Showing logs for date: 2013-06-11
23:14:13 <vw> OF 0613
23:16:28 <vw> No public stream, so I won't be staying to log times today. As usual, if visitors here could note any eruption times and log them to GT, that would be great.
23:18:44 <vw> It does appear that both UGB static cams are updating.
23:19:00 <vw> I will check back periodically throughout the day.
00:10:11 <ynpvisitor85> It's a beautiful MORNING!
00:10:56 <Dave from B> Morning 0516 per Maureen GT
00:16:17 <ynpvisitor6> awesome
00:17:57 <lc> morning Dave
00:18:15 <lc> good to see Morning again.
00:19:26 <Dave from B> Morning, lc
00:19:44 <Dave from B> Yes, I thought we might see it yesterday.
00:20:00 <Dave from B> It definitely seems to be erupting in series seperated by 3-4 days
00:22:08 <lc> will be interesting to see what happenes in next few days.
00:23:34 <lc> Lion 09722
00:23:41 <lc> 0722
00:24:01 <Dave from B> Morning, Jenna
00:24:10 <Jenna> morning
00:24:24 <Jenna> no cam? or is it just me?
00:24:39 <Dave from B> Still down from maintenance of late yesterday
00:24:47 <Jenna> ok
00:24:47 <lc> morning Jenna, no cam.
00:25:11 <lc> got static and VEC cams
00:26:51 <Jenna> ok
00:27:20 <Jenna> I am off today anyways so not sure how much I'll be on. Conor wants to be outside at all times but he's still sleeping.
00:27:48 <Jenna> supposed to be around 90 today :( hoping I can get away without turning on the a/c
00:28:32 <lc> about that here today, 95 tomorrow.
00:28:55 <lc> lots of a/c here.
00:29:09 <Jenna> I bet
00:29:36 <Jenna> we have to use a window a/c for our upstairs and try to hold off as long as possible
00:30:26 <lc> I would do that but Ma has to have a/c.
00:30:50 <Jenna> yeah that's understandable
00:31:04 <Jenna> we could probably deal with the heat longer if we didn't want conor to sleep
00:36:34 <Dave from B> Good MORNING, Maureen!
00:36:44 <Maureen> Morning was fabulous. Cb and I got Lion initial too!
00:37:16 <Maureen> Now we are waiting for Bee, will leave for Fountain soon
00:37:16 <Dave from B> So, you are at UGB now?
00:37:32 <Maureen> Sorry the cam is down
00:37:50 <Dave from B> Grand is also due soon
00:38:07 <Maureen> Morning was so awesome. OF erupting
00:38:54 <Maureen> Grand time is on GT now
00:39:09 <Maureen> 0139
00:40:05 <Maureen> Yes at Bee now
00:40:15 <Dave from B> I take it BH doesn't look like it is post-eruptive?
00:40:18 <Maureen> Beautiful morning
00:40:30 <Dave from B> Say hi to cb for me!
00:40:37 <Maureen> Not post eruptive
00:40:55 <Maureen> Will do
00:43:03 <Dave from B> And, work on Bill to get a job closer to Yellowstone!
00:48:01 <Maureen> Cb is too connected to family Dave! Sure is nice to have her here though.
01:17:27 <lc> .
01:23:29 <Dave from B> Morning, Michael
01:23:47 <Maureen> BHI 0823
01:23:53 <ynpvisitor64> BHI 0823
01:23:59 <Maureen> Ding
01:24:11 <vw> Hi Maureen!
01:24:16 <Dave from B> Thank you!
01:24:18 <vw> That you on the benches?
01:24:20 <Michael> Yes, I see it!
01:24:36 <vw> Still no stream?
01:24:43 <Dave from B> Morning, vw
01:24:46 <Dave from B> No stream
01:25:00 <Michael> It's going to be harder to see Grand without streaming, though.
01:25:13 <Dave from B> Not even the kc 1 frame per minute stream!:)
01:25:38 <Dave from B> Maureen, have you heard any Turbans called?
01:26:42 <vw> I sent out alert with a link to the UGB static cam with its ridiculously long URL.
01:31:58 <ynpvisitor6> .............
01:32:39 <Dave from B> Hopefully, it won't be another 26+ indy today
01:35:25 <lc> Lion
01:35:36 <lc> 0935
01:37:13 <lc> gas is up 8.6% overnight.
01:37:30 <Dave from B> Ouch
01:37:35 <lc> must be time for vacation.
01:37:53 <Michael> Aurum
01:38:01 <Michael> 8:37
01:38:40 <Dave from B> I have noticed prices inching up here about twice a week...still lower than this time last year
01:38:58 <Dave from B> 355 in Blgs
01:39:12 <Dave from B> Nice catch, Michael
01:39:14 <lc> most places seem to ghange a few cents at a time, here it jumped .27.
01:39:27 <lc> change
01:40:28 <Michael> Wait is over for Beehive.
01:40:46 <Dave from B> Last year, prices peaked about 2 weeks before Memorial Day...a little later this year. I hope peak is soon.
01:40:58 <Dave from B> 0840ie for BH
01:43:43 <Dave from B> Nice BH
01:44:09 <Michael> I'm busy saving still images as they refresh.
01:44:22 <lc> probably nich rainbow
01:50:50 <lc> Lion should have been 0835
01:52:02 <lc> taking a break.
01:58:44 <Dave from B> I see Will is at F&M hoping they awaken
02:09:52 <Dave from B> Surprised Grand hasn't been posted yet
02:49:43 <Dave from B> Morning, Kevin....felling any better today?
02:49:48 <Dave from B> feeling
02:53:33 <Ryan(T-12d)> Morning guys
02:54:23 <Kevin L> Hi Ryan
02:54:41 <Ryan(T-12d)> How ya feeling Kevin?
02:54:54 <Kevin L> Lousy, but more alive today.
02:55:08 <Alex (at work)> Morning Keving, Dave, Ryan, and LC
02:55:09 <Ryan(T-12d)> lol
02:55:20 <Kevin L> Hi
02:56:15 <Alex (at work)> the camera is giving the same image as the back of my eyelids gave me last night
02:56:50 <Dave from B> Alex, maybe your are still sleeping?
03:01:50 <Kevin L> Either that or you have what I have.
03:18:45 <Alex (at work)> I wouldn't mind it if I was still sleeping, then when I wake up I can look forward to watching the web feed
03:18:50 <Alex (at work)> and going to work :(
03:19:46 <Alex (at work)>
03:29:38 <ynpvisitor1> Interesting Morning time. Apparently Morning has taken a liking to two moderate to long Fountain eruptions before it erupts itself. Probably just a coincidence.
04:25:25 <Dave from B> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
05:10:23 <Alex (at work)> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz also
05:11:21 <Alex (at work)> OF 12:10
05:12:14 <Kevin L> Still zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz though.
05:17:17 <Dave from B> Good day for a nap
05:19:13 <Kevin L> For sure. Been spending a lot of napping time but still tired.
05:21:12 <Dave from B> Hard to overcome illnesses sometimes. Rest is the best
05:37:35 <Micah (dorm)> Hello
05:38:53 <Micah (dorm)> Uncertain was darn close today. But Tardy erupted and killed it. Maybe on the next deep drain or something.
05:43:56 <Dave from B> Oops..looks like I missed Micah
06:07:25 <Dave from B> ..
06:08:34 <Dave from B> Slight chance for a Ftn Morning Dual today
06:21:22 <Dave from B> ..
06:24:19 <Dave from B> Still no streaming updtaes on NPS website
06:33:57 <ynpvisitor41> ..
06:59:58 <Dave from B> Nice Lion series at 6
07:00:29 <ynpvisitor25> no public stream too
07:01:23 <Dave from B> I was hoping it would be back on by now
07:01:25 <Dave from B> ..
07:01:30 <Dave from B> ..
07:01:36 <Dave from B> ..
07:01:46 <Dave from B> ..
07:43:08 <Dave from B> Lion 1442ie
08:16:00 <lc (bbl)> .
08:25:40 <ynpvisitor82> yeah Morning
08:25:57 <Graham> still dark I see
08:26:34 <lc> dark all day
08:27:56 <Dave from B> A long solar eclipse
08:28:09 <Dave from B> Hi, Graham and wb, lc
08:28:47 <Dave from B> It looks like we are going to be dodging thunderstorms all night
08:29:04 <Graham> glad the die-hards got anotjher Morning eruption
08:29:14 <Graham> was getting rather worried after 4 days with nonw
08:29:16 <Graham> none
08:29:48 <lc> hope it will be active a few days now.
08:32:02 <Dave from B> I would imagine Maureen and company are out at Morning as we speak
08:32:38 <Dave from B> Graham, do you know if they have a logger on Morning?
08:36:15 <Graham> i dont think thetre is one, but we have a continuous record since about the 23rd
08:38:07 <Graham> if we can get 3 more eruptions soon the 55 day intervals will drop off GT and the next longest is 8 days
08:38:58 <Dave from B> cb is going to need a vacation from her vacation
08:39:21 <Graham> since evening of May 23 I think all the eruptions have been seen
08:39:37 <Graham> yeah i hope they take it easy driving home!
08:40:08 <Dave from B> May need a bigger bw at Fountain/Morning
08:41:33 <Graham> it was pretty good for Memorial Day weekend, of courtse Morning didn't erupt - would have been busy down low for a daylight eruption with all the tour groups going through
08:42:41 <Dave from B> I hope my 3 day trip doesn't occur in between series.
08:42:50 <Dave from B> That is usually my luck
08:43:34 <Graham> Lion 1543
08:44:03 <Dave from B> Yeah...#7 in the series
08:45:22 <Graham> 9th one now
08:45:54 <Graham> 10 if you count the 09xx eruption
08:48:32 <Graham> i saw one of the missing ones at work, and added Daves 1442ie
08:48:56 <Dave from B> ..
08:49:01 <Dave from B> Thank you
08:49:18 <Graham> headed for a walk
08:49:22 <Graham> bbl
08:49:30 <Dave from B> bye, Graham
08:49:38 <Dave from B> lc, you out there?
08:50:48 <lc> was onnthe phone
08:52:01 <Dave from B> How's the walking going? Are you in Yellowstone shape?
08:52:18 <lc> I sure hope I am.
08:52:33 <lc> did 5.4 miles syesterday
08:52:47 <lc> did 7 miles one day last week.
08:53:05 <Dave from B> I need to get out and do some walking. Work and soccer have kept me from be able to walk
08:53:47 <lc> I was talking to my daughter in law
08:54:36 <lc> she said they had 25 wounded females in Park City.
08:54:43 <Dave from B> Is she still in Park City?
08:54:53 <Dave from B> Wow, they seems like a lot
08:54:57 <Dave from B> they = that
08:55:05 <lc> she said it went really well.
08:55:28 <lc> no she came home Sunday
08:55:47 <lc> I think she went out last Wed.
08:56:43 <lc> I think this was a first, with just females.
08:56:47 <Dave from B> How often does she travel?
08:57:16 <lc> seems like at least once a month.
08:57:47 <lc> she is going to Boston Sunday for a week
08:58:06 <lc> studing for her masters.
09:00:17 <Dave from B> Which college?
09:01:35 <lc> I don't know, and she has told me more than once.
09:02:54 <Dave from B> Well, I'm off to home...Hopefully to go for a walk. Have a great evening, lc!
09:04:13 <lc> you too Dave
09:13:23 <kcmule> daisy 16:12ie
09:20:41 <kcmule> temp webcam
09:29:24 <Kevin L> Lot of geyser times for no video.
09:37:41 <Graham> Castle 1637ie
09:40:47 <Graham> OF 1640ns
09:44:45 <Graham> time for Lion?
09:53:50 <Kevin L> Maybe an Aurum?
09:54:28 <ynpvisitor24> ugu
10:05:24 <kcmule> elk or something walking by left to right
10:05:33 <Graham> WT
10:06:59 <Graham> not a moose
10:07:13 <Kevin L> or a bear.
10:07:49 <Kevin L> I vote with kc
10:09:12 <Graham> how is the heat kc?
10:10:06 <kcmule> 94 inside today
10:10:43 <Graham> make you work in a sweatshop?
10:11:31 <kcmule> i guess i make myself. there is a little cool zone next to an overworked a/c
10:15:43 <ynpvisitor55> ..
10:21:16 <Kevin L> That is pretty bad kc. We have cooled down (102 today) but I have 3 big AC units and 3 swanp coolers that take the edge off.
10:26:06 <ynpvisitor46> Looks to have been a good day in the LGB. Wish I had been there.
10:29:18 <Alex (at work)> wow, who entered the strokkur geysir times in geyser times?
10:30:05 <Graham> Norm
10:30:08 <Graham> canadian geyser gazer
10:30:58 <Alex (at work)> strokkur 1730 maj
10:32:06 <Graham> watching here?
10:34:32 <Alex (at work)> I have been watching to get my live daily geyser eruption fix
10:34:54 <Alex (at work)> If I don't see several eruptions a day, I go into convulsions and I cannot sleep at night
10:38:34 <Kevin L> You would love my irrigation system.
10:40:24 <kcmule> temp webcam
10:40:27 <Graham> Grand 1740
10:45:12 <Graham> nice 2b eruption
10:45:40 <Graham> STrokkur that is
10:53:10 <Alex (at work)> I probably would love your irrigation system, can we set up a web cam?
10:53:41 <Graham> giving up recording STrokkur eruptions, ALex your turn
10:54:01 <Alex (at work)> I have no idea how to record eruptions!
10:55:05 <Graham> big ones are majors, small ones minors
10:55:09 <Graham> record the MDT time
10:55:13 <Graham> and count the bursts
10:55:16 <Graham> thats it
11:03:02 <Graham> last one was a 3b
11:07:48 <Alex (at work)> no, I meant how to record them as video!
11:09:19 <Alex (at work)> sorry, I was confused
11:11:54 <Alex (at work)> I get it, you were recording the eruptions for geyser times, for some reason I was thinking video recording them
11:12:25 <Alex (at work)> I am done with work, goodnight Kevin, Graham, KC and other nameless viewers
11:12:38 <Graham> bye
11:26:36 <Graham> here comes the rain
11:26:59 <Graham> or something?
11:48:36 <ynpvisitor90> is the cam down?
11:48:55 <lc> streaming is
11:48:57 <Graham> yes
11:49:17 <ynpvisitor90> ty
11:49:29 <ynpvisitor90> is that why all the Stokkur times, watching another cam?
11:50:05 <Graham>
11:50:50 <Graham> midnight sun up there
11:55:35 <ynpvisitor90> what makes a major, more than one burst?
11:55:54 <Graham> sometimes it just has small eruptions
11:56:07 <lc> indy
11:56:09 <lc> d
11:56:10 <lc> d
11:56:10 <lc> d
11:56:49 <lc> 1855
11:56:59 <lc> maybe ns
11:57:52 <Graham> i got disconnected from LS
11:57:54 <Kent> Been a while since I have seen BH on static. Good catch lc.
11:58:34 <lc> thanks
11:59:00 <ynpvisitor90> 2 BH's on static today...
11:59:06 <ynpvisitor90> has the cam been down all day?
11:59:23 <lc> yes
11:59:25 <Graham> did rained out change?
11:59:38 <Graham> cant find out how to login now
12:00:06 <ynpvisitor90> another short BH interval
12:00:11 <lc> don't know Graham
12:01:52 <Graham> cant send text
12:03:22 <Graham> can you Kevin?
12:04:23 <ynpvisitor90> shorter indy this morning
12:04:43 <Graham> or kc?
12:06:19 <Graham> maybe the last long alert broke rained out
12:08:08 <lc> why are we all visitors?
12:08:29 <lc> at least everyone but Kevin.
12:08:48 <Graham> static not refreshing here
12:08:58 <Graham> and LS disconnected
12:09:38 <Graham> anyone?
12:09:53 <lc> I'm stuck at 705
12:10:32 <Graham> me too. hope its a long indicator :)
12:12:02 <Graham> thats a nasty tease
12:12:14 <Kent> Strange time of night to be working on the line
12:12:28 <Graham> storp power outage maybe?
12:12:43 <lc> didn't want Kent to catch BH on static. g
12:12:55 <Kent> :)
12:13:20 <Kent> I'll have to break out an old Plume video.
12:13:51 <lc> sure would like to see Plume.
12:14:06 <Kent> Me too.
12:14:56 <Kent> When I was in the basin last week ther was no sound or steam even very early in the morning
12:15:43 <lc> wonder where that energy went.
12:16:15 <Kent> That or a break in the plumbing
12:17:06 <lc> if that happened it may never come back, right?
12:17:20 <Graham> cb is in range, Morning must have finished erupting
12:17:43 <Kent> I will keep my fingers crossed for a report
12:18:18 <Graham> she posted BHI 1858ie
12:19:18 <Graham> bbl
12:19:38 <Kent> Perhaps no photo, but we should get the time.
12:21:26 <ynpvisitor90> no Morning
12:22:23 <Kent> :(
12:23:01 <ynpvisitor47> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
12:23:54 <Kent> There's the Beehive report 1919. Thanks cb
12:24:37 <lc> so we missed it
12:25:01 <lc> I've had enough
12:25:09 <lc> good night all.
12:30:42 <Graham> nothing reported yet from Mortain
12:31:15 <Graham> if cb is back in range, something erupted
12:31:56 <Graham> at least thats what i am thinking
12:40:40 <Graham> see ya
13:25:30 <Kevin L> You know it is a bad day when the mosst common eruption is in Iceland.