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22:31:58 <ynpvisitor78> Grand 06:31ns
22:32:22 <Dave from B> Thanks, 78
22:33:08 <ynpvisitor78> w
23:00:57 <Dave from B> ..
23:10:40 <ynpvisitor31> waiting for Morning/Fountain news.
23:10:44 <ynpvisitor31> Today could be the day
23:13:24 <Dave from B> Long interval and duration for last Fountain....should be
23:13:42 <ynpvisitor31> steamy though, but they won't complain
23:14:27 <Dave from B> Eruptnios last long enough that you can usually get a couple good shots
23:46:01 <Dave from B> Morning, Kevin
23:46:59 <ynpvisitor22> No Morning! Fountain was at 0650. Do not know duration. Maybe this afternoon!
23:47:20 <Dave from B> Thanks, 22
23:47:29 <ynpvisitor22> In honor of cb's birthday!
23:47:32 <Dave from B> Morning is being stubborn
23:47:53 <ynpvisitor22> I just hope it goes again!
23:48:18 <Dave from B> Is BH or BHI steaming?
23:48:21 <ynpvisitor22> Just stopped in to let you know the news.
23:48:40 <Dave from B> Good luck this afternoon
23:51:14 <Dave from B> bhi 0751IE
23:52:20 <Kevin L> Morning Dave. Had to spank my computer.
23:52:37 <Dave from B> sTILL HAVING PROBLEMS?
23:52:45 <Dave from B> oops
23:53:24 <Kevin L> Not sure what it was, but it was running slower than Danica at a Cup race.
23:54:28 <Ryan> GO BEE!
23:55:11 <Dave from B> Hi, Ryan
23:55:39 <Dave from B> Kevin, at least when you crash you don't take out everyone else!
23:56:04 <Ryan> Seems to me that every year gets one big geyser... though I would like Giant... Giantess... something like that... I would LOVE to catch a Splendid next summer! Given the duration, should I be there for a job I got a good shot at Giantess
23:56:39 <Dave from B> Ryan, I think Will and Micah probably thought the same thing for this summer
23:57:04 <Ryan> About Giantess? Or some big geyser? Cause they got Morning... AND Stemboat
23:57:07 <Ryan> AND F&M
23:57:15 <Ryan> AND Trifectas
23:57:19 <Ryan> They cant complain!
23:57:29 <Ryan> You know what I got?
23:57:36 <Ryan> A wonderful midnight Grand
23:57:38 <Ryan> :)
23:57:42 <Dave from B> True, Ryan...a good summer
23:58:02 <Dave from B> Yes, that was a great star filled Grand...will never forget that one
23:58:40 <Ryan> Ill just never forget, "Are your Ryan?" and I am like... "Yes?" thinking, Who the heck is this and how do they know me!?
23:58:57 <Ryan> Alot of people knew me by the time I left
23:59:14 <Dave from B> Yes, it was fun bumping into you out there that night.
00:00:08 <Ryan> When I started down to grand it was still somewhat daylight. I watched Lion from the river by OF and just started laughing cause I was finally back!
00:00:53 <Dave from B> Yes, you had a LONG time between visits
00:01:57 <Ryan> 4 very, very long years
00:03:15 <Kevin L> Fountain 0650 no Morning.
00:03:27 <Ryan> D=? still?
00:05:10 <Dave from B> 36:44 on d
00:06:03 <Ryan> Possible for Morning
00:07:32 <Ryan> I dont think were getting the Bee on this one
00:08:03 <Dave from B> 9:23 interval for Fountain is very long...I bet most thought they were going to get Morning
00:08:32 <Ryan> Probably... I dont envy that feeling
00:09:38 <Dave from B> I've been at geysers where people clap....watching Morning solo start was like being at a sporting event. What a roar
00:10:23 <Ryan> Ive been at clappers before too... though I do wish to hear the Morning start...
00:10:36 <Ryan> I remember hearing a F&M start on the radio, eveyrone cheering
00:10:45 <Dave from B> Morning, Jenna
00:10:53 <Dave from B> And Micah screaming
00:11:00 <Ryan> Yep!
00:11:47 <Ryan> I was at Riverside during my June trip, when F&M was having a big event cycle. Will was decribing it over the radio. A touron asked what he was talking about, I said, "Hard to explain, but if I suddenly up and leave, follow me!"
00:11:52 <Jenna> morning Dave
00:12:04 <Ryan> I thought we were gonna get one that day (it went two days later)
00:12:19 <Dave from B> F&M has been very unpredictable this summer
00:13:01 <Ryan> VERY, we practically had a lock, with heavy surging in Upper Mortar... gave me goosebumps. Even called Pap and said that he might wanna head down.
00:13:28 <Ryan> We are losing indy
00:14:41 <Kevin L> It is probably waiting for bus duty time.
00:23:08 <Ryan> ...Did Bee explode?
00:23:35 <Ryan> Must have been a big splash, cause people on the BW stopped
00:23:43 <Kevin L> It is 9-11. It could be a terrorist attack!
00:24:15 <Ryan> Quite possibly... would be nice for some big geyser to make a salute
00:27:29 <Kevin L> OF was below freezing at 0700
00:31:36 <Ryan> Yikes... Daisy explode too?
00:32:12 <Dave from B> at 0805
00:32:30 <Ryan> Ahaha
00:37:15 <Ryan> Got to go... later guys
00:37:29 <Ryan> Or I can wat to see what Bee is doing
00:37:33 <Dave from B> Bye, Ryan
00:37:39 <Kevin L> Bye Ryan.
00:38:05 <Kevin L> I think it is going to sleep Ryan.
00:55:10 <Kevin L> Lion 0855ie
00:55:27 <Dave from B> Yippee
00:56:14 <Dave from B> Steamy mess at Lion
00:56:31 <Kevin L> Fluffy geysers today for sure.
01:05:40 <Kevin L> Fluffy 0905
01:24:47 <Dave from B> Morning, kc and alex
01:47:15 <kc (working)> mornin
01:56:18 <Dave from B> We could be hearing from lc today
02:03:44 <Jenna> .
02:11:41 <Kevin L> of 1011
02:11:57 <Kevin L> Last must have been a short
02:13:17 <Kevin L> Lion 1013
02:58:14 <Kevin L> DAisy 1058
03:05:46 <ynpvisitor83> Looks like cub is bubbling
03:19:46 <Dave from B> Should be time for the little geyser on the hill
03:20:26 <Kevin L> Hopefully big geyser on the hill too.
03:20:39 <ynpvisitor83> Anenome
03:20:58 <ynpvisitor83> or OF?
03:21:20 <Dave from B> Lion 1121ie
03:21:24 <Kevin L> Lion 1122
03:21:49 <Kevin L> Hate this messed up clock.
03:44:36 <Jenna> indy?
03:45:54 <Kevin L> Will check after of
03:46:16 <Jenna> no rush :)
03:47:19 <Kevin L> of isn't in a rush either.
03:49:39 <Jenna> only supposed to be 93 here today, down to 71 by Friday
03:51:03 <Kevin L> 73 here right now. Not supposed to make it to 80!
03:52:24 <Kevin L> of 1152
03:54:41 <Jenna> wow nice
03:54:52 <Jenna> we'll get there eventually
03:57:22 <Kevin L> Yep bhi
03:58:23 <Dave from B> Maybe, VEC should start predicting BHI
03:59:34 <Jenna> it has been pretty reliable
04:06:21 <Dave from B> Thanks for the wakeup text
04:09:04 <Kevin L> Another eq?
04:22:16 <ynpvisitor82> Cub is distracting us
04:24:36 <Dave from B> It's the GH Little geyser show!
04:25:29 <Dave from B> Maybe we could see the GH little geyser quad: BHI, LC and Anemone times two
04:27:18 <ynpvisitor82> So how tall it bh cone anyway?
04:28:43 <Kevin L> I would guess about 4 feet.
04:30:01 <ynpvisitor82> Just trying to guige splash hight.
04:30:14 <Kevin L> Think we about past the point of no return for this one.
04:30:56 <Kevin L> Looks like Turban now.
04:31:04 <ynpvisitor82> Last time we watched grand it went, remember?
04:31:33 <ynpvisitor82> LEast we have ugb to check
04:31:35 <Kevin L> I hope it remembers.
04:32:14 <Dave from B> Kevin, the Bible also has BH cone at 4 ft
04:32:30 <Kevin L> Good guess.
04:35:02 <ynpvisitor82> After all the splashing this summer, it has got to be 4 -1 by now
04:35:28 <Kevin L> Or more.
04:36:40 <ynpvisitor82> Must be a difference in the minerals at Yellowstone. That link to the man made geyser in NV showed a huge buildup for the short time it has benn flowing
04:38:56 <Kevin L> I suspect that the minerals and the makeup of the water would make a big difference. I think that geyser (Fly Geyser) is also more of a constant splasher.
04:39:26 <Kevin L> Lion 1239 ie
04:40:50 <ynpvisitor82> My basin cam will not reload, just blank
04:41:17 <ynpvisitor82> Now it is back
04:45:00 <ynpvisitor33> BH is mentioned in the Bible?
04:45:56 <ynpvisitor33> hoping for an early Grand?
04:46:04 <Kevin L> yes
04:46:34 <ynpvisitor33> to which question?
04:46:55 <Dave from B> Not THE BIBLE but the Geyser Bible
04:47:10 <ynpvisitor33> oh...
04:47:17 <ynpvisitor33> just kidding you.
04:47:31 <Kevin L> Both, but the "Bible" we reference here is "The Geysers Of Yellowstone" by T Scott Bryan.
04:47:35 <Dave from B> Figured you were kidding...but just in case!:)
04:47:44 <ynpvisitor59> Fly geyser is travertine i think... like mammoth
04:48:08 <Kevin L> I think they do mention bees in the bible though.
04:48:32 <Dave from B> wb, Ryan
04:48:40 <ynpvisitor33> ha ha Kevin
04:49:14 <Ryan> He's not kidding 33... have you ever read it?
04:49:35 <Ryan> Hi Dave
04:51:03 <Ryan>
04:51:07 <Ryan> Travertine
04:56:10 <ynpvisitor33> don't they mention everything in the bible? Have you read it Ryan, cover to cover?
04:57:12 <Ryan> GoY? Yes I have actually :)
04:57:19 <Ryan> Doesnt mean I remember it
04:57:59 <ynpvisitor33> speed reading?
04:58:17 <ynpvisitor33> well I am glad they mentioned bees. Bees are important
04:58:50 <Ryan> Took me 3 weeks to read Geysers of Yellowstone
04:58:55 <Kevin L> They did make a cool geyser.
05:00:47 <Ryan> As far as THE Bible... I have read parts... not all though.
05:02:28 <Kevin L> Grand 1302
05:02:42 <Ryan> Woo!
05:02:51 <Ryan> Cool start!
05:03:30 <Kevin L> Graham sould have been there instead of Jewel.
05:03:48 <Ryan> He's at Norris?
05:04:06 <ynpvisitor31> Biscuit
05:04:28 <Ryan> ...why Biscuit?
05:04:51 <Kevin L> Breakfast?
05:05:05 <ynpvisitor31> check GT for his Jewel times,he must have good signal there
05:05:06 <Dave from B> :)
05:05:15 <Ryan> :D
05:05:49 <Kevin L> Hopefully we will get Grand in before OF goes.
05:12:28 <Ryan> 2b?
05:12:43 <Kevin L> Fingers crossed.
05:12:45 <Kevin L> Yep
05:12:48 <Dave from B> Yahoo
05:12:48 <ynpvisitor34> or not 2b?
05:13:00 <Ryan> /
05:13:02 <Ryan> 2b!
05:13:11 <Ryan> Wooh
05:13:12 <ynpvisitor34> well, that answers that
05:13:23 <Dave from B> First the Bible now Shakespeare
05:13:37 <Dave from B> Who says it just all about geysers here
05:13:38 <Kevin L> Cultured group today!
05:13:38 <Ryan> :D
05:14:08 <Ryan> 3b?
05:14:08 <Kevin L> OF 1314
05:14:13 <Ryan> OF?
05:14:20 <Ryan> 1314ie
05:14:27 <Ryan> WOW, thats a nice one!
05:14:31 <Dave from B> Ryan, keep static open just in case
05:14:47 <ynpvisitor33> was it a 3 burst?
05:15:05 <Kevin L> I don't think so.
05:15:26 <Ryan> if it was, I didnt see it
05:15:32 <Ryan> But that was a fast 2b
05:16:06 <Kevin L> I was looking at static and didn't see one.
05:16:33 <Ryan> That was a nice OF
05:19:21 <ynpvisitor34> 3b? or not 3b? that is rarely the question...whether 'tis nobler in the basin to suffer the Vents and Turbans alone or to will The Grand to erupt once more
05:19:57 <Dave from B> I like it, 34!
05:20:10 <Kevin L> I think we all must be bored today.
05:20:34 <Ryan> :D
05:20:41 <Ryan> Thats awesome
05:20:55 <Ryan> Sawmill 1320
05:20:59 <Ryan> start?
05:21:27 <Ryan> What soft! What pool doth gas bubble break?
05:22:40 <Dave from B> (face palm) to quote Micah
05:23:23 <Ryan> That bad?
05:24:35 <Dave from B> no, but we really need some geysers to keep us awake
05:25:01 <Ryan> By the way, if you look at height vs interval... OF is probably the most frequent tallest geyser in the world
05:25:22 <Dave from B> I would agree, Ryan
05:26:07 <Ryan> in reality, one of tallest in general
05:27:38 <Dave from B> I can think of 7 geysers that have erupted in YNP that are taller...Is that the correct number?
05:28:12 <Dave from B> Just thought of an 8th one
05:28:30 <Ryan> Excelsior, Steamboat, Bicentennial, Mud, Beehive, Grand, Splendid... Giant, Giantess
05:28:36 <Ryan> 8...
05:29:02 <Dave from B> Union
05:29:06 <Kevin L> I have seen a 237' measured burst at Great Fountain.
05:29:25 <Ryan> Great Fountain, Union
05:29:30 <Kevin L> I may have to go wide angle for bus duty.
05:29:53 <Ryan> Counting outside, i think theres 2 in Russia, 1 in iceland, and 1 in New Zealand
05:30:22 <Dave from B> But only Grand erupts on a regular basis
05:30:31 <Dave from B> and Great Fountain
05:30:58 <ynpvisitor31> your history is a little off on the centennial
05:31:16 <Ryan> So overall... OF would be the 15th
05:31:28 <ynpvisitor31> we aren't up to 200 years yet
05:32:03 <Ryan> add Round Geyser from the Myriad Group
05:32:14 <Ryan> Change Bicentennial to Semicentennial
05:32:23 <ynpvisitor31> :)
05:32:24 <Ryan> Twin Geyser?
05:32:35 <Ryan> In terms of frequency OF beats Grand
05:33:56 <Dave from B> But why is it hard for any gazer to admit that they like OF?
05:34:12 <ynpvisitor31> I like OF
05:34:44 <Ryan> Personal pride I think
05:34:45 <ynpvisitor31> put it 5 miles in the backcountry and they would still need bleacher seating
05:34:51 <Dave from B> Do most "avoid" it because it is crawling with tourists?
05:35:07 <Ryan> I think OF is the "tourists" geyser
05:35:11 <Dave from B> 31, I agree
05:35:32 <Dave from B> Or, do we not appreciate it becasue it is SO REGULAR
05:35:34 <Kevin L> Frankly the best view of it is from Geyser Hill
05:35:44 <Kevin L> Heading out to bus duty.
05:35:44 <Dave from B> Like the way we took Plume for granted
05:35:48 <ynpvisitor31> I think of it as a old friend, we see it all day from every angle, that's better than just seeing it once from the seating area
05:35:51 <Dave from B> Bye, Kevin
05:35:53 <Ryan> I I dont think its regularity, but frequency
05:36:08 <Ryan> Grand is regular
05:36:08 <ynpvisitor31> Love to hear it crashing at night!
05:36:32 <Dave from B> 31, I was thinking the same. There are probably at least a dozen or so different views of OF in the UGB
05:36:33 <Ryan> Dave, the night I met you guys I realized I could hear OF from Castle
05:37:00 <Dave from B> I love sounds in UGB at night
05:38:51 <Ryan> When I applied at Xanterra: "What housing wil you need: Campsite, Dorm, Commuter, Other"
05:39:02 <Ryan> I wanted to say "Other: sleeping bag at Grand"
05:40:46 <Dave from B> You should have, Ryan...but, probably wouldn't have helped your chances of landing a job!
05:40:52 <Ryan> Once, while walking to GH early morning it erupted... Pretty sure I looked at it and said, "Morning to you too!"
05:41:35 <ynpvisitor31> it truly is amazing
05:41:42 <Ryan> Probably not... But I can tell at least half of my nights will NOT be in my room!
05:41:55 <Dave from B> I wish bw was closer to OF. I think it would make it even more impressive
05:42:26 <Ryan> I have been told the ground thumps in the initial stages
05:42:26 <Dave from B> Ryan, how much sleep do you average per night?
05:43:13 <Dave from B> MAB, if you are out there....has OF bw always been in this location or was it at one time closer?
05:43:38 <Ryan> At home? 6-8 hrs... in Yellowstone (for four days) 3hrs lol
05:43:47 <Ryan> It used to be much closer (60%)
05:43:55 <Ryan> not positive on the 60%
05:44:32 <Dave from B> 3 hr pace would be impossible to keep for a whole summer
05:45:03 <Ryan> Oh yeah...but for four days I just want to see as much as possible...with three months...
05:45:13 <Ryan> I could sleep through Grand or Beehive lol
05:45:27 <Ryan> Weekends would be sleep optional though lol
05:45:31 <Dave from B> If Morning is active, you will learn how to take 2 short naps every night
05:45:40 <Ryan> lol
05:46:05 <Ryan> As an aside, noises are one of my favorites
05:46:29 <Ryan> I remember thinking (I swear) on the way out to Yellowstone that I might not enjoy the geysers like I did before...
05:46:59 <Ryan> About four seconds into that midnight Grand I fell back in love lol
05:49:05 <Ryan> Sigh... can't wait to go back!
05:49:54 <Ryan> Daisy 1349ie
05:50:48 <Dave from B> When you really get hooked you can't get enough...I also want to go back before next year...probably won't happen, however
05:51:06 <Dave from B> And, I have been there 3 times already in 2013
05:52:03 <Ryan> Oh, I'm hooked...
05:52:11 <Ryan> I have been hoked for years!
05:54:12 <Dave from B> Lion 1354ie
05:55:08 <Ryan>
05:55:42 <Ryan> FYI... I'm a little miffed about their 9/11/88 "commemoration"
05:58:23 <Ryan> Welp... adios
05:58:40 <Dave from B> Have a good day, Ryan
06:04:38 <Kevin L> Back.
06:05:32 <Kevin L> BW at Old Faithful used to be much closer. The boardwalk is now where the old loop road (complete witha traffic signal!) used to be.
06:05:51 <Dave from B> Kevin, thanks for the history lesson!
06:06:28 <Dave from B> I know they probably moved bw back to protect tourists but I wish it was closer
06:07:03 <Kevin L> I think it may have been to protect OF!
06:09:07 <Dave from B> That, too!
06:11:28 <Kevin L>
06:11:36 <Kevin L> That didn't work.
06:12:23 <Kevin L>
06:12:40 <Dave from B> Strike 2
06:13:28 <Kevin L> That either. The usgs map site has a downloadable map from 1956. Try and look for the downloads
06:13:52 <Kevin L> Then search Old Faithful.
06:14:58 <Dave from B> will do
06:17:37 <Kevin L> Here is the main highway by Lower Hamms:
06:17:39 <Kevin L>
06:18:24 <Dave from B> I bet the traffic on section from OF to F&M was horrendous
06:19:27 <Kevin L> Here is a shot of Daisy:
06:19:29 <Kevin L>
06:20:15 <Kevin L> OF boardwalk:
06:20:16 <Kevin L>
06:23:30 <Dave from B> It is amazing how fast you can find info on internet...Remember, when you would actually have to go to the library?
06:23:52 <Kevin L> Sure do.
06:25:58 <Dave from B> Yeah...Dewey Decimal System!
06:29:15 <Dave from B> I can still remember going to the public library in high school to do research for papers
06:29:53 <Kevin L> Those were the days
06:31:02 <Kevin L> Did my math on a slide rule too.
06:32:29 <Dave from B> I do remember taking my first computer class as a senior in high school. Nothing like Basic programming on a near first generation computer
06:34:03 <Kevin L> They barely came out with calculators when I was a senior and the would not have fit in your pocket. They were about 4" tall and a foot square.
06:35:05 <Kevin L> First pocket calculator I had I got in 1974 and it was about 4"x3"x1" and cost me $70. Even did percentages.
06:35:28 <Dave from B> Technology has come a long ways
06:36:21 <Kevin L> I used to race my Fire Direction Officer in filling out a weather form with numerous calculations. He did it in his head and always beat me. If there was an error, it was always mine.
06:36:24 <Dave from B> My mom tried to get rid of her old 1950's typewriter and I wouldn't let her. I love looking at it. It's a classic!
06:36:52 <Dave from B> Some people are amazing when it comes to Math
06:37:38 <Kevin L> He was an incredible person. Incredible leader.
06:43:36 <Dave from B> I swear I can still hear my dad complaining about how the NPS ruined Yellowstone by moving roads away from the Yellowstone Lake shore and away from geysers at Old Faithful....That is becasue it didn't want to get out of his car!
06:43:48 <Dave from B> it = he
06:44:35 <Kevin L> Of 1444
06:46:16 <Kevin L> My first trip we saw everything you could see from a windshield.
06:48:22 <Dave from B> That is the way most people toured in the 60s and 70s
06:55:28 <Kevin L> I think I had vacations that I never got out of the car
06:57:01 <Dave from B> When bears came right up to your car...why would you need to get out?
07:00:06 <Kevin L> Or want to?
07:08:44 <Dave from B> wb, Jenna
07:11:11 <Jenna> thanks
07:11:23 <Jenna> just sold a $10,000 bright blue countertop...that's a first
07:11:58 <Dave from B> Does it come with sunglasses?
07:12:10 <Jenna> it should! lol
07:12:18 <Jenna> no it's not that bright, but it's still blue
07:12:34 <Kevin L> $10,000 countertop? Blue, not gold?
07:12:41 <Dave from B> :D
07:12:43 <Jenna> lol
07:12:47 <Jenna> it is a little sparkly
07:13:35 <Kevin L> That sounds like the pen cb bought from me.
07:15:17 <Jenna> thinking I might have to do a rain dance after work
07:15:22 <Jenna> everything is so crispy
07:15:58 <Kevin L> Raining here with 75 degrees.
07:16:13 <kc (working)> aurum
07:16:14 <Dave from B> you get paid on commission, Jenna
07:16:17 <Dave from B> ?
07:16:18 <kc (working)> nice
07:16:35 <Dave from B> Yipee
07:16:46 <ynpvisitor61> Do they have a sparkly bass boat also? Reminds me of a Jeff Foxworthy comedy
07:17:02 <Kevin L> Yea!
07:17:21 <Jenna> yes I do Dave
07:17:43 <Jenna> plus hourly which is nice during the slow times
07:17:47 <Dave from B> Good day for you, Jenna
07:18:05 <Jenna> I don't see the money until it's completed but yes, in about 2 months I'll be happy :)
07:18:11 <Dave from B> About time for little indy to start
07:18:17 <Jenna> right on time
07:18:40 <Jenna> now BH is not allowed to go at 4 so that I get the text in the parking lot :)
07:20:43 <craigmon99> Hey all!
07:21:00 <Kevin L> Hi
07:21:39 <craigmon99> Got those texts and thought for sure beehive was gonna go.
07:22:29 <Kevin L> The first one looked better than the 2nd one. It has more chance of going the next time than this one.
07:22:42 <craigmon99> Why?
07:23:06 <Kevin L> I won't have computer access for the next one.
07:23:12 <craigmon99> lol
07:25:05 <ynpvisitor61> Just for the record BHI 13:18 or so
07:26:17 <Kevin L> Great. Thanks.
07:26:53 <Kevin L> We were distracted by Aurum.
07:27:27 <ynpvisitor61> I thought it was cub in the background!
07:27:41 <craigmon99> it is cub
07:28:46 <Kevin L> Gonna get seasick on this one.
07:28:56 <craigmon99> lol
07:29:40 <Ryan> Have we had Morning?
07:30:01 <Kevin L> Not this morning
07:30:01 <Dave from B> Won't know for a little bit
07:30:22 <craigmon99> I wish I could've seen morning on my trip this summer. Never heard of it till I got on chat
07:30:33 <Dave from B> Last Ftn was 8:40 ago. If you have morning, it is normally over 9 hour interval
07:30:50 <Ryan> Ok... I assume we havent had Fountain yet :)
07:31:20 <Ryan> So... question... is Morning caused by a long Fountain interval? And the interval is caused by a long Ftn duration?
07:31:38 <Ryan> Can ANY long Fountain interval give Morning an oppotrtunity?
07:31:47 <Ryan> Or does Morning have to be in an active phase?
07:32:25 <Dave from B> First of all, there are many experts and I'm not one of them
07:32:44 <Dave from B> But, I believe most Mornings are at least 9 hours after last Fountain
07:32:57 <Kevin L> When Maureen shows up, ask her.
07:33:29 <Dave from B> As the summer has gone on, it has become apparent that prior Fountain duration is not the greatest indicator of a Morning
07:34:11 <Ryan> Ok, its just... there HAS to be some pattern or method of knowing... other than duration/intervals
07:34:12 <Dave from B> Boiling by Morning at Fountain start is an indicator that Morning may go in the next day or so
07:34:34 <Ryan> Ok... How does Morning start? Quick fill, boil, and BOOM?
07:35:43 <Dave from B> I think it is more of a gradual fill than fountain (which has a quick rise right befoire it starts)
07:36:08 <Dave from B> Then, a boil that "gets out of control" and you're off!:)
07:37:04 <Dave from B> I would feel better if Maureen or Lynn verified this info before you place it in the bank!
07:37:21 <Ryan> Ok, I will wait for Maureen to ask again LOL
07:37:42 <Dave from B> Or, you could talk about the bees again
07:37:52 <Ryan> HAHA
07:38:32 <Dave from B> Time for me to head to pickup freight at the airport. Have a great evening everyone!
07:38:44 <Kevin L> And if an Osprey landed on BH, you could talk about the birds & the bees.
07:38:59 <Jenna> bye Dave
07:39:18 <Kevin L> Bye Dave. Will let you know how good it was.
07:39:32 <Dave from B> Thanks:P
07:42:31 <ynpvisitor61> Shame to waist an Osprey on something like that. how about a raven?
07:42:32 <Ryan> AHAHAHA
07:42:44 <Kevin L> Just to let you know, the cam may be going to preset in about an hour. Nott sure how long before another operator will be able to take it.
07:43:19 <ynpvisitor61> Looks like time for a possible Lion
07:43:48 <ynpvisitor61> Seems like BH has not been splashing.
07:43:57 <craigmon99> Just did
07:44:08 <Kevin L> Has not look good at all this bhi.
07:44:16 <ynpvisitor61> Also seems like excesive splashing is a run up to eruption
07:44:18 <kc (working)> fountain was 1426 d=36m45s
07:44:25 <Ryan> Dang!
07:44:31 <kc (working)> i should be avail at 6pm or shortly thereafter
07:44:40 <ynpvisitor61> Like as in 2 or 3 indys with big splashing
07:44:43 <Ryan> 36m45s.... getting longer :)
07:45:09 <craigmon99> it seems like when ever indy goes little cub joins in
07:45:40 <ynpvisitor61> Cub has benn rather busy
07:45:57 <ynpvisitor61> Not as busy as the bees
07:46:06 <Ryan> ...and the birds :D
07:50:12 <ynpvisitor61> I think the same guy tat cleans the camera forgot to open the valve again
07:53:31 <Jenna> it's raining here!!! thanks for sending it over here Kevin!
07:53:39 <Jenna> just in time to head to my car of course
07:53:53 <ynpvisitor61> Oh good. Indy was off and restarted. Looks good for the next cycle or so
07:54:24 <Jenna> bye everyone
07:54:29 <Ryan> Bye Jenna
07:58:31 <Kevin L> Strange Indy
07:59:55 <ynpvisitor61> Will know it has been on too long if we get a second cub
08:03:27 <ynpvisitor61> Cub
08:03:51 <ynpvisitor61> A 2 cub indy
08:04:39 <craigmon99> Indy still going!
08:04:48 <craigmon99> I blame giantess as usual
08:04:54 <ynpvisitor61> Is it goin gto make an hour?
08:05:49 <craigmon99> Finally downloaded my Castle Geyser pictures. Check out this one!
08:07:03 <Ryan> VERY nice!
08:07:33 <craigmon99> Ive got I lot of those. I think Im just gonna put them all in an album
08:07:57 <ynpvisitor61> cub off
08:08:28 <ynpvisitor61> Indy off - not quite yet
08:08:44 <ynpvisitor61> A double restart.
08:09:05 <ynpvisitor61> of
08:09:08 <ynpvisitor61> OF
08:09:34 <craigmon99> Will this be the time Kevin misses an Old Faithful?
08:09:53 <ynpvisitor61> That whack you hear is the steel ruler on the knuckels
08:10:32 <ynpvisitor61> I would rather see a triple indy bh. Now if we could just get bh to agree
08:11:05 <craigmon99> I think lions going to start soon
08:13:32 <ynpvisitor61> Preset is early. The ruler must have hurt bad
08:13:52 <craigmon99> Kevin just got fired lol
08:14:59 <ynpvisitor61> NPS should not be too upset for missing it. Can not see it for the dirty lens cover, and we can not see it in an hour and a half anyway.
08:28:15 <craigmon99> lol
08:34:29 <craigmon99> Huh, does anyone remember that strange spike in constant geysers temp? I ahve a picture of what I believe to be fireball geyser that same day around the time of the spike
09:45:32 <craigmon99> OF 1745 ne
09:57:55 <craigmon99>
09:58:20 <craigmon99> before
09:58:32 <craigmon99> one day later
10:06:42 <craigmon99> Castle 1806 ie?
10:33:28 <craigmon99> Whos driving?
10:38:04 <kcmule> i have the cam
10:39:03 <craigmon99> Ah
10:59:18 <kcmule> daisy 18:58
10:59:26 <kcmule> sawmill ie
10:59:47 <craigmon99> Those were some high bursts from sawmill!
11:00:40 <kcmule> sawmill 18:58 per Graham
11:00:54 <craigmon99> Sprinkler 1800 ie
11:01:15 <ynpvisitor51> 1900
11:01:27 <kcmule> bhi 18:56ie
11:01:32 <craigmon99> Central time problems :P
11:01:41 <craigmon99> This bee should go
11:02:13 <ynpvisitor51> this bee will go, 100% A++ GUARANTEE
11:02:34 <craigmon99> Thats quite certain
11:03:51 <ynpvisitor51> or your money back
11:04:12 <craigmon99> Wonder what happened to plume?
11:06:24 <ynpvisitor40> Would be nice if BH went. Must be OF window?
11:06:27 <ynpvisitor40> Thanks for text
11:06:44 <craigmon99> I think bee will go this time
11:07:21 <ynpvisitor40> well OF wind direction is not good for viewing a dual, so hurry up OF
11:10:16 <ynpvisitor40> yes!
11:10:20 <craigmon99> Wow that OF surprised me
11:10:28 <kcmule> OF 19:09
11:16:01 <craigmon99> indy off?
11:16:28 <kcmule> still going
11:16:42 <craigmon99> Just saw huge splash from the hive
11:17:09 <ynpvisitor40> are we in defense mode?
11:17:42 <kcmule> dont want to miss grand start
11:17:55 <ynpvisitor40> oh, Grand window.
11:18:11 <Ryan>
11:18:24 <Ryan> All the pictures from my trip to Sharps Cave. LOTS of fun
11:18:37 <craigmon99> Cool!
11:18:41 <ynpvisitor40> seems to have shortened up since the 10 hr. 30 min. one a few days ago
11:18:45 <Ryan> Cant wait for the 21-22 trip to Sinnett-Thorne and Mystic Caves, waterfalls, big rooms, and massive formations!
11:18:56 <Ryan> :D A cave photographers dream!
11:19:06 <craigmon99> Have you ever been to Lewis and Clark Caverns?
11:19:24 <Ryan> Nopee
11:19:31 <Ryan> These were in WV
11:19:36 <craigmon99> Ah
11:20:36 <Ryan> Are those in Missouri?
11:20:43 <craigmon99> Montana
11:20:53 <Ryan> Ahh ok...
11:21:05 <Ryan> My goal, eventually, is Lechuguilla Cave
11:24:30 <kcmule> 19:24
11:24:37 <craigmon99> Yeahhhhh!
11:24:38 <Ryan> Beehive 1924!!
11:24:42 <Ryan> GOO BEEEE!
11:24:43 <Jenna> YAY!
11:24:57 <Jenna> just in time
11:25:03 <Ryan> WOW almost a 30min indy!
11:25:21 <craigmon99> We had one go through 2 cub cycles today
11:25:22 <Ryan> VERY nice
11:26:31 <Ryan> Tall
11:26:40 <craigmon99> Hm, do you think we hit the 200 foot max?
11:26:52 <Ryan> Broke the 200ft
11:26:57 <Ryan> there is no "max"
11:26:59 <craigmon99> 225?
11:27:08 <craigmon99> Well estimated max
11:27:44 <Ryan> That was weird, it slowed down... then restarted
11:27:53 <craigmon99> Blame giantess
11:28:36 <Ryan> Gotta go guys!
11:46:36 <kcmule> turban
12:07:27 <kcmule> turban
12:31:25 <kcmule> nite