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23:13:41 <Janet> I see there's a small swarm of earthquakes WNWish of the Lower Geyser Basin yesterday
23:13:46 <Janet>
23:32:38 <lc> morning Dave
23:33:25 <Dave from B> Good morning, lc
23:57:54 <Dave from B> ..
00:25:40 <ynpvisitor4> .
00:35:42 <ynpvisitor4> .
00:41:51 <ynpvisitor88> Fluffy
00:42:17 <Dave from B> OF 0741ie
00:52:45 <Dave from B> Morning, Kevin
01:05:41 <Kevin L> Hi Dave.
01:06:36 <Kevin L> Hey Dave, is there a difference in the price of red King Crab and Blue King Crab?
01:07:52 <ynpvisitor89> Someone has been watching the Catch! lol
01:09:07 <Dave from B> In the USA, they are sold at the same price..and you rarely hear them called Blues in the US market
01:09:35 <Dave from B> In fact, there are 2 kinds of King Crab sold in the US: Red and Brown
01:09:56 <Dave from B> Good morning, Jenna
01:10:21 <Jenna> good morning
01:10:30 <ynpvisitor89> so are the browns really the blues?
01:11:18 <Dave from B> No, Blues are sold as Reds in the US. Japan, who is the biggest user in the world, doesn't like the Blues and most of them end up in the US market.
01:11:47 <Dave from B> No matter how much marketing the TV show does, Red is the most prefeered King Crab.
01:12:00 <ynpvisitor89> interesting! ty
01:12:15 <Dave from B> yw
01:14:21 <Kevin L> I think the main reason they are showing them on the show is that the red quota has been cut so they go after the blues that are harder to get.
01:15:12 <Kevin L> Looking at those things, you have to wonder who the guy was that looked at one and thought "I ought to eat this thing".
01:18:18 <Dave from B> Yeah, Red King Crab from the USA is so popular that over 80% of the product ends up being sold to Japan for a premium price.
01:18:46 <Dave from B> Most of the product sold in the US actually comes from Russia
01:21:13 <Dave from B> Good morning, Kristine
01:21:27 <Kristine> Morning Dave.
01:29:38 <Kevin L> I would guess that the Russian crab comes from the same area as the American, but they don't have the quotas we do.
01:38:08 <Dave from B> ..
01:39:23 <Dave from B> Yes, most of Russian Crab does come from their side of the Bering Sea. Lots of problems with Russia in regards to enforcement of their fishing quota.
01:55:51 <Kristine> Quiet morning
02:00:24 <Dave from B> Yes, it is. I do have VEC Hotline predictions...
02:00:48 <Dave from B> Castle 2200 (60), Grand 1330 (90), Riverside 1330 (30), No Daisy time yet
02:01:45 <Kristine> Maybe I'll just stick around here today. I'm not confident in Morning after seeing Morning's Thief a bunch of times yesterday.
02:02:17 <Dave from B> Is that the first of Morning's Thief since Opening?
02:03:01 <Dave from B> According to GT it is
02:03:10 <Kristine> I don't know. At least the first ones seen by gazers.
02:03:38 <Kristine> I know my husband saw Morning't Thief the week before we opened but I can't remember which day now.
02:04:04 <Dave from B> It looks like a quiet mornig of gazing followed by a good afternoon
02:05:23 <Kristine> Yeah. Hopefully I can make through today without anyone being mean to me.
02:06:20 <Alex (at work)> Good Morning Kristine, Dave
02:06:29 <Alex (at work)> I will not be mean to you.
02:09:00 <Kristine> Morning Alex. Thank you :)
02:15:28 <Dave from B> ..
02:25:24 <ynpvisitor4> ...
02:25:47 <Dave from B> ..
02:30:28 <Dave from B> Kristine, are you going out in the basin today?
02:31:03 <Kristine> Yeah, I think I will try and catch Grand and maybe Beehive.
02:32:34 <Dave from B> Hopefully, they won't erupt close together again today
02:33:11 <Kristine> As long as I have time to get from one to the other :)
02:45:00 <Alex (at work)> Are you going to be wearing anything bright like an Orange Jacket so we can see you.
02:45:22 <Alex (at work)> perhaps do some cartwheels in front of Beehive?
02:45:59 <Dave from B> Good ideas, Alex:)
02:46:15 <Kristine> Heehee. I don't own anything orange :) I do have a yellow rain jacket.
02:46:51 <Alex (at work)> unicycle?
02:47:32 <Kristine> I only have a bicycle :)
02:47:53 <Alex (at work)> red pants, stilts, prom gown?
02:48:38 <Kristine> LOL
02:49:36 <Alex (at work)> are you at the UGB?
02:49:41 <Alex (at work)> West Yellowstone?
02:49:49 <Kristine> Yes, I am at OF.
02:50:14 <Alex (at work)> OK, way to rub it in....since I am at work!
02:50:36 <Alex (at work)> I will have to live vicariously through you?
02:50:54 <Kristine> Sorry. You asked :)
02:51:23 <Dave from B> Not all play for Kristine...she does work once in awhile at OF, also!
02:51:31 <Alex (at work)> I am happy for you!
02:51:39 <Alex (at work)> what do you do there?
02:51:43 <Kristine> Yep. I check in tomorrow morning.
02:51:54 <Kristine> I work at the Lodge Gift Shop
02:53:17 <Alex (at work)> Nice, will you get to watch the webcams while at work
02:53:30 <Alex (at work)> dumb question....I know how busy those gift shops get
02:54:10 <Kristine> No on the webcams. No radio or cell phone either while on duty.
02:54:25 <Kevin L> Gee no fun at all!
02:54:38 <Kristine> Our gift shop is really busy.
02:55:17 <Kevin L> I miss the fudge.
02:55:20 <Kristine> I'm getting paid to work not watch the webcam :)
02:55:34 <Kristine> I've heard great things about that fudge.
02:55:55 <Alex (at work)> No radio or Cell phone, not motor cars, not a single luxury, Like Robinson Caruso, its primitive as can be. (song)
02:56:17 <Kristine> :)
02:56:24 <Alex (at work)> Gilligan's Island flashback
02:57:07 <Alex (at work)> If someone calls for Giant or Giantess, are you going to become suddenly ill?
02:57:39 <Dave from B> Working at OF does have some disadvantages
02:57:41 <Alex (at work)> Steam Fever!
02:58:18 <Kristine> I think my boss would let me run out to Giantess if it started. Maybe.
02:58:41 <Alex (at work)> I hear it is a short lived illness, symptoms can last up to 2 hours!
02:59:02 <Kristine> That's what I've heard too :)
02:59:12 <Kevin L> It is cured easily at the park.
02:59:29 <Kristine> :)
03:00:01 <Kevin L> You just think about the ones you GET to see because you are working there and those you miss don't seem as bad.
03:00:35 <Kristine> True.
03:01:24 <Dave from B> Very true, Kevin. One cloud at OF seems lonely and out of place.
03:03:18 <Kevin L> I think I will point the cam downbasin since there are no times listed. I don't expect Grand but overnight prediction are no always accurate.
03:04:50 <Dave from B> Daisy 1004ie
03:05:09 <Dave from B> Please point at Giantess, next!:)
03:05:59 <Kevin L> Looking for Aurum Dave?
03:06:24 <Dave from B> Thought you might have the magic touch today!
03:08:35 <Kevin L> There you go Dave.
03:09:00 <Dave from B> Guess you lost your touch already!:)
03:09:40 <Jenna> ..
03:11:08 <Kevin L> BH will probably be late. I have to be gone at 1700.
03:15:39 <Dave from B> It seems BH is due for a longer interval
03:25:26 <Dave from B> Good morning, Bob
03:30:23 <Dave from B> Mornin', kc
03:36:06 <Kevin L> of 1035
03:51:49 <Dave from B> ..
04:00:36 <Dave from B> Good morning, Micah
04:00:47 <Micah> morning.
04:00:54 <Kevin L> zzzzzzzzzzz
04:01:10 <Kevin L> zzzzzzzzzz
04:01:10 <Micah> My clock is about 2 minutes slow. so I won't be calling times very often.
04:01:23 <Kevin L> zzzzzzzzzz
04:01:26 <Dave from B> Seems like it is a national geyser holiday today.
04:02:30 <Kevin L> They are waiting for bus duty tomorrow
04:06:11 <Micah> .
04:06:42 <Micah> Big Anemone ie
04:14:35 <Micah> Little Anemone ie?
04:16:04 <Micah> Yep.
04:16:08 <Kevin L> May as well zoom in for a bit.
04:16:17 <Micah> thanks sir.
04:17:34 <Dave from B> Prefect view for both of you...Anemones and Aurum
04:18:18 <Kevin L> And Giantess for you Dave!
04:18:55 <Dave from B> Yes, that would be fun
04:20:26 <Micah> I don't know why, but I get the biggest smile when someone decides to sit down there.
04:22:03 <Dave from B> If enough people sit there, maybe they will put in a bench for you!
04:22:30 <Kevin L> Or at least a wide spot!
04:22:37 <Micah> I really wish.
04:25:35 <Micah> Big Anemone
04:25:50 <Micah> long interval
04:26:24 <Micah> I wonder what's going on with those long intervals, I saw nothing like that last year.
04:32:20 <Micah> .
04:34:05 <Micah> Big Anemone
04:34:56 <Micah> Little Anemone ie
04:35:10 <Dave from B> ..
04:41:40 <Kevin L> A quick peek at some other geysers.
04:41:56 <Micah> no prob
04:43:22 <Micah> Keep an eye on it for me. brb.
04:43:40 <Dave from B> I haven't been checking the logs...Has Will be strolling the basins when not working?
04:43:41 <Kevin L> Of due in about 10.
04:44:14 <Kevin L> He has been entering a bunch of the geysers, so I assume he has been.
04:49:07 <Micah(afk)> Yes, he has. He missed morning the other day by less than an hour.
04:58:47 <Dave from B> ..
05:02:28 <Micah> Big Anemone
05:06:43 <Kevin L> Looks like OF is going to long intervals again.
05:07:31 <Maureen> hey there.
05:07:43 <Maureen> Checking in to see what is up in the basin
05:08:15 <Dave from B> Hi, Maureen. nothing is happening
05:08:21 <Maureen> was Grand nice?
05:08:23 <Micah> Anemone's having long intervals and OF is too.
05:08:29 <Maureen> Grand happened, right?
05:08:36 <Dave from B> Haven't seen Grand yet today
05:08:47 <Kevin L> OF 1208
05:08:49 <Maureen> 1 hr 32 is not too long for OF is it?
05:08:58 <Maureen> Grand is listed at 1145 on GT
05:09:16 <Micah> whoops.
05:09:23 <Micah> we weren't pointing that way.
05:09:26 <Maureen> CC entered it
05:09:34 <Dave from B> Was predicted for 1330. Darn:(
05:09:46 <Maureen> oh, the VEC prediction was 0930
05:09:53 <Maureen> when I called a while ago
05:10:05 <Kevin L> Boy are you in trouble Dave.
05:10:17 <Dave from B> That's weird. I called at 9 am and they said 1330 for Wednesday
05:10:24 <Maureen> so Dave, is that a quick triple or a LONG double?
05:10:56 <Maureen> weird, when I called when I got into town, it said 930, weird
05:11:07 <Maureen> which was long past, I just got here
05:11:10 <Dave from B> Tough question, Maureen. I would lean towards a quick triple
05:11:12 <Kevin L> I had been looking there but never did see anything that looked like a Turban.
05:11:32 <Maureen> so is CC there at Old Faithful?
05:11:40 <Maureen> how would she enter the time?
05:12:01 <Dave from B> GT time was entered by Orville Bach
05:12:24 <Maureen> mine says CC
05:12:48 <Maureen> New Grand at 1915 on phone now
05:12:52 <Kevin L> GT has OB on it.
05:13:20 <Kevin L> I am bummed. I could have caught that one really easy.
05:13:32 <Maureen> too crazy, 10 minutes ago it said Carolyn Aronson
05:13:33 <Dave from B> We were waitinf for OF at that time
05:13:39 <Maureen> sorry Kevin.
05:14:04 <Maureen> Daisy is 1250, the prediction
05:14:14 <Kevin L> I was going to do Daisy/ Grand after OF.
05:14:34 <Maureen> geyser times is acting wonky
05:15:04 <Maureen> mine says server stopped responding...hmmm
05:15:10 <Maureen> has never said that before
05:15:27 <Maureen> I hope it was a quick triple Dave, and sorry you guys missed it.
05:15:38 <Maureen> not so great news from lower basin...
05:15:39 <Dave from B> My apologies Kevin. I even made sure they said predictions for Wednesday
05:16:07 <Maureen> it was outside the window, EARLY, if it did a triple
05:16:42 <Dave from B> 6:50 avg for an interval is not all that unusual just hasn't happend for the last few days
05:16:45 <Maureen> so maybe 1330 was right
05:17:53 <Dave from B> I predict Grand will go earlier than 1930
05:18:17 <Maureen> maybe Will will catch it.
05:18:30 <Maureen> Jenna, great photo of Todd at Lion
05:18:30 <Dave from B> I would say 1815-1915
05:18:44 <Jenna> Thanks
05:18:51 <Kevin L> I told you that I didn't trust the overnights though Dave.
05:18:58 <Jenna> I know I can't compete with the more professional photographers but I still like to share
05:19:11 <Dave from B> Yes, you did, Kevin. And now, I don't either
05:19:14 <Maureen> I wonder if they finally had an electronic time, I know Andie was going to work on the loggers
05:19:34 <Dave from B> I imagine that is why the time was changed, Maureen
05:19:36 <Maureen> That is what YTG is all about with their photo contests, I love seeing them.
05:20:07 <Maureen> maybe, I am lost without GT...what the heck?
05:20:17 <Maureen> I do not write anything down...
05:20:32 <Maureen> so lower basin, anyone interested?
05:20:48 <Micah> (raises hand)
05:21:06 <Maureen> Morning's Thief showed for the 1st time this season yesterday
05:21:06 <Dave from B> Sorry, Maureen...I can't get away this afternoon!
05:21:13 <Maureen> he he Dave
05:21:18 <Maureen> too bad, nice day here
05:21:50 <Maureen> what we were seeing, 3 Mornings in 4 days, was more LIKELY to continue with NO MT
05:21:52 <Dave from B> 50 days until I will be there
05:22:16 <Maureen> now that MT is in play, it will at least be easier to know that Morning is NOT going to happen
05:22:38 <Maureen> I guess it was named very appropriately, someone pointed that out to me this week.
05:22:40 <Micah> Maureen, don't crush my hopes...I was so close....
05:23:00 <Maureen> sorry Micah, just want to keep folks like you, that are interested in the changes, up to date
05:23:04 <Maureen> you can still hope
05:23:29 <Maureen> I have to say, I am depressed now, thinking I may not witness that again. It was just so incredible
05:23:38 <Micah> (sigh)
05:23:47 <Maureen> I can see why folks were longing for it for 18 years...
05:24:03 <Maureen> as gazers...
05:24:09 <Dave from B> ..
05:24:39 <Maureen> so, I am still hopeful, I think Lynn is still hopeful, I am still hopeful, yet that is a big shift
05:24:54 <Micah> at least I have a chance at seeing Giantess.
05:25:13 <Dave from B> I still don't think Giantess exists
05:25:16 <Maureen> and Giant!
05:25:28 <Maureen> watch the videos Dave, it exists.
05:25:35 <Maureen> It is the perfect web cam geyser
05:25:42 <Dave from B> I've seen Giant twice...I'm a believer!:)
05:26:09 <Maureen> I would love for it to awaken this summer
05:26:29 <Maureen> Anyway, folks rushing to the basin for Morning may want to rethink things
05:26:32 <Dave from B> Change in the basins is fun, but at the same time scary
05:26:46 <Maureen> look at all the quake swarms...
05:26:52 <Maureen> lots of change
05:27:09 <Micah> Yeah, those ones in the west end of the park may have something to do with the Fountain area shenanagins.
05:27:32 <Maureen> not sure Micah, Fountain area seems to be affected by spring ground water levels too
05:27:46 <Maureen> and soon F & M, River vent will be under water
05:27:59 <Maureen> we are supposed to be 70+ Sunday.
05:28:11 <Micah> Will's going to have eyes on F&M all summer. if that thing reactivates, we'll know.
05:28:19 <Maureen> It is 61 now
05:28:35 <Maureen> I believe it Will, just not during run off.
05:28:50 <Maureen> You will have your eye on it all summer too Micah!
05:28:58 <Maureen> one month soon...
05:29:08 <Maureen> Dave, 50 days is not that long!
05:29:13 <Maureen> Jenna, are you counting yet?
05:29:22 <Micah> 34 days
05:29:28 <Maureen> woo hoo
05:29:43 <Micah> And not so much Maureen, I'll be focusing on things on the other side of the basin mostly.
05:30:02 <Micah> although I will probably wander up there when I'm studying Riverside's springs.
05:30:08 <Maureen> if it gets active, I can pretty much assure you, you will be there, especially if you have a bike
05:30:26 <Micah> I wouldn't miss it, except if I have work :/
05:30:29 <Maureen> it is gazer nature, you will not be able to resist
05:31:00 <Micah> I will have to. Job comes first. I'm hoping for Morning shifts so I can be done early afternoon.
05:31:12 <Maureen> hey Daisy has been doing some shorts...
05:31:34 <Maureen> just think, off work and you are in a geyser basin!!
05:31:58 <Maureen> you will meet so many gazers this summer Micah
05:32:40 <Micah> I'm very excited, I'm just hoping to keep it more on a wrap this summer.
05:33:27 <Jenna> No I'm's still up in the air
05:34:11 <Maureen> more on a wrap?
05:34:16 <Maureen> your excitement?
05:34:39 <Maureen> Jenna, I thought of that after I wrote that, did not mean to torture you.
05:34:52 <Micah> yeah, lets just say I don't plan on being as vocal haha
05:35:18 <Dave from B> No screaming encores:(
05:35:28 <Jenna> no worries, I torture myself enough by being on here all day lol
05:36:21 <Micah> I might allow myself 30 seconds if Giant or Giantess goes, if only because I'll get points for it.
05:37:00 <Maureen> you are so cute. I resisted yelling at Grand as Kristine was there yesterday and she might prefer it quiet
05:37:17 <Maureen> I did hoop a bit during the start of the 2nd burst though.
05:37:51 <Maureen> today I am only in lower basin, hoping to keep track of Fountain.
05:38:35 <Micah> (cough) Morning.
05:40:53 <Dave from B> Daisy 1240ie
05:41:02 <Kevin L> Daisy 1240
05:42:46 <Jenna> I just need to find $5,000 somewhere and I'll be set :)
05:43:50 <Maureen> well, Micah, I will see Morning's Thiefs now.
05:44:05 <Maureen> yesterday I went out there to see Morning, and look what transpired
05:44:26 <Maureen> Jenna, I will hope for you, yet your house situation is the most important thing
05:45:12 <Maureen> have a good day all. Hope for Morning to keep erupting. I saw Great Fountain from the road, 2 weeks from Saturday we can go in.
05:45:12 <Jenna> I know, it's hard to do the responsible thing :)
05:45:26 <Maureen> seems like you have that covered Jenna!
05:45:43 <Maureen> One day you will see Fountain!
05:46:22 <Dave from B> Which geyser was named first: Fountain or Great Fountain?
05:46:31 <Maureen> not sure.
05:46:40 <Maureen> some days we say they should swap names...
05:46:55 <Maureen> hey Beehive dwellers
05:47:24 <Dave from B> I'll have to get out some books tonight. Always love to hear what other names geysers have been called
05:50:06 <ynpvisitor4> Architectural Fountain!
05:50:54 <Dave from B> ??
05:51:59 <ynpvisitor98> vw here. Call from Will.
05:52:05 <ynpvisitor98> Aurum 1245.
05:52:16 <ynpvisitor4> (that's one for you to look up, DAve)
05:52:38 <Dave from B> Thanks, 4...I alwasy love homework:)
05:52:50 <Dave from B> Hi, vw!
05:53:00 <Dave from B> Another missed geyser. :(
05:53:29 <Kevin L> :p
05:53:34 <Dave from B> 4, not sure I would ever spell that geyser correctly.
05:53:50 <Dave from B> Kevin, that was not directed at you:)
05:54:05 <Dave from B> JuWe are just not having a lucky day
05:56:01 <Dave from B> Does anyone else remember when early plans for VEC included webcams at backcountry geysers?
06:02:37 <Dave from B> vw, is Will on his lunch break?
06:03:25 <vw> I didn't even think to ask.
06:03:43 <Dave from B> How's your day going?
06:03:54 <vw> I was right in the middle of something when the call came in. Wasn't thinking about geysers. I know... that should never happen.
06:04:19 <Dave from B> It happens to all of us every now and then!
06:08:19 <Kevin L> Hey! I caught a geyser!!!! Lion 1308
06:08:27 <vw> false Indicator reported by Will also at 1245. I was going to enter it, but Pat already did.
06:09:26 <Kevin L> Should I move the cam to Grand so we miss this one also?
06:10:22 <Dave from B> :D
06:10:41 <Dave from B> Are you sure it isn't Friday the 13th or a Full Moon?
06:12:02 <Kevin L> Right now I think you could shoot me and I would be just as good. Pity the poor kids that have to ride with me shortly.
06:13:46 <Dave from B> As strange as today is....maybe a Plume or Giantess?
06:14:06 <Dave from B> Lots of gazers at BH
06:14:21 <vw> False Indicator will do that.
06:15:39 <vw> Radio call probably went out drawing people to GH. they will probably hang around a bit hoping something sustainable happens.
06:24:16 <Dave from B> Chat page went blank on me
06:26:50 <Kevin L> Are you sure it isn't that you are just getting old Dave?
06:27:21 <Dave from B> It might be my glasses!
06:30:24 <Jenna> hey Kevin, do you know how they decide how many engines to put on the front and at the back on the coal trains?
06:30:25 <Dave from B> ..
06:32:16 <Kevin L> Yes. They use the tonnage of the train and figure what it would take to get the train over the ruling (steepest) grade. If it is a heavier train, they use more at the rear to lessen coupler strain.
06:32:45 <vw> Its one of those calculus things Jenna!
06:33:59 <Dave from B> Great question, Jenna. I have alwasy wondered why they had engines in the back.
06:34:28 <Dave from B> :P I swear the y and s have been reversed on my keyboard
06:34:39 <Jenna> well the night it was just conor and i they had 4 in the front and none in the back
06:34:56 <Jenna> but monday night we saw one with 2 in front and 1 in the back. we assumed it was depending on the route they were taking.
06:35:02 <vw> No mtns in Iowa!!! Don't have much to push over.
06:35:05 <Kevin L> Heading out if you can grab it vw.
06:35:20 <vw> I have the cam.
06:35:24 <Jenna> no but if they're coming from Wyoming they do
06:35:28 <Dave from B> Kevin, hope you don't miss any geysers
06:35:41 <Jenna> dad found some coal, which was exciting for Conor but not for was messy!
06:36:21 <vw> Cut Conor lose on the driveway on a warm day when you can hose him down outside. He will have a ball making pictures.
06:38:47 <vw> You can tell I am a big believer in letting kids get dirty!
06:39:21 <Dave from B> That's ok, vw. Just keep your kids in your own yard!
06:39:30 <vw> :D
06:39:57 <Dave from B> Or at the very least, I'll have my hose ready to fire!
06:40:11 <Jenna> he gets dirty on the farm for sure
06:40:24 <Jenna> last night he helped me put potting soil in my pot..."helped" lol
06:40:24 <vw> The things they remember from childhood usually involve mud or some other mixture that would send a a DAR daughter to the ER...
06:40:35 <Jenna> lol
06:40:59 <Dave from B> :)
06:41:19 <Jenna> he doesn't like bugs yet though, cracks me up when he comes to pull me over and show me the tiniest little bug
06:41:43 <vw> Gotta get him hooked on watching earthworms! Fun stuff.
06:41:52 <vw> Spiders not so much...
06:41:52 <Dave from B> Our kids use tolove to get out the soap and wash least for a few minutes. Not sure the car ever got washed, though
06:42:05 <vw> Funny Dave!
06:42:25 <Dave from B> So good photos of suds, however
06:42:29 <Dave from B> So = Some
06:42:30 <vw> did the kids get washed? As long as they were dripping when they finished, you know they probably had fun.
06:42:31 <Jenna> the other night I looked out and saw something moving...we went outside to look at the worm
06:43:02 <Dave from B> They definitely had fun
06:43:02 <vw> Worms are good cuz you can feel them move in your hand, and they don't bite!
06:43:27 <Jenna> then realized the whole entire yard was full of them, almost scary movie-ish
06:43:34 <Jenna> he was not a fan of them yesterday yet
06:43:36 <vw> OF 1343
06:50:46 <vw> I don't know that there is much else that is likely to erupt while Kevin is gone.
06:51:07 <vw> Might as well watch Lion area.
06:51:23 <ynpvisitor79> so how long after a false indicator until a real one?
06:51:42 <vw> Just wondering that myself. I don't know.
06:52:40 <vw> Seems to me it is often at least a couple of hours, but I wouldn't swear on that.
06:53:51 <Dave from B> On April 29, it was 2hr11m
06:54:38 <vw> A couple of summers ago when we were getting false indicators, they really did seem to occur about in the middle of the BH intervals.
06:55:02 <vw> well... maybe a bit after the middle?
06:57:22 <ynpvisitor79> ty
07:01:59 <vw> Sawmill 1401 ie
07:04:14 <Kevin L> Back
07:04:33 <vw> Didn't miss anything exciting Kevin.
07:04:53 <vw> Windy, so haven't been able to stay up close and personal on Lion area.
07:05:47 <Kevin L> OK. Should get a second Lion soon. I could aim the cam at Castle...
07:06:04 <vw> :D
07:07:13 <vw> Heading back out to whatever my day holds for me.
07:07:15 <Dave from B> :D
07:07:19 <vw> Have a great one all!
07:07:27 <Dave from B> Nice to see you still have your sense of humor, Kevin!
07:07:33 <Dave from B> Bye, vw
07:07:38 <Kevin L> ty vw
07:12:06 <Dave from B> ..
07:13:58 <Andrew> hi
07:14:05 <Andrew> a false indee
07:14:20 <Dave from B> Yes. very short
07:14:24 <Dave from B> Hi Andrew
07:14:34 <kc (working)> .
07:14:36 <Dave from B> in duration and height
07:19:16 <Dave from B> Lion 1419ns
07:20:15 <Kevin L> Was trying to move it but cam would not respond. Finally realized I did not have control of it. I think I am worhtless today.
07:20:51 <Dave from B> As always, Kevin you are worth 10 times what they pay you!
07:21:33 <Kevin L> Also worth 1/10th of what they are paying me!
07:21:46 <Dave from B> :D
07:27:00 <Andrew> which is nothing
07:57:08 <Dave from B> zzzzzzzzzzz
07:57:25 <Dave from B> Should be time for BHI very soon
07:59:41 <Kevin L> Sounds good. I will move the cam to Daisy.
08:00:17 <Andrew> and kevin you need to go outside or bus duty
08:01:32 <Kevin L> Time to water chickens...
08:01:50 <Dave from B> That would work, too
08:03:24 <Dave from B> Daisy 1503ie
08:05:30 <Dave from B> Short interval
08:05:50 <Kevin L> Almost missed it! I am slipping, caught this one!
08:06:33 <Dave from B> It does take a little while to water the chickens
08:08:19 <Kevin L> At least I haven't killed any of them today.
08:15:12 <Kevin L> Lion 1514
08:25:45 <Dave from B> LC 1525ie
08:32:24 <Dave from B> Looks like I'm the sacrifice today. Have a great evening, everyone!
08:34:04 <Kevin L> Catch you later Dave. We will probably miss it anyway.
08:52:19 <CC> hi all
08:52:29 <Kevin L> Hi CC.
08:52:34 <CC> Kevin do you need help with the cam?
08:52:55 <CC> I can take it
08:53:04 <Kevin L> I should be good. IF I can figure them out .....
08:53:17 <CC> okay ...just checking
08:53:35 <Kevin L> If you want to, go ahead. Graham should be here shortly.
08:54:03 <CC> okay..just wanted to give you a break...I will take it until Graham gets here
08:54:13 <Kevin L> OK
08:54:29 <CC> got i9t
08:55:20 <Kevin L> No BH yet today.
08:55:59 <CC> what i is the story...Willl saw BHI
08:56:31 <Kevin L> Mid cycle about 1245.
08:56:38 <CC> I just read Will's comment
08:58:21 <Kitt> Hello
08:58:27 <CC> hi Kitt
08:58:41 <Kitt> I see bee chose to adjust it's eruption time
08:58:42 <Kevin L> hi
08:58:49 <Graham> hello
08:59:02 <Graham> I see nobody entered the BH time today
08:59:02 <Kitt> I was shocked to see that bee hadn't already erupted
08:59:08 <CC> hi Graham
08:59:09 <Kevin L> Give it about an hour. I have to be gone then.
08:59:19 <CC> well that was a short shift
08:59:26 <Graham> ah, ok, thanks for waiting Kevin
08:59:35 <Kitt> I was going to say it will probably erupt in the next hour
08:59:38 <Kevin L> No bh today - yet.
08:59:40 <CC> cam is yours Graham
08:59:43 <Kitt> we will hope sooner
08:59:49 <Graham> k, got it
08:59:55 <Kevin L> I would have missed it anyway.
08:59:56 <CC> nite all
09:00:03 <Kevin L> Bye CC
09:00:09 <Kitt> good night
09:01:07 <Graham> no Morning report either
09:01:07 <Graham> ooh Grand has been left for me too
09:02:33 <Kitt> Sawmill, splashy splashy
09:03:14 <Kitt> I was excited to ready that Maureen got a Morning eruption
09:03:58 <Kitt> ready = read
09:04:14 <Graham> yeah that was good, nice weather too per her photos on FB
09:06:34 <Kitt> I would love to see Morning again
09:07:04 <Kitt> although it did take our hearts about 5 minutes to slow down
09:19:47 <Kitt> Lion
09:19:54 <Graham> 1619
09:19:56 <Kitt> 1619
09:20:35 <Graham> not a great hwind direction
09:20:45 <Graham> minor
09:21:11 <Kitt> the people there are going what?
09:46:48 <Kitt> Old Faithful
09:46:58 <Kitt> 1646
09:49:04 <Graham> odd angle for OF
09:51:55 <Kitt> Lion
09:52:10 <Kitt> 1651
09:52:56 <ynpvisitor93> Almost better height than OF
09:55:01 <lc> was the last Lion a minor?
09:55:19 <Michael> The 1619 was a strong minor.
09:55:32 <Graham> yes it was
09:55:48 <lc> ok, thanks
09:57:25 <Kevin L> Does that make it a major minor?
09:57:48 <ynpvisitor94> good one
09:57:52 <Michael> For official purposes they're all just minors.
09:58:02 <Kitt> nope, just a tease
09:58:48 <ynpvisitor93> Of had a minor major.
09:59:24 <Michael> In person, some minors make you ask "Was that really an eruption?" and others make you ask "Why did it stop so soon?"
10:05:14 <Kevin L> Well it is time for bhi now.
10:05:38 <Kitt> Maybe it will wait until you get back
10:06:07 <Graham> thanks Kevin, be safe'
10:07:05 <Kitt> I think bee is waiting for Grand
10:11:03 <Graham> ding
10:11:04 <Graham> ding
10:11:05 <ynpvisitor61> Water is spitting at Indicator
10:11:07 <Graham> 1731
10:11:09 <Graham> BHI
10:11:11 <Kitt> Indy
10:11:12 <Kitt> ding
10:11:13 <Kitt> ding
10:11:24 <ynpvisitor94> Looks like BH will be first
10:11:24 <vw> Will is at BH
10:11:32 <Graham> or 1711
10:11:36 <Jenna> poor Kevin
10:11:43 <Kitt> bee does know when Kevin leaves
10:11:58 <lc> well, I timed this pretty good.
10:12:12 <Graham> thank you Kevin :)
10:12:20 <kc (working)> ty
10:12:26 <Andrew> Annnd I thought I would do some hw
10:13:02 <Kitt> tried Kevin
10:13:09 <Graham> this one is lasting longer
10:13:10 <Kitt> I thought maybe he was still here
10:13:11 <vw> Will posted a start time of 1710
10:13:22 <ynpvisitor94> for BHI?
10:13:26 <Graham> k
10:13:34 <vw> Yes. BHI 1710
10:14:14 <ryan> hi everyone! this is a first, watching thiks on my phone... from the gym
10:14:20 <Graham> wb vw
10:17:46 <ryan> note to distance runners... advice on running marathons: dont
10:18:27 <vw> Hi all. Was busy when Will called.
10:18:28 <Graham> thanks Ryan, I will try to remember that
10:18:53 <Andrew> why not ryan?
10:18:56 <ryan> glad i can help G
10:19:28 <ryan> well, i was good until mile 23... then it was downhill to 26.2 :(
10:19:50 <Michael> Figuratively downhill, I suppose.
10:20:01 <ryan> both
10:20:32 <Graham> good practice for running from West to OF
10:20:54 <ryan> and im flat footed, just makes it worse!
10:21:15 <Andrew> what did you run in?
10:21:44 <ryan> Pittsburgh Marathon
10:22:00 <Andrew> and so my essay completely disappears from my computer...thank you universe! I meant shoes
10:22:07 <ynpvisitor94> AZ is getting close Ryan
10:23:25 <ryan> running shoes of somekind... yes 94, sunday... almost ready! took my first of three ap tests this morning, two finals left tomorrow and friday and im done with highscool!
10:23:35 <ynpvisitor94> good timing 77
10:23:35 <ryan> too bad i cant spell
10:24:04 <ynpvisitor94> wow, congrats! Done with Highschool is a big step
10:24:25 <Graham> where to next Ryan?
10:24:44 <Graham> nice wind shift there
10:24:53 <ynpvisitor94> Penn State?
10:27:10 <ynpvisitor94> pick a side...
10:27:19 <Alex (at work)> where is everyone going?
10:27:21 <Alex (at work)> wth?
10:28:39 <Graham> ryan is studying
10:29:29 <Kitt> Climb Beehive, CLIMB!
10:29:38 <Kitt> Yippee
10:29:50 <Alex (at work)> woohooo
10:29:50 <Graham> 1729
10:29:51 <Kitt> 1729
10:30:35 <Kitt> oh, that would be pretty backlit from Depression
10:30:42 <ynpvisitor94> yes
10:31:05 <Kitt> AWESOME!
10:31:46 <Kitt> nice height
10:32:42 <ynpvisitor13> :)
10:32:45 <Graham> didnt overlap with Grand either
10:33:01 <Kitt> look at the sun on it
10:33:02 <Kitt> wow
10:35:02 <Kitt> there goes the bee steamtrain
10:35:04 <Graham> ok now, lets all tell Kevin that we couldn't see anything because of OF steam
10:35:17 <ynpvisitor94> he can read
10:35:43 <Graham> we just need lots of aimless chatter so its not on the screen
10:36:16 <ynpvisitor93> That absolutely dwarfed Dwarf.
10:36:18 <Kitt> I think we should send Kevin A BIG THANK YOU!
10:36:56 <lc> thats about it for me.
10:37:07 <lc> have a good night everyone.
10:37:23 <Graham> maybe Grand will reward him when he gets back
10:37:27 <Andrew> goodnight
10:37:29 <Graham> bye lc
10:37:48 <Graham> Turban?
10:37:51 <Kitt> bye lc
10:37:58 <Michael> I hope Aurum will show up too.
10:38:12 <ynpvisitor93> Or Rift will dash all hopes.
10:38:23 <Kitt> and I thought
10:38:32 <Kitt> Bee was waiting for Grand
10:39:13 <Graham> not much snow on the hilside now
10:40:40 <LetsGoCAPS> game on
10:40:58 <Kitt> Daisy
10:41:09 <Kitt> or not
10:41:39 <LetsGoCAPS> did we miss it during bee?
10:42:28 <Kitt> Daisy
10:42:42 <Kitt> 1742
10:42:43 <LetsGoCAPS> 1742
10:43:01 <Kitt> Must have just had a nice splash that first time
10:43:45 <LetsGoCAPS> Kevin just texted me, he is wondering if it was a false indicator
10:44:20 <Kitt> tell him it was too big to be a false indy
10:46:17 <Kitt> the Daisy train is departing
10:47:58 <ynpvisitor77> tell him it was a false BH...only reached 179 ft and lasted 4m35s
10:48:40 <Kitt> tell him Kitt appreciates his great sacrifice
10:52:39 <Michael> Some big Sawmill spikes.
10:57:41 <ynpvisitor14> Turban
10:57:44 <LetsGoCAPS> Turban?
10:58:05 <Kitt> chore time
10:58:13 <Kitt> enjoy the geysers
10:58:14 <LetsGoCAPS> bye Kitt
10:58:18 <Kitt> bye
10:58:23 <ynpvisitor14> Bye Kitt!
10:58:27 <Michael> ye Kitt.
10:59:34 <ynpvisitor14> roar
11:06:27 <LetsGoCAPS> Big 1805ie
11:10:24 <ynpvisitor77> LLLOOOOAAAAAGGGG
11:10:35 <ynpvisitor77> ha, spelled it wrong
11:12:33 <ynpvisitor77> got a Fountain report in
11:13:39 <LetsGoCAPS> ty. nice long eruption
11:14:28 <LetsGoCAPS> looks like we are back to 9h intervasl
11:16:19 <LetsGoCAPS> OF 1816
11:16:52 <ynpvisitor14> Higher than the static pic
11:17:41 <ynpvisitor14> Higher than the frame, that is
11:19:41 <LetsGoCAPS> Turban
11:21:51 <ynpvisitor94> Grand has been doing shorts, or very longs...
11:22:36 <Michael (afk)> My guess is that the overnight was a triple. But I don't know anything for sure.
11:23:04 <ynpvisitor14> I vote for shorts
11:23:52 <Michael> It's been a long time since anyone caught Grand red-handed with a 9+ hour interval.
11:24:21 <LetsGoCAPS> they are all over 6 tho, so not really short inytervals :(
11:27:11 <LetsGoCAPS> Aurum 1826ie
11:29:38 <ynpvisitor94> 6 hr, 9 minutes, that is short
11:30:35 <LetsGoCAPS> Grand had one 6h0m interval
11:31:09 <Polly> Hi!
11:31:14 <LetsGoCAPS> may be a while before we get 5-6h intervals again
11:31:49 <Polly> My brother saw an eruption of Echinus on May 5.
11:32:11 <LetsGoCAPS> yeah....did you enter it on GT?
11:32:20 <LetsGoCAPS> first Norris report of the season?
11:33:29 <Polly> I don't have a time yet - will enter it when I do (unless he does first).
11:33:48 <LetsGoCAPS> i have not seen anotehr Norris time posted
11:33:59 <LetsGoCAPS> Sawmill just quit
11:34:59 <Michael> Thanks for the report. The electronic data shows 2 or 3 eruptions on May 5, but no others in the last month.
11:35:03 <Michael>
11:35:25 <Polly> Is that the temp graph site?
11:36:08 <Polly> I thought it looked like 2 and maybe a 3rd on that day, too.
11:36:37 <Jake> hey, how come I didn't know about that site? cool
11:37:06 <LetsGoCAPS> so 2.5 eruptions in the last month, he was lucky
11:37:08 <Polly> Yes - you can look at Steamboat which is always interesting.
11:37:21 <LetsGoCAPS> must not be on GT resources
11:37:54 <LetsGoCAPS> hey Jake - bug report - if you enter a comment on someone elses time it doesn't show, check ouyt Sawmill
11:38:50 <LetsGoCAPS> Turban
11:39:02 <Jake> I see the bug
11:39:10 <Jake> thanks
11:39:15 <Michael> It looks like the first Echinus eruption was somewhere around 0430-0500, and the second was near 1230.
11:39:16 <LetsGoCAPS> I was trying to enter the Sawmill stop
11:40:35 <Jake> what was the stop? nothing got saved, but I can manually add it
11:42:07 <LetsGoCAPS> 1833
11:43:34 <Michael> Polly, I'm really glad you mentioned Echinus. I haven't checked that site in ages.
11:43:52 <Michael> (Every other time there was nothing to see...)
11:44:02 <LetsGoCAPS> big 1843
11:44:26 <Polly> My brother & I check it often and especially like looking at the Steamboat graph.
11:45:11 <LetsGoCAPS> no snow, nice
11:45:19 <Polly> Steamboat's cycles are back to about a week-long cycle again.
11:45:24 <Michael> I have no idea what the long-period cycles in Steamboat look like in terms of the minor activity.
11:45:30 <Polly> Last year they were only about 4 days.
11:46:11 <Michael> It's like a Northern version of the "Geyser Hill Wave" :)
11:47:04 <Polly>
11:47:10 <LetsGoCAPS> Will confirmed 1838 Turban
11:49:18 <Jake> any guesses on the date that Will gets geyser burn-out this season?
11:49:59 <LetsGoCAPS> is there such a thing?
11:50:37 <Michael> Yes, but I think it takes more than one season.
11:50:50 <Jake> I think so, some people get it after 2minutes of Old Faithful
11:51:12 <ynpvisitor94> it's only hot water right?
11:51:34 <Jake> Graham, I'm watching your Caps and they are getting outplayed heavily
11:51:52 <LetsGoCAPS> im not listening
11:55:22 <LetsGoCAPS> Turban
11:55:40 <LetsGoCAPS> 17min
11:56:19 <Polly> Will posted West Triplet
11:56:33 <ynpvisitor94> good sign
11:57:36 <ynpvisitor94> or not
11:57:38 <LetsGoCAPS> Kevin may get back in time
11:58:47 <LetsGoCAPS> Will said Turban at 1857, after I called it ... hum
11:59:33 <LetsGoCAPS> still no Grand
11:59:47 <ynpvisitor94> sometime steam there from overflow looks like Turban start
11:59:57 <LetsGoCAPS> yeah
12:00:40 <ynpvisitor94> maybe Grand is waiting for OF
12:01:05 <LetsGoCAPS> or for Kevin
12:02:01 <Polly> Grotto start posted
12:09:57 <LetsGoCAPS> wow high of 62 today
12:14:02 <Jake> my hockey stream is about 30 seconds behind your info...or you are very prophetic
12:14:31 <LetsGoCAPS> waiting ....
12:14:34 <LetsGoCAPS> waiting ....
12:14:58 <LetsGoCAPS> on intermission now
12:16:45 <LetsGoCAPS> Turban
12:17:29 <ynpvisitor94> 19 minutes...
12:18:00 <LetsGoCAPS> doesn't look like Grand tho
12:18:11 <ynpvisitor94> that is going the wrong way
12:18:18 <Polly> Still got time
12:20:30 <ynpvisitor94> before dark you mean?
12:22:03 <LetsGoCAPS> i guess 4 min is the latest Grand has gone after Turban
12:22:14 <ynpvisitor94> it is waiting for OF, pretty sure
12:22:23 <ynpvisitor94> I think more than that, in history...
12:24:50 <LetsGoCAPS> k, but not in my history
12:31:43 <ynpvisitor94> maybe a Grand start is coming...
12:34:45 <LetsGoCAPS> Turban
12:35:00 <ynpvisitor94> Good
12:35:41 <LetsGoCAPS> or not
12:35:52 <ynpvisitor94> wait a minute...
12:36:17 <LetsGoCAPS> 1933 with waves per Will
12:36:26 <ynpvisitor94> good news
12:36:30 <Jenna> so handy to have will out there
12:36:57 <ynpvisitor94> what?
12:37:16 <Michael> I take it it's OF time again?
12:37:25 <Kevin L> It's waiting until dark
12:37:36 <ynpvisitor94> it was waiting for you
12:37:40 <LetsGoCAPS> wb Kevin, Grand waited for you
12:37:51 <LetsGoCAPS> you didnt miss much
12:38:05 <ynpvisitor94> if there were waves and no eruption, it may well be dark...
12:38:26 <Todd> agreed :(
12:39:32 <LetsGoCAPS> stepping away for a few minutes
12:39:40 <Polly> Depends on the kind of waves...
12:39:48 <Todd> We'll be here
12:40:23 <Todd> Now you're getting technical on me :)
12:41:07 <Todd> Polly can you elaborate on the waves comment?
12:41:53 <Michael> Grand can have waves on a not-full pool, which don't really mean much one way or another.
12:42:25 <Todd> If the pool is full, can you still some of the ridges?
12:42:38 <Todd> see
12:44:06 <Kevin L> Hey Todd haven't seen you for a while.
12:44:21 <Todd> Hey Kevin
12:44:23 <Michael> I'm afraid to answer, since I've been an armchair gazer for too long, but I think a promising full pool puts all the ridges underwater. Anyone else care to comment?
12:44:47 <Kevin L> Yes, all the ridges are under water.
12:45:06 <Jenna> free time is hard to come by during planting
12:45:18 <Kevin L> Got me some more chickens this week.
12:45:25 <Todd> When Lori and I watched it for 13 Turbans this winter, we had waves at about Turban 10 and we thought the pool was really full. But it didn't erupt, just like tonight
12:45:44 <ynpvisitor94> I think Will knows now the difference between low pool and high pool waves, maybe not though
12:46:09 <ynpvisitor94> really good waves is usually a sign of a vent delay at the same time
12:46:18 <Kevin L> It can do that. Usually if it does, you get a delay. The next one after is horrible
12:46:29 <ynpvisitor94> which is usually at least 2 Turbans after, often 3, sometimes 5
12:46:39 <Kevin L> OF 1946
12:46:42 <ynpvisitor94> nice OF
12:46:46 <Todd> That's what it did to us
12:46:54 <Todd> That is a dandy OF
12:47:34 <Todd> Kevin, chicks or chickens?
12:47:38 <ynpvisitor94> best case for us, is Will was talking about low pool waves
12:47:52 <ynpvisitor94> no delays there.
12:47:54 <Todd> ok.....
12:47:58 <Kevin L> Little bitty Banty chicks.
12:48:18 <Kevin L> About the size of 3 cottonballs.
12:48:34 <Todd> We have about 8 of them here now. Hatched last week
12:48:58 <Jenna> from the incubator?
12:49:10 <Todd> yes
12:49:12 <Kevin L> They are sure a pain when they are that young, but they are really cute.
12:49:32 <Todd> There is a hen sitting on some right now
12:49:33 <Jenna> did all of them make it?
12:49:50 <Todd> Don't know--Nate's dept.
12:49:53 <ynpvisitor94> so cute
12:49:54 <Jenna> ok
12:50:10 <Todd> looks like a summer night out there
12:50:30 <ynpvisitor94> 16 minutes
12:51:08 <Polly> Sorry - I was afk
12:51:27 <Todd> np
12:51:43 <Todd> 94 and Kevin helped out
12:51:45 <LetsGoCAPS> Turban
12:52:01 <Polly> Yes - they did a good job
12:52:31 <Kevin L> Are they winning?
12:52:39 <LetsGoCAPS> i guess if they had waves on the last one we don't expect Grand
12:52:46 <LetsGoCAPS> thank you Kevin!
12:52:48 <Michael> I've heard more cheering than swearing from CAPS.
12:52:52 <ynpvisitor94> unless they were low pool
12:53:21 <Kevin L> Except on Wednesday night if the wind is under 8 mph
12:53:23 <LetsGoCAPS> no they are down by 1
12:53:30 <Kevin L> :p
12:53:30 <ynpvisitor94> he he
12:53:42 <Kevin L> Evil geyser.
12:53:47 <ynpvisitor94> why did we leave Grand?
12:53:52 <LetsGoCAPS> but still ahead
12:53:58 <ynpvisitor94> only 2 minutes since Turban...
12:54:07 <ynpvisitor94> nice light
12:54:18 <Todd> Do you think there is a big misconception that waves guarantee an eruption?
12:54:28 <LetsGoCAPS> 2 min is a long time, and there were false waves last cycle
12:54:45 <LetsGoCAPS> makes it unlikely this Turban
12:55:27 <LetsGoCAPS> getting near Daisy time again
12:56:28 <LetsGoCAPS> Uncertain splashing?
12:58:01 <Michael> That would be a nice bonus if Uncertain erupted.
12:58:21 <LetsGoCAPS> Sawmill quit 1h25m ago
13:08:04 <LetsGoCAPS> tied up
13:09:19 <LetsGoMORNING> Grand
13:09:22 <LetsGoMORNING> 2009
13:09:45 <Jenna> pretty
13:09:59 <ynpvisitor94> 8 24
13:10:00 <Kevin L> Interesting start.
13:10:24 <Polly> Fun start!
13:10:56 <Jenna> does it photograph well with that kind of lighting?
13:11:16 <LetsGoMORNING> backlighting is always good
13:11:31 <LetsGoMORNING> they probably had nice low light on it too
13:11:49 <Jenna> it's neat from here so I can only imagine in person
13:12:35 <Jake> can see a lot more of the spikes than usual from the webcam with these conditions
13:18:36 <ynpvisitor94> nice
13:19:01 <Todd> Indeed
13:21:01 <Jenna> these late evening grands are becoming my favorite
13:27:33 <Kevin L> Maybe a bonus Daisy?
13:28:13 <Todd> I say yes
13:29:45 <LetsGoMORNING> Daisy 2029
13:29:53 <Todd> there you go Kevin
13:30:00 <Kevin L> Nice.
13:30:26 <Jenna> seems like you have some kind of "control" today :)
13:31:09 <Kevin L> Usually it is when I leave.
13:31:16 <Jenna> Kitt definitely appreciated your sacrifice
13:31:29 <Jenna> yes, it's not always to your benefit
13:32:56 <Polly> Thanks! Goodnight!
13:33:16 <Jenna> bye Polly
13:33:47 <LetsGoMORNING> i am done too, goodnight
13:33:54 <Todd> heading out, too
13:34:00 <Jake> night all
13:34:03 <Todd> nite all
13:34:09 <LetsGoMORNING> bye
13:34:13 <Jenna> nite dad
13:34:27 <Michael> Good night, everyone.
13:34:45 <Kevin L> Night
14:07:22 <Kevin L> of 2107 ie