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17:00:36 <lt> someone's out their with a flashlight looking at indy
17:00:40 <lt> there
17:00:43 <lt> geez.
17:03:06 <lt> however ,hard to tell on indy
17:10:17 <lt> and apparently my ability to type and spell disappears in the evenings.
17:19:02 <ynpvisitor29> somebody has their sun at indy
17:19:31 <ynpvisitor29> someone else was at Sawmill earlier
17:20:48 <lt> yeah, someone's been out and about
17:21:13 <lt> we are in the window for BH
17:21:58 <ynpvisitor29> they went to Depression
17:22:20 <ynpvisitor29> just got home from Billings
17:27:52 <lt> just wandering the boardwalk, I see
17:30:29 <lt> dear boardwalk wanderers, please be sure to use your power only for good, not evil.
17:30:50 <lt> highlighting steam = good
17:31:11 <ynpvisitor29> the moon is almost full
17:31:18 <lt> Friday
17:31:20 <ynpvisitor29> they are wasting their batteries
17:31:54 <lt> I have to say I like the low light performance a lot
17:36:48 <ynpvisitor29> I find the moonbow that arcs to the bottom left corner different
17:39:54 <lt> I think that has something to do with the camera housing. you can see it even when the moon is not out.
17:41:03 <lt> not so much in the way of stars tonight, but I have definitely seen some stars on this.
17:43:10 <lt> OF's getting ready
17:43:16 <ynpvisitor29> fluffy
17:43:27 <ynpvisitor29> 1243
17:43:38 <lt> I think it goes by 0043
17:43:55 <ynpvisitor29> oops sorry lack of sleep
17:44:05 <ynpvisitor29> you are correct
17:44:09 <lt> it's ok. :)
17:44:55 <lt> Lion finished up its series, it looks like
17:48:11 <ynpvisitor29> fluffy is a long
17:48:20 <lt> yep.
17:52:07 <lt> something's steaming
17:52:10 <lt> big
17:52:13 <ynpvisitor29> Lion
17:52:15 <lt> BH?
17:52:19 <ynpvisitor29> or bee
17:52:21 <lt> maybe
17:52:28 <lt> seems really big for Lion
17:52:31 <lt> hey flashlight
17:52:32 <lt> come back
17:52:47 <lt> I think that's bee
17:53:44 <lt> 0052 for BH tentatively
17:54:06 <ynpvisitor29> pretty
17:54:07 <lt> hmmm
17:54:15 <lt> checking the log, the last Lion was 2343
17:55:15 <lt> so that's another possible Lion then
17:55:47 <lt> oh, so NOW flashlight comes back
17:56:08 <ynpvisitor29> only lasted 3 minutes
17:56:16 <ynpvisitor29> bee lasts 5
17:56:47 <lt> yeah
17:57:49 <ynpvisitor29> who posted Lion
17:57:54 <ynpvisitor29> was it Will?
17:57:56 <lt> no, vw
17:58:03 <lt> from webcam.
17:58:10 <ynpvisitor29> oh
17:58:35 <lt> she also got the 2343 which matched up with notes I made in chat for the 2341 steaming thing.
17:58:38 <ynpvisitor29> she had some pretty good storms up her way
17:58:45 <ynpvisitor29> this afternoon
17:59:11 <lt> appears things are ok since she's posting away.
17:59:47 <ynpvisitor29> had an awesome lightning show this afternoon
18:00:04 <lt> gah, I am jealous
18:00:45 <lt> all I get is heat and drought.
18:01:21 <ynpvisitor29> they had a flashflood warning up there today
18:01:41 <lt> feel free to send some of this to CA. or all of it.
18:02:58 <ynpvisitor29> hm, all they need to do is listen for indy filling up and starting
18:03:10 <lt> someone is determined not to miss indy
18:03:19 <lt> but yeah
18:03:19 <lt> seriously
18:03:21 <lt> it's gotta be quiet enough on the hill
18:04:14 <lt> I always like listening to the geysers too. and it's hard to do that during the day
18:05:49 <ynpvisitor29> bee is just waiting for next Grand window
18:07:21 <ynpvisitor29> well, I will be the geyser gazer sacrifice
18:07:29 <ynpvisitor29> enjoy bee, I need sleep
18:07:35 <lt> enjoy sleep!
18:07:37 <ynpvisitor29> night from Kitt
18:07:45 <lt> g'night!
19:22:03 <lt> something in the Grand area
19:23:45 <lt> definitely close to moonset, things are getting harder to distinguish
19:23:54 <lt> but someone is still out there with their flashlight
19:23:57 <lt> waiting for Bee
19:28:35 <lt> maybe OF, hard to tell at this point.
19:28:55 <lt> nothing I am confident enough to enter, for sure.
19:29:02 <ynpvisitor76> Is that Grand?
19:29:34 <lt> something has been steaming a lot in the Grand area. heck if I'm calling anything at this point though
19:29:52 <lt> so, probably, but I would mark it questionable
19:30:46 <ynpvisitor76> fell asleep at the computer and woke up and saw the white steam cloud
19:31:06 <lt> yeah, I'd buy that something's going.
19:46:30 <lt> well, I will offer another sacrifice to the BH. good luck, boardwalk observer.
19:46:32 <lt> I hope you get it
22:35:35 <ynpvisitor51> OF 0534
22:39:31 <ynpvisitor62> What is a Pink Cone major? Alternatively, what is a Pink Cone minor? (See entry on GT for 6/10.)
22:43:12 <lc> I don't know.
22:43:46 <lc> didn't know PC had minors and majors.
22:49:34 <ynpvisitor62> Neither did I.
22:53:27 <lc> Riverside ?
23:02:58 <ynpvisitor34> It is going to be a glorious day in the park.
23:22:45 <ynpvisitor38> So the flashlight people never posted a bee?
23:23:32 <ynpvisitor38> I figured it finally erupted after I finally went to bed
23:23:33 <ynpvisitor15> it was Micah at Anemone
23:24:12 <lc> morning Kitt
23:24:19 <Kitt> last night a big flashlight was at bee and depression
23:24:38 <Kitt> not sure it is morning
23:25:07 <Kitt> finally crawled in bed at 0252
23:25:22 <Kitt> thought I would wish
23:25:42 <Kitt> Bill a happy anniversary before he left for work
23:25:50 <lc> about an hour before we got up.
23:26:51 <lc> today your anniversary?
23:27:19 <Kitt> You mean you got up at 5?
23:27:25 <Kitt> yes today
23:27:40 <lc> yes
23:27:48 <Kitt> oh
23:28:08 <lc> happy anniversary.
23:28:25 <Kitt> thanks
23:29:05 <lc> my sister's anniversary was Monday, # 63.
23:29:16 <Kitt> wow
23:29:54 <Kitt> pir 31
23:29:54 <ynpvisitor71> Happy Anniversary Kitt
23:30:02 <Kitt> our 31
23:30:21 <Kitt> too tired, can't even type
23:30:31 <Kitt> thanks 71
23:30:50 <Kitt> headed back to bed
23:30:56 <Kitt> Kevin headed to work
23:31:21 <Kitt> bye
23:33:33 <Kitt> oh have they zoomed in on bee?
23:33:59 <Kitt> I suppose it could still be waiting?
23:41:22 <lc> cam has not moved since light.
23:41:59 <Kitt> oh
23:42:47 <lc> ma is packing.
23:45:19 <Kitt> well good luck
23:45:33 <Kitt> seriously back to bed for me
23:45:36 <Kitt> night
00:04:01 <Paul L.> Morning
00:04:47 <lc> Daisy 0704
00:06:01 <lc> OF 0705
00:06:18 <lc> morning
00:38:52 <ynpvisitor75> Yawn
00:39:03 <Dave from B> Morning everyone
00:39:55 <Diane> Good morning all.
00:41:51 <Paul L.> Oh no, Did the stream just go down?
00:42:09 <Dave from B> Yep
00:42:11 <Diane> Apparently. Must have been me. :(
00:42:39 <Paul L.> Nope it was fine untill Dave showed up. ;)
00:43:04 <Dave from B> Should just go back to bad, I guess
00:43:09 <Dave from B> bed
00:44:35 <vw> bad works too Dave.
00:44:36 <Paul L.> Morning vw
00:44:39 <vw> Good morning all!
00:44:41 <Dave from B> :D
00:44:52 <Dave from B> Morning vw
00:44:54 <Diane> Good morning, vw.
00:45:13 <vw> Just checking in here. See that some things never change. :D
00:45:58 <vw> So now that the first shift (Mem Day) of YNP visitors is getting back home, is the 2nd shift ready to head out? lc? Dave?
00:46:19 <Dave from B> You betcha!!!!
00:46:23 <Paul L.> Any word on cam training vw?
00:46:41 <vw> None that I have heard Paul.
00:47:15 <vw> Dave, is Becca going to be okay for the visit? Between a longish car ride and lots of walking it might be a little hard on her?
00:47:56 <Dave from B> She is feeling much better. Went to Helena with her team last Saturday. She spent 7 hours in the car and was fine.
00:48:22 <vw> I see voters in Kevin's state got things right: Demo primary winner for governor was 'none of the above."
00:48:35 <Dave from B> Really?
00:48:44 <vw> Good to hear Dave. The sitting is probably harder on her than walking will be.
00:49:04 <Diane> What happened to Becca?
00:49:17 <vw> Yeap. "None" got 30% of the primary demo votes over 8 candidates.
00:49:20 <Dave from B> She fractured a vertabra playing soccer
00:49:43 <Diane> OMG. I figured it might be a soccer injury. Yikes.
00:50:12 <Diane> Will she recover okay?
00:50:27 <Dave from B> Yes. 6 weeks in a brace with no long term issues.
00:50:31 <vw> I am hoping for a cool summer for B. A brace and heat are NOT a good combo.
00:50:55 <Dave from B> She "Only" has 4 weeks left in the brace.
00:50:58 <Diane> That's good. It will be a long summer, but a brace beats a body cast.
00:51:27 <vw> But it got her out of moving duty? :D
00:51:58 <Diane> Silver lining to every cloud?
00:52:29 <vw> hehe
00:52:46 <vw> So does Nellie have lc all wrapped up and ready to hit the road?
00:53:11 <Dave from B> lc says ma has too much stuff piled up ready to go in the car....
00:53:21 <Dave from B> He either needs a van or to leave the beer at home.
00:53:48 <vw> Hmmmm. I bet there is some good pricing on vans he could find?
00:54:05 <Dave from B> :D
00:54:05 <Diane> :)
00:54:29 <vw> Why not just one of those little tiny U-Hauls? He could pack local brews as he is driving cross country!
00:54:40 <Diane> There we go.
00:54:53 <Diane> Problem solved.
00:55:02 <Dave from B> I told him to ship me a couple boxes and I could bring them in.
00:55:14 <vw> Amazing what you can think of as a group!
00:55:40 <vw> Actually, that works well Dave. I have had people do that when they have long hauls and lots of stuff.
00:56:06 <Dave from B> They can even use my UPS rate. 18% lower than regular prices.
00:56:23 <vw> But only if he brings more beer, right?
00:56:33 <Dave from B> haha
00:58:35 <vw> Just make sure he buys his ice outside the park. SOOOooooo expensive once you come through the gates.
00:59:59 <Diane> When will you be in the park, Dave?
01:00:14 <Dave from B> It's painful to do any grocery shopping in the park
01:00:22 <Dave from B> June 25-29
01:00:36 <Dave from B> Longest gazing only trip to the park ever!:)
01:00:47 <Diane> Cool.
01:01:26 <Diane> Well, I have errands to run and now seems like a good time to do it. Might bbl.
01:01:38 <Dave from B> Bye, Diane
01:01:49 <vw> Bye Diane.
01:03:42 <Dave from B> Sad news about the death at the Grand Prismatic Overlook
01:04:48 <vw> Yes. Those trees are precarious. But not really much that can be done except closing area until it is more stable. A loss for hikers.
01:05:01 <Paul L.> So I guess I will need to runout to a gateway town when I need supplies then
01:05:02 <vw> That is such a nice day hike.
01:05:38 <vw> Stock up before you head in Paul. Bozeman, Livingston, Cody. Gateway communities can be pretty pricey too.
01:05:43 <ynpvisitor64> they are closing the hillside, not the trail
01:06:05 <vw> Ahhhh. Thanks for clarification 64. Much better news.
01:06:54 <Dave from B> They need an official trail to that overlook. One of the best views in Yellowstone.
01:06:57 <Paul L.> Ya vw I will. the only thing I may need is ice mid week at some point
01:07:01 <vw> That is such a popular trail.
01:07:41 <vw> Ice in gateways not too bad. Only double what you would get in bigger towns, but half of what it is in the Park.
01:07:42 <Paul L.> Yes and it's a hike I was wanting to take
01:07:51 <Dave from B> I wonder how long our outage will be this time.
01:08:19 <vw> Well, I guess I better get on with my day.
01:08:25 <vw> Have a great one everybody!
01:08:34 <Paul L.> you to vw
01:08:43 <Dave from B> bye, vw.
01:09:21 <ynpvisitor15> get ice in the campground vending machines and it is cheaper, no tax
01:09:30 <Paul L.> Kind of sound like Ice runs 10 dollars a bag in the park. lol
01:09:52 <ynpvisitor15> $3
01:10:18 <Paul L.> that's not that bad concidering.
01:10:22 <ynpvisitor15> at a machine. $3.11 at a store (last year)
01:12:05 <Paul L.> But i bet grocerys are real high
01:18:23 <Betty> Again down? Bummer. See ya all. Bye
01:37:35 <Dave from B> Morning Jenna
01:38:15 <Jenna> morning Dave
01:38:23 <Jenna> of course the cam is down on my day off
01:43:07 <Dave from B> Your mom said you needed to get some work done, so we pulled the plug on the cam just for you.
01:44:43 <Jenna> that sounds like her
01:49:33 <Dave from B> haha
01:49:35 <Dave from B> Morning Kevin
01:51:05 <Paul L.> Morning Kevin, Dave broke the cam again
01:51:36 <KevinL> That is what we expext from Dave.
01:52:29 <Dave from B> haha. nice Davespeak, there
02:00:27 <KevinL> Just wanted you to feel at home.
02:11:30 <ynpvisitor64> Micah got BH last night
02:12:59 <ynpvisitor63> Wonder why Micah waited until now to post BH. Seems odd.
02:13:31 <ynpvisitor64> zzzzzz
02:13:34 <ynpvisitor63> Sounds like he enjoyed it though
02:14:09 <ynpvisitor63> He posted all his Anenomes
02:28:46 <KevinL> I have to agree with Micah. I was able to catch a BH once about 0230 and it was incredible. We had a great group up there including the Strassers, Heinrich, T Scott, John Muller, and even Herb Warren! Got a visit from LE about 0030 since someone att the Inn reported a "wild drunken party" on Geyser Hill. :)
02:32:16 <Dave from B> Sound travels at that time of night
02:35:40 <KevinL> First time I saw moonbows
02:41:23 <Dave from B> Yes, I have also scene moonbows once at BH. It is wonderful.
02:41:32 <Dave from B> scene = seen
02:42:03 <ynpvisitor64> a wonderful scene
02:44:21 <Dave from B> haha 64
02:44:40 <KevinL> My favorite is Castle during steam phase. we had hundreds of "moonbows" but they were 360 degree circles!
02:59:07 <ynpvisitor24> Video Broken.
02:59:12 <ynpvisitor5> So what did LE do? Just check you out, or tell you to tone it down?
03:00:01 <KevinL> Once they found out who we were, they just laughed. T Scott was an active Ranger then.
03:11:16 <Eric> I think this webcam crashes a lot...
03:11:25 <Eric> I kinda doubt these are T1 issues.
03:11:41 <Eric> and Good morning all.
03:12:55 <Dave from B> Morning Eric
03:21:54 <Paul L.> Morning Eric
03:32:10 <KevinL> Neat loop on Pacific hurricane:
03:32:12 <KevinL>
03:47:16 <Jake> updated Whirligig E times for those that are interested (you know who you are)
03:47:53 <Dave from B> That would be at least 2 people, 53!:)
03:48:21 <Dave from B> Seriously, I will take a look., I hope it stays active.
03:48:58 <Eric> I am creating a script that will automate letting me know when the webcam is back up or goes down.
03:49:33 <Eric> Once I have it working, I could add other people to the email list of notifications.
03:50:21 <Jake> oooh, sounds good
03:50:36 <Jake> then you can track downtimes and report it to the NPS
03:50:42 <Jake> then they can negotiate with pixelcaster
03:51:03 <Eric> good coll
03:51:05 <Eric> call
03:51:08 <Jake> and you can track all pixelcaster streams and see how the OF cam compares
03:51:29 <Eric> This isn't a pixelcaster issue though
03:51:56 <Eric> I am working on the assumption that the camera is actually crashing
03:55:37 <lt> I see it was Micah lurking out there with the flashlight
03:56:03 <ynpvisitor78> hi
03:58:46 <KevinL> HParents, be aware of what your kids are doing on their after school parties. This is a story about some of my daughter's friends:
03:58:48 <KevinL>
03:59:03 <Kent> Thanks 53. Those times make me all warm and fuzzy. Now if they will just contine for another week
04:00:09 <Kent> Park Webcam services needs to post an update about what is going on with the new cam.
04:06:00 <lt> Micah marked the last Lion in the series as an ini.
04:13:39 <Dave from B> A sad tragedy. Hope all recover.
04:24:09 <lt> cam's back
04:26:05 <Eric> Thanks for fixing the cam lt :-)
04:26:31 <lt> my refresh button is magic
04:27:24 <Jake> Oblong?
04:28:24 <Dave from B> So, I break it but lt gets credit for fixing?:)
04:28:49 <lt> it was working when I finally called it a night last night
04:30:30 <Jake> OF 1130
04:31:42 <Andrew> Hello
04:34:54 <Eric> Hello Andrew
04:36:59 <Dave from B> Hi, Andrew and kc
04:37:04 <Eric> preset walkthrough :-)
04:38:28 <Dave from B> For those who like small windows.....Grand 1515-1600
04:39:12 <Eric> I <3 them
04:39:12 <Jake> bold
04:39:22 <Eric> thanks Dave
04:40:02 <Andrew> has grand been THAT consistent?
04:40:50 <Dave from B> Only the last 3 eruptions. Feel like being bold today.
04:42:07 <KevinL> Nice blue Giantess color.
04:42:58 <Dave from B> Who's driving this boat?
04:43:31 <Jake> Sawmill ie
04:43:33 <Paul L.> ADMIN
04:43:41 <Eric> My guess is webcam manager
04:44:07 <Dave from B> How about turning the reins over to people with thousands of hours of experience?
04:44:49 <KevinL> Student driver
04:44:50 <Eric> My guess is they have not figured out "how" yet.
04:44:59 <Andrew> and thats the fun part Literally thousamds
04:45:28 <Eric> Like I said when they first got this camera installed, there is NO web interface so getting the software to control the camera into peoples hands could be a problem.
04:45:54 <Eric> tree cam
04:48:00 <Kent> Best view ever of Split Cone. I like it.
04:49:19 <Dave from B> Eric, that sounds like a very real problem. I wonder if CC has had a chance to test it from her home.
04:49:50 <Dave from B> I wonder if that simple task is what is crashing the cam.
04:50:26 <Kent> Castle to Giantess would be a great default preset
04:50:59 <Dave from B> Kent, did you get my pm?
04:51:21 <Kent> No. I will look now
05:01:07 <Dave from B> Spasmodic ie?
05:16:39 <Eric> Hey All, got a notice from the Park Foundation that they are doubling donations done in June. Would be a good time to contribute to the organization that makes this cam possible.
05:17:03 <Eric>
05:17:32 <Eric> Also if you make a donation in June, they will send you a coupon for 20% lodging stay in October.
05:18:52 <KevinL> Nice!
05:19:23 <Eric> It's your fault I am connected to them now Kevin ;-)
05:20:20 <Eric> Also some employers will match charity donations.
05:25:02 <KevinL> My last employer thought they were a charitable donation.
05:25:38 <KevinL> They got the gold mine, I got the shaft.
05:26:23 <Jake>
05:26:24 <KevinL> Daisy 1226
05:29:26 <KevinL> Nice Sawmill spike
05:31:12 <KevinL> Lion 1230 ie
05:31:37 <Betty> nice. and we have a camop :-)
05:35:36 <KevinL> Evening Betty
05:36:21 <KevinL> BH is looking perky. Hope this means we get a shorter interval.
05:36:52 <Eric> Is that POG on the left?
05:37:46 <KevinL> POG?
05:38:09 <Eric> Pot of Gold, to the left of Boardwalk in front of the Lion Group.
05:39:08 <KevinL> Think POG is on the other side of the BW from BH.
05:39:31 <Betty> pot of gold can be seen from the cam? I barely can see it standing on bw. lol
05:39:46 <Eric> Not according to this map:
05:40:08 <Eric> But you guys know WAY more than me :-)
05:43:51 <Eric> google seriously needs to do a street view mapping of the boardwalks :-)
05:44:12 <Jake> they did
05:44:19 <Betty> that does exist
05:44:26 <Eric> ohhh
05:45:07 <Jake>,-110.830338,3a,75y,321.23h,69.35t/data=!3m5!1e1!3m3!1syyWs0tFTXPAxclm9ldBDXQ!2e0!3e5
05:45:36 <Eric> thats awesome
05:45:39 <Eric> found it
05:45:56 <KevinL> I was thinking copper kettle.
05:45:56 <Eric> makes it a little easier to identify geysers now :-)
05:46:13 <Eric> does anybody have a geyser overlay for google maps?
05:46:53 <KevinL> There is one on GT.
05:53:12 <Dave from B> Summer crowds seem to be increasing every day.
06:01:13 <Dave from B> what happened?
06:01:30 <Dave from B> working again....had a big :!:
06:03:04 <KevinL> Did not have it here.
06:03:27 <Dave from B> I just had to refresh
06:04:17 <lt> possible maybe flash crashed and you needed to reload
06:06:22 <Dave from B> We had a live lobster get loose...maybe that was the cause.
06:07:06 <lt> the feed was just warning you to pay more attention to the lobster
06:07:34 <Dave from B> Which feed?
06:07:43 <lt> the cam
06:07:57 <Dave from B> I thought you meant lobster feed
06:08:08 <lt> what do you feed lobsters anyway?
06:08:10 <Eric> yummm, lobster feed :-)
06:09:14 <Paul L.> dead thingd
06:09:21 <Paul L.> things
06:09:27 <Dave from B> Actually, we don't feed them. They are picked up so quickly that we don't have to.
06:10:39 <Paul L.> what kind of deal can you make me on Mane lobster Dave?
06:10:50 <KevinL> Have you ever seen the movie "It Happened To Jane" Dave?
06:11:55 <Dave from B> Paul, I could make you a good deal if you lived closer.:(
06:12:03 <Dave from B> Kevin, I haven't seen that movie.
06:12:45 <Eric> would love to get that google earth kml converted to maps so we could see the geysers names in street view.
06:12:52 <Paul L.> ya shipping all ways gets ya
06:12:59 <KevinL> You would love it. Jack Lemon, Doris Day, Ernie Kovacs about Maine lobster.
06:13:21 <KevinL> And problems shipping it by train.
06:14:43 <Dave from B> I'll put the movie on my list
06:15:02 <KevinL> Great family movie.
06:16:33 <KevinL> Long OF interval.
06:17:10 <kc (working)> hoping for 2 hrs, sorry visitors
06:17:25 <kc (working)> .
06:17:32 <kc (working)> sigh
06:17:50 <Betty> that´s a funny film, Kevin. worth watching it, Dave
06:18:08 <Dave from B> Hi, Betty
06:18:18 <Dave from B> Not much time to watch anything for the next month
06:18:28 <Dave from B> unless it is World Cup soccer.
06:19:07 <Betty> yeah! tomorrow is the start
06:19:33 <KevinL> They have a pet lobster in the movie that keeps getting loose.
06:19:37 <Dave from B> I plan on recording 1 game to watc hevery night.
06:19:47 <Dave from B> funny Kevin
06:21:58 <KevinL> Name was Sam.
06:23:40 <kc (working)> down fluffy
06:25:13 <KevinL> OF 1325
06:25:14 <Eric> Ok, that geyser kml file is awesome with Google earth
06:26:41 <KevinL> Bet the cabins are a bit damp now.
06:27:43 <Dave from B> Better close your window.
06:35:56 <Dave from B> Time to head out. Closing on our new house this afternoon.
06:36:03 <Dave from B> ..
06:37:11 <Dave from B> Time to head to a meeting. Have a good afternoon everyone.
06:39:52 <kc (working)> west triplet ie
06:40:30 <Betty> who has the cam?
06:46:58 <Jake> Lion
06:51:30 <KevinL> Driver can't tell the difference between Castle & Lion.
06:57:18 <ynpvisitor53> Boardwalk cam is great except there was no bison carcass at Aurum
06:58:59 <ynpvisitor53> OK, someone is letting their kid play with the cam controls
07:00:09 <Paul L.> Well at least the cam is moving
07:08:33 <KevinL> Looks like student driving to me.
07:11:19 <ynpvisitor65> ..
07:23:36 <KevinL> Love the blue steam on Giantess.
07:31:06 <KevinL> Not sure if that was the tail end of an Aurum at 1429
07:31:43 <Betty> Micah excites the masses at anemone
07:32:20 <Eric> manic camera today
07:32:23 <Betty> or is he not there?
07:32:31 <KevinL> He can gather a crowd.
07:32:33 <Eric> probably asleep :-)
07:32:43 <KevinL> I am not sure.
07:33:02 <Eric> he did catch the 0318 BH :-)
07:33:26 <KevinL> Sleep? Geyser Gazers sleep?
07:33:31 <Eric> Guess he would be awake by now.
07:36:02 <KevinL> That BH did get him a bit excited.
07:36:44 <Eric> I ordered a new 4600 Lumen flashlight this week :-) Can't wait for midnight gazing in August.
07:36:45 <KevinL> Did Dave sneak out of here?
07:36:57 <Eric> Yep
07:37:41 <Eric> I should be able to light up the entire geyser hill :-P
07:38:18 <lt> however, you should only use that power for good and highlight steam.
07:38:21 <KevinL> Don't want to over do it Eric. Light kills moonbows.
07:38:23 <lt> not shine it directly at the webcam.
07:39:10 <Eric> I promise to only use it for good, not evil.
07:40:16 <KevinL> It would be interesting to see what Lion would look like lit up from BH at night with that light.
07:40:41 <Eric> Here is the torch:
07:44:43 <KevinL> FYI I did get my learners permit today and it is me running the cam right now.
07:45:50 <Eric> awesome kevin
07:45:51 <lt> HOLD ON WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE. I mean, that's great Kevin.
07:45:54 <lt> ;)
07:46:15 <Eric> are you controlling it via the web or did you have to download an application?
07:47:22 <Eric> Guess he is busy playing :-)
07:47:24 <Betty> cool Kevin
07:47:26 <KevinL> It is web based.
07:47:31 <Eric> awesome
07:48:15 <Eric> Glad to know we are in good hands again...
07:53:40 <KevinL> of 1453
07:56:23 <KevinL> Think it was a short
08:00:42 <ynpvisitor43> .
08:09:17 <Paul L.> Your welcome Kevin. :)
08:09:22 <Paul L.> lol
08:11:03 <KevinL> :
08:11:05 <KevinL> )
08:11:10 <KevinL> :)
08:11:15 <KevinL> Dave fingers.
08:11:58 <Eric> You still driving kevin?
08:12:09 <KevinL> Yes.
08:12:21 <KevinL> Looks like another 2 Lion series.
08:14:36 <ynpvisitor43> .
08:15:32 <Paul L.> KevinL, is it all presets or can you pan to what you want to?
08:16:46 <KevinL> I can adjust it. They have a lot more presets though so you can preset almost anything.
08:17:20 <Paul L.> nice
08:17:34 <Paul L.> what about a zoom limit?
08:18:49 <KevinL> It will zoom but I am not sure how much.
08:19:27 <Paul L.> I got that dvd yesterday
08:19:29 <Eric> Can you zoom us toward grand at full zoom?
08:19:47 <Eric> would be nice to see the max :-)
08:19:57 <Eric> or even toward lion...
08:20:19 <Paul L.> Oh hey Eric, did not even totice your were here
08:20:26 <Paul L.> notice
08:20:29 <Eric> thanks a lot :-(
08:20:34 <KevinL> Right now I am waiting on Daisy & Grand. Once one of them goes I will zoom it.
08:20:39 <Paul L.> lol sorry
08:20:39 <Eric> and hello :-)
08:21:16 <KevinL> If you saw it when I was looking at Aurum, it was on full zoom then.
08:21:37 <Eric> I missed that :-*
08:22:11 <Eric> Nice
08:22:14 <KevinL> Daisy 1521
08:22:20 <Eric> You can see the people at daisy
08:22:20 <KevinL> Full zoom.
08:22:25 <Paul L.> wow
08:22:28 <Paul L.> nice
08:23:06 <Eric> too bad we don't have more bandwidth for full resolution/bitrate
08:23:13 <Paul L.> impressive
08:23:19 <Eric> But it's still a huge improvement.
08:23:29 <Paul L.> yes by far
08:24:03 <Paul L.> you can see the rippleing water in the river
08:24:56 <KevinL> I still have a lo res monitor, so I am missing a bit.
08:26:47 <KevinL> We are dead center of a grand window right now.
08:27:57 <Paul L.> So when do the rst of the ops get trained?
08:28:04 <Paul L.> rest
08:29:42 <KevinL> Not sure when they will all be back on.
08:35:16 <Kitt> hello
08:35:30 <Eric> Hey Kitt
08:35:35 <KevinL> Hi Kitt.
08:35:39 <Kitt> I see bee erupted 15 minutes after I called it a night or whatever
08:35:50 <Eric> man...bummer
08:35:53 <lt> nah, it was longer than that
08:36:10 <Kitt> I crawled in bed at 3 AM
08:36:15 <lt> I had to provide a second sacrifice to get it to go
08:36:36 <Eric> Dave guaranteed Grand by 1600
08:36:51 <Kitt> I fell asleep in my computer chair and woke up and checked on it again
08:36:59 <Eric> wow
08:37:07 <Kitt> I was hoping to see a lit up bee
08:37:14 <Eric> :-(
08:37:30 <lt> would have been all Micah, if it was visible
08:37:35 <lt> since the moon had set by that point
08:37:37 <Kitt> anyway, better get back to phone calls since it is almost 4 pm
08:37:56 <KevinL> Good luck Kitt.
08:37:58 <Kitt> bbl
08:38:01 <Kitt> bye
08:40:38 <ynpvisitor37> 1540
08:40:41 <lt> Grand
08:40:43 <ynpvisitor43> Grand
08:41:07 <lt> Dave nailed it
08:42:52 <Eric> Nice
08:45:39 <KevinL> The key to an eruption is to have Kitt sign off.
08:49:41 <KevinL> This is great even on my crappy monitor!
08:50:14 <Eric> Nice seeing the actual bursts of Grand.
08:50:32 <Eric> You can even make out the crowd in front.
08:51:44 <lc> good show Kevin.
08:51:55 <lc> a 2nd would be nice.
08:52:18 <KevinL> Looks like a 1, but it was a great one.
08:53:03 <lc> that was fast.
08:53:15 <Paul L.> whoa lag
08:53:34 <Eric> You seeing Grand now Paul?
08:54:19 <lc> went from zoom on Grand to preset in a heart beat.
08:54:19 <Eric> LC
08:54:33 <Paul L.> no when he zoomed back to OF. it froze them we were at OF
08:54:38 <KevinL> Last OF was a short so it is due now.
08:54:47 <Eric> ahh
08:55:27 <Eric> Haven't all OFs been running long intervals?
08:55:45 <Paul L.> I'm so happy Kevin is driving. :)
08:56:01 <Eric> Yep, opens up a whole new world.
08:56:17 <Paul L.> yes it dose
08:56:40 <KevinL> We had almost a 2 hour interval a bit ago.
08:56:44 <Paul L.> Even it it looks like Kevin has been drinkning. lol
08:57:12 <Eric> That might be on your end Paul, image is rock solid here.
08:57:30 <Graham> hello
08:57:34 <Eric> hey Graham
08:57:38 <KevinL> Hi.
08:57:51 <Paul L.> yep lag on my end for sure
08:57:56 <lc> hey Graham
08:58:17 <lt> if your picture is being choppy, Paul, sometimes you can try stopping the stream and restarting it or refreshing the page.
08:58:36 <Paul L.> ya I do that. it helps
08:59:09 <Paul L.> It just one of them things
08:59:36 <Eric> OF 1559
09:00:21 <Eric> Kevin, if you chop out the people, the image quality will improve.
09:00:44 <Eric> just an FYI...
09:01:37 <Eric> moving objects suck up lots of bandwidth, which leaves little for the rest of the frame.
09:03:17 <KevinL> Mostly using the presets right now.
09:06:04 <Paul L.> I like that shot of the OF BW
09:07:51 <Paul L.> Great shot
09:07:52 <lt> hi, my name is split cone and I am adorable when in eruption.
09:09:59 <Eric> tree cam
09:10:39 <Eric> You can look straight down too :-)
09:11:15 <ynpvisitor43> W
09:11:21 <ynpvisitor43> Why would you?
09:11:32 <Paul L.> how about a close up of Bee
09:11:57 <KevinL> You can click on the bar where you want it to go.
09:11:58 <Eric> If a bear walked under the camera, it could come in handy!
09:13:31 <Eric> Aurum watchers over there?
09:20:48 <Eric> So is That depression left of the boardwalk?
09:20:50 <Eric> ie
09:22:05 <Eric> yep, that.
09:22:29 <Graham> N Dwarf is erupting
09:22:36 <Eric> ohh, ok
09:22:43 <Eric> I didn't know it was called that
09:22:54 <Graham> Dep is the pool in front of it and slightly to the left
09:23:15 <Eric> k
09:25:54 <KevinL> Nice Depression!
09:27:02 <Eric> Graham says that is North Dwarf
09:27:36 <Eric> ohh, there is depression :-)
09:28:02 <Graham> its steamy, i dont see water tho
09:28:11 <Eric> I did
09:28:14 <lt> it's had a few blurps.
09:28:16 <Eric> Big splashes
09:28:32 <KevinL> There were great splashes.
09:29:07 <Eric> But now I know the difference between depression and N Dwarf :-)
09:31:48 <Graham> WT
09:32:10 <lt> your lag seems less today, Graham
09:35:18 <Graham> yeah but my view is not as good
09:52:29 <ynpvisitor43> Oblong?
09:52:55 <kc (working)> yep, Will has it on gt already
10:08:35 <Eric> Is that oblong right of Castle?
10:08:53 <lt> no, Oblong is by Grand area.
10:09:27 <Eric> What is that ie to the right of Castle?
10:09:47 <ynpvisitor-2> Crested Pool
10:09:52 <lt> Crested Pool
10:10:04 <Eric> ohh, right we had that discussion before :-)
10:10:44 <Eric> zoom to crested pool oh camera gods.
10:12:48 <ynpvisitor-2> Tilt's Baby is over there, too
10:27:11 <ynpvisitor43> BHI ?
10:27:23 <ynpvisitor43> Steam, but hard to see.
10:27:38 <Eric> Kevin....were are you?
10:28:15 <ynpvisitor43> Waiting for OF, so cam really can't move now.
10:28:37 <Eric> We could definitely zoom some and still include OF
10:29:19 <ynpvisitor43> We will find out soon enough.
10:29:24 <Eric> That didn't help :-P
10:30:33 <ynpvisitor43> I don't think BHI is going. We would have seen something on GT by now..
10:30:50 <ynpvisitor-2> no BHI
10:30:55 <Eric> also this camera preset is super fast, easy enough to hit one preset and then go back.
10:31:02 <ynpvisitor43> Just steam.
10:31:17 <Eric> LC
10:43:48 <ynpvisitor95> ..
10:47:32 <ynpvisitor43> Daisy 1747
10:49:05 <Graham> OF 1748
10:58:11 <Eric> SC
11:03:18 <ynpvisitor43> .
11:09:07 <Graham> how does it feel to be back to work kc?
11:10:26 <kcmule> not bad, will take a few days for queue to fill back up then back to chaos again
11:15:52 <Graham> then you need another vacation kc
11:19:17 <Graham> Sawmill
11:19:34 <kcmule> another one a bit more local maybe
11:20:25 <Graham> have to step away for a few mins, enjoy BH
11:35:26 <Graham> it didnt erupt?
11:35:43 <ynpvisitor43> it steamed.
11:36:03 <KevinL> It know I leave in an hour.
11:36:03 <lt> Aurum
11:36:12 <Graham> KEVIN
11:36:35 <KevinL> Awesome!
11:36:40 <ynpvisitor43> Aurum isn't visible right now.
11:37:03 <ynpvisitor43> Cool.
11:37:26 <ynpvisitor43> Guess its time to refr3esh my page.
11:37:36 <lt> heh.
11:37:55 <lt> I've had that happen a time or two.
11:40:33 <KevinL> Moose Graham. Find a moose!
11:45:22 <Graham> i foind Aurum for you
11:45:34 <Graham> thats all i can do today
11:45:39 <Graham> probably not even BH
11:45:46 <lt> mean I gotta wait to ask for a unicorn?
11:46:06 <Graham> i only do mooses
11:46:17 <lt> guess I'll save that request for Kevin then
11:46:24 <ynpvisitor43> Unicorns are probably more common anyway.
11:49:06 <Graham> BHI
11:49:09 <ynpvisitor43> BHI
11:49:21 <kcmule> ding
11:49:23 <Graham> ding
11:49:24 <Graham> sding
11:49:25 <Graham> ding
11:51:12 <KevinL> I was hoping for a unocorn
11:51:36 <KevinL> (Dave's version of a unicorn)
11:51:59 <Graham> 1848 for BHI
11:52:01 <lt> so does that one come with an Uno deck instead of a horn?
11:52:06 <Kitt> I'm here
11:52:24 <ynpvisitor4> Nice night on the hill
11:52:41 <Graham> hi Kitt
11:53:03 <ynpvisitor4> Someone's talking about me again
11:53:10 <Kitt> hello
11:53:36 <Dave from B> Hello everyone
11:53:47 <Kitt> so who all is in the basin?
11:53:55 <KevinL> Hi Dave, Kitt.
11:54:25 <Kitt> hey
11:55:37 <Graham> Aurum and BHI, nice evening
11:56:30 <Kitt> wonder if Will is going to take a bee shower for me?
11:57:57 <Kitt> here's hoping for a big, blast-off start
11:58:21 <Kitt> with Beehive triumphing over the breeze
11:59:53 <Kitt> Here goes--
11:59:57 <KevinL> Be nice to see it close up.
12:00:23 <Andrew> hello
12:00:35 <Kitt> hi
12:00:44 <Kitt> wonder where lc is
12:03:28 <Graham> 15m
12:04:10 <Graham> 16
12:05:08 <Graham> 17
12:05:24 <Andrew> long indee as of late?
12:06:09 <Graham> 18
12:07:10 <Graham> 19
12:07:19 <Kent> Made it in time.
12:07:25 <Dave from B> No, 30, please
12:07:25 <Graham> OF coming up too
12:07:50 <Kitt> blast off
12:07:57 <Graham> 1907
12:09:58 <Kitt> that looks nice
12:10:10 <Graham> no shower tho
12:10:49 <Jenna> ..
12:12:58 <Kent> Good crowd for seven o'clock
12:13:31 <KevinL> Very nice.
12:19:58 <KevinL> .
12:20:12 <Graham> OF 1918
12:24:54 <Kitt> nice show
12:25:00 <Kitt> see you later
12:25:02 <Kitt> bye
12:25:17 <ynpvisitor58> SO who is driving?
12:25:19 <Graham> bye kitt
12:25:35 <Graham> i am quitting too, not sure if its the cam thats making me feel sick or something else, see ya
12:26:03 <ynpvisitor58> The strob effect is odd
12:27:10 <Dave from B> Kevin, are you still driving
12:27:12 <Dave from B> ?
12:33:56 <KevinL> Nope
13:38:34 <lt> Daisy
14:00:10 <kcmule> OF 20:59
14:07:17 <lt> nice clouds
14:36:48 <kcmule> castle 21:36
14:53:44 <kcmule> depression 21:53ie
14:54:10 <kcmule> castle is a major
15:32:59 <KevinL> OF 2233
15:51:28 <ynpvisitor23> Grand 1051
16:02:19 <ynpvisitor67> nice view of Grand
16:03:11 <ynpvisitor23> I just popped in to have a look seeand it went
16:34:42 <lt> Lion
16:34:47 <lt> 2334ie
16:46:55 <lt> ok person with the flashlight, I see the Daisy ie
16:46:59 <lt> 2346