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23:20:41 <ynpvisitor70> I thought that's what I saw
23:21:10 <ynpvisitor70> BHI 620 ie
23:26:12 <ynpvisitor76> maybe this will be a great start to the day
23:29:28 <Lori> may have been as early as 0609, not sure about water or just steam.
23:30:12 <Jenna> it was going when I signed in at 6:18
23:40:38 <ynpvisitor45> OF 0640ie
23:41:02 <Graham> morning
23:46:21 <ynpvisitor76> you brought the fog?
23:48:20 <Graham> temp has been close to dew point all night
23:50:16 <Jenna> .
23:55:31 <ynpvisitor76> .
00:06:53 <ynpvisitor76> ..
00:08:33 <Jenna> .
00:25:03 <ynpvisitor70> Lion
00:25:55 <Graham> nice
00:26:05 <ynpvisitor70> 0725ie
00:26:43 <Graham> Dome too?
00:32:53 <Kitt> so was that Lion the initial?
00:33:04 <Kitt> don't see any other postings
00:33:20 <Graham> not sure, was a thick fog bank
00:33:25 <Kitt> oh
00:33:55 <Kitt> house is still asleep and Kevin needs to finish packing and head for college in 2 hours
00:34:01 <Graham> morning Kitt, ready for your next trip?
00:34:33 <Kitt> let's see, I went to Billings yesterday, I head for Sheridan today, and Casper on Tuesday
00:34:46 <Graham> and then where?
00:34:58 <Graham> hope you get to YNP by Friday
00:34:59 <Kitt> Oh you mean Friday Yellowstone
00:35:06 <Tsun> dome being active? i'm heading for yellowstone this morning.
00:35:26 <Kitt> very busy week
00:35:34 <Graham> Dome was active yesterday, intervals probably over 40m today assuming its still going
00:35:40 <Graham> hard to tell with all the steam this morning
00:35:42 <Tsun> just seeing whats active before i go, ah
00:35:51 <Tsun> thought you meant it erupted this morning
00:35:59 <Tsun> doubt it's still going then
00:36:07 <Graham> Morning active these days this month: Fri, Fri, Sat, Fri, Sat, Fri, Sat
00:36:11 <Kitt> Dome can erupt for several days
00:36:47 <Graham> its durations are about 5 min, intervals lengthen over the few days of activity
00:37:02 <Graham> could be 40-60m today
00:37:28 <Graham> so get there early Kitt
00:38:04 <Kitt> at this point I work Friday (unless we are given that day off)
00:38:12 <Graham> not loking too good for me arriving late Sat but you never know
00:38:32 <Graham> k, well hope you get something Fri night or Sat
00:39:03 <Graham> could be like last trip when I arrive 15min afrer Morning finishes an eruption
00:39:25 <Kitt> well time to motivate a household
00:39:37 <Kitt> enjoy the geysers
00:39:44 <Kitt> bye
00:40:02 <Graham> don;'t wear yourself out before YNP :)
00:40:05 <Graham> have fun
00:41:08 <Tsun> lol. well this is just the first trip to ynp for me this week, i only have time for a day trip right now, plan to get up another time before labor day, which means this week too lol
00:41:41 <Tsun> need to pick up lucnh/dinner from alberstons once i leave my house, as it's cheaper than buying in the park
00:42:37 <Tsun> might have to try for fri/saturday this week then. haven't seen morning yet and i want to.
00:43:04 <Graham> thats true. good luck with the geysers - i bet people are watching at Morning but may be quiet for a few days now
00:43:07 <Graham> or not
00:44:53 <Tsun> lol, well labor day park will pick up in crowds again. blek, it's quiter at the moment crowd wise
00:49:36 <Graham> yep, will be busy at the weekend and next week
00:49:54 <Graham> after Labor Day. then dies down again
00:54:16 <ynpvisitor76> when are you arriving Graham?
00:54:31 <ynpvisitor76> You are saying I should be there an hour before that, right?
00:57:30 <Tsun> yeah, was planning for wednesday/thursday this week, but if a bunch of gazers are going to be there saturday i might have to make another day trip. also planning on at least 2 trips in september and one in october
00:58:50 <Tsun> should get me there around 11 am
00:59:00 <Tsun> given the stop at albertsons
00:59:20 <Kevin L> Merry Christmas everyone!
00:59:50 <Tsun> lol
01:00:07 <Jenna> merry christmas kevin!
01:00:31 <Tsun> well maybe i should buy an ice cream though if micah's working today
01:00:47 <Tsun> anyways see everyone later
01:15:10 <Jenna> OF 815 ie
01:40:27 <ynpvisitor55> Lion 0840
01:41:06 <Kevin L> Trying to hide in geyser fog.
02:22:52 <ynpvisitor39> ..
02:24:11 <ynpvisitor39> bhi 0922ie
02:33:32 <ynpvisitor39> Turban?
02:48:27 <ynpvisitor17> Did anyone catch the start of old filthy?
02:48:32 <ynpvisitor39> OF 0947
02:48:48 <ynpvisitor39> I think that was start
02:49:23 <ynpvisitor17> I don't know when It started.
02:49:45 <Kevin L> Everybody is sleeping in this morning.
02:50:19 <lc> pretty sure that was start
02:52:55 <lc> Lion 0952
02:53:07 <lc> ie
02:53:54 <lc> guess a Lion was missed
02:55:31 <lc> Sawmill been ie for a while, don't know if same one logged 0733.
02:58:53 <vw> Good morning.
02:59:11 <Kevin L> Merry Christmas vw & lc
02:59:19 <vw> We have BSOD this morning. Figured an actual picture on it for the last couple of days was too much to expect. :(
02:59:20 <lc> g
02:59:25 <lc> morning
02:59:31 <vw> Yes, Merry Christmas YNP and all!
03:00:02 <vw> Hard to break out the tra-la-la in the heat though....
03:01:00 <Kevin L> Hey, we are 80 right now and not expected to break 90!
03:01:33 <vw> I saw where big rain is headed your way K. Flash flood warnings still likely?
03:02:56 <Kevin L> They have us under flash flood watch through Monday. Really wierd forecast, for the next week highs under 100 and lows into the 70's with rain everyday. Highly unusual for this time of year.
03:03:55 <vw> Yeah, I think the report I saw had 2-5" of rain forecast for LV. That is a ton of water on that desert hard pan.
03:04:34 <Kevin L> Really. So far this year we have just a drop over 1".
03:06:12 <vw> That tropical depression off the coast of Baja is supposed to be pushing a ton of moisture straight at you.
03:07:11 <vw> Too bad it isn't falling a bit to the west and dousing some of the flames in eastern CA.
03:09:16 <Lori> we are going to be over 90 with no rain today :(
03:09:33 <Kevin L> Probably would end up as thunderstorms and light more fires!
03:09:48 <vw> That is too true K.
03:09:59 <Kevin L> Merry Christmas to you Lori.
03:10:13 <vw> Lori, sounds like us. Some chance of precip, but hardly worth noting. Probably comes with high risk of lightening too.
03:10:27 <Lori> those soaking rains with out the storm just don't seem to happen. I was hoping that the fire areas would get a white Christmas today.
03:10:43 <Kevin L> That would have been nice.
03:11:05 <Lori> my father-in-law is swearing it is a dry moon. But don't we all have the same moon??
03:11:16 <vw> I don't know that many of the worst fire locations have much good news in sight right now. Raining everywhere but where its needed most.
03:11:35 <vw> Yes Lori. Same moon for all of us.
03:11:51 <vw> Waning gibbous now.
03:12:23 <Kevin L> Next one is the Harvest Moon.
03:13:05 <Lori> :D Trying to convince him of that with the floods in Tennessee. Full moon would have been fun in the park for nighttime gazing.
03:14:27 <vw> Nothing really due right now, so going to have the camera focused mostly down basin while I am back and forth doing some other stuff too.
03:14:47 <Lori> maybe catch F&M?
03:18:29 <Kevin L> I am headed out, probably for the day in just a few.
03:19:49 <vw> Take care Kevin. Hope you have a great day.
03:20:03 <vw> Turban, Oblong? 1019 ie ?
03:20:07 <Kevin L> Hey vw, I will have a new bus duty time starting Monday, but not sure what it is yet.
03:21:10 <vw> k. Just let me know. I won't be available at all Wednesday though. Will also need to maybe arrange to switch with you to cover my Tuesday, 9/3 shift. I will be gone all day.
03:21:11 <ynpvisitor81> Oblong 1021ie
03:22:07 <vw> 81, if that is Oblogn, it had started by 1019 ie.
03:22:36 <vw> *Oblong* bad fingers today.
03:23:20 <vw> Not sure if enough steam for Oblong though?
03:23:42 <ynpvisitor81> At times it looked big - think it's too much for Turban
03:23:42 <Kevin L> I should be able to work most of that. Not sure if/when I may have bus duty going to school that day.
03:23:58 <Kevin L> Hopefully Graham or kc can do the evening.
03:24:17 <vw> Yeah, I agree 81. Really off and on too, more like Oblong.
03:24:28 <vw> Graham will be in the Park.
03:24:44 <Kevin L> Heading out. Have a nice Christmas. May you get a BH.
03:24:54 <vw> Bye K.
03:38:54 <ynpvisitor76> ..
03:52:40 <lc (bbl)> Daisy 1052
03:56:10 <ynpvisitor32> afternoon-
03:56:24 <ynpvisitor32> are you all getting the fire cams?
03:56:33 <lc (bbl)> no
03:56:47 <ynpvisitor32> thanks.
03:56:56 <lc> yw
03:56:59 <ynpvisitor32> any news from the cam people?
03:57:23 <lc> not that I know of.
03:57:31 <ynpvisitor32> watching the fires was interesting, too bad.
03:58:11 <ynpvisitor32> thought I would check in case my computer was stuck
03:58:14 <ynpvisitor32> thanks
03:58:26 <lc> np
03:59:22 <vw> lc, thanks for getting that Daisy. I know I am likely to miss time with my day looking the way it does. Will try to get the cam lined up to catch them though!
03:59:47 <lc> yw vw
04:00:04 <lc> maybe a Lion pretty soon
04:01:20 <vw> OF too. :P
04:01:52 <lc> yes
04:20:45 <vw> OF 1120
04:32:54 <ynpvisitor34> all quiet on the western front
04:42:43 <ynpvisitor41> Grand soon?
04:46:11 <ynpvisitor41> Grand VEC prediction is 1245
04:46:48 <Maureen> hey vw
04:47:20 <Maureen> HO HO HO, Happy Cam Christmas
04:47:42 <vw> Merry Christmas Maureen!
04:47:59 <Maureen> Christmas Eve was good to me with the Trifecta!
04:48:00 <vw> Lazy and quiet day on the dam. Doing chores too.
04:48:10 <vw> Nice to catch that one!
04:48:20 <Maureen> it was so fun, lots of gazers there too
04:48:42 <ynpvisitor34> So how is the christmas tree in the river?
04:48:53 <Maureen> Castle had a minor they said, you might get that.
04:48:56 <vw> Good to know that. Was afraid it might be a bit early for most of the gazers to be filtering back into the park.
04:49:18 <Maureen> I would guess it is decorated, usually someone takes up that task. I will look later, thanks for reminding me
04:49:38 <Maureen> Next weekend will be twice as many, yet there were lots yesterday too
04:49:40 <ynpvisitor34> yw
04:50:09 <Maureen> Julie and KC, have you met them vw, it was their first ever, they were thrilled
04:50:33 <vw> Yes. Know kc pretty well. Have met Julie. Really nice people
04:50:37 <Maureen> much nicer day than yesterday
04:50:56 <Maureen> It was so fun to see them again. KC's mom passed in June, so they did not make their usual trip in.
04:51:11 <Maureen> KC is a hoot.
04:51:43 <vw> Oh! I had not heard that. KC was very close to his mom. Quite a life that woman had.
04:51:54 <Maureen> He was a bit sad to give up his virgin status with Morning!
04:51:56 <vw> Please give kc my best regards when you see him!
04:52:01 <Maureen> yes, amazing life
04:52:15 <Maureen> I will today vw, if he is at Fountain. That is the only place I will go today
04:52:27 <vw> Tell kc he lost his virginity a long time ago, so stop wimpering! :D
04:53:40 <vw> brb
04:54:07 <Maureen> just sent you a photo from yesterday vw, when you get back
04:54:25 <Maureen> and ha ha, KC was saying it was the only thing he was probably still a virgin at!
05:02:21 <vw> Funny!
05:02:38 <vw> Thanks for the picture M. I LOVE the deep contrasts like that.
05:10:20 <Maureen> yw, vw
05:10:44 <Maureen> it was fun, the sparkles at the top of the bursts with that dark background.
05:11:01 <Maureen> it got nicer, thankfully, as Fountain erupted for 166 minutes.
05:11:12 <Maureen> had not had my coat on in quite a while.
05:11:49 <Maureen> Suzanne made it and is at Grand I would bet
05:12:03 <Maureen> made it to the park I mean, not the Trifecta
05:12:24 <vw> Good to hear that. I knew she was hoping to head back. Had stopped in here one day when I was on the cam.
05:13:13 <Maureen> as mentioned, Labor Day is going to be gazer galore
05:13:31 <Maureen> The overlook at FTN will be very full of chairs and hats
05:13:47 <vw> Yes, a lot will be headed in. So much fun to look forward to.
05:13:57 <vw> Oh yes, the Ftn overlook will be FULL!!!! :D
05:14:25 <Maureen> still no Fan and Mortar report, boo
05:14:38 <Maureen> it may just not be happening this year. Only 5 eruptions
05:15:01 <vw> Nope, and with Will and Micah getting back to school, not sure how we will hear once the gazers head home too.
05:16:36 <vw> If we don't have a Ranger at OF who posts to GT, may need someone to call or check in at VEC to get updates.
05:18:08 <vw> Castle 1218 ie
05:19:21 <Maureen> Micah is here until the 10th I think
05:20:40 <Maureen> steve's daughter Andrea is here until end of season, maybe she will help out.
05:21:59 <Maureen> remember about Grand window...
05:23:15 <vw> Yeah, been keeping an eye on Grand area. Nice to have it in the static view now.
05:23:45 <vw> OF due in about 20 minutes. Hoping Grand isn't.
05:37:04 <vw> Looked like BHI 1236 ie.
05:37:25 <vw> Yeap.
05:37:32 <Maureen> wonder if BH has erupted in the night and no one caught it
05:39:07 <steve> Andrrea had her contract extened to closing week, so F & M should get posted to GT
05:39:26 <vw> Hey steve. Working too hard these days?
05:39:43 <vw> Good to know about Andrea. Thank you! Thank her too plz.
05:39:57 <steve> I should be, but I am making cookie dough right now.
05:40:06 <steve> Will do.
05:40:07 <vw> yum. What flavor?
05:40:40 <steve> Choc Chip. I was thinking of shortbread for the second batch
05:40:54 <vw> oooohhhhhh.
05:41:17 <vw> I know the FDA says we shouldn't eat raw dough what with uncooked eggs and all that... but what a way to go.
05:41:45 <vw> I like CC dough better than the cookies it makes.
05:42:12 <steve> Man does not live by cookies along, but I'm willing to try now and then. If raw cookie dough was going to kill us, we would all be dead already
05:42:12 <Maureen> death by cookie dough...?
05:42:33 <steve> Sign me up
05:42:40 <vw> :)
05:42:42 <Maureen> worse ways to go
05:43:54 <Maureen> that was big preplay
05:45:06 <steve> Is there a Labor day gazer picnic planned? If so, when and where?
05:46:28 <Maureen> no idea other than the wine and cheese party
05:46:45 <vw> Graham was chatting with someone here the other day about a get together, but I don't remember any details being discussed.
05:47:04 <steve> OK, when is the wine and cheese?
05:47:21 <Maureen> Monday? Graham would know
05:47:44 <steve> I guess I'll find out when in the park
05:48:03 <Maureen> we were kidding yesterday about moving it to the FTN platform if necessary
05:48:26 <Maureen> I am out of that loop though, when it is, I am sure folks will know, ask KITT
05:48:32 <steve> Well, thats where most will be anyway
05:48:38 <vw> Not a bad plan Maureen, except having to cart in all those boxes of wine... :D
05:48:45 <Maureen> maybe it is Sunday as folks have to leave Monday, like Kitt
05:49:43 <Maureen> wonder if BHI is still going?
05:50:02 <vw> Will check after OF.
05:50:37 <vw> OF 1250
05:53:05 <vw> BHI is still on.
05:53:19 <Maureen> yep
05:58:26 <vw> Whoa. BIG splash from BH
05:59:43 <vw> Thought we might get an eruption from it. Probably just used up all the energy though.
06:00:44 <steve> It a gamble now, but I do plan on sitting for a while and hoping whil in the park
06:01:15 <vw> Good place to catch up on your reading steve.
06:01:35 <steve> Or disposing of extra cookies
06:01:40 <vw> hehe
06:02:36 <steve> Back to the dough for me for a while
06:02:40 <steve> Bye
06:02:53 <vw> Bye. Have a great day steve.
06:04:40 <Maureen> drat, no Bee...maybe Grand soon?
06:05:26 <vw> About all that is left.
06:05:50 <vw> Daisy soon so will be swinging over that way in a bit.
06:06:09 <Maureen> that might be Beatrice, walking away
06:06:19 <Maureen> she was going to restart Bee for us all
06:06:41 <vw> Maybe it understands German better than English?
06:06:47 <Maureen> since the Emperor's fix was only temporary
06:06:55 <Maureen> ha ha
06:11:20 <Andrew> Hello
06:12:47 <craigmon99> Hey all
06:17:28 <vw> Hi Andrew, craigmon.
06:17:35 <vw> I am going to grab some lunch. brb.
06:25:41 <craigmon99> One of the mornings im hoping I wake up to giantess
06:26:15 <ynpvisitor82> Dream on!
06:26:25 <Maureen> are you going to go live in the park?
06:26:39 <Maureen> that is like trying to see Steamboat water phase
06:27:13 <craigmon99> Well that is somewhere in the master plan :)
06:27:37 <craigmon99> After missing it by 3 hours im not gonna miss it the second time
06:28:09 <Maureen> good luck with that. IF you only missed it by 3 hours, you still got to see Giantess
06:28:49 <craigmon99> Shucks now I have to spend MORE time in the park XD
06:29:16 <Maureen> ka ching, Xanterra likes your business
06:29:17 <vw> Grand 1328
06:29:19 <Maureen> Grand
06:29:34 <Maureen> that was a long wait for folks
06:29:40 <vw> Daisy will be any minute now too I think.
06:29:50 <craigmon99> Xanterra :P
06:30:19 <craigmon99> Last time we went we self sustained ourselves.
06:31:23 <Maureen> meaning you slept in your car?
06:31:45 <craigmon99> No we rented a cabin near ennis and drove to the park
06:31:58 <Maureen> wow, that is a LONG drive to the park.
06:32:19 <craigmon99> Not bad only and hour
06:32:45 <Andrew> how much is it to stay in madisin this year
06:32:49 <Maureen> not an hour from OF. It is 70 miles from West
06:33:08 <craigmon99> Im fine with waiting. So much to see in the park
06:33:19 <craigmon99> Feels like 10 minutes to me
06:33:19 <Maureen> nice bursts
06:33:56 <Maureen> as long as you are happy. Park time should be happy time
06:34:09 <craigmon99> :D
06:34:10 <Andrew> and the bozeman-west-big sky coridor is slow ussually to many people looking st the scenery
06:34:18 <ynpvisitor40> Happy happy happy....
06:37:32 <vw> Daisy 1337 ie
06:37:45 <Maureen> dual
06:38:30 <Maureen> another single burst Grand?
06:38:31 <Andrew> triple there's sawmill
06:38:59 <craigmon99> Now all we need is giant!
06:40:28 <Maureen> off to the park, bye vw, and all. Have good afternoons.
06:40:39 <Andrew> bye
06:40:56 <vw> Bye M! Have a great day!
06:46:37 <craigmon99> is that pymp over there?
06:46:41 <craigmon99> *pump
06:47:36 <vw> Sorry craig. was afk.
06:48:04 <craigmon99> big splash near the top board walk about right in the middle of the screen
06:48:05 <vw> Pump quiet right now. Will show itself soon. Would be right about in the center of the current view.
06:48:28 <vw> Steam from it now.
06:48:32 <craigmon99> yeah I let off a large splash
06:48:35 <vw> Had to wait for OF steam to calm down.
06:49:12 <craigmon99> yeah about 5 feet of water came out of there
06:50:33 <vw> I always like what it does to the trees behind it during the winter. Perfectly frosted.
06:50:52 <craigmon99> ah
07:05:09 <Ryan> afternoon all :)
07:16:02 <vw> Something has come up and I need to be away from the cam for a while. I may not get back before it is time for kc to take the cam.
07:16:06 <vw> Going to OF preset now.
07:16:21 <vw> Aurum looks hot.
07:16:28 <ynpvisitor88> .
07:21:45 <Ryan> OF 1421ns
07:37:10 <Graham> hello did I miss anything
07:52:26 <ynpvisitor88> .
08:00:30 <ynpvisitor47> .
08:05:44 <Ryan> LC 1505ie
08:06:55 <ynpvisitor88> ...
08:30:44 <kcmule> lion 15:30ns ini static
08:32:10 <Graham> yeah a geyser
08:34:10 <kcmule> might just make this evening bearable
08:35:50 <Graham> yep, and BH is due
08:36:06 <Graham> Grabd may be nice or not
08:40:02 <Graham> looks like we are in a Morning nap time now
08:41:43 <kcmule> OF 15:41
08:42:32 <kcmule> maybe oblong on static
08:46:02 <kcmule> 'ding'
08:46:26 <Ryan> INdy 1546ie
08:46:33 <Ryan> Weak
08:46:44 <Graham> zzzzz
08:50:07 <Ryan> nice and strong now... but i have to leave soon
08:50:23 <Graham> bye Ryan
08:50:36 <Graham> go now, don't waste your time here
08:50:59 <Ryan> Kicking me out so soon? :) Think I am THAT valuable of a sacrifice? lol
08:52:07 <Graham> nope, but why waste your time here?
08:52:20 <Graham> you have plenty of post-college time for that
08:54:12 <Ryan> lol, I know
08:54:17 <Ryan> adios, enjoy the show
09:00:13 <craigmon99> Beehive please?
09:03:17 <craigmon99> Indy quit stealing the show!
09:17:50 <kcmule> daisy 16:17ie
09:21:32 <ynpvisitor66> We get to see cub
09:22:18 <ynpvisitor66> So where is 99? Is craig on the text allert?
09:27:14 <ynpvisitor66> Is it me, or is that steem vent by bhi new?
09:28:30 <Mara> pretty late in the indicator for it to go
09:29:59 <ynpvisitor66> That bh watcher thinks so also
09:31:04 <kcmule> sawmill ie
09:31:05 <Mara> should get a lion soon... hopefully
09:38:28 <kcmule> lion 16:38
09:39:48 <ynpvisitor66> The least watched biggie of the basin?
10:14:38 <kcmule> OF 17:14
10:50:22 <kcmule> lion 17:50
10:54:31 <ynpvisitor88> //
10:57:01 <Graham> got to see my first bear in Shenandoah National Park today
10:58:20 <kcmule> cool
11:00:32 <Graham> walked across the road as i was stopped
11:02:15 <kcmule> what kind of bears do they have in those parts
11:32:53 <kcmule> 1832ie on 'indicator'
11:52:56 <ynpvisitor88> ..
11:54:28 <kcmule> OF 18:54
12:01:12 <kcmule> daisy 19:00
12:02:39 <Andrew> hello
12:07:38 <kcmule> evenin
12:10:32 <craigmon99> How long has the indicator been going?
12:10:45 <Andrew> almost 4 minutes
12:10:50 <Andrew> i mean 40
12:10:58 <craigmon99> Awww
12:11:21 <Andrew> perhaps longer because it was seen ie
12:36:30 <Ryan> Holy big Sawmill
12:52:17 <kcmule> sawmill off
13:00:24 <kcmule> depression 20:00ie
13:09:37 <ynpvisitor88> ...
13:14:07 <kcmule> oblong?
13:15:58 <Graham> looked like it
13:18:14 <Graham> nice evening, have a good night everyone, looking forward to being the other end of the cam in a week :)
13:18:45 <kcmule> awesome. nite
13:26:10 <kcmule> OF 20:25