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23:23:33 <Graham> Bronze steam?
23:47:15 <ynpvisitor25> of 0646
23:50:58 <Graham> so that was a very short interval after the dual, just 4h52m to the solo Morning
23:54:28 <lc> I had not noticed that, interesting.
23:55:41 <Graham> just saw it on FB, didn't think it would recover that fast after a dual
23:56:49 <lc> I can't believe that many people were out there.
23:59:18 <lc> Sawmill just quit
23:59:30 <ynpvisitor17> day after might have been ignored earlier this summer after some bagged their duals
00:00:03 <Graham> yeah, we have not had many post dual reports
00:00:11 <Graham> there was an 11h, but that may have been a double
00:02:01 <Graham> only 3h32m after Ftn quit!
00:02:17 <Graham> no, 3h13m
00:04:54 <lc> Daisy 0704ie
00:07:58 <lc> streaming acting p here
01:09:33 <lc> is indicator ie?
01:09:39 <lc> looks like it
01:10:06 <ynpvisitor22> BHI 0810ie
01:10:14 <ynpvisitor22> 0809ie
01:10:29 <lc> I think that is ns
01:10:35 <Graham> zzzz
01:10:44 <Graham> maybe I should send a text?
01:10:53 <ynpvisitor59> YES
01:11:12 <lc> been 18 hrs
01:11:23 <ynpvisitor56> NO juust watch the gravel.
01:11:54 <ynpvisitor17> MAYBE
01:12:19 <ynpvisitor17> flip a coin?
01:12:25 <Graham> sent
01:12:50 <ynpvisitor59> praise god!
01:13:08 <ynpvisitor17> hilarious
01:13:59 <Graham> praying for a BH eruption?
01:14:04 <Graham> what about Giantess
01:20:25 <lc> of 0820
01:25:36 <Graham> Oblong?
01:26:32 <ynpvisitor55> big steam cloud
01:26:48 <lc> if its not Grand.
01:27:13 <lc> didn't look like Grand at the start.
01:27:14 <Graham> didnt look big enough at the start for Grand
01:27:44 <lc> I agree
01:58:46 <vw> Good morning.
01:58:58 <vw> Waiting for Grand?
01:59:02 <lc> good morning vw
01:59:05 <vw> Lion 0858 ie static cam.
01:59:23 <vw> An initial?
01:59:30 <vw> Hi lc!
01:59:34 <lc> yep
01:59:43 <vw> Not sure who has the cam.
01:59:55 <vw> I will in just a second...
01:59:58 <lc> I think 0958 was the start
02:00:27 <vw> lc, can you log that while I finish getting set up, please? I would appreciate it.
02:00:37 <lc> will do
02:00:46 <vw> Thank you!
02:01:18 <vw> Is that Aurum on static? 0900 ie ?
02:01:40 <vw> Trying to do too many things at once here.
02:01:52 <vw> BHI 0901 ie
02:02:16 <vw> lc 0901 ie
02:02:31 <vw> Okay. I have done my job for the morning. Bye!
02:02:34 <vw> Hehe.
02:02:39 <vw> Kidding.
02:02:53 <lc> indicator has been going for a while
02:03:14 <vw> I don't think that Aurum is worth logging. If someone can review captures though that would be great.
02:03:31 <vw> BHI is the same as the 0809 ie one? Wow.
02:03:43 <lc> yes
02:03:51 <vw> Nearing perpetual status.
02:04:11 <lc> I think its about done
02:04:33 <vw> Yeah, looks like it has dropped below ground.
02:05:22 <vw> It will be nice to have Lion to entertain us this morning.
02:07:05 <vw> WT 0906 ie
02:07:13 <vw> Maybe Turban now?
02:18:57 <vw> Wondering if we are seeing Rift. Steam is continuing.
02:26:19 <vw> Another
02:26:27 <vw> oops... Turban?
02:26:42 <Ryan> Rift and turban?
02:26:56 <vw> Hi Ryan. I am thinking...
02:27:18 <vw> Definitely two separate events out there.
02:27:35 <Ryan> yepp
02:27:41 <Michael> I could believe that. The "Rift" cloud seems pretty big, though.
02:28:29 <vw> Will posted Rift 0907.
02:29:10 <vw> It was from an FRS call though, so Will isn't out there.
02:32:43 <vw> Daisy due soon. OF too so we will have to pull away to watch for it in just a few minutes.
02:43:20 <lc> GRAND 0943
02:43:23 <ynpvisitor86> Grand?
02:43:30 <ynpvisitor86> Thanks lc
02:43:32 <vw> Grand 0943 ie static cam.
02:43:34 <vw> Of course.
02:43:47 <Michael> figures.
02:45:13 <Ryan> :)
02:45:17 <vw> OF 0944
02:45:37 <Mara> nice and fluffy
02:46:17 <Michael> At least OF put on a good show.
02:46:43 <Kevin L> A dual!
02:46:53 <Kevin L> :p
02:47:03 <lc> Riverside was 0932, I didn't see it on static or streaming.
02:47:08 <vw> We should be able to catch the end of Grand too. If there are multiple bursts we might have front row seating even.
02:47:29 <vw> Thank you lc. I can't say as how I saw it either, but wasn't really watching for it.
02:47:52 <Suzanne> Good morning
02:47:56 <Mara> I'm going to hope for a three-burster
02:48:01 <vw> Hi Suzanne.
02:48:03 <Mara> hullo!
02:48:16 <Michael> Good morning.
02:48:20 <lc> good morning Suzanne
02:48:27 <Suzanne> I thought I'd enjoy Grand from afar.
02:48:42 <vw> We will get you closer in just a minute.
02:48:49 <Suzanne> yay
02:49:08 <Ryan> Morning Suzanne
02:49:14 <Michael> you still have to fill in your own sound effects, though.
02:50:00 <Mara> I substitute this
02:50:01 <Mara>
02:50:32 <Ryan> :)
02:50:45 <Suzanne> nice!
02:51:19 <ynpvisitor16> what do you mean by front row seating?
02:51:36 <vw> No heads blocking your view.
02:52:36 <Ryan> Darn you Mara, I was just getting over the PYDS!
02:52:53 <lc> 9 min, 2nd maybe
02:53:04 <vw> fingers crossed, lc.
02:53:22 <lc> Daisy 0953 ie
02:53:23 <vw> Daisy 0953 ie, static cam.
02:53:45 <Kevin L> They just can't spread themselves out.
02:55:21 <vw> No 2nd.
02:56:17 <vw> Sawmill off.
02:57:17 <vw> That sequence of eruptions pretty much leaves Lion and Of for the remainder of my Saturday shift.
02:58:57 <Mara> maybe a surprise Beehive? :)
02:59:11 <Michael> I'm off to run errands. I hope Castle or Beehive puts in an appearance for you as well.
03:09:57 <Mara> and now I'm stuck watching videos of grand eruptions
03:12:39 <ynpvisitor56> Lion minor due very soon.
03:13:54 <vw> ? Lion minor?
03:14:06 <vw> Not sure what you mean 56.
03:14:50 <lc> I didn't see a minor
03:15:20 <vw> I didn't either, but you guys know I miss stuff all the time.
03:15:29 <Graham> glad you fixed the cam vw
03:15:38 <lc> so do I
03:15:40 <vw> Pretty unstable still G.
03:15:54 <ynpvisitor56> First minors have occured at 73 and 74 minutes last two days.
03:16:18 <vw> Cam can't decide if it wants to be a picture, BSOD or squiggly lines.
03:16:27 <Graham> don't usually have a minor for the second in the series tho, right?
03:16:56 <Graham> LC
03:17:02 <vw> Not usually, but I suppose nothing is too far out of possible the way the geysers have been bahaving lately!
03:17:36 <vw> Lion 1017
03:17:55 <Mara> it's a dual! :D
03:19:05 <Graham> so no overnight Morning report
03:19:33 <vw> Not even a morning Fountain report yet.
03:20:10 <Suzanne> one more week and I will be there :-)
03:20:16 <Graham> maybe the report hasn't gotten out yet
03:20:27 <vw> Sweet Suzanne!
03:20:32 <Graham> hi Night Owl, how was Grand?
03:20:38 <ynpvisitor56> One more day and I will be there.
03:20:40 <Night-owl> 044-something was Fountain
03:20:44 <Graham> 2 weeks for me
03:20:58 <vw> Okay you guys... Gonna make me cry!
03:21:00 <Graham> ok, that seems right. long or short one?
03:21:16 <Suzanne> Graham, I will see you there - I am staying for 2 weeks
03:21:33 <Graham> good, hope we can enjoy Morning together
03:21:41 <Suzanne> me too!
03:21:51 <Graham> so glad its still going
03:22:00 <Night-owl> Just received word, when Jim passed by fountain at 0410 it was Post Eruptive
03:22:11 <Night-owl> And Grand was wonderful.
03:22:31 <Night-owl> West Triplet started two minutes in.
03:22:48 <Night-owl> Diasy erupted about 30 minutes before, and then Oblong about an hour before.
03:22:52 <Night-owl> It was a good sit.
03:22:54 <vw> Thought we saw WT before Grand eruption.
03:22:57 <Graham> probably people out there now.
03:23:10 <Night-owl> yeah, Will's heading out now.
03:23:12 <Graham> how was the smoke?
03:23:34 <Night-owl> You can smell it everywhere. and last night the moon was orange, it makes for pretty views, not so good breathing conditions.
03:23:45 <Night-owl> I'm about to make a bulk-upload to GT for you guys.
03:23:57 <Graham> hope you get some rain soon without lightning
03:24:11 <Graham> thanks Night Owl, I was wondering :)
03:24:17 <vw> There is a good sized fire near Ennis that will create a lot of smoke for you guys. Careful about over-exertion.
03:24:21 <Graham> have not seen many Anemone times recently
03:25:04 <Night-owl> haven't sat on it as much as I
03:25:07 <Night-owl> 've wantedt o.
03:25:12 <Night-owl> to*
03:29:49 <Graham> watch out, it may go dormant due to neglect
03:30:41 <Night-owl> Don't you be going breaking my geyser!you already broke bhi! my geyser's off limits. :p
03:31:20 <Graham> its you thats neglecting it, not me :)
03:32:11 <Night-owl> I watch it when I'm on the hill, I just don't always sit down for it.
03:32:20 <Night-owl> usually I'm on my way to depression.
03:33:02 <ynpvisitor56> We are all on the way to depression.
03:33:20 <Night-owl> lol
03:33:28 <Graham> that your new GH favorite?
03:34:37 <Night-owl> no, but it might be my second.
03:34:47 <Night-owl> I just love the bubbles and the flood.
03:35:39 <Graham> yeah they are nice. Any activity from the right vent when it drains?
03:36:16 <Night-owl> I haven't seen the Washing machine in at least 2 weeks. :(
03:36:28 <Night-owl> It has rinse cycles now and again, but that's about it.
03:38:05 <Graham> k
03:38:05 <Night-owl> and, bulk upload is up.
03:38:19 <Graham> sounds like its still doing the 40-50m cycles between the big push and drops
03:38:35 <Graham> 40-50 between big pushes
03:38:50 <Night-owl> yeah, but I've seen it turn around after 10.
03:39:13 <Graham> from the drops several inches down or the mini drops?
03:39:54 <Graham> it was doing several smaller pushes that didnt drop far, followed by the bigger ones
03:40:03 <Night-owl> yeah, that's what i've seen.
03:40:28 <Graham> seems to go on the 40-50m big cycles and the smaller ones are just warm-ups
03:49:20 <Night-owl> there we go. NOW my overnight times are visible.
03:51:32 <Graham> ty
03:52:28 <Suzanne> So how cold is it getting overnight (for sits out at Grand and Morning)?
03:53:21 <Graham> it has been down to freezing at OF
03:53:51 <Graham>
03:53:53 <Night-owl> last night actually wasn't too bad.
03:53:58 <Night-owl> not freezing.
03:54:01 <Graham> only 39 today, heat wave
03:54:51 <Suzanne> in another week will probably be colder
03:55:08 <Suzanne> and 2 weeks from now, ready for snow :-)
03:55:46 <Suzanne> I will be bringing all my winter gear
03:56:15 <vw> :)
03:58:10 <Graham> i usually take the lightweight thermal layer, not ready for the hevyweight
03:58:41 <Suzanne> thanks for the link Graham
03:59:19 <Suzanne> I have to take the heavy stuff or I won't last for 3+ hour or overnight sits
04:00:26 <Night-owl> I'll probably pull another all nighter sometime here before I leave the park.
04:01:36 <Graham> 1 or 2 more weeks of work, then vacation?
04:01:47 <Night-owl> yep.
04:02:02 <Night-owl> contract ends on the 8th, staying till at least the 13th.
04:02:40 <Graham> so 3 more weeks of work?
04:02:57 <Night-owl> just about.
04:04:33 <Graham> Ftm 1023 but no duration yet
04:05:32 <Night-owl> hopefully that means it's still going.
04:05:52 <Graham> not sure, think the reporter left while it was ie
04:06:10 <Graham> would be 42m now, so probably not erupting
04:06:26 <Night-owl> probably, but we can dream.
04:06:50 <Graham> still cant believe Morning erupted only 3h13m after Ftn quit from the dual yesterday
04:08:24 <Graham> full moon on the 20th so good light for a few days. new moon in the 5th, good stars then
04:08:57 <Night-owl> yep. I'm going out for most if not all of the Late Grands the next few days.
04:09:53 <Suzanne> Wish I were there to see those moonlight Grands
04:09:57 <Graham> starlight is great around new moon tho if iots nice and clear
04:10:56 <Graham> Grand had one 6h interval, but hasn't moved to 5-6h intervals :(
04:11:13 <Night-owl> Duration of fountain 33minutes via frs
04:11:17 <Night-owl> boo
04:11:35 <Suzanne> true, and you can always hope for an aurora
04:11:59 <Suzanne> although clear also = colder usually
04:12:19 <Night-owl> yep.
04:12:35 <Night-owl> it did pull one 6h1m interval about a week ago.
04:12:48 <Suzanne> I am not expecting to go back and see 5 Grands in one day
04:13:05 <vw> Buy you can hope.... ?
04:13:10 <Night-owl> HK actually said he wouldn't be surprised.
04:13:23 <vw> *BuT*
04:13:41 <Suzanne> maybe it will switch for HK during Labor Day weekend
04:14:05 <Graham> that was fun last year, but now we have Morning, so be happy
04:14:35 <Night-owl> I'm as happy as can be. I've had an awesome summer.
04:14:51 <Graham> I did see an Aurora at Ftn at Memorial Day, just a distant glow, not the classic sheets of color
04:14:52 <Mara> I'm just happy when I get three grands in a day...
04:14:52 <vw> Just something different to be happy about Graham. We can still hope Grand shortens it's intervals.
04:14:54 <Suzanne> Yeah, I did get to see 2 eruptions when I was there last month, both duals, would like to catch a solo
04:15:58 <Graham> the sounds from the solo are amazing. i have 2 solos so am hoping for a dual :)
04:16:02 <Night-owl> I'm still just beaming over my solo on 07/16, that thing was drop dead gorgeous.
04:17:02 <Graham> so I vote for one of each over Labor Day weekend, a solo and a dual
04:17:05 <Suzanne> The overnight dual that I saw the last night I was there - was magical
04:17:32 <Graham> i had never seen Ftn at night before this last trip, was wonderful
04:17:51 <Night-owl> I vote labor day weekend. Giant, F&M, Giantes, North F&M, and lets throw in an East Sentinel Major while everyone's at F&M
04:18:03 <Graham> the quiet without the crowds makes it more intense
04:18:04 <Suzanne> Fountain at night, with the moon - is very nice
04:18:15 <vw> Lion 1118
04:18:19 <Night-owl> Lion 1118 via frs.
04:18:23 <ynpvisitor56> No Link?
04:18:42 <Graham> EMp has promised us Giant ...
04:19:00 <Night-owl> Link looks so dead....
04:19:17 <Graham> hope this is going to be a long Lion series otherwise this afternoon will be a snoozefest
04:19:47 <Night-owl> I hope so to so I can take a detour before Grand and get a North Goggles series.
04:20:58 <Graham> 3 Grand days are superb Mara, and 2 Grand days in winter have the same impact
04:21:01 <Maureen> only 33 minute FTN
04:21:49 <Graham> hi Maureen, thanks for the info, loks like we are in the Morning nap time?
04:21:59 <Maureen> yep
04:22:07 <Maureen> maybe it does not like smoky skies
04:22:08 <vw> um.... Micah... Want to check all those entries. A bunch show as 08/18. Pretty cool trick to predict them like that.
04:22:19 <Night-owl> I deleted them all. refresh
04:22:22 <Maureen> I told Micah about his posts
04:22:33 <vw> still showing on
04:22:41 <Maureen> future posts...Micah is getting good!
04:22:55 <Night-owl> well they're not showing on Geyser times...
04:22:57 <vw> Guess G will have to use his fingers and toes for predictions.
04:23:01 <Maureen> no word on Great Fountain, night owl?
04:23:20 <Night-owl> no word Maureen, the night owl didn't fly that far last night.
04:23:38 <Maureen> he he, just thought FRS might have sent some news to you that way
04:23:48 <Graham> predictions? you can predict geyser times?
04:23:55 <vw> hehe.
04:24:01 <vw> Not today I guess!
04:24:02 <Night-owl> I can predict Anemone's :)
04:24:13 <Night-owl> with a 4 minute window.
04:24:21 <Mara> Micah, I went to sleep soon after our conversation last night and then I dreamed that you crashed a car into Lion's cone...
04:24:50 <Night-owl> Mara,...I dont' even....
04:25:04 <Night-owl> oh! thanks for reminding me! I need to fill up with gas
04:25:15 <Mara> uh, you're welcome? xD
04:25:29 <vw> OF 1125
04:25:39 <Mara> ARISE, FLUFFY, ARISE!
04:26:09 <Maureen> nice
04:26:47 <Night-owl> and, it time for lunch, then ice cream. bbl folks!
04:26:56 <Maureen> bye
04:27:03 <Mara> have fun in your loft sir
04:27:11 <Graham> cleaned up
04:27:55 <Graham> with all that free ice cream i wonder how Micah's doing :)
04:28:13 <Graham> good job i am not working there
04:28:44 <Mara> hmmmmm... what if there was an ice cream geyser
04:29:14 <vw> Well, folks that is about it for me today.
04:29:16 <Graham> hot chocolate fountain maybe?
04:29:20 <vw> Hope everybody has a great day!
04:29:30 <Maureen> bye vw
04:29:32 <Mara> thanks for driving, vw!
04:29:34 <Graham> bye vw'
04:30:23 <Graham> does look smoky
04:32:00 <Mara> LC again
04:47:18 <Graham> fire update
04:49:39 <Suzanne> lets hope for some rain to clear out the smoke
04:50:32 <Graham> looks bad today
04:50:58 <Maureen> it is fire in MT south of Ennis causing the most smoke in basin
04:51:35 <Maureen> no rain in the forecast
04:51:55 <Maureen> how is CO, Suzanne?
04:51:59 <Graham> thanks Maureen. you going in for Ftn this evening?
04:52:07 <Maureen> this afternoon, yes
04:52:33 <Suzanne> very nice here in CO right now
04:52:34 <Maureen> decided to get work done today as my partner is out of town, quiet office!
04:52:53 <Maureen> glad to hear that Suzanne
04:53:18 <Maureen> Fountain could be before 1700
04:53:44 <Maureen> I hope not
04:54:31 <Maureen> The Emperor had a great day yesterday
04:54:52 <Maureen> 2 Mornings, one dual, one solo, Beehive walk up, and Great Fountain
04:54:52 <Suzanne> did he see both the dual and the solo?
04:54:55 <Maureen> he was happy
04:55:06 <Suzanne> jealous
04:55:08 <Maureen> yes, and Cindy was thrilled
04:55:15 <Maureen> me too, I missed the solo
04:56:07 <Maureen> Dick Powell made it to the solo, I was very glad to hear that
04:56:34 <Maureen> I bet we have missed some solo Mornings by not being at "after dual" in time
04:56:55 <Graham> probably, i was thinking that
04:57:05 <Graham> didnt think it woild recover that fast
04:57:07 <Maureen> I am almost sure of it now, looking at Lynn's numbers
04:57:20 <Maureen> live and learn
04:57:34 <Graham> now watch it change
04:57:38 <Maureen> he he
04:57:46 <Suzanne> there was only 1 solo observed when I was there and I missed it because nobody was expecting it
04:57:55 <Graham> fine if it switches to 3h intervals
04:58:06 <Maureen> yes, please
04:58:23 <Maureen> the way it is going G should get his dual wish
04:58:26 <Suzanne> and then when I missed the subsequent dual I didn't take any more chances
04:58:50 <Graham> and we need a solo for Suzanne
04:58:51 <Maureen> I still tell folks about your magical dual Suzanne, it was meant to be
04:59:37 <Suzanne> that was great, Maureen, a nice send off
05:00:01 <Suzanne> yes, I really want to see a solo when I return!
05:00:01 <Maureen> we watched after that one though, and FTN came next
05:00:10 <Graham> Morning is good at send off's - the solo I saw, the Trifecta for cb, and Suzannes dual
05:00:12 <Maureen> when are you back Suzanne
05:00:29 <Maureen> and Lynn's Trifecta last time Graham
05:00:30 <Suzanne> 1 week from today, for 2 weeks!
05:00:34 <Maureen> that was her send off
05:00:47 <Maureen> oh fun, someone to help do nights!!
05:01:01 <Suzanne> yep, planning on it
05:01:12 <Maureen> Lynn's send off was Trifecta and then her return was a 2 Morning day!
05:01:13 <Mara> my double burst Grand was enough send off for me :)
05:01:25 <Graham> yeah i remember that one too
05:01:52 <Maureen> too bad Morning did not stay in a series this time.
05:01:57 <Mara> though I wouldn't mind catching a Morning from the start as a send-off for Labor Day weekend...
05:02:03 <Maureen> It seems once it does a short duration, it is done for a bit.
05:02:12 <Maureen> I would be glad to be wrong about that though
05:02:16 <Graham> series of 2
05:02:39 <Maureen> here's hoping Mara...
05:02:57 <Graham> well we only have one prior data point on that Maureen
05:03:20 <Maureen> OK, just a feeling then
05:03:24 <Graham> and that was a Trifecta at the end of the series
05:03:44 <Graham> 13 June - 3 ore Morning eruptions and its off the GT list
05:03:45 <Maureen> last week we had 10 minute Morning and done
05:04:18 <Graham> true
05:04:19 <Maureen> Trifecta Mornings are long, so maybe we are talking about different things
05:04:42 <Graham> oh wait, short duration, not short interval
05:04:47 <Mara> I've been wondering, has a solo MT been observed before?
05:04:48 <Graham> i was loking at the short interval
05:04:53 <Maureen> Well, best focus on work. Take care all, and see you soon Suzanne
05:05:07 <Maureen> still not much data on it, durations, I am sure G.
05:05:16 <Suzanne> bye Maureen, see you in a week
05:05:17 <Graham> after the 10m duration it was just over a day interval
05:05:18 <Maureen> We have lots of solo MTs Mara
05:05:31 <Maureen> not that one, last week's one
05:05:35 <Mara> ah, thanks Maureen!
05:05:54 <Maureen> last year MT would go 3 hours before FTN,
05:06:11 <Maureen> it only erupts for a few minutes, not like it does during the Trifecta
05:06:27 <Maureen> I have spent too many hours looking at Morning data!!
05:06:31 <Graham> BHI
05:06:37 <Maureen> Bye for now, and safe travels Suzanee.
05:06:45 <Suzanne> thanks
05:06:46 <Mara> one can never spend too many hours looking at Morning data!
05:06:53 <Maureen> Oh, maybe I will see what happens here...
05:07:01 <Maureen> BH back to normal would be so nice
05:09:25 <Graham> LC
05:19:03 <Maureen> GO BEE
05:19:13 <Graham> zzzzz
05:19:21 <Graham> GO LIPN
05:19:31 <Graham> and LION
05:19:51 <Maureen> ha
05:20:01 <Maureen> not looking promising this time
05:20:10 <ynpvisitor11> go big cub
05:20:17 <Suzanne> if this were a normal year BH would be primed to go
05:20:50 <Maureen> yes
05:20:58 <Mara> go North Dwarf!!!
05:20:58 <Graham> its on stgrike with Plume
05:21:22 <Suzanne> poor Plume
05:21:24 <Maureen> there was a Plume call in the basin yesterday yet we are pretty sure it was not correct
05:21:32 <Maureen> it was around 1400
05:22:15 <ynpvisitor77> I suspect Will or Micah would have been all over that if true
05:22:44 <ynpvisitor11> ROAR
05:22:48 <Maureen> Will is the one who told me about it
05:22:50 <ynpvisitor11> Lion
05:23:03 <ynpvisitor11> 1222
05:23:07 <Mara> er mah gerd it's lern!
05:25:15 <Mara> alas, I
05:25:19 <Mara> hi enter key
05:25:28 <Mara> I am off to pick up sandwiches
05:25:41 <craigmon99> Wow there is a LOT of entries of GT!
05:25:41 <Mara> bye everyone! Good luck with BH
05:26:17 <Suzanne> bye Mara
05:26:23 <Graham> bye mara
05:27:03 <craigmon99> How did we know when geysers went off at midnight?
05:27:19 <ynpvisitor32> Because Micah was out ther.
05:27:43 <craigmon99> Lol wow!
05:28:01 <craigmon99> Beehive????
05:28:46 <ynpvisitor11> bye bye beehive
05:29:27 <ynpvisitor32> Sawmill ie
05:29:30 <craigmon99> It just let of a very high water burst
05:29:35 <craigmon99> bh
05:29:52 <ynpvisitor32> It does that during false indicators
05:30:05 <craigmon99> Thats how it started yesterday though
05:30:11 <craigmon99> 20 foot splashes
05:30:18 <Graham> past the prime BH window and Daisy is due
05:30:39 <craigmon99> Ah
05:30:49 <Graham> Daisy 1230
05:37:28 <Andrew> Hi
05:37:56 <craigmon99> Hello
05:38:14 <Graham> here for the end of BHI?
05:38:29 <craigmon99> BHI went down and stopped for awhile and started back up right away
05:38:44 <Andrew> no just on to do some computer stuff and come geyser gaze
05:39:29 <Graham> craig - it usually does that 30+ minutes into the indicator. can do that several times before it finally gives up
05:40:00 <ynpvisitor32> Depression was around 930 ish so we could be in the window for it.
05:40:01 <craigmon99> Alright thanks. So used to bees normal behavior
05:40:04 <Graham> i dont think BH has ever erupted once the indicator becomes cyclic
05:40:24 <craigmon99> Yeah, I thought depression was unpredictable now
05:40:29 <Graham> quit again and back on
05:40:45 <Andrew> been pretty weak depression
05:41:03 <ynpvisitor32> It's anywhere from 3-5 hours this year based on in field reports
05:41:25 <Graham> Dep 0828ie per GT
05:41:32 <Graham> i mean 0928ie
05:44:19 <craigmon99> I hope we get another lion in this series
05:44:31 <Graham> 5 or 6 more?
05:44:40 <ynpvisitor32> how bout 10?
05:45:22 <Graham> that should take us till dark
05:45:30 <Graham> i want another 32 series
05:45:50 <Graham> so its still going tomorrow afternoon
05:45:55 <ynpvisitor32> when did that happen?
05:46:13 <Graham> 2 years ago, maybe 3?
05:46:19 <ynpvisitor32> wow
05:46:35 <ynpvisitor32> I assume North Goggles did at least something.
05:47:30 <craigmon99>
05:47:31 <ynpvisitor32> LC
05:47:34 <craigmon99> Found this online
05:49:06 <Graham> there were 22 lions in 2010, maybe that was it, not 32
05:49:41 <ynpvisitor32> wowza, that's still a lot.
05:49:59 <craigmon99> Thats a lot of lions! I take it lioness and big cub have done nothing for a long time
05:50:24 <ynpvisitor32> They've erupted only a handful of times in the park's history.
05:50:25 <Graham> Feb 1-2 here
05:53:21 <ynpvisitor16> what is the dropbox link?
05:53:35 <craigmon99> A funny picture I found online
05:53:39 <craigmon99> Geyser related
05:53:57 <ynpvisitor32> Craig, here's a photo from an eruption of big cub in 1950 that's on the digital files for the park:
05:54:09 <ynpvisitor32> Kind of like a miniature BH
05:54:55 <craigmon99> Its cool looking! also the most lions erupted in one series is 22 times
05:56:50 <Graham> BHI end 1254
05:59:06 <ynpvisitor32> OF 1259
05:59:13 <Graham> OF 1258
06:08:25 <ynpvisitor16> any more news about Bronze?
06:12:47 <Graham> 2009 had the 32 Lion series Oct 31-Nov 1
06:13:23 <Graham> 35 Nov 3-5
06:13:44 <ynpvisitor16> wow Graham
06:14:20 <Graham> long series started suddenly Oct 15 2009
06:16:00 <Graham> the 35 were Nov 23-25, sorry
06:16:25 <lc> I didn't remember that starting in Oct.
06:16:59 <lc> I remember it changed overnight.
06:17:03 <Graham> one 2h interval there so maybe there were some missed
06:18:41 <Graham> we may not have caught on to how long they were until later
06:19:12 <Suzanne> Need to go, have a good day all.
06:20:05 <lc> see you in a couple of weeks Suzanne.
06:20:32 <Suzanne> lc how long will you be there?
06:20:43 <lc> 10 days
06:21:01 <Suzanne> great, see you soon!
06:21:02 <lc> get there Aug 29
06:21:09 <Suzanne> awesome
06:21:22 <Suzanne> bye for now
06:21:30 <lc> bye
06:22:11 <Graham> bye Suzanne
06:23:50 <ynpvisitor29> LC
06:25:52 <craigmon99> 000
06:29:59 <Graham> Lion 1329
06:30:58 <Graham> minor
06:31:11 <Mara> so that's what a minor looks like
06:31:58 <lc> about like a maj. just not very long.
06:32:40 <lc> about a min or less.
06:33:49 <Graham> Lion 1333
06:33:58 <Graham> minor
06:34:43 <lc> that is a first for me.
06:34:52 <Mara> huh.
06:35:12 <Graham> could have a Major but may be done
06:35:13 <lc> another minor that soon.
06:35:31 <Graham> yeah it had a Major that soon yesterday i think
06:36:45 <lc> seems most eruptions after a minor is 15 to 30 min.
06:36:47 <Graham> it did minor, monor. major with the last interval 4min
06:39:51 <Mara> I suppose we'll see what it decides to do next.
06:44:51 <lc> think I will walk a bit.
06:44:53 <lc> bbl
06:52:58 <ynpvisitor21> any ladies???
06:54:42 <craigmon99> ..
06:54:51 <craigmon99> ...
06:56:04 <craigmon99> Boy, I wish i could go to yellowstone again this year
06:58:00 <Graham> :)
06:58:35 <craigmon99> Still mad that I missed steamboat by an hours. (Never gonna live it down until I see it)
06:58:41 <craigmon99> *hour
06:59:21 <Diane> That might mean you're NEVER gonna live it down. :(
07:00:35 <Graham> at least you know what to lok for next time
07:01:19 <ynpvisitor35> Other than the fact that we had practically no warning.
07:02:19 <Graham> still waiting to see the video of the start
07:03:23 <ynpvisitor35> the visitors said a couple weeks at least. they still have to get to Wisconson (?)
07:03:41 <craigmon99> I noticed it was stronger than usual 2 days before. As well vixen has a major eruption and whriligig had an extremely long eruption. 10 minutes of whirligig
07:04:44 <ynpvisitor16> what did Steamboat look like when u saw it?
07:06:05 <craigmon99> It was taller in the straight vent
07:07:20 <Graham> Lion 1407ie
07:07:48 <Graham> 34m interval
07:09:06 <Graham> a major this time
07:09:52 <Graham> 7 Lions, good series
07:10:25 <ynpvisitor35> 16, when I saw it it was 3 hours after the start. still audible from Gibbon Meadows, and it was shaking the boardwalk.
07:10:35 <ynpvisitor35> in steam phase of course
07:10:46 <ynpvisitor16> awesome
07:10:58 <ynpvisitor16> I was wondering what the minors looked like 2 days before
07:11:25 <craigmon99> I have pictures somewhere
07:11:50 <craigmon99> They were impressive and I made a bet that it would go off in 2 days. Guess whos richer now
07:12:11 <ynpvisitor35> how much was the bet?
07:12:32 <ynpvisitor16> how tall is stronger and impressive?
07:12:52 <Graham> loks like the steamboat sensor got washed out of the runoff channel. either that or its not creating any runoff
07:13:30 <ynpvisitor35> It may have, the amount of debris that thing carried was incredible, rocks the size of beachballs and entire lodgepole logs
07:14:26 <ynpvisitor35> At least a foot of debris in the runoff but probably more. very hard to judge, even though I was also there two days before. that Monday
07:14:39 <craigmon99> The minors were about 13 feet tall. Runoff was impressive and I made 100$
07:15:03 <ynpvisitor35> 13 feet isn't that big for minors....
07:15:10 <ynpvisitor35> I was seeing it over the trees at Vixen.
07:15:59 <ynpvisitor16> 13 feet??
07:16:12 <craigmon99> The straight vent. Thats VERY tall for that. The angled one is the tall one
07:16:27 <craigmon99> Im just guessing about 13 feet BTW
07:16:36 <craigmon99> It was about 13
07:16:40 <ynpvisitor16> north or south is a better description of the vents
07:17:11 <craigmon99> I don't know which one is which sorry :P
07:17:42 <Graham> hard to judge height. there was a scale published somewhere, of course the upper platform has chenged too
07:17:46 <ynpvisitor35> What time was the vixen major?
07:18:18 <craigmon99> Vixen major is on GT
07:19:03 <craigmon99> 29 Jul 2013 @ 2004 ie maj same day as marathon whirligig
07:20:45 <ynpvisitor16> last week you said 20 mins for Whirligig, I remember our chat
07:21:19 <ynpvisitor35> wow
07:21:25 <ynpvisitor16> you also said you won $20, not $100
07:21:43 <craigmon99> That was the collected part at the time XD
07:21:59 <craigmon99> It took him awhile to let him cough up the cash
07:22:09 <craigmon99> No I said 10 minutes
07:22:31 <craigmon99> Thats what I logged it as
07:23:20 <ynpvisitor16> chat log says 20 minutes on the 12th
07:23:27 <ynpvisitor35> What time did you get to Norris?
07:24:22 <craigmon99> Well then I said fatfingered it. My bad! Anyways I got into norris in the afternoon
07:24:30 <craigmon99> and stayed for a long time
07:27:33 <ynpvisitor16> Constant or anything else while you were there?
07:27:40 <Graham> OF 1427
07:28:33 <craigmon99> Constant is near whirligig correct? It was quite constant today. Whirligig dueled with it for awhile
07:29:40 <ynpvisitor35> Nice, so Constant was erupting in series? or was it living up to it's name?
07:30:01 <craigmon99> Living up to its name as far as I could tell
07:31:04 <ynpvisitor16> we need some pics, could be disturbance
07:31:56 <craigmon99> I will get them when im back in the states. (Visiting relatives in canada at the moment)
07:41:22 <Graham> SC
07:43:45 <ynpvisitor35> WOW
07:56:58 <Craig M> Giantess looks like its putting off more runoff today. Bacterial amount if more prominent.
08:05:59 <Graham> LC
08:08:04 <Graham> Sawmill quit sometime
08:11:33 <Graham> Daisy 1511
08:13:32 <Graham> 84F at OF, wow
08:27:19 <Graham> think Lion has expired
08:31:12 <ynpvisitor19> almost in the Grand Window
08:31:44 <Graham> Lion 1531
08:31:48 <Graham> minor
08:32:40 <Graham> 8 Lions so far ut 3 minors
08:35:15 <Graham> almost time for BHI too
08:39:37 <ynpvisitor19> Grand window in 3 minutes
08:40:07 <Graham> and BHI window
08:40:10 <Graham> and Lion window
08:40:14 <Graham> and OF window
08:40:39 <Graham> and LC window
08:41:32 <Graham> LC
08:41:40 <Mara> :D
08:42:00 <Graham> one down, 4 to go
08:42:51 <Graham> BHI splashing
08:43:02 <Graham> and on
08:43:08 <Graham> 1542
08:44:05 <Mara> doesn't look very strong
08:45:59 <Graham> 3 to go
08:46:14 <Graham> i think Lion will be the last one, in the drk
08:46:20 <Mara> hopefully Lion keeps chugging along
08:46:53 <Graham> still only at 15min, so theres a chance
08:48:26 <Mara> wouldn't mind some NG activity
08:57:48 <Graham> OF 1557
08:57:55 <Graham> 2 to go
09:02:22 <Graham> 20m
09:02:37 <Graham> have not seen much splashing
09:02:37 <ynpvisitor90> hmmmm
09:03:03 <ynpvisitor90> it is too lonely to erupt
09:03:25 <Graham> splash
09:04:05 <ynpvisitor90> we are watching BEE
09:18:00 <Graham> Sawmill 1817ns
09:28:40 <Graham> BHI still going
09:28:49 <Graham> quite a crowd
09:29:47 <Graham> have not figured out Turban yet
09:38:55 <Graham> BHI duration 55m
09:39:23 <Mara> fun times
09:39:58 <Graham> seems to like mid 50 minute inytervals
09:40:13 <Graham> i mean durations
09:51:32 <Mara> hello Mr. Corvid near SC
09:52:20 <Graham> they often hang out there
10:06:49 <Graham> Sawmill is off
10:06:50 <Mara> and now there are three
10:13:54 <Suzanne> Good evening, I thought I'd join the Grand wait
10:14:46 <lc (bbl)> welcome back
10:14:54 <Mara> I worry one of them is going to fall in...
10:15:49 <lc> can't get myact together
10:16:14 <Mara> how about your sat?
10:16:38 <Mara> ...that was pretty terrible, sorry
10:16:42 <lc> ok so far. g
10:18:56 <Graham> Turban
10:19:02 <Graham> Gtand
10:19:36 <lc> good timing Suzanne
10:20:32 <Graham> yeah, nice short wait
10:20:36 <Suzanne> almost a walk-up, haha
10:20:44 <Graham> maybe you should show up for the next BHI :)
10:21:04 <Suzanne> oh sure, like I have any luck with that one
10:22:22 <Suzanne> still looks like a lot of smoke, yuck
10:22:39 <Graham> hope OF waits
10:29:35 <Graham> OF 1729ns
10:30:28 <Graham> 11m+ for Grand
10:30:51 <lc> probably all we are goiong to get/
10:31:09 <Graham> thats what I am thinking
10:33:54 <Graham> WT
10:34:48 <lc> Graham, that WT strait up the BW?
10:35:20 <Graham> yep, there
10:35:46 <lc> yes, I thought so but not sure.
10:35:50 <lc> thanks
10:36:19 <Graham> the Grand flush
10:36:51 <lc> beats a Grand strait. g
10:41:17 <Graham> Daisy 1741
10:41:25 <Graham> ns
10:46:48 <Graham> stepping away, bbs
10:56:59 <Graham> did i miss anything?
10:57:26 <Graham> a nap maybe?
10:57:38 <Suzanne> zzzzzzzz
11:01:40 <Graham> gonna be quiet till the next BHI
11:03:04 <lc> had enough for today,
11:03:13 <lc> have a good night everyone
11:03:29 <Suzanne> bye lc
11:04:16 <Graham> bye lc, see you tomorrow
11:24:14 <Ryan> Evening all
11:24:40 <Graham> hello, how are you?
11:25:33 <Ryan> not too shabby
11:26:21 <Graham> whats up this weekend, ready for class Monday?
11:27:08 <Ryan> Not much this weekend, alot of orientation stuff... boring really. Boring enough that I am ready for classes... lol, kidding I am really looking forward to classes! :)
11:28:35 <Graham> i am sure you are after all the anticipation
11:29:23 <Ryan> Haha, mainly cause I like history (American History is a class of mine) and math (Calc)
11:31:26 <Graham> hope they don't put you to sleep
11:31:50 <Graham> a geyser
11:31:54 <Graham> Castle 1831ie
11:31:55 <Ryan> Calc wont, history usually doesnt
11:32:00 <Ryan> Nice castle
11:34:52 <Graham> Castle doesn't look very happy
12:03:54 <Graham> Oblong 1903ie
12:12:41 <Graham> OF 1912
12:12:56 <Ryan> :)
12:17:15 <Graham> quite a few people still around
12:18:04 <Graham> Tardy?
12:18:17 <ynpvisitor4> sawmill just millin away
12:18:37 <Graham> its been off for over 2h
12:19:55 <Graham> Penta
12:31:15 <Graham> splashing
12:31:28 <Graham> BHI 1931
12:32:23 <Graham> LC too
12:32:43 <Suzanne> maybe we will get lucky
12:33:50 <Graham> last chance before dark anyway
12:34:00 <Graham> nothing else due to disturb us
12:34:30 <Ryan> 36ish hours?
12:34:34 <Ryan> Feeling lucky guys?
12:34:45 <Suzanne> sure
12:35:07 <Graham> 30h, better brush up on that math Ryan :)
12:35:35 <Mara> I've come back to hope :)
12:35:38 <Ryan> Forgot the time from yesterday... was going to say 24hr but I knew that wasn't right
12:35:49 <Ryan> Mara, see my comment, you would LOVE it
12:37:52 <Mara> oh dear Ryan
12:37:54 <Mara> how are you managing
12:39:20 <Ryan> I stop and stare for a bit... sigh and then move on...
12:40:40 <Graham> where is the crowd of gazers?
12:41:22 <Suzanne> maybe they are all at Fountain
12:41:50 <Graham> a few. not too many people there now, in the pre-labor day lull
12:42:30 <Graham> guessing Micah and WIll are working because they went camping earlier this week with STeve to SHoshone
12:42:54 <Ryan> Have you gone to Shoshone G?
12:42:55 <Suzanne> hope they had fun
12:43:20 <Graham> yeah sounded like Micah did. Velvet was active, so that makes for a good trip
12:43:41 <Graham> need a bigger splash
12:44:47 <Suzanne> nice time of year to go to Shoshone, probably not as buggy now
12:45:10 <Graham> yep and a drier hike
12:45:10 <Ryan> Hope to do it next summer
12:45:50 <Graham> its a compact geyser basin and a pretty easy 8 mile hike or bike/hike
12:45:59 <Graham> and 8 miles back
12:46:26 <Suzanne> I have not been there in a few years
12:46:35 <Mara> Micah said something was erupting every 15-20 minutes, so I think he had a blast
12:47:08 <Graham> that was probably Velvet, maybe even more frequent than that. It does really cool blue bubbles too
12:47:40 <Graham> lots of small features there, so you know he loved it
12:48:22 <Graham> 17min in, its time for BH
12:48:52 <Suzanne> sounds good to me
12:49:07 <Graham> trying
12:49:17 <Graham> but not very hard
12:51:30 <Mara> in the meantime...
12:52:13 <Mara> dat chorus
12:52:44 <Graham> nice try
12:53:14 <Mara> looks like it has the force but not the water
12:53:16 <Graham> better attempts than last time
12:53:27 <Mara> but yeah it's looking better
12:53:47 <Graham> 22m tho so getting a bit late
12:54:09 <Suzanne> cute video Mara
12:54:35 <Mara> I feel like I watched that in 2nd grade
12:54:43 <Mara> the tune is so familiar
12:56:09 <Mara> come on Bee
12:56:34 <Suzanne> it's just teasing us
12:56:57 <Graham> it had one that was 30min into BHI I think
12:57:22 <Graham> but it is probably just teasing
12:58:29 <Kevin L> I'm here it can go now.
12:58:44 <Suzanne> Hi Kevin
12:59:19 <Kevin L> Hi. Good to "see" you.
13:02:23 <Suzanne> Kevin I think I am going to miss seeing you by a few days again this year
13:03:03 <Kevin L> Been a busy day. Between watching my AFL team win the championship and my daughter came down and brought the grandkid.
13:03:48 <Graham> thats all you get akevin, a splash or two
13:04:06 <Graham> at 32min now
13:04:07 <Kevin L> This year I am not going to make it due to my ear, and it looks like next year I might now be able to go until I drop Ashley off at school
13:04:40 <Kevin L> That is my luck. I could say I have to head to the shop...
13:04:44 <Suzanne> oh I thought I had heard you were coming this year later in September
13:05:11 <Suzanne> when would that be next year, Kevin?
13:05:38 <Kevin L> I wanted to really bad, but I had an ear infection that has really messed up an ear. We went to California and the pressure change broke a bunch of blood vessels.
13:05:48 <Graham> Penta still going
13:05:52 <Kevin L> That will be next year.
13:05:58 <Suzanne> yuck sounds nasty
13:06:36 <Kevin L> Not fun, but I still have one ear that works!
13:06:49 <Suzanne> I doubt if I will be there later in Sept 2014 but I just don't know yet
13:07:58 <Kevin L> I was talking to Sherri and she didn't seem too excited about going during the Summer next year. I think she will still have a bunch of stuff to do at her Mother's place.
13:08:49 <Suzanne> I actually have no idea right now what I will be doing, especially after Kevin graduates in May
13:09:12 <Ryan> Oh hey look, Penta
13:09:40 <Graham> been going over 50m now
13:09:51 <Ryan> lol, woops :P
13:10:04 <Graham> looks like it ma ybe in roaring steam now
13:10:52 <Graham> looked like steam and water but not easy to focus in this light and smoke
13:11:23 <Graham> Daisy 2011
13:11:28 <Ryan> Daisy 2011
13:13:08 <Kevin L> Wow. It seems llike he just went to school!
13:13:43 <Ryan> Kevin... your graduating?
13:13:50 <Ryan> Different Kevin?
13:14:02 <Kevin L> Different Kevin.
13:14:03 <Suzanne> yes, my son Kevin Michael
13:14:03 <ynpvisitor44> Is PENTA still going???
13:14:26 <Graham> can't see very well from here 44
13:14:38 <Kevin L> I am past graduating.
13:14:51 <Suzanne> graduating from film school next year - hopefully
13:15:13 <Graham> BHI is still going
13:15:37 <ynpvisitor44> So torn. Should I go flying out to penta or not? gah!!!
13:15:42 <Graham> Penta is still going but looks weaker
13:15:50 <Suzanne> he should finish all his classes after fall semester and then needs an internship
13:15:55 <ynpvisitor44> (Sigh)
13:16:09 <Kevin L> Ashley still has two years to go, but she is doing great. If you need something else to scare you, Rob got his Commercial Drivers license and is now driving big rigs.
13:16:14 <ynpvisitor44> that's at least number 7
13:16:38 <Graham> could be noisy steam
13:16:48 <Graham> but more likely final gasps
13:16:54 <ynpvisitor44> seen that....
13:17:02 <ynpvisitor44> (head hits desk) curse you ice cream shift
13:17:30 <Kevin L> I can remember having those kids on the boardwalk in blankets.
13:17:31 <Graham> have you been missing it all summer?
13:17:35 <Suzanne> that IS scary Kevin, I still think of all your kids as little except for Susan, who I see on Facebook
13:17:39 <Kevin L> No doubt who 44 is.
13:17:52 <Night-Owl> I have missed every. single. eruption this summer.
13:17:56 <Graham> just have another scoop 44
13:18:09 <Kevin L> But the ice cream gives you good tips....
13:18:13 <Graham> have to come back next year :)
13:18:22 <Night-Owl> 10 bucks tonight. not bad.
13:18:30 <Night-Owl> and Graham. I'm already working on it.
13:18:58 <Kevin L> Rob spent a couple of years in Canada around the Calgary area and came back earlier this year. Awesome pictures.
13:19:09 <Graham> thought you might be
13:19:24 <Graham> Churn is steamy
13:19:56 <Night-Owl> Laundry....or churn....
13:20:30 <Ryan> I doubt who 44 is, I dont know many people :)
13:20:30 <Graham> wind has shifted, might be Tardy steam
13:20:49 <Suzanne> Sounds like you have had a great, fun summer, Micah
13:21:29 <Night-Owl> It's not over yet Suzanne :) still praying for Giant/Giantess
13:21:41 <Graham> Penta quit
13:21:44 <Ryan> Oh, its Micah lol
13:21:45 <Night-Owl> I'll be in the park till Sept 13th.
13:21:55 <Night-Owl> at least.
13:22:01 <Graham> right call not to run out and see it drained
13:22:45 <Night-Owl> Anyone want to place wagers on what the Grand interval will be for me tonight?
13:22:49 <Ryan> Buffalo?
13:22:49 <Graham> duration >=61m
13:23:04 <Suzanne> I would be very happy if Giant or Giantess went, Labor Day weekend would be nice
13:23:04 <Night-Owl> Window opens at 1118. I'll be getting out there around 11.
13:23:06 <Ryan> Lsying on the ground behind the boardwalk by... Liberty Pool?
13:23:25 <Night-Owl> Suzanne, imagine the chaos.
13:23:30 <Graham> BHI should be ready to quit too
13:23:37 <Suzanne> better get some rest beforehand
13:23:41 <Suzanne> chaos is good
13:23:42 <Ryan> I am guessing the closest Turban cycle to 12:34
13:23:49 <Night-Owl> Rest=Laundry
13:24:12 <Suzanne> or you could fall asleep watching BHI
13:24:20 <Graham> maybe you shoild go to the Giantess bench Micah
13:24:46 <Night-Owl> already done that Graham. wasn't much to see. although it has been somewhat suspensful watching the runoff channel turn white.
13:24:51 <Ryan> Yeah, just dont get sleep deprived delirium and think the thumps are rocking you to sleep!
13:25:06 <Ryan> Giantesses channel is white?
13:25:22 <Night-Owl> It's been white, and I don't recall it being white when I first got here.
13:25:23 <Mara> (I'm guessing Grand at 0057)
13:26:02 <Night-Owl> Anyone else?
13:26:30 <Graham> I was going to say 0120
13:26:36 <Suzanne> 0226
13:26:58 <Graham> probably before dawn :)
13:27:26 <Suzanne> the moon should be very nice if it is not obscured by smoke
13:27:59 <Graham> lets see if we can get some excitement and have BHI last a full hour
13:28:27 <Night-Owl> Last night Grand erupted just as the moon dipped below the ridge.
13:28:48 <Night-Owl> it was a nice eruption. although a short one burst.
13:29:38 <Suzanne> actually I'll change that from 0226 to 0158
13:30:29 <Graham> BHI quit at 58m, boooo
13:30:36 <Night-Owl> alright, so we have a 0057, 0120, and a 0158. any more bids tonight?
13:30:53 <Graham> so you can get laundry done and then go out
13:31:16 <Ryan> 0034!
13:31:17 <Suzanne> Unless it goes long the moon should still be up tonight
13:32:52 <Graham> we have not had a 10h+ interval recently have we? about due :)
13:33:04 <Night-Owl> a 8 hour interval would be 0118, the moon set around 0155 last night.
13:33:48 <Night-Owl> so we'll see.
13:33:58 <Suzanne> But it should set about an hour later tonight
13:34:01 <Night-Owl> I have the feeling it will either pull a short or a long.
13:35:14 <Mara> alright, time for me to get back to physics homework
13:35:18 <Mara> night all!
13:35:33 <Graham> night
13:35:42 <Suzanne> good luck with that, bye Mara
13:35:55 <Night-Owl> bye Mara.
13:37:29 <Graham> i am done for today, goodnight all and enjoy Giantess tonight Micah, its way cool in the moonlight
13:37:48 <Suzanne> bye Graham, see you soon
13:38:02 <Graham> and I think your yelling will wake everyone up :)
13:38:13 <Graham> yep, just 2 weeks to go ...
13:38:31 <Night-Owl> night Graham.
13:38:33 <Graham> see you there
13:38:41 <Suzanne> I'll see you at Morning or Grand!
13:39:05 <Night-Owl> see you at Anemone!
13:48:06 <Suzanne> time for me to leave. Good luck with Grand tonight, Micah, I hope it is pretty and does not get too cold.
13:48:29 <Night-Owl> Thanks Suzanne, see you in a couple weeks!
13:48:42 <Suzanne> 1 week...
13:49:38 <Suzanne> bye
13:49:41 <Night-Owl> oh, even better! see you soon!
13:50:01 <Suzanne> arriving early afternoon Aug. 24, I hope