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23:25:20 <ynpvisitor14> .
23:41:53 <Dave from B> Good morning, 8, 69 & 74
23:42:22 <ynpvisitor8> Morning Dave
23:49:20 <lc> morning Dave
23:49:44 <lc> 33 at OF this morning
23:51:01 <Dave from B> Good morning, lc
23:51:30 <Dave from B> Could you pm your 2014 projected OF dates to me. I made my 2014 reservations last night
23:55:44 <lc> OF 0655
00:11:39 <lc> 36 min Fountain this morning
00:11:54 <lc> maybe Morning later today.
00:12:51 <Dave from B> Durations are getting longer again...if not today definitely tomorrow...We are due for Fan and Mortar as well
00:12:59 <Dave from B> Sorry, you missed BH last night
00:13:51 <Dave from B> Kitt has to be the luckiest person I know. She was on for 15 minutes last night and Saw BH and Grand
00:15:19 <Dave from B> She said that was her first BH since mid-July
00:24:18 <lc> I watch tv most nights at 1900
00:25:33 <Dave from B> It happened so fast. Indy was not seen long before BH erupted. Big splash started eruption....surprised everyone
00:27:10 <lc> if it keeps this up it sure will be hard to catch.
00:32:22 <ynpvisitor95> ..
00:44:21 <ynpvisitor95> .
00:48:32 <lc> Riverside 0748ie
01:18:56 <Dave from B> Morning, Kevin
01:19:36 <Dave from B> Just heard record high predicted for Blgs tomorrow...99F
01:19:50 <Kevin L> Hi Dave. Went to bed after the top of the 6th last night. Looks like I missed a good one.
01:20:13 <Dave from B> I made it to the middle of the 7th
01:20:37 <Dave from B> With that, the night was a short one
01:20:49 <Dave from B> Dodgers aren't going to win today...get a day off
01:21:44 <Kevin L> I was just totally burned out. Not hitting on all cylinders this morning either.
01:23:08 <Dave from B> You spent too much time driving yesterday
01:23:51 <Kevin L> And not enough time sleeping the night before.
01:24:45 <Kevin L> Looks like we will be running 10 degrees below normal all week. I like this.
01:25:28 <Dave from B> Our weather has also been nice until today and tomorrow
01:31:35 <lc> got to take car to shop, bb this afternoon.
01:32:37 <Kevin L> of ie 0832
01:33:11 <Dave from B> Have fun, lc
01:33:24 <Dave from B> Almost time to leave for OF again for you
01:37:59 <Dave from B> Morning, Jenna
01:38:04 <Jenna> morning
01:38:46 <Kevin L> So did you get that cabinet fixed?
01:42:47 <Jenna> they just had to move a half wall
01:43:03 <Jenna> it was a mistake on their part, which is always a relief :)
01:43:11 <Kevin L> That would work
01:43:29 <Kevin L> I can relate to that!
01:44:15 <Kevin L> I have a friend who makes custom cabinets. He has me make a pen out of the same stuff he does the cabinets in for the customer.
01:44:24 <Jenna> oh neat
01:44:32 <Jenna> yeah he would completely understand my situation
01:44:44 <Kevin L> BHI. Don't think it will do anything, but I didn't yesterday either.
01:46:07 <ynpvisitor74> Maybe we will get lucky.
01:46:48 <Dave from B> It has been 13:30 since last one...maybe it is "fixed"
01:53:57 <Dave from B> Any splashing from BH...just got back to my desk
01:54:55 <ynpvisitor74> Not really, a little splashing, but nothing impressive
02:01:02 <Dave from B> Mornin', kc
02:01:14 <Dave from B> Still laughing about your name for QB Tom Brady
02:14:13 <Dave from B> LC 0914ie...little geysers going everywhere
02:14:35 <Dave from B> If the Dwarf is going, we have a GH trifecta
02:19:54 <Jenna> big, hopeful crowd
02:21:44 <Dave from B> at 38 minutes....time to go to breakfast or to another geyser
02:22:54 <Jenna> do the rangers leading the tours know how long indy has been going?
02:22:59 <Jenna> and they're off
02:26:08 <Dave from B> Yippee!! Lion 0926ie
02:28:06 <Jenna> oh good!
02:32:59 <Dave from B> I was on a phone call. Was that the intiial? How long was duration?
02:34:37 <Jenna> I didn't watch the whole thing
02:42:27 <Jenna> not in GT yet so not sure who is running the cam
02:53:31 <kc (working)> sorry Dave, mornin'
03:16:48 <ynpvisitor73> .
03:21:15 <ynpvisitor61> Have we had an eruption of Lion this mornng?
03:22:29 <Jenna> yes
03:22:52 <ynpvisitor61> ty
03:24:29 <Dave from B> Just put it in.
03:24:56 <Dave from B> So, Lion is due around 1035-1040
03:26:38 <ynpvisitor7> did OF not get posted?
03:29:04 <ynpvisitor7> Grand is predicted for noon
03:29:46 <Dave from B> I'm swamped at work, so not entering times
03:33:32 <franktheman12> hey
03:33:44 <vw> Good morning.
03:33:55 <vw> I think CC is off the cam, so am going to take it a bit early.
03:34:27 <vw> Tried to sign on earlier and had some problems. Did notice there was a Daisy at 0956 ie though. Will post it.
03:34:41 <Dave from B> Good morning and thanks, vw
03:36:37 <vw> VEC has next OF predicted for 1120.
03:37:07 <Dave from B> FB Lois post was 0951
03:37:14 <Dave from B> oops for OF
03:38:35 <vw> Thank you Dave. Should be posted to GT. Not sure who would look to FB to figure out next eruption window. :P
03:40:53 <Dave from B> I'm now keeping my FB open since a few gazers prefer to chat on FB...only reason I saw it
03:41:44 <Dave from B> Ryan did find a YouTube that has the recent water but is from just after water phase ending
03:41:46 <vw> Glad you saw it Dave. I have posted to GT.
03:44:29 <vw> I keep hoping someone is waiting to get home to post a video of Steamboat water phase on Youtube.
03:48:20 <vw> Lion 1048 ns
03:48:34 <Dave from B> According to Micah, there is a video out there that hasn't been "released"
03:50:02 <vw> A little late to be trying to see if news outlets want it. They will have been satisfied with what they got and have moved way beyond the story!
03:50:46 <vw> Pretty much only YNP, geologists and gazers will be interested at this point.
03:55:12 <vw> Sawmill 1054 ie. Don't know if it has been erupting continuously since earlier observation.
03:57:46 <vw> Actually, on closer look, Tardy is erupting. Not sure about Sawmill.
03:58:07 <vw> It will take a few tries to get close enough.
03:58:30 <vw> That is Sawmill.
03:58:57 <vw> Leaving Sawmill posting on GT. Hopefully someone in the basin will know if Tardy was erupting.
04:03:01 <vw> Very light steam rising from Grand area.
04:03:12 <vw> Possible Turban 1102 ie?
04:21:24 <vw> Grand 1120 ie
04:21:28 <vw> I was afraid of that.
04:21:36 <ynpvisitor7> drat
04:22:18 <vw> Could be Oblong. Will just have to watch from afar. Didn't see initial water burst.
04:22:21 <ynpvisitor7> if only OF could be on time....
04:22:47 <vw> OF was predicted for 1120, so even on time it would have interfered.
04:23:01 <ynpvisitor7> yes, I mean if it would only go NOW
04:23:11 <vw> Ahh.
04:23:47 <ynpvisitor7> so we would have a chance at close up 2nd maybe
04:24:27 <ynpvisitor7> I heard there was a very good event cycle at F & M yesterday.
04:26:52 <vw> Aurum 1126 ie
04:27:14 <ynpvisitor7> sheesh
04:27:27 <ynpvisitor7> OF window is not our friend today
04:27:48 <ynpvisitor7> though Aurum sighting would be tough if focused on Grand
04:27:50 <vw> I might as well plan on taking the rest of my shift off.
04:28:27 <ynpvisitor7> could be underwhelming
04:28:50 <ynpvisitor7> think that is Grand, 8 minutes in now
04:29:14 <vw> Yes, I am confident it is Grand. Saw water bursts.
04:29:27 <Michael> I'm just here for a Grand-break from work. Hope you get a Riverside-like cloud later on, at the completely wrong time.
04:29:28 <ynpvisitor7> good eyes
04:29:33 <vw> Not sure we are going to get a pause.
04:29:45 <ynpvisitor7> kind of paused now maybe
04:29:48 <vw> Hi Michael.
04:30:20 <ynpvisitor7> maybe the end?
04:30:25 <Michael> Grand is paused on my screen. Let's see if it comes back.
04:31:05 <vw> and we are still waiting for OF....
04:31:09 <ynpvisitor7> nope
04:31:13 <ynpvisitor7> no 2nd
04:31:16 <vw> 2nd
04:31:17 <ynpvisitor7> there it is
04:31:18 <Diane> There it is!
04:31:26 <ynpvisitor7> wow
04:31:27 <ynpvisitor7> nice
04:31:28 <vw> Nice and tall one too.
04:31:36 <Diane> That's actually pretty nice, even from here!
04:32:21 <vw> And touron's taking pictures of OF pre-splashing. :D
04:33:05 <ynpvisitor7> well, they are anious
04:33:07 <vw> 2B is all we will get.
04:33:09 <ynpvisitor7> anxious
04:33:41 <ynpvisitor7> anticipating the arrival of the world's most popular geyser
04:34:08 <vw> OF 1133
04:34:35 <ynpvisitor7> would be nice from Plume today
04:35:35 <ynpvisitor7> looked rather short this time, in stature I mean
04:36:11 <vw> Yes, OF had a tough time getting going, and then did seem a little short.
04:36:45 <Michael> I thought so too. Wasn't sure if there was more water wrapped up inside the steam and shadows.
04:37:38 <vw> Still, reached 'long' duration.
04:39:57 <vw> Well, everything that could have erupted over the next hour or so did already. Only Lion left? good time to read a book, get some chores done....
04:40:13 <Michael> Gotta run. Next hour shouldn't be bad, though, if Lion and Daisy both show up.
04:54:59 <vw> Lion 1154
04:59:51 <vw> Sawmill is off.
05:23:09 <vw> Ranger program, extreme lower left on public stream.
05:32:52 <vw> Daisy 1232
05:35:00 <Kevin L> I see you got Aurum, but no BH.
05:35:43 <vw> Hi Kevin.
05:35:55 <vw> Yeah, I haven't even seen BHI, but could have missed it too.
05:36:17 <Kevin L> Hi. Just stopping by for a quickie. At least I caught a Daisy.
05:36:43 <vw> Pretty quiet. We do have a Lion series going which is nice.
05:37:22 <Kevin L> I saw a BHI just before I had to leave. Wife went back to work today, so mega bus duty. One kid to work, one kid to preliminary school stuff along with hardware store for things to fix broken stuff.
05:37:53 <vw> Sounds like a busy day. Too much windshield time though.
05:38:11 <Kevin L> I see you have BSOD today too. I had it a lot of the time yesterday. Ended up on the cam for 10 + hours but I did get a BH out of it!
05:38:37 <vw> Oh no! That is too long of a shift. :P Been there.
05:39:10 <vw> Yeah mostly BSOD today. Picture pops in, as just now, but isn't stable.
05:39:30 <Kevin L> If if wasn't BSOD the wind was blowing it everywhere.
05:40:10 <vw> I think we are in for at least several days of high winds, so the ride could be uncomfortable on the cam for a while.
05:41:22 <vw> Nothing due in the next couple of minutes, except maybe Lion. I am going to grab a quick lunch. brb.
06:01:41 <Jenna> OF 1302 ie
06:01:51 <Jenna> guess my clock is ahead a little
06:01:52 <vw> OF 1301
06:01:55 <Jenna> 1301
06:02:12 <vw> Lion 1301
06:02:54 <Kevin L> Tall Lion
06:02:57 <Dave from B> Could we space them out a little better, vw!
06:03:06 <Dave from B> Make that ?
06:03:11 <vw> Been like this all day Dave!
06:03:25 <Diane> Do we have an indicator also?
06:03:30 <vw> Frustrating! Can't see much up close when OF is going.
06:03:37 <Dave from B> I know. I sure miss is Day 200
06:03:47 <vw> Could be Diane. I have to wait for OF to get done before zooming though.
06:04:03 <Dave from B> Timing is about right, Diane
06:04:10 <Dave from B> BTW, Good afternoon, Diane
06:04:31 <Diane> Good afternoon all.
06:05:55 <vw> Yes on BHI.
06:06:06 <vw> Had to get close to really see it well.
06:06:21 <Diane> Kinda pathetic looking, isn't it?
06:06:38 <vw> I just don't have a very clear picture on LS.
06:07:13 <Diane> Maybe that's my problem as well, streaming seems a little jumpy.
06:07:25 <vw> Very jumpy: windy.
06:07:36 <Diane> That too.
06:14:59 <Kitt> Hello everyone
06:15:03 <vw> Hi Kitt.
06:15:34 <Dave from B> Hi, Kitt
06:15:36 <Diane> hi Kitt. Back for another Beehive?
06:15:46 <Kitt> I could only wish
06:15:46 <vw> Nobody is hanging out at BH, so I am guessing BHI is unconvincing.
06:16:06 <Kitt> waiting to head to hair cut appointment
06:16:51 <Kitt> yesterday it was the water sloshing out of Beehive that was convincing
06:17:38 <Dave from B> Per YTG via FB....Bear mauling a couple of hours ago in central portion of the prak. No further details at this time
06:18:06 <Kitt> vw are you ready for the heat wave that will peak tomorrow?
06:18:42 <vw> One day of 100 per summer isn't too bad Kitt.
06:18:55 <Diane> Yikes. Both about the bear and the heat.
06:19:23 <Kevin L> Good shot at BH. Bus duty!
06:19:25 <vw> Not too bad Diane. We haven't reached 100 yet this summer. Tomorrow's predicted high is 97 for Blgs.
06:19:33 <vw> Bye K.
06:20:17 <Kitt> if it goes, it will wait until I leave for hair appointment
06:20:44 <Diane> Could be worse. But you are hotter than we are here in northern Missouri.
06:20:57 <Kitt> Billings TV said 99 for a high and weather channel said 100
06:21:22 <vw> We normally get several days of 100. This year really hasn't been bad at all.
06:21:46 <vw> Thanks for the update Kitt. I was relying on last night's news.
06:21:46 <Dave from B> It has been the nicest summer weatherwise in Blgs in a LONG time
06:21:55 <Diane> Its been very humid here, so seems hot, but the temps have not been as high as normal, I don't think.
06:21:56 <vw> I am sure we will reach 100 in the valley.
06:22:09 <vw> But 80's next week.
06:22:18 <vw> Mostly I look forward to return of cool nights.
06:22:48 <Jenna> same here Dave, it's been beautiful lately
06:23:13 <Dave from B> Sunrise is getting late enough that I almost need a light at 6 am to read while waiting for freight at the airport
06:23:26 <Dave from B> Sure sign that fall is coming soon
06:23:32 <Jenna> yup
06:23:52 <Jenna> once I start using the heat in my car in the morning and a/c in the afternoon I know it's fall
06:24:08 <Diane> :)
06:24:10 <Dave from B> Yes, I have needed it as well
06:24:21 <Dave from B> The heat, that is
06:24:49 <Kitt> well a trimming I shall go
06:24:54 <Jenna> my electric bill is enjoying the good temps also :)
06:24:56 <Kitt> hope you get a Bee
06:24:58 <Kitt> bye
06:25:06 <Diane> Bye, and thanks.
06:25:33 <vw> Bye Kitt.
06:26:01 <Diane> Dave, where did you say you saw the bear mauling report?
06:26:24 <Dave from B> Yellowstone Tour Guides via Facebook
06:26:30 <Diane> Ah.
06:26:32 <Dave from B> Was just posted
06:26:35 <vw> Reliable reporters.
06:27:00 <Diane> Huh. Hate to hear it.
06:31:22 <vw> Splashing at BH.
06:31:51 <Diane> I thought we were going to get a start there for a little bit.
06:32:27 <vw> LC 1332 ie.
06:32:39 <vw> People congregating for Lion it looks like.
06:32:55 <vw> A little early though.
06:36:53 <ynpvisitor34> Nothing to see here, keep moving.
06:37:09 <Diane> Bee is such a tease!
06:41:59 <vw> Almost 40m now. Seems more and more unlikely.
06:42:10 <Kevin L> Well I gave you every chance in the world.
06:42:41 <Diane> Well, I have to leave in three minutes. If that doesn't do it, nothing will.
06:42:48 <vw> Yeap, and you weren't the only person who tried to sacrifice themselves. Kitt had to leave too.
06:47:03 <vw> Diane, I don't think you will miss BH if it is any consolation.
06:47:52 <Diane> I don't think so either. And now I must go. Have a nice afternoon, all.
06:48:17 <vw> You too Diane`1
06:48:22 <vw> oops... !
06:48:25 <Dave from B> Bye, Diane
07:08:37 <vw> Lion 1408
07:12:59 <vw> Castle 1412 ie
07:16:25 <Jenna> nice long lion series
07:16:46 <Kevin L> Taking all the power from BH
07:18:55 <Kent> Does anyon have a sense as to Aurum's current interval?
07:18:58 <vw> Hi Kent.
07:19:06 <Kent> Hey vw
07:19:37 <Kevin L> Yes. It goes when it wants to. Just like it normally does. 3h to 28h intervals.
07:19:40 <vw> Not me. Seems to be solidly in summer mode, so anything goes?
07:19:48 <Kent> :)
07:20:03 <Kent> You mean it is acting like a geyser?
07:20:14 <vw> :)
07:20:34 <Kevin L> Aurum intervals are like a geyser to the geyser power.
07:21:02 <Kent> I should have know better than to ask this group :)
07:21:13 <vw> Oh come on Kevin, maybe just a wee bit shorter than that?
07:21:59 <Kevin L> I think that is one of the things that makes Aurum so intriguing. Nobody has ever been able to figure it out.
07:22:30 <vw> Kent, the problem is we just don't have many closed intervals recorded recently on Aurum. Wish we did.
07:23:19 <Kent> I think I am going to figure on 5 hours + or - and see how that works. Thanks vw and Kevin
07:23:43 <vw> Any time Kent.
07:24:00 <vw> We are often full of useless information like that. :D
07:24:18 <Kevin L> I start looking for it about then, but it can go VERY long. Had a confirmed interval at about 28 hours last year.
07:24:25 <Dave from B> You can always pay Micah to sit at Aurum for a few days
07:24:49 <Kent> I wonder if it still has a logger?
07:25:00 <Kevin L> I think Micah is one of those would would be hooked.
07:25:24 <Kent> I am off to GeyserTimes
07:25:36 <Kevin L> Think it does. Just getting the info from it is almost impossible.
07:25:37 <vw> Bye!
07:29:54 <Kent> It looks like Aurum had a logger at least through April of this year. Some data has not been processed yet. I miss Ralph and his handout sheet.
07:35:05 <vw> OF 1434
07:41:26 <vw> Sawmill 1441 ie
07:41:36 <ynpvisitor73> .
07:54:32 <vw> Daisy 1454
07:58:20 <vw> I have an appointment I need to head to so the cam is going into the OF preset.
07:58:33 <vw> cb should be along soon to take the cam.
07:58:39 <vw> Hope everybody has a great evening!
08:05:43 <Kevin L> Hi cb
08:05:57 <Dave from B> Hi, cb
08:06:53 <cb> hello all!
08:08:18 <cb> think there will be another Lion?
08:08:54 <Kevin L> Possible. The last series was fairly short
08:09:07 <Dave from B> Who knows...but you will be blessed with bhi pretty soon
08:09:23 <Dave from B> Well, in an hour or two
08:09:23 <cb> kinda on the hour today
08:09:28 <cb> :)
08:10:12 <cb> Breezy!
08:10:21 <Dave from B> cb, did you see I finally figured out how to flip my FB profile photo?
08:11:10 <cb> I did! yippie!!
08:11:13 <cb> LOL!
08:11:25 <Dave from B> Now, I need a new picture!
08:11:28 <cb> you read my thoughts when i saw it!
08:11:45 <cb> Saw your pic of your bride also! Very nice!
08:12:19 <Dave from B> LC took a picture of Becca and me at BH this summer. I'll try to put that one on tonight
08:12:25 <cb> (keepin it fresh) Bride/wife!
08:12:47 <Dave from B> Can you tell my wife is out of town? Getting some important chores done!:D
08:12:53 <cb> I look forward to seeing it!
08:13:16 <cb> haha, i hadn't thought of that but now that you mention it...
08:14:38 <cb> Lion let off some steam at 1514
08:15:01 <cb> would ya even call that one a minor?
08:15:13 <Kevin L> Had the burrito platter at the Geyser Grill for lunch.
08:15:29 <cb> LOL!!!
08:15:39 <Dave from B> So minor that I missed it
08:15:55 <cb> For a minute there i thought you had made a quick trip to the hill!
08:17:07 <Dave from B> I can't even remember the last time I ate at the Geyser Grill. I like Lower Hams
08:18:10 <cb> I think we ate there one time in Oct of 09. Once did it for me. I'd rather tail gate it!
08:19:23 <Dave from B> That's right...I forgot...I need to be at OF when you are...I'll even bring an empty plate!:)
08:20:06 <cb> :) Some mighty fine French toast comes from our tailgate pantry!
08:20:36 <Dave from B> Exactly....and it is my favorite breakfast food
08:20:39 <cb> did you see the picture of our grand daughter that is coming with us in sept?
08:20:59 <Dave from B> Yes, I did
08:21:19 <cb> She is sooo excited!
08:23:36 <cb> sawmill 1523ie
08:26:12 <Dave from B> I bet she is. You have to get them hooked early.
08:32:08 <cb> Lion 1531 minor
08:32:13 <cb> That was a minor
08:36:05 <cb> lion 1535
08:37:26 <cb> major
08:42:18 <cb> hum., i have tried several times to put that last Lion into GT's but it's not showing for me. Does anyone else see it?
08:43:29 <Kent> 1531 is all I see
08:43:29 <kc (working)> its showing up as secondary entries on the 1531 report
08:43:45 <Dave from B> 4 times!:D
08:43:52 <cb> weird. i posted it seperatly
08:44:03 <cb> Ya...tried it 4 times!
08:44:06 <Dave from B> I believe Graham can fix that?
08:44:11 <kc (working)> if its close enough in time it does it automatically
08:46:07 <cb> ya, Deleted those. oh well.
08:46:24 <cb> the minor major difference should moot that time thing
08:57:49 <Andrew> hello
09:04:26 <Dave from B> Hi, Andrew
09:04:38 <cb> OF 1604
09:04:55 <Dave from B> Actually time for me to pickup some freight at the airport. I will talk to everyone later this evening.
09:05:16 <cb> Bye Dave Hi Andrew
09:28:18 <ynpvisitor23> hey cb is driving!
09:28:37 <craigmon99> Hey all
09:28:45 <Andrew> hello
09:29:35 <craigmon99> Sawmill?
09:29:56 <cb> #23 you crack me up
09:30:51 <ynpvisitor23> lol
09:31:16 <ynpvisitor23> you got your license back
09:31:53 <cb> ya i guess! :)
09:31:58 <craigmon99> Been raining alot in yellowstone lately!
09:32:38 <ynpvisitor23> 2 new fires and a bear mauling - that's purty big news
09:33:16 <cb> I saw a little snippet on FB about the mauling. Not good
09:33:31 <ynpvisitor23> awaiting further news
09:40:17 <cb> Lion 1640ie
09:40:53 <ynpvisitor23> yay
09:46:16 <Maureen> cb!
09:46:26 <Maureen> it has not been raining in Yellowstone, hardly at all.
09:46:42 <Andrew> hi maureen
09:46:46 <Maureen> smokey skies today
09:46:50 <Maureen> hey Andrew
09:47:02 <Maureen> you cannot see Mount Holmes from town
09:47:19 <cb> Hey Maureen!
09:47:24 <Maureen> bear mauling, I have not seen that news yet.
09:47:28 <Maureen> In YNP?
09:47:33 <Maureen> cb!
09:47:38 <cb> yep YTG's
09:47:47 <cb> a brief little snippet
09:47:49 <Maureen> i will check it out
09:47:52 <cb> more to come
09:47:56 <Maureen> Fountain only did 36 minutes.
09:48:03 <Maureen> I mean 34
09:48:07 <Maureen> that is pretty short
09:48:09 <cb> and MT?
09:48:21 <Andrew> has morning looking as of late
09:48:21 <Maureen> I was going to go out tonight, yet not sure now with smoke
09:48:21 <cb> very short
09:48:35 <Maureen> may double out and sleep.
09:48:48 <Maureen> hate to miss a data point, yet Morning has looked very peaceful
09:49:02 <Maureen> it was boiling a few days ago I guess, yet has calmed down since
09:49:09 <Maureen> MT only once, after FTN.
09:49:18 <cb> I hope it's not slowing down
09:49:22 <Maureen> as often happens of late
09:49:53 <Maureen> me too, cb, it will be longer than 5 days again. Maybe if it erupts we will have a flurry of eruptions again, one can HOPE
09:50:12 <Maureen> F & M UGB watch today, no plumes???
09:50:22 <Maureen> from F & M area I mean, not Plume itself
09:50:26 <ynpvisitor23> that fire over by Ennis went to 1000 acres today
09:50:46 <Maureen> there is one is Idaho close to us, that is covering Holmes
09:50:57 <Maureen> we are soon to be surrounded by fire
09:51:16 <Andrew> anyoen going down there to check on F&M UGB? Will?
09:51:20 <Maureen> my next Morning photos could be under smokey skies.
09:51:28 <Maureen> Will and Micah are in Shoshone
09:51:41 <Maureen> but yes, some folks are about that would love to see it.
09:51:55 <Maureen> Jim S watched a very good event cycle yesterday
09:52:02 <Andrew> I see
09:52:37 <Maureen> one gazer really wants to see Morning, and really wants to see F& M UGB, and I told him he may not be able to do both.
09:53:03 <Maureen> both are in imminent windows. That is why I hate to miss tonight, yet might pass.
09:53:09 <Andrew> morning is more likely these days
09:53:24 <Maureen> the Emperor is here!!!, with his lovely wife Cindy
09:53:30 <ynpvisitor23> but Morning may take another 19 years off too
09:53:35 <Maureen> so fun to share a Fountain with them!
09:53:43 <Maureen> 23, perish the thought, please
09:53:57 <Maureen> I miss Morning,
09:53:58 <ynpvisitor23> what I was saying is Morning trumps F&M right now, for me
09:54:16 <Maureen> yes, me too 23, yet this guy has never seen F&M UGB
09:54:35 <Maureen> well, just checked in to say hello, and fret about Fountain, he he
09:54:38 <Andrew> this new activity in morning although not as vigorous as seen in the past is remarkably stable which I hope is a sign
09:55:05 <Maureen> I have to close up shop at work. Will be back from home. Where is G these days I wonder?
09:55:10 <ynpvisitor23> tough call for that person, I wish him very good geyser karma
09:55:36 <Maureen> yes, me too 23, he has helped me get some Fountain times, very nice of him.
09:55:46 <Maureen> it is hard to catch them all alone.
09:56:06 <Maureen> Lynn is back tomorrow yet will have her grandkids.
09:56:24 <Maureen> Cindy has not seen Morning, so I think the Emperor will be hanging out there some!
09:56:31 <cb> Morning is waiting on Lynn!
09:56:39 <Maureen> maybe!!
09:56:42 <cb> and John!'
09:56:50 <Maureen> and CINDY!
09:56:53 <Andrew> have there been a lot of gazers lately or at least some? It seems there aren't as many posting
09:57:08 <Maureen> not technichologically savvy ones
09:57:13 <cb> yes..Cindy!
09:57:17 <Maureen> if only I could spell that, he he
09:57:37 <Maureen> and, hard to get on GT from basin.
09:57:44 <Maureen> I had very spotty cell at UGB today
09:57:59 <cb> G!
09:58:22 <cb> Techno. when in doubt, abbrev.! :)
10:00:50 <Maureen> where is G?
10:01:15 <ynpvisitor40> Giant, Giantess?
10:01:28 <Andrew> not here in traffic?
10:02:02 <Maureen> Graham
10:02:03 <cb> No clue Maureen!
10:02:05 <Maureen> sorry
10:02:16 <cb> maybe Kevin knows?
10:02:19 <Maureen> cb, I sent you a FB message
10:02:27 <Maureen> no worries, he will get in touch eventually
10:02:34 <Maureen> about Bill's theory
10:02:41 <cb> I have been multi tasking here!
10:02:59 <cb> Ya,,, that was quite the conversation this morning! :?
10:03:13 <cb> I will read it in a bit.
10:03:14 <Andrew> .
10:03:23 <cb> thanks for answering
10:11:58 <Maureen> cb, are you on for a bit, with the cam?
10:12:27 <cb> i am on the phone w grandkids
10:12:56 <cb> yes on cam
10:13:13 <Maureen> well, I will check back.
10:15:11 <ynpvisitor23> bear incident was on Cygnet Lakes trail
10:18:58 <Andrew>
10:19:10 <Andrew> nps posted this just now
10:22:32 <ynpvisitor23> bye all
10:23:49 <ynpvisitor71> Daisy
10:26:34 <ynpvisitor94> bhi is going
10:26:47 <ynpvisitor56> هاى
10:32:04 <ynpvisitor94> fluffy
10:32:18 <Andrew> OF 1732
10:38:20 <Andrew> assuming long
10:39:01 <ynpvisitor94> yes it was a long
10:39:22 <ynpvisitor94> Kevin are you driving cam?
10:40:26 <cb> Sorry, i had to run and pick up grandkids
10:40:37 <cb> what is that you call it Kevin. bus duty?
10:40:43 <cb> Grandma duty
10:41:07 <Andrew> entered a few things while you were gone
10:41:18 <cb> great!
10:42:30 <ynpvisitor94> bhi was ie at 1726
10:43:07 <Andrew> ok qill edit
10:43:33 <cb> lion 1743
10:43:35 <ynpvisitor94> Lion
10:43:43 <Andrew> a dual!
10:44:09 <ynpvisitor94> now if it could only be a trio
11:30:04 <ynpvisitor38> I heard that lion had another long series. Any signs of life from NGoggles tonite?
11:37:04 <Andrew> chances are, its going to do nothing
11:38:24 <ynpvisitor38> like BH, I guess. Thanks.
11:39:23 <Dave from B> ..
11:43:49 <Graham> hello. knew it was a bad idea going to a Nats game when they had been on a 5 game winning streak
11:44:06 <Graham> Grand?
11:44:16 <Andrew> I think
11:44:26 <Andrew> yes it is
11:44:39 <Graham> k
11:44:40 <Andrew> might have been earlier but I am not paying attention
11:45:00 <Andrew> thats 1844 ie
11:45:35 <Andrew> ~6 hours 20 pretty short interval
11:46:17 <ynpvisitor91> I get 7.5
11:46:35 <Andrew> oh my math is wrong, thanks for pointing that out
11:47:08 <ynpvisitor91> it's been pretty steady around 7 or 7.5 lately
11:48:47 <Dave from B> Hi, Graham
11:48:59 <Dave from B> aka the bad luck charm for his sports teams?:)
11:49:59 <Graham> yep, they were 2 up at the top of the 9th buut Giants hot a 3 run homer . boo
11:50:24 <Dave from B> Ouch
11:50:43 <Andrew> .
11:51:05 <Andrew> but the Giants :)
11:51:15 <Graham> oh well, at least we enjoyed most of the fgame and it was a beautiful evening
11:51:33 <Dave from B> Glad you enjoyed the evening
11:53:43 <Dave from B> bbl...time to mow the lawn
11:55:43 <ynpvisitor91> ..
12:23:09 <Dave from B> Graham, have you read todays log re Lion?
12:23:23 <ynpvisitor63> look how smokey it is, wow
12:23:53 <ynpvisitor63> fire near Henry's Lake in Idaho blowing in
12:24:21 <Dave from B> How big 63?
12:24:40 <ynpvisitor63> over 1000 acres now
12:25:22 <Graham> ni i have not read it, will look
12:25:33 <Graham> i see the nice series and odd list of minors on GT
12:26:01 <Dave from B> cb had a Lion minor at 1531 and a major at 1535 but cb couldn't get the major to stand alone
12:26:34 <ynpvisitor63>
12:26:35 <Graham> ah, ok. You have to enter them as Other Geyser and then edit the name
12:26:40 <ynpvisitor63> fire is actually in MT
12:27:37 <Dave from B> I will let cb know the secret
12:27:57 <Dave from B> 63, is this fire close to Island Park?
12:28:38 <ynpvisitor63> no, closer to Cliff and Wade Lakes, to the west of Island Park
12:28:54 <ynpvisitor63> will not burn toward there
12:29:23 <ynpvisitor63> map on inciweb site
12:29:35 <Dave from B> I clicked on your link. I was thinking east of Henry's Lake
12:29:42 <ynpvisitor63> still no F & M today...
12:30:04 <Dave from B> vw had said she heard there was a good event cycle yesterday
12:31:29 <ynpvisitor63> yes, that was from me, Jim S and Robert Jones witnessed it.
12:32:00 <ynpvisitor63> and if you zoom out on the map, you can see Hebgen and Henry's Lake...I bet Big Sky is crazy smoky tonight
12:33:51 <Graham> Bill tried to enter the minor too so I put his in-park entry into GT
12:35:27 <Graham> wonder if the 1640 Lion was a minor - bob entered a minor but next interval was an hour assuming none missed
12:37:10 <Graham> I am thinking cb's entry is better without maj/Minir flag
12:44:13 <Dave from B> ..
12:53:11 <Graham> nice pinks
12:53:23 <Graham> not so nice air quality tho
12:54:37 <ynpvisitor63> fire does make for nice sunsets and sunrises, unless you are actually IN the smoke
13:03:50 <Kevin L> Daisy ie 1003
13:03:56 <Kevin L> 2003
13:16:30 <ynpvisitor63> wow, Fan and Mortar
13:16:40 <ynpvisitor63> 1906 ns
13:17:01 <ynpvisitor63> did the cam catch the cloud at all?
13:17:53 <ynpvisitor63> Will must be back, he posted it yet did not mention if he was there
13:26:14 <ynpvisitor31> hi
13:27:35 <Todd> hello
13:34:57 <Kevin L> Hi Todd. How is the corn doing?
13:37:05 <Todd> Sorry Kevin, got sidetracked looking for a paint sprayer to paint the barns and grain bins
13:37:31 <Todd> SOme of the early planted corn looks pretty good
13:38:10 <Todd> I think we can get a few fields to go over two hundred bushel/ acre
13:38:28 <Todd> the late planted corn is going to be much less
13:38:55 <Todd> we have had little rain here once it shut off in late May
13:40:22 <Kevin L> Be nice if it would spread out some.
13:40:50 <Todd> Sure would
13:41:29 <Todd> All the moisture is in southern US
13:42:20 <Kevin L> This year the only thing I have been able to get to grow isbermuda Grass.
13:42:33 <Todd> From the road, things look pretty good. We'll probably go out in the corn fields this weekend to assess the ear size
13:42:52 <Todd> No Bermuda grass here
13:43:14 <Todd> Yards are brown here it is so dry
13:44:34 <Todd> I'm sure they aren't as brown as your area though
13:46:19 <Kevin L> That Bermuda grass is pure Hell. It grows by seeds, runners and roots. If you put water on the ground it finds it. and will choke out just about anything Nothing kills it.
13:47:04 <Todd> well then keep it down there
13:48:44 <Kevin L> I think next year I am going to try containers. Put in new plants in new dirt and keep it a bit about the old garden and then toss them at the end of the season.
13:58:08 <Todd> heading out. nite all
13:58:25 <Kevin L> bye