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17:45:43 <ynpvisitor54> hi
22:11:45 <ynpvisitor39> too early- days are getting shorter...
23:41:00 <ynpvisitor90> OF 0640
23:51:44 <lc> morning Dave
23:52:27 <Dave from B> Morning, lc
23:53:48 <lc> Lion 0653
00:00:10 <lc> over 5 min, looks like initial
00:02:09 <lc> what you think Dave? initial
00:02:50 <lc> Depression
00:03:04 <lc> 0702
00:05:34 <lc> Daisy?
00:06:00 <Dave from B> Sorry, my secreen has frozen twice this morning already. I missed Lion
00:06:24 <lc> np, pretty sure it was initial
00:06:30 <Dave from B> Lots of steam. Probably be snowing in a couple of weeks
00:06:53 <lc> I hope not.
00:07:17 <Dave from B> Better back warmer clothes this trip!
00:07:22 <Dave from B> pack
00:07:48 <lc> yep, 35 this morning.
00:08:09 <lc> inty on static
00:08:25 <lc> 0707
00:08:30 <Dave from B> sure looks like it
00:10:31 <lc> be good too get BH after 18 hrs.
00:12:39 <Dave from B> Yes, it would. It needs to get fixed before your visit
00:25:10 <Kevin L> They have a cabin with a potty on Sep 2 Dave.
00:25:12 <Dave from B> Morning, Kevin
00:25:18 <Kevin L> Morning
00:25:29 <Dave from B> Darn, I need Aug 31 and Sep 1
00:25:45 <Dave from B> I just checked about 10 minutes ago.
00:25:58 <Kevin L> I couldn't remember but I knew it was close.
00:26:01 <Dave from B> What are your dates you're looking for in case I see something?
00:28:28 <Kevin L> I know the daughter has to be at school on the 12th so I think I have reservations there on Sep 11th & 12th. The days before or after that would work
00:30:38 <Dave from B> ok, I will keep an eye on it.
00:35:29 <Dave from B> Grand 0735ie?
00:35:45 <lc> or Oblong?
00:36:46 <Kevin L> Probably Grand. That would make a boring day for me.
00:38:05 <lc> I think its Grand
00:38:58 <lc> spikes
00:39:27 <Kevin L> So that would be Grand or an Oblong super burst.
00:39:32 <lc> Will logged Lion 0652 but didn't call it initial.
00:41:40 <Kevin L> Wow. 72 degrees out here. I don't think I have ever seen it that cool here in august.
00:44:22 <lc> 80 here, realfeel 91.
00:45:07 <Kevin L> I think I will need a sweater out in the shop this morning.
00:45:26 <Dave from B> Did it ever dry out enough to mow your lawn, lc?
00:46:13 <lc> it was still wet but I did mow yesterday.
00:46:55 <lc> found a yellow jacket nest in the front yard
00:47:07 <Kevin L> That stinks.
00:47:08 <lc> or they found me.
00:47:18 <Kevin L> That is even worse.
00:47:20 <lc> got me two times
00:47:48 <lc> hate those things
00:48:32 <Kevin L> We hit one with a torch once. Enjoyed that big time.
00:49:13 <lc> they sure don't like a mower.
00:49:22 <Dave from B> Glad they aren't a problem in MT
00:49:58 <Kevin L> Some nailed vw the other day Dave.
00:51:10 <Kevin L> Need to go hit the shop before bus duty. brb
00:51:41 <Dave from B> bye, Kevin
00:52:01 <Dave from B> Flies have been more of a nuisance the past couple of weeks
00:57:38 <Dave from B> bhi at 51 minutes+
01:03:40 <ynpvisitor25> Lion 0802ie
01:03:52 <Kevin L> Yellowjacket is a fly with a really bad attitude.
01:08:22 <Dave from B> Morning, Jenna
01:08:42 <Jenna> morning
01:12:14 <Dave from B> OF 0812ie
01:47:02 <Dave from B> Morning, kc.
01:48:20 <kc (working)> morn
01:49:14 <Andrew> hello
01:50:55 <Dave from B> Hi, Andrew
02:00:26 <Dave from B> LC 0900ie
02:00:50 <Dave from B> 36-37 minute Ftn this morning
02:07:48 <lc> Lion 0907
02:08:12 <Dave from B> Initial like start
02:08:39 <lc> minor?
02:08:57 <Dave from B> That was over fast...was tall but short
02:08:57 <Andrew> but its still part of the series
02:11:40 <lc> Oblong 0911
02:11:43 <lc> ie
02:16:57 <Kevin L> The name sounds familiat but I can't place him.
02:19:14 <ynpvisitor67> wonder who :)
02:20:19 <Jenna> big group this morning
02:20:56 <Dave from B> Wow
02:30:32 <lc> Lion 0930
02:31:38 <lc> and they get to see something erupt.
02:32:13 <Jenna> so what was that at 907?
02:32:28 <lc> Lion minor
02:32:31 <Andrew> a minor
02:33:05 <Jenna> ok
02:35:36 <Dave from B> Missed the 0930 Lion...was it also a minor?
02:35:49 <lc> no
02:36:07 <Dave from B> Thanks, lc
02:36:16 <lc> yw
02:36:27 <Dave from B> Guessed I could have just refreshed GT to figure that out!
02:36:51 <lc> g, np.
02:36:55 <Dave from B> Daisy is due
02:42:33 <lc> OF 0942
02:48:40 <Dave from B> Daisy 0948ie
02:55:16 <ynpvisitor99> What was that massive geyser eurption that the cam zoomed into? It shouldn't be grand because that just went off. Daisy is never that big. Could thave been giant?
02:55:59 <Dave from B> At what time, Craig
02:56:01 <Kevin L> I didn't see it.
02:56:20 <craigmon99> About 8-10 minutes ago
02:56:40 <Dave from B> That was Daisy...with good zoom it looks large
02:56:42 <craigmon99> you can still faintly see it to the left above the trees
02:57:36 <craigmon99> Huh. Looks different than i remember it!
03:00:16 <craigmon99> Alright im new to this cam so that mound is lion correct?
03:00:50 <Kevin L> Here is Lion
03:01:22 <craigmon99> Yeah thats what I was talking about. Thanks!
03:01:29 <Kevin L> That is Beehive in front of it.
03:01:58 <Kevin L> Depression can be seen at the left.
03:02:27 <Kevin L> The control screen is blue so I am moving it with about a 10 second delay.
03:02:39 <Kevin L> Here is Giantess
03:02:45 <ynpvisitor87> The NPS webcams page has a photo with several geyser locations marked.
03:04:05 <Kevin L> Aurum pops up at the left sind of Giantess. You can also see Anenome where the people are stopped on the boardwalk.
03:05:02 <Kevin L> This is the Grand preset it is behind the trees. Sawmill can be seen at the left and we get a good view of Unceartain sometimes.
03:05:41 <Kevin L> This is Daisy. As you saw, it come from behind the trees, but it does have a nice show.
03:06:02 <Kevin L> And Castle can bee seen from behind the trees right here.
03:06:38 <craigmon99> CastLooks like its still in steam phase
03:06:55 <Kevin L> Looks like it is just about over.
03:07:23 <craigmon99> Yeah. I got to personally see castle a couple days ago
03:07:57 <Kevin L> At this point, I am putting it on Geyser Hill. Not much chance of anything but Aurum, Lion, Depression, or BHI.
03:08:21 <Dave from B> How long were you in the park, Craig?
03:09:21 <craigmon99> I was there for 3 seperated times. I was there on July 31st when steamboat went off but never got to see it... I saw castle that day which was great and penta sawmill and tardy were all going off at the same time.
03:09:52 <Dave from B> That sounds like a fun little triple
03:10:00 <Kevin L> Sound like fun. Bummer to be that close to Steamboat and not see it.
03:10:34 <craigmon99> Yup. I want to be a geologist because of this area. Highly unlikely id get to work in Yellowstone though
03:10:45 <Jimbo> Any news on a Steamboat start video? I keep checking YouTube.
03:11:26 <Dave from B> I know Micah mentioned there is one out there but not sure it is public yet
03:13:09 <craigmon99> Wanna know something crazy about steamboat? I was also there 2 days before eruption and the second vent was spurting very tall. I said that I bet in the next couple days it will majorly erupt. Guess who's 20 bucks richer?
03:14:44 <ynpvisitor67> fun, craigmon, tell us more of what you saw
03:15:13 <craigmon99> Of steamboat or the trip in general?
03:16:05 <Dave from B> Belated good morning, Jimbo
03:16:11 <ynpvisitor67> the trip, sure, but especially Steamboat :)
03:18:43 <craigmon99> Well in the norris geyser basin stragne activity was afoot. Vixen had a major eruption which I saw the same day. As well the porcelain basin was very active with a strange eruption of whirligig which lasted 20 minutes. In upper geyser Basin we had seen castle and many other smaller geysers.
03:19:25 <Jimbo> Yeah Micah did mention it - just wonderin' if anyone had heard more.
03:19:50 <ynpvisitor67> very good stuff, thanks
03:23:35 <ynpvisitor67> had you seen Whirligig in the past, was it the same as previous years, just longer
03:27:27 <ynpvisitor67> wonder if that is the same day Micah was there
03:29:20 <ynpvisitor67> gotta go - maybe tell that person to enter his stuff in GT if they come back.
03:30:00 <Dave from B> 67, great idea...I will let craig know if he returns
03:34:44 <craigmon99> I had entered into GT
03:36:29 <craigmon99> Lion i take it?
03:36:36 <Jenna> yup
03:36:46 <Kevin L> 1036 ie
03:37:51 <Dave from B> Only 1 Whirligig in GT this yeat...from 5/1
03:38:27 <craigmon99> Hm... mustve not worked. Slow internet there
03:38:37 <Dave from B> Darn
03:38:39 <craigmon99> Lion has been active today 4 eruptions in 4 hours
03:44:00 <Jenna> your lodging request may be impossible Dave
03:44:29 <Dave from B> Yes, Jenna...not too retunr to OF may not be to 2014
03:44:38 <Dave from B> until 2014
03:46:01 <Jenna> unless you stay in West but that's a pain (don't let Maureen see that I said that lol)
03:46:12 <Dave from B> too late!!
03:46:14 <Dave from B> :D
03:46:18 <Jenna> :)
03:46:20 <Jenna> you could camp?
03:46:23 <Dave from B> Yeah, I can't be that far away
03:46:49 <Dave from B> I could camp but I would rather be 5 minutes from BH
03:47:02 <Jenna> true
03:47:16 <Dave from B> Camping invloves too much planning, packing and cleaning
03:47:23 <Jenna> I agree
03:47:27 <Dave from B> For a fast 2 night trip
03:49:25 <Jenna> How far ahead do you know when you're going?
03:53:46 <Dave from B> I usually have Labor Day reservations but with 2 ralier trips and soccer uncertainty, I neglected to get a room. I will be booking 3-4 possible trips for 2014 this week.
03:53:56 <Dave from B> ralier = earlier
03:54:24 <Kevin L> Can you book 2014 now?
03:54:25 <Jenna> that's good
03:54:37 <Jenna> you can book 2014 starting May 1st
03:55:14 <Dave from B> I thought you could book out 2 years in advance?
03:56:01 <Dave from B> My wife has surprisingly been very open to my gazer addiction...she knows it a great stress reliever.
03:56:21 <Jenna> you can only go 1 year ahead
03:56:36 <Dave from B> Ok. good to know, Jenna
03:57:01 <Jenna> but with their nice cancellation policy I'd book as much as I can afford right now :)
03:57:39 <Kevin L> I will have to get next year booked.
03:57:40 <Jenna> I guess I should have clarified that you could start booking on May 1st, 2013 for 2014
03:57:40 <Dave from B> Yes, I plan on it
03:59:58 <Jenna> are you planning on staying at Old Faithful exclusively?
04:00:54 <Dave from B> We are going to do a 3 night day hiking trip for 1 of 2014.....will stay at Roosevelt or Canyon, I imagine
04:01:29 <Jenna> where are you hiking?
04:01:54 <Jenna> or are you still up in the air
04:02:02 <Jenna> I guess you don't have to decide that this early :)
04:02:54 <Dave from B> Still too early to know for sure. Ideas: Pebble Creek, Slough Creek, Specimen Ridge, Grebe Lake...
04:03:29 <Jenna> I have only done Slough out of that list but it is one of my favorites
04:03:30 <Dave from B> Would love to go to Shoshone, Heart but just a little long for 1 day with family
04:03:39 <Jenna> it's still on my list to get to the 2nd meadow
04:03:45 <Dave from B> Meadows of upper Pebble Creek are beautiful
04:03:50 <Jenna> yeah my dad has mentioned really wanting to do shoshone
04:03:52 <Jenna> I bet they are
04:04:02 <Dave from B> Only 3 miles to get there from NE Road
04:04:11 <Dave from B> It is a good climb
04:04:11 <Jenna> not bad at all
04:04:22 <Jenna> I'll have to check it out
04:04:34 <Dave from B> 12 mile hike total
04:04:43 <Jenna> oh ok
04:04:48 <Dave from B> But you would have to have 2 cars
04:04:57 <Dave from B> Or be dropped off
04:05:20 <Jenna> ah
04:05:58 <Jenna> you should put Republic Pass on your list to do sometime
04:06:21 <craigmon99> Old Faithful is near start
04:08:37 <Kevin L> OF 1108
04:10:33 <Dave from B> I'll put it on the list, Jenna
04:11:37 <Kevin L> Yea! A picture, a bad picture, but a picture none the less on Livescope!
04:12:28 <craigmon99> ?
04:13:05 <Kevin L> Livescope is the cam control software.
04:13:19 <Kevin L> You can see Anenome now.
04:13:25 <Dave from B> Anemone fans
04:13:58 <Kevin L> When I have a picture I can zoom in on things much better.
04:13:58 <craigmon99> Ah awesome!
04:13:58 <craigmon99> Wonderful!
04:14:26 <Kevin L> BHI is ie 1114
04:14:49 <craigmon99> I don't trust BHIT indicator anymore.
04:15:06 <craigmon99> excuse the T
04:15:14 <Dave from B> Someday, we will trust it again
04:15:20 <Kevin L> Neither do we.
04:15:53 <craigmon99> I got to see beehive 2 years ago and the indicator was correct :P
04:16:58 <Kevin L> It worked until a few weeks ago, then decided it wanted to be the main attraction.
04:18:14 <craigmon99> I heard plume wasn't going off either
04:18:29 <Dave from B> Almost been 200 days since last Plume
04:18:58 <craigmon99> Well its either one of 2 things. its dead or just dormant
04:19:21 <craigmon99> Anyone catch those splashes in the cone?
04:19:29 <Kevin L> Will says it was rumbling
04:20:02 <craigmon99> Steam explosion from plume maybe? :P
04:20:10 <Kevin L> There are usually some splashes in the cone, but it doesn't mean a lot anymore unless the get really big.
04:20:59 <Kevin L> It will be interesting to see what happens when Giantess finally goes.
04:21:14 <craigmon99> Is giantess thought to go soon?
04:21:39 <Kevin L> It has been almost 2 years since it last went, so who knows.
04:22:20 <ynpvisitor1> maybe it will, and then everything will magically go back to "normal"
04:22:25 <craigmon99> Could this srtange activity be bringing it on? (I forgot to mention that when I was at steamboat there was rumbling coming from it 2 days prior)
04:22:41 <craigmon99> Heh "normal"
04:23:39 <craigmon99> Is that aurum?
04:24:19 <ynpvisitor1> Up on the hill? i think little cub
04:25:29 <craigmon99> Could be
04:29:38 <craigmon99>
04:29:46 <craigmon99> Read under giantess
04:33:49 <ynpvisitor1> Very interesting. also noticed under the beehive section that other dormant/irregular periods have occured in summers past.
04:34:34 <ynpvisitor1> beehive is just proving to everyone that is is still an unprdictable geyser.
04:34:57 <Kevin L> Having a regular BH has not been that common. We have lucked out in the past few years.
04:34:58 <craigmon99> Yeah
04:36:09 <craigmon99> Is splashing in lions cone normal?
04:36:40 <Kevin L> Right now it is. Probably means we will get it soon.
04:37:08 <craigmon99> Alright cool!
04:37:40 <Kevin L> We are getting close to a Daisy window also.
04:38:12 <craigmon99> Hoping for that very slight chance of splendid XD
04:40:40 <craigmon99> Oh wow! Beehive!
04:40:45 <ynpvisitor88> BEEHIVE!!!
04:40:50 <Kevin L> bh 1140
04:40:51 <Dave from B> Yippee!!
04:41:09 <kc (working)> cool
04:41:11 <Kevin L> Surprise!!!!!
04:41:20 <Kevin L> And I sent the txt
04:41:38 <craigmon99> This time the indicator didn't lie!
04:41:59 <Kevin L> I take back half the bad things I said about it!
04:42:00 <ynpvisitor91> YOU CAN SEE BH FROM THE VEC CAM!?!? :D
04:42:17 <Kevin L> yes
04:42:23 <Kevin L> and Aurum too!
04:42:43 <Kevin L> 3 cams, no waiting.
04:43:05 <ynpvisitor88> What a treat
04:43:10 <ynpvisitor45> sweeeeeet
04:43:18 <lc> it can still erupt.
04:43:20 <Kevin L> Maybe it is getting back to "normal".
04:43:31 <ynpvisitor88> one can always hope
04:43:35 <Kevin L> It even erupted while I was here!
04:43:51 <craigmon99> Well looking at geyser times it ususally goes off now every thrid indicator
04:44:02 <ynpvisitor88> that first big burst nearly stopped my heart
04:44:53 <ynpvisitor79> was a text alert sent for indie?
04:45:29 <Kevin L> No, but I sent one when BH went ie.
04:45:31 <craigmon99> Text Alert?
04:45:52 <Kevin L> We send text alerts for certain geysers.
04:46:08 <Kevin L> One of Will projects.
04:46:08 <craigmon99> How do you receive them?
04:46:33 <Kevin L>
04:47:03 <Kevin L> I think you can text geysers to 84483
04:47:24 <ynpvisitor79> nice to see it erupting again
04:47:41 <ynpvisitor79> and thanks for text that is was ie
04:48:03 <Kevin L> Do you know about craig?
04:48:30 <craigmon99> Yup. Discovered it this month
04:49:03 <lc> would like to know how many time BH has erupted at night and missed.
04:49:17 <Kevin L> That would be good info.
04:49:43 <craigmon99> I take it beehive isn't E-monitored
04:50:00 <Kevin L> I was looking at Indy and thinking it didn't look good, then it had that big splash and died.
04:50:28 <Kevin L> Thought that was going to be it, but it sure surprised me.
04:50:31 <ynpvisitor79> they will download data in the fall from the logger
04:50:52 <Kevin L> Probably should send bhi alerts on the 3rd bhi from now on.
04:50:55 <ynpvisitor79> only we still do not have last winter's data, for any geyser, on GT yet.
04:50:55 <ynpvisitor79> so not very helpful anyway
04:51:00 <craigmon99> Ah.
04:51:40 <Kevin L> Whoever set the new static cams did a great job.
04:52:14 <Dave from B> Shortest known BH interval since July 13
04:52:54 <Kevin L> Craig, the steam in the center of the screen(left of Giantess) is where Aurum erupts from
04:53:10 <craigmon99> Ah thanks!
04:53:40 <Kevin L> It isn't really big, but you can't mistake it.
04:54:08 <craigmon99> Yeah. This webcam has a different angle than walking the boardwalks :P
04:54:46 <Kevin L> Sure does. Look how much higher the bw is above Giantess than by Anenome.
04:55:11 <craigmon99> Yeah. BTW we are in time for daisy
04:55:45 <Kevin L> I was going to watch for Aurum fo about 10m then go Daisy fishing.
04:56:14 <craigmon99> Ah Daisy fishing lol
04:56:42 <Kevin L> About 90m out of a Grand window.
04:57:11 <Kevin L> Keep an eye on Anenome also.
04:57:16 <craigmon99> I find it strange the geyser times has predictions for beehive
05:01:01 <craigmon99> Splashing from anenome
05:04:38 <craigmon99> People are gathering around aurum?
05:05:19 <Kevin L> Looks like it. That always seems to attract people.
05:10:05 <craigmon99> I went to go see daisy this year and we took the hiking trail to it. We saw a bear frequenting area sign so we took precautions of making noise and bear spray. As we were 3/4 way to daisy we see something that looks like a patch of fur lying down behind a log. Turns out we were 40 feet away from a sleeping mama grizzly and 2 cubs
05:10:46 <Kevin L> Not a fun sight.
05:10:57 <ynpvisitor79> yes, they were frequent visitors to the area this year
05:11:08 <craigmon99> I enjoy bear from far away not right next to you :P
05:13:32 <craigmon99> Nevertheless we ddid see daisy
05:15:32 <craigmon99> They should have a cam in norris geyser basin
05:15:53 <Kevin L> That would be fun
05:16:37 <craigmon99> Maybe pointed at steamboat or with a view of steamboat. There's something about it that hypnotizes people to watch for hours
05:21:40 <craigmon99> Alright so i understand how predictions work with ikd faithful but what about the other ones that you can predict such as grand?
05:22:45 <ynpvisitor79> Daisy
05:22:49 <Kevin L> Grand is done from an average interval added to the last eruption start time. It is adjusted every once in a while.
05:22:50 <ynpvisitor79> 1222
05:22:54 <Kevin L> Daisy 1222
05:23:20 <craigmon99> Do a dollop of daisy!
05:25:43 <Kevin L> At least it cooperated with OF
05:26:33 <craigmon99> Ha
05:28:53 <craigmon99> Wow just learned that last splendid was 1998
05:38:26 <craigmon99> OF 1238
05:47:35 <craigmon99> that splashing to the left what was that from
05:48:01 <Kevin L> Where?
05:48:18 <Kevin L> By the upper Boardwalk?
05:48:21 <craigmon99> left of aurum
05:48:26 <craigmon99> yeah
05:48:35 <Kevin L> That would be Pump.
05:48:36 <lc> probably Pump
05:48:47 <craigmon99> ah a constant one
05:49:22 <craigmon99> that means the best geyser ever is close! Sponge geyser!
05:53:26 <Kevin L> There is Pump.
05:54:27 <craigmon99> Yeah thats what i was talking about
05:56:08 <craigmon99> Woah that was a violent surge
05:59:50 <Dave from B> Traffio jams on the bw today
06:00:23 <craigmon99> Seems to be around aurum and pump people are stopping the most
06:01:27 <Kevin L> Splashes do tend to stop the. Then they walk right by Doublet thumps.
06:03:05 <craigmon99> If you look a lot of people are looking at giantess
06:14:27 <craigmon99> Well i gotta get going. I might be back sometime tooday.
06:14:38 <Kevin L> bye
06:18:45 <lc> dog on BW
06:19:16 <lc> around Plume
06:19:23 <Kevin L> Bear chow
06:22:48 <lc> Giantrss
06:22:58 <lc> no Aurum
06:23:41 <Dave from B> Did I miss Aurum? or Giantess?:D
06:23:50 <lc> got excited there for a sec.
06:23:54 <lc> yep
06:24:05 <Kevin L> Not by much Dave
06:24:17 <Dave from B> Close doesn't count in geysers!
06:27:30 <lc> not for Aurum anyway.
06:51:28 <Dave from B> wb, Jenna
06:51:38 <Dave from B> Hi, Mara...ready for the start of school?
06:51:42 <Jenna> thanks
06:55:48 <lc> Kevin, if you are driving zoom in on that.
06:56:05 <Kevin L> On what?
06:56:52 <lc> across from Spasmodic
06:57:09 <Andrew> windy
06:57:28 <Kevin L> And the dirty lens isn't helping.
06:57:29 <lc> never mind, couldn't tell what the white was.
06:57:41 <Kevin L> Looks like the boardwalk.
06:57:56 <lc> it is
06:58:10 <Dave from B> :D
06:58:16 <lc> I couldn't tell from way back. thanks.
06:58:28 <Kevin L> Time to head back to our star attraction.
06:58:40 <Dave from B> lc, did you get your rain today?
06:58:47 <Dave from B> bhi?
06:58:50 <lc> about time for some food here.
06:59:19 <lc> just a light shower so far.
06:59:35 <lc> more in the area..
06:59:40 <Kevin L> Nope
07:03:46 <Mara> whoops, got distracted
07:03:56 <Mara> Dave- ...not really |D
07:05:09 <Dave from B> Don't blame you, Mara
07:07:16 <Dave from B> OF 1407ie
07:07:23 <Dave from B> Look out
07:07:24 <Kevin L> of 1406
07:07:50 <Andrew> yeah I am not looking forward
07:08:10 <Dave from B> Yeah, Andrew...if you have glasses on you will be ok
07:08:56 <Kevin L> Livscope did not want to respond for this one.
07:08:58 <Andrew> I dont get it
07:09:28 <Dave from B> Just a bad attempt at a bad joke. Andrew, any idea when you will be back to OF?
07:09:58 <Andrew> 2 years minumum
07:10:37 <Dave from B> That's kinda what I thought. Do you think you may work their during your summer college years?
07:10:54 <Andrew> ooooooooh yes
07:11:16 <Andrew> but as commented on by will, the pay sucks
07:12:43 <Dave from B> The only reason you would work there is for free time.
07:12:52 <Dave from B> Definitely not the money
07:13:24 <Andrew> well college is lots of money and it would be my only way to see wonderland so I definatly am taking the oppurtunity
07:13:35 <Andrew> they are at least paying you to be in wonderland
07:15:54 <Dave from B> Almost time for Grand...and F&M
07:17:01 <Andrew> seeing these geysers on the webcam makes me sad I want to be back
07:18:27 <Dave from B> Yes, andrew...I know the feeling
07:19:24 <Dave from B> Except your visits are much further apart:(
07:23:10 <Kevin L> Turban?
07:23:50 <Dave from B> Should be
07:31:46 <ynpvisitor56> Big orange on MamCams. I wonder if we are about to get a temporary VC.
07:35:37 <Dave from B> 56, ia Mammoth VC being remodeled?
07:36:27 <ynpvisitor56> Yes, but I do not know when it is due to start.
07:37:08 <Dave from B> Any links that will show us what NPS is doing to VC?
07:37:49 <ynpvisitor56> I will look for one. It is major and expensive
07:38:25 <Dave from B> I didn't realize there were any other big projects besides the North Entrance project in the works
07:38:42 <Kevin L> Darn, there goes our new down basin streaming cam.
07:39:27 <Dave from B> At least pushed it back a couple of decades
07:40:32 <ynpvisitor56> The is a link to plans in this post:
07:40:47 <Andrew> grand 1440
07:40:53 <Kevin L> Grand 1440
07:41:03 <Dave from B> Yeah!
07:41:23 <ynpvisitor56> Amen!!!
07:42:13 <Kevin L> No mistaking this one for Oblong.
07:47:15 <ynpvisitor56> More on Mammoth VC:
07:48:25 <Dave from B> It sounds as if net result is a smaller VC
07:49:16 <Kevin L> That sounds about par now. Spend a lot of money to get less than you have now.
07:51:10 <ynpvisitor56> They need new restrooms. I cant believe the park's library and archives used to be in that hole.
07:53:55 <Kevin L> Not expecting a 2nd
07:54:24 <Kevin L> Daisy ie 1454
07:55:44 <Kevin L> Which means it is time for NoDoz.
07:56:26 <ynpvisitor56> Ping for Giantess please :)
07:56:54 <Kevin L> Will do. May even do a txt.
07:57:41 <ynpvisitor89> you guys got me excited
07:58:05 <ynpvisitor89> I think the gbs need more pitt toilets at least one at castle!
08:32:16 <Kevin L> of 1532
08:34:59 <Kevin L> Look like cc must be around
08:37:36 <Dave from B> Is it raining?
08:43:34 <Kevin L> Look like it is
08:44:07 <Kevin L> Think cc is scrbbing the lens with it.
08:44:39 <ynpvisitor56> Very good
08:46:16 <Dave from B> Time to go home. My college daughter's last night at home before leaving for her soph year tomorrow. Have a great evening, everyone!
08:46:43 <Kevin L> bye Dave. Have fun.
09:00:29 <Kevin L> Well that does look a bit better.
09:06:34 <Graham> hello
09:06:44 <Kevin L> Hi
09:06:55 <Kevin L> Have your NoDoz?
09:07:23 <Graham> clouds look rather threatening
09:07:33 <Graham> i need some, wow BH 2 days running!
09:07:38 <Kevin L> We did have a bit of rain already.
09:07:41 <Graham> and you got Grand out of the way
09:07:43 <Graham> and Castle
09:07:52 <Kevin L> And BH
09:07:57 <Graham> and Aurum too
09:07:58 <Graham> wow
09:08:10 <Graham> maybe a BHI in an hour?
09:08:16 <Kevin L> Anenome is due
09:08:57 <Graham> hope for a quick recovery by Lion? looks like it had a longer series tho
09:10:09 <Graham> bet BH is going to draw some people out to the railings again, so watch out for a 7 day interval
09:10:31 <Kevin L> That is the way it usually works.
09:16:23 <Graham> Sawmill just turned off
09:38:02 <ynpvisitor62> did Sawmill just start?
09:38:34 <Graham> not going now
09:38:54 <Graham> could have been a short?
09:39:24 <lc> I saw a coiuple of burst, I thought.
09:40:49 <Graham> maybe Tardy?
09:41:05 <Graham> Churn? too early really
09:41:21 <Graham> or a real short, shortest i have seen is 1m
09:41:40 <lc> not Churn, on Right of tree.
09:46:48 <Graham> you are just trying to make up eruptions to get some excitement going
09:46:51 <Graham> :)
09:47:17 <lc> need something. g
10:01:05 <Andrew> OF 1700
10:01:11 <Graham> OF 1700
10:18:35 <ynpvisitor36> ..
10:30:03 <Graham> Daisy 1729
10:30:12 <Kevin L> About time you did something Graham.
10:31:01 <Graham> i got OF half hour ago, so thats 2 geysers in 1.5h
10:31:24 <Graham> hoping for BHI next
10:45:14 <Graham> BHI 1744
10:45:33 <Andrew> oooh we get beehive now
10:46:16 <Graham> at least splashing
10:46:45 <Kevin L> I wouldn't bet on a BH this Indy.
10:50:54 <Graham> i feel cheated
10:51:06 <Andrew> what
10:51:35 <Kevin L> I even sent out a txt alert when it went.
10:53:02 <Graham> noooo
10:53:11 <Graham> when BH went, not the last BHI
10:53:35 <Kevin L> Right. When BH went.
10:54:14 <Graham> dont think splashing in BHI at the 6h mark calls for an alert, even from a BH enthusiast like myself
10:55:13 <Kevin L> I do agree. But the prior two BH did not get an alert when BH went. I know someone who was in the other room and would have seen them both had a txt been sent.
11:18:45 <Graham> more splashing?
11:19:32 <Graham> yeah a real BHI
11:24:55 <Graham> OF 1824
11:27:53 <Graham> Sawmill
11:29:22 <Kevin L> Oblong?
11:29:44 <Graham> yep
11:43:58 <ynpvisitor72> I thought I read that this mornings BH was texted. Did I read wron, or was there not even a bh today?
11:44:48 <Kevin L> There was a bh. Txt was when bh was ie.
11:44:48 <Graham> there was a BH and a text
11:44:51 <ynpvisitor72> Cub is kind of hard to see with the steam. has everything else been steemed in?
11:44:57 <Graham> rare geyser sighting :)
11:45:12 <Graham> wind direction is not great
11:46:36 <Graham> stepping away, enjoy BH
11:46:40 <Graham> bbs
11:59:00 <Graham> Aurum 1858ie
12:06:05 <ynpvisitor35> hey
12:08:06 <Graham> silent treatmeny worked
12:11:01 <Kevin L> Nice BH splashes anyway.
12:11:30 <Graham> could go
12:12:04 <Graham> 53min
12:12:14 <Graham> can we make it to an hour?
12:12:38 <Graham> Sawmill is off
12:13:45 <Graham> wonder if anyone is at Ftn, getting late for a report
12:14:11 <Graham> 55m
12:14:23 <Graham> 56
12:15:03 <Graham> cheated again
12:15:28 <Kevin L> I don't feel cheated.
12:15:43 <Graham> well you did see Bee today
12:15:54 <Kevin L> :)
12:24:11 <Graham> GO CHURN GO
12:30:31 <Kevin L> Maybe Uncertain?
12:31:18 <Graham> have not seen any steam from it. if Churn has water and Spasmo is up, Uncertain is unlikely
12:31:52 <Kevin L> That is what I said about BH just before it went.
12:32:25 <Graham> what? Maybe Uncertain?
12:33:10 <Kevin L> No, I said BH was unlikely.
12:42:41 <craigmon99> Hey guys
12:46:42 <craigmon99> Is it possible to get a view of riverside with this cam?
12:47:21 <Graham> yes, behind the trees
12:48:40 <craigmon99> Split Cone?
12:49:09 <Graham> OF 1948
12:49:41 <craigmon99> Graham was that split cone going off there? Still getting used to this angle
12:50:08 <Graham> I was looking at Depression with the Dwarf behind it
12:50:34 <Graham> Split COne is in the Grand/Daisy view
12:50:53 <craigmon99> Ah thanks
12:51:03 <Graham> will pan over there after OF
12:51:42 <craigmon99> Interested in that study they are doing that they want times of split cone to see if it has any correlation with old faithful
12:52:17 <Graham> who is doing that?
12:52:36 <craigmon99> Let me send you the link
12:53:34 <Graham> Dep looks full
12:54:13 <Graham> but dropping i think
12:54:14 <craigmon99>
12:54:44 <Graham> Riverside comes up around that spike tree
12:54:55 <craigmon99> Ah. Apparently its late
12:55:13 <Graham> may not see it as humidity is low
12:55:25 <Graham> Grotto is going
12:55:40 <Graham> Maybe Turban too
12:55:57 <craigmon99> Doesn't turban usually mean grand soon?
12:56:01 <Graham> Split COne is on the mound in the foreground
12:56:19 <craigmon99> Ah thanks. I see sawmill going off
12:56:20 <Graham> the light steam now
12:57:08 <craigmon99> So are you a volunteer in yellowstone then?
12:57:09 <Graham> Spasmo on the right, OT steam in the background
12:58:18 <Graham> Daisy is close, very steamy
12:58:54 <Graham> volunteer but am in Virginia
12:59:14 <craigmon99> Ah. Always thought it would be cool to run this camera
12:59:38 <craigmon99> Im a highschool student who hopes to get into the profession of geologist
13:00:11 <Graham> thanks for the link
13:00:33 <craigmon99> No problem
13:00:54 <Graham> Daisy 2000
13:00:56 <craigmon99> Whats that???
13:01:04 <craigmon99> Oh daisy :P
13:01:07 <Graham> there are several geologists interested in geysers
13:01:48 <craigmon99> Yeah, I bet the chances of working in yellowstone as a geologist are pretty slim.
13:02:36 <Graham> not sure theres a SC/OF linbk - there were long spells this winter when we didnt see SPlit COne erupt and it was snowbound
13:02:44 <Graham> OF continued to erupt
13:03:31 <craigmon99> Oh wow. The temp in there must've dropped for some reason. Usually they keep their temp hot enough to melt snow on contact
13:03:36 <Graham> they dont have many geological or thermal staff
13:03:49 <Graham> lots and lots of wildlife biologists tho
13:04:32 <craigmon99> Yeah. Do you think they don't have many geological staff because they don't need many or because there isn't enough people
13:04:58 <Graham> they are not interested in spending money on it in my opinion
13:05:18 <craigmon99> Heh
13:05:37 <Graham> wildlife have political lobies, rocks dont
13:06:08 <craigmon99> Rocks are people too! :P
13:06:57 <Graham> in winter you can see steam from other features near OF too, one is probably Teakettle
13:07:11 <Graham> sometimes see odd splashes from it
13:07:18 <Graham> not easy to see in summer tho
13:08:24 <Graham> wow over 10h interval for Ftn and a 37m duration - may have a chance for Morning tomorrow
13:08:54 <craigmon99> How do you see those with an ugb camera?
13:09:05 <Kevin L> We have some legislators in Nevada that have the intelligence of a rock.
13:09:51 <Graham> you can't see them on this cam. They are 8 miles away
13:10:04 <Graham> they are still not people Kevin
13:10:28 <craigmon99> Then how do you see morning. They don't have a lower geyser basin cam do they?
13:10:38 <Graham> woudl love to have a cam at Fountain but there is no power there
13:11:16 <Graham> you actually have to go there
13:11:27 <Graham> I was just checking the times today on
13:11:47 <craigmon99> Oh i thought you were in virginia :P my mistake
13:12:01 <Graham> and you wait, sometimes for days or years, but Morning has been very active this year
13:12:28 <craigmon99> You know what you could do for a camera? Solar power
13:12:46 <Graham> I know, I am a long way away, but I stil get toe park 2 or 3 times a year
13:13:07 <Graham> 19 days to go :)
13:13:37 <craigmon99> Wish i could do that. Once im 18 it will be a regular destination for me.
13:14:27 <craigmon99> Grand should be going off soon shouldn't it
13:16:58 <Graham> at 2040 it will be at 6h which is the earliest it has erupted this summer. So it could go before or after dark
13:17:35 <Graham> looks like Turban steam
13:18:13 <craigmon99> So how do turban and grand work together? Something ive not understood
13:18:19 <Graham> lots of college students take summer jobs in the park
13:18:46 <Graham> turban erupts roughly every 20 minutes. One of the times when Turban is due, Grand will erupt
13:19:06 <craigmon99> ah
13:19:21 <Graham> then you wait 6 hours before watching for Turban cycles again
13:19:36 <Graham> Grands window is from about 6 to over 10 hours
13:20:11 <Graham> none have been under 6h intervals this year
13:20:21 <craigmon99> Wow so we might have a chance to see it? I didnt get to see it when I was there 2 weeks ago but saw castle
13:20:36 <Graham> Could have Rift now too
13:21:09 <Graham> not till the next Turban or later
13:21:19 <Graham> Grand goes in the first 3 minutes of Turbans eruption
13:21:31 <Graham> or it waits for another cycle or more
13:21:38 <craigmon99> So do you think some of the strange activity in beehive could bring on a giantess?
13:21:49 <Graham> no
13:21:59 <Graham> Giantess goes when it wants
13:22:20 <Graham> or not - hasn't erupted for 2 years which is a longer time than usual
13:23:00 <craigmon99> I did get to see beehive today on the cam. The indicator seems to work 1/3 of the time
13:23:07 <Graham> Beehive does this every few years
13:23:42 <Graham> i don't think the indicator is that reliable
13:24:24 <craigmon99> Yeah. I did get to see a beehive in person a couple years ago when the indicator was working most of the time
13:25:42 <Graham> most years its reliable, and it was until a couple of months ago
13:27:07 <Graham> maybe just a month of crankiness really
13:27:25 <craigmon99> Yeah
13:29:01 <craigmon99> Wheres that steam coming from on the far middle left?
13:29:36 <Graham> springs along the river
13:30:16 <craigmon99> Ah :P
13:30:41 <Graham> Turban?
13:31:08 <craigmon99> I honestly can't tell can you zoom in on it abit please?
13:31:29 <Graham> Turban would be the steam on the right
13:32:02 <craigmon99> Wow turban lets off a LOT of steam
13:32:29 <Graham> this time of day the steam shows up more
13:32:35 <Graham> but that is a lot of steam
13:32:50 <Graham> could be Oblong but its very early
13:35:29 <craigmon99> hope its turban
13:36:33 <craigmon99> Depression?
13:36:36 <Graham> Dep 2035ie
13:37:04 <craigmon99> doesn't erupt that hi does it
13:37:20 <craigmon99> *high
13:37:23 <Kevin L> Nice one
13:37:26 <Graham> It can erupt over 6' but usually only 1-3'
13:37:51 <Graham> thsi is one of the better ones
13:38:23 <craigmon99> Ah, At least its not like a sponge geyser!
13:38:24 <Graham> that one was close to person height
13:38:31 <Kevin L> The best part is the start close up
13:40:31 <craigmon99> Do you mind swinging around to geyser hill for a sec?
13:41:00 <Graham> went the other way instead
13:41:20 <craigmon99> lol
13:42:22 <Graham> i am quitting now, see you tomorrow
13:42:46 <craigmon99> Yup later! Who controls the camera now?
13:43:25 <Graham> the tree
13:43:30 <Graham> goodnight
13:43:50 <craigmon99> heh bye