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23:06:41 <lc> morning Dave
23:06:57 <Dave from B> Morning, lc
23:11:45 <Dave from B> Morning, Diane
23:12:14 <vw> Good morning.
23:12:43 <Dave from B> Morning, vw
23:13:12 <vw> Pretty foggy in the basin this morning. Not much to see!
23:14:10 <vw> Maybe not a great morning for a network broadcast from the basin? "Come see glorious Yellowstone National Park?"
23:16:48 <Dave from B> Most days at OF are not good for a Morning show
23:17:12 <Diane> Good morning.
23:17:23 <vw> True Dave.
23:17:29 <vw> Hi Diane.
23:18:06 <vw> I wonder if they had crews in the Park this weekend trying to get footage? Got lots of gray sky.
23:18:37 <Diane> Wonder if they are even going to get it on the show today.
23:19:07 <Dave from B> Most of news will be about OKC and rightfully so.
23:19:34 <Diane> Yes.
23:20:17 <vw> So scary and sad.
23:20:57 <ynpvisitor73> NBC announced that they will not broadcast from the park today
23:21:07 <ynpvisitor73>
23:24:04 <Diane> Pretty much as I expected.
23:26:49 <vw> Had to have done some scrambling to get their broadcast crews to OK if they were already in MT. I don't know where they had broadcast from Monday though.
23:27:06 <Dave from B> Monday they were in Hawaii
23:27:19 <Dave from B> They must have multiple crews
23:28:07 <Diane> Yes, I think they have multiple crews and then the "stars" just fly from location to location.
23:28:23 <vw> probably several crews, but their on camera crew was headed to YNP? I don't know if they were going to have all of them in each destination though?
23:29:42 <Diane> Savannah and friends are in OKC, so I suppose whoever was going to come with them to Yellowstone went to OKC instead.
23:30:55 <vw> Aren't they supposed to have at least one more day of high probability of tornadoes?
23:31:43 <Diane> I think the highest risk today is actually more from Austin to Dallas and into Louisiana.
23:32:25 <vw> Watching the weather yesterday, that band of storms was huge. Stretched from TX to Chicago. Amazing.
23:32:34 <Diane> However, there is a line of pretty nasty storms just south of Moore right nw.
23:32:40 <Diane> now
23:32:45 <vw> Oh no.
23:45:57 <Dave from B> ..
23:45:57 <Dave from B> ..
23:45:59 <Dave from B> ..
00:09:23 <vw> Sawmill 0708 ie
00:09:33 <Dave from B> Uncertain 709ie?
00:09:35 <ynpvisitor18> Uncertain?
00:09:46 <vw> Yes. NOT Sawmill.
00:09:51 <Dave from B> Fun
00:09:54 <vw> Need to pay attention now I guess.
00:09:55 <lc> is that Uncertail?
00:10:08 <vw> Yes lc.
00:10:14 <ynpvisitor85> Certain it is
00:10:20 <Dave from B> :)
00:10:30 <Diane> Cool.
00:10:35 <Kitt> me too
00:10:44 <Kitt> sorry was typing in the dark
00:10:51 <Kitt> pretty in this light
00:13:26 <Kitt> I was also distracted by the news
00:13:45 <Kitt> Bill's sister lives near Norman, OK
00:14:01 <Diane> My brother is in OKC.
00:14:25 <vw> Has everybody heard from their families?
00:14:42 <Kitt> I don't know if Bill called his sister
00:15:40 <Diane> My brother and family would not have been in harm's way, so I wasn't too worried, but I have heard that they are fine.
00:16:00 <vw> Yesterday on CNN they were suggesting that people use text messaging rather than phone calls: takes less of the call capacity to send and receive text vs calls. Good suggestion for emergencies.
00:16:35 <Kitt> sun is shining in Worland
00:16:45 <Diane> Yes, and I didn't even try to contact him because I was pretty sure they were fine and I didn't want to add to the congestion.
00:16:51 <vw> Same here in Billings, Kitt.
00:16:51 <Kitt> good day for last day pool party
00:17:36 <Diane> Pretty in the basin, that's for sure.
00:17:56 <lc> Kitt, how is your ma doing?
00:18:12 <vw> .
00:18:14 <Kitt> doing pretty good
00:18:31 <Kitt> she wishes the pain would go away
00:19:15 <lc> will take a while I guess.
00:19:47 <Kitt> yes, but I hear most people are happy with their knee replacement surgery once they are healed
00:20:08 <lc> I think so
00:25:55 <Kitt> suppose I should get ready for work
00:26:16 <Kitt> classes are later today when it will be warmer outside
00:26:18 <Diane> .
00:26:25 <Kitt> but lots of prep.
00:26:41 <vw> Lots of work, lots of fun. Good luck Kitt!
00:26:44 <lc> have a good "last day".
00:26:48 <Kitt> so I guess it won't matter when Beehive erupts
00:26:56 <Kitt> for me at least
00:27:03 <Kitt> thanks
00:27:09 <Diane> Have a good day!
00:27:10 <vw> We will think of you during BH!
00:27:11 <Kitt> stay safe everyone and have a nice day
00:27:15 <Dave from B> Enjoy your last day, Kitt
00:27:27 <Kitt> bye
00:27:35 <vw> Daisy 0727
00:27:40 <Diane> Woo hoo.
00:28:05 <vw> Time for OF too.
00:28:58 <Diane> Wonder if Today will come back to Yellowstone or just skip it.
00:29:29 <Dave from B> I'm guessing they will skip it
00:29:41 <Diane> I think so too.
00:29:55 <Diane> (I meant skip it completely, not just today)
00:30:07 <Dave from B> Me, too:)
00:30:11 <Diane> :)
00:31:03 <Dave from B> I wouldn't be surprised if they skip Chicago (Wed), Orlando (Thurs) and NJ Shore (Fri) also.
00:31:51 <Diane> No idea. Media has short attention span.
00:31:52 <vw> OF 0731
00:32:06 <Diane> That's pretty.
00:33:24 <Diane> If we see them start packing up on the VEC, I guess we'll have an answer to the Yellowstone part of the question.
00:34:23 <Dave from B> Nice blue sky this morning
00:35:08 <Dave from B> vw, not sure if you were lurking last night, more tradegy strikes Becca's soccer team
00:35:35 <vw> I wasn't Dave. What is going on?
00:35:44 <vw> Should I read the log?
00:36:14 <Diane> .
00:36:19 <Dave from B> Teammate has cancer (sarcoma) and is already at the Childrens Hospital in Denver.
00:36:34 <Dave from B> They found out at 1 pm yesterday and drove all night to get there
00:36:52 <Dave from B> That's a lot for a 14 year old
00:36:56 <Diane> That's awful, Dave.
00:37:04 <vw> Children's is great.
00:37:13 <vw> That is a lot for ANY age.
00:37:51 <Dave from B> Lucky we are headed that direction for games this weekend. That way she will have lots of support from her teammates
00:38:13 <vw> Really good support at Children's for the patients and the families. Lots of people show up in similar circumstances: limited resources, limited personal items in the rush to get there.
00:38:40 <vw> check with the family to see if team families can bring them things they might have forgotten.
00:39:16 <vw> Castle 0739 ie
00:39:26 <Dave from B> Good idea, vw. I know 3 members of the team put a care package together for her last night before they left
00:39:32 <Diane> Boy, busy already this morning.
00:40:31 <vw> There are always things you don't think you need, but once the family gets there and has lots of down time, they could use. If they have e-readers, Amazon gift cards for games and books would be HUGE.
00:41:52 <Dave from B> I'm not sure how long they planned to be there, either. You never know.
00:42:03 <Dave from B> Morning, Kevin
00:42:43 <vw> Usually most of the families go home after just a few days. Often though the patient and one family member/parent can be there for weeks. Especially with childhood cancers.
00:43:20 <vw> They will be hooked up with patient and family advocates who can give them a better idea of their stay, along with the medical teams of course.
00:43:25 <Kevin L> hi
00:43:47 <vw> Children's uses care teams that include dr's, nurses, social workers and lay advocates. Lots of experience.
00:43:53 <vw> Hi Kevin.
00:50:35 <vw> Nice spikes from Castle.
01:01:59 <Dave from B> Morning, Jenna
01:02:06 <vw> Cabana tents coming down on the VEC static cam.
01:02:10 <Jenna> morning
01:02:15 <vw> Hi Jenna.
01:02:25 <Jenna> hi vw
01:04:07 <Diane> Yeah, I think the show's over.
01:05:53 <vw> Is anybody watching the weather near Moore, OK? CNN news coverage saying lightening in the area. I have too many windows open and can't really open any more.
01:07:34 <Jenna> watching the weather channel but they haven't mentioned the weather yet
01:07:53 <vw> Thank you Jenna.
01:08:00 <Diane> Thunderstorms in the vicinity according to NOAA
01:08:01 <Jenna> the president is speaking now
01:08:39 <vw> When I am on the cam, I can watch one other thing: news OR weather. I figured news was a better option today.
01:09:12 <vw> Very nice castle eruption. So great to be able to see it.
01:11:10 <Diane> .
01:11:42 <Diane> Interesting light.
01:17:26 <vw> A reminder that there is some planned work on the cam, and it could be offline for a while. I don't know when that could happen. I recommend people check the YNP website page for updates.
01:17:54 <Dave from B> Looks like it's going to be a beautiful day for the middle swhool track meet in Blgs
01:18:09 <vw> It seems the person in charge in the Park now for media is pretty good about posting updates.
01:18:25 <Dave from B> Sounds like equipment move will be a definite improvement
01:18:33 <vw> I sure hope the weather holds for them Dave. I do think it is supposed to be a nice day weather wise.
01:21:44 <Dave from B> Starts at 10 am
01:22:54 <vw> Is this the all-city middle school meet, Dave? Pandemonium reigns!
01:23:12 <Dave from B> Yes it is. At Daylis. Yes, it is mass confusion
01:23:22 <vw> hehe
01:23:41 <Dave from B> The final time Becca gets to compete for her middle school
01:23:58 <vw> Next year: High School!!!
01:26:26 <Dave from B> The family has enjoyed a 1 year break from the high school scene. Now, we have 5 years in a row!
01:26:31 <vw> Still getting nice steam from Castle. In the window for Grand. Things on GH seemingly quite for now.
01:27:14 <ynpvisitor77> They may be moving the webcam servers from the little hut into the Haynes Photo Shop which is due to open shortly
01:27:18 <vw> I hear you Dave! Some days it seems all you do is coordinate kids activities and race between events. Fun but exhausting.
01:27:46 <Dave from B> And, Becca missed the cutoff for dirvers training by ONE day.
01:28:05 <Dave from B> But, that's not a bad thing...just more car pool issues
01:28:07 <vw> Maybe not a bad thing Dave.... She can take it during the school year too.
01:29:27 <ynpvisitor11> Hey guys, I think Indicator is erupting!
01:29:50 <vw> Nope
01:30:17 <Dave from B> I thought C2C weas going for a minute. Just reflection on BH cone
01:30:25 <ynpvisitor11> Oops. Gues is was wishful thinking... (turns red)
01:30:41 <Diane> Sun hitting the side of the cone might have created the illusion.
01:30:45 <ynpvisitor11> cant spel eitter
01:32:03 <ynpvisitor11> It was the long dark area going up and to the right from BH. I thought it was the steam and steam-shadow from BHI
01:33:16 <vw> At least we have a fairly clear picture of GH and BH area on static ca we can keep an eye on.
01:33:31 <vw> ca = cam
01:34:50 <Diane> Watching a live broadcast on weather channel from Moore - I can see lightning.
01:35:06 <vw> Thank you for update Diane.
01:35:09 <Diane> Quite a bit of it, actually.
01:35:29 <vw> CNN still just showing footage and speaking to various people. No real 'new' news.
01:35:56 <vw> There is a news conference scheduled for later this morning, but not sure when.
01:36:20 <Diane> As nearly as I can tell, there is not time specified for the news conference.
01:36:40 <vw> Aaaah. That would explain why I don't know!
01:36:48 <Diane> So anybody's guess. Lots of wildly differing numbers about fatalities too.
01:37:06 <Diane> Hard to get information together in those circumstances.
01:37:10 <vw> Yeah, too early to rely on any numbers.
01:38:03 <Diane> Radar looks pretty bad in the area right now. I heard someone mention the possibility of hail.
01:38:28 <vw> Diane, are you watching online or tv?
01:39:05 <vw> .
01:39:41 <Diane> I'm watching on tv, switching between the news and weather channel, but also checking NOAA online.
01:40:39 <vw> I need to take a 5 minute break to deal with my dogs. brb.
01:41:23 <Dave from B> Hopefully, your absence will wake up BHI
01:45:43 <Jenna> gotta run to the dentist, i could be the sacrifice too, be back later
01:47:00 <Dave from B> Confirmed OKC death toll lowered to 24
01:47:12 <Kevin L> Sacrifice and Dentist should not be used in the same sentence.
01:47:33 <Dave from B> Yeah, doesn't paint a pretty picture!
01:47:35 <ynpvisitor54> some steam in the BHI area!!!
01:47:36 <Kevin L> Now something is happening at BH
01:47:41 <ynpvisitor11> OK, now I think Indicator is erupting!
01:48:01 <Dave from B> I think so, 11!
01:48:05 <ynpvisitor81> yyeahhhh
01:48:10 <Dave from B> Yippee!!!!!!!!
01:48:12 <ynpvisitor11> Second time is the charm...
01:48:20 <Dave from B> 848ie
01:48:33 <Diane> That's great.
01:49:33 <vw> Guess I should feed the dogs more often? They certainly think so!!!
01:50:45 <Kevin L> Either that or Jenna needs to hit the dentist more often.
01:51:10 <ynpvisitor54> omg. i wonder if that person doing squats by lion is aware they are on the cam!
01:51:40 <Maureen> Hey all. I think Lynn is at BH this morning...
01:52:09 <vw> Just got a call from CC with lots of times. I will be posting them to GT. Kevin has the cam.
01:52:23 <Dave from B> Hi, Maureen
01:52:30 <Maureen> I do not see Lynn though
01:52:41 <Maureen> hey Dave, glad the OK death toll was lowered, good news
01:52:51 <vw> btw, there was a Turban at 0846.
01:53:09 <Maureen> I heard 51 at one point
01:53:16 <Maureen> is CC at Grand then?
01:53:34 <vw> She was, but is heading over to BH now. Didn't know BHI was on.
01:53:46 <vw> Victor is staying at Grand, but I don't know that he will have a radio.
01:53:56 <Maureen> I need to get to work so I hope it is a short indie
01:54:26 <Maureen> person watching it seems to know about BH
01:55:12 <Maureen> funny those people left...
01:55:23 <Kevin L> Nice strong Indicator this time.
01:57:45 <Maureen> Barbara is in the park now too
01:58:11 <ynpvisitor54> Lion splashing
01:58:59 <Dave from B> Kevin, you might as well take the day off
01:59:03 <vw> Basin reports from CC have been posted to GT.
01:59:44 <Maureen> shouldn't Castle be a major vw?
02:00:04 <Diane> Here we go.
02:00:05 <Maureen> there is CC, looks like victor came too
02:00:11 <Maureen> back up please
02:00:19 <vw> I had put it down as a major on my time, but forgot to show it as such on CC's. Thanks for catching that Maureen.
02:00:30 <Maureen> yw
02:00:55 <vw> .
02:00:56 <Maureen> indie is still blasting it out
02:00:57 <Kevin L> LS is a bit sluggish today
02:01:11 <Maureen> nice view now, thanks
02:01:11 <vw> It was a LOT sluggish for me Kevin.
02:01:22 <ynpvisitor16> very nice view today
02:01:32 <Maureen> look how high
02:01:37 <Maureen> very fun
02:01:48 <Kevin L> Too bad the Today show didn't come. They would have got Bee.
02:01:51 <ynpvisitor16> people moving to see the rainbow
02:01:53 <Maureen> that is a tall BEE
02:01:54 <vw> Time for OF too. Lets hope it waits!
02:02:07 <Maureen> they would have been done taping by now
02:02:16 <Kevin L> OF people like it.
02:02:33 <Maureen> 5-7 was the taping time I think
02:02:48 <Maureen> Hoda and Kathy Lee were not along...
02:02:59 <Maureen> wow, I hope Lynn is there.
02:03:09 <Kevin L> Forgot it was edt.
02:03:34 <Maureen> was anyone on then? Was it foggy?
02:03:55 <ynpvisitor16> Today Show crew left for OKC
02:04:09 <Maureen> yes, I know, just wondering if it was foggy earlier
02:04:18 <vw> CC: 0859 start on BH. Double rainbow. Absolutely gorgeous.
02:04:29 <Maureen> yeah for CC
02:04:45 <ynpvisitor16> OF!
02:04:47 <Kevin L> One of the best I have seen.
02:04:57 <Maureen> well, it was nice
02:05:13 <Maureen> nice OF too
02:05:17 <Maureen> and looks like Grand
02:05:19 <vw> Wow. Straight up.
02:05:22 <ynpvisitor54> Grand in the back
02:05:24 <Kevin L> Oh well
02:05:27 <Maureen> geyser palooza
02:05:27 <vw> Yeap, time for Turban.
02:05:39 <ynpvisitor81> .
02:05:39 <Maureen> victor wanted Grand, yet I am pretty sure he was at BH
02:05:43 <ynpvisitor54> YEP!
02:06:13 <vw> Its raining geysers...
02:06:29 <Maureen> and thankfully not raining RAIN
02:06:35 <vw> :D
02:06:39 <Maureen> nice day
02:06:50 <Maureen> Fountain should be awesome
02:08:15 <Dave from B> Maureen, it was foggy earlier this morning
02:09:54 <ynpvisitor81> question:
02:10:08 <ynpvisitor81> Did CC observe all those eruptions, or should they say Jim via FRS
02:12:08 <Maureen> does it really matter, as long as the times are accurate
02:12:09 <Maureen> ?
02:12:15 <Maureen> and thanks Dave for that info
02:12:24 <Diane> vw, weather channel is saying an hour or 90 min of rough weather expected at Moore this afternoon.
02:12:28 <Maureen> I thought the Today show would have been a bust
02:12:55 <ynpvisitor81> I think it's giving credit where credit is due, like the Fountain discussion last night
02:13:00 <Maureen> CC is just trying to help
02:13:38 <Maureen> there is that, yet Will is now just entering GAZERS when he does bulk entries
02:13:54 <Maureen> do we have a time on Grand?
02:13:57 <Dave from B> I agree, Maureen. Most early morning are not good for clear viewing
02:14:11 <Maureen> they would have better luck in July
02:14:18 <Maureen> wow
02:14:28 <Kevin L> Nice 2nd
02:14:28 <Dave from B> Maureen, are you going to Ftn this afternoon?
02:14:33 <Maureen> maybe BH folks got over for that.
02:14:40 <Maureen> yes, Dave, off to FTN around noon
02:15:43 <Maureen> all at once, yet now I can focus on work!
02:15:44 <ynpvisitor81> If Splendid had erupted I would like the record to say who saw it, not just a relay of information
02:15:55 <Maureen> Bye all, I hope CC and folks have a great day
02:15:56 <ynpvisitor11> If someone has still cameara captures, please check for an Aurum at 904ie, in concert with Old Faithful and everything else.
02:16:00 <Dave from B> Bye, Maureen
02:16:16 <Maureen> 81, GT now allows for comments on the primary entry
02:16:27 <Maureen> so you could add comments as to who was actually there.
02:16:52 <Maureen> bye
02:17:24 <ynpvisitor81> but we don't know who was there, did CC run from Daisy to Riverside to Oblong to Uncertain?
02:18:18 <vw> I fixed the BH entry.
02:18:38 <ynpvisitor11> I'd assume the ns time for Riverside means that the observer was elsewhere and saw the steam cloud ascending
02:18:55 <ynpvisitor54> More of a setting a precedent! Credit where credit is due.
02:19:27 <vw> I am guessing that CC and Victor were at Grand and saw the Riverside steam.
02:19:59 <vw> from Grand you can pretty much 'see' all of the other geysers she gave me times for except Riverside.
02:20:21 <ynpvisitor54> No guess when compiling data!
02:22:24 <vw> We will never have 'absolute' data. Even FRS radio calls from the basin to the VEC that get logged by the Park don't come in with names or signatures. A lot of the data we use is circumstantial.
02:22:49 <vw> Until everybody decides that each feature will be personally monitored 24/7, I don't see how else it can be.
02:23:00 <Dave from B> But the more names attached to an eruption time, the more reliable it seems
02:23:23 <Dave from B> But, you are right, vw. There is no way to eliminate all errors
02:23:24 <Kevin L> I just appreciate the times. Hassle people and they will quit posting them.
02:23:26 <vw> That is true Dave, so the more people who enter or comment, the better.
02:23:27 <Dave from B> We are human
02:23:28 <ynpvisitor81> I'd just say if you talk with CC again, find out if they were FRS
02:23:46 <vw> to rely on single entries, then criticize them will only result in FEWER people posting. :P
02:24:23 <Dave from B> So now what....since you used up all the geysres?
02:24:27 <ynpvisitor54> Your making excuses for your mistake.
02:25:13 <Kevin L> If it is from CC it is most likely good. Now I do suspect info given from visitorxx.
02:25:18 <vw> Sorry 54, but I don't know why you think there have been mistakes. The one someone noted was corrected.
02:25:52 <vw> I am pretty sure you would rather SOME times than NO times.
02:26:01 <ynpvisitor54> Your mistake is not giving credit where credit is due.
02:26:17 <JAke> hi, I'll weigh in here
02:26:46 <vw> ? All the times I posted this morning were either from the wc or from CC. Don't know what else I can do?!?!?
02:27:00 <JAke> I was thinking about last night when Graham was a little upset that Maureen hadn't entered in Fountain times because she was waiting for Lynn to do it
02:27:17 <JAke> because they were "her" a way, giving credit where credit is due
02:27:30 <JAke> the GT system will probably always be a work-in-progress
02:27:47 <JAke> it's been interesting to see the number of ways people use and enter stuff in the system
02:28:06 <JAke> would I like to have an accurate record of every eruption and who observed it? of course I would
02:28:11 <ynpvisitor54> No vw, they were called by Jim. CC heard the call and relayed them to you.
02:28:26 <JAke> but it takes time and effort for those entering to get that right
02:28:31 <ynpvisitor11> I've been a geyser gazer for 25 years, and I really don't understand the need to "claim" an eruption by making the radio call or entering the time in the logbook.
02:28:36 <vw> 54, all I did was enter the information given to me.
02:29:01 <ynpvisitor11> As long as someone known to be reliable does those things, I will trust the information.
02:29:15 <JAke> for Grand's, Riverside's and other regular geysers, I've noticed that people don't often include the observer even if it wasn't them
02:29:16 <ynpvisitor54> 2nd or 2rd hand information!
02:29:42 <vw> So you would rather none of those times were entered 54? Really?
02:30:00 <JAke> for Fan & Mortars, Giantess, Giant, Morning's and other big geysers, observer is filled in almost 100% of the time
02:30:21 <ynpvisitor54> NO! I would like you to give the proper information!
02:30:46 <ynpvisitor11> 54, the world doesn't always give you what you want...
02:30:48 <JAke> one of the main goals I had with GT is to open up the logbook and give some visibility into where information is coming from
02:31:05 <ynpvisitor96> I personally just like the "FRS" note
02:31:41 <JAke> so, in this case, if 54 is doing some research and decides that CC's entries are not valid, 54 can ignore them, throw them out
02:32:03 <Kevin L> This format works great for me. Now if somebody doesn't like it they should take the time and effort and start their own database.
02:32:13 <JAke> I still don't think that would happen, but in the fringe cases it becomes more likely to happen that someone would choose to ignore an entry from a questionable source
02:32:56 <JAke> I continue to struggle with a way to let people easily and quickly enter a bunch of info about a geyser
02:33:07 <ynpvisitor65> At least with most geeks having atomic watches the times are accurate. Used to hear arguements on FRS about what time it eas.
02:33:15 <JAke> because no one wants to spend their vacation doing data entry (ok, very few people)
02:33:19 <ynpvisitor65> was
02:33:46 <ynpvisitor96> lol that is funny and true 65!
02:34:38 <ynpvisitor11> Thanks to net-lag, I never know exactly what time it is when Im watching here. But I don't make a habit of calling start times "ns" due to the uncertainty.
02:35:08 <ynpvisitor11> Now, the issue of who is a reliable source of information is thorny.
02:35:22 <JAke> I've seen a steady improvement in the quality and depth of information that people enter into GT over a few years
02:35:30 <JAke> so I expect it will only get better
02:36:02 <JAke> it's been amazing what has been done without having any documentation on how to use GT!
02:36:28 <Dave from B> Jake, how many entries are currently in GT?
02:36:42 <JAke> approaching 600k
02:37:01 <JAke> lots of Ralph's E times from the past decade+ in there
02:37:04 <Kevin L> Pretty awesome from an all volunteer force.
02:37:28 <ynpvisitor11> And still not enough to predict the next F&M...
02:37:42 <Kevin L> Or Aurum!
02:37:51 <JAke> oh, F&M can still be predicted
02:38:01 <Kevin L> Which is what keeps us coming back!
02:38:02 <JAke> 90% chance F&M erupts in the next 10 years
02:38:10 <JAke> you heard it here first!
02:38:18 <Dave from B> :)
02:38:21 <Kevin L> Care to try for Giantess Jake?
02:38:26 <ynpvisitor11> Touche' :)
02:38:35 <Dave from B> Not sure I want to camp there for 10 years, Jake
02:38:50 <JAke> sure, 90% chance Giantess erupts in the next 50 years
02:39:03 <Alex (at work)> It would be fun to have a poll on Giantess, perhaps a little 50/50 with funds going to charity
02:39:22 <ynpvisitor81> Giantess at Labor Day
02:39:32 <JAke> now THAT is a prediction!
02:39:37 <Alex (at work)> which labor day?
02:39:50 <Alex (at work)> 2017?
02:39:51 <Kevin L> Good point Alex.
02:40:06 <Dave from B> I think Giantess will go when Kevin is on bus duty
02:40:22 <Alex (at work)> that is probably a farily accurate prediction
02:40:26 <ynpvisitor53> he would still get plenty of a show when he got back
02:40:26 <ynpvisitor11> Used to be, you could predict "Giant will erupt this September" and have a pretty good chance
02:40:52 <ynpvisitor53> I haven never heard that about Giant
02:41:17 <ynpvisitor11> Let me get my Giant list up...
02:41:43 <Dave from B> I'm heading out to watch a track meet. BBL
02:41:59 <Kevin L> Good luck Dave.
02:42:07 <DavefrB(bbl)> I'm not running
02:42:16 <vw> Heading out myself. bbl.
02:42:20 <Kevin L> I assume you have a kid that is.
02:42:30 <ynpvisitor96> I will be there Labor Day, so my vote is 2013 please
02:42:43 <DavefrB(bbl)> Yes and thanks, Kevin. I will keep you posted
02:42:43 <ynpvisitor96> Giant or Giantess would be fine :)
02:42:48 <Kevin L> You probably won't miss anything today Dave.
02:42:51 <ynpvisitor11> Let's see, it worked in 1978, 1982, 1987, 1988, 1990, 1992, 1994, 1995, with near misses in 1984, 1986, and 1991.
02:43:56 <ynpvisitor11> That's about 2/3 of all eruptions duing that 20-year stretch.
02:44:45 <ynpvisitor65> How about 2005 and 2006?
02:46:38 <ynpvisitor11> The 2005 active phase started on August 6.
02:47:04 <ynpvisitor65> I was there that morning.
02:47:18 <JAke> but a "will erupt in Sept" was still true
02:47:53 <Kevin L> I likes to go the day before or the day after I leave.
02:48:48 <ynpvisitor11> Based on my one shot at it during 2005-07, it likes to go the morning I oversleep my alarm.
02:50:08 <ynpvisitor65> Grotto marathons were the key back then.
02:50:18 <ynpvisitor11> Getting back to data-quality issues, I should note that I've seen different versions of the "Giant List" out there. No idea which one is the most correct and/or complete.
02:51:08 <ynpvisitor11> I had the bad luck to wait one of the intervals where it has hourly hot periods until one of them triggers the eruption.
02:52:08 <ynpvisitor11> (I did see Giant a couple of times back in 1997 but it would have een nice to refresh the memory.)
03:04:43 <Kevin L> Daisy 1004
03:04:59 <Kevin L> NOT na FRS call.....
03:07:06 <ynpvisitor11> Someone probably called it on FRS.
03:08:01 <JAke> yes, "not an FRS call" is unfounded and unaccurate
03:08:16 <JAke> I will ignore your entry because of it
03:08:58 <Kevin L> Geez Jake, I am hurt.... :)
03:09:27 <ynpvisitor81> I like FRS notation, it reminds me it's a community effort
03:09:53 <Kevin L> We do know that someone at Mammoth could have photoshopped that eruption into the stream.....
03:10:09 <JAke> proper observer would be "might be an FRS call, might not be a FRS call, I am not sure. I did see it with my eyes via webcam transmission with the signal traveling through the following internet routers: Bozeman, MT; Salt Lake City, UT; Phoenix, AZ"
03:10:34 <JAke> exactly! you don't know who has altered the singal before you see it!
03:11:08 <Kevin L> Now if they could photoshop Giantess in.
03:11:16 <ynpvisitor65> Called in by a black helicopter?
03:11:45 <ynpvisitor11> There are some good clips on YouTube that can be used as templates.
03:11:49 <Kevin L> With nightvision!
03:12:21 <ynpvisitor11> An IR camera for night vision would be really neat!
03:12:41 <Kevin L> Wouldn't it be fun to have a nightvision cam up here?
03:12:48 <ynpvisitor11> Of course we might just learn that the basin fills up with steam.
03:12:57 <JAke> no one would get any sleep
03:13:01 <Kevin L> IR cam during the day could be very interesting.
03:13:05 <ynpvisitor65> You guys would all die of sleep deprivation.
03:13:35 <Kevin L> Maybe have to get some more camops from Europe?
03:13:47 <ynpvisitor11> It takes a while to admit that yes, it's OK if a geyser erupts when I'm not watching.
03:14:02 <ynpvisitor11> But preferably not a large or rare geyser.
03:15:46 <ynpvisitor11> I'm sure an outsourcing firm could find camops all over the world for 24-hour coverage.
03:16:07 <ynpvisitor11> IS Depression eruptiong?
03:17:21 <ynpvisitor53> that is funny11, about geysers being OK to erupt without you. Are you ever in the park then?
03:17:32 <Kevin L> Dwarf
03:17:57 <ynpvisitor11> Darn. Thought the steam was puffier for while.
03:19:31 <ynpvisitor11> I've gotten to the park a few times in the last decade. Was there a lot 15-25 years ago.
03:24:15 <ynpvisitor11> Fun chatting with everyone. I'm going to head out after this Old Faithful.
03:32:20 <Jenna> got the text in the dentist office waiting room
03:32:40 <Jenna> going to have to get my wisdom teeth pulled :(
03:34:17 <ynpvisitor11> Sorry to hear that. It seems to be almost a rite of passage.
03:34:53 <ynpvisitor65> Maybe you will get ice cream.
03:34:58 <ynpvisitor11> I have fond, if cloudy, memories of the laughing gas.
03:40:30 <Jenna> I do love ice cream
03:40:40 <Jenna> OF
03:40:45 <Kevin L> OF 1040
03:41:21 <ynpvisitor11> Picture-perfect weather once the morning fog cleared.
03:41:59 <ynpvisitor11> I hope it stays that way for the Memorial Day crowds.
03:45:42 <Kevin L> Dentist go OK Jenna?
03:47:06 <Jenna> yeah it was an "emergency" appt, my wisdom teeth had been hurting for a few days
03:47:14 <Jenna> have a consult with the oral surgeon in a couple weeks
03:47:42 <Kevin L> Ugh. They can be horrible.
03:48:02 <Jenna> I'm not looking forward to it
03:49:05 <Jenna> I thought maybe I would get away with not having to get them out but no luck
03:50:30 <Kevin L> I remember going into the place. They stuck me on a stainless stell table with a wall that had to have over 100 saws on it. I was scared to death.
03:51:21 <Jenna> uh yeah! scary!
03:51:48 <Jenna> I've been to a consult a few years ago and I dont remember any saws
03:52:49 <Kevin L> They didn't take me to the rooms with the saws until they had me in a beautiful room with flowers and such. I think if they would have taken me to the room with the saws I would have bolted.
03:53:24 <Kevin L> They had me hooked up to blodd pressue and when a person came in the room it would rise 30 points.
03:53:44 <Jenna> lol
03:54:51 <ynpvisitor96> ask if they have headphones Jenna - if not, bring your own
03:54:52 <ynpvisitor65> Enjoy Canada.
03:59:18 <Jenna> good idea
04:00:39 <JAke> I was goofing of at work the other day looking at F&M data
04:01:24 <JAke> in the recent years when F&M came out of a winter dormancy, it happened just after the peak CFS flow on the Firehole River at Old Faithful (data from USGS water site)
04:02:04 <JAke> but while water flow was still high, usually in early June
04:03:59 <Kevin L> Lets get a pool going on the date of the first eruption!
04:06:15 <ynpvisitor65> August 17th. The day before I get there.
04:07:01 <Jenna> headed out bye everyone
04:07:02 <Kevin L> Aurum 1107
04:07:31 <Kevin L> With a side order of OF steam.
04:07:56 <ynpvisitor65> Oh thank heaven for 1107.
04:08:57 <Kevin L> Almost missed that one. Just caught a piece of the start before OF steam closed in.
04:09:44 <ynpvisitor65> Big kitty make awake soon from his nap.
04:13:47 <Kevin L> If it doesn't we are all going to be very bored for a while.
04:16:50 <ynpvisitor65> Little Cub and Dwarf not enough to fascinate you?
04:17:34 <Kevin L> Maybe a bear will walk by.
04:18:23 <Dave from B> Kevin, Becca got on the podium...4th place in hurdles!
04:30:17 <Kevin L> Sound good Dave
04:31:16 <Dave from B> She was excited
04:31:20 <Dave from B> Hi, Micah
04:43:29 <Dave from B> bbl
05:01:54 <ynpvisitor30> .
05:07:38 <Kevin L> of 1207
05:17:32 <ynpvisitor65> It's a Dwarf love fest!
05:43:00 <Kevin L> Daisy 1242
06:17:50 <ynpvisitor65> Chihuahua! Donde esta los geysers?
06:21:46 <vw> Kevin, I am ready whenever you have to head out.
06:25:05 <Kevin L> OK should be about 10m
06:25:28 <vw> k. I will just standby.
06:26:54 <Kevin L> Of should be just about the time I go.
06:27:13 <JAke> oye, 65, es 'Donde estan los geysers?'
06:27:22 <JAke> esta el geyser
06:27:24 <Kevin L> Other than that it is NoDoz time.
06:27:27 <JAke> estan los geysers
06:27:47 <ynpvisitor65> si
06:29:22 <JAke> a veces, escucho gente hablando espanol en el UGB y intento a conversar con ellos, pero yo no se las palabras correctas del mundo del geysers
06:30:01 <JAke> quiero usar el verbo "eruptar" pero significa es "to burp" y suena mal
06:30:56 <vw> "to burp" :)
06:31:31 <JAke> like, "Don't leave now! Beehive Geyser is about to burp!"
06:31:56 <vw> Cute.
06:32:14 <JAke> if you were a foreigner, would you stop for such a saying? or keep moving on quickly? ;)
06:32:38 <vw> A chance to watch the earth burp? I would definitely stop!
06:32:48 <JAke> the better verb is explotar (to explode) or salir (to go out/exit)
06:33:18 <Kevin L> Why don't you grab it now vw?
06:33:29 <vw> I have the cam.
06:33:38 <vw> Just waiting for OF?
06:33:45 <Kevin L> OK, didn't want to leave in the middle of it.
06:34:13 <Kevin L> Heading out.
06:34:20 <vw> Looks like nearly time for Riverside too.
06:34:24 <vw> Drive safe Kevin.
06:34:32 <Kevin L> ty bye
06:39:24 <vw> Lion 1339
06:39:26 <vw> Initial.
06:39:51 <JAke> only 5 minutes after Kevin leaves. . . .
06:40:23 <vw> Always a good time to watch: when K has to leave.
06:40:41 <vw> We laugh/cry about it, but it is often true.
06:45:07 <vw> OF 1344
06:51:50 <vw> Sawmill is on at 1351 ie. No times for Sawmill on GT other than much earlier this morning.
07:02:11 <Kevin L> Did Giantess go?
07:04:17 <Kevin L> On the way home the cops had a shopping center closed and there were numerous cops coming in quickly but without lights or sirens. There is a bank in the center. Wonder if there is a robbery in progress.
07:04:56 <vw> The fun never ends.
07:05:10 <Kevin L> I can take the cam anytime vw.
07:05:52 <Kevin L> I used to be able to listen to them on the scanner, but they went to a trunked digital system so that doesn't work anymore.
07:06:42 <vw> All yours K, whenever you are ready.
07:06:54 <vw> Times posted for Twig and Fountain.
07:07:57 <Kevin L> FRS times? ;)
07:07:59 <vw> And just in case there are questions... I posted exactly as they were communicated to me.
07:08:20 <Kevin L> I have it.
07:08:33 <vw> Thank you Kevin.
07:08:47 <vw> I will be back later to take the later shift.
07:09:23 <Kevin L> bye
07:09:32 <vw> Funny k... I will laugh when my humor returns. :D
07:09:39 <vw> Outta here.
07:40:37 <Dave from B> What did I miss?
07:41:21 <Dave from B> Great.Won't let me change my name
07:42:12 <Kevin L> NOt much
07:42:47 <Dave from B> Getting closer to Grand
07:46:26 <Kevin L> Did your read Heinrich's blog?
07:46:57 <Dave from B> No, I didn't. Can you send me the link?
07:47:39 <Kevin L> It is pretty funny. He loves Montana school children.
07:47:41 <Kevin L>
07:51:55 <Kevin L> Turban 1447
07:52:52 <Kevin L> Lion 1451
07:56:02 <Kevin L> Looks like a tall Sawmill there
07:56:17 <Dave from B> How often does Heinrich get to the park?
07:58:34 <Kevin L> He tries two to 3 times a year.
08:01:04 <Kevin L> Nasty weather going through TN. Hope lc is under cover.
08:09:14 <Kevin L> Turban 1507
08:09:51 <Kevin L> Daisy 1509
08:13:05 <Kevin L> of 1512
08:14:34 <Dave from B> Busy 30 minutes
08:22:27 <Kevin L> Maybe we can get another short interval on Grand.
08:25:55 <Michael> Hi Kevin. I'm all in favor of a short interval today.
08:26:20 <Michael> Old Tardy seems to be erupting.
08:26:32 <Michael> As does Grand.
08:26:37 <Kevin L> Grand 1526
08:26:45 <Dave from B> Hi, Michael...Good timing
08:26:50 <Kevin L> There you go Michael.
08:27:01 <Michael> That was danged lucky!
08:27:03 <Dave from B> 6:22 interval
08:32:57 <Dave from B> ..
08:35:22 <Dave from B> Long duration
08:35:46 <Dave from B> Single burst?
08:36:29 <Dave from B> Wow! Still going strong
08:37:17 <Michael> I usually keep hoping for 2 up until about 11 minutes. After 11m I just want it to keep going as long as possible.
08:38:13 <Dave from B> 15 minutes plus
08:39:05 <Dave from B> Almost made it to 1539
08:39:33 <Michael> Twelve minutes and change. Not a bad show.
08:39:39 <Kevin L> single burst
08:39:46 <Dave from B> My mistake on the 15 minutes...I was looking at my 6:22 interval above.
08:40:08 <Dave from B> Montana school math, Kevin!
08:40:30 <Dave from B> I done ran out of fingers!:)
08:41:44 <Kevin L> Someone posted an Aurum major
08:42:07 <Dave from B> Somebody get a new phone?
08:42:24 <Dave from B> from "guest"
08:42:42 <Dave from B> 3:48 interval could be correct
08:43:59 <Michael> That's an annoying grey area. Weird report but plausible time. Hopefully kc or someone can check it against the still camera captures.
08:45:32 <Dave from B> You're right, Michael. I wish we had more info to go on
08:46:49 <vw> Good afternoon/evening.
08:46:50 <Dave from B> wb, vw!
08:46:56 <vw> Kevin, I can take the cam whenever you are ready.
08:48:49 <vw> Thanks Dave.
08:49:10 <vw> How was Becca's track meet?
08:50:41 <Dave from B> 4th place in Hurdles...Top 10 in Shot Put and Long Jump
08:51:00 <Dave from B> She had a good time. She has a new ribbon to add to her wall
08:51:03 <vw> Good for her!
08:51:31 <Dave from B> Her soccer teammate and schoolmate took first in 5 events
08:51:36 <vw> Anybody who even tries hurdles has my admiration.
08:52:22 <Dave from B> It can be dangerous for some. 8th grade girl torn her mcl and acl today in the hurdles
08:52:48 <vw> Hurdles are scary!!!
08:53:20 <vw> I did every other event in track and field, but just could never bring myself to run hurdles.
08:53:32 <Dave from B> Becca has the attitude for it....seems she likes being on the edge of disaster
08:54:20 <vw> I think I just always recognized I am a klutz, so why tempt fate?
08:54:38 <Dave from B> You would never get me trying those things
08:54:56 <vw> A single hurdle IS good for stretching though!
08:55:08 <Dave from B> So, now her track career is over unless she chooses it over club soccer next spring as a freshamn
08:55:35 <vw> Oh yeah, HS coaches don't like cross-overs do they?
08:56:04 <Dave from B> Very hard to do 2 sports at the same time when you get to high school
08:56:14 <vw> I remember all the BB playing guys in my class weren't supposed to ski. :D
08:56:33 <Dave from B> Yeah, that is a definite no-no
08:56:49 <vw> Half of them were on ski patrol.
08:58:41 <vw> Nothing will motivate a teenager like telling them they can't do something.
08:59:08 <Michael> So says the Fantastiks, anyway.
08:59:22 <vw> Hey Michael.
08:59:30 <Graham> hello
08:59:35 <vw> Hi Graham.
08:59:43 <Dave from B> Because of Becca's daredevil tendancies, she has not been on skies since about age 6
08:59:58 <Graham> looks like CC has been keeping you busy vw
09:00:05 <Dave from B> She had no fear and that was scary
09:00:20 <vw> Yes! CC and Victor are on their way out of the basin now, heading north.
09:00:41 <Dave from B> Funny, vw. Yes, telling a teenager no is usually a challenge for them
09:00:49 <Dave from B> Hi, Graham
09:01:05 <vw> My oldest was that way Dave. One of the first boarders at RL. Pretty good until he got stress fractures from boarding. :(
09:06:17 <vw> Lion tried, but then went quiet.
09:09:09 <Graham> hi Dave
09:09:24 <Graham> so maybe there will be a late BH? after my bed time tho
09:10:14 <vw> go Lion.... Not ready to give up on it...
09:10:17 <Dave from B> Should be before midnight
09:10:37 <vw> Lion 1610
09:10:42 <Dave from B> Yeah
09:11:26 <vw> Weird eruption!
09:12:08 <Dave from B> That was. It was decent heighth but then just ended
09:13:40 <vw> Sawmill 1613 ie.
09:13:48 <Dave from B> I'm certain that one is Sawmill 1613ie
09:14:44 <vw> Nobody really keeping track of Sawmill today. It was erupting earlier when I was on for bus duty, but no times input since this morning. Thinking there might have been a pause sometime since 0749?
09:15:24 <Dave from B> Just maybe
09:17:37 <Dave from B> vw, any updates from OKC?
09:18:05 <vw> Just watching CNN now Dave. Nothing really new.
09:18:50 <Dave from B> wb, Diane
09:19:20 <Diane> Hi
09:19:31 <Diane> I guess Maureen probably made it to Fountain.
09:20:41 <vw> Yes, Maureen was at Ftn.
09:20:41 <Dave from B> According to vw's post, it looks like there was a party at Fountain!:)
09:20:56 <Dave from B> ..
09:20:56 <vw> .
09:23:16 <Dave from B> Well, time to head home. Have a great evening, everyone. Need to be rush hour traffic!:D)
09:23:17 <Graham> too many names to enter on a smartphone :)
09:23:29 <Dave from B> be = beat
09:23:42 <vw> Bye Dave. Have a great evening!
09:24:03 <vw> Sawmill is off.
09:24:08 <Diane> Does look like a crowd!
09:24:35 <Diane> Bye Dave
09:24:42 <vw> CC was having trouble making any entries. The app wouldn't scroll down on her phone.
09:29:22 <Andrew> good afternoon
09:29:30 <vw> Hi Andrew.
09:30:15 <Graham> Swmill quit
09:30:43 <vw> Yeap. Watching for some other action! We had a very nice Uncertain this morning.
09:33:50 <vw> .
09:48:13 <vw> Call from Will: He is over by Lion. Said he has seen some action from Big Cub: an approx. 3 ft spike and what he described as a 3 foot 'puff'
09:48:20 <vw> We can watch after OF.
09:49:03 <vw> He was there during the last Lion. He agreed: it was weird.
09:49:51 <ynpvisitor28> I described the second one as more like a gush
09:50:01 <vw> Hi Will!
09:50:18 <Will b> Fluffy
09:50:25 <vw> I liked puff.... He did use the word gush folks!
09:50:34 <vw> OF 1649
09:50:58 <Will b> It lasted for about a sec
09:52:01 <vw> I am trying to do too many things here, one of which is work with a sluggish LS. :P be right with you...
09:52:57 <vw> Will, I didn't post anything on Big Cub.
09:53:23 <Will b> There is nothing to be posted
09:53:52 <Will b> May want to watch for uncertain also
09:53:55 <vw> I don't know. I think what you described is something worth posting. Would be nice to see if others observe some behavior from it.
09:54:04 <vw> We had a very nice Uncertain this am.
09:54:30 <Will b> I will post something later then
09:54:38 <vw> cool.
09:56:04 <Will b> Getting off now
10:00:42 <Andrew> whats goign on at uncertain?
10:01:23 <vw> Steam from something, but indistinct.
10:02:32 <JAke> Penta
10:02:45 <JAke> or Old Tardy
10:02:52 <Andrew> Looks like OT
10:03:24 <vw> Will may be heading over there, Maybe he will know.
10:03:58 <JAke> Penta is more behind the tree and that was out in the open, so Old Tardy
10:06:18 <vw> VEC classified that last OF as medium duration eruption, so they have it next predicted for 1808.
10:06:45 <Andrew> thats interesting, anyone catch the duration?
10:07:11 <vw> I have to admit I thought it was a long.
10:07:46 <Andrew> I ahve never heard of emdium duration eruptions
10:07:51 <vw> I always default to the VEC though. They are much better at seeing water duration.
10:08:26 <vw> They have had a middle category duration for OF for a long time. Don't see them often, but often enough that we have to pay attention.
10:09:15 <ynpvisitor30> they used to time each eruption and had a whole series of predictors for every 30 second variation
10:10:15 <Andrew> and then it was simplified as the eruptions got very bimodal?
10:10:36 <vw> Pretty much use short, medium and long now. I think their intervals are 60, 80 and 88 based on those categories.
10:11:05 <vw> I haven't checked for a couple of months to see if they are using different criteria though.
10:12:09 <ynpvisitor30> let me find an old logbook and I will give some examples
10:13:26 <ynpvisitor30> basically it went from 1.5 min to 5 min durations, with the corresponding predictions
10:14:43 <vw> I am looking for the last categories I have.... taking a bit.
10:17:44 <vw> OT 1717 ie
10:18:05 <vw> Saw water that time.
10:19:36 <Micah> dang it, I totally should have kept that number.
10:19:48 <vw> Hi Micha.
10:19:52 <vw> What number?
10:19:59 <Micah> 1
10:20:10 <Micah> the visitor number.
10:20:38 <vw> ahhh.
10:20:40 <vw> :D
10:20:47 <Graham> you can switch back
10:21:12 <Micah> haha, nah.
10:21:33 <vw> Why not?!?!? I have seen visitors change from one number to another number!
10:21:50 <vw> But it IS nice to have you show up with your name Micah! :)
10:21:51 <Micah#1> best of both worlds.
10:22:54 <vw> It looks like one of our Aurums was erased. Must have been the 'guest' entry.
10:23:15 <vw> See Micah?
10:23:21 <Micah#1> hahaha.
10:23:29 <vw> I prefer the yours with a name though.
10:24:04 <ynpvisitor01> I promise I won't hide for long, vw
10:24:24 <vw> Good! :)
10:24:35 <ynpvisitor01> Anybody need a prediction?
10:24:43 <vw> I was just wondering if the page uses the zero before the 1?
10:24:49 <Graham> Morning?
10:24:59 <vw> brb
10:25:38 <ynpvisitor01> Sorry, Morning is out of my league unless you want a prediction window the size of Jake's earlier today
10:26:20 <Graham> i missed that prediction
10:26:50 <Dave from B> Let me check the log...maybe it was an F&M prediction
10:27:21 <Graham> i didnt reasd all the log, got bogged down with one longgggg section
10:27:48 <Maureen> Fountain, Till start, and Grand, nice day!
10:28:14 <Micah#1> ooh! Till! I like till!
10:28:33 <Graham> hi Maureen
10:28:35 <Graham> nice
10:28:55 <vw> .
10:30:06 <vw> Hi Dave. Hehe.
10:30:10 <vw> Hi Maureen.
10:30:26 <vw> Uh oh. LS just went BSOD.
10:30:47 <vw> Public stream down?
10:31:37 <Andrew> yep
10:31:45 <vw> thank you Andrew.
10:31:57 <Maureen> drat
10:32:01 <Andrew> :P
10:32:03 <Maureen> hey vw
10:32:13 <Maureen> love the post you did for CC on Fountain, thanks.
10:32:17 <Maureen> such a beauty
10:32:42 <Micah> yeah, my streaming's down too.
10:32:56 <vw> It sounded like a nice eruption Maureen. I think CC was very happy with it!
10:33:25 <vw> I have texted CC about the public stream.
10:35:29 <Micah> Looks like Heinrich has updated his Geyser Notes site.
10:35:49 <Maureen> Micah, I thought of you at Till start, it is so worth seeing!
10:36:50 <Micah> Last year my dad and I joined Lynn for an initial, very fun to see the angled bursts from the road and the runoff streaming down the hill.
10:37:24 <kc (working)> temporary webcam link
10:37:40 <Maureen> thanks kc
10:37:44 <Maureen> I agree Micah
10:37:57 <kc (working)> yw
10:37:59 <Maureen> I would have watched the whole eruption yet I wanted to get to Grand. I missed the start as it was.
10:39:10 <Micah> ah, I look forward to feeling and hearing the steam concussions that it produces.
10:40:42 <Maureen> yes, listening to it as I got closer was very fun. Then it did almost 13 minutes, I see Will put 12:27 yet I am pretty sure it was of the longer eruptions witnessed this year.
10:41:44 <Micah> Daisy getting hot it looks like on that one cam.
10:41:59 <vw> Daisy is due.
10:42:41 <Micah> There's Something going on between the churn trees.
10:42:46 <vw> Daisy 1742
10:43:56 <vw> Will look after Daisy, Micah.
10:44:06 <Micah> thanks vw
10:44:15 <Maureen> wow, nice tall Daisy
10:46:46 <vw> Steam coming from Churn area, but I am not seeing water.
10:47:03 <Micah> I can hardly tell.
10:47:34 <vw> Now some steam in front. Could be from Uncertain, or could just be escaping under bw.
10:48:00 <Micah> Uncertain is steaming as well I think .
10:48:44 <Micah> I'm pretty sure churn is splashing now as well, although I'm not certain.
10:52:22 <vw> Churn 1752 ie
10:52:29 <Micah> Yay.
10:53:03 <vw> That should be reviewed for confirmation.
10:53:23 <Micah> If will weren't working I would give him a text.
10:53:38 <vw> Will is off, but down towards F&M.
10:53:55 <Maureen> I saw Will at Grand
10:54:03 <Maureen> he has the whole weekend off, he is excited
10:54:10 <Maureen> His birthday is Friday
10:54:11 <Micah> oh that's right.
10:54:52 <Maureen> I think he is going to have an awesome summer, as will you Micah
10:55:13 <Micah> Indeed.
10:56:06 <vw> OT 1755 ie
10:58:05 <Maureen> Today's Fountain was super awesome, did I mention that already?
10:58:11 <Maureen> the blue bubbles were just amazing.
10:58:16 <Maureen> huge bursts
10:58:20 <Maureen> so fun
10:58:32 <Maureen> one 10 year old it was her first geyser ever, she LOVED it.
10:58:48 <vw> That is so cool!
10:58:53 <Maureen> wow, Heinrich saw an 8 minute Rift
10:59:08 <Maureen> HIs last report has some interesting notes
10:59:10 <Micah> hooray for the youngsters!
10:59:40 <Maureen> yes, I had her come with me and look at it from all angles, her parents might have thought I was stealing her away for a few minutes there...
10:59:46 <vw> You mean the one where Heinrich expresses such love and admiration for MT students Maureen?
10:59:55 <Maureen> yes, that one.
11:00:00 <vw> :D
11:00:12 <Maureen> He also almost sounded remorseful no one else was there for the start of that one Grand though
11:00:21 <Micah> I picked up on that too.
11:00:27 <vw> I thought so too!
11:00:47 <vw> As long as they weren't young and/or noisy I suppose.
11:00:54 <Micah> I'd love to try to sit with him or talk with him at one point, but I've been advised it's best if you let him talk to you first.
11:00:58 <Maureen> so, one day happy everyone vanishes to BH, next alone and wanting folks...must be human!
11:01:31 <Maureen> that may take years Micah, maybe introduce yourself one day. Do not be loud.
11:01:38 <vw> I really can sympathize though. Sometimes it gets downright boisterous at some eruptions. I mean... all that SCREAMING! Hahahahahaha!
11:01:40 <Maureen> I am way too loud for him.
11:02:08 <vw> Me too. The only way I can fight through my own deafness is to talk loud to everyone....
11:02:09 <Maureen> I hooted at Fountain today a few times, that is for sure.
11:02:46 <vw> kc... I don't know if going from working to lurking is an improvement!
11:03:03 <Maureen> he he, maybe we are chattering too much for him!!
11:03:18 <Maureen> vw, did you enter all those comments for CC?
11:03:20 <vw> :D
11:03:25 <Maureen> about Fountain?
11:03:31 <Maureen> those were great.
11:03:33 <vw> I entered all times CC called in to me.
11:03:39 <vw> Those were her comments!
11:03:51 <Maureen> did you type them or her?
11:03:56 <vw> Bulger 1803 ie ?
11:04:12 <vw> I typed them. She couldn't get GT to work.
11:04:23 <Maureen> oh, well job well done.
11:04:31 <vw> ty.
11:06:04 <vw> I wish we had a better view of Churn.
11:06:21 <vw> Need a beaver to do some gnawing on a few select trees...
11:08:50 <vw> Almost forgot the VEC called that last OF for a shorter interval.
11:10:47 <kc (lurking)> no one ever tells me im lurking too hard
11:11:05 <kc (lurking)> bump, temporary webcam
11:11:59 <kc (lurking)> frame rate stinks, but better than nothing
11:15:03 <vw> Micah? Anemone is erupting..
11:15:46 <Micah> Can you get that time vw? I'm trying to work on something really quick.
11:19:27 <vw> OF 1819
11:21:50 <kc (lurking)> public back up
11:22:56 <Dave from B> ..
11:23:23 <Dave from B> kc, the weather still looking nice for the weekend?
11:24:36 <Dave from B> Plume is almost at 4 months
11:25:13 <Maureen> Lynn said Plume was gurgling....
11:25:20 <Maureen> Jim said it also hisses
11:25:33 <Maureen> so hissing and gurgling...
11:25:37 <Dave from B> More noise is good?
11:25:38 <Maureen> come on Plume!
11:25:50 <kc (lurking)> nws thinks it looks good
11:25:52 <Maureen> I think gurgling would show some water somewhere...
11:26:16 <Dave from B> Good, it has 37 days to wake up
11:26:50 <Maureen> maybe you will be the lucky charm Dave
11:29:01 <Dave from B> Let's hope so.
11:29:20 <Dave from B> Maureen, did you see the FB post with Coyote mom and 4 pups?
11:29:37 <Dave from B> playing in the road
11:30:34 <Dave from B> Split Cone 1830ie
11:40:17 <Andrew> goodnight all
11:41:25 <vw> Bye Andrew.
11:43:51 <vw> I need to head out for the evening. I want to enjoy at least part of this wonderful day in Billings!
11:44:00 <vw> Hope everybody has a wonderful evening.
11:44:36 <Graham> bye vw
11:47:45 <Maureen> no Dave, sounds fun
12:01:48 <Graham> brb
12:04:06 <ynpvisitor98> Aurum 1903ie
12:14:44 <Micah> Hey, so I just listened to a voice message from Will, has anyone here seen Big Cub throw out splashes "3 feet tall"?
12:15:57 <Graham> guess i had the cam on the right spot :)
12:16:01 <Micah> anyone?
12:16:33 <Graham> not that big
12:16:40 <Micah> that was arouund 4 mst btw.
12:17:18 <Graham> missed it
12:17:54 <Graham> Sawmill 1917
12:29:19 <Graham> LC
12:39:25 <Graham> Dep
12:40:09 <Graham> good one
12:54:22 <Will B> ugg a non gazer is on 4-5
12:54:49 <Graham> many gazers about?
12:55:54 <Will B> Maureen on that "gazers" for the observer. that was a one time thing, i have and always try and put the names on the entries. just that one day they got all jumbled up and it was easier to do it that way
12:56:17 <Will B> no they all pretty much left after grand
12:56:44 <Graham> OF 1956
12:57:11 <Graham> day off to orrow?
12:57:19 <Will B> yep
12:57:30 <Graham> nice
13:04:27 <Maureen> hey Will, sounds good.
13:04:37 <Maureen> I was wondering about E times that said Gazers was all.
13:04:42 <Maureen> I get why it happened.
13:06:27 <Maureen> right now I just wish we had E times for Grand, always nice to know the night interval
13:06:37 <Maureen> I hope they get a new logger
13:07:58 <Graham> how come you aren't getting them all Will?
13:08:48 <Maureen> even Will sleeps, Heinrich did not either
13:09:23 <Graham> yeah that rain/snow mix is a big negative
13:10:20 <Graham> he must be napping now
13:11:24 <Will B> broken thermistors
13:11:39 <Will B> replacements are on the way though
13:11:58 <Maureen> oh good, last I heard they did not know if they could afford them in the budget, so YEAH
13:12:46 <Will B> ?^ i never heard that...
13:13:10 <Maureen> Andrea said that, she had been trying to fix them.
13:13:31 <Graham> Daisy 2013
13:14:33 <Maureen> weather still looking OK for weekend...
13:14:56 <Maureen> storm to go to Glacier, yet should miss us
13:15:02 <Graham> glad the rains c ame but not good for gazing
13:15:03 <Will B> :)
13:15:27 <Maureen> we needed rain, it may be almost 70 on Sunday too.
13:15:30 <Maureen> nice, nice
13:15:58 <Maureen> not much wind, tall Daisy
13:17:37 <Maureen> have a good night everyone.
13:20:47 <Graham> dingsding
13:20:50 <kcmule> cool
13:20:54 <Kevin L> Wow!
13:21:12 <Kevin L> Just walked in and did a doubletake!
13:21:27 <Graham> go
13:21:29 <Graham> Will
13:21:30 <Graham> go
13:21:37 <Kevin L> I feel like I should be out picking kids up from somthing.
13:21:55 <Kevin L> You sending an alert Graham?
13:22:01 <Kevin L> I guess so.
13:22:18 <ynpvisitor82> Guess you were right, Graham
13:22:37 <Graham> yes
13:22:40 <Micah> Will's on his way from the dorm.
13:22:52 <Graham> k
13:22:57 <Maureen> was not gone long
13:23:08 <Maureen> fun
13:23:55 <Maureen> wonder if Kitt is about
13:24:50 <Kevin L> I sent her a txt.
13:25:02 <Dave from B> Is it too late for lc?
13:25:17 <Dave from B> Only 930 for him
13:25:35 <Graham> are
13:25:36 <Graham> where
13:25:36 <Graham> kc
13:25:39 <Graham> Jake
13:25:57 <Maureen> hey Kitt
13:25:58 <Kitt> Thanks for the call Kevin
13:25:59 <Dave from B> Kitt, you made it!
13:26:05 <Kevin L> kc commented on indy above.
13:26:05 <Graham> how long does it take WIll to get to BH?
13:26:06 <Micah> Hiya Kitt!
13:26:12 <Kevin L> yw
13:26:15 <Kitt> Hello
13:26:18 <Micah> He's running from just beyond Lower Hams
13:26:25 <Micah> so I'm guessing ten minutes about.
13:26:37 <Maureen> not hopping on his bike first?
13:27:00 <Graham> doesn't want the short indicator we had the other day
13:27:03 <Micah> Not sure, he just called me, snapped "Indicator, gotta run" and then *click* haha.
13:27:31 <Kevin L> He will probably be in good shape after Summer this year.
13:27:59 <Maureen> someone is waving
13:28:08 <Maureen> Will
13:28:13 <Maureen> he is there already
13:28:20 <Dave from B> Yeap...I think that is will
13:28:36 <Micah> 6 minutes. Good time.
13:28:39 <Dave from B> Looks like he brought his whole dorm with him
13:28:43 <Kevin L> My first 2 bh day in a long time.
13:28:48 <Micah> haha, awesome
13:29:05 <Graham> i am worried could be false with Kevin here
13:29:16 <Dave from B> I think Kevin is gone
13:29:19 <Maureen> bet it is not his dorm
13:29:24 <Maureen> Kevin is here...
13:29:25 <Graham> ok, good
13:29:34 <Graham> glad he left
13:29:36 <Maureen> he just posted
13:29:41 <Dave from B> :D
13:29:43 <Graham> so bee can erupt
13:30:30 <Graham> bet his chickens were hungry
13:30:51 <Dave from B> Cool ie time for BHI..2020
13:31:10 <Dave from B> They needed watering, I think
13:31:16 <Maureen> Kitt are you all packed?
13:31:24 <Kevin L> Jus fed the chickens. Even got two eggs today.
13:31:25 <Kitt> no
13:31:34 <Kitt> working on it
13:32:36 <Maureen> was today the last day of school?
13:32:53 <Graham> i think you need to check again Kevin
13:33:12 <Kitt> multi tasking
13:33:33 <Graham> dont be late for your flight due to bee Kitt
13:33:38 <Kitt> talking to mom on phone
13:33:51 <Maureen> she does not leave yet
13:33:59 <Kevin L> Allright. Somebody posted Pauls story about hitting the bison!
13:34:11 <Maureen> yes, I read it. Good piece
13:34:16 <Kevin L> A must read.
13:34:26 <Micah> I read that too, was laughing for quite some time.
13:34:27 <Kitt> off the phone
13:34:39 <Kitt> called lc, and mom called me
13:34:59 <Kitt> I'm packing and hopefully cutting Bill & boys' hair
13:35:02 <Kitt> tonight
13:35:24 <Maureen> just Bill and you on trip, right?
13:35:28 <Graham> multi-tasking with scissors - yikes
13:35:31 <Kitt> I remember the bison night
13:35:53 <Kitt> tried to figure out how we could help them get vehicle out of the park to Jackson
13:36:10 <Kitt> School was good today
13:36:21 <Kevin L> Bet they looked pathetic.
13:36:42 <Kitt> 2 classes of kids for 3 hours playing in the class, having outside picnic and then 1 hour of water play
13:36:50 <Kitt> it was sunny but breezy here
13:37:22 <Kitt> Bill finally called his sister in OKC and she is fine
13:37:31 <Kevin L> Great
13:37:33 <Kitt> Climb bee
13:37:39 <Maureen> yes Bee
13:37:44 <Kitt> Blast off
13:37:50 <Graham> 2037
13:37:52 <Kitt> wahoo!!!
13:38:41 <Maureen> another tall one
13:38:44 <Maureen> nice
13:38:46 <Kevin L> Really nice on static.
13:38:50 <Micah> nice contrast
13:39:25 <Dave from B> Maureen, headed in to Ftn tomorrow morning?
13:40:32 <Kitt> indy gone
13:40:40 <Kitt> thank you indy
13:41:17 <Kevin L> And only 5 days till the Indy 500!
13:41:25 <Maureen> yes Dave, should be early
13:41:46 <Dave from B> Maybe 2 Ftns for you tomorrow?
13:41:50 <Graham> Ftn then Bee?
13:42:00 <Maureen> if it cooperates
13:42:09 <Maureen> went to Grand today, so tomorrow is to work after FTN
13:42:23 <Kitt> I hope you get another Morning Geyser
13:42:34 <Maureen> me too, I would love for weekend folks to get one
13:42:53 <Dave from B> Great way to end the day! Goodnight, all
13:42:54 <Maureen> Polly is not coming back is she? This weekend?
13:42:59 <Maureen> night Dave
13:43:08 <Kevin L> What a day.
13:43:14 <Kitt> I believe she is
13:43:17 <Graham> iam quitting too, goodnight
13:43:40 <Maureen> oh good, thanks Kitt, have so much fun if I do not get back here when you are here.
13:43:45 <Maureen> night all.
13:44:33 <Kitt> time to do hair cuts
13:44:41 <Kitt> thanks again for the call Kevin
13:44:44 <Kitt> bye
13:44:50 <Kitt> nice bee
13:46:17 <Michael> Micah -- about Big Cub -- it usually gargles and splahes a few times in the minutes leading up to Little Cub. 3 feet is bigger than most.
13:47:00 <Michael> It's sort of like when Giantess has a heart-stopping 2 foot boil in middle of an otherwise dull day.
13:47:54 <Michael> Dang. Didn't notice that he'd already signed off..
14:01:59 <Will B> .
14:04:39 <Will B> did i set a record for the time from laurel to BH?
14:05:10 <Michael> Could be. I don't know who keeps the official records for that race-course.
14:08:32 <Will B> kc, got a capture of the exact time that i arrived? lol
14:11:55 <kcmule> ummm not sure it is accurate to tenths of a second
14:12:19 <Will B> use my call to Micah as the start time
14:20:53 <kcmule> OF 21:20
14:26:05 <kcmule> looks like castle is ie
14:28:28 <Michael> It's a reasonable time for it too. I'm too chicken to make the call though.
14:29:34 <kcmule> i pulled the trigger, it looked pretty clear on the livescope
14:29:41 <kcmule> and still does
14:30:19 <Will B> car?
14:32:16 <Michael> Yes.
14:33:08 <kcmule> people are taking photos of castle steam
14:33:23 <Will B> lol
14:36:46 <kcmule> nite
14:37:02 <Michael> Goodnight. It's dark.
14:37:06 <Will B> nite