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23:43:47 <Dave from B> Morning everyone
23:44:55 <Dave from B> Did we miss Grand this morning?
23:52:05 <lc> good morning
23:52:50 <Kent> Good morning lc, Dave
23:54:05 <lc> there was a big steam cloud about 0615, not sure it was Grand.
00:08:25 <Dave from B> Morning lc and Kent
00:08:56 <Paul L.> Morning folks
00:09:00 <Dave from B> and Paul
00:09:09 <lc> morning
00:09:45 <Dave from B> Today is "Friday" for me. 3 night camping trip starts tonight.
00:10:23 <Paul L.> It's friday for me also
00:10:45 <lc> where you camping?
00:11:04 <Dave from B> On the Stillwater River...about 90 minutes from Billings in the Beartooth's
00:12:01 <lc> all your family going?
00:12:11 <Paul L.> You going to poke into YNP Dave?
00:12:43 <Dave from B> Yes, it is our annual trip with another family. 9 people total
00:12:56 <Dave from B> Paul, no poking into YNP this trip
00:13:15 <Dave from B> Fishing for the kids, eating, drinking and hiking
00:13:21 <lc> how are the bugs there?
00:13:46 <lc> sounds like fun if the bugs not too bad.
00:13:59 <Dave from B> We'll find out. With wet spring, I'm expecting it to be worse than most years
00:14:32 <Dave from B> Our friends have a camper so we can always hide in there if we have to. WEe are using a tent
00:15:22 <lc> nice BH splash
00:17:22 <Dave from B> Another 15-16 hour interval for BH would be nice
00:18:56 <ynpvisitor2> How often does BH go without the indicator going off first?
00:19:27 <lc> not very often.
00:19:43 <Dave from B> Not that, what would you say. About 5% of the time?
00:19:44 <lc> I have never seen it happen.
00:20:17 <lc> don't think that high.
00:20:23 <Dave from B> I have seen it on the webcam a few times.
00:20:42 <ynpvisitor2> I don't know that I've ever heard of it either, which is why I wondered. But it is splashing around like it does before it goes off, so I wondered.
00:21:51 <lc> a lot of times the indicator will start pretty soon after a big splas.
00:23:09 <Dave from B> If it happened once a month that would be about 2% of the 5% is too high
00:23:31 <ynpvisitor2> That is good to know, about the indicator starting with big splashes.
00:28:53 <ynpvisitor2> I can't watch too long because I've got to leave for work shortly, but I had to check in and see what it's doing.
00:31:59 <lc> did Giantess just calm down?
00:32:29 <Dave from B> I haven't heard any reports since yesterday afternoon
00:32:43 <lc> maybe it will go labor day.
00:33:58 <Dave from B> That would be nice..would love to have Giantess or F&M for that weekend.
00:44:21 <GoW> no streaming here - how does Giantess look today?
00:46:42 <Dave from B> Hi, GoW
00:47:25 <Dave from B> Still waiting for field reports about Giantess. Hopefully, our reporter Mara will be here soon.
00:48:14 <GoW> how do things look from your view?
00:48:41 <Dave from B> Nothing out of the ordinary
00:49:27 <GoW> I may head for NGB later, but could be persuaded to keep going if it looked hot!
00:51:48 <Dave from B> I would check back before you leave
00:52:49 <GoW> I'll lurk while I walk dog and etc.
00:53:14 <GoW> Giantess merits a text message alert, right?
00:53:54 <GoW> Last week I got the BHI text in Norris parking lot. Iffy signal for a call, but the text came in
00:54:24 <Dave from B> Yes, an alert will be sent
00:56:29 <GoW> it's very smokey/hazy here
00:58:58 <Dave from B> In Blgs also
00:59:12 <GoW> Dave from B, if it erupts will I see you there :)
01:00:28 <Dave from B> I'll be out of range beginning tonight...going camping on the Stillwater.
01:00:36 <Dave from B> So, Giantess better behave!:)
01:01:16 <GoW> behave for Clark, or for you, it's all relative!
01:01:26 <GoW> camp at Woodbine?
01:01:37 <Dave from B> I hope it goes. I'll miss a few dozen's ok
01:01:57 <Dave from B> Actually a few miles downstream at a fishing access but the same basic area
01:02:13 <Dave from B> Woodbine is my favorite campground
01:02:53 <GoW> sounds like a good weekend
01:04:21 <lc> Dave, can you PM me?
01:05:31 <Dave from B> I'll try, lc
01:06:01 <ynpvisitor9> Look at Split Cone go!
01:06:19 <GoW> hey lc
01:07:14 <lc> morning GoW
01:09:08 <Eric> morning all
01:10:26 <ynpvisitor70> Eric
01:10:43 <Eric> Morning all
01:11:08 <lc> morning
01:11:11 <Eric> Nice Gazer shot :-)
01:11:44 <Dave from B> Hi, Eric
01:25:33 <Eric> no giantess time on GT....I guess the hunt is still on?
01:28:23 <Dave from B> I'm not even sure if anyone is watching this morning
01:28:55 <Eric> But Clark was 90% sure.
01:29:13 <Eric> ;-)
01:29:49 <Eric> Oh well, maybe that 10% happened...
01:30:05 <lc> thats kind of like our rain chances, and we get the 10%.
01:30:18 <Dave from B> exactly
01:30:23 <Eric> yep, geysers are a lot like weather....
01:31:15 <lc> going to take a break, see if it will get indicator going.
01:31:33 <Dave from B> Stay near your phone!
01:31:50 <Eric> me too, have to go spray weeds :-(
01:42:59 <Mel> Mprning
01:43:08 <GoW> I see DaveM found Grand - 0500
01:45:04 <Tammy> Morning everyone!
01:45:28 <Michael> OF says good morning, too.
01:45:51 <Tammy> Apparently so. I arrived just in time.
01:46:02 <Tammy> BH next hopefully.
01:46:53 <Dave from B> Morning Mel, Tammy and Michael
01:47:09 <Dave from B> Thanks GoW for the Grand update
01:47:17 <Tammy> Good morning, Dave.
01:48:40 <Michael> Good morning, dave.
02:00:22 <GoW> don't thank me, thanks to DaveM
02:08:45 <Dave from B> Morning Jenna
02:13:22 <Jenna> morning Dave
02:14:59 <GoW> Michael, was your mom recently in YNP?
02:16:13 <GoW> There are several Michael-gazers, just checking.
02:16:21 <GoW> If so, I have a Q for you
02:16:29 <Michael> Yes, if July 4th counts as recent.
02:16:49 <GoW> Great, thought that might be you
02:17:16 <GoW> Do you remember that formula you and your Bro came up with for Vixen, in the 90's?
02:17:51 <GoW> I was telling the Norris staff about it- an example of how math people "see" things that us mere morals would never figure out
02:20:35 <GoW> if I could locate my data books I could find it, but they are hiding
02:21:01 <Michael> Until you mentioned it now, I had forgotten that we did such a thing.
02:21:14 <GoW> haha!
02:21:24 <GoW> very short durations and short intervals, but it worked!
02:21:57 <GoW> it was like D times X divided by X = next prediction, in seconds
02:22:37 <Michael> That sounds about right. I think we noticed it because it was darned near linear, like Old Faithful.
02:23:44 <GoW> it worked, I remember that
02:24:04 <Michael> Definitely don't remember the slope of the line. And I don't remember if you had to add Y to the result to get the prediction.
02:24:42 <GoW> there is no pattern now, BUT there is someone who was timing "intervals" and they thought it was from the end of previous to the start, and those were incredibly regular
02:24:54 <GoW> regardless of 1 - 20 min durations
02:25:13 <GoW> We were pondering what math peeps would think of that
02:26:12 <Paul L.> Zooom right over my head GoW. lol
02:27:23 <GoW> Meaning= Vixen is fun right now!!
02:28:16 <Tammy> It's a regular player then?
02:28:18 <Paul L.> I was never that math type. I could never understand it
02:28:18 <GoW> Paul L., I can't remember where my sunglasses are, but I remember Michael and his brother's formula, go figure on that one
02:29:05 <Tammy> GoW, does Echinus ever go off anymore?
02:29:12 <GoW> Tammy it is fantastic right now. No waiting, and durations of majors as long as 51 minutes (seen by Mara, not me)
02:29:32 <Tammy> Really?! That is exciting!
02:29:39 <GoW> At road opening Vixen was about 35 minute intervals, it really changed at the end of May
02:30:30 <Paul L.> Oh I get it GoW. my sone is the same way. He can remember where he put that lego figure a month later but he can't seam to remember to do hi Wednesday chores every week. Go figure
02:30:41 <Paul L.> sone = son
02:30:46 <GoW> So there is a pattern, at least since last week, haha. I could have changed by the time I get there
02:30:48 <Michael> Not sure whether we considered "interval" as the quiet period or start-to-start. If the formula was linear, that shouldn't matter much...just changes the magic numbers a bit.
02:31:19 <Tammy> I can't remember if I've ever seen Vixen before.
02:31:27 <GoW> The person was kinda bummed that I said interval is usually start to start, but I told them they still had all the right data, just add their duration to that #
02:31:57 <Michael> If you don't mind, can you give me some hint as to who you are, GoW?
02:32:11 <GoW> but their quiet period numbers were regular as can be.
02:32:14 <GoW> M.A.B.
02:32:28 <Paul L.> FBI Michsel
02:32:37 <Paul L.> michael
02:32:42 <Michael> Thanks! Couldn't figure much out from three letters.
02:32:57 <GoW> It means "Go Whirligig!"
02:33:23 <Paul L.> Ranger crowed jsut shower up to BH
02:33:35 <ynpvisitor49> A ranger show at Beehive
02:34:45 <GoW> Tammy Echinus erupted 3 times last year
02:34:45 <Michael> Is Whirligig still as much fun as I remember it from 20 years ago?
02:35:19 <Michael> [not counting the fact that I mostly saw it while waiting unsuccesfully for Ledge...]
02:35:30 <GoW> Yes Michael, I am having a blast
02:35:51 <Dave from B> "Rooster Tail" is great!!
02:36:10 <GoW> I relate, I think my relationship with Constant and Whirligig came from the Ledge sits. I sat down there instead of Dark Cavern or elsewhere
02:36:53 <GoW> I didn't appreciate it then, it was just something to pass the time. Then it quit for about 10 years so I am ON IT while it is back!
02:36:56 <Tammy> We used to love watching Echinus, but now it's very irregular.
02:38:14 <GoW> Ledge is interesting now too, Michael, water comes out Black Growlers's ridge-holes regularly nowadays
02:39:31 <GoW> my opinion (take it or leave it) is that is Ledge's water supply
02:39:41 <Michael> Neat! I tried to get to Norris once this year, but the day was too packed and we ran out of time.
02:41:15 <GoW> Blue had big boils this June, I was hopeful!
02:42:28 <GoW> Pinto is now cloudy blue water, like Colloidal Pool
02:42:55 <Michael> I've heard nice things about Graceful this year. Not sure I would know wher to look unless it was erupting.
02:47:38 <GoW> yeah, the first Graceful I wrote in my book had ???? byt it, that was in 2011 disturbance
02:48:38 <GoW> it had been a long time so I really wasn't sure, til Rocco verified for me
02:49:19 <GoW> this June they were BIG
02:50:33 <GoW> Tammy a few weeks ago the staff was hopeful about Echinus, but nothing came of it
02:50:52 <GoW> but it's always worth walking by for a look
02:51:23 <Michael> What does Graceful look like? I've got a picture (not my own) from its early years, but I imagine the eruption is nothing like that now.
02:51:38 <Tammy> I guess it just proves, once again, how much features change. you just never know.
02:52:03 <GoW> Like a really tall Fountain eruption Michael
02:52:33 <Michael> Wow! That's big!
02:52:40 <GoW> That is not what I remember from way back when, I remember people using their binocs to look at something small at the gbase of the ridge
02:57:16 <GoW> you can't see it from Constant bench left side, but it's enough steam to clear the trees and make you get up and walk east to verify
02:58:35 <Eric> anybody know the driver here today?
02:58:46 <GoW> Obviously I decided not to go today, I am onto Plan C for my day
02:58:56 <Eric> I little wider view could be more interesting :-)
02:59:04 <Michael> Nice surge from Lion.
02:59:26 <Eric> Ya, it burps like that quite often....with no eruption following.
03:00:15 <Michael> I know, I know. It's as much of a tease as Aurum.
03:01:02 <Eric> yep...geyser hill is full of teases :-P
03:01:16 <Michael> We should widen out to watch Old Faithful soon, if that helps.
03:01:30 <Eric> anybody know much about improbable, next to anemone?
03:01:51 <Eric> I keep see really tall boils over the ridge of OF
03:02:50 <Eric> I would guess Lion should shoot off around noon today.
03:03:44 <Dave from B> Long convention at BH this morning
03:03:48 <Michael> These days it boils like that and overflows pretty heavily. No eruptions since shortly after it broke out.
03:04:37 <Eric> Thanks Michael, I am glad we can keep an eye on it from the cam.
03:04:49 <Eric> I find it an interesting pool/geyser
03:05:16 <Michael> There was a small dry hole with a bit of spitting in the vent before the breakout. We called it "Pathetic Little Hole" back then.
03:05:29 <Eric> I read about that :-)
03:05:38 <GoW> Michah has some theories about it- Mara should know that if she comes in today
03:06:06 <GoW> There is one IE listing in GT
03:06:37 <Eric> Ya, I heard Michah was doing a lot of anemone watches, so I assumed he probably had good current info on what it is up to.
03:07:41 <Eric> GoW, that was uploaded data...not sure I trust it :-)
03:08:13 <Eric> So a question from a noob, what differentiates a large boil from an eruption?
03:09:27 <Paul L.> Depends on what you ate the night before' lol
03:09:50 <Dave from B> Depends on if we're talking about Depression or not!:)
03:11:46 <GoW> Something is screwy there Eric, just uploaded last week, with a date of 2008
03:12:09 <Paul L.> I'm not getting much work done. to busy day dreamming about leaving tomorrow
03:12:11 <Michael> That's always a good question to start an argument. I'd say it depends most on whether the big boil appears to be a random fluctuation or driven by some periodic process.
03:13:03 <Paul L.> BH look happy
03:13:19 <Michael> As for perpetual spouters that boil heavily, who knows?
03:14:15 <Tammy> So it sounds like the correct response is it depends.
03:15:44 <Paul L.> Tammy do you rmember what to look for if you want to find me next week?
03:16:38 <GoW> I do Paul L., !
03:16:44 <Michael> You can get into good arguments trying to explain, for instance, why Pump is classified the way it is.
03:16:44 <Paul L.> lol
03:17:55 <Tammy> Paul L, did you say your wife has a service dog?
03:18:09 <Tammy> I seem to recall that.
03:18:20 <Paul L.> yep that is correct
03:18:37 <Paul L.> golden retriver
03:18:41 <Tammy> And you're thinking maybe UGB on Monday?
03:19:27 <Paul L.> yes, as long BH is in a day time cycle.
03:19:51 <Tammy> Seriously!
03:20:34 <Tammy> We're staying about 90 minutes away Sunday night, so depending on how long it takes us to leave and on geyser times, that's likely where we'll be.
03:21:45 <Paul L.> Well we are at Canyon so we will have some travel also
03:22:57 <Paul L.> If we dont get there on monday it will be tuesday for sure
03:23:12 <kc (working)> ding
03:23:18 <Tammy> Yay!!!
03:23:22 <kc (working)> .
03:23:23 <kc (working)> .
03:23:35 <kc (working)> .
03:23:59 <kc (working)> 1022 start per gt
03:24:10 <Dave from B> Yippee!!
03:24:19 <Tammy> We may end up spending a couple of days at UGB.
03:24:25 <Dave from B> Would you like me to send alert?
03:24:44 <Tammy> Now the question is, will OF go before BH or at the same time?
03:25:16 <Dave from B> I'm sending now
03:25:35 <Tammy> Thanks Dave!
03:25:44 <Dave from B> Room is already full
03:29:30 <Tammy> Welcome Betty.
03:30:11 <Betty> Are we ready for BH? Darn, can't see it on the iPhone :-( hi Tammy
03:31:54 <Dave from B> Hi, Betty
03:32:10 <Betty> I miss the time when we could see it from VEC Cam ...
03:32:48 <Tammy> OF
03:32:57 <GoW> ME TOO
03:32:57 <Kevin L> Hope OF is quick
03:32:59 <Betty> Hello Dave from B . You bold my day
03:33:59 <Kevin L> If BH looks anything like OF it will be pretty.
03:34:04 <Tammy> Looks like Lion is playing too
03:34:12 <Michael> Yup. Initial.
03:34:21 <ynpvisitor69> Oh to be standing there now
03:34:23 <Kevin L> Busy GH right now.
03:34:29 <Dave from B> haha Betty
03:34:34 <Dave from B> Trifecta?
03:34:35 <Eric> triple?
03:34:41 <lc> can we get 3?
03:34:48 <Dave from B> Morning Mara
03:34:49 <Mara> Watch ALL the geysers!
03:34:52 <Kevin L> Go Aurum!
03:35:40 <Eric> nice lion
03:36:12 <Tammy> I love seeing Lion in the webcam. It's a beautiful geyser.
03:36:21 <Betty> And I can only see OF 😮
03:36:47 <Dave from B> Sorry, Betty
03:37:30 <Tammy> There she blows!!!
03:37:33 <Eric> BH
03:37:59 <Dave from B> Runners from Lion
03:38:20 <Betty> Haha, Dave, but now I see it for a long time ( unless I hit the refresh-button)
03:38:51 <Kevin L> Very fuzzy
03:40:37 <lc> a couple of weeks ago BH got me and a LOT of gazers soaked.
03:41:04 <Dave from B> lc, quick change of direction or were you really hot?
03:41:17 <lc> I have never been as wet from a geyser.
03:41:40 <GoW> I'll vouch for that, I saw lc even drying out his socks!
03:41:45 <lc> wind changed soon as BH started.
03:42:01 <lc> at Oblong
03:42:24 <Dave from B> haha, GoW!:)
03:43:02 <lc> and I was lucky, when the wind changed I ran through the rain to the other side.
03:43:14 <Mara> I just always expect to get wet. So if I am caught unawares, it's not quite as bad.
03:43:42 <lc> a lot of people got chased all the way to the paved trail.
03:44:01 <lc> good plan Mara.
03:44:07 <lc> you and Kitt.
03:44:19 <Mara> and then, wet hugs
03:44:25 <Mara> wet hugs make everything better
03:44:38 <lc> yep
03:45:03 <Michael> On a sunny day, those geyser showers are great! If a cloud passes overhead, then it's just cold...
03:45:34 <lc> it was a warm day.
03:45:37 <Michael> Speaking of which, I hope some folks took a Fan and Mortar shower the other day.
03:45:59 <Betty> I'm out again. bbl
03:46:08 <Michael> Take care, Betty.
03:46:37 <Dave from B> Bye, Betty
03:47:19 <Michael> Hmmmm. on the one hand, I've got chores to do. On the other hand, Lion is in series and the Grand window opens soon.
03:47:44 <Eric> :-)
03:47:45 <Dave from B> Tough choices, Michael!:)
03:48:32 <Michael> I'm definitely throwing in some loads of laundry. Then I have to stick around waiting for the cycle buzzer...
03:48:33 <Dave from B> Michael, it was nice finally meeting you in late June
03:48:37 <Eric> I believe there were pictures on the GG facebook page from Ryan of some wet F&M watchers :-)
03:49:27 <Michael> Very nice to meet you and Becca too, Dave. Wish Rocket had cooperated for us.
03:52:12 <Dave from B> There's always next trip.
03:54:28 <lc> I caught a 13 min Rocket this trip.
03:56:20 <Dave from B> That's great, lc!
03:56:40 <Dave from B> I'm still intrigued by Grotto area. Hope to spend more time on our long trip next year.
03:59:45 <Dave from B> For anyone living in Wyoming, don't vote for Rep Haynes for Governor. According to FB, he wants to open up drilling in YNP
04:00:40 <Tammy> NOOOOO! That would ruin it!
04:01:08 <Eric> spider friend
04:01:16 <Eric> Drill baby drill....
04:01:31 <Tammy> I just saw it. Yuck!
04:01:32 <Michael> Is it smoky in the basin today? The sky doesn't look all that blue on camera.
04:01:42 <Eric> very hazy
04:01:58 <Eric> He has been hanging around on the camera the last couple days.
04:02:07 <Eric> It might be charlotte :-)
04:02:54 <Paul L.> Thanks to ORE and WA fires
04:05:11 <Kevin L> If anyone wants to see what drilling does around a geyser basin, look up Steamboat Springs and Beowawein Nevada.
04:05:41 <Tammy> I was actually reading about that in the book you recommended last week. Nevada's geysers no longer exist because of the drilling.
04:05:59 <Tammy> Hasn't either New Zealand or Iceland done that to some of their geysers too?
04:06:28 <Kevin L> Yes they have.
04:07:34 <Dave from B> They alwasy try to use money as a reason to drill. Look at how much money you would lose if OF and other geysers disappeared.
04:08:06 <Paul L.> I would not worry. YNP is well protected. any person trying to run for office would be stupid to even think about drilling. sounds like a scare tactic to me
04:08:07 <Kevin L> The group that destroyed Steamboat Springs is the one that wants to o it near Mammoth.
04:08:30 <Michael> Looks like Oblong ie.
04:08:34 <ynpvisitor36> most of the YNP haze is from Canada fires, yet soon the park may be surrounded
04:08:53 <Kevin L> The area they want to drill is NOT in the park but would most likely affect the springs.
04:09:21 <Dave from B> Yes, there needs to be a buffer zone AROUND the park as well
04:09:31 <Paul L.> Still i'm sure tey wont even let them close
04:09:35 <Paul L.> they
04:09:45 <ynpvisitor36> if only they would think of the bison that way too, with a buffer zone
04:10:06 <ynpvisitor36> or letting ranchers graze their sheep so close
04:10:14 <ynpvisitor36> so many issues that need attending to
04:11:34 <Kevin L> Just remember Paul, they destroyed the 2nd largest geyser field in the US already.
04:11:55 <ynpvisitor36> that guy has zero chance of being elected
04:12:06 <Paul L.> Is it prtected?
04:12:12 <Paul L.> protected
04:12:41 <Paul L.> or was it?
04:13:03 <Kevin L> No, but I have also seen protected things here get trashes for "green" energy.
04:13:15 <Kevin L> trashed
04:15:24 <Paul L.> Well it it was not protected then they can do what they want a sad as it my be. how ever therre is a positive out of it. they now know how driling well effect a geyser area. so like I said they wont even let them close to YNP
04:15:50 <Dave from B> 36, I agree...lots of issues surrounding YNP. I wish surrounding areas had much more protection
04:16:17 <Paul L.> And I argee. needs more area protection
04:17:12 <ynpvisitor68> todays OF, Lion, BH . Don't get them that close in time too often.
04:18:27 <Paul L.> oops I hope I did not make Kevin angry.
04:20:18 <Dave from B> There seems to be a movement in the past few months where western states want control of federal lands in their state. This movement makes me real nervous.
04:20:59 <Paul L.> And I aplogise to any one else. was not try to make any one mad
04:21:25 <Dave from B> You didn't make Kevin mad. I'm sure he's having computer problems
04:21:43 <Dave from B> Thanks, 68
04:22:35 <Kevin L> Just needed to download big file. Streaming stresses out computer.
04:23:11 <Kevin L> FYI feds are the ones that pushed the drilling here.
04:25:35 <Paul L.> Its the goverment. enough said
04:27:10 <Mara> well Peanut Pool erupted this morning
04:27:28 <Tammy> Where is Peanut Pool?
04:28:28 <Mara> It's on the back side of the Hill, near Dome.
04:28:40 <Kevin L> The cover of the 1955 Nevada Highway map has a picture of one of the geysers. Here is a link to a pdf of the map:
04:28:41 <Kevin L>
04:39:03 <Kevin L> Has anyone been following the Malasia Airlines plane that was shot down over the Ukraine?
04:39:30 <Mara> I have been.
04:39:47 <Kevin L> That could get really ugly.
04:40:54 <Mara> As many as 295 people. What a horrible way to go.
04:41:11 <Dave from B> I haven't. what a tragedy:(
04:41:56 <Mara> I'm sure the details would be muddled for days, probably weeks...
04:42:00 <Kevin L> Both sides saying they didn't do it. Could be a splinter group which is even worse.
04:42:40 <Eric> Man, malyasia airlines is really having a rough year
04:44:01 <Kevin L> Why would you fly an airliner over an active war zone where airplanes are being shot down?
04:45:21 <Mara> Also, two Bronze Spring eruptions.
04:45:58 <Eric> It's cheaper Kevin...
04:46:33 <Eric> Large businesses do things for money...with little regard for much else.
04:47:13 <Kevin L> Doesn't look cheaper to me.
04:47:42 <Eric> Ya, calculated risk...bad gamble on their part.
04:48:47 <Eric> SC ie
04:48:58 <Dave from B> Ukraine conflict is about to get ramped up even more
04:49:30 <Eric> Are those buddhist monks out on the platform or just a large group wearing orange?
04:49:45 <Eric> Lion 1149
04:50:03 <Eric> Nice and tall again :-)
04:50:38 <Eric> ohh, I guess they were orange shirts :-)
04:57:34 <Michael> Grand and Daisy both ie 11:57
04:58:00 <Eric> Nice....lot's of multiples today
04:58:30 <Dave from B> Thanks, Michael
05:08:22 <Michael> Time for me to head out. It's been real fun today!
05:11:34 <Mara> hello Micah
05:11:45 <Mara> ...or not!
05:15:23 <ynpvisitor32> Giantess boils are getting farther apart
05:15:47 <ynpvisitor32> But are repirtedly bigger. So...nit sure whats going on up there
05:16:17 <Eric> We need 2 cameras :-)
05:16:44 <ynpvisitor32> Indeed
05:16:45 <Eric> one to focus on giantess, and the other to zoom around the basin.
05:17:18 <Eric> We could see some of the boiling action on the cam when zoomed in yesterday.
05:17:34 <ynpvisitor32> I dont think the focus needs to be on giantess all the time any more.
05:17:36 <Eric> There goes big anemone
05:18:29 <Mara> Weird with Peanut Pool and Bronze Spring both erupting today.
05:18:46 <ynpvisitor32> And butterfly
05:18:55 <Mara> Two minors, right?
05:19:19 <Eric> Is that normal, but no gazers around to report them when not looking at giantess?
05:21:01 <ynpvisitor32> Yes, two minors
05:21:09 <Paul L.> ..
05:21:13 <ynpvisitor32> Thats not normal
05:21:36 <Eric> k
05:22:53 <ynpvisitor32> Im not getting too excited yet. But would be fun to get giantess today. Could be interesting with the haze
05:23:49 <Mara> Something is going on with the Hill's plumbing system.
05:24:02 <ynpvisitor32> Eh
05:24:22 <Eric> don't call roto rooter, they suck
05:24:29 <Paul L.> Nope, It's going to wait for Tammy and I to get there.
05:25:15 <Mara> If it goes, let's hope it doesn't while you're working.
05:25:41 <ynpvisitor32> i guess we will see, its back to work for me,
05:25:55 <Paul L.> That would not be good
05:26:37 <Mara> Have fun with your ice cream. And/or pizzas.
05:26:46 <Mara> And/or fun people.
05:27:25 <Kevin L> Ice cream would be great right now.
05:28:32 <Eric> I think the dome might need a good washing with all the spider activity :-)
05:29:55 <Mara> Chatroom ice cream party go?
05:29:57 <Eric> I cannot find a picture of peanut pool erupting...hopefully someone captured them today.
05:30:08 <ynpvisitor92> so the haze is coming mostly from a fire in Twin Falls, ID, the Preacher Fire
05:30:22 <ynpvisitor92> over 30,000 acres, sagebrush country
05:30:45 <Eric> I was going to say...not much out there but sage :-)
05:30:56 <Eric> bruch
05:30:58 <Eric> brush
05:31:08 <ynpvisitor92> sure you are not Dave from B?
05:32:48 <Dave from B> Eric is after my title!:)
05:33:44 <Kevin L> Hey Dave, before my daughter could ask the storage unit company sent he an email letting her know that there were no problems there with flooding.
05:34:12 <Dave from B> That's good news, Kevin
05:35:11 <Eric> Guess I am learning from the best ;-)
05:36:01 <Eric> butterfly spring has a cool history...i'm curious what type of "eruption" they saw today.
05:37:57 <ynpvisitor73> probably mud
05:54:20 <Kevin L> Hey, there is water in Yosemite Falls today!
05:57:00 <Kevin L> Big bump on Of seismo today.
06:00:26 <Paul L.> Well im off to pack. see ya all on the cam in a few days.
06:04:02 <Dave from B> bye Paul
06:04:40 <Kevin L> Later
06:08:56 <ynpvisitor92> anyone wanting updated fire info, the web site is and go under FIRE INFORMATION
06:09:30 <ynpvisitor92> lots of fires already...
06:09:48 <Kevin L> Looks like that bump in the OF seismo was a 6.0 Alaska EQ.
06:14:59 <Tammy> There's a fire in Twin? That's not too far away from where I'm originally from. I'll have to look it up.
06:17:50 <ynpvisitor92> yes, fire outside of Twin Falls
06:18:35 <Kevin L> Starting to look like Southern California up there now.
06:19:44 <ynpvisitor92> only 2 fires in CA, that surprised me
06:19:53 <ynpvisitor92> Split Cone is great with the new cam
06:28:24 <ynpvisitor73> Preacher -
06:29:29 <Dave from B> Kevin, Preacher reminds me of the song from Jerry Reed.....
06:29:36 <Dave from B> Preacher and the Bear
06:29:41 <ynpvisitor92> and shooting passenger planes out of the sky, not the best day today...
06:31:14 <Kent> Is the dome over the cam dirty? Image seems considerably less clear.
06:31:33 <ynpvisitor92> was cleaned last week I think
06:31:39 <ynpvisitor92> just the close up maybe
06:31:51 <ynpvisitor92> Split Cone was very clear a few minutes ago
06:32:27 <Dave from B> Kent, could fire smopke be the issue
06:32:59 <Kevin L> dome got slimed a few times this week.
06:33:23 <Kent> When the cam moves the blur moves with it so I am thinking dirty plastic.
06:34:34 <ynpvisitor92> mine is not blurry
06:41:31 <Kent> It may just be my imagination
06:53:38 <kc (working)> i have observed the blurry patches also
06:53:49 <kc (working)> it is not always evident
06:56:53 <Eric> Whoever drives on Fridays, loves that lookout :-)
06:58:11 <ynpvisitor73> who saw Butterfly?
06:58:25 <ynpvisitor73> I think today is Thursday
07:16:46 <Mara> Dazzy.
07:25:11 <Dave from B> LC 1425ie
07:48:50 <kc (working)> people by sponge are blurry
07:49:20 <kc (working)> heat from OF maybe
07:50:10 <Dave from B> Quiet day today in the room...feels like a Friday
07:51:30 <Jenna> I'm actually working :)
07:52:27 <Dave from B> About time...didn't you just have 2 days off!:)
07:54:27 <Dave from B> computer restart...bbl
08:10:32 <Kevin L> Van passed the smog. I guess I get to drive it for another year.
08:13:07 <David A pdx> Good afternoon all!
08:14:45 <kc (working)> slot
08:14:46 <kc (working)> ie
08:15:40 <Kevin L> That geyser would fit right in down here.
08:15:56 <Dave from B> haha
08:17:53 <Kevin L> I wonder if there is a video poker geyser. I know of a few that would fit in the craps category.
08:19:33 <Dave from B> Black Diamond is the closest I can think of
08:20:07 <Kevin L> Heart springs
08:22:30 <Dave from B> OF 1522ie
08:22:53 <Jenna> yeah Dave I know I was slacking
08:24:39 <Kevin L> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
08:27:41 <ynpvisitor22> So what is the latest talk about Giantess?
08:29:19 <Dave from B> Earlier this morning I heard this boils but bigger ones. That's all I've heard
08:29:28 <Dave from B> fewer boils
08:29:43 <Dave from B> Sawmill ie
08:29:58 <ynpvisitor22> So is that good?
08:30:15 <ynpvisitor22> My stream is not
08:30:42 <Dave from B> Doesn't seem to be as much excited from Giantess wathcers today...not sure
08:30:48 <Dave from B> excitement
08:31:06 <Eric> I have not heard anything about excelsior either....
08:31:43 <Dave from B> Eric, it erupted and the road is closed at Midway Geyser Basin.
08:31:50 <Dave from B> :D
08:32:01 <ynpvisitor22> Well the stream does not like me so I will check back later.
08:32:11 <Dave from B> bye, 22
08:32:35 <Eric> it is not april 1st Dave
08:33:00 <Dave from B> Sorry, just dying to be a smarta** today
08:33:18 <Dave from B> 25 minutes until camping trip starts
08:33:44 <Eric> woohoo
08:36:40 <Kevin L> Going fishing?
08:36:55 <Dave from B> Just my kids
08:37:01 <Kevin L> Just got my Sput.
08:37:19 <David A pdx> LC ie
08:37:25 <Eric> LC is kickin it up
08:37:32 <Dave from B> I hope we got ours today.
08:38:04 <Eric> Nice fishing reading material :-)
08:38:05 <Kevin L> I have a kid I would like to use for bait today.
08:38:13 <Eric> haha
08:39:04 <Eric> Man, you can really see the smoke
08:39:07 <Kevin L> I know why lions eat their young.
09:00:23 <Dave from B> Time to head out. Have a great weekend everyone!
09:00:34 <David A pdx> u2 Dave
09:00:46 <Eric> u2 dave, catch some nice fish :-)
09:01:02 <Kevin L> bye
09:01:22 <Eric> I sure do not like this view right now
09:01:29 <Eric> mostly of people....
09:44:14 <Mara> hullo Betty
09:45:19 <Betty> hey Mara, how are you?
09:46:54 <Mara> Daisy 1746
09:47:00 <Mara> I think
09:47:08 <Betty> yep7
09:47:10 <Mara> ...gah
09:47:14 <Mara> time zones
09:47:16 <Mara> 1646
09:47:33 <Mara> looking at my computer clock instead of the chat page time :)
09:47:46 <Betty> hehe
09:48:00 <Mara> I'm doing alright. Just starting to clean through my room in preparation for college. How are you?
09:51:06 <Betty> I´m back from a feast just a few minutes ago. I only had the geysers for a ew minutes today. I just logged into chat after BHI, but on the iPhone I can´t see the streaming cam so I missed BH :-(
09:51:54 <Mara> Sadface. Missing BH is never fun.
09:52:02 <Mara> ...but feasts sound fun. :D
09:52:05 <Betty> And I wished I had the VEC cam view back where you can see BH
09:52:27 <Mara> Or even the UGB static...
09:52:40 <Betty> right.
09:53:29 <Betty> The feast started today and will last 10 days. It is just in front of my house
09:54:58 <Mara> OF 1654
09:55:18 <Mara> Woo, ten days! Some sort of holiday?
09:55:38 <Kevin L> You Germans always know how to throw a party.
09:55:45 <Betty> I am on holiday for the next week because music and celebration goes up to 3 am.(I would never be able to catch enough sleep I could go to work :-)
09:56:46 <Betty> haha, you´re right, we take every chace to celebrate everything lol
09:56:54 <Betty> chance
09:57:22 <Kevin L> And one day is never enough!
09:57:39 <Betty> but this feast excists for more than 200 years
09:58:39 <Betty> Hey, Kevin, thought you headed out...
09:58:59 <Kevin L> I remember when I was there in 1976 and we were talking about how long 200 years was. We came into a town that had a sign saying 976 - 1976!
09:59:15 <Mara> Gonna eat some dinner. Be back later. :)
09:59:34 <Betty> see ya Mara
09:59:42 <Kevin L> I have been doing battle with my van today. Did get it to pass inspection though so I guess I get to drive it another year.
10:00:03 <Eric> hey betty,what is the name of the fest?
10:00:27 <Kevin L> Putting it back together but it is 108 out there so I work until I get too hot.
10:00:30 <Eric> bye mara
10:01:26 <Betty> Our town was founded in the year 1095
10:02:06 <Betty> the feast is called Erbacher Wiesenmarkt. You can google
10:02:31 <Eric> Someday I wan to go to starkbierzeit in Munich :-)
10:02:59 <Betty> go to the Oktoberfest. it is fun
10:03:04 <Kevin L> It was so fun walking through stadtmitte Hanau with those old buildings.
10:03:26 <Eric> too many people :-)
10:03:35 <Betty> haha
10:03:40 <Eric> I like beer....
10:03:51 <Betty> me too
10:03:58 <Eric> not so much drunk austrailian and english
10:04:01 <Kevin L> Did you know that the Hofbrauhaus has a place in Vegas?
10:04:33 <Eric> starkbierzeit is pretty much locals....
10:04:36 <Betty> I´ve been there 3 times. It is really like in Munich
10:05:07 <Kevin L> I love the pretzels.
10:05:36 <Betty> My hometown is near the Bavarian border, we have the Starkbierzeit 5 Miles away!
10:06:12 <Betty> I just had some today. Kevin :-)
10:07:08 <Eric> I love pretzels so much, I bought the domain name :-)
10:07:21 <Betty> cool
10:07:23 <Kevin L> They have a place that has some similar, but not quite the same.
10:07:43 <Eric> Always planned to open a big pretzels shop....
10:07:50 <Kevin L> Those pretzels down there are not big, they are HUGE!
10:08:28 <Betty> but the small ones are better.
10:08:56 <Betty> If you are starving, eat two ;-)
10:09:37 <Kevin L> Some of those could feed a family of 4 for a week.
10:10:03 <Betty> HAHA
10:11:02 <Kevin L> There was a great pretzel maker in Salzburg. He had a big one for a schilling and we always bought one.
10:12:25 <Betty> sawmill?
10:13:03 <Kevin L> Think Spasmadic.
10:13:51 <Betty> no further to the left
10:14:11 <Betty> uncertain?
10:14:59 <Kevin L> Can't see it on this monitor.
10:15:38 <Betty> definitely steam from the area
10:16:06 <Kevin L> I need a new monitor.
10:16:06 <Betty> but not as big as I would say it is sawmill
10:18:29 <Betty> I still started to plan our next vist to USA. Helps me to survive this year without yellowstone :-p
10:19:21 <Kevin L> It has been almost 3 years since I was there. Hope to make it in September.
10:21:00 <Eric> LC ie
10:22:34 <Betty> How is the night lighting now? maybe I will watch early.
10:25:31 <Kevin L> It has been good.
10:26:03 <Kevin L> Not sure how the smoke will affect it.
10:27:28 <Betty> what is it about the smoke. are there fires in the area?
10:28:49 <Kevin L> I guess that there are a few in the area. Not too unusual for this time of year.
10:30:42 <Betty> Now I need to head out. Have a great evening all. see ya
10:31:05 <Kevin L> Take care Betty. Have a good time!
10:32:26 <lc> have a good night everybody
10:37:52 <kc (working)> bump on the seismo
10:41:12 <Eric> ??
10:41:35 <Mara>
10:42:52 <Eric> Thanks, was looking here: and didn't see anything.
10:44:36 <Mara> Also recorded on other stations so I'm assuming it's a far off earthquake.
10:46:22 <Eric> Looks like jack hammer work at grant village: :-P
10:48:31 <kc (working)> just got the email, 3.1 southern idaho
10:49:20 <Eric> nice one
10:56:45 <ynpvisitor43> will Grand do a 9 hour interval again?
11:22:11 <Kevin L> There was a 6.0 EQ in Alaska today.
11:23:15 <ynpvisitor43> the cam is rockin
11:24:13 <Kevin L> Don't see anything this afternoon though.
11:27:41 <kcmule> slot ie
11:29:49 <kcmule> OF 18:29
11:34:39 <ynpvisitor43> RAIN
11:48:05 <ynpvisitor43> at least the rain is brief
11:56:48 <kcmule> dep ie
12:05:26 <kcmule> grand 19:05
12:17:51 <kcmule> may have missed daisy
12:18:47 <Kevin L> I think you got the tail end.
13:12:18 <kcmule> OF 20:12
14:50:31 <kc (away)> daisy ie
15:23:14 <Eric> It's Dark...Booo