Showing logs for date: 2013-07-21
23:21:45 <vw> Good morning
23:33:34 <ynpvisitor23> good morning
23:34:02 <vw> OF 0633
23:39:31 <vw> Grand 0639 ie ?
23:39:56 <vw> Wait to see if we can see water. If not, then more likely Oblong.
23:40:35 <ynpvisitor23> Looks like a long interal on Grand from geyser times at the moment.
23:41:37 <vw> Yes, but it has been throwing some longs ones lately? I have given up on nice neat intervals.
23:42:06 <vw> Too steamy to tell if there are spikes in there or not.
23:43:30 <vw> Grand.
23:43:35 <vw> with a 2nd
23:43:41 <ynpvisitor23> i think so
23:44:22 <ynpvisitor23> tall
23:45:15 <vw> We probably missed at least 2m, maybe 3.
23:45:56 <vw> Or more, now that I look at the times.
23:46:09 <vw> Glad we caught some of it anyway.
23:53:24 <vw> BHI 0652 ie
23:54:07 <vw> Our (un?)favorite newly continuous sput.
23:55:28 <vw> Speaking nicely about it hasn't worked, so maybe if we speak unhighly of it....?
23:56:29 <lc> good morning
23:56:43 <vw> Hi lc.
23:57:05 <lc> Fountain back to 8 + hr intervals
23:57:09 <vw> Did your rain showers materialize yesterday? When we hit 90 here yesterday I thought of you.
23:57:26 <lc> nothing yesterday
23:57:45 <lc> few showers around but all missed us.
23:57:54 <vw> That is good news. I am sure the LGB fans are appreciative.
23:58:08 <lc> I hope its good news.
23:59:29 <ynpvisitor23> Lion tryig
23:59:55 <vw> Lion 0659
00:00:20 <vw> As you might be able to tell, LS is very sluggish this morning.
00:03:09 <vw> We missed about 5 minutes of Grand. Started right after OF.
00:03:51 <lc> lot of 2 burst lately.
00:05:02 <vw> If the basins were animate objects, we could maybe surmise the 2nd bursts are to appease us for loss of Plume, BH... Or competition for Morning?
00:05:05 <vw> :)
00:05:42 <ynpvisitor23> Not sure it makes up for no BH...
00:06:37 <vw> Probably not, but its like a sibling covering for a recalcitrant little brother or sister?
00:06:53 <lc> multi burst are nice but so is BH.
00:07:22 <vw> Rather biblical: trying over hard, but just not the same as as the 'lost' brother.
00:32:20 <vw> 40m on BHI
00:35:44 <vw> 8 Lions in current series. Last two had longish intervals if you leave out the 0507 minor.
00:46:35 <ynpvisitor25> Last Lion is listed on GT as a minor
00:47:29 <lc> there was a 0659 maj, don't know why its not showing.
00:50:21 <vw> I see that now lc. that is weird.
00:51:27 <lc> maybe program thinks 10 min is too close and its the same erjuption.
00:52:04 <lc> someting to run by Jake and Will.
00:52:13 <vw> That is probably it.
00:52:36 <lc> bhi is off
00:52:48 <vw> I thought they had it so a minor wouldn't bump a near time, but sometimes those little fixes get bumped.
00:53:09 <vw> I have to step away for a few minutes. OF is in its window.
01:00:01 <lc> morning Jenna
01:00:09 <Jenna> morning
01:00:44 <Jenna> this BH thing is getting a little ridiculous, I had a dream it went while I was with my parents in the park. They also were camping right by the back door of the Inn.
01:01:10 <lc> funny
01:01:18 <lc> Lion
01:01:22 <vw> So which part of that dream was weirder? the camping part or the BH part?
01:01:25 <lc> 0801
01:01:27 <vw> Lion 0801 ns
01:01:39 <Jenna> the camping part haha
01:01:39 <Jenna> dad was so proud of his spot
01:01:43 <vw> hehe
01:02:02 <lc> min
01:02:25 <vw> So another one in a few minutes you think lc?
01:02:57 <lc> probably, it the series is not over.
01:03:28 <vw> It really has been an impressively long series. Too bad it was mostly in the dark!
01:06:09 <vw> OF 0805
01:11:44 <vw> Sawmill 0811 ie
01:21:26 <vw> Lion 0821 ns
01:25:41 <lc> that was nice this late in the series
01:26:04 <vw> I wasn't expecting it. Series is really quite impressive now.
01:30:20 <vw> Daisy 0830 ns
01:37:17 <vw> If Dave M is around, I hope he can review the static cam for around 0835-6 to see if Aurum erupted.
01:37:36 <vw> thought I saw a nice straight plume of steam, but couldn't get there fast enough.
01:39:25 <lc> time for breakfast, bbl.
01:39:36 <vw> Bye lc.
02:20:29 <vw> Dancing family.
02:20:44 <vw> Missed 'em
02:23:35 <ynpvisitor13> Lion 0923 ie
02:23:36 <ynpvisitor54> Lion 0923
02:25:13 <ynpvisitor48> Lion sure is putting on a show today
02:25:30 <ynpvisitor48> energizer bunny
02:26:43 <lc> just saw on GT, NG min 0835
02:28:20 <vw> I thought I saw some steam from that area right before when I thought I saw Aurum. Was trying to get the cam there first but without much luck. LS is being a pain today btw.
02:29:20 <lc> sure would like to know who saw it.
02:29:22 <ynpvisitor48> cool NG!!
02:30:03 <vw> Interesting that Dave saw it and then Lion erupted. Last year we usually saw NG after the last in a Lion series?
02:31:04 <ynpvisitor48> that will divert a few gazers
02:31:04 <lc> did DaveM see NG?
02:31:14 <lc> Will logged it.
02:32:17 <vw> Oh, you are right lc. My bad.
02:32:50 <lc> ok, np.
02:33:12 <ynpvisitor48> 40 lashes@
02:33:14 <vw> Not sure who saw it. FRS call so could have been anyboyd.
02:33:15 <ynpvisitor48> !!
02:33:27 <vw> anybody.
02:33:28 <lc> hope DaveM has captures to confirm it.
02:33:36 <ynpvisitor48> so many folk there
02:34:00 <vw> I did see a steam plume on static. Couldn't see water though and couldn't get cam there fast enough.
02:34:30 <lc> guess a lot of gazers are in for Paul S. event.
02:34:30 <vw> Not may gazers on the hill though. A few people have been sitting on BH benches, but no idea if gazers or not.
02:34:49 <vw> Yes, I would imagine so. Forgot that was today.
02:36:03 <vw> Riverside 0935 ie ?
02:36:38 <lc> looks like it
02:36:44 <vw> No "?" on that.
02:36:59 <vw> OF 0936
02:45:31 <vw> My phone just buzzed me that it is time for my cam shift. Guess I better jump on that.
02:49:49 <ynpvisitor48> ha ha
02:50:31 <vw> Just had a call from Micah. He wanted to make sure we knew about NG. Said the Barlow's saw it as they were walking up the hill.
02:52:30 <ynpvisitor16> guess he didn't know it got logged onto GT
02:54:03 <vw> No he didn't. But the GT entry also didn't include who had seen it or made the call, so very good info from Micah.
02:56:36 <ynpvisitor23> Watching NG?
02:57:03 <vw> Might as well. Nothing else to watch for.
02:57:16 <ynpvisitor23> Quite
02:57:46 <vw> And getting cam positioned to see anything quickly is damn near impossible.
03:03:37 <ynpvisitor23> lots of people at NG
03:03:42 <vw> Suppose those are mostly gazers up near NG?
03:08:29 <ynpvisitor100> Did BHI just start up, or has it been going a while?
03:08:31 <vw> BHI 1008 ie
03:08:31 <lc> bhi
03:08:49 <vw> Not getting too excited about it...
03:09:04 <ynpvisitor100> Nope. No reason to.
03:09:50 <vw> Hi Michael.
03:10:06 <Michael> I wonder whether DaveM could tell (by duration) whether the 0009 Lion was an initial.
03:10:52 <vw> Hi steve.
03:11:42 <steve> Hi vw, Wow, so NG erupted and then Lion. Last time NG erupted it ended the lion series.
03:11:56 <vw> Anything before midnight the picture would have been too dark to tell. Duration on that 0009 would be the only way, but so hard to tell with the page update time spans.
03:12:29 <vw> Yeah, I was surprised that we had a Lion after that NG, steve. Not the pattern we saw last summer.
03:13:20 <vw> Wondering too if NG is going to be precursor to Giantess. Wasn't the last time we saw it activate, but there is always hope.
03:14:00 <Michael> In my ancient experience, NG liked to erupt a couple hours after the last Lion. But Lion has shorter series back then, so it's apples to oranges.
03:15:11 <ynpvisitor16> this was a minor, correct?
03:15:18 <vw> NG
03:15:50 <vw> Not sure about time with the lag to public stream. 1015 ie for sure though.
03:16:00 <vw> Nice.
03:16:14 <Michael> Darn. Was reading up on the day's chatlog.
03:16:36 <steve> Oops, I walked away at the wrong ttime. How high was NG?
03:16:39 <vw> Didn't last more than a blink Michael. Have to glue your eyelids open!
03:16:53 <vw> Maybe 4-5 feet?
03:16:56 <Michael> So, 10 seconds, 6 feet?
03:17:42 <vw> Could have been that tall. I am not sure how much lower it is as compared to the bw.
03:17:59 <vw> Not even 10s Michael.
03:18:05 <steve> I guess NG can have several patterns with Lion, but I was used to the one where NG erupts at the end of the lion series. Ghange is good. Any Gianttess would be great!
03:20:23 <vw> Call from Micah: NG was at 1015. Height he estimated at 6-7 feet as it came about to his eye level.
03:20:23 <steve> When did BHI start?
03:20:54 <vw> I got it at 1008 ie
03:21:19 <steve> ty
03:21:27 <vw> :)
03:21:43 <vw> Splashing from BH. Wouldn't that be a surprise.
03:22:26 <vw> Still not sending out an alert. Too iffy and BHI isn't that strong.
03:22:51 <Michael> Beehive doesn't get the benefit of doubt these days.
03:22:54 <steve> I hope it comes out of this funk soon.
03:24:08 <steve> Yea, I wonder in the past when it erupted once a week, was BHI acitive?
03:24:38 <steve> Well, BHI as a false indicator that is
03:25:12 <vw> I haven't a clue steve.
03:27:11 <lc> another NG at 1015? not in GT.
03:27:25 <vw> Just put it in.
03:27:40 <vw> I thought maybe someone from the basin would enter it, but none so far.
03:27:45 <lc> ok, thanks
03:27:46 <Michael> Maybe the gazers are still playing rock-paper-scissors to see who gets to enter it.
03:28:25 <vw> With that big a group, it could take a while to do rps!
03:30:39 <Michael> Lion 10:30
03:31:03 <vw> Minor
03:31:04 <lc> short
03:31:12 <steve> Minor? o toying with us
03:31:59 <vw> With all this excitement over short eruptions, I could just leave the cam in this position and come back in a while? :D
03:32:13 <Michael> I thought it might be. Eruptions that start with water welling out, rather than a strong roar, often are minors.
03:32:35 <vw> If NG goes, we might have trouble seeing it on the cam with all those bodies!
03:32:42 <ynpvisitor23> how many gazers do you reckon are watching NG?
03:32:49 <vw> a few.
03:38:08 <vw> With gazers up there, if Aurum erupts I would imagine we will get a good time on it.
03:38:30 <vw> As long as they don't all have their backs turned to it that is.
03:38:37 <kcmule>
03:38:42 <vw> Hi kc.
03:38:48 <kcmule> sorry about the watermark. hi vw
03:38:52 <vw> Thank you for the video!
03:39:01 <kcmule> np
03:39:27 <Michael> Nice to see what I missed in plain sight.
03:39:27 <kcmule> link for vlc player if anyone needs it
03:40:02 <lc> that had to be 10 feet
03:40:52 <vw> still loading for me. Computer trying to do too many things at once I am afraid.
03:42:20 <Michael> Same here. Listening to the radio, and it seems to have brought other downloads to a standstill.
03:46:41 <vw> We are going to have to pull back for OF soon. Daisy due about the same time as OF.
03:46:48 <vw> Splashing from Lion.
03:46:52 <vw> Lion 1046
03:47:13 <steve> Nice. I like it
03:48:44 <vw> This is most extraordinary.
03:49:21 <Michael> I am wondering/hoping we're seeing a pattern shift like the one a few winters ago.
03:49:23 <vw> At least 9 non-minor lions.
03:49:32 <ynpvisitor23> will be interesting to see what happens next..
03:50:18 <steve> Well, the intervals on Depression have shorten up to average about 3 hours again. Like when Lion was having very long series
03:50:32 <lc> 3 + min
03:51:01 <vw> BHI is off.
03:56:13 <vw> As much as I hate to, I have to pull cam back for OF.
03:56:15 <steve> Then, maybe NG in about 15 minutes. (just a hopeful guess)
03:56:56 <vw> Last interval was only about 45m
03:57:13 <vw> nope... 40m!
03:59:43 <steve> Could be time for Morning tomorrow also. It has sorta been eruptiong every 3-5 days
04:01:08 <vw> I saw someone (TSB?) had posted comparison charts from GT on the listserve, but admit I haven't really been keeping up on Ftn/Morning cycles.
04:01:28 <vw> Hi Mara.
04:02:04 <Mara> Hi- what the heck is happening in the Lion complex?
04:02:07 <steve> Its a weak pattern, but I hope it continues to be true
04:02:38 <steve> Change, whick is usually good.
04:02:49 <lc> got to shut the computer down, thunderstorm moving in.
04:03:02 <steve> Bye
04:03:03 <vw> Good luck lc. Keep your head down!
04:03:19 <Mara> aye, stay safe
04:03:59 <vw> Mid-day thunderstorms are beyond my common experience.
04:05:33 <ynpvisitor19> Congratulations to Phil Mickelson on his 5th Major Golf win!!!
04:07:34 <vw> Huh? Not watching... Phil took the Open?
04:07:58 <ynpvisitor19> Yes trophy presentation is on ESPN
04:08:28 <Michael> Seems like pretty early on a Sunday to wrap things up?
04:08:45 <ynpvisitor19> its in Scotland
04:08:47 <Michael> Oh. British Open.
04:09:06 <vw> I love Phil M!!! I will have to watch the video later.
04:09:21 <ynpvisitor19> His family is there
04:09:42 <vw> He is such an extraordinarily humble man.
04:10:04 <vw> He deserves every triumph and accolade IMO.
04:10:22 <ynpvisitor19> ;)
04:10:58 <vw> I am sorry I missed it. :(
04:11:51 <vw> Wish OF would erupt. Too far away to see NG.
04:12:11 <vw> Probably missing Daisy too.
04:12:37 <vw> OF 1112
04:13:01 <Michael> Got your wish. What to do about Daisy next is the big decision.
04:13:46 <vw> We will take a quick peek after OF, but I think NG will take center stage.
04:14:51 <Michael> Sounds good to me.
04:17:14 <vw> Daisy looks dead calm.
04:17:27 <Mara> Little Cub~
04:17:45 <Michael> Didn't look pre-eruptive to me (though I am often wrong).
04:18:08 <ynpvisitor79> To correct the entry about the NG eruption it's Bob and Cynthia Barwin. not Barlow.
04:18:15 <vw> Me either Michael.
04:18:30 <vw> ooh. thanks 79. I was typing so fast I didn't notice my error.
04:18:51 <ynpvisitor79> yw
04:19:15 <vw> another FYI: LS being a pain again right now. Trying to get as close to NG as I can, but having some difficulty.
04:20:54 <ynpvisitor16> thanks 79, that makes more sense
04:21:17 <vw> Hope Will updates his entry to give them credit
04:22:08 <Michael> This view is good. I want to have an eye on Lion too.
04:25:51 <vw> I have to step away for a few minutes. brb
04:56:43 <Michael> A roar of some kind from Lion. Didn't look too impressive.
04:58:17 <vw> It is nice that the people in the Park for Paul's memorial get-together are getting a show from NG. Will make it all the more memorable.
04:58:46 <ynpvisitor23> Looks like most of them most be at NG now?
04:59:19 <vw> Looks that way. About all we will be able to see is some steam, with all the bodies up there!
04:59:42 <vw> I have to pull cam back a bit. The bounce is killing me.
05:00:01 <Michael> I'm sure somebody is down at Fountain, to get away from the crowds...
05:01:48 <vw> Fountain is past the very short intervals it threw yesterday.
05:09:30 <vw> Getting into the Grand window now.
05:10:48 <Michael> Most intervals are still over 6h20m, I think.
05:11:13 <vw> That is about right, but at over 5.5h now.
05:11:58 <Michael> NG
05:12:01 <vw> Steam from NG area.
05:12:08 <vw> 1211
05:12:27 <ynpvisitor13> Lot of people there now.
05:13:09 <ynpvisitor4> wonder if NG having a long overflow.
05:13:19 <ynpvisitor4> maybe a maj.
05:13:33 <vw> Can't tell from our vantage.
05:14:16 <vw> About 2h interval, assuming there was water.
05:14:29 <Michael> Yes, there was water.
05:14:37 <Michael> Another minor eruption.
05:14:42 <ynpvisitor23> Not sure anyone is watching Aurum.
05:14:47 <vw> k. I didn't see it, but my picture on LS isn't that great.
05:15:16 <vw> Trying to keep an eye on Aurum on static. No way to know if anybody around NG is watching unless we see a time.
05:15:47 <Michael> I could only see it for the three seconds it was taller than the mass of people.
05:16:12 <vw> :)
05:16:52 <lc> I missed it.
05:17:20 <vw> I wonder that the mass of people isn't rushing to Lower Ham for lunch. Would be a good time.
05:17:49 <ynpvisitor23> Will probably go to Grand first.
05:18:06 <ynpvisitor23> But maybe they are hoping for a NG major
05:18:11 <ynpvisitor13> Gazers eat lunch?
05:18:20 <ynpvisitor23> Some do
05:19:32 <Michael> Might be a good time to go in and refill water bottles, in any case.
05:20:21 <vw> BHI 1220 ie
05:20:50 <Michael> Somebody put a cork in it already...
05:21:31 <vw> It does seem to be more than a minor nuisance these days.
05:22:03 <vw> Sizable exodus from NG now.
05:22:49 <vw> about a 50/50 split on direction. :)
05:41:47 <vw> OF 1241 ns
05:41:54 <vw> Wasn't paying attention. Sorry.
05:48:15 <Michael> Well Lion must be finished now. Wonder if the next series will be back to 2-7 eruptions, or something longer.
05:50:03 <vw> k. My attention is seriously dragging. I think I need to take a longish break.
05:50:19 <vw> Aiming the cam at the Grand area for now. back in a while.
05:51:02 <vw> Looks like a Turban now, so maybe the game is afoot.
06:07:36 <Michael> WEst Triplet is ie.
06:29:31 <ynpvisitor66> ..
06:31:30 <vw> Daisy 1331 ie
06:31:31 <Michael> Daisy 13:31ns
06:31:59 <vw> You got the better time Michael!
06:33:03 <Michael> I think we saw it at the same time. I'm just more aggressive about calling it "ns"
06:33:22 <vw> Yeah, I am pretty conservative on times.
06:34:34 <vw> Always hope someone else gets a better time than what I did.
06:35:06 <vw> Big bursts from Sawmill. Pretty amazing given the wind.
06:35:42 <Michael> Good place to take a boardwalk shower right now.
06:36:09 <vw> Just checking temp at OF now... brb
06:37:00 <vw> A rather pleasant, albeit windy 79F at 1315. Wind 12G18.
06:37:32 <vw>
06:39:57 <vw> wb Jenna.
06:42:28 <vw> Steam from Grand area.
06:43:13 <Michael> I'm running out for an errand. That should give Grand one or two chances to erupt.
06:45:12 <Jenna> thanks
06:45:37 <vw> We are so superstitious when it comes to eruptions!
07:08:09 <vw> .
07:11:30 <Jenna> officially cancelled my reservations :(
07:11:46 <vw> NOOOOooooo!
07:11:48 <vw> :(
07:12:13 <Jenna> I have known I wouldn't be needing them for awhile...just couldn't bring myself to do it
07:12:48 <vw> I am sorry to hear that Jenna. Time to start saving $ and vaca days for next year then.
07:13:24 <Jenna> yup
07:14:07 <Jenna> I am glad my parents get to go again though, I can live through them
07:14:45 <Jenna> we might have found a house to move in to so we have the fun job of figuring out what to do to ours to sell it, etc
07:15:41 <vw> OF 1415
07:16:07 <vw> Oh my. Those are some major changes for you guys then.
07:16:30 <Jenna> yup, and a vacation just isn't the "grown up" thing to do right now :)
07:16:45 <vw> I hear you.
07:24:37 <ynpvisitor66> .
07:42:24 <vw> Site doesn't want you to stop working kc.
07:42:53 <vw> Such strange little glitches.
07:43:56 <kcmule> im banging on some stuff now, so prob my fault
07:45:25 <vw> Hope you aren't inflicting any damage. If that were me it would probably be head on wall...
07:46:22 <kcmule> i only tried to change it once, but it repeats if it doesnt take
07:51:27 <vw> wb Michael. Grand waited for you.
07:58:47 <Michael> How long do you think it will make me wait, now that I'm back?
08:00:08 <vw> Not sure Michael. Too warm to see steam so haven't really noted any turbans of late.
08:00:15 <kcmule> ready vw
08:00:28 <vw> Thank you kc.
08:00:39 <kcmule> u sure you're not determined to get grand?
08:00:39 <vw> I am off to the recycling center.
08:01:00 <vw> Yeah, would love to wait for Grand, but gotta get things done.
08:01:08 <vw> Hope everybody has a great day!
08:01:15 <kcmule> adios
08:01:23 <Jenna> bye vw
08:01:32 <Michael> Bye vw.
08:01:38 <kcmule> sawmill quit recently, not sure when
08:01:43 <ynpvisitor66> washburn cam changed, there must be fire somewhere
08:04:18 <kcmule> some steam back there, maybe turb
08:04:40 <kcmule> well maybe oblong now that its bigger
08:18:58 <Andrew> cool ng!
08:22:29 <kcmule> nice rack of lion times to go with it
08:23:25 <Andrew (packing> .
08:24:38 <kcmule> nice of davem to not sleep last night to get them
08:24:53 <kcmule> oh, captures.. forgot
08:25:38 <Michael (away)> IT's more fun to imagine him up all night looking for the outline of geysers in a dim webcam view.
08:26:00 <kcmule> actually most of the timestamps are close to the eruption time
08:26:07 <Andrew (packing> with a cup of coffee
08:27:03 <Michael (away)> Either way, today's a good day to have most of the overnight Lion times.
08:28:26 <kcmule> looks like there may have been another minor at 0659, 3 reports are showing as secondary to 0649
08:29:26 <kcmule> oh it was 0659 major ?
08:29:56 <kcmule> think so, based on dave's comments
08:30:31 <Andrew (packing> fountain has returned to a more morning friendly frquency
08:30:37 <kcmule> makes sense now, just confused me with the way gt shows them
08:31:28 <Michael (away)> I think there is a 659 major, don't remember who talked about it on chat.
08:34:50 <kcmule> we need to ward off grand, at least til OF takes care of business
08:35:40 <kcmule> sorry to those on the bw by grand
08:54:07 <Mara> was expecting Grand to have erupted by now
08:56:26 <kcmule> OF at 101 mins ..
08:56:57 <ynpvisitor87> having a stalemate they are.
08:59:00 <Michael> And I was afraid I would miss something...
09:01:12 <ynpvisitor26> What?? NG? Yippee!
09:01:48 <Michael> Yes. The rest of Geyser Hill may be sleeping, but NG finally woke up today.
09:02:12 <kcmule> 13 more mins til 2 hr OF interval
09:04:08 <Andrew (packing> grand has erupted, vec says now 2000 or therabouts
09:04:58 <kcmule> bummer, wonder when it was
09:05:15 <Andrew (packing> grand 2010+/- 90 min
09:05:28 <Michael> That suggests it had a very short interval, just over 6h, and went at 12:40?
09:06:07 <kcmule> OF 16:05
09:07:32 <Michael> Of course I scoffed at vw when she said the Grand window was getting close at 5h50m. Shows what I know...
09:09:04 <kcmule> got something to look forward to now i guess
09:11:20 <Michael> Did Daisy go yet?
09:11:36 <Michael> There it is now.
09:13:16 <Michael> Unless I'm just mistaking the White Pyramid for a steam cloud.
09:13:57 <Michael> Just the White Pyramid.
09:15:32 <kcmule> havent missed it yet per vec
09:23:46 <Michael> Magnitude 6.5 earthquake in New Zealand around 2300 (MDT) last night. Some building damage, but nothing worse reported.
09:24:16 <Michael> IF there is anything to report on the geysers, I hope Ron Keam will post a bulletin to the listserv.
09:27:47 <Michael> Not feeling good about Daisy, so I'm going to take break from the computer.
09:28:55 <kcmule> hmm, the vec recording said it was current as of 1615
09:29:06 <kcmule> and it was actually 1614 on my clock when i heard it
09:29:55 <Mara> the VEC is in the future of course
09:30:12 <kcmule> still says daisy 1615 +/-30m
09:32:34 <ynpvisitor66> perhaps all the gazers went to the memorial gathering and no one was out there to call it
09:37:40 <kcmule> we can watch bh non-indicator instead
09:37:58 <Andrew> yay!!! *yawn*
09:38:18 <Mara> wooo.
09:40:07 <kcmule> no aurums yet today
09:40:11 <ynpvisitor84> Hi. Saw on geysertimes that OldF just had just had an interval of 1h50m - has anyone seen anything longer than that?
09:40:13 <kcmule> (reported)
09:40:27 <kcmule> there was a 2 hr interval here once
09:40:33 <kcmule> lc saw it, not sure who else
09:41:39 <ynpvisitor84> curious...thanks.
09:41:59 <kcmule> yw
09:43:45 <kcmule> 18 Apr 2012 @ 0942 ie wc short 2h 2m
09:44:32 <kcmule> Kristine also saw it, per the chat logs
09:45:15 <ynpvisitor84> thought we had a record there
09:45:44 <kcmule> it's marked ie but the logs show them noting it is over 2 hrs
09:46:34 <kcmule> 11 Oct 2011 @ 1632 wc 2h 5m
09:49:14 <kcmule> no one noted the long interval in the chat logs on that one
09:52:54 <kcmule> not sure when bhi turned off
09:54:52 <kcmule> daisy 1830+/-30m
10:01:03 <kcmule> Uncertain 1700ie
10:01:53 <kcmule> .
10:05:55 <kcmule> i see we have some more ng reports going up by WIll
10:06:59 <kcmule> last was 1447 minor, 4 hrs after last lion
10:08:10 <ynpvisitor66> Micah said on FB there were 5 NG's
10:09:26 <kcmule> we have 6 reports on gt
10:10:29 <ynpvisitor66> cool
10:11:46 <kcmule> just need a major next time
10:23:18 <ynpvisitor66> .
10:33:14 <Graham> hello, see I go away and something exciting happens
10:34:15 <kcmule> and u came back and now the livescope is blue screen :P
10:34:19 <Ryan> Told you, I go home and then go to beach and the crazy stuff happens... all we are missing now is Giantess!
10:34:36 <Graham> went blue when i wsn't here so nt my fault
10:34:56 <Graham> that would be nice
10:40:26 <Graham> fixed it :)
10:40:39 <Graham> then you broke it
10:43:17 <Graham> OF 1742
10:43:24 <Graham> wow lot of short interval BHI
10:43:30 <kcmule> thx
10:43:54 <Ryan> Who has been sending out the BHI texts??
10:44:44 <Graham> i haven't sent any today bit have on other days
10:44:54 <Graham> I guess my comment yestetday was a prediction - 12:14:12
10:45:27 <Ryan> I could tell which ones were yours G :)
10:45:38 <Graham> i liked the long Lion series and NG activitytho
10:46:16 <Graham> hehe, have to see what they have been like today or are we stopping since its not meaningful until BH erupts?
10:46:44 <Graham> nost cam operators send thenm Ryan
10:47:08 <Ryan> Ahh ok, so have any of the NG been seen on the cam?
10:47:35 <Ryan> I told Micah and Will that it was acting weird in June
10:49:20 <kcmule> there is a capture of one, link in the logs
10:51:01 <Ryan> Today? Yesterday?
10:52:08 <ynpvisitor69> This morning
10:52:42 <kcmule> sorry, yes. ng started up again this morning
10:53:13 <Ryan> found it
10:53:42 <Graham> would help if you can add your link to the primary entry on GT now too kc
10:54:40 <Graham> thanks for posting too
10:54:41 <kcmule> thx, didnt realize it got buried
10:55:35 <Graham> all of them are in-park times now
10:56:55 <Graham> nice dual in the video :)
10:57:43 <Ryan> Blahh. I cant open it!
10:58:13 <kcmule> should open with vlc
10:58:41 <Ryan> ok
11:16:25 <kcmule> daisy 18:16ns
11:19:44 <Graham> series of 14 or more Lion eruptions, wow
11:19:52 <kcmule> castle 18:19
11:20:08 <Graham> nice
11:20:30 <Graham> guess we missed a Grand sometime
11:20:46 <Graham> Heinrick didn't post one either
11:42:22 <ynpvisitor51> nice backlit to watch the cutover to steam
11:46:55 <Andrew> hello again
11:47:07 <Andrew> hello again:)
11:47:16 <Andrew> I mean so excited :)
11:51:03 <kcmule> fountain was 1522 d=34
11:51:40 <Andrew> solid 10 hour
11:55:38 <Graham> BHI
11:55:49 <Graham> 1655ie
11:55:54 <Andrew> oooh
11:56:05 <kcmule> beehiveless indicator?
11:56:08 <Andrew> your a tad late
11:57:02 <Graham> ok, 1855ie
11:57:19 <Graham> going now
11:57:57 <kcmule> oh well its time to watch for OF anyway
11:58:09 <Graham> glad tey got Ftn in before the memorial
11:58:25 <Graham> how many hours Andrew?
11:58:55 <Graham> Paul would have a laugh if BH went on this one
11:59:24 <Andrew> in two minutes 9 and 30 minutes till I wake up to leave for airport
12:00:26 <Graham> have a good trip
12:00:58 <kcmule> yes have good times
12:08:55 <kcmule> OF 19:08
12:11:55 <kcmule> bhi off
12:12:22 <Andrew> alright everybody goodnight. Time for the basin!
12:12:46 <Graham> i must have missed BH then
12:14:24 <Michael> I don't know if BHI has ever had this kind of diarrhea before.
12:15:28 <kcmule> turban maybe
12:17:01 <Graham> series of mid-duratin indicators are new to me
12:25:35 <kcmule> im seeing references to a tsb article in transactions
12:25:52 <kcmule> "The “False Indicator” Series of Early July 1994"
12:26:54 <Michael> What I remember July 1994 is: Indicators every 3-4 hours lasting 40-50 minutes.
12:27:19 <ynpvisitor26> Sounds like this year's version
12:28:29 <Michael> Today it has been shorter durations and shorter intervals than I've seen before. I don't like it.
12:29:45 <Graham> frees people up to go sit at the rockpile all day :)
12:31:02 <Michael> :) indeed. It must be crowded down there.
12:31:51 <Graham> 11 days now, maybe only Will down there
12:32:07 <Graham> Morning looks promising now
12:33:23 <kcmule> turban maybe
12:33:35 <Michael> The 5.5 hour intervals on Fountain had me worried too. Glad it seems back on its previous track.
12:34:32 <Graham> good luck with Grand, who knows when it went last
12:34:42 <Graham> i am quitting early
12:34:43 <Graham> see ya
12:35:01 <Michael> Bye Graham.
12:35:06 <kcmule> thx, nite
12:35:28 <kcmule> vec has it 20:10 +/-90
12:36:41 <Michael> Nice to see that North Goggles continued its series for a while after Lion quit.
12:41:23 <ynpvisitor51> Is there any connection between the BH dormancy and the long Lion series?
12:42:33 <Michael> I doubt it. I think Beehive's troubles are 100% an inside job.
12:44:05 <ynpvisitor51> ah ok. Just curious; a lot of wierd things happening on the hill lately
12:44:35 <Ryan> Good night guys
12:44:35 <Michael> North Goggles and Lion do seem to be connected, though.
12:46:43 <Michael> I've also heard theories naming "Improbable" as a culprit for Plume's dormancy. Not sure whether to believe it for myself.
12:48:07 <Michael> And another reason to wish upon Giantess: It has been known to jolt Beehive into activity in the past.
12:49:01 <ynpvisitor51> I heard it causes small tremors?
12:49:55 <Michael> If it's a quiet day, yes, the thumps at the start of Giantess' eruption show up on the helicorder.
12:51:00 <ynpvisitor51> more to wish for :) Thanks for the info!
12:54:23 <Michael> Turban ie again.
13:08:47 <ynpvisitor1> .
13:08:49 <ynpvisitor1> .
13:09:12 <kcmule> Grand 20:08
13:09:19 <Mara> very nice
13:09:34 <Mara> almost right on the prediction time, too
13:09:35 <Michael> I must have a bit of lag.
13:09:40 <Michael> There it is.
13:10:04 <kcmule> good timing w/OF
13:10:37 <kcmule> and wind has settled nicely
13:17:52 <ynpvisitor26> Anyone have the afternoon Grand time?
13:18:50 <Michael> We all missed it on the camera. Based on the VEC prediction it must have been near 1240.
13:19:24 <kcmule> :)
13:19:29 <Mara> lovely 2nd :D
13:22:09 <Michael> Wait. If they're predicting 8hours +/- 90m, then the afternoon eruption was even earlier...
13:23:43 <Michael> Either way, I'm calling it a night.
13:24:12 <kcmule> nite
13:44:00 <kcmule> OF 20:43
14:07:09 <kcmule> daisy 21:06
14:31:29 <ynpvisitor31> So reading the log, what is NG?
14:31:39 <ynpvisitor31> And why is it important?
14:32:29 <kcmule> North Goggles, a rare geyser by Lion
14:33:25 <ynpvisitor31> Looks like a grat time to be in the basin as few people. Is that we ti see on the boardwalk or just light?
14:35:29 <kcmule> not sure i understand your question, but it would be a nice time to be on the bw
14:36:08 <ynpvisitor31> Sory messed up typing. Wet on walk, as in rain?
14:36:46 <kcmule> oh, no precip today that i know of
14:37:29 <ynpvisitor31> OK. View is almost dark so will look again Monday.
14:37:57 <kcmule> hoped to get a late aurum
14:38:05 <kcmule> cya tomorrow