Showing logs for date: 2014-07-25
19:40:42 <ynpvisitor21> hi
22:07:55 <lc> BH 0501 ie
22:08:14 <lc> probably ns
22:13:29 <Betty> morning lc. so I missed BH again for a few minutes.
22:14:05 <lc> good morning Betty
22:14:56 <lc> not much to see, still kind of dark.
22:15:23 <lc> was hard to tell if it was BH or Lion at first.
22:15:43 <Betty> have to leave again, I´m in a hurry. Have an appt.
22:15:51 <Betty> bbl
22:15:59 <lc> later.
22:21:16 <lc> OF 0520
22:21:29 <ynpvisitor62> Morning lc
22:22:29 <lc> morning Dave
22:22:55 <Dave from B> Darn...missed BH
22:23:08 <lc> I think that was a short.
22:23:25 <Dave from B> I think so
22:23:57 <Dave from B> Did we miss Grand?
22:24:49 <lc> may have gone before it got light.
22:25:38 <lc> you at work early
22:26:05 <Dave from B> Fresh manager is off today. Had to pickup freight at the airport at 0400.
22:26:44 <Dave from B> ..
22:26:45 <Dave from B> ..
22:27:34 <lc> that is early
22:28:01 <Dave from B> My wife is getting ready for today's garage sale. She went to bed 75 minutes before I got up.
22:28:40 <Dave from B> Page is very slow today
22:30:21 <Dave from B> ..
22:30:22 <Dave from B> ..
22:30:23 <Dave from B> ..
22:31:25 <Dave from B> ..
22:31:44 <Dave from B> This page is acting weird this morning
22:32:28 <lc> Daisy 0531ie
22:33:03 <Dave from B> Sleeping in looks like a big mistake today at UGB.
22:34:37 <lc> it is cool this morning, 33.
22:35:29 <Dave from B> Finally hit a 100 yesterday. First time in 2 years...cold front blew through around dinner last night. 50F this morning. Feels kinda cold.
22:36:34 <lc> 62 here this morning
22:38:00 <Dave from B> Less than a month before your next trip to OF?
22:39:01 <lc> we will leave one month from tomorrow.
22:45:05 <Dave from B> F&M almost up to 7 days
22:46:40 <lc> hate it when they act like this.
22:47:42 <Dave from B> Micah via FB saw another Improbable eruption last evening..up to 4', I believe
22:49:26 <lc> only two of the last 20 BH's less than 16 hrs.
22:49:46 <lc> where is Improbable?
22:50:22 <Dave from B> Across from Plume on same siode of bw as Anemone
22:50:43 <lc> PLH?
22:51:00 <Dave from B> Hope 20+ intervals on BH go away. 18 is a little better. I'd rather see 13-15
22:51:22 <lc> for sure.
22:51:30 <Dave from B> I think PLH is right next to Improbable...not sure exactly
22:52:20 <lc> I can't place it.
22:58:36 <Dave from B> How is ma doing?
22:59:36 <lc> doing good. keeping the girls this week.
23:01:37 <Dave from B> What do the girls like to do with games? baking?
23:01:53 <lc> Grotto is big this morning.
23:02:26 <lc> they like to cook.
23:03:52 <Dave from B> That's good news for you then!:)
23:04:30 <lc> yes
23:10:40 <Dave from B> I hope Grand went before light. Don't want another 9 hour interval
23:11:13 <lc> is that Turban now?
23:11:45 <Dave from B> could be
23:12:20 <Dave from B> Is that a seperate cloud to the right of Grotto?
23:12:20 <lc> I think it is.
23:12:43 <lc> looks like it.
23:13:19 <lc> could be from Rocket.
23:13:48 <lc> or Spa,
23:13:59 <Dave from B> That's what I was thinking. Do you know how long Grotto has been going?
23:14:20 <lc> not sure.
23:14:27 <Dave from B> I think of Brian every time I see Grotto Group activity.
23:14:32 <lc> maybe since light.
23:17:58 <ynpvisitor95> PLH is former name of Improbable.
23:18:30 <lc> so, when did that change?
23:18:49 <Dave from B> Thanks 95
23:18:58 <ynpvisitor95> A few years ago. People didn't like PLH as a name.
23:19:36 <lc> thanks
23:33:15 <Dave from B> OF 0633
23:35:05 <Dave from B> I see Steve O is awake already
23:35:50 <lc> Dave, you called it 10 sec before it started here and Steve logged it at 0732.
23:36:06 <lc> 0632
23:36:30 <Dave from B> I see that
23:42:00 <lc> down to 30 at 0615.
23:43:01 <Dave from B> Clear blue sky will do that.
23:43:49 <lc> yep
00:11:23 <Dave from B> lc, any feeling about Grand?
00:11:25 <lc> where are they going?
00:12:03 <Dave from B> Who? I missed it
00:12:39 <lc> on the left, way off the BW
00:13:07 <Dave from B> Are they back on now...I cvan't see anyone off the bw?
00:13:45 <lc> yes
00:14:01 <Dave from B> I've come to the realization that some people believe they can walk anymore on the planet they want to.
00:14:35 <lc> I agree
00:15:17 <lc> and take their dogs with them.
00:15:37 <Dave from B> Yep
00:16:05 <lc> don't know about Grand.
00:17:25 <ynpvisitor77> 30 might have killed some pesky mosquito larvae!
00:18:43 <Dave from B> ??
00:35:04 <Dave from B> That better be Oblong
00:48:07 <lc> missed Oblong
00:48:28 <lc> I sure hope Grand went before daylight.
00:51:10 <lc> ??
00:51:28 <lc> Turban ?
00:53:00 <lc> too big for Turban.
00:58:28 <Dave from B> I was away from my desk.
00:59:19 <Dave from B> I think it was Oblong. I'd didn't see length but it didn't seem big enough for Grand
01:00:06 <lc> not sure what it was, would have thoug Oblong but you had Oblong at 0735.
01:00:17 <Dave from B> I sure wish we had a camera downbasin...even a static one
01:00:57 <Dave from B> Maybe with cool air, Turban is looking big this morning
01:01:12 <lc> wonder if Steve and Kitt are in the basin.
01:01:36 <Dave from B> I bet they are
01:01:54 <Dave from B> No Fountain or Grt Ftn due
01:03:24 <lc> would think Steve would put Oblong in to GT.
01:07:09 <lc> Grand 0341E
01:07:41 <ynpvisitor59> Daisy
01:09:40 <Dave from B> So, we are seeing Turbans at the 4 hour mark?
01:09:49 <lc> no Daisy here yet.
01:10:09 <lc> I guess Dave.
01:10:33 <Dave from B> I must have missed Daisy
01:10:57 <lc> I didn't see it.
01:12:10 <Dave from B> Was someone trying to be funny or did something else erupt?
01:13:03 <lc> Udo logged Daisy at 0807.
01:13:19 <lc> how did we miss it?
01:13:54 <Dave from B> I'm always a part time looker...must have looked away at the wrong time.
01:14:23 <ynpvisitor55> Who's on first.?
01:15:19 <lc> I was here at 0807 and didn't see anything that looked like Daisy.
01:16:43 <Dave from B> haha 55
01:18:09 <ynpvisitor55> Look at the Superman kid on the boardwalk!
01:18:22 <ynpvisitor55> well, he was on the boardwalk
01:18:47 <lc> missed that. g
01:19:12 <ynpvisitor43> Was he carrying a whale?
01:19:21 <lc> guess its time for a break.
01:20:13 <ynpvisitor55> He was pretending to be Batman. Still on the bw right in front of his mom and dad VERY cute!
01:21:00 <Dave from B> He is wide awake this morning
01:21:17 <Kevin L> OK, red cape
01:21:23 <ynpvisitor55> natural caffine!
01:21:35 <ynpvisitor55> Blue and red (pink) cape
01:21:38 <Kevin L> Two of them
01:24:33 <Dave from B> Batman and Robin?
01:24:36 <Dave from B> Morning Kevin
01:31:25 <Kevin L> Hi Dave. Did that shelf sty up>
01:31:29 <Kevin L> stay
01:32:08 <Dave from B>'s still hanging
01:34:49 <Dave from B> Hope it doesn't fall on garage sale shoppers today
01:36:32 <Dave from B> I wonder how my insurance agent would like that ine.
01:36:39 <Dave from B> one
01:39:00 <Kevin L> I have had a couple fall, but they were ones I built myself and the kids thought you could put 1000 lb on them.
01:42:35 <Dave from B> I have stressed with my wife that you can't fill them all the way
01:43:09 <Dave from B> It is nice for things you only use a couple of times a year
01:43:23 <Kevin L> Nice to see somewhat shorter BH intervals but a longer one would have been nice today.
01:43:49 <Dave from B> Not likely to get another in daylight today unless it throws in a 14 for us
01:44:06 <Eric> Morning, Dave & Kevin
01:44:19 <Kevin L> Right. Hi Eric.
01:44:22 <Dave from B> Morning Eric...when you heading back home?
01:45:38 <Eric> Next week...going to be in the park 8/4-7
01:45:52 <Eric> Not many days...but hopefully good ones :-)
01:46:15 <Dave from B> Any day in the park is a good one...even if you get a foot of snow
01:46:28 <Eric> We are staying at Custer State Park in South Dakota for a few days as well.
01:46:31 <Kevin L> Sounds great
01:46:38 <Eric> I really love Custer State Park
01:46:54 <Dave from B> Lots of thing to do
01:46:59 <Eric> YNP and CSP are my 2 favorite parks in the country
01:47:19 <Dave from B> Our kids loved riding horse and paddleboats along with nighttime Rushmore p[rogram.
01:47:27 <Eric> CSP really should be a national park in my honest opinion.
01:48:18 <Eric> Riverside?
01:48:45 <Eric> never mind, grotto or artemesia
01:49:08 <Eric> or maybe giant ;-)
01:49:53 <Dave from B> I hear F&M is due
01:50:01 <Eric> I have never done the rushmore nighttime program...but you are the second person to mention it to me
01:50:15 <Eric> Do you need reservations?
01:51:08 <Dave from B> No reservations needed. One of the most emotional patriotic things you will experience. I highly reccommend it....and the fudge at the memorial!
01:51:44 <Eric> haha, ok :-)
01:53:29 <Dave from B> Have you taken the train from Keystone to Hill City?
01:53:47 <Eric> nope...that cool?
01:54:07 <Jenna> sounds like something I should do Dave
01:54:10 <Dave from B> I liked it but I love trains although not as much as Mr. Vegas.
01:54:22 <Eric> I like trains as well
01:54:39 <Dave from B> Jenna, Black Hills is a great place to take young kids. When Conor gets to 6 or older I would dfefinitely go.
01:54:43 <Eric> not a train nut, but I find them pretty darn cool.
01:54:45 <Dave from B> Morning Jenna
01:54:50 <Kevin L> Steam is so fun. Geysers & trains.
01:54:51 <Eric> Morning Jenna
01:54:56 <Eric> haha
01:55:36 <Eric> I biked the route of the hiawatha last year...very cool rails to trails route.
01:55:44 <Eric> In idaho and montana
01:58:36 <Kevin L> If I remember correctly that SD train uses a tank engine where there is no tender car. It is an uncommon engine type. And nothing beats a steam whistle.
01:59:12 <Dave from B> oops
01:59:40 <Kevin L> We expect that from you dAVE.
01:59:47 <Jenna> morning everyone. I will put Black Hills on my list Dave.
02:00:16 <Eric> Yes Jenna, the black hills are awesome.
02:00:26 <Eric> Iron Mountain Road is the coolest road in the country.
02:00:57 <Eric> Built entirely for scenic beauty with no regard to getting people from one place to another :-)
02:01:19 <Dave from B> I love the 3 tunnels that frame Mt cool
02:01:30 <Eric> yep, and the full 360 loops :-)
02:01:49 <Eric> You train guys should know what those are called...
02:02:23 <Dave from B> corkscrews
02:02:23 <Kevin L> Loops!
02:02:33 <Dave from B> Us wine drinkers now that term as well
02:02:48 <Dave from B> know
02:04:01 <Kevin L> Like the Georgetown Loop In Colorado, Williams Loop and Teachapi Loop in California.
02:04:07 <Dave from B> I have hiked near Sylvan Pass and walked by the site of a former road corkscrew bridge. Bridge isn't there but it is still cool
02:04:24 <Mara> I still think Needles Highway has Iron Mountain Road beat. :)
02:04:29 <Kevin L> Maybe we now why Dave spells that way now!
02:04:30 <Dave from B> ..
02:04:53 <Dave from B> We found and left behind (like we're supposed to) old license plates from car camps and lots of other fun stuff
02:05:04 <Dave from B> :D
02:05:38 <Dave from B> I have been on the Georgetown Loop
02:05:42 <Dave from B> Morning Mara
02:05:45 <Eric> Needles highway is pretty darn cool too Mara :-)
02:05:53 <Dave from B> Are the sputs ready to kill F&M?
02:06:02 <Mara> morning all
02:06:19 <Mara> ...they're about at that point, yes :D
02:06:22 <Kevin L> Hi
02:06:47 <Dave from B> I hope today is the day
02:07:07 <Kevin L> They do too!
02:08:29 <Mara> I had a delightful time scaring my parents to death by driving Needles Highway just a few weeks after I got my full license.
02:10:22 <Dave from B> Shame on you, Mara!:)
02:11:03 <Eric> Nice :-)
02:11:23 <Mara> it was stressful at the time, but I look back on it and just have to laugh because of the multiple exchanges we had
02:11:32 <Eric> I find it funny they call it a highway.
02:11:48 <Mara> it is a real US highway
02:11:57 <Eric> I had to remove my bikes from atop my van to get through the tunnels.
02:12:24 <Mara> and partway through they give up painting a center stripe
02:12:30 <Kevin L> Try the million dollar highway between Ouray and Silverton Colorado.
02:13:46 <Dave from B> Heinrich caught the firsg Grand today...actual time of 339
02:13:57 <Dave from B> Almost time for another
02:14:16 <ynpvisitor71> HK is back in the basin, no more missing Grand intervals for awhile!
02:14:47 <Kevin L> Blog is fun too.
02:15:00 <ynpvisitor71> yes
02:15:11 <Eric> whos blog?
02:15:32 <ynpvisitor71> HK, gesyers,org, right?
02:15:43 <ynpvisitor71>
02:15:48 <Kevin L> I think so.
02:16:42 <ynpvisitor71> Maybe F & M will go 10 days again, really drive some people nuts
02:17:21 <ynpvisitor71> though today would be a lovely day for an eruption
02:17:31 <CO Dave> I can second Kevin's comment on the Million Dollar highway - I just drove that one last week.
02:17:44 <Eric> thanks
02:45:29 <Mara> Castle
02:46:42 <Kevin L> Interesting bump on the OF seismo today. Don't see any big quake in the world that would have done that.
02:47:53 <Eric> anybody heard word on excalibur or giantess...they were all the rage last week :-)
02:51:19 <Mara> Excelsior. :)
02:51:31 <Mara> Both have quieted down as far as I know.
02:51:44 <Eric> oh ya :-P
02:52:02 <Eric> I was just working on a las vegas puzzle....
02:52:35 <Eric> thanks Mara
02:52:37 <Dave from B> haha, Eric
02:53:09 <Eric> Oh well, everything will change by the time I get there anyway...
02:54:11 <Mara> I leave in a week. A very, very long week.
02:54:26 <Dave from B> I hear there is also a Bellagio Geyser
03:01:25 <Eric> haha
03:01:34 <Eric> Many of them Dave :-)
03:01:35 <Kevin L> Do you still have white knuckles CO Dave?
03:01:37 <Eric> OF ie
03:15:32 <CO Dave> Kevin, yeah it was interesting. The initial climb out of Ouray with no guardrail or shoulder was the hairiest.
03:17:42 <Kevin L> Most terrified I have ever been traveling at 15mph! When you look at the mountain in Ouray you wonder how you are going to get over it.
03:18:57 <Kevin L> I would love to go back there again. Get some Starvin' Arvins biscuits & gravy and ride the Silverton train. Love the little steam engines!
03:19:24 <CO Dave> We rode the train both ways. Very rough tracks.
03:19:45 <CO Dave> Outstanding trip and scenery.
03:20:40 <Kevin L> One of the best rides anywhere. Love the highline area.
03:21:43 <CO Dave> The highline and the bridge at the start/end of it were excellent.
03:22:03 <CO Dave> Ever do the Georgetown loop Kevn?
03:22:10 <CO Dave> *Kevin, sorry...
03:23:05 <Kevin L> Oh yes. My daughter hid on the floor of the car when we did the Devil's Gate Viaduct. They had the shay engine to boot. Doesn't get better
03:24:12 <CO Dave> We did that about 10 years ago - kids were too little to be scared. Crazy how high up and narrow it is.
03:24:51 <Kevin L> It is an amazing piece of engineering. Glad they preserved it.
03:29:19 <ynpvisitor22> The original viaduct was torn down in 1939. The current one was built in 1984 to be a replica of the earlier one.
03:42:09 <kc (working)> lion
03:42:29 <Dave from B> Yeah
03:45:14 <lc> I think everybody is 30 sec ahead of me.
03:47:59 <Mara> Daisy
03:49:18 <Dave from B> lc, I'm going to be nice and not comment on your statement...maybe Kevin or Eric or Mara will "bite":)
03:50:25 <lc> Daisy now, here
03:50:45 <lc> thats 2.5 min
03:50:47 <Eric> That would put you a couple minutes behind lc, try refresh on the page.
03:51:03 <Eric> It should help sync up the video
03:51:33 <lc> well, it did something. Daisy is gone.
03:51:55 <Eric> Right now I see sawmill, spasmodic area
03:51:59 <lc> thanks Eric.
03:52:10 <lc> I had no idea.
03:52:47 <Eric> no problem, it happens quite often if your network cannot keep up with the video feed.
03:53:15 <Eric> or maybe your computer cannot keep up with it...
03:53:19 <lc> hope I can remember that.
03:53:22 <Eric> hard to say for sure
03:53:52 <Dave from B> Eric, now you made lc miss Daisy!
03:54:07 <lc> well, most of it. g
04:07:17 <Dave from B> Udo is parked at Grand
04:09:43 <lc> got to go, I may not be around much the next few days. company will be here soon.
04:10:08 <Dave from B> lc, have a good weekend!
04:10:36 <lc> I will check in from time to time.
04:10:40 <lc> later.
04:23:22 <Dave from B> Headed to can go now, Grand
04:28:52 <Mara> aaaand right on cue
04:28:56 <kc (working)> it did
04:29:17 <Kevin L> Grand ie
04:48:35 <Dave from B> ..
04:48:52 <Dave from B> Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
04:49:24 <Dave from B> Guess I'll have to wait another 7 hours
04:53:43 <Kevin L> Have a nice lunch Dave?
04:59:29 <Dave from B> Missed Grand and got stuck behind street line painters
04:59:56 <Dave from B> It had been 8 hours since breakfast...I couldn't wait any longer.
05:01:09 <Kevin L> That is why they make granola bars!
05:02:03 <Dave from B> Arby's Vanilla Shake was calling my name
05:02:19 <Jenna> have you had their orange shake?
05:03:03 <Dave from B> No, I haven't
05:03:33 <Jenna> me either
05:06:00 <Dave from B> Lion 1205ie
05:14:37 <Kevin L> I hear a Crown Burger Shake calling my name.
05:15:20 <Dave from B> Do they have one in your area?
05:17:52 <Mara> I am not familiar with Crown Burger
05:18:34 <Kevin L> No but once you have had their shakes, nothing else makes it. Artic Circle is also good, but they usually don't have boysenberry.
05:18:45 <Dave from B> Utah chain...Good fast food
05:19:07 <ynpvisitor95> 8 hours between breakfast and lunch! You eat at 4 AM?
05:19:15 <Kevin L> Crown Burger is around Salt Lake only. A must if you go by there. Bring a couple of Visa cards....
05:19:55 <ynpvisitor95> Spanky's in Dillon MT.
05:20:22 <Dave from B> I've never been to Dillon
05:20:36 <Kevin L> The crown burger is incredible. It is more or less a great hamburger with the trimmings topped with pastrami.
05:21:37 <Dave from B> 95, I ate breakfast at 330 this morning.
05:21:47 <Mara> The most I've seen of Salt Lake is the SLC airport - will definitely keep that in mind if I ever get to visit that area with time to spare.
05:26:47 <ynpvisitor95> Sorry Sparky's Garage.
05:31:25 <Dave from B> gazers are headed to....?
05:31:43 <ynpvisitor95> So when is the last time anyone has seen an animal on cam?
05:31:51 <Dave from B> Anemome?
05:32:00 <Dave from B> The bear last weekend
05:32:22 <ynpvisitor95> That must be will fan club
05:32:29 <ynpvisitor95> Will's
05:32:40 <Dave from B> most likely
05:32:51 <ynpvisitor95> Missed the bear, dang it.
05:33:56 <ynpvisitor95> Half of them have floppy hats
05:35:14 <Dave from B> 95, there is a clip of the bear on GT. I believe it is either last Friday or Saturday
05:36:28 <Kevin L> 95, here is the link to kc's capture:
05:36:30 <Kevin L>
05:36:57 <Kevin L> This was a griz in the tree making like a monkey!
05:43:42 <Dave from B> Any idea why the bear headed up....was he spooked by something?
05:44:05 <Dave from B> Smell of Geyser Grill scared him, maybe?
05:44:50 <Dave from B> How long was he up in the trees?
05:45:34 <ynpvisitor40> too many people chasing it with their iphones is my guess
05:46:52 <Kevin L> He was trying to find some fish for supper.
05:49:32 <Dave from B> fish in a tree? Is he blind?
05:51:32 <ynpvisitor40> ~
05:52:14 <Dave from B> Was he trying to shake them out of the tree?
05:52:43 <Eric> He should have just called Dave.
05:53:23 <ynpvisitor40> Obviously 95, they don't know
05:54:41 <Kevin L> He was trying to see where Dave"s store was
05:55:10 <Dave from B> That's more like it:)
05:55:46 <Eric> Dave is that a salmon in your pocket?
05:55:57 <Kevin L> It was the first bear on the cam this year. Might explain the lack of bison also.
05:57:10 <Dave from B> We have some monsters at the store today Wild King Salmon weighing almost 20 pounds
05:57:51 <Mara> do... do you ever get the urge to just slap someone in the face with a fish
05:58:43 <Eric> A 20 pound salmon to the face could probably do some serious damage.
05:59:45 <Dave from B> Yeah....That would be dangerous. I would like to toss one like Pike Street Mkt one time but never felt the urge to knock someone out with one.
06:04:51 <Kevin L> Could you mail me one of those Dave?
06:06:02 <Dave from B> I wish I could. Freight would be outrageous.
06:06:16 <Eric> Big OF
06:06:40 <Mara> Visitor center, what was the height of that last Old Faithful?
06:06:47 <Eric> haha
06:06:52 <Dave from B> haha
06:07:06 <Eric> at least 32 short people and 2 tall ones.
06:07:12 <Dave from B> I only heard that guy's question one time on my last trip.
06:08:02 <Dave from B> Last year, I would have liked to throw something at him
06:08:16 <Eric> Was it you Mara, on facebook, that said you measure geysers in exclamation marks?
06:08:21 <Mara> I heard it a couple times. And may have assisted in stepping on him once. Radio-wise, that is.
06:08:28 <Mara> Indeed it was, Eric.
06:08:36 <Eric> I loved that :-)
06:10:05 <Mara> :) I try
06:18:43 <ynpvisitor66> any F & M news?
06:20:27 <Dave from B> Mara, have you heard any?
06:20:59 <Dave from B> Lion is due
06:21:25 <Eric> A little past due...
06:21:26 <Mara> I have not.
06:22:06 <Mara> looks like we missed Aurum
06:22:31 <Kevin L> :p
06:22:45 <Eric> Who is driving this bus?
06:27:59 <ynpvisitor66> Friday is td I think?
06:40:54 <Kevin L> Plate 1340 ie
06:46:22 <Dave from B> LC 1346ie
06:46:39 <Dave from B> Lion series of 2?
06:47:04 <Eric> looks like it.
07:09:40 <Graham> its the weekend
07:12:04 <Dave from B> Hi, Graham
07:14:08 <Dave from B> Are you packed for YNP yet?
07:15:56 <Graham> haha not yet, thats still next month
07:15:59 <Graham> u?
07:18:01 <Dave from B> nope
07:22:13 <Graham> no F&M eruption or events, whats up with that. it does an under 3 day interval then keeps them waiting?
07:22:37 <Mara> sounds like F&M to me :)
07:23:39 <Graham> :(
07:24:05 <Graham> Dave and I are going to fix it, right Dave?
07:24:53 <Dave from B> I sure hope we can fix it.
07:25:03 <Dave from B> Still waiting for F&M #1 for me
07:25:47 <Graham> oh we have to get that fixed this Labor Day
07:26:02 <Graham> I hear F&M are worth seeing :)
07:26:37 <Dave from B> I've been trying for about 6 consecutive Labor Days...hope this is the one.
07:26:48 <Graham> I see Tara is there, maybe she will be able to fix it
07:27:50 <Mara> I'm looking for #2. And will have to decide how much time I'm willing to spend on those benches to get it.
07:28:10 <Dave from B> Mara, that is the dilemna. The price can be high!
07:28:36 <Dave from B> I thought I would hang out down there and learn about the Grotto Group.
07:29:51 <Dave from B> So, if you have a bike and you are at F&M and hear BHI can you make it?
07:32:32 <Mara> well, yes
07:32:47 <Graham> yes Dave. I have even walked it to the BH benches
07:33:17 <Mara> if BHI decides to be kind
07:33:38 <Graham> and you can watch SLot and Improbable - maybe Anemone too - and get down to F&M for most of its eruptions when it has events
07:34:48 <Graham> or wtach Atomizer and Artemisia
07:35:13 <Graham> you dont have to stay on the bench as long as someone else is watching and reporting events
07:35:28 <Graham> at least most of the times
07:35:36 <Mara> Dave, how long does it typically take to get from Billings to Old Faithful?
07:35:53 <Dave from B> About 4hr15m
07:36:28 <Dave from B> I would like to catch an Artemesia
07:36:45 <Jenna> what entrance do you use
07:36:53 <Dave from B> North Entrance
07:37:00 <Dave from B> Gardiner
07:37:21 <Dave from B> Beartooth is an extra couple hours
07:37:34 <Dave from B> East is about 30-45 minutes longer
07:37:57 <Graham> another good hangout spot for F&M is black Sand and Biscuit, you can hear the radio calls or relays
07:37:59 <Mara> I think we'll overnight in Billings then. Probably won't come in over the Beartooth seeing as we did that last trip.
07:38:23 <Graham> and Beartooth is slow
07:38:46 <Jenna> especially if you get behind an rv
07:39:32 <Dave from B> there is construction between Mammoth and norris but the delay was minimal on last trip
07:40:02 <Graham> wow nice short intervals for Pinto
07:44:08 <Mara> Have they been longer when it was previously active?
07:44:47 <Graham> I don't remember seeing it more than once a trip before, so I think this is quite frequent.
07:49:23 <Graham> while waiting for F&M you vcan always relax on the Giant bench and hope it erupts
07:52:34 <Dave from B> Wouldn't that be nice. I hope it activates sometime in the next decade
07:54:26 <Eric> Is there a geyser chat channel other than 4 5?
07:54:44 <Eric> For non reports :-)
07:56:29 <Mara> If you want to contact someone specific, you can call them to 5 5 for a brief chat. I keep my secondary radio on the channel that the sputs use to communicate with each other. But there isn't a general channel for non-geyser calls.
07:57:47 <Eric> Thanks Mara :-)
07:59:14 <Eric> I was going to say, we haven't zoomed in on the lookout yet today :-)
07:59:40 <Eric> It's a Friday thing....
08:00:14 <Mara> Gotta get down on Friday...
08:01:06 <Eric> Webcam wavers...
08:04:57 <Mara> think LC is ie
08:09:16 <Eric> something on BW
08:09:25 <Eric> Not sure what yet
08:09:30 <Dave from B> Carpets are getting cleaned in 15 minutes. Time to get the office ready. Have a great evening everyone!
08:09:45 <Eric> u2 dave
08:10:23 <Mara> farewell Dave
08:10:56 <Eric> Looks like those people are at an impass with something.
08:12:18 <Eric> come on zooom back in!
09:12:43 <Craig> Hello Everyone!
09:12:59 <Craig> Why are people gathered by Plume?
09:13:51 <Mara> OF soon, probably.
09:14:25 <Craig> Ah
09:14:41 <Craig> Runoff from Giantess is very colorful!
09:18:58 <Craig> NiceOF
11:11:17 <Betty> Grand 1810 ns
11:23:55 <Betty> Slot ie
11:46:05 <ynpvisitor94> time for Daisy?
12:07:30 <Betty> Lion 1907 ini
12:21:48 <ynpvisitor92> Aurum 19:21
12:27:15 <Betty> OF
12:29:36 <ynpvisitor94> nice evening in the basin
12:35:00 <ynpvisitor92> Yes it is. Be nice to get a Beehive before dark.
12:40:40 <ynpvisitor57> Hilarious FB post from Steve O. He brought his fishing pole to OF.
12:43:18 <ynpvisitor57> Evening Betty
12:43:30 <ynpvisitor57> How was the festival today?
12:45:16 <Betty> Hi 57. Festival was nice.Was there until 1 am :-)
12:45:41 <ynpvisitor57> Why are you up so late?
12:45:48 <Betty> lots of people there today
12:46:09 <Betty> geyser gazing :-p
12:47:17 <Betty> waiting for Bee
12:50:08 <ynpvisitor94> SteveO made a pole to grab hats...
12:50:49 <ynpvisitor57> sounds like he's been pretty successful thus far.
12:51:50 <ynpvisitor94> the windy days have brought about a LOT of hats lately
12:52:54 <ynpvisitor57> I know I've had to hold on to mine at times this year. even worse for a gazer to lose one!:)
12:54:11 <ynpvisitor94> I wonder if he brought his pole to Norris today
12:55:18 <ynpvisitor57> Nice to be home after working 13.5 hours today.
12:58:57 <ynpvisitor57> Headed for family time. Have a good evening everyone...except for's almost morning!
12:59:35 <Betty> yep, 4 am. bye
14:29:15 <ynpvisitor92> Lion 21:30
14:30:13 <ynpvisitor92> Super short eruption or huge roar?
14:45:27 <ynpvisitor94> too bad, no daylight BEE