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23:53:14 <Dave from B> Morning everyone
00:14:47 <Dave from B> Lion 0714ie
00:17:31 <ynpvisitor68> very pretty
00:17:49 <Dave from B> Great looking morning in the basin
00:18:49 <ynpvisitor68> Yes. Nowif you could just organise a short interval BH....
00:19:11 <Dave from B> OF 0719ie
00:20:07 <Dave from B> BH shouold erupt this morning but who knows when
00:20:23 <ynpvisitor68> Quite so.
00:36:37 <Dave from B> Riverside 0734ns wc per GT
00:37:58 <Dave from B> Morning CO Dave
00:38:39 <CO Dave> Maybe if I talk about going to get breakfast BHI will start...
00:39:04 <CO Dave> due for Grand too
00:39:20 <Dave from B> Grand was at 0345
00:39:42 <CO Dave> oops. stale GT page for me.
00:42:00 <Dave from B> 2 F&M Cycles this morning
00:43:24 <CO Dave> Depression ie 0743
00:59:49 <Dave from B> Grand will probably go really late today; I have a meeting at 1300.
01:14:59 <Kitt> I could sure use a Beehive right now
01:17:45 <Dave from B> Morning Kitt
01:18:08 <Kitt> yes, the sun is in the right place
01:18:28 <Kitt> hi, sorry, it has been a very long weekend
01:19:16 <Dave from B> Anxious to get back to OF?
01:20:04 <Kitt> next visit will be Labor Day weekend
01:20:56 <Kitt> that person left bee
01:21:19 <Kitt> wonder if radio called them away
01:22:27 <Kitt> sure miss ugb cam
01:22:38 <Kitt> Lion
01:22:50 <Kitt> 0822
01:23:27 <Dave from B> oops
01:24:02 <Kitt> well maybe it will choose to erupt in the daytime
01:24:57 <Kitt> is that slot or plate
01:26:10 <Kitt> oh well, I will listen for text and hope for indy soon
01:26:25 <Kitt> time to get busy with paperwork mound
01:26:41 <Dave from B> Have to you soon
01:42:48 <Paul L.> Morning everyone
01:43:43 <Jenna> .
01:43:43 <Jenna> .
01:43:43 <Jenna> .
01:43:44 <Jenna> .
01:43:44 <Jenna> .
01:43:44 <Jenna> .
01:43:45 <Jenna> .
01:43:48 <Jenna> indiy
01:44:05 <Jenna> or indy
01:44:16 <Jenna> anyone around to send text?
01:44:39 <Jimbo> I was wondering if anyone called Indy
01:49:04 <Jenna> OF 849 ie
01:49:24 <Jenna> where's Dave?
01:49:58 <ynpvisitor68> thank you. Could hear the dings from the other room
01:51:21 <Kitt> thanks for the texts
01:52:40 <Kitt> looks like it will be a fuzzy one, unless a breeze is helpful
01:56:19 <Dave from B> I'm here. Was on the phone
01:56:50 <Dave from B> Morning Jenna, Paul, Jimbo, kc
01:57:24 <ynpvisitor1> Nothing better than turning on the computer and stumbling on an indy
01:57:54 <Jenna> morning Dave
01:59:06 <Dave from B> Another 21 hr interval. Eruption tomorrow will be around 0600 +- a couple hours
01:59:06 <Tammy> No text for BHI this morning?
01:59:20 <Kitt> I got a text
01:59:21 <Dave from B> will = should
01:59:25 <Jenna> I got mine
01:59:37 <Dave from B> Aurum 0841 per GT
01:59:53 <Jenna> yeah...I'm going to miss tomorrow's bee
02:00:23 <Tammy> Weird. Mine never came through. But I stumbled upon it, so I'll take it anyway.
02:01:59 <Kitt> Go Big Bee! Really, really BIG!
02:02:17 <Dave from B> fuzzball
02:03:31 <Dave from B> BHI is big
02:04:42 <Kitt> nice and tall bee
02:04:47 <Kitt> they've got rainbows
02:05:59 <Kitt> that was a feel good moment
02:06:25 <Kitt> have a good day, time to get busy
02:06:27 <Kitt> bye
02:08:06 <kc (working)> dep ie
02:23:09 <CO Dave> Are we seeing Turbans?
02:24:19 <CO Dave> just wondering if Grand is warming up yet.
02:24:29 <CO Dave> That appears to be Oblong at the moment.
02:40:19 <ynpvisitor26> Daisy
03:19:06 <Dave from B> OF 1019ie
03:19:43 <Dave from B> I wonder if anyone will move from the rockpile to watch Grand
03:22:38 <Dave from B> Was that a short?
03:27:01 <ynpvisitor77> So Grand did an interval under 6 hours again? It sure is all over the place.
03:27:28 <ynpvisitor77> Split Cone
03:30:02 <Dave from B> Grand sure is all over the place
03:30:32 <Dave from B> My daughter got a strange call yesterday 3 days before she leaves for college...
03:30:40 <kc (working)> event cycle going on now per Ryan
03:31:19 <Dave from B> She was asked to be an RA for an upperclassman dorm....she was an alternate but was passed over until someone cancelled.
03:31:28 <Dave from B> Thanks, kc
03:33:01 <ynpvisitor77> is she taking the RA position?
03:34:00 <Dave from B> Yes, she is. And for once, the college bill decrased! And, it will look good on the resume.
03:34:40 <Tammy> Where is she going to school?
03:35:12 <Dave from B> Wash U in St. Louis
03:37:33 <Tammy> Good for her! I hope she has a great experience as an RA.
03:39:29 <Dave from B> She is excited. She isn't really increasing her workload either.
03:39:56 <Dave from B> She resigned from one of her other 2 volunteer committees with their blessing.
03:41:09 <Dave from B> C'mon nice today
03:42:09 <ynpvisitor77> from under 6 to 10 hours is a big window
03:42:50 <ynpvisitor77> it is F & M that you want to be nice, for the basin peeps
03:43:11 <ynpvisitor77> Mara is sleep deprived waiting for it, pretty sure
03:43:16 <Dave from B> Yes, so they can return to the rest of the basin!:)
03:43:47 <Dave from B> Ryan's last day of work was yesterday. He leaves in 4 days. He's planning on staying there the whole time until it goes.
03:44:18 <Dave from B> It seems there are very few Grand intertions in the 8-9 hour interval range upon a quick glance.
03:44:21 <ynpvisitor77> it will perhaps test his endurance
03:44:34 <Dave from B> What's an intertion?
03:44:41 <ynpvisitor77> still 2 almost 10 hours in a row there a bit ago
03:45:08 <Dave from B> I mean plenty under 8 and plenty over 9. Seems to be a gap in the middle.
03:45:10 <ynpvisitor77> ha ha, missed that
04:05:56 <ynpvisitor79> slm
04:06:18 <Dave from B> 79, this isn't that type of chat room
04:13:19 <ge (working)> Morning (here) to all
04:17:56 <Eric> Morning...
04:19:07 <Tammy> Good morning ge and Eric
04:19:14 <Dave from B> Morning ge & Eric
04:19:33 <Eric> hey hey...looks like a beautiful day in the UGB
04:23:16 <ynpvisitor54> stilll no Grand?
04:23:36 <ynpvisitor54> the event cycle must have come to naught
04:36:58 <Dave from B> Afternoon Kevin
04:37:15 <Kevin L> Hi
04:37:35 <Eric> hey kevin
04:46:15 <ynpvisitor54> I sent people to Grand hours ago...oh well
04:47:01 <Eric> Nice day to sit at grand :-)
04:47:18 <Dave from B> Lion 1147ie
04:47:28 <Dave from B> 54, Grand is waiting for after 1300
04:47:42 <Eric> I see no lion
04:47:54 <Eric> I see OF
04:48:00 <ge (working)> same here
04:48:04 <Eric> Is my stream way behind?
04:48:05 <Dave from B> I spy LC 1148ie
04:48:40 <Eric> I see no LC either
04:48:54 <Eric> Can I have some of what you are drinking ;-)
04:49:03 <Dave from B> Eric, are uyou watching the right NPS cam?:)
04:49:19 <Eric> apparently ge & I are some place else.
04:49:28 <Eric> I even refreshed.
04:49:30 <Dave from B> Sure you're not in Glacier or Yosemite?
04:49:43 <ynpvisitor54> Lion was before OF
04:49:54 <ynpvisitor54> and Dave, I hope Grand does not take until 1300
04:50:04 <Dave from B> I must be way behind?
04:50:09 <Kevin L> Not much water at Yosemite. My computer is really having attitude problems today.
04:50:11 <Dave from B> I'll hit refresh
04:50:39 <ynpvisitor54> Dave, you posted Lion at 1147...
04:50:42 <Kevin L> Not sure if that was short or long. Thinking short.
04:51:00 <Dave from B> Lion start time from basin was 1139
04:51:17 <Dave from B> wow
04:51:21 <Eric> I totally missed lion some how
04:51:33 <Eric> The stream is really jittery for me too.
04:51:36 <Dave from B> I missed OF
04:52:07 <Kevin L> CC said she had issues also. You may want to refresh more oftern today. Took me over 30m just to log into the controller this morning.
04:52:45 <Eric> Grand
04:53:01 <Eric> Can anyone else see it? :-D
04:53:49 <Kevin L> ty Eric. I could not see it on the viewer.
04:53:52 <Eric> thanks kevin
04:54:22 <Dave from B> All I see is a waterfall!:)
04:54:26 <Dave from B> Yippee
04:55:38 <ynpvisitor54> i wonder if it is happening in real time?
04:56:23 <Eric> Maybe, but I would question any wc times on GT today.
04:59:48 <Kevin L> I have real time view. It is ie.
04:59:59 <Dave from B> 1152 field start time
05:00:50 <Eric> ya, kevin...I assume your view is being fed directly from the camera, instead of through pixelcaster
05:02:00 <ynpvisitor54> so 10 minutes in already
05:02:27 <ynpvisitor54> I have stop and go Grand on my monitor
05:02:29 <Kevin L> I do have to use a tiny picture on the controller or it gets really choppy for public feed, so I use the public feed for the most part.
05:02:57 <ge (working)> just rebooted-I see Grand
05:03:21 <Eric> I think grand is done :-(
05:03:32 <Eric> unless we get a second...
05:03:32 <ynpvisitor54> or not
05:03:39 <ynpvisitor54> beautiful
05:03:46 <ge (working)> nice 2nd burst
05:03:46 <ynpvisitor54> that was massive
05:03:49 <Dave from B> :)
05:03:53 <Eric> haha, I had not seen that yet :-)
05:04:00 <Eric> I must be delayed again
05:04:01 <ynpvisitor54> see Dave, you got to see Grand after all
05:04:11 <Dave from B> Yes...and a good one
05:04:14 <ynpvisitor54> that was quite the burst
05:04:22 <ynpvisitor54> two directional
05:04:41 <Dave from B> Maybe a 3?
05:05:00 <Eric> I think kevin lost control
05:05:16 <Dave from B> That makes sense
05:07:26 <Dave from B> Kind of like Kevin's rockets?
05:09:20 <Dave from B> Hi, Betty
05:09:21 <Betty> Daisy
05:09:30 <Dave from B> GThanks
05:09:32 <Betty> Hi Dave
05:09:50 <Betty> 1209
05:09:58 <Eric> hi Betty
05:10:09 <Betty> hi Eric
05:10:12 <Paul L.> Wow it just opened up on us. thunder, lighting and rain
05:10:25 <Eric> Hey Paul
05:10:33 <Eric> That was the prediction for today.
05:10:39 <Paul L.> hi Eric
05:10:44 <Eric> Ugly weather to go with the high temperature
05:10:54 <Paul L.> ya well they nailed it
05:11:19 <Paul L.> heading you way
05:11:20 <Eric> It hasn't hit me yet up here, but I expect it some time today.
05:11:23 <Paul L.> your
05:11:57 <Paul L.> how hot you get yesterday?
05:19:28 <Eric> Sorry, froze up ther reached nearly 100 and muggy
05:21:48 <ynpvisitor54> the cam is almost like watching a slow motion movie today
05:22:21 <Kevin L> I am expecting to see the keystone cops run by anytime.
05:25:32 <Tammy> I've been having trouble with the stream today too. I'm glad to know it's not just me.
05:34:05 <Paul L.> it got 102 down here Kevin
05:34:40 <Paul L.> I bet your laughing at that temp
05:35:13 <Kevin L> We have been nice. Under 100 for about a week!
05:36:51 <Paul L.> well the good news is we only get that type of temp about once a year. So we don't have to worrie about it any more this year. lol
05:37:43 <Kevin L> We are supposed to go up to the mid 100s later this week, but that still isn't bad at all.
05:38:26 <Jenna> is this the part where I mention we're 74 degrees with a gentle breeze? :)
05:39:00 <Kevin L> You can do that. Just remember that I will mention temps in January!
05:39:17 <Betty> 68 here
05:39:17 <Dave from B> Suppose to be 98F in Blgs today
05:39:27 <Paul L.> That's ok Jenna, It's 64 degrees now
05:39:29 <Dave from B> 2nd hottest day of the year
05:40:59 <Jenna> I expect nothing less Kevin!
05:41:10 <Jenna> that's warm Dave
05:41:11 <Kevin L> Gee Dave, that is hotter than the forecast here!
05:45:02 <Dave from B> Lion 1244ie
05:45:05 <Kevin L> Lion 1244
05:45:19 <Eric> I see it too!!!!!
05:55:42 <Dave from B> Time to head into a meeting. Save Giantess for when I return, please.
06:02:37 <Jenna> OF 1302
06:04:40 <Jenna> Kevin I sent you an email
06:06:17 <Kevin L> Let me check.
06:51:43 <Tammy> Lion
06:52:48 <Tammy> Except maybe it was just teasing?
07:09:31 <Kevin L> That umbrella looks like a model rocket parachute.
07:21:45 <Dave from B> How was Giantess?
07:22:07 <Betty> 1 burst
07:22:12 <Kevin L> It was great Dave. You would have loved it!
07:22:18 <Betty> 400ft
07:22:47 <Dave from B> Wow! Nice treat for all of you.
07:23:08 <Betty> lasted 10 min at that height
07:23:10 <Kevin L> Flooded the bw by Anenome.
07:26:11 <Dave from B> So much overflow that it killed fish in the Firehole?
07:26:45 <Kevin L> Hey Dave, I see you are going to get MeTV on channel 48.1 (KJCZ) in late August!
07:30:37 <Kevin L> Overflow cooked the fish for the osprey.
07:37:56 <Betty> headed out. bye all
07:43:25 <Kevin L> Daisy & Castle ie 1442
07:44:01 <CO Dave> that's a neat dual.
07:44:10 <CO Dave> castle looks large.
07:44:51 <CO Dave> and OF 1444
07:45:53 <Kevin L> That should be the rest of the geysers for my shift.
07:46:22 <Tammy> So there's a little trifecta happening now? That's exciting!
07:50:47 <Kevin L> We get them all at once, then break out the NoDoz.
07:55:57 <Dave from B> How did the geysers know I was away from my desk?
07:56:23 <Tammy> Dave from B, they're tricky like that.
07:56:28 <Kevin L> Lucky guess
07:56:35 <Dave from B> Kevin, regarding MeTv...I'm not even sure why I have TV's. Haven't watched much in the past month.
07:57:37 <Kevin L> Once you get MeTV that may change! About 30% of what I watch is MeTV.
07:58:59 <Kevin L> Here is a link to their shows:
08:00:20 <Dave from B> wow. llots of good memories wiith those shows. Always watched bonanza, Emergency, Adam 12, Kojak, Columbo
08:01:12 <Kevin L> They had the Happy Days where Mork was first shown last night. It was great.
08:01:36 <Dave from B> Yes, that was a funny show as well.
08:01:39 <Kevin L> Hogan's Heros is always fun too.
08:03:28 <Kevin L> You may be a bit young for Car 54, Dobie Gillis, and Phil Silvers but they are good. Gilligan is a beatnik on Dobie Gillis (Maynard G Krebs).
08:04:03 <Dave from B> 7 years is a long time in show business
08:04:50 <Kevin L> The nice thing is the shows are all good for the whole family.
08:05:55 <Dave from B> New Family shows are harder to find every year.
08:07:01 <Kevin L> I just about tossed the TV until this network came out.
08:08:14 <Kevin L> We have a few old TV networks here. Antenna TV is also great. I am watching Dick Van Dyke right now and then Green acres comes on. Switch to MeTV and it Adam 12!
08:08:48 <Dave from B> Petticoat Junction was also one of my favs.
08:11:29 <Kevin L> Me too. Liked the trains. Other things were nice on the reruns.
08:15:03 <Dave from B> Where is lc?
08:15:25 <Kevin L> I haven't seen him today.
08:15:42 <Kevin L> Fishing trip?
08:18:13 <Kevin L> Another show you may like is Wanted Dead or Alive. A very young Steve McQueen plays a bounty hunter. And Svengoolie is the cheesy Saturday night monster movie host most cities had in the 60's.
08:23:18 <Dave from B> I imagine gazers are not happy at F&M right now.
08:23:48 <Kevin L> Not much else to do though
08:32:26 <Dave from B> Must be time for Grand to erupt...Time to go home. Have a great evening everyone!
08:32:34 <Eric> cya dave :-)
08:32:45 <Kevin L> Bye Dave.
08:42:14 <Kent> When you are looking in GT at a specific geyser and one of the balloons on the map says "Baseline" any idea what it means?
08:45:07 <Kevin L> Yes. That is a measured distance on the boardwalk to the geyser. If you have an angle finer (commonly used in model rocketry) you can get an angle of the eruption and trig out the height.
08:45:48 <Kevin L> Usually marked by a small disc (about the size of a medium washer) screwed into the bw.
08:46:30 <Kent> Thanks Kevin. I had no idea, but will pay attention next time I am out there.
08:48:10 <Kevin L> I know there is one for BH, Aurum, Giantess, Grand, Castle, Giant. Great fountain also has one.
08:51:45 <Kevin L> If you try a calculation, don't forget to adjust for eye height.
08:54:11 <Kent> Took me a minute, but now I understand
09:23:17 <Kevin L> OF 1623
09:42:08 <Graham> heppy Tuesday
09:42:50 <Kevin L> Happy happy happy....
09:47:21 <Graham> looks like Micah has been busy at F&M - well not busy, just at F&M :)
09:48:38 <Kevin L> Not much else to do today.
09:50:07 <Graham> but Barbara did catch Aurum
09:50:58 <Kevin L> Should be another one soon. Probably during Daisy.
10:09:08 <Graham> Daisy
10:09:17 <Kevin L> Daisy 1709
10:10:36 <Kevin L> FYI Graham, hit the refresh often today. Really bad lag.
10:11:16 <Graham> it keeps stopping, probably wont watch it much
10:13:06 <Kevin L> It has been horrible all day.
10:24:46 <ynpvisitor100> What's my prize?
10:26:24 <Kevin L> You get a chance at Gaintess.
10:30:48 <ynpvisitor100> Now, if you spelled Giantess just for did you know it was me?
10:31:14 <Kevin L> Lucky guess
10:31:30 <ynpvisitor100> I'm trying to catch the afternoon/early evening Grand for a change
10:31:47 <Graham> you can have a reserved seat on the F&M bench?
10:32:11 <ynpvisitor100> I thought F&M was sold out?
10:32:27 <Kevin L> Was distracted by car chase on Adam 12.
10:32:54 <kc (working)> stubhub, 100
10:33:05 <Graham> thats your prize for staying all night long
10:33:05 <ynpvisitor100> :D
10:33:18 <Graham> you just have to push the other all-nighters away
10:34:18 <Graham> maybe they will realize that as long as one person is there and others are on the phone tree tey can sleep sometimes
10:34:23 <Dave from B> Kevin, not sure you heard. My oldest found out she is going to be an RA at school in 3 days. Nice 15% discount off the next 2 years of college!:)
10:34:51 <Kevin L> That is exciting news!
10:34:51 <Dave from B> True, Graham. It only takes 1 person to watch a rockpile
10:34:57 <Graham> cool, good for her and you
10:35:20 <Dave from B> And, it will be good for the resume as well
10:35:22 <Graham> i turn my radio off and leave the phone on
10:35:57 <Graham> too much radio chatter in the evening/early night
10:36:08 <Dave from B> I bet the full moon was fantastic at F&M last night
10:36:31 <Kevin L> Burns up batteries.
10:36:38 <Dave from B> Aren't you supposed to stay awake while standing guard?
10:36:52 <Kevin L> We had clouds that covered it.
10:38:24 <Kevin L> Castle is a great full moon geyser. BH also.
10:38:41 <Graham> i turn off the radio while in bed sleeping, stay awake at F&M, yeah thats important, don't want to wake up to the burst from main vent making you wet ... oops should have called people
10:40:09 <Dave from B> I don't mind waking up to BHI at 0130 in the morning. Still hard to actually get out of bed though. With it only going once a day I don't want to miss it.
10:40:33 <Dave from B> A geyser shower would be a nice way to wake up
10:41:02 <Graham> not when you are the one supposed to sound the event cycle alarm
10:41:33 <Dave from B> Of course....that wouldn't make others very happy.
10:41:47 <Kevin L> Calling you just missed F&M could shorten your life if you were the watcher.
10:42:04 <Graham> different watching in winter, you can leave for an hour and go back, theres nobody to call down
10:42:44 <Dave from B> I'm sure some have missed calling geysers before.
10:44:32 <Graham> i know, but when you are doing shifts its important, otherwise it breaks down and you have to stay all night
10:45:03 <Graham> I was glad in 2007 when i didnt call the hot periods overnight until the one at first light - which Giant erupted on
10:45:16 <Graham> so I called the right one
10:45:52 <Graham> I was worried my batteries woudl run out with hourly hot periods
10:49:26 <Dave from B> I wouldn't know what to call at either F&M or Giant. I guess I'm going to have to learn.
10:50:22 <Graham> the basics are not hard. if you see vents in front of Giant eruptingits a hot period. if Main vent is splashing or Bottom vent is erupting its an event cycle
10:50:44 <Graham> that will get people coming
10:51:10 <Dave from B> I'd be afraid of calling a lock and it not erupting
10:51:19 <Graham> knowing what a pause is at F&M helps - but they are not hard to tell
10:51:27 <Graham> you dont need to call a lock
10:52:01 <Graham> thats just in the final stages, if people wanted to be there thsy should already be there
10:52:26 <Graham> lock is somewhat subjective too, some people call them early, others later (me)
10:52:51 <Graham> and F&M don't always erupt as happened earlier this year
10:53:15 <Graham> so don't be afraid to call, someone will come to help
10:53:16 <Dave from B> I do have the unlocking experience...nothing quite like it.
10:53:39 <Graham> yeah its a downer
10:54:05 <Graham> but if you see tons of water coming out like that, call and say theres lots of water
10:54:07 <Dave from B> Especially, when you have to leave for home right after it
10:54:47 <Graham> and sometimes there are no events, so even the experts can't give much warning
10:55:43 <Graham> I have had to run from Oblong, gazers have sometimes made it back to the hams only to have to dash back because it picked up suddenly
10:56:31 <Kevin L> In the Grand window Dave.
10:56:51 <Graham> time for Dave to leave?
10:57:04 <Dave from B> 20 minutes until dinner
10:57:15 <lt> so Grand in 20
10:57:25 <Dave from B> Not going to go on this Turban, then
10:57:39 <Dave from B> I need my bike for F&M
10:58:02 <Graham> it helps
10:58:16 <Graham> but you can just spend all day at F&M and not need it
10:59:13 <Kevin L> How are your teeth Dave?
10:59:18 <Dave from B> haha
11:00:18 <Dave from B> Haircut Thursday at noon. Next dentist Oct 22 at 1530. Put those times on your calendar.:)
11:01:01 <Graham> Giantess during Dentist visit? Rained out message comes just before you go in
11:01:56 <Dave from B> That has already happened this year to me Graham for last Giantess
11:01:56 <Dave from B> My phone was vibrating while I was in the chair
11:01:58 <Dave from B> OF 1802
11:03:03 <Dave from B> Did you hear a concession employee is missing due to illegal inner tubing on Yellowstone near Tower Junction
11:03:17 <Dave from B> 2 other safely got to shore
11:03:37 <Graham> nice Dave, i bet that relaxed you
11:03:45 <lt> I saw about the search but didn't click through
11:03:48 <Kevin L> That doesn't sound too smart.
11:04:06 <Graham> I saw the missing person report
11:05:02 <Dave from B> Some many people forget the fact that YNP can be a dangerous place if you don't respect it.
11:05:09 <Dave from B> Some = So
11:07:02 <Dave from B> Yea...kc is done working
11:07:43 <Dave from B> Turban?
11:07:52 <kcmule> amazing the page let me
11:10:30 <Dave from B> Hi, Jake
11:10:47 <Jake> hello
11:12:34 <Dave from B> When are you moving?
11:13:48 <Jake> oh, we moved!
11:15:00 <Kent> Gotta go. Someone please note Aurum so I can feel bad about missing it.
11:17:24 <Jake> thinking about going down to see the mid-day F&M tomorrow
11:17:38 <Dave from B> Bye Kent
11:17:46 <Dave from B> Congrats, Jake
11:17:59 <Dave from B> Make sure you eat my fish in Liningston!
11:18:18 <Jake> where is your fish?
11:18:42 <Dave from B> Town and Country, Matt's Meat Shoppe, 2nd Street Bistro
11:18:59 <Dave from B> Or, I can UPS
11:19:23 <Suzanne> Time for Grand
11:19:42 <Jake> ok, Dave, how can I be sure it's yours??
11:20:08 <lt> typos on the package?
11:20:24 <Jake> hahaha
11:21:02 <Jake> oh, wow, Grand did sub-6 yesterday
11:21:07 <Dave from B> :D
11:21:17 <Dave from B> 2 sub 6's in last week
11:21:58 <Dave from B> Jake, go to Matt's. Throw my name out there...he'll take care of you.
11:22:38 <Jake> ok, will do, we've yet to check that place out
11:23:23 <Graham> no more than double the proce for special customers
11:23:34 <Kevin L> .
11:24:23 <Graham> Suzanne here for Grand?
11:24:32 <Jake> Graham, I think you just hit on Livingston's pricing scheme
11:24:39 <Dave from B> haha
11:25:17 <Graham> never stopped in Livingstone to buy fish tho, so i cant really tell what the prices are
11:25:17 <Dave from B> Guess it's time for dinner/Grand. Enjoy everyone. You can tell me all about it tomorrow.
11:25:35 <Graham> bye Dave, thank you
11:25:41 <Dave from B> Always buy direct for the best price; even with added freight.
11:25:42 <Kevin L> Want us to send txt alert?
11:25:48 <Dave from B> haha
11:25:58 <Dave from B> I'm sure you will text me!:)
11:26:00 <Kevin L> Can you fax it Dave?
11:26:15 <Dave from B> Still haven't perfect faxing fish.
11:26:24 <Dave from B> Do you have a 3D printer?
11:26:49 <Kevin L> I would love one of those!
11:27:20 <Kevin L> I think there is a place here that uses faxed fish.
11:27:24 <ynpvisitor34> the Pink Cone time should be i.e. Graham
11:27:42 <Graham> really?
11:27:50 <ynpvisitor34> that is the post, ie
11:28:11 <Kevin L> Have to feed chickens. If Grand goes, someone grab the cam.
11:28:52 <Graham> k, i will change it
11:29:09 <Graham> I wil be 10min too late :)
11:30:20 <Graham> thought there had been another pink cone post but it has vanished
11:36:25 <Jake> Grand 1836 bs
11:36:27 <Jake> ns
11:37:31 <lt> see, Dave leaves, Grand goes
11:37:49 <Kevin L> I knew feeding chickens would work.
11:38:06 <Suzanne> I liked the view I had better last week...
11:38:41 <Kevin L> Hey Suzanne.
11:38:49 <Suzanne> Hi Kevin
11:39:03 <ynpvisitor34> looks like a nice eruption
11:39:06 <Kevin L> That nasty thing called work messing up your fun?
11:39:15 <Suzanne> unfortunately yes
11:39:32 <Graham> looks like you saw quite a few Grands Suzanne
11:40:27 <Suzanne> I did, although missed a few overnight when we had the rain
11:41:29 <Graham> slacker
11:41:32 <Kevin L> Gazing in the rain stinks, but at night it really stinks.
11:42:13 <Graham> need them all under 6 hours, then you won't get any sleep
11:42:22 <Suzanne> Graham, waiting to see if you go out if it's nasty in September
11:42:43 <ynpvisitor34> he will be at F & M no matter the weather...
11:42:50 <Graham> haha i only do Grand marathons when intervals are under 6h
11:43:09 <Suzanne> well we had a few...
11:43:25 <Kevin L> Don't think I will get much night gazing done this year.
11:43:29 <Graham> yeah i know, but then the wild long intervals
11:43:50 <Suzanne> Then it pulled a 9+ hour interval on Sunday when I had to leave
11:44:11 <Kevin L> That's what did it!
11:44:41 <Suzanne> Hey Kevin, do you remember Milada Vachudova?
11:45:11 <Kevin L> Sure do. That was Thomas's baby sister?
11:45:33 <Graham> at least you had a couple of 3b eruptions
11:45:52 <Suzanne> Yes--- she showed up at Grand on Sunday afternoon so I had to delay my 1300 departure time
11:46:23 <Kevin L> I think she was about 14 the last time I saw her!
11:46:44 <Suzanne> me too, it had been at least 15 years
11:47:08 <Kevin L> What is she up to?
11:48:27 <Suzanne> tenured prof at UNC Chapel Hill
11:49:05 <Graham> and btw Suzanne, I have ordered upnice sunny weather in Sept
11:49:17 <Kevin L> Wow!
11:49:17 <Suzanne> Graham, the 3B eruptions were great
11:49:44 <Suzanne> Yes, I would like to see a lot of sunshine for Labor Day weekend
11:49:57 <Graham> thats a good number, burst count wasn't too high tho?
11:50:05 <Kevin L> She was a really smart kid if I remember correctly.
11:50:33 <Suzanne> No, I think I saw 10 1B eruptions in a row, not happy about that
11:51:47 <Graham> Sept 5th has forecast of Snow and rain in the morning
11:51:47 <Suzanne> Kevin L, yes, very smart, now married to another prof with 2 boys aged 7 and 5 --- they were all there and the oldest boy was really paying attention to the geyser
11:51:57 <Suzanne> geysers...
11:52:20 <Graham> the geyser = Grand?
11:52:21 <Kevin L> THAT should give her a run for her money!
11:52:46 <Suzanne> Grand and Beehive
11:52:57 <Kevin L> They have good taste!
11:53:04 <Suzanne> agreed
11:53:32 <Kevin L> Grand daughter gets her first trip to the park next month.
11:54:18 <Suzanne> what's the deal with Sept 5? Is that when you leave Graham?
11:54:33 <Graham> noooo I will be there for 2 weeks
11:54:44 <Graham> just picked out that weather - probably be F&M day
11:54:56 <Suzanne> Ahh okay
11:55:03 <Suzanne> I gave up on F&M
11:55:26 <Kevin L> Giantess is looking a bit perky right now.
11:55:50 <Graham> I hope F&M go this evening/tonight - don't want longer intervals
11:56:14 <Suzanne> Glad I didn't spend too much time waiting for F&M... that way it was not so horrible when they went three times overnight
11:56:45 <Suzanne> F&M need to be more cooperative so we can have a chance for Labor Day weekend
11:56:53 <Kevin L> Just getting down there for me is a chore anymore.
11:57:06 <Graham> and you got to see Grand Grand Grand Grand Grand Grand Grand
11:57:37 <Suzanne> but Grand is my favorite so I didn't have any problems with that!
11:58:11 <Graham> i know, glad yougot to see it a lot, intervals were mostly nice
11:58:29 <Kevin L> I ran across the picture of Linda & Susan on a blanket at Grand when they were just over a year old.
11:59:30 <Suzanne> most waits at Grand were under an hour
12:00:16 <Graham> followed by "now what do we do?"
12:01:26 <Suzanne> there was plenty to do, Artemisia was nice, too
12:01:51 <Suzanne> and Shoshone, and Fairy Falls/Imperial
12:01:58 <Graham> allways too much to do, regardless of how long you go for
12:02:14 <Suzanne> And I waited less than 10 minutes for Aurum
12:02:25 <Graham> just a short trip Labor Day?
12:02:38 <Suzanne> yes, just the 3-day weekend
12:02:46 <Kevin L> I can usually find enough to keep me occupied for a week the the UGB.
12:02:54 <Suzanne> I'm bringing Stacey Glasser with me
12:03:05 <Graham> k, thats nice
12:03:11 <Kevin L> 10m for Aurum? Not fair!
12:03:24 <Suzanne> yes I know I got lucky
12:03:34 <Graham> will have to schedule F&M between Grands in daylight
12:03:59 <Graham> then you get out before Craig pass closes for the season
12:04:10 <Kevin L> At least if you are at Grand it isn't too bad to get to F&M
12:04:13 <Suzanne> yes and please make it quit having nonproductive events cycles during the Grand window
12:04:48 <Suzanne> Isa Lake construction will make it a problem afterwards
12:05:10 <Suzanne> Mary Beth is leaving on Labor Day as well because of that
12:05:25 <Graham> aren't those the best types of event cycles during Grand windows so you dont miss F&M when you wait at Grand?
12:05:56 <Graham> i heard that, sorry she won't be there longer, and you too
12:06:00 <Kevin L> Boo, I will miss Mary Beth.
12:06:13 <Suzanne> there were 2 like that which only resulted in rushing out there to see nothing, and then rushing back to Grand
12:06:20 <Graham> looking forward to full moon Grand around the 8th tho
12:07:08 <Suzanne> I wish I had more time but planning a 2-week trip to Maui with my mom in November
12:07:22 <Suzanne> full moon Grands are wonderful
12:07:38 <Graham> that should be a nice trip too
12:10:24 <Suzanne> honestly I probably would have spent more time in Yellowstone this summer if Morning were still active (or Giant, or Splendid, or Giantess)
12:10:49 <Suzanne> but two weeks was enough to get my fill of one-burst Grand eruptions
12:11:25 <Kevin L> I am just looking forward to being on the good side of the cam.
12:11:59 <Suzanne> Yes Kevin the other side is much nicer
12:12:49 <Suzanne> I do like spending part of my vacation elsewhere... I have to admit
12:14:16 <Suzanne> gotta go, have a good evening
12:14:31 <Graham> bye, glad you stopped in to visit
12:14:58 <Kevin L> Later
12:15:05 <Suzanne> yeah, will try to be a more frequent visitor now that I have the link to the new chat page
12:26:16 <kcmule> f&m appears to have erupted while you guys were talking about it
12:27:29 <Kevin L> Nice. Glad Will got it.
12:32:19 <Graham> rather brief report, but glad it erupted
12:33:03 <Graham> thats 3 nice intervals in a row
12:33:05 <Kevin L> AND in the daylight!
12:33:23 <Graham> yep, too late for most westies tho
12:36:27 <Kevin L> of 1936
12:36:37 <Graham> Guess my wishing it worked :) 18:55:50
12:36:55 <Graham> I hope F&M go this evening/tonight - don't want longer intervals
12:37:28 <Kevin L> Timing is everything!
12:37:32 <Graham> now Ryan gets to do whatever he wants for his last few days
12:37:59 <Kevin L> That is right. Lots of sputs heading back to school.
12:38:27 <kcmule> i scrolled back to see if the room knew, and for a while i thought u did
12:38:38 <Graham> not sure when Will leaves, but its before Labor Day. he will be back for the weekend I expect
12:39:00 <Graham> I am not watchingthe stream, it doesn't run for me
12:39:28 <Graham> Micah is there well into Sept
12:40:08 <Graham> good day for them. quitting now, see ya
12:41:52 <Kevin L> Daisy 1941
12:42:54 <Kevin L> Great eruption
12:46:08 <Kevin L> Depression 1945 ie
13:00:42 <Kevin L> Calling it a night. Cam is up for grabs.
13:01:36 <Kevin L> Lauren Bacall died today.
13:02:14 <ynpvisitor34> at least she had a nice long life