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23:03:43 <ynpvisitor80> pretty morning in the park
23:20:02 <ynpvisitor54> OF 0619
23:39:36 <vw> Good morning
23:39:51 <Dave from B> Morning, vw
23:40:05 <Dave from B> Morning, lc
23:40:07 <vw> Steamy morning!
23:40:09 <lc> norning vw and Dave
23:40:43 <vw> Hi lc. I wondered if that was your time on OF. :)
23:42:33 <vw> I think we might have just seen the end of Daisy when I moved the cam over about 0639. Not sure enough to log it, but something to keep in mind in a couple of hours.
23:46:10 <vw> But then again... Same kind of steam again now.
23:46:43 <vw> Maybe I should lay off the steam reading until I have more coffee in my system.
23:47:27 <Dave from B> 36F at Of this morning
23:48:09 <vw> lc, has the weather your way cleared off any? Sure would like to hear the middle section of the country isn't under some new or continuing threat.
23:50:42 <lc> weather been prettyh nice here
23:51:27 <lc> 1.5 inch rain over the week end
23:51:45 <lc> no bad weather here.
23:52:15 <vw> Good to hear. Its about time you got some nice weather. 1.5" seems like a lot to me, but probably not too bad for you.
23:52:43 <lc> not a lot but it really helped
23:53:08 <lc> maybe more this weekend
23:53:36 <vw> Well of course! It always comes on the weekends doesn't it? :)
23:54:11 <lc> Oklahoma sure needs a break, I really feel for those people.
23:54:36 <vw> Oh yes. So hard to imagine what they are going through.
23:55:34 <vw> Just seems like it must be unremitting fear of 'what next.'
23:59:34 <vw> lc, I know tornadoes can be a fairly common threat in your area too. Do many people have safe rooms or cellars?
00:00:30 <lc> some, but not a lot I don't think.
00:01:47 <Lori (xanterra)> morning all- I am around, but stalking the Xanterra website. I got lucky yesterday :)
00:01:57 <lc> morning Lori
00:02:19 <lc> ?
00:02:29 <ynpvisitor86> Súp
00:03:04 <vw> Hi Lori.
00:03:15 <vw> Congratz on snagging a room in order?
00:03:39 <Dave from B> Sorry, cap lock on
00:04:54 <lc> is that Oblong?
00:05:46 <vw> It could be lc. Not sure.
00:05:52 <lc> thanks Dave, I didn't know that.
00:05:59 <Lori (xanterra)> well, yes, I did get some cabin reservations for Labor Day week. Still looking for the 2 nights ahead of what I have. :D
00:06:06 <vw> Not sure it is big/wide enough for Oblong though.
00:06:32 <lc> looks too big for Turban.
00:06:36 <vw> Very fortunate Lori.
00:06:47 <vw> I agree lc. But big steam this morning too.
00:06:53 <Lori (xanterra)> and not the whole month, though I would love that, the real world does not allow us that much time yet.
00:07:25 <Lori (xanterra)> still early for us to book- we are usually a month out and looking, lol
00:07:32 <lc> Lori, you all will be there labor day?
00:07:53 <Dave from B> Just a heads up...I may have 3 nights at OF from July 11-14 available. I will know for sure in a week or so
00:07:56 <vw> Lori, you might be able to find rooms for a couple of nights in the Lake or Mammoth areas too. Not that bad of a drive to the basins from either.
00:08:12 <Lori (xanterra)> right now, yes- but plans for seeing the brother-in-law and possible backpacking have not been set.
00:08:37 <vw> If you HAVE to get rooms outside of the park, the Silver Gate/Cooke City area has the best rates.
00:08:45 <Lori (xanterra)> we have stayed the first night at Lake the last couple times, it works for coming in.
00:09:09 <Lori (xanterra)> not looking outside the park- will keep stalking and as it nears, calling.
00:09:33 <vw> The Lake Hotel was undergoing major renovations. I don't know where those redo's stand.
00:10:12 <Lori (xanterra)> I have only looked at the OFL budget cabins so far. We do the cheep ones at Lake Lodge. Getting pretty dumpy, but all we do is sleep there anyway.
00:12:42 <vw> I prefer cabins. Park at your door, less noise from surrounding guests. Much better rates.
00:13:11 <lc> and close to the hill.
00:13:25 <vw> Oh yeah, and THAT
00:13:32 <vw> :D
00:14:12 <Dave from B> What hill?:)
00:15:01 <lc> the hill coming back can be pretty tough about 3100.
00:15:08 <lc> 2100
00:15:16 <vw> Always the chance you will get lucky and find a critter housing in your basement too! Except for mice at the Inn, where they prefer living IN the rooms...
00:15:52 <Dave from B> My stay in 3 weeks will be the first at the Lodge cabins in probably 10 years
00:16:00 <Lori (xanterra)> I am out the door and on the hill early and late- flashlight and bear spray at hand. I got to call Daisy last summer.
00:16:39 <Lori (xanterra)> We really like the cabins, the price, location and not moving.
00:17:02 <Lori (xanterra)> I can get a king suite lakeside at Lake Hotel for $519
00:17:12 <Dave from B> No, thanks
00:17:18 <vw> Yikes.
00:17:35 <lc> is that a week? g
00:17:40 <Dave from B> When our whole family goes, we like to see in the Old House at the Inn
00:17:52 <Dave from B> see = stay
00:18:33 <vw> Anybody who loves YNP should stay at least once at the Old House at the Inn, but it is hard to get rooms, and can be pretty pricey.
00:18:56 <vw> Cabins anywhere in the Park really are the best deal.
00:18:58 <lc> this will be our 14th year in the Lodge cabins.
00:19:01 <Lori (xanterra)> Old House would be my second choice- we have stayed there before, but I really like just visiting after dark :)
00:19:02 <Dave from B> Yeah, they are about $105 now...I liked it better when they were $29
00:19:31 <Dave from B> We have many family memories playing games on the mezzanine
00:19:33 <Lori (xanterra)> one night on the king room. I am not paying that for the whole time I am in a cabin!
00:19:38 <vw> That is about what a camping site is today Dave!
00:19:50 <Dave from B> I know, that is crazy
00:19:57 <Lori (xanterra)> listened to Tara one year. Amazing and what a great way to end a great day.
00:20:16 <ynpvisitor23> My first cabin was $7
00:20:43 <Dave from B> We used to request a room adjacent to the second floor seating when we had yound kids. Then we enjoyed quiet time with our baby monitor in hand
00:21:16 <Dave from B> Hi, Kevin
00:21:33 <vw> Hi Kevin.
00:22:43 <Lori (xanterra)> good plan Dave!
00:24:57 <Kevin L> Hi. Still trying to wake up
00:25:36 <Kevin L> They did have a Chuck Jones Roadrunner cartoon on so that did help.
00:28:30 <lc> time for breakfast, bbl
00:28:52 <vw> Bye lc. See you soon.
00:29:03 <Lori (xanterra)> bye lc
00:31:57 <vw> Depression 0730 ie
00:32:20 <vw> static cam.
00:33:26 <vw> That much steam, I am sure there is water in there. Somewhere.
00:34:34 <Kevin L> At least there isn't a lot of wind.
00:35:11 <vw> If OF holds off a few more minutes, it should be a very nice eruption. Sunlight slowly creeping that way.
00:46:29 <vw> OF 0746
00:47:25 <vw> Camera doesn't want to focus through the gunk on the lens.
00:48:58 <Kevin L> Where is that guy with the long cleaner thing?
00:49:31 <vw> .
00:50:28 <vw> Fog has disappeared.
00:55:13 <vw> Beautiful day in the basin. Bison should be happy: grass is all green.
00:56:22 <Kevin L> Happy happy happy...
01:02:04 <vw> I am still waiting to see my first red doggie on the cam this year. Afraid they won't be red any longer pretty soon though!
01:04:06 <vw> Have to feed the dogs. brb
01:14:55 <vw> LC 0814 ie
01:14:56 <Dave from B> LC 0815ie
01:15:42 <vw> I didn't notice if it had been going when I panned over. You Dave?
01:16:51 <Dave from B> Me, neither
01:17:26 <vw> steve would be disappointed that I am not paying it more attention.
01:37:14 <Lori (xanterra)> I'm off- keep bh for me?
01:48:05 <vw> Lion 0847 ie. Initial.
01:49:33 <Dave from B> Yahoo!!!!
02:15:41 <Kevin L> of 0915
02:23:28 <Kevin L> Lot of customewrs at BH
02:58:53 <ynpvisitor28> lion ie
02:59:09 <ynpvisitor28> static
03:12:09 <Dave from B> Daisy 1012ie
03:12:10 <Kevin L> Daisy 1012
03:13:24 <Kevin L> That gives us a Daisy and a Grand time today.
03:14:19 <Kevin L> Nice sunbeam shot.
03:43:07 <Kevin L> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
03:47:29 <Kevin L> of 1047
03:53:07 <Kevin L> Lion 1052
04:07:57 <Kevin L> Nice puffy clouds today.
04:08:50 <Dave from B> ..
04:49:29 <Kevin L> Lion 1149
04:50:54 <Kevin L> Not a real long one.
04:52:11 <Dave from B> ...
04:53:12 <Dave from B> Nice long duration Fountain at 0810. Good chance for a Morning later today
04:53:37 <ynpvisitor29> hi
05:05:28 <ynpvisitor97> I think it's probably back in another series.
05:09:04 <Kevin L> Lion 1209
05:10:04 <JB> Must have been a big roar 20 min. ago.
05:11:38 <Kevin L> This one is a nice eruption.
05:14:25 <JB> OF is holding up all those peoples lunch plans. Big line at the cafeteria in a few minutes.
05:18:37 <Kevin L> OF 1218
05:19:39 <Kevin L> Defense
05:23:47 <ynpvisitor87> ..
05:28:38 <ynpvisitor72> just saw cams will be down for maintenance this week? Ah well, more dusting and sorting will be accomplished!
05:32:55 <Lori (mowing)> off to mow the grass before it possibly rains- again :(
05:33:51 <Jenna> it's a beautiful day so far at least
05:33:54 <Jenna> ours needs mowed too
05:46:17 <Dave from B> ..
05:47:59 <ynpvisitor64> Dave, did you make a BH prediciton today?
05:48:55 <Dave from B> I haven't...but that sounds like you would like one...brb
05:51:39 <Dave from B> Hard to predict with so much guess would be 1500-1700
06:00:50 <Diane> I think it will be sooner than that, Dave.
06:01:14 <Dave from B> Are you leaving, Diane? Or is Kevin?
06:01:57 <Diane> Probably.
06:02:04 <ynpvisitor64> oh, the inconsitencies are in who's leaving and when?
06:02:24 <Dave from B> ha ha, 64
06:02:37 <Kevin L> I think Daisy took Aurum lessons.
06:04:42 <ynpvisitor64> Daisy 1304
06:09:45 <Kevin L> I think Auruim may have gone about a half hour ago but not sure.
06:12:24 <ynpvisitor64> LC 1312
06:12:44 <ynpvisitor64> ie, I guess, it looks kind of pathetic
06:13:02 <ynpvisitor64> quite the crowd at Depression
06:13:24 <ynpvisitor64> and now they all leave...
06:13:32 <ynpvisitor64> Lion 1313
06:14:15 <Kevin L> Long series today.
06:33:50 <Dave from B> ..
06:34:11 <Diane> .
06:41:52 <Kevin L> of 1341
06:42:04 <ynpvisitor64> nice start!
06:44:02 <Kevin L> defense
06:44:49 <Dave from B> Kevin, looks like you forgot to mow the lawn!:)
06:49:21 <ynpvisitor7> If that was his lawn, he could watch geysers out of his window.
06:49:40 <Dave from B> That would be fun
06:50:50 <Kevin L> My lawn is toast now
06:51:53 <Dave from B> That's what happens when your sprinkler spits out steam
06:52:31 <ynpvisitor7> Get up at 5am while it's only 90 degrees and water the poor thing.
06:52:37 <Dave from B> I bet it is hard to keep lawns green in your area
06:55:44 <Kevin L> Mine gets watered twice a day, but once it hits over 100 degress, it just survives is about all.
06:58:54 <ynpvisitor64> I can't believe there's a golf course in Death Valley
06:59:02 <ynpvisitor64> let alone why they continue to maintain it
06:59:33 <Kevin L> It is really popular. I know a lot of people from Vegas that go out there.
07:00:17 <ynpvisitor7> Golfers are more obsessed than gazers. And have moe money.
07:00:26 <Diane> I don't have anything against golfers or golfing, but I think they should revert to historical norms in Scotland and just play on whatever grows. Its a terrible waste of a precious resource to water golf courses.
07:02:50 <Kevin L> Time for some Grand fishing. Keep an eye on BH on static.
07:04:42 <ynpvisitor7> Fish away son. You might snag a Turban.
07:06:04 <Kevin L> The best bait seems to be me leaving though.
07:06:52 <ynpvisitor7> You spook the fish?
07:07:24 <Kevin L> No, just induce the geysers!
07:07:28 <Dave from B> Speaking of fishing, our fishing net has caught more rabbits than fish
07:07:33 <Dave from B> ..
07:07:39 <Dave from B> ..
07:07:51 <Dave from B> ..
07:08:10 <Dave from B> Speaking of fishing net has caught more rabbits than fish!
07:08:32 <ynpvisitor7> Hope you don't have soap residue on your hands.
07:09:47 <Kevin L> No.. All I have to do is leave and they go.
07:12:02 <Kevin L> I do have to admit I have wondered how hard it would be to get one of those dishwasher packets into Aurum.
07:14:46 <ynpvisitor64> sins are by words, thoughts and deeds
07:14:50 <ynpvisitor7> Fools ran around the Hill soaping everything 80 or 90 years ago. Highly frowned upon now to say the least.
07:16:45 <ynpvisitor7> Thousand year sentence and fine of half the national debt for doing it today.
07:17:27 <Kevin L> As it should be.
07:18:10 <ynpvisitor64> Split Cone 1418ns
07:28:49 <Kevin L> Fishy fishy.
07:28:55 <Kevin L> Grand 1428
07:29:13 <Diane> .
07:29:14 <ynpvisitor7> Good catch.
07:29:37 <Kevin L> Rough seas though.
07:29:49 <ynpvisitor7> You caught it, you clean it.
07:30:26 <Kevin L> I think this one is self cleaning.
07:30:57 <ynpvisitor7> And cooked by steam.
07:38:01 <Kevin L> 2nd
07:38:21 <ynpvisitor7> Get the stringer. We have multiple fish.
07:39:59 <Kevin L> Think the limit is 2 today.
07:41:00 <ynpvisitor7> Was the second one a keeper?
07:44:25 <Kevin L> I'll keep any second from that one!
07:44:54 <Kevin L> Looks like we have a lot of customers for BHI today.
07:46:20 <ynpvisitor7> Only game in town. Except for Lion.
07:46:45 <Kevin L> I think lion is pretty tired about now too.
07:57:37 <ynpvisitor7> North Goggles must be overflowing.
08:00:05 <ynpvisitor64> LC ie
08:01:39 <Kevin L> More bad wind direction.
08:02:06 <Diane> .
08:02:29 <ynpvisitor7> You know the drill. Duck and cover.
08:03:04 <Kevin L> Just call me Bert.
08:06:13 <ynpvisitor7> Don't call me Shirley.
08:08:01 <Dave from B> Have no fear....the BH window is here!
08:16:13 <Diane> .
08:17:37 <Kevin L> OF 1517
08:17:54 <Kevin L> And defense.
08:32:14 <Kevin L> Daisy a531
08:32:48 <Kevin L> 1531
08:33:20 <ynpvisitor100> nice
08:33:55 <Kevin L> A bit earlier than I expected.
08:39:45 <Dave from B> LC 1539ie
08:39:51 <Dave from B> Where is lc today?
08:40:10 <ynpvisitor30> he was here earlier
08:40:53 <vw> .
08:41:06 <vw> .
08:41:07 <Dave from B> That's right...I remember him heading to breakfast
08:47:23 <Lori (xanterra)> rush hour at bh?
08:47:45 <Kevin L> Hope something happens soon
08:48:42 <vw> .
08:49:14 <Lori (xanterra)> Conor will be here soon, so it can go now before I have to go OUT with him :)
08:50:19 <vw> Kevin, didn't have any luck pm'ing your, so sent you a text.
08:52:40 <Kevin L> Phone died.
08:53:00 <vw> Ahhhh. One of those days? Weeks?
08:54:29 <Dave from B> Hi, vw
08:54:34 <Dave from B> and Lori
08:54:50 <vw> Hi again Dave.
08:54:50 <Lori (xanterra)> hi dave
08:55:30 <Dave from B> I'm going to give BH a final push for you. I'm going to be the sacrifice AGAIN. Have a great evening, everyone. I hope to make it back later
08:55:47 <Lori (xanterra)> no luck on the cabins today, but I just booked a room at the Inn for Friday night.
08:59:09 <vw> Lots of time between now and end of August Lori. I bet you will be able to get a cabin for those other days.
08:59:50 <vw> Persistence is usually all that is required.
09:00:34 <Diane> Okay, everybody. You're in luck, I've gotta go.
09:00:53 <vw> Sorry to see you go Diane. Have a great evening!
09:03:18 <Lori (xanterra)> yep- but now I have arrival night no matter what. And I am not oppose to a night there, and the first would be the easiest.
09:04:03 <vw> Definitely!
09:08:30 <vw> Hi Graham.
09:09:59 <vw> Riverside 1609 ie
09:10:00 <Graham> hello
09:10:04 <Graham> what did i miss?
09:10:10 <Graham> oohh Riverside
09:10:26 <vw> Pretty quiet day for the most part. Still waiting for BH.
09:19:38 <Lori (xanterra)> I am heading out with the grandson, later all.
09:19:52 <vw> Have a good visit Lori!
09:28:18 <vw> Wind direction not good for upcoming OF eruption.
09:29:16 <ynpvisitor64> wind direction has at least been consistent all day!
09:31:47 <Dave from B> BH must not have received my memo
09:32:26 <vw> Hi again Dave. Did you change locations?
09:32:49 <Dave from B> Yes, in my kitchen
09:33:30 <lc> ok, time for BH
09:33:35 <vw> Hi lc.
09:33:43 <lc> hi vw
09:34:38 <Dave from B> wb, lc...that was a long breakfast
09:37:29 <Kevin L> Time to hit the shop. With my luck bhi will go and phone will die again.
09:38:25 <lc> did a little yard work since breakfast Dave.
09:38:41 <lc> and already had supper.
09:38:42 <ynpvisitor64> only 3 more hours until longest BH double interval in recent weeks
09:40:00 <Dave from B> How is BH looking?
09:40:16 <vw> Minor steam at times.
09:41:13 <vw> OF 1640
09:41:28 <vw> .
09:41:36 <Dave from B> lots of quitters
09:41:39 <Dave from B> ..
09:41:53 <vw> this page just went crazy!
09:42:03 <Dave from B> ..
09:42:22 <lc> everybody quit at the same time. g
09:42:25 <Dave from B> ..
09:42:31 <vw> wow
09:42:35 <Dave from B> That was weird
09:44:17 <Dave from B> lc, what kind of beer do you want me to put in my cooler?
09:44:49 <lc> don't matter ras long as its COLD.
09:45:09 <Dave from B> That won't be a problem
09:53:15 <Kevin L> Well I tried.
09:56:14 <lc> so, if BH did a 18 hr and went about 0530, it is just over 11 hrs now.
09:57:19 <vw> Sure not acting like it is in any rush to erupt soon.
10:03:47 <ynpvisitor64> 0530 someone would have seen it
10:08:25 <Dave from B> ..
10:17:13 <Graham> doesn't look like I missed anything
10:18:55 <Graham> zzzzzz
10:18:58 <vw> It was a good time for your walk Graham
10:19:29 <Graham> i cn help if you need it
10:20:03 <vw> Haven't been on for long, but if you could take it I can get some more RL stuff done. :)
10:20:41 <Graham> k
10:20:53 <Graham> now its time for BH
10:21:00 <vw> I think it is going to be fairly calm for a while. Could be a good evening though!
10:21:07 <Kevin L> Or Aurum
10:21:23 <vw> Wait... don't you have the magical touch for Giantess Graham?
10:21:32 <Graham> yeah we need to go down to Fountain instead
10:22:08 <vw> Past time for Fountain. Curious about Morning too of course.
10:22:43 <vw> Good luck!
10:22:47 <Graham> 9 1/4, could be something going on there
10:22:49 <vw> Heading out. Have a great evening all
10:22:56 <Graham> bye
10:23:52 <Graham> did we miss Castle
10:37:27 <Diane> Still no Bee?
10:38:03 <lc> no Bee
10:47:27 <Dave from B> ..
10:58:15 <ynpvisitor50> “A plea for bee” Bee oh bee! Please erupt for me! Oh wait! Is that indee? Yes it is! Time for me to see a bee. My plea for bee is heard With glee we see bee Gee?!
10:59:23 <Graham> i think theres medication you can take for that
11:03:26 <Dave from B> :)
11:11:13 <Graham> OF 1810
11:15:19 <Graham> Castle 1814ie
11:15:53 <Dave from B> Time for things to happen all at once?
11:16:52 <Graham> going to minor?
11:16:56 <Dave from B> Daisy is due also and BH HAS to be soon
11:17:03 <Graham> may have missed Daisy
11:30:38 <Graham> WT
11:52:21 <kcmule> ding
11:52:24 <kcmule> bhi 18:52ns
11:52:25 <kcmule> .
11:52:26 <kcmule> .
11:52:28 <kcmule> .
11:52:29 <kcmule> .
11:53:55 <kcmule> .
11:53:55 <kcmule> .
11:53:57 <kcmule> .
11:53:58 <kcmule> .
11:54:00 <Micah> Thank you sir.
11:54:04 <Micah> Time
11:54:06 <Micah> to wak
11:54:08 <Micah> up
11:54:42 <Diane> .
12:00:32 <Graham> glad you made something erupt
12:01:13 <Jake> BH lengthening its intervals in preparation for my arrival
12:02:58 <Graham> or Micahs
12:03:13 <Graham> how many days Jake?
12:03:29 <Jake> 8 days, the 12th
12:03:48 <Jake> false indicators will start the 11th
12:03:59 <Graham> nice. so we will get the night-time reports :)
12:04:13 <Micah> Jake, you better have something GOOD to trade.
12:04:44 <Graham> i know how much you love them
12:05:00 <Jake> I can trade sanity and sleep
12:05:09 <Andrew> hello
12:05:13 <Micah> Hi Andrew.
12:05:27 <Graham> wait .... which do you give up?
12:06:02 <Graham> hope you get Morning
12:07:52 <Graham> maybe we can start the false indicators early
12:08:01 <Jake> I'm still deciding how much time to invest at Morning
12:08:19 <Graham> lots to all
12:08:39 <kcmule> BH 19:08
12:08:43 <ynpvisitor19> 1908
12:08:58 <Diane> Interesting light.
12:09:02 <Micah> I'm just happy I have a car so I can actually drive up there quickly if need be.
12:09:47 <Graham> not too quickly .. i gopt stopped for driving 25 this trip
12:10:07 <Jake> 25? where?
12:10:55 <Graham> on the drive in when it goes down to 15 in the parking lot headed to the Lodge
12:11:41 <Jake> ticket?
12:12:04 <Graham> it was almost 1am coming back fromFountain, he was stopped in the parking lot looking for suckers
12:12:11 <Graham> no, just a warning
12:12:26 <Jake> he could tell you were geyser drunk
12:12:51 <Jake> must be NPS has more resources this year for patrols
12:12:57 <Graham> yeah, not fully drunk tho, Morning had not erupted
12:13:47 <Jake> LC 1913 ie
12:17:19 <kcmule> sawmill 19:15ie
12:18:09 <ynpvisitor19> dont use (:)
12:30:05 <Graham> quitting early, see ya
12:30:19 <kcmule> nite
12:40:12 <kcmule> OF 19:39
13:53:46 <kcmule> Daisy 20:53
14:03:14 <kcmule> OF 21:02