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21:45:07 <ynpvisitor82> 0444 ie wc Old Faithful
00:06:14 <Kent> Have we lost cam drivers? Lots of time on preset and I haven't see cb and vw for ages.
00:06:41 <Dave from B> Morning Kent
00:06:54 <Kent> Morning Dave
00:06:57 <Dave from B> vw doesn't drive any longer
00:07:22 <Kent> A loss. She was very good
00:07:45 <Dave from B> Yes, she was. I miss her oin the chat room as well.
00:22:39 <ynpvisitor85> I've only seen one small splash from bee, but I think it is just having one of its longer intervals
00:30:44 <Kent> Would be nice of the view showed a bit of Aurum & Depression
00:31:28 <Kent> I guess I will go dig weeds
00:49:31 <ynpvisitor53> Nice steam from Giantess this morning.
00:50:07 <ynpvisitor53> We need it to erupt and wake up Plume.
00:52:54 <ynpvisitor53> OF 0752 ie,
01:11:55 <Kitt> please wake up bee before I leave
01:12:30 <Kitt> the 0444ie wc Old Faithful was a long
01:13:46 <Kitt> I I watched it for 2 minutes, but it was already short in height
01:13:57 <Kitt> then I went back to bed
01:13:58 <Dave from B> Morning Kitt, Kevin
01:14:04 <Kitt> morning
01:15:11 <Kitt> I thought bee would be kind and do a 19 hour interval
01:15:40 <Kitt> Daisy
01:16:11 <Dave from B> I was also hoping 20 hour plus ints were going to go away for awhile
01:16:15 <Kevin L> Morning
01:16:37 <Kitt> 0815 ie
01:20:13 <Kevin L> Me too.
01:21:44 <Kitt> I think bee is waiting for me to leave
01:22:03 <Kitt> enjoy the show
01:22:08 <Kitt> bye
01:22:36 <Dave from B> bye, Kitt
01:22:48 <Dave from B> Just saw your pm
01:23:49 <Dave from B> Enjoy your weekend
01:30:57 <Dave from B> Hi, Jake
02:05:01 <ynpvisitor35> Note to cam-op: OF prediction is 8:57
02:05:22 <ynpvisitor35> last one must have been a short.
02:07:17 <Jake> it might have already went...that family got up from the Beehive bench to walk away
02:07:22 <Michael> (if I'm going to post annoying things, I should use my name...)
02:07:49 <Dave from B> Morning Michael...haha
02:08:12 <Michael> You're right, Jake. Still cam shows everyone leaving the benches at OF.
02:08:28 <Dave from B> Anyone see water at Grand?
02:08:44 <Michael> No, but that's Grand, not Oblong.
02:09:12 <Kevin L> Camop probably isn't on the page today.
02:11:21 <ynpvisitor72> From what I understand, there have been problems with the cam freezing.
02:11:52 <ynpvisitor11> Friday cam ops are never on chat
02:12:46 <Michael> probably good for his/her sanity.
02:13:01 <Dave from B> If you don't have a fast connection, cam can look sluggish
02:13:24 <ynpvisitor11> td is pretty good about finding the geysers though
02:16:14 <Kevin L> Don't think td is here today.
02:16:35 <ynpvisitor11> yeah, just saw CC posted last OF
02:17:35 <ynpvisitor11> Split Cone
02:18:40 <Michael> Bank too.
02:19:49 <Michael> Looked like a 1-burst on Grand,
02:19:52 <ynpvisitor11> I would think more people would be waiting for Bee
02:20:26 <Dave from B> Are there many gazers at OF right now?
02:20:27 <ynpvisitor11> I guess only one person needs to watch for indy though
02:20:49 <Michael> True. Though it's more fun if that person has company.
02:21:09 <ynpvisitor11> can't tell who that is, yet someone is watching for it
02:21:33 <ynpvisitor11> and there it is
02:21:46 <kc (working)> hello
02:21:48 <ynpvisitor87> Yay for Indy!
02:22:17 <ynpvisitor87> Mostly because it means Bee will follow
02:22:18 <Dave from B> And, they quickly headed for the good seats.
02:22:31 <ynpvisitor77> Not a well attended Beehive so far
02:22:37 <ynpvisitor11> terrible timing for me, enjoy it.
02:22:54 <Dave from B> bye, 11
02:23:00 <ynpvisitor77> I spoke too soon
02:23:07 <Dave from B> Ranger group
02:23:17 <ynpvisitor53> Cool
02:23:24 <Kevin L> Talk about lucking out!
02:23:31 <Michael> Good. They'll stay.
02:23:40 <ynpvisitor53> I guess ding ding ding is in order?
02:23:55 <Dave from B> Thanks for the alert
02:24:01 <ynpvisitor87> There goes Little Cub again too.
02:24:05 <Jake> LITTLE CUB 0922
02:24:27 <Kevin L> At least you aren't in the freezer this time!
02:24:29 <Dave from B> Jake...those are awful big letters for Little Cub!:)
02:24:44 <Dave from B> Yes, I actrually get to see one.
02:25:00 <Dave from B> Morning lc
02:25:28 <Kevin L> Nice to see you made it lc
02:25:31 <Dave from B> Jake, they probably don't even now LC is going
02:25:39 <lc> morning Dave, everyone.
02:26:57 <Kevin L> Wish Kitt could have seen it.
02:27:27 <ynpvisitor87> I see a big shadow--does that mean OF is going?
02:27:55 <Dave from B> OF isn't erupting...must be a cloud
02:28:38 <Kevin L> It is odd.
02:29:34 <Dave from B> Could be just steam from OF
02:30:13 <ynpvisitor77> lens playing games with the distance. Shadow is a long ways away from Beehive
02:30:54 <Michael> Beehive might block the sun with its own steam, though.
02:31:27 <Kevin L> Interesting angle
02:31:46 <CO Dave> I made it back from breakfast just in time I see... Almost missed the lunchtime eruption yesterday too.
02:37:29 <alex (at work)> what is that tiny geyser right next to the boardwalk railing to the left of beehive...just saw it splash
02:37:34 <Dave from B> bh 0937IE
02:37:56 <Dave from B> Scissor Spring I believe
02:39:05 <ynpvisitor66> .
02:39:11 <alex (at work)> thanks
02:39:11 <lc> nice BH
02:40:23 <Dave from B> 2 weeks, lc!:)
02:40:35 <Michael> They must be getting great rainbows on the boardwalk, too.
02:40:42 <lc> yep
02:40:45 <Dave from B> Tryouts begin for Becca at 1630 this evening
02:41:09 <Michael> Which team, dave?
02:41:11 <lc> good luck to her.
02:42:40 <Dave from B> Billings West High School soccer.
02:42:57 <Dave from B> Aiming to make Varsity team as a Sophomore. She has a realistic shot.
02:43:00 <Kevin L> That for varsity?
02:43:11 <Kevin L> I guess so.
02:43:57 <Dave from B> Anyone know how long it takes to get from Helena to OF via Ennis, West Entrance?
02:44:35 <Michael> That wouldbe a nice accomplishment. Couldn't quite do it during my high school days...
02:46:25 <Dave from B> Boys sports are a lot more competitive for team sports....more players are cut.
02:53:13 <Michael> I think soccer is a lot more competitive at all levels now. Back then almost nobody polished his/her skills during the rest of the year.
02:53:23 <ynpvisitor43> According to Google map it takes about 4 hours to Old Faithful by way of Ennis
02:54:04 <ynpvisitor43> Then again it depends on the traffic in from West
02:54:35 <Dave from B> Thanks, 43...about 45 minutes longer than I was hoping
02:55:08 <Dave from B> If Becca makes varsity, OF Labor Day trip will be shorter. Her game will end at 1745 Saturday in Helena.
02:55:13 <ynpvisitor1> I must drive faster. Closer to 3.5 hours
02:55:27 <Dave from B> Thanks, 1...that is much better
02:56:02 <ynpvisitor87> i don't know about the distance from Helena to West Yellowstone, but we always stay in West, and it takes about an hour to get to OF from West.
02:56:10 <ynpvisitor43> Yes, it can go really fast or really really slow depending on the traffic. It has taken me up to 2 hours from West entrance to Madison Jct.
02:56:26 <Michael> Hello, Castle.
02:56:42 <ynpvisitor87> It also depends on how many animals you see and if any buffalo decide to take a stroll on the road. :)
02:56:44 <Dave from B> That part weill be in the dark, so therte shouldn't be much traffic.
02:57:07 <ynpvisitor87> What a great morning for seeing lots of geysers on the webcam.
02:57:31 <ynpvisitor43> No but then you have to drive slower to avoid hitting a buffalo
02:57:51 <ynpvisitor87> It's true.
02:57:54 <ynpvisitor43> beautiful. Wish I was there
02:58:12 <Dave from B> It does look like a nice day
02:58:40 <ynpvisitor43> Hope it stays that way.
02:58:57 <Tammy> Sorry, I just realized I forgot to change to my name.
02:59:35 <Dave from B> Way to go, 87!:)
02:59:39 <Michael> How much of a hazard are buffalo really? I only know of one gazer vehicle/buffalo collision in the last 25 years... :)
02:59:55 <Dave from B> I've had a close call
03:01:40 <Michael> which still works out to a few hundred dollars of damage per year if you average it out.
03:02:29 <Dave from B> Yes...and it's the whole pain of getting your car towed/fixed as well
03:02:47 <Dave from B> Michael, when does school start for you?
03:03:57 <Michael> First day of classes is the 25th. Meetings and student placement tests start up in earnest on Monday.
03:08:07 <Dave from B> How many class periods do you teach?
03:08:26 <CO Dave> We had a buffalo run into us once. We were parked on the side of the road in a buffalo jam as they took over the road. One startled sideways and sideswiped us.
03:09:01 <Kevin L> I know of at least 3 Bison incidents with gazers.
03:09:09 <Kevin L> Make that 4
03:09:36 <Tammy> It always scares me just a little bit when they walk past the car, just because they're so big. Not that they'd suddenly turn and hit the car or something, but they could.
03:09:45 <Kevin L> A bison hitting you can be as bad as you hitting a bison.
03:09:51 <Tammy> When it's right next to the car.
03:10:07 <CO Dave> it left a sizable dent along the rear door and fender area.
03:10:24 <lc> Did one hit Rocco's car?
03:10:26 <Michael> I've got two courses coming up. Both are new to me. Multivariable Calculus will severely test my ability to draw good pictures of what's going on.
03:11:31 <Kevin L> You think?
03:12:16 <Kevin L> Only Einstein & Newton understood calculus. Everybody else just fakes it.
03:12:45 <CO Dave> ..
03:13:45 <Tammy> Do you teach high school or college, Michael?
03:14:56 <Michael> A fairly large public college. Not the state's flagship school.
03:16:40 <Dave from B> Hi, Betty
03:16:42 <Tammy> Do you enjoy it?
03:17:44 <Betty> Hi dave
03:17:52 <Kevin L> Abend
03:18:26 <Betty> Guten morgen Kevin
03:18:50 <Kevin L> What is dampf as in dampfbahn Betty?
03:19:10 <Betty> Steam
03:20:10 <Kevin L> TY. I thought that may be. Someone sent me a neat Swiss RR picture.
03:20:34 <Betty> Nice
03:21:48 <Kevin L> Swiss railroads are fun. Sort of like Colorado here.
03:22:19 <Betty> Bernina Express in Switzerland had an accident yesterday. Only treues saved it from falling into a Canyon. :-(
03:23:39 <kc (working)> yikes
03:26:06 <Betty> They came into a rockslide
03:26:57 <Dave from B> My Davespeak German/Swiss is bad. What is a treues?
03:27:28 <Betty> Haha trees
03:28:23 <Dave from B> I was trying to get trestle or something else...thanks, Betty!
03:28:35 <Betty> iPhone fills automatically, but in German. :-)
03:29:47 <Betty> Hi Eric
03:29:51 <Michael> Tammy, most of the time the work is enjoyable. Teaching-wise, a lot depends on what kind of rapport I cn buildbetween the students and the course material. Research-wise it depends on finding good projects and having the persistence to see them through.
03:29:53 <Eric> Hi Betty
03:30:48 <Tammy> Morning, Eric! Michael, I'm glad to hear that most of the time it's enjoyable for you.
03:30:50 <Michael> And bureaucracy-wise, well it's a large organization... plenty to complain about but I've heard of much worse.
03:31:07 <Eric> Morning Tammy!
03:31:30 <Eric> Looks like a beautiful day in the UGB
03:32:18 <Betty> I'm losing connection. Later
03:32:55 <Michael> See you Betty. Perhaps tomorrow.
03:33:04 <Eric> bye Betty.
03:34:10 <Eric> BTW, If anybody travels via RV near the park, I stayed in Rock Canyon RV park north of the park near livingston and it was great! Highly recommend it.
03:42:39 <Dave from B> OF 1042
03:43:59 <Michael> Daisy 10:43
03:45:56 <Eric> Morning Dave and Michael :-)
03:46:56 <Michael> Good morning, ERic. I've been "multitasking" and didn't see you come in.
04:05:18 <Tammy> Eric, I never got to ask and I know it's been a couple weeks, but how was your trip?
04:06:18 <Eric> It was great! The weather was a little stormy in the park, but we got to see every geyser I wanted to, except whirlygig :-(
04:06:43 <Eric> Spending time hear really paid off with short waits on the BW.
04:08:49 <Michael> It's sure nice to see the bottom 30 feet of Grand, isn't it?
04:09:41 <Eric> Its wonderful :-) Only had to wait through 2 Turbans
04:10:09 <Eric> Caught a West Triplet after...
04:10:14 <Tammy> That sounds so great!
04:10:27 <Eric> BH was the best though :-D
04:10:53 <Tammy> It's always fun to see it in the webcam, but nothing beats in person. Grand too!
04:10:54 <Kevin L> Love to watch the waves on Grand grow into an eruption.
04:11:26 <Tammy> The first time we saw it, all the signs were there, and once the waves started, it happened immediately after.
04:11:32 <Dave from B> Michael, I love your comment about Grand. I do miss watching the start
04:12:01 <Tammy> The Grand start was something I've never seen before, so that was a nice surprise.
04:12:14 <Eric> Seeing Jet, Turban, and Grand all coordinating makes for an awesome show.
04:12:34 <Eric> vent
04:12:43 <Dave from B> Eric, you must have good eysight!:)
04:12:48 <Kevin L> Grand is the geyser that hooked me.
04:12:52 <Eric> haha
04:12:54 <Tammy> They are a pretty amazing trio.
04:12:59 <Eric> I meant vent :-P
04:13:03 <Eric> not jet.
04:13:07 <Dave from B> :D
04:13:08 <Tammy> I love it when Vent goes crazy after Grand starts. Pretty impressive!
04:13:54 <Eric> My Mother in Law got her first BH shower....
04:13:55 <Kevin L> I walked onto a Daisy and was impressed. This old man suggested that I check out Grand later that afternoon. I did and was hooked. Old man turned out to be Herb Warren.
04:14:24 <Dave from B> Its fun to hear what geysers hooked people.
04:14:40 <Eric> Yep, so many's awesome.
04:14:57 <Eric> I really liked vixen up at Norris
04:15:02 <Michael> Grand hooked me, too. The second burst was so beautiful and dramatic.
04:15:04 <Eric> that is a cool tiny geyser
04:15:38 <Eric> Wish we had gotten a second at Grand....but alas, it was only a 1b
04:16:04 <Tammy> It was BH for me. I was little, probably about 7 or 8, and my little brother was 3 or 4. We were standing beside BH when it went off. At that time, the interval was a lot longer than now (I think it was days at that point), and it's been my favorite ever since.
04:16:05 <Kevin L> The guy that really taught me geysers was John Muller. It was totally amazing what I was just walking by and didn't see that he pointed out.
04:17:13 <Eric> I hear ya Kevin...there is so much to take in as a visitor, you don't realize all of the details you are really missing.
04:18:03 <Kevin L> We used to sit at Aurm for hours trying to figure it out. Never did, but we sure had some great memories. Wouldn't trade all that "unproductive" time for anything.
04:18:22 <Michael> John Muller did that for me, too. He also had the authority to threaten to revoke a geyser's license if it didn't cooperate.
04:18:33 <Eric> haha
04:18:37 <Michael> I'm pretty sure he did revoke Rocket's license for a while.
04:18:46 <Eric> Sounds like a really nice guy
04:18:50 <Tammy> Eric, I'm so glad you had a wonderful trip!
04:18:57 <Eric> Thanks Tammy.
04:19:05 <Kevin L> He would sure give them the what for. John was such a special person.
04:19:33 <Eric> The only weird thing was we barely saw wildlife in the park...I guess they were all hanging out in the woods, due to the rain.
04:20:02 <Eric> Every time we have ever come thorugh mammoth area, it's been full of Elk and Bison....not a SINGLE animal this time.
04:23:54 <Kevin L> I think there has only been one day we have had bison on the cam this year. And only monkeybear.
04:24:15 <Tammy> We didn't see many animals either, mostly buffalo and a few elk. We did see one bear running through the Gibbon Meadows, but that's all.
04:24:17 <CO Dave> I was 7 when I got hooked first. Giant's cone did it, even though it was in the "dormant since 1955" state at that time.
04:24:43 <Tammy> So, it wasn't even erupting? That's pretty amazing that it hooked you.
04:25:04 <Tammy> I was inspired by all the Giant photos on the FB page, so the other day I was checking out some of the ones posted on YouTube.
04:25:18 <Tammy> Some of the videos I mean.
04:25:22 <Dave from B> I'm not sure what geyser or when I got hooked. All I know is took all my energy just to get my father to stop and get out of the car. So, I'm sure Old Faithful was probably my only geyser for the first 5 years or so.
04:25:40 <CO Dave> That and the hot, flat, wet plain area at Porcelain where trail used to come back down from Bear Den and Ebony to below Ledge.
04:26:13 <Kevin L> I can relate to windshield gazing. When I got my first vacation I came back and got to do the things I had wanted to do before.
04:26:38 <CO Dave> Then a few years later I bought the first edition of Scott's book in the norris bookstore. All that information about everything, right at my fingertips. Magic.
04:26:58 <Dave from B> My wife and I are opposite of my parents. We can to sepnd as little time in the car as possible.
04:27:42 <CO Dave> Tammy, just the size of it intrigued me. That and the White Pyramid. at that age I just thought something that large just had to erupt huge.
04:28:09 <Tammy> And now you've seen it for real, I'm assuming?
04:28:26 <Tammy> Wow, it suddenly got dark in the basin. That must be quite the wicked cloud.
04:28:39 <CO Dave> Tammy, Giant you mean? Sadly, no. Many hot periods, no eruption...
04:29:00 <Tammy> Oh really? That one is a dream of mine to see.
04:29:17 <Tammy> I hope one day you get to see it Co Dave!
04:30:00 <CO Dave> Me too, It became regularly active well after I left the montana/yellowstone area, and on trips back since I've only caught hot periods. And, as we all know, those are kaput now.
04:30:00 <Michael> Scott's book did a terrible, terrible thing: that's where I first heard about Fan and Mortar.
04:30:07 <CO Dave> Tammy, thanks, me too.
04:30:48 <CO Dave> Michael, me too. first I heard about a lot of stuff.
04:31:05 <Tammy> I'd never really heard anything about Fan and Mortar until I got on here and through the people on the FB page.
04:31:29 <Kevin L> I did catch it twice but missed the 1986 reactivation. I was at Lower Hams eating a milkshake and missed the whole thing. No FRS back then. :(
04:31:57 <Kevin L> I waited 40 hours for first F&M. It was worth it.
04:32:16 <Dave from B> For those not on FB Ryan went home today. He posted some numbers for us: He took over 60,000 photos.
04:32:30 <Tammy> I can't believe the description on the latest eruption. It sounds incredible.
04:32:42 <CO Dave> Kevin, I agree. I wouldn't be able to convince any of the rest of the family though. They love Yellowstone, just not on the obsessive level :-)
04:33:16 <Michael> Looks like a pretty heavy rain shower in the basin now.
04:33:46 <CO Dave> wow...
04:34:04 <Kevin L> At that point it was only me. That makes things easier. I would only give F&M a half day. Then the wife got it with a 45m wait. She doesn't mind spending a bit more time down there now.
04:34:37 <Kevin L> It almost looks like fog!
04:35:44 <Dave from B> One other Ryan fact. He saw over 60 BH eruptions this summer...That's more than a lifetime for almost all of us!
04:36:02 <Michael> Time for me to run. Have a great afternoon!
04:36:14 <Dave from B> Bye, Michael
04:36:26 <Kevin L> Bye
04:36:37 <CO Dave> I saw Ryan's stats on the FB page. Amazing. A summer of a lifetime.
04:37:02 <Tammy> Yeah, that was an impressive list.
04:37:15 <Dave from B> 35 waterfalls as well
04:37:25 <Kevin L> He got his money's worth
04:37:26 <lc> going for a walk, bbl.
04:37:58 <Kevin L> take care
04:38:22 <Dave from B> bye, lc
04:40:18 <Kevin L> wb Betty
04:40:53 <Betty> thanks, Kevin
04:42:56 <Kevin L> Depression?
04:43:22 <Betty> yep
04:43:36 <Kevin L> I love to watch Depression.
04:46:22 <Tammy> Is that Daisy on the side?
04:46:48 <Betty> that was castle
04:48:28 <Tammy> Thanks, Betty.
04:48:44 <Betty> you have the cam Kevin?
04:48:59 <Betty> yw, Tammy
04:49:21 <ynpvisitor61> did it rain there?
04:49:44 <Kevin L> Not on cam today Betty.
04:50:04 <Kevin L> Just had a big cloudburst at OF 61
04:50:17 <ynpvisitor61> ty
04:50:20 <ynpvisitor61> looks wet
04:50:25 <Eric> LC ie
04:50:28 <Betty> was wondering, I know you normally donĀ“t have it on a friday
04:50:41 <Kevin L> It looked like fog for a minute.
04:50:55 <ynpvisitor61> td is entering times now, I think she has the cam
04:51:10 <Betty> thx, 61
04:51:30 <Kevin L> I think I got drafted for next week.
04:53:08 <Kevin L> Wife goes back to work Thursday.
04:59:10 <Dave from B> Has she enjoyed her summer off? or did she have another job?
04:59:53 <Kevin L> She always likes the time off. She spent most of the Summer cleaning out her Mom's house.
05:00:01 <Kevin L> THAT is a job for sure.
05:00:23 <Betty> I bet
05:01:20 <Dave from B> I'd rather have your volunteer job than your wife's!
05:01:38 <Kevin L> I don't think her mother threw anything away. She must have over 5000 books. Problem there is she used money for bookmarks. We have to go through every one of them.
05:02:30 <Dave from B> haha
05:02:39 <Dave from B> Any YNP books in there?
05:03:14 <ynpvisitor61> should add up to some moolah, in 5000 books.
05:03:25 <Kevin L> Found some fun stuff too. She had all the brochures for a flight she took on the "all new DC-6". It has the schedules along with a detailed description of the airplane. Mint condition!
05:03:32 <Tammy> A little jackpot waiting to be discovered.
05:04:19 <Kevin L> We did find a $100 bill in one of them. Most are ones, but we also found some $2 bills I think from the 50's.
05:04:47 <Betty> oblong
05:05:21 <Kevin L> She does have a few Yellowstone books and there were a few 1st editions from the 40's & 50's.
05:06:01 <Dave from B> If you're selling keep me in mind. I have a collection of around 200-300 YNP books
05:06:16 <Dave from B> Including all 4 editions of the Bible
05:07:25 <Kevin L> I will have her check. Not sure how old they are.
05:08:45 <ynpvisitor61> is that Oblong?
05:09:05 <Dave from B> Doesn't matter how old if I don't have a copy. I could sit in my office reading for hours if I didn't have other things going on.
05:09:38 <Dave from B> I found a piece of paper with geyser times from about 10 years ago. I'll put them in GT someday.
05:10:20 <Kevin L> I know she had some old brochures about the lodging from the 40's
05:14:12 <Dave from B> I love old things like that. It is amazing how you're dollar stretched back then.
05:14:23 <Dave from B> But, you made 35 cents an hour
05:14:53 <Dave from B> OF 1214ie
05:15:09 <Kevin L> I pay about 3x in tax on a room that I paid for one in full when I first started going. A budget cabin was $7!
05:15:48 <Dave from B> They will be $100 very soon
05:16:09 <ynpvisitor61> thankfully the park is not Coca Cola Yellowstone yet, or Verizon Old Faithful
05:17:24 <GoW> Hey Eric- I found out on Wed that you sat at Whirligig with a friend of mine
05:18:12 <Eric> haha :-) Yes I did!
05:18:44 <Eric> I saw via electronic time it didn't go for another 5 hours after I left!
05:19:04 <Eric> I was really bummed to miss it.
05:19:47 <Eric> You must be MA?
05:20:06 <GoW> yeah, he sat there for 6 hours!!! You picked the day it skipped one and went 11 hours. Real bummer
05:20:29 <Dave from B> Hi, GoW
05:20:46 <GoW> hi DFB
05:21:17 <Eric> It was great meeting Darrell though.
05:21:19 <GoW> he saw several last year, and we got one Wednesday in the best conditions he has seen yet.
05:21:50 <Eric> That is awesome...
05:21:58 <GoW> he is back there today to try for one more on his last day, Ryan and Mara will do that too on the way north
05:22:54 <GoW> I will eventually put his times in GT, I can add you as observer if you tell me when you were there (Fireball Arsenic Pinto Constant)
05:22:59 <Eric> I had never really spent any time in Norris...Saw Vixen, Arsenic, Pinto and Constant
05:23:10 <Eric> Fireball too
05:23:29 <Eric> Thanks GoW...I was there until about 4:30pm
05:23:33 <GoW> Pinto didn't show up this year til mid-July
05:23:39 <Eric> EricZ on GT
05:24:10 <GoW> oh, did you already enter the ones you saw? I don't have his list of times yet
05:24:33 <Eric> No, I wasn't recording them :-( Glad he was.
05:24:42 <Eric> I was bad......
05:24:59 <GoW> OK- what time were you there, I don't think you did 6 hours like poor Daryl
05:25:29 <Eric> 1:30pm - 4:30pm Only a 3 hour sit
05:26:15 <GoW> Got it, I will be happy to add your name for the record
05:26:21 <Eric> Ya, we had another family that was waiting with us...I was the first to give up, as I had to get my trailer over to West Yellowstone to setup camp.
05:26:53 <GoW> He did 1309 - 1909
05:26:53 <Eric> Was lucky to get my truck/tailer into the parking lot...they closed it right behind us.
05:27:11 <Eric> so he didn't even get to see it.
05:27:28 <GoW> at 1330 I bet it had already closed and opened once or twice
05:27:51 <Eric> I got there at 11:30, but we were doing the other basin
05:28:22 <GoW> 1000 is now my cutoff time to just walk in
05:29:05 <Eric> we sat in the entrance road for 20 minutes waiting to get into the parking lot, but once you make the turn in with a 30' trailer, there is no turning back :-P
05:29:24 <GoW> I like evening sun and dramatic storm clouds so I end up going late when it is busy, so I can stay late
05:29:45 <GoW> hardly any turning back when you are in a regular car too! It's crazy
05:30:14 <Eric> the bench in front of Whirlygig has to be one of the most scenic places in the park to sit :-)
05:30:43 <Eric> staring out at porcelain basin.
05:30:45 <GoW> I would agree with that, it's my fave place- last stop closing weekend, first stop opening weekend
05:31:27 <Eric> :-) Wish I lived closer to the park...but it's a 12 hour commute for me....
05:31:35 <GoW> I just downloaded Wednesday photos, the clouds are always different and beautiful
05:32:00 <GoW> First thing in the morning it is surreal
05:32:05 <Eric> So is pinto a new geyser?
05:32:51 <GoW> not new, just hadn't been seen yet this year. Maybe not last year, but I did see it in 10 and 11, if I recall
05:32:59 <Eric> I see GT has some old eruptions from 2010
05:33:20 <Eric> It was quite active while we were there.
05:34:21 <GoW> This year it is that cloudy blue water, some eruptions look like milk!
05:34:44 <GoW> Gees I should have gone today, sounds like a fun place. :)
05:34:54 <Eric> haha
05:35:16 <GoW> I hope Ryan gets one on this hot day, they are the best
05:35:20 <Eric> How far are you from the park?
05:35:54 <GoW> 45 minutes from Gardiner, 60 min from Mammoth. With road construction I figure 2 hours to Norris
05:36:58 <GoW> in 2 years it will be back to 90 minutes to Norris with the new road
05:36:59 <Eric> ahhh so up in the valley north of the park...very nice....beautiful area.
05:37:29 <Eric> I stayed at Rock Canyon RV Park south of Livingston my first night in the area.
05:37:35 <GoW> correct, I am 30 min from Livingston in nowhere-ville
05:38:14 <Eric> My Dad always raves about Chico hot springs, but I have never stayed or gone there...
05:38:29 <Dave from B> Never heard of Chico!:D
05:38:32 <GoW> it is a super place!!!!!
05:39:00 <Eric> Too bad they don't have a place to park my RV there :-)
05:39:03 <GoW> When I lived in Billings I alwasy stopped there on the way home just to wash the campfire smoke off the pack of kids I always had in the car
05:39:19 <Eric> nice
05:39:31 <GoW> We will meet Daryl there tonight, it's where he stays on his last night of his YNP trips
05:39:36 <Eric> I will have to stop there some time.
05:39:55 <Eric> Very cool...did you guys get in any nice hikes?
05:39:58 <GoW> Dave's familiy likes it, just a little
05:41:30 <GoW> is Rock Canyon fairly close to town, right along the river?
05:41:41 <Eric> Yep
05:41:48 <Eric> Really nice people run it.
05:42:04 <GoW> gotcha - D got his first Narcissus yesterday, he is happy about that
05:42:16 <Eric> Very cool
05:44:03 <GoW> I bet that will become one of his usual geyser to try to see one per trip. - it is enjoyable to be right there
05:44:39 <Eric> is it on Firehole Lake Loop?
05:45:10 <GoW> correct
05:46:36 <Eric> Can you get closer than the road?
05:46:52 <Eric> I assume it would be pretty hard to see, tucked back in the trees.
05:47:21 <GoW> discussion halted now in a public forum :)
05:47:58 <GoW> hi Jake
05:48:53 <Jake> hola
05:49:29 <Jake> I just posted E times for Whirligig yesterday
05:49:37 <GoW> ooh thanks
05:50:01 <GoW> those minors showed up pretty well this time
05:50:24 <Eric> Is that your monitor on contstant/whirligig jake?
05:50:53 <Eric> We peeked under the boardwalk while waiting last week :-)
05:51:34 <GoW> it moved on the 7th, good thing you were there on 5th or I would blame you. :P :P :P
05:52:21 <Eric> Moved?
05:52:48 <GoW> sorta came loose and isn't picking up the minors as well as it used to
05:52:56 <Eric> ahhh, weird
05:53:03 <GoW> Prior to June of '13 it only picked up Constant
05:53:10 <Eric> Daryl did most of the looking...
05:53:51 <Dave from B> Sure, blame it on the other guy!
05:53:55 <Eric> haha
05:54:25 <Eric> He was a little more "experienced" than me :-)
05:54:43 <Eric> I love talking to much to learn
05:54:59 <Eric> bummed I missed GoW there.....
05:55:18 <GoW> I just felt bad for him on his first day in YNP - 6 hours with no eruption
05:55:48 <Eric> least he had seen it before and got to see it again.
05:55:51 <GoW> we caught one on his June trip but it was really steamy
05:56:19 <Eric> Ya, he mentioned he had seen it a few times.
05:56:28 <Eric> Some day I will catch it.
05:56:46 <GoW> I love it..... obviouisly!
05:57:09 <GoW> it has sound, color, perfect circular waves. yum
05:57:28 <Jake> not my monitor, it's another Jake's: Jake Lowenstern from YVO
05:57:48 <Jake> he gave me access to the raw temperature data so I can extract E times to put into GT
05:58:23 <Eric> Nice
05:58:58 <GoW> once we figured out it was picking those up, it really made a difference last fall. Used to be flying blind since staff doesn't always hear or see an eruption
06:00:12 <GoW> kinda feels like cheating, but it means I get to see it a LOT
06:00:34 <GoW> it is my Happy Geyser
06:01:03 <Eric> :-)
06:01:14 <Eric> It's awesome we have more data....
06:01:58 <GoW> it really is, you can see the patterns, and also now we can see it slowing down a bit
06:02:45 <GoW> I have to go empty a dog. I'll let you know when I put in the times from the 5th
06:03:20 <GoW> you should come up for a day and see it while it is HOT weather Dave from B !!
06:03:49 <Dave from B> I wish, Go W
06:04:15 <GoW> it is a hot one, so needs a good hot day to see it
06:04:20 <Dave from B> Hey, we have Friday night res at our Happy Place for Sept 12. So, trip is getting closer to being a done deal.
06:04:34 <GoW> alright!
06:05:25 <GoW> Out with Dog. See ya.
06:05:48 <Dave from B> Bye, MA
06:06:22 <Kevin L> You going to be at the park?
06:06:44 <Eric> Bye GoW
06:06:49 <Dave from B> Ma and our family are going hiking on Sat, Sept 13
06:07:00 <Dave from B> sorry, that is my family and MA
06:07:23 <Eric> Liike willy wonka..."strike that, reverse it"
06:07:37 <Kevin L> OK. Thought I may get to see you in person.
06:07:43 <Dave from B> We're trying to get together and hike at least once in the spring and once in the fall
06:08:11 <Dave from B> Just a quick trip this time. I hope to see you in July next year
06:12:52 <Dave from B> I'm trying to broaden my YNP horizons and see something other than geysers once in awhile.
06:27:29 <Betty> daisy
06:39:42 <Dave from B> Hey, it'sanother Plume convention!
06:47:59 <Kevin L> Lot of OF customers today.
06:48:41 <Tammy> I was just thinking that.
06:49:00 <Tammy> The crowd this morning was quite small, but I guess it is Friday, and the weather looks better now too.
06:55:29 <Kevin L> Sure was nasty this morning.
07:09:35 <Dave from B> LC 1409ie
07:09:59 <Betty> yep
07:10:10 <Dave from B> Grand due in an hour....Will it wait until I leave AGAIN?
07:26:35 <CO Dave> Lion ought to wake up at some point this afternoon..
07:27:05 <Tammy> I've been hoping to see it, but it is a tricky one.
07:27:30 <CO Dave> It's had some nice series that last few days.
07:28:17 <Tammy> Yes, it certainly has.
07:30:04 <Dave from B> It might be tired. 2 long series in last 24-30 hours
07:30:46 <ynpvisitor91> Go Lion Go :-)
08:11:24 <Dave from B> Are we having a moment of silence for someone?
08:12:23 <Jake> Plume
08:12:31 <ynpvisitor91> U
08:13:02 <Eric> Yes...for Plume...good idea
08:16:12 <Jake> OF ie
08:17:09 <Dave from B> Good answer
08:17:27 <Dave from B> Time for Grand
08:18:24 <Eric> I would say, time for LION!
08:19:33 <Eric> Seen any Turbans happening?
08:19:47 <Dave from B> Only one on GT from 0226...thanks, Mara
08:19:55 <Eric> haha
08:20:02 <Dave from B> Might be too warm to notice them this afternoon.
08:20:51 <Eric> I think we get Lion before Grand....
08:21:03 <Eric> But I could be Lion :-P
08:21:45 <Dave from B> or are you just Uncertain?
08:23:48 <Eric> Dave, you are pretty Constant with your geyser puns :-P
08:27:43 <Eric> Grand!
08:27:46 <Eric> 1527 ie
08:28:01 <Eric> I was wrong...Grand before Lion :-)
08:28:21 <Eric> Lots of quakes around lake lodge today.
08:28:23 <Dave from B> haha, Eric
08:28:35 <Dave from B> just the lodge?
08:28:46 <CO Dave> we had a good pun game a few weeks ago.
08:28:48 <Eric> Ya, interesting cluster
08:29:01 <Eric> I tracked that was awesome :-)
08:29:19 <Eric> or should I say "Giant" :-D
08:32:24 <Dave from B> :D
08:33:37 <Dave from B> Only 2 of last 16 Grand ints have been over 8 hours
08:34:32 <Eric>,-110.4137188,12z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0
08:34:55 <Eric> That is where the quakes have been happening today.
08:48:19 <Dave from B> Time to head out. Not sure when I'll be on next. Have a great weekend everyone!
09:01:17 <Jake> Daisy ie
09:26:28 <Tammy> Have a great weekend everyone!
09:26:53 <Eric> You 2 Tammy
10:00:25 <lt> nice lighting
11:31:06 <ynpvisitor15> Daisy
11:40:09 <ynpvisitor15> of ie
11:41:06 <lt> Lion's looking perky
12:41:46 <kcmule> lion 19:40ns ini
12:43:11 <lt> nice rainbow effect? guessing that's the sun interacting with the cover
15:44:26 <Craig> What a day in the park :D