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22:21:34 <ynpvisitor41> we have flashlight on boardwalk
22:29:48 <ynpvisitor57> fluffy
22:30:07 <ynpvisitor57> 0629 ie
22:30:44 <ynpvisitor57> off to wonderland (hoping for a late Morning) Kitt
22:59:02 <ynpvisitor22> bhi 0658ie
23:54:14 <ynpvisitor22> IOF 0753ie
00:13:56 <ynpvisitor57> The first Plate since March yesterday, that is good news
00:27:02 <lc> good morning Jenna
00:28:46 <Jenna> morning lc
00:29:33 <Jenna> did we miss a Lion?
00:29:51 <lc> must have
00:30:23 <lc> I did see a couple of puffs a bit ago
00:32:12 <lc> morning Kevin
00:32:25 <Kevin L> Morning.
00:33:07 <Kevin L> Computer sure had an attitude problem today. Been trying to get it going since before 0800
00:37:16 <ynpvisitor57> condolences Kevin, I hate that when you sit and wait, wait, wait, just to get things to the basic starting point
00:37:32 <lc> time for breakfast.
00:38:21 <Kevin L> Not sure what happened, but it went into a check and corrected about 400 files. Has me a bit nervous.
00:45:54 <ynpvisitor57> ..
01:02:32 <vw> Good morning
01:03:20 <Kevin L> hi
01:05:15 <vw> Grand should erupt on the next Turban. Just about the time OF is due too.
01:08:06 <vw> Is that steam coming from Churn?
01:09:21 <vw> Sure looks like it. Hard to get any closer with BSOD.
01:09:49 <vw> Looks like steam from Uncertain too.
01:10:28 <Kevin L> With the steam it is tough to see anything
01:12:01 <vw> Sent Graham a text/mission.
01:20:54 <vw> Grand 0920 ie ?
01:21:01 <ynpvisitor52> Grand 0920 ?
01:21:09 <vw> Tall steam plume.
01:21:18 <vw> We should get a good basin report/time.
01:21:33 <ynpvisitor99> Will is there
01:21:51 <vw> OF 0921
01:23:18 <vw> Graham is there also.
01:24:09 <vw> I think Kitt was headed to the park based on early posting here. Not sure if she would have arrived by now though? No idea how long her trip is.
01:25:06 <ynpvisitor83> Kitt is coming?
01:25:32 <vw> Let me go back and read that log entry...
01:25:57 <vw> Yes. Kitt posted at 0644 that she was headed out.
01:26:06 <Maureen> wow
01:26:11 <Maureen> hey vw
01:26:30 <vw> Hi Maureen!
01:26:39 <Maureen> wonder if she thinks Morning will erupt
01:26:47 <vw> Rainy in West today? Steady rain here in Blgs since last evening.
01:27:03 <Maureen> yes, rain. Of course our best chance for Morning is RAINY day.
01:27:12 <vw> Yeah, her post suggested she was hoping for a late Morning.
01:27:18 <Maureen> I sure hope it goes today for Graham
01:27:33 <Maureen> It would be at 1300, I hope she makes it
01:28:32 <vw> You want to text her so she has that info? She may not know.
01:29:53 <Maureen> She had the last Fountain time of 0423, that is what she based her decision on. Kitt knows what is up.
01:29:55 <vw> No good picture for us of Grand area.
01:30:20 <Maureen> we need rain, yet it could back off for today.
01:30:22 <craigmon99> Happy saturday!
01:30:32 <Maureen> soggy Morning seems to be the way of it lately
01:31:00 <vw> But a soggy Morning is better than no Morning at all?
01:31:07 <Maureen> always.
01:31:09 <vw> Sawmill 0931 ie
01:31:17 <Maureen> Morning will be very blue in the rain too
01:31:20 <vw> I thought you might say that. :)
01:32:10 <Maureen> grand 2nd burst?
01:32:43 <Maureen> guess it would be over now, right?
01:32:44 <craigmon99> Heh all I see is steam
01:33:31 <Suzanne> Good morning
01:33:42 <vw> Hi Suzanne.
01:34:30 <Kevin L> morning
01:35:12 <Suzanne> I think it takes Kitt about 4 hours to get to the Park. She should be there in time.
01:35:15 <Maureen> Good thing you did not try to drive here Suzanne
01:35:40 <Maureen> they say WY is not in the best shape for driving now, north of FT COLLINS
01:35:43 <Kevin L> Looks like some snow in the radar north of the park.
01:35:59 <craigmon99> Already?
01:36:25 <Suzanne> I know,,,. lots of things working against me for this weekend. The worst - I am on call and need to be in cell phone reception
01:36:38 <Suzanne> Could not go out to the lower geyser basin
01:37:44 <Maureen> right, forgot about the on call thing
01:38:01 <Maureen> video of Loveland is bad. I hope the Emperor is OK
01:38:14 <Suzanne> Will posted T1Q for Grand on GT
01:38:43 <Suzanne> Yeah I saw the Loveland videos. Very bad.
01:39:05 <Suzanne> I think Cindy would have posted if they were having a problem though
01:39:24 <Maureen> yes, that is true
01:39:36 <Maureen> her sis is visiting, she got through OK
01:39:47 <Suzanne> that is good
01:40:22 <Maureen> so another blue rainy Morning Suzanne?
01:40:27 <Maureen> I sure hope so.
01:41:00 <Suzanne> I hope so, too. Graham said he has 3 more chances so must be leaving tomorrow morning
01:41:42 <Maureen> tomorrow early would be his last window
01:42:06 <Suzanne> No chance of the weather clearing there this afternoon?
01:42:32 <Maureen> looks to be getting worse
01:42:42 <Suzanne> ugh, sorry to hear that.
01:43:07 <vw> I don't think so. Weather here in Billings is headed in the direction of the Park, and it is wet and soggy here now.
01:43:15 <Maureen> the mass is moving back toward the park from Billings area
01:43:20 <Suzanne> But I am missing Yellowstone, even in the rain
01:43:33 <Maureen> I bet Suzanne
01:45:32 <vw> Time for Daisy, but I am not sure we will be able to see it?
01:47:18 <Suzanne> Maureen, will you be there this afternoon?
01:49:29 <Maureen> yes, would not miss it.
01:50:02 <Maureen> just wish it would not be pouring on us, though the Labor Day one was one of my favorites for BLUE
01:50:24 <Maureen> I just want it to happen! Graham thinks he saw a boil, yet based on steam only
01:50:28 <vw> Maybe you should consider taking in some hot chocolate for folks Maureen!
01:51:13 <Maureen> if it is like last time, I would not want to be trying to pour beverages, I just take cover
01:51:23 <vw> :D
01:51:25 <Maureen> hunker down until it happens
01:51:45 <Maureen> I may take some tea in for me though, for the drive home, thanks for the thought vw
01:51:54 <vw> One thermos, lots of straws? Just hard for people camping or lodging to get those kinds of things.
01:52:12 <Maureen> I could just see us with our straws, ha ha
01:52:16 <vw> I bet lower Ham is selling out of hot drinks.
01:52:39 <Maureen> soup and chili
01:53:13 <Maureen> I am off for a bit, will be lurking, came on for Grand, yet should have known it would be a steam fest
01:53:20 <vw> re earlier ? on Uncertain: Graham texted: Uncertain was gurgling. OT drain erupted tho.
01:53:23 <Maureen> GO MORNING!!
01:53:34 <vw> Bye Maureen. GO Morning!
01:53:34 <Maureen> no Churn posted
01:54:03 <vw> Yeah, Grand was a bust for the cam.
01:54:09 <Maureen> I have to head in early too, to add time in case of elk jams, which have been massive on the West corridor
01:54:31 <Maureen> lots of 25 mph drivers, and then actual jams
01:54:36 <vw> Careful driving. People will be driving even nuttier than normal with the precip.
01:54:53 <Maureen> more folks taking photos from their cars!!!
01:55:07 <Maureen> from the driving lane....arrgghh
01:55:17 <vw> Slow down honey... Need to get a picture of our 231st bison...
01:55:37 <Maureen> sometimes only their first this time of year, I get that, yet still, annoying.
01:55:46 <vw> Car pix of bison are so weird. All you get is bison butt!
01:55:56 <Kevin L> Well I want to see it, so everybody else must also....
01:56:03 <Maureen> at the time they think it will be great
02:00:09 <Suzanne> Good luck, Maureen!
02:00:10 <vw> Lone Lion eruption this morning. Don't see very many of those lately.
02:02:47 <vw> Oblong 1002 ie ?
02:06:00 <Suzanne> bye for now
02:06:29 <vw> Bye Suzanne!
02:09:57 <vw> Heavy steam from Daisy area.
02:14:28 <vw> brb
02:22:46 <vw> I thought my absence would bump Daisy to erupt.
02:24:11 <vw> But I see on GT we missed it. Daisy erupted at 0940. All we could see then was a wall of steam.
02:27:26 <vw> Cam autofocus struggling with stuff on lens and heavy steam in the basin.
02:39:02 <vw> BHI 1038 ie
02:39:19 <ynpvisitor52> looked like a start or at least ns
02:39:54 <vw> ns would probably be a good qualifier.
02:40:25 <vw> I haven't timed the lag to public stream today, so not sure.
02:41:55 <ynpvisitor95> Go BH!
02:46:31 <ynpvisitor95> no umbrellas...good sign
02:51:07 <vw> Lots of drops on the lens and the wiper... Maybe it will work?
02:53:12 <ynpvisitor95> you can wipe now?
02:53:28 <vw> No. CC took the cam so she could wipe.
02:54:07 <ynpvisitor95> need windshield cleaner like on cars
02:54:55 <vw> OF 1054
02:55:18 <vw> Camera's are just not designed for the kinds of conditions the Park and geysers present.
02:56:02 <vw> Smog and dirt just don't hold a candle to geyserite.
03:01:37 <ynpvisitor95> is BHI still going?
03:02:19 <vw> I believe so.
03:02:28 <ynpvisitor95> ty
03:02:56 <ynpvisitor95> lens needs hands on cleaning
03:04:11 <vw> Getting some splashing from BH.
03:09:18 <ynpvisitor46> Quick capture it and send it in. I see a UFO over Yellowstone
03:09:40 <ynpvisitor46> Too late, now just looks like rasin drops
03:09:47 <ynpvisitor46> rain
03:16:20 <ynpvisitor1> I'm keeping this number unless I see Plume or perhaps Aurum
03:17:46 <vw> Wouldn't be any need to change even then, just identify yourself and we are good.
03:18:18 <vw> BHI has been going for about 40m, so probably not much of a chance for BH now.
03:19:12 <ynpvisitor52> there's always the NEXT BHI. . .
04:05:11 <vw> Daisy 1204
04:24:55 <vw> OF 1224
04:34:05 <vw> I am going to take a long break and get some other stuff done. Nothing really due for a while. Leaving cam in wide view.
06:20:28 <Jenna> bhi 1420 ie
06:34:41 <vw> Thank you Jenna.
06:34:57 <vw> I had OF 1354, Long. Posted it to GT.
06:40:57 <Jenna> I knew it was sometime around then, missed it but saw everyone walking away at 1400
06:43:29 <vw> Lion 1442 ns, Initial.
06:44:40 <vw> OF a spoiler today.
06:46:01 <Jenna> hopefully there's more than one eruption for you
06:46:35 <vw> Yeah, that was kind of weird to have the single eruption.
06:46:59 <Jenna> wonder if there were 2 and we missed it in the steam?
06:47:20 <vw> I suppose that could have happened. Was it really steamy early on?
06:47:24 <Jenna> are we sure it was the initial?
06:47:27 <Jenna> yes it was
06:47:50 <vw> It was when I got on at 0900, but hadn't checked basin before then.
06:48:36 <Jenna> I was on around 0815 and it was hard to see anything
06:49:00 <vw> Daisy 1448 ie, static cam.
06:49:56 <Jenna> Grand was a big puff ball lol
06:50:43 <vw> Yeah, I couldn't see anything of Grand except initial tall steam.
06:51:28 <Jenna> well I am almost off work and headed out to enjoy the 75 degree day :) good luck with Lion and indy
06:52:18 <vw> Have a good one Jenna.
06:55:59 <ynpvisitor1> I had hopes for this Beehive, but it looks like they have been dashed once again :(
07:11:45 <Ryan> Hola
07:12:12 <vw> Hi Ryan.
07:12:31 <Ryan> Hows it going guys?
07:13:03 <vw> Cool and soggy out west here. A nice change for some, a major problem for others.
07:13:19 <Ryan> Nice, its nice and cool here
07:19:14 <vw> OF 1518
07:19:53 <craigmon99> Can't wait for the sun to come out
07:20:27 <vw> I don't think we will see the sun over the UGB today. More rain headed that way.
07:20:34 <Suzanne> Fountain 1326, no Morning
07:20:46 <Ryan> :(
07:20:57 <Suzanne> duration 41 minutes 5 seconds!
07:21:10 <Ryan> WOW
07:21:12 <vw> That is a good sign anyway.
07:21:23 <Suzanne> Great chance for Morning tonight
07:21:30 <vw> Maybe another flashlight Morning tonight?
07:21:34 <Ryan> :)
07:22:28 <vw> Graham running out of opportunities to catch another one.
07:22:51 <Suzanne> 2 more chances
07:23:50 <Suzanne> does anyone have a plane they can transport me there :-)
07:24:06 <Ryan> :D
07:24:06 <Suzanne> ... but I am still on call, darn it
07:24:16 <vw> Darn.
07:24:53 <vw> kc headed to the park now, but with roads closed in CO he is having to drive around the long way. Not sure that he will make it. :(
07:25:29 <Suzanne> oh, that could be a nasty trip. I haven't tried to go anywhere today.
07:26:10 <Ryan> Hi MAureen
07:26:10 <Maureen> Morning just does not look like it wants to erupt, boo.
07:26:31 <vw> Yeah, I figure with traffic diverted off I25, it will be even nastier than normal as traffic has to find alternative routes.
07:26:43 <Maureen> Nice long duration, yet as Lynn has pointed out it does not directly lead to Morning.
07:27:12 <Maureen> there was a boil today, just not the kind we saw Suzanne, before the Labor Day Morning.
07:27:15 <Suzanne> but that's crazy long, isn't it Maureen?
07:27:31 <Maureen> we had 42 minutes before the last Trifecta
07:27:44 <Suzanne> did Kitt show up?
07:27:50 <Maureen> after that, this is the longest in a bit. Kitt was there.
07:27:58 <Maureen> She will bring THE LIGHT tonight
07:28:39 <Suzanne> yes Maureen that is exactly what I was thinking, you will have the beam!
07:28:51 <Maureen> big blob of weather still headed this way though.
07:29:17 <Maureen> the overlook was as bad as it has been all year.
07:29:19 <vw> Nothing due for a while on the cam, so I am going to be trying to get a few other things done. Will leave cam watching Grand area for now.
07:29:21 <Suzanne> Did Thief erupt? I didn't see a post
07:29:36 <Maureen> No path for folks to get by anywhere. Tripod set up on main boardwalk, it was a mess.
07:29:44 <Maureen> One thief, about 9 minutes in
07:30:17 <Maureen> Someone sitting on the stairs with an umbrella....
07:30:43 <Maureen> most of it cleared out once Fountain started.
07:31:04 <Maureen> 3/4 of people leave
07:31:28 <Suzanne> sad, I definitely would have stayed to see the duration
07:31:47 <Maureen> I so want it to erupt again for Graham.
07:32:00 <Suzanne> weird that you still had so many people there
07:32:08 <Maureen> I wish the weather looked better for tonight
07:32:43 <Maureen> there are a lot of gazers about still, and the rude person with tripod, not a gazer that I know of, yet there waiting for Morning.
07:33:12 <Suzanne> wow, sorry to hear that.
07:34:31 <Ryan> What was with the tripod guy?
07:40:13 <Maureen> it was a woman, around 20. She just did not care that she was in the way of others. Some folks are like that.
07:40:36 <Ryan> Ahh ok
07:43:03 <vw> Missed Aurum? Steam column on static cam, but gone now.
07:44:21 <Maureen> drat, about Aurum.
07:44:39 <Maureen> maybe this next Grand will be more visible than the earlier one.
07:50:29 <Suzanne> Yeah, I will hang out here for a while and wait for it
07:50:45 <Ryan> Turban?
07:50:53 <Ryan> Oblong?
07:51:23 <Ryan> Oblong 1551
07:51:32 <vw> ie
07:51:33 <lc> must be Oblong
07:51:51 <Ryan> 1550 start
07:52:47 <Maureen> Graham has 1548 ie in basin
07:53:10 <Ryan> ok
07:53:12 <vw> Thanks Maureen.
07:53:31 <vw> Calling start of Oblong from cam pretty hard to do. 'ie' always a much safer call.
07:56:54 <Maureen> i agree
07:57:28 <Maureen> so kc is headed here now?
07:57:37 <Maureen> I thought he was coming the Monday after Graham left
07:57:53 <vw> Yes. Route changes, and no reservations for lodging, but on his way!
07:57:54 <Ryan> I could see that... of course, with it being the webcam and all any time could be ie...
07:58:12 <Maureen> that is why we put wc Ryan
07:58:23 <Ryan> yepp
08:00:18 <Maureen> Graham is starting to post Turbans
08:01:50 <Maureen> hey a BH was added to GT from last night, I had not seen that until now
08:02:52 <Suzanne> thanks Maureen, I didn't see that either
08:03:30 <vw> Lion 1603 ie, static cam.
08:08:18 <vw> afk for a bit.
08:10:14 <ynpvisitor1> Beehive. Is VR voice report or something else?
08:10:53 <Ryan> visitor report
08:11:00 <ynpvisitor1> ty
08:16:04 <Ryan> WT
08:16:09 <Ryan> or Rift
08:17:16 <Ryan> Turban
08:20:03 <Maureen> turban was 1615
08:20:25 <Ryan> Ok, then that was what it was
08:27:20 <Ryan> Looks like another Turban or WT
08:29:17 <Maureen> would be early
08:30:11 <Ryan> Perhaps, Turban cycles do tend to shorten in the law two or three before an eruption
08:36:32 <Maureen> data does not prove that out, I used to think that too.
08:36:57 <Ryan> Not always, no, but sometimes.
08:37:06 <vw> Turban 1636 ie ?
08:37:36 <Ryan> I have notes from June that show intervals of (averaged): 25, 26, 25, 25, 22, 24 23, 22, 20, 19, 15, BOOM
08:37:50 <vw> Know this isn't going to sit well, but time to start watching for OF. Also, I need to head out shortly so likely to have to watch Grand from afar.
08:37:54 <Ryan> Yepp
08:38:01 <Ryan> Turban 1638ie
08:38:12 <Ryan> ah, v got it
08:38:34 <Ryan> *ywn*
08:38:40 <vw> Best I can do.
08:38:40 <Ryan> gotta go guys
08:38:45 <Ryan> Enjoy Grand and OF
08:38:58 <Suzanne> Bye Ryan
08:39:04 <Maureen> Jim S says no Ryan. Bye
08:39:11 <Maureen> I have seen those shorter ones too though
08:39:25 <vw> FYI, sowing a news short on YNP fires of 88. Just started so not sure how whole thing goes. Might be available online later.
08:39:45 <vw> Depression 1639 ie ?
08:39:54 <vw> Could someone log that? I have to go.
08:41:15 <ynpvisitor2> Kind of looks like a BHI through the steem
08:43:02 <ynpvisitor2> Now I do not see it.
08:44:24 <Maureen> cam could get slimed
08:44:32 <Maureen> more slimed that is
08:46:24 <Maureen> cam escapes!
08:57:46 <Maureen> the cam moved, now we cannot see Grand.
08:57:52 <Maureen> hmmm
09:11:16 <Kevin L> Looks like cam is wandering without out purpose so I will point it at Grand while ofc. brb.
09:12:23 <Suzanne> Thanks Kevin
09:12:56 <lc> did OF erupt?
09:17:14 <Kevin L> I thin OF did erupt because the prediction was 1815
09:17:59 <Kevin L> You can sure tell I have been out in the heat today.
09:21:08 <cb> Hello!
09:21:16 <Kevin L> Hi cb
09:21:21 <lc> hey cb
09:21:28 <Suzanne> Hi cb
09:21:31 <Kevin L> Looked like something out of Lion on static.
09:21:33 <cb> :)
09:21:49 <cb> came on to see if you needed a break Kevin
09:22:23 <cb> Hey Suzanne!!
09:22:43 <Suzanne> Hello!
09:26:44 <cb> What ya think .... Morning by flashlight?
09:27:04 <Suzanne> Yes, Kitt is there with her beam
09:27:37 <cb> Cool! I hope so!!
09:27:49 <Suzanne> It has to go for Graham tonight!
09:28:20 <Maureen> Morning does not look very happy cb, yet one can hope.
09:28:25 <cb> yes! 41 min! we shall see!!! I am hoping so for Graham also!
09:28:45 <Kevin L> His hockey team has their first preseason game tonight. I always enjoy it when Graham takes it up when they play.
09:29:38 <cb> Ya. sounds like it is not wanting to come out and play! (boil) I love the comments on GT's posts
09:31:17 <cb> I have my fingers and toes ... well one foot...crossed for tonight!
09:31:32 <Maureen> I sure hope it erupts
09:31:42 <cb> you going to give it a go?
09:32:03 <Maureen> if it is not raining hard, fair weather gazer at night.
09:32:24 <Maureen> would be so nice, the moon, if it cleared out some
09:32:34 <Suzanne> you have your umbrella...
09:32:54 <craigmon99> turban?
09:33:04 <Maureen> Grand!
09:33:05 <cb> there is Grand!
09:33:13 <Kevin L> Grand 1733
09:33:14 <lc> Grand
09:33:17 <Suzanne> yay!
09:33:24 <Maureen> nice plume
09:33:27 <cb> nice mushroom cloud to start
09:33:32 <Kevin L> Great first burst.
09:33:40 <craigmon99> started out looking like turban but then pleasantly surprised
09:34:11 <Kevin L> Have BSOD so zoom may not be the best
09:35:13 <Maureen> thanks so much for bringing us to this spot Kevin.
09:35:22 <craigmon99> Never gotten to see grand in person yet. I keep hearing the 2nd burst is always better. Is that true?
09:35:30 <Maureen> no
09:35:38 <Maureen> happens faster though
09:35:59 <Maureen> at start it takes a bit to get up high
09:36:00 <craigmon99> Faster water?
09:36:38 <Maureen> yes, faster water to tall height
09:37:03 <craigmon99> Sounds like fun!
09:37:30 <Maureen> it is
09:40:51 <Kevin L> Grand is one of, if not the best show in the park.
09:41:17 <Suzanne> Agreed, Kevin, Grand is awesome!
09:41:48 <cb> ^hear hear!
09:43:22 <Kevin L> Nothing like being there in person. You don't only see it, you hear it and feel it.
09:44:21 <Suzanne> It's great at night, too. You can really hear the individual bursts then.
09:44:48 <cb> "...and the crowd cheers!"
09:45:23 <Suzanne> Yeah, that is always fun, especially at the start of a second burst.
09:45:36 <Kevin L> As long as there isn't anything growling at you from the rocks at 2am... :)
09:46:11 <Suzanne> Never had that problem, Kevin, in all the years I have been there.
09:46:48 <craigmon99> I think the bears keep a distance from the thermal features
09:46:58 <cb> I am off to do more chores. Ice on the foot is done for now.
09:47:51 <Kevin L> Hang in there cb
09:48:11 <Suzanne> I am going, too. GO MORNING
09:48:15 <craigmon99> I do have one moment where I was in life threatening danger though. Happened this year too! We were walking to daisy from a trail (not boardwalk) and we saw a patch of fur. Then some ears. Then a face. 40 feet away. The grizzly was luckily sleeping and only woke up when we were downwind about 100 feet from it
09:48:32 <Suzanne> YIKES
09:48:47 <Kevin L> Hey Suzanne, I remember that problem with you and your Mother along with me and my friend Marc in the early 80's!
09:48:49 <cb> carry Bear Spray
09:49:01 <cb> Tata all!
09:49:22 <craigmon99> After that experiance we said that if we are going hiking again, we are all bringing bear spray.
09:49:45 <Suzanne> Kevin: ??? Maybe I blocked it out!
09:50:14 <Kevin L> It turned out to be a coyote but it had us concerned for a bit.
09:50:19 <craigmon99> Is that riverside steam?
09:51:05 <Suzanne> Oh yeah, coyotes, no problem
09:51:08 <craigmon99> To the right of grand there was a steam plume
09:51:37 <lc (bbl)> dont think it is Riverside
09:51:49 <Kevin L> Think that is too close for Riverside
09:52:31 <craigmon99> Wonder what it was? I've seen it before manytimes
09:52:38 <Kevin L> It was an awesome full moon eruption.
09:54:04 <Kevin L> We may have missed Daisy during Grand
09:54:06 <craigmon99> Sprinkler 1754 ie
09:54:12 <Kevin L> Looks dead.
09:54:29 <craigmon99> Worth it!
09:58:33 <craigmon99> Giantess is steamy as usual
10:12:44 <lc> looks like Riverside 1812ie on static.
10:17:14 <Kevin L> of 1818
10:17:20 <lc> OF 1817
10:17:20 <Kevin L> 1817
10:19:23 <lc> wonder what Lion has really done today.
10:23:01 <lc> bhi 1822ie
10:23:17 <ynpvisitor41> yep
10:23:25 <ynpvisitor41> it is TIME!
10:24:09 <lc> 4 hrs
10:24:17 <Kevin L> It would be nice
10:30:26 <lc> Lion 1830
10:31:26 <lc> I think some Lions have been missed today
10:33:10 <Kevin L> I think you are correct
10:38:33 <Maureen> Go Bee
10:38:40 <lc> nice splash
10:38:52 <Maureen> indie looks happy
10:39:16 <Kevin L> everyone happy happy hgappy
10:40:00 <Maureen> people leaving?
10:40:38 <Kevin L> Have to get back for next of
10:41:10 <Maureen> bummer
10:41:50 <lc> what is going on at Depression?
10:42:39 <Kevin L> ?
10:43:00 <lc> go bee
10:44:47 <Maureen> come on...
10:45:27 <Kevin L> It's trying really hard
10:51:33 <Maureen> hmmm
10:52:44 <lc> I think its too late.
10:52:53 <Kevin L> I think it wore itself out.
10:53:39 <Maureen> still splashing
10:55:44 <Ryan> No Bee? :(
10:55:59 <Kevin L> No bee. :p
10:56:07 <Kevin L> Still got your rocket?
10:56:19 <Ryan>
10:56:23 <Ryan> There it is...
10:56:32 <Ryan> Ripped up to 3698ft!
10:56:35 <Ryan> 368mph
10:56:46 <Ryan> Landed 100ft away
10:56:50 <Kevin L> Wow. bet that was loud!
10:56:57 <Ryan> In some bushes, never even touched the ground again.
10:57:05 <Ryan> Oh yeah, it was loud... it was AWESOME
10:57:20 <Ryan> Thats a public link guys, you can all see them
10:57:23 <Kevin L> Gee, I don't get that with my Estes rockets very often!
10:57:48 <Ryan> My first non-cardboard rocket
10:57:56 <Ryan> Quantum Tubing, by PublicMissiles
10:58:19 <Kevin L> Sounds like it was a success
10:58:31 <Maureen> unlike BEE
10:58:41 <Ryan> Funny thing, I decided on the paint scheme and logo while waiting at Bee :)
10:58:58 <Ryan> I dont think your getting Bee on this one
10:59:01 <Kevin L> I wonder what kind of thrust Bee has.
10:59:40 <Ryan> Probably a lot... given the massive amounts of pressure to get THAT much water up THAT high
11:00:26 <Ryan> I could tell you if I knew: A) the mass of the fluid (gas/water mix) leaving the vent and B ) how fast it comes out
11:00:41 <Kevin L> I think will have to wait for tomorrow and hope it doesn't go tonight.
11:01:06 <Kevin L> Good Transactions article Ryan!
11:01:08 <Ryan> Yepp... when is the next Morning watch Maureen?
11:01:18 <Ryan> Would be an intersting one for sure.
11:01:22 <Maureen> 1000, or I mean 2200
11:01:49 <Maureen> has not been encouraging though
11:01:51 <Ryan> Thinking about it, there is a LOT of force from that. Water is heavy and it is moving fast. Plus the escaping steam has to make a pressure-based thrust too...
11:02:13 <Ryan> No? :( Well good luck! I hope you get a good one! Really hoping for G though...
11:02:40 <Maureen> yes, and Kitt came for the weekend
11:03:00 <Ryan> Well then... SOMETHING has to happen :)
11:03:07 <Maureen> good thinking
11:03:14 <Ryan> Where does she live that she can up and leave?
11:03:24 <Maureen> worland, wy
11:03:52 <Ryan> Ah ok, so she is a drive away but not a big drive...
11:04:02 <Maureen> 5 hours someone said
11:04:12 <Ryan> Not too bad, better than 53
11:05:35 <Maureen> Kitt will bring the super light tonight
11:05:48 <lc> I've had enough
11:06:00 <lc> good night everyone
11:06:01 <Maureen> agreed
11:06:15 <Ryan> Night lc
11:06:15 <Maureen> would have been nice, thanks for the text
11:06:20 <Ryan> Night Maureen
11:14:26 <ynpvisitor20> ..