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21:43:57 <lc> OF 0436
22:25:26 <lc> Depression 0523ie
23:01:46 <lc> Grand/Oblong 0559ie
23:05:31 <lc> I think that was Oblong
23:09:38 <lc> now that is Grand start or 2nd burst.
23:09:49 <lc> 0608
23:12:15 <lc> OF 0612
23:19:56 <lc> hope there are people at Grand.
23:31:56 <Dave from B> Good morning lc and crew
23:33:07 <lc> morning Dave
23:33:30 <lc> I needed some help a bit ago.
23:33:51 <Dave from B> Steam everywhere down basin
23:34:04 <Dave from B> At least in Groblong/Sawmill Groups
23:34:34 <lc> yes, pretty sure Grand 0608ie
23:35:39 <lc> how is the move coming alone?
23:40:43 <lc> What is that now?
23:41:26 <lc> just Turban/Vent?
23:42:10 <Dave from B> In laws are helping. Today's focus is to get apartment emptied and to clean apt and storage unit.
23:42:39 <Dave from B> Not sure, lots of steam down basin. Let me check the temp
23:43:09 <Dave from B> 33F with 97% Humidity
23:44:11 <lc> maybe we will get aa report from that area.
23:46:38 <lc> made reservation for our second night yesterday, in Laramie. will make us late getting to UGB on the 24th.
23:47:06 <Dave from B> An extra hour drive on last travel day?
23:47:34 <Dave from B> Lots of general steam from GH
23:47:35 <ynpvisitor57> I like this #, Go Vixen
23:47:47 <Dave from B> Morning 57
23:48:05 <ynpvisitor57> I have road questions, does Kevin come in every day?
23:48:24 <lc> most days
23:48:33 <Dave from B> Yes, he usually does. He should be popping his head in very soon
23:49:03 <Dave from B> 57, how's Vixen doing recently?
23:49:10 <ynpvisitor57> By the time you get here Dave from B, the road work will really surprise you
23:49:21 <ynpvisitor57> Vixen is Amazzzzzzzzing
23:49:59 <Dave from B> YNP seems a long way away if you look in my garage at all the boxes:)
23:50:23 <ynpvisitor57> Another EQ this morning, so things could change, but it's been a fun spring
23:50:26 <Dave from B> Someone needs to do a collection of geyser sounds and put them together
23:50:44 <Dave from B> We could even make it a test
23:50:59 <ynpvisitor57> But are the boxes in the new garage? That's progress!
23:51:46 <Dave from B> Yes, boxes are home!
23:52:05 <ynpvisitor57> congrats!
23:52:14 <Dave from B> I sat down at my desk for the first time in 9 months last night.:)
23:52:35 <Dave from B> There are 3 YNP books on my bookshelf already.
23:52:58 <ynpvisitor57> a great chapter in your life
23:53:15 <ynpvisitor57> the YNP shelf must be within reach of the chair, right?
23:53:43 <Dave from B> The whole family feels so blessed.Yes, bookshelf is only a short roll away.
23:54:35 <ynpvisitor57> you will have a great feeling to go home, there, after your trip.
23:58:20 <Kent> 57, How long is Whirligig taking to refill?
23:58:23 <Dave from B> Morning Kent
23:58:36 <Kent> Mornng Dave, all
23:58:36 <ynpvisitor57> LOL- hey Kent
23:59:03 <ynpvisitor57> Just over an hour, but it could depend on length of the previous
23:59:20 <ynpvisitor57> Last year it was a full 90 m to overflow
23:59:53 <Kent> Thanks. I need to know how late I am to the party.
00:00:51 <Kent> Still no YVO for yesterday :(
00:00:52 <ynpvisitor57> it's hard to tell, the 2nd and 3rd vent are active right away.
00:01:09 <ynpvisitor57> Still taking notes on that so I can learn too
00:01:56 <Kent> Going to be interesting to see if the quakes have upset things
00:02:20 <ynpvisitor57> a 3.3 just in the last hour
00:04:19 <ynpvisitor57> I wanted to ask Kevin about the truckloads of wood chips the road crew has put down on a semi-marshy area where the new bridge will be
00:05:46 <Dave from B> Thast's to give it a fresh mesquite like aroma!:)
00:06:15 <ynpvisitor57> I could smell it inside the car! Very true!
00:07:11 <Kent> They could have chipped the trees they removed
00:08:58 <ynpvisitor57> it was specifically just on a very short stretch, by the current bridge, really different looking
00:09:55 <Kent> 3.3 could have been felt
00:09:56 <ynpvisitor57> Dave, you will be driving the bypass by Roaring Mtn by the time you get here
00:10:51 <ynpvisitor57> hey lc
00:11:08 <ynpvisitor57> I didn't say 'hi'
00:13:47 <Dave from B> Are deelays bad enough that I should be going in another way?
00:14:42 <ynpvisitor57> I don't think so, but things could change.
00:15:54 <ynpvisitor57> Things will start changing faster now that they work overnight
00:17:55 <ynpvisitor18> Hmmmmm, not a bad #
00:22:25 <ynpvisitor57> Two road Q's Kevin
00:22:46 <Kevin L> OK
00:22:55 <ynpvisitor57> what is the purpose of truckloads of wood chips being put in a marshy area?
00:23:12 <ynpvisitor57> I believe it will be where the footings for a new bridge will be
00:24:43 <Kevin L> That is a new one on me. We don't have a lot of wood chips here or marshy areas. My guess would be to absorb water around the area to make a more solid area for the footings.
00:25:23 <ynpvisitor57> I wondered about that, if they will scoop em out, mix em up, or leave them
00:26:40 <Kevin L> We did have so wet areas and we would use bales of straw, so I am assuming that is what they are doing.
00:26:41 <ynpvisitor57> I will have many more trips by to observe the process, but I was curious
00:26:57 <Kevin L> I am also. Keep me posted on that.
00:27:28 <Kevin L> Where is it at?
00:27:34 <ynpvisitor57> I was the last car in the pilot line so no one was behind me, I thought about asking the worker guys sitting on the bridge
00:28:05 <ynpvisitor57> Confluence of Obsidian Cr and Gardiner River, just by Indian Creek campground
00:28:54 <Jake> is GT being slow for anyone else this morning?
00:29:01 <ynpvisitor57> looks like the new line will go more to the west and avoid that silly curve where people drive off the road
00:31:33 <Kent> Jake, everything I click on come right up
00:31:40 <ynpvisitor57> hi Jake
00:32:44 <Jake> thanks, Kent. And Hola everyone
00:33:17 <Jake> I'm using my cell phone for internet access on my laptop and other web pages are loading fine but GT is not doing so well
00:33:27 <ynpvisitor57> you would have liked our hike yesterday Jakeman, North Butte and HET
00:34:20 <Jake> I've been away too long...I don't know what those are!
00:35:06 <ynpvisitor57> Woofer name for the knobs by Children's Fire Trail. South Butte is still in the BMA
00:35:42 <Kevin L> Think I found your answer 57:
00:35:44 <Kevin L>
00:36:05 <ynpvisitor57> Gotta get back to my morning emails, so Kevin, what is the name of the roller that looks like a giant meat tenderizer
00:36:21 <Kevin L> Look for the section on lightweight road fill.
00:36:41 <Kevin L> That is a sheeps foot compactor.
00:37:16 <Kevin L> Very heavy item that really pushes the dirt down.
00:38:33 <Kevin L> Can be attacherd to a steam roller or as a trailer that can be towed behind mos anything. Used as the first compaction followed by smoother rollers.
00:39:05 <ynpvisitor57> Sheeps foot, very good, thanks!
00:39:25 <Kevin L> The woodchips are interesting. I wonder if that is a temporary detour or construction road they are building.
00:40:06 <ynpvisitor57> I will keep an eye on it, for sure. Can't avoid that road, really, unless I want to go over Dunraven
00:40:15 <Kent> OF 0739
00:40:39 <Kevin L> Last morning for bus duty until August!
00:41:52 <Dave from B> Morning Kevin
00:42:04 <Dave from B> No more BH's to miss until August!:)
00:42:39 <Kevin L> I am sure it will find a way to mess with me.
00:43:50 <Dave from B> It looks like Steve O is in LGB
00:51:50 <Jake> Dave, online GT doesn't show "upload time" yet, so SteveO likely isn't in the LGB, but was this morning
00:52:10 <Jake> the timestamp being when he entered the Fountain into the Android app
00:52:26 <Dave from B> True, I forgot about that. Thanks, Jake
00:52:30 <ynpvisitor57> will you add the upload time in the future?
00:52:54 <Dave from B> I was referring to the fact we are trying to get a confimration on what happened in Groblong when he was out of the basin
00:53:19 <ynpvisitor57> for those following, it means 'time when X got back to signal'
00:53:35 <Paul L.> Morning
00:54:40 <Dave from B> Morning Paul
00:54:48 <Jake> yes 57, it will be added. I have this week to work on GT projects and lots of coffee at the ready
00:56:10 <Dave from B> Jake, any update on occupational changes?
01:03:51 <Jake> no Dave, not yet. fortunate enough to not have to worry about it just yet
01:04:48 <Dave from B> That's a nice feeling.
01:04:55 <ynpvisitor57> I finished reading that Kevin, that is interesting!! I didn't drive that stretch for several days so I didn't see if they put "geotextile fabric" prior to the wood chips
01:06:17 <Kevin L> That was interesting reading. I know marshes would be a real challenge to build a road in.
01:06:58 <Eric> Morning everyone.
01:07:23 <Paul L.> Morning Eric
01:07:24 <ynpvisitor57> I'll let you know if it's a construction bridge or if I see footings going in. The whole process has been quite interesting, starting with snow removal, then tree removal, etc
01:07:37 <Eric> Hey Dave, my dad is in the park today. Would you have possible times for Grand/BH?
01:07:37 <Kevin L> I know we used that geotextile fabric a lot here. Gypsum will seep into the fill and really mess up a road as anyone who has driven I-15 near the Valley of Fire exit will know.
01:08:25 <Dave from B> Eric, let me crunch some numbers...brb
01:09:00 <Eric> Thanks a ton
01:09:54 <Dave from B> Grand 1220-1350
01:10:55 <Dave from B> BH 1040-1240
01:11:47 <Dave from B> Eric, can you pm me your CC number? All predictions are $3.99 plus tax:)
01:12:20 <Eric> awesome...thank you, thank you.
01:12:52 <Dave from B> yw, Eric...anything to help someone enjoy YNP
01:12:58 <Paul L.> I will rember that Dave when I bug you for perdictions in july. lol
01:14:27 <Dave from B> haha
01:19:23 <Kevin L> Sounds fishy to me Dave.
01:20:59 <Dave from B> I know some were excited about Giantess late last week. Any recent reports?
01:22:56 <Eric> I have not heard anything since the day Micah was going on about it.
01:23:13 <Eric> But go Giantess go :-)
01:23:20 <Dave from B> Clark must have left the park. He was the gazer on duty
01:23:49 <Eric> Who is Steve Robinson? Full time gazer?
01:24:17 <Dave from B> aka Steve O. No, just visits a lot in the summer.
01:24:35 <Dave from B> A great guy with a flashlight that could light up the deepest cave
01:25:42 <Eric> haha
01:25:44 <Jake> I was thinking the same thing: his claim to fame (for me) is the aircraft spotting light he has
01:25:58 <Dave from B> And, he's a Seahwak fan:)
01:26:14 <Eric> I have a little torch addiction too :-)
01:26:58 <Eric> I like that he keeps his eye on Morning :-)
01:27:01 <Dave from B> We had 3 torches on Fountain last year hoping for Morning. It was a blast
01:27:36 <Eric> Ya, in the evening you really need a light to watch that pool.
01:40:51 <ynpvisitor92> Daisy 0840 ie
02:03:33 <Jenna> ..
02:05:14 <Kevin L> Looks like you survived the night Jenna.
02:05:24 <Jenna> we did
02:05:37 <Jenna> I don't think the wind even blew lol
02:15:33 <Eric> Another 3.5 quake this morning...
02:22:49 <ynpvisitor92> OF 0922
02:47:11 <Kevin L> Lion getting rowdy
02:47:59 <Kevin L> Lion 0947
02:49:17 <Eric> Roar
02:59:28 <ynpvisitor92> North Goggles?
02:59:57 <Paul L.> Eric are the quakes are all located in one area of the pasrk?
03:00:04 <Paul L.> park
03:00:37 <ynpvisitor92> Primarily in the Norris area.
03:00:56 <Kevin L> EQ info:
03:00:58 <Kevin L>
03:01:29 <Kevin L> Did you get your pen DVD yet Paul?
03:01:34 <Eric> I like this map:
03:02:57 <Kevin L> Lot of customers at BH
03:04:14 <Paul L.> No not yet Kevin. I got the shipping info on monday. so I'm thinking friday or saturday before I get it
03:07:42 <Paul L.> Wow, Are there any reports of unusual activity from norris Kevin?
03:08:18 <Kevin L> I haven't seen anything.
03:08:31 <Paul L.> Have you Eric?
03:08:50 <Kevin L> I had a guy that cleaned me out of pens (bought 14 of them) so I have been busy.
03:08:54 <Eric> Nope...nothing other than I expect if your in Norris you can feel these bumps.
03:09:00 <ynpvisitor92> Check the log. There was discussion earlier about activity at Norris.
03:09:12 <Dave from B> Kevin, my pair should be on my desk tonight:)
03:09:43 <Kevin L> That will be nice Dave.
03:11:33 <ynpvisitor30> I see the rain drops dried clear.
03:11:53 <ynpvisitor30> Has the cam been slimed yet buy OF?
03:12:47 <ynpvisitor30> Good day for a cone walker, the ranger is right there!
03:13:05 <ynpvisitor30> WOul dnot get away with anything
03:15:05 <Kevin L> I don't think OF has hit the cam yet.
03:22:50 <Jake> I'm wondering if the curve of the camera will allow some water drops to slide down before drying
03:23:33 <Eric> Jake, they didn't seem to slide yesterday, but stick.
03:24:38 <Eric> They should buy 2 or 3 dome covers and just keep them on hand to replace once a year.
03:24:49 <Jake> oh, bummer
03:25:26 <Jake> I've been out of the loop...when do cam ops return?
03:25:39 <Kevin L> Sometime
03:25:44 <Eric> haha
03:26:19 <Jake> schedule for the future on a day that ends in "Y"?
03:26:50 <Kevin L> Hoping it will be soon.
03:28:03 <Jake> has Dave predicted when it will happen?
03:29:19 <Eric> Dave is getting pretty good at predictions now...
03:29:34 <Eric> Hopefully he can give a 2 hour window
03:30:33 <Dave from B> haha, Eric
03:31:41 <Jake> NPS webcam behavior is much more unpredictable, it's a tough prediction
03:31:55 <Dave from B> Kevin first drive will be Tuesday, June 10 at 1000:)
03:32:20 <Jake> could potentially be induced though with some greenback lubricant
03:33:05 <Eric> My Dad is in the Park today, I hope he hurries his butt up and gets to BH :-|
03:34:01 <Kevin L> If I was there, my butt would be parked there right now!
03:34:17 <Eric> me too :-)
03:34:38 <Jake> I would be at Aurum, waiting for the BH call
03:34:48 <Eric> Followed by a parking at Grand
03:39:25 <Eric> That grotto steaming it up back there?
03:39:31 <Kevin L> Good point Jake. I think I would be there with you.
03:41:42 <Jake> looks like Grotto yes
03:45:17 <Jake> Split Cone ie
03:46:06 <Dave from B> ..
03:47:49 <Eric> The GT OF is missing a few times :-)
03:51:56 <Jake> OK, be sure to enter this next one then!
03:52:54 <Eric> Just sayin, if you call it out here, it would be awesome if that translated to GT :-)
03:53:16 <Eric> OF 1053
03:53:20 <Eric> :-P
03:57:26 <Eric> long
03:58:39 <Dave from B> <0>
03:59:12 <Eric> Hey, bug on GT...when you go back to edit an OF entry, you cannot set short/long.
04:00:20 <Jake> Major = long , minor = short
04:00:25 <Kevin L> use maj or min
04:01:30 <Eric> ahh, thought I had done that and saw no change...but like most bugs, ends up being user error :-(
04:01:31 <Jake> Lion 1101 . . .
04:01:59 <Jake> yep, Lion
04:02:10 <Jake> ahhh, the perfect user...admitting mistakes
04:02:15 <Jake> it's ALL user error
04:02:42 <Eric> haha, I know Jake, I have been building software for 20 years :-)
04:03:49 <Paul L.> wow Lion sure looks good
04:04:07 <Eric> yes, no wind makes it very pretty.
04:06:59 <Jake> Daisy 1107
04:19:23 <Jake> Oblong ? 1119ie
04:19:43 <Kevin L> Oblong or Turban Major
04:20:29 <Jake> Beehive patiently waiting for everything else to erupt first
04:21:04 <Eric> Starting to get a crowd out there.
04:23:22 <Dave from B> ok....time to start BHI
04:24:00 <Jake> time to start getting nervous about the eruptions going: BHI, Grand, BH
04:24:38 <Kevin L> Aurum...
04:34:58 <Dave from B> Hey, Hawkeye...long time no see:)
04:38:42 <Eric> Anybody going to be in the park 8/5-7?
04:38:55 <Eric> Finally made some plans that get me there for a few days :-)
04:39:14 <Eric> Would love to put faces to names...
04:39:44 <Dave from B> Not me...probably Kitt
04:39:51 <lt> not me. :(
04:40:10 <Eric> Staying at the Grizzly RV park in West...
04:40:30 <Paul L.> Nope I'm going to be there from July 19th - 26th
04:40:32 <Eric> That place is huge...checked it out on google maps.
04:40:55 <Eric> drats...
04:41:09 <Jake> Riverside 1141 ns
04:41:25 <ynpvisitor99> hello every1
04:41:31 <Eric> hey 99
04:41:42 <Eric> I don't see riverside?
04:41:44 <ynpvisitor92> Nice catch Jake.
04:42:58 <Jake> I happened to flip back to the cam to see it
04:43:03 <CaliWA> riverside is further down then where you can see eric
04:44:27 <Jake> Riverside is just some white puffs of steam where the far horizon starts to meet the nearer horizon line
04:44:33 <Jake> in person it's much prettier ;)
04:44:57 <ynpvisitor92> g
04:45:20 <CaliWA> I so agree jake
04:45:25 <CaliWA> I love riverside
04:45:31 <CaliWA> its my favorite geyser
04:45:54 <CaliWA> when i worked in yellowstone after work i would go down there to relax and unwind
04:46:59 <CaliWA> when was beehives last eruption?
04:47:21 <Eric> last night
04:47:27 <ynpvisitor92> 15 + hours
04:47:36 <Eric> 2039
04:47:41 <ynpvisitor92>
04:47:43 <Eric> and hello Cali
04:48:13 <CaliWA> ty eric
04:48:16 <CaliWA> and hello
04:48:18 <Eric> I assume your in WA?
04:48:26 <Eric> I am in WA too :-)
04:49:24 <Eric> BTW, thanks Jake for the description of how you denoted riverside.
04:50:32 <CaliWA> remind me what ie and wc stands for
04:50:43 <CaliWA> yes i live in WA eric
04:50:49 <CaliWA> where you at?>
04:50:56 <ynpvisitor92> In Eruption and WebCam
04:50:59 <Eric> South, Vancouver
04:51:10 <CaliWA> shoreline
04:51:50 <Eric> your way up north :-)
04:51:55 <Hawkeye> hi Dave :)
04:52:26 <Eric> So at what age can you start working at yellowstone?
04:52:35 <CaliWA> whats that mean eric?
04:52:41 <CaliWA> 18
04:53:18 <Eric> k, I want to get my daughter working there ASAP
04:53:31 <Eric> Guess I have a ways to go :-P
04:55:35 <CaliWA> what you mean you have a way to ?
04:56:01 <Kevin L> Indy???
04:56:13 <Eric> my daughter is only 12...6 more years before she can work in the park.
04:56:45 <Dave from B> Lot of people at BH
04:57:15 <Kevin L> Can't tell with this los res monitor.
04:57:37 <ynpvisitor92> Looks like it if you go full screen.
04:57:39 <Eric> all the people make the image go to crap too.
04:58:20 <ynpvisitor92> Definitely steam from the right place.
04:58:22 <Kevin L> What does you big monitor say Dave?
04:58:43 <Eric> super hard to tell here
04:58:51 <Eric> even @ 24" fullscreen
04:59:32 <ynpvisitor92> BH splashing too.
04:59:37 <lt> I'm leaning towards yes?
04:59:40 <Jake> I see Indicator
04:59:57 <ynpvisitor92> Yes, it's there.
05:00:05 <Dave from B> yep
05:00:07 <Eric> sweet
05:00:35 <Betty> nice to step in an indicator :-) hi all
05:00:51 <lt> hi Betty
05:01:10 <Kevin L> Great timing Betty.
05:01:33 <Jake> BHI 1155 on GT
05:01:39 <Paul L.> Eric hack the cam and zoom into bh for us
05:01:49 <ynpvisitor92> Thank you Jake.
05:02:13 <Eric> I would like to :-)
05:02:22 <Betty> Last 3 times I stepped in 10 minutes after BH finished ;-)
05:02:32 <Eric> Welcome Betty
05:02:38 <Kevin L> Got GT report of 1155. Maybe my monitor isn't as bad as I thought.
05:02:53 <CaliWA>
05:03:05 <Craig> Hello!
05:03:31 <Eric> Nice call Kevin
05:03:35 <CaliWA> Beehive indicator is definently going off
05:03:37 <Eric> Hey Craig
05:04:04 <Eric> Thanks for the link Cali
05:04:04 <Betty> Hi Craig, Kevin, It, Eric
05:04:17 <Craig> Any estimate on when we will be able to drive the new cam like the old one?
05:04:36 <Eric> Dave has not given us a prediction yet.
05:04:48 <CaliWA> prediction for what?
05:05:01 <CaliWA> your welcome eric
05:05:01 <Eric> For driving the new webcam
05:05:35 <Craig> I'm curious to see what the detail of the zoom looks like on this camera
05:05:52 <Dave from B> I gave you the prediction for Kevin's first want more?:):)
05:06:07 <lt> it's pretty good.
05:06:19 <Eric> oh man Dave, I missed it!
05:06:34 <Eric> Guess I need to swipe my CC again?
05:07:05 <Dave from B> cha ching
05:07:45 <Craig> Like usual, 5$ for a Lion, 10$ for a BH, 1$ for OF, 500$ for a Plume, 200$ for a Giantess, 250$ for a Giant
05:07:56 <Eric> Here is a capture of BH with Zoom:
05:07:58 <CaliWA> eric here is a better link for you
05:08:07 <Eric> If your interested in what it looks like
05:08:19 <Craig> Its beautiful!
05:10:44 <Eric> man, those clouds look ominous
05:10:48 <CaliWA> it says that riverside indicator went of 30 minutes
05:11:16 <CaliWA> off
05:11:28 <Eric> BH
05:11:32 <Eric> .
05:11:33 <Eric> .
05:11:34 <Eric> .
05:11:42 <lt> mmmm, gorgeous
05:11:48 <CaliWA> beehive 1111
05:12:00 <Eric> 1211 :-)
05:12:17 <Craig> Ascend!
05:12:40 <lt> another 16 minute indy
05:12:50 <lc> what is Riverside indicator?
05:12:59 <Craig> ^ I second this
05:13:15 <Paul L.> Big crowd at OF
05:13:20 <CaliWA> 1111 (PST) 1211 (MST)
05:13:47 <CaliWA> ic riverside has a indicator the flows into the firehole river before it erupts
05:13:52 <Dave from B> Riverside indicator is overflow?
05:14:15 <Craig> Huh, i never knew riverside had its own indy!
05:14:29 <lc> ok
05:14:56 <Craig> Those clouds do look ominous indeed. Pressure drop for Splendid please!
05:15:14 <CaliWA> yep
05:15:19 <Eric> The dark clouds are a nice backdrop for BH
05:15:43 <Eric> A little lightning would really make it sparkle ;-)
05:16:07 <Craig> With a BH rainbow at the same time
05:16:20 <Eric> Nice, and maybe a flying unicorn?
05:16:48 <Craig> Yup and a leprichaun near pot o' gold
05:16:50 <lc> ok, got to mow now. thanks for the text.
05:16:59 <Kevin L> yw
05:16:59 <CaliWA> beehive, grand, and riverside are amzing with rainbows in the steam
05:17:09 <CaliWA> especially riverside
05:17:12 <Eric> Now we should start getting some Turban times....
05:17:17 <Kevin L> F&M isn't bad either.
05:17:52 <Kevin L> Should be a nice white on black OF eruption.
05:17:59 <Craig> We had a turban at 916
05:18:10 <Paul L.> Is it grand time yet?
05:18:17 <Eric> yep
05:18:37 <CaliWA>
05:18:45 <Eric> I think everyone was at BH, so there have probably been multiple turbans since 916...I would guess.
05:18:46 <CaliWA> this video is awesome
05:19:01 <CaliWA> craig check it out
05:19:19 <CaliWA> it will show you all geysers that have indicators including riversides
05:19:20 <Jake> what's up with Lion? I didn't see anything out of it pre-BH
05:19:30 <CaliWA>
05:21:18 <Eric> uhh, that video is just a timelapse of the UGB static camera.
05:21:34 <Eric> it shows the BH indy
05:22:42 <Eric> Did you expect something from Lion, pre-BH?
05:23:19 <Paul L.> Wounder witch way that storm is tracking?
05:23:34 <Eric> It's gettin ugly
05:23:48 <Jake> yes, Lion was right in its favorite timeframe to erupt or at least roar/steam in an attempt to erupt
05:24:15 <Jake> Lion is trying now
05:24:25 <Eric> guess the cycle ended....
05:25:32 <Kevin L> It would be fun to see a timelapse of the ugb over a year.
05:25:54 <Eric>
05:27:00 <Jake> Aurum looking splashy
05:27:25 <Eric> UGB looks like it will be nailed in about 15 minutes
05:27:29 <Eric> by that storm
05:27:43 <Kevin L> Grand sitters sooner than that.
05:28:33 <ynpvisitor92>
05:28:54 <lt> nice contrast
05:28:55 <lt> :)
05:29:33 <Eric> Nice OF
05:29:38 <Jake> amazing photo op
05:30:05 <Eric> I wish we could zoom, just to cut out the people, it would make the image sooooo much better.
05:30:25 <Kevin L> That was awesome.
05:30:37 <ynpvisitor92> Nice to watch from the safety of my chair. Looks like lightning could be a factor in this storm system.
05:30:45 <Eric> The video compression algorithms cannot compress the people/motion very well.
05:31:05 <Eric> Ya, the heart of the storm is tracking right toward UGB
05:31:07 <Paul L.> Now it's the made dash time for cover. que the Benny Hill music
05:31:16 <Eric> haha
05:31:52 <CaliWA>
05:32:19 <Betty> aurum
05:32:48 <Betty> 1232 ie
05:33:45 <Jake> arrrghhh! missed it
05:34:09 <Betty> was hard to see behind OF steam
05:35:06 <Eric> ahh, first real turban time
05:35:39 <CaliWA> thats weird it says i quit chat but i am still here
05:35:58 <Eric> It does that...
05:36:12 <Eric> we just all ignore the quit message....
05:36:17 <CaliWA> click on this link to share more pics of eruptions and info
05:36:18 <CaliWA>
05:37:08 <Paul L.> I belive the UGB is about to get wet.
05:37:51 <Eric> What contrast.
05:39:12 <Kevin L> Stepped on my powerbar switch.
05:39:21 <lt> whoops
05:39:25 <Eric> ooops
05:40:00 <Eric> You can see the basin getting darker. The trees at grand are disappearing.
05:40:07 <Betty> darn, so you missed Aurum :-(
05:40:32 <Kevin L> :p You are kidding me.
05:40:45 <Betty> sorry, no
05:40:58 <Kevin L> Bummer.
05:41:02 <Paul L.> If i was sitting on the old faithful bench right about now. I would be saying well it's time to go. lol
05:41:29 <Kevin L> If I was at Grand I would be putting on raingear.
05:41:43 <CaliWA> it is definently going to rain soon. i just talked to a friend of mine that wworks at the vc
05:42:07 <Paul L.> Of couse Kevin. I would be putting mine on with ya
05:43:11 <ynpvisitor92> Ranger advising people to get under cover?
05:43:20 <CaliWA> yep
05:43:48 <CaliWA> riverside 1141 ns wc
05:43:51 <Kevin L> There have been several cases of people being hit by lightning at or near OF.
05:43:58 <Eric> Here comes the wind
05:44:16 <Eric> Another Turban I think
05:44:26 <CaliWA> you guys should check out and buy a book called deaths in yellowstone.
05:44:31 <CaliWA> its very interesting
05:44:32 <Eric> ohh, maybe not yet
05:44:52 <CaliWA> deaths to falls, lightening, falling in geysers, bear attacks etc
05:45:03 <Betty> I read it, very interesting
05:45:14 <Paul L.> Check out the fire lookout cam
05:45:15 <lt> I like the deathes due to hydrogen sulfide.
05:45:20 <Paul L.> nasty
05:45:30 <CaliWA> i wish giantess would erupt again soon
05:45:35 <Eric> sounds a little morbid.
05:45:49 <CaliWA> its been 125 days since last eruption
05:45:55 <Eric> I think we all do Cali :-)
05:46:09 <lt> it'd been quite a few more days since the eruption before that
05:46:12 <Betty> most horrible was the guy that sprang into celestine pool z
05:46:29 <lt> yep
05:46:30 <Betty> to save his dog... brrrr
05:46:36 <ynpvisitor92> Word is that Lee W is updating that publication.
05:46:37 <CaliWA> it may sound that way for the deaths in yellowstone book. but it shows and helps you realize way more of the bad things to happen
05:46:45 <CaliWA> and to keep you even more safer too
05:46:49 <Dave from B> There is a second edition now available
05:47:00 <CaliWA> i know it has help me way 100x more bettter
05:47:12 <ynpvisitor92> Thanks Dave from B. I wasn't sure of a release date.
05:47:16 <CaliWA> I agree betty
05:47:18 <CaliWA> it was tragic
05:47:39 <lt> what I want updated is the geyser book
05:47:46 <Betty> horrifying!
05:47:49 <Eric> 5th edition :-)
05:48:01 <CaliWA> it was horrifying in person
05:48:04 <Eric> With augmented reality geyser images.
05:48:42 <Jake> wall of rain out by Daisy
05:48:49 <Eric> I have thought about producing a geyser book, that contains augmented reality videos of geysers.
05:49:04 <CaliWA> the guy started screaming within seconds and the dog was yelping like crazy
05:49:15 <CaliWA> you should eric
05:49:31 <Kevin L> Looks like a sheet of rain coming.
05:49:47 <Betty> tree ship...
05:49:55 <Eric> you aim your phone at the picture of the geyser and it starts erupting right there on your phone.
05:50:27 <Betty> that would be cool, Eric :-)
05:51:06 <Eric> If the cams a rockin.....
05:51:11 <Eric> Run....
05:51:15 <lt> here comes the rain
05:51:25 <Eric> haha
05:52:01 <CaliWA>
05:52:02 <Kevin L> This one may be ugly.
05:52:25 <ynpvisitor92> That lady wants to be a lightning rod.
05:52:38 <CaliWA> Writing his 1995 book Death in Yellowstone, park historical archivist Lee H. Whittlesey sifted through National Park Service records to identify 19 human fatalities from falling into thermal features. The victims include seven young children who slipped away from parents, teenagers who fell through thin surface crust, fishermen who inadvertently stepped into hot springs near Yellowstone Lake, and
05:53:28 <ynpvisitor92> don't give away the plot...
05:53:49 <CaliWA> The most recent thermal fatality occurred in 2000. One moonless August night, 20-year-old Sara Hulphers, a park concession employee from Oroville, Washington, went swimming with friends in the Firehole River. Accompanied by two co-workers for Old Faithful businesses, Hulphers returned by hiking through Lower Geyser Basin. They carried no flashlights, and the three thought they were jumping a small
05:54:16 <CaliWA> stream when they fell into Cavern Spring’s ten-foot-deep boiling waters. Hulphers went completely underwater and died several hours later from third-degree burns that covered her entire body. Her companions survived, but the two men spent months in a Salt Lake City hospital recovering from severe burns over most of their bodies.
05:54:30 <Paul L.> Them poor peeps out on the BH bordwalk
05:54:34 <CaliWA>
05:57:44 <CaliWA> hope this helps you all more too
05:58:21 <Kevin L> At least this cam doesn't try to focus on the raindrops.
06:00:57 <Eric> no new turban time :-(
06:02:32 <CaliWA> i see a 1228 on it
06:02:40 <CaliWA> on the geyser time page
06:03:39 <ynpvisitor92> Should have been one approximately 20 minutes after that.
06:04:09 <Eric> I expected one at 1249
06:04:12 <ynpvisitor92> Might just mean they cleared out of that area and nobody is out there to note a time.
06:04:36 <CaliWA> probably
06:05:25 <ynpvisitor34> .
06:05:52 <CaliWA> i see rain drops on the webcam
06:06:57 <CaliWA> crap now i am lagging
06:08:26 <CaliWA> i wish i was hiking and camping in yellowstone and visiting and hiking and visiting grand tetona right now too
06:08:39 <CaliWA> webcams of them all are gorgeous right now
06:08:50 <CaliWA> my favorite time of the year up there
06:11:54 <CaliWA> did i freeze totally or is everyone just quiet
06:12:33 <lt> just quiet. happens frequently
06:12:39 <Paul L.> I just got back
06:13:04 <Hawkeye> attempting to get a toddler to nap
06:13:10 <Eric> chirp, chirp
06:13:56 <Dave from B> Watching 2 phone techs try to install my new phone system at work
06:14:23 <Paul L.> Sounds fishy Dave. lol
06:14:36 <CaliWA> well im off
06:14:46 <Eric> I bet he has never heard that joke before :-)
06:14:52 <Eric> bye Cali
06:15:14 <Paul L.> Not from me. ;)
06:15:37 <Eric> I see Turban steam
06:16:01 <Dave from B> Not the most original comment but I still laugh, Paul!
06:17:15 <Eric> I think I used it too after I found out your a fish's hard to resist.
06:18:01 <Eric> My lame dad is on his way to UGB now!
06:18:06 <Eric> uggg
06:18:14 <Paul L.> lol
06:18:32 <Dave from B> How many nights in YNP, Eric...for your dad
06:18:37 <Eric> I told him, go early and txt him the times of BH and Grand this morning.
06:18:49 <Eric> 2 more nights
06:18:59 <Paul L.> he wanted ro make sure the stormed past by before he got there
06:19:01 <Eric> So he has another shot...
06:19:13 <Eric> spent time looking at Bison and Firehole drive.
06:19:32 <Eric> Said it was hailing on them coming up toward UGB
06:19:47 <Eric> snow/rain mix
06:20:15 <Eric> Ground looks white in front of BW
06:20:53 <Dave from B> Where is he staying
06:21:05 <Eric> West Yellowstone
06:25:09 <Dave from B> ..
06:28:36 <Dave from B> ..
06:28:53 <Kevin L> I did see some lightning flashes.
06:29:13 <Dave from B> Looks like hail, sleet or snow
06:29:52 <Kevin L> Looking at a rain/snow mix at the park and a weather report here with highs at 110 for Monday here.
06:32:31 <Paul L.> OK Eric, I'm looking for a tablet. itch one do you like?
06:32:40 <Paul L.> witch
06:33:15 <Hawkeye> ..
06:33:30 <lt> what do you want it for and what are you familiar with?
06:34:17 <Paul L.> Game playing, vid playing, web surfing. ect.
06:35:45 <lt> iPads are relatively straightforward especially if you are not technically savvy, but Android tablets have made some improvements in that area. Android tablets will probably be a little cheaper.
06:36:16 <lt> although you will still pay some to get the known names (which I would recommend)
06:36:32 <lt> what size do you want? 7"? 10"?
06:36:53 <Paul L.> big for mivie watching
06:37:46 <Dave from B> ..
06:38:05 <lt> so either iPad (if you want Apple) or the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1" (if you want Android) would be my recommendations for places to start looking
06:38:59 <Paul L.> Is ther a monthly fee with the ipad?
06:39:11 <lt> only if you want a data plan
06:39:34 <lt> you could get an iPad that is just wifi (which would be cheaper too) and then there's no worry about it
06:39:53 <lt> if you get one of the models with a cell connection (for data) then if you activate the data plan there is a monthly fee
06:40:38 <Paul L.> Y I don't need the data plan
06:40:54 <Eric> What type of phone do you use Paul?
06:40:56 <lt> if you don't want it, then I would just get the wifi only model
06:41:19 <lt> a lot of people honestly don't need it. there's a reasonable amount of free wifi hotspots these days
06:41:34 <Eric> If you use macs/iphones, I would stick with apple, If you use PC/android phone, then I would stay that direction.
06:42:24 <Paul L.> well I have a iphone but thats only because it was free. lol
06:42:39 <lt> if you're familiar with the iPhone, I would say go with the iPad.
06:42:46 <Eric> If you used to the iphone, then stick with the ipad
06:42:51 <Eric> :-)
06:43:06 <Eric> They are really nice products.
06:43:44 <Paul L.> well my wife has a kindel fire that I mees around on all the time so I'm used to both
06:44:04 <Paul L.> but i want somthing more than a fire
06:44:09 <Eric> ahh, your a mixed family.
06:44:20 <Paul L.> Fire came first
06:44:30 <Paul L.> phone were free
06:44:54 <Paul L.> I do prefer android
06:45:08 <Paul L.> I have no idea why. lol
06:45:12 <lt> if you like Android, the Samsung tablets are probably where you want to work then
06:45:12 <Eric> I really like the nexus 7", price point and quality are awesome. A little small for video, but it's a nice balance of size/cost/performance.
06:45:34 <lt> the Nexus 7 is very nice. get the wifi only model.
06:45:43 <Paul L.> What about the toshiba excites?
06:45:52 <Eric> I agree, with lt, if you go up to 10", then look at the samsungs
06:45:55 <ynpvisitor34> I can't get into GT right now, anyone else having troubles?
06:45:58 <lt> not familiar with them
06:46:17 <lt> GT is working fine for me
06:46:20 <Eric> GT works for me
06:46:31 <Paul L.>
06:46:34 <ynpvisitor34> thanks,
06:46:38 <Eric> I have an old 10" toshiba excite....use it as an alarm clock :-)
06:46:57 <Eric> I only got it because it was really cheap.
06:47:07 <Eric> I would stay away from toshiba and tablets
06:47:17 <Hawkeye> we're a samsung house. phones, tablet and tv.
06:47:51 <Paul L.> here in the whole list
06:47:55 <Paul L.>
06:49:09 <lt> seems reasonable enough? I would check reviews at a number of places.
06:49:21 <lt> also those folks reviewed the Surface Pro 2 as a tablet which makes me look at them a little sideways
06:49:59 <Paul L.> Ya I saw that
06:50:13 <lt>
06:50:29 <lt> zoooooooooooooooooooooom
06:51:02 <Eric> totally agree with what lt is sites are notorious for being paid for placement
06:51:05 <Eric> Nice tree
06:51:12 <lt> hi tree
06:51:43 <Eric> I personally would probably buy a Nexus 10" if I was shopping for a large tablet right now.
06:51:45 <lt> I have an iPad, a Nexus 7, an Android phone, and a Surface Pro 2. one of these things is definitely not like the others in terms of power.
06:52:14 <lt> I also have a gadget addiction but that's neither here nor there.
06:52:37 <ynpvisitor6> Rain on the cam is much preferable to geyser spume
06:53:14 <Eric> But you can play WOW on the SP2 :-)
06:53:32 <lt> and I have
06:53:36 <lt> D3 as well
06:53:47 <Paul L.> D3 is better
06:53:48 <Eric> Horde or Alliance?
06:53:49 <lt> I have also enjoyed Steam's new game-streaming service
06:53:51 <lt> Alliance.
06:53:58 <Eric> good :-)
06:54:08 <Eric> Smurf or Toad?
06:54:29 <lt> treeeeeeeeee
06:54:53 <Eric> I assumed you would get tha treference :-(
06:54:59 <Eric> I assumed you would get that treference :-(
06:55:04 <Eric> I assumed you would get that reference :-(
06:55:09 <lt> hahaha
06:55:11 <Eric> ahhh, 3rd times a charm.
06:55:13 <lt> you'll get it eventually!
06:55:30 <Eric> ingress....
06:55:56 <lt> haven't played
06:56:21 <Eric> ya, I got that after the no show on the smurf vs toad question.
06:56:33 <Eric> kinda fun.
07:00:15 <lt> reddit tells me they are smurfs and muppets in the bay area.
07:03:55 <Kevin L> But does it play PacMan?
07:04:36 <lt> my phone does. probably.
07:06:18 <Kevin L> A computer that doesn't play PacMan is going to give you trouble.
07:10:50 <Eric> Is grand hiding from the rain?
07:13:40 <Paul L.> I think I like the samsung tablet
07:14:23 <ynpvisitor34> where are we on Grand - still having trouble with GT for some reason
07:16:55 <lt> nothing reported, at about 8 hours
07:17:51 <lt> OF
07:17:54 <lt> 14:17
07:19:04 <Eric> I usually wish I was in UGB watching the geysers. Right now I am glad I am at home :-)
07:20:11 <Kevin L> Grand likes to go long when the weather is miserable.
07:22:34 <Kevin L> Neat Yosemite night shot:
07:22:37 <Kevin L>
07:23:19 <Eric> Only about an hour off for that Castle zoom :-|
07:23:54 <Eric> cool shot Kevin
07:25:24 <Kevin L> BTW that streak is the space station.
07:25:25 <Betty> daisy
07:25:50 <Kevin L> Looked like lightning.
07:28:58 <Eric> manic campop
07:29:10 <Eric> camop
07:29:50 <Eric> maybe cc is learning to drive?
07:31:51 <Kevin L> Don't blame me!
07:33:16 <Eric> Here comes the sun...
07:38:32 <ynpvisitor5> To the conversation earlier. Lion appears to have had a 2 eruption series :(
07:39:10 <Ryan@UGB> We saw the initial and then the 1101 one, but after BH it only gave very weak purrs....
07:40:12 <Eric> Hey Ryan
07:40:23 <Eric> You down at Grand right now?
07:40:48 <Eric> or up at Grand, I probably should say.
07:41:01 <Ryan@UGB> No, taking care of some thing in my room, leaving here soo though. Probably go sit in the Sawmill Group, penta will probably go given the weather ;)
07:41:27 <Eric> looks like a Turban
07:43:19 <Ryan@UGB> No wave call yet on radio
08:05:14 <Dave from B> Time to head out. Have a great evening everyone.
08:05:32 <Eric> u2 dave
08:05:37 <Kevin L> Bye Dave. Unpack a box for me.
08:05:45 <Dave from B> Will do
08:14:07 <ynpvisitor2> Bison on walkway.
08:14:17 <ynpvisitor2> out of cam view now.
08:14:50 <ynpvisitor20> still no Grand? Over nine hours...
08:15:35 <Eric> Which walkway had the bison?
08:16:02 <ynpvisitor2> Right in front of the cam.
08:16:19 <ynpvisitor2> Its the only one visible in this setting.
08:16:45 <Eric> I thought you might be refering to the boardwalk out near BH
08:17:15 <Eric> or toward sawmill/Grand
08:17:24 <Eric> Lot's of boardwalks....
08:17:34 <ynpvisitor2> Walkways are asphalt or rock. bw is BOARDwalk.
08:17:51 <Eric> ahhh
08:17:53 <Eric> sorry
08:17:58 <ynpvisitor2> Not sure we can really see bw other than in front of cam!
08:20:08 <ynpvisitor2> I guess we could say we can see some of the bw on GH. Downbasin is less than a blur!
08:22:02 <ynpvisitor9> ...
08:29:04 <Kevin L> Sure glad I am not waiting at Grand.
08:29:13 <ynpvisitor20> are we sure it did not happen?
08:29:51 <Kevin L> 99%
08:31:15 <ynpvisitor20> 1531, Finally
08:31:19 <ynpvisitor20> wow
08:31:22 <Eric> Thats mt dad waving at the camera!
08:32:41 <ynpvisitor34> 9h22min
08:33:21 <Eric> Haha, was on the phone with my dad and had to tell him to turn around to see Grand :-P
08:33:40 <ynpvisitor20> that is too long an interval
08:47:12 <Kevin L> Now that Grand went, the sun is coming out. Go figure!
08:50:50 <Jenna> that happened yesterday with bee didn't it
09:19:28 <Graham> wow that is a long Grand window, getting back to "normal" now?
09:19:45 <Graham> hello too :)
09:22:55 <ynpvisitor5> Another Norris quake in the last hour 3.4. Things be a shakin'
09:30:41 <Paul L.> I wonder if the peeps at norris can feal them.
09:31:09 <lt> if they're sitting down or standing still, probably
09:31:16 <lt> I've felt things in the 2.7 range.
09:32:40 <Graham> I have felt several 3,.x quakes at OF that were further away
09:32:55 <Graham> and 2.x as well
09:50:51 <Eric> Grand???
09:50:54 <Eric> Again?
09:51:11 <Paul L.> Amazing how fast weather can change
09:51:15 <lt> no
09:51:27 <lt> probably Oblong
09:51:34 <Eric> That was a huge eruption down there....
09:51:40 <Eric> it has dwindled now
09:51:49 <lt> it's just steam, no bursts
09:52:02 <Eric> k
10:03:10 <Jenna> Daisy
10:08:04 <Jenna> ..
10:08:49 <Graham> woah camera moved
10:11:39 <ynpvisitor23> I noticed that!
10:14:36 <ynpvisitor9> .
10:23:28 <lt> OF
10:23:34 <lt> 1723ie
10:25:32 <lc> was that Riverside just before the cam moved
10:25:59 <lc> I think it is.
10:26:33 <lt> I didn't see, so can't confirm
10:27:12 <lc> there is a little steam in that area.
10:28:00 <lc> it does look a little left.
10:28:22 <lc> steam drifting that way.
10:28:31 <lc> I think its Riverside.
10:28:35 <lt> yeah
10:28:38 <lt> I'm seeing it too
10:28:52 <lt> it does seem to be a little left on the new camera's perspective
10:28:57 <lt> since I've seen it there a few times
10:29:47 <Graham> its the right spot for Riverside
10:30:05 <lc> I logged it with a ?.
10:38:08 <lc> Grand had a 9h 22m interval. not good.
10:38:57 <lt> it rained, didn't want to come out and play in the rain
10:39:28 <lc> I hope that is the reason. g
10:39:55 <lt> we can hope. yesterday was 8 hour intervals
10:40:03 <lt> ish
10:52:24 <Paul L.> ...
10:53:12 <Graham> I am sure Grand will be back to 5h intervals come Labor Day
10:53:17 <ynpvisitor99> SC ie
10:53:27 <Graham> and F&M every 3 days
10:54:44 <lc> how about July 4?
10:55:49 <Graham> sorry, too early in the year
10:56:03 <lc> going to watch tv,
10:56:16 <lc> have a good night everyone.
10:57:12 <Graham> did i upset you lc?
10:57:33 <ynpvisitor99> hehe
10:59:03 <Kevin L> I wish I could find a cable system that just had the sports networks on it. The rest of my cable sucks and I find that I just watch DVDs (if the player doesn't break).
11:05:17 <Jenna> we had the roku and had to get cable back just for the sports channels
11:19:51 <ynpvisitor99> Slot 1819 ie
11:30:28 <lt> OF
11:30:34 <lt> 1830ns
11:37:56 <ynpvisitor99> Depression?
11:38:01 <Kevin L> Depression?
11:38:25 <Kevin L> I think we can call it a yes.
12:59:03 <ynpvisitor99> spots on the lens! nooooo
13:11:20 <lt> OF
13:31:37 <Jenna> ..
13:32:19 <Jenna> grotto?
13:32:38 <ynpvisitor9> Steveo has a photo on FB of a car driving up Morning's runoff during a Fountain eruption. How stupid is that one!
13:33:38 <ynpvisitor79> Is it a Toyota?
13:33:48 <ynpvisitor79> Just saw the OF commercial
13:33:54 <ynpvisitor9> Suburban!
13:34:47 <Jenna> can't stand that commercial
13:34:59 <ynpvisitor79> Not on te geysers group?
13:35:54 <ynpvisitor79> Or should I say geyser gazer page?
13:38:23 <ynpvisitor79> SO who has been to a NHL game?
13:39:23 <Jenna> not me
13:39:32 <lt> I have
13:40:25 <ynpvisitor79> What do they do durring the TV time outs? Saw them taking some big thing off the ice last commercial break. Not a cleaner, it went out the corner.
13:41:10 <ynpvisitor79> looked like someone was pushing it
13:41:41 <ynpvisitor79> Figured it was some kind of entetainment
13:41:52 <ynpvisitor79> Oh a Dave word
14:24:49 <lt> Lion
14:24:53 <lt> 2124ie
14:27:05 <Jenna> pretty
14:38:19 <Jenna> OF 2138