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17:15:26 <Eric> The aurora affect you someone mentioned is just a reflection in the dome.
17:15:55 <Eric> The camera actually looks better than it did earlier.
17:16:21 <Eric> You can see the moon shadows of the trees
17:16:45 <Eric> or does the VEC have lights?
18:14:32 <lt> that's the moon
22:40:01 <ynpvisitor95> OF 0538
22:51:17 <ynpvisitor95> Daisy 0549
22:58:49 <ynpvisitor95> could get Lion soon if series not over.
23:13:13 <ynpvisitor95> Lion 0612
00:29:46 <Paul L.> Morning
00:36:56 <ynpvisitor95> Lion 0733ie
00:37:31 <ynpvisitor95> 0709 Lion must have been a minor.
00:41:57 <ynpvisitor40> No. It was a full eruption. I don't know about 0709 one though.
00:42:20 <ynpvisitor40> This last one was nice.
00:42:42 <ynpvisitor95> yes, last one was maj.
00:43:35 <ynpvisitor95> but short interval, so 0709 was probably a minor.
00:44:37 <ynpvisitor40> gotcha. I guess I need my glasses or more coffee. Both would probably be beneficial.
00:45:10 <ynpvisitor95> g
00:58:38 <lc> morning Jenna
00:59:10 <Jenna> good morning lc
00:59:20 <Jenna> are you on facebook?
00:59:31 <lc> can you get the eagle nest this morning
00:59:46 <lc> not on facebook.
01:00:24 <Jenna> I didn't think so. I was going to share my parents Canada pictures. I'll see if they made it public.
01:00:38 <Jenna> I cannot get on the eagle page
01:00:54 <lc> thanks, I would love to see them.
01:01:12 <lc> I got on early this morning but can't now.
01:01:29 <Jenna> someone asked about it on the facebook page but no response yet. So it's not just us.
01:01:55 <lc> ok
01:02:35 <lc> got text from my brother, he had same problem but he found another link.
01:02:51 <lc> he is sending the link.
01:05:45 <Jenna> ok thanks
01:07:09 <lc>
01:10:16 <Jenna> thanks!
01:10:41 <lc> yw
01:11:17 <Jenna> their colors seem to be changing every day
01:11:50 <lc> yes, still not getting a lot to eat.
01:12:18 <Jenna> nope :(
01:12:27 <lc> I did see them get a couple of fish two eays ago
01:14:26 <lc> days ago.
01:14:44 <Jenna> two days ago is a long time
01:15:12 <lc> for growing birds. g
01:15:46 <Paul L.> They just had a fish like 45mins ago
01:16:11 <lc> ok, I missed that. thanks.
01:18:06 <Paul L.> Ya mom and dad are always bring food tru out the day. The thing is it's like a bombing run. real quick. and as soon as that food hits the nest it ate real fast. so fast that if you do not se them get the food you will miss it.
01:18:39 <Jenna> I noticed that the other day. Dad flew in with a fish and next thing I knew they were back to hanging out as usual.
01:18:56 <lc> good to know.
01:19:15 <Paul L.> Ya it's quick. you blink you miss it. lol
01:19:36 <lc> can you tell the mom and dad?
01:19:47 <Paul L.> Yes I can
01:19:48 <lc> how?
01:20:05 <lc> hey Kevin
01:20:20 <Kevin L> Dad is the one watching the ball game on the TV.
01:20:30 <lc> lol
01:20:36 <Paul L.> Size and head features
01:20:42 <Paul L.> lol Kevin
01:21:22 <Jenna> lol
01:21:25 <Jenna> Dad is smaller
01:21:35 <Paul L.> Alot smaller
01:21:47 <lc> I've missed that.
01:22:01 <ynpvisitor19> Kevin- another road question for you
01:22:04 <Paul L.> he aslo has a sleaker head
01:24:00 <Paul L.> Mom has a lot of black that shows thru her wite head feather on the back sid of her head
01:24:35 <lc> ok, thanks.
01:25:18 <Paul L.> I think it's because she tends to fluf up her head feathers moore
01:25:47 <Paul L.> Latley I have seen dad a lot moore than mom
01:26:07 <Paul L.> beter hunter I'm guessing
01:26:17 <Jenna> Did you see I messaged you lc?
01:29:06 <ynpvisitor15> We are not going to see Daisy with this view
01:29:53 <lc> it is about time
01:31:04 <ynpvisitor15> Very annoying so I will do something else.
01:32:31 <ynpvisitor19> Kevin still here?
01:40:21 <GoVixen> Road Q for Kevin, heading south in a bit
01:51:40 <GoVixen> OK- heading out. My ultimate goal is the afternoon Great Fountain, Later
01:52:02 <lc> good luck.
01:52:20 <lc> OF 0849
02:11:41 <ynpvisitor4> Daisy 0910 IE
02:59:13 <lc> strange intervals for Daisy.
03:03:59 <Kevin L> Makes it hard to catch.
03:04:11 <Eric> Morning
03:04:28 <lc> morning
03:04:30 <Eric> Hey lt, that was BH we watched last night!
03:04:48 <Eric> Super short interval
03:05:30 <Eric> I recorded the rest of the night last night and didn't see any other BH eruption possibilities
03:06:20 <Kevin L> What time was that Eric?
03:06:53 <Eric> 2217
03:07:58 <Eric> But I'm sorry, there is no possible way someone could have seen BHI from the webcam last night
03:09:34 <Eric> DaveM must review recorded video then fill in the blanks :-)
03:09:58 <Kevin L> OK, I was looking for a time today. 12h interval isn't normal but it also isn't unusual.
03:10:43 <Kevin L> Dave has some pretty good stuff that pulls things out. And his word is gold.
03:12:24 <lc> Kevin, he did log a Riverside on June 2 that I really question.
03:13:59 <lc> a 9h 52m interval, and the next interval was 8h 11m.
03:14:21 <Eric> I am telling you, we couldn't even be sure if it was BH! The CIA wouldn't even be able to find the BHI in that video feed.
03:15:06 <lc> not saying it couldn't happen, just strange.
03:15:58 <Kevin L> All I know is he is almost never wrong.
03:16:13 <Kevin L> I sure can't see the stuff.
03:16:27 <lc> if you take his out you have a triple interval 18h 3m, makes a lot more sense.
03:16:49 <lc> I totally agree with you Kevin.
03:17:13 <Kevin L> Kinda bummed that I did not keep the computer on. I was up at that time, but had shut the computer down.
03:17:25 <Eric> That BHI causes more darn drama :-P
03:18:14 <Kevin L> Hey, he can see it when people in the basin can't!
03:24:02 <ynpvisitor10> Does anyone have any idea if or when the cam might be fixed?
03:24:51 <lc> fixed?
03:25:13 <ynpvisitor10> i have a blank screen. Is it working for everyone else
03:25:22 <lc> yes
03:25:27 <ynpvisitor10> ?
03:25:33 <ynpvisitor10> Thanks very much .
03:25:46 <lc> do you get error msg?
03:26:08 <lc> yw
03:35:46 <Eric> I think 10 was talking about the video on this page :-)
03:35:55 <Eric> OF ie
03:37:15 <Paul L.> Eric did you post that vid of BH last night?
03:37:33 <Kevin L> A bit breezy today. Temp 57 wind WSW 19G30. :p
03:39:32 <Eric> I started capturing after that :-(
03:39:50 <Paul L.> Bummer
03:41:18 <Eric> I am pretty sure that was BH @ 2217, and I will assume that BHI was going off 2 minutes before it.
03:42:04 <Kevin L> Should be good for an evenigh BH today.
03:42:20 <Kevin L> Davespeak again.
03:42:33 <Eric> As long as the cloud cover stays away.
03:45:16 <Paul L.> Speaking of cloud cover. It's raining here Eric. fist time for over a month here.
03:47:05 <Eric> out fire season!
03:47:22 <Eric> Raining here as well...
03:47:53 <Paul L.> Wait I lied. it rained mem day weekednd. but still over 2 weeks this time of year with no rain
03:48:25 <Eric> yep, especially where your at, you should be getting soaked right now.
03:48:46 <Paul L.> your correct fire season is going to be bad
03:49:25 <Paul L.> Bend has a fire going right now
04:01:35 <Mike J> Report from Phoenix. Over 100 days without rain and counting.
04:10:21 <Eric> LC
04:17:55 <Kevin L> I am hoping we have a few more days without rain here. Metal roofing has not arrived yet!
04:43:17 <Kent> Someone messed with the timer on Grand?
04:44:24 <ynpvisitor39> Grand has a timer?
04:44:46 <Jenna> we can blame Dave
04:44:47 <Eric> Ya, how else could they make the pump work?
04:44:49 <Kent> And a valve I'm told :)
04:45:10 <Jenna> guess I'm taking a really long lunch today....
04:45:20 <ynpvisitor39> I thought it had a vent, yet did not know about the valve
04:45:37 <ynpvisitor39> this chat is so informative
04:46:16 <Eric> Hey, you get what you pay for :-P
04:48:26 <ynpvisitor39> chat cost money now too? Wow, changes
04:48:50 <Eric> Nope, it's free...unless you want something of value.
04:49:03 <ynpvisitor39> Daisy
04:54:17 <ynpvisitor39> Maybe it will be another 10 hour Grand interval
04:55:59 <ynpvisitor91> Grand ie
04:57:42 <ynpvisitor91> Wow everyone sleeping?
04:58:18 <Eric> Zzzzzz
04:58:42 <Mike J> sleeping through Grand??! Tsk, tsk, tsk
04:58:49 <kc (working)> im at work, so of course i am sleeping
04:58:55 <Eric> haha
04:59:11 <Eric> Hey Kc, do you have last nights BH recorded?
05:00:17 <ynpvisitor91> I see the web guru has a way to tell what time zome lookers are in and changes the time of OF predictions. It is late again.
05:00:52 <Eric> Late?
05:02:45 <kc (working)> i do, doesnt look like much more than a smudge is visible tho
05:03:06 <Eric> Exactly, do you think anybody could see the BHI with that?
05:03:11 <ynpvisitor39> it is windy in the basin
05:04:02 <kc (working)> i wouldnt be able to, no
05:04:11 <ynpvisitor91> 10:56 and it is 11:04 now
05:05:36 <Eric> We should be in a bee window right now
05:06:41 <Kevin L> Looks like a 1b Grand.
05:07:03 <Eric> Yes, and pretty small at that...
05:08:21 <Jenna> chat page and I are not getting along today
05:08:29 <Eric> :-(
05:08:54 <Eric> If your name is stuck, you need to shutdown browser and restart it.
05:09:00 <Eric> happened to me last night
05:09:09 <Kevin L> Shouldn't have had those extra onions on your burger.
05:09:50 <Eric> castle
05:10:28 <Eric> the wind is keeping it very short
05:13:42 <lt> OF
05:15:06 <Kevin L> People in cabins get free shower
05:15:52 <Eric> wow...very short
05:16:10 <Eric> if lt's OF call was ns
05:16:26 <Eric> and good morning lt
05:17:09 <lt> morning
05:17:29 <Eric> Did you see GT for BH?
05:17:40 <lt> yeah, saw it last night.
05:17:57 <lt> the duration certainly suggested it was BH. Lion tends to be shorter.
05:18:50 <Eric> Ya, I wouldn't disagree...I said last night I was almost certain it was BH, just by it's size.
05:19:17 <lt> I have seen some big-looking Lions at night when the wind isn't blowing the steam around.
05:20:26 <Eric> Be interesting to see what time today BH pops
05:20:42 <lt> I was surprised by how short that interval was
05:30:26 <Eric> Interesting geology article:
05:33:34 <lt> the diamonds they use for that kind of work are cool. expensive. but cool.
05:36:40 <lt> I never got to play with any of them though. :(
05:36:57 <Eric> bummer
05:37:19 <lt> one of the labs did have them, but ...I worked on different stuff.
05:57:39 <lt> BHI
05:57:44 <ynpvisitor27> INDY
05:57:47 <lt> .
05:58:05 <Jenna> .
05:58:16 <Jenna> ugh I am NOT at lunch anymore! lol
05:58:37 <kc (working)> do we need a txt
05:59:23 <kc (working)> sending..
06:01:04 <Kitt> I'm here
06:01:13 <Kitt> thanks for text
06:02:48 <kc (working)> yw
06:03:43 <Kitt> no, is fluffy due
06:03:46 <Kitt> ?
06:04:09 <kc (working)> think so, last was a short per gt
06:04:54 <Kitt> rough seas, better take some Dramamine
06:08:13 <ynpvisitor27> .
06:08:41 <Kevin L> Seems like OF wants to go during everything today.
06:08:41 <Eric> LC
06:08:44 <Kitt> I wish computer would quit puting me in timeout
06:09:05 <Eric> At least wind is going the right direction.
06:09:19 <ynpvisitor59> looked unlikely that you would be on timeout..
06:10:05 <Eric> BH big splash
06:10:09 <Kitt> Climb baby, climb!
06:10:14 <Eric> There we go
06:10:16 <Eric> BH
06:10:21 <Kitt> Oh yeah
06:10:31 <Kitt> lovely cold shower
06:10:31 <Eric> 1310
06:11:13 <Kitt> you can't outrun the bee
06:11:20 <Eric> Some serious showers going on :-)
06:11:32 <Kitt> you can play in its happy waters
06:13:11 <ynpvisitor27> 80 feet high 800 feet wide
06:14:08 <Kitt> stay fluffy stay
06:14:17 <Kitt> wait for it
06:15:18 <Kitt> Good fluffy
06:15:26 <Eric> Nice BH considering how windy it is.
06:15:54 <Kitt> lovely show once again
06:16:08 <Kitt> OK Old Faithful you have our full attention
06:17:13 <Eric> That BH interval was 14h 53 minutes
06:17:44 <Eric> so back to "normal" after the 12h interval
06:18:23 <Eric> Can you see a more historical look times from GT?
06:22:09 <Eric> I figured it out, the analysis tab lets you chart X number of data points from a geyser, so you can see the last 1000 entries for BH that way.
06:23:10 <Kitt> Up, up, and away!
06:23:43 <Kitt> or not
06:24:06 <Kitt> well back to the paper work and watering the yard
06:24:10 <Kitt> bye
07:42:11 <Eric> Interesting...YNP new webcam page exposes this request for OF prediction:
08:18:16 <Betty> OF 1517 ie
09:01:17 <ynpvisitor28> hi
09:22:26 <ynpvisitor8> Shhh, were hunting wabbits.
09:35:00 <kc (working)> lion, ini i presume but not sure
09:39:43 <kc (working)> duration also suggests initial
09:50:52 <ynpvisitor91> Since they are not paying attention they should leave the cam on pano.
10:15:29 <ynpvisitor5555> DAISY
10:20:23 <ynpvisitor5555> guess one of the ops is testing limits or something
11:04:19 <Kevin L> .
11:35:56 <kc (working)> nice
11:36:07 <kc (working)> 18:35
11:47:40 <Kevin L> Well I got the last of it anyway.
12:00:50 <Jenna> Lion
12:52:00 <kc (away)> aurum
12:52:24 <kc (away)> 1951
13:00:22 <Jenna> Lion
14:06:54 <Kevin L> Lion ie 2106
14:07:40 <Jenna> pretty clouds
14:12:23 <Jenna> is that it for tonight
14:38:50 <ynpvisitor27> Did anyone happen to catch the last Old Faithful?