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23:59:52 <Dave from B> Morning everyone
00:00:48 <ynpvisitor32> Morning Dave
00:00:54 <ynpvisitor100> Morning Dave
00:01:06 <ynpvisitor100> GT says F & M erupted in the dark hours
00:01:14 <Dave from B> AGAIN
00:01:21 <ynpvisitor100> Quite!
00:01:33 <ynpvisitor100> Antisocial kind of geyser - like many others.
00:02:11 <Dave from B> Maybe it's a big scam to make us think it is active.
00:12:29 <Dave from B> BH should be any minute
00:15:33 <ynpvisitor100> I have not seen anything from BH and I have been watching since 0410 but not all the time to be fair.
00:17:15 <Dave from B> 100, did you notice any BHI watchers in the field?
00:18:14 <Dave from B> Morning Paul
00:18:15 <Paul L.> Morning everyone
00:18:27 <ynpvisitor100> There was one briefly but he/she left after a bit. But the cam moved so i am not sure. Did not notice the time. Might be the same person who is still there now.
00:19:10 <ynpvisitor100> I thought there were two figures at one point but very briefly
00:35:00 <ynpvisitor100> Obviously erupted one of the times i was not here. Was very dark at 0426!
00:36:53 <Dave from B> Darn
00:39:29 <Dave from B> My oldest will be happy. Her and a college roommate will be in OF tonight. Good timing for BH.
00:41:45 <ynpvisitor86> Missed it by that much...
00:44:14 <Dave from B> Morning Kevin
00:44:28 <Dave from B> So, you liked our MT train wreck?
00:45:30 <Kevin L> That was interesting.
00:45:53 <Kevin L> And expensive.
00:46:14 <Kevin L> Don't think those airplanes will ever fly.
00:46:47 <Dave from B> They better not
00:50:42 <Kevin L> I wouldn't want to be on (or under) one of them.
01:12:17 <Dave from B> Can you call that person and tell them they are better off staring at some other geyser?:)
01:16:06 <Dave from B> Can we make a song with the Conjunction Function theme for this poor soul?
01:17:36 <Kevin L> Maybe he should go to Aurum?
01:19:41 <Dave from B> Now, he/she is drawing a crowd.
01:24:02 <Dave from B> Morning Mel, Tammy
01:24:12 <Tammy> Did BH already go today? According to GT, it says BH already went this morning, but there's no listing of BHI.
01:24:30 <Tammy> Morning Dave from B and anyone else on here.
01:24:49 <Kevin L> What is your evening prediction for BH Dave?
01:25:02 <Dave from B> Jake and Rocco are very reliable. Yes, BH did go this morning
01:25:15 <Dave from B> BH 1830-2030
01:30:33 <Eric> Lion 1145
01:30:43 <Eric> Good Morning everyone....
01:31:16 <Tammy> Morning Eric!
01:31:18 <Dave from B> Morning Eric
01:31:52 <Eric> Turban?
01:32:00 <Kevin L> OF 0831
01:32:04 <Eric> OF 0832
01:40:20 <Tammy> Is that your prediction, Eric?
01:40:24 <Tammy> For Lion I mean
01:40:41 <Eric> Yes
01:42:16 <Dave from B> I thought Eric could see into the future
01:42:41 <Tammy> Well, he might have a crystal ball we don't know about . . .
01:42:45 <Eric> I almost did yesterday on Lion :-)
01:42:54 <Tammy> See!
01:42:54 <Eric> 30 seconds off :-)
01:43:20 <Tammy> Not bad at all.
01:43:39 <Eric> But just like the lottery, if you buy enough tickets, one is bound to win :-P
01:43:59 <Tammy> We always hope.
01:44:24 <Eric> So think of my "predictions" more like lottery tickets :-D
01:44:59 <Tammy> Sounds good to me. At least you're not losing any money on them.
01:45:44 <Eric> Turban.
01:45:56 <Eric> I think the previous steam was just pool steam
01:47:02 <Dave from B> Morning Jenna
01:48:06 <Tammy> Good morning, Jenna.
01:48:18 <Kevin L> You going to the races Jenna?
01:51:37 <Eric> Sorry, my Lion guess was wrong earlier...should have been 1315
01:51:38 <Jenna> morning Dave
01:51:43 <Jenna> what races?
01:51:49 <Jenna> morning Tammy
01:52:00 <Eric> Morning Jenna
01:52:07 <Jenna> I will probably be away most of this morning. Work getting in the way and all :)
01:52:09 <Jenna> Hi Eric
01:53:03 <Kevin L> Trucks & Indy cars are at Iowa this week.
01:53:37 <Jenna> ah I remember that now
01:53:52 <Jenna> no we are not unfortunately
01:54:12 <Jenna> after our last trip I decided Conor needs to be a little older next time :)
01:55:05 <Eric> Man, I went to an indy race down in dallas a couple years ago. Hot, Super Loud, and Cars going around in circles makes me very sleepy.
01:55:51 <Kevin L> Short tracks are much better.
01:56:34 <Eric> I like Formula 1 races
01:56:49 <Dave from B> Eric, after those comments do not say "Yes" if Kevin invites you out into the desert!:D
01:57:06 <Jenna> Scott and I really enjoyed it so if I was off work we would probably try and go
01:57:36 <Eric> I didn't dislike the race...I just had a hard time staying awake :-)
01:58:10 <Dave from B> lc should be getting home later today.
01:58:23 <Eric> Nice
01:59:05 <Kevin L> I like the short tracks with old junker cars.
01:59:49 <Eric> Someday I would love to go to Monte Carlo and watch a race live :-)
02:00:13 <Eric> I have never seen one of those Kevin...that would probably be a lot more fun.
02:01:29 <Kevin L> Monte Carlo is a fun race. I really don't care too much for the others.
02:02:42 <Kevin L> They have a series here where they have old cars on a 3/8 mile oval. There is one guy that would always start at the back of the pack to see if he could win from there. And he usually did!
02:03:43 <Eric> Ya, those races sound a little more exciting with people using there cars more like weapons to get to the front :-)
02:04:57 <Eric> With indy racing...those guys go so fast, nobody wants to get into an accident, so not many daring manuvuers.
02:06:51 <Kevin L> On these there really isn't a lot of shoving. If you cause a wreck you go to the back of the field (unlike Nascar). Make better racing that way. You race to a win, you don't crash others to win.
02:07:32 <Eric> Right, but with a tight track like that, you have to be bumping and grinding paint.
02:08:06 <Kevin L> Everybody does share paint, but they try not to spin the other guy.
02:08:38 <Eric> right...that makes sense. I would find that way more interesting.
02:08:45 <Eric> Daisy
02:08:53 <Eric> short interval
02:10:17 <Eric> 2:21 interval...
02:10:20 <Kevin L> Daisy has been doing a lot in the 2h25m range.
02:17:30 <Kevin L> I wish Grand would be more consistant. Going between 6h and 10h has to be a royal pain for those in the park.
02:18:21 <Tammy> What decreased Grand's interval because it's shorter this summer than it has been in the past isn't it?
02:19:30 <Kevin L> Last year we has times there were 5 a day.
02:21:06 <Dave from B> Tammy, Grand has had short intervals the apst 3 years...especially in 2012 and 2013
02:29:33 <Tammy> Somehow I didn't realize that. I went in 2012, but I didn't get to go last year.
02:30:00 <Tammy> I just know when we go, it's usually a very llooonngg wait for Grand, but it's usually worth it.
02:30:16 <Dave from B> ..
02:30:20 <Dave from B> ..
02:30:27 <Dave from B> ....
02:30:55 <Dave from B> ..
02:31:51 <Kevin L> Even a bad Grand is good.
02:32:32 <Kevin L> And the Turban cycles make the wait seem shorter.
02:32:56 <Eric> SC
02:42:53 <kc (working)> nice mushroom
02:42:53 <Kevin L> Grand 0942
02:43:00 <Kevin L> .
02:43:01 <Kevin L> .
02:43:19 <Dave from B> Thanks for the dings
02:44:38 <Dave from B> 707 on interval
02:45:33 <Kevin L> One of the shorter ones.
02:47:25 <Dave from B> The first time someone will actually see as F&M eruption this year is _______________.
02:48:14 <Kevin L> August 17
02:48:22 <Dave from B> A: As soon as hell frezzes over
02:48:34 <Dave from B> B: When Will quits watching it
02:48:53 <Dave from B> C: As soon as Graham gets there
02:49:11 <Dave from B> D: During a Giantess eruption
02:49:32 <Kevin L> E: The day after Dave leaves
02:49:52 <Dave from B> Good one!:)
02:50:22 <Mel> I have made arrangements to see F&M in Sep over labor day if everthing works as planned
02:51:04 <Dave from B> Mel, I will be right next to you over Labor Day...hope you are right. I'm still looking for my first F&M. Maybe I am bad luck.
02:51:05 <ynpvisitor27> Mel, can you provide a link to the web site where I can make that appointment
02:51:29 <Dave from B> Can't you make Geyser appointments on the Xanterra website?
02:51:55 <Mel> F&M only gave out one appt for the whole year and i got it
02:53:19 <Mel> I wish a few of the pine trees by Grand would die this year why dont the tree beetle get them!
03:01:04 <Kevin L> Chainsaws prevent forest fires....
03:09:49 <Kevin L> of 1008
03:11:28 <Eric> Don't wish for tree beetle!
03:12:07 <Eric> They have had to cut down so much of the forest in the's terrible
03:12:39 <Eric> Also all of the dead trees makes for really bad wildfires.
03:13:11 <Kevin L> That was a factor in Yellowstone '88
03:13:34 <Eric> Fire is good at killing beetles :-)
03:15:04 <Eric> anenome
03:15:28 <Eric> big
03:17:55 <Eric> Daisy 1130 WAG
03:24:09 <Eric> LC
03:24:18 <Eric> Lion is also showing good splashes
03:26:02 <Eric> Evening Betty
03:27:58 <Dave from B> Hi, Betty
03:29:14 <Betty> Morning Eric and Dave from B
03:29:52 <Eric> What is the geyser directly behind OF to the right, between OF and anenome?
03:30:12 <Eric> I keep seeing it erupting...but don't know it's name
03:30:26 <Betty> Slot I think
03:31:17 <Betty> Or do you mean Pump
03:31:36 <Eric> no, this is in front of the front boardwalk, to the right of OF
03:31:57 <Eric> You can just see splashes above the crest of OF hill
03:32:17 <Betty> Oh, this one I don´t know. Have to ask the "bible"
03:33:00 <Dave from B> Slot is in front of Sponge
03:33:13 <Eric> ya, no were near slot
03:33:34 <Eric> to the right of OF, but left of anenome
03:34:10 <Dave from B> there are 3 geysers in that area. 2 anemones..not sure of others name.
03:34:42 <Betty> Eric, it is Anemone, not Anenome, btw ;-)
03:35:05 <Eric> Thanks :-)
03:35:16 <Betty> I cannot find it in the book
03:35:35 <Eric> I will have to capture some video next time I see it
03:35:56 <Betty> I know which one you mean
03:36:11 <Dave from B> You mean I actually spelled something correctly?
03:36:49 <Betty> 100 points and a laundry machine for DAVE! lol
03:37:53 <Eric> haha
03:38:30 <Eric> is awesome for identifying geysers on the boardwalk...they have street view so you can walk along the boardwalk :-)
03:43:29 <Eric> Any chance it could be cascade geyser?
03:43:39 <Dave from B> No
03:43:45 <Dave from B> That would be huige news
03:43:51 <Dave from B> huge
03:44:08 <Eric> it's in the right location...but I expect someone in basin would have seen it
03:44:36 <Betty> cascade is near river banks
03:45:03 <Eric> Yah, and I think from cam perspective, cascade would be directly behind OF, not to the right.
03:45:07 <Dave from B> I'm not sure you can see Ascade from the cam. It is partially down the hill towards the river.
03:45:28 <Kevin L> You can see what????
03:45:31 <Eric> I am just see the water poke up above the OF hill crest...not the base of the geyser.
03:48:47 <Dave from B> Cascade
03:48:49 <Dave from B> haha
03:49:21 <Eric> Glad I could bring some comic relief Dave :-P
03:50:07 <Dave from B> I was laughing at Kevin making fun of my spelling
03:50:14 <Dave from B> AGAIN
03:50:49 <Betty> hehe
03:50:56 <Eric> Ohhh...I didn't even see your typo...just read what I expected :-)
03:51:10 <Dave from B> Eric, this is a question for Mr Anemone.
03:51:22 <Eric> I don't know him.
03:51:42 <Dave from B> That would be Micah.
03:51:47 <Eric> ahhh
03:51:57 <Betty> wait until he´s on the chat
03:51:59 <Dave from B> He should be around today. Hop[efully, he will magically appear.
03:52:12 <Eric> I haven't seen him in a while
03:52:38 <Eric> anemone is really kickin it up today.
03:52:51 <Eric> Plate
03:52:55 <Eric> 1052
03:53:32 <Dave from B> nice catch
03:53:44 <Dave from B> Slot is just to the right of Plate
03:54:01 <Eric> I have been staring at it was pretty easy :-P
03:57:46 <ynpvisitor89> ?? How does Dave M see Castle on the web cam at midnight?
03:57:59 <ynpvisitor89> isn't it out of sight?
03:58:26 <Betty> LC ie
03:58:39 <Kevin L> You can see Grand on default settting
03:58:43 <Eric> Good question...I have no idea, unless someone was driving the cam
03:59:01 <ynpvisitor89> can you see Castle Kevin, on the default?
03:59:38 <Kevin L> The default goes from Daisy to Aurum
03:59:51 <Kevin L> Can't see Castle.
04:00:11 <ynpvisitor89> I checked the GT time and it is a wc time…maybe Dave M will chime in
04:00:52 <ynpvisitor89> it was also posted as a major
04:01:01 <ynpvisitor85> Well with a near full moon, I would guess someone was driving.
04:01:16 <Kevin L> He does do adjustments that he can see things at night if there is enough light.
04:01:17 <ynpvisitor85> I checked in early and it was overcast so left.
04:01:51 <ynpvisitor89> I did not realize there were late night drivers
04:01:51 <Eric> Does DaveM have access to controls?
04:02:17 <ynpvisitor89> I do not think he is a cam op
04:02:21 <Kevin L> No
04:03:06 <ynpvisitor85> Insomnia?
04:03:16 <Kevin L> I think he analyzes captures after the fact.
04:03:23 <ynpvisitor85> Is there a log?
04:03:34 <ynpvisitor85> that logs drivers that is
04:04:02 <Kevin L> He did enter that on at 0300 though so he would have been awake.
04:04:19 <ynpvisitor89> mine says he entered Castle at 0048
04:04:48 <ynpvisitor89> oops, 0023
04:05:58 <Dave from B> I wonder if wind was blowing steam into cam view for Dave to see Castle
04:06:01 <Eric> Man, plate eruptions...really go for a long time!
04:06:34 <Eric> Almost getting to 15 minutes
04:06:34 <ynpvisitor89> thanks, was just curious how that could be.
04:07:34 <Eric> can we zoom in on plate again?
04:07:49 <Eric> I think it's still going
04:08:37 <Eric> never's stopped now
04:17:42 <Tammy> Sometimes I'm still fascinated that there's so many people who love to observe the webcam constantly like I do.
04:18:37 <Tammy> It's just a great tool.
04:18:43 <Eric> What is the name of this pool/geyser:,-110.82928,3a,75y,90h,90t/data=!3m5!1e1!3m3!1sn7B1Z7GwnviR5M8fFDk2Vw!2e0!3e5
04:18:50 <Tammy> It helps me feel like not such an oddity, but I truly love it. And it's holding me over until I can get my Yellowstone fix in 11 more days.
04:19:15 <Kevin L> Average number of viewers is between 10,000 to 20,000 per day!
04:19:23 <Eric> fixed link:
04:19:31 <Dave from B> That's a LOT of oddballs!
04:19:47 <Eric> wow
04:20:00 <Tammy> Are you serious?! That blows my mind a little bit.
04:20:15 <Paul L.> iI will be there in 11 days also Tammy
04:20:31 <Tammy> I read somewhere that the webcam is one of the NPS' most popular pages, but that's more than I'd have expected.
04:20:36 <Tammy> Paul L, that's awesome!
04:20:41 <Eric> That view I linked to is from the corner, pointing back toward anemone
04:21:35 <Tammy> Maybe I'll meet you for real while waiting for Grand, BH, Castle, F&M or any of the other geysers we can see on the webcam all the time.
04:21:56 <Terry> I just generally have the cam on whatever computer I am closest to, even here at work where I can't easily participate in chat, but still like to have the cam in a shrunken window in a corner of my monitor.
04:22:24 <Kevin L> This is the wide view now. Castle is in this view.
04:22:39 <Paul L.> Yep the family and I are going for 8 days.
04:22:50 <Tammy> If I'm being totally honest, I recently got a second monitor, and one of the reasons for the monitor (aside from work purposes) was so I could have the webcam up all the time while still working.
04:23:48 <Terry> That's my desktop area at home, Tammy- 3 monitors and 1 with the cam always on!
04:24:00 <Paul L.> Well Tammy I do the same. I have my Auto cadd up on one monitor and the cam up on the other
04:24:19 <Tammy> I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who does that.
04:25:02 <Tammy> Sometimes I turn it on during class in the evening. I can still listen to my professor and watch at the same time.
04:25:39 <Paul L.> It's rely nice. My eyes start to srain drawing so I look over at the cam and my eyes feal better
04:25:56 <Paul L.> srain + strain
04:26:24 <Paul L.> srain = strain
04:26:40 <Paul L.> whew had a dave moment
04:27:01 <Tammy> LOL
04:27:21 <Dave from B> :D
04:27:26 <Kevin L> Davespeak is contagious.
04:27:40 <Tammy> Apparently so
04:28:53 <Tammy> Kevin, how did you get invovled with driving the webcam?
04:29:43 <Paul L.> Tammy I'm not sure what day I will be at the UGB. I'm thinking Mon or tues. You can find me easy enough. jsut look for the golden retriver service dog my wife has. I won't be to far away.
04:30:13 <Eric> Should be easy to spot you on the cam too :-)
04:30:14 <Tammy> Sounds good! I'll keep my eyes out. I'm not sure what our plans will be yet, but I'm hoping to have a couple days at UGB.
04:30:35 <Eric> Not a lot of Golden retrievers on the BW..
04:31:02 <Paul L.> yes I will be easy to spot.
04:31:21 <ynpvisitor89> you are only at UGB one day Paul?
04:31:34 <Eric> ahh, now that we are zoomed in, I bet it was that pool to the left of anemone that I saw spurting up
04:32:04 <Eric>
04:32:16 <Eric> Can anybody help me identify?
04:32:24 <Paul L.> Well I hope a couple. but it's the first time for the kids so I will be out and about
04:32:30 <Tammy> Paul L, I'm going with my parents, and my dad has some limited mobility, so I'm thinking geyser observation is something we'll be doing a good amount of. But that's fun!!
04:32:54 <Tammy> I hope your kids are excited! That's how my family got so into Yellowstone because my parents started taking us when we were young.
04:33:20 <Paul L.> Yes my boys are stoked
04:34:00 <Paul L.> my youngest wants to be a park ranger so he is realy excited
04:35:18 <Tammy> Eric, the pool looks really familiar, but I don't see any markings on it. Man, that is a nifty tool.
04:38:18 <Tammy> Are your kids going to do the Junior Ranger program? My nieces and nephews did that a few years ago when we were there and loved it.
04:39:27 <Eric> Yep, my daughter did the junior out though, it can be a real time suck if you have other plans :-)
04:39:57 <Eric> somehow I missed OF :-|
04:40:41 <Paul L.> Not sure. My yongest is 12 not sure if he is to old to do that program
04:41:18 <Eric> They have it for pretty much all ages paul
04:41:26 <Paul L.> If they will let him I'm thinking he would
04:41:40 <Paul L.> ok good
04:41:47 <Eric> Each area has their own Junior ranger stuff
04:42:00 <Paul L.> then ya Im sure he will be all over it then
04:42:12 <Eric> so VEC will have something different than madison
04:42:22 <Eric> So check at each section of the park you go to
04:42:34 <Paul L.> will do
04:42:45 <Eric> stream is dead :-(
04:43:00 <Betty> darn
04:43:05 <Tammy> Sad day!
04:43:07 <Paul L.> DAVE!!!!!!!!
04:43:11 <Paul L.> lol
04:43:30 <Eric> I think it was Kevin...
04:43:41 <Betty> haha
04:44:01 <Paul L.> Well it was one of the two of them
04:44:45 <Dave from B> Why, me? Is it a spelling related outage?
04:45:39 <Paul L.> You hit it with a fish I bet
04:46:05 <Kevin L> I wasn't driving.
04:46:50 <Betty> so it was Eric. he noticed first :-p
04:47:11 <Paul L.> True he could of hacked it
04:47:33 <Dave from B> Eric hacked it or I whacked it
04:47:41 <Paul L.> lol
04:48:25 <Eric> That doesn't sound good Dave :-P
04:48:32 <Tammy> You guys are killing me. I'm laughing so hard right now.
04:49:41 <Terry> Whoa! My computer had slowed to a crawl for a few minutes and I thought the cam had stalled only on my computer.
04:49:50 <Eric> I have a monitoring service that actually checks the cameras direct feed to let me know if its up or down.
04:50:03 <lt> so since the cam is down, it's a good time for a fish joke!
04:50:12 <lt> what do you call a fish made of only two sodium atoms?
04:50:14 <Eric> with a pirate
04:50:15 <Paul L.> Ah ha Eric broke it
04:50:31 <lt> 2Na
04:50:41 <Eric> hahahahahaha
04:50:46 <Betty> haha
04:51:00 <Eric> Thats a good visual one...would never work in a bar :-)
04:51:01 <Tammy> LOL!
04:51:35 <Paul L.> Oh man I read that wron. I read it like 2 n a. not tuna.
04:51:44 <Paul L.> lol wow
04:52:05 <Terry> So did I, Paul. Thought I was out of the loop there.
04:52:07 <Eric> What do you call a fish with no eye?
04:52:13 <Paul L.> I was thinking what was so funny about 2 n a
04:52:36 <lt> blind?
04:52:37 <Eric> fsh
04:52:42 <lt> lol
04:52:51 <Paul L.> oh jeeze
04:53:05 <Kevin L> Now THAT is a Dave fish joke for sure.
04:54:39 <Paul L.> Or my sons favorite fish joke. What did the fish say when he ran into a concreet wall
04:54:53 <Eric> Damn!
04:55:47 <Paul L.> Correct
04:55:48 <Eric> ok, I will ping here if I see the stream come back up...good time to get some work done :-)
04:56:55 <Terry> Yes. Get. Work. Done.
04:57:06 <Tammy> Naw, doing working at work is so overrated . . .
04:57:12 <Tammy> J/K!
04:57:34 <ynpvisitor34> dsvbdfsbfngfjfgjfghfgh
04:57:44 <Dave from B> :D
04:58:01 <Dave from B> Looks like I missed the fish joke session
04:58:12 <ynpvisitor34> Boekel took over
04:58:14 <ynpvisitor34> Sorry
04:58:15 <lt> and we told them for you!
04:58:56 <Tammy> Are some of the people on here actually in Yellowstone or are most viewers from afar?
04:59:02 <Betty> Hey, Ryan
04:59:08 <Dave from B> That is so eligible it's not even Davespeak
04:59:19 <Dave from B> Welcome back to civ, Ryan
04:59:23 <Betty> from far afar :-D
04:59:29 <Jenna> most are afar
04:59:44 <Jenna> I do think Betty wins that contest right now :)
04:59:49 <Dave from B> Only Ryan is where we all want to be
05:00:17 <Tammy> Lucky!
05:00:18 <Betty> :-)
05:00:43 <Dave from B> Ryan, my oldest daughter Taylor will be at OFD this afternoon
05:00:48 <Dave from B> OF
05:01:56 <Paul L.> 11 more days to go for me Ryan
05:02:04 <Kevin L> Maybe Taylor can plug the cam back in.
05:02:31 <Betty> we frightened Ryan :-(
05:02:35 <Dave from B> She did ask for predictions already...she may be there
05:02:40 <Tammy> apparently so
05:02:44 <Paul L.> It was the fish jokes
05:02:55 <Dave from B> Ryan is allergic to fish
05:02:58 <Tammy> is he the one who often posts pictures on the Geyser Gazer FB page?
05:03:04 <Dave from B> Oh, wait!! That's me.
05:03:05 <Betty> but Ryan isn´t a fish...
05:03:15 <Dave from B> Tammy, yes that is the one and only yan
05:04:35 <Paul L.> True Betty but as soon as he saw them I'm sure he said um no I'm out of here. lol
05:06:16 <Betty> haha
05:07:09 <Kevin L> We got him so bad he even quit after he already quit.
05:07:23 <Paul L.> lol
05:07:23 <Tammy> Dang! A double quit! That is pretty serious.
05:07:43 <Betty> oh oh...
05:08:08 <Kevin L> This can't be good.
05:09:07 <Paul L.> Mabey he was trying to tell us somthing. Like the volcano just went ie
05:09:43 <ynpvisitor92> Gazette link on Firehole Lake road-
05:10:02 <ynpvisitor92>
05:10:56 <Eric> hmmm, is the road melting or did they do a crappy job of asphalting?
05:11:30 <Paul L.> What no way.
05:11:41 <Tammy> well a few years ago they lost a seciton of parking lot at Mud Volcano. could this be something like that?
05:11:48 <GoW> I hope it is the latter
05:12:14 <Eric> Didn't they just put down a new layer of asphalt there?
05:12:36 <Paul L.> What area is that?
05:12:47 <Eric> Firehole loop drive
05:12:50 <Paul L.> looks lik a one lane road
05:12:53 <GoW> they chip sealed last year
05:13:14 <Terry> Reads like a headline that could go viral- "Yellowstone Melting!" "Supervolcano eruption imminent!"
05:13:24 <Eric> ahh, I thought I had heard they just tared it...but that might have been confusion with melting asphalt.
05:14:00 <Paul L.> Is that the dr. to get into the UGB?
05:14:11 <Betty> no
05:14:18 <Eric> I always wondered about that round anyway...seemed like it had no base and was just asphalt thrown over dirt :-)
05:14:27 <Eric> round = road
05:15:21 <Betty> I love this drive. We do it every day when we are in ynp
05:16:24 <Tammy> it's where Great Fountain Geyser and Firehole Springs are.
05:17:30 <Kevin L> If this thermal melt it may be a while before it is opened again.
05:18:14 <Eric> If ever....
05:19:35 <Paul L.> Tring to find it on google earth. no luck
05:20:03 <Dave from B> I just received a Gazetta alert about the same thing...titled ROAD MELTS
05:20:33 <Dave from B> Can't they just admit that the contractor did a poor job last year. We're just gping to go ahead and scare the public again?
05:21:35 <GoW> Thought you were falling down on your job Dave :)
05:21:38 <Jenna> there were comments about that part of the road being clear of snow in the winter. so maybe it's a combination of thermal heat and low quality work?
05:21:44 <Paul L.> Dont they have bord walks the lead from the grand area?
05:22:06 <GoW> I'd buy that, Jenna
05:22:28 <Dave from B> Hi, GoW...didn't see you sneak in!
05:23:02 <GoW> I was providing a Billings link for you Dave :)
05:23:26 <Dave from B> haha. That wasn't even in the paper this it is hot off the press!
05:23:52 <Kevin L> Asphalt can and will melt in the heat. We do have issues with it here if it gets hot enough. Yellowstone would have to use an asphalt suited for colder climates so if there is a major heat source, this is not only possible, but probable and may not be shoddy work/
05:23:59 <Eric>
05:24:32 <GoW> Of course "we" already knew about it, but now the conspioracy volcano nuts can have something to talk about
05:25:01 <Eric> So is it the entire road or just certain sections?
05:25:17 <Eric> Seems pretty unlikely to be a thermal issue if it's the whole road.
05:25:26 <Dave from B> Thanks for clarifying Kevin..
05:25:33 <Eric> more about bad composition of the asphalt
05:25:33 <Kevin L> I would guess just sections
05:25:43 <GoW> I think LS said about a mile maybe?
05:25:57 <Eric> Thats a pretty big section.
05:26:01 <Paul L.> Thanks Eric
05:26:09 <Eric> yw
05:26:26 <Eric> webcam is back
05:26:41 <Eric> I am done hacking
05:27:17 <Eric> actually it was back 4 minutes ago...just didn't notice my message :-(
05:29:50 <Betty> thanks Eric
05:30:09 <Mel> GoW if you were asking how far Lone Star is from the parking area it is 1.75 miles
05:30:26 <GoW> not me, but thanks Mel
05:31:01 <Mel> ok Lone star is one of my favorite Geysers
05:31:14 <Dave from B> brb..lunch calls...Expect something big in a few minutes
05:31:29 <kc (working)> castle
05:31:36 <Mel> enjoy
05:35:37 <Eric> I expect lion in 45 back for it :-)
05:36:30 <Kevin L> Oblong?
05:36:37 <Mel> Castle ie 1237
05:37:13 <Mel> Also might be oblong behind the trees
05:37:33 <kc (working)> both are on gt, by Will B
05:37:56 <Kevin L> We know who is off today.
05:38:43 <GoW> bugs chased them out of Shoshone a day early
05:42:59 <GoW> here;s another link for you when your geyser cam goes down :)
05:43:05 <GoW>
05:43:30 <GoW> later
05:59:08 <kc (working)> aurum
05:59:17 <Paul L.> We are like baby's with bottles in here. the cam gose down ( the bottel is taken away) and we get noisy. The cam go up ( the bottel is given to us) and we quiet down and no one say's anything. lol
06:00:34 <kc (working)> aurum up on gt before it's done erupting, nice job udo
06:01:30 <Eric> I guess cell bandwidth is doing good right now :-)
06:01:45 <lt> it's not a weekend
06:03:41 <Dave from B> ..
06:04:19 <Eric> You have a good lunch Dave?
06:04:26 <Eric> Fish Tacos?
06:04:35 <Dave from B> It's still in the bag
06:04:55 <Dave from B> ..
06:04:59 <Eric> ahh
06:05:24 <Eric> Lion is looking perky back there.
06:06:21 <Dave from B> GoW, how is NGB doing this week?
06:06:32 <Eric> GOW left
06:07:15 <Dave from B> I guess I will ask her later.
06:14:03 <Dave from B> Huge crowd
06:15:42 <Dave from B> OF 1315ie
06:18:05 <Tammy> Was that a short one? It sure didn't last very long.
06:18:54 <kc (working)> i didn't see it but vec has it a long
06:18:56 <Dave from B> I didn't catch the length
06:19:36 <Eric> no lion yet :-(
06:20:30 <Dave from B> LC 1320ie
06:35:35 <Dave from B> having internet/email problems again.
06:35:46 <Dave from B> on the phone with charter
06:36:13 <Dave from B> About 2 hours ago everything in my inbox disappeared
06:36:21 <Eric> ugg
06:36:52 <Dave from B> I haven't received an email since which means I'm missing about 20-30 emails
06:37:34 <Kevin L> Not good
06:38:19 <Eric> never use your isp carrier for email!
06:38:45 <Dave from B> Why is that?
06:40:18 <Eric> Not their area of expertise and they usually suck at it.
06:40:35 <Dave from B> That's a good reason!:)
06:40:42 <Eric> also if you change carriers, you have to redo your email.
06:40:59 <Eric> if your email carrier is independent, you can switch at will.
06:41:19 <lt> * assuming there is more than one decent internet provider in your area
06:41:29 <Eric> :-)
06:42:00 <Dave from B> We've had 2 buyouts in our area which has made a mess of things.
06:42:11 <Dave from B> 5 years ago it was Bresnan Communications.
06:42:24 <Eric> ya, the isp thing is very geographic dependent...while mail service has the whole world to compete with :-)
06:42:31 <Dave from B> Then they were bought out by Optimum
06:42:39 <Dave from B> Last year, Charter bguth them.
06:42:45 <Dave from B> bought
06:42:54 <Eric> exactly, and each time you probably had to switch email stuff...
06:43:12 <ynpvisitor5> always saying service will be so much better…yet…not so much.
06:43:13 <Eric> if you tie it to google or some other provider, it doesn't matter what your isp does.
06:43:18 <Dave from B> I haven't had to switch yet...still on Bresnan plastform
06:43:28 <Eric> ahhh
06:43:38 <Eric> well, at least that is good...maybe :-|
06:43:50 <Eric> Lion is ready to POP!
06:44:11 <Eric> Go Lion Go
06:57:54 <Kevin L> Ryan is still quitting.
06:59:02 <Dave from B> Based on Ryan's FB post, mosquiotes are horrible in backcountry
07:01:43 <Dave from B> 48 minutes on th e phone and still not resolved.
07:13:08 <Tammy> So I didn't miss Lion while I was away?
07:14:35 <Dave from B> No....should be soon..relatively speaking
07:14:58 <ynpvisitor5> in geyser time...
07:15:05 <Tammy> fingers crossed . . .
07:15:10 <Dave from B> Exactly
07:15:23 <Dave from B> Lion will erupt when it wants to
07:15:37 <Tammy> As the geysers all do.
07:16:11 <Tammy> We just don't know when the pressure from the constriction is enough so it will blow.
07:16:44 <Dave from B> Daisy should be ready to go very soon
07:18:26 <Dave from B> Daisy 1418ie
07:22:58 <Dave from B> Eric, I think Lion is ready to go very so as well
07:23:05 <Dave from B> soon
07:25:25 <Tammy> Maybe another double with OF?
07:38:06 <Betty> I´m out for today. Bye. GO LION
07:38:29 <Dave from B> Bye, Betty
07:48:23 <Eric> Interesting...a bunch of very late GT times showing up now
07:49:37 <Eric> Based on the new times....1615 Lion
07:51:24 <Dave from B> Yes, that does change things
07:51:32 <Eric> OF 1451
07:52:25 <Eric> That ended up being a 7 series lion last night...
08:03:40 <Eric> LC
08:05:19 <Tammy> does lioness ever go off?
08:05:33 <Eric> I don't know lioness
08:06:31 <Tammy> it's part of the lion group isn't it?
08:06:45 <ynpvisitor54> not since... 1952 I think
08:06:50 <Eric> there is a lioness on GT that shows last eruption 1975
08:07:04 <Eric> hey mara
08:07:11 <Mara> hello
08:07:13 <Tammy> okay, so it definitely doesn't go off. not sure why i was thinking it occasionally did for some reason.
08:07:17 <Tammy> Hi Mara!
08:07:24 <Tammy> Thanks for answering my question.
08:08:15 <Eric> I need my T Scott book back from my Dad :-(
08:08:20 <Mara> Last Big Cub was in 1998 according to T. Scott's book.
08:08:45 <lt> acknowledge the inevitable and buy a second copy
08:08:51 <Eric> hahahaha
08:09:00 <Mara> ...yeah pretty much :D
08:09:17 <Eric> I am going to see him on Sunday...if he doesn't come with my book, we will be going to the bookstore together!
08:09:44 <lt> I borrowed the copy from my school library for my first trip to Yellowstone. I bought my own copy while in the park.
08:09:48 <lt> the first day, I think.
08:09:58 <Tammy> i have that book at my house, but i've been too busy reading school material lately to look at it.
08:10:20 <Tammy> before my trip i'll check it out. my dad likes to record the years we see certain geysers in it, which is a smart idea.
08:10:33 <Eric> I purchased my copy at the VEC gift/bookstore
08:11:23 <Paul L.> Remember the cost?
08:11:51 <lt> probably list price, whatever that is
08:12:11 <Mara> I would love to get my hands on a copy of Yellowstone Place Names but that ain't happening in the near future :)
08:12:28 <Tammy> what's that?
08:12:38 <lt> ok, all, I offer myself as a sacrifice to make things happen in the basin. to the dentist I go. if Giantess erupts I don't want to know.
08:12:38 <Paul L.> ???
08:12:42 <Kevin L> I think the GOSA store sells them
08:14:48 <Paul L.> All I see are t-shirts at the GOSA store
08:15:12 <Craig> Hello!
08:15:28 <Tammy> here it is on Amazon:
08:15:53 <Tammy> but if you're a Yellowstone Association member, you can get a percentage off in their stores, so that's something to keep in mind.
08:15:59 <Kevin L>
08:16:38 <Tammy> Hi, Craig!
08:20:49 <Eric> hey mara, why don't you pick up the yellowstone place names if you really want it? Lots of used copies available cheap
08:23:01 <kc (working)> .
08:24:12 <Kevin L> Also T Scott "little" book is great. More basic geyser information, but bar none one of the best geyser books ever written. Pictures in it are worth the cost of the book:
08:24:13 <Eric> just bought a copy for $6 delivered :--)
08:24:14 <Kevin L>
08:24:59 <Dave from B> Lee W's manuscript of place Names book which is almost 900 pages is a lot of fun also
08:25:17 <Dave from B> It used to be available on GOSA site.
08:26:05 <Dave from B> My daughter's trip is a success. She saw a grizzly
08:26:19 <Eric> awesome
08:26:24 <Eric> where?
08:27:06 <Dave from B> not sure but it was yesterday. Somewhere between Cooke City and Lake
08:27:53 <Eric> ahh
08:28:18 <Kevin L> Now watch her get F&M
08:28:44 <ynpvisitor41> F & M just erupted…no F & M in her future
08:29:00 <Dave from B> First trip to the park for her college roommate from Chicago.
08:29:10 <Eric> Nice
08:29:20 <Kevin L> Didn't see that. Another overnight. :p
08:29:31 <Kevin L> Giantess?
08:29:33 <Eric> Hey dave, I cannot find any reference to a 900 page "manuscript of place names"
08:29:40 <Dave from B> And a wolf sighting this morning as well..somewhere around Lake I presume.
08:29:56 <Eric> I found Lee W's yellowstone place names book, but it is only 200 pages.
08:29:58 <Tammy> wolf sighting would be awesome!!!
08:30:16 <Eric> I got to watch the wolf pups play last was pretty fun
08:30:31 <Dave from B> let me do some looking
08:30:36 <Eric> k
08:31:11 <Dave from B>
08:31:17 <Dave from B> There you go
08:31:56 <Dave from B> Just think place names book on steroids!
08:32:33 <Eric> yep, that is the unabridged manuscript, while the book is abridge version.
08:32:44 <Eric> $70 versus $6 :-)
08:32:54 <Mara> Read about ALL the place names!
08:32:55 <Eric> Pretty cool item though
08:33:09 <Dave from B> If you are a gosamember you can get a discount...but still not close to $6
08:33:31 <Mara> Alright, where are you finding a copy for $6? Amazon says from $31.
08:33:36 <Eric> I picked up the paperback, it will fit nicely into my Trailer for evening reading
08:33:46 <Eric> used
08:34:13 <Eric> it actually cost $3, but shipping was another $3.50 :-(
08:34:16 <ynpvisitor74> there are 2 editions of Place Names too,
08:34:37 <Dave from B> there is?
08:35:26 <ynpvisitor41> Rift?
08:35:31 <ynpvisitor74> what year are you seeing on Amazon?
08:37:11 <Eric> I just purchased the 1998 paperback version
08:37:26 <Eric> ISBN 917298152
08:40:00 <ynpvisitor74> is that 1988?
08:40:22 <Mara> LC
08:41:12 <ynpvisitor74> the one for sale in the park is 2006
08:41:28 <Dave from B> Time for Turban watch
08:42:02 <Kevin L> I assume Taylor will be sending us Turban reports.
08:43:57 <Dave from B> Don't know. I'll find out where she is...remember she doesn't have the serioous gazing gene that Becca and I have.
08:45:00 <Eric> 74, yes it must by 1988, the sellers info is wrong...and the 2006 version used prices are stupid high...I will stick with my 1988 version for $6 :-P
08:45:44 <Mara> Book for $6 extremely enticing... but can I find the 2006 edition to be up to date... hmmmm.
08:46:01 <Eric> It would be fun to have a yellowstone placenames wikipedia site.
08:46:08 <Eric> People could update and add info to
08:46:25 <Eric> Then it wouldn't get dated like a printed book.
08:47:32 <Dave from B> After that you need the 1904 Hague Atlas
08:51:54 <Mara> my internets search has ended in failure
08:52:35 <Dave from B> for what?
08:53:18 <Dave from B> Place Names at a good price?
08:53:23 <Mara> a copy of the 2006 version that is under $30
08:54:02 <Eric> yah, the new version is stupid expensive
08:54:29 <ynpvisitor74> how much is it brand new?
08:55:53 <Eric> I don't think it's in print anymore....cheapest new copy I saw was $156
08:56:07 <GoWhirligig> I heard you were talking books. :)
08:56:09 <Eric> and technically, it's probably not really new
08:56:27 <Eric> place names :-)
08:56:58 <GoWhirligig> Mara I can find one around here if you want, the 2006?
08:57:47 <Dave from B> Taylor is waiting at Grand
08:58:39 <Dave from B> Time to go home. Have a great evening everyone!
08:58:42 <GoWhirligig> I am pretty sure I saw one in a local store 2 days ago
08:58:52 <GoWhirligig> Hi Bye Dave
08:58:58 <Dave from B> Hi GW
08:59:23 <Mara> Bye Dave
08:59:31 <Tammy> Bye Dave!
09:00:08 <Mara> I'd love to get my hands on a copy but if I might just settle for the 1988 version because $6 is not very many dollars. :)
09:00:41 <GoWhirligig> Good discussion of the Firehole road is on FB, from YTG who sees where snow melts in the winter
09:00:52 <GoWhirligig> For geyser study,
09:01:30 <GoWhirligig> oops- for geyser study Nomenclature is the way to go, pages of listings of every known eruptive period in history for most geysers, historically
09:03:11 <GoWhirligig> Mara I will check a good used store in Boze and get back to you for Place Names 2
09:04:22 <Mara> That'd be awesome. :)
09:05:09 <GoWhirligig> my idea of fun. !
09:05:27 <GoWhirligig> Does YA sell it, and how much is it new
09:07:28 <Mara> YA sells it for $22.95
09:07:52 <ynpvisitor41> LION
09:08:47 <GoWhirligig> add member discount is cheaper- but I will look for like $10-15 used
09:08:57 <ynpvisitor41> really tall Lion
09:09:15 <Eric> man, I was 8 minutes off today on my lion :-(
09:09:28 <Mara> Geez Eric, pull it together. :)
09:09:39 <Paul L.> GW are you going to be at norris on the20th of this month
09:10:00 <Mara> And thanks GW!
09:10:16 <Eric> I was 30 seconds off yesterday Mara :-D
09:10:35 <Eric> That is a pretty lion
09:10:43 <GoWhirligig> not sure! Someone is arriving on 19th and I don't quite have that schedule figured out
09:11:10 <GoWhirligig> Even if it is hiking, if it is central YNP I always stop at Norris on the way home. :)
09:11:16 <Paul L.> Well I will be there in the morning for a wile
09:11:33 <GoWhirligig> OK! I will remember that
09:12:30 <ynpvisitor41> did you like Lion Eric? Pretty nice one.
09:14:01 <GoWhirligig> Mara it would be good if the Sput Brigade would get into history - I need help arguing with Rocco sometimes ;)
09:14:48 <Mara> Micah's our history guru right now. Though he's absorbing everything Rocco says like a sponge, heh.
09:14:54 <Eric> I loved it 41
09:15:06 <Mara> I'm looking to expand my knowledge so I can keep up with him. xD
09:15:08 <Eric> I really like Lion ini
09:15:13 <ynpvisitor41> seriously nice initial
09:16:03 <GoWhirligig> best bet it to read the originals - you used to have to collect them, but now most are on google books
09:16:32 <GoWhirligig> prowl around a Hayden survey sometime and you will get hooked
09:17:09 <Mara> next on my list :)
09:17:34 <Eric> I asked earlier, but nobody answered, maybe this new crowd will know. What is the name of this pool that is directly West of Anemone:
09:18:31 <GoWhirligig> slow connection here, I'll leave that to Mara :)
09:19:05 <Eric> I believe we can see it bubble/erupt on the webcam
09:19:16 <Eric> just over the right crest of OF hill
09:19:51 <Kevin L> This is another great book:
09:19:54 <Kevin L>
09:20:09 <Mara> Looks like Improbable
09:21:17 <Eric> Yep, you nailed it Mara...thanks
09:21:24 <Eric> SC ie
09:21:51 <Eric>
09:22:08 <Tammy> Kevin, that book looks great!
09:23:07 <Eric> OF 1622 ie
09:23:37 <GoWhirligig> Langford, Kevin ? I cant see the whole title
09:24:05 <GoWhirligig> or it is that other compensium by Aubrey Haines
09:24:14 <GoWhirligig> BOTH good stuff!
09:24:32 <Mara> well there's the answer to what I'm going to do with my July
09:24:33 <GoWhirligig> Too bad Dave is gone, he should have his YNP books unpacked by now
09:24:43 <Mara> read ALL the books!
09:25:28 <GoWhirligig> Yes, Start at the beginning with Folsom Cook, then do Washburn Langford Doane, then get into Hayden Surveys.
09:25:53 <GoWhirligig> It's very fun to go in order of "discovery" and first written descriptions of things
09:28:02 <Eric> Thanks GoW...good info
09:28:39 <Mara> Eric, I've forgotten - are you heading into the park this summer?
09:29:30 <GoWhirligig> I should go - have things to do if I am going to try for a 3 Whirligig day tomorrow. :D :D :D TTFN
09:30:22 <Eric> Yep, Mara...will be in the park 8/4-9
09:30:44 <Mara> I may catch you on the 8th or 9th then. :)
09:30:46 <Eric> toting along the family and Mother in Law...she has never been west of Missouri
09:31:03 <Eric> Nice
09:31:17 <Kevin L> That was the langsford Doane journal
09:31:24 <Eric> I will chat you up when the time gets closer
09:31:53 <Eric> TTFN GoW
09:32:04 <Eric> Another Pooh fan :-)
09:42:06 <Mara> I /shall/ catch this LC start time...!
09:42:27 <kc (working)> plate ie
09:46:25 <Tammy> I'm peacing out as well. Have a great night everyone!
09:47:23 <Mara> Daisy
09:47:35 <Mara> Bye Tammy!
09:49:16 <Mara> and there's LC
09:49:35 <Eric> How regular does plate need to become for giantess to become a possibility?
09:53:19 <Mara> As Tara explained it to me, Giantess has many connections to things on the Hill it's hard to make an indicator out of activity from those connected geysers.
09:53:32 <kc (working)> grand
09:53:38 <Mara> just pretend the conjunction is in there
09:55:36 <Eric> Grand
09:56:16 <Mel> Wow I just made it back to my office what a treat!!!
09:57:00 <Eric> Thanks Mara
09:59:00 <Mara> Two weeks ago Ryan and I observed occasional episodes where boiling occurred more frequently than usual. Activity from Plate and Slot is unusual, and we've got those weirdly strong eruptions coming from Anemone. So there is weird stuff going on... just, not a clue what it means, if anything. xD
10:05:27 <Eric> All good data points :-) I am trying to keep my eye on plate so if they become more regular we can point to something.
10:06:13 <Kevin L> Thought we would at least get a 2b
10:06:26 <Mara> With that early-ish stop, yeah.
10:06:53 <Eric> had 2 this morning....guess we can't always have multiple :-(
10:07:19 <Eric> Nice to see a Lone Star from Jake
10:07:35 <Mara> woo~
10:08:36 <Eric> I will probably ride my bike out there this trip
10:08:51 <Eric> doesn't seem like it will be too difficult
10:09:09 <Kevin L> Easy bike ride
10:09:28 <Eric> and I can get to F&M fast too :-)
10:09:53 <Eric> Is there any place to lock your bike up overnight around OF?
10:10:10 <Eric> I only plan on using it there anyway.
10:12:33 <Mara> Multiple bike racks.
10:12:53 <Eric> No problems leaving them there overnight?
10:13:08 <Mara> If you're staying at the lodge cabins there's a nice one under an overhang by the Lodge itself where I kept mine. I had not problems, just make sure you always lock it up.
10:13:45 <Eric> yep, plan on that...not staying at the cabins. We have an we will be hoofing it in each day :-(
10:14:30 <Eric> From West Yellowstone...
10:14:49 <Mara> There's a bike rack at the lower store which is nice for easy access.
10:14:51 <Eric> Figured I could leave the bikes locked up at OF and just grab them when needed.
10:14:58 <Eric> perfect...thanks Mara
10:15:14 <Mara> From there you just head out over a crosswalk and over the path that takes you to Castle.
10:15:58 <Eric> Ya, I am really familiar with the parking lot there :-) However, I have not brought a bike before.
10:16:12 <Eric> That location sounds excellent
10:20:07 <Mara> Lion
10:20:59 <Eric> 2 minutes early
10:21:05 <Eric> silly lion
10:24:26 <Eric> If you guys could rank geyser data, that determines prediction of next eruption, what would the 5 most important data points be. ie Time between eruptions, eruption duration, eruption height, eruption temperature, ????
10:25:01 <Craig> Trix are for kids!
10:27:54 <kc (working)> duration, but not always accurate
10:28:07 <kc (working)> works well for OF tho
10:31:55 <Eric> I know prediction can be complicated and messy and change over time...but it seems like there has been some success around doing it.
10:32:41 <kc (working)> it's really going to vary for each geyser
10:36:19 <Mel> Every geyser is some whay unique and each network of Geysers have an impact on what may happen then when you throw in the earthquake data you have a interesting set of factors
10:38:15 <Mel> The data I like to look at is the past 50 or 100 eruptions and see if I can see a trend on intervals and odd events
10:39:32 <Mel> When Giant or Giantess erupt they have impact on many geysers in their vacinity for a number of days
10:44:29 <Eric> huge aurum
10:44:38 <Eric> Huge Aurum
10:44:52 <Eric> Biggest one I have ever seen
10:45:34 <Eric> Anybody else catch that?
10:47:24 <Kevin L> Aurum? That would be a really short interval.
10:47:36 <Eric> It was HUGE
10:47:44 <Eric> like triple normal aurum size
10:48:00 <Eric> At first I wasn't even sure what it was...
10:48:27 <Eric> Maybe Dave or kc have it recorded
10:49:34 <Mel> Well I think its time to go home see you folks tomorrow or later this evening
10:49:49 <Kevin L> bye
10:50:03 <Eric> cya mel
10:51:02 <Mel> tnx bye
10:53:10 <kc (working)> OF 17:52
10:53:14 <Eric> OF 1753 ie
10:53:32 <Eric> hey kc, can you review footage from 1747
10:53:42 <Eric> There was a really big aurum
10:54:00 <kc (working)> i'll have a look see
10:54:07 <Eric> thanks
10:54:27 <Eric> not sure if you timestamp....but an exact time of start would be good too :-)
10:54:37 <ynpvisitor74> Pump maybe?
10:54:45 <Eric> I don't think so
10:54:57 <lt> and I'm back. what geysers did you all save for me?
10:55:01 <Eric> kc records the stream, so he should be able to verify
10:55:17 <Eric> hey are the teeth feeling?
10:55:22 <lt> numb
10:55:36 <lt> filling put in.
10:55:42 <Eric> ohhh, the joy
10:55:45 <lt> milkshake for dinner tonight
10:56:04 <Eric> nice
10:56:25 <lt> I see F&M went overnight at some point?
10:56:30 <Eric> yep
10:56:40 <Eric> I just saw a really big aurum
10:57:18 <Eric> Lion is mid series too so we should have another in about 20 minutes
10:58:25 <Eric> 4:46 interval isn't that short for aurum
10:58:44 <Eric> it's had some sub 4 hour intervals
10:59:25 <kc (working)> definitely aurum, nice catch
10:59:57 <kcmule> height looks more or less normal
11:00:40 <Eric> ok...seemed really big to me :-D
11:00:59 <Kevin L> Can you post capture?
11:01:00 <Eric> But, you have way more experience viewing aurum then I will defer to your review.
11:01:30 <Kevin L> Really unusual interval for this time of year.
11:01:51 <Eric> I removed my note about it being large on GT.
11:02:37 <Eric> It had a 3:28 interval 12 days ago.
11:03:35 <Eric> anyway...gotta run, have a great evening everyone.
11:03:36 <ynpvisitor5> I'd be scared if it was really extroardinary but a close to 5 hour, even for this time of year is still reasonable
11:04:17 <Kevin L> But an 18h isn't unusual either.
11:04:27 <Eric> is plate going again?
11:04:38 <Eric> I see steam, but to wide to tell.
11:05:02 <Eric> probably not
11:12:11 <kcmule>
11:15:03 <kcmule> oblong maybe
11:29:20 <Mara> Lion
11:29:24 <kcmule> lion 18:28
11:29:52 <kcmule> maybe 18:29, right at top of min
11:31:28 <kcmule> :29 per Jake
11:36:03 <Eric> kc, thanks for the aurum capture...that was really cool to watch again.
11:36:22 <Eric> Compared it to old webcam, this camera is sooooo much nicer :-)
11:36:31 <Eric> even at a distance
11:36:45 <Eric> LC ie
11:36:53 <kcmule> yw. u catch them i'll capture them
11:38:38 <Eric> Do we have a spider web or something in the lense housing now?
11:38:51 <Eric> jp[efi;;u ots
11:38:58 <Eric> hopefully it's outside....
11:40:46 <kcmule> slot ie
11:45:41 <Dave from B> Good evening
11:46:14 <kcmule> evenin'
11:48:10 <kcmule> riverside maybe
11:50:18 <kcmule> confirmed
12:03:26 <kcmule> creepy
12:09:36 <ynpvisitor58> whats creepy>
12:11:18 <lt> the bug
12:11:37 <lt> we should name him
12:12:08 <ynpvisitor58> bh?
12:12:35 <kcmule> seems rather inanimate at the moment
12:14:27 <Mara> Slot or just steamy?
12:14:53 <kcmule> daisy 19:14
12:24:27 <kcmule> OF 19:24
12:28:33 <Mara> 1928 Lion?
12:28:38 <kcmule> lion 19:28
12:28:51 <Mara> there we go
12:31:32 <Kevin L> Nice BH splash
12:39:56 <kcmule> penta
12:45:08 <Mara> Assuming that's Tardy then.
12:45:25 <Dave from B> Alright, who is feeling helpful tonight?
12:45:41 <Dave from B> I need to get new cam working on my laptop.
12:45:53 <Dave from B> Eric thought it was a firewall issue
12:46:48 <kcmule> what happens when u try
12:47:14 <Dave from B> nothing but words of cam page
12:47:25 <Dave from B> no streaming loading message or anything like that
12:47:47 <Kevin L> Have you tried clearing cache & cookies?
12:47:54 <Dave from B> nope
12:48:37 <kcmule> flash work on other sites?
12:48:38 <Kevin L> It may be trying to load from old data.
12:48:55 <Dave from B> I have cleared cookies and cache...brb
12:49:47 <Dave from B> That didn't work unless I need to restart computer
12:50:01 <Dave from B> let me check flash player
12:52:14 <Dave from B> flash is working and it is the latest update
12:52:37 <kcmule> try a different browser
12:53:10 <Dave from B> Only IE on my computer
12:53:40 <Dave from B> Should I download Google Chrome?
12:53:55 <Kevin L> Check your internet security to see if it is blocking something.
12:54:05 <Kevin L> I like Chrome better than ie
12:54:26 <Mara> Ryan requests the webcam be put back on Penta for a minute or so
12:54:52 <kcmule> you should use firefox
12:54:57 <kcmule> imo
12:56:31 <Dave from B> installing firefox
12:56:42 <Mara> Person jumping is Ryan.
12:57:21 <Dave from B> I wish I could see.
12:57:32 <Dave from B> My daughter and friend are at BH as we speak
12:57:48 <Dave from B> But may be leaving for dinner
12:58:42 <Kevin L> I wouldn't
12:59:00 <Kevin L> Can eat dinner anytime.
12:59:13 <Mara> You know what happened last time you guys left for dinner :p
12:59:32 <Mara> Rocco, Will, and Ryan all got Penta from the start. They are pretty happy.
13:00:04 <Kevin L> Nice tall one.
13:00:13 <Dave from B> haha
13:00:26 <Kevin L> You would love it Dave.
13:01:54 <Dave from B> Sure...rub it in
13:02:27 <Kevin L> Taylor was waving at you.
13:02:53 <Dave from B> haha
13:03:34 <Dave from B> Thank you, kc!!!:):):)
13:03:59 <Dave from B> I think Taylor is farthest to the right
13:04:01 <Kevin L> She looks bored.
13:06:20 <Dave from B> brb
13:07:14 <Dave from B> Had 2 browsers open at once. Had to boot IE
13:07:22 <Kevin L> I wouldn't leave with splashes like that.
13:08:54 <kcmule> @Dave yw
13:09:44 <Dave from B> guitar?
13:09:48 <Dave from B> at BH
13:10:09 <kcmule> live from beehive
13:10:10 <Mara> Heck, we've had motorized coolers up there before...
13:10:24 <Mara> I'm going to take a shower and hopefully BHI will take that opportunity to start. :)
13:11:09 <Dave from B> business email is still down. Heads are going to roll tomorrow.
13:11:26 <Dave from B> Good idea, Mara!
13:15:38 <Kevin L> Also good idea Dave.
13:16:19 <kcmule> ding
13:16:25 <Dave from B> BHI
13:16:27 <kcmule> 2016
13:16:29 <kcmule> .
13:16:30 <kcmule> .
13:16:31 <kcmule> .
13:16:32 <kcmule> .
13:16:33 <kcmule> .
13:18:39 <kcmule> .
13:18:45 <Dave from B> Guitar plaer showed up and BHI started. Hmmmm
13:20:45 <Dave from B> Has to be running
13:20:48 <Dave from B> Will
13:21:08 <Dave from B> Yep
13:21:19 <Dave from B> or Ryan
13:24:16 <Mara> HEY
13:24:18 <Mara> IT WORKED
13:25:18 <Dave from B> Taylor left as well. Not returning. She will try again tomorrow.
13:26:06 <Dave from B> Lion is trying
13:26:14 <Dave from B> Lion 2026
13:26:20 <Dave from B> Dual!!
13:26:24 <Dave from B> C'mon
13:26:34 <Mara> DUAL DUAL DUAL
13:26:35 <Dave from B> LC
13:26:40 <Dave from B> BHI
13:27:35 <Dave from B> Nice Lion
13:27:50 <Kevin L> Taylors friend will be impressed.
13:27:50 <Dave from B> BH 2027
13:28:08 <Dave from B> wow
13:32:47 <Dave from B> Time to sign off. Thanks again, kc. See evryone tomorrow!
13:33:05 <Mara> Bye Dave. :)
13:33:19 <Kevin L> bye
13:33:21 <kcmule> nite
13:35:26 <Betty> ohh, missed BH :-(
13:35:42 <Kevin L> Booo.
13:36:21 <Betty> Ok, so I go to bed again
13:36:30 <Kevin L> Nite
13:50:59 <kcmule> slot ie
13:51:38 <kcmule> OF 20:51
14:20:46 <kc (away)> dome ie
14:22:09 <Craig> Will I be shot down if I mention the "Geyser Hill Wave" theory?
14:23:14 <kc (away)> not by me, i'm (away)
14:23:55 <Craig> Haha good!
16:01:16 <ynpvisitor46> Time for a moonlight Castle?