Showing logs for date: 2014-05-27
22:20:23 <ynpvisitor64> BHI 0519ie
22:21:30 <lc> probably ns
22:21:48 <ynpvisitor84> hy
22:21:54 <lc> anybody awake?
22:30:19 <lc> OF 0529
22:33:43 <lc> hard to see, OF steam.
22:35:03 <ynpvisitor54> i am awake!
22:35:34 <lc> BH 0532
22:36:37 <ynpvisitor54> was very difficult through the OF steam
22:37:20 <ynpvisitor54> i see 2 7 hour + intervals.....
22:48:15 <lc> got to wonder about the 2147 BH.
22:50:18 <ynpvisitor54> it does seem a bit strange given that the two together would make a much more likely single interval
22:50:53 <lc> I agree
22:52:15 <lc> and no incicator logged.
22:59:42 <ynpvisitor54> just looked at GT and it shows an OF at 2150 logged by the same person...
23:03:26 <lc> I wonder if there was a Lion.
23:04:33 <lc> maybe someone can check captures.
23:06:59 <ynpvisitor54> i wondered about the Lion too
23:07:57 <ynpvisitor33> that is the same person that did that the other day, lc
23:08:32 <lc> that person logged a BH a few days ago that turned out to be Lion. (I think).
23:09:04 <lc> didn't mean to repeat you. g
23:09:24 <ynpvisitor33> :)
23:09:43 <ynpvisitor54> I don't think I recall a BH as short as that.... 9 hours yes but 7+....
23:09:54 <ynpvisitor54> never mind 2
23:09:59 <lc> just don't think BH did two intervals under 8 hrs.
23:10:14 <ynpvisitor54> i do not either
23:11:32 <lc> Keven was here until 2151 last night.
23:12:25 <lc> and It, don't know who that is.
23:12:56 <lc> I think that is Kevin.
23:32:04 <lc> Lion 0631ie
23:33:02 <lc> probably initial, I didn't see the start.
23:47:19 <Dave from B> Morning everyone
23:47:27 <lc> morning Dave
23:47:42 <lc> you get moved?
23:49:03 <Dave from B> No, moving next weekend
23:50:17 <lc> Grand 0650ns
23:50:26 <Dave from B> Did you have family over the weekend, lc?
23:51:12 <lc> just a couple of hrs yesterday.
23:51:22 <lc> that may be Oblong.
23:52:35 <lc> Ma is keeping one grand daughter this week
23:53:53 <Dave from B> Interval seems a little short for Grand based on the last couple of days
23:53:53 <lc> what do you think Dave, Oblong?
23:54:14 <Dave from B> I can't see spikes. Let's see howe long it goes for.
23:54:33 <Dave from B> Daisy going?
23:54:41 <lc> looks like Daisy 0654ie
23:59:06 <lc> I'm thinking Grand
23:59:07 <Dave from B> lc, are you leaning towards Oblong?
23:59:12 <Dave from B> :D
23:59:20 <Dave from B> Lokos like a 2nd burst now
23:59:27 <lc> yep
23:59:35 <Dave from B> OF 0659ie
23:59:38 <lc> OF 0659
00:33:42 <ynpvisitor55> Looks like Jane Carpenter was sipping the sauce with her beehive eruption time
00:33:53 <ynpvisitor55> from yesterday
00:34:08 <Dave from B> Maybe she was just "Lion"
00:34:17 <ynpvisitor55> Most likely
00:35:05 <ynpvisitor55> That would fit better from the end of Lion's series yesterday afternoon
00:35:19 <lc> should we flag it or let Will take care of it?
00:35:40 <ynpvisitor55> Will will probably catch it.
00:35:48 <lc> I just can't believe it was BH.
00:36:09 <ynpvisitor55> We did have an 18 hour Bee over the weekend, this time frame is just too short.
00:36:59 <lc> yes, seems most have been 14 to 18
00:37:55 <ynpvisitor55> Time for work, enjoy
00:41:32 <lc> Lion 0741
00:44:32 <Paul L.> I stil can not see the new cam on my work pc. It is frustrating.
00:54:01 <Dave from B> Paul, what message do you get?
01:02:35 <Paul L.> stream loading
01:05:29 <Kevin L> You workplace may block the streaming.
01:06:15 <lc> bbl
01:07:52 <Paul L.> Thats what i was thinking
01:08:33 <Paul L.> funny thing is i can view all other web cams from the site that host this cam
01:09:53 <Kevin L> The streaming is what they may be blocking. Low def may have made it through but this may be too much bandwidth.
01:27:13 <Dave from B> Morning Kevin
01:35:07 <ynpvisitor27> can anyone confirm the 2147 5/26 Beehive? That is a very unusual interval.
01:37:16 <ynpvisitor27> There was a mistaken webcam Beehive report the day before.
01:37:32 <ynpvisitor27> I'm wondering about last nights report.
01:39:42 <ynpvisitor33> same person entered both
01:39:54 <Dave from B> Was last night's entry made by the same person who erred the evneing before?
01:41:10 <Dave from B> It seems entrant is seeing Lion and not BH
01:42:33 <ynpvisitor27> That is what I'm wondering. I'll talk to people at Old Faithful today to see if ant of them saw BH last night but thought I'd ask here first.
01:42:52 <Dave from B> Thanks, 27
01:45:21 <lc (bbl)> was OF missed?
01:48:04 <Dave from B> Sorry, lc. Haven't been paying close attention
01:48:07 <ynpvisitor33> hi DaveM
01:48:39 <lc (bbl)> ok, thanks.
01:50:27 <lc (bbl)> Kevin, you here?
01:51:24 <Dave from B> Good morning Dave M
01:52:55 <lc (bbl)> DaveM, I really don't think BH erupted at last night.
02:04:01 <lc (bbl)> going for a walk, bbl.
02:14:15 <Kevin L> I am back lc. Are you still here?
02:29:32 <Kevin L> Something at Groblong
03:06:28 <ynpvisitor76> Morning all
03:08:04 <ynpvisitor76> Everything was nice and early this morning.
03:11:51 <Kevin L> of way ie at 1011
04:09:00 <ynpvisitor46> Anyone know if Paul is going to update the camera links?
04:10:14 <Dave from B> He is planning on it but it may be a week or so.
04:10:47 <ynpvisitor76> Him and I worked on it on Friday...NPS is not making this eaasy
04:11:09 <Dave from B> Hi, Eric
04:11:13 <Eric> Hey Dave
04:11:38 <Eric> I came up with a workaround to get it on the page, but it was pretty hackish.
04:14:06 <Dave from B> Did Paul talk to NPS?
04:14:27 <Eric> Not last time I talked to him
04:15:33 <Eric> The other piece of info is that the NPS said they are working on an iphone compatible version, which might open up what is necessary to get the feed here without hacks.
04:15:48 <ynpvisitor46> I like that the old connections still work. I would have thought they would have put a redirect on them or something.
04:15:52 <Eric> This will probably just take some time to workout.
04:16:06 <Eric> The old connections?
04:16:38 <ynpvisitor46> An old image from the gone basin cam, and the old dead stream.
04:16:51 <Eric> ahh
04:17:34 <Eric> The old UGB cam was just an image dumped into a directory, so your just seeing the last image dumped there.
04:18:11 <Eric> I assume at some point the previous streaming cam url will just go away.
04:19:15 <ynpvisitor46> To tidy to redirect it. Better to loose anyone that had it book marked on thier browser.
04:20:17 <Eric> OF ie
04:21:18 <ynpvisitor46> So did I read that Porcelain basin has cooled down?
04:21:40 <ynpvisitor46> It was on the geyser fb page
04:22:21 <ynpvisitor43> OF 1122
04:22:28 <ynpvisitor46> oOuld not tell if it was old or new news
04:22:36 <ynpvisitor46> Could
04:24:30 <ynpvisitor46> Is anyone stearing the cam, or is it static?
04:26:00 <Dave from B> It has been stationary. I imagine when CC gets back home, she will be the first to be trained on it.
04:41:57 <Eric> The image being delivered is pretty bad right now
04:43:17 <Jenna> I noticed that
04:45:22 <Eric> just died on me
04:47:06 <Jenna> same
04:48:56 <Jenna> ..
04:48:59 <lc> lost it here
04:51:56 <lt> 200, Stream not found. heh
04:55:49 <Eric> The t1 line or camera is down.
05:45:00 <ynpvisitor93> mine just started to work
05:45:53 <Jenna> mine too
05:46:04 <Jenna> much clearer view too
05:46:31 <Betty> Hi Jenna, when did it stop?
05:46:34 <Dave from B> Yippee
05:46:41 <Dave from B> Hi, Betty
05:46:47 <Betty> Hello Dave
05:46:53 <Dave from B> about 1 hour ago
05:47:36 <Dave from B> Sorry, didn't realize you had asked Jenna
05:48:09 <Eric> 11:45
05:48:22 <Betty> haha,no problem, I take your answer too ;-)
05:48:45 <Betty> Hey, Eric
05:48:54 <Jenna> no worries
05:48:56 <Eric> hello betty
05:49:50 <ynpvisitor69> Back
05:50:25 <Betty> but I need to refresh a lot. it is not very steady
05:51:29 <Dave from B> mines frozen again
05:53:34 <Eric> still working for me
05:54:06 <Dave from B> works after a redfresh
05:55:07 <Dave from B> What's a redfresh?
05:55:32 <Betty> isn´t that a fish? lol
05:55:49 <Dave from B> That's what I was thinking!:)
05:58:59 <Jenna> OF 1258
06:04:53 <Kevin L> 7 1/2 hours on BH. Should be due now!
06:05:56 <Betty> hi Kevin, temps around 95?
06:06:13 <Dave from B> haha Kevin
06:09:57 <Kevin L> Already has hit 100. Supposed to be 105 today.
06:10:56 <Betty> *sweat*
06:12:00 <Kevin L> Peaches are ripe. Had peach Ice cream & Jello last night.
06:12:37 <Betty> hmmm
06:21:10 <Kevin L> :p. Step away for a minute and miss an Aurum. :(
06:22:00 <Betty> darn! me too!
06:25:49 <Kevin L> It's alive!
06:26:21 <Betty> hooray
06:28:15 <Kevin L> Think they are testing presets.
06:34:10 <Betty> resolution is not so good now
06:39:23 <Kevin L> I think it will be worse when zoomed and the wind blowing. Digital only updates what changes, so zooming and wind will affect that.
06:51:03 <Ynpvisitor4> Nice to see the BH time was corrected, interval seems to be about right,
07:10:16 <Kevin L> Looks like this is set a bit more toward the left. Hope it is the OF preset.
07:12:50 <ynpvisitor75> kevin, you are an operator right? How are they integrating the new system with you guys?
07:13:04 <Betty> Grand
07:13:13 <Kevin L> Grand 1413
07:14:47 <Kevin L> Watch the resolution when the tree moves Betty. You will see it drop. If it is steady the camera will tighten up to a higher resolution, but when it moves a lot you get a lot of pixelation.
07:15:55 <Dave from B> Sounds like a good reason to put the cam on a pole
07:17:01 <ynpvisitor69> Unfortunately, that's the nature of H.264 video compression when the bitrate is limited and fixed.
07:17:50 <Kevin L> Yep on both counts.
07:17:56 <Betty> thx, Kevin
07:19:04 <Kevin L> I am still baffled why they didn't put a fixture on the roof of the new VEC for a streaming cam.
07:24:32 <Kevin L> 1b
07:25:54 <Betty> now I see the tree shaking and a drop in resolution
07:26:31 <Betty> ok. have a great evening all, I´m heading out :-)
07:26:40 <Dave from B> Bye, Betty
07:27:46 <Kevin L> About ready for the big move Dave?
07:33:13 <Dave from B> It officially starts Wednesday, Kevin. I take my big box truck home and we'll start filling it up.
07:33:44 <Dave from B> WE hope to have everything in by Monday
07:36:04 <Ynpvisitor4> OK Wilma, cross Old Faithful off the list, time to go see the waterfalls.
07:36:37 <Dave from B> "I thought the Grand Canyon was in Arizona."
07:37:00 <Ynpvisitor4> Right next to Mt. Rushmore
07:37:22 <Kevin L> That makes it handy to have a box truck to use.
07:38:26 <Kevin L> Isn't Old Faithful in Yosemite?
07:39:17 <Ynpvisitor4> Far Left. Sawmill ?
07:39:56 <Dave from B> It sure does. It can carry 6 full pallets so plenty of room. Don't have to make as many trips that way
07:40:23 <ynpvisitor96> Daisy?
07:40:40 <Dave from B> I don't see Daisy
07:40:44 <Ynpvisitor4> Didn't look very big or last very long
07:40:45 <Eric> never mind, now I don't see it
07:41:02 <Ynpvisitor4> Maybe it was Churn
07:41:02 <Kevin L> I didn't see it either.
07:41:13 <Eric> weird
07:41:33 <Eric> need a rewind button :-P
07:41:35 <Kevin L> Watching a DVD of old WWII cartoons. They are sooooo funny.
07:42:12 <Ynpvisitor4> Donald Duck & the Fuhrers face?
07:42:35 <lt> ordered a DVD recently of color footage from Japan in the WWII era. that's been an interesting watch
07:43:38 <Ynpvisitor4> Beehive after 1800 maybe?
07:44:35 <Eric> lots of people in shorts today!
07:45:18 <lt> it's summer now! for some definition that applies only to US cultural norms.
07:45:30 <Dave from B> BH 1930-2130
07:45:42 <Ynpvisitor4> thanks bbl
07:49:01 <ynpvisitor54> So, Beehive did two intervals of under eight hours?!?!?
07:49:13 <Dave from B> Nope.
07:49:17 <Dave from B> Incorrect entry
07:49:20 <Eric> 14 hours
07:49:26 <Dave from B> GT has been corrected
07:50:00 <ynpvisitor54> OK, I was scared for a while this morning when I checked
07:50:24 <Dave from B> We believe someone mistook Lion for BH
07:50:33 <Eric> woops
07:50:36 <Eric> haha
07:50:47 <lt> webcam entry or boots on the ground?
07:50:48 <Eric> sounds like something I would have done :-|
07:51:07 <Dave from B> webcam
07:51:22 <lt> hah, Eric, there's a reason I try to attach an image. so people can correct as needed. although I also in general just don't update so I don't look like an idiot. ;)
07:52:28 <Eric> Ya, I keep my entries here...and am getting better at reporting correctly :-P
07:52:58 <Eric> When I post here, lot's of people to correct me if I'm wrong. Someday, I will start adding to GT.
07:53:47 <Eric> somone just zoomed to castle
07:54:09 <Dave from B> Definitely playing with the presets
07:54:26 <Eric> sawmill :-)
07:54:33 <Kevin L> Back again. These are mostly Warner Brothers.
07:54:35 <Dave from B> I love the blue of the firehole...makes me wish I was there.
07:54:40 <lt> so Eric, when are you finally actually going to go to the park?
07:54:57 <Kevin L> Nice views
07:55:21 <Dave from B> It will bew easier to recognize people with this cam
07:55:23 <Eric> I don't know....coordinating family is like hearding cats.
07:55:40 <lt> cats are easy to herd when it is dinner time and you hold a can of wet food
07:55:43 <lt> just saying
07:55:43 <lt> >.>
07:55:48 <Eric> good idea
07:55:59 <Eric> wet food, dangling over OF
07:56:04 <Eric> note made to self.
07:56:05 <Dave from B> LC 1256ie
07:56:27 <Dave from B> Speaking of forming at BH
07:56:39 <Eric> camera is definitely not as crisp as it originally was
07:56:42 <Mara> oh hey, zoom capabilities
07:56:53 <lt> I know that bench. my rear end is very familiar with that bench.
07:56:56 <Eric> Those BH people are going to be waiting a while :-P
07:57:19 <Kevin L> Nice place to wait.
07:57:22 <lt> it depends on how stubborn they are and what they know of the eruptive cycle.
07:57:23 <Dave from B> Hi, Mara
07:57:34 <ynpvisitor75> anyone think about making a geysergazing subreddit?
07:57:47 <lt> ignorance is bliss, because then you sit there for 8 hours and get rewarded.
07:57:55 <Eric> haha
07:58:11 <Mara> Micah would probably be all over a subreddit.
07:58:14 <Mara> Hey Dave.
07:58:26 <Eric> man, that image is really bad right now
07:58:47 <lt> bounce bounce bounce
07:58:50 <ynpvisitor75> I imagine it wouldnt get that many 'seasoned' geyser gazers if you know what I mean
08:00:07 <Eric> man, I wish they would go back to wide view
08:00:49 <Eric> thank you camera god.
08:00:57 <Kevin L> Now THAT is a wide view!
08:01:22 <Eric> I think someone here has control and is keeping pretty quiet :-P
08:01:28 <Dave from B> That is too wide...haha
08:01:34 <Eric> That is not the first time I have mentioned something and it happens.
08:01:42 <Dave from B> Not likely, Eric
08:02:00 <Eric> Lot's of VistorXX Dave :-)
08:02:19 <Dave from B> That's true, Eric.
08:02:24 <Micah> Ryan just got a walk up Rocket
08:02:27 <Dave from B> Hi, Micah
08:02:34 <Micah> Hi Dave
08:02:38 <Eric> What is a wlk up rocket?
08:02:39 <Mara> ...dangit Ryan
08:03:19 <Mara> Actually I shouldn't complain. Each of my three Pentas last August were walk-ups :D
08:03:23 <Micah> Rocket as in Rocket Geyser
08:03:27 <lt> good luck, that's what it is. although I'm curious as to what the decibel level was in the surrounding area at that point.
08:03:27 <Micah> and Mara, how dare you.
08:04:01 <Eric> TY
08:04:08 <Kevin L> Summer is here. Up to 104 right now.
08:04:10 <Mara> Perhaps Penta will be kinder to you this year, Micah.
08:04:45 <Micah> (grumble)
08:04:56 <lt> I have never seen Penta, although it has taunted me. :(
08:05:04 <lt> that and F&M.
08:06:13 <kcmule> hallo from Freiburg
08:06:21 <Mara> No Grand yet or has the camera been moving too frequently to tell?
08:06:26 <lt> Grand happened
08:06:37 <Dave from B> Hi, kc. That sounds like fun
08:06:39 <Craig> We have movement! WHen did that happen?
08:06:39 <lt> 14:13
08:07:10 <Eric> Craig, it has been happening off and on since last week.
08:07:12 <Mara> ah, it's not logged on GT
08:07:39 <Eric> They are going to let random visitors in the VEC lobby control the camera.
08:07:44 <Craig> I guess ive just never been around to see it. Either way its awesome! :D
08:07:48 <Eric> Just kidding.....
08:07:59 <lt> Kevin's slacking. =P
08:08:01 <Craig> I had a mini heart attack when I read that
08:08:12 <Eric> sorry, I couldn't resist
08:08:42 <Eric> It gave me nightmares when I thought of it the first time.
08:08:44 <Mara> if they did that I would place a sign next to the controls: "GO OUTSIDE."
08:08:50 <Kevin L> Hey kc, eat a bratwurst for me!
08:08:52 <Eric> haha
08:08:58 <lt> man, all the entries. I'm going to be depressed now. I don't have a trip scheduled this year.
08:09:07 <Eric> currywurst for the win :-)
08:09:15 <lt> mmmmm, currywurst
08:09:43 <Eric> We have a pretty good sausage company in Oregon that makes killer curry catchup.
08:09:53 <Kevin L> Currywurst is good too. And a few Primavera erdberren for desert.
08:10:20 <lt> one of the husband's coworkers was going on to Germany from Ireland. I should have tagged along.
08:10:33 <Eric> my favority german food is the schweinshaxen
08:10:38 <lt> the thought of more jetlag this month makes me shudder though. I guess no trips.
08:10:48 <lt> mmmmm, had some fantastic schweinshaxen in Munich.
08:11:00 <Eric> yep, good beer and food there.
08:11:14 <Kevin L> I love the huge pretzels.
08:11:25 <lt> this is totally the time of year for Munich
08:11:40 <Eric> haha...I own the domain name because I love them so much.
08:11:43 <lt> the beergardens are open, thunderstorms every afternoon ...I miss it
08:12:03 <lt> my husband's favorite photo of me: in Munich, with a liter of radler, and a giant pretzel.
08:12:05 <Eric> was going to start a pretzel company...just never got around to it.
08:12:11 <Kevin L> I prefer a bit futher southeast in Bertchesgaden.
08:12:17 <Eric> yummmm, radler and pretzels
08:12:45 <lt> I was taking a weeklong class at the university in munich, kind of stuck in town.
08:12:59 <Eric> I make a pretty killer radler with Santa Cruz sparkling lemonade and widmer hefe
08:13:22 <lt> that was actually interesting, they have the capability to physically model the processes that produce volcanic ash there. which is rather tricky.
08:13:40 <Eric> nice
08:14:00 <Eric> sounds like a cool geology department
08:14:42 <Micah> Geology for the win
08:15:35 <lt> it was a neat visit. much bigger lab than ours.
08:16:23 <lt> that's Dingwell's lab, if anyone is curious. with the ash modelling
08:16:58 <lt> oh look, a tree!
08:17:06 <lt> erupt, tree! erupt!
08:17:43 <Eric> dang, I wanted to capture that :-)
08:22:56 <Eric> lt, you a geologist I assume?
08:23:09 <lt> I have a degree in that field, yes.
08:23:34 <lt> I have no intention of using it, though. except in the oh, that's cool, kind of way.
08:23:46 <Eric> haha
08:23:56 <Micah> What specific field, if any?
08:24:03 <lt> silicate melts
08:24:23 <lt> and glasses
08:24:23 <Micah> sweet
08:24:28 <Eric> You studying geology Micah?
08:24:35 <Micah> Yep
08:24:45 <Eric> What university?
08:24:48 <Micah> Taking prerequisites now, diving into Undergrad after Yellowstone
08:24:56 <Eric> ahh
08:24:59 <lt> I finished my degree work last year, I am done. freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
08:25:07 <Eric> haha
08:25:13 <lt> now I need to get a job, want to go into software development
08:25:15 <Micah> Currently at a local CC, transferring to Central Washington in winter or spring 2015
08:25:37 <Eric> ahhh, Eastern Washington has a great geology department too
08:25:49 <Eric> Was just down there a month ago.
08:26:28 <Eric> Actually ran into one of their geology groups at an obsidian flow in Central Oregon.
08:27:46 <Micah> I'm very familiar with Newberry Volcano, I helped set up it's current monitoring network.
08:28:02 <Eric> Nice
08:28:31 <Micah> One of the stations is on the rim of the caldera with a full view of that flow, it was amazing how it glistened.
08:28:37 <lt> I was 100% lab based. but I can tell you a lot about the glass used for smartphone screens.
08:29:27 <Eric> nice
08:29:37 <Eric> "Gorilla Glass"
08:29:44 <Micah> sweet.
08:30:20 <lt> oh yes. actually a rather brilliant piece of materials science.
08:31:01 <lt> I could go work for corning if I wanted to do research, probably
08:31:11 <Eric> so you just finished your degree and your not going to use it?
08:31:22 <lt> it turns out I don't like research.
08:31:29 <Eric> bummer.
08:31:33 <lt> yep.
08:32:46 <Eric> Well, software is a blast. I love doing it.
08:32:57 <Dave from B> Time to go home. Have a great evening everyone!
08:33:03 <lt> later, Dave!
08:33:04 <Eric> u2 dave
08:33:28 <Kevin L> Bye Dave.
09:11:41 <Eric> OF 1611
09:18:26 <lt> all quiet again
09:18:30 <lt> the OF indicator has emptied
09:18:37 <lt> we will kill time before the next fill
09:19:01 <Eric> haha, OF indicator..thats funny.
09:19:10 <lt> I cannot claim credit for it
09:19:31 <Eric> still funny :-)
09:20:23 <lt> I actually missed the eruption because I am teaching myself android programming
09:20:35 <Eric> ahhh, nice.
09:20:38 <Eric> doing a little java
09:21:31 <lt> more like trying to remember Java. but yeah.
09:22:08 <Eric> well, if you have any java specific questions...ask away. I do it for living....
09:22:33 <lt> good to know. :) my one class in it was ...3 years ago? oh geez.
09:23:06 <lt> summer of ...2011, I think. and then winter of 2011 for the C++ one. wow. ok. time has passed.
09:23:46 <Eric> Like any just takes time plus repetition.
09:24:09 <lt> I was writing in C last quarter, so Java feels very ...flexible in comparison
09:24:44 <Eric> definitely more abstracted, and no pointers :-P
09:25:22 <lt> I didn't mind pointers. now. pointers to pointers is a different story.
09:25:30 <lt> and then pointers to pointers to pointers.
09:25:34 <Eric> haha
09:25:56 <lt> the last assignment for the quarter was to write malloc, realloc, and free.
09:26:22 <Eric> ahhh, I think I had that assignment, many years ago.
09:26:57 <lt> it was experience.
09:27:20 <Eric> I bet. did you have your K&R book handy?
09:28:27 <lt> I borrowed my husband's, occasionally. but the implementation itself wasn't bad, just the tools they gave us to try to identify bottlenecks were pretty lousy.
09:28:38 <Eric> ahh
09:29:02 <Eric> So your husband is a programmer too?
09:29:05 <lt> it was supposed to achieve 80% of the throughput of the current implementation, plus maintaining at least 60% utilization.
09:29:15 <lt> yep.
09:29:23 <Eric> ahh, now that is a nice challenge
09:30:16 <lt> I didn't quite hit the bar, unfortunately. or rather, I did in the test cases but not in their runs, and with the variability between machines I have no idea where the actual failures were. it was not my favorite assignment ever. but a useful one.
09:30:17 <Eric> Is that sawmill kicking up a storm in the farm left?
09:30:28 <lt> I would guess so.
09:30:41 <lt> on the very far left?
09:30:49 <Eric> yep
09:31:15 <lt> the steam in the trees just to the right of it is ...probably spasmodic. someone who knows better can chime in.
09:32:27 <lt> so you are up in the Washington area, Eric?
09:33:10 <Eric> Yep, Right across the River from Portland, Oregon
09:33:17 <Eric> Vancouver, WA
09:33:29 <lt> I am fond of Portland. Powell's epsecially
09:33:34 <lt> especially*
09:33:49 <Eric> powells is a very nice bookstore.
09:34:04 <Eric> and we have great beer too :-)
09:34:16 <Eric> were are you at lt?
09:34:23 <lt> it's true, the husband does enjoy it
09:34:26 <lt> down in the Bay Area.
09:34:36 <lt> Silicon Valley
09:34:41 <Eric> ahh, I work for a bay area company :-)
09:34:46 <Eric> San Mateo
09:34:52 <lt> my husband used to work for a Redmond one!
09:34:59 <Eric> haha
09:35:16 <lt> heh. we drove through San Mateo county on Sunday. the coast can be gorgeous
09:35:32 <Eric> yep, half moon bay is really nice
09:35:40 <lt> <-- partial to Pescadero
09:37:23 <lt> have you gotten yourself a copy of the best gazer book ever yet?
09:38:13 <Eric> yep, picked it a couple years ago when I was in the park.
09:38:20 <lt> good
09:38:34 <Eric> however, it's out on loan right now to my dad :-(
09:38:53 <lt> haha
09:38:59 <Eric> Dave mentioed you can get a digital copy for $10 @ amazon, so I will probaby go that route.
09:39:04 <lt> yep
09:39:10 <lt> although the maps are not great on the Kindle version
09:39:19 <Eric> ohh, good to know
09:39:29 <lt> it's still great for reference at home
09:39:30 <lt> but
09:39:37 <lt> out in the field, I'd want my physical copy
09:39:46 <Eric> always pisses me off when they don't put effort into the digital copies.
09:40:12 <Eric> but they don't mind charging you the same price for them!
09:40:37 <lt> heh
09:40:54 <lt> I don't know how it would look on the iPad or something like that
09:41:09 <lt> on the Kindle, they're ...just not fantastic? plus it's harder to flip through
09:42:49 <Eric> makes sense, but it sure would be a lot easier to search for references.
09:42:58 <Eric> and lighter :-)
09:43:31 <lt> it's true. I mostly use it for searches here at home.
10:19:35 <Eric> OF indicator is starting to fill now
10:21:42 <lt> it's true
10:33:46 <Kevin L> It is amazing how many people watch OF from the worst possible view. I like it from GH between the Giantess cutoff and Anenome best.
10:34:30 <lt> some of my best pictures are from the BH bench.
10:34:34 <Eric> doesn't it really depend on the wind?
10:35:05 <lt> you don't get the scale at the park benches
10:35:06 <lt> really
10:35:07 <Eric> Ya, BH bench is a nice view
10:35:15 <lt> over on the hill you get a much better sense of it
10:35:37 <lt> I have a soft spot for one of the benches but that's because that's where I got engaged and not because the view is great.
10:35:44 <Eric> your also looking slightly upward which gives it a larger feel.
10:36:04 <Eric> ohhh, that is pretty cool.
10:36:11 <Eric> during a BH?
10:36:25 <lt> no, over on the OF side, after a night eruption.
10:36:47 <lt> probably one of the ones on the lefthand side of the current view, actually.
10:36:55 <Paul L.> Woot Woot our Ip guy poked a hole in the fire wal for me. I can se the basin now.
10:36:56 <lt> although I can't judge well from the cam view.
10:37:04 <lt> hooray!
10:37:07 <Kevin L> It is good from Depression too.
10:37:30 <Kevin L> So we were right about the firewall then Paul.
10:37:31 <Eric> awesome Paul
10:38:05 <Kevin L> I have to get a HD monitor so I can really see what it looks like now.
10:38:18 <Eric> Still strange that one pixelcaster stream worked and the NPS one didn't :-|
10:38:51 <Kevin L> It is always the one you really want that doesn't work.
10:39:05 <Eric> This stream could look sooo much better if they were not bandwidth limited.
10:39:07 <Kevin L> And all the ones you don't care about work fine.
10:39:29 <Eric> yep
10:39:37 <lt> yeah, but someone has to pay for the bandwidth
10:39:40 <Paul L.> Kind of wish you did not have to have to pages up
10:40:04 <Kevin L> That is the problem with it being remote. Limited resources and it takes an act of Congress to get more in there!
10:42:13 <Eric> Ya, I don't think that the bandwidth delivery cost is such an issue as actually getting the camera feed out from OF. at a higher rate.
10:43:00 <Eric> As Kevin mentioned, changing anything technology wise within a National Park takes herculean strength.
10:43:19 <Eric> Hey Jenna
10:43:27 <Jenna> hi Eric
10:43:57 <Eric> Paul L, we are working on getting the video embed fixed here.
10:44:04 <lt> oh look, OF
10:44:19 <lt> whether it was 17:43 or 17:44 I am unsure
10:44:26 <Kevin L> That went quick.
10:45:04 <Eric> Ya, I don't think the indicator was even full.
10:45:19 <lt> for this time of day and year? yeah it was
10:45:25 <Eric> haha
10:45:50 <Eric> sorry, that will be the last time I use your just makes me smile :-)
10:45:57 <Paul L.> Ahhh that was so nicw to see. lol
10:46:01 <Paul L.> nice
10:46:20 <Eric> You don't have to squint at your phone anymore paul.
10:46:28 <Paul L.> lol nope
10:46:30 <Kevin L> OF indicator varies on time of day and time of year big time. An indicator at noon is about twice what it is now.
10:46:31 <lt> reading the OF indicator requires knowledge of diurnal patterns as well as annual fluctuations.
10:46:43 <lt> lol, jinx Kevin
10:46:44 <Eric> haha
10:47:04 <Eric> The BS o-meter is running at full strength.
10:47:31 <lt> I could totally get that line past an editor, what are you talking about.
10:48:27 <Kevin L> Looks like Daisy is ie.
10:48:29 <Paul L.> I thought it had somthing to do with the internal flux capacitor.
10:49:10 <lt> also, either Turban or Oolong?
10:49:15 <Eric> That would be nice to see
10:51:23 <Kevin L> If you hang aound the basin enough, you can really tell about how long OF has by the people waiting for it.
10:54:41 <Paul L.> so are the cams operation problems fixed yet?
10:56:57 <Kevin L> I am in the dark.
10:59:44 <Paul L.> Are you driving Kevin?
11:00:23 <Kevin L> Nope. Don't have my new license yet.
11:00:45 <Paul L.> who's driving/
11:01:09 <Eric> Random person in VEC lobby
11:01:34 <Eric> Just kidding Paul, I don't think anybody knows.
11:01:34 <Paul L.> oh. bummer
11:02:32 <Kevin L> I think it is the NPS guys setting it up.
11:03:13 <Paul L.> You guys have to go though training Kevin?
11:04:44 <Eric> i'm out for the night...happy gazing :-)
11:05:11 <Paul L.> Bye Eric
11:06:27 <Kevin L> Night
11:07:03 <Kevin L> Yes, they are supposed to do that, but I still haven't got any info when.
11:07:33 <Jenna> ..
11:33:34 <Jenna> think we'll have BH tonight?
11:34:56 <Kevin L> I would hope so.
11:36:27 <Kevin L> BH has been 13 to 18 hours. It is 13 now.
11:38:31 <Jenna> my streaming is jumpy
11:42:20 <Jenna> Kevin what was the train that you watched go to Cheyenne? I ran across a youtube video of that one I believe.
11:42:27 <Jenna> UP 844?
11:48:02 <Jenna> someone's moving us around
11:48:43 <Kevin L> It was UP 4014 Big Boy. It was being dragged there dry for restoration.
11:49:01 <Jenna> ah ok
11:50:28 <Kevin L> I have ridden behind 844 before. In fact the Governor gave me his ticket to ride from Caliente to Las Vegas but my wife had the poor taste of having my first kid the night before. :(
11:51:02 <Kevin L> I did get to ride to to Yermo about a week later. Not nearly as good, but still really cool.
11:51:14 <Jenna> how inconsiderate of her lol
11:51:18 <Jenna> yeah I bet it was
11:52:39 <Kevin L> Later I got a chance to ride Feather River Canyon behind 3985 in a business car. Riding in a business car is really hard and behind a steam engine in Feather River Canyon is the trifecta.
11:54:03 <Kevin L>
11:54:12 <Kevin L> This is the car.
11:56:34 <Kevin L> Indicator 1856
11:56:37 <Kevin L> .
11:56:38 <Kevin L> .
11:56:39 <Kevin L> .
11:56:40 <Kevin L> .
11:56:42 <Kevin L> .
11:56:46 <ynpvisitor21> wow! perfect timing
11:57:41 <Kevin L> You here Jenna?
11:57:51 <lt> and yet we can watch all the silly people at OF ignore it
11:57:57 <Kevin L> Not bad 21
11:58:18 <Kevin L> Where is the guy running the cam now?
11:58:25 <ynpvisitor21> Most of them are clueless
11:59:06 <Jenna> here
11:59:25 <Kevin L> The guys running the cam or the ones at OF?
12:00:04 <visitor4> The people at Old Faithful
12:00:07 <Kevin L> Now if we could get an Aurum.
12:00:41 <visitor4> Old Faithful is the only geyser in Yellowstone for most of them
12:01:28 <Kevin L> BUT that is why we have this cam!
12:01:47 <visitor4> Yeah :)
12:01:50 <ynpvisitor89> You know, that actually works for me. They come and see OF and then they go away. He he.
12:02:18 <visitor4> Keeps them out of the rest of the basin
12:04:24 <visitor4> A dual would be nice
12:09:47 <visitor4> preplay on fluffy
12:10:25 <Jenna> amazing how the crowds thin out
12:11:48 <visitor4> 1911
12:12:20 <visitor4> I think Bee's got their attention
12:12:29 <lt> lol
12:12:35 <Jenna> good
12:12:38 <Jenna> beautiful light
12:12:46 <visitor4> perfect
12:12:47 <Mara> did I make it?
12:12:48 <Mara> woo
12:12:52 <visitor4> yes
12:12:53 <ynpvisitor89> That is spectacular. First time I have seen Bee on this camera.
12:13:05 <lc> very nice
12:13:21 <visitor4> Yesterday's was a no indy eruption
12:14:15 <visitor4> Good wind direction for rainbows
12:14:36 <lc> snd showers
12:15:49 <visitor4> very nice:)
12:19:08 <Kevin L> I suppose I should get my fried chickens back in the coop.
12:19:42 <lt> if they're fried, shouldn't they go to the table?
12:19:51 <ynpvisitor89> So is everybody but me seeing the new cam feed on this page? I'm still watching it direct from NPS.
12:19:53 <lt> OF getting frisky
12:20:01 <lt> no, you need a new window right now
12:20:11 <lt> two windows, one for chat, one for the stream
12:20:15 <ynpvisitor89> Okay, that makes me feel less like an idiot.
12:20:27 <lt> they're working on getting the stream back in here, but there's some quirks with the new one
12:20:36 <visitor4> I just put the chat over the live one
12:20:56 <lt> I'm just going to buy another monitor. >.>
12:21:18 <visitor4> That works, too
12:22:51 <visitor4> tease!
12:32:23 <visitor4> finally
12:32:37 <visitor4> 1932
12:32:47 <lt> some nice height on it too
12:33:09 <visitor4> nice light
12:33:29 <lt> evening light is always fantastic
12:33:43 <Jenna> my favorite
12:34:21 <Jenna> has Grands interval been longer lately?
12:34:39 <lt> I think folks were saying 8hr-ish
12:35:12 <visitor4> Heinrich has been watching it so there should be some good intervals.
12:35:50 <lt> if it is at 8hr it went at 14:13 so we should have a shot soonish
12:36:54 <Kevin L> I forgot Heinrich was there. I will have to check out his blog.
12:37:17 <visitor4> VEC had moved it to 6 3/4 hrs for prediction, we're definitely in its window
12:37:24 <Jenna> thanks 4
12:37:27 <Jenna> good to know
12:37:50 <visitor4> Andrea said was to get the visitors there earlier.
12:38:03 <Jenna> ah
12:39:21 <ynpvisitor77> Grand 2130-2300
12:39:44 <ynpvisitor77> oops Grand 2030-2200
12:40:21 <visitor4> is that from VEC?
12:42:24 <lc> have a good night everyone.
12:42:37 <visitor4> same here
12:57:57 <ynpvisitor77> No, that is from the infamous chatroom predictor
13:37:20 <ynpvisitor52> infamous chatroom predictor, are you here?
13:37:26 <ynpvisitor52> how did the move go?
13:38:00 <ynpvisitor52> Kevin, what is the link to Heinrich's blog? He has been getting mostly one bursts I think.
13:38:37 <ynpvisitor77> 52, the move begins this weekend.
13:39:09 <ynpvisitor52> what happened?
13:39:31 <Maureen> Fountain was lovely tonight, 1844, only 27 minutes though
13:40:12 <Jenna> glad you enjoyed it
13:40:49 <Maureen> Hey Jenna, seems like forever since I have talked with you guys
13:40:56 <Jenna> agreed
13:41:11 <Maureen> It is hard for me on my laptop to have chat and video up and be able to see both, the black wants to take over
13:41:16 <Maureen> Dave, what happened???
13:41:26 <Maureen> did you enjoy the weekend instead of move?
13:41:28 <Jenna> hi sneaky Dave
13:41:36 <Dave from B> haha, Jenna
13:42:44 <Jenna> I am horrible at guessing
13:42:53 <Dave from B> Michelle and I have been busy planning how the move is going to happen and where stuff is going but we did have a chance to get together with friends a couple of times last weekend.
13:43:15 <Dave from B> What have you been up to, Maureen?
13:45:59 <Maureen> my best friend came to visit, a surprise, we had soooo much fun
13:46:10 <Maureen> and Clare is here, leaving Friday for California
13:46:27 <Maureen> The Beverly's BBQ was so fun, wish you could have been there
13:46:38 <Maureen> Clare went with me, so all the gazers got to say hey to her
13:47:03 <Maureen> we had 2 3 Fountain days I think
13:47:18 <Maureen> and he had a few more, when I had things in Bozo with Clare.
13:47:39 <Maureen> This weekend was gazer palooza, many, many gazers in basin, and of course, Will's birthday
13:47:49 <Dave from B> I'm glad you had fun
13:47:55 <Maureen> I saw 3 Grands this week too
13:48:07 <Maureen> and Great Fountain is back in the mix
13:48:25 <Maureen> beautiful yet very putsy, not energetic, these days
13:48:31 <Maureen> Fountain is the better show for sure
13:48:40 <Dave from B> Hopefully that will change
13:48:45 <Maureen> until the super burst that is….
13:48:57 <Maureen> well spectacular Fountains are lots of fun too
13:49:20 <Maureen> I asked CC to move the cam so we could see Daisy and she said she would , yet something must have come up
13:51:15 <Dave from B> Isn't CC still in YNP?
13:51:47 <Jenna> pretty clouds tonight
13:52:43 <Maureen> yes, she has computer access at night, like last night in West
13:53:25 <Maureen> she is headed west yet, to Oregon, and then all the way back, driving to CT. We may not have a cam, that moves, for weeks
13:54:00 <Maureen> I am not privy to why Kevin and vw cannot run it now, seems rather weird
13:54:22 <Maureen> think how fun close up Grands and Bee will be
13:54:43 <Maureen> I just asked her to move it left a bit, so we could see Daisy
13:54:59 <Dave from B> I believe the driving system for new cam is completely different than old system
13:55:36 <Maureen> I have not chatted with Kevin or vw to see what is up
13:55:51 <Dave from B> I agree...closeups on calm days will be awesome
13:55:58 <Maureen> I am glad they can still drive it remotely
13:56:13 <Maureen> Fountain was crazy windy today, kind of made 75 more bearable though
13:56:53 <Maureen> that is hot here for May
13:57:04 <Dave from B> 92F in Blgs tomorrow
13:57:14 <Maureen> not a fan
13:57:35 <Maureen> my partner says the Lamar is the highest it has ever been
13:57:57 <Dave from B> Flood stage for Yellowstone at Livingston tomorrow
13:58:12 <Maureen> lots of flood watches in the state I bet
13:58:34 <Maureen> Biscuit Basin could flood, the road near it that is
13:59:26 <Maureen> Well best go visit with Clare. Have a good night everyone. Wish you could be here in wonderland, it is pretty amazing this time of year.
14:02:02 <Jenna> bye Maureen! enjoy it for me
14:05:02 <Dave from B> Bye Maureen
14:06:33 <Jenna> mentioned a trip to YNP to my mom and she said you never know
14:06:38 <Jenna> maybe I can hide in their suitcase
14:11:27 <Dave from B> Yoiu can always try!:)
14:11:58 <Dave from B> It won't be lon g and you'll be getting there more often.
14:12:40 <Maureen> good luck with the move Dave. Night.
14:13:53 <Jenna> yup
14:14:11 <Jenna> hopefully we'll have a decision on a house within the next 6 months and we can start saving for trips instead
14:14:40 <Dave from B> You've been looking for quite awhile. Are you getting any closer?
14:16:44 <Jenna> I think so?
14:16:55 <Jenna> there's only one on our possible list, the rest are all resounding no's
14:26:43 <Dave from B> It's good to be's a big investment
14:28:33 <Jenna> it is
14:28:42 <Jenna> this one is the only one that has checked a lot of the things off
14:29:56 <Dave from B> Any negatives?
14:32:22 <Jenna> sewage backs up in to the sump pump pit
14:32:23 <Jenna> lol
14:32:35 <Jenna> for an unknown reason
14:39:35 <Jenna> too dark for Grand, I'm signing off. night everyone
14:39:48 <lt> g'night!
14:41:09 <Dave from B> night Jenna
14:47:11 <lt> big steam cloud in the Grand area
14:47:18 <lt> can't tell for sure though
14:47:27 <lt> might be Ooblong
14:47:33 <lt> Oblong?
14:47:36 <lt> that's one of those words
15:37:50 <lt> ...
15:37:59 <lt> ok, I think I can see stars on the cam
15:38:08 <lt> maybe
15:38:23 <lt> which is ....really kind of mindblowing if true.
15:51:12 <lt> well, someone else also sees twinkling dots in the sky area