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22:26:44 <Graham DCA> morning. still no F+M, must be waiting for 1600 just before I arrive
22:30:26 <Graham DCA> plane is here and "on-time"
00:35:46 <ynpvisitor82> .
00:37:47 <ynpvisitor42> Nice Grand to start the day and weekend
00:47:48 <ynpvisitor1> OF 0847 ie
00:51:46 <Dave from B> Short BH interval overnight
01:23:06 <ynpvisitor100> Gee I got the magic number today.
01:25:43 <Jenna> morning Kevin and Dave
01:25:55 <Kevin L> Morning
01:25:59 <Jenna> it's officially fall, first Hawkeye football game today
01:27:06 <Kevin L> UNLV got trashed last night.
01:31:21 <Jenna> :(
01:31:37 <Jenna> at our new house we'll be able to walk to the football games at the high school
01:32:40 <Kevin L> My high school got trashed too.
01:32:56 <Jenna> oh
01:32:57 <Jenna> lol
01:33:05 <Jenna> not a good night for you
01:33:35 <Jenna> ours won 56-28
01:34:15 <Kevin L> That is about how bad ours lost. We have always been noted for losing football though.
01:35:28 <Kevin L> The actual school name is Basic High School.
01:38:25 <Jenna> seriously?
01:39:07 <Kevin L> Yep.
01:49:09 <Kevin L> Morning kc
01:52:11 <kcmule> mornin
01:53:07 <Kevin L> Be interesting to see the next BH interval.
02:15:07 <ynpvisitor1> OF 0914 ie
02:26:06 <ynpvisitor1> Daisy
02:45:37 <Jenna> I'm going to guess BH late this evening
03:10:48 <Graham in DEN> at least I am in the right time zone now
03:14:26 <Jenna> :)
03:15:22 <Graham in DEN> still no F+M what's up with that?
03:19:47 <Kevin L> Hope F&M waits for Graham
03:47:02 <ynpvisitor64> Aurum
03:47:31 <Jenna> OF 1047
03:47:35 <Jenna> good catch 64
03:47:44 <Graham in DEN> where was Kevin?
03:47:58 <Kevin L> Enjoying it!
03:48:05 <Jenna> not OF yet apparently
03:48:17 <Kevin L> OF tried to mess it up.
03:48:30 <Graham in DEN> good. boarding now, should be on time
03:48:44 <Kevin L> Good luck Graham.
03:49:28 <Kevin L> Pure luck. Just walked in.
03:53:14 <Jenna> not friendly clouds moving in
04:40:05 <Kevin L> This could get ugly in winter
04:42:56 <Jenna> agreed
04:45:00 <Jenna> my friend is at Canyon now and sounds like weather isn't good over there either
04:45:15 <Jenna> are those flurries?
04:46:16 <Kevin L> Would not surprise me.
04:46:37 <Kevin L> Think it is heavy rain though.
04:49:36 <ynpvisitor62> What a way to end Summer
04:52:13 <Jenna> they call it a "wintry mix" around here
04:53:30 <Kevin L> I have a few names for it but none would be approiate for this page.
04:54:17 <Jenna> haha I use those words while I'm out driving in it
04:54:45 <Jenna> I will have a longer commute from the new house, not looking forward to winter or harvest season on the highway
05:00:05 <ynpvisitor62> Can not be too cold. Shorts and short sleve shirts
05:01:45 <ynpvisitor62> Steam in the grand area, too early for turbans?
05:09:58 <Kevin L> So does the house look like a done deal Jenna?
05:24:30 <Kevin L> 58 degrees with 66% humidity.
05:30:30 <Kevin L> OF 1230 ie
05:48:29 <Kevin L> Depression 1248
05:48:49 <Kevin L> I think
05:50:14 <Jenna> for the most part Kevin
05:50:30 <Jenna> getting prices for home insurance so I can get the info from them sent over to the bank
05:50:39 <Jenna> lots of things coming up that I didn't know I had to do
05:51:13 <Kevin L> It does get nuts. You have to sign forms that say that you have signed other forms.
05:53:19 <Kevin L> Going to be a soggy group at the Rockpile.
05:54:12 <Jenna> lol yes it is way more work than I imagined. But I am learning ALOT. Which is good because the home insurance people asked a lot of specific questions.
05:56:06 <Kevin L> You may want to check on earthquake insurance. I have it on mine. For us the cost is minimal but I know someone who lost their house about 4 milels away due to earth movement.
05:57:08 <Kevin L> A milel is 5280 feet in Davespeak.
05:57:52 <Jenna> ah I couldn't figure that one out :)
05:58:13 <Jenna> steam back behind the trees
05:58:23 <Jenna> you think I need earthquake insurance?
06:00:05 <Kevin L> You probably won't but who knows? Asking the cost is free though.
06:01:06 <Jenna> true
06:01:43 <Jenna> I didn't even think to quote different home insurance providers. I just went with the one we use now. They also mentioned it's cheaper to combine home and auto so now we have to consider that.
06:01:48 <Kevin L> I know mine is only about $5 a month.
06:02:05 <Jenna> yeah that's a no brainer for you
06:02:43 <Kevin L> We save on both home & auto with ours.
06:04:52 <Jenna> just one more thing to add to my list lol
06:29:49 <Kevin L> Not sure we will be able to see Grand
06:30:27 <Jenna> it's not looking good
06:33:19 <Betty> ugh, nice weather :-p
06:33:49 <Kevin L> Sort of like yours Betty?
06:34:34 <Betty> nope, we had a nice day with sunshine and moderate temeratures
06:36:10 <Betty> about 75 today
06:37:12 <Kevin L> Sure didn't get many of those days when I was there. Would you believe I got to Hanau 39 years ago today?
06:37:59 <Betty> nice anniversary, next year is your 40th :-)
06:38:27 <Kevin L> It sure doesn't seem that long ago.
06:42:22 <ynpvisitor23> radar is not looking good for the basin
06:43:33 <ynpvisitor23> Graham landed safely in Bozeman, with his luggage!
06:43:39 <Betty> we need a wiper
06:43:54 <Kevin L> Yea!
06:43:55 <ynpvisitor23> the problem of a sphere
06:44:08 <Kevin L> Winter is going to be a bummer.
06:44:48 <Maureen> I am not sure I have ever seen it rain as hard as it has these past few hours here
06:44:59 <Maureen> F & M erupted
06:45:03 <Maureen> did you guys see it?
06:45:13 <Maureen> Graham just texted me, he must have heard from someone
06:45:32 <Jenna> do you know when?
06:45:40 <Betty> it´s not on GT
06:46:01 <Kevin L> Did see much but rain
06:46:24 <Kevin L> I was hoping it would wait for Graham.
06:46:27 <Maureen> Graham did not mention the time, I just asked him
06:46:44 <Maureen> nice to release people though, it has been POURING on and off
06:46:51 <Betty> bad for him and Dave
06:47:09 <Maureen> it would be very wet and cold to stay out tonight
06:47:14 <Maureen> cb and Bill are there
06:47:55 <Kevin L> Waiting for BH could be ugly today
06:48:01 <Maureen> I would guess they will post on GT soon
06:48:12 <Betty> BH was 0044
06:48:23 <Maureen> at least it did a shorter interval to hopefully return it to not too crazy night hours
06:48:28 <Betty> Is Grand ie?
06:48:36 <Maureen> Graham does not have the time of F & M
06:48:40 <Maureen> looks like Grand
06:48:49 <Betty> yep
06:48:53 <Maureen> is anyone driving today?
06:49:05 <Jenna> steam at grand
06:49:11 <Kevin L> I am not sure.
06:49:27 <Maureen> can you pick it up Kevin?
06:50:19 <Jenna> I noticed steam in F & M area around 1300
06:50:36 <Kevin L> I can't at this point. I am doing something for my consulting business and the computer doen't have enough resources to do both.
06:50:50 <Maureen> gotcha
06:51:11 <Maureen> too bad they had F & M in this weather, yet at least it was during the day
06:51:55 <Kevin L> If the download finishes I will try to get it.
06:56:18 <Maureen> this winter is going to be brutal as far as visibility goes
07:03:54 <Betty> OF 1404
07:04:20 <Maureen> poof
07:09:36 <Betty> my stream is gone :-(
07:10:38 <Maureen> mine too
07:11:14 <Maureen> bye Betty and Kevin. Hope they did not lose power at the basin
07:12:04 <Betty> bye
07:25:09 <Kevin L> Looks like the stream is off.
07:25:47 <Betty> static does not refresh either
07:26:09 <Kevin L> Power must be out.
07:33:33 <Kevin L> It's back
07:33:55 <Kevin L> And its gone again.
07:33:55 <Betty> not mine
07:40:11 <Betty> back
07:40:43 <Betty> but very choppy
07:41:26 <Betty> ...and gone again
07:41:27 <Kevin L> Not on mine
07:42:57 <Betty> now it´s ok
07:46:31 <Kevin L> Working here
07:47:12 <Betty> less rain
07:47:26 <Betty> view looks clearer
07:49:54 <Maureen> oh good, cam is back
07:54:39 <Betty> Aurum or just Giantess boils
07:54:41 <ynpvisitor93> Well, at least F&M erupted in daylight.
07:56:59 <Maureen> not many people were there, unless more were there than what Cynthia posted
08:00:22 <Betty> Depression?
08:00:45 <Betty> and Lion?
08:01:15 <Kevin L> Lion for sure
08:01:17 <Betty> Lion 1500
08:02:07 <Kevin L> Maybe Daisy also
08:02:44 <Betty> too small I think
08:28:20 <Betty> OF 1528
08:57:30 <Betty> sun is coming out
09:05:50 <Betty> Daisy 1606
09:06:04 <ynpvisitor36> Daisy
09:12:24 <Betty> LC 1611
09:15:47 <Betty> Lion 1615
09:23:12 <Betty> Oblong 1621
10:05:46 <Betty> .
10:05:57 <Betty> OF 1705
10:35:02 <Kevin L> Looks like you were right about Aurum Betty.
10:44:05 <Betty> hey, right :-) did not notice it, Kevin
10:49:56 <Jake> Will says Plate is overflowing so keep an eye
10:50:12 <Betty> hi Jake
10:50:32 <Jake> hello
10:53:14 <Betty> hey Jenna
10:54:20 <Jenna> hi Betty
10:56:00 <Betty> someone waving ~~~
11:01:04 <Betty> Plate or Slot, not sure
11:04:48 <Betty> hope BH will go soon.Good luck and good night
11:17:43 <David A pdx> Split Cone!
11:18:27 <Jenna> Daisy
12:26:38 <ynpvisitor91> Steam at F&M
12:29:58 <Jenna> looks like Riverside steam too
12:39:44 <ynpvisitor98> F&M erupted today 91
12:49:36 <ynpvisitor91> Thank you
12:50:21 <ynpvisitor91> Wishful thinking on my part
13:13:43 <ynpvisitor93> Trying to decide if Grand is erupting or not.
13:36:16 <ynpvisitor100> yes, that was Grand erupting
13:36:23 <ynpvisitor100> no cam again...
15:02:24 <ynpvisitor50> They are turning it off to hide the bodies