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00:10:08 <Dave from B> OF?
00:10:24 <Dave from B> static 0709ie?
00:11:04 <Dave from B> maybe not
00:16:18 <Dave from B> Something happening in Groblong area
00:16:26 <Dave from B> Grand is due
00:22:24 <Kent> Good morning Dave.
00:22:48 <Dave from B> Welcome home Kent!
00:22:53 <Kent> Pleasure getting to meet you on Monday. I hope all on the Geyser Bush had a great time.
00:23:10 <Dave from B> It was terrific!
00:23:41 <Kent> Good to hear. The weahter cooperated!!!
00:24:11 <Dave from B> Not too many days in January like that one
00:24:23 <Dave from B> Yes, I'm glad we finally met.
00:24:45 <Kent> We can now put faces with the names.
00:25:57 <Dave from B> So, what are your plans for your next trip...back to OF or Northern Range?
00:26:39 <Kent> I am hoping sled from Flagg to Canyon the end of Feb, but have not made reservations yet
00:27:31 <Dave from B> Winter Canyon trip is still on my bucket list
00:27:37 <Dave from B> Morning Mike J
00:28:09 <Dave from B> I still can't believe MA hasn't been to Heart Lake or Bechler region
00:28:31 <Mike J> Morning Dave. Sounds like you had a good trip.
00:28:50 <Kent> Lots of good history in both areas
00:29:01 <Dave from B> Hard to have a bad trip to YNP!
00:29:55 <Mike J> Great point. And great weather.
00:30:14 <Mike J> I've never been in the winter...speaking of bucket list items.
00:30:33 <Dave from B> I highly recommend it, Mike
00:30:57 <Dave from B> It is much more expensive but I would stay at OF for 2-3 nights
00:31:28 <Kent> It was good that the Geyser Bus was well attended. Perhaps it will be done again.
00:32:53 <Mike J> Actually, I've never stayed at OF. Guess I better put that on the list, too. (Always drive in from West.)
00:34:12 <Kent> Whirligig at Norris on the 21st. First one in a month. Neat!
00:34:40 <Dave from B> Kent, there is talk about making it an annual event.
00:35:14 <Dave from B> Mike, there is nothing like staying at OF, even in the summer. It is great to walk around after the day use visitors have left for the day.
00:35:39 <Dave from B> Good news for Whirligig
00:36:09 <Dave from B> I guess Graham is going to the LGB today
00:36:27 <Mike J> I can imagine. Even in mid-June, I've been able to get to the basin early and, seemingly, have it to myself. Nothing like it.
00:36:50 <Kent> I think he leaves on Saturday.
00:38:06 <Kent> I wouldn't mind a Geyser Bus to Norris once a winter. Would drive up for that.
00:40:22 <Dave from B> Maybe it will become so popular that there will be multiple buses a year
00:40:38 <Dave from B> I need to learn about Norris this summer
00:41:06 <ynpvisitor86> Looks like we missed BH by that much.
00:41:21 <Kent> It was an aquired tast for me. I used to always drive by without stopping.
00:43:25 <Dave from B> Since Echinus has been inactive, I haven't spent much time in the past decade
00:43:35 <Dave from B> Morning Kevin and Jenna
00:43:46 <Kevin L> Hi.
00:43:52 <Dave from B> BH shoulld be between 1530 and 1830
00:45:38 <Dave from B> Graham reported Grand empty and quiet at 706. He is guessing next around 1300
00:46:30 <Kevin L> He was also hoping for bh before dark.
00:47:29 <Jenna> morning
00:47:40 <Jenna> I have got to figure out what is up with my laptop/router
00:55:34 <Dave from B> Kent, what is the tallest active geyser in Norris?
00:56:18 <Dave from B> as in regular performer
01:03:28 <Jenna> ..
01:13:29 <Jenna> ..
01:16:29 <Jenna> a friend of mine guesses Constant Dave
01:17:58 <Dave from B> Thanks, Jenna
01:19:05 <ynpvisitor85> Norris friend?
01:19:55 <Jenna> not specifically
01:21:05 <Jenna> a "knows a lot more about geysers than I do" friend lol
01:22:18 <Jenna> "possibly vixen if it is active and having majors"
01:22:33 <ynpvisitor85> lol
01:24:37 <Jenna> OF 824
01:24:59 <Dave from B> How many geysers in the UGB are taller than Constant and Vixen?
01:25:47 <ynpvisitor84> A lot
01:26:06 <Dave from B> That's why it is hard for me to get to Norris...but I will get there for a day this summer.
01:26:55 <Jenna> you don't have to love all the basins
01:27:43 <Dave from B> But, I have to at least know a little bit about all of them
01:28:05 <Jenna> true
01:28:23 <ynpvisitor84> Feasibly you could see Daisy, Riverside, Lion, Beehive, Grand, Sawmill, Old Faithful, Vent, and Castle that are taller than those
01:28:58 <ynpvisitor84> * On any given day
01:29:04 <ynpvisitor85> you can't spot change if you don't know what is normal, that's what's fun about Norris
01:29:08 <Dave from B> Just like in's all about location!:)
01:29:43 <Dave from B> 85, I agree....change is fun (now who do I sound like?)
01:30:07 <Mike J> I think that's it 85. Because I spend more time around the other basins, I know what to look for. Not going to Norris much, I'm not as interested because I don't know what I'm seeing.
01:30:47 <Dave from B> It really helps if you're escorted thru a basin with an expert.
01:31:17 <Mike J> What else explains the fact that I can sit mesmerized by the Goggles when they do little more than slowly pulse.
01:32:26 <Dave from B> Mike, I love that as well!
01:33:08 <ynpvisitor84> However, you could get lucky in Norris.. Valentine, Ledge, Steamboat, Echinus, a pile of stuff in porcelain, Monarch (although is has done crap in 20 years, no majors since 1920?), Veteran, Africa, Sunday,
01:34:09 <Mike J> Echinus has a special place in my heart. First fountain geyser I ever saw. Love to see it come back (as would the rest of the world.)
01:34:13 <Dave from B> I miss Echinus
01:37:01 <ynpvisitor84> Or in the UGB I suppose with.. Splendid, Giantess, Giant, Ledge, Fan & Mortar, Link, Artemisis, Atomizer (really weirds that I think would take an act of ground shaking) - Fantail, Ouzel, Sesimic, Sapphire pool, Abuse, Round, and a few other lesser knowns.
01:37:38 <Jenna> Lion
01:37:43 <Dave from B> 84, I would be happy if any of those Norris or UGB became active!
01:37:52 <ynpvisitor84> Echinus is "the wrong" colour now.
01:38:17 <Dave from B> 837ie for Lion
01:38:27 <Dave from B> Morning Chase
01:38:43 <Chase> Hi there.
01:38:57 <Chase> Splendid is my favourite geyser..
01:41:02 <Jenna> Chase is my knows more about geysers than I do friend lol
01:41:48 <Dave from B> We all have many of those!
01:42:05 <Jenna> it comes in handy :)
01:42:34 <Chase> Of the rare geysers I have seen Faintail, Ouzel, Link, Giant, Giantess, Steamboat, Excelsior in 1986, Cascade, and Forgotten Fumarole
01:42:47 <Chase> Splendid and Morning too
01:43:43 <Chase> Forgotten Fumarole's name should have been forgotten though.. Dave Goldberg thought of a great name for it Geyser Noir
01:45:34 <Chase> Anyway, Norris is fun.. There is a lot of really neat stuff there.. You just need to go with someone who knows the area.
01:46:26 <Jenna> I think I've been to Norris...maybe twice?
01:47:10 <Chase> I was lucky enough to go to Geyser Springs, 100 Springs Plain, Gibbon Meadows and a few unnamed places with Rick Hutchenson before he died.
01:47:23 <Chase> I think we went to Norris once Jenna.
01:47:36 <Jenna> I know, and I went with my family once
01:50:40 <IcyWV(-107)> Identity crisis this morning
01:51:23 <Chase> I guess
01:51:38 <Kevin L> You need to follow Graham to the park to warm up!
01:52:05 <IcyWV(-107)> Yeah really
01:52:10 <IcyWV(-107)> -1 here and dropping still
01:52:16 <IcyWV(-107)> no wind yet though, thank God
01:52:41 <Chase> 30 in Bozeman and still warming.
01:53:05 <Mike J> I'm guessing no one wants to hear that we hit 81 in Phoenix yesterday.
01:53:52 <IcyWV(-107)> :)
01:54:08 <Dave from B> I would like to see gazer veterans who are experts in a particular basin lead groups of gazers to teach them what they know. You can only put so much in GT. We have to pass on the information!
01:54:14 <Jenna> first Kevin now you Mike? lol
01:54:17 <Jenna> I don't want to hear it!
01:54:43 <Dave from B> Jenna, you could be in WVU...looks like it is -107!
01:54:48 <Jenna> we're above 0 at least!
01:54:51 <Jenna> haha it does!
01:54:51 <Mike J> I know Jenna. Of course, I'll be real quiet when we hit 115.
01:55:06 <Jenna> then it'll be our turn lol
01:55:13 <Jenna> although we get high with the heat index
01:55:15 <Chase> lol.. It was 60 here in Bozeman on Sunday and 50's here yesterday :-p
01:55:26 <Chase> You also have that damn humidity!
01:55:46 <Mike J> Heat index. You have to love it. We have actually gotten reports that said it was 115, but with the dry heat it was only 113.
01:55:48 <Chase> It gets 80 degrees there and you need to shower after your shower.
01:55:48 <Jenna> oh yes we do!
01:55:51 <Kevin L> We still won't have to shovel that 115 out of our driveway Mike.
01:56:02 <Jenna> haha
01:56:08 <Mike J> Exactly Kevin.
01:56:30 <Dave from B> No need to eventually melts.
01:56:31 <IcyWV(-107)> Dave, :)
01:56:35 <Chase> So, people talk about Morning's blue bubble.. I want to see Stokkur's in Iceland.
01:56:47 <Dave from B> Morning Ryan
01:57:24 <IcyWV(-107)> For Kevin, and anyone else interested:
01:57:25 <Chase>
01:58:02 <IcyWV(-107)>
01:58:48 <Chase> Pretty neat! I had fun with rockets as a kid then wanted to do more but realised I do enough dumb stuff and would probably blow myself up.
02:00:56 <Kevin L> Nice article. Little bigger than the ones I do.
02:01:05 <IcyWV(-107)> Haha, yeah, these ones are POWERFUL and LOUD. So much fun.
02:01:50 <Kevin L> We mostly use the smaller engines but do have some D and E rockets.
02:02:23 <IcyWV(-107)> That one was a solid, mid K kevin
02:02:34 <Chase> Something that Chemical, Mechanical, and Aerospace engineers can have fun together!
02:02:52 <IcyWV(-107)> And we have all of them in the group
02:03:00 <IcyWV(-107)> I am two of those :)
02:03:12 <Kevin L> One friend has a daughter that likes to launch, but is scared of the noise so someone covers her ears while she pushes the button.
02:03:14 <Chase> lolk
02:03:18 <IcyWV(-107)> lol
02:03:19 <Chase> ME and Aero?
02:03:22 <IcyWV(-107)> yes
02:04:27 <Kevin L> I ave been doing Estres rockets since the mid 60's and I still really enjoy them. Nice to have some younger kids to go chase them though.
02:04:51 <Kevin L> Geez Update from Hell wants me to restart yet again! :p
02:09:12 <Kevin L> Hope it is happy now.
02:18:14 <IcyWV(-107)> :)
02:18:27 <ynpvisitor85> ...
02:37:32 <ynpvisitor43> Lion window for the next 25 minutes
02:39:27 <Dave from B> It's trying
02:47:06 <Kevin L> Bet Graham never thought he would have better weather in the park than at home.
02:48:05 <ynpvisitor43> no doubt, probably hasn't happened more than a handful of times like this week in the past 20 years
02:48:48 <ynpvisitor85> hope for more snowpack!
02:49:41 <ynpvisitor43> Lion
02:49:50 <ynpvisitor43> 0949
02:50:43 <Jenna> ..
02:51:47 <ynpvisitor43> looks like a major
02:53:25 <Dave from B> Looks like Graham is downbasin. Anyone know when the afternoon trip leaves for LGB?
02:53:36 <Maureen> He leaves at 1
02:53:58 <Dave from B> Hi, Maureen
02:54:02 <Maureen> unfortunately, unless Fountain does a major move from yesterday, he will miss Fountain.
02:54:31 <Maureen> it is cloudy here today. I was hoping for a blue sky day for his LGB tour
02:55:20 <Maureen> MA has posted some great photos from your day Dave.
02:57:08 <Dave from B> I really enjoyed sitting down last night and looking at all the pics.
02:57:55 <Maureen> OF 0957
03:06:53 <ynpvisitor43> that was an unbelievalble weather day
03:09:14 <ynpvisitor85> Grand Aurum and Beehive is a good day in the summer!!
03:11:32 <Maureen> and Castle, and Depression, and Lion…lots for a gazer to look at.
03:25:19 <Dave from B> Sorry was afk...bye Maureen
03:25:58 <ynpvisitor43> Beehive's asmokin'
03:26:30 <ynpvisitor43> is it my eyes or is there something steaming between BH and the river (the cam)?
03:27:19 <Dave from B> not sure where that is coming from
03:29:23 <Kevin L> BH is more active than I thought it would be.
03:30:19 <Dave from B> It has been snowing in Blgs for the past hour
03:35:46 <Kevin L> I think we will get BH before dark. Bus Duty is at 1330
03:37:27 <Dave from B> Morning David
03:38:01 <Dave from B> BH could have switched back to shorter intervals
03:38:42 <Dave from B> last BH was seen 26.5 hours ago
03:38:47 <David A pdx> Morning!
03:39:16 <David A pdx> trying to multitask!! LOL.
03:40:36 <ynpvisitor43> predction is 1113 +/- 2 hrs
03:40:55 <ynpvisitor43> so, pre-bus duty! ;)
03:41:05 <Kevin L> I hope!
03:41:26 <Dave from B> I hope Graham isn't too far downbasin
03:43:00 <ynpvisitor43> his BH note makes it sound like he didn't think it would be anytime soon
03:44:03 <ynpvisitor43> and he may be right
03:45:11 <Dave from B> Sorry, kc...I forgot to say good morning. How are you today?
03:48:26 <lc> morning everyone
03:48:32 <Dave from B> Hi, lc
03:48:35 <Kevin L> Hi
03:50:12 <lc> how was the trip Dave?
03:50:19 <kc (working)> im well ty Dave, you? hi lc, et al
03:50:44 <Dave from B> I'm doing great. Stlill have the YNP smile on!
03:50:54 <Dave from B> lc, it was a blast
03:51:25 <lc> good, sorry Becca couldn't go in with you.
03:52:02 <lc> did the Dunn's make it?
03:52:36 <Dave from B> lc, that was a mistake on my part. It was the Freunds I meant to say were going.
03:52:59 <lc> ok, makes more sense. g
03:54:00 <Dave from B> It was MA, Rocco, Janet, Udo, Rocco, Jim and Scott (Jim's guide)
03:54:04 <Dave from B> Will came home with us
03:54:38 <lc> ok
03:55:16 <Dave from B> And I forgot the Emperor's brother, Bill W
03:56:35 <lc> you will have to bring Becca in for a longer visit this summer.
03:57:48 <Dave from B> I have a feeling we will be In YNP quite a few times this year. Becca will be with me on the 4 nite stay in late June.
03:58:23 <Dave from B> I'm hoping to go in on another day trip when roads open in April
03:58:32 <lc> you should make that trip 10 days.
03:58:39 <ynpvisitor98> castle
03:59:45 <Dave from B> It's going to be awhile until I'm able to get 10 days off in a row.
03:59:46 <Kevin L> Daisy?????
04:00:01 <ynpvisitor98> G psoted castle also
04:00:04 <Kevin L> Hard to tell with the steam.
04:01:09 <lc> looks like Daist
04:01:39 <Kevin L> I posted at 1059
04:03:07 <ynpvisitor98> can we watch castle please
04:04:01 <Kevin L> Won't see much.
04:04:22 <Kevin L> Wondering if Lion is done.
04:10:02 <ynpvisitor59> Lion loks like it is still on
04:10:38 <ynpvisitor59> Looks off now, cam beat me to it
04:11:02 <Kevin L> Looks like last gasps.
04:17:46 <ynpvisitor43> something really steaming back by Lion
04:19:01 <ynpvisitor43> maybe a Goggles fill?
04:24:33 <Kevin L> of 1124
04:26:40 <Kevin L> Wonder if we have another Rocket major.
04:28:36 <Dave from B> Grand 1109 per Graham
04:29:19 <lc> how did we miss that?
04:29:46 <ynpvisitor85> another Grand start
04:29:49 <Kevin L> So much steam, hard to tell
04:30:04 <ynpvisitor43> ha, well then
04:30:48 <Dave from B> The Grand I saw Monday was the first Grand start I've seen in a long time
04:31:01 <Kevin L> We were on Castle then, but I didn't see anything that looked like Grand on static.
04:31:08 <Dave from B> It kinda startled us. It shot up fast
04:31:23 <lc> would think it would show on static.
04:38:49 <Kevin L> I can see BH figuring out when bus duty is.
04:38:56 <ynpvisitor43> helps to have boots on the ground!
04:39:25 <Dave from B> yes, it does...even if it's just 1 pair!
04:41:13 <lc> nice splash
04:44:40 <Dave from B> Kevin, think positive...BH is going before bus duty
04:57:34 <ynpvisitor11> ..
05:03:10 <Kevin L> It is getting fiesty now.
05:10:25 <ynpvisitor10> Cam op is excited. Can not hold the thung still
05:12:24 <ynpvisitor10> lion looks like it is trying
05:15:11 <Kevin L> Wow.
05:15:28 <Kevin L> I think we have indy
05:15:32 <kc (working)> nice
05:16:04 <kc (working)> .
05:16:06 <kc (working)> .
05:16:07 <kc (working)> .
05:16:08 <kc (working)> .
05:16:26 <Kevin L> 1215
05:17:20 <Kevin L> Cam op IS excited now!
05:17:35 <Kevin L> Will be a really fluffy one.
05:18:01 <Andrew> Hi
05:18:20 <Carol B> Hello hello hello!!!
05:18:25 <Andrew> Hi cb
05:18:28 <Kevin L> Hi
05:18:34 <Carol B> Nice!
05:18:45 <Carol B> perfect timing for me to sit down and do emails!
05:18:51 <Will B> G was in the snow lodge when i called him
05:19:17 <ge (working)> TY for the text
05:19:20 <Maureen> Nice, Graham got Grand and now BH before his departure
05:19:27 <Kevin L> That woke everybody up.
05:19:45 <Maureen> oh, I hope G makes it, he thought he was going to miss Grand and BH today
05:19:50 <Carol B> He's having a great trip!
05:20:05 <Carol B> I bet he is running
05:20:05 <Maureen> if only Fountain would wait for him today
05:20:06 <Dave from B> Hello all BH arrivals
05:20:16 <Maureen> thanks for text
05:20:16 <ge (working)> hi
05:20:21 <Kevin L> We should have him buy us lottery tickets.
05:20:29 <Andrew> .
05:20:37 <Maureen> I hope those peeps walking toward Bee stay
05:20:44 <Carol B> yes, thanks for the text
05:20:47 <Kevin L> Hey ge, haven't seen you for a while.
05:21:24 <Carol B> Me too Maureen!
05:22:00 <Andrew> Gym see yak later
05:22:03 <Carol B> Dave, did you get caught up on your sleep last night? The YNP grin still on your cheeks?
05:22:44 <Kevin L> What a cute little geyser. Shall we watch it Marge?
05:22:58 <Dave from B> I'm feeling better today...and yes, YNP grin will be on for a few more days!
05:23:03 <Maureen> they may get wet
05:23:11 <Maureen> if they walk away and it goes
05:23:12 <ynpvisitor10> Don't want to miss of!
05:23:17 <Carol B> Marge: "sure! Let me get a picture... whoosh!!!!"
05:23:31 <Maureen> looks like they are staying
05:23:36 <Maureen> or not
05:24:13 <Will B> BH start now you have people you can soak!
05:24:23 <Carol B> G!
05:25:37 <Carol B> That's great Dave! :)
05:25:55 <ynpvisitor10> To much steem to see them fall on their butts when they come running back
05:26:20 <Rich (2)> cap running
05:26:21 <Maureen> wind might be forgiving today, looks to be coming toward OF
05:26:30 <ynpvisitor10> So where is Grahmy
05:26:47 <Will B> well then that is not that forgiving to the cam
05:27:08 <Carol B> Thanks Rich (2)!
05:27:19 <Rich (2)> np, yw
05:27:26 <Maureen> cb, I was like who is Carol B, ha ha ha
05:27:36 <Rich (2)> lol
05:27:42 <Maureen> is Jenna here?
05:27:42 <Carol B> no way??!!!???
05:27:45 <Carol B> LOL!!!!
05:28:00 <Carol B> Do i need to swear to convince you i am me?
05:28:02 <Maureen> I have never seen you signed in here as Carol
05:28:08 <Maureen> sure
05:28:11 <Maureen> give it a go
05:28:17 <Carol B> I am into doing this different this week!
05:28:21 <Maureen> and we're off
05:28:26 <Will B> BH 1228
05:28:27 <Carol B> HOLY SHIT! THERE it goes!
05:28:34 <Will B> lol
05:28:34 <Maureen> ha
05:28:42 <Dave from B> beep
05:28:48 <Maureen> Was hoping Kitt would come in at lunch
05:28:50 <Carol B> LOL
05:28:58 <Dave from B> :D
05:29:00 <Jenna> yes Maureen
05:29:08 <Maureen> so used to blue skies the gray seems odd
05:29:11 <Kevin L> I did send her a txt.
05:29:12 <Maureen> oh good, hey Jena
05:29:13 <Carol B> nice......
05:29:25 <Maureen> Jenna
05:29:26 <Jenna> hi
05:30:17 <Carol B> I would give ALMOST anything for a little gray here right now!
05:30:51 <Maureen> sorry Carol B
05:31:12 <Maureen> they say the Bozeman area is in drought too
05:31:23 <Maureen> could be a crazy fire season
05:31:43 <Maureen> BH must not realize Kevin is here...
05:31:45 <Carol B> It could. I am hoping for a late winter season!
05:32:23 <Maureen> Good day for Graham to leave for the afternoon
05:32:24 <Kevin L> It had the wrong time zone for me today.
05:33:07 <Carol B> Looks like someone is against the rail on the bw. Maybe Marge stayed?
05:33:15 <Maureen> after Grahams notes I was surprised to see Grand had gone, and now Bee
05:34:21 <Kevin L> It did have at least one customer.
05:34:27 <Carol B> Well THAT was great! Thanks Kevin!
05:34:39 <Carol B> Off to do more chores!
05:34:48 <Carol B> ttfn all
05:34:53 <ge (working)> back to the salt mines for me.
05:34:56 <Rich (2)> 46 days without rain in heighth of season
05:35:09 <Carol B> ya it is crazy huh Rich?
05:35:20 <Rich (2)> way to dry
05:35:27 <Rich (2)> bye cn
05:35:35 <Rich (2)> c b
05:35:38 <Carol B> WAY! bye
05:35:49 <Carol B> ~~~
05:36:38 <Maureen> back to it. that was fun.
05:50:10 <Jenna> OF 1250
05:50:14 <Kevin L> of 1250
05:50:25 <Rich (2)> bh cap posted to gt
05:52:19 <Kevin L> Gray on gray.
05:56:43 <Rich (2)> link posted to fb also
06:08:24 <Kevin L> Looks like the view is going away.
06:09:38 <Rich (2)> low clouds?
06:10:01 <Kevin L> Think invasion of white bugs.
06:10:17 <Rich (2)> yikes, ty
06:19:36 <vw> Good afternoon.
06:19:45 <Kevin L> Hi
06:19:47 <vw> Looks like I arrived in time for a snow squall.
06:20:12 <Dave from B> Hi, vw
06:20:14 <vw> Can we even see down basin?
06:20:18 <Kevin L> Yep
06:20:27 <vw> Hi Kevin, Dave.
06:22:14 <Dave from B> Kevin cashed in some favors, so there is nothing left for you, vw!:)
06:22:32 <vw> That works fine for me Dave!
06:23:23 <Kevin L> Tourist doggies!
06:23:38 <Dave from B> At least we have doggies to keep us awake
06:24:49 <Kevin L> They would make some great sausage.
06:25:32 <vw> That one on the right is thinking the same thing about the humans getting into its space.
06:27:32 <Kevin L> I know bison are great place kickers.
06:27:52 <Dave from B> haha
06:29:31 <Kevin L> They are fairly nice creatures unless you make them mad.
06:29:46 <Kevin L> However looking at them can make them mad.
06:31:23 <vw> The problem is you never know what will set them off.
06:32:01 <Kevin L> And once they get set off, they just look for something to kill.
06:32:47 <Dave from B> They are a lot like some people!
06:33:01 <Kevin L> True Dave.
06:35:06 <Kevin L> Heading out. brb
06:36:44 <vw> I don't think we are going to be able to see Daisy. Or anything else down basin.
06:36:51 <vw> Might as well watch bison...
06:37:53 <vw> Looks like maybe Daisy now, but could be just a bank of fog.
06:38:13 <Dave from B> Not the best viewing conditions
06:58:58 <vw> A bit clearer down basin, but we probably missed Daisy?
07:02:15 <Kevin L> Back.
07:02:26 <Kevin L> Looks a bit better.
07:04:45 <Maureen> it is snowing annoying snow here.
07:04:55 <Maureen> not enough to add up, yet enough to cover ice
07:05:18 <Maureen> how it is in Billings vw?
07:05:26 <vw> Kind of the same here M.
07:05:40 <Maureen> I was hoping the snow would not reach here
07:05:41 <vw> Just enough to slick up some of the freshly dry roads.
07:05:46 <Maureen> G has a gloomy day for FTN
07:06:07 <Dave from B> Hopefully he ghets it
07:06:08 <Maureen> Daisy now?
07:06:09 <Kevin L> No snow here.
07:06:10 <Dave from B> gets
07:06:16 <Maureen> or is that all Sawmill steam?
07:06:17 <ynpvisitor85> how much time does he get at Fountain?
07:06:24 <Dave from B> Kevin, I noticed you spell a lot worse when I'm gone!:D
07:06:31 <Maureen> he said 45 minutes tops
07:06:34 <vw> Probably not one of the better photography days, with such poor lighting.
07:06:44 <Maureen> yet they only left at 1300 and FTN has been seen right around then lately
07:06:48 <ynpvisitor85> K- thanks, I was hoping he found a better way to stay there
07:06:51 <Kevin L> Just taking your place Dave!
07:07:13 <Maureen> bad spelling is part of chat.
07:07:17 <Kevin L> I can take the cam anytime vw.
07:07:24 <vw> As long as K is back, I am going to head out.
07:07:29 <vw> All yours Kevin.
07:07:30 <Maureen> bye vw
07:07:32 <Kevin L> ty vw
07:07:33 <vw> Have a great day all!
07:08:11 <Kevin L> Next bus duty is going to be horrible. 0330. :p
07:08:35 <Maureen> wow, odd time for bus duty, a sleep over or something?
07:09:22 <Kevin L> The student council is going to Disneyland for Leadership Day. The get a behind the scenes tour of Space Mountain and Pirates.
07:13:57 <Maureen> fun, so you are driving them to Disneyland?
07:14:07 <Maureen> or to the bus for it?
07:14:22 <Kevin L> No, just to the bus.
07:15:00 <Kevin L> They meet at the school and then take a bus to California.
07:15:04 <Kevin L> OF 1414
07:15:21 <Maureen> sounds fun
07:15:28 <Kevin L> Have to get her at about 0100 Friday.
07:15:43 <Maureen> you are a good bus driver
07:16:52 <Kevin L> Going to be a long day. Also taking the back roads to Caliente and back which is about 200 miles one way.
07:17:30 <Maureen> they are young and can sleep on the bus, right?
07:18:02 <Kevin L> Yes they can, but I am sure they won't on the way up. On the way back they may.
07:20:03 <Dave from B> Sounds fun...Can I come?
07:20:19 <Maureen> ha ha, social Dave wants to do it all now.
07:20:21 <Kevin L> "Hurry down.
07:20:26 <Dave from B> My favorite man made attraction
07:20:30 <Maureen> forget running a business
07:20:48 <Dave from B> Family has a lot of great memories at Disney places
07:21:16 <Maureen> back to work. Glad you have some good memories there. Here's to Graham seeing Fountain.
07:21:24 <Kevin L> I used to go there all the time, but priced me out of the market.
07:21:48 <Kevin L> I was even the first person to park at Disneyland one day!
07:22:29 <Betty> Hi all
07:22:46 <Dave from B> Maureen, if that nickname're in big trouble!:)
07:22:51 <Kevin L> Hi Betty.
07:23:00 <Dave from B> Hi, Betty
07:23:33 <Betty> Kevin, Dave from B :-)
07:23:53 <Dave from B> Betty, thanks again for bolding my day!
07:24:32 <Betty> your welcome
07:25:27 <Betty> you´re of course... :-(
07:58:21 <Kevin L> zzzzzzzzzz
08:09:15 <Dave from B> yyyyyyyyyyyyy
08:10:27 <Kevin L> Z to the Z power.
08:25:33 <Dave from B> Time to head home. Have a great day everyone!
08:25:49 <Dave from B> orevening, that is!
08:25:57 <Dave from B> you know what I mean!
08:26:17 <Kevin L> orevening to you too Dave.
08:26:44 <Dave from B> Must be a miner's greeting
08:26:59 <Kevin L> Sounds like it
08:51:52 <Kevin L> of 1551
08:52:54 <ynpvisitor20> fluff to the fluff power
09:07:38 <Craig(hw)> Bleh, science fair...
09:16:05 <Kevin L> Lion is ie 1615 - initial.
09:16:31 <ynpvisitor98> it started with a roar though
09:17:08 <ynpvisitor98> and start time was 1614
09:18:08 <Craig(hw)> 98 are you in the park?
09:18:27 <Kevin L> ty 98
09:18:34 <ynpvisitor98> no
09:18:50 <Craig(hw)> Ah, just hoping to get a giantess report :)
09:19:19 <ynpvisitor98> its doing nothing
10:00:33 <vw> Good evening.
10:00:55 <vw> Kevin, I can take the cam if you are ready to get off.
10:01:14 <vw> Just sorry I couldn't get here sooner.
10:01:34 <Kevin L> My chickens will love you.
10:01:52 <vw> I have the cam.
10:01:56 <Kevin L> Not really much to see with the snow.
10:02:17 <vw> I see that. Most everything has erupted anyway.
10:02:43 <vw> Looks like G is having warmer temps in YNP than he would at home. Or at least no colder.
10:06:50 <Kevin L> Sort of strange.
10:15:08 <vw> In the window for Grand. Will watch after OF.
10:15:33 <vw> OF 1715
10:17:15 <vw> Got slimed. Darn.
10:21:31 <vw> That may be Grand now.
10:21:54 <vw> I think Graham is out there: he had posted a Turban time.
10:22:43 <Kevin L> Probably isLooks too big for Turban.
10:25:59 <Kevin L> I am typing like Dave again.
10:26:22 <vw> Kind of like yawns: catching.
10:34:17 <vw> Lion 1734 ie
10:34:52 <ynpvisitor95> so Grand erupted?
10:35:24 <vw> I believe so. No update to GT yet though. I couldn't get a start time as the picture was not clear.
10:35:44 <Maureen> hey again
10:35:51 <Maureen> snow did not amount to anything here
10:35:53 <vw> I think Graham is out there, but no updated time from him yet.
10:35:57 <vw> Hi Maureen.
10:36:11 <Maureen> yep I just told him about Lion in case he did not know
10:36:23 <vw> We got a skiff of snow, but nothing approaching forecast. Cold is settling in tonight though.
10:36:54 <Maureen> so if Grand went, that would be 2 6 hour intervals in a row
10:37:02 <Maureen> short 6, barely six
10:37:20 <Maureen> I want him to have a 2 burst. They have all been singles that I have seen noted
10:37:43 <Maureen> He did not get FTN, it was post eruptive
10:37:48 <vw> We had a 2 burst over the weekend, but I don't remember exactly when that was.
10:37:55 <Maureen> too bad they do not let you rent snowmobiles and go on your own
10:38:04 <vw> Bummer re: Ftn.
10:40:22 <vw> The inability to freely get around the park during the winter is bad. I think access to in park snowmobiles would be good. Being tied to tours sucks given both limited options and cost.
10:41:14 <vw> I have been wondering what the road conditions in the Park are right now. NOt that much snow in the UGB.
10:41:37 <Maureen> the 19th there were 2 bursts
10:42:00 <Maureen> Will posted a you tube video.
10:42:02 <vw> Graham should have caught that one.
10:42:13 <Maureen> not there yet
10:42:16 <Maureen> Graham
10:42:45 <Maureen> oh yeah, his trip started with 2 bursts!
10:42:50 <Maureen> yet none since
10:43:05 <Maureen> I think there was a 3 burst reported one day...
10:43:12 <Maureen> need to look at GT
10:45:41 <Maureen> no 3 bursts lately on GT
10:46:31 <Maureen> back to the video, I will send you a link
10:46:53 <Maureen> it is a time lapse of the drive home, you can see the road conditions the whole route. They looked good
10:47:00 <vw> Thank you M! :)
10:48:02 <vw> Kind of surprised G hasn't posted a time on Grand. Maybe his fingers or phone are frozen?
10:48:16 <vw> Or he is late for his dinner reservations?
10:48:37 <Maureen> Graham said he will post Grand
10:49:09 <Maureen> texting and typing when he gets in I imagine
10:49:13 <vw> Cool. Thanks M.
10:49:34 <Maureen> I text him yet do not expect answers in the cold, temp was dropping fast at sunset, mid 20's
10:50:02 <vw> I think we are about out of visible eruptions for the evening on the cam. Picture getting fuzzy too.
10:50:16 <vw> I am going to head out. Back tomorrow for mid-day shift.
10:50:22 <vw> Have a great evening!
10:50:31 <Maureen>
10:50:40 <Maureen> wait, theres the link
10:50:50 <vw> Got it. Thank you!
10:50:57 <Maureen> great. night vw
10:51:08 <vw> You too M.
10:51:36 <Maureen> did you ever get my pictures?