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23:26:05 <Dave from B> 19F as of 0515 at OF
23:26:21 <Dave from B> Should be a snowy day today
23:56:01 <Kevin L> Snow. :p
23:57:34 <Dave from B> Morning Kevin
23:58:00 <Dave from B> Grand is in the middle of its window...hurry up sun
23:58:04 <Kevin L> Hi Dave. No BH yesterday.
23:58:45 <Dave from B> Should see a BH a little before noon
23:59:36 <Kevin L> With snow, will we see it?
00:08:16 <Kevin L> Nice warm day at the park. Already 19.
00:08:40 <Kevin L> Strange wind. ESE 7G10.
00:12:34 <Dave from B> Hawaiian moisture meets cold Arcitc air later today in our region. That usually means heavy snow
00:12:57 <Kevin L> bus duty brb
00:28:12 <ynpvisitor15> looks like a wintry day
00:29:05 <Dave from B> warmer (19F) but snow in the immediate forecast
00:30:50 <lc> good morning
00:30:53 <Dave from B> Good morning, lc
00:31:21 <lc> cold here this morning
00:32:19 <Dave from B> Atlanta made our paper with all their travel issues
00:32:29 <ynpvisitor15> I might have seen Aurum earlier, so watch for it about noon
00:32:44 <lc> that was a mess
00:36:00 <Kevin L> I could not believe the Atlanta clips. Worse than Vegas was when we got that 8" snow.
00:36:40 <lc> Atlanta is a mess without weather problems.
00:38:01 <Mike J> Good morning from sunny Arizona
00:38:08 <Mike J> (Thought I'd get that over with right away)
00:38:11 <lc> morning
00:38:42 <lc> from sunny and cold TN
00:38:48 <Dave from B> Morning Mike J
00:39:37 <Kevin L> We are supposed to cool down this weekend. May hit the high 50s.
00:39:53 <Dave from B> 6-8" in our guys can move hear if you want!
00:40:02 <Mike J> Kevin L - you're in Vegas?
00:40:37 <Kevin L> Yes.
00:41:05 <Mike J> Sorry - only recently started unlurking, so just learning
00:51:35 <ynpvisitor15> ..
00:55:49 <Kevin L> How hard did the storm hit you lc?
00:56:36 <lc> we just got light dusting, just cole.
00:56:44 <lc> cold
00:57:19 <Kevin L> That isn't too bad. Those are some heart wrenching pictures from Atlanta.
00:57:44 <lc> I had a low of 5 but said we were -2.
00:58:22 <lc> up to 14 now
01:29:22 <Dave from B> doggie
01:29:41 <Dave from B> moving fast
01:30:07 <Kevin L> A real doggie!
01:30:11 <Mike J> Glad I responded to the ding
01:30:45 <Dave from B> Headed to the Snow Lodge for breakfast
01:35:31 <Kevin L> Roadrunner with biscuits & gravy?
01:36:04 <ynpvisitor35> BHI?
01:36:42 <Dave from B> hard to tell
01:36:52 <Dave from B> could be
01:36:56 <ynpvisitor80> BH 0836 ie
01:37:09 <Dave from B> yep
01:38:47 <ynpvisitor15> well that answers that for the day
01:38:51 <ynpvisitor80> Now BHI. 0838 ie. Didn't see it before.
01:39:37 <ynpvisitor80> Coyote on VEC static cam.
01:39:41 <lc> I think it has been going a couple of min.
01:40:48 <Jake> humph, I've seen better ;)
01:41:11 <Dave from B> Was hoping it would wait a bit
01:44:32 <Jake> 14.5 hr triple interval
01:45:04 <Jake> well, the average interval is 14.5
01:45:22 <Kevin L> It didn't go before dark, so this had to be a really short interval.
01:48:16 <Kevin L> It was light until 1800 and it hadn't gone. This one would be a 12 to 13 hour interval.
01:48:58 <Jake> could have beeen something like 13.5 hrs if it was yesterday at 1900
01:49:14 <Jake> not a REALLY short interval, but on the short side
01:49:37 <Kevin L> Sure wish the daytime interval would have been the short one.
01:50:02 <Kevin L> Yesterday would have been good for an afternoon eruption.
01:50:31 <Kevin L> Think I will need my NoDoz for the cam shift today.
01:50:44 <Jake> so fickle, really puts the luckiness of that gazer MLK trip in perspective
01:52:17 <Kevin L> They did luck out.
01:52:41 <Dave from B> Lucky? It was Great skill!:D
01:52:55 <ynpvisitor15> lol
01:53:41 <Jake> it was really helpful to know the previous day's times, Beehive lined up to being in the daylight unless it did a really long interval
01:53:48 <Jake> so, yes, your skill was impressive
01:54:51 <Dave from B> Graham, is the one who knew what he was doing...He went down basin and caught a couple of eruptions...then returned to GH and waited 2 minutes for Aurum
01:55:10 <Dave from B> We could have had a 90 minute nap at Aurum
01:58:16 <Dave from B> Jake, GT has helped everyone in getting to see more geysers. It is an incredible resource. Current trends (last 2-3 days) on geysers such as BH and Grand are very important
01:59:37 <ynpvisitor48> ^^ "like" :)
01:59:41 <Jake> with daily E times on Grand, it feels like cheating now to know so much
02:00:42 <Dave from B> Sure does
02:02:17 <Kevin L> I thin OF is ie
02:02:32 <ynpvisitor21> OF 901
02:03:40 <Jake> might be good that Beehive went when it did, otherwise might not have seen it at all!
02:06:15 <Jake> I didn't realize BH had a 8h8m interval on July 5, 2013
02:07:06 <lc> I remember that
02:07:21 <lc> was in the cabin when it was called
02:08:07 <Jake> I was watching the cam the day of the 7.5h interval, unbelievable
02:08:37 <Jake> everything must have to go "just right" underground to get such short intervals
02:10:35 <lc> BH broke the next day
02:11:55 <Dave from B> Short intervals are typically bad news for BH?
02:12:46 <Dave from B> I'm talking under 10 hours
02:12:52 <Jake> wasn't that right at the start of false indicators? there was a BHI halfway through the July 5 short interval
02:14:59 <lc> there was a 58 min false indicator on 7/4
02:17:31 <lc> that is why nobody got excited when the indicator was call ie at1331 7/5, less than 8 hrs since last BH.
02:18:55 <Jake> Dome ie
02:19:30 <Jake> talk about lucky for the people out there for that one!
02:20:52 <lc> vey few saw it if I remember
02:21:09 <lc> very
02:22:18 <Dave from B> Visiting UGB when there are false indy's, is a totally different gazing experience
02:22:32 <Dave from B> It is hard ignoring calls of BHI
02:22:38 <Dave from B> on the radio
02:24:01 <lc> I would have ran to the hill if not for the false indicator the day before.
02:24:42 <lc> when BH was called I went out and watched from the cabin area.
02:27:02 <Jake> yeah, 8hr interval during false BHI's, I wouldn't have been out there
02:29:06 <Jake> during the last false BHI stretch a few years ago, I was out for a BHI at the 40 or 50 hour mark. It was close to sunset. I talked to a couple about how usually this would be a great time to be walking by, but with all the false indicators, there's not much chance. Well, they waited and BH went. They were so excited they offered to buy me dinner because that's where they were headed.
02:29:19 <ynpvisitor15> ..
02:29:19 <ynpvisitor15> ..
02:30:26 <Dave from B> Great story, Jake
02:35:44 <Jake> it was a good time, I remember it as a perfect YNP evening, no wind, great sunset
02:36:18 <Jake> I should also remember Beehive as super-tall and amazing, too, right? what I remember is how reluctant BH was to start during that stretch
02:44:01 <lc> finished REDOING my taxes.
02:45:26 <Kevin L> That is always fun.
02:46:18 <lc> didn't take as long this time
02:47:18 <Dave from B> Do you use Turbo Tax, lc?
02:47:49 <lc> no
02:48:07 <lc> old paper forms
02:48:37 <lc> I download the forms then print them.
02:48:59 <Kevin L>
02:49:07 <lc> yes
02:56:14 <Kevin L> This year mine will be so complicated I am going to have to hire someone to do them. Not real happy about that.
02:56:36 <Dave from B> cha ching
02:57:50 <Mike J> I found the perfect solution. I married an accountant
02:57:51 <Kevin L> We have my mother in law's estate that we have to deal with so it is really a mess. Way above my pay grade.
02:58:22 <lc> understand that
02:59:03 <Dave from B> I can relate Kevin...I farm out my business taxes...way too complicated for me when you deal with depreciation, etc
03:07:07 <lc> I don't understand why giving the gov. money has to be so complicated.
03:07:31 <Dave from B> Just think how many jobs we could cut in gov't if taxes were simpler
03:07:37 <Dave from B> Hi, Betty
03:07:38 <Betty> Good morning :-)
03:07:54 <lc> hwell, I guess I do, all the loopholes.
03:08:12 <Betty> urgh! looks not nice :-(
03:08:23 <lc> hi Betty
03:09:37 <Kevin L> Don't think we are going to get much gazing in today.
03:11:48 <Kevin L> I need to get a computer going in the depot so I can control the cam and work on models on days like this..
03:18:33 <ynpvisitor21> hiiiii
03:20:12 <Dave from B> bye
03:25:45 <Kevin L> Not sure we will even see OF this time.
03:29:46 <Kevin L> I think it is ie right now.
03:30:27 <Kevin L> People are still there though.
03:32:27 <Kevin L> People are leaving.
04:02:05 <Jake> looks like the VEC cam got adjusted back
04:02:42 <Ryan(-96)> Dome 1102ie VEC
04:04:56 <Dave from B> Hi, Ryan
04:05:05 <Dave from B> Good eye, Jake
04:05:15 <Ryan(-96)> Morning Dave
04:45:19 <Ryan(-96)> Dome was ie again at roughly 1129
04:57:52 <Kevin L> May get to see OF this time.
05:02:16 <Kevin L> OF 1202. Sort of see it.
05:02:34 <Dave from B> Exciting gray on gray
05:06:39 <Dave from B> Grand was 0858ie per Ranger Bell
05:07:16 <Dave from B> Longer intervals in the past 24 hours
05:07:30 <Dave from B> or, overnight rather
05:08:00 <Kevin L> May get one late afternoon.
06:26:17 <Kevin L> Looks like we may not see this OF eruption too.
06:29:54 <Betty> back
06:30:40 <Kevin L> Didn't miss much.
06:31:04 <Betty> I see ...
06:31:34 <Kevin L> Reminds me of some of the guard days I had at Fleigerhorst.
06:32:37 <Kevin L> OF. I think
06:32:39 <Betty> of
06:33:28 <Betty> sounds like germany. where is it?
06:35:01 <Kevin L> Just outside Erlensee
06:36:12 <Betty> ah, I had my first tournament? (right word??) of handball in Hanau-Erlensee
06:37:00 <Kevin L> bus duty
06:37:05 <Will B> yes thats the right word
06:37:18 <Will B> Giantess time then
06:37:46 <Betty> Thanks Will, learning more and more each day! :-)
06:39:05 <Will B> now if only someone could tell me the right words to make my android app talk to the web
06:40:20 <Betty> haha
06:43:10 <Betty> was asking my siri and she didn´t understand my question. I told her she was a silly thing and then she didn´t talk to me until I shut the iPhone down and reactivated it!!! isn´t that crazy!! ;-)
06:43:45 <Will B> lol
06:43:55 <Will B> its fun to mess with siri at times
06:45:47 <Betty> I was really loss of words...
06:47:28 <Betty> Hey, I see it´s a Dome-day!
06:47:45 <Betty> but can hardly be seen
06:49:53 <Will B> So Jake has finally publicly said his real reason for starting GT
06:50:07 <Will B> who knew Jake wanted to rule the world
06:52:30 <Dave from B> I knew he had a hidden motive!:)
06:56:33 <Betty> I have a question about the GOSA homepage (a lot of years my only information about geysers and eruption data): why aren´t there any predictions any more?
06:57:28 <Will B> on the GOSA home page i dont think there were ever predictions
06:58:09 <Betty> no. wrong words. raw data of eruptions, data loggers etc
06:58:26 <Betty> last update was 2011
06:58:42 <Will B> thats because Jake and I took over the project
06:59:49 <Will B> Ralph the person that did it had an ill wife (she has now passed) that he needed to tend to and we stepped up to help
07:00:54 <Betty> ah, ok. I´m really lucky I found was not easy to come to the park without any information about what changed in geyser- behaviour
07:01:42 <Will B> and also currently Jake and I are miserably behind in processing the raw logger temps
07:02:15 <Kevin L> Back again
07:02:44 <Jake> we sort of took over the project, it's not nearly as up-to-date as it was when Ralph was running things
07:02:55 <Betty> you missed giantess (LOL) just kidding :-p
07:03:18 <Kevin L> Who knows, I might have!
07:03:22 <Betty> but a lot better than nothing!
07:03:23 <Jake> Ralph was getting data each week, now we get data from NPS twice a year
07:03:32 <Betty> you did great work
07:03:58 <Jake> better than nothing, yes, but still a step back in my opinion
07:04:28 <Will B> Jake did you see my pm with the example
07:04:30 <Jake> every 6 month data download is riskier because it isn't known that a logger failed until months later
07:05:09 <Jake> when loggers failed before, only a week's worth of data was missed
07:05:36 <Will B> also the number of active loggers have been drastically reduced
07:08:11 <Betty> I´m very respectfully for your work. sure, it´s maybe not as good as it used to be, but I believe ab lot of people do really enjoy your dedicative work .-) I do!!
07:09:03 <Jake> it sure has made it easier to show up and know what's going on in the basin
07:09:17 <Betty> yep
07:10:52 <Betty> I do have a book now to notice geyser-Times during my next visit to the park and submit them to GT :-)
07:19:17 <Andrew> Hello
07:19:46 <Betty> hey Andrew, welcome to greyland :-)
07:24:37 <Dave from B> Time for me to head out. First trip to a periodonist today:( Have a good evening everyone!
07:24:59 <Andrew> bye dave
07:25:00 <Kevin L> OUCH!!!!!!! Good luck.
07:26:14 <Betty> don´t know what it is, but sounds not good. best wishes for you. bye,Dave from B
07:27:30 <Betty> oh, periodontist! bad typing, Dave :-(
07:28:20 <Dave from B> Were you expecting a perfectly spelled post?:)
07:28:25 <Kevin L> A periodonstist is a dentist that does gums. When they do a cleaning it is not fun. They are required to take to years of "how to make Pain greater when the patient feels there can be no greater pain". Dentists only have to take one year of that course.
07:28:56 <Betty> ugh!
07:29:56 <Dave from B> Thanks for the encouraging words, Kevin!
07:30:17 <Kevin L> np Dave. But you know I am not lying.
07:30:31 <Betty> ha, good luck, Dave
07:31:32 <ynpvisitor50> Indy
07:31:34 <ynpvisitor50> ?
07:31:52 <Will B> no
07:31:57 <Kevin L> I doubt it. BH went this morning.
07:32:11 <ynpvisitor50> Oh it did?
07:32:17 <ynpvisitor50> I never got a text :(
07:32:34 <ynpvisitor78> Went with little warning
07:32:47 <ynpvisitor15> stranger things have happened though, let's hope it is not
07:34:25 <Betty> hey Ryan
07:34:42 <Ryan(-96)> Hi Betty
07:38:41 <ynpvisitor15> you have snow Will B?
07:45:29 <Kevin L> Gee, we can almost see Lion!
07:50:23 <Kevin L> We have lift off!
07:50:27 <Betty> lion
07:50:28 <Kevin L> Lion 1450
07:50:37 <Betty> :-)
07:51:15 <Kevin L> All it took was for Dave to leave.
07:57:04 <Will B> 15 we have some snow on the ground but not in the air
07:58:41 <Betty> what is that steam?
07:58:45 <Betty> not of
07:59:03 <Betty> little squirt?
07:59:06 <Andrew> aurum
07:59:18 <Betty> too long
07:59:25 <Andrew> or the otehr thing
07:59:26 <Betty> i think
07:59:58 <Betty> hmmm
08:00:10 <Andrew> i mean the thing we all want to erupt
08:00:36 <Betty> I know, but don´t want to speak out loud..
08:00:36 <ynpvisitor37> Giantess
08:00:40 <kc(working)> giantess has been logged in gt
08:00:44 <Betty> shhhh
08:00:52 <ynpvisitor37> Yeap.
08:00:55 <kc(working)> in person report not WC
08:01:01 <kc(working)> is Kevin here?
08:01:02 <Jake> whaaa??
08:01:05 <Jake> send text!!!!
08:01:08 <Betty> omg
08:01:12 <Andrew> yeahhh
08:01:19 <kc(working)> i will send txt
08:01:19 <Andrew> we have liftoff!!
08:01:24 <Jake> wow
08:01:26 <Jake> !
08:01:26 <Jake> !
08:01:27 <Jake> !
08:01:28 <ynpvisitor37> Minor seiso bump too.
08:01:28 <Jake> !
08:01:34 <Will B> :!:
08:01:35 <Will B> :!:
08:01:35 <Will B> :!:
08:01:36 <ynpvisitor37> seismo.
08:01:36 <Will B> :!:
08:01:36 <Will B> :!:
08:01:37 <Will B> :!:
08:01:37 <Will B> :!:
08:01:38 <Will B> :!:
08:01:38 <Will B> :!:
08:01:39 <Will B> :!:
08:01:39 <Will B> :!:
08:01:41 <Will B> :!:
08:01:41 <Will B> :!:
08:01:42 <Will B> :!:
08:01:43 <Will B> :!:
08:01:48 <Andrew> lol
08:02:05 <ynpvisitor37> Send alert.
08:02:29 <Ryan(-96)> GOOO GOOOOO!
08:02:35 <ynpvisitor87> WOW
08:02:42 <Mara> whole family's here
08:02:52 <Demetri> So many times I've though: "oh, that Giantess steam looks thick"
08:02:56 <Ryan(-96)> BOOM
08:03:04 <Mara> DANG.
08:03:07 <Maureen> could it have picked a day more gray?
08:03:13 <Andrew> it is actually GIANTESS!!
08:03:25 <Betty> lalalalalalaalaaa
08:03:33 <Demetri> Exactly, Andrew!
08:03:39 <kc(working)> 2years 139days 23m
08:04:23 <Ryan(-96)> Holy crap!
08:05:04 <ynpvisitor37> Graham will be happy/sad.
08:05:24 <Kevin L> It would have had to be going during the snow storm. I sure don't see it now.
08:05:34 <Ryan(-96)> Micah is not believing me
08:05:46 <Maureen> just called Rita
08:05:50 <Maureen> she is over the moon
08:05:57 <Maureen> she is going to go take some video
08:06:04 <Ryan(-96)> :)
08:06:08 <Will B> Jake when we get data remind me that Giantess shows up on the Plume Logger
08:06:09 <Ryan(-96)> Finally!
08:06:10 <Andrew> just called my dad he isnt beleiving me
08:06:27 <Kevin L> This IS Giantess.
08:06:39 <Maureen> well Jake had his question yesterday, whoever said GIANTESS wins!
08:06:43 <Demetri> How long can the water phase last before switching to steam?
08:06:51 <Maureen> wow
08:06:56 <Maureen> far out, huge spike
08:06:56 <Jake> ha, I'm prophetic
08:07:03 <Andrew> wow indeed
08:07:07 <Maureen> you are Jake
08:07:08 <Ryan(-96)> That is AMAZING
08:07:13 <Ryan(-96)> Anyone capturing?
08:07:23 <kc(working)> always
08:07:26 <Ryan(-96)> Micah literally thought I was kidding for nearly five minutes
08:07:28 <Micah> YEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!
08:07:32 <Kevin L> Dave is really going to be bummed.
08:07:33 <Ryan(-96)> TOLD YOU
08:07:39 <Micah> whoops
08:07:44 <Andrew> but kevin, hes the sacrifice!!
08:07:55 <Jenna> why did Dave leave early?
08:08:03 <Ryan(-96)> Dentist from hell
08:08:06 <Micah> I literally bowled over my entire math class getting out the door
08:08:12 <Ryan(-96)> LOL
08:08:15 <Andrew> yeah
08:08:19 <Betty> haha
08:08:19 <Ryan(-96)> I am in class and watching this
08:08:23 <kc(working)> this is going to be a loooong OF
08:08:26 <Demetri> Old Faithful plz
08:08:33 <Ryan(-96)> FLUFFY GO AWAY
08:09:03 <Ryan(-96)> COME ON PLUME!
08:09:06 <Micah> 3 years....3 years. YEAH!!!
08:09:14 <Betty> OF 1508
08:09:32 <Craig> Where is it?????
08:09:43 <Andrew> of being OF
08:09:58 <Ryan(-96)> Behind fluffy
08:09:58 <Mara> if Plume reactivates
08:10:00 <Craig> Plz Old Faithful wat r u doing stahp
08:10:00 <Mara> I will cry
08:10:03 <ge> any gazers in the basin?
08:10:13 <Ryan(-96)> I will jump up and down if plume goes
08:10:29 <Craig> SO MUCH STUFF CAN HAPPEN!
08:10:40 <Micah> I'm physically shaking right now haha. Adrenaline Rush
08:10:47 <kc(working)> better now for OF, best should be yet to come
08:10:57 <Craig> I am too. I got the text and literally dropped my phone
08:11:02 <Ryan(-96)> The adrenaline rush I got when that text poppedup.
08:11:06 <BB> what where when
08:11:08 <Ryan(-96)> Mara, ask Micah!
08:11:10 <BB> hi guys :)))
08:11:16 <kc(working)> hi BB
08:11:19 <BB> just got the email
08:11:21 <Demetri> I'm not on the text list, so I'm glad I checked the webcam when I did!
08:11:30 <cb> I just woke from a nap!
08:11:33 <Ryan(-96)> HI BB!
08:11:43 <cb> saw the text!
08:11:48 <Craig> Dome was going to today! Cycle maybe?
08:12:03 <Janet> Yippity Skippity - was on the phone with Mom when the text came through.
08:12:08 <Betty> Haha, I wondered first it was little squirt :-)
08:12:09 <Janet> Hard to stay on topic...
08:12:12 <kc(working)> so much for dome being bad omen for giantess
08:12:27 <cc> GIANESS IS IN ERUPTIION!!!!
08:12:28 <Kevin L> Hey BB!
08:12:28 <Maureen> Dome has been going a lot of late
08:12:36 <kc(working)> hi CC
08:12:40 <Craig> Dome is indicator of the Shift which Giantess likes
08:12:47 <Kevin L> OF trying to steal the show.
08:12:58 <cc> GIANTESS WAS IE AT 14:55
08:13:05 <Ryan(-96)> :)
08:13:06 <cc> .
08:13:07 <cc> .
08:13:09 <cc> .
08:13:10 <Craig> :D
08:13:26 <Craig> First time i've seen giantess. Does it count on cam? :)
08:13:26 <Andrew> 24 people in room
08:13:30 <cc> Can someone send a text regarding Giantess
08:13:36 <Andrew> somone did CC
08:13:39 <Ryan(-96)> Already did
08:13:41 <Craig> they did
08:13:43 <Kevin L> It has been sent
08:13:44 <kc(working)> done CC, we're on it like white on bread
08:13:44 <BB> i got a message CC
08:13:45 <cc> thank yoou
08:13:48 <Ryan(-96)> Thats how I found out and I was here lol
08:13:56 <ynpvisitor37> Should be posted to FB too.
08:14:04 <Kevin L> I assume you have the cam cc.
08:14:14 <Demetri> Already two posts on the FB page
08:14:15 <Ryan(-96)> 37, oh, its on FB
08:14:21 <Ryan(-96)> its everywhere on FB lol
08:14:40 <Ryan(-96)> Wind is great for the steam phase
08:14:44 <Mara> just WOW
08:14:45 <Janet> Posted it to Twitter
08:14:51 <Micah> wahoo!!!
08:14:51 <Maureen> where is vw?
08:14:52 <Craig> I saw some water
08:14:53 <Ryan(-96)> Just fantastic!
08:14:54 <Craig> !!!!
08:15:09 <Ryan(-96)> 27 ppl
08:15:10 <Ryan(-96)> 28
08:15:11 <Janet> PLUME?????
08:15:20 <Ryan(-96)> ?
08:15:28 <cb> wowza!
08:15:32 <Andrew> we nned that
08:15:35 <Ryan(-96)> Plume!?
08:15:37 <Janet> Maybe not...
08:15:50 <Andrew> no no plume on static
08:15:52 <Ryan(-96)> Oh, nearly had a heart attack.
08:16:07 <Mara> I can't
08:16:08 <Micah> I already had a partial cardiac arrest.
08:16:14 <Andrew> lets hope giantess can make the hill "normal" again
08:16:18 <Micah> I FLEW down the steps to the computer lab.
08:16:30 <Janet> Just saw one steam puff that looked like it came from the right spot - but probably from OF
08:16:37 <Janet> Wishful thinking
08:16:41 <cb> Poor Graham... 5 days!
08:16:56 <Ryan(-96)> Aurum
08:16:58 <Craig> Anyone video capping this???
08:16:59 <Ryan(-96)> Just now I think
08:17:01 <Andrew> he did see the last one though
08:17:20 <kc(working)> left voicemail for vw, in case she didnt get txt
08:17:25 <Craig> I can't breathe!
08:17:37 <Ryan(-96)> BOOM
08:17:51 <Micah> vw texted me.
08:17:53 <Demetri> Ohh those lucky visitors
08:17:55 <kcmule> who am i kidding with 'working'
08:18:02 <Micah> lols
08:18:07 <cb> haha! kc!
08:18:12 <Maureen> yeah, i need to work, not doing too well right now
08:18:17 <Ryan(-96)> Yes!
08:18:19 <Lori> Todd is not home yet- how long might it go?
08:18:28 <Maureen> a long time
08:18:28 <Micah> hours and hours
08:18:30 <Ryan(-96)> Priorities, kc... you are doing it right!
08:18:35 <Craig> Forever
08:18:42 <Ryan(-96)> Probably still going in the morning
08:18:43 <Maureen> not forever
08:18:44 <Lori> so as long as he is home before dark....
08:18:54 <Maureen> too bad there is no moon
08:18:55 <Micah> I'm going to have to send my math teacher an email explaining why I exited the class like the hounds of hell were after me.
08:18:58 <Maureen> and crazy weather
08:19:03 <Tristan> I was going to take the dog for a walk, but I guess that will have to wait
08:19:04 <Lori> it will be dark when he leaves for work
08:19:12 <Ryan(-96)> Micah, lol
08:19:14 <Jenna> I texted him mom
08:19:19 <Craig> Do we have anyone in the field? A ranger or something? I wonder what kind of activity is going on
08:19:28 <Maureen> Rita is there
08:19:32 <Ryan(-96)> Rita
08:19:34 <Maureen> she is going to go take video
08:19:41 <Micah> Oooh! that spike!
08:19:46 <Maureen> Cathy is at West Thumb, she will be there later
08:19:48 <Craig> :D :D ;D
08:20:04 <cc> Rita called me and she is definitely therte,,,/she is so excited!!
08:20:09 <cb> Kristine will be out there i hope!
08:20:31 <Craig> Giantess means wacky hijinks will ensue across the basin
08:20:36 <Craig> Ear Spring can even erupt
08:20:40 <Micah> Not the basin
08:20:43 <Micah> just the hill
08:21:02 <Will B> every hole on the hil can erupt at anytime craig
08:21:16 <Craig> But this time with authority!
08:21:21 <Maureen> such a good cam geyser
08:21:27 <Maureen> I wish it was morning
08:21:28 <Micah> Those spikes are insane
08:21:32 <Maureen> so we could watch all day
08:22:13 <Craig> I meant hill micah :) Still on adrenaline
08:22:14 <Ryan(-96)> I am just happy its daylight and shes alive
08:22:24 <Micah> 3 long worth it.
08:22:25 <Maureen> trying to think if I have forgotten anyone
08:22:34 <Maureen> I called Lynn, left a message
08:22:51 <Maureen> Tara knows, told the Dauberts
08:23:02 <Ryan(-96)> :)
08:23:02 <Maureen> where is lc?
08:23:10 <Ryan(-96)> Lets fill the room!
08:23:18 <Andrew> 28 now
08:23:22 <Micah> looks pretty full to me.
08:23:26 <Craig> So what is the general pattern for Giantess eruptions?
08:23:28 <Kevin L> Kitt?
08:23:32 <Maureen> anyone text lc?
08:23:38 <Will B> I already called Kitt
08:23:41 <Maureen> Kitt got text yet is still at work i would guess
08:23:42 <Will B> and texted her
08:24:12 <ynpvisitor91> Dave picked a good time for the dentist
08:24:13 <Craig> I see people!
08:24:21 <Kevin L> Suzanne?
08:24:21 <Ryan(-96)> WOW
08:24:40 <kcmule> how abour Rich, anyone know how to contact him?
08:24:49 <Will B> i texted and called suzanne also
08:24:58 <ge> Foregive my ignorance, but what geyser "behind" Giantess usually thumps and errupts aftes g errupts?
08:25:03 <Janet> From my notes: There's a water eruption, steam eruption, Mixed eruption of steam and water and an Abort
08:25:05 <Demetri> Vault
08:25:05 <Micah> just sent a fb message to Rick
08:25:07 <ynpvisitor91> Vault
08:25:09 <Craig> Vault
08:25:21 <Ryan(-96)> Rocco?
08:25:35 <Micah> on it
08:25:36 <Will B> Vault already??????
08:25:38 <Janet> Water eruptions - the water can last up to 24 hours and then ends with steam
08:25:46 <kcmule> Rich H i was wondering about
08:25:51 <Mara> wish we could hear it
08:25:57 <Janet> Steam eruptions have the water only last 30-45 min and then 12 hours or so of steam
08:26:04 <Craig> Did someone say someone is taking a video?
08:26:14 <Craig> Thanks Janet!
08:26:14 <Mara> Rita will hopefully have video
08:26:22 <Will B> Kc is always capturing Craig
08:26:32 <ynpvisitor37> Effect on seismo:
08:26:33 <Will B> he runs captures during all daylight hours
08:26:35 <Janet> Mixed eruptions shift between water, steam then water again
08:26:50 <Maureen> emperor and Bill know
08:26:58 <Demetri> What's the timing of the mixed eruptions, Janet?
08:27:08 <Craig> I thought the boiling was getting better :)
08:27:11 <Janet> An Aborted erutpion is weak and only lasts for 1-6 hours
08:27:11 <Maureen> is Vault erupting? I could not see it
08:27:32 <Andrew> people on the hill
08:27:37 <Tristan> 6 people out there. Lucky
08:27:37 <Craig> No Ge asked a question about it
08:27:39 <ynpvisitor91> 2 years 139 days 23 min
08:27:53 <Ryan(-96)> Cnt wait to see this on GT
08:27:55 <Will B> I think Vault takes at least an hour after a giantess start
08:28:08 <Will B> pluss rita will enter it into GT
08:28:23 <Micah> Just sent a text to Rocco.
08:28:43 <Janet> Mixed eruptions (my notes aren't great here..) 35-45 min of water and then to steam for 3-6 hours then back to water for 24-36 hours
08:28:44 <Will B> did some one let steve Robinson know
08:29:10 <Demetri> Thanks!
08:29:17 <Janet> YW
08:29:25 <Ryan(-96)> I FBed him Will
08:29:27 <Demetri> So if we don't see a switch to steam in the next few minutes then it's water for a few hours?
08:29:34 <Maureen> how about MA?
08:29:43 <Will B> I called her
08:29:43 <Maureen> she might be lurking as a number...
08:29:47 <BB> has anyone figured out the start time from the seismogram?
08:29:57 <Micah> I believe so
08:30:05 <Will B> i will pull up the raw data in a min
08:30:11 <BB> great thanks
08:30:50 <Micah> wow!!!
08:30:58 <Ryan(-96)> DAMN
08:31:17 <Andrew> what BIG BURST?
08:31:21 <Tristan> Maureen how much more day light do we have?
08:31:39 <Andrew> perhaps 2 hours
08:31:39 <Kevin L> Probably about 2h
08:31:43 <Maureen> till 1800
08:31:46 <Andrew> and a half
08:31:53 <Tristan> Thanks
08:31:59 <Kevin L> With cloulds it will get darker sooner.
08:32:14 <Maureen> wow fast bursts
08:32:18 <Kevin L> Should be going in the morning too.
08:32:27 <Ryan(-96)> I want to see that steam phase SO BA
08:32:28 <Ryan(-96)> BAD
08:32:42 <Maureen> steam phase tomorrow
08:32:55 <Kevin L> It sure picked a horrible day to go.
08:33:08 <Ryan(-96)> Looks like right before 1445 for start
08:33:46 <Will B> just a but before 1800 on streaming
08:33:54 <BB> yes, i thought 1441 or 1442 maybe
08:34:19 <Ryan(-96)> WOW
08:34:29 <Mara> that water just shoots out of there
08:34:43 <Micah> That is impressive.
08:34:54 <Maureen> Will does Steve E know?
08:34:59 <Will B> yes
08:35:35 <Ryan(-96)> Lion
08:35:37 <Maureen> Karen!
08:35:40 <Micah> HI Karen!
08:35:50 <Ryan(-96)> Are we going to Steam now?
08:35:54 <kcmule> 31 in the room
08:36:08 <Ryan(-96)> Looking pretty steady for a while
08:36:17 <Craig> Waiiiit for it
08:36:20 <cb> room for a few more and then i think this page will hit an all time record!
08:36:25 <Maureen> Ryan, it is not going to steam yet
08:36:28 <Craig> lol
08:36:37 <Jimbo> Giantess live! WOW!
08:36:39 <cc> the spikes are incredible
08:36:52 <Ryan(-96)> OWWWW!
08:36:55 <Ryan(-96)> THAT WAS HUGE!
08:36:58 <Micah> I'm in awe about how high the're getting with the wind.
08:37:03 <Micah> that is some serious power
08:37:19 <Craig> Inertia of the water is keeping it straight!
08:37:45 <Maureen> I know where Graham will be aiming the cam on his shift!
08:37:55 <Craig> WOW!
08:38:00 <ynpvisitor49> Riverside?
08:38:18 <Micah> really hard to tell 49.
08:38:27 <Craig> I'm mentally broken right now
08:38:33 <ynpvisitor49> No.. That was a comment to Maureen
08:38:40 <Micah> ah.
08:38:43 <Micah> sorry.
08:38:46 <Ryan(-96)> I was hoping for one this summer, GUESS NOT
08:38:53 <ynpvisitor99> LOL
08:38:55 <Craig> Never say never ryan
08:38:59 <Maureen> ??? comment to me?
08:39:00 <Andrew> it still can erupt
08:39:13 <Craig> This one giantess could be a prelude to a long happy future of Geyser Hill
08:39:17 <ynpvisitor49> Where Graham will be aiming the webcam..
08:39:26 <Maureen> oh funny
08:39:27 <Andrew> 32 people
08:39:30 <Micah> Maybe North Goggles will welcome the return of it's number one fan.
08:39:33 <Will B> or it can be just a single event
08:39:35 <Demetri> Hey, North Goggles, Giantess is knocking on the door
08:39:36 <Maureen> Hey Kent
08:39:48 <Maureen> LYNN!!!
08:39:52 <LynnS> Thanks for the call Maureen.
08:39:53 <Andrew> hi lynn
08:39:54 <Craig> Yeah Will, Or it could send everything into dormancy...
08:39:57 <Micah> Hi Lynn!
08:40:03 <LynnS> Vault usually starts 3-6 hours after Giantess.
08:40:03 <Kevin L> Hi Lynn!
08:40:07 <Kent> Shoot! I was hoping all the pings were for Plume:)
08:40:07 <Craig> Plume wake up!
08:40:09 <cb> Hi Lynn!!
08:40:11 <BB> hi Lynn
08:40:19 <cb> HI BB!!!!!
08:40:22 <Ryan(-96)> The next round of pings should be plume!
08:40:25 <BB> hi cb :)
08:40:27 <Ryan(-96)> Hi Lynn!
08:40:27 <sylk> I'm not the only dork who watches for this, hooray
08:40:31 <Chase> Lynn, you are a celebrity now.
08:40:35 <Maureen> you are welcome Lynn. It has been great so far
08:40:40 <LynnS> Hi all. I'm in downtown Spokane so don't have my geyser stuff with me.
08:40:50 <Ryan(-96)> WWWOOWWOWW!
08:40:53 <Will B> I think every onr should stop looking at the chat and watch the geyser also
08:40:54 <Micah> Wait, has anyone contacted HK? he might want to see this.
08:41:00 <LynnS> But it's not seeing the steam phase--its HEARING it that is enjoyable.
08:41:06 <Kevin L> HK knows.
08:41:23 <Kevin L> And FEELING it.
08:41:25 <Ryan(-96)> Micah, Anemone :)
08:41:30 <Micah> Thank you Ryan.
08:41:33 <Craig> I saw that to :)
08:41:35 <Micah> lol
08:41:35 <Ryan(-96)> :D
08:41:38 <Will B> QUICK some one go attach a mic to the cam
08:41:39 <Craig> Ernermerner
08:41:45 <Craig> I'm on it Will!
08:41:48 <Siegmund> biggest crowd I've seen at any geyser in quite some time
08:41:54 <sylk> I'll take seeing it online over missing it entirely
08:42:01 <Maureen> so glad the cam is not stuck on Grand
08:42:02 <Chase> I think last time I told HK anything.. It was about a Grand and was told where I should stick it,, in HK's very mellow way.
08:42:19 <Demetri> Lynn, is there a point where the "window of opportunity" for a steam or mixed phase eruption ends?
08:42:22 <Andrew> 35 peopel in room. whats teh record?
08:42:27 <cc> Damn the OF steam!
08:42:44 <Kevin L> Need big cork for OF.
08:42:58 <Craig> Some cement XD
08:43:03 <Maureen> anyone tell Scott?
08:43:05 <Kevin L> Dave says he is missing us.
08:43:07 <Maureen> TSB?
08:43:08 <Micah> never.
08:43:13 <cc> I can not zoom in any closer becausse the lens will not focus it I do.
08:43:15 <Jimbo> BIGGG
08:43:15 <Micah> Old Faithful can remain.
08:43:18 <Maureen> I do not have his phone
08:43:29 <Ryan(-96)> If it is going to steam, it will be soon.
08:43:32 <Siegmund> @demetri.. there is, but it is a ways in... have seen a steam phase start 1 1/2 or 2 hours in... sooner is better if you want a violent steam phase
08:43:43 <Will B> snowing in BZN now
08:43:58 <Craig> I personally like water more than steam
08:44:14 <Micah> That's because you haven't heard the steam.
08:44:29 <Maureen> Lynn is that true about steam phase starting so soon?
08:44:39 <Craig> The only steam phase that I've witnessed and enjoyed more than the water is castle :)
08:44:54 <Demetri> Thanks, Siegmund. I gotta go do "important" school stuff tho
08:44:55 <Siegmund> even the second day water is impressive...I dont think there are any bad giantess eruptions
08:44:57 <Demetri> Enjoy the show!
08:45:21 <Micah> bye Demetri!
08:45:27 <Kevin L> Bye
08:45:35 <Ryan(-96)> WOW
08:46:26 <Craig> It looks like a cone geyser but with bursts sometimes
08:47:16 <Siegmund> yes the crater empties of water in the first several minutes
08:47:39 <Craig> Wow! So its like a "Composite Geyser"
08:47:59 <Chase> No.. It is a true fountain geyser..
08:48:09 <Ryan(-96)> fountain
08:48:17 <Chase> It is hard to see because of the stream it is very much a bursting type eruption
08:48:50 <Jimbo> Great spike
08:48:51 <Siegmund> the start of steam phase looks very conelike - but all the late water certainly looks 100% fountain
08:49:18 <Craig> Just interesting food for thought though :)
08:49:34 <Jimbo> Sure hope someone is recording
08:49:40 <Will B> kc is
08:49:59 <Jimbo> I'm at a meeting with 20% battery left.
08:50:00 <Will B> Kc runs captures during all daylight hours
08:50:02 <cb> Kevin, did you see it first on the web cam?
08:50:03 <Craig> So where is vault located?
08:50:06 <Chase> That is because of the shape of its vent.. with high pressure steam it does look a bit like a cone.
08:50:09 <Micah> behind it.
08:50:15 <Chase> Back and to the left of it
08:51:03 <Craig> Where is plume then?
08:51:19 <Chase> About steam phases.. Steamboats steam phase is crazy too.. Four or five hours later you need to scream at the person next to you as far away as Emerald Spring.
08:51:28 <Chase> Forward and right
08:51:34 <Jimbo> Massive@!
08:51:48 <Micah> Plume is right on the corner between Beehive and Anemone
08:51:58 <Will B> plume is not in frame right now
08:52:00 <Craig> Ah that one. I've seen that one!
08:52:06 <Will B> it is off to the left
08:52:17 <Jimbo> 150 footer just then?
08:52:22 <Mara> Dave!
08:52:28 <Jenna> Dave!
08:52:29 <Betty> Dave!
08:52:39 <Kevin L> You made it Dave!
08:52:42 <Dave from B> Hooray
08:52:45 <Chase> I doubt it.. Maybe 75 to 100 feet
08:52:48 <Craig> Hey dave!
08:52:51 <Betty> wb to the show
08:53:09 <Craig> I can just imagine Plume bubbling away right now
08:53:10 <Chase> With the wind I doubt you would many if any 130+ bursts at all
08:53:13 <Ryan(-96)> Dave!!
08:53:17 <Jimbo> Steam inflates the height of the big spikes
08:53:26 <LynnS> Sorry, I left for awhile and didn't see the questions.
08:53:27 <Dave from B> I wish Graham was stll there
08:53:39 <Maureen> Dave, you made it!
08:53:41 <LynnS> Yes, steam phase can start within an hour of start.
08:53:42 <BB> hi Dave
08:53:45 <Maureen> Graham is stuck in traffic
08:53:52 <Dave from B> Hi, everyone!
08:54:26 <Micah> Hi Dave!!!
08:54:27 <Craig> Anyone else think that the "Geyser Hill Energy Shift" has any merit here? Dome is sort of an indicator of it and we had 3 domes today. Giantess seems to like energy shifts
08:54:29 <Kevin L> Bet that is killing Graham!
08:54:46 <Ryan(-96)> This is all amazing. The text, the eruption, everyone on here.... gahh, so wonderful!
08:54:51 <Micah> It has not been proven that Dome is an indicator
08:55:18 <Maureen> Craig, some days there are 20 Domes...
08:55:18 <Betty> what about vw?
08:55:28 <Craig> Yes but does it hold any weight
08:55:28 <Chase> No Craig
08:55:36 <Will B> Nope
08:55:48 <Chase> No
08:55:51 <Ryan(-96)> WOAH!
08:55:58 <Craig> ... How about the energy shift is there anything to that?
08:55:58 <Micah> no
08:56:14 <Dave from B> Can we see Vault from the cam? Dark before it erupts?
08:56:17 <Micah> There is a "Theory" of a geyser hill "Wave" of water levels, that hasn't been proven.
08:56:19 <Will B> that is an unproven theroy Craig
08:56:35 <Craig> Every theory is valid until disproven :)
08:56:40 <Jimbo> Yeah, clear view, good size (light OF steam)
08:56:47 <cb> and it depends on who you talk to. Everyone has their own beliefs
08:56:49 <Jake> I've been in a meeting for the last hour....actually not bad views for such a crappy day!
08:56:50 <Will B> but it can not be taken as fact
08:56:52 <Chase> People use to say that Dome was a bad thing for A Giantess eruption.. Some people say the opposite.
08:57:21 <Craig> I didn't say it was fact, I said could it possibly have the slightest chance of effecting something
08:57:34 <Kevin L> Well it DOES go before, during, or after a Dome eruption.
08:58:00 <Chase> Really, I think no one really knows and the correlation from dome to giantess does not suggest anything concrete
08:58:03 <Siegmund> the water levels in certain springs rising and falling, and dome and little squirt only being possible certain days, is on pretty solid ground
08:58:06 <Betty> haha, Kevin
08:58:15 <Ryan(-96)> I work most of the day tomorrow, I hope it is still going after 1pm EST
08:58:16 <Siegmund> getting from there to what days are good for giantess is a bigger stretch
08:58:32 <cb> room for 2 more... maybe
08:58:37 <Dave from B> So, since this is my first ever Giantess of any kind....It can erupt for almost a day? Likely to erupt again this year?
08:58:48 <Jenna> my box of names has a scroll bar for the first time
08:58:54 <Micah> It can erupt every 2 months....or pull another 3 year interval.
08:58:57 <Will B> We dont know dave
08:58:59 <Ryan(-96)> Me too
08:59:03 <Kevin L> It could Dave.
08:59:30 <Will B> or as rocco said to me that in the past it can go multiple times a month
08:59:35 <Janet> I hope it will
08:59:36 <Betty> It´s my 2nd webcam giantess :-)
08:59:37 <ynpvisitor37> Lion 1559 ie
08:59:41 <Dave from B> 35 people here
08:59:42 <Ryan(-96)> WIND SHIFT, BLOW EVERYONE
08:59:52 <Micah> my first! Alas I wasn't able to see it from Anemone.
08:59:53 <cb> I just got the scroll bar too Jenna!
09:00:05 <Betty> me too
09:00:16 <Jenna> how fun :)
09:00:18 <sylk> I didn't know this existed before today. I normally just keep the official webcam up.
09:00:18 <Micah> I've had the scroll bar but that's because I'm on bear
09:00:21 <Dave from B> Nice to see you here, BB
09:00:33 <Ryan(-96)> I just screen shotted it
09:00:36 <Chase> this is my first webcam Giantess and I think the 11th or 12th Giantess I have seen.
09:00:38 <Kevin L> I havfe the scroll bar too.
09:00:41 <Jake> I count 37 people here right now
09:00:46 <cc> Lion
09:00:53 <Mara> what I wouldn't give to be watching what Anemone is doing during this eruption...
09:01:07 <Chase> You would be drenched Mara
09:01:13 <sylk> but happy!
09:01:16 <BB> Henning should be here soon
09:01:19 <Siegmund> anemone shows on the webcam at times:)
09:01:21 <Jake> thanks, ynpvisitor37, for watching for Lion!
09:01:23 <Ryan(-96)> Wet, frozen, bu HAPPY
09:01:24 <Dave from B> Could somebody turn off the OF steam?
09:01:36 <Mara> I would be okay with being drenched!
09:01:51 <Janet> Lion
09:01:54 <shishamo> like sylk, I didn't know about the camchat until today. Wasn't even watching until I had an IM from sylk saying "GIANTESS IS ERUPTING"
09:01:56 <Micah> Where's that one valve? don't they have the switch in the VEC? :p
09:02:08 <Siegmund> I dont recall any history of anemone acting different during/after giantess though
09:02:11 <Dave from B> haha
09:02:16 <Micah> welcome shishamo
09:02:19 <Jimbo> Some of the onsite gazers must be recording, eh?
09:02:20 <Craig> Right underneath the Giantess switch ryan
09:02:25 <Dave from B> I hope this wakes Plume
09:02:32 <Micah> I know that Anemone was affected by Cascade
09:02:46 <Craig> I wonder if this is having any effect on the cave in near sponge
09:02:59 <Dave from B> This means I missed the multiple choice question asked earlier this week.
09:03:12 <Mara> ...honestly I just really want to write down in my logbook, "Big/Little concert + Giantess"
09:03:23 <Chase> Although, I would like to watch Infant..While it is improbable, It has had episodes of eruptive behaviour during and immediately after Giantess.
09:03:33 <Siegmund> Ha.. was a snowstorm much like this one the 2nd day of cascade's 1998 active phase
09:03:38 <Dave from B> Jimbo, no gazers are there that I'm aware of
09:03:52 <Craig> Rita is there apparently
09:04:01 <Kevin L> I picked Giantess in the test Dave.
09:04:04 <Siegmund> the snow drifted across south anemone's runoff channel and completely buried it, the eruptions were so far apart
09:04:07 <Will B> Craig she is the head VEC ranger
09:04:16 <Craig> Even better
09:04:17 <Chase> Cascade was a fun geyser.. I enjoyed watching it from across the river.
09:04:18 <Micah> Guys.....Ryan may have caught a North Goggles on the VEC
09:04:28 <Ryan(-96)> NGG!
09:04:30 <Karen> The first two times that I saw Giant Geyser erupt, both times, I saw Giantess Geyser erupt two days later. But I think that is thin evidence to suggest a connection between the two.
09:04:31 <Mara> ...!
09:04:32 <Will B> we just had lion
09:04:35 <Craig> !!!!
09:04:39 <Micah> It's to the right of Lion.
09:04:43 <Micah> Two different Columns
09:04:47 <Ryan(-96)> I HAS CPTURE!
09:05:03 <Micah> If it was NG it was a minor
09:05:27 <Jake> uhoh, the boy who cried NGG
09:05:30 <ynpvisitor37> I saw it too, but it could have been a wind curl of Lion steam. Hard to tell.
09:05:54 <ynpvisitor37> If Rita is on the hill, she will hopefully note and NG.
09:06:08 <Maureen> most people I have ever seen in chat
09:06:21 <Micah> It looks to me like a column but that's just me.
09:06:22 <Dave from Bl> me too, Maureen
09:06:34 <cc> ditto!
09:06:41 <Jake> NG Minor would be hard to notice from the hill with Giantess erupting
09:06:56 <Micah> let me just enhance it and slap it on here for judgement.
09:07:16 <Ryan(-96)> I should be eating.... instead I am just sitting here
09:07:25 <Jake> plenty of jury members available right now, Micah ;)
09:07:29 <sylk> I was just going to go get lunch too, before I noticed.
09:08:19 <Micah> Give me a minute people...
09:08:29 <Craig> This might be a good year for geysers this year! Go 2014! :D
09:08:34 <Jake> kcmule would have had it up by now........
09:08:51 <Craig> lol
09:09:03 <Betty> So hard to go to bed now...but tomorrow is a day with a lot of work. Enjoy GIANTESS :-D
09:09:23 <Dave from Bl> bye, Betty
09:09:45 <Micah>
09:09:49 <Micah> judge away
09:09:50 <Dave from Bl> Anyone taking a coach in tomorrow?
09:09:58 <sylk> I wish
09:10:00 <Jimbo> OK, I'm on backup power, but what a great show!
09:10:31 <Craig> Its a bit far to the right, but thats just me
09:10:50 <Dave from Bl> Steam can play tricks on my eyes
09:11:00 <Karen> I am driving luggage coach tomorrow, so I'll fuel at lower YPSS and see about getting a view of some steam.
09:11:00 <Jimbo> Parting thought; what's the over/under on Vault going before darK?
09:11:04 <Micah> I see a column going all the way down to the Hill.
09:11:30 <Craig> Looks closer to sponge area
09:11:48 <Jimbo> bye
09:12:03 <Micah> bye Jimbo
09:12:45 <Siegmund> I could believe it is steam drifting downwind from NG minor that just finished
09:13:04 <Micah> Yeah. I look at it now and it looks like it's too far right.
09:13:18 <cc> Turning the cam back to Kevin... good night all
09:13:21 <Craig> Anyone else have the new breakout near sponge in their minds?
09:13:24 <Jake> on NGG, I'd say inconclusive because of the wind blowing Lion's steam in that pattern
09:13:27 <Jake> thanks, cc!
09:13:34 <Siegmund> its been long enough since the last NG phase it should be obvious tomorrow if thats what it was
09:13:42 <Micah> thanks for the input Jake.
09:13:43 <Will B> ahhh
09:13:49 <Will B> phew
09:13:50 <Kevin L> Time for Daisy!
09:14:01 <cb> phthhhhhhhhh!!!!!
09:14:12 <Will B> Daisy has 2 loggers so that can wait
09:14:14 <Craig> lol I think its Little Cub time Kevin
09:15:51 <Henning> Hi all!
09:15:53 <Micah> Henning! Hi!
09:16:00 <alex (at work)> Did the webcam catch the beginning of the eruption?
09:16:16 <cb> Hi Henning!
09:16:19 <Dave from Bl> Hi, Henning
09:17:41 <Craig> This is about the time when the adrenaline begins to wear off
09:18:08 <Ryan(-96)> STEAM!
09:18:09 <Will B> I think we are getting into steam
09:18:29 <Craig> *WOOSH!*
09:18:29 <Micah> Steam phase wohoo!
09:18:30 <sylk> it's definitely more consistent now, less bursty.
09:18:31 <Siegmund> was just htinking same thing
09:18:45 <Siegmund> I thought the same once before but looks much more convincing this time
09:18:53 <Ryan(-96)> WOOHOO!
09:19:07 <Craig> Giantessteam
09:19:09 <Will B> whomp, whomp, whomp
09:19:16 <Kevin L> Hard to keep the cam in focus.
09:19:50 <Carol B> For the conditions, this isn't that bad!
09:20:21 <BB> from FB: Demetri is reporting a North Goggle eruption
09:20:35 <Will B> ok i need to pull up a giantess youtube video for my sound
09:20:58 <sylk> apparently today was the day to be there.
09:21:30 <Todd> That has got to be something else to stand next to.
09:21:58 <Graham> did i miss anything today?
09:21:58 <kcmule> hi Graham, just another day here
09:22:02 <Graham> ooh look its snowing
09:22:06 <Todd> :)
09:22:07 <Micah> Hi Graham!
09:22:10 <BB> hi Graham
09:22:16 <Micah> and for the record, no there was no screaming this time on my end.
09:22:18 <Tristan> Hi Graham
09:22:18 <Kevin L> Just a bit of snow Graham!
09:22:22 <Carol B> It's steaming too...
09:22:33 <Ryan(-96)> There was on mine!
09:22:40 <Mara> Micah I don't believe you xD
09:22:45 <Graham> dont see the steam, just snow
09:22:49 <sylk> I restrained to all-caps spewing on the Internet.
09:22:55 <Carol B> ^^ LOL Mara!
09:23:00 <Kevin L> I bet you saw snow today.
09:23:31 <Graham> i see the potential NG pic - could just be a steam swirl tho
09:23:45 <Micah> Mara, there was no screaming, like I said, I just may have blown over some of my math costudents getting out the door
09:24:05 <Jake> viewing was better earlier, Graham, where were you???
09:24:18 <Graham> i like the view of snow
09:24:30 <Graham> um...working ... no internet
09:24:31 <Carol B> Your prof. is going to think someone in your family got hurt Micah!
09:24:33 <Kevin L> Daisy is due.
09:25:04 <Micah> I'm going to have to send an email to her I thinks haha.
09:25:10 <Graham> looks like Aurum on UGB cam
09:25:50 <Will B> lol
09:26:00 <Graham> so i guess the Empgot his weeks mixed up for the geyser requests
09:27:37 <Graham> still not convinced anything else is erupting
09:28:18 <Jake> during the last Giantess, Plume "missed" an eruption, but Aurum did erupt during the first part of Giantess
09:29:33 <Jake> the clouds seem to be erupting steadily now
09:30:02 <Carol B> I think the geyser fog has moved in
09:30:12 <Kevin L> :p
09:30:24 <Kevin L> Probably OF erupting.
09:31:06 <Kevin L> Nope. White bugs.
09:35:03 <Ryan(-96)> ...I have calmed down enough and I can not see it.
09:35:07 <Ryan(-96)> I have to eat
09:35:18 <Ryan(-96)> I was suposed to eat two hours ago
09:36:16 <Mara> Gotta eat too. This was a real treat today.
09:36:19 <Kevin L> I think you are safe Ryan.
09:36:41 <Graham> calmed down from what Ryan?
09:36:47 <Graham> its just snow
09:37:15 <Ryan(-96)> Yeah, I saw what I wanted, the start of the steam phase
09:37:23 <Micah> Now all you need to do is hear it.
09:37:45 <Craig> Same time tomorrow?
09:38:11 <Siegmund> Personallly I think the starting thump is a bigger deal than the steam phase - but way too long since I heard either
09:38:13 <Jake> I put in a 1444 E time, but it overwrote the ie time, now I feel bad...need to make it so the secondary comments show up on the primary entry, too
09:38:57 <Ryan(-96)> Micah, should I hear it, I am calling you and putting you on speaker phone. That is if you are not next to me already!
09:39:14 <sylk> I look forward to hearing either in person. but at least I've seen something of it now.
09:39:28 <Jake> man, Kevin, you take over and the view turns to crap
09:39:35 <Micah> ^lol
09:39:40 <Craig> Way to go Kevin!
09:39:48 <Graham> yeah Kevin, can you fix the view?
09:39:49 <Will B> jake you could just port them over in a comment
09:39:51 <Craig> The one time its important!
09:39:59 <sylk> with my luck I will be sitting waiting for Fan and Mortar when Giantess decides to go.
09:40:08 <Graham> the E time is better though
09:40:09 <Craig> :)
09:40:19 <Will B> but with giantess you can get there
09:40:30 <Craig> Run Forrest! Run!
09:40:38 <Micah> That's what the bike path is for sylk
09:40:49 <Graham> thats ok sylk, you can get to Giantess before the best stuff starts - except the boil and thumps
09:40:53 <Siegmund> must be a heck of a storm, camera is bouncing a long way too
09:41:16 <sylk> yeah, I haven't had a bike the last two trips. or enough time. Fan and Mortar has become a personal challenge.
09:41:19 <Graham> i think Kevin is asleep, doesn't like the snow
09:41:41 <Micah> F&M tried to go behind my back, thankfully Graham managed to tell me it was looking good.
09:42:46 <Will B> we should probably protect the lens here
09:43:13 <Dave from Bl> Time to eat. Have a great evening everyone! Thanks for the calls and texts!
09:43:46 <Graham> run Micah run
09:45:20 <Micah> "Micah Get down here this looks like it's going to go"
09:45:32 <Micah> and for the second time in the summer my laundry went flying
09:46:07 <sylk> someday I will get to spend a whole summer at Yellowstone.
09:46:19 <Graham> what was the first one? Anemone to 10'?
09:46:39 <Kevin L> Don't blame me! Graham is driving.
09:47:47 <Craig> ^I'm loling so hard right now
09:47:51 <Graham> still want you to fix the view tho, some people are claiming that Giantess is erupting
09:48:03 <Craig> Graham was trying to blame you
09:48:35 <Craig> Graham Giantess is erupting. You're just going through the stages of grief! First one is Denial :)
09:48:41 <Kevin L> Hey you could see it when I gave up the camera!
09:49:41 <Kitt> Hello
09:49:43 <Will B> well hopefully the lens is not iced over tomorrow morning
09:49:48 <Will B> hi Kitt
09:49:49 <Kitt> just saw the post about Giantess
09:50:10 <Kitt> although it is looking like a snowstorm to me
09:50:12 <Kitt> hehe
09:50:15 <Will B> and you didnt see that your phone was going nuts
09:50:29 <Kitt> no, I haven't checked my phone
09:50:49 <kcmule> First 90 mins or so of Giantess
09:50:52 <Kitt> maybe that was what I was hearing at work, when I was doing some work on a computer
09:50:52 <Graham> you are not missing anything Kitt
09:50:55 <kcmule> big file, be patient
09:51:16 <sylk> thank you kc
09:51:23 <Will B> kc did you attach that to the GT entry
09:51:27 <uhangieanngie> can someone pulease wipe off the lens
09:52:03 <Micah> Thanks KC
09:52:27 <Graham> all we can see is snow
09:52:30 <Kitt> some different names on list today
09:52:32 <Giant> Now all we need is Giant to go now
09:52:57 <Graham> all happening 1 week too late
09:53:16 <Kitt> If it wants to reawaken in a snowstorm, Great.
09:53:23 <Craig> Just think, It could go off when you go back!
09:53:24 <kcmule> @Will, no but i am uploading to youtube, will need to pull the flv from my server cause its kinda big
09:53:33 <uhangieanngie> This is really Angela M. Robbins, Geyser Gazer, former OF employee
09:53:36 <Jake> VEC cam has a lovely view of the trees
09:53:37 <alex (at work)> Did anyone capture video of the early portion of the eruption?
09:53:46 <Will B> ok i will let you do what you want on linking it
09:54:01 <Will B> alex look up
09:54:32 <Siegmund> view is clearing up a bit
09:55:47 <Kitt> hm, said windows couldn't open the file
09:55:53 <Maureen> too bad, it was so good before G arrived...
09:56:03 <Kitt> said need to select what to open file with
09:56:07 <Graham> yeah yeah blame it on me
09:56:13 <kcmule> google vlc player Kitt
09:56:28 <Siegmund> geologists like faults. Be glad it is yours. Celebrate it.
09:56:29 <Kitt> ok, everyone blow
09:56:32 <Graham> you should be thanking me for making it erupt 5 days after I left
09:56:36 <Craig> Nice job Graham! XD
09:56:44 <Graham> and F&M 3 days after I left
09:56:48 <Craig> Grahams revenge
09:56:49 <Maureen> yeah, because you did that G?
09:56:51 <Maureen> funny
09:56:54 <sylk> we appreciate your sacrifice for the cause
09:57:23 <Kitt> someone isn't blowing
09:57:28 <Craig> Now take that feeling and multiply it by 100.That was my feeling after missing steamboat by 30 minutes
09:57:40 <sylk> ...ouch
09:57:53 <uhangieanngie> much better. thanks.
09:58:16 <Micah> 30 minutes Craig?
09:58:43 <Craig> Officially left the park at 7:00
09:58:52 <Craig> It was a melancholy day :)
09:59:20 <Kitt> wonder who will go get the Vault initial
09:59:40 <ynpvisitor100> Kitt, pick me!
09:59:49 <Kitt> It will be dark, but those thumps will be awesome
09:59:50 <ynpvisitor37> Lion 1659 ie
09:59:51 <Micah> I volunteer
09:59:53 <ynpvisitor100> Oh, wait...I can't get there in time
09:59:59 <Craig> So I was thinking. How would one get into the Myriad group?
10:00:27 <uhangieanngie> perfect view now from my seat hear in Albuquerque. I'm ready!
10:00:27 <Micah> you don't, it's illegal
10:01:14 <Craig> But I mean legally, it says you have to be authorized. How does one get authorized? :)
10:01:15 <Graham> ah now i see Lion and fluffy steam
10:01:31 <Micah> It's a very hard process, and they aren't exactly handing out permits like candy
10:01:34 <Kitt> that is a long lion
10:01:40 <Will B> you cant
10:01:56 <Siegmund> in happier times there were a dozen or so of us who were official volunteers for the park geologist, and were allowed to take friends out with us... that has ended maybe 10 years ago now
10:02:02 <ynpvisitor28> Giantess went off?
10:02:07 <Siegmund> now you get to apply for a research permit
10:02:08 <Micah> yes 28
10:02:09 <ynpvisitor28> :)
10:02:22 <Will B> basically only 5 people now can go off boardwalk
10:02:27 <Graham> its just a rumor 28
10:02:27 <Craig> Siegmund did you get to go?
10:02:46 <Jake> is that Plate all steamy to the left?
10:02:47 <Craig> 28 don't listen to Graham :) hes in denial
10:03:01 <Siegmund> I didnt spend any time in the myriad group... but kaleidoscope, giant's platform, etc, yes
10:03:02 <Jake> or Pump, I guess
10:03:06 <ynpvisitor28> Thank you
10:03:23 <Kitt> Hello Giantess
10:03:31 <Kitt> long time since last seen
10:04:14 <Kitt> I remember a few roaring steam phases
10:04:21 <Craig> :O you're so lucky! Myriad is one of my favorite areas on paper. Just the whole mystery behind it and the fact that it is said to contain 1000+ hotsprings. (hence myriad)
10:04:32 <Jake> Kevin L and lc, your check is in the mail for winning yesterday's pop quiz
10:05:08 <Siegmund> the zillion tiny holes are the main reason people get hurt if they go out there, too
10:05:08 <ynpvisitor28> Yes! I saw that on facebook. Last time I was out I was sure it was going to go. Beehive's indicator had quit working....I was hoping.
10:06:10 <Craig> Bring a walking stick with you to test the ground :). Just imagine it though. You could get a look at the mythic Round Geyser!
10:06:40 <Micah> Walking stick wouldn't cut it.
10:06:54 <Siegmund> a lot of the holes are sites of bison previously testing the ground
10:07:16 <Siegmund> funny how many of 'em are round and about 4 inches across
10:07:58 <Craig> Someday....
10:08:02 <ynpvisitor28> When the Washburn expedition went out, they were falling through, their horses were falling through,.
10:08:14 <Siegmund> just remember you only have 2 feet, bison have 4 :)
10:08:30 <Craig> Never go alone then
10:09:05 <Craig> First aid on hand, and keep close to plants because it is a sign that the earth is thicker
10:09:17 <Micah> Plants mean nothing
10:09:34 <Kitt> plants only mean that there is a small amount of dirt
10:09:42 <Siegmund> Never going alone is always good advice. One of the old standard 'rules' was to only go with someone who already knew the area well, too
10:09:47 <Siegmund> that is getting harder to do as time goes by
10:10:07 <Craig> But most plants would die because of silica correct?
10:10:10 <Kitt> I still tend to use that rule
10:10:17 <Kitt> No
10:10:32 <Jake> just ride a horse that is riding another horse, this will give you ample time to get out of the way when the ground starts collapsing beneath you
10:10:32 <Siegmund> I worry a bit that the new research-permit system results in people being allowed to go places they don't know what they are doing, because no proper escort/teacher is on the allowed list
10:10:38 <Will B> Craig how often do you see wildlife out there
10:11:02 <Craig> I've never actually seen the myriad area from a distance that I know of. Just myths
10:11:30 <Kitt> You
10:11:42 <ynpvisitor28> Isn't the Myriad group right behind the lower basin?
10:11:49 <Kitt> vYou've never looked behind the Inn?
10:11:51 <ynpvisitor28> lower store
10:11:58 <ynpvisitor32> Myriad is right behind the Inn
10:12:17 <Will B> Craig i didnt understand that
10:12:21 <ynpvisitor28> Behind Lower store & Inn
10:12:32 <Craig> @Will, TSB's book
10:12:46 <Craig> @Kitt Its hard to steer your parents :)
10:12:55 <Will B> I have read it
10:13:06 <Will B> and i lived in the dorm right next to it
10:13:19 <Kitt> You can see it from the lower store parking lot
10:14:01 <Craig> We never parked there :P. I've been there 4 times. Only twice to aI actually have full non-littlekid memories
10:14:04 <Siegmund> Upstairs window of the dorms is probably a good place to see most of the group that you cant see from the ground
10:14:16 <Siegmund> though not 100% sure it is high enough
10:14:24 <Craig> Will, how old do you have to be to work at Yellowstone?
10:14:35 <uhangieanngie> It's the first geyser you see when you leave the loop road to turn into OF. Looks like it's in a corral.
10:14:56 <ynpvisitor28> Pipeline basin is right behind lodge. When I worked at the Lodge, oh let's say 30 years ago, we would walk around the Pipeline Basin....I would never do that now.
10:15:21 <Craig> Its starting to come back to me now. The area I have a vague memory of it
10:15:37 <ynpvisitor32> People have been fined for walking in pipeline now
10:16:21 <ynpvisitor28> It always amazes me that they put the Inn building so close to the Myriad group. Of course that was a long time ago.
10:16:38 <ynpvisitor32> Yeah, they had no idea.
10:16:46 <Craig> I still think a tour of the Myriad area would be amazing
10:16:52 <ynpvisitor32> There's many rumors that there are thermal features under the Inn itself, but I think they're just rumors
10:17:40 <Kitt> wouldn't surprise me
10:17:47 <Siegmund> easily dispelled rumors if you look at the pre-1904 maps
10:18:25 <Kitt> except the thing about thermal features is that they can change
10:18:38 <ynpvisitor32> exactly
10:19:06 <Craig> The thing about me is that I enjoy the not as famous geysers. Yes tall geysers are awesome and great but I like the geysers that no one notices or ones that you can see the eruption from the vent and get close to like anenome.
10:19:17 <ynpvisitor28> That's one of the questions I asked on the Inn tour. They said, no. But that in future building they made certain that there was no thermal areas...I don't know.
10:20:08 <ynpvisitor28> I like the less known areas a lot too. Have you seen Imperial Geyser?
10:20:24 <Craig> No, no I haven't
10:21:19 <ynpvisitor28> Go to Fairy falls...then keep going on the trail to the left. It's pretty awesome....
10:21:23 <Siegmund> its a couple miles farther away from the road than it was when I was a kid..heh
10:22:06 <Craig> Going to have to do a lot of parent convincing. Don't even mention the convincing of even GOING to yellowstone :)
10:22:49 <ynpvisitor28> Yeah, you can take your bike some of the way, if you can find parking. Tell them you need exercize.
10:22:54 <ynpvisitor28> exercise
10:23:32 <ynpvisitor28> You can also climb the hill....and get a great view of Grand Prismatic....
10:23:44 <uhangieanngie> Craig, I applied & was offered a job when I was 18 and chose college. But at 55, standing on Fishing Bridge, I said, hey, I wonder if they still have that job for me. It's all good.
10:23:51 <ynpvisitor28> It's a awesome hike
10:24:00 <ynpvisitor28> an awesome
10:30:22 <ynpvisitor37> Nice view again. Sweet.
10:31:27 <sylk> the snow moved away so we can enjoy the OF steam.
10:31:51 <uhangieanngie> So what's happening in the back ground? Which geyser is that?
10:32:08 <Micah> Giantess Geyser. first eruption in 3 years.
10:32:19 <sylk> as long as you are not Graham, it's Giantess.
10:32:37 <ynpvisitor37> I don't think we will have much of a view tomorrow: snow storm and morning fog will likely create a white-out.
10:32:41 <Micah> heh
10:32:58 <Graham> thats ok, i saw the last Giantess that you could actually SEE
10:33:28 <sylk> what's going on to the left that's not OF?
10:33:36 <Micah> Pump
10:33:41 <sylk> ty
10:33:58 <Micah> Reallly a perpetual spouter with occasional surges to 10-15 feet.
10:34:43 <ynpvisitor20> we could actually see this one quite nicely earlier
10:36:24 <Maureen> and i thought it was more like 2 1/2 years...
10:36:55 <Jake> Micah is rounding up to the half year, then again to the year
10:37:08 <Jake> he's gonna go far in a marketing career!
10:37:13 <Maureen> ha
10:37:27 <Micah> I'm a geologist not a marketting major gosh dang it!
10:37:36 <Jake> you should switch
10:37:36 <Maureen> those spikes were so fun to watch, it was worth it to blow off work for a bit
10:37:39 <Graham> SOme Giantess pics here and F&M in good light too
10:38:00 <Maureen> having trouble holding focus?
10:38:21 <Jake> I guess to a geologist, 2.5 years = 3 years = 10 years
10:38:28 <Graham> just loving the snow Maureen, how much are you getting?
10:39:05 <Graham> pic 15 is the first Giantess shot
10:39:12 <Graham> after Jake made me run over from Churn
10:39:23 <sylk> it's a beautiful shot
10:39:26 <Micah> oh hush Jake
10:40:15 <Graham> took me 15 years to see Giantess start
10:40:23 <Suzanne> Giantess, woo hoo! I just got home from work and saw the email.
10:40:45 <Graham> you didnt miss much, we are enjoying the snow
10:41:09 <Suzanne> I'm glad I can see anything at all, it is so late
10:41:34 <Maureen> oh my heck Suzanne, it was so fun
10:41:46 <Maureen> I was so wishing you could be there
10:41:59 <Maureen> the spikes were awesome and often
10:42:05 <Maureen> amazing height considering the wind
10:42:06 <kcmule> aurum?
10:42:10 <Maureen> fun, fun, fun
10:42:18 <Suzanne> So Graham you needed to go to the Park this week instead, and enjoy the snow, too!
10:42:34 <Maureen> today was a very snowy day
10:42:38 <Maureen> snowed hard all day
10:42:52 <Suzanne> Glad you got to watch it Maureen
10:43:06 <Maureen> Graham had such an amazing week, just think if Giantess had erupted under those blue skies?
10:43:11 <Graham> I blame the Emp for getting his weeks mixed up
10:43:13 <Jake> I didn't see Aurum, kc
10:43:18 <Maureen> it was so fun Suzanne
10:43:19 <Suzanne> I wish I knew, would have found some way to take a break from wwork
10:43:26 <Maureen> has Vault erupted yet?
10:43:31 <Graham> was good weather for F&M this week
10:43:49 <Maureen> yes, odd wind that day though
10:43:49 <Graham> probably after dark Maureen
10:44:01 <Maureen> I was wondering that, after dark
10:44:07 <Maureen> Maybe Cathy will go out there
10:44:26 <Suzanne> Yes let's blame the Emperor, it is always his fault
10:44:34 <Graham> its not cold in the 20s but that snow isn't fun
10:44:50 <Will B> i wonder if this can bring plume back though
10:44:59 <Micah> I bet it will
10:45:45 <kcmule> confirmed aurum on capture : )
10:45:46 <Maureen> Doesn't a Goldberg work at the Lodge? A gazer?
10:45:53 <Maureen> He might be out there
10:46:06 <Maureen> after work, or maybe he got someone to change shifts
10:46:31 <Maureen> he might have been out there earlier. Michael? Jake, you know who I mean, right?
10:47:22 <Michael> Don't know his work schedule this winter.
10:47:39 <Maureen> Maybe Kristine is able to get out
10:47:50 <Will B> Goldberg works winter?
10:47:55 <Maureen> yes
10:47:56 <Jake> Kristine or Karen might get out
10:48:08 <Maureen> Karen said best would be from parking lot for her
10:48:23 <Maureen> she is driving in tomorrow
10:48:25 <Graham> she is based at Mammoth
10:48:39 <Maureen> yep, she was on earlier
10:48:52 <Jake> oh, didn't know that
10:49:13 <Maureen> you were busy watching Giantess!
10:49:37 <Maureen> I was never so happy to get a text alert!
10:49:59 <Maureen> wonder when Bee will go
10:50:34 <Maureen> Rita was going out, not sure if she had to wait until after 5
10:50:46 <Graham> bee can go early with Giantess I think
10:50:48 <Suzanne> haha, I just saw all the text messages on my cell phone, I had the notification sounds off and didn't see them until just now.
10:50:51 <Suzanne> Oh well
10:50:56 <Will B> they were all rotating who was on desk
10:51:31 <Jake> time for another Lion
10:52:11 <Maureen> work happens Suzanne, I figured you knew and could not get away
10:52:26 <Maureen> Will, aren
10:52:37 <Maureen> aren't there only 2 people on the desk?
10:52:46 <Maureen> Cathy was at West Thumb today
10:52:47 <Will B> i have no idea
10:52:56 <Will B> while i was there there was one
10:53:00 <Maureen> they are very short staffed
10:53:11 <Maureen> so if Rita was on, she most likely could not get away
10:53:26 <Will B> i think there is one in the desk and one in the back
10:53:29 <Maureen> Suzanne, you all ready for Sunday?
10:53:31 <Will B> or something like that
10:54:06 <Maureen> Well that was the most fun I had watching a geyser since Morning.
10:54:13 <Maureen> even if it was on the cam.
10:54:22 <Micah> Lion
10:54:34 <Will B> its trying
10:54:41 <Suzanne> Maureen usually I periodically check my cell phone for messages during the day, this afternoon I got really involved with a work project and did not.
10:54:58 <Graham> i hate work
10:55:01 <Maureen> crazy Suzanne
10:55:17 <Maureen> I was so glad, I was super busy, yet I jumped on and ended up blowing off work
10:55:38 <Maureen> I paid for it from 4:30-5:15, yet the rest I will catch up tomorrow.
10:55:47 <Maureen> I did miss some of it, as I was trying to alert peeps
10:55:57 <Suzanne> Maureen I am looking forward to Sunday. Having a Super Bowl party and some geyser gazers will be there. You're all invited if you can get to Denver :-)
10:55:59 <Will B> same here
10:56:16 <Will B> i was going through my phone calling every geyser person
10:56:19 <Graham> so do you have a bet on with Micah?
10:56:21 <Kitt> wish I could
10:56:25 <Maureen> Ha ha, I have so many Bronco gazer peeps, and so many Seahawk ones.
10:56:27 <Kitt> have to work on Monday
10:56:32 <Michael> I got the listserv email. And since the weather looked rotten and Giantess lasts a while, I went back to work...
10:56:42 <Maureen> you did not call me Will, sigh...
10:56:49 <Micah> guys, it's obvious since sunday will be my birthday, we all know who will win'
10:56:50 <Maureen> I no longer rate
10:56:53 <Suzanne> No bet with Micah but SteveO is coming so that will be interesting
10:56:54 <Will B> well you were already on
10:57:05 <Kitt> Michael, you could enjoy the Vault initial
10:57:14 <Suzanne> Oh Micah you are delusional
10:57:23 <Maureen> no, I had to sign on, no matte though
10:57:38 <Kitt> the Seahawks
10:57:43 <Maureen> GO HAWKS, he he
10:57:48 <Will B> Michael your in the park?
10:57:51 <Micah> Delusional? you definitely mean inspirational
10:57:52 <Suzanne> GO BRONCOS
10:58:06 <Michael> Nope. 1500 miles away.
10:58:07 <Jenna> GO BRONCOS :)
10:58:11 <Maureen> I hope the party is lots of fun Suzanne
10:58:15 <Micah> pssshhhh.
10:58:24 <Suzanne> I think it will be lots of fun
10:58:24 <uhangieanngie> Regrettably, can't see in the dark. See you in the morning.
10:58:40 <Maureen> well, night falls, not even 1800, clouds make so much difference
10:58:49 <Maureen> I hope it is not too foggy
10:58:50 <alex (at work)> I live in Seahawk territory,,,,,if they lose again there will be another 10 years of whining....
10:58:54 <alex (at work)> I hope they lose
10:59:01 <Graham> goodnight all, hope we can actually SEE Giantess erupting tomorrow
10:59:05 <Michael> I hope it clears out a bit before Giantess quits.
10:59:06 <sylk> it could be worse, she could have waited until now to start. :)
10:59:14 <Maureen> we actually saw it G, you were stuck in traffic
10:59:27 <Maureen> yes, glad Giantess erupted in daylight
10:59:29 <Kitt> night everyone
10:59:30 <Maureen> night
10:59:32 <Graham> yeah and at work ... need a better job where i can watch the cam :)
10:59:38 <Kitt> dream of summer
10:59:44 <Maureen> yes, Graham, you do
10:59:48 <Maureen> take care Kitt
10:59:52 <Maureen> bye
11:00:01 <Michael> Good night, everyone who's ducking out now.
11:00:05 <Kitt> you too
11:00:14 <Micah> Arch Duke signing off, night all.
11:00:18 <sylk> glad to have met some of you online, who I have probably met in person once or twice.
11:00:22 <Kitt> Hope your party is a success Suzanne
11:00:51 <Suzanne> Thanks Kitt
11:01:05 <Kitt> I think Bill will be driving home through Colorado on Friday or Saturday
11:01:19 <Kitt> He's in Oklahoma right now
11:02:04 <alex (at work)> goodnight MRS Kalabash, wherever you are...
11:02:04 <Michael> Forgot to check. Is Giantess hidden behind trees on the OFVEC camera? It's pitch black now so I can't tell.
11:02:32 <Will B> it is
11:02:51 <Michael> Bummer.
11:05:37 <Suzanne> Thanks again for the text message about Giantess, looking forward to seeing it early tomorrow
11:05:43 <Suzanne> good night
11:06:01 <Michael> Good night, Suzanne.
11:13:12 <kcmule> nite
11:13:34 <Michael> Good night.
11:13:47 <Michael> I'm out the door too.
14:47:04 <ynpvisitor65> I just saw a flashlight or something