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22:58:27 <vw> Oblong 0558 ie ?
23:03:18 <vw> Sawmill 0602 ie
23:16:28 <vw> Sawmill is off.
23:42:07 <vw> Aurum 0641 ie
23:52:32 <Will B> empty room this morning
23:52:41 <vw> Hi Will.
23:52:49 <vw> Did you have a good weekend?
23:52:58 <Will B> yep
23:53:15 <vw> :)
23:58:10 <lc> good morning
23:58:22 <vw> Hi lc.
23:58:58 <Will B> hi lc
00:03:08 <vw> OF 0702
00:21:41 <vw> GT and are not syncing, so predictions on are not usuable.
00:27:08 <vw> I have double posted those eruptions that we get predictions for on
00:32:04 <vw> Messed up the Daisy entry on Should have credited it as an eruption seen from the basin and reported by Jim. My apologies to Jim.
00:42:24 <Dave from ?> Morning everyone!
00:42:38 <vw> Hi Dave.
00:42:49 <vw> Moving around so much you aren't sure where you are today?
00:42:57 <vw> Hate that feeling.
00:43:09 <Dave from ?> Yeah...not sure if it is monday or Tuseday and not sure if I'm awake, either.
00:43:58 <vw> Hehe.
00:44:38 <Dave from ?> How was your weekend?
00:44:48 <vw> Three day weekends are nice until you have to get 5 days worth of work done in 4 days.
00:45:17 <vw> Nice. Rain here in Billings was lovely.
00:46:03 <Dave from ?> Especailly when your asst is gone today and tomorrow and we are still trainging our new whse hire
00:46:21 <vw> Is Becca's soccer team happy with how they played this weekend?
00:46:27 <Dave from ?> Yes, need to mow today or I may need to borrow some farm equipment to cut my lawn
00:46:31 <vw> Oh yeah, Dave. Could be a long week.
00:46:53 <Dave from ?> Yes, Becca's team is happy. The only team to beat them won their division
00:47:16 <Dave from ?> She now has 10 days off to rest her bruised ribs
00:48:22 <vw> Days of rest are good. Not so sure about bruised ribs though.
00:48:49 <Dave from ?> She had a big collision with someone who had her knee raised.
00:50:28 <vw> Ouch.
00:50:46 <vw> I need to take a short break. bbs.
00:55:44 <Dave from ?> Good morning, Jimbo
00:55:53 <Jimbo> Is that Oblong now?
00:56:22 <Dave from B> Probably Grotto; Oblong is more to the left near where you would see Grand
00:56:31 <Jimbo> OK
01:01:15 <Dave from B> Good morning, Kevin
01:01:39 <Kevin L> hi
01:01:46 <Kevin L> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
01:02:10 <Dave from B> Still recovering from Sunday's races, Kevin?
01:07:07 <lc> morning Dave
01:07:26 <Dave from B> Hi, lc
01:07:27 <vw> Sawmill 0807 ie
01:07:41 <vw> Hi Jimbo, Kevin.
01:14:39 <Dave from B> lc, how many days until depature?
01:19:20 <lc> 26 days
01:19:49 <lc> hope to get to UGB 4 weeks from today
01:20:15 <Dave from B> Getting close
01:20:37 <Dave from B> So, you are getting there 2 days before Becca and me
01:20:45 <lc> have all our reservations for this trip.
01:20:57 <lc> good to get that done.
01:25:16 <Dave from B> I know the feeling
01:25:49 <vw> .
01:28:07 <Kevin L> Well chickens are happy now. And yes Dave, still recovering from the races. First one strated at 0500 (Monaco) and the last one ended about 2100.
01:30:21 <ynpvisitor87> .
01:30:57 <vw> .
01:31:02 <vw> OF 0830
01:32:05 <Dave from B> I saw the finish of Indy and Nascar
01:32:06 <Dave from B> ..
01:34:25 <vw> .
01:38:24 <Kevin L> Finish to Indy was a real yawner. It was set up for a great finish. I hate yellowflag finishes. On the other hand the Indy Lights finish on Thursday was totally awesome.
01:38:57 <Dave from B> Yeah, I was hopinh they good do 10 laps under green...that would have been fun
01:39:04 <Dave from B> good = could
01:39:51 <vw> We may have missed Daisy during OF watch.
01:49:19 <Dave from B> ..
01:53:29 <Kevin L> Daisy like to hide behind OF.
01:53:43 <vw> :D
01:53:55 <Dave from B> If Lion doesn't wake up, it's going to be a long morning
01:54:18 <vw> Could be. I am hopeful for Grand this morning though.
01:56:02 <Dave from B> Based on the last few days intervals, it will probably be after 1200. When's bus duty, Kevin?
02:07:35 <ynpvisitor87> another Morning!!
02:08:00 <vw> Sweet.
02:08:18 <Dave from B> Wahoo!!!
02:12:17 <ynpvisitor87> I hope everyone was there!!
02:14:18 <vw> Kevin has the cam, so I am going to head out.
02:14:24 <vw> Good luck with Grand!
02:14:26 <vw> bbl.
02:24:27 <Dave from B> Welcome aboughamer
02:24:36 <Kevin L> I have a feeling we are not even close to a Grand.
02:25:23 <Dave from B> Yeah, more likely 1230-1330
02:26:05 <alex> good morning dave
02:26:08 <Dave from B> Will has a 0011 Grt Ftn and it is a frs call on GT
02:26:23 <Dave from B> Hi, alex. Thought we had a newbie on board:)
02:26:43 <alex> no, I just used another login that I use accidentally.
02:26:51 <alex> I am still on vacation mode
02:27:00 <Kevin L> Not sure I would want to be at Grt Ftn at 0011
02:27:02 <alex> have a good weekend
02:27:22 <alex> if it is clear, the moon should provide plenty of light
02:27:51 <Dave from B> Yeah, hopefully no one was out there alone
02:30:34 <Dave from B> ..
02:33:19 <ynpvisitor6> You jest need a good bar switch.
02:38:05 <ynpvisitor87> .
02:47:07 <ynpvisitor87> ..
02:49:08 <ynpvisitor10> Excellent news on Morning. Graham will be flying home without a plane.
02:49:33 <Dave from B> Was that his first on this trp?
02:49:42 <ynpvisitor10> 2nd I think
02:52:41 <Kevin L> Yes 2nd
02:56:00 <Kevin L> of 0955
02:56:34 <ynpvisitor100> Maureen checking in. Morning was awesome! Huge bursts
02:56:48 <ynpvisitor100> Blue bubbles galore.
02:56:59 <Dave from B> Good for you! Maureen
02:57:05 <ynpvisitor100> Gary Einstein made it too!
02:57:13 <Kevin L> great
02:57:21 <ynpvisitor100> 13 of us and a tourist!
02:57:40 <ynpvisitor100> Graham was VERY happy
02:57:47 <Dave from B> I sure hope it waits for me:)
02:58:18 <ynpvisitor100> Great viewing, it is throwing massive sinter pieces
02:58:28 <Dave from B> ..
02:58:29 <ynpvisitor100> I hope so too Dave!
02:58:57 <ynpvisitor100> Off to Great Fountain. 1030 is my prediction
02:59:18 <ynpvisitor87> Congrats to everyone!!
02:59:25 <ynpvisitor100> Just wanted to say hello.
02:59:57 <ynpvisitor100> Pat S made it too. Cb and Bill...good group
03:00:13 <Kevin L> nice
03:00:21 <ynpvisitor100> Steve Eide too. Fun was had by all. Enjoy the day.
03:01:03 <ynpvisitor100> Bye
03:01:13 <Kevin L> We need to schedule it so not all the camops are in the park at once.
03:01:24 <Dave from B> Bye
03:01:46 <Dave from B> You and vw worked all weekend?
03:02:13 <Dave from B> Kevin, how many cam ops are there?
03:02:20 <Kevin L> More vw than me.
03:02:24 <Dave from B> 8?
03:03:54 <Kevin L> Yes. 8 of us.
03:25:35 <Kevin L> Aurum 1025 static
03:26:21 <Dave from B> short interval
03:27:19 <Kevin L> The way I like them.
03:30:16 <Kevin L> Grand 1020
03:30:19 <Kevin L> 1030
03:30:55 <Dave from B> Wow! That is a shock
03:31:23 <Dave from B> 13:13 double interval
03:32:27 <Kevin L> Surprised me too. Thought we would be about another 2 hours.
03:39:07 <Kevin L> 2nd
03:39:19 <ynpvisitor6> Standup double.
03:41:48 <Kevin L> Looks like the runner was stranded at 2nd.
03:41:59 <Dave from B> And, I missed it...:P
03:46:19 <Kevin L> Just pretend like it was a Dodger game Dave. Gonna lose anyway!
03:47:24 <Dave from B> I've already forgotten about them for this year...I'm ready for football season
03:48:22 <Kevin L> They are playing Arena Football now....
03:49:08 <alex> you should try being a Pirates Fan!!
03:49:37 <Dave from B> At least they didn't spend all the money the dodgers did so they could be in last place!
03:50:11 <alex> Pirates don't have any money to spend, they are working on their 21st losing season in a row I believe
03:50:46 <alex> The Cubs have a better chance of winning a world series as the Pirates do finishing over 500
03:50:49 <Dave from B> Ouch! Glad they have loyal fans like yourself. Sounds like my hockey team (Islanders)
03:50:57 <Kevin L> Sounds like the Packers after the early 70's
03:51:19 <Dave from B> Yeah, the Pack had some lean years after Bart Starr
03:51:59 <alex> The NFL at least fixed there leage so everyone can be competitive
03:52:19 <Kevin L> At my old high school the class of 81 finally saw the football team win a game second to the last game in their Senior year!
03:52:26 <alex> there is no hope for teams like the Royals and Pirates who are farm teams for the richer teams
03:53:09 <Kevin L> Lion is looking like it wants to do something.
03:53:42 <Kevin L> Speaking of Packers & Lions, they play on Thankgiving this year!
03:53:53 <Dave from B> alex, I agree that parity in NFL really helps fuel interest
03:56:23 <Kevin L> Think I will Daisy fish and keep an eye on static.
04:00:19 <alex> The Packers and Lions are not playing each other though. I think the Lions are playing the Steelers
04:00:53 <alex> The two sports that I played in high school and were my favorite to play are now my least favorite to watch because of parity.
04:01:02 <alex> Give me a hocky or NFL game any day
04:01:17 <alex> sprinkler 11:01 ie
04:06:13 <Dave from B> Yeah, I played baseball for many years and I have no desire to watch a game
04:07:13 <Dave from B> 13 years of learning, coaching and watching my daughters play soccer has really made it my #2 sport behind the NFL
04:09:16 <Kevin L> Have you watched an Arena Football game Dave?
04:09:54 <Dave from B> I haven't Kevin, but I'm sure I would like it...Lots of action
04:10:58 <Kevin L> They show them on CBS Sports on the weekends.
04:11:36 <Dave from B> I will have to watch one of these weekends
04:12:03 <Dave from B> Who are the better teams this year?
04:13:20 <Kevin L> Arizona Rattlers (my favorite) is leading.
04:13:38 <Kevin L> This weeks game is Spokane and San Jose.
04:20:58 <Kevin L> Hi Will.
04:21:39 <Will B> ok this is how bad i am. Jim called sputnik and i had to run out and see it
04:21:56 <Will B> i am doing laundry and room cleaning this morning
04:22:26 <Kevin L> Daisy 1122 ie
04:25:59 <Kevin L> of 1125
04:47:57 <Will B> castle 1147
04:48:11 <Will B> frs
04:49:53 <Dave from B> LC 1149ie
05:01:00 <Will B> castleis a major
05:51:18 <Kevin L> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
05:51:37 <Kevin L> Plop!
05:51:44 <ynpvisitor29> meow
05:52:42 <Dave from B> ..
05:56:17 <Kevin L> Woof woof!
05:57:17 <Graham> I need ZZzzzzzzz
05:57:51 <ynpvisitor29> I need bzzz from the hive.
05:57:51 <Graham> where were you Will?
05:58:07 <Will B> room.
05:58:21 <Will B> doing laundry and cleaning my room
05:58:35 <Will B> it got pretty bad this last weekend
05:58:58 <Graham> geeeezZz
05:59:22 <Graham> so nice we could see the boil pick up
05:59:35 <Graham> no steam really from MT
06:00:26 <Dave from B> Home already, Graham?
06:01:24 <Will B> let me guess bozeman?
06:03:04 <Graham> boarding. n BZN
06:03:10 <Kevin L> of 1302
06:04:15 <Graham> grabbed exit row seat, nobody paid for it
06:05:30 <Kevin L> More legroom!
06:05:46 <Graham> so much fun sharing with cb and others and what a send off
06:06:26 <Kevin L> Sounds like a good trip for a quickie.
06:08:51 <Graham> 2 Morning eruptions with just over 4 days in the basin - I would say so
06:10:10 <Graham> could have had 3 if my flight wasn't so late on Thu and joined Will on his Birthday
06:10:57 <Graham> flight on time to Den, 39m connection there. nap time, bye
06:25:37 <ynpvisitor1> Good afternoon.
06:25:47 <Dave from B> Hello, number 1
06:25:52 <Dave from B> errr. vw
06:25:57 <vw> Must be time for BH?
06:26:21 <vw> Thought about keeping the number, but, oh well....
06:26:45 <ynpvisitor29> It's a honey to watch.
06:26:55 <Dave from B> That is twice in the last week, you have drawn the top number!
06:27:25 <vw> Looking at GT, it looks like Aurum, BH and Daisy about all we might see in the next hour or so?
06:28:46 <vw> Kevin, I am set up for whenever you have to take off.
06:28:48 <Kevin L> zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
06:29:01 <vw> :)
06:29:02 <Kevin L> Ok about 5
06:29:08 <vw> Sounds good.
06:29:22 <Kevin L> Probably be a surprise bh
06:29:53 <vw> A few watchers there.
06:32:30 <Dave from B> It shouldn't be a surpise for you, Kevin!:)
06:33:09 <Kevin L> Probably a no indicator.
06:33:13 <Kevin L> Heading out
06:33:33 <vw> See you soon K.
06:35:43 <vw> Little splash from BH. It knows Kevin has left.
06:42:38 <Dave from B> vw, we were surprised by an early Grand
06:43:01 <vw> Good thing. Otherwise the morning would have been too quiet!
06:46:24 <vw> I just really hope BH waits for Kevin.
06:46:54 <Dave from B> Me, too
06:47:39 <Will B> off to work
06:47:45 <Dave from B> bye, Will
06:47:56 <vw> Bye Will. Have a great day.
07:04:14 <Kevin L> What! No BH?
07:04:31 <vw> wb Kevin.
07:04:40 <Dave from B> I forgot to post it.
07:04:41 <vw> Nope, no nothing. You should be pleased!
07:04:47 <Dave from B> vw missed it
07:04:58 <vw> :D
07:05:05 <Kevin L> Must have been a minor
07:05:16 <Dave from B> Oh, wait. I guess I was watching YouTube
07:05:18 <Kevin L> I have the cam
07:05:22 <vw> I have to head out. Back in a couple of hours.
07:05:27 <vw> Go BH!
07:05:35 <Dave from B> see ya, vw
07:07:08 <Kevin L> Looking quiet around Daisy.
07:22:58 <Kevin L> Wow! strong wind gust!
07:23:03 <Kevin L> Of 1422
07:27:28 <Kevin L> Lion 1427
07:29:03 <Kevin L> Pretty healthy eruption
07:38:27 <Kevin L> That worked! BHII 1438
07:38:30 <Kevin L> ie
07:39:45 <Kevin L> Hello people
07:39:50 <Kevin L> time to wake up!
07:39:57 <ynpvisitor88> ..
07:40:05 <Kevin L> BH thinks I am on Bus Duty.
07:40:09 <Michael> I'm just here until Beehive. But I hope Lion gives you a better series than yesterday's
07:40:32 <Kevin L> Can't give much worse.
07:40:34 <Michael> Maybe three eruptions instead of two.
07:41:00 <Kevin L> :)
07:42:31 <ynpvisitor85> saw 11 in a series last year.
07:43:57 <Maureen> hey all.
07:44:20 <ynpvisitor85> Congrats. Maureen on Morning # 5.
07:44:30 <Michael> Hi Maureen. I see it's been another busy AM in the Fountain Group
07:45:13 <Maureen> tooo much fun
07:45:23 <Maureen> Morning first, the highest and most amazing yet
07:45:41 <Maureen> then Great Fountain at 1026, 5 huge bursts all well over 100 ft.
07:45:51 <ynpvisitor85> did it hit 200' ?
07:45:57 <Maureen> then Fountain at 1143, 44 minutes of blue bubble fun
07:46:05 <Maureen> no, if you are asking about GF
07:46:12 <Maureen> yet lots of big ones
07:46:16 <ynpvisitor85> No, morning
07:46:20 <Maureen> one after another after another
07:47:29 <ynpvisitor85> Good crowd for BH
07:49:05 <ynpvisitor85> How can you people walk away?
07:52:30 <ynpvisitor88> ..
07:52:40 <Maureen> hopefully the Fountain crowd is mostly there.
07:52:54 <ynpvisitor85> Good!
07:56:50 <Maureen> we had this sequence during Morning where we had 3 blue bubble spike bursts in 30 seconds.
07:56:59 <Maureen> cb got it on video I think
07:57:16 <Maureen> and even 20 minutes in, it was still doing over 100 feet
07:57:25 <ynpvisitor85> Pat S. got pictures
07:58:26 <Maureen> of all 3? That would be a cool series
07:58:35 <Maureen> hopefully G got some amazing photos as well.
07:58:42 <Maureen> ge loved it.
07:58:51 <Maureen> so fun to see a chat room folk there.
07:59:07 <ynpvisitor85> bh 1459
07:59:43 <Maureen> it was fun, as like with Will's BD, I had this feeling it would happen, at 0800 even.
08:00:16 <Maureen> Fountain wanted to impress us too, wtih one of the biggest eruptions of the season
08:00:26 <ynpvisitor85> Wish I could have been there had to be at work.
08:00:30 <Maureen> good crowd at BH
08:00:44 <Maureen> work happens
08:01:23 <ynpvisitor85> Too bad it's not sunny, the rainbow would have been awesome.
08:01:37 <Maureen> not really rainbow time though
08:01:51 <ynpvisitor85> stand close
08:02:00 <Michael> when you're getting soaked, there's a rainbow everywhere!
08:02:15 <ynpvisitor85> that's what i mean
08:02:18 <Maureen> oh, yes, understood
08:03:25 <Dave from B> ..
08:03:27 <Maureen> much nicer day than forecast.
08:03:27 <Dave from B> :(:
08:03:38 <Maureen> Dave, were you away?
08:03:43 <Maureen> drat
08:04:15 <Kevin L> I tried to rattle your cage.
08:04:31 <Dave from B> Just made a sale to some guys who are selling fish in the oil boom area in Eastern MT. $1500 cash
08:04:42 <Dave from B> Never seen some many $100's
08:04:49 <ynpvisitor85> Beehive, another crowd pleasing performance!!! :)
08:05:28 <Michael> Then maybe you can bribe Giantess into erupting this afternoon?
08:06:10 <Dave from B> That might work, Michael
08:06:48 <ynpvisitor88> ...
08:08:42 <Michael> Have to do yard work now. Enjoy the next couple of Lions for me.
08:08:51 <Kevin L> OF not cooperating today
08:10:09 <Maureen> I best get to work. thanks for the text.
08:10:20 <Dave from B> Bye, Maureen
08:10:32 <Maureen> MORNING ROCKS!
08:10:54 <Maureen> literally, you should see the huge sinter pieces it was throwing! BYE.
08:31:58 <Dave from B> Welcome to Colardo, Graham
08:32:08 <Dave from B> Or, even Colorado
08:32:11 <Graham> making my connection in Denver, yeah
08:32:26 <Dave from B> I was 4 miles from the airport yesterday
08:33:44 <Graham> should have been at Morning today Dave
08:34:03 <Dave from B> That would have been fun. Hope it doesn't bloe itself up before June 27
08:34:10 <Dave from B> bloe = blow
08:35:10 <Graham> yeah its throwing a bunch of white rocks, looks like plumbing
08:35:52 <Dave from B> Sounds like you had a great weekend!
08:36:43 <Graham> need sleep, only had 4.5h last night and 4i5 most
08:37:02 <Graham> zzzzzzz
08:37:30 <Dave from B> That's what planes are for!
08:37:42 <Dave from B> You not the pilot are you?
08:43:03 <Kevin L> I did fly form Las Vegas to Cartoon City in the Governpr"s airplane in the co-pilot seat once.
08:43:47 <Dave from B> That would be fun
08:44:23 <Kevin L> Part of the way we were in the clouds. I was sure hoping he knew hwere he was going.
08:44:56 <Kevin L> My typing is a bit lacking today.
08:45:13 <Dave from B> You've been hanging around me too much!
08:45:53 <Kevin L> It is those fish fumes from my freezer.
08:46:25 <Kevin L> My daughter's associate degree came today. She is really happy about that.
08:47:45 <Kevin L> I didn't miss a Lion did i? I have been looking at static but I didn't see anything.
08:47:49 <Dave from B> That's great. No kids in college for next year, then?
08:48:10 <Dave from B> I've had hardly anytime to watch today. Sorry
08:48:27 <Kevin L> She will be back This is just the halfway point.
08:49:15 <Kevin L> Well if you keep selling $1500 fish orders I would not look either.
08:52:37 <Dave from B> Chaos of summer is almost here and staff is not ready for it. That means long hours for the boss
08:53:41 <Dave from B> Time to head out. Have a great evening.
08:53:57 <Kevin L> Good luck Dave
08:55:41 <Kevin L> OF 1555
09:00:14 <vw> Good afternoon again.
09:01:22 <Kevin L> Hi
09:02:14 <vw> Kevin, are times syncing to or are you entering on both sites?
09:02:30 <Kevin L> Only GT
09:02:51 <Kevin L> It still hates me today.
09:03:09 <vw> k. Then the sync must have started working. The latest entries are there, and predictions are kind of catching up.
09:03:39 <vw> Sorry to hear you are still having trouble with GT. Makes it hard to use a page when it keeps misbehaving.
09:03:49 <vw> I can take the cam whenever you are ready.
09:03:57 <Todd> Hi gang
09:04:05 <Kevin L> Anytime. D
09:04:12 <Kevin L> Hi Todd.
09:04:20 <vw> I have the cam.
09:04:24 <vw> Hi Todd.
09:04:48 <Kevin L> Don't know if we missed the lion. Daisy probably due before too long as is Grand.
09:05:20 <Kevin L> Aurum is Aurum.
09:05:54 <ynpvisitor80> Always take pride in calling a Lion..
09:06:20 <Todd> yuck, yuck, yuck
09:06:23 <Todd> :)
09:08:45 <Todd> Well Kevin and vw, you "drylanders" will be jealous to hear we are up to 6.3" of rain since Sat. morning
09:09:03 <Andrew> hello
09:09:28 <vw> Wow. That is a lot of moisture in a very short period of time. No place for it to run I would imagine.
09:09:32 <vw> Hi Andrew.
09:10:21 <Todd> Terrible soil erosion, and water everywhere.
09:11:04 <Andrew> thats bad
09:11:06 <vw> Yeah, that is just too much. We have clay soil in many parts of E.MT. We would have fields and fields of gumbo after that much rain!
09:11:24 <Kevin L> That is about twice what we get in a year.
09:12:31 <Andrew> I am curioous, I wonder how dry soil/low amounts of vegetattion and lots of rain do to the soil
09:12:53 <vw> Erosion.
09:13:08 <Kevin L> We have lots of rocks here.
09:13:31 <vw> Soil can only absorb so much. After that the excess moisture will cause it to begin to run off.
09:13:34 <Andrew> erosion yes, but wouldnt the soil absorb the moisture?
09:13:36 <Jenna> did you have hail dad
09:13:53 <Jenna> it stops absorbing eventually
09:13:55 <Andrew> oh then its not dry soil anymore
09:14:17 <vw> Andrew, only if you had sandy soil, and even then it stops at some point. Case in point: California hills and mud slides.
09:14:32 <Kevin L> When it rains here the soil is so dry that it just runs off and has a tough time soaking in.
09:14:57 <vw> Yeah, I bet your soil is the definition of hardpan, Kevin!
09:15:23 <Kevin L> We have the rain on the mountians that rushes into the valley and can do so really strange things.
09:16:30 <vw> Yes, LV gets some devastating flash floods occasionally, don't you K?
09:18:09 <vw> NOTE: I posted some more times to that didn't sync over. Done ONLY for the purpose of updating predictions. I used times from
09:19:46 <vw> Riverside 1619 ie
09:19:53 <Andrew> riverside 1619 ie
09:21:55 <vw> Riverside time synced just fine.
09:23:27 <vw> Aurum 1622 ie
09:32:06 <Todd> sorry Jenna, missed the question--no hail here
09:39:33 <vw> Lion 1638 ns, static cam
09:42:59 <vw> Daisy 1642 ie
09:43:24 <vw> Uncertain 1642 ie
09:47:14 <Kevin L> Well that is nice
09:47:43 <vw> Yeah, except now what?!?!?
09:48:12 <vw> Nap time maybe...
09:49:30 <vw> So Graham is on his way home? Wonder if he will be too tired to log on tomorrow evening?
09:49:41 <vw> I don't think he got a lot of sleep while he was in the Park.
09:51:13 <Kevin L> There is Anenome
09:51:23 <vw> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
09:51:47 <vw> I don't think OF is cooperating for views of Anemone.
10:02:53 <vw> Turban 1702 ie ?
10:24:00 <vw> OF 1723
10:24:46 <ynpvisitor10> Will here on dinner break in front of cam
10:25:19 <vw> See you waving. Have to wait until after OF to zoom.
10:25:41 <ynpvisitor10> Ok
10:26:40 <vw> Call your family and have them watch. :)
10:26:52 <ynpvisitor10> There busy
10:27:21 <ynpvisitor10> Stream is not loading for me so are you zoomed in?
10:27:25 <vw> zooming...
10:27:44 <vw> Close up now. Wave!
10:27:55 <Andrew> hi will
10:28:06 <ynpvisitor10> Lion due?
10:28:11 <vw> :)
10:28:29 <ynpvisitor10> Have 10-15 min
10:28:32 <vw> Enough water there Will?
10:28:33 <Andrew> yes?
10:28:56 <ynpvisitor10> Tired of the rain yes
10:29:19 <vw> I was referring to your water bottle! Its huge.
10:29:31 <ynpvisitor10> Its a nalgene
10:29:43 <Micah> SAwmill's going nuts.
10:29:45 <vw> Sawmill 1729 ie
10:29:53 <Micah> that was a big spike.
10:30:19 <Andrew> what about a camelback will?
10:30:42 <ynpvisitor10> I have that when im in the basin
10:30:53 <ynpvisitor10> Not for work
10:31:12 <Andrew> o
10:31:16 <Micah> something ie behind the trees.
10:31:16 <vw> brb
10:31:56 <ynpvisitor10> Probably grotto
10:32:10 <Micah> thanks.
10:32:19 <Micah> didn't see it on GT, so I wasn't sure.
10:32:55 <ynpvisitor10> Not sure though same vantge point as the cam
10:33:52 <vw> Yes, Grotto.
10:33:54 <Andrew> I think it is grtto
10:33:55 <Micah> based on the reference image, it's grotto.
10:34:03 <Andrew> any FRS call?
10:34:09 <ynpvisitor10> When was last lion
10:34:15 <vw> We don't generally post times for Grotto from the cam. Can't distinquish real source.
10:34:21 <Andrew> 1638 ns
10:34:25 <vw> Lion 1734
10:34:31 <Andrew> well :)
10:34:49 <vw> maybe not... Had a big splash was all.
10:34:51 <ynpvisitor10> Nope
10:34:52 <Micah> uh....lion minor?
10:34:53 <Andrew> trying
10:35:06 <vw> Not even enough to consider it a minor.
10:35:09 <vw> Just a splash.
10:35:15 <Micah> ah ok.
10:35:31 <vw> Will, are you heading out to Grand area?
10:35:45 <ynpvisitor10> I get off at10
10:35:47 <vw> Would love to know what is going on with Turban/Grand.
10:35:51 <vw> ahh. Bummer!
10:36:52 <Micah> doesn't look like much until the next hour or so.
10:36:55 <Kevin L> I would love to know if I missed a Lion today.
10:37:22 <ynpvisitor10> Im getting off now back to work
10:37:30 <vw> I am very curious about that too Kevin.
10:37:39 <vw> Bye Will! Take care.
10:37:46 <Micah> bye Will.
10:37:54 <Andrew> bye will
10:38:10 <vw> Unless it was a time when everybody was busy, I would have thought someone would have seen Lion.
10:39:23 <vw> I didn't read the log, so I don't know if you had long periods when people were busy.
10:39:44 <Micah> I think turban?
10:39:48 <Micah> 1739 ie?
10:40:04 <Andrew> ? almost looks like spasmo steam
10:40:18 <vw> Timing is about right.
10:40:25 <Micah> yeah, for sure.
10:40:29 <vw> Does seem to be some steam sourced from behind the trees.
10:41:51 <Micah> looks like we'll have to wait another cycle.
10:42:28 <Micah> I am very pleased with these reports on Dilapidated we've been getting.
10:43:22 <Todd> Just got done with the latest rain event-----got another 1" since I last posted. Total since Sat---6.3 "
10:43:50 <Todd> Sorry--7.3"
10:43:58 <ynpvisitor38> wow
10:44:08 <ynpvisitor38> More flodding, Todd?
10:44:11 <vw> that is about half of our normal annual rainfall. Amazing.
10:44:16 <Todd> Going to have to start writing it down
10:44:26 <ynpvisitor38> Even when I'm a number, I can't spell
10:44:36 <Todd> The rain gauge only went to 5.5 so I have dumped it and starting over
10:44:56 <Todd> Yes on the flooding
10:45:14 <Micah> vw may I enter that turban?
10:45:26 <Todd> Small river in the area called the Skunk, was supposed to go to 23'
10:45:33 <vw> Micah, you are always welcome to entering times!
10:46:08 <Micah> hi Dave!
10:46:10 <Andrew> Hi dave
10:46:21 <Dave from B> Hi, Micah, Andrew and the crew
10:46:36 <vw> No soccer bus duty tonight Dave?
10:46:42 <Todd> Hey Dave
10:46:51 <Dave from B> No, my wife is doing it tomight:)
10:47:27 <Dave from B> Have a West BB meeting tonight to discuss coaching drama and summer schedule
10:47:33 <Jenna> lost internet and cable for a bit from that last bit, even got a little hail
10:47:35 <vw> Dad's night off?!?!?! :)
10:47:49 <Micah> Roar.
10:48:13 <Micah> Little Cub near start 1748
10:48:23 <Micah> and another turban.
10:48:29 <Todd> Roger that Roar
10:48:37 <ynpvisitor40> Wonder if those folks had expected the roar.
10:48:55 <Todd> That is the greatest sound
10:49:03 <Dave from B> vw, are you ready for our big rain storm tomorrow?
10:49:12 <Micah> That's when you know it's time to flee the bench.
10:49:39 <vw> Are we expecting one Dave? I rarely rely on the forecast!
10:49:56 <Dave from B> 1-2" tomorrow in the forecast
10:50:07 <Dave from B> Should get us to normal for the year
10:50:10 <vw> Woohoo! That is a LOT!
10:50:17 <Micah> I'm starting to think Lion's kaput.
10:50:21 <Dave from B> They said very heavy at times
10:50:22 <vw> Lion can't make up its mind.
10:50:39 <Todd> Not possible as we here in Iowa are sucking all the fresh water in the world to our little corner of the stste
10:50:50 <vw> :D
10:50:53 <Dave from B> Be nice and share, Todd!:)
10:51:04 <vw> Is that like a rain vortex Todd?
10:51:16 <Micah> that explains why it's sunny in western washington right now.
10:51:20 <Todd> I've never seen a spring like this one
10:51:36 <Todd> This system just won't move on thru
10:51:46 <vw> Back to watch Grand area. We can watch for Lion on static cam.
10:52:05 <Jenna> I've watered my flowers once
10:52:13 <Todd> Good chance it will go this Turban?
10:52:51 <Dave from B> I'm thinking so, Todd
10:52:57 <Kevin L> Better chance on the next one. I have to leave.
10:53:42 <Dave from B> Kevin, I'm already thinking about that Crown Burger
10:53:56 <Todd> :)
10:54:23 <Kevin L> You will love them Dve.
10:56:02 <Dave from B> If I could have squeezed a couple more days off, I would have stopped at OF on the way
10:56:18 <Todd> Room filling up for the Grand event
10:59:27 <Micah> turban 1759 ie
11:00:09 <Todd> Well Kevin, you were right.
11:02:31 <ynpvisitor66> Grand likes the long intervals in the late day
11:02:40 <Dave from B> how long will you be gone ,Kevin?
11:03:13 <Micah> hi Maureen
11:03:19 <Maureen> was hoping to catch Grand before heading back to Morning
11:03:29 <Maureen> hey Micah. GET HERE , so you can see MORNING
11:03:37 <Dave from B> wb, Maureen
11:03:51 <Maureen> thanks, got some work done, hard to concentrate though
11:04:00 <Micah> working on it Maureen haha.
11:04:04 <Andrew> do you think it might stop erupting after spring passes and we get into the summer?
11:04:13 <Maureen> hopefully not Andrew
11:04:29 <Maureen> I am taking each one as it comes.
11:04:44 <Maureen> this one today, for G, was particularly amazing
11:04:57 <Micah> This wait is excruciating.
11:05:01 <Dave from B> I am concerned about the damage it may do to itself with sinter shrapnel
11:05:03 <Andrew> gotta do my studying then
11:05:13 <Maureen> maybe as it hasn't gone off for 3 was just super charged
11:05:32 <Maureen> I think G got some amazing pics as did Pat S, we just have to wait for them.
11:05:41 <Micah> do you think this was just a abnormally long interval? or the beginning of a new series?
11:05:46 <Maureen> Gary Einstein put the start on his wall on FB, if any of you are friends with him
11:06:08 <Maureen> hard to say where one series stops and another starts
11:06:37 <Maureen> this was just a perfect storm...long, long Fountain interval yesterday, outlier Twigs and then G's 46 minute eruption at almost midnight
11:06:45 <Maureen> I just knew it was going to go for him, and it did.
11:07:01 <Maureen> visibility was so good
11:07:11 <Maureen> the waves going into Fountain are incredible
11:07:26 <Micah> I want to hear the bubbles pop. so. bad.
11:07:40 <Maureen> yes, we all commented on the sound today
11:07:46 <Maureen> once we stopped screaming of course
11:07:55 <Micah> argh!
11:07:58 <Maureen> I hate my voice on Gary's video, yet it was sure fun
11:08:07 <Micah> Turban 1808 ns.
11:08:27 <Maureen> not possible if it was 59
11:08:29 <Micah> I am not a fan of my voice in videos either. I know how you feel.
11:08:51 <Micah> yeah, I think spasmo confused me.
11:08:51 <Maureen> I was overwhelmed though, with the intensity of the start
11:08:54 <Maureen> the blue building
11:09:23 <Maureen> not sure how tall the bursts were yet they were big, and in all directions
11:09:38 <Maureen> and huge sinter pieces...I know I have written all this hours ago...
11:09:44 <Maureen> yet it NEVER gets old
11:09:59 <Maureen> just wish Lynn S had been there.
11:10:14 <Maureen> she is babysitting for the week, will be back Sunday.
11:10:18 <Dave from B> Lynn S is home already?
11:10:25 <Dave from B> oops, nevermind
11:10:28 <Maureen> no, she is in Belgrade
11:10:34 <Maureen> then back here on Sunday
11:10:46 <Dave from B> Maureen, do you know if she will be in the park June 27-30?
11:10:52 <Maureen> Great Fountain put on quite a show today too, one of my all time best geyser days
11:11:09 <Maureen> Do not think so Dave, unless she comes back. She leaves around the 14th I think.
11:11:30 <Maureen> She did mention coming back with the grandkids, just not sure of the dates
11:11:47 <Maureen> she has 97 Mornings...we want to get her to 100
11:12:00 <Maureen> she saw 6 a day for 3 different days in 91
11:12:09 <Maureen> every 3 hours or so
11:12:21 <Maureen> that is what I would love it to do again.
11:12:29 <Maureen> and to that end, I am off to Morning, wish me luck
11:12:33 <Maureen> night all.
11:12:38 <Dave from B> What does Fountain do if Morning is that active?
11:12:44 <Maureen> dormant
11:12:45 <vw> Good luck Maureen!!!
11:12:55 <Dave from B> Good luck, Maureen
11:12:59 <Maureen> thanks vw, you should have seen G, he was floating, as were we all
11:13:09 <vw> :)
11:13:15 <Andrew> :)
11:13:22 <vw> I think Graham was very pleased with his short trip.
11:13:26 <Maureen> and perfect timing for him. He made his connection in Denver by the way, on his way home
11:13:28 <Andrew> I have to go
11:13:33 <Maureen> Night.
11:13:40 <vw> Bye Andrew.
11:13:59 <Dave from B> bye, Andrew
11:14:31 <vw> Sawmill is off.
11:15:58 <Jenna> another line of storms headed our way...not the best weather for the 3 day weekend that's for sure
11:18:12 <Micah> turban 1817 ie
11:18:49 <Micah> Grand 1818!
11:18:53 <Micah> yeah!
11:18:53 <Dave from B> Grand 1818
11:18:59 <Dave from B> Wahoo!
11:19:02 <vw> Thanks Micah and Dave.
11:19:04 <Dave from B> Yippee!
11:19:12 <ynpvisitor40> Turban on steroids
11:19:44 <Micah> That was a nice height fo a first burst.
11:21:17 <Dave from B> Nice eruption
11:24:07 <Micah> West triplet ie 1824
11:24:16 <Micah> I think.
11:24:27 <Micah> or it's just the runoff.
11:25:21 <vw> Kind of hard to say.
11:28:02 <Todd> Nice light
11:28:16 <Micah> ten minutes, doubt we're gonna get a second.
11:30:19 <Micah> 11 minute duration.
11:31:12 <vw> Cam will have to sit on a modified preset. Again, not sure I will get back this evening or if another operator is available.
11:31:41 <Dave from B> Time to get going. See you all tomorrow!
11:31:59 <Micah> bye Dave
11:34:33 <Micah> Looks like OF, then Daisy.
11:40:06 <Micah> we might have to go to defense.
11:44:07 <Micah> Oblong 1844 ie?
11:45:22 <Micah> hi kc
11:46:02 <kcmule> evenin
11:51:01 <kcmule> OF 18:50
11:59:13 <Micah> Spllit cone ie 1859
12:13:29 <kcmule> Daisy 19:13
12:27:20 <Micah> LC 1927ie
13:23:02 <ynpvisitor7> OF 2022
13:23:09 <kcmule> OF 20:22
13:23:36 <Kevin L> of 8:22pm
13:23:54 <Kevin L> mdt
13:24:57 <kcmule> may be last geyser we see for a while
13:33:04 <Kevin L> Aurum! I want Aurum!
13:33:58 <ynpvisitor8> I think we missed it
13:34:38 <Kevin L> Hidden in OF steam no doubt.
13:35:08 <ynpvisitor8> More often than not
15:13:33 <ynpvisitor59> hi