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17:01:02 <lt> well, I thought it was Daisy but things are still going so I have no idea
17:11:02 <lt> OF
17:38:23 <lt> looks like what I thought was Daisy was White, from Will's entries
17:45:27 <lt> Lion ie
18:46:47 <lt> OF's getting ready
18:46:53 <lt> oh, and Lion
18:47:51 <lt> there goes Lion
18:47:53 <lt> 147
18:59:57 <lt> OF
19:01:01 <ynpvisitor26> Not a bad view for 0200
19:01:29 <lt> no, I'll take it
19:01:47 <lt> losing the static cam doesn't hurt quite as much with this
19:02:33 <ynpvisitor26> Now if we can just get our good operators back
19:03:01 <lt> first ones were on it today
19:03:04 <lt> starting to learn how to drive
19:03:20 <ynpvisitor26> Was it the regulars?
19:03:27 <lt> Kevin and Graham had a shot
19:03:31 <lt> don't know who else
19:03:36 <lt> yet
19:03:52 <ynpvisitor26> Excellent, K & G are two of the best
19:04:13 <lt> had a nice Grand, nice BH, beautiful luck with an Aurum
19:04:20 <lt> while they were playing
19:04:30 <lt> so. expect to see more daytime movement now
19:04:47 <ynpvisitor26> I am anxious to see how it works
19:05:25 <lt> really very nice. amazingly fast movement. better picture quality than the old cam for sure.
19:06:12 <ynpvisitor26> I hope we soon get the stream back on chat so we don't have to use two browsers
19:06:44 <lt> it is being worked on. there's a few workarounds in the meantime but ...they require some amount of technical know-how
19:07:50 <ynpvisitor26> Mine consists of throwing the on switch so anything special will have to splained to me in easy language
19:08:17 <lt> if this lasts too much longer I might end up making a tutorial with lots of screenshots
19:09:18 <ynpvisitor26> An impressive list of geysers since the sun went down.
19:09:54 <lt> honestly been possible to do night-viewing on the cam since late last week. but there's also some gazers in-basin.
19:10:19 <ynpvisitor26> I think of what could be done with the cam if it was located on top of the Inn.
19:10:59 <ynpvisitor26> Much better and unobstructed views of the entire area.
19:11:16 <lt> I suspect the placement might also have something to do with convenience for running the connections, though.
19:11:30 <lt> I would like it off the tree.
19:11:50 <lt> the resolution does drop when there's a lot of movement because of how the video is processed, and when the tree sways...
19:12:19 <ynpvisitor26> You would think that they could be run wirelessly from the Inn to the VC
19:13:42 <lt> I do wonder how it would handle winter there
19:14:11 <lt> I really just need to get back to the park. :(
19:14:53 <ynpvisitor26> It need to be somepplace where it is easily accessible for cleaning and repair
19:15:24 <lt> yeah, they have demonstrated that they can reach it where it is now for cleaning. it's a cloth godzilla that eats from the ground up.
19:15:44 <ynpvisitor26> That is good news
19:18:02 <lt> so. overall really happy with it, and the camops are getting their hands back on it now, so it should be even better.
19:19:24 <ynpvisitor26> Problems I see are thet we have excluded people on slow connections and when the cam is focused on a thermal the rest of the basin goes dark.
19:20:22 <lt> I do wish the static could have been kept.
19:21:45 <ynpvisitor26> An effort should be made to bring it back. They are cheap cams and require little bandwidth. I bet with a little effort they could find an IP address to use.
19:22:08 <lt> we can keep providing them with the feedback that we'd still like it
19:23:23 <ynpvisitor26> Foundatio is asking for money. I am going to send a check with a letter giving my unsolicited opinion.
19:23:44 <lt> hehe, best kind. might even get listened to coming in with the check.
19:25:38 <ynpvisitor26> Something with a flashlight down basin
19:25:53 <lt> yeah, Will is out for sure.
19:26:22 <lt> Grand went at about 2250ish so not in the window for that.
19:27:01 <ynpvisitor26> He may be lighting Turbans
19:28:39 <lt> West Triplet is another possibility
19:35:29 <lt> anyway, I am not going to stay up for moonset. think I'll call it an evening here. g'night!
19:35:47 <ynpvisitor26> I am going to check wolves and Norris and head back to bed. Night
19:36:07 <lt> Lion
19:36:10 <lt> and now really night
23:36:49 <ynpvisitor66> OF 0636ie
23:38:33 <Dave from B> Time for Grand...not sure if we will be able to see it.
23:51:37 <Dave from B> Another Turban...maybe even Grand
23:56:27 <Dave from B> Yes on Grand
00:03:30 <lc> morning everyone
00:03:43 <Dave from B> Morning lc
00:06:02 <lc> Depression ?
00:07:13 <Dave from B> Sure looks like it
00:08:54 <lc> I did see a couple of burst.
00:10:29 <lc> Will logged it 0703ns
00:32:35 <Paul L.> Morning
00:35:51 <Dave from B> Hi, Paul
00:38:39 <Dave from B> Pretty sad when the attitude for your day depends on whether your cell phone can take a charge or not.
00:40:40 <Dave from B> Only 6 weeks until my free upgrade
00:43:01 <Paul L.> It's sad that we become a society that can not live with out a cell phone.
00:46:55 <Dave from B> Why companies can't design a phone that doesn't have problems with its charging port is beyond me.
00:47:21 <Dave from B> Going to change to an IPhone in August.
01:06:19 <Dave from B> Morning Jenna
01:10:42 <Paul L.> Any perdictions Dave?
01:16:54 <Dave from B> Of course, I do! BH 0930-1130 and Grand 1400-1500
01:18:26 <Dave from B> And, Daisy 0930-0950
01:23:30 <ynpvisitor96> my stream stopped
01:24:29 <ynpvisitor6> The cam obviously has problems getting out of bed in the morning
01:25:06 <ynpvisitor63> too often
01:25:37 <Dave from B> Here we go again
01:26:14 <ynpvisitor63> has anyone explained why the uniterrupted transition between cams has had quite so many interruptions?
01:26:55 <Dave from B> Not that I know of. It would be nice to see an explanation on their webpage.
01:31:06 <ynpvisitor43> Maybe it is like Congress: nobody can explain why they don't work either.
01:32:11 <Paul L.> Dave stop stepping on the cam cord. lol
01:36:09 <Dave from B> I'm wondering if it fails when controls are turned over to another person.
01:40:33 <ynpvisitor8787> is the message going for irony? "Stream not found. Clip:"
01:41:03 <Dave from B> faithful.steam would be better
01:43:18 <ynpvisitor6> Bill Clinton faithful?
01:44:08 <ynpvisitor8787> wait, are you a Yahoo! commenter?
01:44:09 <Dave from B> haha
02:05:10 <ynpvisitor43> .
02:09:05 <Dave from B> Morning Jake
02:14:31 <Jake> good morning, I see everything is normal here
02:16:37 <Dave from B> Yep
02:17:02 <Andrew> mornin'
02:17:14 <Dave from B> Hi, Andrew
02:27:46 <Jake> cam was back at 1124 yesterday
02:45:52 <Jake> cam is back
02:45:54 <Kevin L> Happy happy happy. Stream is back!
02:48:22 <Kent> We got an electronic Whirligig from Norris this morning. Neat! I am hoping for onsite reporting later today.
02:56:03 <Jake> OF 0956ie
02:57:23 <Jake> a short
02:57:35 <Jake> big anemone 0957
03:00:49 <Jake> if the cam's not moving, let's see how many Anemone's we can record
03:04:57 <ynpvisitor43> Stream running now.
03:12:55 <Dave from B> Morning Craig
03:13:02 <Jake> BHI 1009
03:13:04 <Jake> per GT
03:13:15 <Craig> Good Morning!
03:13:18 <Dave from B> I will send alert
03:13:22 <Jake> everyone leaaannnnn to the left
03:13:25 <Jake> but you can't see it!
03:13:39 <Jake> oh, now we can ;)
03:14:23 <Jake> txt rec'd
03:14:31 <Dave from B> Room could get full today
03:14:39 <Eric> woot
03:14:43 <Dave from B> Morning Eric
03:15:06 <Eric> Morning Dave :-)
03:15:10 <Paul L.> Hey alright
03:15:25 <Eric> Hopefully people on the boardwalk don't dispute this BHI ;-)
03:15:52 <Kitt> I'm here
03:16:04 <Eric> Welcome
03:16:18 <Kevin L> Yea!
03:16:34 <Paul L.> Dave you nailed it again
03:17:01 <Eric> Kevin, you driving this morning?
03:17:10 <Dave from B> Hi, Kitt
03:17:24 <Dave from B> It's good to be lucky, Paul
03:17:41 <Eric> I think it's a little more than luck now Dave :-P
03:17:57 <Kitt> I see Yellowstone has a chance for snow this weekend
03:17:58 <Eric> BTW, your Grand time last night was spot on
03:18:23 <Eric> Almost dead center in your 45 minute window
03:18:39 <Kitt> Now my yellowstone arrival date is the 21st
03:18:55 <Dave from B> It will be nice to see you, Kitt
03:19:14 <Dave from B> I arrive the day after lc
03:19:16 <Kitt> It will be nice to only have one phone that can ring
03:19:53 <Kevin L> I am a passenger today.
03:20:25 <Eric> LC
03:22:53 <Paul L.> Who is driving then?
03:23:42 <Dave from B> Nights have been cool in Blgs
03:23:51 <Jake> I hate to see those people walking away from BH
03:24:43 <Eric> They havae ice cream to eat and gifts to buy
03:24:51 <Eric> No time for geysers.
03:24:57 <Kitt> no gazers telling them to stay
03:28:37 <Eric> almost at 20 minutes
03:29:05 <Jake> I bet Castle started based on people pointing and taking pictures to the left
03:29:30 <Kitt> Climb Bee, Climb!
03:29:33 <Eric> BH 1029
03:29:39 <Kitt> Yeah
03:29:54 <Kitt> excellent
03:30:03 <Eric> Good crowd
03:30:15 <Kitt> let's hear it for Bee showers
03:30:20 <Eric> Getting a nice shower :-)
03:30:22 <Kitt> yeehaw
03:32:15 <Kitt> Beehive is chuckling
03:32:27 <Dave from B> I can't wait to take a shower!:)
03:33:50 <Eric> I love listening to beehive too...Ground sounds.
03:33:57 <Eric> Great :-P
03:33:59 <Kitt> Penta showers are pretty awesome also
03:34:00 <Kevin L> Not going to touch that one Dave.
03:34:25 <Eric> Never had a penta shower...
03:34:37 <Kitt> well that was wonderful
03:34:50 <Dave from B> I planted that one just for you, Kevin!:)
03:34:52 <Paul L.> lol Kevin
03:34:57 <Kitt> now back to moving water, answering the phone and dealing with paperwork
03:35:02 <Dave from B> Penta showers are fun
03:35:10 <Kitt> have a good day
03:35:13 <Kitt> bye
03:35:16 <Dave from B> Hang in there, Kitt. Wonderland is only 9 days away.
03:35:17 <Eric> u2 kitt
03:35:32 <Eric> does North Dwarf ever stop?
03:35:55 <Dave from B> Occasionally
03:43:57 <Kevin L> Nice Castle
03:44:28 <Paul L.> majior?
03:44:30 <Eric> I <3 Castle
03:45:02 <Kevin L> GT has it at 1027 so I would think major.
03:53:33 <Eric> This is a nice Geyser Hill view
03:54:30 <Eric> OF 1054
03:54:41 <Eric> 59 minute interval
03:57:19 <Dave from B> Jealous of everyone at OF. Great night for a 100-230 BH during a FULL moon
03:58:24 <Eric> long
03:59:37 <Eric> Yep, should be a great night for a BH :-)
04:05:00 <Kevin L> May be able to see it on the cam!
04:06:02 <Eric> I am going to try and be here tonight :-)
04:06:49 <lt> it's been good night viewing
04:27:16 <Eric> If nothing else, I am going to record tonights BH so I can see it tomorrow :-P
04:46:24 <lt> I like the dance party
04:52:10 <Eric> Did I miss a party?
04:52:36 <Eric> I love good beer :_D
04:52:39 <Eric> :-D
05:18:38 <ynpvisitor46> Daisy 1218 ie
05:32:36 <Eric> OF @ 98 minutes
05:32:44 <Eric> Indicator filling...
05:33:49 <ynpvisitor46> Should the call be, "People on Indicator?"
05:34:14 <Eric> Aurum!
05:34:15 <Eric> Huge
05:34:17 <ynpvisitor46> Aurum 1234 wc
05:34:32 <Eric> Nice one...
05:34:34 <Dave from B> Yep
05:35:34 <Eric> Glad wind was cooperating to blow OF steam the other direction :-)
05:36:25 <Eric> Hey Dave, I missed it...did you call the next Grand Window?
05:36:42 <Dave from B> Yes, 1400-1500
05:37:00 <Eric> Thanks.
05:37:03 <Dave from B> But, I'd make sure I got back around 1350
05:37:11 <Eric> hahahaha
05:37:31 <Eric> Nope, I am not going to look until 1430 :-P
05:37:34 <Dave from B> I based my time of 656ie but actual was 0649
05:37:46 <Eric> ahhh
05:38:16 <Eric> So 1423 is your prediction...
05:38:34 <Dave from B> Sure, why not
05:38:55 <Eric> Sounds good...
05:40:10 <Eric> OF 1240
05:43:45 <Dave from B> YNP visitation up 6% thru May compared to 2013
05:43:50 <Eric> long
05:44:20 <Dave from B> Might want to be careful tomorrow......Full moon and Friday the 13th
05:45:13 <Eric> lc put that on GT faster than I could get there.
05:46:02 <Eric> apparently she doesn't want to be social....or is driving the cam and can't be here and there :-)
05:46:08 <Dave from B> Hard to beat lc
05:46:30 <Dave from B> Eric, lc is a he
05:46:41 <Eric> ohh
05:47:01 <Eric> sorry lc, wherever you are :-)
05:47:13 <Dave from B> He's a busy young to tend, fishing, etc
05:47:35 <Eric> and GT times to add :-)
05:48:05 <Dave from B> And, he's starting to gather his things for his YNP trip.
06:51:49 <Jake> Grand 1351 ie
06:53:00 <Jake> Lion 1352
07:04:20 <Eric> Dave you were so right being about 10 minutes early for your 1400 Grand prediction :-P
07:04:22 <ynpvisitor100> nice number
07:04:48 <Eric> hi betty
07:04:59 <Betty> hi Eric
07:12:04 <Jake> OF 1411
07:13:35 <Jake> can we give World Cup spoilers????
07:13:37 <Jake> please??
07:13:47 <Jake> or is Dave watching later?
07:14:04 <Betty> I think he will watch
07:14:16 <lt> apparently there's a good spoiler though
07:14:29 <Betty> :-)
07:16:47 <lt> ok, wow, twitter just told me the spoiler
07:17:02 <Eric> haha
07:17:08 <Eric> just looked it up myself :-)
07:17:11 <Betty> shhhh
07:17:19 <lt> we're being good
07:17:20 <Eric> Even saying there is a spoiler is a spoiler.
07:17:30 <lt> shocker: football happened
07:17:36 <Eric> haha
07:18:11 <Eric> I have an old saying, "What is said on the webcam chat, stays around in google forever."
07:20:45 <Dave from B> Dave is watching later. I can leave if you have to talk soccer. No hard feelings:)
07:21:37 <lt> I have no compelling need to talk about it. :)
07:22:18 <Eric> would rather have you hear Dave :-D
07:22:21 <Eric> here
07:22:26 <lt> sorry about the spoiler that it started today. ;)
07:22:44 <Jake> I don't need to talk it so stay
07:23:04 <Betty> PLEASE don´t leave Dave
07:23:23 <Dave from B> OK. I'm here to stay
07:23:34 <Betty> ;-)
07:24:06 <lt> we'll all talk about it tomorrow once you're up to date.
07:26:44 <Dave from B> I'm anxious to watch Spain-Netherlands tomorrow.
07:27:06 <Dave from B> I missed Grand? Darn
07:27:50 <Eric> You nailed it with your 10 minutes early prediction :-)
07:37:17 <Dave from B> For those of you who need numbers...
07:37:23 <Dave from B> Grand 2030-2130
07:43:53 <Dave from B> Betty, how are you doing today?
07:44:42 <Jake> Daisy 1444
07:45:08 <Betty> I´m fine, Dave, thanks. temps are much cooler today
07:45:33 <Dave from B> That's good. 99 is not fun
07:46:09 <Betty> it was definitely not!
07:49:03 <Eric> Should have a lion here pretty quick.
07:50:18 <Betty> highs next week will be 75
07:50:50 <Eric> You south or north Betty?
07:51:03 <Betty> mid
07:51:06 <Dave from B> Should be around 1504-1514
07:51:47 <Betty> near Frankfurt
07:51:51 <Eric> ahh, longer due to ini I guess
07:52:00 <Eric> ahh, ok
07:52:11 <Eric> My brother lived in Vilsec for a while.
07:52:30 <Eric> vilseck
07:53:12 <Betty> that is in Bavaria
07:54:07 <Eric> Pretty close to nuremburg
07:55:37 <Betty> yep
07:56:30 <Dave from B> FYI, I will not be in the room tomorrow....I'm driving the route to Boeman tomorrow since I'm missing 2 guys tomorrow.
07:56:46 <Dave from B> I'll be on the road from 0500 to 1500
07:57:10 <Dave from B> So, Eric, you are in charge of predictions tomorrow.
07:59:20 <Eric> Yikes
08:00:03 <Eric> I will hopefully be automating some of these predictions in the near future if I can get a good api from Jake :-P
08:00:29 <Eric> It would be cool to use google's predictive servers...
08:03:56 <Dave from B> I'm just trying to hone my skills so I spend as little time "riding the pine" as possible when I'm at OF in 2 weeks.
08:04:09 <Eric> Hey lt can you read this article and write me up a short algorithm to predict geysers?
08:04:31 <Eric> I understand that :-)
08:04:33 <lt> haha
08:05:11 <Eric> Your the serious geek here...
08:05:43 <lt> statistics was a loooooooooooooong time ago.
08:06:26 <Eric> I hear ya :-) I took statstics for engineers and don't remember much of anything.
08:06:50 <lt> I APed out of it.
08:06:51 <lt> Lion
08:07:20 <Eric> Dang, nice prediction Dave
08:07:33 <lt> now if you want a serious discussion of glass structure on the atomic level, I can give you that.
08:07:35 <Dave from B> I need to go buy a lottery ticket.
08:07:49 <Eric> I agree
08:07:59 <lt> buy me one too
08:08:09 <Eric> Do you have a calculation cheat sheet that you use?
08:09:01 <Dave from B> haha. It's rather simple. Really based on feel. For BH and Grand, I usually look at the latest 3-6 intervals to get a feel for what may happen next.
08:09:25 <Dave from B> So, if they're consistent I look smart. When they are inconsisitent, I'm wrong
08:09:41 <Eric> how did you know lion?
08:10:20 <lt> once the series is going they're pretty consistent in the series
08:10:38 <lt> and you add a little bit to the estimate for the one after initial
08:10:42 <lt> that would be my guess
08:11:02 <Eric> sure, I would guess the same, but he was within a few minutes :-)
08:11:15 <Eric> So there must be some numbers associated.
08:14:58 <Paul L.> I know I will e getting ahold of Dave when i'm therr in july to get my perdictions. That way when I miss everything I can blame him. :)
08:15:42 <Eric> haha
08:18:20 <Paul L.> To tell you the truth I will be talking to all of you cause I will be a first timer and I would like to catch a few ie
08:19:35 <Eric> This is your first trip to the park Paul?
08:19:39 <Eric> OF 1519
08:20:32 <Dave from B> Paul, before you go, I will give you my cell number and I can text you predictions.
08:20:56 <Eric> Am I calculating that right...159 minute interval?
08:21:41 <Paul L.> Well my second. the first time was 12 yrs ago and I was with family for just a day so we saw just the majior stuff. altho I did get to see grand. walked up on it
08:21:57 <lt> there was a 1411
08:22:03 <lt> that hasn't made it into GT
08:22:13 <Paul L.> I was hoping so dave
08:22:23 <Eric> ohhh, thanks lt...had me worried :-)
08:22:47 <Eric> Jake not logging his times!
08:22:55 <Paul L.> so it might as well be my first time
08:23:10 <Dave from B> Paul, before you go, we can check and see who is there and we can hook you up wiuth a couple geysers on site and you can follow them around all day.
08:23:10 <Eric> Thats awesome
08:24:14 <Paul L.> Ya I told Ryan i may stp by the snow lodge
08:24:35 <Dave from B> I know Ryan, Will and Micah will be there. Probably Kitt
08:25:12 <Dave from B> Paul, I've only made 3 gazing trips and I already know about 40 gazers. It is a blast.
08:25:36 <Dave from B> I'm actually a newbie myself
08:28:09 <Paul L.> Ya we never made it past grand. so I missed everything past it. did get to see sawmill also. and I rember standing there in front of castle hoping and wishing but i got no show
08:29:19 <Dave from B> Hope much time do you have in the basin?
08:33:03 <Dave from B> Hope = How
08:39:48 <Paul L.> Well i plan to spend a sun up to sundown day. and what ever else i need to catch one I may end up wanting to see. I plan to go to all of the basins however I'm there a week so I should have time
08:40:38 <Paul L.> Of course the wife and kids want to see the whole pakr as well
08:40:44 <Paul L.> park
08:40:46 <lt> give her the keys?
08:40:59 <Paul L.> lol she hates to drive
08:41:11 <lt> I can easily spend a whole week just in UGB
08:41:16 <Dave from B> There are lots of great things to do in YNP.
08:41:32 <Paul L.> To much stuff to do
08:41:59 <Dave from B> If you're staying at OF overnight, make sure you bring a flashlight. You will love going out at night.
08:42:09 <Paul L.> I'm thinking my boys will see one ie and they will be hooked
08:42:12 <Dave from B> And, catch the thumping at Oblong. It is fun.
08:42:28 <Dave from B> Becca is 15 and she loves it.
08:42:49 <Paul L.> Mine are 12 and 16
08:43:04 <Dave from B> Last year, we got up in the middle of the night two nights in a row to go see Fountain/Morning events
08:43:32 <Eric> I scared the crap out of my family last trip :-)
08:44:03 <Paul L.> Well i will be stayin a bit far for that but I may sneek i a late nighter at least one time
08:44:21 <Eric> Took them along yellowstone river at night to watch meteor showers. However it was rut season for the bison and we were in the middle of their herd :-)
08:44:37 <Paul L.> lol
08:45:01 <Dave from B> Eric, that is downright sneaky
08:46:17 <Eric> nothing like hearing a Bull Bison snorting it up directly outside your pickup bed :-)
08:46:35 <Eric> We hunkered down in the back of my truck for a while.
08:46:49 <Paul L.> lol I bet
09:08:43 <Betty> lion
09:32:12 <Dave from B> Time to come home and wtach some fHave a great evening everyone!
09:32:32 <Dave from B> Wow...what happened to that sentence?
10:09:15 <kcmule> daisy ie
10:09:37 <kcmule> lion was ie a moment ago but i did not get the time or duration
10:14:02 <Graham> hello
10:15:21 <kc (working)> evenin'
10:23:05 <kc (working)> daisy 1708ie, major
10:23:49 <kc (working)> 1706 per DaveM
10:25:59 <ynpvisitor33> ???
10:26:09 <ynpvisitor33> I think the page hates me today.
10:40:33 <Graham> last OF was 1240? how about that
10:41:02 <lt> people have been lazy on entry
10:41:44 <Graham> i am not watching the cam either, its all black here
10:48:28 <ynpvisitor74> SC 1748 ie
11:06:55 <kcmule> OF 18:06
11:08:04 <Graham> thanks kc, enabled me to start the stream to see it
11:08:31 <kcmule> yw
11:15:32 <kcmule> lion 18:15
11:15:34 <lt> Lion
11:15:43 <kcmule> minor unless it restarts
11:17:01 <lt> LC
11:25:06 <ynpvisitor74> Lion 1825
11:25:12 <ynpvisitor74> nope
11:46:54 <kcmule> sawmill 18:46
12:01:14 <kcmule> correction to above, it was lion 17:08ie major (not daisy)
12:38:20 <kcmule> daisy 19:38
12:50:20 <kcmule> OF 19:49
12:51:59 <ynpvisitor59> are you driving kc?
12:53:19 <kcmule> u can prob figure that out from my calls : )
12:55:32 <ynpvisitor59> nice, so we will get close up Grand perhaps,
12:56:20 <kcmule> turban now maybe
12:58:34 <ynpvisitor59> no Grand yet!
12:59:29 <kcmule> just west triplet
13:36:02 <ynpvisitor59> boardwalks seem rather deserted
13:40:20 <ynpvisitor59> Grand is waiting for OF window
13:52:06 <kcmule> grand 20:51
13:52:13 <ynpvisitor59> nice
13:52:25 <Kevin L> Is this Old Faithful?
13:52:54 <ynpvisitor59> yes
14:02:37 <Kevin L> Thanks for the closeup kc
14:03:04 <ynpvisitor59> lots of one bursts lately
14:12:15 <kcmule> depression ie
14:26:15 <kcmule> OF 21:25
14:26:58 <kcmule> .
15:07:53 <ynpvisitor31> Grand?
15:08:17 <lt> Grand went at 2051
15:08:31 <Eric> oh :-P Hi lt
15:08:39 <lt> cloud cover means probably not great night gazing tonight
15:08:42 <lt> hi Eric
15:08:53 <Eric> Ya, its pretty blocky
15:10:13 <Eric> Does my name say Eric?
15:10:28 <Eric> for me it shows tnpvisitor31
15:10:32 <lt> no. it's the sticky name issue
15:10:37 <Eric> weird
15:10:40 <lt> apparently it shows properly in the chat logs though
15:10:49 <lt> from what someone else said
15:10:57 <Eric> test
15:10:59 <Eric> dang
15:11:00 <lt> nope
15:11:03 <Eric> sticky is right
15:11:19 <Eric> test2
15:11:32 <lt> you're stuck being 31
15:11:50 <Eric> it changed for a second
15:11:57 <lt> I think it happens when you say something before changing the nickname.
15:12:03 <Eric> ahh
15:12:08 <lt> but that is my personal theory so far
15:12:21 <eric> dslkjfdsf
15:12:33 <lt> of course, once it's stuck's stuck.
15:14:39 <lt> the last time this happened to me it unstickied after like ...a day
15:15:47 <Eric> Ha
15:15:55 <lt> hooray
15:16:08 <Eric> Browser restart fixes it too
15:16:28 <lt> yeah, that's frequently more involved than I'm willing to get. too many tabs to reload.
15:16:41 <Eric> Browser restart fixes it, I assume clearing my cache would too.
15:16:59 <Eric> It's almost certainly a cache issue
15:17:08 <lt> would make sense
15:17:58 <Eric> well, I am going to go play some ghost recon....check back in later if I hear some eager pinging :-P
15:18:17 <lt> haha
15:18:21 <lt> wait
15:18:25 <lt> something is going
15:18:26 <Eric> BH looks like it erupting
15:18:32 <lt> it's the right space
15:18:43 <Eric> definitly BH
15:18:49 <lt> that'd be a really short interval though
15:19:33 <Eric> I think that was within Dave's Window
15:19:43 <lt> less than 12 hours?
15:20:18 <Eric> Guess so, but that is BH
15:20:23 <Eric> I have no doubts
15:20:24 <lt> but on the flip side, Lion has been looking at 9ish between series
15:20:38 <lt> I've done a fair bit of night viewing, which is why I have doubts.
15:20:40 <lt> =P
15:20:59 <lt> and why I'm watching the time. duration can help distinguish
15:21:33 <Eric> hmmm, and it looks more positioned now to be Lion :-(
15:21:46 <Eric> I HAD no I do
15:22:20 <lt> when I am unsure I note in chat log and then leave it for the recording people to figure out
15:22:49 <lt> the duration would suggest BH but ...I'm not comfortable calling it. not with a < 12 hr interval.
15:23:16 <lt> if we didn't have the cloud cover ...
15:24:45 <Eric> oh well :-(
15:24:55 <Eric> now I am going to play Ghost :-)
15:24:56 <lt> hey
15:24:59 <lt> at least you got to see something
15:25:03 <lt> even if we're not sure what. :)
15:25:13 <Eric> Yep, that was pretty exciting!
15:26:02 <Eric> someone has a bright flashlight
15:26:11 <lt> probably headlights
15:26:15 <lt> with that pattern
15:26:43 <Eric> ohhh, didn't think they would be there.
15:26:59 <lt> there's like the one spot where they come through.
16:07:45 <ynpvisitor90> All I see is the aurora borealis and someone with a spot light
16:08:52 <ynpvisitor90> All I see is the aurora borealis and someone with a spot lightand flashes. Is that the cam still being odd or a flaxh?
16:09:05 <ynpvisitor90> That was odd
16:12:32 <ynpvisitor26> There's no aurora visible tonight this far south
16:16:03 <ynpvisitor26> OF
16:59:04 <ynpvisitor62> ..