Showing logs for date: 2014-09-25
00:23:47 <Dave from B> Morning Kevin
00:23:50 <Kevin L> Page finally worked for me.
00:23:56 <Dave from B> Dodgers are division winners!
00:24:19 <Dave from B> Page was giving an error messgae until a few minutes ago
00:24:32 <Kevin L> I watched that game last night. Giants were awful. Played like the Packers.
00:24:50 <Kevin L> Even walked in a run in the 8th!
00:26:21 <Kent> Morning
00:26:24 <Dave from B> Morning Kent
00:27:01 <Kent> So Beehive should have erupted shortly after midnight - oneish?
00:27:07 <Kent> Hi Dave
00:28:06 <Dave from B> I think so re BH...Meaning today should go 2100-2330
00:28:16 <Kevin L> Looks like it has been a while since it erupted given the steam. Maybe it will start showing in daylight again soon.
00:28:31 <Kevin L> Lion is ie
00:29:00 <Kent> Staring right at it and didn't notice.
00:29:28 <ynpvisitor88> Steam in Depression runoff channel.
00:30:40 <Kevin L> 36 degrees & 96% humidity
00:32:13 <lc> good morning
00:32:23 <Dave from B> Morning lc
00:35:34 <Dave from B> Lion filled the area with steam
00:41:00 <ynpvisitor94> Pretty view in the basin.
00:41:19 <ynpvisitor94> Colors are lovely.
00:46:32 <Dave from B> According to Barbara L, Bear closure signs at Fairy Falls Trailhead and Biscuit to Artemsia. Sign of fall.
00:48:43 <Kevin L> Also a reason we haven't seen any wildlife.
01:01:54 <Dave from B> Did you need to put your computer on the train tracks?
01:03:18 <Kevin L> Something crashed it. I think a 2# can of tannerite would do the trick.
01:03:53 <Dave from B> My alarm clock worked this morning!:)
01:07:26 <Kevin L> I guess it wasn't a weekend.
01:07:58 <Kent> We need a fall carcass in camera view. I miss the four o'clock coyote.
01:08:18 <Kevin L> He hangs out by Aurum.
01:08:22 <Dave from B> GRAND
01:08:35 <Dave from B> 0808IE
01:08:42 <Dave from B> actually at least ns
01:08:57 <Kent> Good catch
01:09:02 <Kevin L> Someone hit the Giantess preset!
01:09:21 <Kent> :)
01:09:33 <Dave from B> I thought you were looking for Aurum!
01:13:39 <Dave from B> Nice cloud
01:14:16 <lc> much better view.
01:14:52 <Kent> With all the steam it is probably not the best eruption to be watching from the benches, but from a distance it is very nice.
01:17:27 <Dave from B> 2nd?
01:17:32 <Kevin L> 2b?
01:17:51 <Kevin L> It would appear so.
01:18:44 <Kevin L> Nascar Race here Saturday. 60% chance of rain. Never fails!
01:22:31 <ynpvisitor88> Riverside?
01:22:50 <Kevin L> Right area.
01:29:03 <ynpvisitor88> It is lasting a very long time. May be an F&M event. That would be nice.
01:29:50 <lc> Riverside will erupt 20 - 22 min.
01:30:43 <ynpvisitor88> Temperatures today will also leave a long hang time for steam. Need a basin report.
01:31:29 <Kevin L> Looks a bit right of the F&M area, but close.
01:31:54 <Kevin L> I would think F&M would have a larger steam cloud today.
01:33:11 <ynpvisitor88> Me too, but if F&M is just having a non-eruption event cycle it would have much less steam than an eruption would.
01:34:09 <ynpvisitor88> 9+ days since an F&M eruption has been recorded.
01:35:08 <ynpvisitor88> Back to the easily identifiable I guess.
01:38:26 <Kent> Beehive reported on GT. Intervals looking good as it creeps back to daylight
01:39:29 <lc> OF 0839
01:39:57 <Kevin L> tall one
01:40:12 <Kent> Good height, good wind, good light
01:40:15 <Dave from B> Thanks Kent
01:40:18 <Dave from B> re BH
01:41:00 <Dave from B> It will be worth watching right before dark...not likely for this evening
01:47:31 <ynpvisitor88> Was the last Lion an initial?
01:49:12 <Kevin L> Too much steam to tell.
01:50:43 <ynpvisitor88> Current interval would suggest it was. Over 1h20m now.
01:53:04 <Dave from B> or we could be done with the series
01:53:37 <ynpvisitor88> Same thought here.
01:54:08 <ynpvisitor88> Lion looked like it was going to do something a few minutes ago, then it quieted. There is a sitter on the bench there now.
01:57:21 <Dave from B> ..
02:37:36 <Kevin L> Depression
02:38:01 <Kevin L> Can even see the splash from here!
02:40:00 <Dave from B> Hopefully the ranger group saw it
02:54:00 <Kevin L> Boo. We missed the morning Aurum.
02:58:50 <Dave from B> OF 0958ie
03:27:27 <ynpvisitor31> ..
03:29:22 <ynpvisitor18> Opal video on fb is cool.
03:38:31 <Kevin L> NoDoz morning today.
03:40:16 <Dave from B> Wiht Lion quitting and Grand going early, it has been real quitet.
03:40:54 <Kevin L> Are y ou doing that on purpose?
03:43:04 <Betty> hey, I thought I saw that Aurum!
03:43:18 <Kevin L> Hi Betty
03:43:21 <Dave from B> I wish
03:44:09 <Betty> Hey Kevin L and Dave from B :-)
03:44:43 <Dave from B> Hi Betty
03:52:15 <ynpvisitor31> .
04:06:21 <ynpvisitor31> .
04:06:26 <ynpvisitor31> .
04:22:21 <Dave from B> Morning Eric
04:22:31 <Eric> Morning Dave
04:22:54 <Betty> Morning Eric
04:23:01 <Eric> Morning Betty
04:23:12 <Eric> Nice day in the UGB
04:23:34 <Betty> looks warm and sunny
04:24:25 <Eric> Maybe a daylight F&M today :-)
04:25:15 <Kevin L> I wonder if I went to Carls Jr if that would make it erupt. It seems to go when I am eating fast food.
04:25:27 <Eric> haha
04:25:47 <Eric> Your not comparing geyser grill to Carls Jr.....are you?
04:25:48 <Betty> good plan, Kevin
04:26:13 <Kevin L> Just that it is fast food.
04:26:19 <Dave from B> haha Eric
04:26:42 <Eric> Anybody catch the 750 aurum on the cam?
04:26:55 <Dave from B> Betty thinks she did.:)
04:27:05 <Eric> Nice
04:28:46 <Kevin L> What is that round silver thing?
04:29:19 <Dave from B> Where do you see it?
04:29:39 <Eric> Flying Saucer?
04:29:39 <Kevin L> In front of the guy with the orange shirt
04:29:39 <Betty> was hard to see, but looked like a steam source there not beeing Giantess. But I was not really sure about that. I checked my watch to compare it to GT, and...voilà
04:30:12 <Kevin L> Looks like an umbrella
04:30:28 <Betty> umbrella
04:30:50 <Betty> sorry...ALIEN UMBRELLA!!!!!
04:30:58 <Kevin L> Looked like a big ball.
04:31:01 <Eric> I still see no silver thing
04:31:07 <Betty> it´s gone!
04:31:19 <Eric> ohh, thats why I don't see it :-P
04:31:24 <Dave from B> :D
04:31:56 <Betty> the person with the Yellow shirt had it
04:32:14 <Betty> Morning lt
04:32:32 <Dave from B> Hi. lt
04:32:39 <Eric> Ahh, where is favorite.
04:32:41 <Eric> Morning lt
04:32:49 <lt> morning
04:32:59 <Betty> Waldo?????????????
04:33:08 <lt> I forgot my husband reset the house alarm and opened a window when I got up. oops. I am awake now.
04:33:15 <Eric> There are 4 people with yellow shirts :-D
04:33:31 <Eric> I hear you had a nice rain last night
04:33:44 <Betty> in front of the orange guy
04:33:48 <Kevin L> A find it book Betty
04:34:16 <lt> they got more in the more northern parts of the bay, I suspect
04:34:23 <lt> but I do see signs there was water from the sky
04:34:53 <Betty> Daisy
04:34:58 <Eric>
04:35:00 <lt> they were forecasting a whole 0.01inch here.
04:35:17 <Eric> Nice...better than nothing
04:35:24 <Eric> OF 1134
04:35:59 <Eric> Daisy OF dual :-P
04:36:00 <ynpvisitor76> Daisy 1135ie
04:36:01 <Kevin L> And Daisy right on cue
04:36:17 <Eric> Betty called Daisy 1134
04:36:23 <Betty> as I said
04:39:24 <Kevin L> That should take care of us for the next 90m
04:41:33 <Dave from B> My streaming is down...anyone else?
04:41:45 <Betty> not mine
04:42:14 <Kevin L> Mine is still kicking
04:42:34 <Dave from B> I'm getting the following symbol...
04:42:36 <Dave from B> :!:
04:42:46 <Betty> ??
04:42:53 <kc (working)> flash crash
04:42:57 <Betty> :!:
04:43:01 <Dave from B> This is definitely on my end
04:43:09 <Kevin L> Your computer has a bad attitude
04:43:24 <Dave from B> Thanks, kc
04:43:35 <Dave from B> Can I fix it without a computer restart?
04:43:38 <Eric> Flash...ohhhhh
04:43:50 <Eric> restart your browser
04:44:11 <Eric> Master of the Universe!
04:44:12 <Dave from B> I will be back. No Giantess while I'm away please.
04:44:25 <kc (working)> reload page, or u can end the flashplayerplugin process via task manager
04:44:43 <kc (working)> then reload page
04:45:59 <Dave from B> There we go
04:46:37 <Eric> Welcome back
04:46:46 <Eric> Giantess went while you were gone
04:46:51 <Eric> it was awesome
04:46:54 <Betty> haha
04:47:02 <Dave from B> Don't go anywhere...I'll be leaving for a haircut in 10 minutes.
04:47:08 <Eric> haha
04:50:40 <Kevin L> Don't need to go to the dentist do you?
04:51:37 <kc (working)> used to be the same person right?
04:51:38 <Dave from B> That is Oct 22
04:51:49 <Betty> I don´t think Dave has hair on his teeth
04:52:07 <Dave from B> Not anymore!:)
04:52:10 <Kevin L> Oh oh. I have a Dr appt that day. Mark it on your calendar!
04:52:47 <kc (working)> origin of barbers pole is from dentistry i believe
04:53:05 <Eric> never knew that kc...interesting
04:53:09 <Kevin L> Should be black & blue then.
04:53:11 <Betty> that´s right, kc
04:53:45 <kc (working)> all those episodes of pawn stars paying off
04:54:21 <Dave from B> haha
04:54:32 <Dave from B> Well, time to leave. Good luck everyone!
05:17:52 <kc (working)> 6.2 mag eq southern alaska
05:18:08 <lt> yep
05:32:17 <Eric> I didn't feel it
05:32:46 <lt> Canada is surprisingly large
05:40:45 <Kevin L> Going to get seasick today.
05:49:03 <Kevin L> Bus duty. brb Could someone post OF time?
05:49:19 <Betty> p
05:49:22 <Betty> yep
05:49:30 <Kevin L> ty
05:53:39 <Eric> Do we really need to post OF times seems like they always get overriden by the NPS cartodb entries.
05:54:43 <Betty> I think Kevin wants to know here because of cam op stuff
05:59:41 <ynpvisitor85> Time for a 13 hour BH. It is fall and time for it to switch back.
06:03:08 <Eric> sure thing 85 :-P
06:03:25 <Eric> or look for it around 11pm tonight.
06:04:32 <ynpvisitor85> It switched before this last year
06:04:32 <Eric> .
06:04:36 <Betty> Aurum
06:04:36 <Eric> Aurum
06:04:37 <Eric> .
06:04:37 <Eric> .
06:04:37 <Eric> .Aurum
06:04:38 <Betty> Aurum
06:04:38 <Eric> .
06:04:48 <Betty> no cam op
06:04:50 <Eric> stupid UI :-P
06:05:07 <Eric> Just like Kevin to go get a burger when Aurum erupts.
06:05:20 <Betty> haha
06:05:40 <Betty> that was a small one
06:05:56 <Eric> hmm, looked pretty normal to me
06:06:12 <Dave-afk> Looks like I missed Aurum
06:06:30 <Betty> by 2 min. bummer
06:10:56 <Betty> OF
06:11:05 <Betty> 1310
06:12:18 <Kevin L> Ugh. :P
06:12:30 <Eric> welcome back burgerman
06:12:39 <Dave from B> How was Carl?
06:12:40 <Eric> Aurum hates you...btw.
06:12:45 <Betty> sorry Kevin...
06:13:22 <Eric> But you did catch OF ;-)
06:13:35 <Kevin L> I got 1 Aurum at the park which made me view BH from Doublet and barely missed 6 of them.
06:13:50 <Eric> Barely missed another....
06:13:52 <Eric> today
06:14:14 <Eric> You are the king of almost saw aurums.
06:14:31 <Kevin L> If I was here Aurum would erupt with OF so I couldn't see it anyway.
06:15:06 <Betty> I got 1 Aurum from any place but not in front. only saw the top of it
06:15:07 <Eric> probably true.
06:15:45 <Kevin L> BTW they do want OF times for GT to verify NPS posts.
06:15:50 <Eric> alright, lunchtime for me...go giantess :-D
06:16:14 <Kevin L> Aurum has really been annoying this year.
06:23:08 <ynpvisitor48> Children and rocks. A bad combination in many settings.
06:23:57 <Kevin L> I HATE rocks. :p
06:24:43 <ynpvisitor85> If it wasn't for rocks, we would not have geysers
06:24:44 <ynpvisitor48> Especially when thrown by children, or just any time?
06:24:49 <Betty> you or your car? ;-)
06:25:51 <Kevin L> My car really doesn't like them.
06:29:20 <Betty> about the rockpile?
06:29:51 <Kevin L> Nothing today so far.
06:32:01 <ynpvisitor85> Not sure we will see any turbans today
06:59:56 <Kevin L> Coming into a Grand window.
07:00:18 <Kevin L> And Daisy
07:11:24 <ynpvisitor85> And the new bh schedule.
07:13:09 <ynpvisitor85> As fuzzy as it is, not sure I see steam from the grand are or if it is just fuz
07:14:53 <Kevin L> Probably on't see much. Temp has increased to 74 with 25% humidity. At least we should see water when it goes.
07:20:39 <Betty> Lion
07:20:59 <Betty> is definitely trying. 2nd big burst
07:21:02 <Kevin L> ?
07:21:39 <Betty> look close
07:21:56 <Dave from B> 86F in Blgs right now
07:22:01 <Dave from B> Woohoo!!!
07:22:35 <Kevin L> Don't want to miss the Daisy
07:22:48 <Betty> that´s ok
07:23:40 <Kevin L> Sure miss the UGB cam.
07:23:55 <Betty> yep
07:24:18 <Betty> does that burst count to start?
07:24:36 <Betty> mean when Ifirst posted it?
07:27:59 <Betty> Daisy
07:28:04 <ynpvisitor85> Daisy
07:28:22 <ynpvisitor85> Betty by 5 seconds
07:28:47 <Betty> :-)
07:29:35 <Betty> nasty wind today
07:29:37 <Kevin L> Even beat OF this time! :)
07:29:53 <Dave from B> I feel like I'm on a boat
07:30:01 <Betty> dual with Sawmill
07:30:44 <Betty> all we need now is Grand
07:31:04 <Dave from B> Hope it waits
07:31:50 <Betty> ugh no
07:31:53 <Betty> Grand
07:32:02 <Kevin L> :p
07:32:17 <Dave from B> I had a feeling...darn
07:32:31 <Dave from B> Everything is going at once...or almost
07:32:57 <ynpvisitor85> bh is next
07:33:20 <Betty> I´ll sign that, 85 :-)
07:33:42 <Kevin L> 85 must be asleep. That is a dream for sure!
07:34:03 <Dave from B> Castle and/or Riverside are next
07:34:49 <Kevin L> Nice water this time!
07:34:51 <ynpvisitor85> Only problem is, read where the basin IT guy position is open. So no one to load the new fall schedule for the geysers into the control system.
07:35:31 <Dave from B> haha 85
07:35:58 <Kevin L> Think that uses a random number generator.
07:36:34 <Kevin L> We did get a steamy 2b this morning.
07:38:51 <lt> a good random number generator is hard to write.
07:39:32 <Kevin L> "You are not kidding on that one, espesially in assembly!
07:39:54 <lt> everything is hard to write in assembly
07:40:06 <Betty> SC ie
07:40:22 <ynpvisitor85> It is a lot easier for the lottery. When you know what numbers you do not want to pick.
07:40:56 <Kevin L> We had to do one back in the 80's Ugh!
07:41:32 <ynpvisitor85> We need picture in Picture
07:41:49 <Micah> That's some good water from Split Cone
07:43:10 <Micah> 1443
07:43:36 <Micah> decent eruption
07:43:58 <Betty> Hi Micah. How are you
07:44:03 <Micah> fine
07:44:09 <Dave from B> Afternoon, Micah
07:44:16 <Micah> being back in pnw is dull
07:44:27 <Micah> although I'm going to start a county waterfall survey here soon
07:44:33 <Kevin L> There were waves on Grand.....
07:44:47 <Betty> is Indy on??
07:44:58 <lt> looks like it
07:44:59 <Dave from B> nice catch!
07:45:02 <Betty> yep
07:45:15 <Micah> Whoa. That's a short interval
07:45:21 <Dave from B> Wow, that is a bit of a surprise except for 85!:)
07:45:22 <kc (working)> cool
07:45:23 <lt> go Betty. so good to have someone paying attention. :)
07:45:25 <ynpvisitor85> Told you nananananananana
07:45:44 <Micah> naturally it would start doing nice intervals like this again AFTER I leave the park
07:45:45 <Betty> I signed it, 85
07:46:16 <ynpvisitor85> What you can not see is me doing the happy dance
07:46:34 <Betty> I can imagine ;-)
07:46:36 <ynpvisitor85> So does the group stop or go by?
07:46:38 <Kevin L> 85, you better go buy a lottery ticket.
07:46:57 <Micah> long old faithful, over 5 minutes
07:47:03 <Micah> barely
07:47:09 <Kevin L> Betty, I want your eyes!
07:47:13 <Betty> anyone sent text?
07:47:21 <lt> and maybe her monitor? yeah, I got my email, Betty
07:47:21 <Micah> I haven't felt my pocket buzz yet
07:47:30 <Betty> my nose hits the screen
07:47:37 <ynpvisitor85> I was looking at creags list because I will not watch of this year
07:47:46 <Kevin L> Mine did
07:48:14 <Tammy> Hi everybody!
07:48:16 <Dave from B> I got it
07:48:18 <Micah> oh, there it is, It was cushioned by all the cash in there
07:48:24 <Micah> (I wish)
07:48:25 <Dave from B> Hi, Tammy, Paul L
07:48:25 <Kevin L> Oh what a cute little geyser. I wonder if this big one ever goes?
07:48:34 <Betty> hi Tammy
07:49:22 <lt> oh silly people.
07:49:26 <Betty> what are they looking at?
07:49:29 <Kevin L> This is really a surprise.
07:49:33 <lt> apparently not Indy
07:49:51 <lt> or the sign.
07:49:52 <Micah> They're going to read the sign and walk away
07:49:52 <Kevin L> Pretty sure no gazers there.
07:49:55 <Micah> just like that.
07:50:03 <Dave from B> No ghazers around to halt the exodus?
07:50:08 <Betty> all at rockpile
07:50:16 <Micah> I think the only two gazers in the park now are Rocco and Devon
07:50:21 <ynpvisitor85> Maybe they can not read american english
07:50:22 <Micah> I think the rest left on the 20th
07:50:31 <Micah> Welp, there's a runner
07:50:37 <Micah> He's stopping people
07:50:42 <Jimbo> Doesn't the sign say Indy erupts before BH?
07:50:47 <Micah> Nope
07:50:59 <Micah> The sign says something along the lines of a "side channel" but doesn't make it clear
07:51:12 <ynpvisitor85> A good opportunity for an app writer. Yellowstone geyser in native language set by gps in smarty fhone
07:51:17 <Micah> It points to the illustrated conduit and says "indicator"
07:51:24 <Kevin L> It also makes it look like it is a lot farther away than it is.
07:51:40 <Micah> I don't know who that is.
07:51:42 <Betty> it´s so sad to see them leave
07:51:43 <Jimbo> Unbelievable
07:52:06 <Micah> I have a lot of problems with the signs in the park.
07:52:09 <Jimbo> I'd pay good $$$ to see a Beehive up close. Never have.
07:52:12 <Micah> Don't even get me started on Aurum.
07:52:12 <Dave from B> Indy looks lonely
07:52:18 <Kevin L> They need to get back for the next OF.
07:52:26 <Micah> Hi beehive.
07:52:26 <Tammy> It's like the people who walk away when Grand is likely to go.
07:52:29 <lt> hahaha
07:52:29 <Jimbo> Turn Around!
07:52:32 <Paul L.> here they come running back
07:52:33 <lt> watch them all turn and stare now
07:52:35 <Betty> go
07:52:41 <Tammy> BH is so pretty!
07:52:43 <Micah> 1453
07:52:44 <lt> and walk back
07:52:45 <Micah> HAHA
07:52:46 <Dave from B> Here they come
07:52:49 <Kevin L> Bet they come back now!
07:52:51 <Micah> Watching them all whirl around was hilarious
07:53:01 <Micah> "that guy wasn't crazy after all"
07:53:01 <Betty> hehe
07:53:10 <Jimbo> Wish somebody screencapped that
07:53:20 <ynpvisitor38> wow I didn't expect to log in and see BH right off
07:53:25 <lt> kc probably has it recorded
07:53:31 <Paul L.> It was awsome seeing it in person
07:53:48 <Micah> It's even better when you're on the boardwalk and they just give you the "yeah right" smirk and then 5 seconds later it erupts.
07:53:49 <Tammy> Was that your first time, Paul?
07:54:06 <Paul L.> yep
07:54:10 <ynpvisitor85> Can not tell if I see any bow or not. I think I see color
07:54:18 <Jimbo> "Oh, so that's what that little geyser meant. That the big one was going to erupt soon. Like an indicator!"
07:54:25 <Betty> close to cone Indy is on too??????
07:54:29 <Paul L.> it was our first date. lol
07:54:59 <Betty> Udo posted it
07:55:21 <lt> ...he was there and not stopping people?
07:55:21 <ynpvisitor38> what was the last BH interval?
07:55:42 <ynpvisitor85> If it was not for the peole walking slow, I wouls swear it is speed up
07:56:08 <Betty> looks really powerful
07:56:15 <Jimbo> BTW everybody, just discovered that the Valley of the Geysers Web site has 3D video. We need to get that for Yellowstone geysers.
07:56:45 <kc (working)> someone has a 3d video of f&m
07:57:09 <Jimbo> I'd like to see that. YouTube?
07:57:19 <ynpvisitor85> Sea sick in 3D great
07:57:29 <kc (working)> not sure his name, has foreign accent. i spoke to him at fountain/morning last year
07:57:30 <Paul L.> all gone
07:57:42 <ynpvisitor85> The ravins bussing the camera would be cool in 3D
07:57:58 <Paul L.> I would suck. lol
07:58:01 <ynpvisitor85> English?
07:58:04 <ynpvisitor38> does anyone have that last closed interval on BH?
07:58:04 <Paul L.> duck
07:58:12 <ynpvisitor85> 30'sor so?
07:58:14 <Jimbo> Here's the site:
07:58:17 <ynpvisitor44> Interval?
07:58:29 <kc (working)>
07:58:45 <ynpvisitor85> Could be the guy from Denver Area
07:58:48 <Micah> 85 if you're thinking of William, I'm not sure if he's seen it. I could be wrong though
08:00:30 <ynpvisitor85> Well I am going to leave you to your people watching. Doubt Giantess will go today so have other things to see and do.
08:00:33 <Betty> I met a German couple last year, and they had a 3d camcorder
08:00:37 <ynpvisitor85> Just one more thing.
08:00:42 <ynpvisitor85> Nananana
08:00:51 <Betty> hehehe
08:01:01 <Betty> have a nice evening 85
08:01:17 <Kevin L> Be interesting to see what it does tomorrow
08:01:57 <ynpvisitor76> Hey all, nice BH...was it 85 who called a 13.5 hour BH interval today? Not far off!
08:03:03 <ynpvisitor76> cool, those 3d videos might play with my phone and google carboard :-)
08:03:07 <ynpvisitor76> cardboard
08:03:16 <Kevin L> Lion Daisy Grand OF & BH in 45m
08:03:38 <Dave from B> It will be interesting to see next BH interval...I'm thinking 1630-1830 range
08:04:01 <Tammy> Man, the day I don't get on and watch for most of the day, and it's an action-packed afternoon! At least I got to see BH.
08:04:19 <Dave from B> Tammy, it was a snoozefest this morning!
08:04:25 <ynpvisitor76> well, if it keeps to the could be around 0900
08:04:59 <Tammy> That must be because the geysers wanted to all go at once this afternoon.
08:05:36 <Betty> snoozefest??? Dave, don´t throw in such complicated words...What does that mean???
08:05:45 <Eric> haha
08:05:46 <Tammy> I watched OF on my phone while I was on my lunch (that app is fantastic!), but then I was in meetings.
08:05:52 <Dave from B> :D
08:05:53 <Eric> snooze == sleep
08:05:56 <Eric> fest = party
08:05:57 <Betty> bet I don´t ind it in my dictionary
08:05:59 <Eric> sleepparty
08:06:43 <Craig> Bah, just missed BH next time I need to tell my bus driver to step on it!
08:06:48 <Kevin L> Dave was wearing his pajamas this morning.
08:07:06 <ynpvisitor85> Well while you are people watching, someone could do some looking and see if we possibly have missed any other short BH's in the dark.
08:07:08 <Eric> and getting his teeth cut :-P
08:07:27 <Betty> ok, with a bit fantasy I could be able to stick it together. but it´s easier to ask ;-)
08:08:00 <lt> not been a lot of moonlight the past few days, so that would be tricky
08:08:45 <Tammy> How do they keep track of the geysers when all of the Gazers leave? Does that mean the info on GT gets a little thin?
08:09:02 <Eric> 85, I am watching for LC, SC, Anemone, Sawmill and ??? No people watching here!
08:09:10 <Dave from B> It's our job to keep an eye on things in the off season!:)
08:09:20 <Eric> Red Dwarf might even erupt!
08:09:25 <Tammy> Of course.
08:09:33 <Craig> Beehives Close to Cone Indicator 1452...?
08:09:44 <Kevin L> There used to be no data from October until opening. The cam and GT has really filled in that gap!
08:09:49 <Dave from B> Eric, you're talking about all the little geysers...are you trying to get on Micah's good side?:)
08:09:51 <Betty> I see Pump in!!
08:10:38 <Eric> You should log that Betty :-D
08:10:40 <Tammy> I believe it, Kevin!
08:10:45 <lc> Micah, Micah has a good side?
08:10:54 <Eric> little geysers are pretty dang cool
08:11:03 <Craig> They are eric!
08:11:05 <Eric> you just have to lay on the BW to get perspective :-P
08:11:08 <Betty> sometimes I do that, Eric :-p
08:11:20 <Craig> Become the geyser!
08:11:36 <Eric> Especially's like a HUGE geyser if your laying down.
08:12:01 <Dave from B> Haha, lc...Good afternoon!
08:12:04 <Craig> Anemone is too!
08:12:09 <Eric> I did that in the Kitchen Craig...wife got super mad
08:12:28 <Betty> now everything is quiet again. snoozefest...
08:12:36 <Eric> nice word
08:12:47 <Eric> Is their a complentary word in German?
08:12:51 <Tammy> Lion should be going again sometime soonish, right?
08:12:56 <Craig> Eric im laughing so hard right now
08:13:02 <Dave from B> Lion and Castle
08:13:27 <Eric> Good...I thought it was super fun...what else is that stupid spray nozzle good for?
08:13:49 <Craig> Exactly! Was there an interval?
08:14:13 <lt> I would bet the interval was about the length of the sentence "don't you dare do that again"
08:14:40 <Eric> Wife thought my eruption pattern should be more like maybe someday
08:15:00 <lt> you told her that if you're emulating Giantess the whole kitchen is fair game, right?
08:15:07 <Betty> German compareable word would be schnarchnasig
08:15:12 <Eric> aren't too far off lt
08:15:14 <Craig> Better buy flood insurance
08:15:36 <lt> first you get the pot boiling on the stove
08:15:44 <lt> and then you start adding water to overflow
08:16:02 <lt> and then the garden hose needs to come in the window and start fountaining off
08:16:14 <Dave from B> I like your word Betty
08:16:21 <Eric> Thanks betty
08:16:33 <Betty> snorenosy
08:16:39 <Eric> haha
08:16:49 <Craig> Just pour some water on some boiling oil, it'll be fine! Major eruption!
08:17:03 <Eric> ahhh, lt is going to try for an F&M style geyser
08:17:21 <lt> no, that would be one where you rig like 47 of the spray faucets
08:17:29 <lt> and then they start going off in sporadic intervals
08:17:40 <Eric> You guys make it all to complex...just turn the sprayer in your kitchen upright and squeeze.
08:17:40 <lt> and the garden hose only gets involved is the pattern is exactly right for 20 minutes
08:18:00 <Betty> we say that about people in the car in front uf us that are pushed by slugs
08:18:03 <Craig> Should I do my science fair project this year on this?
08:18:16 <Kevin L> I bet you could make a pretty good simulated geyser using programable controllers and some software.
08:18:18 <lt> sure, but we are not responsible for parental consequences
08:18:48 <Craig> My excuse will be: "because science!"
08:19:03 <Betty> good point, Craig
08:19:17 <Betty> all for science
08:19:38 <Kevin L> " Gee I didn't know setting off a thermonecluar device would damage the garage Dad."
08:19:39 <Craig> $5000 of damage? Bah!
08:19:53 <Craig> Bwahaha
08:19:58 <lt> my advisor kept a chunk of the lab bench in the grad student office
08:20:06 <lt> a reminder of why you don't pour liquid nitrogen down the drain
08:20:19 <lt> as one former student had done
08:20:21 <Kevin L> I bet THAT was fun to watch!
08:20:37 <Craig> Ahahaha, my chemistry teacher once accidentally set an entire 40 foot long counter on fire... all at once
08:20:45 <lt> possibly for everyone else. probably not for the student in question
08:21:10 <lt> predated me, so I didn't get to see it. we did occasionally play with the LN2 on the floor
08:21:26 <lt> ice cream made with it is tasty
08:22:03 <Kevin L> We used to build bombs and bring them to school and detonate them behind the schoolyard in High School. Loads of fun!
08:22:24 <Craig> Dry ice bombs: the best
08:23:14 <Dave from B> You guys are ALL crazy!:)
08:23:41 <Kevin L> We made our own powder.
08:23:55 <Craig> Holy cow!
08:24:18 <Craig> Remind me to never get on Kevin's bad side
08:24:29 <Betty> haha
08:24:36 <lt> nah, all you'd have to do these days is run. he'd never catch up. ;)
08:24:52 <Eric> ouch
08:25:01 <Craig> *grabs popcorn*
08:25:15 <Eric> Ya, me and dry ice got in a little trouble in my college days as well.
08:25:39 <Kevin L> We did a black powder bomb in our mailbox when I was in Texas. Had to buy a new one that night. Pretty awesome, but a lot more powerful than we expected.
08:25:57 <Eric> Thats when being a kid was fun!
08:26:06 <Craig> Hahaha
08:26:44 <Kevin L> I would probably be in jail nowdays.
08:28:20 <Craig> XD
08:29:12 <Dave from B> Time to head out. Have a great evening everyone!
08:29:33 <Betty> guys, it was again a fun day with all of you. night all
08:29:36 <Kevin L> bye
08:35:58 <Craig> Bye!
08:38:33 <Tammy> Lion should be going anytime now, right?
08:40:12 <Kevin L> I hope so. A series of one would be the pits.
08:43:50 <Tammy> It looks like it's trying.
08:43:57 <Tammy> Lion
08:44:00 <Kevin L> Lion 1544
08:44:10 <Eric> Go Lion Go
08:44:57 <Eric> Lion 1543 per GT
08:45:09 <Kevin L> Nice to have a distraction.
08:45:26 <Eric> Missed the ini while at lunch :-(
08:45:42 <Tammy> I did too, Eric, so I'm happy to see it now.
08:45:59 <Kevin L> I will take a 1543 from the field over a 1544 wc
08:46:02 <Eric> :-D
08:46:28 <Eric> I think Tammy had it at 1543 anyway...all good.
08:47:10 <Tammy> Well, kind of.
08:47:21 <Tammy> I just got excited because it looked like it was going to go. And then it did.
08:47:26 <Kevin L> With the delay it is tough to tell.
08:47:43 <Kevin L> Not a real strong eruption.
08:47:56 <Tammy> Nope and pretty short too.
09:12:37 <Kevin L> of 1611
09:12:47 <Kevin L> Castle 1612 ie
09:29:37 <Tammy> Beautiful Castle eruption!
09:30:06 <Kevin L> Looks to be a major
09:30:16 <Tammy> I'm headed out to go take a midterm. Have a great night everyone!
09:30:27 <Kevin L> Good luck
09:34:30 <Graham> hello
09:34:45 <Kevin L> Hi. Ready for the game?
09:34:55 <ynpvisitor44> Boy did you miss everything
09:35:02 <Graham> yeah, going to be a blast
09:35:09 <ynpvisitor44> By the way video of Opal on FB
09:35:30 <Graham> timing is everything
09:35:35 <Graham> thanks 44
09:35:49 <Kevin L> BH was sure a surprise.
09:36:09 <ynpvisitor44> Not for me 85
09:36:36 <ynpvisitor44> 44 formerly known as 85 i should say
09:36:58 <Eric> thanks 44
09:37:03 <Eric> FNA 85
09:37:09 <Eric> woops FKA
09:38:26 <Kevin L> Well I need to head out. Cam is up for grabs.
09:46:46 <lt> they prosecuted the guy who crashed the drone into Grand Prismatic.
09:51:04 <kc (working)> they should make him go get it
09:51:48 <lt> I am glad to see something came out of it, at least. from the note there they still haven't found it.
09:56:47 <Graham> Lion 1656ns, LC 1656ie
10:02:31 <Graham> Daisy 1701
10:39:55 <Graham> OF 1739
10:49:00 <Kevin L> Aurum is due
10:53:54 <Eric> So is giantess :-P
10:54:45 <Graham> i have seen Giantess the same day I saw Opal Pool, so thats an omen
11:17:34 <ynpvisitor65> Plume is overdue
11:19:05 <kcmule> .
11:19:06 <Graham> and F&M
11:29:14 <Will B> Devin says she thinks she has a lock at F&M
11:30:14 <Graham> nice
11:30:23 <kcmule> cool
11:30:24 <Graham> not that it means much these days
11:31:14 <Graham> will we hear her screams if they eruot?
11:31:33 <Graham> weather is too nice for an eruption
11:32:38 <Will B> droped
11:34:29 <Graham> gonna wait till its dark
11:39:21 <Will B> sounded like good water then drop no lock though
11:40:40 <Graham> gonna wait till its dark
11:47:36 <Graham> gonna go watch the washington football team lose, see ya
11:47:59 <kcmule> watch last nites south park
11:48:02 <kcmule> nite
12:17:01 <kcmule> OF 19:16
12:37:43 <kcmule> daisy 19:37
14:41:11 <Eric> Stream looks dead to me...
16:05:40 <lt> yeah...
16:06:53 <Eric> maybe they are turning it off at night to save bandwidth?
16:06:55 <Eric> :-P
16:18:13 <lt> I normally pause my stream at night for that reason.