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17:56:26 <Micah> BHI Clark.
17:56:27 <Micah> .
17:56:28 <Micah> .
17:56:29 <Micah> .
17:56:33 <Micah> Will's there.
23:08:27 <ynpvisitor43> OF 0608
23:26:41 <vw> Good morning.
23:38:16 <ynpvisitor43> good morning vw
23:59:20 <vw> Daisy 0659 ns
23:59:38 <vw> I guess it is time to pay attention.
23:59:42 <vw> Hi lc!
00:01:46 <vw> Will was out very late last night so we have some good times for BH and Grand.
00:02:14 <vw> Morning 0557.
00:02:31 <vw> very nice.
00:02:45 <vw> Graham got it!
00:02:57 <lc> good for him
00:04:12 <vw> Now he can pack up and go home. :D
00:04:19 <vw> Oblong 0704 ie ?
00:04:42 <lc> I think so
00:11:56 <vw> Sawmill was going earlier but is off now.
00:18:24 <ynpvisitor1> .
00:19:28 <vw> Graham just updated his Morning posting to include who was there for the eruption. Nice crowd.
00:21:51 <ynpvisitor1> looks fun. Bill W got another one
00:22:35 <vw> Lion 0722 ns
00:22:41 <vw> Initial
00:24:21 <lc> Carol and Bill B., it that Bailey?
00:24:39 <vw> Beverly.
00:25:07 <lc> oh, didn't know they ar in the park.
00:25:24 <vw> I think they just arrived. I wonder if they even parked their trailer yet!
00:25:35 <lc> good for them
00:26:26 <ynpvisitor1> that's a nice welcome :)
00:26:31 <lc> do yhou have a long shift this week end vw?
00:27:02 <vw> Several other cam operators have volunteered to take the cam, so I am hoping the whole weekend isn't my shift
00:27:07 <vw> :)
00:27:21 <lc> good
00:27:51 <vw> The ranks get pretty thin this time of year.
00:30:19 <vw> We did see Oblong earlier. A basin time was posted of 0702.
00:30:43 <lc> I was pretty sure of that
00:31:39 <vw> Me too lc, but I am pretty conservative about calling anything on the other side of the hill. It was a nice long duration steam cloud
00:32:11 <vw> Just waiting for OF now before we check in on
00:32:18 <vw> oops... Grand. In its window.
00:39:21 <vw> Micah needs to wake up. Nice views of water from the Anemones.
00:39:49 <vw> OF 0739
00:45:42 <vw> A beautiful day in the geyser neighborhood.
00:57:36 <vw> Curious that we don't have any reported times for Grotto area geysers. Someone is in the Grand area as Jim reported a West Triplet time (posted by Will).
01:09:53 <vw> Good morning Kevin.
01:10:21 <Kevin L> Hi
01:12:31 <vw> Sawmill 0812 ie.
01:13:15 <vw> Should have noted that earlier.
01:24:15 <vw> Aurum 0823 ie
01:24:45 <ynpvisitor28> :)
01:26:13 <vw> Possibly steam from Turban now.
01:26:33 <vw> Sawmill is off.
01:27:11 <vw> I missed Lion. My apologies.
01:27:40 <vw> Wait... Maybe I didn't. Thought I saw another time by it.
01:27:57 <vw> My eyes need to wake up.
01:32:51 <vw> Lion 0831, static cam.
01:38:46 <vw> I need to feed my dogs. brb
01:48:47 <vw> GT entry that Castle had a minor at 0829 ns.
01:57:31 <vw> Will is posting Turban times so we should be able to kind of keep track of what is going on at Grand.
01:59:17 <Jenna> didn't get much sleep if he got grand and BH so early this morning
02:03:55 <vw> I don't think Will requires much sleep.
02:04:34 <vw> He has mentioned that coffee would probably kill him. With his energy levels, I don't doubt that at all.
02:04:54 <Jenna> that's definitely not how I am, I don't drink coffee but I love my sleep!
02:05:15 <vw> OF 0904
02:06:15 <Kevin L> .
02:06:54 <Kevin L> My pm quit working with you vw
02:07:25 <vw> Close it and open an new one?
02:07:37 <Kevin L> Worth a try.
02:07:42 <vw> pm function just doesn't work well on the page. :P
02:07:53 <vw> I closed the tab on my end K.
02:08:39 <vw> If either participant gets timed out, it seems like the pm quits working. We all now how indiscriminate the timeouts are too.
02:09:57 <Kevin L> Right. I went out to throw some food at the chicks and found one had flown the coop, so I had to get something for them with bigger walls.
02:10:39 <vw> Did you have any luck retrieving the recalcitrant bird?
02:10:47 <vw> Sounds like they need a roof.
02:11:44 <Kevin L> I am hoping they are about ready for a real coop outside.
02:11:57 <Kevin L> I did get the escapee.
02:12:40 <vw> Do you use a 3 strikes rule with your birds K? Fried chicken is a good traditional meal for holidays you know...
02:14:25 <Kevin L> These wouldn't make too much of a meal. They are probably about a month old and even full grown they aren't much. They are the bantys which are basically miniture chickens.
02:14:37 <vw> Wind is picking up.
02:15:28 <Kevin L> When I got them they were about the size of 3 cottonballs.
02:15:34 <vw> So... a whole chicken barely constitutes a chicken wing hor d'oeuvres?
02:16:04 <Kevin L> Right. About the size of a cornish game hen when full grown.
02:16:26 <vw> mmmmm. A little sage and garlic, some wild rice....
02:16:49 <Kevin L> I do have quail that hang around the house too.
02:17:16 <vw> But not the season for quail. Chickens, you set the season!
02:18:06 <Kevin L> True. Quail with the little babies are so cute when they run across the yard. I lake to make places they can hide and nest in.
02:18:18 <Kevin L> like
02:18:22 <vw> Fun!
02:20:12 <vw> Note for Jake/Will: GT needs to group times on Aurum.
02:32:30 <Kevin L> Daisy 0932
02:36:51 <vw> Thank you Kevin.
02:36:57 <Kevin L> np
02:41:39 <Kevin L> Grand seems to be having longer intervals.
02:42:35 <vw> Wants to make sure people have plenty of time to arrive after being in the LGB.
02:49:26 <ynpvisitor100> question about grouping times on Aurum? I am late to the discssion
02:49:53 <ynpvisitor100> discUssion*
02:52:22 <Kevin L> There is a 0843wc and a 0844 that need to be put in a group.
02:53:02 <ynpvisitor100> that makes sense
02:53:40 <Kevin L> Right. It was for sure the same eruption.
02:54:08 <ynpvisitor100> gives it a 1 minute interval
02:54:39 <Kevin L> Grand 0954
02:54:40 <ynpvisitor100> nice
02:55:18 <Kevin L> Beautiful start.
02:55:41 <Kevin L> Looks like that used most of the energy.
02:56:47 <Kevin L> If you click on the 0658 Daisy, you will see what she means. There is another entry listed about the same time.
03:03:13 <Kevin L> 2nd
03:03:41 <ynpvisitor48> that was nice
03:04:39 <Kevin L> Great to see water for a chenge.
03:05:28 <Kevin L> I think that is going to be all.
03:22:36 <vw> Kevin, I am back if you want to head out.
03:22:43 <vw> Glad you got a good Grand!
03:22:52 <vw> .
03:24:00 <ynpvisitor100> .
03:25:45 <vw> .
03:31:28 <vw> I see we had another 2 eruption series on Lion. Had hoped it would go longer.
03:32:13 <vw> well... maybe not. Dave got one at 0926.
03:32:40 <vw> During Daisy I guess.
03:33:04 <vw> or Daisy wait that is.
03:33:21 <vw> I need more coffee!
03:38:24 <vw> Hi Micah.
03:38:39 <Micah> hi vw!
03:38:59 <vw> With warmer temps, you are going to have to get up earlier to see nice Anemone's. :)
03:39:37 <vw> Had some nice water this morning but I am not familiar enough with them to really say which is which.
03:40:23 <vw> Another operator has taken the cam, so I guess I am going to get an unplanned break.
03:40:30 <vw> I will check back later.
03:41:21 <Micah> Yeah, it's kind of hard to pick them out. but usually, you just got to figure out duration.
03:41:21 <vw> Please post eruption times to GT as you see them!
03:54:10 <Micah> OF 1054
03:54:16 <Micah> OF 1054
03:54:23 <Micah> Of 1054
03:54:53 <Kevin L> Finally!
03:55:02 <Micah> it was in preplay forever.
03:55:32 <Kevin L> Watch it be a short. 1h50m interval.
03:56:09 <Micah> Could you remind me what a long and short is. Isn't it 2 minutes 30 seconds is the divider?
03:57:18 <Kevin L> I use 3:30 plus as a long.
03:58:02 <Micah> alright, thanks.
03:58:16 <Kevin L> This one is a long in more ways than one!
03:58:33 <Micah> :D
04:57:35 <Kent> Kevin, you around?
05:07:25 <Dave from Den> OF 1207ie
05:17:06 <Dave from Den> Daisy 1217ie
05:31:37 <vw - afk.> .
05:31:46 <vw - afk.> Hey Dave!
05:31:54 <Dave from Den> Hi, vw!
05:31:58 <vw - afk.> How is Denver/soccer/etc?
05:32:16 <Dave from Den> Becca won their mornind again at 1440
05:32:31 <vw - afk.> BHI 1232 ie
05:32:36 <vw - afk.> ding ding
05:32:36 <vw - afk.> ding
05:32:37 <kcmule> cool
05:32:41 <Dave from Den> Beautiful but too hot for soccer. Hi of 87 for today
05:32:46 <vw - afk.> Hi kc!
05:32:51 <Dave from Den> Hi, kc
05:32:55 <vw - afk.> Sending alert
05:32:58 <kcmule> buenos dias
05:33:43 <Dave from Den> Nice timing
05:34:05 <Dave from Den> Somebodies going to get wet on the bw
05:34:20 <vw - afk.> Yeah, same here. Just stopped to make sure somebody was working the cam.
05:40:50 <Dave from Den> Big crowd at BH
05:41:37 <vw - afk.> The Fountain crowd made it to the UGB.
05:41:50 <vw - afk.> CC probably in there somewhere. Graham too.
05:42:16 <vw - afk.> Along with a whole bunch of other gazers!
05:43:21 <Dave from Den> Nice to finally see Great Ftn posts
05:44:25 <ynpvisitor37> oh no, is it time for OF?
05:44:42 <Dave from Den> Scared me for a it isn't
05:44:52 <Maureen> hey all.
05:44:53 <vw - afk.> Hi Maureen!
05:44:59 <Dave from Den> Hi, Maureen
05:45:00 <vw - afk.> Good day so far?
05:45:04 <Maureen> So glad Lynn will get Fountain for her grandkids
05:45:13 <Maureen> I am back in West, need to sleep
05:45:19 <Maureen> only 3 hours last night
05:45:29 <Maureen> Morning was so fun though, 12 of us there
05:45:36 <Dave from Den> Isn't that enough?
05:45:38 <vw - afk.> Yikes. That is a little on the light side.
05:45:54 <Maureen> for me, I need more sleep than that.
05:46:08 <Dave from Den> Don't we all
05:46:08 <Maureen> Folks there at BH I bet are going to nap after BH
05:46:43 <Maureen> Fountain was awesome too, 5 hours after Morning
05:47:10 <Maureen> the gate was backed up all the way into West Yellowstone proper
05:47:11 <vw - afk.> Did most or all of the earlier Morning folks get back for Fountain?
05:47:19 <Maureen> When I came out just now
05:47:32 <Maureen> some did, Grand was late, Fountain was late, some came out.
05:47:47 <vw - afk.> So you will have to allow for extra time heading back in today. Sigh.
05:47:58 <Maureen> should clear out by later.
05:48:11 <Maureen> I feel for those people in that line though.
05:48:37 <Maureen> 4 way stops do not work when only 2 ways are moving
05:48:48 <vw - afk.> How were the animal jams today?
05:49:13 <Maureen> not too bad, on my way out, there was a line a couple miles long because of one bison, it did not affect my lane too much
05:49:45 <Maureen> Fountain parking lot was insane by the time we all left it
05:49:57 <Maureen> there are a LOT of people here
05:50:20 <vw - afk.> Welcome to summer season.
05:50:25 <Maureen> cool to see so many folk at BH
05:52:13 <Maureen> So moonlight Fountain again tonight
05:52:32 <Maureen> Polly has her poncho on.
05:53:35 <Dave from Den> at 23 minutes
05:53:38 <vw - afk.> Will you go back for it M? Might be a bit rough on so few hours of sleep.
05:53:39 <Maureen> nice strong indie
05:54:01 <Maureen> that is why I am sleeping now, so I can go back. Then tomorrow, hopefully another Morning!
05:54:11 <vw - afk.> :)
05:54:19 <Maureen> Graham loved it.
05:54:32 <vw - afk.> Early Morning's nice: few tourists!
05:54:35 <vw - afk.> BH 1254
05:54:58 <Maureen> yes, a little later than 6 would be fine with me though
05:55:19 <Maureen> today was a high dew point day, very steamy
05:55:23 <vw - afk.> Yeah, I suppose so. For those east coasters though it is the middle of their mornings!
05:55:45 <Dave from Den> You are sleeping now, Maureen...
05:55:47 <Maureen> not too many east coasters besides G
05:55:57 <Dave from Den> Now thatis what I call multi-tasking!
05:55:59 <Maureen> yes Dave, I am dreaming of BH!
05:56:08 <Dave from Den> :D
05:56:12 <Maureen> hot in Denver?
05:56:16 <vw - afk.> CC and Victor somewhere. Hopefully they will figure out the Morning/Fountain schedules
05:56:30 <Maureen> they made it to Fountain, not Morning
05:56:52 <Dave from Den> 87 in Dever for hi today
05:56:53 <Maureen> and I bet there are at BH
05:57:04 <Maureen> wow Dave, hot
05:57:05 <vw - afk.> Probably.
05:57:33 <Maureen> hopefully G caught this one
05:57:43 <Dave from Den> Becca plays again at 1440 and then the whole team and parents are going to a professional soccer game tonight
05:57:43 <Maureen> he is sticking close to FTN area
05:57:56 <Maureen> fun Dave, hope it all goes well.
05:58:55 <vw - afk.> Well, I am back to chores. Will check on cam later.
05:59:10 <vw - afk.> Maureen, get some sleep and enjoy the show in the LGB later!
05:59:21 <Maureen> yes that, bye all.
05:59:36 <vw - afk.> Dave, good luck to Becca!
05:59:41 <vw - afk.> Have a great afternoon all. bbl.
05:59:43 <Dave from Den> Thanks, vw
05:59:45 <Maureen> oh good, I see Lynn
05:59:50 <Dave from Den> Bye, vw and Maureen
05:59:53 <Maureen> bye
06:09:37 <Dave from Den> Going to head out. Be back tomorrow
06:31:26 <vw - afk.> I guess it is time for OF? Nice crowd.
06:32:17 <vw - afk.> .
06:38:24 <vw> OF 1338
06:43:40 <vw> Sawmill on at 1343 ie. Last recorded time was 1137 ie.
06:47:42 <vw> Virtually nothing due any time soon. I am going to leave cam in OF preset for a while and check back as we get closer to some prediction windows.
07:36:22 <vw> Sawmill is off.
08:02:05 <vw> Daisy 1501 ie
08:07:08 <vw> Aurum 1507 ie
08:07:13 <vw> just could find it..
08:07:47 <vw> OF 1507
08:09:10 <vw> .
08:33:36 <Kevin L> Graham just sent me a txt that he and Will enjoyed Aurum for me.
08:35:13 <vw> Cruel.
08:35:58 <vw> I thought Graham was going to go take a nap after BH.
08:35:58 <Kevin L> At least somebody got it.
08:36:58 <vw> Definitely in summer mode: 6h 41m interval.
08:52:40 <vw> .
08:57:02 <vw> brb
09:08:27 <vw> Got disconnected. Give me a sec to set back up again.
09:24:23 <vw> Funny article with videos:
09:28:02 <vw> .
09:36:13 <vw> Another operator has the cam now. Please update GT with times as you can
09:36:25 <vw> Have a great evening all. I will be back tomorrow.
10:16:21 <kcmule> Grand ie
10:16:26 <kcmule> .
10:35:54 <Kevin L> Daisy 1735 ie
13:24:07 <ynpvisitor22> lion
13:45:06 <ynpvisitor49> Oblong possibly ie.
14:17:42 <Kevin L> of 2117