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23:35:45 <Kevin L> Looks like another day in the dark.
23:53:43 <lc> morning everyone
00:16:13 <Kevin L> Morning lc
00:18:47 <Kevin L> Dave must have forgot to set his alarm again.
00:19:58 <lc> any idea what is going on with the cam?
00:26:26 <Kevin L> All I know is it is broken. It seems to work a day or so then die. Could be server, line to cam, or T1 line, but since they can seem to get it to work I suspect this issue isn't T1.
00:29:19 <Kevin L> Since there was an OF reported at 1941 yesterday I assume it went down between then and daylight today.
00:34:06 <lc> hey Dave
00:34:14 <Dave from B> Dave set his alarm and it didn't go off for some reason again. Looks like I may need a new alarm.
00:34:27 <Dave from B> Morning everyone
00:37:29 <Kevin L> Sounds like a loose nut around that clock.
00:38:01 <Kevin L> Since we can look at geysers, how about an aurora & volcano?
00:38:03 <Kevin L>
00:38:52 <Dave from B> haha
00:44:04 <Dave from B> Becca had her break out game last night and may have elevated her status with her coach. We'll see Friday night.
00:44:28 <Kevin L> I take it she won.
00:44:32 <Dave from B> First came into the game with 9 minutes left in the first half and never left the game after that.
00:44:42 <Kevin L> Get the house done Jenna?
00:45:12 <Dave from B> They lost 2-1 but all goals were scored before she even played. The team played very well in the second half and deserved a tie or win but couldn't finish anything.
00:45:16 <lc> sounds great Dave, good for her.
00:45:45 <Dave from B> She was pumped after the game. She kept seeing subs come in and none were asking for her to come out.
00:45:53 <Jenna> that's good to hear Dave
00:46:12 <Jenna> Kevin, it's ours! We're in the horrible process of moving everything now
00:47:14 <Kevin L> I hate that. I told them they are going to have to bury me in the back yard because I am not moving ever again.
00:47:41 <lc> same here Kevin.
00:48:03 <lc> been here 36 years.
00:48:33 <Dave from B> Congrats Jenna
00:48:40 <Dave from B> Are you taking time off to move?
00:49:06 <Kevin L> Except for the 4 years in the Army this is only the 3rd place I have ever lived.
00:49:51 <Dave from B> Kevin, since you were an adult or your entire life?
00:50:15 <Kevin L> Entire life.
00:50:36 <Dave from B> Just counted. I'm on #14.
00:50:38 <Jenna> I will move again, but once the kids are grown. entertaining a 3 yr old while carrying dressers isn't fun.
00:50:43 <Jenna> yes Dave I'm off this week
00:50:52 <Jenna> oh my Dave that's a lot
00:51:16 <Dave from B> That is not counting the 3 times I moved my wife before we were married.
00:53:05 <Dave from B> Can't you have someone watch Conor while you move?
00:53:16 <Dave from B> Or, does he want to "help"?
00:54:44 <lc> I will check in later, have a good day all.
00:54:47 <Jenna> yes, he has been to the sitter a little bit. He's really been pretty good, last night we lost him for a few minutes lol. he was hiding in a closet.
00:55:00 <Jenna> bye lc
00:55:10 <Kevin L> This could help.
00:55:13 <Kevin L>
00:55:46 <Jenna> it could
00:55:56 <Jenna> we really were panicking for a little bit lol
00:56:18 <Kevin L> Just find the nearest tree and Bingo! Problem solved!
00:56:21 <Jenna> all we have left is the beds, couch and food/kitchen stuff
00:56:23 <Jenna> haha!
00:56:41 <Jenna> he hates to walk in grass so we joked about taking off his shoes and leaving him in a chair in the yard
00:57:13 <Dave from B> That is funny Jenna! Taylor was afraid of the grass when she was younger also.
00:57:21 <Kevin L> That is the one we used with the kid in Yellowstone. I think there must be about 10,000 hours of video of her in Aisa now.
00:57:25 <Dave from B> She didn't like the feel of it.
00:57:59 <Jenna> lol Kevin
00:58:04 <Jenna> yeah he is not a fan
00:58:19 <Kevin L> Wait till he has to mow it!
00:59:09 <Jenna> I hope he likes it then! we have a big yard! no mower yet but still
01:09:37 <Kevin L> Interesting spikes in OF seismo. One is probably a 6.2 eq in Argentina but not sure about the other
01:25:01 <ynpvisitor90> Seems OF is too far from Argentina to have anything to do with each other...
01:32:07 <ynpvisitor82> 6.2 from Argentina would still show up on seismo
01:33:15 <Dave from B> So you have another day off!
01:34:53 <Kevin L> I am off on Wednesdays anyway.
01:39:29 <Dave from B> It would sure be nice if they put an update on the NPS webcam page. Last update was from June.
01:41:37 <Kevin L> I think the main problem is the position that normally handles this is now vacant.
01:44:31 <ynpvisitor16> The cam down again?
01:49:14 <Paul L.> Who broke the cam?
01:49:37 <Kevin L> I think Dave did it.
01:49:41 <Dave from B> Kevin, I didn't know that. where did he/she go?
01:49:51 <Dave from B> Hi, Paul
01:49:52 <Paul L.> Always Dave
01:50:06 <Dave from B> Yep....I seem to be responsible for everything.
01:50:30 <Kevin L> I think they went to another NPS position in a different location.
01:50:51 <Dave from B> Do you know if they are planning on filling the position?
01:51:02 <Dave from B> Sounds like a good job for Jake.
01:51:20 <Paul L.> Or Eric
01:57:14 <Kevin L> I am sure they will fill the position, but it takes forever to fill a government job.
02:29:13 <Eric> Morning all...bummer the cam is broken again
02:30:07 <Dave from B> Morning Eric
02:30:25 <Dave from B> Eric, did you apply for the open webcam position at YNP?:)
02:32:02 <ynpvisitor58> so no NPS web cam guy now?
02:32:37 <Dave from B> That's what Kevin was saying earlier.
02:33:58 <Kent> Morning all
02:34:23 <Kent> Perhaps another reason why the cam should be contracted out
02:34:24 <ynpvisitor58> No F & M yet
02:34:46 <ynpvisitor58> Grand logger is broken too, boo
02:35:04 <Kent> If it isn't one thing.....
02:35:26 <Dave from B> Morning Kent, 58
02:36:11 <ynpvisitor58> Steve is in the basin, not sure who is is about now
02:39:13 <ynpvisitor58> who else, excuse the Davespeak
02:39:36 <ynpvisitor58> fun about Opal yesterday, Steve said he got some video of it too
02:40:42 <Dave from B> pics on FB were amazing
02:44:46 <ynpvisitor58> I think it has erupted a few times since 2007 though
02:44:55 <ynpvisitor58> I know it did sometime in 2012
02:45:29 <ynpvisitor58> nice Steve was in the park to see it, he loves things like that
02:46:00 <ynpvisitor58> now if F & M would erupt for him….
02:58:00 <ynpvisitor9> VC cam looks to be working. Too bad they like thaqt one more thenthe stream.
03:20:43 <Dave from B> Cam is up!
03:20:45 <Dave from B> :!:
03:20:49 <Dave from B> :!:
03:20:52 <Dave from B> :!:
03:21:24 <ynpvisitor100> I thought maybe Indy was going
03:21:32 <Kent> Thanks Dave
03:21:47 <Eric> wecam went down at 0321 and back up at 1009
03:22:27 <ynpvisitor100> Eric how do you know when the cam went down and back up?
03:22:37 <Eric> I monitor it now :-(
03:22:48 <ynpvisitor100> TY
03:22:58 <Eric> I was just in a meeting or I would have pinged everyone earlier.
03:23:18 <Dave from B> C'mon, Eric...can't you multi-task!:D
03:28:19 <Betty> yay, cam is back again...
03:30:05 <Betty> nice Anemone group
03:36:44 <Betty> OF
04:07:29 <Dave from B> LC 1107ie
04:08:06 <Eric> Red Dwarf 1108 ie
04:08:09 <Eric> :-P
04:08:44 <Dave from B> Based on BHI watchers are we thinking BH didn't go overnight?
04:09:12 <Eric> I don't see any watchers.
04:09:42 <Eric> few tourists...
04:09:45 <Dave from B> just walkers?
04:09:54 <Eric> I think so
04:10:25 <Eric> I can't image that BH didn't go last night
04:10:52 <Dave from B> I would hope that it went overnight
04:13:13 <Eric> Lion
04:13:18 <Eric> 1113
04:13:37 <Dave from B> Yeah!!!!
04:14:04 <ynpvisitor56> my stream is wonky
04:18:12 <Tammy> Good morning everybody!
04:18:37 <Dave from B> Morning Tammy
04:18:46 <Tammy> Looks like I just missed Lion. That is too bad, but oh well! Maybe I can see it later.
04:19:03 <Eric> hey tammy
04:19:17 <Tammy> Hi Eric and Dave from B! Happy Wednesday!
04:19:26 <Eric> :-)
04:40:05 <Paul L.> Hi Tammy
04:41:40 <Tammy> Hi Paul L. How are you?
04:41:59 <Paul L.> Fine. You?
04:42:31 <Tammy> Busy, but good.
04:43:18 <Paul L.> Busy keeps you out of trouble.
04:43:37 <Tammy> We hope so.
04:44:31 <Tammy> I could probably still stir up some trouble if I so desired. Haha!
04:48:14 <Tammy> How's your family, Paul?!
05:09:15 <lt> stream really laggy for anyone else or is that just me being special?
05:09:40 <Dave from B> Mine seems fine3
05:09:45 <lt> ok
05:09:52 <Eric> good here
05:10:03 <lt> good to know my computer wants to be special today
05:10:13 <Eric> been sucks.
05:10:54 <Paul L.> Family is doing fine Tammy
05:12:05 <Eric> OF Lion dual maybe
05:12:13 <Eric> OF 1212
05:12:28 <Eric> Go Lion
05:13:17 <Eric> Ok....Lion now Go!
05:13:45 <ynpvisitor22> Have any of you heard news from Grand yet?
05:14:09 <ynpvisitor22> I'm at Riverside and can't see it.
05:14:12 <Dave from B> NPS app predicts 1200 (90)
05:14:33 <Eric> Not even seeing puffs of Turban yet
05:15:00 <ynpvisitor22> Thanks!
05:15:07 <Eric> NP
05:15:08 <ynpvisitor22> Maybe there's a chance I can see both...
05:15:15 <Eric> :-D Hope so
05:15:25 <ynpvisitor22> :)
05:15:59 <Eric> Lion must be waiting for OF to polite.
05:18:01 <ynpvisitor28> Some kind of steam by daisy?
05:18:21 <ynpvisitor52> Lion
05:18:21 <ynpvisitor28> Lion
05:20:10 <Dave from B> Lion
05:20:29 <ynpvisitor28> A three lion lion
05:21:01 <ynpvisitor28> And a cub
05:21:39 <Eric> Don't know who is camop...but a Grand + Lion view would be awesome
05:22:12 <Eric> Or just a full zoom :-)
05:23:00 <ynpvisitor28> I think Grand is on vacation
05:23:35 <Dave from B> Either a Turban or Vent delay or we missed it already
05:24:18 <ynpvisitor28> All them people and not one posted of on gt
05:27:05 <ynpvisitor28> Castle is heating up
05:29:27 <ynpvisitor91> only one Lion on GT
05:30:45 <Eric> camera was down earlier...but we have had 2 lions
05:35:56 <ynpvisitor28> We could miss giantess waiting on turban
05:42:35 <ynpvisitor91> ..
05:46:03 <ynpvisitor28> Good day for dave to count shrimp.
05:46:30 <Dave from B> I'm still trying to catch up after my secone alarm issue this week.
05:46:37 <Dave from B> second
05:47:17 <ynpvisitor28> False alarms, or cooler on the fritz
05:49:00 <Dave from B> My alarm clock!:)
05:49:43 <ynpvisitor28> Wife away visiting her mother is she?
05:50:04 <Kevin L> Doesnt' that new smart phone have an alarm?
05:50:44 <ynpvisitor28> See they cal them smart phones. Not smart enough to set the alarm on its own!
05:51:23 <ynpvisitor28> If it was real smart, it would know he was not up and checking times on GT
05:53:38 <Dave from B> My wife gets about about 2-3 hours after me....she's not much help
05:54:13 <Dave from B> I'm still an alarm clock guy...maybe I should let my phone run my whole life!
05:55:26 <ynpvisitor28> Do they even sell alarm clocks these days? I shop for stuff like that at thrift stores.
05:55:38 <Kevin L> Does it have spell check?
05:55:43 <Dave from B> haha...I still have one!
05:56:10 <Dave from B> Everything should have spell check
05:56:40 <ynpvisitor28> smell check is fine, grammer is better
05:56:50 <Eric> Don't wish for your phone to be too smart, it might start doing your job for you :-P
05:57:04 <Eric> and taking your paycheck....
05:57:13 <ynpvisitor28> I can just see his phone driving the truck
05:57:23 <ynpvisitor28> Grand
05:57:25 <Eric> smell wife says I need those sometimes.
05:57:27 <Eric> Grand
05:57:31 <Eric> 1257
05:57:32 <Dave from B> Anyone heard of Sonos?
05:57:40 <Eric> Yes, it's pretty cool
05:57:51 <ynpvisitor28> Nope
05:58:01 <Dave from B> I have it in our new house. And, I can control from my phone!
05:58:30 <Dave from B> No need for an album, 8 track, cassette or CD.
05:58:36 <lt> I adore my Sonos
05:59:05 <ynpvisitor28> 8 track/
05:59:14 <Kevin L> I have a record player.
06:00:25 <ynpvisitor28> It is fun to talk to teens about albums. They dont get it any more then phones with dials on them or party lines
06:03:52 <lt> the only thing I would change about my Sonos stuff is they put the volume control on top and occasionally one of the cats will turn it on/adjust the volume
06:04:59 <Dave from B> Ours is behind a door plus no cat.:)
06:05:43 <ynpvisitor28> That splans why we did not see any turbans. The cat did it, woops, the wind is blowing hard a t Grand
06:06:29 <lt> the cat sat on the steam volume control, no steam to be seen
06:06:40 <Dave from B> At least one Grand interval was a long one...triple interval of 22:58
06:08:21 <ynpvisitor28> 23 hours and only a single
06:08:37 <ynpvisitor28> Have a good day all
06:10:11 <Eric> night 28
06:17:38 <Dave from B> Hi, Betty
06:18:09 <Betty> Hello again Dave from B
06:32:29 <Dave from B> ..
06:32:34 <Eric> Maybe Lion series is over :-(
06:36:21 <Tammy> There you go Eric. Looks like Lion might not be done after all.
06:36:42 <Tammy> It's possible it could be teasing of course too, but that last burst looked really good.
06:38:04 <Betty> OF
06:38:16 <Betty> 1337
06:41:03 <ynpvisitor21> I remember it being taller back when it used to erupt every hour on the hour :)
06:44:56 <Betty> nice Castle
07:06:45 <Betty> Daisy
07:06:53 <Betty> 1406
07:08:03 <ynpvisitor94> Daisy and Sawmill. How fun!
08:11:31 <Dave from B> OF 1511
08:28:33 <Eric> Aurum
08:28:40 <Eric> Nope
08:28:54 <Eric> scratch that....someone in a white shirt poping up there :-P
08:29:21 <Eric> White shirts on BW should be illegal...
08:29:31 <Craig> Ugh, political science homework,,,
08:30:14 <Eric> woot, polysci :-P have fun
08:31:47 <Dave from B> Belated happy birthday Craig!
08:37:50 <Graham> i see i almost missed Aurum
08:37:51 <Dave from B> Good evening Graham
08:38:24 <Graham> hi Dave. you making another geyser run before closing?
08:38:45 <Dave from B> I doubt it. When is closing day?
08:38:47 <ynpvisitor62> c
08:39:21 <Graham> Nov something
08:39:53 <Graham> never been in Nov
08:40:25 <Craig> Thanks Dave!
08:48:50 <Graham> whats the bh prediction?
08:49:16 <ynpvisitor62> when the cam goes down
08:49:31 <lt> haha
08:50:08 <Craig> So uh, GO OPAL!
08:51:44 <Graham> its a cool geyser, way bigger than when i saw it
08:52:07 <Graham> no reports about the thumps tho
08:52:11 <Dave from B> BH 0000-0430
08:52:31 <Graham> thanks Dave, so not on my shift
08:52:41 <Eric> any videos of opal yet?
08:52:42 <Graham> whichever day it is
08:55:51 <Craig> There is a video of Opal on the facebook geyser gazers page by Devin
08:59:12 <Eric> Thanks Craig
08:59:38 <Craig> No problem
09:02:37 <Dave from B> Time to go home. Have a great evening! Woohoo!!! Survivor starts tonight.
09:03:05 <ynpvisitor62> Whats that? A fishing show?
09:03:10 <Kevin L> Amazing Race tomorrow.
09:03:13 <Graham> i am not seeing the Opan video
09:03:51 <Dave from B> 62, where have you been for 20 years?:)
09:04:10 <ynpvisitor62> Not watching that show
09:04:19 <ynpvisitor62> What ever it is
09:05:47 <Eric> I sse no video of opal on the geyser gazer FB page :-(
09:07:10 <Eric> I see a post with a comment that Devin has one, but don't see it.
09:37:29 <Graham> OF 1637
09:46:54 <Graham> Daisy
10:03:54 <ynpvisitor65> kc, isn't it Miller time yet?
10:05:28 <kc (working)> not in this time zone
10:05:49 <ynpvisitor65> haha
10:05:58 <ynpvisitor65> Coors time then?
10:06:20 <Graham> isn't it Miller Coors?
10:06:42 <kc (working)> SAB MillerCoors
10:06:49 <Kevin L> Diet Mtn Dew here.
10:07:43 <kc (working)> cant touch any of that macro stuff, its all about micros in CO
10:08:02 <kc (working)> brewubs pop up like dandelions
10:08:06 <kc (working)> *p
10:08:22 <ynpvisitor65>'re spelling like me now
10:08:26 <Kevin L> Some probably USE dandelions....
10:10:38 <ynpvisitor86> kc, I bet I have you beat. More breweries then quiky marts around here
10:15:05 <ynpvisitor65> Time for family time. See you all tomorrow.
10:15:27 <kc (working)> wiki says portland has the highest concentration, but im all about a pissin' contest since we have all this ammo
10:16:11 <Graham> i think we have more wine bars here
10:18:25 <Eric> Portland area now has a monastic brewery...monks can brew :-P
10:18:38 <Eric> Taste and Believe is their moto!
10:19:14 <ynpvisitor86> Hood River has more breweries per person.
10:20:16 <kc (working)> belgian abbey ales are probably the best in the world
10:20:27 <ynpvisitor86> Bend and even Redmond have Portland beat on breweries per person.
10:21:15 <ynpvisitor86> Can not deal with Begian brews. Funy yeast tastes like buble gum to me
10:21:50 <ynpvisitor99> hood river was going to be my is nuts,
10:22:31 <ynpvisitor86> I think Sisters has 2 breweries and that would make them beat Hood River
10:23:05 <kc (working)> i prefer something more drinkable, ambers are my first choice
10:23:33 <kc (working)> but out here hops are king
10:26:42 <Eric> To me it's not about breweries per person, it's number I can reach in 20 minute drive :-P
10:27:01 <Eric> Portland has everywhere in the US beat in that metric, almost guaranteed.
10:27:22 <Eric> Aurum
10:27:23 <Eric> .
10:27:24 <Eric> .
10:27:24 <kc (working)> aurum
10:27:25 <Eric> .
10:27:25 <Eric> .
10:27:26 <Eric> .
10:27:40 <Eric> Stupid OF steam
10:27:48 <Eric> Nice
10:28:11 <kc (working)> within 20 min walk is even better Eric
10:28:22 <kc (working)> or stumble as the case may be
10:28:31 <Eric> Well, they could probably reign in that category too :-)
10:29:02 <Eric>
10:29:36 <ynpvisitor86> I was wrong, Sisters only has one.
10:29:49 <Eric> There are a few different ones in town
10:29:57 <ynpvisitor86> You cannot get anyplace in Protland in 20 minutes
10:30:21 <Eric> Sure you about 30 breweries...if not more
10:31:30 <Eric> Anyway....Portland is called Beervana for a reason. Not just because I say so.
10:31:56 <ynpvisitor86> No way, traffic stinks.
10:32:10 <Eric> well, sure if your in rush hour
10:32:22 <Eric> but that is 20 per week of time
10:32:32 <ynpvisitor86> Maybe on a bike, if you are naked
10:32:47 <Eric> the other 148 hours are free and clear :-P
10:33:22 <Eric> ?Do you live in portland 86
10:33:39 <ynpvisitor86> Never again
10:33:55 <ynpvisitor86> Actually never did
10:34:02 <Eric> I can tell :-P
10:34:31 <ynpvisitor86> I worked on phones and was happy I never had to go down town for 6 months
10:34:59 <Eric> I have lived inside and out of my life. good and bad.
10:37:11 <ynpvisitor86> I am getting to be a beer snob. Last memorable beer was year and a half ago. A nice Baltic Porter in Sheridan Wyoming. Was a sample of a beer the owner said was not ready yet.
10:38:04 <ynpvisitor86> It was worth every bit of pestering to get the sample.
10:38:23 <Eric> I have been a SNOB for years:
10:38:28 <Eric> :-P
10:39:08 <Eric> The number of beer festivals in Portland also make it a pretty good beer town.
10:39:09 <ynpvisitor86> I will not touch Deschutes unless forced to
10:39:49 <Eric> Their porter is pretty close to the definition of an american porter
10:40:01 <Eric> if not THE definition
10:40:39 <ynpvisitor86> Not what it used to be. But what do you expect when you go from grain to bottle in 20 days
10:40:51 <ynpvisitor86> It may even be less now
10:40:58 <Eric> Thats fine for an ale
10:41:11 <Eric> not so much for a lager
10:41:26 <ynpvisitor86> Not a porter or a stout. Fine for hoppy beer that tastes like hopps
10:42:13 <ynpvisitor86> Too long for a wheat
10:42:51 <ynpvisitor86> Moose Drewl is just the same porter
10:43:09 <ynpvisitor86> Slow elk was a good Stout also
10:44:21 <ynpvisitor86> Well got to go hunt up dinner
10:44:24 <Eric> Now we should move on to scotch and tequila :-D
10:44:39 <Eric> good luck
10:44:43 <ynpvisitor86> Can not afford either one.
10:44:55 <ynpvisitor86> Found a nice low cost whiskey
10:45:43 <Eric> The stuff I like isn't cheap :-(
10:46:43 <Graham> stepping away, bbs
11:17:44 <Graham> OF 1817
11:20:17 <ynpvisitor18> only one more before dark
11:21:02 <Graham> already dark here
11:22:41 <Graham> kc not allowed to stop working
11:22:58 <Graham> oops, there you are
11:23:04 <Graham> its brew time
11:24:29 <kcmule> 2 alaskan ambers calling my name
11:26:33 <Eric> yummm
11:26:57 <Eric> I have been drinking ayinger marzens - Oktoberfest beer
11:31:23 <Graham> Turban?
11:40:58 <Graham> Oblong?
11:53:00 <ynpvisitor18> Turban
11:53:24 <Graham> looks like it
11:54:35 <ynpvisitor18> looking for something else?
11:55:03 <Graham> something to erupt maybe?
11:55:15 <ynpvisitor18> why not Grand?
11:55:37 <Graham> not this Turban
11:55:57 <Graham> LC :)
11:56:20 <Graham> some people like to watch for BHI too
11:57:31 <ynpvisitor4> cub is doing a good geyser impersination
11:58:10 <Graham> its easy when its actually a geyser :)
11:59:46 <Graham> OT?
11:59:49 <ynpvisitor4> If it were a real geyser, people would stay and watch it.
12:00:16 <Graham> people do watch it
12:00:29 <Graham> and study it
12:00:40 <Graham> think there was a Transactionds article on it
12:03:37 <ynpvisitor4> Interesting, I thought Depression got more interest
12:04:33 <Graham> more doctors study that one :)
12:11:47 <Graham> Grand 1911
12:11:52 <Graham> ns at least
12:13:19 <ynpvisitor18> hey Grand
12:13:55 <Graham> its a bit fuzzy
12:14:24 <ynpvisitor18> bet it is nice on the other side of the trees
12:14:41 <Graham> maybe Steve E is there
12:15:12 <ynpvisitor18> most likely making dinner for his kids
12:15:28 <ynpvisitor18> he left F & M at 1600
12:16:04 <ynpvisitor18> 10 days soon
12:17:07 <ynpvisitor9> Send someone to the Geyser Grill!
12:17:44 <Graham> see, we didnt miss Grand :)
12:18:44 <ynpvisitor18> before dark too
12:19:05 <Graham> Sawmill
12:20:01 <ynpvisitor18> steamier than I expected tonight
12:20:32 <ynpvisitor9> It was very humid this morning
12:20:51 <ynpvisitor18> #2
12:21:22 <Graham> been a bit distracted here working on my photos of Ftn
12:21:31 <Graham> done with Steamboat
12:21:36 <ynpvisitor18> good distraction
12:25:24 <ynpvisitor18> Daisy was 1034
12:25:33 <ynpvisitor18> ha ha, chat crap
12:25:41 <ynpvisitor18> Daisy 1925
12:26:19 <Graham> whenever
12:26:49 <ynpvisitor18> yeah, 9 hours makes no differnce
12:30:04 <Graham> Dep?
12:30:37 <ynpvisitor9> Looks hot.
12:30:57 <Graham> was steaming down the hillside too earlier
12:31:03 <Eric> Red Dwarf ie :-P
12:31:31 <Graham> or something
12:32:02 <Eric> haha, how about A Dwarf ie
12:32:23 <Eric> LC is kicking up some good spurts
12:33:45 <Graham> nobody is supposed to be watching it tho
12:35:30 <Eric> interesting steam in front of giantess
12:35:37 <Eric> on the hill
12:46:32 <ynpvisitor54> Riverside?
12:46:48 <Eric> Oblong maybe
12:47:00 <Graham> not seing it here
12:47:12 <Graham> turban and vent maybe
12:47:25 <Graham> theres Riverside
12:47:26 <Eric> Now I see it
12:48:57 <Eric> OF 1948
12:54:06 <Graham> have a goodnight
12:54:40 <Eric> night graham