Showing logs for date: 2013-08-04
22:31:44 <ynpvisitor31> Lion 0531ie
22:35:56 <Graham> that was the start
22:36:07 <Graham> not initial tho
22:43:43 <ynpvisitor21> good morning Graham. I was multi-tasking, sorry I missed your entry and Lion
22:44:25 <ynpvisitor21> do we have bhi or just steam?
22:44:51 <Graham> just steam i think. may be Plate
22:45:29 <Graham> always hard to tell what is going on there tho
22:46:14 <ynpvisitor21> yes it is. I could use a BH to start my day though :)
22:52:24 <Lori> and I never signed in- up too early today
22:58:21 <Graham> Dep 0558ie
22:59:00 <Graham> glad we caught it today, missed it all day yesterday
22:59:16 <Graham> morning Lori
23:00:39 <Lori (away)> yep- I like them all
23:08:20 <Graham> Castle very late steam
23:39:19 <lc> good morning
23:39:39 <lc> cool again this morning.
23:54:37 <Graham> morning lc
23:54:45 <Graham> fluffy 0654
23:55:36 <lc> big this morning
23:58:30 <Graham> looks like a great day to be in the basin
00:11:05 <Graham> BHI 0710ie
00:14:30 <Graham> zzzzz
00:31:31 <lc> 20 min splash
00:37:55 <Graham> probably better to be down at Morning instead
00:38:09 <Graham> that was a nice splash tho
00:38:29 <ynpvisitor58> hi
00:38:54 <lc> sure hope we don't get anoter 7 day interval
00:39:01 <lc> morning 58
00:39:54 <lc> didn't stick around long
00:40:37 <Graham> watch what you wish for lc, it might not be that short
00:41:56 <Graham> over 30 and indi is cyclic ... not much chance now
00:42:21 <Graham> heading out for a walk somewhere, have fun
00:42:40 <lc> I thought about that right after I said that Graham.
00:42:57 <lc> later Graham
00:49:06 <lc> indicator is off 0748
00:49:55 <lc> well, it is back
00:53:27 <lc> off again
00:56:40 <lc> Grand 0756 static
01:00:56 <Kitt> Hello
01:01:52 <lc> morning Kitt
01:02:17 <lc> how are you?
01:02:25 <Kitt> Yes, it was day before yesterday
01:02:30 <Kitt> tired
01:02:44 <Kitt> finally got to see a trifecta
01:03:01 <lc> good for you
01:03:17 <Kitt> we also made it to Steamboat by 3 hours into eruption
01:03:50 <lc> how did you get the word it was erupting?
01:03:50 <Kitt> and I even managed to get to Fan and Mortar before the first pause
01:04:03 <Kitt> Ben was on Facebook
01:04:19 <lc> ok we wondered
01:04:38 <Kitt> we had just got back from another wait at Fountain
01:04:57 <Kitt> It was a wild night with lots of lightning
01:05:31 <lc> I had email from Donnie, he had talked to Scott.
01:06:25 <Kitt> My favorite moment was when Steve R., Dean, Polly, and I got out of the vehicle and we all simultaneously exclaimed we can hear it
01:07:06 <lc> Scott said it was the highlight of his summer.
01:07:29 <Kitt> I returned the next morning and Steamboat was still rumbling, but you had to walk to it to have the same sound level as the night before in the parking lot
01:07:51 <Kitt> Cistern was beautiful in the morning light as well
01:08:20 <lc> wonder how many people got to see the start
01:08:55 <Kitt> lots of people from the area camp ground
01:21:39 <Kitt> need to get busy sorting and putting away
01:21:43 <Kitt> bye
01:21:52 <Kitt> have a nice gazer day
01:23:21 <lc> OF 0823
01:24:16 <lc> morning Diane
01:24:24 <Diane> Good morning.
01:24:34 <Diane> Looks like a pretty one in the basin.
01:26:54 <lc> can't tell if OF is long/sort
01:27:14 <lc> can't see water
01:29:55 <lc> time for breakfast, bbl.
01:45:54 <lc> morning Chris
01:48:45 <lc> Oblong???
01:49:36 <lc> I think it is.
02:03:32 <Jenna> .
02:22:52 <kcmule> havent seen cam move in a while, so will pick it up til vw gets here
02:23:39 <lc> pre set for a while
02:24:16 <lc> may be Depression
02:24:34 <ynpvisitor43> You are a brute for punishment. I hate bsod.
02:25:04 <kcmule> yes livescope is blue screen, not very pleasant
02:25:49 <lc> no burst from Dep.
02:27:07 <lc> no Daisy this morning
02:29:49 <kcmule> vec: castle 1845+/-1, grand 1530 +/-90, daisy 1115+/-30, river 1045+/-30, GF 0800+/-2
02:46:10 <lc> nothing from the basin this morning.
02:46:30 <lc> OF 0946
02:58:38 <vw> Good morning.
02:58:49 <kcmule> morn
02:59:23 <vw> Hi kc! Not working? I am thrilled!
02:59:56 <kcmule> i get a day once in a while
03:00:30 <vw> And this is it, and you are inside? How is the weather down your way?
03:02:02 <kcmule> nice. going shopping soon, that will require going outside
03:03:27 <vw> Kind of. :D
03:04:17 <vw> I had a text message from Micah earlier that there had been an event cycle at F&M. Was asking if I wanted to place a bet...
03:06:28 <kcmule> would be nice if the intervals get shorter
03:07:14 <vw> Getting pretty late in the season for it to switch to a 'summer mode' if it is going to do so.
03:10:43 <vw> Anemone 1010 ie. Where is Micah now?
03:14:48 <vw> Lots of people hanging out around Giantess platform and Aurum area.
03:15:10 <vw> Only possible excitement in the area for now maybe?
03:17:07 <kcmule> i parked us here for that reason, but u can move it
03:17:20 <kcmule> plenty more geysers to watch not erupt
03:17:22 <vw> I like this view!
03:17:39 <vw> I didn't see much in the predictions to get too excited about.
03:20:37 <vw> Yeap. Not much happening out there.
03:26:01 <Graham> hello. doesn't look like i missed much ... ooh an event cycle, gettinmg around the right interval
03:27:09 <vw> Hi Graham.
03:27:18 <Graham> its not on GT so maybe it didnt happen
03:28:11 <vw> Text said it was just an event, but no eruption. Will let Will or Micah or whoever post that.
03:28:49 <vw> Agree though: timing is about right for something more significant than just 'an event cycle.'
03:30:08 <vw> BHI 1030 ie
03:34:55 <Graham> may be a few days too early for Bee to do something more significant tho
03:35:56 <Graham> no text sent?
03:36:16 <vw> I haven't sent text for a while now.
03:36:43 <Graham> people were probably annoyed by mine
03:37:53 <vw> I think until we get some rhythm going, I won't use the alert system.
03:38:03 <Graham> wonder if we will get a Ftn/Morning report today
03:41:06 <Lori (away)> I could use a BH fix a little sooner than a week....just saying....
03:41:44 <vw> A few people out there on the bw hoping to see it Lori.
03:42:22 <Lori (away)> well, who is in charge of the button today?
03:43:37 <vw> Hmmm. Its Sunday, so a day of rest for whoever it is?
03:44:23 <Lori (away)> true- it is Sunday.....
03:53:16 <Lori (away)> must be nearing OF time- people indicators showing up
03:53:43 <Graham> Furlough day
03:55:48 <Lori (away)> ah- I forgot that the geysers were on the cutback list
03:56:32 <Graham> 20% less water
03:56:45 <Graham> that Trifecta killed BH for a week
03:56:54 <Graham> and Steamboat - oh no, BH for a minth?
03:57:09 <vw> Yeah: all the water is flowing to the LGB and Norris.
03:57:21 <Lori (away)> did they transfer Plume to BHI?
03:57:47 <vw> We were discussing that earlier this week: that BHI is the 'new' Plume.
03:58:08 <Lori (away)> it isn't nearly as sneaky though
03:58:10 <vw> Trickle down effect?
03:58:12 <Graham> i think Plume went to Anemone and NG and Rift
04:06:03 <vw> Daisy should be in play too. Have to watch on static cam.
04:07:29 <Graham> its nice to be able to do that now
04:08:30 <vw> It really is. I love the new view on the UGB static cam now.
04:09:06 <vw> I even caught a Castle this week based on some steam drift on that camera.
04:09:42 <vw> Daisy 1109 ie, static cam
04:11:49 <Graham> we should get a cam on the Lodge looking down basin
04:13:25 <vw> But if we had simultaneous BSOD, we might get them confused G.
04:15:16 <Graham> have to be a static cam then :)
04:15:29 <vw> :)
04:17:25 <vw> It would be nice to several streaming cams. If they were functional I think we could manage 2 or 3. Not so much if there were problems.
04:18:18 <Graham> at 2 or 3 times the pay?
04:18:32 <vw> Well, of course!
04:21:53 <vw> OF 1121
04:22:18 <Graham> there it is
04:22:31 <Graham> guess i am 25s behind you
04:24:18 <vw> That is quite a lag G.
04:24:51 <vw> I am figuring I am lagging about 8-10 seconds.
04:25:58 <vw> 8s for me.
04:25:59 <Graham> you can measure that :)
04:26:19 <Graham> gonna refresh see if that helps, not that it really matters, my day off
04:26:38 <vw> If you want, you could take the cam for a few minutes and test it.
04:28:09 <Graham> back again
04:28:30 <vw> Absolutelly nothing happening now.
04:28:44 <vw> Well... on the cam anyway.
04:29:01 <Graham> was trying to pm you, says you are not connected
04:29:26 <vw> That is a new message!
04:47:14 <vw> Wow. Huge crowd on the hill.
04:47:31 <Graham> all waiting for Aurum?
04:47:55 <vw> Aren't we all? Always?
04:49:45 <Graham> Kevin is not here, AUrum should be going every hour
04:59:12 <ynpvisitor86> .
04:59:13 <ynpvisitor86> .
05:28:13 <ynpvisitor1> Hoping for Sawmill?
05:28:43 <Graham> aim high, SPlendid
05:29:13 <ynpvisitor1> Split Cone watching?
05:29:25 <Graham> doesn't sound so stupid now with Morning and Steamboat erupting this year
05:31:25 <ynpvisitor1> hoping for geysers is never stupid
05:49:41 <vw> Lion 1249 ns
05:49:47 <vw> Initial
05:50:10 <Graham> nice
05:50:59 <vw> Just over 7 hour interval between series'.
05:52:20 <vw> If it keeps that up, Lori might catch an initial when she is back in the basin.
05:53:31 <ynpvisitor1> Lori is there?
05:53:52 <vw> No
05:54:27 <vw> Later this month or early September.
05:55:55 <ynpvisitor1> you meant the short series keeping up?
05:56:55 <vw> No, meant the interval between series. Lori wants to catch an initial. Easier if that interval is within a predictable pattern.
05:57:44 <ynpvisitor43> If she waits for BH this year she may see several.
05:58:33 <Graham> was over 9 hours yesterday tho, and i think it has been as short as 5
05:59:03 <vw> True G, but better than an unknown time frame!
05:59:37 <vw> OF 1259
06:24:43 <ynpvisitor1> Sawmill is bouncier than I remembered...
06:46:41 <ynpvisitor1> Time for Daisy?
06:47:03 <Graham> and time for BHI
06:47:11 <ynpvisitor1> nooooo
06:47:35 <vw> Daisy 1347
06:48:03 <ynpvisitor1> no GT times posted from park today
06:48:30 <Graham> looks like Splendid :)
06:48:59 <Graham> i know a lot of people left, maybe Will is working?
06:49:30 <ynpvisitor1> time for Lion again too
06:52:28 <vw> Graham, what was it you were saying about BHI?
06:52:34 <Graham> yeah
06:52:45 <vw> and more specifically, WHEN were you saying it?
06:53:20 <vw> We can use 1352 ie, if you don't have a better time.
06:53:20 <Graham> may hVE BEEN GOING THEN
06:53:42 <vw> Actually I think it was. Seemed to be a hint of a shadow when you mentioned it.
06:53:42 <Graham> thats fine, i can't tell on static with this heatwave
06:54:10 <vw> Will use the 1352 ie though. No question about it.
06:55:55 <ynpvisitor1> that is funny
06:56:13 <ynpvisitor1> well we can watch Lion without hindrance
06:56:21 <ynpvisitor1> LC
06:56:44 <ynpvisitor1> indie seems tired
06:59:49 <ynpvisitor1> maybe it is just windy
07:00:59 <vw> Lion 1400
07:03:06 <ynpvisitor1> no text alert
07:03:15 <ynpvisitor1> giving up?
07:03:55 <Graham> Lion is not text worthy
07:04:03 <vw> :D
07:04:19 <ynpvisitor1> sad day
07:05:08 <Graham> maybe all the UGB posters are down in LGB
07:05:09 <ynpvisitor1> lots of people on the hill
07:05:32 <ynpvisitor1> UGB people go to LGB?
07:10:43 <Graham> Will did yesterday
07:13:58 <ynpvisitor1> no posts since
07:15:17 <ynpvisitor1> it was nice of him to go, knowing how boring he thinks Fountain is.
07:15:46 <ynpvisitor1> maybe that is why Fountain only went 29 minutes!
07:15:48 <Graham> maybe he is there again to get more Frolic times
07:15:59 <ynpvisitor1> yes, that could be
07:27:37 <vw> Micah has posted some times: Grotto and Grotto Ftn. from this afternoon.
07:28:46 <Graham> checking on the rockpile? maybe go to Grand?
07:29:03 <vw> Grand due soon.
07:30:07 <vw> I think it has been too windy for us to see anything on the other side of the hill. I haven't even noticed Grotto steam.
07:30:23 <vw> F&M would get totally lost.
07:32:14 <vw> OF 1431
07:39:25 <vw> Lion should be sometime around the top of the hour. Grand.... who knows: No basin reports of Turban or any other activity in the Grand area.
07:44:38 <ynpvisitor1> maybe Micah will get in touch soon
07:45:40 <ynpvisitor1> yesterday's interval was shorter than we are now at
08:00:19 <kcmule> ready vw
08:00:59 <kcmule> lion has lots of customers
08:01:05 <Graham> we left BH for you
08:01:14 <vw> Good timing kc!
08:01:31 <Graham> and hopefully some Lions and Grand
08:01:34 <vw> You should start your shift with Lion, and a Grand soon!
08:01:57 <vw> Graham, thanks for giving me a break today. that was really special! Appreciated it.
08:01:58 <Graham> don't forget Aurum :)
08:02:04 <Graham> yw
08:02:07 <vw> I am heading out. Hope everybody has a great day.
08:02:16 <kcmule> just glad to start my shift with a picture on ls. bye vw
08:02:22 <vw> Yes. Don't forget Aurum! And BH. And Giantess....
08:02:27 <vw> Bye all.
08:02:37 <Graham> yeah i fixed that for vw while she was getting lunch
08:04:58 <kcmule> Lion 15:04
08:22:11 <Graham> Turban?
08:28:19 <Graham> SC
08:39:22 <Graham> Turban?
08:39:29 <Graham> Grand
08:39:43 <Graham> odd start
08:39:57 <kcmule> all i saw was white out corner of my eye
08:40:01 <Graham> looks like it did a medium splash
08:40:12 <Graham> then died down before the big one
09:13:10 <kcmule> daisy 16:12ie static
09:13:52 <kcmule> OF at 102 mins
09:14:39 <kcmule> OF 16:14
09:23:37 <Graham> Lion hasn't had very long series recently, mostly 3
09:25:48 <kcmule> beehives perpetual indicator ie
09:27:26 <Graham> LC
09:27:40 <Graham> thats early
09:28:09 <Graham> maybe this is IT
09:29:26 <kcmule> not getting any love on the bw
09:30:04 <steve> So how long has BHI been going?
09:30:23 <kcmule> weeks
09:30:53 <Graham> :)
09:31:25 <steve> Ok, ok, buth this time I mean.
09:31:55 <steve> Hmmm... looks like its going bye bye
09:32:49 <kcmule> not sure i keep thinking i see it ie on the static cam, and usually it is
09:34:46 <steve> The way the last few weeks have been, isn't it time for a Giant-Giantess dual? If you're at Grand, which way do you go?
09:35:37 <Graham> thats an easy answer
09:35:57 <steve> ?
09:36:07 <Graham> getthe first 30m at Giant then back for stea,m phase at Giantess
09:36:32 <steve> Very reasonable
09:37:02 <Graham> somehow i don't expect to practice that run tho
09:37:41 <steve> Well, I started off just thinking of asking for Giantess to reset BH, but I got carried away
09:38:08 <Graham> think I would go watch Giantess rather than BHI
09:38:30 <steve> No doubt
09:40:06 <Graham> theres the splash
09:40:20 <ynpvisitor94> the splash that wasn't
09:42:50 <steve> What do you figure, about a 1 in 10 chance for BH with every BHI?
09:45:31 <Graham> lett than that I think, maybe 1 in 40?
09:45:46 <Graham> about 8 BHI a day?
09:46:03 <ynpvisitor941> 6?
09:46:47 <Graham> we have had 4 in under 12h
09:47:06 <steve> I was going with about 6 a day (every 4 hours) and an eruption about every couple of days, Well, maybe I should have used every 3-4 days but I was hoping there were some night eruptions not seen
09:47:38 <steve> I guess I was wrong. Not the first time.
09:47:54 <Graham> the end at 1647>?
09:48:11 <kcmule> sawmill
09:48:30 <Graham> could have been some missed, hard to know. not many gazers around now
09:48:31 <kcmule> i guess we watch for aurum
09:48:47 <Graham> Kitt isn't there listening from her cabin :(
09:50:25 <Graham> Guest is posting some times
09:50:36 <Graham> Riverside due
09:51:27 <steve> Gee, no Fountain times today yet.
09:51:58 <Graham> Ftn wathcers need to stagger arrivals
09:52:21 <Graham> will be lots over Labor day weeks but theres a gap now
09:52:34 <steve> I have part of next week covered, but not all
09:59:16 <Graham> oh good, what dates are you there?
10:00:20 <Graham> Lynn will be there mid Aug - Mid Setp mostly
10:00:36 <steve> I arrive Sat the 10th, likely late and leave Suncay the 18, I will be hiking into Shoshone on the 13-15
10:01:21 <Graham> ok, good luck with that, Will is going right?
10:02:10 <steve> Yep, and Micah. I'm there to slow them down.
10:02:29 <Graham> well they are the pack horses for all the gear :)
10:05:12 <steve> I can't load them up too much, otherwise they won't be able to carry me.
10:06:28 <Graham> staying there helps, don't have to do both directions in one day
10:06:48 <Graham> good luck with the geysers, not many reports from there these days
10:07:18 <steve> The nice part about Shoshone is there is only about one and a half miles of steep trail just before the divide. It will be nice to see what is acitve
10:07:22 <Graham> does this mean you will not be there around Labor Day?
10:07:49 <Graham> yeah its a good walk out too and the basin is easy to get around
10:08:04 <Graham> much easier to watch it all than Heart Lake
10:08:17 <steve> I hope to make Labor day also. I should be working right now to catch up so I can go.
10:36:43 <Graham> Oblong?
10:37:24 <Graham> was hoping it would clear the ridge line the way it shot up, but no such luck
10:45:20 <kcmule> OF 17:44
10:54:04 <kcmule> aurum was 1345
10:54:34 <kcmule> per gt
10:56:22 <Graham> oh well
11:02:52 <kcmule> castle 18:02ie
11:39:57 <Graham> nice evening eruption. love this time of day for cam watching
11:48:29 <Graham> BHI 1847ie
11:48:44 <Graham> pretty near start i think
11:48:57 <kcmule> daisy 18:48
11:49:29 <Graham> so we won't miss BH waiting for Daisy :)
11:50:20 <kcmule> or the other way around
11:53:02 <Graham> big crowd
11:53:25 <Graham> maybe waiting for OF coming up soon too
11:53:43 <Graham> hope Bee doesn't block their view :)
12:09:33 <kcmule> bhi off
12:10:46 <Graham> short
12:10:59 <Graham> no restyart
12:11:28 <Graham> ~22m
12:14:03 <Graham> maybe that is why the intervals have shortened
12:19:51 <Graham> see you tomorrow
12:20:12 <kcmule> nite
12:24:13 <kcmule> OF 19:23
12:29:13 <kcmule> hope OF lets us watch aurum, its about all we got
13:05:52 <kcmule> depression 20:05ie
13:52:24 <ynpvisitor86> Speed read log. No bh?
13:52:58 <kcmule> no bh
14:00:08 <ynpvisitor86> I am guessing that is old fizzywig we are watching and about to blow?
14:00:27 <kcmule> OF 20:59
14:00:55 <Micah> Beehive had some really huge surges during the 1600 hour Bhi
14:01:46 <kcmule> saw a nice one right after bhi quit
14:01:58 <ynpvisitor94> nice OF
14:02:12 <Micah> I saw one to the ridgeline behind the VC from Anemone, thought the darn thing was starting.
14:02:17 <ynpvisitor86> Another minor then. Time for a change me think. You aqll say guesers are not predictable
14:03:04 <Micah> what's that about a minor?
14:03:45 <ynpvisitor86> BH. Could be time to consider splashes as minors
14:04:14 <Micah> lol, lets pray that's not the case.
14:04:51 <ynpvisitor94> more than Plume does....
14:04:58 <ynpvisitor94> been dormant for 6 months now
14:05:12 <ynpvisitor86> Just need to log the false indicators and the indicators with splashes. Then you can claim the patern.
14:05:39 <Micah> Not everything has a definite pattern.
14:05:59 <Micah> Sawmill was ns at 1834
14:06:14 <Micah> I assume it's going to deep drain after this.
14:06:25 <ynpvisitor86> See geusers are not predictable. Cept Grand. ot takes at leadt 3 marmounts for an erruption.
14:06:55 <Micah> We'll see if that theory holds up, as I'm going out for tonight's Grand.
14:08:51 <Micah> Split Cone.
14:09:41 <ynpvisitor86> WEll see it does not work in winter or at night as they sleep and hybernate.
14:10:47 <ynpvisitor86> It does work the rest of the time I am fairly certain if not entirely confident there are at lreast 3 marmounts in the basin when Grand goes.
14:11:03 <ynpvisitor86> Is that politian enough?
14:12:34 <kcmule> enjoy that grand tonight Micah
14:12:55 <Micah> I will KC, I just entered your daily dose of Anemone times.
14:13:48 <Micah> Big was like clockwork, except for that fluke at the end.
14:15:08 <Micah> time to get the warmer layers on, night all.
14:15:37 <kcmule> nite
14:26:45 <kcmule> daisy 21:26
14:29:59 <kcmule> bhi 21:29ie