Showing logs for date: 2014-08-02
23:20:20 <Betty> OF 0620
23:30:55 <Betty> Lion 0630 ie
23:54:42 <Betty> possible Grand 0654 ns
23:55:20 <Betty> I think it is not Oblong, too big the cloud
23:56:34 <lc> morning Betty
23:56:50 <lc> looks like Grand
23:56:57 <Betty> morning lc
23:58:36 <Betty> I love this early morning sun/shadow lighting in the basib. Doesn´t that look great :-)
23:59:15 <lc> yes, I agree.
00:00:44 <Betty> now I have some things to be done, I´m late for everything ;-) I´m back in the afternoon. Have a nice morning, lc.
00:01:11 <lc> you to
00:36:31 <ynpvisitor72> .
00:49:15 <David A pdx> Good morning everyone!
00:49:41 <ynpvisitor84> Good morning David
00:51:04 <David A pdx> nive view of OF!
00:51:45 <ynpvisitor84> OF 0750 somewhere in that fog
00:51:57 <David A pdx> LOL! somewhere!
01:10:55 <Kevin L> I see the Bills play tomorrow kc
01:12:29 <kcmule> big day today for Andre
01:13:35 <Kevin L> We do have a former Bills player living in Nevada.
01:18:26 <Kevin L> I wonder if BH has not gone yet. Seems to have a few customers.
01:59:44 <Kevin L> of 0859ie
02:24:41 <ynpvisitor72> ding
02:24:42 <kcmule> nice
02:24:46 <ynpvisitor72> ding
02:24:48 <Kevin L> .
02:24:49 <Kevin L> .
02:24:50 <ynpvisitor72> ding
02:24:54 <ynpvisitor1> ding
02:25:01 <Jenna> now let's hope the customer cooperate
02:25:04 <lc> indy
02:25:15 <ynpvisitor16> BHI 0925 ie
02:26:18 <Kevin L> Trying to send alert, but it won't let me.
02:27:18 <kcmule> i will try
02:28:05 <kcmule> sent, but not received yet
02:29:05 <lc> I didn't get it yet
02:30:04 <Kevin L> ty kc. when I get to the site it only has a search function for me.
02:31:40 <kcmule> yw. i look forward to getting all the alerts later, or probably tonight
02:31:58 <kcmule> about 3am
02:32:40 <Jenna> I'll make sure to turn my phone on silent before bed
02:33:45 <Kevin L> With this interval, it may be Sunday afternoon!
02:34:19 <Kevin L> .
02:38:29 <lc> BH 0938
02:39:46 <lc> and they come runing back. g
02:40:38 <lc> almost 23hrs
02:43:35 <Kevin L> Nice tall eruption
02:44:03 <lc> and nobody got wet.
02:45:51 <Kevin L> Not liking these long intervals.
02:46:35 <lc> sure like 12-14 hrs better.
02:46:49 <Kevin L> Me too
02:47:13 <lc> bet its going to do a short before long.
02:53:03 <Kevin L> Tossed the chrome cookies and rained out works again.
02:56:23 <ynpvisitor1> question - when were those really good boils on Giantess? A few weeks ago?
02:57:15 <Kevin L> There were some good ones yesterday but I thin the ones you are talking about were about a week ago.
02:57:50 <ynpvisitor1> OK thanks
03:09:33 <ynpvisitor1> found it, July 16-17
03:10:26 <lc> you beat me, I just found it on 7/16
03:11:51 <ynpvisitor1> I was hearing about Butterfly minors, those should go into GT, for the record
03:31:37 <lc> Daisy 1031
03:36:31 <lc> taking a break, bbl.
03:40:40 <Jenna> OF 1040
04:25:09 <Graham> oblong?
04:25:19 <Graham> 1124ie?
04:34:26 <Graham> Slot 1134ie
04:35:14 <Jenna> afternoon Graham
04:39:28 <Graham> hi Jenna
04:52:39 <Graham> I see Barbara re[ported event cycles yesterday although none made it onto GT
05:08:13 <ynpvisitor76> plate ie
05:19:22 <Graham> OF 1219
05:24:28 <Polly> Hi Everyone!
05:24:45 <Graham> hi Polly, how r u?
05:24:50 <Polly> Kitt says that there is a very good event cycle going on at Fan & Mortar.
05:25:02 <Polly> Still in a River Vent Pause, I think.
05:25:13 <Graham> nice
05:25:14 <Polly> I'm good, Graham. How are you doing in the hot summer?
05:25:23 <Graham> Barb said there were a lot of events yesterday
05:25:35 <Graham> although none are on GT
05:26:30 <Polly> That's what Kitt said, too. Although yesterday's apparently had little splashing in MV.
05:26:54 <Polly> This one sounds like a good one.
05:27:17 <Graham> would be a good interval to go now
05:27:38 <Polly> Yup
05:41:12 <Graham> let us know when the vents quit :(
05:42:38 <Polly> Actually, I've got to run some errands - hope it erupts for them!
05:42:52 <Polly> Talk to you later.
05:42:53 <Graham> k, cya
05:54:53 <Polly> Hi again
05:55:07 <Graham> wb
05:55:13 <Polly> Kitt says no eruption
05:55:25 <Graham> boooo
05:55:33 <Graham> so off to Grand
05:55:47 <Polly> She says it expended a lot of energy, but not ready yet I guess.
05:56:48 <Polly> Anyway, really off to run errands this time!
05:56:52 <Polly> See you later
05:57:00 <Graham> bye
06:02:14 <Graham> Daisy 1301ie
06:53:58 <Graham> OF 1353
07:02:04 <Betty> good afternoon
07:04:38 <Jenna> hi Betty
07:05:16 <Betty> Hello Jenna, any house news?
07:08:07 <Jenna> I am anxiously awaiting the current owner to call me so we can take one final look
07:08:24 <Jenna> as long as my dad doesn't find anything horrible, we'll most likely make an offer
07:08:29 <Jenna> LC
07:08:42 <Betty> hey, that´s great news!
07:09:01 <Jenna> I am very excited, it's been a long search
07:09:10 <Betty> fingers crossed :-)
07:09:17 <Jenna> thanks, mine too :)
07:09:37 <Betty> where is the house?
07:12:11 <Jenna> about 15 min north of us, in SE iowa
07:12:31 <Jenna> it's where I went to school, so I want my son to do the same
07:12:55 <Jenna> right next door to my cousin so I think it's a good fit
07:13:03 <Betty> that´s fine.
07:14:07 <Jenna> big yard for Conor and "man cave" area for Scott so they're happy
07:14:25 <Betty> I bet :-D
07:14:41 <Jenna> he'll get to buy a big tv and a riding lawn mower
07:16:14 <Betty> haha, that means a lot of fun
07:16:24 <Jenna> for him yes lol
07:16:41 <Betty> mowing every 2nd day
07:16:47 <Jenna> I'll get a two car garage which is great for our crazy winters
07:17:06 <Jenna> I think the novelty will wear off fast lol
07:17:31 <Betty> lol
07:20:33 <Jenna> are you recovered from your festival? I missed the details...
07:21:23 <Betty> oh, yes. Everything went back to normal. that was really a fun week
07:21:55 <Jenna> what was it for?
07:23:18 <Betty> It is every year for ten days in my hometown. You can compare it to famous Munich Oktoberfest, but is not that big of course
07:24:09 <Betty> It is celebrated for more than 210 years, very traditional
07:26:26 <Jenna> wow that sounds really neat
07:26:45 <Jenna> do you have to work during those ten days?
07:28:59 <Betty> no, I took holiday this year. Not going to Yellowstone, so I had to take holidays otherwise :-p
07:30:28 <Jenna> ah
07:30:30 <Betty> It is really hard not to have holidays during the festival, because music and celebrating folks are out till 3 am :-(
07:30:31 <Jenna> but usually you do
07:30:41 <Jenna> yeah that would be exhausting
07:30:50 <Jenna> Yellowstone next year?
07:30:59 <Betty> yes!!
07:31:06 <Jenna> woohoo!
07:32:01 <Betty> I don´t know how I can stand it this year without yellowstone...
07:32:18 <Jenna> it's tough
07:32:34 <Betty> it is :-(
07:32:37 <Jenna> I worked for two years, took a summer off and then went back. that summer off was torture.
07:36:18 <Betty> hanging around in the cam chat makes it feel easier
07:38:34 <Jenna> yes it is a form of therapy for sure
07:38:54 <Betty> true
07:39:17 <Jenna> I also am on tripadvisor for Wyoming, that also helps
07:44:58 <Betty> LC
07:49:00 <Michael> Only here for 20 mins. Maybe Grand will go on this Turban?
07:50:52 <Graham> doesnt look like it
07:51:56 <Jenna> headed out. have a good afternoon everyone.
08:34:49 <Graham> of 1534
09:00:41 <Graham> Grand 1559
10:09:12 <Graham> of 1708
10:10:50 <Graham> short
11:09:42 <Graham> of 1809
11:10:11 <Graham> Daisy 1810
11:12:12 <Andrew> evening
12:05:55 <Graham> lion 1905ie ini
12:15:11 <Graham> quitting now, hopefully someone will be watching for the dancing moose
12:15:39 <Graham> goodnight
12:16:01 <Andrew> niht
12:16:07 <Andrew> *night
13:33:18 <ynpvisitor11> Lion 20:33
13:34:41 <ynpvisitor17> Daisy 2035
14:35:42 <ynpvisitor88> Wow, a sunset OF when I just checked in!
14:44:21 <ynpvisitor88> Even deeper sunset Lion