Showing logs for date: 2013-12-17
23:52:18 <vw> Good morning.
23:53:55 <vw> Too dark to see on stream, but UGB static cam picture very nice for this early in the day.
23:56:21 <Dave from B> ood morning vw
23:56:26 <Dave from B> G
23:56:43 <vw> Hi Dave. G
23:58:03 <vw> I am wondering if they did something to the UGB static cam. The picture is awesome! Usually it would still be dark this early?
00:00:46 <Dave from B> It is a good shot...I see no BH for daylight today
00:00:55 <Dave from B> At least we don't have to look for it
00:01:20 <Dave from B> Thank you again Dave M for your overnight work!
00:01:31 <vw> ditto!
00:20:04 <vw> Grand 0720
00:20:20 <vw> Just in time for OF watch. :P
00:23:44 <vw> Need to double check it. Pat S thought she saw Grand earlier.
00:24:11 <Dave from B> Darn...I was hoping it would wait
00:24:19 <vw> Pretty sure this is Grand. Other opinions?
00:24:52 <Dave from B> I think it is Grand
00:25:10 <Dave from B> and that's OF
00:25:14 <vw> OF 0724
00:26:56 <vw> Very nice with clear morning and clean lens.
00:31:08 <vw> Pat changed her entry. Looks like maybe it was just a typo.
00:32:58 <vw> Down basin is going to fill with fog now.
00:34:23 <Dave from B> It's going to be a quiet day unless Lion wakes up
00:41:13 <ynpvisitor58> Lion
00:42:44 <vw> Thank you 58.
00:42:48 <vw> OF being a spoiler.
00:44:11 <Dave from B> I haven't seen lc around here for quite a few days.
00:46:29 <vw> Me either Dave. I do think I saw he had posted some times a couple of days ago, but I haven't seen him here.
00:48:36 <vw> Tall steam down basin. Anybody's guess.
00:49:46 <vw> Leaving cam in wide as our view has been fogged up.
00:50:21 <vw> Nice sunrise pink on clouds.
00:52:21 <ynpvisitor58> .
01:09:59 <Dave from B> Mornin, kc
01:13:10 <kc (working)> mornin
01:22:03 <ynpvisitor58> .
01:24:12 <ynpvisitor58> .
01:37:07 <Dave from B> Morning Kevin
01:37:41 <Kevin L> Hi Dave. Great game last night.
01:37:48 <Dave from B> Hard to believe that Packers are 2 wins away from division title?
01:39:36 <Kevin L> Really. If the Eaglets will beat da bears it would help.
01:46:47 <Kevin L> Daisy?
01:51:43 <vw> OF 0851
01:57:47 <Maureen> Lion?
01:58:25 <Maureen> 0857ie
01:58:44 <Maureen> is anyone driving?
01:59:50 <Kevin L> vw lost connection.
02:00:07 <Maureen> ty for info
02:01:27 <Maureen> So Dave from B, Grand turns around today and does less than 7 hours…I guess Grand is being Grand.
02:02:01 <Maureen> I hope it does not pull another 10 hour interval or we will not see it again today
02:02:04 <Dave from B> Hi, Maureen
02:02:08 <Kevin L> Makes for rough waits in the Winter cold.
02:02:19 <Dave from B> Yes, short sits of Sept 2012 are over
02:04:41 <Ryan(-142)> Morning all
02:04:56 <Kevin L> Hi.
02:06:01 <Dave from B> Morning Ryan
02:12:09 <Kevin L> Need to finish up a couple of things then will guest drive for vw.
02:15:12 <vw> Back.
02:15:15 <vw> Sorry about that.
02:16:14 <Maureen> hey vw
02:16:25 <vw> Hi Maureen.
02:16:30 <vw> Sunny in West today?
02:16:59 <vw> Beautiful here in Billings. Should get near 50 again.
02:17:44 <Maureen> yes, like the park. Nice here. colder, only 5 now
02:18:09 <Maureen> it did not get below zero though, even with clear skies and near full moon, so that is a plus
02:19:13 <Maureen> they took the cold snap away from our forecast, I am good with that.
02:19:25 <Maureen> supposed to be further east now
02:20:04 <Maureen> I just looked at accuweather and it says West is 18…my thermometer says 5, I wonder where that monitor is?
02:20:07 <vw> We are supposed to have just one day of colder weather. Not going to complain. Well... maybe just a bit.
02:20:31 <Maureen> good weather for Dave's builders
02:22:12 <Dave from B> Supposed to be really windy later
02:22:39 <Dave from B> 3" predicted for tomorrow night when Taylor is flying in
02:23:05 <Maureen> hopefully it will not impact her
02:23:40 <Dave from B> Tight layover in Mpls...I have a feeling she may be spending the night there
02:24:02 <Maureen> that would not be fun. Is MSP supposed to get snow too?
02:24:27 <Dave from B> No, but it is the crazy holiday season so I'm being pessimistic
02:24:31 <Maureen> I have been stuck there before.
02:24:39 <Maureen> sheesh Dave, think positive
02:24:50 <Maureen> planning on delays…hmmmm
02:25:50 <Maureen> though I did think too positive a few years back and had to drive to Bozo and back twice as my daughter's flight did not make it.
02:25:55 <Maureen> that was no fun
02:26:14 <Maureen> at least you know the way to your airport in your sleep
02:28:19 <Dave from B> Yes, I would hate to think how many trips I've made to the airport in the last 9 years
02:31:35 <Maureen> remember to pick her up where PASSENGERS are….
02:31:48 <Dave from B> :D:D
02:45:05 <Kevin L> We found that my daughter can fly for about $10 more than she was paying for gas share ride home.
02:45:54 <Maureen> from ID?
02:46:22 <Kevin L> Idaho Falls.
02:46:45 <Kevin L> 1h10m vs 12h+/-
02:47:10 <Maureen> bet she likes that
02:47:35 <Dave from B> That's a no brainer
02:47:43 <vw> Heading out. back later for split shift!
02:47:44 <Kevin L> Did it at Thanksgiving. Her first flight. She loved it.
02:48:32 <Maureen> nice
02:49:29 <Maureen> off to work. Have good days...
02:49:36 <Dave from B> Same to you, Maureen
02:49:41 <Kevin L> bye
02:50:02 <Dave from B> My daughter's flight home for Thanksgiving would have been almost $800
02:51:50 <Kevin L> I am not sure what this one costs, but it is with Alligent Air.
02:52:28 <Dave from B> That is nice.
03:16:58 <ynpvisitor7> time for OF isn't it?
03:17:36 <Kevin L> Getting close
03:18:09 <ynpvisitor7> ok, didn't want yo uto lose your job
03:18:33 <Kevin L> Well they already cut my pay in half!
03:22:32 <Dave from B> You would think you would at least get your COLA raise!
03:22:58 <Kevin L> Well I do get that too.
03:23:33 <Kevin L> Very good this year. It is a 25% increase.
03:25:56 <Kevin L> It doesn't want to come out in the cold.
03:29:18 <Kevin L> of 1028
03:41:53 <Kevin L> Aurum 1041 static
03:43:07 <Kevin L> ie
04:13:28 <Kevin L> Daisy is looking warmer.
04:19:33 <Dave from B> Hi, Jenna....Sleeping in today?:)
04:22:23 <Dave from B> I have a Blgs Gazetta article for everyone....
04:22:36 <Jenna> :) I wish
04:22:49 <Dave from B>
04:22:58 <Jenna> dr appt then got Scott's last gift
04:23:14 <Dave from B> Are you normally off on Tuesday?
04:23:55 <ynpvisitor63> that is old news Dave...
04:23:58 <Jenna> yes
04:24:04 <Jenna> Sunday and Tuesday
04:24:05 <ynpvisitor63> newfor Billings though perhaps
04:24:41 <Dave from B> We are always the last to know
04:26:28 <Jenna> I thought the midwest was always the last to know :)
04:27:59 <ynpvisitor63> you will both know if the volcano blows
04:28:44 <Kevin L> Before we do.
04:29:30 <Jenna> I'd rather be right there in the middle of it
04:30:23 <ynpvisitor58> we will all be in YNP, the geysers will be really good right before The Big One
04:30:48 <Kevin L> I think it it goes we will all be in the middle of it.
04:31:03 <Jenna> true
04:39:40 <Kevin L> Wonder if Daisy has gone dormant, or if has joined OF for dual eruptions.
04:40:15 <ynpvisitor63> seems to like long and inconsistent intervals these days
04:40:44 <Kevin L> I know there have been several over 3h
04:41:08 <Kevin L> It has been looking like it is going to go for about a half hour now.
04:43:11 <Jenna> ..
04:43:24 <Kevin L> Getting close to of window.
04:44:12 <ynpvisitor7> does the VEC have E times for Daisy yet?
04:44:18 <Kevin L> Looks like the bus made it to OF.
04:44:37 <Kevin L> Don't think so.
04:44:55 <Dave from B> Maybe Daisy is waiting for the bus
04:46:39 <Kevin L> I think we have lift off!
04:46:42 <ynpvisitor7> Daisy 1146
04:46:45 <Kevin L> Daisy 1147
04:47:16 <Kevin L> I'll buy 1146
04:48:00 <ynpvisitor7> about 9 hrs, probably a triple interval then
04:48:44 <Kevin L> At least we have a good time on it now.
04:48:56 <Kevin L> And it beat OF.
04:50:24 <ynpvisitor7> ha, that's the important thing
05:01:25 <Micah> wow, Blue skies
05:03:24 <Kevin L> Lazy geysers
05:03:44 <Dave from B> Hi, Micah
05:03:47 <Micah> hi Dave
05:09:21 <Kevin L> OF outside the window.
05:11:36 <Kevin L> OF 1210
05:14:10 <Jenna> fun to see people on the boardwalk again
05:15:36 <Kevin L> Let's see, what can we do before the next geyser erupts? Read War & Peace? Build a house?
05:15:59 <Micah> ha
05:16:20 <Jenna> Dave is trying the 2nd
05:16:31 <Jenna> I can try to get Conor to nap
05:16:31 <Kevin L> Once the steam clears, we may be able to see Anenome...
05:17:32 <Micah> Looks like Old Faithful's having none of that.
05:18:01 <Kevin L> Should have told it I wanted to look at BH.
05:23:02 <Micah> I really wish they would widen the walk by Anemone.
05:23:47 <Dave from B> You would not want me to build a house
05:24:00 <Kevin L> It needs it. I would like a pullout by Aurum also.
05:24:20 <Micah> Aurum would be tricky with the springs right on the other side.
05:27:19 <Kevin L> I would like it on the tree side toward Doublet Pool.
05:27:45 <Micah> Isn't that already wide?
05:28:34 <Kevin L> It is by Doublet.
05:28:58 <Micah> ah, yeah, now I remember.
05:31:06 <Micah> Big Anemone 1231 (?) ie
05:42:23 <Micah> Little Anemone 1242 ie
05:42:28 <Micah> Big Anemone 1242
05:42:48 <Micah> Concert. Fun.
06:01:44 <Jenna> ..
06:21:31 <Kevin L> Page has an attitude problem today.
06:22:02 <Dave from B> It appears so
06:38:24 <Jenna> ..
06:38:30 <Jenna> my computer hates my router
06:38:48 <Kevin L> I had to get a new one this week.
06:41:24 <Kevin L> OF 1341
06:41:51 <Kevin L> Looked like a possible Aurum at 1338
06:44:30 <Jenna> ..
06:48:56 <Dave from B> Maybe BH will be nice an shorten its interval just enough to give us a daytime eruption
06:49:32 <Kevin L> And Giantess might erupt and Plume may come out of dormancy....
06:53:35 <Dave from B> Well, I wasn't going to go overboard demanding a whole list of things!:)
06:57:34 <Kevin L> Whoa!
06:57:50 <Kevin L> Grand. 1357 ie
06:58:37 <Kevin L> That was a surprise.
06:59:05 <Dave from B> Huh?
07:00:30 <Maureen> wow, from longs to shorts
07:00:30 <Dave from B> 638 interval
07:02:08 <Maureen> wonder when the start was
07:02:52 <Kevin L> I saw the big burst at 1357 static
07:03:12 <Maureen> ty
07:03:47 <Maureen> pretty day
07:04:05 <Kevin L> Above freezing!
07:04:27 <Maureen> right at freezing here
07:05:01 <Maureen> go 2nd
07:06:58 <Will B> kc could you retrieve a capture from 1245 to 1345 for today. Pat saw a possible F&M cloud
07:08:01 <ynpvisitor64> I saw a huge cloud just after 0600 too
07:09:27 <Maureen> you could see at 0600?
07:10:22 <Kevin L> Looks like 1b
07:10:33 <Maureen> yep
07:14:08 <ynpvisitor64> yes it was light with the snow- had to tip my monitor a bit
07:14:10 <Kevin L> Grand intervals all over the place.
07:15:57 <Maureen> they are all over. It will make it a bit tricky for Mara to find on the 26th.
07:21:03 <Kevin L> Be interesting to see what we get out of Daisy.
07:22:09 <Dave from B> I would say about 1440 (10)
07:22:27 <Dave from B> I'm really going out on a limb there
07:30:41 <ynpvisitor98> I would like to be bundled up and sitting at Daisy right now. Just saying...
07:32:16 <Dave from B> What are you waiting for 98!
07:35:18 <ynpvisitor98> Distance is my enemy
07:35:39 <Dave from B> Thank goodness we have a camera.
07:36:19 <ynpvisitor98> Agree
07:39:20 <Kevin L> Oops.
07:39:39 <Kevin L> Good call Dave
07:39:46 <Kevin L> Daisy 1439
07:39:47 <Will B> Daisy 1436ie
07:40:00 <Will B> 1439
07:40:02 <ynpvisitor98> I saw that possible aurum also
07:40:23 <Will B> hmm the clock on this computer is off need to fix that
07:40:46 <Kevin L> Then Daisy went just as I moved it.
07:41:03 <ynpvisitor98> No doubt about Daisy :)
07:42:29 <Kevin L> Lot of steam plumes in the Aurum area lately. I did catch one Aurum for sure. This one I am not suree about.
07:42:45 <Dave from B> ooh...feeling lucky...better buy a lottery ticket.
07:43:10 <ynpvisitor98> Not a bad prediction
07:45:06 <Will B> Kevin can you ceep a close eye out for Riverside today since we have that possible F&M cloud earlier
07:46:05 <Kevin L> I can look.
07:46:14 <Will B> thanks
07:46:46 <Kevin L> Only be on another hour or so though.
07:47:39 <ynpvisitor7> any rangers at the VEC knowledgable enough to know if F&M went?
07:47:52 <ynpvisitor7> they probably only get out there once a day during winter though
07:47:56 <Kevin L> I would think so.
07:53:01 <ynpvisitor7> BH sure is steamy, keeps tricking me into thinking it's BHI
07:53:28 <Will B> BHI
07:53:31 <Will B> :!:
07:53:33 <Will B> :!:
07:53:33 <Will B> :!:
07:53:34 <Will B> :!:
07:53:35 <Will B> :!:
07:53:35 <Will B> :!:
07:53:36 <Will B> :!:
07:53:36 <Will B> :!:
07:53:37 <Will B> :!:
07:53:37 <Will B> :!:
07:53:38 <Will B> :!:
07:53:45 <ynpvisitor7> well, I'll be
07:54:00 <ynpvisitor7> I think it's been going for 3-4 minutes
07:54:03 <Kevin L> Another surprise
07:54:05 <Will B> 7 in winter there dont get down there often
07:54:20 <Will B> BHI 1451ie
07:54:57 <Will B> 1453ie
07:54:57 <Kevin L> Knock me over with a feather on this one.
07:54:57 <Dave from B> Wow
07:55:13 <Will B> geeze my clock screwed its self up again
07:55:13 <Dave from B> Kevin, maybe ginatess and Plume are next
07:56:06 <kc (working)> ty
07:56:37 <Kevin L> I would love to see a ginatess eruption Dave!
07:57:05 <cb> Weeee ha! I get to see a BH!
07:57:16 <cb> Hi all
07:57:17 <Kevin L> Oh oh. OF wants it's share.
07:57:18 <Dave from B> Hi, cb!
07:57:24 <Kevin L> Hi cb!
07:57:25 <cb> Hey Dave!
07:57:58 <cb> was just perusing FB and got the alert! Ty!
07:58:52 <ynpvisitor7> Lion is splashy, too
07:58:54 <ge (working)> Just got a new pc and monitos. picture looks much clearer. Me or improvement at OF?
07:59:10 <ynpvisitor7> BH 1459
07:59:13 <Will B> BH 1459
07:59:29 <Dave from B> cam was washed recently
07:59:32 <Kevin L> I'm trying
07:59:54 <cb> Hi BEE!
07:59:59 <Dave from B> Hard to drive with both eyes closed.
08:00:24 <Kevin L> Great eruption!
08:00:32 <ge (working)> agreed
08:00:54 <Kevin L> Super tall.
08:00:55 <cb> We won't know how to drive when we can finally see the LS Kevin!
08:01:07 <Kevin L> Right cb.
08:01:34 <ge (working)> are all the static cams down?
08:02:06 <Kevin L> Mine are working
08:02:14 <ynpvisitor98> Beehive be gittin’ ‘er done!
08:02:39 <cb> It bee! :)
08:02:59 <Kevin L> OK Dave. Predict something else for us!
08:03:03 <ynpvisitor91> Dave got his wish, before dark
08:03:16 <ynpvisitor7> waaayy before dark
08:03:29 <cb> beautiful!
08:03:41 <Dave from B> I didn't predict BH...was just hoping we would have something to watch
08:03:44 <ynpvisitor91> very nice, such a surprise
08:03:49 <Kevin L> A few lucky OF waiters got it too.
08:03:57 <Dave from B> 1126 interval on BH
08:03:59 <ynpvisitor91> Dave you were hoping for before DARK
08:04:27 <ynpvisitor98> Very nice.
08:04:31 <ynpvisitor7> OF in the next 20 minutes <= predction
08:04:41 <Dave from B> It's dark somewhere 91
08:04:57 <cb> Very nice! Thanks Kevin!
08:05:02 <ynpvisitor91> this is BEFORE dark
08:05:06 <ynpvisitor91> very nice
08:05:30 <Dave from B> OF might be the next 2 eruption we see
08:05:57 <cb> Bye all
08:05:59 <Kevin L> We sure got our money's worth today.
08:06:35 <Dave from B> bye, cb
08:06:46 <Kevin L> bye
08:07:41 <Kevin L> Glad OF waited.
08:12:16 <Kevin L> of 1512
08:13:40 <Kevin L> Something ie by Grand
08:14:33 <ynpvisitor7> probably Oblong
08:19:12 <Dave from B> How about a Penta?
08:20:11 <ynpvisitor7> or Uncertain, no Sawmill today that I've seen
08:23:34 <ynpvisitor4> BHI/BH vid capBHI/BH 1453/1459 2013/12/17 vid cap
08:24:28 <Rich> Just caught the beginning of BH
08:24:50 <Rich> Posted to GT also
08:49:36 <ynpvisitor7> Lion 1549
08:50:20 <ynpvisitor7> initial
08:50:34 <Kevin L> OF trying to hide it
08:50:37 <vw> Good afternoon/evening.
08:52:02 <Kevin L> Hi
08:52:46 <vw> Looks like you took care of all the eruptions Kevin. Not sure that there will be much need for an operator this evening.
08:52:56 <Kevin L> Think I used them all up vw.
08:53:45 <vw> Maybe move cam down basin around 1700 for Daisy and Castle and then point it at GH after that? :)
08:54:32 <Kevin L> Really some surprises today.
08:55:33 <Will B> we also need to watch for Riverside
08:55:58 <Dave from B> 4 Grand day today
08:56:44 <vw> THAT is a surprise Dave.
09:05:53 <vw> Coyote
09:06:04 <Rich> Lion 1549 Initial 2013/12/17 vid cap
09:06:06 <Dave from B> darn...missed it
09:06:31 <vw> In the meadow
09:09:36 <vw> Think I used up my 5 seconds of picture on LS for the day.
09:09:44 <Dave from B> Coyote probably isn't thinking it is Wonderland today
09:14:45 <Dave from B> Good camera work vw
09:15:25 <vw> I am getting flickers of real picture on LS that have helped me locate it. BSOD now though. :(
09:17:26 <vw> Heading towards Castle
09:20:03 <vw> Filled our wildlife quota for the day?
09:20:40 <vw> I wonder what has happened to the bison herd. I don't think a lone coyote would scare them off?
09:25:31 <Rich> Coyote UGB @1600ish 2013/12/17
09:33:39 <craig> Hey all
09:33:55 <vw> Hi craig.
09:34:15 <craig> Was that anenome steaming up a storm behind OF?
09:34:45 <vw> Sorry, I wasn't watching anything other than OF.
09:34:50 <Dave from B> Welcome craig
09:34:52 <vw> Anemone steam now.
09:35:15 <craig> ernernermer
09:35:56 <craig> Two whirligigs today!
09:38:13 <vw> Hi Graham.
09:38:34 <Dave from B> Good evening Graham
09:38:35 <Graham> hello, looks like i missed some fun?
09:38:48 <Dave from B> It has been a good day
09:40:45 <Graham> 2 BH and 3 Grands and its still not dark, yeah busy day
09:41:57 <vw> Amazingly clear picture on static cam just before daylight helped a lot I think.
09:42:26 <Graham> view is nice on stream now
09:42:31 <vw> Dave M got quite a few overnight times so it must have been a good picture for a good portion of the night.
09:42:55 <Graham> yeah, full moon tonight so maybe get info for a few more days
09:43:13 <Graham> they need some cold weather tho!
09:43:33 <vw> A lot of snow has melted these last couple of days.
09:44:09 <Graham> above freezing, not good
09:44:10 <Dave from B> Graham, was it just last winter you had your baggage fun?
09:44:41 <Graham> yes, that was last Jan. hopefully not this year but i will be better prepared, heavy gloves and face mask in my carry on too
09:45:29 <vw> OF 1645
09:46:02 <Dave from B> It just seems like that was so long ago
09:46:17 <Graham> it was, 11 months ago
09:49:02 <Graham> looking forward to seeing some geysers and being back on the right side of the lens
09:50:00 <Dave from B> I hope cold weather and you don't collide this year
09:50:48 <Graham> i want some cold, never been cold when i have been there, just -15
09:54:11 <vw> No you don't Graham. Not really.
09:54:39 <Graham> get nice frosts when its cold
09:55:09 <vw> True, but you would get about the same at -15 as at -25?
09:58:34 <Graham> dunno yet :)
09:58:50 <vw> Either way, the batteries in your electronics wouldn't last long!
09:59:26 <vw> Not to mention your fingers and toes.
10:00:35 <Dave from B> WEll, hopefully the wind won't blow then
10:01:54 <Graham> yeah electronics dont like the cold, but i keep my camera under my coat and have a big battery backup for my phone ...
10:01:58 <Graham> bring it on
10:02:18 <Graham> not sure i would be out at BH if the wind was blowing like the other year
10:02:47 <vw> Yeah, at those temps you want to keep moving.
10:03:04 <vw> Hopefully towards shelter...
10:03:29 <Graham> over by Aurum maybe? or down at F&M in the hollow there
10:03:50 <Graham> Grotto trees?
10:04:02 <vw> F&M is a long way away from the real warmth!
10:04:25 <vw> Path between Lion and Sawmill, in the trees can be pretty protected.
10:04:44 <vw> Lion 1704
10:05:00 <Dave from B> Time to go home. Have a great evening everyone! Concert night for Becca tonight.
10:05:28 <vw> Have a great evening Dave. Tell Becca to break a leg!
10:05:40 <Dave from B> Will do
10:06:05 <vw> and take her a flower dad...
10:06:58 <Dave from B> That would shock her
10:07:03 <Graham> you are no fin vw, you want me hiding in the snow lodge?
10:07:32 <vw> not hiding so much as not freezing on the other side of the walls G.
10:08:25 <Graham> well you know what its like at OF in the winter :)
10:10:15 <vw> I just know that you like to head out and stay out for long periods of time G. Kind of scary in the winter when the temps are sub-zeros all day!
10:10:56 <Graham> yes mom
10:10:57 <vw> You need a beacon....
10:11:02 <vw> :D
10:13:39 <vw> Not sure we will get Daisy or Castle before its too dark.
10:24:22 <vw> I think I am done for the day.
10:24:36 <vw> Hope everybody has a wonderful evening!
10:30:31 <craig> Sunlight is fleeting
10:31:18 <Kevin L> I think it fleeted.
10:32:56 <kc (working)> nite
10:33:28 <Kevin L> Good gazing day.
11:09:23 <ynpvisitor28> 'ello