Showing logs for date: 2014-08-09
23:04:30 <Graham> lovely morning
23:58:56 <Kevin L> OF.
23:59:18 <Kevin L> Heading out to crash expensive rockets. See you this pm
00:00:10 <Graham> bye kevin, have fun
01:51:41 <lc> looked like OF erupted a few min ago.
01:52:01 <lc> guess everybody missed it.
01:57:56 <ynpvisitor31> Looked like OF was just over when I signed on about 0844. That doesn't help much though.
01:58:53 <lc> guess thats kinda what I saw. g
02:09:45 <lc> Dave M. got OF 0839.
02:22:13 <ynpvisitor31> Something in the Grand area is steaming.
02:22:20 <ynpvisitor31> Maybe Oblong?
02:38:00 <Jenna> looks like Riverside steam
02:43:46 <ynpvisitor31> That is looking like Turban.
02:44:04 <ynpvisitor31> Given the timing, I bet what I thought might have been Oblong was probably a Turban too.
02:44:20 <ynpvisitor31> Daisy ?
02:44:58 <lc> sure looks big for Turban
02:45:26 <ynpvisitor31> High humidity will make everything look extra steamy. But we are in the window for Grand.
02:45:29 <lc> may be Grand
02:46:11 <ynpvisitor6> I think Grand as well
02:46:42 <lc> I'm thinking Grand.
02:49:51 <Jenna> Oblong was at 920
02:50:16 <ynpvisitor31> Grand 0943
02:50:30 <ynpvisitor31> So I was wrong on both counts. :(
02:50:37 <Jenna> and yes Daisy was at 944 31
02:50:50 <ynpvisitor31> At least I got that one close.
02:51:40 <ynpvisitor6> 31, Turban also was probably erupting at 0943:)
02:51:57 <ynpvisitor31> g
02:52:19 <lc> you called the Oblong.
02:52:31 <lc> that was a good call.
02:53:11 <ynpvisitor31> Just glad someone is in the basin posting times.
02:53:29 <lc> that always helps/
02:55:29 <lc> looks like 1b.
02:56:38 <Graham> SO f&m WATCH STARTS TONIGHT?
02:56:44 <Graham> oops
02:57:40 <lc> won't that be a little early?
03:03:04 <ynpvisitor31> Looks like the sun is burning off the haze.
03:03:27 <Graham> it will be 3 days, statistically a bit early but there has already been one that early
03:04:36 <lc> just hope they will move to daylingt eruptions.
03:04:39 <ynpvisitor6> I think they need 1 more good nights sleep since they are still recovering from the Bechler
03:05:36 <Graham> then F&M will erupt tonight :(
03:15:34 <ynpvisitor31> OF 1015 ie
03:15:39 <ynpvisitor31> Didn't see start.
03:18:46 <ynpvisitor31> Looks like a long, but can't be sure without the actual start time.
03:20:34 <Graham> starting 1020 here
03:23:17 <ynpvisitor31> Well, at least you know how long you have to get things done before an eruption can be seen on your computer.
03:24:43 <Graham> it was a long
03:25:36 <ynpvisitor31> See how useful that was? :)
03:48:04 <lc> going for a walk
04:44:00 <Graham> OF 1143
05:17:07 <Graham> Daisy 1216
05:25:54 <Graham> stepping away for a minute
05:27:26 <ynpvisitor80> .
05:39:49 <Graham> nothing happened?
06:22:23 <Graham> OF 1322ns
06:34:05 <Graham> Castle 1333ie
06:39:48 <Graham> second minor
06:40:22 <Graham> Slot
06:48:01 <Jenna> ..
06:48:59 <ynpvisitor80> ..
06:49:11 <ynpvisitor80> .
07:14:02 <Graham> Slot
07:14:45 <Kevin L> Is that next to Video Poker Geyser?
07:15:56 <Graham> yeah, thats your local Nevada geyser
07:40:34 <Graham> Daisy 1440ns
07:45:15 <Graham> Slot
07:53:15 <Graham> OF 1452
07:55:07 <Graham> yeah a short
07:55:32 <ynpvisitor20> why yeah? another one sooner next?
07:55:49 <Graham> something different
07:56:27 <Graham> need BH or Lion to livenm it up
07:56:55 <ynpvisitor20> maybe Lion soon
07:57:23 <Graham> BH is probably going to be a while
08:07:34 <ynpvisitor20> Lion looks ready though
08:08:00 <ynpvisitor20> Q the sun
08:11:58 <ynpvisitor6> Grand and BH coming up
08:12:07 <Graham> Slot
08:12:13 <ynpvisitor96> how big was this drone that we are hearing about?
08:12:39 <ynpvisitor20> we do not know the size, they usually are not very big, big enough to hold a smaller size camera
08:12:58 <ynpvisitor20> way too much is being made of it, like all things Yellowstone lately
08:14:31 <Graham> WT
08:14:38 <ynpvisitor20> not in Grand window yet
08:15:27 <ynpvisitor96> I don't like seeing anything thrown in to a feature
08:15:41 <ynpvisitor6> I think NPS is trying to publicize drone event to inform public ti is now illegal.
08:15:54 <ynpvisitor20> well it was not exactly thrown 96
08:16:55 <ynpvisitor20> I do not think NPS is publicizing it, the viral world is, NPS is just responding, in small amounts
08:17:17 <ynpvisitor20> Maybe Lion will go for this big group
08:18:10 <ynpvisitor20> getting the word out that drones are illegal now in Yellowstone is a good thing though
08:22:30 <ynpvisitor6> We have seen too many conewalkers and vehicles off roading this year.
08:33:13 <Graham> Lion 1532ns ini
08:33:30 <Graham> nice crowd for it
08:39:48 <ynpvisitor20> did stream go off?
08:40:22 <lt> appears to have
08:40:28 <ynpvisitor20> drat
08:40:33 <ynpvisitor20> bad timing for that
08:40:58 <ynpvisitor20> did Graham break the cam?
08:41:08 <lt> he likes to do that
08:41:16 <ynpvisitor20> I know
08:41:20 <Graham> my view is still working :)
08:41:35 <Graham> but the stream isnt
08:41:35 <ynpvisitor20> so unfair
08:41:44 <ynpvisitor20> personal cam
08:41:58 <ynpvisitor20> so now we know you broke it
08:42:16 <ynpvisitor20> wonder how that happens, no line outage then
08:44:10 <Graham> i dont watch the stream when i am running the cam, not enough bandwidth to my home
08:46:40 <ynpvisitor20> put it back please
08:57:57 <Graham> kevin - can you PM me
08:58:43 <ynpvisitor20> did OF erupt Graham?
08:58:52 <Graham> no
08:59:25 <Graham> but you might check GT
08:59:27 <ynpvisitor20> so was it a short then?
09:00:28 <Graham> the bug is erupoting
09:00:39 <ynpvisitor20> what bug?
09:00:53 <Graham> may se it on VEC cam ghiven the wind
09:00:56 <lt> argh
09:01:01 <ynpvisitor20> as in BH?
09:01:02 <Graham> the bee
09:01:10 <lt> indy's going
09:01:26 <lt> BH hasn't been posted yet but I would guess soon
09:01:33 <Graham> it has quit now
09:02:19 <ynpvisitor20> it finally erupts mid day and the cam is down...
09:05:26 <Graham> OF 1605
09:10:06 <Graham> HK called the Turban time to assist the BH watchers
09:10:51 <ynpvisitor20> nice of him...
09:11:41 <ynpvisitor20> no blog from him for the 8th, that is unusual
09:20:08 <Graham> headed out now, hope the stream comes back
10:18:08 <Kevin L> So BH went while the stream was down?
10:21:51 <ynpvisitor64> its back up now
10:22:10 <Kevin L> But BH is back down. :p
10:23:57 <ynpvisitor64> grand down
10:32:24 <Kevin L> Sounds like a good night to watch TV.
10:59:25 <lt> Lion
10:59:31 <lt> 1759 ie
12:17:31 <lt> Lion
12:17:40 <lt> 1917ie
14:10:46 <ynpvisitor99> ooh, nice sky