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22:57:46 <ynpvisitor49> BHI 9557ie
22:58:47 <ynpvisitor49> 0557ie
23:22:27 <ynpvisitor49> OF 0622
23:28:48 <Dave from B> Good morning, lc
23:29:04 <lc> morning Dave
23:29:32 <lc> wonder what the steam cloud down basin is
23:29:45 <Dave from B> Could be F&M?
23:29:55 <lc> could be Riverside but looks left to me.
23:30:06 <Dave from B> Was just going to say I would expect one of the big 3 today: F&M, Morning or BH
23:30:44 <Dave from B> Lots of steam this morning...even the Dwarf is pumping out a lot
23:31:12 <lc> was 34 a while ago
23:31:27 <lc> you at work early?
23:32:29 <Dave from B> Yes, I'm at work. Just picked up some freight at the airport at 0600
23:34:30 <Dave from B> I see bhi has been going for almost 40 minutes
23:35:23 <lc> I didn't see start but that was pretty close to start.
23:36:09 <lc> that is F&M
23:36:26 <lc> 0614 Will
23:38:37 <lc> bet its steamy dow there
23:38:54 <Dave from B> Maybe we will get all 3 biggies today
23:39:33 <Dave from B> Wonder if anyone got the 0100-0230 Fountain this morning
23:42:03 <lc> just noticed Will logged F&M ie
23:42:34 <Dave from B> Jim was the observer
23:43:10 <lc> bet he saw it from Grand
23:51:37 <lc> BHI is off
23:52:09 <lc> about d54
00:04:44 <lc> Daisy 0704ie
00:28:34 <Diane> Good morning.
00:34:00 <Dave from B> Morning, Diane
00:40:07 <Diane> Xanterra website seems to be messed up.
00:41:22 <Diane> Both ff and ie warn me that it is unsecured.
00:42:10 <Dave from B> Yes, Diane...I'm getting the same message. Sometimes that happens if they haven't updated their software
00:43:13 <Diane> We have reservations, I just keep watching for some that might suit us a bit better.
00:43:48 <ynpvisitor37> question on the NPS cam home page; do you all get a separate pop-up window when you click on the static cas?
00:44:06 <ynpvisitor37> ...static cams, that is
00:46:32 <Dave from B> 37, yes I that normal or has something changed?
00:47:15 <ynpvisitor37> can't tell! Now I am getting a full frame webpage, not the popup.
00:47:24 <ynpvisitor37> The image is nice and big, but it doesn't refresh
00:48:02 <ynpvisitor37> do the thumbnail images on the home page update in your browser?
00:49:43 <Dave from B> I don't believe so
00:50:07 <ynpvisitor37> but they are current views when you open the page.
00:51:19 <Dave from B> Yes, they are
00:51:39 <ynpvisitor37> thx
00:52:05 <Dave from B> yw
00:52:20 <Diane> That's the way it looks to me as well. Riverside?
00:52:41 <ynpvisitor37> how do we write to them? Looking at the FAQ page right now and don't see anything
00:55:47 <Diane> Is the streaming cam stuck? Or is there some other reason for this interesting view?
00:56:03 <Dave from B> Press on CONTACT US link...that should get you where you need to go
00:56:45 <Dave from B> Not sure, Diane regarding odd angle
00:57:02 <Diane> Sort of unusual.
00:57:36 <Diane> And having trouble focusing because all it really has to work with is the steam. :)
00:57:57 <Dave from B> Lens needs a good cleaning
00:58:15 <Diane> True
00:59:41 <ynpvisitor37> did you get a webcam specific email when you clicked on Contact Us, Dave?
01:02:01 <Dave from B> No, I didn't. You may want to talk to vw when she appears. She will know who to contact.
01:02:42 <ynpvisitor37> thx
01:17:25 <Dave from B> Morning, Jenna
01:21:46 <Jenna> morning
01:37:16 <Dave from B> Mornin', kc
01:40:55 <Dave from B> Morning, Kevin
01:52:48 <Dave from B> For those of you who slept in, F&M erupted at 0614ie
01:53:07 <Jenna> I saw that
01:53:32 <Dave from B> Shortesyt interval of the year: 6:21:07
02:03:03 <Kevin L> I wonder if Will saw it. I see he posted it, but had Jim as the observer.
02:03:24 <Dave from B> I'm thinking he didn't
02:14:50 <Dave from B> ..
02:23:37 <kc (working)> mornin
02:25:55 <kc (working)> OF 09:25ns
02:52:48 <Kevin L> Ugh! BSOD again!
03:02:15 <Kevin L> FYI if you hit the contact us and put "Old Faithful Live streaming cam" in the subject line, it will get to the proper person. The camops cannot even contact the person directly.
03:02:19 <kc (working)> looks like bhi is ie again
03:03:18 <Kevin L> Yep. Need the NoDoz concession for this.
03:04:36 <Kevin L> Did you notice the start kc?
03:05:03 <kc (working)> nope
03:05:31 <Kevin L> Looks like it may have been going for a while.
03:14:18 <Dave from B> I wonder if we missed Lion overnight
03:14:31 <Dave from B> We whould also be getting a Fountain area report shortly
03:16:38 <Dave from B> Everyone has given up on bhi:(
03:17:08 <Kevin L> I wonder why.
03:17:52 <Kevin L> Wish I had an overnight Grand time.
03:18:53 <Dave from B> Shouldn't be much longer unless it threw in a long
03:20:15 <Kevin L> Something is going.
03:20:31 <Dave from B> Could be Oblong last was 0526ie
03:20:32 <Kevin L> Probably Oblong
03:21:39 <Dave from B> That's a big cloud for Oblong
03:23:03 <Kevin L> Don't see spikes.
03:25:35 <Dave from B> Duration makes sense for Oblong
03:32:19 <Kevin L> Lot more BH customers
03:56:42 <Kevin L> OF 1056 - mGoing defense.
04:18:25 <Kevin L> Hmmm. Livescope (or deadscope) just decided to disconnect.
05:02:35 <Kevin L> Grand
05:02:38 <Kevin L> 1202
05:04:30 <Dave from B> no doubt about this one
05:04:44 <Kevin L> For sure.
05:05:08 <Kevin L> Even beat OF.
05:05:18 <Dave from B> wb, lc
05:05:21 <lc> may have to leave in a hurry again
05:05:30 <Dave from B> storms?
05:05:39 <lc> another thunderstorm coming our way.
05:05:44 <Kevin L> Well I caught one for you.
05:05:55 <lc> very good K.
05:06:34 <lc> seems to going south now, may pass to our west.
05:10:08 <Kevin L> Daisy ie 1210
05:10:24 <Dave from B> Sure...use them all up at once
05:11:05 <lc> Dave, you found a room for labor day week end yet?
05:11:47 <Dave from B> No....nothing in OF for most of the remainder of the year
05:11:53 <Dave from B> just looked this morning
05:12:29 <lc> you should call Will at the lodge.
05:12:45 <lc> he might be able to hilp.
05:12:54 <Dave from B> That would be a good idea
05:13:06 <Dave from B> I have his number and I owe him a call anyway
05:14:04 <lc> always cancellations but a lot of them are last minute.
05:14:25 <Kevin L> Looks like 1b
05:14:41 <Dave from B> Yes, you have to just catch it at the right time
05:22:24 <Jenna> 48 hours before your desired night is a good time
05:22:28 <Jenna> do you have the website up?
05:23:29 <Dave from B> One minute and I'll have it open
05:23:54 <Dave from B> Ok...I'm ready for my lesson:)
05:24:00 <Jenna> pick what you want and just refresh often
05:24:07 <Jenna> old faithful, your dates, etc
05:24:31 <Jenna> you can also save it as a favorite once you pick your options to use in the future
05:24:52 <Dave from B> Didn't realize that would work. Thanks, Jenna
05:25:11 <Jenna> we use to have "secret" rooms that we could sometimes overbook ourselves but I don't know if they have them
05:25:18 <Jenna> any more, that would be a question for Will
05:25:53 <Jenna> Just refresh as often as you want, every day, as well as calling when you get the chance
05:26:20 <Jenna> What are you looking for?
05:26:51 <Dave from B> OF Lodge budget for Aug 31 and Sept 1
05:27:10 <Dave from B> Prefer 2 beds
05:27:11 <Jenna> ok
05:27:17 <Jenna> I'll look for you too
05:28:07 <Dave from B> Thanks
05:28:58 <lc> OF 1228
05:29:01 <Kevin L> of 1228
05:45:28 <lc> lot of people on the BW
05:48:44 <Dave from B> wow
05:49:58 <Kevin L> Convention?
05:53:54 <lc> is this OF overflow?
05:54:16 <Kevin L> Either that or runoff.
05:54:24 <lc> g
06:18:34 <Dave from B> ..
06:18:44 <Dave from B> ..
06:29:48 <Kevin L> Is bhi ie?
06:30:01 <lc> yep
06:30:42 <Kevin L> 1328 ie
06:31:00 <Kevin L> Hard to tell with the lack of steam.
06:31:46 <lc> thought I saw it a few min ago on static but couldn't tell for sure.
06:32:09 <lc> 1328 sounds good.
06:32:12 <Kevin L> Maybe this one will work. I should be on bus duty now.
06:32:44 <lc> indy don't look very strong
06:35:38 <Diane> Really? Really? AGAIN?
06:35:54 <Diane> Every time I sign on, BHI is erupting.
06:35:57 <lc> g
06:36:14 <Kevin L> Somebody must be having a family reunion.
06:36:17 <Dave from B> Yes, almost a pepetual spouter
06:36:23 <Dave from B> perpetual
06:36:40 <Diane> Kevin, I thought exactly the same thing when I saw that group!
06:36:43 <Kevin L> Right Dave, no pep in this one.
06:36:47 <Dave from B> Definitely a family in 1 color.
06:36:56 <Dave from B> :D
06:37:03 <Kevin L> Can't miss them either.
06:37:23 <Dave from B> Our family wore tie dye shirts to Disney World one time when kids were younger so we wouldn't lose them
06:37:39 <Kevin L> That would work.
06:37:51 <Kevin L> Cheaper than a GPS tracker.
06:38:02 <Diane> I used to do it once in awhile - everyone in the family wore the same color. Then when you're looking for your kid, you just say "what color am I wearing today?"
06:38:37 <Diane> Its actually surprisingly helpful in a crowd!
06:38:42 <Dave from B> I will say Parker use to bite our hand when we held he was in a harness for a year or so
06:38:50 <Kevin L> When mine were toddlers I kept them on a leash on the bw. Boy did I get some comments.
06:39:04 <Dave from B> Kevin, better safe than sorry
06:39:06 <Diane> Yeah, our kids were in harnesses a lot too. Especially in Yellowstone.
06:39:24 <Dave from B> I was afraid to take my kids to OF at a young age
06:39:30 <Kevin L> For sure. Did not want to see them as the meat in a soup pot.
06:39:54 <Diane> People who put a leash on their kids in the UGB are people who understand the dangers.
06:40:05 <Kevin L> Mine started at 3 mos. Never had much problem. They loved the boardwalk by Grand.
06:40:11 <Jenna> We talked about taking Conor next year but he is not a good hand holder either
06:40:23 <Dave from B> The 2 young kids in our party of 13 last week made me nervous on more thyan 1 occassion.
06:41:10 <Kevin L> We explained about the bw and really did npt have a problem at all.
06:41:38 <Kevin L> I was surprised how well they handled it.
06:42:23 <Jenna> that's good
06:42:44 <Jenna> I hope he would do the same, I just worry it will not be an enjoyable trip if I'm a nervous wreck
06:42:47 <Kevin L> There are some kids near the Grand runoff channel that really scare me. That is so hot and fills up so fast. The parents don't understand the danger there.
06:42:51 <Diane> Our kids handled it well too. But we never asked them to hold hands - we just relied on harnesses.
06:43:09 <ynpvisitor46> we put. Our 3 yeR old on reins years ago. Best thing ev. She got to walk butshe was saffe.
06:44:07 <ynpvisitor46> Fff
06:45:21 <Kevin L> The kids really seem to enjoy it. When my oldest was about 16 months old we took her for the second time. She was 3 months the first time. When she saw the geysers at Lower basin she went nuts. You could tell she remembered them.
06:46:26 <Jenna> cool
06:46:35 <ynpvisitor46> Ours do too. And they don't remember the reins. Just the geysers!!
06:48:00 <Kevin L> They really do enjoy them for sure. I loved my youngest when she went by a goose that was about the same size as she was. She was amazed how big that bird was.
06:49:44 <Kevin L> I suppose that we should look at our star attraction.
06:50:18 <Diane> Our kids loved our trips to Yellowstone, including the geyser basins. We took our oldest for the first time when he was 9 mos. old.
06:51:26 <Kevin L> They just seem to fit right in at the basins. Lots of action.
06:52:29 <Diane> Yup. Jenna, some advice, if you do decide to take your little one. Don't get a harness with the stuffed animal built in. Kids get hot in those and then fuss about the. Look for one that is just a harness, plain and simple.
06:52:54 <Diane> Not everything has to be cute.
06:53:25 <Kevin L> Be sure to take him to Daisy and have him listen for the steam engine as it stops.
06:53:26 <Jenna> thanks for the tip
06:53:44 <Jenna> I was never a fan of the monkey or bear backpacks
06:54:33 <Diane> Well, I know I wouldn't want to wear a stuffed animal on my back if I was hiking around in the hot sun!
06:55:44 <Diane> Its bad enough wearing a back pack. And I'm a grown up!
06:56:02 <Kevin L> We took a jogging stroller (I hated to take it apart and then put i togerther) but it was great up there.
06:57:42 <Jenna> that would be handy too
06:58:29 <Kevin L> The regular strollers are harder to push and the fold up ones are impossible on the trails.
06:58:55 <Jenna> oh for sure
06:59:08 <Jenna> we have just a cheap umbrella stroller they call it and the wheels are horrible
06:59:16 <Jenna> we don't use it much anymore
07:00:02 <Diane> Yeah, you need something with bigger wheels because the walks and trails aren't that smooth. Kevin, did you use your stoller on the boardwalks? Wondering how that worked.
07:00:25 <Kevin L> small jogging stroller is great. Doesn't take much to push it. You may need a strap that you can use to keep it from rolling away though.
07:01:41 <Kevin L> Yes we did. It worked great. We had a smalle no frill one with 16" tires. I could take it apart in about 10 minutes and it would fin in the back of my GMC Safari (91 model) with no problems.
07:02:15 <Kevin L> Not doing too good on spelling today, am I?
07:02:41 <Diane> Fingers moving faster than the brain - a problem I often experience.
07:03:10 <Kevin L> Plus I am trying to watch about 3 geysers at the same time.
07:04:43 <Kevin L> OF 1404
07:04:53 <Kevin L> Nice jet!
07:06:37 <Kevin L> Now if OF could just teach BH how to do that.
07:07:50 <Dave from B> ..
07:08:11 <Dave from B> wow...missed a lot during an interview.brb
07:18:30 <Jenna> .
07:18:45 <Kevin L> Where did all the people go?
07:19:25 <Diane> .
07:25:18 <Kevin L> Daisy 1425
07:31:01 <Kevin L> Aurum 1431
07:31:13 <ynpvisitor89> nice
07:31:42 <Diane> I've never managed to see Aurum in person.
07:31:59 <ynpvisitor89> so that was i.e.?
07:32:40 <Kevin L> Yes
07:33:19 <Kevin L> Aurum is really fun in person.
07:45:48 <Dave from B> ..
07:46:12 <Kevin L> Wind is picking up.
08:11:55 <Kevin L> Wish we had times on the last Lion series.
08:12:21 <ynpvisitor89> did Will miss Fan and Mortar again?
08:12:29 <Dave from B> He may have 89
08:12:38 <ynpvisitor89> bummer
08:12:42 <Dave from B> The Lion did not sleep last night
08:13:22 <Kevin L> From the sounds of Will's post, he didn't see it.
08:15:23 <ynpvisitor89> Will's post?
08:15:33 <Kevin L> On GT.
08:15:49 <ynpvisitor89> ty
08:15:59 <Kevin L> I think there would have been more details if he would have been there.
08:26:08 <Kevin L> Oblong?
08:26:28 <Dave from B> Should be
08:27:04 <Kevin L> Doing some more hiring Dave?
08:28:06 <Dave from B> Yes, On Sept 1, we will be adding 0.75 employees to our owrkforce to try to ease the stress on the rest of the work force
08:28:21 <Dave from B> She has been hired and will be a great fit.
08:28:38 <Kevin L> 0.75?
08:29:01 <ynpvisitor89> 3/4 time employee?
08:29:34 <ynpvisitor83> Munchkin?
08:29:48 <Dave from B> Yes. Customer came to me because the business she worked for was sold. Only interviewed 1 person.
08:29:58 <Dave from B> :D
08:30:13 <Dave from B> She wanted to work 28 hours a week
08:30:30 <ynpvisitor89> nice fit
08:30:36 <Kevin L> Sounds good to me.
08:31:27 <Kevin L> I had a couple that were full time that I could have classed as .75 or less.
08:31:38 <Dave from B> It is not too often that good people who are looking to work call
08:31:52 <Dave from B> Yes, I've had those as well, Kevin
08:32:34 <Kevin L> Then I had more that were 1.5 or above!
08:35:13 <Dave from B> I have one guy who works more than I do. And, it is hard to outwork me....when I'm not on vacation!:)
08:35:38 <Kevin L> Both days?
08:35:46 <Dave from B> :D
08:36:04 <Dave from B> Set myself up for that one!
08:40:50 <Kevin L> Little noise from Lion
08:44:03 <Dave from B> Time to go home. Have a great evening, everyone!
08:44:25 <Kevin L> Bye
08:47:45 <Kevin L> Getting some nice splashes. Maybe we can get a Depression while it is trying to start.
08:47:59 <ynpvisitor89> Will did get to see most of F & M, he had to leave for work before the end. He missed breakfast, yet he is speedy, got down there 4 minutes after Jim's call.
08:48:42 <Kevin L> Super! I was hoping he would get it. I would change breakfast for an F&M!
08:49:26 <ynpvisitor89> I think he feels the same way!
08:50:07 <Kevin L> He is going to have serious withdrawals when he has to go back to school.
08:53:43 <Jenna> time to head out, bye everyone
08:53:52 <Kevin L> bye
09:01:17 <Graham> hello. are we on BHI watch?
09:01:35 <Kevin L> Lion.
09:01:35 <lc> most of the day. g
09:01:35 <Diane> Aren't we always?
09:02:25 <Graham> that was a quick dash for Will, hopefully the intervals will get shorter now
09:04:05 <Graham> any idea on the last OF time?
09:04:20 <Kevin L> Probably about 1530
09:04:37 <Graham> :)
09:05:41 <Kevin L> It was unremarkable
09:05:44 <lc> VC predict 1701
09:06:03 <lc> for next one
09:06:10 <Graham> yeah so probably 1531
09:08:16 <Kevin L> Not too much going on. No Lion seen for over a day.
09:08:33 <Graham> its due
09:08:44 <Kevin L> Did finally catch an Aurum.
09:08:49 <Graham> see you got Aurum
09:09:09 <Graham> no Sawmill either
09:09:10 <Kevin L> And a few zzzzzzzzzz
09:12:53 <Graham> wind is nasty
09:20:52 <Kevin L> Not as bad as yesterday.
09:52:02 <Graham> Daisy 1651ie
10:00:43 <Graham> BHI 1700ie
10:13:07 <Kevin L> I think they missed this prediction. Someone must not have seen the last one....
10:14:23 <Graham> pretty sure the VEC staff saw it tho?
10:14:42 <Kevin L> Maybe it skipped one?
10:18:06 <Graham> there we go, OF 1717
10:18:21 <ynpvisitor1> OF 17:18
10:18:27 <Kevin L> That was one of the strangest starts I have ever seen.
10:18:47 <Graham> yep. get it over before BH erupts :)
10:19:04 <Kevin L> That should be a problem
10:19:35 <Kevin L> Well getting it over won't be a problem. Getting Bh to start will be.
10:29:03 <Kevin L> Yea!
10:29:04 <Graham> Lion 1528ns ini
10:29:07 <Graham> 1728
10:34:48 <Graham> splashy
10:40:27 <Graham> Castle 1740ie
10:55:34 <Graham> BHI off, d >=51m
10:57:42 <Graham> stepping away, bbs
11:28:18 <Graham> Sawmill off
11:29:54 <Graham> Turban
11:32:17 <ynpvisitor48> GF interval was less than 9 hours. Fountain was just a little over 6. Bummer
11:33:19 <Graham> that is a short Ftn interval. looks like its going to skip 5 day interval
11:34:27 <Graham> another ftn before midnight tho, thats nice
11:35:13 <ynpvisitor32> LC 1835ie
11:35:35 <ynpvisitor48> do not think it will be attended
11:36:01 <Graham> we need to send Maureen out there
11:36:02 <ynpvisitor48> short interval is concerning.
11:36:13 <ynpvisitor48> she is not in the park for a few days
11:36:50 <Graham> maybe Tristan will go, or Will now F&M erupted
11:38:42 <Graham> Lion 1838
11:46:11 <Graham> OF 1845
12:10:25 <ynpvisitor1> ..
12:17:43 <ynpvisitor54> good news. Fountain was 1636, not 1436!!
12:18:23 <ynpvisitor54> so just over 8 hours. Tristan and Dean are sleeping tonight and Will has to work early, so I still feel it will go unattended. Yet good news!
12:18:26 <Graham> that makes more sense, so go out at midnight for Morning?
12:18:36 <ynpvisitor54> who?
12:18:46 <Graham> everyone
12:18:59 <ynpvisitor54> I would like to just get one soul to go.
12:19:03 <ynpvisitor54> anyone
12:19:20 <Graham> yeah but I want everyone to see it
12:19:24 <Graham> could be crowded below
12:19:41 <ynpvisitor54> well, people need to care, first, and not be dead tired, second
12:19:50 <Graham> no mon either
12:20:01 <ynpvisitor54> mon?
12:20:14 <Graham> but its a geyser
12:20:15 <Michael> If Morning went unattended, would it leave enough signs that we'd be able to tell?
12:20:16 <Graham> moon
12:20:36 <ynpvisitor54> no Michael, unless you were there shortly after
12:20:50 <ynpvisitor54> It would be the next FTN not happening on schedule that would clue folks in
12:20:52 <Graham> Turban?
12:21:11 <ynpvisitor54> Will just told Dean to get to Grand so he must feel there is a good chance this Turban
12:21:18 <ynpvisitor29> How big is the Morning window?
12:21:32 <ynpvisitor54> wow, crazy question
12:21:39 <ynpvisitor54> you mean this next interval?
12:21:46 <ynpvisitor29> yes
12:21:49 <Graham> 8-10h after Ftn
12:21:53 <Graham> right?
12:21:56 <ynpvisitor54> yes, that
12:22:07 <ynpvisitor54> going to go 29?
12:22:13 <ynpvisitor54> Please....
12:22:16 <ynpvisitor29> I wish.
12:22:23 <ynpvisitor29> I'm 1500 miles away
12:22:46 <ynpvisitor54> well, that would be a deterrent
12:22:51 <Graham> Daisy 1922
12:22:53 <ynpvisitor54> DaIsy
12:23:00 <Graham> closer than me :(
12:23:05 <ynpvisitor29> I can't make it by then.
12:23:14 <ynpvisitor54> so, the mystery might ensue
12:23:32 <ynpvisitor54> or maybe it will reward folks in the morning, WITH MORNING
12:23:34 <Michael> Hard to get a direct flight from that distance.
12:23:45 <Graham> hum, charter jet to West ..... could be tight
12:24:43 <ynpvisitor54> know any rich folks?
12:24:51 <Graham> knowing my luck i would arrive 15min after Morning finishes
12:24:58 <Graham> again
12:25:26 <Michael> I could probably prevent Morning from erupting just by coming to the Park.
12:25:53 <ynpvisitor54> we would still have the data point though, you would be doing your part
12:26:19 <Graham> Maybe Dean will go
12:26:28 <Graham> the interval is right, 5+ days
12:26:34 <ynpvisitor54> he said NO
12:26:44 <ynpvisitor54> needs rest, remember he chases Arty too
12:26:55 <ynpvisitor54> he missed F & M
12:27:14 <Graham> haha
12:27:22 <Graham> haha for Artie, not missing F&M
12:27:57 <Graham> i have seen Artie a lot more than Morning
12:28:14 <Graham> and Artie has been active every year i have been to the park
12:28:29 <Graham> but we all have our own priorities
12:30:34 <ynpvisitor54> we need you here G, or Tara and Greg
12:31:00 <ynpvisitor54> Well, just checked in to let you know about FTN, I am soooo glad
12:31:09 <ynpvisitor54> 6 hours would have just been sad.
12:31:47 <Graham> 24 days
12:32:18 <Graham> but Ftn bounced back from the 5.5h intervals
12:32:40 <Graham> yep, i hope someone goes to check, given the interval it has a good chance tonight
12:33:45 <Graham> only one longer interval in the last 2 months and it was just under 7 days
12:36:24 <Graham> Lion 1936ns
12:45:29 <Graham> Bob posted Dep but I didnt see it when the cam was there
12:50:49 <ynpvisitor32> So noone is going out to the 0139 Morning tomorrow?
12:51:33 <Graham> maybe a random tourist
12:52:10 <ynpvisitor32> tourist is out at that hour
12:52:25 <ynpvisitor32> Maybe a stargazer
12:56:22 <Graham> Turban
13:02:30 <ynpvisitor29> About due for a bhi, aren't we?
13:02:46 <Graham> yep, its an exciting time
13:12:18 <Graham> OF 2011
13:12:58 <Michael> Not much steam but somehow it still hides all the water going up.
13:13:18 <Graham> wind direction has not been good today
13:13:42 <Graham> Grand will be a big fuzzball too
13:14:35 <Graham> if it waits late into its interval it will be a black fuzzball too
13:15:59 <Graham> Turban
13:16:04 <Graham> good one?
13:16:36 <Michael> I hope so.
13:17:18 <Graham> but not going to happen
13:18:08 <Michael> Time to run out and put some bills in the mailbox.
13:18:29 <Graham> have fun
13:25:17 <Michael> Oh, I did.
13:25:56 <Graham> i have some more here for you if you want more fun?
13:26:17 <Michael> Nah, once was enough.
13:28:28 <Graham> Turban?
13:29:06 <Michael> Seems too soon,
13:29:09 <Graham> maybe Oblong?
13:29:46 <ynpvisitor4> too bursty/steamy for Turban, yeah?
13:30:04 <Michael> I'm leaning toward Oblong. Which will make the next Turban hard to spot.
13:30:22 <Graham> not if Grand goes too
13:30:37 <Michael> Right.
13:30:55 <Graham> there
13:30:57 <ynpvisitor4> Grand
13:31:03 <Graham> Grand 2030
13:31:17 <Michael> A true Groblong eruption! :)
13:31:21 <ynpvisitor4> wow, nice start!
13:31:57 <ynpvisitor4> better than fuzzball viewing conditions ;)
13:41:06 <Graham> nice
13:41:59 <Michael> Definitely worth a little waiting.
13:42:24 <Graham> long second?
13:44:27 <Graham> BHI 2044ie
13:47:16 <Graham> at least Grand made up for Lion being 2 and done
13:47:47 <Graham> gonna bale on BHI tho
13:48:27 <Graham> see ya and good luck :)
13:52:30 <ynpvisitor32> What time did Lion start?
13:57:20 <kcmule> depression 20:56ie
14:12:00 <Kevin L> Are you talking about the Geyser our our mood watchin nothing but Indicators?
14:14:14 <kcmule> hopefully no ones mood is dep ie
14:17:36 <Kevin L> Well BH has a great chance tomorrow morning.
14:19:27 <kcmule> its settled, bh and morning in the morning
14:30:53 <kcmule> hopefully someone will be there to see them
14:41:40 <kcmule> OF 21:41
14:45:49 <kcmule> nite
14:46:12 <ynpvisitor1> nite, thanks.
14:46:21 <ynpvisitor1> I will give up my #1, sadly.