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22:48:34 <Tsun> hi
23:18:50 <Tsun> hmm, isn't that anemone
23:19:06 <Tsun> or is that some other
23:25:14 <Tsun> even though I stayed up for over 24 hours straigh on my visit to yellowstone, at least I've got some really good observations on E Sentinel ^^
23:43:57 <Dave from B> Good morning, Tsun and numbers
23:45:21 <Tsun> hiya
23:45:57 <Dave from B> How long did you sit at E Sentinel?
23:46:03 <Tsun> saw two E Sentinel majors yesterday and noticed that there are definitely two distinct minor eruption types
23:46:08 <Tsun> 14 hours total
23:46:43 <Dave from B> Wow! That is a long time
23:47:07 <Dave from B> 2 majors...that is great. Did anyone get to see them?
23:47:15 <Tsun> me
23:47:20 <Dave from B> As in did you have company?
23:47:25 <Tsun> nope
23:47:34 <Tsun> second one was only 20 to 50 seconds in duration
23:47:50 <Tsun> i put a file up on facebook and submited my observations to the geyser list
23:48:19 <Tsun>
23:49:48 <Tsun> have you ever observed E Sentinel minors? and if you have, have you ever seen more than one type of E Sentinel minor
23:50:20 <Dave from B> No, I haven't seen any acticity from East Sentinel
23:50:52 <Tsun> ah
23:51:37 <Tsun> well, will stopped by a for a bit yesterday, he had only ever seen one type of minor eruption from E Sentinel and they never led to majors. Also both majors I saw only had the alternate minors preceding them
23:56:22 <Tsun> erm beehive?
23:56:27 <Dave from B> Where else did you spend time?
23:56:35 <Tsun> i saw 3 fountains
23:57:55 <Tsun> a daisy, a few other things.
00:00:22 <ynpvisitor61> just saw your FB post, do you mean distinct "types" of minors in your question?
00:00:45 <ynpvisitor61> It kinda reads like asking who all has seen a minor
00:01:24 <Tsun> yeah distinct type
00:02:07 <Tsun> i mean, the type that is normally seen probably never yeilds a major eruption by E Sentinel
00:03:37 <lc> good morning
00:03:58 <Tsun> hi
00:04:05 <Dave from B> Morning, lc
00:04:17 <ynpvisitor61> thanks
00:06:33 <Tsun> anyone read my observations yet?
00:07:25 <ynpvisitor61> Tsun may I ask why you were wishing to remain anonymous? Seems like your name is out there now!!
00:07:49 <Tsun> just in chat.
00:07:50 <ynpvisitor61> just getting to your file, will read
00:08:17 <Tsun> i don't mind my name being out there, i just prefer my name be anonymous in chats
00:08:46 <ynpvisitor61> ok thanks
00:08:47 <ynpvisitor89> well I cannot read your observations since I have no idea how to find them!
00:09:48 <ynpvisitor61> so Micah could have said it was Tsun, that would have been ok.
00:10:05 <Tsun>
00:11:18 <ynpvisitor89> ty
00:15:26 <Dave from B> BHI 0715ie
00:15:44 <ynpvisitor89> Actually it was ie at 0705
00:15:58 <Tsun> Beehive's Indicator 0646 ie wc
00:16:08 <Tsun> 646 ie
00:16:17 <Tsun> ooo clost to cone
00:16:21 <Dave from B> Just noticed it and than was no earlier post
00:16:36 <Dave from B> than = there
00:16:57 <ynpvisitor89> Tat would explain those big splashes - at around the 30 minute mark.
00:17:06 <ynpvisitor89> That
00:18:06 <Tsun> can you tell the difference between minors based on what i'm describing
00:19:01 <ynpvisitor61> ..
00:19:48 <Tsun> hmmm?
00:26:10 <Tsun> I'm really hoping a couple people if they see an alternate as i describe stick around for a couple hours to confirm things, It would be awesome to find something like a Fan&Mortar event cycle for E Sentinel
00:29:47 <ynpvisitor61> did you happen to get the Great Fountain time from yesterday Tsun?
00:30:24 <Tsun> erm, i wasnt on firehole drive, fountain is at mud pots
00:30:58 <ynpvisitor61> thought you might have heard it on the radio
00:31:17 <ynpvisitor61> it was around 1130 but no one has entered it in GT
00:32:42 <Tsun> ah, i was in ugb at 1130 in the morning
00:39:33 <ynpvisitor61> ...
00:40:19 <ynpvisitor27> Tsun is Barrett Southworth?
00:46:30 <Tsun> it's obvious, the point was i wanted chat to remain anonymous and at the same time not be a number:p
00:46:33 <ynpvisitor61> ...
00:51:12 <ynpvisitor61> are you meeting more gazers so peeps know you?
00:51:15 <ynpvisitor61> To Tsun
00:51:43 <Dave from B> I have met Tsun along with Will, Ryan
00:52:01 <Dave from B> Good morning, Kevin
00:52:31 <Kevin L> hi
00:53:11 <Tsun> quite a few, it's just i've never liked real life name in chats. i met several don't know how many come here.
00:56:21 <ynpvisitor61> hope you get some good replies on the minors
00:57:02 <Tsun> yeah, Will had only seen what i called the push minors, he wasn't around to witness an alternate minor
00:58:08 <ynpvisitor61> chat room has a mix of real gazers, regulars, and several web-only watchers who don't actualy go to YNP so it's a mixed bag who you will meet who actually comes to this room
01:09:52 <Tsun> wonder if anyone on the webcam has seen "Teapot Geyser" the third Geyser near old faithful listed by Scott Bryan
01:13:05 <Dave from B> Morning, Jenna
01:13:37 <Jenna> it sure is lol
01:14:48 <Kevin L> Good shot at BH this morning. I will be gone.
01:30:50 <ynpvisitor22> wavers
01:35:15 <ynpvisitor22> OF 08:34
01:39:14 <Jenna> .
01:55:09 <ynpvisitor76> ..
02:00:04 <ynpvisitor76> ..
02:37:19 <Dave from B> We are all quitting today
02:38:09 <lc> wonder why
02:38:49 <lc> Dave, I have a PM question
02:39:22 <Dave from B> What is your Q?
02:39:32 <ynpvisitor76> ..
02:40:25 <Jenna> I haven't quit yet
02:56:18 <ynpvisitor27> .
03:08:44 <ynpvisitor76> .
03:08:48 <ynpvisitor76> .
03:12:39 <ynpvisitor82> OF was at 10:03. Based on VEC prediction it was a long.
03:15:10 <ynpvisitor82> "Groblong" was ie at the same time, and was done by 10:06.
03:16:52 <ynpvisitor82> Daisy 10:16
03:23:45 <ynpvisitor82> Aurum 10:@2ie
03:23:53 <ynpvisitor82> 10:22ie, that is.
03:26:10 <ynpvisitor89> BHI 1026 ie
03:39:50 <Lori> here for a lunch time BH :D
03:40:44 <ynpvisitor82> I'm just here for the conversation...
03:41:13 <Lori> you stand a better chance 82
03:41:56 <ynpvisitor82> Conversation and a major geyser would be even better.
03:44:26 <Lori> win win. I'm in :)
03:45:21 <ynpvisitor82> Do you think we can conveince Beehive to join the conversation?
03:45:32 <ynpvisitor89> I wish
03:45:54 <ynpvisitor89> Lots of wishers
03:51:48 <Lori> hmm whats that saying about wishes?
03:52:24 <ynpvisitor82> Sometimes you get what you wish for?
03:53:03 <Lori> that works. or be careful what you wish for. But there is another one, flitting at the edge of my brain....
03:55:16 <ynpvisitor82> Looks like BHI is down for the count again.
03:56:27 <ynpvisitor82> OF well. I'd beter get back to work.
03:56:46 <ge (working)> same here
03:57:57 <Kevin L> Well I tried to make BH go for you.
03:58:18 <Dave from B> BH is sure depressing:(
03:59:56 <Rich> G'Day Everyone
04:01:20 <Dave from B> Hi, Rich
04:01:24 <Lori> googled a wishes quote since BH decided not to show off. "If things are not as you wish, wish them as they are.”
04:02:12 <Dave from B> Not sure I want to wish for BHI to be the third largest active geyser on the hill
04:02:18 <Rich> Hi Dave from B
04:03:34 <Lori> well, we can wish that BHI keeps going.....poor Plume :(
04:05:25 <Tsun> might be back next Giantess/whenever, just lots of dormancies
04:06:03 <Lori> chores are calling me- happy viewing all
04:06:16 <Dave from B> ye, Lori
04:06:19 <Dave from B> bye
04:06:46 <Kevin L> Was wondering if you were reading the Bible there Dave.
04:07:13 <Dave from B> :D
04:25:33 <ynpvisitor76> is it easy to unsubscribe to the text msgs?
04:25:51 <Dave from B> Yes....tired of hearing BHI dings?
04:26:16 <ynpvisitor76> reached my limit until Aug 4, and I'd rather not pay $ for false indicator alerts
04:26:42 <Kevin L> I think you just txt STOP to the number.
04:27:02 <ynpvisitor76> Thanks, I was hoping for an answer like that instead of finding the link again.
04:29:04 <ynpvisitor76> I tried that, we shall see. Thanks
04:30:17 <Kevin L> If not, here is the link:
04:30:19 <Kevin L>
04:31:22 <ynpvisitor76> Guess I'll find out with the next alert.
04:31:40 <ynpvisitor76> Situations like these makes me wish there was still a separate alert for rare geysers.
04:31:56 <ynpvisitor76> You can thank me for Giantess later!
04:32:06 <Kevin L> I never figured out why they took that option out.
04:43:40 <ynpvisitor28> And the crowd goes wild!
04:45:19 <Lori (chores)> always enjoy OF
04:48:07 <Mara> Close to cone indicator this morning? Interesting!
04:49:21 <Rich> LS still out?
04:50:08 <ynpvisitor28> Close to cone indicator, but cone not close to erupting. How sad.
05:07:05 <Jenna> Grand 1207 ie
05:45:01 <kc (working)> lion ie
05:52:15 <kc (working)> daisy ie
06:09:32 <Jenna> OF
06:15:17 <ynpvisitor94> BHI ie
06:16:16 <Kevin L> Good chane at BH. Bus duty time.
06:16:24 <Kevin L> chance
06:16:49 <ynpvisitor94> oooh, odds shift from 8:1 to 3:1
06:17:02 <ynpvisitor94> LC ie
06:21:11 <ynpvisitor59> I quite liked MB’s suggestion that it be called "The Geyser Formerly Known as Beehive’s Indicator" (GFKBI) :)
06:21:56 <ynpvisitor94> how about Beehive's Locator?
06:23:21 <ynpvisitor28> Beehive's Thief ?
06:23:57 <ynpvisitor94> Beehive is Beehive Indicator's Thief
06:24:15 <ynpvisitor94> BHI seems to have disappeard ~1323
06:24:59 <ynpvisitor94> yep, move along folks, nothing to see here
06:47:15 <Kevin L> Gee, I keep giving you guys chances at BH and you don't take them!
06:47:30 <Tsun> Dave going to be stopping and taking a look at E Sentinel?
06:47:37 <Rich> We have to 'wait' for you Kevin. g
07:03:11 <Kevin L> Lion 1402ie
07:12:42 <Rich> Anemone?
07:13:04 <Rich> didn't bet a capture.
07:13:08 <Rich> get
07:23:09 <Dave from B> Tsun, I may take a look
07:23:42 <Dave from B> Time for me to head out. I will be back Aug 3. I will try to find this room and some point on my vacation. Have a great week everyone!!
07:24:12 <Kevin L> Have fun.
07:24:50 <Dave from B> That will be easy to do
07:43:00 <Kevin L> of 1442 way ie
08:06:21 <ynpvisitor11> hi
08:06:51 <ynpvisitor11> any femel?
08:08:42 <Kevin L> Lion 1507 ie
08:23:11 <Jenna> .
08:44:56 <Tsun> what an annoyance it is to figure out which terra cotta is which on a map
09:05:45 <ynpvisitor24> //
09:49:26 <ynpvisitor57> what's happening this afternoon/evening
10:01:01 <ynpvisitor57> not much, I see
10:22:13 <kc (working)> bhi ie
10:24:55 <Kevin L> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
10:49:02 <ynpvisitor57> ..
10:54:07 <ynpvisitor46> Daisy 1751ie
11:21:14 <ynpvisitor37> Who has the windex or CLR?
11:23:12 <ynpvisitor37> Big smoke in lookout image. Is it in the park?
11:23:31 <Kevin L> think you are going to need a jackhammer to get that off.
11:27:59 <ynpvisitor9> Holy silica
11:28:54 <ynpvisitor37> got slimmed the other day.
11:29:10 <ynpvisitor9> slimmed... or slammed? :)
11:29:30 <Kevin L> Yes.
11:29:37 <ynpvisitor37> OF wee'd on the cemra
11:29:47 <ynpvisitor9> :D
11:29:53 <Kevin L> Not potty trained for sure.
11:30:22 <ynpvisitor37> Must have extra water from BH
11:36:16 <ynpvisitor48> Does anyone know where they keep the squeegee?
11:36:44 <ynpvisitor9> Not where anyone uses it :(
11:36:53 <ynpvisitor48> :)
11:37:31 <ynpvisitor37> I think they have to fill out paperwork in triplicsate, send it to Washington, wait for approval, and then order one dfrom the GSA.
11:38:01 <ynpvisitor37> And if they spell as well as I type, it get delayed
12:52:19 <Kevin L> a dual with the 3rd & 4th largest geysers on GH!
12:52:38 <ynpvisitor9> ?
12:52:55 <Kevin L> BHI & LC
12:53:07 <ynpvisitor9> Ahhh :)
12:53:40 <ynpvisitor39> you woke me up
12:54:13 <ynpvisitor9> Same lol
12:54:20 <ynpvisitor9> BHI 1952ie
12:55:27 <Kevin L> I would guess it has been ie for at least 10m
12:55:44 <ynpvisitor9> Possibly...
12:56:03 <Tsun> I want to see a full lion complex eruption:/
12:56:24 <Kevin L> Just by looking at the water aournd BH.
12:56:48 <Kevin L> I would be happy with a Lioness.
12:56:48 <ynpvisitor9> I want to see SOMETHING... A little squirt type geyser could pop up in my front yard... i would never leave!
12:57:24 <Kevin L> Aurum or Pink Come would look good in my yard.
12:57:52 <ynpvisitor9> I like Aurum:) I could live with that... or BH
12:58:31 <Kevin L> Neighbors may complain about BH. I think I could get away with Aurum.
12:59:11 <ynpvisitor9> Oh heck... put Excelsior (1880) in my local ball feild!
13:00:38 <Kevin L> I think the Indicator durations are getting much shorter.
13:00:52 <ynpvisitor9> Yes :)
13:10:24 <ynpvisitor39> ..
13:17:07 <ynpvisitor39> 35 min
13:17:20 <ynpvisitor9> No BH this time
13:58:28 <ynpvisitor39> ..