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22:37:41 <ynpvisitor77> streaming down .
23:44:20 <Dave from B> Morning everyone
23:44:44 <lc> morning Dave
23:45:13 <lc> wonder what is problem with streaming.
23:47:25 <Dave from B> Wonder if there was a power outage
23:47:48 <lc> that might be it.
00:03:34 <Paul L.> Morning
00:05:08 <Dave from B> Hi, Paul
00:05:37 <Paul L.> Who broke the camera?
00:06:08 <Dave from B> I'm not sure how long it has been down
00:21:49 <Kent> VC cam still working. It is good that it has such a great view of Geyser hill.
00:22:05 <Kent> Sorry, I was going to quit whining :)
00:23:37 <Kent> VC cam not working. I must be seeing an archived view
00:23:51 <Dave from B> Morning Kent
00:24:10 <Kent> Morning Dave. VC now back up. My browser?
00:28:25 <Kent> MA at Norris yesterday on GT. Good to see that Constant, Vixen and Whirliging are still erupting.
01:07:20 <Dave from B> Morning Jake
01:09:27 <Jake> good morning, another cam outage is no good
01:15:57 <Dave from B> Morning Hawkeye.
01:16:22 <Dave from B> Majoy phone issues on Day 1 of our new phone system. Company has already been fired.
01:16:22 <Hawkeye> morning Dave
01:16:28 <Hawkeye> oh no!
01:17:35 <Dave from B> Now, back to the drawing board to find someone capable.
01:18:35 <Paul L.> Drop the hammer Dave
01:19:53 <Hawkeye> what a pain
01:24:34 <Dave from B> Morning Kevin
01:24:53 <Kevin L> Morning Dave. Not having a fun time I take it.
01:25:45 <Dave from B> My old phone system is down to 3 phones...we use to have 6. So, it is a little harder to work when we are short phones. We'll survive. I just thought I had a good solution.:(
01:27:24 <Kevin L> How long will it take to get something else?
01:28:13 <Dave from B> Probably a few weeks. I may buy 2 junk phones so it ie easier to get by until we get a new system.
01:29:41 <Kevin L> You really don't realize how much you depend on a phone till it is gone.
01:30:41 <Dave from B> We were 45 minutes withour phones yesterday on our busiest day of the week. And, the guy who sold me the phones was nowhere to be found until 3 hours later.
01:35:52 <Hawkeye> that's very frustrating. too bad you're not closer, we have great phone people.
01:36:39 <Kevin L> Salesmen seem to be scarce after the sale.
01:37:11 <Hawkeye> very true
01:39:03 <Paul L.> There to busy scamming the next guy. lol
01:45:43 <ynpvisitor1> When did they change the view on the Mt. Washburn cam?
01:48:29 <ynpvisitor1> Seems the only constant is change.
01:50:42 <Kevin L> The Washburn cams are use to look for and at fires and the views will change when they are doing that.
01:51:26 <Kevin L> "A fire lookout is stationed at the top of Washburn and the park uses this camera in the summer to track fires during the summer season."
01:51:29 <ynpvisitor1> I don't think there are any fires in the park now?
01:52:39 <Kevin L> I am not aware of any, but they may bee looking or testing the cam to make sure it will work when needed.
01:52:48 <ynpvisitor1> The change isn't a big change. Seems like it is just a bit to the left of previous view and shows more of the slope?
01:53:30 <ynpvisitor1> Nice shot of the top of the clouds this morning.
03:08:23 <ynpvisitor31> Now I know why there is so little to read. Stream info anyone?
03:09:21 <Dave from B> Haven't heard anything
03:11:10 <Dave from B> wb, Hawkeye
03:11:28 <Hawkeye> thanks, computer was dragging so had to restart
03:11:31 <ynpvisitor31> Maybe they use the same people you tried to get phones from?
03:11:40 <Dave from B> :D
03:13:38 <ynpvisitor31> Used to do business phones, back in the dark ages. Quit in the 80's and some people still had systems with the big buttons and 25 pair cables.
03:14:16 <ynpvisitor31> Now they have phones that can handle 20 lines and you just plug them into the computer network.
03:14:44 <Dave from B> haha. I've always had luck with AT&T Systems.. Yes, plug and play is very common for VOIP Systems.
03:15:25 <ynpvisitor31> You have a traditional system or VOIP?
03:15:58 <Dave from B> Switching from traditional to voip.
03:17:06 <ynpvisitor31> You using one of the internet companies, or an independand?
03:19:11 <ynpvisitor31> I guess you can keep your phone lines and have your own computer make the voip work. then you just plug in the phones.
03:19:22 <ynpvisitor31> Bet your son could set it up for you.
03:19:48 <ynpvisitor31> Ypou know kids and computors these days
03:19:56 <Dave from B> I was going to use an independent.
03:20:04 <Eric> Morning all, welcome back Dave :-)
03:20:22 <Dave from B> Morning Eric
03:20:48 <Eric> I assume the webcam is broken for everyone.
03:21:14 <ynpvisitor31> Na, voip is a new geyser
03:21:36 <Eric> would be a good geyser name :-)
03:21:48 <Eric> It works randomly
03:22:00 <Dave from B> haha...sounds like a gyeser
03:22:55 <Eric> T1 line is down
03:23:12 <Eric> again....
03:24:22 <ynpvisitor31> Wait till they tell them the cable is bad and they need to replace it.
03:31:28 <Eric> I was hoping it was the streaming provider possibly adding iphone support, but that is very unlikely, since the webcam is not reachable directly.
03:33:13 <Eric> haha, I like the GT note about the cam being down.
03:33:27 <Eric> I will have to remember that, and make a note when it returns.
03:33:56 <Eric> BTW, I didn't hear, did people get to see BH on the webcam last night?
03:34:59 <Hawkeye> yes barely
03:37:02 <Jake> hey, my BHI entry from last night got deleted. Ryan says 'no indicator' on the BH entry
03:38:09 <Jake> I'm 99% sure we were seeing BHI before BH last night
03:38:53 <Eric> haha, must of been your txt last night :-)
03:39:21 <Jake> no, wasn't my text
03:39:41 <Eric> ohh, they used your wording.
03:40:02 <Eric> Must of been some pretty dim light.
03:40:13 <Jake> I wouldn't have put any qualifications on it in the text -- BHI was erupting
03:40:31 <Kevin L> I agree with you Jake. Something was going.
03:40:57 <Eric> Can you tell who deleted your BHI?
03:41:17 <Jake> I can because I have access to the backend
03:41:29 <Eric> Punch them in the nose :-)
03:41:32 <Jake> only one person dares delete (flag) MY entries
03:42:45 <Eric> holy crap, just saw the log entry with the screenshot. That was huge!
03:45:34 <Jake> I shall have their head!
03:45:51 <Jake> (disclaimer: I watched a couple episodes of Game of Thrones recently)
03:47:32 <Eric> BTW, here is a capture I got when they spun the cam around, looking at and down the tree it's mounted on:
03:48:20 <Eric> not super interesting, but good reference.
04:30:38 <lt> heh
04:30:59 <lt> so there were two entries then on the BHI that they wanted to take out, I see
04:31:16 <lt> because when I finally got back from dealing with dinner, there wasn't one and I added it and someone logged in and chewed me out over it
04:32:04 <Eric> ouch...BHI Brawl 2014
04:32:11 <Eric> good morning lt :-)
04:32:16 <lt> morning.
04:33:29 <lt> I even marked it questionable, but how dare I rely on 4 people who actually watch the stream a lot versus immediately taking the word of someone who was sitting in one of the parking lots.
04:34:04 <Jake> here here, lt
04:34:59 <Jake> I'm going to read up on how to cross-examine witnesses then I'll nail em in their web of lies when I'm there in the next month
04:35:00 <lt> sorry, may still be a little grouchy. I'm a scientist. data clearly marked as questionable is better when there is a debate versus deleting the data out of hand
04:35:00 <ynpvisitor3> did you ask anyone who captures to look?
04:35:49 <Eric> I wasn't capturing last night :-(
04:36:01 <lt> last night? no, it was pretty much quiet in chat at that point. I just gave up, and figured it'd get hashed out this morning at some point. maybe.
04:36:26 <Eric> Well, Jake controls the database, so he would probably do the hashing :-)
04:36:45 <lt> hehe
04:37:30 <Eric> Was anybody out on boardwalk?
04:37:38 <lt> at least dinner turned out well despite my mistake in what type of lamb to get. I now have a lamb breast with ribs to figure out how to cook.
04:37:44 <Jake> bbl
04:37:49 <Eric> haha
04:37:58 <lt> for BH? no idea. it was right in the right window for Grand
04:38:18 <Eric> ahh
04:38:20 <lt> some of the discussion indicated that a lot of folks were over that way
04:38:29 <lt> Grand went like 3-4 minutes beforehand
04:39:12 <lt> so while the call in the basin was that there was no indy, I'm not sure if there was anyone actually there at the BW, or if they just missed the really short indy
04:40:55 <Eric> ya, if they weren't sitting on BH, they shouldn't be deleting anything.
04:46:05 <Eric> Here is an updated user script with fixed links for GT and no Feedback tab:
04:47:41 <lt> hooray
04:47:49 <lt> mine is fixed
04:48:01 <lt> well, not my stream. but my links work now
04:48:04 <Eric> I also increased the refresh time for GT to default to 2 minutes
04:48:41 <lt> yeah, I'd had mine set at 1 minute. 2 is fine. and I had to remember to tweak the column size (I run a window that's not quite full screen width)
04:48:57 <Eric> ahh
04:49:15 <Eric> which column do you make narrower? The GT?
04:49:25 <lt> yeah, I drop it down to 200
04:49:41 <lt> I see F&M actually went today
04:50:04 <lt> oh wait
04:50:05 <lt> I misread
04:50:15 <lt> event cycle is different than it. I've seen event cycles
04:59:12 <Eric> Hey lt, I fixed that column width issue if you update again :-)
04:59:22 <Eric> It now just uses as much space as you have.
04:59:28 <Eric> for the GT column
04:59:58 <lt> excellent
05:00:29 <lt> I know just enough to muck around some with things, but my CSS days were a long time ago
05:00:32 <Eric> Someday, maybe we can have all this on one page for everyone :-)
05:01:09 <Eric> I am not a CSS guru by any means, but it seems I have to know more and more about it to deal with engineering issues.
05:01:29 <lt> in high school I had my own web design business, back when you could get away with the simpler stuff
05:02:07 <lt> in the days of HTML 4 and CSS3 being just slightly brand new and still trying to wean people away from the tag
05:02:09 <Eric> It's all simple again...bootstrap and other frameworks have taken all the heavy lifting out of the design area.
05:02:50 <lt> it'd be interesting to get back to it. certainly mucking around in Android has been interesting to see the separation between design/layout and functionality
05:02:54 <ynpvisitor3> Did you know one of the cam ops made a page with chat and GT combined?
05:03:06 <lt> Eric did it
05:03:08 <lt> actually
05:03:18 <ynpvisitor3> no, I mean kcmule
05:03:34 <lt> for the new stream?
05:03:56 <ynpvisitor3> no, it's been a year or more
05:03:58 <lt> because thanks to Eric, I have my chat and my stream and GT all on one page. although the stream isn't doing a whole lot right now
05:04:00 <ynpvisitor3> I will look for the link
05:04:20 <Jake> ok, I added a BHI observation from yesterday back in, we'll see how long it lasts
05:04:25 <lt> haha
05:04:43 <Jake> it will be much harder to spot now that the day has passed
05:04:50 <Eric> hey jake, you ever get the greasemonkey script running?
05:04:57 <ynpvisitor3> I see that topic has made it to Facebook
05:05:03 <Eric> I updated it today to fix the links back to GT :-)
05:05:07 <Jake> I only perused it, didn't try it
05:05:27 <Eric> Hope you don't mind I am scraping GT for todays predictions :-P
05:05:34 <Eric> I mean reports
05:05:36 <Eric> not predictions
05:05:36 <Jake> you can run javascript with an add-in in Chrome?
05:05:44 <lt> yes
05:05:56 <lt> tampermonkey is what you need for Chrome
05:06:02 <lt> <-- running Chrome
05:06:09 <Eric> lt is the chrome user script guru
05:06:23 <Eric> I am old school and use FF :-P
05:06:29 <lt> haha, what that means if I figured out how to get it working
05:07:19 <Jake> I run stuff in both Chrome and FF, I use FF for development purposes because I like Firebug better than the improving Chrome developer tools
05:07:36 <Eric> Same here Jake.
05:07:55 <Eric> I am always developing, so I always use FF :-P
05:07:57 <lt> Chrome tends to recover my lost tabs better. since I don't do development for the web yet.
05:08:09 <Eric> yes, Chrome IS a better browser.
05:08:47 <lt> oh, I'm not thrilled with any of them. but at least it is better at recovering my tabs after crashes.
05:08:57 <lt> I'm one of those obnoxious users who has 74 tabs open at all times
05:09:05 <lt> I get to find the memory issues real fast
05:09:27 <Eric> Web developers are sloppy when it comes to memory management :-)
05:09:54 <Jake> what's this "memory management" you speak of?
05:09:55 <Eric> Even jquery library has some slop in it that causes memory leaks.
05:10:00 <lt> I've just given up and asked to mvove to 16gigs of RAM for my birthday
05:10:04 <lt> move*
05:10:16 <lt> and a third monitor. preferably a nice 27"
05:10:40 <Eric> ohh, I figured you already got the 3rd monitor when I saw you were setting up new monitor stand :-)
05:11:34 <lt> no, I wish. the monitor stands were a step in the right direction though. now the 2 are off the desk and movable much more easily
05:11:48 <lt> but there are still only two of them.
05:12:03 <lt> the big hold up on a 3rd is probably it means replacing the video card.
05:12:24 <Eric> you could run the 3rd via usb
05:12:36 <Eric> they make some nice usb to hdmi display adapters
05:12:48 <lt> hmm. that's a thought.
05:12:53 <lt> I would need to do some digging.
05:14:39 <Eric>
05:14:41 <Eric> dug
05:15:41 <lt> on the other hand, chance to upgrade the video card
05:15:42 <lt> >.>
05:15:53 <Eric> haha
05:16:04 <Kevin L> I am easy: 1. Does it run the streaming cam? 2. Does it play PacMan? Happy happy happy.
05:16:17 <Eric> Kevin and his pacman
05:16:20 <lt> haha Kevin
05:16:38 <lt> I occasionally play games a little more graphics intensive than PacMan
05:17:18 <Eric> Ya, my laptop is probably pretty unhappy with how much heat I make it disipate :-)
05:18:01 <Eric> I think half the guts of my laptop is copper cooling tubing.
05:18:15 <lt> lol
05:18:23 <Kevin L> I am running a Pentium 4 @ 2.79 GHz with 1.25 GB of RAM.
05:18:36 <Eric> yowza
05:19:03 <lt> I think my web browser is chewing up 2 times the RAM you have. at least.
05:19:06 <Eric> windows XP?
05:19:15 <Eric> or older?
05:21:37 <Kevin L> XP & Chrome.
05:21:51 <Eric> hey lt, did you have to adjust the target in the user script to work with tampermonkey?
05:22:32 <lt> no, it's possible to just copy/paste it in
05:22:43 <Eric> k
05:23:24 <lt> getting it to run took about 10 minutes of throwing things and I'm still not quite sure what I did that ultimately worked
05:23:28 <lt> but it runs now
05:23:33 <lt> and I can just copy/paste in changes.
05:24:41 <Eric> probably the url
05:24:57 <Eric> it requires a very specific one:
05:25:00 <lt> I think that was actually it
05:25:09 <lt> no
05:25:16 <lt> it wants the less general one
05:25:28 <lt> if I had the full one in there, it wouldn't load
05:25:40 <lt> but I have* in there
05:26:11 <Kevin L> Back in my programming days I used assembly and had to hand code graphics drawn on graph paper. A red & white pixel was 4fh, two whites was 0ffh.
05:26:30 <lt> assembly. *shudder*
05:26:37 <Eric> right you adjust your script to target the general case, but the default script works if you use the specific url I posted above.
05:27:04 <Eric> Yep, I have done some of that as well Kevin :-)
05:27:17 <Eric> 20 years of programming you end up doing about everything....
05:27:41 <lt> except it didn't work with the specific URL. it wouldn't register and load on the page until I changed it to the general
05:28:31 <Kevin L> We even made John Dvorak's "Genuinely Interesting Software Department" in his column in PC Magazine.
05:28:48 <Eric> Nice
05:29:04 <Eric> Didn't know you were a software guy Kevin.
05:30:02 <Kevin L> I did it for a while and then went into engineering. My brother went with software and is currently working for Opto 22 doing programable controllers.
05:30:31 <Kevin L> Can't program a DVR now.
05:30:46 <lt> haha
05:31:05 <Eric> I can't do that either :-)
05:31:16 <lt> my husband actually writes software for one of the set-top box/TV over IP systems out there
05:31:18 <Eric> I hate fixing computers too...
05:31:32 <ynpvisitor3> Gossip is that the people who drove up to Ftn have a court date. I hope it costs them thousands to fly back from their country
05:31:51 <Eric> Drove up to fountain?
05:31:53 <Eric> WTF
05:31:58 <Eric> I had not heard that.
05:35:24 <Jake> so they were foreigners, 3?
05:37:13 <ynpvisitor10> How do you drive up to Fountain?
05:37:24 <ynpvisitor10> I can only imagine up the hill from the north
05:38:13 <lt> there are a lot of really stupid people out there. it makes me sad.
05:38:21 <Jake> picture I saw on FB described it as driving up the Morning runoff channel--the hill to the north
05:38:24 <ynpvisitor3> yes Jake
05:39:03 <Jake> which country? I need to know so I can discriminate more accurately
05:39:07 <lt> how do people even remotely think that would be acceptable?
05:39:24 <ynpvisitor3> remember the fools who drove around Lone Star? They had to pay restoration costs
05:39:41 <lt> I do remember hearing about that
05:39:52 <Eric> I saw a bison steping on a geyser too...stupid animal!
05:40:02 <Eric> ;-)
05:40:15 <Jake> I would think there was more visible resource damage at Lone Start than there would be in this incident
05:40:24 <Jake> not as much mud and stuff to tear up
05:42:47 <lt> speaking of crashes and tab recovery...
05:44:14 <ynpvisitor10> Vixen's being real predictable, wonder if this trend will continue
05:49:28 <ynpvisitor3> predictable for that time period, at least
05:50:35 <Eric> I think that is exactly what 10 was saying 3
05:50:59 <Jake> but I can just predict it at 6.5minutes +/- 2.5 min
05:51:23 <Eric> hahaha
05:51:32 <ynpvisitor10> ±40% of interval
05:51:40 <ynpvisitor10> heh
05:51:51 <Jake> really though, cool relationship
05:51:54 <lt> oh hey, apparently the Dow is pretty close to hitting 17,000.
05:52:00 <Eric> ya, I like the graph too :-)
05:52:07 <ynpvisitor3> looks like it clicks into super long ones now and then
05:52:09 <Eric> Is that good lt?
05:52:18 <Eric> or bad?
05:52:31 <lt> well, it depends on how much money you have in the market
05:52:50 <Kevin L> And how your retirement is invested.
05:52:54 <Eric> I keep all money in my piggy bank.
05:53:00 <lt> haha
05:53:13 <Eric> or under my mattress.
05:53:35 <Eric> but it really does sound like a good time to short stocks :-P
05:54:16 <lt> I never, ever try to time the market.
05:54:26 <Eric> me either....
05:54:35 <lt> mostly because I would fail all the time
05:54:49 <lt> much better to do regular investments for averaging.
05:54:52 <Kevin L> I am just glad I had some intelligent people handling my retirement account.
05:55:17 <Eric> yes, smart brokers can make you a lot of money
05:55:26 <Eric> Bad brokers can lose you a lot of money.
05:55:35 <lt> heh. my husband and I got semi-serious about it a few years ago and did the research to come up with a pretty decent hands-off portfolio.
05:55:40 <Eric> and it's all just gambling
05:55:45 <lt> it's worked reasonably well so far.
05:55:53 <Eric> cool
05:56:05 <CaliWA> i take it that castle is unpredictable right now until it erupts again?
05:56:41 <ynpvisitor3> shhhh we don't talk about geysers in here
05:58:07 <Kevin L> Can't talk about what we can't see......
05:58:25 <lt> it's not listed in yesterday's times but I think there was a Castle eruption yesterday, that we saw during a zoom period
05:58:33 <lt> but it's possible too that I am getting my days completely mixed up
05:58:55 <ynpvisitor6> I think I prefer the blue screen of death to the gray screen of death
05:58:56 <lt> oh Bee apparently went
05:58:59 <lt> just a little bit ago
05:59:28 <CaliWA> yes beehive went off already today
05:59:43 <ynpvisitor6> Although if I have to perish twice gray is also nice and will suffice
05:59:51 <CaliWA> check out this webpage of the geyser list and times to help you out
05:59:53 <CaliWA>
05:59:56 <ynpvisitor1> The VEC is predicting Castle for 1810 plus or minus 2 (?) hours.
06:00:02 <lt> I know about GT, Cali. thanks
06:01:02 <CaliWA> ynpvisitor3 we always talk about geysers in here thats why this chat was created
06:02:33 <Jake> yes, but it's Old Faithful CamChat, so the discussion should either be about Old Faithful or the Cam
06:02:48 <lt> haha
06:02:52 <Jake> so currently, the only applicable discussion about the cam is that it isn't working
06:02:58 <Eric> As the cam is not working and we cannot see OF, then the discussion digresses :-)
06:03:05 <CaliWA> and all geysers too that you can see too
06:03:11 <lt> well
06:03:15 <Jake> and so that leaves Old Faithful, which can mean the geyser or possibly the area of Old Faithful
06:03:17 <lt> that number is currently 0
06:03:38 <Eric> I could change the title of the page with my script :-P
06:03:58 <Eric> amazing how many people are logged in right now :-)
06:04:00 <lt> haha, but it'd only be changed for you then
06:04:05 <CaliWA>
06:04:10 <Jake> however, some people who visit Old Faithful do invest in the stock market so DOW discussion is applicable
06:04:14 <CaliWA> to see info just on castle
06:04:31 <CaliWA> lets not talk about stock market
06:04:31 <Eric> I think we are all good on here with how to use GT :-)
06:04:33 <lt> when I finally get to retire, it will let me visit Yellowstone every summer
06:04:47 <Eric> awesome lt :-)
06:04:53 <Kevin L> That is what I thought. Sure hasn't worked out!
06:04:53 <lt> and then my gazing will not consist of gray screens
06:05:06 <lt> haha, Kevin
06:05:25 <GoVixen> Hey Jake, etc
06:05:31 <lt> don't dash my dreams!
06:05:49 <Eric> I am going to live on a boat in the caribean with satellite internet so I can check in here whenever I am to hot from the sun :-P
06:06:04 <Jake> I want someone to run a regression of stock prices and geysers some day. Out of 1,000's of stocks, one of them will correlate nicely with, say, Grand eruptions
06:06:14 <lt> lol
06:06:29 <Jake> Hi Vixen
06:06:30 <lt> well, we're working on the database of geyser eruption times
06:06:42 <lt> and I'm sure the stock database exists out there, it's just a question of getting one's hands on it
06:06:51 <Jake> yes, there are a ridiculous number of people in here right now for the cam being down
06:06:52 <lt> in a form relatively straightforward to process
06:07:23 <lt> I'm just a permanent fixture in here.
06:07:40 <CaliWA> its still loading for the live cam for me
06:07:54 <lt> that's because the cam is down
06:07:59 <Kevin L> Just wanted to post a note remembering all those men who were in the D Day invasion on this 70th anniversary of that event thanking those who are still with us and remembering those who did not make it. Thanks to all.
06:08:05 <CaliWA> :(
06:08:12 <lt> agreed, Kevin
06:08:23 <Eric> Respect!
06:08:40 <lt> there've been some nice images from the ceremonies
06:09:25 <lt> major props to the 93 year old who parachuted in to mark it, like he did 70 years ago
06:09:39 <Eric> I am not much on war and fighting (Liberal wanker and all that), but I do appreciate all the people who risk their lives for our country!
06:09:55 <Eric> wow
06:10:05 <CaliWA> i wish they would get the live of webcam fixed asap
06:10:12 <lt> he said it was much easier today. nobody shooting at him.
06:10:19 <Eric> haha
06:12:08 <Kevin L> My Uncle was in one of the gliders.
06:12:57 <lt> I can't even begin to imagine what it would have been like
06:18:54 <CaliWA> *****SIGHS****************
06:19:29 <lt> if we are lucky, the cam will get fixed today. I wouldn't necessarily hold your breath, Cali
06:20:35 <Eric> The webcam is NOT like old faithful, predicatable :-(
06:20:46 <CaliWA> i know i know
06:22:48 <CaliWA> i cant believe that it has been 8 yrs since the last steamboat geyser eruption
06:23:11 <lt> it erupted in 2013
06:23:30 <GoVixen> last July CaliWA
06:23:37 <CaliWA> i know
06:23:50 <CaliWA> my spell check corrected some of my writeing
06:24:02 <CaliWA> this is what i ment to have it say
06:24:47 <CaliWA> I cant believe it was 8 years that it erupted before July 2013
06:25:16 <CaliWA> i wish i could see steamboat. i wish it would go off once while i was there
06:25:29 <GoVixen> better than some of the longer intervals :)
06:25:46 <lt> hehe
06:26:06 <CaliWA> i remember going home from visitng the park then 3 days later april 2003 steamboat erupted
06:27:51 <lt> seeing Exelsior go would be cool. if we're going to dream big.
06:28:02 <lt> but its last serious eruptions were the year I was born.
06:28:37 <CaliWA> yep yep
06:28:41 <GoVixen> I am just happy that Whirligig woke up! I think small and get great rewards. :)
06:28:48 <CaliWA> and that was a huge eruption too
06:29:01 <lt> hehe, my serious goal for my next trip is F&M
06:29:02 <Jake> the key to happiness is low expectations
06:29:28 <GoVixen> I am easily entertained Jake
06:30:45 <lt> I didn't realize Whiligig had gone to sleep. that was one of the geysers that I got to catch because of the book telling me what to watch for
06:30:46 <CaliWA> i saw F AND M last time it erupted
06:31:10 <lt> but that was also in 2009.
06:32:04 <CaliWA> i know
06:32:15 <CaliWA> i was there
06:33:08 <CaliWA> i went walking and then i walked right by it to go see other geysers then i heard splashing and at first I thought it was another geyser and then I turned around and it was fan and mortar..
06:34:42 <GoVixen> Whirligig was off from Feb thru May 23rd
06:35:08 <lt> glad it's back. that one is fun. :)
06:37:32 <GoVixen> A little birdy told me you were talking about vixen, but guess not. Time to go mow knee high field
06:38:17 <lt> there was discussion of it earlier
06:38:23 <lt> but good luck with the mowing!
06:38:47 <CaliWA> whirligig is awesome when it does wake up
06:38:53 <CaliWA> and erupt
06:41:21 <ynpvisitor9> .
06:42:20 <Kevin L> .
06:43:20 <CaliWA> 05 Jun 2014 @ 1851 4m10s 4h 47m 05 Jun 2014 @ 1404 4m35s 5h 0m 05 Jun 2014 @ 0904 21h 40m 04 Jun 2014 @ 1124 4m 18h 21m 03 Jun 2014 @ 1703 5h 44m 03 Jun 2014 @ 1119 5m32s 14h 17m 02 Jun 2014 @ 2101 E 4h 45m 02 Jun 2014 @ 1616 3m 5h 0m 02 Jun 2014 @ 1115 E 5h 34m 02 Jun 2014 @ 0541 E 6h 0m 01 Jun 2014 @ 2341 E 7h 8m 01 Jun 2014 @ 1633 4m 5h 18m 01 Jun 2014 @ 1115 5h 33m 01 Jun 2014 @ 0541 E
06:43:38 <CaliWA> 05 Jun 2014 @ 1851 4m10s 4h 47m 05 Jun 2014 @ 1404 4m35s 5h 0m
06:47:36 <Betty> ugghh, cam is down again?? :-( bummer
06:47:46 <lt> yep
06:47:54 <lt> hi Betty
06:48:07 <Betty> Hi It
06:50:24 <lt> we've poked it with a stick but no luck
06:50:35 <Betty> hehe
06:50:44 <Kevin L> Looks like it has an attitude problem Betty.
06:51:01 <lt> we're going through the terrible twos?
06:51:08 <lt> it's throwing a temper tantrum?
06:51:09 <Betty> okeeey
06:52:01 <CaliWA> lol
06:53:13 <Kevin L> The ones I really feel for are the Yellowstone Park Foundation people operating in the Photo Shop. When the line for the cam goes down, they lose all their computers.
06:54:47 <ynpvisitor9> do they sell things in there? I have not been in it
06:54:50 <lt> I imagine that really makes their day a whole lot better. not.
06:55:17 <Kevin L> I think they started this year.
07:01:31 <CaliWA> VEC geyser update castle 1810 +/- 60 mins grand 1215 90mins+/- daisy 1120 30mins +/- riverside 315 30 mins+/- great fountain unpredictable
07:04:26 <CaliWA> hope that helps you all out some
07:08:51 <CaliWA> wow it sure went quiet
07:12:12 <ynpvisitor9> .
07:13:49 <ynpvisitor9> Did it say no prediction, or unpredictable for GF?
07:18:55 <CaliWA> great fountain there is NO prediction
07:19:38 <ynpvisitor9> so saying it is unpredictable is stretching it, it's not in a wild phase or anything
07:20:21 <CaliWA> i ment it to say no prediction not unpredictable
07:20:39 <CaliWA> VEC geyser update castle 1810 +/- 60 mins grand 1215 90mins+/- daisy 1120 30mins +/- riverside 315 30 mins+/- great fountain no prediction
07:20:45 <CaliWA> there thats the update
07:20:48 <ynpvisitor9> better, thanks
07:20:55 <CaliWA> yw
07:22:16 <ynpvisitor9> The GT post is not really needed, in my opinion. Will you delete once we get a time this afternoon?
07:26:25 <CaliWA> yes
07:26:40 <CaliWA> its just for right now so that others will know that arent sure yet
07:27:39 <ynpvisitor9> I think we know that just by seeing there wasn't an overnight time
07:27:55 <CaliWA> i understand
07:28:11 <CaliWA> but its just to help others that arent fully sure exactly
07:28:21 <Ryan@UGB> Afternoon, having lunch and taking refuge from the thunderstorms :)
07:29:05 <Kevin L> Fix the cam Ryan!
07:29:11 <CaliWA> yellowstone is gorgeous after a rain storm
07:29:28 <CaliWA> that was slightly kind of rude kevin
07:29:39 <CaliWA> Ryan whats wrong with the cam right now?
07:29:59 <Ryan@UGB> Not sure CaliWA
07:30:10 <Ryan@UGB> Kevin, if I could I would!
07:30:26 <ynpvisitor1> Why would Ryan know!?!?!?
07:30:26 <Ryan@UGB> BTW, when you do have cam control, Tilt's Baby is erupting often :)
07:30:59 <CaliWA> ty for the update
07:31:08 <Ryan@UGB> np :)
07:31:09 <ynpvisitor9> how's Gizmo?
07:31:11 <ynpvisitor67> Cause he is there and may be asking people that work there.
07:31:18 <CaliWA> ynpvisitor1 he is one that works on the cam
07:31:23 <Ryan@UGB> Gizmo is dead, essentially.
07:31:27 <Ryan@UGB> I dont work on the cam
07:31:35 <ynpvisitor67> No, but he knows most of what is going on.
07:31:36 <ynpvisitor1> CaliWA, no.... he isn't .
07:31:38 <CaliWA> helps with the cam
07:31:45 <ynpvisitor1> NO.
07:31:50 <CaliWA> yes
07:31:55 <lt> we're just giving Ryan a hard time, because we can and he's a regular
07:32:03 <ynpvisitor1> OMG....
07:32:12 <ynpvisitor67> By all
07:32:14 <ynpvisitor9> Thanks Ryan, glad some got to see Gizmo even if I did not
07:32:25 <CaliWA> :)'
07:32:42 <CaliWA> right on It
07:32:42 <Ryan@UGB> No problem, I wish I knew what was happening now. But alas :(
07:32:57 <Ryan@UGB> Hey now, I cant have too easy of a time here ;)
07:33:08 <CaliWA> yes you can ryan
07:33:14 <lt> you get to actually be in the park all summer, that's clear grounds for giving you grief
07:33:37 <Ryan@UGB> :)
07:33:40 <Dave from B> Hi, Ryan!
07:33:41 <lt> for us poor deprived folk relying solely on the webcam
07:33:48 <ynpvisitor9> Micah is heading your way!!
07:34:26 <Ryan@UGB> Hi Dave!
07:34:33 <Ryan@UGB> Yes, yes Micah is. we cant wait!
07:34:49 <CaliWA> i really wish i was working in the park all year round
07:35:17 <CaliWA> i miss working up there as a xanterra employee, and geyser gazer and volunteer ranger too
07:37:14 <Ryan@UGB> Im hoping Micah is not coming ito a Norovirus thing again.... I had it, and so did the Beverlys I think
07:37:31 <CaliWA> i had it once
07:37:39 <lt> it'll be a special bonding time
07:37:50 <Ryan@UGB> I had it a couple times... knocks me out :(
07:37:51 <lt> just to show him how excited you are for him to be there
07:38:07 <Ryan@UGB> lt, HAHAHAHAH
07:38:20 <CaliWA> we dont want a norovirus
07:39:16 <lt> you can tell Micah you saved it just for him
07:39:18 <lt> as a present
07:40:43 <Ryan@UGB> LOL
07:41:01 <CaliWA> well have fun everyone
07:41:06 <CaliWA> i got to go now
07:41:11 <lt> later Cali
07:41:16 <CaliWA> baby duty and lunch time calls
07:41:27 <CaliWA> later It
07:41:36 <CaliWA> whats your real name IT?
07:41:37 <Ryan@UGB> Bye
07:41:43 <Ryan@UGB> Wait
07:41:50 <Ryan@UGB> is it "IT" or "LT"?
07:41:54 <lt> it's an L in front, not an I
07:41:58 <lt> but lowercase
07:42:02 <lt> it confuses the heck out of everyone.
07:42:05 <Ryan@UGB> figured so
07:42:15 <Ryan@UGB> and after stephen king it freaks me out :)
07:42:21 <lt> hahaha
07:42:28 <lt> I was lazy and just went with my initials
07:43:10 <lt> but that's all the name that I tend to put out on the Internet, unless it is facebook or professional context. otherwise it's nicknames all the way.
07:43:23 <CaliWA> sorry LT
07:43:29 <lt> no worries, Cali.
07:43:45 <lt> I can always figure out when folks are talking to me, and it can be tricky
07:43:56 <CaliWA> :)
07:44:07 <CaliWA> well once again im off have a good day everyone
07:44:14 <CaliWA> chat again soon LT
07:44:20 <CaliWA> bye all
07:44:28 <Ryan@UGB> See ya
07:44:54 <ynpvisitor13> A weekend without cams is a weekend without sunshine :(
07:45:32 <lt> at least there are still some eruption times getting added, since there are people in the park
07:45:50 <ynpvisitor9> You can figure it out from GT posts though, your real name is there
07:46:04 <ynpvisitor13> GT and the the GT app are a good thiing
07:46:26 <lt> true enough.
07:46:51 <lt> but folks have to go looking for that, and it's close enough to professional stuff that I'll let it slide.
07:47:07 <lc> no word on streaming?
07:47:16 <lt> none that I've heard, lc
07:47:24 <lt> Ryan said he won't fix it for us
07:47:31 <lc> ok, thanks.
07:47:54 <lc> I will kick Ryan in about three weeks.
07:47:57 <ynpvisitor13> Nothing posted on "updates"
07:48:09 <Ryan@UGB> Nope, youre not allowed to see anything....
07:48:11 <Ryan@UGB> ;)
07:48:12 <lt> careful, he might save the norovirus for you instead
07:48:40 <lc> thats not going around is it?
07:48:53 <Ryan@UGB> I had it
07:49:01 <Ryan@UGB> Beverlys I *think* had it
07:49:51 <Dave from B> haha, lc
07:50:04 <Kent> Obviously Kevin and the crew did not get their drivers licenses renewed this week :(
07:50:41 <Dave from B> I think it was the background check that did them in
07:50:46 <lt> well, at the moment it'd be hard to drive
07:51:19 <Kent> I guess being from Vegas could be a problem
08:03:57 <lt> bunch of tornado warnings up in eastern CO, it looks like
08:05:54 <Hawkeye> it's that time of year
08:08:42 <lt> ok, I can get the cam being down but why won't Youtube stream???? not sure I can handle both being out
08:08:54 <Ryan@UGB> LOL
08:09:26 <lt> oh whew
08:09:27 <lt> it works now
08:10:21 <lt>
08:12:31 <lt> oh god I miss this show so much.
08:14:21 <lc> I will check back later.
08:15:41 <lt> later, lc!
08:16:27 <Dave from B> bye, lc
08:16:42 <Dave from B> Looks like we are going to be dark this weekend.
08:16:52 <lt> yeah, I wouldn't be surprised
08:17:01 <lt> more time for unpacking?
08:17:23 <ynpvisitor9> the Great Fountain "A" post makes the elapsed time for a double all screwy
08:17:29 <Dave from B> Yes, I guess so. YNP Books are getting put on the shelf tomorrow.
08:30:53 <ynpvisitor100> I posted the issue of the webcam on YNP's facebook page this morning...still no reponse.
08:31:14 <ynpvisitor100> Also sent customer service for the park an email...
08:37:52 <Dave from B> Time to head home. Have a great evening everyone!
08:38:48 <lt> later Dave!
08:38:53 <lt> hi again Eric
08:38:58 <Hawkeye> bye dave
08:40:13 <Eric> hi again lt
08:40:41 <Eric> I am holding my breath for the's starting to hurt :-|
08:44:39 <lt> heh
08:46:03 <Eric> ready to pass out...get this cam running!
09:11:47 <ynpvisitor85> Great Fountain was 1403 so we have a double interval of 23 hours!
09:12:14 <Eric> Is that good?
09:12:16 <ynpvisitor9> We should get rid of that other post
09:12:28 <ynpvisitor9> it was not helpful
09:12:40 <ynpvisitor85> i have no idea who posted that, it surprised me
09:13:00 <ynpvisitor85> 23 hours is just what it is, nice to see a bit longer double interval than 20 hours
09:13:02 <ynpvisitor42> alert the presses, GF had a 14hr+ interval! that's unpossible
09:13:48 <ynpvisitor85> no one thinks that
09:13:51 <lt> welcome back Jake
09:13:59 <ynpvisitor85> most likely 12 and 11
09:14:17 <ynpvisitor85> hopefully E times will come available
09:16:04 <ynpvisitor85> what is the point of those times with A's Jake?
09:17:21 <Jake> A - abbreviation for "approximate." This symbol has 2 uses: 1) When an eruption was observed, but a specific time was not noted. Later, it was remembered that it did erupt at approximately this time. 2) For seasoned observers: Some geysers have tell-tale signs that they erupted. Typically, these entries have simply been labeled "overnight." That is, a geyser was in observation until night-time, le
09:18:21 <Jake> ft unobserved, and then observed again the following morning. Between those times, it had erupted. A known eruption occurred between certain times. It is appropriate to use the "A" designation for a time half-way between observations (on rare cases, an expert observer may choose to enter a time other than half-way between observations). "A" entries should always be accompanied by a detailed note e
09:18:42 <Jake> xplaining the situation to future researchers. The "A" designation helps GeyserTimes calculate intervals. It is understood that these intervals may be incorrect on the order of hours, or, in some cases, days or weeks if the unobserved time-period was longer than overnight.
09:19:06 <ynpvisitor85> thanks
09:19:22 <ynpvisitor85> I hope we do not get a lot of those at GF
09:19:29 <Jake> I think the use of it for GF is inappropriate
09:19:31 <lt> cam is back
09:19:50 <Jake> so it is
09:19:51 <ynpvisitor9> No point unless it is F&M or something that went overnight with intervals of days, imo
09:20:04 <Jake> yes, 9
09:20:05 <lt> Eric can breathe again
09:20:08 <lt> someone poke him with a stick
09:20:12 <ynpvisitor85> again, I have no idea who the person is who posted it
09:20:15 <ynpvisitor9> I would rather have the true elapsed time than someone's guess
09:20:29 <Jake> it's "CaliWA" from the chatroom
09:20:44 <ynpvisitor85> is she in Yellowstone?
09:21:00 <ynpvisitor85> how could she give an opinion of lower basin?
09:21:01 <Jake> it doesn't sound like it
09:21:16 <Maureen> glad cam is back up
09:21:28 <Maureen> I was very surprised to see that time, with the A
09:21:33 <Maureen> thankfully it is the first one
09:21:38 <Jake> she does a lot of things to be "helpful" the chat logs
09:21:47 <ynpvisitor9> I think she doesn't understand how people use GT
09:21:52 <Maureen> I could call VC and get the E time if they got it today…not sure anyone was out
09:22:07 <Maureen> well maybe a flag is appropriate then
09:22:12 <Maureen> two flags actually
09:22:37 <Maureen> Jake, any closer to the logger for Fountain going on site?
09:25:16 <Jake> not permanently, but I will have a proto-type again for the next visit at the end of this month (hopefully)
09:26:21 <Jake> there's definitely improvements/explanations to be made on the GT page with recent intervals
09:26:33 <Jake> a lot of people don't get it when there's missing entries
09:26:52 <lt> yep
09:26:56 <lt> OF
09:27:02 <lt> 1627
09:27:06 <lt> err
09:27:10 <lt> 1626, I guess
09:28:34 <lt> which means it was totally a 4 hour interval, guys. really. because GT says so. (this note might be sarcastic.)
09:29:49 <ynpvisitor9> quick- guessatit and put in a bunch of A's
09:30:38 <Maureen> ok be nice
09:31:46 <lt> it is someone who is genuinely trying to be helpful. I grant you that work needs to be done to teach them how the community uses it, but they're not trying to be a jerk about it.
09:31:50 <Eric> sorry, I was passed out, just regained conciousness!
09:32:04 <lt> welcome back Eric.
09:32:51 <Eric> thanks, glad to be breathing again.
09:33:02 <ynpvisitor9> perhaps you can splain it to that person next time. I tried, and didn't get any help.
09:33:03 <Maureen> hopefully someone will school her next time she is about
09:33:36 <ynpvisitor9> sounds good
09:35:18 <Eric> uhh, I think you guys will be talking to a wall on that one.
09:35:31 <Eric> good luck though
09:35:50 <Eric> and HELLO maureen :-)
09:36:03 <Eric> I have been looking for you for a bit :-)
09:36:17 <Maureen> what does that mean Eric, are you in the park?
09:36:37 <Eric> Someone mentioned you might have good info on RV places in West Yellowstone.
09:36:54 <Eric> or at least a recommendation.
09:37:28 <Maureen> somewhere that has SPACE
09:37:36 <Maureen> hard to find a spot some times of year.
09:37:38 <ynpvisitor51> :D
09:37:39 <Eric> haha, ok :-)
09:37:40 <Maureen> all of them are OK
09:37:46 <Eric> I got a spot at Grizzly...
09:37:48 <Eric> ok
09:37:50 <Maureen> I never stay at them
09:38:05 <Maureen> the Bailey's like Grizzly, very convenient to the park
09:38:05 <Eric> Ahh, whoever mentioned you must have been mistaken then.
09:38:14 <Eric> no problems...figured I would ask
09:38:19 <Maureen> well I live there, in West
09:38:26 <Maureen> so I do know about town
09:38:49 <Maureen> just have heard good things about all the parks
09:38:57 <Maureen> Grizzly is probably most set up for wifi
09:39:08 <lt> haha, that'll make Eric happy
09:39:20 <Jake> but you can give us the scuttlebutt on political leanings of the owners and general gossip!
09:39:38 <Eric> haha
09:40:05 <Eric> Grizzly is HUGE, I looked at it from google maps and it makes the other places look tiny.
09:40:16 <Jake> Eric self-identified liberal, doesn't bode well for him in West
09:40:19 <Eric> little on the expensive side...
09:40:21 <Maureen> yes, it is a big place
09:40:27 <Eric> haha, probably not
09:41:22 <Eric> But I drive a diesel truck :-P
09:44:00 <Maureen> they take liberal money in West
09:44:32 <Eric> They take Everyones money in West!
09:44:48 <ynpvisitor51> Liberally.
09:44:57 <lt> lol
09:45:03 <Eric> Like $12 for a $5 footlong at subway.
09:45:22 <Maureen> ha ha, or a $9 Big Mac
09:45:23 <Eric> Never seen a town gouge like that one.
09:45:35 <Maureen> I have seen plenty of towns do the exact same thing
09:45:40 <Maureen> opportunity
09:45:43 <Kevin L> Have you been to Springdale UT?
09:45:50 <Jake> gotta make 12 months income in 4 months
09:45:54 <Maureen> and now with no winter season, they have to make all their money in 5 months
09:45:58 <lt> buying gas at Furnace Creek in Death Valley...
09:46:00 <ynpvisitor51> Supply and demand. The American way.
09:46:02 <Maureen> yes, what Jake said
09:46:32 <Kevin L> Buying ICE at Furnace Creek....
09:46:38 <Jake> is the Big Mac really $9?
09:46:52 <Jake> Europeans probably think it's cheap!
09:46:54 <Kevin L> Jackson Hole is also horrible.
09:46:56 <lt> haha, we didn't actually because we know how to plan, but you can clearly see the gas price as you drive on by...
09:48:22 <Maureen> I think with a regular size soda (their term) and regular fries it is $8
09:48:27 <Kevin L> Worth driving to Beatty and stopping at the Death Vally Nut & Candy co & Chevron station.
09:48:33 <Maureen> yet super sizing is their goal, to $9
09:49:08 <Maureen> Jackson is nuts
09:53:38 <lt> well, of course now that the cam is back, I should go get some cooking done.
09:54:03 <lt> later all
09:56:13 <Eric> cya lt
10:06:11 <Jake> bye all, have a good weekend
10:08:49 <Eric> u2 jake
10:29:34 <Jenna> I'm getting an error message again
10:36:39 <ynpvisitor69> Looks like T1 down again.
10:44:30 <lc> I'm out of here.
10:44:37 <lc> dd
10:54:52 <ynpvisitor23> My Toyota runs better. Perhaps we need a recall
11:37:26 <Ryan@UGB> Does anyone have a video or screen capture of Beehive's Indicator last night? It got posted to GT again and we never saw it. I would like o see what you guys saw.
11:41:01 <Jenna> I am not sure we have either. I thought I saw it but I didn't focus on it enough to remember for sure. If that makes sense?
11:47:12 <Ryan@UGB> It does. Rocco and I never saw it from the Hams, Will never saw it from the lodge. That is two viewpoints directly opposite each other and neither of us saw it.
11:47:30 <lt (bbl)> sorry, I don't run captures and wasn't here at the time. but in general I support recording data even if questionable or there's debate
11:47:49 <lt (bbl)> as long as it is clearly marked as such
11:48:24 <Ryan@UGB> recording data?
11:48:38 <Ryan@UGB> Oh, like in GT?
11:48:40 <lt (bbl)> making a note of the possible time in GT with it marked as questionable?
11:48:42 <lt (bbl)> yeah
11:48:51 <lt (bbl)> I think it's better to have it in there than not. but that's just me
11:48:57 <Jenna> my stream was skipping and blurry so take my input with a grain of salt
11:49:02 <Ryan@UGB> That is what the flag option is for. I flagged it. Both times lol
11:49:23 <lt (bbl)> flagging marks it for deletion. that's not the same as recording data.
11:49:34 <lt (bbl)> at all.
11:51:50 <Ryan@UGB> No, TWO flags mark it for deletion. A single flag does not do that.
11:52:37 <lt (bbl)> well
11:52:54 <lt (bbl)> since Jake reposted the time again this morning, you can argue with him about what he saw. since he did observe the eruption.
12:24:08 <ynpvisitor76> I was asked to check last nights recording of the streaming webcam. Beehive's indicator started at 1845 on 6/5/2014.
12:24:43 <DaveM> This is deffinite.
12:24:52 <Jenna> 1845 or 2145?
12:25:01 <DaveM> yes, 2145
12:25:16 <Jenna> ok thank you
12:25:18 <lt (bbl)> thanks for checking the recording, Dave. I don't know who all captures, so had no idea who to ask
12:25:25 <DaveM> ok somy typing isn't so deffinite but the eruption is deffinite.
12:25:31 <lt> haha
12:25:44 <lt> your name is Dave, all typos from anyone named Dave are immediately forgiven
12:25:58 <Jenna> will be nice when we have drivers and can zoom in
12:26:17 <lt> and a T1 line that works reliably
12:26:29 <DaveM> yes
12:26:37 <Jenna> that first :)
12:36:23 <ynpvisitor4> Verizon should give them a phone. What a PR move that would be. Can you see OF now?
12:38:16 <ynpvisitor4> Or HughesNet give them a dish for a connection. Again worth the cost for advertising if the park could keep power to it.
13:32:52 <Craig> Aw man, streams down
13:36:19 <lt> yeah, it went back down again
13:36:46 <Craig> Well in other news i'm finally done school!
14:09:15 <ynpvisitor80> Did DaveM post the capture?