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21:56:26 <ynpvisitor4> Caugtht OF ie 04:51
23:16:57 <ynpvisitor25> of preplay
23:32:55 <ynpvisitor25> Old Faithful
23:33:05 <ynpvisitor25> 0632
23:33:32 <ynpvisitor25> pretty
23:38:03 <ynpvisitor25> Is that Riverside?
23:38:22 <ynpvisitor25> or Grotto?
23:39:00 <ynpvisitor25> must be Grotto
00:05:15 <Dave from B> Morning everyone!
00:05:28 <Dave from B> How about shorter BH and Grand intervals today!
00:06:12 <Dave from B> When's the last time we've had 5 consecutive Grand intervals looking like the last 5. 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 hour intervals
00:41:26 <Kevin L> BH between 0900 and 1100. I will be a DMV then.
00:42:05 <Dave from B> Morning Kevin
00:42:17 <Kevin L> Morning.
00:42:48 <Dave from B> WE'll try to get you your BH before you go.
00:44:17 <ynpvisitor4> What is erupting now?
00:45:29 <Kevin L> lOOKS LIKE gROTTO.
00:45:49 <ynpvisitor4> TY
00:56:58 <Kevin L> wHERE IS mICAH?
00:57:25 <Kevin L> Not meaning to yell at you. Just had caplock on for an email.
01:08:01 <ynpvisitor22> OF 0807
01:08:58 <Betty> good morning all
01:09:08 <Dave from B> Morning Betty
01:29:11 <GoWhirligig> More interesting road stuff, Kevin L,
01:29:55 <Dave from B> Morning GoW
01:30:17 <GoWhirligig> morning Dave
01:32:57 <Kevin L> Hi Betty
01:33:17 <Kevin L> Hit me quick GoW
01:33:18 <GoWhirligig> I was getting worried about Whirligig intervals, but it's looking better. The cold weather days are over too!
01:33:41 <GoWhirligig> Not so much a Q as observation Kevin, remember the truckloads of woodchips by the bridge?
01:33:51 <GoWhirligig> One approach is now being filled in with dirt.
01:34:10 <Kevin L> Over the chips?
01:34:24 <GoWhirligig> I never saw the work prior to that during the cold week, so don't know if they removed the chips, added drainage material, or.... what
01:35:05 <GoWhirligig> Kent wondered if it was just temporary fill for driving pilings.
01:35:20 <GoWhirligig> I will go back and read the link you sent about the woodchips too
01:35:55 <GoWhirligig> I just wondered if you would be surprised at the dirt on top of chips development
01:36:25 <Kevin L> it would seem that wood chips would not make a good base. They would however make a great material to absorb moisture. If they were removed just prior to a base material being placed.
01:37:18 <GoWhirligig> brilliant. I will be going that way more in this nice weather, so hopefully I can see what they do on the other approach before the dirt is dumped
01:38:27 <GoWhirligig> maybe they did do some scooping/removal during the snowy week and I missed it
01:38:44 <GoWhirligig> thanbks!
01:38:57 <GoWhirligig> and Thanks :)
01:39:08 <Betty> Grand time is entered in GT: 0430
01:39:30 <GoWhirligig> sun is in my eyes, that's my excuse for typos.
01:40:55 <GoWhirligig> DaveM is on the job!
01:41:23 <Betty> yep
01:44:43 <GoWhirligig> that one was under 7 hours
01:45:43 <Dave from B> I see many Turbans in my future:)
01:46:16 <GoWhirligig> better that than missing Grand Dave from B,
01:46:38 <Dave from B> I'll have to bring food for the long sit
01:46:43 <GoWhirligig> time to get things done so I can go see some geysers
01:46:59 <Dave from B> Enjoy your day,!
01:47:00 <GoWhirligig> and heavy equipment - haha
01:47:33 <GoWhirligig> NICE WEATHER !!! FINALLY - that was a cold week!
01:48:02 <GoWhirligig> thanks Kevin and you too, Dave
02:05:47 <Kevin L> Enjoy BH. BBL
02:06:11 <Dave from B> Bye, Kevin
02:42:14 <Jake> OF 0942 ns
02:42:31 <Betty> Nice how the water was cascading out :-)
02:43:55 <Betty> a short
02:44:21 <Betty> not to say a very short...
02:58:16 <ynpvisitor32> .
03:07:48 <Eric> Good Morning all.
03:08:38 <Dave from B> Morning Eric
03:08:50 <Dave from B> Morning Jenna...didn't see you sneak in
03:09:18 <Dave from B> Morning Jake
03:09:22 <Eric> Looks like we might have missed BH early this morning.
03:09:47 <Jenna> morning Dave
03:09:51 <Dave from B> Eric, I don't think we have. It's intervals have been long the past couple days.
03:10:08 <Jenna> I was quiet, trying to figure out home loans...super fun
03:10:22 <Dave from B> Does that mean you found your house?
03:10:41 <Jenna> maybe? we're on the fence but leaning more towards yes so we'll see
03:10:53 <Eric> Kevin, are you driving?
03:10:55 <Jake> was BH splashing at all early this morning?
03:11:18 <Dave from B> Kevin is away for a few hours
03:11:24 <Dave from B> Not sure who is driving
03:11:36 <Jake> I think it's CA
03:11:54 <Eric> somewhat strange views this morning :-)
03:12:21 <Eric> BH is at 19.5 hours I believe
03:13:12 <Dave from B> Bh interval is now 20:25
03:13:19 <Eric> Like this view....what are we looking for here?
03:13:37 <Eric> I guess is gets grand, lion, bh
03:14:08 <Eric> BH splashing
03:14:15 <Eric> Big splashes
03:26:31 <ynpvisitor27> Nice shot of Old Tardy.
03:31:17 <ynpvisitor27> I'm finally learning how to tell it apart from Penta...if it's too easy to see then it must be Old Tardy...
03:31:31 <Dave from B> Saw my 3rd fox of the year leaving home this morning
03:31:41 <Dave from B> It took me 50 years to see 1
03:31:50 <Eric> Hopefully you don't have chickens :-)
03:32:04 <Dave from B> haha...nope...that's Kevin
03:32:29 <Eric> Fox are cool animals.
03:33:11 <Eric> Not quite as cool as a wolverine...but still cool :-)
03:36:08 <ynpvisitor27> Seen 3 fox in five years in current location, including one running through our back yard. I hope it didn't find the neighbors' hen-house.
03:36:15 <Dave from B> I saw a wolverine in Glacier. They are amazing
03:37:03 <Eric> Yep, wolverines are awesome animals.
03:38:19 <Eric> If your ever in the Seattle/Tacoma area of Washington State, stop by Northwest Trek. Great open zoo, with a lot of local animals you don't get to see very often.
03:44:03 <Eric> BHI
03:44:05 <Jake> BHI
03:44:06 <Eric> .
03:44:06 <Jake> ding
03:44:06 <Eric> .
03:44:07 <Eric> .
03:44:08 <Eric> .
03:44:56 <Eric> I guess will is out there, BHI started at 1043
03:47:08 <Eric> Lion is back there splashing a little too.
03:50:50 <Kitt> see all I had to do was leave the house to run errands
03:51:26 <Kitt> text message came thru 2 houses from my house
03:51:47 <lc> good morning
03:51:54 <lc> thanks for text.
03:52:02 <Kitt> well it is morning
03:52:26 <lc> busy morning
03:52:31 <Kitt> yes
03:52:42 <Kitt> making phone calls for the last 3 hours
03:52:55 <Kitt> wa headed to get the bikes
03:53:00 <Kitt> was
03:53:20 <lc> are you packing
03:53:22 <lc> ?
03:53:31 <Kitt> I need to be
03:53:39 <Kitt> but had to do phone calls
03:53:50 <Dave from B> Morning lc and Kitt
03:53:59 <lc> hey dave
03:54:04 <lc> Dave
03:54:13 <Kitt> hopefully fluffy erupts very soon
03:54:25 <Kitt> now works well
03:54:30 <Kitt> thanks fluffy
03:54:34 <Eric> OF
03:54:38 <Kitt> uh oh
03:54:38 <Eric> BH
03:54:41 <Dave from B> Grand?
03:54:41 <Kitt> is that Grand
03:54:46 <Kitt> yep
03:54:50 <Kitt> and Bee
03:54:52 <Eric> 1054 BH
03:54:53 <Kitt> yikes
03:54:54 <kc (working)> triple play
03:54:59 <Eric> nice
03:55:04 <Dave from B> wowza
03:55:13 <Eric> Good wind for it too
03:55:18 <Dave from B> All we need is Giant
03:55:28 <ynpvisitor51> Awesome!
03:55:29 <Eric> Giantess would be cool ;-)
03:55:30 <Kitt> gppd camera work
03:55:33 <Kitt> good
03:55:41 <Dave from B> 2 sub 7 hr Grands in a row. Yeah!
03:55:59 <Kitt> 1054 ie Grand
03:57:18 <ynpvisitor88> how often do all three go at the same time? I can't think tha would be very often!
03:57:28 <ynpvisitor51> Grand intervals 6-10 hours! Gonna see a lot of Turbans!
03:57:42 <Eric> Never seen a Grand, BH, OF triple before.
03:58:06 <Kitt> no, usually we are at Grand or Beehive
03:58:32 <Eric> I have seen the Lion, BH, OF triple.
03:59:00 <Dave from B> Eric, my background on my laptop is a quad pic of OF, Lion, Grand and Giant
03:59:12 <Dave from B> And, it was a day I was in the basin!:)
03:59:32 <Eric> Thats awesome!
03:59:54 <Terry> I caught that triple on the cam while here at work! Awesome!!! CANNOT WAIT to get back in September!
03:59:55 <lc> where in the basin?
04:00:53 <lc> got to mow the back yard. bbl.
04:00:57 <Dave from B> lc, it was July 28, 2007
04:01:38 <Dave from B> I walked out of the shower at the Inn and Becca was screaming Ginat Hot Period and we hurried and saw the start from the Daisy Junction
04:01:50 <Kitt> hm, I believe I was at Giant for that eruption
04:02:18 <Dave from B> I was just a lurker back then
04:02:43 <Kitt> have a nice day, off to do the chores
04:02:45 <Kitt> bye
04:02:56 <Eric> cya kitt
04:03:01 <Dave from B> bye Kitt
04:03:08 <Dave from B> Hi, Terry
04:04:58 <Terry> Hi. Speaking of lurkers, I've been doing that since after my first visit to Yellowstone in August 2012. Went back June of last year and also spent this past.Christmas there. I believe I am completely captivated!
04:05:55 <Dave from B> Terry, introduce yourself when you're in the basin. You'll be glad you did.
04:06:09 <ynpvisitor51> I think OF-Beehive-Grand triple only happens a handful of times per year. Could be getting the math all wrong.
04:06:17 <Dave from B> Lots of people with lots of good conversation.
04:06:17 <Terry> I plan to be doing that this time!
04:07:03 <Terry> I follow the Gazers on Facebook. I also have got me a pair of walkie talkies!
04:08:13 <Terry> ...and Scott Bryan's book!
04:08:32 <Eric> Sounds like your set Terry :-)
04:08:34 <Dave from B> It is addicting, Terry
04:09:49 <Terry> I play the cam on virtually every computer I have, so I encounter it frequently throughout any day. I was really surprised to happen onto the Grand-OF-BH triple!
04:17:08 <Terry> Gotta get back to work, but cam & chat will still be running in the background. I'll be checking in as I can. Now that I've started to participate, I think it's time to stop the lurking! I really enjoy following the chat and should make the leap to actual chatting!
04:19:44 <ynpvisitor21> looks like a nice day
04:26:07 <Dave from B> Sounds great, Terry. Looking forward to getting to know you.
04:26:44 <Eric> Well, welcome Terry...look forward to future chatting :-)
04:29:33 <Eric> SC ie
04:29:42 <kc (working)>
04:29:59 <Kevin L> You didn't save BH for me. :(
04:30:15 <Eric> I told it to wait, It didn't listen
04:30:29 <Eric> I think kc just uploaded a recording of it
04:30:54 <Kevin L> Nothing like missing BH because of a wait at DMV. :P
04:31:10 <Kevin L> Cool. Thanks kc.
04:31:13 <Eric> I hate the DMV wait :-(
04:31:20 <kc (working)> yw
04:31:55 <Eric> I assume this is coming directly from your home :-)
04:31:58 <Kevin L> I got my wife's plate 8 days ago. Got my daughter's today. Wife's is 7950 and daughter's is 7949. Strange.
04:32:25 <Eric> That is strange
04:34:53 <lt> apparently nobody else got plates in the meantime
04:38:06 <Kevin L> The lower number I got today. I think my wife's was the top of the pile on that side of the DMV building and this one was the bottom at the side I was on today. AND there were PLENTY of people both times!
04:52:22 <Dave from B> Daisy 1152ie
04:53:07 <Dave from B> Kevin, I saw another fox this morning. I can him directions to your chicken coop:)
04:53:13 <Dave from B> can = gave
04:53:51 <Eric> Now that would be quite a commute for a fox :-)
04:54:03 <Eric> A wolf...maybe.
04:54:28 <Kevin L> We have a few fox up in the mountains here, but mostly coyotes.
04:55:11 <Eric> I love animal
04:55:18 <Eric> I know farmers hate them...
04:56:06 <Dave from B> The coyote population in YNP sure took a tumble after wolves were reintroduced.
04:56:19 <Kevin L> I am not fond of them myself. They like chickens. I have chicken wire wrapped in chain link.
04:57:26 <Kevin L> New people that move in here let their cats out at night. Lots of "Lost Cat" signs in the neighborhood. Can we say coyote food here?
04:58:42 <Eric> Yes, I understand why they are not really compatible with domesticated animals/livestock. But I still think they are a neat pack animal.
04:58:47 <Dave from B> That's not surprising
04:59:12 <Eric> They probably do make good wolf food.
04:59:29 <Dave from B> Everyone has their place in the food chain
05:00:41 <Eric> Yep, I was just reading a news article were they were talking about genetically modifying a few mosquitos to remove them planet wide.
05:00:53 <Eric> While I hate mesquitos, I think that is a horrible idea.
05:02:17 <Eric> Sometimes people have very myopic views, when it comes to how our planet sustains life.
05:04:44 <Dave from B> I agree, Eric. Tampering with Mother Nature is a dangerous thing.
05:06:31 <Eric> Dave, you ever been here:
05:06:39 <Eric> It's on Maui, HI
05:07:07 <Dave from B> Nope...Only been to Maui once
05:07:17 <Eric> They list the person who caught your fish on their menu :-)
05:07:46 <Eric> Great place if you ever get back.
05:08:09 <Eric> Probably the best restaraunt on the island.
05:09:41 <Dave from B> That's a nice touch
05:09:49 <Eric> I don't know this geyser.
05:09:52 <Dave from B> I hope to get back there before our kids leave the nest.
05:10:00 <Eric> Old Rocky....
05:10:05 <Dave from B> Observation Point geyser
05:10:28 <Eric> Not sure if CA is looking for a goat or what.
05:10:57 <Dave from B> Maybe we could zoom in and find the marmot group
05:11:24 <Betty> haha
05:11:45 <Eric> Hi Betty.
05:12:01 <Betty> hi Eric
05:13:09 <Eric> Must have warned up in the basin, lots of shorts out today.
05:14:12 <Dave from B> 63F as of 1115 at OF
05:14:37 <Eric> Not bad...I would take a day like that
05:39:19 <Eric> OF ie
05:40:37 <Kevin L> Finally got time to view the BH. Not often you see that triple. Really stinks if you are in the park.
05:41:00 <Eric> haha, yep, you have to pick a direction to look :-)
05:41:47 <Dave from B> Yes, most multiple eruptions are enjoyed only by cam viewers
05:42:09 <Eric> Lion, BH, OF is a nice triple from BH
05:42:29 <Eric> Giantess would make it the best quad evar!
05:43:11 <Eric> Thow in an Aurum to seal the deal ;-)
05:43:18 <Eric> Thow = Throw
05:45:14 <Eric> Anybody here get a start time for that last OF?
05:45:25 <Eric> Nothing listed on GT
06:16:49 <Jake> Depression ie
06:23:34 <Dave from B> It is quiet around here today
06:24:06 <Eric> Well, after the triple...I think the UGB is a little tired :-)
06:24:18 <Eric> and I am watching WC :-P
06:24:40 <Betty> me too
06:24:42 <Dave from B> That reminds me. have to check some scores.
06:25:29 <Dave from B> I haven't been able to watch much this week. Saturday and Sunday I will be glued to the TV
06:25:46 <Betty> lol
06:26:31 <Eric> me either Dave, but I thought the Swiss vs France would be a good match.
06:26:56 <Betty> the last of the eaglets fletched today :-)
06:27:00 <Dave from B> That's what you get for thinking!:)
06:27:15 <Eric> I guess you check the score?
06:27:52 <Dave from B> yep
06:28:03 <Betty> sorry, fledged
06:28:28 <Dave from B> No need to hide spoilers for me...not sure about others around here, however.
06:28:37 <Betty> I have a bad accent
06:28:38 <Dave from B> At least for today!:)
06:28:46 <Dave from B> haha, Betty
06:28:53 <Jenna> I missed it Betty! I have been trying to watch as much as possible
06:29:16 <Betty> Must have gone in the last hour
06:29:25 <Eric> Aurum
06:29:27 <Eric> big
06:29:36 <Dave from B> :)
06:29:53 <Dave from B> Big crowd at Aurum
06:30:26 <Betty> cool
06:30:28 <Eric> Pretty cool to catch an aurum
06:31:02 <Dave from B> Nice catch by the cameraman
06:31:05 <Betty> the vid from 4 hours ago lasted 180min and it was still in the nest
06:31:24 <Jenna> ..
06:31:48 <Jenna> it was about an hour ago
06:31:56 <Betty> yep
06:32:00 <Jenna> just up and flew away, crazy
06:33:36 <Betty> I saw the first leaving. It was just as it did that the whole life. really crazy :-)
06:34:41 <Betty> Will posted F&M regular cycle
06:43:29 <Eric> France is fun to watch...
06:43:55 <Paul l.> Did you see it fly off Jenna?
06:45:18 <Jenna> I didn't :(
06:45:22 <Jenna> just watched the youtube video
06:45:42 <Paul l.> They have thats posted alread?
06:45:51 <Jenna> yes
06:45:55 <Jenna> it's very short
06:46:13 <Paul l.> link please
06:46:57 <Jenna>
06:47:11 <Paul l.> Thanks
06:48:30 <Paul l.> Oh amnd my mom a
06:48:39 <Paul l.> said thanks also
06:50:24 <Jenna> no problem
06:50:36 <Jenna> you could almost blink and miss it
06:50:52 <Paul l.> yep it was quick
07:05:44 <Kevin L> Have forwarded the video to my kid.
07:12:08 <Jake> OF 1412
07:12:10 <Betty> OF
07:19:43 <Jake> ciao
07:21:44 <Betty> Castle
07:31:42 <Graham> its the weekend!
07:32:12 <Betty> Hello Graham
07:34:30 <Graham> hi there
07:51:22 <Betty> Daisy
07:56:44 <Eric> Boardwalks are nice and crowded down near sawmill.
08:07:47 <Dave from B> Hi, Graham
08:10:03 <Dave from B> Is Lion looking ready?
08:11:29 <Kevin L> You are early Graham.
08:12:56 <Graham> yep, had enough of work
08:15:32 <Kevin L> That is what I said.
08:16:16 <Graham> unfortunately they expect me to show up on Monday
08:17:31 <Kevin L> I haven't worked steady Mondays for about 10 years. I did 10 hr days Tue-Fri.
08:31:37 <Dave from B> Kevin, how many volunteer jobs do you currently have?
08:45:46 <Graham> headed out, see ya
08:46:05 <Betty> bye Graham
08:49:14 <CaliWA> hey all
08:49:32 <Betty> hello
08:50:03 <CaliWA> how r u?
08:52:58 <Kevin L> Right now 3 of them.
09:02:09 <Betty> time for sleep. nite all
09:07:01 <CaliWA> sure quiet today
10:10:32 <Eric> hey all, wattup with Grand?
10:11:57 <Eric> Guess Dave's dream of 6 hour Grand intervals while he is there is not becoming a reality :-(
10:12:27 <lt> well
10:12:36 <lt> the night/morning one has been semi-consistent
10:12:43 <lt> and then it hates the afternoon
10:12:45 <lt> or something
10:13:17 <Eric> haha, I like it...taking a little afternoon ciesta :-)
10:13:26 <Eric> siesta
10:13:37 <Eric> ok...forget it, nap :-)
10:13:44 <lt> haha
10:13:47 <lt> you were right the second time
10:14:32 <lt> honestly it is being quiet.
10:14:44 <Eric> siesta is a great word...time specific nap...I don't think English has a correlary word.
10:15:04 <lt> food coma
10:15:14 <lt> Thanksgiving football
10:15:31 <Eric> haha, yes those things all call for a siesta
10:18:18 <Eric> Missing OF..anybody have a time?
10:18:35 <lt> not I.
10:21:02 <Eric> Daisy
10:21:08 <Eric> 1721
10:21:26 <Eric> actually, it must have started 1720
10:22:31 <Eric> OF keeps trying
10:28:39 <Eric> This Honduras vs Ecuador match is way better than the French/Swiss match earlier
10:29:10 <Eric> OF 1729
10:37:33 <Eric> Is TD driving the cam and/or lurking here?
10:47:00 <Eric> Nice Aurum
10:47:30 <Eric> Man 2 Aurums in one day...maybe I am here too much :-P
10:47:37 <lt> haha
10:47:49 <Kevin L> I finally caught one!
10:48:06 <Eric> Nice Kevin :-)
10:49:59 <Eric> Thats a serious cloud shadow.
10:50:44 <Eric> Kinda bummed we didn't have a good Lion Series today.
11:08:55 <lt> some nice initial bursts there
11:09:37 <lt> at least it was below 8 hours on the interval too.
11:16:59 <Eric> ahh, nice Grand finally showed up :-)
11:18:10 <Eric> Wish we had telemtry data from the camera, we could do awesome overlays of geyser information :-)
11:19:00 <lt> ok, so, second burst?
11:19:22 <lt> *hums jeopardy theme*
11:19:44 <Eric> yes/maybe/no
11:19:59 <lt> congratulations, you have covered all possible options!
11:20:10 <lt> although reality is looking like no
11:20:24 <Eric> technically yes/no would have done it :-)
14:47:23 <lt> OF
15:02:23 <Kevin L> Lion 2202