Showing logs for date: 2014-07-27
21:01:34 <Betty> Morning, Terry. You are early
21:15:56 <Terry> Morning, Betty. Thunder stroms here in New York State woke me up.
21:16:20 <Betty> Ugh. not to bad I hope
21:16:27 <Betty> too
21:16:45 <Terry> No- just noisy!
21:16:57 <Betty> good
21:18:00 <Terry> I believe you are 6 hours ahead of me, so your day has been underway for quite awhile.
21:18:29 <Betty> yep. noon here
21:20:40 <Terry> My Sunday morning paper is here. Only news I get on paper anymore. it;s a Sunday tradition I can't give up.
21:22:28 <Betty> we get newspaper here too. I can understand you :-)
21:23:33 <Betty> view on webcam is dark, so I´ll get some things done. will be back later. Enjou your paper
21:24:01 <Terry> I will, thanks!
22:27:43 <Betty> OF 0527
22:30:57 <Betty> Grand 0530 ns
22:38:48 <Betty> lc, are you around?
23:30:53 <Graham> morning
23:31:17 <Betty> morning Graham
23:54:20 <Betty> hughe anemone bursts
00:07:54 <Graham> they are going to drive Micah away
00:08:30 <Betty> OF 0708
00:09:43 <Betty> what does that mean?
00:10:37 <Betty> OF short
00:13:28 <Betty> I deleted my Grand entry from 0530, Suzanne is at Grand and it has not erupted yet. At 0530 that was Oblong erupting
00:14:14 <Graham> k
00:14:25 <Betty> So we are in Grand and Daisy window
00:14:35 <Graham> i meant the huge Anemone bursts will drive Micah away because he likes the little things
00:14:50 <Betty> ahhh, hehe
00:15:36 <Betty> so he can go to PLH :-)
00:17:33 <Graham> maybe but if it gets bigger he will have to wander elsewhere
00:18:11 <Betty> I tried to contact lc this morning just after I posted that false Grand, because he made a 2nd entry. I found it was too short for Grand, but did not bother because lc `confirmed`Grand :-(
00:18:44 <Betty> Giantess has big boils
00:26:22 <Betty> Turban times in GT
00:27:34 <Graham> thanks. short intervals, Grand should be soon
00:29:07 <Betty> Daisy
00:29:28 <Betty> 0728
00:30:17 <Betty> wow, impressive steam cloud
00:41:13 <Graham> Suzanne is having a long wait
00:43:36 <Graham> been out there since around 0430 probably
00:44:05 <Betty> that´s a long wait, indeed
00:57:21 <Graham> grand 0756
01:09:58 <ynpvisitor59> Aurum?
01:10:13 <ynpvisitor59> Giantess boil. :(
01:14:47 <lc> morning
01:15:02 <Betty> Hi lc
01:15:16 <lc> Oblong fooled me this morning.
01:15:27 <Betty> me too :-)
01:16:18 <lc> I did think it was a little short but I wasn't paying close attention.
01:16:54 <Betty> that was what I thought
01:17:32 <Betty> short but lc saw the same as me :-p
01:18:07 <Betty> glad that Suzanne corrected us and we did not miss it
01:18:26 <lc> for sure.
01:19:27 <Jenna> ,,
01:26:39 <lc> did OF just end?
01:27:14 <Betty> did not watch, don´t know
01:28:57 <ynpvisitor27> Yes.
01:29:08 <ynpvisitor27> Started about 0820, but not certain of that time.
01:29:32 <lc> thanks, I thought so.
01:35:56 <Betty> cam is very choppy
04:28:49 <ynpvisitor21> 18 hours, come on B
04:30:29 <ynpvisitor44> Would be good....
04:32:54 <ynpvisitor60> OF 1131 late ie. A long
05:34:02 <ge> ding
05:34:04 <ge> ding
05:34:08 <ge> ding
05:34:12 <ge> ding
05:34:16 <ge> bhi
05:34:58 <ge> 12:13 per GT
05:34:59 <Jenna> ..
05:38:34 <ynpvisitor78> hmmm, 25 minutes now then......
05:38:55 <ge> not good
05:40:12 <ynpvisitor78> tick tock tick tock tick tock
05:44:11 <ynpvisitor78> Daisy 1244 ie
05:44:40 <ynpvisitor21> I had to change a flat- I was sure I would miss BH. If this keeps up, I wish I had missed it
05:47:33 <ynpvisitor74> Did we just have a false indicator?
05:47:44 <ynpvisitor74> Is it still going?
05:48:42 <ynpvisitor82> so no BH?
05:48:52 <ynpvisitor82> maybe Graham foreshadowed that yesterday
05:48:57 <ynpvisitor74> I just got on..nothing on GT but BHI
05:49:14 <ynpvisitor74> So ,we can blame it on Graham
05:49:15 <ynpvisitor82> no one is at BH
05:49:24 <ynpvisitor82> always blame it on Graham, safe bet
05:49:26 <ge> False indicator
05:49:31 <ynpvisitor55> bh erupted
05:49:38 <ynpvisitor82> thanks 55
05:49:48 <ynpvisitor82> when did it erupt?
05:50:06 <ynpvisitor55> soory no time
05:50:07 <ynpvisitor82> not a soul is there, so I figured it must have gone
05:50:11 <ynpvisitor21> oh good, I did miss it!
05:50:20 <ynpvisitor74> Whew!!
05:50:35 <ynpvisitor82> much better to miss it than a false indicator
05:50:49 <ynpvisitor82> is F & M really going to go 10 days?
05:51:22 <ge> Nothing on GT. Will posted BHI, so good bet no BH. I checked in @12:34 and it looked like BHI was going
05:51:28 <ynpvisitor82> maybe they all got called to F & M so they did not post BH
05:51:43 <ynpvisitor82> well 55 thinks it erupted ge
05:51:49 <ge> We can only hope
05:51:52 <ynpvisitor82> and no one is there now
05:52:08 <ynpvisitor82> people would be watching a false indicator, right?
05:52:55 <ynpvisitor82> SteveO confirmed BHI
05:53:12 <ge> We might have to wait for barbara's nightly report
05:55:24 <ynpvisitor82> VEC would know too
05:57:56 <ynpvisitor74> I see Grand has thrown a couple of long intervals this weekend
05:58:04 <ynpvisitor74> OF 1257
06:02:36 <ynpvisitor14> BH posted at 1229
06:02:39 <ynpvisitor21> .
06:03:39 <ge> good
06:04:15 <ynpvisitor21> good, I was still outside, GLAD I missed it
06:05:05 <ynpvisitor14> better to have missed it than a false indicator
06:05:20 <ynpvisitor21> absolutely
06:06:00 <ge> sorry for the problem. What i saw was the tail end ob BH"s steam phase
06:06:07 <ge> of
06:06:37 <ynpvisitor21> now, about that Rockpile...
06:07:14 <ynpvisitor74> I heard we had a lock that didn't happen yesterday.
06:07:57 <ynpvisitor14> as of noon yesterday Angle was still doing a marathon type thing
06:43:02 <Craig> Hi all!
06:43:15 <ynpvisitor14> afternoon
07:41:55 <Graham> Aurum 1441ie, not sure of my lag
08:09:52 <Graham> Daiisy 1509ie
08:11:26 <Betty> nice
08:16:26 <Betty> Grand window
08:26:48 <Betty> no Lion yet?
08:28:11 <Graham> any reason?
08:28:38 <Betty> hmmm
08:29:18 <Graham> long time since the last report
08:38:55 <lt> Grand?
08:39:07 <Graham> Grand 1538ie
08:48:36 <Betty> Plate
09:00:03 <lt> OF
10:01:53 <kcmule> slot ie
10:27:03 <kcmule> slot ie
10:33:30 <kcmule> lion 17:33ns ini
10:39:43 <kcmule> OF 17:39
10:42:17 <kcmule> daisy went during lion
11:43:56 <ynpvisitor55> Lion 1843
12:12:49 <ynpvisitor18> OF 1912
12:49:19 <ynpvisitor77> Lion 19:49
13:06:25 <kcmule> daisy 2006ns
13:44:17 <lt> mmmm, OF
13:56:36 <kcmule> lion 20:56ns
13:57:23 <lt> nice sunset colors for it
14:33:25 <lt> Grand?
14:34:12 <kcmule> sure wasnt expecting that
14:34:45 <lt> I just got home today, so really have no idea what the windows have been
14:35:19 <kcmule> well that was a 5h 52m interval
14:35:40 <lt> wow
14:35:42 <lt> yeah
14:35:47 <lt> that's on the short side. :)
14:36:03 <lt> (the kicker is, I saw the earlier one too, I just have no sense of time today.)
14:36:47 <kcmule> shortest interval in quite some time on gt
14:37:12 <lt> it wanted to get in on the daylight?
14:37:26 <lt> this is really an overly enthusiastic Turban and we're suffering a mass delusion?
14:38:22 <kcmule> shortest int since may3 just eyeballing the data
14:39:17 <lt> it knew I got home and is making up for 2 weeks of no geyser observations
14:39:23 <lt> that must be it. ;)
14:42:34 <kcmule> bonus grand, cant complain about that
14:43:25 <lt> :)
14:43:29 <Craig> It was grand
14:43:52 <kcmule> yes, no doubt
14:44:16 <kcmule> headin out, ttyt
14:44:26 <lt> the grandest Grand that ever was. on Sunday July 27 2014 at 9:40ish pm
14:44:37 <Craig> XD
14:57:38 <lt> Aurum maybe? lots of steam there
14:57:49 <lt> ...and probably Micah at Anenome
15:06:38 <Craig> Bee?
15:06:54 <Craig> Lion?
15:12:35 <lt> I missed it. no idea.