Micah> good steam at Split cone.
09:47:05 <Kevin L> It probaly was. I stepped away for a minute.
09:48:05 <Kristine> Yum...homemade apple chips fresh out of the oven...
09:48:38 <vw> mmm. Sounds good Kristine!
09:48:45 <Micah> that sounds delicious.
09:49:09 <Kevin L> Those anything like chocolate chips?
09:49:11 <Micah> Split Cone 1649 ie.
09:49:38 <Kristine> Haha, Kevin.
09:50:09 <Kristine> Just thin sliced apple with cinnamon and sugar and baked at 250 for 1.5 hours.
09:51:25 <Kevin L> We found some cinnamon chips that are like chocolate chips in Rexburg and made some applesauce cookies using them. Outstandingly good/
09:51:52 <Kristine> That sounds good, Kevin.
09:58:00 <Kristine> Having fun playing with new features on my website...
09:58:49 <Andrew> what website?
09:59:11 <Kristine>
09:59:32 <vw> Turban 1659 ie ?
10:01:23 <vw> Daisy 1701
10:02:32 <vw> I could only take a quick glimpse Kristine. Very nice! Will explore more later.
10:03:47 <Kristine> Thanks vw. Currently there are two galleries you can purchase prints from, Yellowstone Wildlife and Glacier. I'm working on getting the rest ready.
10:05:56 <Micah> Kristine those shots are great!
10:06:00 <Andrew> nice favicon
10:06:21 <Andrew> yes very nice pictures
10:11:39 <Kristine> Thanks Micah and Andrew
10:16:44 <Kevin L> I would love to see what you could do with Bryce Canyon Kristine.
10:17:50 <Kristine> Me too, Kevin. I love red rock country.
10:18:36 <Kevin L> Have you ever heard of O Winston Link?
10:19:48 <vw> Turban 1719 ie ?
10:19:59 <Kevin L> Looks like it.
10:20:05 <Kristine> I have not.
10:21:23 <vw> Sawmill 1721 ie
10:21:30 <Kevin L> He did late era steam railroading and specialized in night photography. He did that because he could pick the subjects that he would light. I think that could be awesome if done with the hoodoos in Bryce.
10:22:27 <Kevin L> He did a really neat shot called Hotshot Eastbound at a drive in movie. Whe the train went by, a jet was on the movie screen. One of my all time favorite pictures.
10:23:19 <Kevin L> A link to Link:
10:23:20 <Kevin L>
10:25:53 <Kristine> That is awesome, Kevin.
10:27:53 <Kristine> I know someone who would love his work, the guy loves trains.
10:31:16 <vw> West Triplet 1730 ie
10:33:06 <Michael> Just passing through. Though I'd try my luck on the next Turban.
10:33:14 <Kevin L> There is a guy that also does night shots of train. He does half the exposure of the side of an engine, opens the doors to the engine compartment, then finishes the exposure. The resule is almost like an xray. You see the locomotive and the roadname, but also the engine inside it!
10:33:18 <vw> Hi Michael!
10:33:46 <Michael> Hi vw.
10:34:21 <vw> Something over there is puffing steam. A bit premature for turban though.
10:34:25 <Michael> That must be Oblong going behind the trees.
10:34:49 <Michael> Wind keeps blowing the cloud down.
10:35:01 <vw> Just going to check when we thought we saw Oblong. It does look like Oblong to me too.
10:35:44 <vw> Right around 1300, so about 4.5h interval for Oblong?
10:35:48 <Kristine> Way cool, Kevin.
10:35:48 <Kristine> Hi michael
10:36:49 <vw> Interval about right based on a closed interval we saw 4/30.
10:37:22 <vw> soooo... Oblong 1734 ie
10:38:16 <Michael> Hi Kristine. Didn't want to interrupt you conversation.
10:38:27 <Michael> your
10:39:12 <vw> Turban due any minute
10:43:11 <Michael> Someone needs to tell WEst Triplet to stay down in front.
10:43:43 <vw> Yeah, WT is playing large right now. Turban delayed.
10:44:21 <vw> Coming up on OF watch time too.
10:44:23 <vw> brb
10:50:08 <Michael> Gotta run off again. Hope Grand doesn't keep you waiting for long.
10:50:19 <vw> Bye Michael!
10:50:29 <vw> Sorry we couldn't deliver Grand eruption for you.
10:50:48 <Kristine> Have a good evening Michael.
10:51:37 <vw> Grand 1751
10:52:30 <Kristine> Sweet.
10:53:43 <Kevin L> Poor Michael. Missed it by less than a minute.
10:54:08 <Kevin L> Too bad OF is stinking up the show.
10:55:04 <Kristine> I do wish Grand had waited until the next Turban. Oh well :)
10:55:15 <Kristine> It's a lovely steam cloud
10:59:14 <vw> OF going to go just late enough to take up the whole of Grand eruption. :(
10:59:39 <Kevin L> :p
10:59:58 <Kristine> I overheard a guy at the VEC yesterday ask the ranger if OF was female...because she was late.
11:00:07 <vw> Time for a pause?
11:00:35 <vw> I am watching OF instead of enjoying Grand. whine.. whine..whine.
11:00:56 <vw> OF 1800
11:03:00 <vw> Looks like 1b on Grand?
11:09:40 <vw> I need to head out for the evening.
11:09:51 <vw> Hope everybody has a wonderful evening!
11:10:16 <kcmule> ill jump on momentarily, u2 vw
11:12:55 <kcmule> kinda limited potential atm
11:27:43 <kcmule> sawmill off
11:33:27 <kcmule> riverside? 18:33ie
11:46:34 <Kevin L> Well Graham isn't happy right now.
11:50:42 <Kevin L> He is happier now.
11:51:32 <ynpvisitor81> why is he happier now?
11:52:04 <kcmule> Lion 18:51 ini
11:52:21 <kcmule> 1-1 halfway thru game
11:52:28 <ynpvisitor81> oh, the game
11:52:32 <ynpvisitor81> nice, Lion
11:52:57 <kcmule> needed lion
11:53:09 <ynpvisitor81> only had 2 eruptions this morning
11:53:24 <ynpvisitor81> at least that got posted
11:53:49 <Kevin L> Nice Lion too.
11:54:02 <ynpvisitor81> maybe BH will break the long interval pattern
11:54:35 <Kevin L> That would be nice.
11:55:22 <Kevin L> Lion was sure a slow starter this time.
11:56:08 <ynpvisitor81> that was a slow start, nice once it got going
11:56:41 <ynpvisitor81> is someone driving until dark or will it move to preset?
12:00:11 <kcmule> im here, covering for capitalsman
12:12:14 <Will B> Plume is steaming
12:13:01 <ynpvisitor4> I have seen that before on the cam - especially on colder days.
12:15:51 <Maureen> Fountain is broken
12:16:06 <ynpvisitor4> Uh oh, what happened?
12:16:18 <kcmule> open a ticket
12:16:36 <Maureen> ha ha kc, OK let's open a Fountain ticket!
12:16:55 <Maureen> we thought it would erupt between 10 30 and 1200 and as of 1700, still no eruption
12:17:09 <Maureen> Steve is out there with it until dark. He said he would call. I had to get in to work
12:17:15 <ynpvisitor4> I was wondering why there was no Fountain report on GT.
12:17:30 <Maureen> Bill Warnock was there too, stayed until 1700, he gave me the latest report
12:17:47 <Maureen> Twig started out of the blue at 1343, only went for 15 minutes
12:17:48 <ynpvisitor4> Hmmm - any boiling in Morning?
12:17:55 <Maureen> Jet was very erratic
12:18:00 <Maureen> once it finally started.
12:18:09 <Maureen> Long, long intervals, never shortened up much.
12:18:25 <Maureen> Spasm started from left vent, something Steve said he has NEVER seen happen
12:18:34 <Maureen> Clepsydra was 1/2 off
12:18:49 <Maureen> the front vent was not erupting for hours, and the front pool was empty
12:19:16 <Maureen> it made an attempt to stop, didn't quite make it, and then finally started as normal again around 1400
12:19:25 <Maureen> NO Morning's Thief activity
12:19:32 <Maureen> Morning was pretty full, yet NO boiling
12:19:34 <Maureen> none
12:19:58 <Maureen> soooo, good thing Steve likes different, he was intrigued.
12:20:06 <Maureen> I hope it erupts before dark for him.
12:20:36 <ynpvisitor4> Wow, really sounds strange!
12:20:37 <Maureen> Bill and I are very curious about tomorrow
12:20:53 <Maureen> at least it was nice out there, windy, yet warmer, lots warmer, than yesterday
12:21:32 <Maureen> Steve and I both arrived at 10
12:21:42 <Maureen> the spring above Twig was empty
12:22:04 <Maureen> Turned muddy and a mud pot about 1400, and Bill said was refilling when he left at 1700
12:22:25 <Maureen> so...strange happenings...
12:22:53 <Maureen> especially the Clepsydra activity
12:23:15 <Will B> wait the spring by twig or the new breakout?
12:23:31 <Maureen> oh, and Fountain was at its fullest we have seen it, last year it would have been at the "point of no return"
12:23:50 <Maureen> above Twig, was I not clear there...?
12:24:11 <Maureen> it sat there, at that fullest stage, for over an hour, and then it dropped to the normal point
12:24:23 <Maureen> of pre eruption, from last season, yet nothing happened.
12:24:38 <Maureen> I took some photos, I am hoping some show how full the pool got.
12:26:07 <kcmule> OF 19:25
12:26:23 <Kevin L> Gonna be good on vec
12:26:54 <Maureen> it is nice on VEC, yet streaming is so nice too
12:27:45 <Kevin L> My streaming is behind. Still don't have it.
12:28:22 <Kevin L> There it goes. Not bad at all
12:39:41 <Maureen> time for Daisy
12:40:42 <Michael> Just your your description of the Fountain Complex in the log, Maureen. Very interesting!
12:41:41 <Maureen> Steve will write a full report, it was a crazy day
12:41:52 <Maureen> it was tough to leave yet I had to get work done before 1700
12:42:36 <Maureen> we hooked in these poor visitors, they wanted to see it so badly
12:42:57 <Maureen> yet as of 1700, still no Fountain, so I am glad they left around 1500
12:44:23 <Michael> There was an event in the early 1990s that I'm reminded of -- Fountain had a very long interval, and Clepsydra got weak. I think Jelly might have even filled up and erupted (but I didn't see it) that time.
12:44:50 <Michael> I think it happened two days in a row, then everything just went back to normal.
12:45:47 <Maureen> Jelly was full yet did not erupt while I was there
12:49:13 <kcmule> Daisy 19:49ns
12:49:53 <Michael> I'm trying to think who were the main Fountain watchers back then. Maybe LS? Maybe D. Starck? It would be great to find someone with notes from that event.
12:50:58 <kcmule> sorry for extreme closeup
12:51:15 <kcmule> thought maybe u wanted to see water molecules
12:51:56 <Maureen> nice eruption
12:53:30 <Kevin L> Controls are touchy this week, aren't they?
12:54:17 <Kevin L> Nice Depression pool.
12:55:08 <LetsGoCAPS> evening
12:55:18 <Kevin L> Sounds like you are in a better mood Graham.
12:55:42 <kcmule> thanks to the crossbar
12:56:34 <LetsGoCAPS> i heard that one a few minutes ago :)
12:56:49 <LetsGoCAPS> 7:05 to go...
12:57:10 <LetsGoCAPS> sounds like its noisy there tonight
12:58:18 <kcmule> stay off the pk and u should be ok
12:58:22 <LetsGoCAPS> are the geysers as exciting?
12:58:37 <Maureen> odd happenings at Fountain G, read above to get recap if you are interested
13:00:31 <LetsGoCAPS> hum, that is odd. thats what we get for saying its regular :)
13:00:37 <LetsGoCAPS> no Twig time on GT tho
13:01:59 <Maureen> I will leave it to Steve
13:02:30 <Michael> After a quick logbook search (Thanks, GOSA!), the Jelly eruptions were on 7/17/93, during a 13-hour Fountain interval (5-7h was typical that year).
13:02:51 <LetsGoCAPS> i tried the new GT today, couldn't get the date picker to show up or the list of geysers, so no mor eposts from me
13:02:52 <kcmule> Lion 20:02
13:02:54 <LetsGoCAPS> oohh a geyser
13:03:20 <Maureen> what is an E post?
13:03:27 <Maureen> nice Lion
13:03:59 <Maureen> how is GT new today?
13:04:21 <LetsGoCAPS> i have not tried to use search or enter things since the "upgrades"
13:04:28 <LetsGoCAPS> they are not Blackberry friendly
13:04:40 <Maureen> oh, gotcha
13:04:52 <Maureen> will uses it all the time...hmmm
13:09:15 <LetsGoCAPS> will doesn't have a BB
13:10:24 <Maureen> oh, right, android.
13:10:35 <Maureen> BB are Android platform though, right?
13:10:42 <LetsGoCAPS> so Ftn couldn't have gone at 0900?
13:11:05 <LetsGoCAPS> no, they are BB platforms
13:11:12 <Maureen> what would have been the interval? And there was already water in the pool.
13:11:27 <LetsGoCAPS> 2 8.5's
13:11:32 <Maureen> none of it makes sense
13:11:41 <LetsGoCAPS> k, i figured that
13:11:44 <Maureen> I saw 40 yesterday though
13:11:48 <Maureen> minutes
13:12:04 <Maureen> so I figured it had to go longer, maybe not.
13:12:16 <Maureen> I think mine yesterday was a long interval.
13:12:51 <Maureen> If it went at 1730, I will reconsider the shorts
13:13:00 <Maureen> have to wait to hear from Steve.
13:13:05 <Maureen> Clep was the strangest
13:13:11 <LetsGoCAPS> 10
13:13:13 <LetsGoCAPS> 9
13:13:15 <LetsGoCAPS> 8
13:13:16 <LetsGoCAPS> 7
13:13:18 <LetsGoCAPS> 6
13:13:20 <LetsGoCAPS> 5
13:13:21 <LetsGoCAPS> 4
13:13:23 <LetsGoCAPS> 2
13:13:24 <LetsGoCAPS> 3
13:13:25 <LetsGoCAPS> 1
13:13:26 <LetsGoCAPS> 0
13:13:30 <Maureen> it sounded like Daisy at the end, before it tried to turn off
13:13:32 <LetsGoCAPS> CAPS WIN
13:13:37 <Maureen> oh good, I guess
13:13:40 <kcmule> u forgot 15 as in more to go
13:13:46 <Maureen> have fun in NYC this weekend.
13:14:40 <LetsGoCAPS> i see there were significant temp swings this afternoon at OF
13:14:45 <LetsGoCAPS> maybe that upset ftn?
13:14:56 <Maureen> the unknown
13:15:06 <Maureen> temp only seemed to rise during the day at FTN
13:21:06 <ynpvisitor5> There was a swarm of small quakes southwest of West Thumb today - would that affect Fountain?
13:21:47 <Maureen> I have no idea on that 5
13:22:17 <ynpvisitor5> ... the quakes were within the last 24 hours
13:22:56 <Maureen> G? Any opinion?
13:27:13 <Maureen> so no opinion on that from G
13:27:33 <Michael> I'd be shocked if they had any effect at OF. The largest is 1.9 and they are out by Lewis Lake.
13:27:36 <LetsGoCAPS> i think the quakes were too small and too far away
13:28:07 <LetsGoCAPS> shutting down here, will stop in sometime tomorrow, maybe early :)
13:28:12 <LetsGoCAPS> goodnight
13:28:27 <ynpvisitor5> Goodnight
13:28:41 <Michael> Goodnight G.
13:28:44 <Maureen> by G, have a great weekend
13:28:47 <kcmule> nite
13:29:05 <Maureen> i will text you about Fountain news
13:30:56 <LetsGoCAPS> k, thanks ...hope steve is watching it now
13:31:16 <Maureen> he was staying until dark
13:37:48 <ynpvisitor5> Looks big
13:38:38 <ynpvisitor5> Water!
13:38:38 <kcmule> Dep 20:38
13:38:51 <Maureen> yeo dep
13:38:56 <Maureen> yep dep
13:39:18 <Maureen> my joke was thwarted by me...nice to see a good boil though
13:39:24 <Michael> Haven't seen it in ages.
13:39:36 <kcmule> best ive seen in a while
13:39:39 <Maureen> there's another
13:39:46 <Maureen> it is happy G left!
13:39:49 <Maureen> he he
13:55:57 <kcmule> OF 20:55
13:56:29 <Maureen> nice twilight OF
13:57:06 <Michael> Yes. Very stately on a calm evening.
13:57:29 <Maureen> calm is nice
13:57:43 <Maureen> night all, take care.
13:58:10 <kcmule> nite
14:11:21 <kcmule> Lion 21:11
14:15:46 <Michael> Would be a nice night for someone to try to catch Beehive after dark.
14:18:12 <kcmule> nite
14:18:36 <Michael> Good night kc. I'm calling it a day too.