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21:03:06 <Betty> OF 0401 ie
22:29:03 <Betty> BH 0528
22:33:59 <Betty> OF 0533
23:02:25 <Betty> Grand or Oblong in ie
23:06:07 <Betty> Ok, it is Grand with a tall 2nd burst
23:43:08 <Graham> morning
23:43:24 <Betty> morning Graham
23:52:07 <Graham> nice to hear there was some water in Feather
00:15:12 <ynpvisitor3> Only it was not Feather. Catch up!!
00:15:38 <ynpvisitor3> Emerald they think
00:16:38 <Graham> ah, ok. well still good to hear the water was up. of course it may have been doing that for a while. Feather would have been better
00:17:42 <ynpvisitor3> Yes, normal after Grotto off from the comments
00:18:27 <Betty> ?
00:19:16 <Betty> isn´t Feather part of the Giant Group?
00:20:21 <Graham> yes
00:20:39 <Betty> and Emerald?
00:20:53 <Graham> its te biggest vent that starts and ends hot periods when we time them
00:21:15 <Betty> Emerald or Feather?
00:21:21 <Graham> emerald is a small blooping vent
00:21:36 <Betty> ok, thanks
00:23:16 <Graham> there are several small vents, posthole where there used to be a sign, posthole satellite, cave, SW vents, rust, slit
00:23:57 <Graham> i will try and post some pics on FB, I have one good hot period that shows most of thhem
00:25:25 <Betty> maybe it is time for me to sign up in FB. Too many pics and information I miss not beeing in :-p
00:26:38 <Graham> I will try and post a link here
00:35:23 <Graham> heres the folder with Giant vents
00:35:27 <Betty> need to run some errands. bbl
00:37:22 <Graham> 5th pic shows Feather and Feather satellite on the left, Posthole in the foreground, rust near the cone. Emerald is to the right of posthole
00:38:17 <Betty> thanks a lot. Cool pics...want to be there once.
00:41:45 <Graham> more than once :)
01:07:10 <Jenna> morning Dave
01:10:36 <Dave from B> Morning Jenna
01:10:40 <Dave from B> OF 0810ie
01:12:37 <Dave from B> Vacation starts today!:)
01:12:55 <Kevin L> What is a vacation?
01:13:42 <Dave from B> You're that old that you don't remember vacations?:)
01:14:12 <Dave from B> I thought you had a new job?
01:16:09 <Kevin L> Without bad, there can be no good. Without work, there is no vacation!
01:16:24 <Dave from B> haha...I like it
01:16:46 <Kevin L> I do a bit of consulting work, but it isn't steady. A few hours here & there.
01:24:26 <Jenna> woohoo Dave
01:24:59 <Dave from B> Hard to believe we've been married for 25 years
01:26:00 <Kevin L> On my 25th I was sick as a dog. It does seem to go by quickly though.
01:29:56 <Craig> Going back to the park today!!!
01:30:42 <Craig> Yesterday was amazing with the sunset
01:30:53 <ynpvisitor62> nice Lion initial last night Craig
01:31:40 <Craig> Thanks! I couldnt believe my first Lion ever in person would be the initial.
01:32:15 <Kevin L> They are great in person.
01:32:22 <Craig> I got to call it on one of the gazers radiosd too! :D
01:33:01 <Kevin L> The really nice thing is you know you are going to get a geyser about every hour for a while.
01:33:37 <Craig> Haha yeah. I also got a sawmill and spasmodic start (sawmill is terrifying when it starts behind your back!)
01:33:58 <Dave from B> Glad you're enjoying your trip, Craig!
01:36:07 <Dave from B> Hi, Betty
01:38:39 <Jenna> ..
01:40:07 <Betty> Hi Dave from B
01:41:23 <Betty> I was very busy this morning 😉
01:42:01 <Kevin L> I see you got BH
01:42:09 <Betty> A lot happened in the early hours
01:43:49 <Betty> Yes, with a bit luck. Didn't watch all the time
01:46:25 <Betty> I was even able to see stars on the cam
01:49:07 <ynpvisitor62> one of Will's posts on GT had a meteorite mentioned in it. (don't remember which entry)
01:50:56 <Betty> Cool
01:56:27 <Kevin L> I was watching a show from from the 60's that said Old Faithful erupts until "the volcanic mud plugs it up and then it takes about 48 minutes to build up enough pressure to erupt again".
01:57:05 <ynpvisitor62> just.... wow
01:57:37 <Dave from B> really? That is crazy
01:58:46 <Kevin L> I am not sure what the show was. It was on one of those sub channels that was a science show for kids. Hope they were better with the other stuff.
01:59:27 <Dave from B> You call that education?
02:00:57 <Kevin L> It is amazing how bad some of the things were.
02:01:39 <Kevin L> BTW they posted 3d pics of the comet on the Rosetta page. Pretty cool.
02:07:24 <Craig> Im gonna go check on Giant today because I heard some of the platform vents were acting strange?
02:08:49 <Kevin L> That would be fun!
02:15:27 <Graham> i posted link to album showing platform vents acting strange earlier
02:16:27 <ynpvisitor62> a good kind of strange in that case?
02:16:57 <Graham> yep
02:17:04 <ynpvisitor62> :)
02:17:39 <Graham> guess craig already left
02:18:25 <Kevin L> Sputs are quick.
02:18:34 <Kevin L> When does Will go home.
02:20:08 <Graham> i think i heard back to school next weekend
02:20:35 <ynpvisitor62> 24 is his last day, class on 25th
02:22:36 <Kevin L> No slack!
02:23:06 <Kevin L> I guess every dollar helps a college kid.
02:24:14 <Dave from B> Time to head home. Have a good day everyone!
02:49:16 <ynpvisitor20> OF 0949
02:51:31 <ynpvisitor20> a short
02:58:48 <Betty> Hey Ryan. How are you?
03:00:41 <Kevin L> You back home Ryan?
03:01:05 <Ryan(ORD)> O'Hare
03:01:08 <Ryan(ORD)> Working on it....
03:02:25 <Kevin L> Got my Video rocket to launch! Great flight. Recovery, uh, not so much.
03:04:11 <Kevin L> I will send you the details in an email.
03:04:37 <Jenna> excited to get home?
03:04:57 <Ryan(ORD)> Uh oh, Kevin LOL
03:05:06 <Ryan(ORD)> Jenna, after that last F&M and Bechler, yes lol
03:05:41 <Jenna> lol I bet
03:06:00 <Jenna> I'm so happy you were able to get both of them in
03:06:16 <Kevin L> F&M is really awesome.
03:06:23 <Jenna> I'm sure you noticed a lot of the employees don't use their time wisely
03:06:38 <Ryan(ORD)> They dont even use it.
03:07:25 <Kevin L> It is nice to be able to live around things like that for a while. You really get to see a lot more.
03:08:14 <Kevin L> You were probably able to do in a Summer what it took me about 10 years to do.
03:09:29 <Ryan(ORD)> We did a lot, that's for sure. I was lucky (or obsessed) enough to see three of the four daylight F&Ms.... all happened on my days off.
03:10:00 <Ryan(ORD)> Two from the start, one 3mins in.
03:10:29 <Jenna> I never understood why they'd choose to work in a place like that and never hike, camp or spend time in the basins
03:10:59 <Ryan(ORD)> Because........ because.
03:11:09 <Kevin L> That is lucky! F&M is so elusive anyway.
03:11:36 <Ryan(ORD)> I had coworkers who wanted to see F&M. I told them I would text them when Event Cycles started and update them. I said, "If I tell you to come down, you put down the beer and move."
03:11:46 <Ryan(ORD)> August 12th: "Event Cycle"
03:11:50 <Ryan(ORD)> "Looks decent."
03:11:53 <Ryan(ORD)> "Move"
03:11:57 <Ryan(ORD)> Move quicker"
03:12:01 <Ryan(ORD)> :Move QUICKER"
03:12:07 <Ryan(ORD)> "RUN!!!"
03:12:10 <Ryan(ORD)> "LOCK!!!!"
03:12:24 <Ryan(ORD)> That is an actual sequence of texts lol
03:13:06 <Kevin L> I can relate. I think if I tried to run there now they would have to call one of those helicopters to take me to Idaho Falls.
03:13:44 <Jenna> lol
03:13:55 <Jenna> yes I that was a rhetorical question Ryan
03:14:09 <Jenna> I can drink at home. And if I get in trouble it's not a federal offense.
03:14:22 <Kevin L> I think most of them are more interested in the beer than the geysers.
03:14:38 <Jenna> expensive beer from the pub haha
03:15:18 <Jenna> I think I hated my last year so much because most of the employees at canyon were underage. Too much immaturity and lack of interest in the actual park.
03:15:46 <Ryan(ORD)> Yup
03:15:56 <Ryan(ORD)> They got down with less than five minutes in the eruption
03:16:18 <Kevin L> There is always one or two that get hooked though.
03:16:54 <Jenna> at least they tried?
03:17:00 <Jenna> and you tried, so that's all you can do
03:17:47 <Kevin L> Hey Jenna, I have a cab ride arranged for my Son and me in the SD40-2 that hauls the Pabco sheetrock 21 miles to the UP interchange!
03:18:59 <Jenna> oh yeah?
03:19:08 <Jenna> that sounds neat
03:19:10 <Jenna> do you have a picture?
03:19:38 <Jenna> Ryan I had a goal of hiking 100 miles my 2nd summer after not using my first summer correctly. Best thing I ever did.
03:21:09 <Kevin L> Haven't made it yet, but I will have pictures. I did run it when they had the GP9 and the engineer let me drive it about 10 miles of the way back. That was when I was an NDOT inspector though and I had to check their line.
03:21:49 <Kevin L> I will see if I can find a picture of that. Almost time to watch grown men crash expensive trucks.
03:22:35 <Jenna> ah ok. whenever you get a chance.
03:22:39 <Jenna> where are they racing today?
03:23:38 <Kevin L> Michigan and then Nationwide in Ohio.
03:23:57 <Jenna> ok
03:24:30 <Jenna> you'll have to give me your thoughts on their change regarding drivers getting out during cautions
03:24:38 <Jenna> and that unfortunate event
03:24:42 <Jenna> sometime
03:24:57 <Kevin L> Will do. Email is on its way.
03:25:30 <Jenna> ok I'll look for it
03:25:42 <Jenna> hope you have a smooth trip home Ryan
03:25:48 <Ryan(ORD)> I msnsged somewhere around 40mi Jenna
03:25:58 <Kevin L> Good luck with your trip Ryan. Will send you email soon. Kids that were with me are supposed to post videos on YouTube. Will post link when (if) that happens.
03:26:02 <Jenna> that's good considering how much time you spent in the basin
03:26:17 <Ryan(ORD)> Bechler alone was around 25
03:26:25 <Ryan(ORD)> Shoshone anoth 14
03:26:31 <Jenna> yeah, that's why I haven't done that one yet lol
03:26:34 <Jenna> or that one
03:26:51 <Ryan(ORD)> Fairy Falls 6ish
03:27:09 <Ryan(ORD)> F&M roughly 5000000mi ;)
03:27:18 <Jenna> lol truth
03:27:37 <Jenna> I believe the longest one I did was Republic pass but that wasn't in the park
03:28:38 <Ryan(ORD)> If i'd been off, I would have considered asking the Dauberts if I could go to fairyland
03:30:30 <ynpvisitor2> Daisy
03:30:36 <ynpvisitor2> 1030 ue
03:30:40 <ynpvisitor2> ie
04:39:54 <Graham> shame Ryan is going the wrong way
04:41:22 <Graham> interesting lag in the GT app, WT time took 15min to upload
04:41:39 <Graham> is it just my stream thats cut off at the bottom or everyones?
04:44:57 <Graham> zzzz
05:12:06 <Graham> Wills last Turban took 8.5m to upload
05:12:34 <Graham> or maybe that was the update time?
05:31:16 <Graham> OF 1231
05:35:09 <Graham> slot 1234ie
05:36:36 <Graham> astle 1236ie
06:45:11 <Graham> Daisy
06:45:56 <Graham> 3h17m interval
06:49:31 <Graham> Lion
06:56:35 <Graham> Grand
07:00:40 <Graham> OF 1400
07:04:00 <ynpvisitor100> 1400 is good. It makes the next one accessible for those of us who are arithmetically challenged. I make it a long.
07:04:35 <ynpvisitor44> Maybe we can get a 2b Grand now.
07:04:50 <ynpvisitor100> Showing us what we missed
07:07:18 <ynpvisitor44> Or not.
07:07:41 <Graham> snooze time now
07:08:26 <Graham> 15 min - Daisy Lion Grand OF, now nothing
08:01:19 <Betty> hey, Lion :-)
08:03:21 <ynpvisitor1> Good crowd
08:42:05 <Graham> OF 1541
09:02:11 <ynpvisitor1> time for Lion...
09:05:34 <ynpvisitor1> hopefully...
09:10:21 <ynpvisitor1> there we go
09:10:33 <ynpvisitor1> Lion 1610
09:16:18 <ynpvisitor1> nice, time for Daisy too
09:30:50 <Graham> Daisy
09:39:01 <Jenna> not a good ending for the employee missing in the Yellowstone river
09:43:24 <ynpvisitor1> did they find his body?
09:44:26 <Jenna> yes
09:45:43 <ynpvisitor1> just googled it.
09:45:58 <ynpvisitor1> what not to do in Yellowstone, sad though
09:46:18 <Jenna> yes it was not a smart idea
09:51:26 <ynpvisitor1> it needs more WHAT NOT TO DO publicity...
09:55:10 <Jenna> agreed. I'm sure they completely underestimated the rivers power
09:58:05 <ynpvisitor1> very sad though, so young
09:59:53 <Jenna> it is
10:07:12 <Graham> OF 1707
10:09:00 <Graham> short
10:18:18 <Graham> lion doesn't look very enthusiastic
10:22:06 <Jenna> 1722
10:22:07 <Jenna> ie
10:24:04 <Graham> so much for that
11:09:19 <Jenna> ...
11:10:45 <Graham> OF 1810
11:17:56 <Graham> dep
11:41:39 <Graham> Lion 1841
11:46:42 <Craig> What a day!
11:47:29 <Graham> hello
11:47:47 <Graham> so what was improbable doing?
11:48:47 <Craig> Improbable was going off almost Constantly and didn't vary in activity with Anemone
11:49:05 <Graham> how high?
11:49:21 <Craig> Largest bursts 4-5 feet but average of 2-3
11:49:44 <Graham> nice
11:50:12 <Craig> There was not a moment I walked up to anemone without improbable going
11:50:42 <ynpvisitor42> Anything good out of Giant?
11:51:38 <Craig> Bijou would pause every once in awhile for about 10 seconds causing some splashing in catfish and mastiff
11:54:02 <Graham> Turban?
11:59:55 <Craig> Got a walk up oblong too
12:00:19 <Graham> those are nice
12:01:29 <Craig> Check out F&M for the first time and watched a couple cycles
12:03:05 <Craig> *checked
12:04:24 <ynpvisitor42> Oblong is good. Walkup Oblong is great!
12:07:34 <Graham> Daisy 1907ns
12:08:34 <Craig> Oblong and Improbable were my highlights of the day.
12:08:36 <Jake> Graham there's a FB YTG report with an unusual geyser for your entry ;)
12:08:46 <Jake> rather, awaiting your entry
12:08:51 <Craig> ^ ?
12:10:07 <Graham> checking
12:12:32 <Graham> skinny was seen a while ago during the King sit
12:18:27 <Jake> cool, I have never seen it
12:18:47 <Graham> i have only seen it once
12:24:51 <ynpvisitor52> imagine an Uncertain and you kind of have Skinny
12:25:15 <ynpvisitor52> I should say a skinny uncertain
12:25:20 <Jake> but with a lake view!
12:26:07 <ynpvisitor52> the angle we watched it from, we were below or to the side of skinny
12:26:49 <ynpvisitor52> so I didn't get the lake in the background
12:27:20 <ynpvisitor52> I'm hoping for a short interval Beehive (before dark)
12:27:25 <ynpvisitor52> wish I may
12:47:47 <Graham> lion 1947
12:47:56 <Jake> Lion 1947
12:54:34 <Jake> OF 1954
12:55:27 <Graham> pretty view
13:18:46 <ynpvisitor66> Time for Grand?
13:22:13 <Jake> Grand and Beehive will erupt together
13:22:17 <Jake> you heard it here first
13:22:49 <Jake> Grand 2022
13:23:14 <Jake> I wish to retract my earlier prediction
13:30:10 <ynpvisitor66> he he
13:31:21 <ynpvisitor66> maybe it will have a 2nd
13:34:37 <Graham> goodnight, good luck seeing BH
13:42:23 <ynpvisitor66> only if someone has a flashlight on it
13:48:38 <Jake> Lion 2048
13:49:41 <ynpvisitor66> another nice series
14:13:57 <ynpvisitor66> dark so soon now
14:19:22 <ynpvisitor91> there's a flashlight at bee
14:21:10 <ynpvisitor91> ah, they went on to Plume corner
14:22:20 <ynpvisitor91> 2121 wc Old Faithful
14:22:28 <Jake> OF 2122