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23:32:24 <Dave from B> Morning, Kevin
23:32:39 <Kevin L> Looks like it is just you an me Dave.
23:33:00 <Dave from B> I did remember to take a shower
23:34:08 <Kevin L> I have to take the wife's car in for service this morning. I think I would rather go to the dentist. I hate that place.
23:34:41 <Kevin L> Looks like a fluffy OF ie at 0734
23:35:13 <Dave from B> Not your usual trustworthy mechanic that you usually go to?
23:37:38 <Kevin L> No, this is the dealer for my Hyundai. Their company doctor is a proctologist. I think if it was the last car dealer in the world, I would take up walking.
23:38:48 <Dave from B> :D
23:39:56 <Kevin L> If you add your own air to the tires they want to void your engine warranty.
00:00:50 <Kevin L> You are on your own for a while Dave
00:04:20 <Dave from B> Bye, Kevin.
00:04:24 <Dave from B> Morning, Jenna
00:04:46 <Dave from B> Lion0804ie
00:09:39 <Jenna> morning Jenna
00:13:09 <Dave from B> sLEEPY THIS MORNING?:)
00:13:29 <Dave from B> Oops...sorry about the caps
00:14:28 <Jenna> oh wow
00:14:30 <Jenna> haha
00:14:31 <Jenna> yes
00:15:05 <Jenna> I didn't think I was but obviously yes
00:16:37 <Dave from B> 2 year olds will do that to you
00:16:49 <Jenna> yup!
00:27:26 <Jenna> wow there's a wall of steam/fog along the trees
00:28:12 <Dave from B> That's from Excelsior!
00:28:25 <Dave from B> Well, maybe not:)
00:28:59 <Jenna> lol
00:48:19 <Jenna> so what grade is Becca in Dave?
00:48:21 <Kevin L> Looks like the crowd is finally showing up.
00:48:24 <Dave from B> Mornin', kc
00:48:36 <Jenna> the 7 people?
00:48:37 <Dave from B> She is a freshman in high school
00:48:51 <Jenna> I am surprised at how long it takes people to get moving out in the basin in the morning
00:48:55 <Jenna> the morning is the best time!
00:48:55 <kc (working)> mornin
00:49:11 <Jenna> does she know where she wants to go to college? probably a little early yet
00:50:10 <Kevin L> I thought that when my daughter went to Rexburg I would get to the park more often. NOT!
00:50:18 <Jenna> can anyone see this?
00:51:38 <Kevin L> I got it. I remember the Summer of '88. Smoke got so bad sometimes that the smoke alarms would go off in the cabins.
00:54:18 <Jenna> I do not remember it :) but there have been employees posting a lot on that page recently
00:54:24 <Jenna> neat and scary photos
00:58:50 <Dave from B> Jenna, early choice is Northwestern but she knows that her test scores will have to be good...Way too early. We will probably take some college trips after her sophomore year.
00:59:09 <Jenna> does she know what she wants to study?
00:59:55 <Dave from B> She has teacher written all over her. She LOVES math and music.
01:00:15 <Jenna> lol sounds perfect then
01:00:15 <Dave from B> That is why I could also see her as a park naturalist
01:00:33 <Jenna> that would be fun too
01:00:40 <Jenna> OF 900
01:00:43 <Dave from B> OG 0900ie
01:00:44 <Jenna> where is northwestern?
01:00:58 <Dave from B> North of Chicago
01:01:23 <Dave from B> Evanston, IL
01:01:24 <Jenna> that's what I thought, just wasn't sure she'd be coming this far east
01:02:20 <Jenna> Lion 901
01:02:20 <Dave from B> Lion 0902ie
01:02:28 <Dave from B> I'm too slow today!
01:02:44 <Dave from B> Her sister is in St. Louis going to school
01:02:46 <Jenna> I'm making up for my comment earlier :)
01:02:56 <Dave from B> Yes, you are now awake!
01:05:49 <Jenna> cappuccino finally kicked in
01:06:02 <Jenna> I told Scott this morning my parents are not allowed to go to the park again without me
01:07:03 <Dave from B> I've been lucky to go 3 times this year. I know it is hard watching others have fun in OF
01:07:16 <Dave from B> Especially when they are related!
01:07:26 <Jenna> yup! and they keep texting you for help all day! :)
01:07:40 <Jenna> they've been 3 times in the past year
01:08:32 <Dave from B> Be patient , Jenna. Someday, you will have more freedom to get there more often
01:11:43 <Jenna> oh I know
01:12:11 <Jenna> all part of being a responsible adult, I know saving for a down payment is more important right now
01:12:15 <Jenna> although not nearly as fun!
01:12:31 <Dave from B> For a house?
01:12:34 <Jenna> yup
01:13:15 <Dave from B> That's great. How long until you can start looking?
01:13:28 <Jenna> I have been looking for around 2 years now
01:13:47 <Jenna> since we decided we wanted Conor to go to a school in a town about 15 min north
01:16:36 <Jenna> even though I'd love to be looking in Billings :)
01:17:04 <Dave from B> Billings could be your 10-15 year plan
01:17:14 <Dave from B> Build up some equity and then move
01:17:29 <Dave from B> Glad you are being picky looking for the right house
01:17:55 <Jenna> yeah once Dad retires and can come visit more often we can head west :)
01:18:16 <Jenna> I have learned a lot from living in our current house, and from my dad, in what to look for
01:18:33 <Dave from B> I have a feeling they will be moving somewhere close to OF when they retire
01:18:52 <Jenna> as long as he feels he can leave the farm in capable hands
01:24:44 <Dave from B> When he retires, will he sell farm and hand over to one of the kids?
01:24:50 <Dave from B> and = or
01:25:20 <Jenna> it's not his farm to sell, it's his dad's
01:25:41 <Jenna> my uncle had twin boys and they do a lot on the farm, but they both can't farm and make a living
01:26:01 <Dave from B> Yes, that is a sad part of farming
01:26:14 <Jenna> yup, he has a full time job and my uncle has a part time job on top of farming
01:26:21 <Jenna> so I'm not really sure what he'll do when he retires
01:26:37 <Jenna> he is wrapped around Conor's fingers so I doubt he'd want to be that far away
01:26:39 <Dave from B> What is your dad's other job?
01:27:00 <Jenna> electrician at the Gypsum plant, making wallboard
01:34:19 <Jenna> indy? or BH steaming?
01:35:08 <Dave from B> I think it is BH steaming
01:36:14 <Dave from B> Jenna, I also can't get to OF for as much as I'd like. I need one of three kids decide that they want to sell fish for a living...looks like my son will be the last chance. He is 13
01:37:19 <Jenna> yeah Dad had no chance with any of us to take over the farm.
01:37:43 <Jenna> there's just always something else to do, or something else to spend the money on
01:37:52 <Jenna> 2 yr olds are expensive :)
01:38:07 <Jenna> I think it might be indy
01:39:39 <Dave from B> Wait until you have to pay for college:(
01:41:08 <Jenna> yeah...I can wait lol
01:41:22 <Jenna> I was nice to my parents and only went for 2 years to a pretty inexpensive school
01:41:44 <Jenna> my sister wasnt, went to University of Iowa for only a year and stopped...a little pricey
01:41:54 <Kevin L> Wait till they get older Jenna if you think they are expensive now!
01:42:17 <Jenna> lol I don't want to think about it
01:42:31 <Jenna> cars, school, sports, clothes
01:42:45 <Dave from B> When they "bat" their baby blues at is hard to say no
01:42:54 <Jenna> oh he is good at that already!
01:43:07 <Dave from B> :D
01:43:47 <Jenna> he learned to go to dad if mom says no already too
01:44:00 <Jenna> didn't think I'd be the strict one in the bunch :)
01:45:03 <Dave from B> I hate figure it out pretty fast
01:45:11 <Kevin L> BTW that is indy Jenna
01:45:25 <Jenna> ok thanks
01:45:32 <Jenna> he figures a lot of stuff out really fast!
01:45:58 <Dave from B> Kevin, what time do you think it started?
01:46:12 <Kevin L> Has the cam been on preset for a long time?
01:46:19 <Dave from B> Yes
01:46:51 <Kevin L> CC normally has it but I know she has some chores today. We will look closer.
01:47:03 <Kevin L> I like that look!
01:47:20 <Kevin L> BSOD today
01:47:39 <Dave from B> I wonder if BSOD issues will ever get resolved
01:47:55 <Kevin L> vw is supposed to take it about an hour.
01:48:53 <Kevin L> I know they are working on it. I think it is one of those little things that tweak in and out and make it almost impossible to find with their limited time to spend on it.
01:50:41 <Kevin L> I know they were hoping that moving the server would cure it, so the problem is probably in the camera which means to fix it, it may have to be removed. Not an exciting prospect.
01:52:42 <Dave from B> Thanks, Kevin for the info
01:53:46 <Kevin L> It has to be frustrating for them.
01:55:09 <Dave from B> I'm sure it is. And, like you said, they have plenty of other things going on as well to deal with
01:55:45 <Kevin L> They sure did a stellar job on the statics
01:57:17 <Dave from B> Climate of Yellowstone is a challenge for most jobs
01:58:07 <Kevin L> For sure. Impossible to get to 6 months of the year
02:00:33 <Kevin L> Dave M posted bhi a 0929ie so it has almost passed its possible bh time.
02:08:38 <Kevin L> Looks like this one is a bust, but the next one may not be.
02:09:47 <Jenna> Lion 1009 ie
02:10:01 <Dave from B> It's a go for next time; especially if you are leaving
02:10:46 <Dave from B> A lot of Lion intervals have been over 60 minutes of late...not just the interval between initial and second
02:26:52 <Dave from B> OF 1026ie
02:27:27 <Dave from B> ..
02:38:39 <ynpvisitor40> ..
02:49:01 <ynpvisitor40> .
02:58:57 <Dave from B> Good morning, Good morning
02:59:40 <vw> Ok, so I am not awake yet? Duh
02:59:53 <vw> trying to do too many things here.
03:00:16 <Dave from B> :D:D
03:00:40 <Dave from B> That's ok. Jenna said hello to herself already today!
03:00:56 <vw> So you are home safe Dave. :( / :)
03:01:26 <vw> You had a good trip?
03:01:29 <Dave from B> Yes and as always Becca and I had a great time
03:01:40 <Kevin L> Rough start vw?
03:01:44 <Dave from B> Morning solo is the best eruption I have ever seen
03:02:01 <vw> Yeah, just trying to get back into the groove K. Not an auspicious start I guess.
03:02:57 <vw> I hope you took lots of pictures Dave. With starting HS now, Becca may be a bit too busy to get to YNP much for a while.
03:03:12 <Kevin L> BH is back to normal. Erupted during bus duty yesterday.
03:03:45 <vw> But that is good news K! Except for you of course.
03:04:46 <Dave from B> Yes, I felt guilty...Becca was too tired to be very effective in her game on Tuesday. 2 nights of interrupted sleep was to blame
03:04:48 <vw> So nice to have static back so that maybe I won't miss it today. I am not getting a picture on every refresh though.
03:05:38 <vw> HS kids have lots of distractions. I am sure YNP was not the only one for Becca: New school, new teachers, new students, etc, etc, etc.
03:05:40 <Kevin L> Hmmmmm, soccer or geysers....
03:06:55 <Dave from B> Yes, and she loves it all
03:07:42 <vw> Good for her. It will all be 'old hat' soon.
03:08:22 <Dave from B> She has goals to match her sister's 4.0 GPA. I told her to not worry about that and just take it 1 day at a time
03:09:35 <vw> Goals are important, but shouldn't be all encompassing. Becca seems to have a pretty well balanced life. That is an important thing for her.
03:10:40 <vw> Daisy heating up.
03:11:13 <vw> Has Sawmill been 'on' since 0603 ie time?
03:12:06 <Dave from B> Yes, even though she has her stobborn moments, she is turing out to be a nice young lady
03:12:37 <Dave from B> vw, we were on auto pilot for awhile so not sure about Sawmill
03:12:38 <vw> Lion 1112
03:13:25 <vw> Thanks Dave.
03:13:54 <vw> Lets just note here that Sawmill is on at 1111, and watch for it to stop.
03:14:09 <vw> Very short Lion. More than a minor, but barely.
03:17:20 <vw> Called a minor from the basin.
03:31:33 <vw> Daisy 1131
03:36:07 <vw> Lion trying again.
03:40:21 <vw> Stepped away. Did we just have another Lion minor?
03:41:28 <Dave from B> Sorry, I didn't see one but I wasn't watchiong all the time
03:42:08 <vw> I came back to view and saw some splashing, but that was all.
03:42:32 <Dave from B> We may have to wait for a basin report
03:43:00 <vw> Last one, the minor, got posted right away from the basin. NOthing yet this time.
03:43:18 <vw> Wrong... 1139 minor again.
03:43:36 <Dave from B> Just so it as well
03:43:40 <Dave from B> so = saw
03:44:13 <Dave from B> Should be getting a report from LGB soon for Ftn
03:46:20 <kc (working)> fountain was 1033
03:46:29 <kc (working)> no duration noted
03:47:08 <kc (working)> now it says 1047 d=34m15s
03:47:20 <vw> Graham just posted that.
03:48:04 <kc (working)> missed my click, GF was 1033
03:48:08 <Dave from B> Thanks
03:49:13 <vw> .
03:54:34 <Dave from B> It seems Morning boiling at start of fountain means an eruption is possible 1 or 2 Fountain cycles later
03:55:04 <Dave from B> That was the talk at LGB. Duration not a great indicator
03:59:42 <vw> OF 1159
04:04:08 <vw> forboding sky. Could be in for some different weather soon.
04:05:13 <vw> Lion 1204
04:06:09 <vw> Another short one. Minor.
04:07:15 <vw> Sawmill is off at 1207
04:13:20 <kc (working)> drat, blue screen
04:13:29 <vw> Reporting BSOD on public stream.
04:13:39 <Dave from B> :(
04:13:40 <kc (working)> back
04:13:46 <kc (working)> reset
04:13:47 <Dave from B> :)
04:13:49 <vw> Was just gonna say, will be on in a sec.
04:14:11 <Kevin L> You broke it vw
04:14:25 <vw> and it woke back up cranky.
04:20:55 <kc (working)> nice to see an artemisia start time, not even 30 mins old yet
04:21:35 <ynpvisitor11> the German family loves Artemisia
04:21:38 <vw> Lion 1221 ns
04:21:50 <Maureen> hey all
04:22:03 <kc (working)> hi Maureen
04:22:30 <vw> Hi Maureen!
04:22:32 <Maureen> they keep saying they are tired of waiting for Artemisia, yet they go every day
04:22:40 <Maureen> Fountain was nice, steamy though
04:24:29 <Dave from B> I know BB and family love Artemesia as well
04:24:44 <Dave from B> Hi, Maureen
04:24:53 <Maureen> hey Dave. BB is gone, right?
04:25:02 <Dave from B> Yes, they left Monday
04:25:48 <Dave from B> Getting caught up on sleep, Maureen?
04:26:18 <Maureen> yes, have been missing seeing gazers though. Sleep and work have been taking some time.
04:26:37 <Maureen> Graham is at F & M now
04:26:48 <Maureen> some folks went to Lonestar today too
04:27:34 <vw> Grand 1227
04:27:39 <Dave from B> Yahoo!!
04:27:39 <Maureen> GRAND
04:27:43 <Maureen> woo hoo
04:27:49 <Maureen> nice start, good buildup
04:28:05 <Maureen> came over the trees, and then tall...nice
04:28:43 <Maureen> short interval
04:32:36 <Maureen> come on 2nd burst today!
04:37:31 <vw> Probably too long now for a second. Beautiful Grand though.
04:37:55 <vw> 10m
04:38:03 <Maureen> it was
04:38:17 <Maureen> thankfully I caught the start
04:38:49 <vw> Graham posted it as an FRS call by Jim, so G wasn't there to see it.
04:39:31 <Maureen> he is at the rock pile, I noted that above, you must have been busy driving.
04:39:55 <vw> ahhh. Thx!
04:40:07 <Maureen> Serena and Venus schooled the #1 seeds in doubles tennis just now
04:40:39 <Maureen> Off to work, have good days all.
04:40:58 <vw> You too M!
04:41:06 <Dave from B> Bye, Maureen
04:41:45 <Maureen> looks so ominous here, I have to work outside later, tell it to get nicer.
04:42:18 <Maureen> Todd and Lori went to Wind Rivers, right?
04:42:25 <Dave from B> Do you have mother Nature's number...I'll call her
04:42:36 <Dave from B> Yes, I think they left yesterday
05:01:33 <Jenna> yes they did
05:21:45 <Jenna> did we lose static cams again?
05:22:14 <vw> I am not getting a picture on every refresh, but one does eventually appear.
05:22:28 <ynpvisitor29> same here
05:24:59 <Jenna> ok
05:26:10 <Dave from B> Big crowd at OF
05:27:48 <Jenna> a lot more people are visiting in May/June and September to avoid the "crowds"
05:27:57 <Jenna> which I don't think really helps much
05:28:02 <Dave from B> I don't blame them
05:28:16 <Jenna> at least there is probably not as many kids
05:28:29 <Jenna> but you take a bigger chance with the weather
05:28:53 <Dave from B> I think Sept is a busier month than April or May
05:29:01 <Jenna> I agree
05:29:05 <Dave from B> Based on our business anyway in that area
05:29:25 <Jenna> possible indy
05:29:36 <Jenna> yeah at least in September there hasn't been snow storms recently
05:29:40 <Dave from B> May be time to send a text if it is
05:29:42 <Jenna> well...hopefully
05:30:04 <Jenna> idk Dave....BH doesn't seem to like me either :)
05:30:11 <Kevin L> Good shot at it. Bus duty in 5m.
05:30:19 <Dave from B> Has to be it, then
05:30:33 <Dave from B> I passed the BH curse on to Kevin
05:30:44 <Kevin L> Probably get Aurum too.
05:30:47 <vw> OF 1330
05:31:58 <Dave from B> Can't believe is football season already
05:32:11 <Jenna> me either
05:32:31 <Jenna> I have to give up a lot of the control over the tv :)
05:32:38 <Kevin L> Not till 1800 tonight Dave.
05:32:46 <Jenna> or sit in Conor's play room on his miniature couch and use his tv lol
05:32:48 <vw> Lion 1332
05:32:51 <Jenna> nice!
05:33:12 <Jenna> barely?
05:33:15 <vw> minor
05:33:28 <Jenna> our own "trifecta" there for a second haha
05:34:29 <vw> I thought Lion might be over after its showing an hour or so ago.
05:34:54 <vw> Yes, BHI is ie.
05:35:12 <vw> On GT with a 1324 start.
05:37:33 <Dave from B> Lion needs to take a break...many minors this afternoon
05:38:04 <Dave from B> Jenna, we "arm wrestle" over our big screen. Kids are alwasy watching something
05:38:41 <Jenna> yes he is always taking over even though he has his own tv. He loves to steal the "puter" to watch shoo shoo's
05:39:05 <Dave from B> He just wants to be where you are
05:39:12 <Jenna> oh definitely
05:39:32 <Jenna> although if he's on the laptop and Scott's watching tv I do get chores done :)
05:44:29 <Dave from B> That was a big splash
05:47:10 <vw> Might have just missed Aurum.
05:47:55 <vw> If we did, it seems like there are several people on the Hill who might have got it. We may see a time yet.
05:48:41 <Dave from B> Sounds about right
05:52:02 <vw> Looks like Sawmill 1351 ie on static.
05:52:49 <vw> Getting close to Daisy time too
05:57:45 <Dave from B> Lost VEC static
05:58:14 <vw> It might come back after a couple of refreshes.
05:58:41 <vw> Mine just came back.
06:00:20 <Dave from B> its back
06:01:33 <vw> Crazy, huh Dave?
06:03:19 <ynpvisitor51> hi all
06:06:12 <Dave from B> Yes, it is weird.
06:06:20 <Dave from B> Howdy, 51
06:07:47 <vw> Sawmill off.
06:15:30 <vw> Daisy 1415 ns
06:19:16 <Jenna> if anyone is bored, here are some photos of where mom and dad are
06:19:31 <vw> BHI still going, but thinking we are well beyond a good time for BH to erupt.
06:19:42 <Jenna> I agree
06:20:09 <Kevin L> Of course I am back. It will go when I have to go pick up my car at the sleezeball dealer.
06:48:40 <vw> And now LS is going to act up again.
06:49:00 <vw> I think I will call it an evening. Another operator will be here soon.
06:49:04 <vw> Have a great one all.
06:49:43 <Dave from B> Bye, vw. Have a great evening.
06:51:16 <Dave from B> is it cb time?
06:51:39 <Kevin L> At the park Dave
06:53:05 <Dave from B> So, are you the new driver?
06:53:57 <Dave from B> I thought cb was still at OF
06:57:15 <Kevin L> No, I think Teri is taking it.
07:04:37 <ynpvisitor90> OF ie
08:07:06 <Dave from B> Time to head out. Have a great ebvening everyone!
08:07:15 <Kevin L> bye
08:50:14 <Kevin L> Daisy 1650 ie
09:06:05 <Kevin L> Aurum 1706 ie
09:12:28 <craigmon99> hey all
09:13:00 <Kevin L> hi
09:15:24 <craigmon99> Camera looks like a different angle than last time?
09:32:28 <craigmon99> Is that castle or daisy?
09:32:48 <Jenna> castle
09:34:46 <kc (working)> maybe this will help c-mon
09:35:11 <craigmon99> :O where has this been for a month now!
09:36:21 <kc (working)> Rich's page is full of good resources
09:44:00 <craigmon99> BHI 1743 ie
09:44:17 <craigmon99> Let the bet placing begin
09:45:18 <craigmon99> I think this bee is going to go
09:47:46 <craigmon99> Lion is starting
09:55:19 <craigmon99> I think indy's pretty much done
10:00:07 <Jenna> OF 1759
10:00:33 <Jenna> short indy
10:00:57 <Kevin L> It knew I came back. Will erupt after dark.
10:01:49 <Kevin L> Yea! Time for NFL football! (And highschool football on the channel that should be showing the Dodgers. :p )
10:02:46 <Jenna> time for Little Einsteins over here lol
10:04:12 <craigmon99> Vikings all the way Kevin
10:05:33 <craigmon99> No indy eruption anybody?
10:08:07 <Kevin L> You know what you call a Viking with a Superbowl ring?
10:08:27 <craigmon99> Brett Favre?
10:08:51 <Kevin L> A thief. Slightly above Brett Farve.
10:09:12 <craigmon99> lol. Alright so using that resouce this is crested pool?
10:09:31 <craigmon99> Hey the saints stole that superbowl from us
10:11:43 <craigmon99> Wait a second isn't crested a hot spring?
10:12:56 <craigmon99> Yet water was spurting from it?
10:15:27 <craigmon99> SC 1815 ie
11:02:57 <kcmule> grand
11:03:20 <kcmule> 19:02 i reckon
11:07:12 <kcmule> something to watch while waiting for the lightning delay at the game
11:13:42 <Jenna> pretty
11:26:18 <kcmule> daisy was 19:21ie
11:28:19 <kcmule> riverside 19:26 per Graham
11:45:34 <kcmule> fountain was 18:03 d=32m55s
12:26:11 <Jenna> neat to see lightning