Showing logs for date: 2014-07-20
22:01:57 <Betty> OF 00501
22:04:03 <Betty> a short
22:36:41 <Betty> Grand 0536
22:48:31 <lc> morning Betty
22:48:44 <Betty> Good morning, lc
22:49:08 <Betty> you are early today
22:49:16 <lc> nice morning in UGB
22:49:39 <Betty> yes, look at the red light. amazing
22:50:13 <lc> almost 0700 here.
22:51:39 <lc> that OF may have been a short, was hard to tell.
22:52:06 <Betty> I thought it lastet about 2 min
22:53:25 <lc> same here but couldn't tell if there was water in the steam.
22:53:48 <lc> should know in 15 min or so.
23:05:27 <Betty> sc ie
23:13:36 <lc> OF 0613
23:14:31 <lc> guess last OF was a short
23:20:22 <lc> morning Graham
23:21:01 <Betty> Hi Graham
23:21:26 <Betty> I´m back later, see ya
23:21:43 <lc> later Betty
23:29:01 <Graham> hello. see i missed the bear fun last night, cool video clip
23:30:05 <Graham> good tracking by kc
23:30:13 <lc> I missed it. you have a link?
23:33:05 <Graham> its on the GT page for yesterday, Event non geyser related
23:34:34 <lc> thanks
23:37:05 <Graham> heres the link too
23:37:30 <lc> I found it Graham, thanks.
00:03:04 <lc> Daisy 0703ie
00:04:57 <lc> probably 0702ns
00:45:53 <kcmule> plate ie
00:46:41 <Graham> morning kc, looks like you had a good evening on the cam
00:48:05 <kcmule> mornin. tried to step away for a while but then all the fun started
00:49:35 <Graham> first tree bear on the cam I think, and only bear this year.
00:49:58 <Graham> glad Lion kept you entertained too
00:53:04 <lc> I thought griz don't/can't climb trees.
00:53:28 <lc> guess that shoots that down.
00:56:57 <lc> OF 0756
00:58:14 <Kevin L> All we needed was a tiger.
00:58:25 <Graham> I think Griz are just less inclined to climb. The spot between Lion and Sawmill has had Griz feeding over several years
00:58:36 <Graham> and a moose :)
00:59:36 <Kevin L> I couldn't believe how that thing was moving in the trees. Looked more monkey than bear.
01:02:34 <lc> time for breakfast, bbl.
01:06:39 <kcmule> lion
01:09:25 <kcmule> anyone been online long enough to know if it is ini ?
01:11:44 <kcmule> seems long enough to be one
01:12:19 <Graham> i have not been paying attention, sorry
01:12:47 <Graham> looking at family FB pics, my sister just got home from a week there
01:13:16 <kcmule> steveo confirms ini
01:22:13 <Kevin L> Wonder if BH went early morning or if this is a long interval.
01:23:12 <lc> I have been wondering that.
01:24:06 <lc> guess the people on the BW don't think so.
01:25:10 <Kitt> no beehive yet
01:25:22 <Kitt> Barbara is watching it
01:26:04 <Kitt> back to chores
01:26:08 <lc> and she has been there a long time.
01:26:32 <Kitt> listening for dings
01:27:38 <Kitt> 19 is still in the norm for this summer
01:28:18 <Kitt> bbl
01:28:19 <lc> I haven't seen a splash all morning.
01:28:42 <Kitt> really?
01:29:10 <lc> no
01:29:21 <Kitt> hm
01:29:30 <Mara> seems to me that splashing has been minimal in general this season
01:29:54 <Kevin L> If Barbara is there that is a good sign it hasn't gone yet.
01:30:05 <lc> but at 19 hrs should be getting small ones.
01:30:18 <lc> I agree Kevin.
01:30:45 <Graham> GT mean is 17h14m, 5 of last 20 over 19h0m
01:31:13 <Graham> so 19 isn't really the norm, but not unusual
01:31:46 <Kitt> Rocco didn't hear it overnight
01:31:48 <lc> Kitt, didn't we see a couple of 22's?
01:31:55 <Kitt> yes
01:32:08 <Kitt> well a 20 and a 22
01:32:41 <lc> ok
01:32:49 <Graham> my stats were based on the last 20 on GT
01:32:52 <Kevin L> The water in Indicator post is manned.
01:32:54 <Kitt> so it sounds like it is pulling another long one
01:33:09 <Kevin L> Good shot at it in 45m.
01:33:17 <Kitt> yes, many eyes are on it
01:33:32 <Kitt> or the next hour and 45
01:33:40 <lc> who is there with B.?
01:34:23 <Graham> 4th July one was 20h12, longest in last 20
01:35:49 <lc> I remember one before the 4th that Donnie sat on about 6 hrs.
01:35:56 <Kitt> bee does just enough 14 and 16 hour intervals to trick people into waiting
01:36:15 <Kitt> I believe that was the 22 hour one
01:36:18 <lc> I think that one was around 22.
01:36:41 <Kitt> bbl
01:37:48 <lc> here comes Steve.
01:38:05 <ynpvisitor36> here comes Steve
01:40:11 <lc> bbl, waiting for alert.
01:44:58 <Graham> looking back at last 100 BH intervals, there were 3 intervals in a row the beginning of July and nid June with 20h+ intervals
01:46:07 <Graham> but there were also strings of eruptions under the mean too
02:02:33 <Michael> Just watched kc's video from last night. That's something I never thought I'd see at Old Faithful...
02:07:29 <Kevin L> That may explain the lack of wildlife in the basin this year.
02:12:06 <Kevin L> Great cam work last night kc. I think this event is almost as good as Graham's moose.
02:12:43 <Kevin L> Looks like I will be the sacrifice for BH today. See you all in the morning.
02:13:02 <Mara> Bye Kevin.
02:13:11 <Michael> Bye Kevin.
02:13:46 <Graham> so i need a video of moose chasing a bear now?
02:14:09 <Michael> A wolverine would do just fine.
02:14:51 <Mara> A bison, chasing a moose, chasing a wolf, riding a bear.
02:15:06 <Graham> would a mountain lion do too?
02:15:30 <Michael> Yes! All of the above!
02:17:13 <Graham> maybe Giantess start while zoomed in so you can see the boil start would count too?
02:17:23 <Mara> ooh
02:17:28 <Mara> I like the way you think
02:17:58 <lc> Giantess is going to wait until labor day.
02:19:05 <Graham> I am fine with that lc :)
02:19:14 <Michael> I saw a Giantess start on the still cam several years ago. Best "Hey, is that Aurum?" moment ever.
02:19:18 <Graham> Kevin is too I think, and Dave
02:19:43 <Graham> good one Michael.
02:20:09 <Graham> I remember the start on Christmas eve or whenever, just before dark
02:20:14 <lc> Kevin will be there labor day?
02:20:34 <lc> I remember that one Graham.
02:21:05 <Graham> I think he said he was going
02:22:31 <lc> thought he was going before labor day, not sure.
02:23:15 <lc> what day do you get there Graham?
02:24:06 <Graham> 30 Aug, late afternoon. u?
02:24:45 <lc> Aug 28, late afternoon.
02:25:47 <Graham> so early evening F&M followed by the cheese and whine party
02:26:25 <lc> sounds good.
02:29:45 <lc> OF 0929
02:53:47 <lc> domg
02:53:52 <lc> ding
02:54:07 <lc> .
02:54:08 <lc> .
02:54:09 <lc> .
02:54:09 <lc> .
02:54:36 <Michael> Thanks for waking me up!
02:54:39 <lc> .0953ie
02:55:54 <lc> that is very close to start.
02:56:14 <lc> some one send alert......
02:57:13 <lc> where is everybody
02:57:28 <ynpvisitor48> thanks LC. Have you told Kitt?
02:57:37 <lc> yes
02:57:44 <ynpvisitor48> Good
02:58:32 <lc> I called KItt
02:58:39 <kcmule> i will send txt
02:58:50 <lc> thanks kc.
03:00:38 <Kitt> I'm here
03:00:42 <Kitt> Thanks lc
03:00:49 <lc> not many people there
03:00:57 <lc> yw
03:01:07 <ynpvisitor48> I was thinking that too
03:01:08 <Kitt> they are probably waiting in the cabins for the call
03:01:26 <lc> did Graham leave?
03:01:59 <Kitt> maybe that is what bee was waiting for
03:03:26 <lc> B. stopped a few people.
03:03:52 <Kitt> they msst have been waiting at Aurum
03:03:58 <Kitt> must
03:05:03 <ynpvisitor100> The late night bear watchers are still sleeping
03:07:38 <Kitt> Beehive!
03:07:43 <lc> BH 1007
03:07:51 <Kitt> shower time
03:08:08 <lc> somebody could get wet.
03:08:28 <Kitt> bee is thinking Plume corner
03:08:46 <lc> really short.
03:12:28 <Kitt> thanks again for the call lc
03:12:37 <Kitt> now back to chores
03:12:49 <Kitt> have a good day everyone
03:15:40 <Michael> That was fun. See you all later.
03:44:22 <lc> probably missed Daisy
03:45:24 <lc> did Lion have a series of two?
03:47:53 <Gaffer> On the streaming cam, is that beehive 1/3 in from the right of the frame? i.e. where all the steam is billowing
03:50:07 <lc> Beehive is on the left, next to boardwalk.
03:55:43 <Jenna> OF 1055
03:55:44 <lc> OF 1055
03:56:49 <lc> that was a nice start
04:02:55 <Gaffer> Now I see it. Thanks.
04:03:09 <Gaffer> it = beehive
04:03:21 <lc> yw
04:12:47 <ynpvisitor44> Steam is Old Faithful
04:33:02 <Gaffer> 44. Thanks. Got it now.
04:36:19 <Jenna> it can be tricky to get your bearings at the beginning. we're happy to help if you have more questions.
04:48:45 <Gaffer> Thanks. I think it was the foreshortening of the distance between OF and the boardwalk behind it that threw me off.
04:48:59 <Gaffer> Looks beautiful today. Wish I was there.
04:49:59 <Jenna> we all do :)
04:57:01 <Graham> I see bee went just after I went to lunch
04:57:27 <ynpvisitor29> aurum
04:57:43 <lc> didn't know where you went
04:57:44 <Jenna> yes, you were the sacrifice
05:01:44 <Graham> took my mom to brunch
05:02:26 <lc> sounds better than BH anyway.
05:02:48 <lc> good for you.
05:02:54 <Graham> yep, more filling
05:12:59 <ynpvisitor82> Grand 1207 on GT
05:28:07 <Graham> OF 1227
05:29:52 <Graham> short
05:40:26 <ynpvisitor28> Time for Daisy? Maybe?
05:53:46 <Graham> Daisy 1253ns
06:39:38 <Graham> OF 1339
07:05:27 <Graham> headed out, have fun
07:05:39 <Graham> probably means Giantess will erupt now
07:06:06 <lc> we will let you know. g
07:06:18 <kcmule> never know round here
07:08:53 <kcmule> slot ie
08:19:49 <kcmule> OF 15:19
08:20:41 <lc> didn't think anyone was watching.
08:23:07 <kcmule> this is when the good stuff starts
08:25:42 <lc> I'm ready. g
08:26:24 <kcmule> sawmill 15:25ie woohoo
08:39:48 <kcmule> daisy 15:39
08:41:25 <lc> now Riverside and Castle about it unless Giantess.
08:55:20 <lc> i will check back later. when it is time for Giantess.
09:25:06 <kcmule> castle 16:24
09:25:48 <steve> Nice With a cooling wind
09:26:53 <kcmule> go castle
09:57:28 <kcmule> OF 19:57
10:01:24 <kcmule> *16:57
10:01:56 <steve> G
10:22:21 <Jenna> ..
10:23:09 <kcmule> plate ie
10:45:32 <Betty> LC ie
10:57:19 <kcmule> daisy 17:57ie
11:07:02 <kcmule> sawmill 18:06ie
11:11:36 <Jenna> .
11:22:44 <kcmule> OF 18:22
11:36:13 <kcmule> 23 min turban
11:36:32 <kcmule> 1808 1931
11:36:37 <kcmule> *1831
11:41:50 <Craig> Hi all!
11:42:58 <kcmule> hello
11:54:54 <kcmule> grand 18:54
11:54:55 <Jenna> Grand
11:54:55 <kcmule> .
11:56:26 <lc> shoot, missed the start.
12:00:54 <ynpvisitor55> so after another 23 minute Turban...
12:01:31 <ynpvisitor55> pretty time of day for Grand
12:04:29 <lc> 10 min
12:04:36 <ynpvisitor55> nice
12:04:46 <ynpvisitor55> 2nd
12:05:42 <lc> good one to end the day on.
12:05:52 <lc> have a good night all.
12:05:58 <ynpvisitor55> night lc
12:06:04 <lc> long second
12:06:23 <ynpvisitor55> 12 minute eruption!
12:07:08 <ynpvisitor55> hopefully some very happy folks there
12:07:45 <Craig> Jeeze whirligig has been crazy the past couple of days
12:07:48 <ynpvisitor55> any news today of what happened to the bear from the tree last night?
12:28:07 <Betty> Slot
12:28:13 <kcmule> slot ie
12:51:12 <kcmule> slot ie
12:59:24 <kcmule> OF 19:58
12:59:55 <Betty> Nice light
13:35:22 <kcmule> daisy 20:34
13:42:28 <kcmule> slot ie
14:09:22 <kcmule> slot ie
14:32:31 <kcmule> OF 21:32