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23:38:53 <ynpvisitor66> obviously Castle ie
00:17:23 <Paul> Morning
00:18:54 <Dave from B> Morning Paul
00:35:36 <Dave from B> Grand ie
00:36:39 <lc> good morning
00:37:11 <lc> I had Grand 0734 on static cam.
00:37:21 <lc> ns
00:39:58 <Dave from B> Morning, lc
00:40:14 <Dave from B> Thanks...I'm missing my computer cloc kthsi morning for some reason
00:41:29 <Dave from B> This has been a fun morning. My phone modem is down and I'm fielding 3 lines trhru my cell phone.
00:41:55 <Dave from B> lc, have you been avoiding the storms thus far?
00:52:31 <David A pdx (in> morning all!
00:52:39 <Dave from B> Morning David and Ryan
00:53:09 <David A pdx> How're you doing Dave?
00:53:52 <Dave from B> A little sleepy this morning. Drove home from Boise getting home at midnight last night.
00:54:16 <Ryan(-11)> Morning Dave
00:55:01 <David A pdx> how long a drive? I'm down in Eureka CA - and that's an 8 hour, with no stops.
00:56:08 <Ryan(-11)> OF 0756
00:56:13 <Ryan(-11)> and a very nice one at that
00:56:49 <Dave from B> 9 hour drive time
00:57:35 <Dave from B> What's worse, is after 7 hours in the car, I hit a massive blizzard on the Bozeman Pass where I could only go 25 mpg
00:57:56 <Dave from B> Couldn't even see the center line for most of the way
00:57:58 <David A pdx> and most likely you have better roads. hwy 199 and parts of 101 in CA are not known for speed
00:57:58 <Ryan(-11)> Was that a SHORT?
00:58:13 <David A pdx> yikes
00:58:15 <Ryan(-11)> I dont think I see water anymore
00:58:32 <David A pdx> looks just like steam
00:59:42 <Ryan(-11)> LC 0759ns
01:00:07 <lc> sorry Dave was away for a while. so far so good with the storms.
01:00:29 <lc> suppose to be bumpy this afternoon.
01:01:57 <David A pdx> LC
01:02:15 <David A pdx> and hi lc!
01:05:22 <lc> hey Kevin
01:06:10 <Kevin L> Morning. You do OK in all those storms?
01:06:37 <Dave from B> Morning Kevin
01:07:37 <Kevin L> How was the trip Dave?
01:08:16 <lc> ok so far.
01:08:18 <Dave from B> Long
01:08:58 <Kevin L> Did they win?
01:09:42 <Dave from B> Didn't even score a goal in 3 games
01:09:54 <David A pdx> humans
01:10:09 <Dave from B> Becca, who plays defense had a workout all weekend.
01:11:06 <Kevin L> Bummer. Really long weekend then.
01:12:05 <Dave from B> We had a good weekend together
01:12:38 <Dave from B> Morning Jenna
01:13:08 <lc> morning Jenna
01:13:15 <Kevin L> We did get some good news here. Since KISS got that Arena Football team, a guy from Motley Crew decided to invest in one and wants to move it to Las Vegas.
01:13:52 <Jenna> morning Dave and lc
01:14:02 <Jenna> and Kevin, Ryan and David
01:14:32 <Kevin L> Hi Jenna. Ready to bring Connor out here for some training?
01:14:49 <Dave from B> I hope you get a franchise, Kevin. That would be fun.
01:14:56 <Jenna> he would love it!
01:15:26 <David A pdx> Morning Jenna!
01:15:40 <Kevin L> It was really fun when my wife's Uncles owned the Sting. Didn't realize it but at that time her cousin was president of the league.
01:17:32 <Kevin L> Speaking of trains, the Union Pacific bought back one of the Big Boy steam engines (largest steam engine ever built) to restore. Tomorrow they are going to be dragging it dry into Las Vegas. I will be trackside for that!
01:18:15 <David A pdx> that sounds pretty cool!
01:18:19 <Jenna> wow that would be awesome to see
01:22:36 <Kevin L> Here is a pic of it being pushed by one of the big new mainline diesel engines:
01:22:39 <Kevin L>
01:31:12 <David A pdx> that is one impressive engine!
01:51:17 <Jenna> ..
01:51:28 <Jenna> wow Kevin
01:55:48 <Dave from B> Morning Kent
01:56:23 <Kent> Big Boy totally cool. I will make a point of visiting while it is in SLC. Thanks Kevin!
01:56:34 <Kent> Hey Dave
02:05:16 <lc> OF 0904
02:08:58 <Dave from B> Is anyone we know in the field today?
02:09:27 <lc> I don't know anyone.
02:13:44 <Dave from B> Morning alex and kc
02:13:55 <kc (working)> mornin
02:44:03 <Kevin L> Here is the schedule Kent:
02:44:04 <Kevin L>
02:53:18 <alex (at work)> moring dave
03:05:24 <Kent> Thsnks Kevin. I just ran down to the railyard to see where it will be displayed. It will be fun to see the 4041 back in service.
03:07:21 <Kevin L> They say it will be about 3 years until it is working again. We are planning to go to Jean to watch in come move down the rail line so I can see the parts in action. I am pretty excited about it.
03:08:14 <Kent> Nothing shows raw mechanical power better than a steam locomotive.
03:08:59 <Kent> Say hey to OJ for me if you see him in Jean
03:09:04 <Dave from B> Sounds fun, Kevin
03:09:15 <Kevin L> True. We were at the museum Saturday and they had an 1 1/2" scale live steam pulling a train.
03:09:41 <Kevin L> I think OJ is up in Cartoon City now.
03:09:50 <Kent> :(
03:10:26 <Kevin L> The way things are going here, he may be our next Governor.
03:13:15 <Kevin L> Hey Kent, here is a gps link to the Big Boy location:
03:13:17 <Kevin L>
03:16:34 <Kent> I wonder how fast they can drag the engine.
03:18:14 <Kevin L> I don't think they are going to try to set any speed records. It will also be interesting to see what happens with the road number. As with the 844 there is an active diesel with the same road number. Bet the diesel get a new number, not the steamer.
03:19:12 <Kevin L> BTW the GP30 #844 is also still alive and living in Boulder City. I got to ride a train pulled by it this weekend.
03:19:31 <Kevin L> UGH. More white crap!
03:19:35 <Kevin L> :p
03:19:53 <Jenna> too bad we weren't taking a trip to WY
03:20:06 <Kent> GP30 a switch engine?
03:20:33 <Kevin L> 2nd generation mainline engine.
03:20:42 <Kent> OK
03:21:56 <Kevin L>
03:22:05 <Kevin L> There is a good picture.
03:22:55 <Kent> I seem to remember that these were mostly used for locals.
03:23:20 <Jenna> I feel like I've maybe seen one of those downtown, but maybe not
03:23:25 <Jenna> I'll have to start taking more pictures
03:24:24 <Kevin L> You may have. They are a bit different than most because of the high vents over the cab and dynamic brake area.
03:24:35 <Kevin L> Several still in use today.
03:25:50 <Kevin L> Here is the one in Boulder City:
03:25:52 <Kevin L>
03:27:00 <Paul> A clean one no less
03:28:37 <Kevin L> Yep. It is museum owned and they keep it pretty clean. What is really cool is for $250 they will let you drive it for an hour or so!
03:29:07 <Paul> oh i would do that
03:32:23 <Dave from B> gOOD EVENING bETTY
03:32:25 <Kevin L> Daisy 1031
03:32:26 <Dave from B> oops
03:32:50 <Paul> Your always yelling at us dave. lol
03:33:09 <Dave from B> Yes...I'm always so loud.
03:33:11 <Kevin L> At least he spelled it right.
03:33:25 <Kevin L> Here is the link with info to drive the train:
03:33:27 <Kevin L>
03:33:33 <Betty> Inverted Dave
03:33:50 <Dave from B> For those who need a Grand prediction....1315-1400
03:34:01 <Kevin L> How about BH?
03:34:02 <Dave from B> haha
03:34:52 <Kevin L> Glad Daisy got in before OF and during a break in the storm.
03:34:52 <Betty> Lots of snow today into Switzerland
03:34:53 <Paul> Thats cool Kevin. Have you done it yet?
03:36:01 <Kevin L> I have ridden in the cab of the 844, but I haven't driven it. I did drive the NW2 and the Fairbanks Morse. BTW the NW2 is the first diesel engine UP bought.
03:36:05 <Dave from B> BH 1440-1840
03:36:25 <Dave from B> Are you having fun, Betty?
03:36:47 <Kevin L> Guess not Dave.
03:37:16 <Kevin L> Have you ever driven one Paul?
03:40:54 <Kevin L> of 1040
03:46:08 <Paul> No, its a dream of mine though. or at least ride in the cab
03:53:44 <Kevin L> It is well worth it. There are several places that let you do that now. I know Ely Nevada and Portola California do.
03:54:37 <Kevin L> You can do a cab ride in Boulder City for $35.
03:58:27 <Paul> Ya i will look into it for my area
04:00:51 <Kevin L> You will love it Paul. Lot of fun. I did railroad crossing inspections when I worked for NDOT so I was able to get a lot of cab rides.
04:02:32 <Kevin L> There was a sheetrock plant in the desert that has its own train to connect with the UP. The only way to access a couple of their crossings was a 4WD vehicle, 10 mile walk, or to take the train. Guess which option I used?
04:17:12 <Paul> The same one I would have chosen Kevin
04:17:23 <Paul> :)
04:20:23 <Kevin L> My son wa 15 and did some volunteer work at the museum. They were training engineers and asked if he wanted to go along. They let him drive is about 4 miles on that trip. He drove a train engine before he drove a car!
04:20:56 <ynpvisitor58> is there any blue sky in the basin today?
04:21:11 <Paul> Wow how lucky ia that
04:21:27 <Kevin L> Off & on 58. Comes and goes quickly.
04:22:06 <ynpvisitor58> ty, are you waiting for Lion?
04:23:10 <Kevin L> Yes. It has been looking hot. Been getting a few BH splashes too. Given its record, don't want to go too far from it!
04:23:56 <ynpvisitor58> hey, humans at Lion, nice to see
04:30:08 <Kevin L> Nice splashes on both geysers
04:33:50 <Jenna> ..
04:33:58 <lt> Beeeeee, what are you doing.
04:34:07 <Dave from B> zzz
04:34:13 <lt> just being splashy I guess
04:37:27 <Kevin L> Taking a nap it appears.
04:39:18 <Kevin L> Little Cub is alive.
04:42:35 <Dave from B> Maureen may know more but there is still a lot of snow piles in West for almost May 1
04:53:23 <Kevin L> Big BH splash
04:57:02 <Dave from B> Lion is trying
04:57:50 <Kevin L> Some old lady just won a trip to Yellowstone on Price is Right.
04:58:33 <Jenna> wow
04:58:34 <Jenna> fun!
04:58:48 <Dave from B> In a Toyota Highlander?
04:59:09 <Kevin L> They also gave her a car, but not sure what kind.
04:59:34 <Kevin L> If you buy a Highlander you can't afford the trip.
05:00:52 <Jenna> I can't stand to watch that commercial anymore
05:02:04 <Kevin L> Steam engine is climbing Cajon Pass right now.
05:02:21 <ynpvisitor8> People still watch The Price is Right?
05:02:51 <ynpvisitor8> Well I guess people still watch OF.
05:04:07 <Kevin L> I can remember Price is Right when Bill Cullen was the host!
05:08:35 <Paul> yOUR oLD
05:08:44 <Paul> lol
05:09:27 <Kevin L> Yep.
05:09:54 <Paul> That's ok i'm not far behind you
05:10:20 <Kevin L> It does sneak up on you.
05:11:03 <Kevin L> of 1210
05:11:14 <Paul> My dad turned 70 this year. I have been calling him older than dirt. He thinks its funny
05:12:51 <Kevin L> Not too far behind him.
06:06:35 <Jenna> ..
06:26:37 <Kevin L> Daisy back on long cycle again.
06:30:12 <Dave from B> Wow...time for Grand again....Day is going fast.
06:30:26 <Jenna> maybe for you
06:30:27 <Jenna> lol
06:30:32 <Kevin L> Bad wind direction. May need defense modae.
06:30:33 <Dave from B> :D
06:30:42 <Dave from B> :D
06:31:09 <Kevin L> Bit of snow falling too.
06:31:17 <Jenna> chance for tornado again this afternoon
06:31:32 <Jenna> not ready for this part of spring
06:32:35 <Dave from B> We'll pray for you
06:32:51 <ynpvisitor46> :(
06:33:03 <Kevin L> Those were some nasty ones last night.
06:33:10 <Jenna> we're supposed to go look at a house after work. Hope we don't have to check out the basement for the wrong reason.
06:33:38 <Dave from B> Jenna, do all houses have basements in your town?
06:34:16 <Jenna> most
06:34:59 <Jenna> I haven't had to go to the basement for quite awhile so I'm hoping we'll be fine. The bad weather usually misses my town for some reason.
06:37:25 <Dave from B> Jenna, how many houses would you guess you have looked at?
06:37:29 <Jenna> as long as it passes through before bedtime I'll be ok :)
06:37:33 <Jenna> um
06:37:41 <Jenna> I could probably tell you an exact number
06:37:52 <Kevin L> Bus duty time. Cam may get slimed.
06:38:02 <Dave from B> We were discussing that at work earlier today. What good is a warning system if it can't wake you up at night?
06:38:26 <Jenna> 9 that I can think of
06:38:34 <Jenna> wait 10, and will be 11 after tonight I believe
06:38:50 <Jenna> so, not a huge amount but it's a small town
06:38:56 <Jenna> we have a weather radio
06:39:04 <Jenna> and I believe Scott has a weather app on his phone
06:39:12 <Dave from B> That is good
06:39:36 <Jenna> now I'll be worried about that all night lol thanks!
06:41:22 <Dave from B> Sorry, Jenna. Only reason I mentioned it is that my daughter had a close call a month ago. Her phone app work her up. She could barely hear the school alrms outside.
06:41:57 <Jenna> ah
06:42:06 <Jenna> well I hadn't thought about it this year yet so I appreciate the reminder
06:42:44 <Jenna> I might have to put his phone on my side of the bed, I'm pretty sure he'd sleep through the tornado
06:43:58 <Jenna> well the first alert came on the radio just now
06:45:31 <Jenna> there is a HUGE line of storms from Omaha all the way to St Louis MO
06:48:11 <Dave from B> Maureen UGB reports...Turban 1343, Penta 1256
06:49:57 <lc> just got back from 5 mi walk.
06:50:40 <lc> bad weather suppose to get here about 2000 tonight.
06:51:19 <Jenna> brb
06:51:54 <lc> OF 1351
06:52:23 <Jenna> uh oh
06:52:49 <lc> thats not good
06:53:21 <Andrew> nice view!!
06:53:58 <lc> and the static
07:03:46 <Dave from B> Grand Pool "looks good" per Maureen
07:05:14 <Dave from B> Grand 1403
07:05:19 <Dave from B> per Maureen
07:05:31 <Dave from B> Turban a Grand start
07:07:35 <Andrew> steamy
07:16:36 <ynpvisitor62> wiper
07:19:17 <Jenna> ..
07:19:53 <Jenna> it's here
07:21:32 <Dave from B> Hopefully it goes away
07:23:54 <lc> Dave you going to log Grand and Turban?
07:28:55 <lc> I logged them
07:29:40 <lc> bbl
07:31:41 <Kevin L> Back
07:31:50 <Kevin L> Looks like it got hit.
07:32:22 <Kevin L> :p Looks like you missed Grand.
07:34:03 <Dave from B> Thanks, lc...was with my new phone guy.
07:36:30 <Kevin L> Any body see Daisy?
07:39:19 <ynpvisitor80> lc, Grand was a G2Q. Will you put that in? This is Maureen
07:39:47 <Kevin L> Anything on Daisy Maureen?
07:39:52 <ynpvisitor80> Aurum just happened too.
07:40:12 <Kevin L> :p
07:40:17 <ynpvisitor80> Daisy was about 15? Minutes before Grand.
07:40:53 <ynpvisitor80> How long until OF?
07:41:00 <Kevin L> Depression looks hot now.
07:41:18 <ynpvisitor80> Bill was calling things and I did not write them down.
07:41:38 <ynpvisitor80> Penta was great at 1256
07:41:48 <Kevin L> OF is at 50m now
07:42:17 <ynpvisitor80> Thanks Kevin. Has BEE been splashing ?
07:43:05 <Kevin L> yes
07:43:15 <Kevin L> Lion too
07:44:12 <ynpvisitor80> So fun to be on the other side of the trees. We got 4 tourists to wait too, they loved it.
07:44:32 <ynpvisitor80> Another late 2nd burst.
07:54:49 <Dave from B> Hi, Maureen
07:55:24 <lc> will do
07:55:30 <lc> maureen.
07:57:56 <Dave from B> funny, now we call a 6:29 interval on Grand long.
07:58:10 <Dave from B> At least this monthy
08:02:31 <Dave from B> Not this again
08:02:40 <Kevin L> :p
08:02:55 <Kevin L> No snow though.
08:04:14 <Dave from B> ..
08:06:07 <Kevin L> Quit it Dave!
08:07:07 <Dave from B> Why is this starting now?
08:07:50 <Dave from B> I did get word our Internet speed increases from 5 meg to 30 meg on Thursdasy. Happy May Day!
08:09:15 <Kevin L> Does you bill speed increase too?
08:11:12 <Dave from B> That's what I'm wondering. I'm afraid to ask.
08:13:48 <Kevin L> If not now, it will.
08:15:25 <Kevin L> Look like a defense mode OF
08:17:39 <Kevin L> OF 1517 ie
08:18:45 <Dave from B> I'm too tired to deal with quitting business...I quit! Have a good night everyone!
08:19:56 <Kevin L> Bye
08:19:59 <Jenna> bye Dave
08:44:54 <Kevin L> If Maureen was right, Daisy would have had a 3h15m +/- interval.
09:01:25 <Kevin L> Hi Kitt.
09:01:28 <Kitt> Hello all
09:01:36 <Kevin L> Hi Graham.
09:01:37 <Kitt> looks windy in the park also
09:01:43 <Kitt> wind is howling here
09:02:01 <Graham> hello
09:02:10 <Kitt> we had a lovely trip
09:02:30 <Graham> not many times reported today, where is Will?
09:02:33 <Kitt> Bill and I climbed the high temple at Lamanai
09:02:52 <Kitt> 129 feet tall
09:02:58 <Graham> was the last OF a long Kevin?
09:03:11 <Kevin L> Don't know
09:03:47 <Graham> maureen got Grand, yeah
09:03:53 <Kitt> kept imagining I was at the top of Grand or Bee
09:04:16 <Kevin L> Defense mode
09:04:38 <Kitt> Will is probably snowed in in Bozeman
09:04:56 <Graham> long per VEC
09:07:52 <Kevin L> No BH yet. No Lion yet
09:09:47 <Kevin L> Weather is clear crappy clear crappy clear crappy clear crappy clear crappy.....
09:12:56 <Kitt> I got it. The weather is clearly crappy. :o)
09:12:58 <Graham> as long as its ot crappy crappy crappy
09:13:30 <Kitt> Lion?
09:13:37 <Graham> Liopn 1613
09:13:40 <Kitt> yup
09:14:01 <Kevin L> It can go from happy happy happy to crappy crappy crappy real quick.
09:14:30 <Graham> guess this is the initial, looks slow starting
09:15:06 <Kevin L> I sure didn't see it all day long. :p
09:15:33 <Kitt> oh look, a fuzzy Lion
09:17:07 <Kevin L> Speaking of fuzzy.
09:19:36 <Kitt> Saturday was a lot of hurry up and wait
09:19:54 <ynpvisitor89> What does the "A" after the Daisy eruption mean?
09:20:18 <Graham> its one of the new features, Approximate
09:20:32 <Kitt> we finally flew into Billings at 11:25 PM.
09:20:34 <ynpvisitor89> Gotcha. Thanks!
09:20:55 <Graham> where from Kitt?
09:21:22 <Kitt> from Houston via Denver
09:21:31 <Kitt> 4 hour layover in Denver
09:21:42 <Graham> bet it was warmer there. how was the cruise?
09:22:15 <Kitt> our plane was delayed leaving Newark, NJ
09:22:56 <Kitt> It was 91 in Belize with 80 % humidity
09:24:01 <Graham> did you have fun - exceptfor the trip home
09:24:27 <Kitt> Really enjoyed the Lamanai Mayan Ruins in Belize
09:24:47 <Kitt> It rained part of the time in Roatan
09:25:11 <Kitt> I enjoyed seeing all of the Iguanas at Tulum again
09:25:43 <Kitt> and I managed to avoid getting a sunburn
09:26:35 <Kitt> still enjoy the Alaskan cruises the best
09:27:22 <Kitt> but I enjoy meeting people from around the world and learning about their culture
09:28:29 <Graham> cool
09:28:34 <Graham> when do you go to YNP?
09:28:59 <Kitt> maybe Memorial Weekend
09:29:12 <Kitt> otherwise I will be there in June
09:30:14 <Graham> blue sky
09:30:35 <Kitt> where?
09:30:47 <Graham> UGB cam
09:30:57 <Graham> and VEC
09:31:02 <Graham> LC
09:31:20 <Kitt> tiny patch
09:31:36 <Graham> getting bigger
09:32:23 <Kitt> during our trip our cell phones were turned off the entire week
09:33:07 <Graham> yeah, don't want those roaming charges
09:33:29 <Kevin L> Big time roaming.
09:34:49 <Kitt> well, I need to get busy unpacking and doing laundry
09:34:53 <Kitt> have a good day
09:35:05 <Kitt> bye
09:35:58 <Graham> bye Kitt
09:40:28 <ynpvisitor61> Hey, this is Maureen. Just checking in to say Aurum was from William, the guy from the UK, I did not show up until 1310.
09:40:37 <ynpvisitor61> if you want to change that G.
09:40:50 <ynpvisitor61> sure was fun to see Penta, and I meant Penta, not AURUM, sorry
09:41:06 <ynpvisitor61> Back later.
09:41:11 <ynpvisitor61> hey Kitt
09:41:51 <ynpvisitor61> oops, she is gone. Lots of oops, yet please change Penta to William. Thanks.
09:43:16 <Graham> k, will note it
09:46:28 <Graham> OF 1646
09:47:37 <Kevin L> Interesting on static
10:11:52 <Graham> Dep
10:13:12 <Graham> Daisy 1712
10:14:27 <Graham> Daisy 3h31 this time
10:14:52 <Graham> Bill put the start for the prior eruption too
10:27:20 <Graham> Lion 1727ns
11:07:12 <ynpvisitor7> Beehive is just being annoying
11:19:40 <Graham> OF 1819
11:19:44 <ynpvisitor16> nice time of day for OF
11:20:04 <ynpvisitor14> It has been so gray lately that when I checked in to look at cam just now, I wondered when the cam started broadcasting in color.
11:20:17 <ynpvisitor16> though we do not get to see it all
11:31:19 <Graham> Lion
11:32:48 <ynpvisitor14> loving the lighting
11:40:33 <Graham> snow has cleared a lot
11:52:18 <ynpvisitor99> will BH go b4 sundown?
11:52:50 <Graham> at this point its unknown
11:53:05 <Graham> 2 hours before dark, so maybe
11:53:19 <ynpvisitor99> seems to be steaming a bit, and had a splash
11:53:32 <Graham> yeah its been splashing for hours
11:53:48 <ynpvisitor99> normal behaviour
11:54:13 <Kevin L> Big splash about 1100 this morning.
11:54:34 <ynpvisitor99> how big?
11:55:01 <Graham> so its due, sometime before dawn :)
11:55:10 <ynpvisitor99> LOL!
11:55:25 <Graham> or later
11:55:41 <ynpvisitor99> or before! plus or minus
11:56:33 <Graham> unless its dormant
11:56:41 <Kevin L> Probably about 3 to 4 feet
11:56:51 <ynpvisitor99> cool. that is sizeable.
11:56:56 <Graham> or we missed it during a snowstorm today
11:57:12 <ynpvisitor99> nah, not the 'd' word...
11:57:43 <Kevin L> Don't think we missed it.
11:58:10 <ynpvisitor99> well, i've got to run. have fun, and enjoy BH for me.
12:12:30 <Graham> last 7 Grands with burst counts were all 2b
12:29:47 <kcmule> lion 19:29
12:33:33 <kcmule> OF 19:33ns
12:34:01 <kcmule> guess the last was a short
12:34:44 <Graham> sorry kc, I wasn't paying attention :)
12:35:15 <kcmule> i shoulda noticed it wasnt designated
12:35:44 <Graham> it wasn't splatting me, don't know what you did to the wind
12:36:51 <Graham> at least you have blue sky now
12:37:57 <kcmule> anything in focus is an improvement
12:44:46 <kcmule> sc ie
12:52:46 <Graham> good lick with bee, goodnight
12:52:54 <Graham> or luck
12:53:20 <kcmule> good nute
12:55:06 <Kevin L> Lots of Davespeak here.
13:05:15 <kcmule> oblong maybe
13:12:07 <kcmule> daisy 20:11
13:16:28 <kcmule> castle 20:16ie
13:24:04 <kcmule> grand 20:23
13:25:47 <kcmule> hmm could be oblong now
13:26:44 <kcmule> not seeing spikes, so yeah
13:32:22 <ynpvisitor16> so it was not Grand?
13:32:46 <kcmule> correct
13:40:12 <kcmule> riverside? 20:40ns
13:43:19 <Kevin L> Truck on the bw
13:45:12 <ynpvisitor16> Grand?
13:45:13 <kcmule> grand 20:45
13:47:49 <kcmule> wind calmed a bit too much
13:49:24 <kcmule> 2 trucks on bw now
13:49:39 <kcmule> actually 1 is a car with lights on the top
13:50:26 <Kevin L> Wonder if truck is not an official vehicle.
13:57:59 <ynpvisitor16> was there a second burst?
13:58:28 <Kevin L> I could not tell
13:58:35 <kcmule> i never saw a pause
14:00:26 <kcmule> it's past 2100, still visible
14:00:51 <ynpvisitor16> hey nice!
14:07:33 <kcmule> OF 21:07