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21:03:05 <ynpvisitor93> hi
21:58:10 <ynpvisitor18> OF ie 0458
23:21:09 <ynpvisitor79> ding
23:21:11 <ynpvisitor79> ding
23:21:13 <ynpvisitor79> ding
23:21:26 <ynpvisitor18> ty
23:22:16 <ynpvisitor18> where is everyone? have been watching for ages and only seen one figure very briefly
23:24:20 <ynpvisitor63> text sent.
23:26:23 <ynpvisitor39> It is very early. People are sleeping.
23:28:51 <Dave from B> Thanks for the alert
23:31:08 <Dave from B> BH 0630ie
23:33:11 <Dave from B> Anyone on the hill?
23:59:43 <Dave from B> Grand 0633 per GT
23:59:52 <Dave from B> Everything going early
00:00:51 <ynpvisitor18> presumably it took the opportunity to erupt while folks were at Grand..
00:01:03 <ynpvisitor18> i mean at Beehive - sorry
00:01:53 <Dave from B> Wouldn't be the first time
00:14:39 <Paul L.> Morning
00:15:04 <Dave from B> Morning Paul
00:15:39 <Dave from B> Lion 0715ie
00:17:20 <Dave from B> Start and heighth look like an initial. Let's see how long it lasts
00:37:26 <Dave from B> OF 0737ie
00:37:47 <Dave from B> I think Lion was an initial
00:50:26 <Eric> Morning
00:50:49 <Dave from B> Hi, Eric
00:50:58 <Dave from B> Hi, Eric
00:51:03 <Eric> I see I missed everything.
00:51:06 <Eric> :-(
00:51:30 <Dave from B> Yes, not a day to sleep in at UGB
00:52:28 <Betty> Hi Dave, can you enter that Lion please? And OF?
00:53:01 <Betty> I'm out and on later. See ya
00:53:10 <Dave from B> Bye, Betty. Will do
00:53:52 <Eric> I still did not quit
00:53:59 <Dave from B> ..
00:54:38 <Eric> I assume it's not just my network having issues...looks like everyones a quiter today :-)
00:59:57 <Eric> .
01:06:15 <Paul L.> ..
01:08:23 <Paul L.> Turban?
01:10:20 <Paul L.> Grand?
01:10:25 <Dave from B> Must be Oblong
01:10:42 <Mel> Grand erupted at 0633
01:10:53 <Dave from B> Morning Mel
01:11:00 <Paul L.> Ya just what I said. Oblong. lol
01:11:04 <Dave from B> Morning ML
01:11:11 <Mel> morning
01:11:17 <ML> morning all, brief stop before work
01:11:39 <ML> Sure wish F & M would do something
01:11:49 <Dave from B> Me, too
01:12:04 <Dave from B> I would like it to get a little more predictable before Labor Day
01:12:44 <ML> It's having cycles, just looks like Mortar side isn't interested.
01:13:10 <Dave from B> ML, when are you headed to UGB next?
01:13:32 <ML> Probably on the 19th
01:14:35 <ML> Then when Emperor John comes at the end of the month
01:15:18 <Dave from B> He is coming to talk to F&M?
01:15:39 <ML> Time's up, have a good day all
01:16:03 <Dave from B> Have a good day, ML
01:23:51 <Dave from B> Morning Jenna
01:24:11 <Jenna> morning
01:29:55 <Dave from B> Lion 0829ie
01:30:09 <Dave from B> Steam in Aurum area
01:30:29 <Dave from B> nevermind...that is a tad too far right
01:44:23 <ynpvisitor29> .
01:55:13 <Eric> ok...OS update and computer restart...doesn't seem to be helping my network issues :-(
01:57:38 <ynpvisitor35> Dave from B, unless you have left work for the basin you need to add wc to your last Lion time.
01:57:56 <Dave from B> 35, I was trying to keep my trip secret!:)
01:58:12 <ynpvisitor35> Nice
01:58:44 <Dave from B> Thanks for letting me know 35.
02:19:50 <Dave from B> Eric, do you want to throw your computer out the window?
02:23:14 <Eric> Yes
02:23:36 <Eric> Actually, I think my computer is's comcast I want to throw out the window
02:24:34 <Eric> I assume we missed OF
02:24:49 <Dave from B> It erupted. I didn't notice the time
02:25:03 <Dave from B> ..
02:28:57 <ynpvisitor1> Go Whirligig. I'll keep this #
02:30:15 <ynpvisitor1> Kevin isn't here - I was going to ask him about the asphalt goo at Firehole Lake
02:31:21 <Dave from B> Morning GoW.
02:31:32 <Dave from B> Doesn't sound like fun at all
02:32:11 <ynpvisitor1> Really, not!
02:32:42 <Dave from B> Looks like you and Jake had a good hike.
02:33:04 <ynpvisitor1> Always good - it was too hot though
02:34:23 <ynpvisitor1> we didn't go too far, 3 of us and we didn't have mega water
02:34:49 <Dave from B> not too far for you = 8 miles?
02:35:36 <ynpvisitor1> 7 or 8, GPS varies
02:37:04 <ynpvisitor1> that's the area I want to show you in the fall- history geology and great views all in one short hike
02:37:28 <ynpvisitor1> check out yestereday's swam:
02:37:32 <ynpvisitor1>
02:37:46 <ynpvisitor1> woops, day before yesterday
02:38:41 <ynpvisitor1> Mara, Mara, Mara - you beat my Vixen record! Almost doubled it!
02:38:47 <Mara> that's quite a few quakes
02:38:53 <Dave from B> You get the feeling we are due for a 5-6 EQ in YNP sometime soon?
02:39:32 <Mara> I more than doubled my record :)
02:40:44 <ynpvisitor1> Nick said the wind was blowing the spray and making a new runoff channel. I ran into him in the parking lot. Didn't misss you by very much
02:40:47 <Mara> Also got to watch it with Nick, who was out trying to make all sorts of observations. I think I've gotten him onto GT.
02:41:07 <ynpvisitor1> 39 minutes was my previous record
02:41:36 <ynpvisitor1> I know he was taking temps, I'd be curious to see if there is a 2nd water source on those long majors
02:42:42 <Mara> When we pointed his thermometer at the base, it did seem to be a few degrees hotter.
02:44:14 <ynpvisitor1> He's very interested, I hope he comes back next year.
02:44:32 <Mara> The longer duration eruptions (>10m) also seem to not have the steady jetting all the way through - the eruption will pause long enough for you to look at your watch for an end time but starts up again.
02:45:04 <Mara> It was a blast talking with him.
02:45:10 <ynpvisitor1> yes I have seen that, who knows what triggers it to continue, or not
02:45:55 <Mara> If I come back in August I may have to devote a day down there. Hopefully I can grab one or two of the boys to accompany me.
02:46:35 <ynpvisitor1> Sounds like a plan, I'll go!
02:47:08 <Mara> I'll let you know if that becomes a thing. :)
02:48:01 <ynpvisitor1> Groovy. Hope you can come back!
02:49:03 <ynpvisitor1> Can you pinpoint a highlight of your 3 weeks? Probably too many
02:50:36 <Mara> Ooh... if I had to pick one moment...
02:51:19 <ynpvisitor1> ....drum roll...
02:51:51 <Dave from B> 53 second Grand before Turban start?
02:51:56 <Dave from B> in the rain?
02:52:16 <Mara> the sun did come out
02:52:27 <Mara> ...finally...
02:52:41 <Dave from B> Yes, it did...just in time
02:53:52 <Eric> mara, was that you who lit up beehive at night?
02:54:08 <Mara> Ah, I still have to go with the first major observed by the entire sput brigade (Will, Ryan, Demetri, Micah, and Rocco) of our hole in the ground.
02:55:43 <ynpvisitor1> I bet that was fun! Rocco needs a diff name though :) Senior Sput?
02:56:10 <Mara> On the 28th of June I was originally out for an OF sit, heard Jake call the indicator, and then joined Kitt to head up to the hill. She's the one with the huge light. :D I think that was the eruption that was posted to FB.
02:56:55 <Mara> Rocco's as young as any of us in spirit, truly.
02:57:37 <ynpvisitor1> :)
02:59:12 <ynpvisitor1> Dave from B, no Kevin sightings today?
03:00:02 <Dave from B> none
03:00:47 <Eric> Wasn't it him who had flash flood warnings yesterday?
03:00:58 <ynpvisitor1> K- I am curious to hear more about the Firehole Goo by tonight.
03:01:27 <ynpvisitor1> that doesn't sound good
03:01:46 <Craig> I really hope its open by the end of august, it was closed last year wasn't it?
03:02:31 <ynpvisitor39> It was open all last year
03:03:15 <ynpvisitor39> And hopefully they will figure out how to deal with the goo well before August
03:03:43 <Dave from B> Craig, the road is alwasy closed until Memoprial Day...that might be what you are referring to.
03:03:53 <Mara> If not we'll have to add another verse to our ever growing song about weather/conditions in Yellowstone...
03:04:15 <Craig> No, I just remembered some sort of road being closed last year when we were driving through the park and for some reason I thought it was Firehole
03:04:35 <Dave from B> What month?
03:04:50 <Craig> Near the end of July
03:04:52 <ynpvisitor39> They were chip sealing. It was closed for 2 days then
03:05:07 <Dave from B> Thanks, 39
03:05:11 <Craig> Those must've been the 2 days I was in the park -_-
03:05:27 <ynpvisitor39> Too bad there
03:06:26 <ynpvisitor1> Apparently they didn't fix it quite right!
03:07:05 <Craig> I need to catch myself a pink cone! Or a great fountain. Or anything :)
03:08:06 <ynpvisitor1> I still need to catch a Labial for this year too
03:08:47 <ynpvisitor39> Hopefully the VEC will catch us up on what is happening with GF when it reopens
03:09:20 <ynpvisitor1> Tata- thought I'd ask Kevin his opinion about the Goo. I am off to the big city
03:09:23 <Dave from B> Does anyone know where bears have been viewable from the road the past coupleof weeks or where I can find that info?
03:09:36 <Dave from B> Bye, 1! Thanks for stopping by!
03:09:36 <ynpvisitor1> lol
03:09:44 <ynpvisitor1> Tower Tower and Tower
03:09:54 <Dave from B> Thanks
03:09:59 <Dave from B> Hi, Kevin
03:10:05 <ynpvisitor1> Lamar too, but pretty high up
03:10:06 <Kevin L> Morning.
03:10:10 <ynpvisitor1> Same with Dunraven
03:10:26 <Eric> hey kevin
03:10:46 <ynpvisitor1> Hi Kevin- did you read about the asphalt goo at Firehole Lake Drive?
03:10:59 <Mara> I don't think I've ever not seen a bear on the Tower-Mammoth road...
03:11:25 <Kevin L> No, just got in and am getting set up.
03:11:50 <ynpvisitor1> there was a cougar sighting at Elk Creek too - above Yancey's
03:15:47 <Kevin L> OK, what is the goo?
03:16:35 <ynpvisitor1> Lynn sent the report to the listserv, and also on FB last night.
03:17:17 <ynpvisitor1> Firehole Lake Drive is oozing tar coating tires and shoes with tar, then rocks
03:18:25 <Kevin L> I am assuming that is the oil under a chip seal.
03:19:28 <ynpvisitor1> just not packed down enough after the chip seal? Can we blame the shutdown?
03:19:56 <Dave from B> Sounds like they didn't put enough "chip" down
03:20:10 <ynpvisitor1> it's been hot, but only hot for YNP- it shouldn't do that
03:21:35 <Kevin L> OK I read Lynn's report. This is one reason i HATE chip seals. They may have use too light of an oil. A lot of times the use people's cars to compact the gravel which ends up in covering the cars with tar and breaking lots of windshields.
03:22:57 <ynpvisitor1> how should they remedy this?
03:23:30 <Kevin L> The tar is also very stinky. I have thrown away an almost new pair of shoes when I got into a tar called MC-70. Phew!. Worse than a skunk and NO way to get it out.
03:24:22 <Kevin L> They should use a thicker tar and use a roller to compact the gravel. At this point there is probably no fix for what they did.
03:25:27 <ynpvisitor1> lovely. Can they reopen when days get cooler?
03:25:43 <Dave from B> Can they reseal again?
03:26:10 <Kevin L> A chip seal in this area also damaged geysers a few years back if I remember correctly due to gravel being washed into them.
03:26:39 <ynpvisitor1> yes
03:27:19 <Kevin L> They can probably add some gravel and roll it, but since the thin tar is at the bottom, it will still be an issues. Once it get rolled down it will stick, but it will be soupy for a while.
03:29:01 <ynpvisitor81> stream does not like me keeps freezing
03:29:49 <Kevin L> This area may be more suited for a slurry seal. That is sand & asphalt mixed into a slurry and spread on the road. Takes about 24 hours to set but does not have any of the chip & seal issues.
03:30:44 <Kevin L> Mine is working fine 81. You may want to try close you browser and restart it.
03:32:25 <ynpvisitor1> Thanks for your expertise Kevin, bye all
03:32:52 <Kevin L> Bye.
03:33:14 <Dave from B> wb, Betty
03:33:25 <Kevin L> Abend
03:33:51 <Betty> thanks Dave from B and Kevin L :-)
03:37:02 <Betty> Will you watch the game tonight, Dave?
03:37:42 <Dave from B> Hopefully, I can sneak out early and catch the 2nd half...GO GERMANY!!
03:39:17 <Kevin L> That is right. The big game today.
03:39:49 <Kevin L> Will they be wearing kevlar uniforms in case they win?
03:40:05 <Betty> Even YOU will watch, Kevin?? hehe
03:41:13 <Kevin L> I have seen some games get ugly. Beating the host country could be dangerous!
03:42:07 <Betty> I think anything can happen. Most important for Brazil in case of losing against Germany is that Netherlands beat Argentina...
03:42:49 <Dave from B> Not too many Brazilians want Argentina winning in their country.
03:43:08 <Dave from B> I'm hoping for Germany-Argentina
03:43:12 <Betty> that´s right Dave
03:43:32 <Kevin L> Sounds good to me.
03:43:34 <Betty> I´d Prefer Ger - Ned
03:44:41 <Betty> but first we have to take the biggest obstacle....
03:45:58 <Dave from B> We like Messi, so we're hoping he can get to the finals. I do like Ned but they have been boring to watch at times.
03:46:05 <Kevin L> of 1046
03:46:20 <Betty> we´ll see. now to something completely different: Geysers ;-)
03:46:38 <Betty> that looks powerful
03:47:21 <Dave from B> Funny you should say that, Betty. I was thinking the same on the first eruption today.
03:47:27 <ynpvisitor19> The game is this afternoon right?
03:47:52 <Kevin L> I think 1300 park time
03:48:03 <ynpvisitor19> Ty
03:48:08 <Betty> yep
03:48:27 <Dave from B> That is pregame. Starts at 1400 MTN
03:48:33 <Betty> I know we are soulmates, Dave hehe
03:49:12 <Kevin L> And it is crab fishing tonight.
03:49:43 <Betty> lol
03:50:41 <Dave from B> I'm done fishing...just bought enough crab to get to Nov a few hours ago.
03:50:41 <Betty> we had a lot 2-eruptions-and-end-Lions the last days
03:51:43 <Kevin L> Bet that was a big check!
03:52:05 <Kevin L> I was wondering if we missed one or it quit.
03:52:25 <Dave from B> I don't have to pay for it for awhile
03:52:27 <lt> it looked like it was thinking about it but never pulled it together
03:52:41 <Dave from B> Thanks and good morning, lt
03:52:58 <Betty> Hi lt
03:53:07 <lt> morning all
03:53:18 <lt> had to wake up too early for it to be considered a good one
03:54:04 <Kevin L> Daisy 1053
03:57:24 <Kevin L> It could be worse. I woke up and had to go out while BHI was erupting. :p
03:57:31 <Dave from B> Where has vw been lately?
03:58:10 <Kevin L> Haven't seen her for a while.
03:58:14 <Betty> yes, haven´t heard of for a while
03:59:17 <Betty> also lc... :-(
03:59:42 <Kevin L> Wasn't lc in the park?
03:59:52 <ynpvisitor5> Aurum
03:59:55 <Betty> ahh. ok
04:00:08 <Betty> good catch 5
04:00:52 <Dave from B> lc left OF today
04:01:08 <Dave from B> Nice Giantess color
04:02:41 <Kevin L> I spotted it but I am still getting used to new controls. A bit harder to tweak this one.
04:05:40 <Kevin L> I guess if I need to do anything like read War & Peace now may be the time to do it.
04:06:07 <Betty> nothing due?
04:07:30 <Kevin L> Not really. Grand window in 90m, but those Grand windows are huge.
04:07:50 <Betty> I read yesterdays discussion about what Ryan, Will and Micah saw. My first thought was Black Diamond Pool because it was in location of Daisy hill.
04:10:23 <Betty> I saw a Black Diamond Eruption a few years ago. It caused a huge Steam cloud and was over in less than a minute. Checking the area the next day the pool lay calm and quiet as if nothing had happened.
04:10:57 <Dave from B> Betty, do you mean Black Sand Pool?
04:11:12 <Kevin L> That would make sense
04:11:35 <Betty> no, Black diamond pool
04:11:49 <Betty> in biscuit basin
04:12:42 <Dave from B> I would have to see sight lines on a map for that one.
04:13:14 <Betty> isn´t there a seismo near that spot?
04:13:39 <Dave from B> Is there still a camera over there as well?
04:14:04 <Betty> haven´t checked that for a while
04:17:35 <Betty> the cam is spotted to black diamond pool
04:22:19 <Dave from B> Ranger group?
04:22:52 <Mara> Litler Anermerner?
04:23:41 <Betty> LOL Hi Mara
04:24:01 <Mara> hey Betty :)
04:24:17 <Mara> been kind of distracted editing a quick post-Yellowstone video
04:24:18 <Betty> Manaman....bateebitebee
04:25:01 <Mara> Not sure if I want to upload it to YouTube and share on the gazer page or not...
04:27:19 <Mara> Now who's up for a four hour Anemone watch?!
04:31:45 <Dave from B> off to lunch..brb
04:38:41 <Paul L.> Here is a neat live web cam of bears in alaska on a river hunting.
04:38:45 <Paul L.>
04:38:58 <Paul L.> Kinda cool
04:41:24 <Kevin L> There really hasn't been any wildlife since they put up the new cam. I would like to catch something to see how they look.
04:41:57 <Betty> yeah
04:43:00 <Mara> Surely Forrest the bison would have had to appear on cam when he made his way from lower hams to the back side of the hill. But I can't remember when that was.
04:43:37 <Mara> More so I remember the silly people trying to cross the boardwalk that he was standing right next to.
04:44:36 <Kevin L> I was hoping for something so I could practice chasing it in case something good like a bear or a moose came by.
04:44:54 <Mara> Ooh. Moose would be fun.
04:45:33 <Kevin L> I really steer clear of the bison after I saw one punt a guy by Spa Geyser. Bet he was 15 feet in the air.
04:46:06 <Kevin L> That was fun. Graham caught that one.
04:46:15 <Kevin L> The moose I mean.
04:47:25 <Kevin L> There is a chipmonk on the bw.
04:47:53 <Betty> chase it!
04:49:08 <Kevin L> I can see it on the stream but not on the control screen. (That is only 320x240.)
04:49:39 <Betty> hehe
04:50:32 <Kevin L> Lo res monitor doesn't help either. Need to get something better.
05:12:39 <Dave from B> ..
05:22:37 <Dave from B> OF 1222ie
05:23:27 <Dave from B> It appears Aurum is doing 7-10 hour intervals...that's a lot slivers
05:24:28 <Kevin L> In Summer mode for sure.
05:27:48 <Eric> looks like I am not the only one with internet flakiness...lot's of quits on the chat here.
05:28:27 <Eric> I hate having a stuttering video feed :-(
05:32:43 <Dave from B> Sounds like my keyboard
05:34:23 <Kevin L> Now in Grand window
05:44:19 <Betty> Grand?
05:44:26 <Kevin L> Small window today
05:44:32 <Kevin L> 1244
05:44:33 <Betty> whoohoo
05:44:55 <Dave from B> I bet more than a few weren't even there yet.
05:44:56 <Kevin L> Either Grand or Turban on steroids.
05:45:22 <Eric> Was that grand?
05:45:26 <CO Dave> wow. just over 6 hours.
05:45:38 <Dave from B> Hi, CO Dave
05:45:43 <CO Dave> heya
05:46:11 <Eric> That looks like Grand now :-)
05:48:16 <CO Dave> There couldn't have been many turbans with that interval.
05:56:24 <Kevin L> Looks like a 1
05:57:28 <Kevin L> Now whaere is my NoDoz?
05:57:56 <Kevin L> Dave must be asleep already.
05:57:58 <CO Dave> approx. 7 hrs and just over 6 hrs for the last two intervals - another one before dark?
05:58:14 <CO Dave> three daylight Grands would be outstanding.
05:58:44 <Dave from B> I'm here...just crunching numbers
05:59:02 <Kevin L> Writing that crab check?
05:59:20 <Dave from B> Looking at my shrimp needs
05:59:21 <Betty> :-)
06:00:09 <Kevin L> I could use a few down here,
06:25:43 <Kevin L> A geyser!
06:25:48 <Kevin L> Daisy 1325
06:41:45 <Dave from B> If that was another 2 series Lion, we could see an initial soon
06:47:11 <Kevin L> That would be nice. Only thing keeping me awake is Rockford Files on MeTV right now.
06:50:33 <Mara> The Brazil vs. Germany stream refuses to load on my computer. ;_;
06:50:52 <Betty> bummer
06:51:11 <Mara> WAIT'
06:51:13 <Mara> YES
06:51:16 <Mara> there we go
06:51:27 <Betty> Good ;-)
06:53:28 <Mara> OF
06:53:38 <Kevin L> of 1353
06:58:12 <Betty> A US guy is one of the officials :-)
07:05:28 <Kevin L> The object is to see who can kick the ball out of bounds?
07:06:37 <Dave from B> Yes, you get style points
07:07:48 <Kevin L> :)
07:09:46 <Kevin L> No style points there.
07:10:14 <ynpvisitor3> the premise is to see who is the best actor when it comes to taking a fall
07:10:44 <ynpvisitor3> they look so wounded until no one calls anything so they get up and keep playing
07:10:49 <Kevin L> Style point there.
07:10:51 <Dave from B> I hate has become way too prevalent in soccer
07:10:59 <ynpvisitor3> GOAL
07:11:14 <Betty> YEAHHHHH
07:11:18 <ynpvisitor3> Betty are you happy???
07:11:28 <Mara> you are all ahead of my stream evidently
07:11:40 <Mara> there we go
07:11:45 <ynpvisitor3> diving has become too much, I agree Dave
07:11:52 <ynpvisitor3> how is your grass Dave?
07:12:02 <Betty> at the moment....yep :-)
07:12:03 <Dave from B> Hi, 3!
07:12:13 <Dave from B> My grass is much greener.:)
07:12:17 <ynpvisitor3> does Germany have security in place??? if they win, will they be OK?
07:14:45 <ynpvisitor3> glad your grass is greener. Your hosing it must help!!
07:15:06 <ynpvisitor3> did you install a sprinkler system underneath it?
07:17:20 <ynpvisitor3> wow, this is kind of like hockey
07:17:42 <Kevin L> They don't even need sticks.
07:18:42 <Dave from B> Yes, I have sprinkling but it needs some tinkering....missing some spots.
07:19:03 <Dave from B> Soccer is definitely a contact sport.
07:19:11 <Kevin L> Little geyser in you backyard Dave?
07:19:55 <Kevin L> I think I spend more time fixing mine than if I watered it by hand.
07:20:14 <Mara> It's been a long time since I even touched a soccer ball...
07:21:07 <Dave from B> No geysers...I joked with Michelle about it. We do have a beautiful cacading water feature to sooth the mind.
07:21:08 <Kevin L> Give them a football. That would make it more interesting.
07:21:32 <Mara> They are using a football. :)
07:22:09 <Kevin L> American football.
07:22:38 <ynpvisitor3> GOAL
07:22:39 <Betty> WHOOOOOHOOOOO
07:22:40 <Kevin L> Another style point
07:23:26 <ynpvisitor3> the Brazilian goalie must not be a happy chap about now
07:23:47 <Kevin L> That girl sure wasn't happy.
07:24:18 <Betty> Ohhhhhh
07:24:19 <ynpvisitor3> GOAL
07:24:24 <ynpvisitor3> craxy
07:24:32 <ynpvisitor3> crazy, they better have GOOD security
07:24:40 <Betty> That is incredible
07:24:51 <Betty> :-) :-) :-)
07:24:55 <ynpvisitor3> the place will explode by the end of the 2nd half
07:25:26 <Betty> 4:0
07:25:27 <Mara> woah
07:25:28 <ynpvisitor3> GOAL
07:25:32 <ynpvisitor3> tooooo crazy
07:25:40 <Mara> ...oh the spoilers
07:25:43 <Kevin L> Turn out the lights......
07:25:55 <Mara> I'm gonna have to not be on this chat aren't I xD
07:26:07 <ynpvisitor3> I do not think I have seen 4 goals in like watching 4 games!
07:26:32 <ynpvisitor3> the crowd is crying
07:26:58 <Dave from B> wow..I expected Germany to win but this is amazing
07:27:05 <Dave from B> And, I'm not even watching
07:27:21 <Kevin L> Nothing like spanking the host country.
07:27:26 <ynpvisitor3> too bad Dave, you would really appreciate it
07:27:30 <Dave from B> Contrats to Close for the World Cup all time scoring record.
07:27:46 <Dave from B> I will watch highlights tonight
07:28:18 <ynpvisitor3> I bet that guy with the suspension is wishing he was in there
07:28:53 <ynpvisitor3> they are playing down 2 of their best, right?
07:29:10 <ynpvisitor3> GOAL
07:29:16 <ynpvisitor3> unbelievable
07:29:29 <Kevin L> This is going to have a score like Arena Football!
07:29:35 <Dave from B> Yes, they are but it shouldn't make a 5 goal difference
07:29:37 <ynpvisitor3> I wonder what the record is for most goals in a half in world cup
07:29:40 <Betty> is that a real game????
07:29:49 <Dave from B> haha
07:29:50 <ynpvisitor3> you are NOT dreaming Betty
07:29:56 <Kevin L> Yes it is Betty.
07:30:16 <Betty> thanks my friends.
07:30:31 <Mara> Wooooooow.
07:30:32 <ynpvisitor3> Germany is not going to be sleeping tonight!
07:30:57 <Dave from B> 4 goals in 6 minutes. That is amazing
07:31:06 <Kevin L> Germans staying up to party? Never heard of such a thing!
07:31:20 <ynpvisitor3> I kind of expect them to replace the goalie
07:31:20 <Dave from B> :D
07:31:41 <Mara> Goalie's trying. Defense are... not.
07:31:45 <Kevin L> They may be better just getting fans from the stands.
07:31:55 <Dave from B> The goalie has a great story. Too bad this is what people will remember.
07:32:12 <ynpvisitor3> yeah, he looks bad today
07:32:19 <lt> and like Tim Howard showed, a good goalie can only take you so far when the defense and offense aren't up to the task
07:33:58 <ynpvisitor3> true lt
07:34:18 <Kevin L> Bet there are parties already going now Betty.
07:34:53 <ynpvisitor3> 10-1 is the highest score they said
07:34:58 <lt> I'm sure there are absolutely no Germans drinking in celebration anywhere. absolutely not. Germans would never drink.
07:35:21 <Betty> hehe
07:35:56 <ynpvisitor3> well, most exciting soccer I have seen yet
07:36:38 <Betty> It´s raining heavy here, but I bet there are lots of people outside and watch the game
07:36:39 <Kevin L> Do they have fireworks for this Betty?
07:36:44 <lt> I'm not sure what it says about soccer that the most exciting game you've seen is one where it's incredibly lopsided. :)
07:36:59 <ynpvisitor3> they showed some outdoor venue in Germany with a LOT of fans
07:37:14 <Betty> Maybe some people saved a few for a moment like this
07:37:33 <ynpvisitor3> I like to see a result, nice to see some scoring!! The German team is putting on a clinic
07:39:00 <Kevin L> For all of you who haven't been there, German firecrackers are awesome. No tiny things. They are about 4" long and 1" in diameter!
07:39:29 <Dave from B> Isn't that what we call dynamite?
07:39:45 <Kevin L> That is about right.
07:39:53 <Betty> the game is not over yet. Gemany was in 4:0 lead against Sweden in Quali, and end result was 4:4 :-(
07:40:14 <ynpvisitor3> think positive Betty!!
07:40:23 <Dave from B> I can remember shooting off Silver Salutes with my dad when I was young. Didn't take too long for cops to arrive.:)
07:40:28 <Kevin L> If you ever get a chance to spend New Years in Germany do it. You just can't describe it.
07:42:12 <Kevin L> In 7th grade we tossed a cherry bomb over the back of Hoover Dam into the water and a carp ate it. Tossed another one down the spillway. Never saw so many cops so quick in my life.
07:43:52 <ynpvisitor3> they really are actors, those players
07:44:11 <ynpvisitor3> what is the white thing they kick the ball out of?
07:44:33 <Betty> foam
07:44:46 <ynpvisitor3> what is the purpose? To keep the ball in place?
07:45:17 <ynpvisitor3> Has Germany won the world cup before Betty?
07:45:25 <Betty> shaving foam. it is for the correct distance
07:45:35 <Betty> yep. 3 times
07:45:44 <Betty> brazil 5 times
07:46:33 <ynpvisitor3> half time
07:47:14 <ynpvisitor3> that lady is a riot
07:47:51 <ynpvisitor3> any F & M news?
07:51:10 <Dave from B> 3, Becca goes for her checkup tomorrow. Should be starting physical therapy soon.
07:51:44 <ynpvisitor3> oh good, I hope she is good to go
07:52:00 <ynpvisitor3> Brazil has a power outage now too, crazy
07:53:01 <ynpvisitor3> the party in Berlin is crazy too
07:53:06 <Dave from B> I wonder who turned out the lights?
07:55:17 <ynpvisitor3> ESPN studio was affected
07:59:47 <Dave from B> Hi, Kent
08:00:04 <Kent> Hey Dave, Fish question: Costco frozen halibut $17.50/lb. Good price or not?
08:00:50 <Dave from B> A couple question, first.
08:00:56 <Kent> OK
08:01:05 <Dave from B> Are they vacuum packed? Is it a boneless fillet?
08:01:22 <Kent> Yes, in individual plastic bags
08:02:07 <Dave from B> Yes, that is a good price for a skinless boneless portion
08:02:16 <Kent> Thanks
08:02:18 <Kevin L> Halibut on a grill is incredible.
08:02:30 <Kent> It is on the menu for tonight
08:02:32 <Dave from B> yw
08:02:35 <Kevin L> Their cod is also great.
08:02:54 <Kent> Can you grill cod?
08:03:00 <Craig> Guys you're making me hungry! XD
08:03:26 <Dave from B> I have frozen halibut ranging from $7.41/lb to $19.31/lb
08:03:37 <Kevin L> I think cod is too flaky. I like to bake it in lemon juice & butter.
08:04:08 <ynpvisitor3> that is a big variance Dave. What makes the 19.31 better?
08:05:10 <Dave from B> Vacuum pack, Skinless boneless and popular 8 oz size.
08:05:48 <Dave from B> We sell mostly loin cut steaks which grill very well. Skin on the end and a small corner bone.
08:06:06 <Dave from B> 6 oz sells for $12.22/lb
08:06:24 <Dave from B> We try to satisfy everyones price range
08:06:34 <ynpvisitor3> full service!
08:07:43 <ynpvisitor3> hey, the German goalie had to work there
08:07:49 <Kevin L> I like the thick Icelandic cod but it is hard to find.
08:08:54 <Dave from B> Yes, Icelandic Cod is a tough thing to source
08:09:20 <Kevin L> Great goal work
08:09:33 <Kevin L> When you can find it it is sure worth it.
08:09:42 <Betty> Neuer is great
08:09:57 <ynpvisitor3> it has been all Brazil on offense this half so far
08:14:35 <Dave from B> Anybody see any activity at Lion recently?
08:15:47 <Kevin L> It has been totally quiet. I have been watching it.
08:16:03 <ynpvisitor3> it erupted this morning, right?
08:16:47 <Kevin L> Had a series of 2.
08:16:50 <ynpvisitor3> needs more time to regroup
08:17:14 <Kevin L> I think it had a 10 h + interval yesterday.
08:17:28 <ynpvisitor3> also had a series of 2 early this morning
08:17:30 <Dave from B> Last interval between series was just over 5 hours...but I'm with you...not expecting that fast again
08:18:07 <Kevin L> Easy to say when we are already at 6h30m.
08:18:15 <Craig> Random question, does anyone have a good suggestion for a radio for geyser gazing?
08:18:42 <ynpvisitor3> Motorolas work well
08:18:56 <Kevin L> I have 3 types of Motorola and love them all.
08:19:17 <Dave from B> Didn't realize it had been that long...oops!:)
08:19:24 <ynpvisitor3> great range, good battery life
08:19:50 <Dave from B> I recommend taking more than 1. Almost as important as your car keys.
08:19:53 <ynpvisitor3> make sure it has sub channels
08:20:04 <Kevin L> My newest is about 8 years old and they have survived several kids. Only one that doesn't still work was because I forgot to remove batteries and they leaked.
08:20:06 <Betty> hi Graham
08:20:12 <Craig> What price range am I looking at?
08:20:19 <Graham> hello. bet you are happy :)
08:20:23 <ynpvisitor3> 50
08:20:28 <Betty> :-D
08:20:29 <ynpvisitor3> for 2
08:20:44 <Craig> Alright thanks!
08:20:47 <Kevin L> Should be able to find them for that.
08:20:48 <ynpvisitor74> I love my midlands :-)
08:20:50 <Graham> 5-0, whats up with that?
08:21:00 <ynpvisitor74> under $50 on Amazon and great reviews
08:21:07 <ynpvisitor3> make sure it has subchannels
08:21:25 <Betty> dunno
08:21:26 <ynpvisitor74> I had issues with bad fitting battery covers on my motorolas
08:21:34 <ynpvisitor3> mine is called a TALKABOUT I think
08:22:27 <Eric> Sorry, didn't notice I was still anonymous...
08:23:47 <Kevin L> OF 1523
08:25:01 <ynpvisitor3> GOAL
08:25:03 <Betty> goal
08:25:13 <Graham> yawnnngoalyawnnnnn
08:25:39 <Eric> Is that what we are calling an OF eruption now? Goal!
08:25:49 <Eric> LC
08:25:50 <Kevin L> Just cuz the Red didn't make the playoffs....
08:27:25 <Dave from B> 6-0 Wow
08:27:38 <Dave from B> Who's going to kick the extra point?
08:28:17 <Graham> is there a mercy rule to stop the game after 7 goals?
08:28:28 <Betty> lol
08:28:47 <Dave from B> If I was a Brazil players I would be looking for somewhere to hide after the game.
08:28:50 <ynpvisitor3> they were talking about that earlier, needing a mercy rule
08:29:12 <Dave from B> Rough play can be a problem when a score gets lopsided.
08:29:51 <Kevin L> I think Brazil just wants to make sure they aren't shutout at this point.
08:30:16 <ynpvisitor3> no loss as bad as this since 1974 they said
08:30:34 <Betty> great is that the Germans are still hungry to get more goals
08:34:12 <ynpvisitor3> I guess worst defeat for 94 years
08:34:50 <ynpvisitor3> GOAL
08:34:52 <Betty> nice Goal
08:35:00 <ynpvisitor3> that was nice
08:35:07 <Dave from B> another?
08:35:12 <ynpvisitor3> yep
08:35:19 <Kevin L> Well we know who kicked the point after.
08:35:37 <Betty> 7:0
08:35:52 <Dave from B> My game cast is about 3 minutes behind
08:35:57 <ynpvisitor3> that goalie is going to be one down guy tonight
08:36:02 <Betty> oh, I he4ard a firework
08:36:35 <Kevin L> Be a few more in 10m
08:36:44 <ynpvisitor3> will you venture out Betty, after the game?
08:37:14 <lt> it occurs to me that folks are going to be in trouble if someone was drinking a shot for every German goal
08:37:26 <Dave from B> :D:D
08:37:57 <Betty> oh no, too late. have to get up early tomorrow.
08:38:14 <Graham> rioting in the streets in Brazil?
08:38:34 <lt> we'll get to find out how well constructed those stadiums are...
08:39:59 <Kevin L> Like a game of keep away now.
08:41:55 <Dave from B> I hope tomorrow's game is closer
08:43:04 <Dave from B> Time to go home. Have a great evening everyone! I know Betty will sleep good tonight.
08:43:27 <Jenna> bye Dave
08:43:34 <Betty> Bye Dave
08:44:14 <Kevin L> Bye
08:44:53 <Kevin L> Whoa, another flash flood warning.
08:45:09 <Eric> cya dave
08:45:22 <Eric> wow Kevin...has it been raining there?
08:46:11 <Kevin L> I looked like it did last night. No windows in my computer cubby so I don't know.
08:46:16 <Betty> 7:1
08:46:58 <ynpvisitor3> too bad
08:47:13 <Graham> the comeback is on
08:48:32 <Kevin L> Congrats Betty
08:49:26 <Graham> yep, great play
08:49:51 <Graham> so will it be Germany Argentina or Germany Netherlands?
08:50:14 <kc (working)> congrats Betty, Sehr Gut
08:50:22 <Betty> thanks Kevin and Graham. I´m headed out. night all (hope I can sleep. I hear fireworks again )
08:50:30 <Kevin L> Looks like big rain south of town on I-15.
08:50:35 <Betty> Thanks, kc
08:50:41 <Betty> bye
08:51:14 <ynpvisitor3> the German fans are getting an escort out
08:51:51 <Eric> I bet! A pretty unhappy crowd
08:52:08 <Graham> headed out, see ya
08:52:15 <Eric> cya graham
08:55:26 <Kevin L> Daisy 1554
09:09:41 <Mel> kevin I work at the UofU where are you
09:11:15 <Kevin L> Vegas
09:12:28 <Kevin L> Went outside. Looks pretty nasty, but looks like the brunt will go NW of me.
09:30:07 <Mel> of
09:30:12 <Kevin L> of 1630
09:53:49 <Kevin L> Rain found me. Heavy enough I may lose power so keeping cam on default right now.
10:12:31 <Eric> yowza...stay safe
10:12:44 <Eric> Still above water kevin?
10:15:07 <Kevin L> Barely. Big river in the front yard. Temp went from 102 to 79 in an hour and wind went fro ESE 3 to SW 24G51.
10:53:05 <Eric> wow...that is a serious storm
10:54:44 <Kevin L> Got .47" of rain in 30m.
10:55:58 <Kevin L> I really expected to see a Lion before now.
11:10:17 <kcmule> no rain here KL, will take it from here
11:10:52 <Kevin L> Sounds goo kc
11:11:08 <Kevin L> Lion OF & Daisy are due.
11:11:26 <Kevin L> Goo describes outside.
11:12:48 <kcmule> sounds like it
11:13:50 <kcmule> OF 18:13
11:17:48 <lt> Daisy ie
11:28:23 <Kevin L> My chickens thank you.
11:29:03 <Kevin L> Another 10h + Lion. Thought for sure it would beat that!
11:30:29 <kcmule> w triplet ie
11:30:49 <kcmule> wouldnt be so bad if it could string more than a few at a time
11:31:27 <Kevin L> Grand had a short interval this afternoon. Really surprised me.
11:31:49 <Kevin L> 6h10m.
11:32:15 <Kevin L> I see we missed Aurum.
11:32:39 <kcmule> crap
11:33:12 <kcmule> you didnt say that was due
11:35:07 <kcmule> at least thats my excuse
11:36:53 <Kevin L> It is always due.
11:39:57 <kcmule> just missed slot per gt too
12:05:07 <kcmule> grand 19:04
12:05:09 <kcmule> .
12:06:12 <kcmule> good timing w/OF
12:16:03 <kcmule> that figures
12:16:08 <kcmule> lion 19:15ie ini
12:25:51 <kcmule> slot ie
12:46:45 <kcmule> OF 19:46
13:21:46 <lt> Castle?
13:22:25 <lt> that wouldn't make sense though?
13:22:30 <lt> maybe just steam tricking me
13:25:33 <kcmule> ding
13:25:34 <kcmule> .
13:25:35 <kcmule> .
13:25:36 <kcmule> .
13:25:37 <kcmule> .
13:25:38 <kcmule> .
13:25:48 <lt> oh boy
13:27:46 <Kevin L> Surprise!
13:28:33 <Kevin L> Any gazers there?
13:28:34 <kcmule> lion 20:28
13:30:25 <ynpvisitor49> Wow that Lion looks tall.
13:31:21 <Kevin L> Love the lighting on it.
13:37:13 <kcmule> bh 20:36
13:37:23 <lt> gorgeous light
13:41:50 <ynpvisitor82> That was astonishingly beautiful!
13:42:14 <lt> that may be the prettiest BH I've seen on the cam
13:42:29 <Kevin L> That was great. Really made my day since I had to walk out while BHI was ie this morning to make an appointment! Hope you got a capture on that one kc.
13:44:10 <kcmule> daisy 20:43
13:48:55 <kcmule>
13:58:53 <kcmule> slot ie
14:21:54 <kcmule> lion 21:21
14:24:03 <kcmule> OF 21:23
14:24:18 <ynpvisitor54> double lion and old faithful. it did that on sunday too. so fun!
14:31:00 <ynpvisitor3> kc, thanks for that great video of BH, very nice
14:31:36 <kcmule> yw
14:32:05 <ynpvisitor3> really nice lighting, nice and tall...
14:34:24 <ynpvisitor3> is that Penta?
14:35:53 <kcmule> sawmill/tardy been going most of today
14:36:30 <ynpvisitor3> over by Spasmodic seemed tall for a bit there
15:13:38 <lt> Lion
15:13:39 <lt> ie
16:18:32 <kc (away)> lion ie
16:20:02 <kc (away)> daisy ie
16:55:48 <lt> looks like Grand ie?
16:56:04 <lt> but that would be way too short