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20:33:08 <Betty> OF 0331ie
01:34:00 <ynpvisitor95> Grand and BH have already erupted:(
01:34:57 <Dave from B> Good morning numbers
01:35:55 <ynpvisitor53> hi
01:36:57 <ynpvisitor 85 1> Morning Dave
01:37:31 <Kevin L> Not sure how that happened.
01:40:10 <Kevin L> Well I do hope Graham got up early today.
01:40:28 <Dave from B> Yes, me too
01:41:25 <Kevin L> So Becca's coach decided not to cut her some slack?
01:42:08 <Dave from B> nope....We were holding out hope that she would cancel practice because there is no school tomorrow but no such luck.
01:43:30 <Kevin L> Geez. It is a holiday. She needs to realize that these are kids and they have a life besides the sport. Perhaps if you let them live that they would do better in the sport.
01:44:35 <Dave from B> Unfortunately, it is all about the team and you can't let the team down. I feel bad for Becca.
01:53:04 <Kevin L> I think that is a horrible thing to do to a kid. It is a game. A trip to the geysers in Winter with her Dad is a family experience you will all treasure. You probably won't even remember the game next year. The coach doesn't have to schedule a practice on a holiday. SH
01:53:35 <Kevin L> She is the one letting the team down because she just wants a number in the W column.
01:53:58 <Dave from B> I know how you feel. She would remember the YNP trip a whole lot more.
01:57:24 <Kevin L> When we sign my kid up for dance, we tell them up front that we do not do Sunday shows. They agree to that, but still snivel about her missing them. Gee, church or dancing. Which is most important?
01:59:16 <Dave from B> Not doubt about the answer to that one. We had a coach in soccer who punished a girl by benching her on SAturday because she was going to miss Sunday's game because of church. Coach lost his job before the gasmes on Sunday.
02:00:51 <Kevin L> I love that story. These coaches also need to remember that these are the last years the kids will be at home. Family things are the most important. Kids with a good family life will be the best sports players anyway.
02:23:57 <Kevin L> Have a good trip Dave. We will look for you Monday.
02:24:25 <Dave from B> I'll have my phone, so I will text you on Monday with field reports
02:24:48 <Kevin L> That wwill be nice.
02:47:43 <Dave from B> Did anyone catch the time on last OF? just missed it
02:51:30 <lc> morning Dave and #'s
02:53:22 <vw> Good morning!
02:53:34 <Dave from B> Good morning lc and vw
02:53:58 <lc> morning vw
02:54:15 <vw> Looks like it has been a busy morning for the contingent in the UGB.
02:54:20 <vw> Hi Dave, lc!
02:54:41 <Dave from B> Yes, I think Will is trying to set a single day winter record for most GT entries
02:54:53 <lc> I think Graham got BH this morning
02:55:07 <Dave from B> Graham caught Depression at 0946
02:55:20 <vw> Looks like it. Will logged entry, but noted G as observer.
02:56:07 <lc> first Depression in almost 21 days
02:56:13 <Dave from B> Looks good for a Monday afternnoon BH between 1230 and 1530
02:56:42 <Dave from B> I hope Graham or Will can catch the late night BH tonight
02:56:49 <vw> Dave, do you have an intinerary for Monday?
02:57:14 <Dave from B> Not really. I think we are checking Morning on the way in and heading to UGB
02:58:06 <vw> It would be nice if a tour got a Ftn time today. I suppose that would be asking too much though?
02:58:09 <Dave from B> It's going to be fun but a long day. Up at 430 and probably be home around 2200
02:58:22 <Dave from B> We can alwasy hope, vw!
02:58:54 <vw> That is a long one Dave. You please be careful driving.
02:59:08 <lc> Dave you going to UGB Monday?
02:59:16 <vw> Dusk and dawn can be the worst times to drive, but especially when you are tired.
02:59:22 <Dave from B> Yes, with the YTG GG group
02:59:41 <Dave from B> MA, Rocco, Dunn's, Bill W
02:59:45 <lc> GREAT, I didn't know that.
02:59:48 <Dave from B> maybe Bowers
03:00:15 <vw> Plus, Will, Graham and Kent are already in the UGB. :)
03:00:28 <lc> say hi to all of them from Ma and me.
03:00:43 <Dave from B> Will do, lc
03:00:59 <lc> ou just going in for the one day?
03:01:09 <lc> ou=you
03:01:44 <Dave from B> Yes, meeting at Big Sky at 0630
03:01:50 <Betty> Cool, Dave, you go to UGB tomorrow? That´s great!
03:01:55 <Betty> Hello all
03:02:10 <Dave from B> Hi, BETTY
03:02:17 <vw> Hi Betty!
03:02:21 <lc> hi Betty
03:02:37 <Betty> looks good in the basin
03:05:15 <vw> Daisy 0957 just got posted.
03:05:44 <vw> Too much steam down basin to have caught it on static.
03:06:46 <Dave from B> Penta 0952
03:07:02 <Dave from B> per GT
03:07:20 <vw> Lots of steam over there, but can't see any definition.
03:07:36 <Betty> Nice to have so many posts of eruptions in GT :-)
03:08:27 <vw> Riverside 1008 ie
03:08:56 <Dave from B> Would anyone like me to check out something for them tomorrow?
03:09:14 <vw> Of course the standard one: Plume.
03:09:42 <Dave from B> Yes, I will definitely do that
03:09:49 <Dave from B> and Mouth
03:10:17 <lc> hope to get more reports on Depression.
03:10:55 <vw> Graham likes Depression, so I am hoping we will get lots of reports this week. It would be nice to know intervals.
03:11:37 <Dave from B> Yers, I would expect Graham to get Depr and Aurum intervals
03:11:42 <Dave from B> How long is he at OF?
03:11:45 <vw> Will posted Riverside 1007 ie.
03:12:10 <lc> a week I think.
03:12:11 <vw> Usually G is there until Saturday? Not sure though how South entrance might affect that.
03:13:55 <vw> The slightly un-winter like weather may affect the photographic shots G is able to find in the Park. He may opt to go on a few tours to see if conditions elsewhere are more wintery.
03:14:17 <Dave from B> Well, time to head to church, do some shopping, pack and get to Bozeman before the big game. Talk to everyone later today or tomorrow on the scene.
03:14:46 <vw> Have a wonderful time Dave. Hi to all. Please be safe!
03:14:59 <Dave from B> Thanksa
03:15:01 <Dave from B> Thanks
03:15:02 <lc> have a good trip Dave.
03:16:26 <vw> Lion 1016
03:16:34 <vw> Initial.
03:17:17 <vw> OF playing spoiler.
03:18:26 <vw> Doesn't look like anybody on the hill to see it. Everybody down basin?
03:19:22 <vw> Will reported Kent caught it.
03:20:25 <Betty> there´s someone walking around
03:21:13 <ynpvisitor100> Churn report too
03:21:18 <Betty> LC 1021 ie
03:25:08 <vw> Graham should be able to join us in chat: Will is logging times, so Graham shouldn't have to worry about them!
03:27:56 <Betty> got some errands to be done, bbl
03:28:30 <vw> Bye Betty!
03:30:32 <vw> Graham says he is by Penta. Kent at Aurum.
03:39:21 <vw> Steam down basin appears to not be affected by wind, but getting a good bounce on cam tree.
03:45:13 <vw> Graham: Churn was a single eruption.
03:47:17 <vw> Graham: Dome. No time, but text timed 1045.
03:47:27 <vw> Waiting to see if Will posts it.
03:57:08 <vw> OF 1056
04:01:11 <vw> brb
04:02:19 <ynpvisitor75> When Graham pops back in tahnk him for fixing the fog.
04:08:41 <Maureen> nice, Penta and Churn to welcome Graham.
04:11:44 <Maureen> how can there be 2 Churn initials?
04:11:45 <vw> Hi M!
04:11:55 <lc> gtg, have a good day everyone
04:12:16 <vw> Bye lc. Hope you have a good day too.
04:12:36 <Maureen> hi and bye
04:13:17 <Maureen> so Kent is in the basin too?
04:13:24 <vw> Yes.
04:13:37 <vw> Today we have Will, Graham and Kent. Tomorrow a few more.
04:13:47 <Maureen> for a day or more?
04:14:02 <vw> I am not sure how long Kent is there for.
04:14:13 <Maureen> GT is fuller than it has been in a long time, and it is not even noon
04:14:24 <Maureen> so how can there be 2 Churn initials vw?
04:15:12 <vw> Not a clue. Too close together for 2 initials.
04:15:23 <Maureen> yes
04:15:52 <vw> Could be mis-communication: 1008 entered by Will. 1048 by Graham.
04:15:57 <Maureen> I wonder if Graham did not see the first as he listed a solo after Penta
04:16:14 <Maureen> Will entered 1048 also
04:16:16 <vw> But Will also entered the 1048 as an initial.
04:17:27 <vw> Text off to Graham.
04:17:32 <Maureen> maybe just cold fingers texting
04:17:39 <vw> Would send to Will, but Graham is the one in that area.
04:17:48 <Maureen> where is Will?
04:18:22 <vw> Not sure.
04:18:30 <Maureen> are you our driver?
04:18:32 <vw> Penta off, so G may have left that area too.
04:18:42 <vw> Yes, I am on the cam until mid-afternoon.
04:18:45 <Maureen> maybe back toward Lion...
04:19:01 <Maureen> no football today, or double duty?
04:19:03 <vw> Probably a bit early for Lion yet.
04:19:14 <Maureen> yes, but not to be walking from Penta.
04:19:26 <vw> Football and cam go well together. But won't have too much overlap.
04:19:58 <Maureen> oh so it is the seahawks came you in interested in
04:20:28 <Maureen> Lion should be in next few minutes, right?
04:20:46 <vw> Seahawks about the only team still in that I care much about.
04:21:05 <vw> I don't think games start for another couple of hours. 1300, maybe?
04:21:18 <Maureen> oh got it.
04:21:52 <Maureen> glad the fog was not too stubborn today
04:22:04 <vw> Lion should be in about 10-15m.
04:22:22 <Maureen> ty
04:22:35 <Maureen> did not realize the 2nd was that far after the first
04:23:04 <vw> Yeah, when I peeked at public stream earlier this morning, there was still a lot of fog. Was surprised it had mostly burned off when I got on at 10.
04:23:32 <vw> I usually figure 1h20m after Lion initial.
04:23:36 <vw> Aurum 1023 ns
04:23:55 <vw> that is Kent and Graham there I think.
04:24:43 <Maureen> it is 11 on my clock
04:25:05 <vw> Thanks M. Typo. guess my fingers haven't woken up yet.
04:25:23 <Maureen> nice Kent got Aurum up close
04:25:35 <Maureen> and G
04:25:51 <vw> G should have gotten some really good shots. :)
04:26:36 <Maureen> did he mention if he dried of from his icicle status?
04:27:08 <Maureen> I guess BH got him
04:27:12 <vw> No. Did he get chilled yesterday? I didn't catch him yesterday.
04:27:22 <vw> Ahhhhh. That was this am?
04:27:59 <vw> A little water won't stop G. The guy can be borderline nuts about not going into the warmth during his visits!
04:30:18 <Maureen> ha ha
04:30:26 <Maureen> borderline nuts, G?
04:30:42 <vw> Graham: Churn went into overflow between them. Aurum when I got to Lion junction.
04:31:07 <vw> Are you wondering about the 'borderline' or the 'nuts'?
04:32:00 <Maureen> I think together they are just fine...
04:32:37 <vw> :D
04:33:05 <vw> Lion 1132
04:34:26 <Maureen> nice
04:42:09 <vw> Should be fairly quiet on the cam for a while now. Going to grab some coffee. brb.
04:43:53 <vw> Text from G (regarding my ? re BH icicles): Sun is nice and warm. Will took pics of me with ice.
04:45:37 <Maureen> thanks
04:48:08 <vw> Even if we don't get to see that pic soon, I am guessing it will make its way into a video...?
04:48:29 <Maureen> possibly.
04:48:51 <Maureen> are they working on waking up Plume? That would be nice
04:49:39 <Betty> hope they are fixing the plume-button ;-)
04:50:15 <Maureen> hey Betty
04:50:38 <Betty> hi Maureen, Craig, vw
04:50:53 <Craig> Hi Betty!
04:51:24 <Betty> and numbers of course!
04:52:08 <Craig> I love how detailed the GT entires are when Will is in the park
04:52:33 <Craig> Apparently chromatic pool now has the energy over beauty pool now
05:31:32 <vw> Seeing Lion start may be difficult.
05:33:52 <ynpvisitor32> especially if it doesn't erupt
05:34:43 <vw> There is that possibility, but I am keeping an open mind.
05:36:29 <vw> OF 1236
05:42:45 <vw> Lion 1242 ie, static.
05:43:01 <vw> Should get a start time from the basin.
05:44:15 <ynpvisitor32> wind shift!
05:44:44 <Betty> looks icy om bw
05:44:49 <Betty> on
05:45:50 <vw> I need to grab some lunch. Daisy due soon.
05:46:18 <Betty> I have an eye on it
05:51:30 <Betty> Daisy 1251
05:54:46 <vw> Thank you Betty!
05:54:56 <Betty> yw
06:17:12 <vw> Conditions in Denver beautiful for the fb game.
06:17:56 <vw> Wonder if it will be quite this nice in NY in a couple of weeks for the Super Bowl...?
06:48:38 <vw> Graham posted that Castle had a minor 1317 ie.
06:50:35 <ynpvisitor53> looks like hes at depression
06:51:13 <vw> Not surprised. About 4 hours since last one, so it could be due.
06:52:01 <vw> Also, a good place to be with Lion due too.
07:00:51 <vw> OF 1400
07:05:07 <ynpvisitor87> I saw Doublet Pool listed twice on geyser times???
07:06:04 <vw> Looks like it.
07:06:16 <ynpvisitor87> I didn't know it erupts
07:06:44 <vw> Will noted in both of those entries that there were thumps.
07:06:53 <vw> Hi Kitt.
07:07:04 <Kitt> oh, just saw the times
07:07:10 <Kitt> hello
07:07:21 <Kitt> Billings is so much nicer than Worland right now
07:07:46 <Kitt> Yesterday it was about 50 and I came home and it was 9 degrees
07:07:56 <vw> Much rawer than the temperature would suggest. Wind is keeping it cool.
07:08:13 <Kitt> still it is dry and warmer than Worland
07:08:15 <vw> Well... not 9 degrees cool here!
07:09:09 <Kitt> I missed Bee this morning
07:09:27 <Kitt> I woke up at 5 ish, but went back to bed
07:09:32 <Kitt> was it pretty
07:09:47 <vw> I missed it too.
07:10:04 <vw> Word is Graham got wet. Will got pictures.
07:10:43 <Kitt> Oh that is nice. Did Graham take a Bee shower for me. :o)
07:12:01 <Kitt> How long is Will in?
07:12:17 <vw> Temperature at OF at the time was around 7. Cold and wet conditions for G at BH.
07:12:48 <vw> Not sure about Will. Schools are out tomorrow, but I don't know if he is staying over tonight.
07:13:03 <Kitt> We have school tomorrow
07:13:23 <vw> MT colleges/univ's are out for MLK day.
07:13:32 <Kitt> oh
07:13:50 <Kitt> Have a nice day
07:13:58 <vw> You too Kitt!
07:14:06 <Kitt> I'm going to get chores done before the next football game
07:14:12 <Kitt> bye
07:19:21 <ynpvisitor5> Grand could be soon
07:19:46 <vw> could be.
07:23:26 <vw> Guessing there is water in there somewhere.
07:23:43 <ynpvisitor8> Sawmill may be back
07:24:29 <vw> Depression 1423 ie. Probably get a better time from the basin.
07:25:54 <Craig> Depp!
07:27:33 <vw> Something at Grand 1427 ns.
07:27:33 <Betty> grand
07:28:07 <Betty> :-)
07:28:16 <vw> Sure looks like water in there.
07:30:45 <vw> Hoping it gets posted from the basin as they can provide much more detail than we can from the cam.
07:33:37 <ynpvisitor5> weren't they at Depression or did they leave in time?
07:34:01 <vw> Dome 1433 ie, static cam.
07:34:09 <Craig> 2b?
07:34:26 <vw> Somebody was at Depression. I don't think they would have had time to get over to Grand in time for start.
07:34:46 <vw> I haven't seen a pause, but hard to tell with all the steam
07:36:20 <vw> 2nd
07:36:33 <ynpvisitor5> yes
07:36:36 <Betty> nice!
07:42:45 <ynpvisitor5> Grand flirting with going under 6 hours of late
07:43:10 <vw> Very close!
07:45:46 <vw> Especially nice in the winter: visitors may not have such long sits in the cold to catch a Grand eruption.
07:46:39 <Craig> Sawmill i take it?
07:48:23 <vw> Pretty sure it is Sawmill. I didn't notice the time, but it appeared to be going when Grand was done about 1438.
07:56:57 <vw> Hi kc.
07:57:39 <kcmule> hi vw
07:58:22 <vw> I see the page it doing its 'thing'
07:59:29 <vw> Graham texted that he and Will made it to Grand in time to catch the 2nd burst.
08:00:08 <vw> G: At Aurum now. Nice and splashy.
08:01:32 <kcmule> i think aurum may have erupted a few mins ago
08:02:23 <kcmule> ready vw
08:02:29 <vw> I passed that info back to G. Thanks kc!
08:02:32 <vw> Cam is all yours.
08:02:53 <kcmule> got it
08:06:47 <vw> Graham says Aurum still splashing. Interesting.
08:07:07 <kcmule> does that look like the right spot on static?
08:07:20 <vw> It did to me kc.
08:07:37 <vw> I mentioned you had posted the time and attachment to gt, so maybe they can review it.
08:07:51 <vw> Minor column at Aurum now on UGB static.
08:08:05 <kcmule> i changed it to a ? entry
08:11:01 <kcmule> entry deleted
08:11:15 <kcmule> also saw a couple frames that looked similar
08:15:09 <kcmule> sawmill turned off at some point
08:15:56 <vw> Bulger on? So hard to tell.
08:29:03 <kcmule> OF 15:28
08:37:36 <vw> I need to head out.
08:37:44 <vw> Hope everybody has a wonderful evening.
08:37:53 <kcmule> adios vw u2
08:39:01 <ynpvisitor37> Aurum
08:39:09 <kcmule> yep
08:40:35 <ynpvisitor19> Text from G: 1537 on Aurum.
08:40:44 <ynpvisitor19> Leaving. Again.
08:40:59 <kcmule>
08:41:56 <kcmule> daisy 15:41
09:06:49 <ynpvisitor5> Broncos to the Superb Owl
09:06:50 <ynpvisitor5> Omaha
09:25:43 <kcmule> dome ie
09:25:47 <ynpvisitor99> HELLO
09:26:24 <ynpvisitor99> BAYANLARA TARDIMCI OLUNUR
09:56:06 <kcmule> dome
10:17:08 <kcmule> OF 17:16
10:21:22 <ynpvisitor4> hi
10:32:38 <kcmule> dome
11:13:00 <kcmule> nite
12:23:39 <Dave from B> Prediction time....BH 1300-1530
12:24:31 <Dave from B> Will and Graham are out Grand